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Toyota Spare Parts Centre Street - 5 To Salwa Road

Toyota & Lexus Service Centre Street - 6

Street - 8 Mannai


Heavy Equipments Division

Mitsubishi Service

RANGE Woqod Industrial Area Street 10 Roundabout

Street - 10

Qatar Detergents



To Abu Hamour

Al Karaja Street

Al Manajer Street

Al Mana Partners



Heavy Equipment Division, Street 10, Gate 64, Industrial Area, Doha. Tel: +974 44501967 / 44501849 Fax: +974 44501952 Tel: Sales (Mobile) 55800748 / 55503724/ 66004248 Email: [email protected]

Material Handling Equipment Storage Solutions Construction Equipment Security Solutions Garage Equipment Automotive Port Handling Heavy Commercial Vehicles

Toyota Material Handling International: World No.1, Toyota offers a comprehensive portfolio of counterbalance forklifts, reach trucks, towing tractors & warehouse equipment.

about US

One of the forerunners of successful businesses in Qatar, Abdullah Abdulghani & Bros. Co. W.L.L. (AAB) is an established name since its inception. AAB is proud to enjoy unflinching support from local business community to global corporations – a reputation earned for its business ethics and sound business models. From their modest beginnings, AAB today has grown to multi-product, multi-brand, multi-location organization with more than 1800 multi-cultural staff and annual sales soaring to greater heights – a manifestation of its dedicated manpower team and high productivity. Keeping in pace with Qatar’s progress across various sectors, AAB started its operation in 1958; it added the world renowned Toyota in 1964 and later Lexus in its brand portfolio. Since then AAB has brought to Qatar pioneering technologies and solutions through its global brand partners, like Toyota Material Handling, Kawasaki, BT, Stenhoj, Godrej, Kansai, Butler, Exide, Proform, CVS Ferrari, Western Star, Sumitomo, Cukurova.

8FG/8FD 10-35 Series

7FG/7FD 35-50 Series

5FG/ 5FD 50-80 Series

• Gasoline / Diesel powered • 1 Ton to 3.5 Tons

• Gasoline / Diesel powered • 3.5 Tons to 5 Tons

• Gasoline / Diesel powered • 5 Tons to 8 Tons

8FB 10-35 Series

7FBE 10-20 Series

Towing Tractors

• Electric powered forklift • Four-wheeler counterbalance • 1 Ton to 3.5 Tons

• Electric powered forklift • Three-wheeler counterbalance • 1 Ton to 2 Tons

• Gasoline/Diesel/Electric powered • Productivity boosting configuration for horizontal transportation

Representing these brands, AAB has gained greater understanding of the needs of the market and helped its customers by bringing newer products and brands from across the globe.

7FBR 10-30 Series • Electric powered • Stand-Up Type Reach Truck • 1 Ton to 3 Tons

6FBRE 12-20 Series • Electric powered • Sit-Down Type Reach Truck • 1.2 Tons to 2 Tons

Made In Japan

BT (Part of Toyota Material Handling International): One of the world's leading suppliers for material handling equipments, BT offers the right solution for all your material handling needs from loading and unloading to order picking, stacking and horizontal transport.

BT Hand Pallet Trucks

Powered Pallet Truck Levio - LWE 140 to 250

Powered Pallet Truck Orion LPE 200 - 240

• Walkie version • Also available with platform

• High performance applications - Dock Loading, Cross Docking, Horizontal Transportation.

Order Picking Truck

Powered Stacker Truck

• Capacity from 0.5 Ton to 2.5 Tons • Lift height upto 11.1m

• Light Duty application • Capacity from 0.8 Ton to 1.4 Tons • Lift height upto 4.8m

Powered Stacker Truck with support arms

• Suitable for loads in all types of applications • Available in different versions and with many options

• Capacity from 1.25 Tons to 2 Tons • Lift height upto 5.4m


Godrej Storage Solutions: A market leader & pioneer in the field of storage solutions. With superior quality, unique R&D, ever expanding network and customer support, Godrej has emerged as a global player in areas of pallet racking & shelving.

Pallet Racking

Heavy Duty Shelving

Long Span Shelving

• Most flexible & wider range • Applicable mainly in bulk documents storage, engineering/automotive parts, FMCG & 3rd party logistics.

• Ideal for small & medium loads of varying size & type. • Textiles, auto ancillaries, record management stores, light engg, 3rd party warehousing.

Slotted Angle Shelving

Mezzanine Floors

Drive-in Racking

• Ideal for small & light parts storage • Applicable for retail, banks, hotels, hospitals, engg, energy/power.

• To facilitate more space for men & material • Effective for Warehouses, work spaces, offices & loading areas.

• Heavy duty drive-in racking for palletised loads • It can be serviced from one side or both sides, enabling the user to follow last-in first-out or first- in first-out.

• Simplest, most economical & flexible • Widely applicable mostly in FMCG, 3rd party logistics, automobiles, textiles, food & beverages.

Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Truck Reach Truck

BT Tilt Cabin Reach Truck

• Capacity from 1.2 Tons to 2.5 Tons • Lift height upto 12.5m

• Capacity from 1.4 Tons to 2.5 Tons • Lift height upto 12.5m

• For pallet handling & order picking at height • Capacities upto 1.5 Tons • Lifting height upto 14.8m

Made In Sweden

Compactors • Versatile storage space saver • Wide usage in offices, hospitals, shop floors, hotels, art galleries; wherever small items need to be densely stored.

Made In India

Godrej Security Solutions: The largest supplier of security products for homes, housing societies, the banking industry and public institutions in India and other global markets.

Stenoj Automotive Lifts: One of the leading manufacturers for automotive lifts, Stenhoj is known for its high quality, long life and low maintenance costs.






• Robust drawer design & construction • Powder coated finish with superior scratch resistance • 6 lever dual control key lock with combination/ electronic lock options • Tested with 9m drop test • Certified & listed by UL, USA for fire endurance for 1 hour & 2 hour for fire, impact & explosion test.

• Primarily designed to protect documents from fire & pilferage • Powder coated finish with superior scratch resistance exterior • Wide range of international sizes to cater all requirements from homes to offices • Variety of locks to suit every individual need. • Listed by UL, USA & SP, Sweden

• Designed for banks & financial institutions to provide high security to valuables. • High security doors for larger vaults & currency chests. • All doors are provided with two inbuilt dual control key locks. • Optional combination locks & time locks can also be provided. • Special drill defeat sheet is provided over the entire locking area.


• Fire & Burglary resistant safes • Strong & Sturdy construction. • Wide range of international sizes to cater all requirements from homes to offices • Digital locking options available.

Major 400 & 500

Marshal 3000S

Maestro 2.32

Mascot 3311S

• Suitable for service area inspection, repair of brakes, wheels, exhaust system, shock absorbers, transmission and differential. • Capacities of 4 & 5.2 Tons

• Scissor lift, with double master- slave system. • Prevents uneven raising of the platforms and unintentional lowering in case of leakage in hydraulic system

• Electromechanical asymmetrical lifts with lifting capacities of 3.2 Tons • Available with either flex pads, combiflex pads or new combiflex 08 pads.

• Equipped with system against nut breakage, internal arm locking system, chain breakage system.

Made In India

Made In Denmark

Butler Garage Equipments: A single source provider to satisfy all equipment needs relating to Tyre Service, Wheel Alignment, Vehicle Lifting, Brake, Suspension, Side-slip testing. Available for cars, commercial vehicles and motorcycles.


• Serious Trucks - custom built, high performance trucks for extreme applications when the ordinary rules of Tonnage and terrain cease to apply. • Ideal for long haul, bulk haul, auto haul, expediter.



Western Star-Customised Trucks (Part of Daimler Trucks North America) Western Star is a leading American truck manufacturer known for its power, comfort, quality, durability, reliability & customisation capabilities. The trucks can be customized to perform well, in response to terrain, climate & application requirements.

Premium Highway Trucks


Dump Off Road Hauler, 40-Tons 6900XD

Customised Vocational Trucks

• Born to run over anything. • Gross Power: 475HP @ 1800 RPM. Heaped Capacity: 30 Cubic Yards SAE 2:1 • For dumping, logging, heavy haul, mixer, towing, recovery, crane, snowplow.

• Brute strength. Brute reliability. Can be customized to meet the specific demands of any over-the-road application. • For Twin steer, military, oilfield, mining,logging, fire/EMS,towing, recovery,export. • Sleeper trucks (Stratosphere)

Made In USA




Navigator 03-58

Speedliner - Bluetooth Series

Leverless Mounting Tool

Librak 280 HP

• Wheel Rims 11” to 58” • Air Command model

• 9080 BT - 8 CCD • 7060 BT - 6 CCD

• Wheel Rims 10” to 34” • Suitable for Run Flat Tires

• Wheel Rims 10” to 24” • Suitable for steel rims & alloy rims

Made In Italy

Sumitomo Tires: Offers a wide range of tires ranging from passenger car tires, 4X4 and SUV, Light truck tires, bus & industrial tires.

Passenger Car Tires

4 X 4 (RV / SUV) Tires

Shaheen / Sand Tires

Light Truck Tires

Truck & Bus Tires

Kansai Auto Refinish Paints: Founded in 1918, Kansai is a leading company in the paint industry. The company has grown to become Japan's most advanced paint manufacturer and is now recognized as a world leader for its technologies and service network.

Industrial Tires

Made In Japan

Exide Batteries: World's No.1 automotive, dry-charged and maintenance-free batteries.

Standard Dry-charged (Japanese)

Maintenance-Free Wet-charged (Japanese)

Standard Dry-charged (European)

Made In Japan

Proform Bed Liners: Available for all makes and models of pick-ups, offers a wide range of Bed Liner features. They are custom-moulded to fit snugly to the contours of your pick-up. Proform Bedliners provide lasting protection to your vehicle while adding good looks and increasing resale value.

Premium Wet-charged (American)

Toyota Hilux Pick-up Single Cabin & Double Cabin

Speciality Batteries

BCI Type Dry-charge (American)

Toyota Land Cruiser Pick-up

A host of pick-up vehicles from leading brands

Ultra maintenance free DIN (European)

Made In New Zealand

CVS Ferrari Port Handling Equipment: CVS Ferrari offers a comprehensive selection of specially designed container handling equipments including Forklift Trucks, Reach Stackers, Ro-Ro Tractors, Runners and Straddle Carriers. Available with optional features.

Container Runner

Forklift Trucks

Reach Stacker

Straddle Carrier

• Lowest centre of gravity • Fastest operational speed • Lowest running cost

• Lifting capacity from 10 Tons to 50 Tons at 1200 mm load centre • Full range of options for heavy duty application • Modular mast configuration: duplex or triplex, standard or full free lift.

• Widest range available in the market

• Revolution on the move • 1 over 2 over 3 • 40 or 50 Tons under spreader

Made In Italy Kawasaki Construction Machinery: Kawasaki, the leading global manufacturer of construction equipments.


• Durability • Power • Quality • Made in Japan

Bucket Engine ( Heaped ) kW (hp) m3

CMI (CUKUROVA) BACKHOE LOADERS AND EXCAVATOR: The company ventured into earth moving and industrial machines since 1986. With high performance, safety and extreme userfriendliness as key strengths, Cukurova has loyal customers spread over 30 countries.

CMI BACKHOE Loader • Heavy duty design, high torque capacity, Powerful 4 cylinder PERKINS engine. • Transmission: ZF / Carraro • Loader bucket capacity: 1.1 m3 • Backhoe bucket capacity: 0.2 m3 • Various other attachments available as option.

Operating weight ( Ton )

70Z IV-2


118 (158)


80Z IV-2


132 (177)




132 (177)


85Z IV-2


161 (216)




163 (218)




192 (257)


95Z V


255 (340)


115Z V


360 (482)

45 Excavator - CMI 723

Made In Japan

• Turbocharged John Deere Engine • Power 166 hp / 124 kw • Operating Weight 23 Ton • Bucket Capacity – 1 m3

Made In Turkey