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made in Italy power solutions heavy duty industrial solutions since 1973 w w w. l e v e r. i t power solutions resilience · reliability · sustain...
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made in Italy

power solutions

heavy duty industrial solutions since 1973

w w w. l e v e r. i t

power solutions resilience · reliability · sustainability

Static UPS unit



Battery charging rectifiers

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Battery charging DC/AC power supplies

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DC/AC inverter

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Batteries - Battery monitoring units

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Lever service

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Our production LEVER’S production is based in Verona - Italy; thanks to a modern plant with automated processes, and our production capacity very high. We have made important investments to meet the different needs of our customers, and to guarantee increasingly shorter delivery times.

Customised solutions Thanks to its experience and technical know-how, Lever offers its customers customised solutions for the industrial markets. We analyse in detail the technical specifications provided by the customer, we agree upon the technical details, then we submit our offer: - Technical and economical offer with or without prices - Design upon request - Drawing up of documentation upon request - Expediting and testing during installation - Final testing with customer attendance - Commissioning supervision and start up

Applications Lever is specialised in the following fields:

· Oil & Gas/Petrochemical · Utilities & Power stations · Transports · Automation and industrial processes · Telecommunications · Information Technology


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We have been supplying energy since 1973

Environmental sustainability is our main aim

LEVER was founded in 1973 as a company producing

LEVER invests many resources to try minimising the

AC/DC energy stations for industrial use.

environmental impact of its technologies

Since the beginning it has managed to meet the

and of its products, transferring this experience to its

requirements of important companies, including primary

customers and suppliers while trying to ensure that its

engineering companies and both Italian and international

production processes are environment-friendly and allow to


save energy.

We have always been focused on the customer:

Energy saving is rooted in the products, systems and services

the capability of listening to market requests, the

LEVER supplies along the whole production chain, from the

technological innovation, the choice of the best

assembly of the materials to electronic testing.

components, the selection of the suppliers, a strong

We recognize the importance of environment protection and

involvement of the employees as collaborators in

we strive to build an environmentally sustainable future. Our

pursuing the implementation of the code of conduct, are

management also takes great care to ensure the long-term

at the core of the LEVER philosophy.

business profitability, being well aware that only constant

All this has allowed us to create increasingly

reinvestment of the revenues and a careful administration of

sophisticated, safe and reliable systems, and to reach

the available resources can guarantee the company’s survival

market niches always looking for high-tech products

and prosperity.

guaranteed by high quality standards.

The quality value: from design to testing The whole range of the LEVER products is designed as specified by the standards for harmonics suppression and by the new laws on electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), as provided for by the Machine Directive of the European Union (EEC) and by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Testing is an essential stage of the production process and ensures that the product fully complies with the design and targets. The Lever technicians verify the product under the supervision of the customer and/or of Certification Bodies and in accordance with the VISION 2000 standards, then draw up a set of technical reports accompanied by documented instrumental tests.

Strength and yield: our philosophy The Lever products are designed to stand the harshest operating conditions. We meet the strictest requirements in terms of reliability, efficiency and component quality, and we can also implement basically any type of customisation to meet the customer needs. Thanks to the high quality of component selection, our products can stand the most stiff environment conditions, like high temperatures, presence of salts and high humidity. To provide the highest quality standards, LEVER has achieved the ISO 9001 and IQNet certifications. Lever products have been appreciated for a long time thanks to their strength and reliability, and are designed to guarantee the continuous supply of clean power for any type of applications. The Lever converters provide exceptional reliability, with an extraordinarily long MTBF and with the adoption of the best technologies. Thanks to the DSP+PLD digital technology, to the intelligent failure detection with integrated remote signalling device, to the redundant fan pattern with air flow detection and to the doublebranch technology with advanced energy distribution, the Lever energy conversion systems can achieve extraordinary reliability levels. As they grant easy access to all the most critical components, besides, the Lever systems have a very low MTTR; this allows to considerably reduce the maintenance costs.

Lever: when organisation becomes efficiency Lever is a company specialized in the design and production of technologically advanced and innovative power converters. The company strengths are a resilient structure and the skill of its highly specialised personnel, constantly trained and accustomed to work in team to offer an increasingly efficient consultancy service. Great human resources assets and an unmatched knowhow allow the company to fulfil the customer requests by designing customised products and systems according to the technical specifications. From the research and development centre to the after-sale service, the company starts from an important assumption: the awareness of being a reference point. For this reason the company is divided into different specialised area, constantly in contact with each other: - sales office - technical/sales office for offer engineering - administration office - technical office - R&D department for the development of new products - after-sale service - purchasing office - production and testing - quality control - warehouse/logistics

The numbers that make the difference Let’s have a look at the numbers: LEVER has two production centres, organised by specialisation area and production type. Production centre: - 4,300 sq m Production and material storage - 800 sq m offices - 500 sq m Testing room Our company has recently expanded, adding new offices to the facility.


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Oil & Gas

Static UPS units

Digital static UPS unit 1Ph or 3Ph models up to 200 Kva



One line Diagram

Main features:

Double rectifier 125 Vdc 1250A Double inverter 125 Vdc 100KVA Change over switchboard installed in Hassi R Mell Solar Plant (Algerian desert)

High flexibility, allowing our equipment to adapt to all system features The DPS is suitable for a wide range of applications in the most demanding industrial environments. It allows to achieve complex system architectures to ensure maximum power availability with a wide range of accessories and optionals. We can supply redundant N+1 or HOT STANDBY configurations. Thank to the new LEVER DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY, you can choose different alarms with voltage-free contacts, with a wide range of LED indications and accurate digital measurements. Furthermore a graphical display, shows measurements, alarms and a one-line diagram to help the operator to better understand the situation. The digital inputs can be customised according to specific customer needs, allowing to take into account special system statuses and to display them on the monitor. The display can store the alarm list and an event history. You can adapt the DPS to the technical specifications. Should you need any particular applications and customised solutions, please contact LEVER.

- Clean and stable DC on battery with ripple voltage peakpeak value 84% DPS TM 015/11 115Vac 1PH 15kVA DPS TM 020/11 20kVA DPS TM 030/11 30kVA DPS TM 040/11 40kVA >87% DPS TM 050/11 50kVA DPS TM 060/11 60kVA DPS TM 080/11 80kVA DPS TM 100/11 100kVA DPS TT 010/11 110Vdc 400Vac / 10kVA >84% DPS TT 015/11 190Vac 3PH 15kVA DPS TT 020/11 20kVA DPS TT 030/11 30kVA DPS TT 040/11 40kVA >87% DPS TT 050/11 50kVA DPS TT 060/11 60kVA DPS TT 080/11 80kVA DPS TT 100/11 100kVA DPS TM 010/22 220Vdc 230Vac / 10kVA >84% DPS TM 015/22 115Vac 1PH 15kVA DPS TM 020/22 20kVA DPS TM 030/22 30kVA DPS TM 040/22 40kVA >87% DPS TM 050/22 50kVA DPS TM 060/22 60kVA DPS TM 080/22 80kVA DPS TM 100/22 100kVA DPS TT 010/22 220Vdc 400Vac / 10kVA >84% DPS TT 015/22 190Vac 3PH 15kVA DPS TT 020/22 20kVA DPS TT 030/22 30kVA DPS TT 040/22 40kVA >87% DPS TT 050/22 50kVA DPS TT 060/22 60kVA DPS TT 080/22 80kVA DPS TT 100/22 100kVA DPS TT 150/22 150kVA DPS TM 030/36 360Vdc 230Vac / 30kVA >87% DPS TM 040/36 115Vac 1PH 40kVA DPS TM 050/36 50kVA DPS TM 060/36 60kVA DPS TM 080/36 80kVA DPS TM 100/36 100kVA DPS TM 150/36 150kVA DPS TT 030/36 360Vdc 400Vac / 30kVA >87% DPS TT 040/36 190Vac 3PH 40kVA DPS TT 050/36 50kVA DPS TT 060/36 60kVA DPS TT 080/36 80kVA DPS TT 100/36 100kVA DPS TT 120/36 120kVA >88% DPS TT 150/36 150kVA DPS TT 200/36 200kVA

Other technical characteristics INPUT ELECTRIC PARAMETERS

Input frequency 50 / 60 Hz Frequency range ±10% Input voltage 400 Vac 3PH Input voltage range ±10% Input THD 27% with 6P, 12% with 12P, 6% with 12P + THD filter Temperature compensation, 3 probes 0/-0,3V/°C Ripple 100% in 10 sec Dynamic stability ±10%, 1% in 200ms Temperature compensation 0/-0.3V/°C Ripple < 1% Overload 110/125/150% 2h/20’/1’


Remote signalling Voltage-free relays Communication Modbus protocol through RS485 DB9 serial port


Cooling Natural Operating conditions -5/+40°C, 93% Humidity (without condensation) Noise 53 to 58 dB depending on size

MECHANICS Metal frame thickness Metal door thickness Frame surface Protection degree with closed panels Protection degree with open panels External colour Cable entry

2.5mm 1.5mm galvanised steel IP30 IP20 RAL 7035 from the base, from the roof or from the side

Main optional components Additional RFI filters Additional THD filters 12-pulse bridge Battery monitoring unit DC/DC stabiliser Parallel active load distribution Special colours Special protection degree Output distribution panel


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Single-branch rectifiers


The SME range consists of single-branch battery charging rectifiers with modular conversion units featuring a total control six-phase technology. The SCRs are controlled analogically, all adjustments are performed through a trimmer. The systems are equipped with digital instruments on the front panel, with LEDs for operating status notification and with alarm contacts in the terminal box. The SME series rectifiers can recharge all VRLA, GEL, NiCd and open cup batteries.

Product pluses

- TOTAL CONTROL SCR bridge in a removable modular solution - L/C filter for the reduction of the residual alternate current at output and in batteries - Optical indications and alarm contacts - DIGITAL instruments, 0.5 class - Input isolation transformer, complete with screen - High reliability - User-friendliness - Designed to ensure continuous service - Suitable to recharge all battery types (sealed Pb, open cup Pb, Ni/Cd, GEL)


Alarm contacts


Optical indications

- Power Stations and Substations - Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Plants - Water Treatment Plants - Manufacturing Plants - Transportation - Automatic main switch - Battery fuses

- Mains failure - Minimum battery voltage - Fault - Ground pole (optional)

- Mains OK - Phase sequence - In service - Supply fault - High DC voltage - Bridge fuses - Overtemperature - Maximum charge duration - level 1 (back-up charge) - Constant voltage - Min. battery voltage - Discharging battery - +/- ground pole (optional) - LED test button

DC Corrente massima Vdc assorbita A

OUTPUT DIMENSIONS Tipo interruttore A (WxDxH) mm ingresso

SME 24/60 3x400 24 170 1 6 SME 24/80 3x400 24 Input 0 NP 700X600X1400 200 1 12 24 AME 48/100 400 48 4800 SME 24/100 3x400 Input voltage Three-phase 400Vca SME 24/120 3x400 0 NP 700X600X1400 200 1 16 24 AME 110/60 400 110 6600 Input voltage tolerance ±10% SME 24/150 3x400 24 Tensione di alimentazione: 400=400V trifase Rated frequency 50÷60Hz I raddrizzatori serie AME sono considerati, a catalogo, senza batterie, eventualmente da configurare su richiesta Cliente o della specifica tecnica Tolerance ondella frequency ± 5% SME del 48/60 3x400 48 SME 48/80 3x400 48 Output SME 48/100 3x400 48 Output voltage stability ± 1% SME 48/120 3x400 48 Output voltage 1.13 Vn at charge end / 0.90 Vn at discharge end SME 48/150 3x400 48 Ripple < 1% Operation Fully automatic, SME 110/60 3x400 110 IU charging characteristic SME 110/80 3x400 110 SME 110/100 3x400 110 GENERAL INFORMATION SME 110/120 3x400 110 Environment temperature 0-40°C SME 110/150 3x400 110 Maximum relative humidity < 90% without condensation Maximum altitude 1000m at An rated power SME 220/60 3x400 220 Cooling NATURAL VENTILATION SME 220/80 3x400 220 Acoustic noise (measured 1 m from the front) 85% (upstream of the diode) Noise

< 55 dB

Input protection


Output protection Cto-Cto; high and low voltage Cooling Natural Strength In/Gnd 2800Vdc Out/Gnd 2800 Vdc (for 60 sec.) Protection degree


Environment temperature

(0, +40°C)

Storage temperature

(-20, +70°C)


1000 m a.s.l.

Humidity 95% (without condensation) CH modular version dimensions (LxDxH)

130x240x283 170x220x500 170x220x672 170x220x672 130x240x283 170x220x500 170x220x672 170x220x500 170x220x672 170x220x672

CHRK rack version dimensions Rack 5U 19” P=400mm CH modular version weight (Kg)











CHRK Rack version weight (Kg)











LED indications

Mains OK

Minimum voltage regular

Minimum battery fault Output overvoltage

Voltage-free exchange contacts Mains KO; minimum voltage, fault (with optional IAE card)


28 29








AC/DC Switching stabilised power supplies/battery chargers


Compact and versatile power supplies, highly reliable and efficient The new SWM power supplies have been specially designed for demanding applications with continuous load cycle, for use in the telecommunication, industrial automation, telephony and telematics industries. High immunity to atmospheric discharges and network noise, excellent efficiency, wide adjustment range, negligible heat dissipation, protection against overloads and output overvoltages. To increase their reliability, Lever has designed these power supplies with natural cooling, in order to be able to meet the most diverse and particular system technical specifications. Manufacturing complying with the IEC65 safety standards, certified electromagnetic compatibility, EC marking. The SWM models are suitable for battery recharge with automatic management and control. All the SWM models are equipped with an output diode allowing to connect the power supplies in parallel, to achieve greater power or redundancy, thus increasing system reliability.


- Power supply/battery charger rectifiers for electric cabs - Battery charger for sealed batteries - Fire-fighting system power supply

Diodo di disaccoppiamento per il collegamento parallelo di più alimentatori SWM Diodo di in disaccoppiamento per il collegamento in parallelo di più alimentatori SWM MODELLI DISPONIBILI


Available models

SWM 24/10 SWM 12/10 SWM 48/5 SWM 24/10 SWM 48/5

Product pluses - Optical operation indications - Alarm contacts - Natural ventilation - Continuous service - Switch-on current limitation

Dissipatore dimensionato Dissipatore per la ventilazione dimensionato per la ventilazione naturale naturale

12Vcc; 10A

Electrical characteristics 24Vcc; 10A 12Vcc; 10A

Power supply Single-phase 185÷265Vac 48Vcc; 5A 24Vcc; 10A Frequency 50-60Hz 48Vcc; 5A Input power 2.75A CARATTERISTICHE ELETTRICHE Peak current at switch-on