Help Wanted! Recruiting on Radio

Help Wanted! Recruiting on Radio A Guide to Using Central New York Radio to Reach The People You Want to Hire! How To Use this Guide The following ...
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Help Wanted! Recruiting on Radio

A Guide to Using Central New York Radio to Reach The People You Want to Hire!

How To Use this Guide The following information is important to your business hitting revenue, staffing, and productivity goals. Take the time to read through the following information. Make notes. Then call us and ask questions. We are confident that we can show you how you can implement a successful employee recruitment program. Hiring the right employees is directly related to the profitability and success of your company…hiring just one bad employee can cost your company a tremendous amount of time and money. We are dedicated to achieving your specific goals and the hiring goals of your company. Sincerely, Cayuga Radio Group 607-257-6400

Today’s Economic Environment Lower Unemployment • Fewer people seeking jobs • “Employees” marketplace • Few qualified unemployed


Higher Unemployment • More people seeking jobs • Employers marketplace • More qualified unemployed

This economic environment favors using RADIO to reach working professionals!

The Recruitment Problem: As unemployment declines, finding and hiring qualified employees becomes the #1 problem facing area employers today. Making just one “wrong” hiring decision can cost companies like yours a lot of money each year.

Why Does This Problem Exist? It isn’t because there aren’t any qualified applicants available. The problem lies in making potential applicants aware of your company’s opportunity. In this strong economic climate, over 96% of the available population is working. That means that your best prospects and the majority of qualified prospects for your position

are currently employed within the marketplace!

Newspaper and standalone websites: …take a good look at those resumes! Successful recruiting for employees in today’s economic climate is impossible to do in print and online. Today’s print advertising simply cannot reach many of today’s working professionals. Businesses that spend the majority of their recruitment advertising dollars in display newspaper ads and online are missing the mark. Putting money in radio to the media mix allows companies to: • Pinpoint their target employee. • Reach working professionals – at work! • Image the company • Increase the quality of applicants- locally. • Generate better results. Plus… Did you know that you can add radio to your existing advertising and increase reach, frequency, and results… without increasing your costs? You can!

Why Radio Works For Companies To Recruit: • Radio reaches WORKING PROFESSIONALS. Radio reaches 97% of all Adults 18+ that are managers/professionals with $50,000+ incomes. • Radio reaches people AT WORK. People spend more time with radio during the workday than any other medium. Almost 3 hours per day! • Radio delivers TARGETED AUDIENCES. Demographically or even qualitatively. Pinpoint your employment opportunities with radio! • Radio is ACTIVE! It captures the mind and makes a QUALIFIED prospect think about an opportunity you have! • Radio IMAGES companies. Advertise for employment in print’s “help wanted” area…it says “HELP”, advertise on radio…it says “We’re growing!” • Radio works! Our list of clients that are making the move is strong! Source:

Radio Advertising Bureau. Media Fact Book. 2014.

Increase Recruitment Advertising Success With These Five Simple Steps: 1.

Convert dollars to radio. Add synergy to your existing print and online campaign. You add significant reach and frequency by converting a healthy portion of your print dollars to radio.


Reduce the size of your display newspaper ads. For example, reducing your ad size from 1/8 page to 1/16 page will save you significant money without significantly effecting your reach.


Identify your core audience by gender and age demographics. Target the position profile (I.e. sex, demographic, education, geography, etc.). Radio allows you to choose a station that reaches your specific target. You will not waste money by targeting people that are not in the prospect pool.


Tell your story! Determine who wants the job. Why they want the job, and why the job is for them. The best people may not even think about your job because they assume “Their own grass is greener”. Let them know! Talk about pay, benefits, opportunity for growth, a better working environment, and NTB’s (Non traditional benefits) – it sells!


Keep it consistent. Avoid the headache of being understaffed by keeping a regular image/recruitment ad on radio. This will ensure that you will always have qualified prospects to talk to, and you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade your team.

Our Stations:

Radio Goes The Extra Mile to Ensure Your Success!

We offer many elements to the recruitment advertising process to make sure we can deliver the highest results possible. These include: • Individual Needs Analysis. • Custom Copy-writing. • Professional Commercial Production. • Customized Radio On-air Schedule Campaign. • Media Comparison. • CD copy for Internal Use. • Custom Imaging Programs.

Radio Recruitment for Central NY Career Categories! Marketing/Sales






Information Technology



Radio Recruitment Delivers results for area Businesses! Cayuga Medical

Maguire Auto

BJ’s Wholesale

Wadhams Trucking



AJ Foreign Auto

Elmira Savings Bank


Schuyler Hospital

…and many more!

Online supported ON RADIO! …Because NO ONE wants a stale job! Overview: Oven Fresh Jobs is a local/regional recruitment site linking employers and employees in the Finger Lakes. Born out of the frustration of employers with state of their recruitment and hiring efforts. Oven Fresh Jobs allows employers to more effectively recruit, getting them HIGHER quality candidates and LOWERING their Cost Per Hire (CPH). Why it works for businesses: •The power of Radio and a digital site working together effectively and efficiently reaches the working professional. •Their job opening is not lumped in with low quality, “suspect jobs”, nor bundled with “canned” national jobs that clutter today’s websites. •Their recruitment campaign runs on a quality platform virtually eliminating the need to weed through low quality, out of town/out of State applicants. Why it works for job applicants: •Efficient online search. •Attracts candidates to BETTER job opportunities than they currently have. •Attracts “word of mouth” via the power of RADIO. Friends, family, and neighbors. •FINDS non current job seekers…your BEST hire. Three levels of purchase- one to fit ANY business: •Job listing: listing on for 30 days. $99. •Make it an “Oven Fresh” listing: Along with your 30 day listing you get two (2) weeks of radio support announcing your job as “fresh out of the oven”. $499. •Baked from Scratch: For specific hiring solutions (hard to fill jobs, targeting, multiple openings, and job fairs), we custom build a campaign using the OvenFreshJobs site and custom radio campaigns exclusively promoting your company and opening. (Most effective in lowering CPH). The SECRET INGREDIENT: The Power of Radio: All promotion for OvenFreshJobs is weekly across 9 of the biggest radio stations in the Finger Lakes. So unlike every other job site, we are not only able to aggressively promote the site, we embed every ad with LOCAL, specific job listings. This simple element reaches into the LOCAL market to attract applicants often NOT CURRENTLY SEEKING A NEW JOB.