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Hartevelt Warehouse E-fulfilment With our automated system we can establish a link between the customer and Hartevelt. Our shipping lists are automa...
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Hartevelt Warehouse


With our automated system we can establish a link between the customer and Hartevelt. Our shipping lists are automatically send to our scanners which saves a lot of time, what results in better delivery times. Our actual stock is also displayed through this system.

Responding to the current development in the online world asks for a reliable logistics partner. De customer increasingly demands more which requires more speed and flexibility. Hartevelt has years of experience in this field and thereby know how to act according to the wishes of the customer.

We have storage possibilities for both lying and hanging goods. With over 12 kilometres of monorail and 10.000 m2 floor surface we can offer the customer many possibilities. Your goods are stored in our secured premises.

Working efficiently and understanding customer needs causes Hartevelt to be a cost-effective partner. The clothing manufacturer takes care of the design and production, Hartevelt does the rest.

Stocking goods

Clearing goods

Hartevelt is centrally positioned in the Netherlands, which is experienced as a big advantage. When Hartevelt is ready with the goods, the customer has the opportunity to check on the clothes. This ensures that the clothes are appropriately placed in the store.

Our customers often have to deal with the clearance of goods that have been ordered outside of Europe. Hartevelt has a partner for this, which has years of experience with clearing goods that come from around the globe.

With the combination of our central location and the broad network of transporters of Hartevelt, we make sure that the clothes go from producer to its destination.

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Pick and Pack

Value added service

All our hand scanners are connected with our network and the Warehouse Management System.

When all the shipping lists are processed we pack the goods according to the wishes of the customer. Sleeving per unit, sleeving per batch and spacers between the clothing are good examples of things that Hartevelt encounter in practice. Hartevelt offers many possibilities to ensure that the clothing reaches the customer in orderly fashion.

The system sends order pickers in the most efficient way to the location where the clothing is stored. Database files are automatically sent to our Warehouse Management System, this causes the pickorders to be debited and the actual stock is fed back to our client.

Linking inventory management Link between warehouse and network Link between inventory management to the client Our warehouse management system offers many possibilities; Actual stock Turnover rate Number of returns Warehouse HarteveltV Secured premises Warehouse with many possibilities

Our Value Added Services Offer many possibilities. Lying goods are packed in special developed transport boxes, because of the thick edges the chance of damage is very slim. For hanging goods it is also possible to cover the clothing with a special sleeve, this will offer the clothing extra protection against transport damage and/or theft. Examples of other activities that we preform are;

Attaching price tags Attaching anti-theft protection Attaching hanging tags Shooting in hanging labels Replace pullers Take care for your product Protection of clothing to the wishes of the customer Laying goods in developed transporting boxes A lot of experience in remaining activities

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Logistics and inventory Hartevelt provides a full range of logistics services and reconditioning for importers, chain stores and retailers. Our facility includes a total of approx. 11,000 m2 with 12,000 meters transportation system in which your goods are treated with the utmost care: from small to the most extensive shipments. With our know-how, combined with a flexible and experienced team of garment technicians on site, we manage the entire process.

Cross channeling In the confection branch we notice that an increasing amount of companies give the customer the option to buy a piece of clothing in a shop, through a call centre or buying it online. Cross channelling is a shape of distribution where the customer is central and chooses by itself through which distribution channel or –channels he or she withdraws the products. Cross channelling is a logical development which companies use when they use different distribution channels. Offering distribution channels which work together demands a logistics partner that knows how to operate. Hartevelt is with her experience an excellent partner. Hartevelt offers speed and reliability which prevents turning customers away.

These logistics activities include: Goods Receipt Import and transshipment Imposition of hanging clothes Unpacking Pricing / labeling Tagging Storage Bagging Value added retail services Transportation

Excellent partner for your demanding customer Fast and reliable delivery Flexible Many years of experience

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Track and Trace

Hartevelt takes care of transport for both small and big orders. From shop supply to sample collections, from within and out of Europe, at Hartevelt takes care of it all. We also provide distribution points for chain stores.

Tracking shipments online in our management portal

Transport is essential From small order to delivery in bulk Small transport can be arranged where necessary

Checking on your goods can be easily done when you login with your credentials. Is your order already delivered? How late is your order being delivered? Where is the delivery certificate? A couple of examples of questions where you as a supplier have to deal with. In our management portal you can log in at any given time and place and see the wanted information

Tracking shipments online Checking shipments Per order all the data in one place

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Reconditioning When the goods arrive at Hartevelt we check all the numbers. Besides this, when necessary, we can send samples to the customer the very same day. We also offer to let the customer visit and look and the clothing and give instructions. In this way possible defects can be found. Through our experience and wide range of activities there is a big chance we can solve your problems. Your fixed contact will keep you up to date with all the developments.

Most garments are produced in the Far East, shipped to Europe in sea containers or by air. Getting these clothes in top condition and to obtain an optimal presentation in stores, Hartevelt ensures treatment with the desired end result, using the latest equipment. Frequently a combination of techniques is used in order to meet the highest standards possible.

Hartevelt Reconditioning freshens up your garment by: Steam Tunnel Finishing Blowing Ironing Pressing

On an annual basis, around 6 million garments are treated for importers, chain stores and retailers.

Control Defects production are quickly intercepted We offer a solution for every problem Updating actual stock

During the season some 250,000 garments a week leave our warehouse.

Hartevelt Reconditioning .... your clothes in good hands 5

Hartevelt Dry Cleaning - Laundry For over 70 years the dry cleaning is part of Hartevelt and an understanding within the industry. Annually about 500,000 pieces of clothing undergo one of the following treatments: cleaning, washing, ironing or pressing, but also restoring and solving problems related to clothing including colors and stains, moisture damage and transportation problems.

Hartevelt Cleaning provides cleaning for: Caterers Theaters Banks Health care Dutch Soccer Federation Jaarbeurs Utrecht Private sector: from chefs foliage to suit

In addition, we clean for businesses, this can be taken care of on national level.

Cleaning clothing Hartevelt has noticed that the demand for professional cleaning is increasing, in and out of the province Utrecht. Through our website www.mijnstomerij.com the services of Hartevelt reach throughout the land. This applies for consumers but also for companies. Your clothing in good hands With the expertise of Hartevelt we can examine the garment and determine what the best method of cleaning is. 2 important factors in this choice are the type of fabric and the origin of the stain. Hartevelt cleans in a professional and sustainable way.

Environmentally friendly washing Hartevelt takes the environment very serious and therefor has been taking on initiatives for years to see how cleansing can be done as environmentally friendly as possible. Click on the link below to see what those initiatives are! Advantages dry cleaner Hartevelt 70 years of experience National coverage Social responsible business Overview number of washings

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Company service Hartevelt

Making clothing water-repellent

Hartevelt has years of experience in cleaning clothes for companies. Not only the cleaning is taken care of by Hartevelt but also the logistics. There can be agreed in advance on what days the dirty laundry should be collected and when it should be returned fully cleaned. It is also possible to use our services on call basis.

To enjoy your garments for a long time it is essential to wash them once in a while and possibly impregnate them again to improve water-repellence. The water and dirt repellent layer prevents the stain from instantaneously penetrate the fibre. The stain remains on top of the fabric. Then you can easily remove the stain (dabbing, never rubbing!) with a clean dry white cloth. At the same time the repellent layer causes for a barrier against penetration of chemicals with company clothing.

Transparent registration Hartevelt has the possibility to scan all clothes and register them in the management system. You then have an overview how often clothes have been cleaned on person level. Hartevelt has equipment where barcode labels and RFID chips can be permanently pinned, because of this your textile is always registerable. This results in a fully automated billing and registration, this will save time and paperwork. Hartevelt offers the customer to look along in the management system. In this way the customer can directly see where the clothing is at that very moment.

Impregnation The outside of the fabric in often impregnated with a water repellent layer. This hydrophilic layer causes water drops to roll of the fabric instead of absorbing. This repelling improves the breathability because there doesn’t form a thin layer of water on the fabric that prevents water vapour to escape. Water repellent impregnation slowly wears off the clothes. That is why it is recommendable to reimpregnate clothing once in a while. It regularly occurs that with several year old clothing moistness forms at inside of the shoulders and sleeves during a rain shower. Understandably people often think leakage is the problem. In many cases this is not the case. Bad water repellence in the outer layer is often the cause. This can cause moisture to be stuck in the outer fibres of the outer layer. During a rain shower these spots will be a lot colder on the inside than the rest. Condensation will form on these places. This condensation can form such amounts of moisture that it will seem like leakage.

Hartevelt Dry cleaning/laundry .... your clothes in good hands 7

Corporate Clothing Management Hartevelt maintains a high level of service when it comes to managing corporate clothing. We manage the entire process: Receiving goods Storage Order picking Restoration Alteration Cleaning

Registration system Hartevelt takes the controlling and registration per garment very serious. Hartevelt has a management system where information can be read out per garment. Keeping track of information shown beside this text is registered through barcode labels in the garments or RIFD chips that Hartevelt can install for the customer.

Your garment will get the attention it deserves! Hartevelt supplies an efficient ordering system via the Internet, in which each customer is offered the opportunity to order her / his own garment: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Subsequently we guarantee you a fast and reliable delivery.

Our management system offers transparency in; Number of washings per garment Number of workshop activities per carrier/garment Cost overview per carrier/department/establishment Number of garments per carrier Age of garment History washings per carrier/garment

Hartevelt Corporate clothing .... your clothes in good hands 8

Many possibilities company clothing


The large line of products what we with our partners can offer:

Hartevelt can offer company clothing for different organisations:

Work wear for example blouses, polo’s T-shirts, ssweaters, body warmers and parka’s Specific work wear like different kind of overalls, working coats, dust coats, body pants and working pants. Protective clothing with properties such as fire-resistant, antistatic, wind and water repellent, breathable clothing (also thermal and visibility clothing)

Emergency services Industrial companies Corporate services Health care institutions Dealerships Catering companies

Logo on your workwear Hartevelt also offer the option to press logo’s on clothing. Through specialized machines we can apply the logo’s in a sustainable way. We offer on-site consultation to help choose where to position the logo, you will get a sample right away.

Hartevelt Corporate clothing .... your clothes in good hands 9

Safety Clothing Sanitation

Safety Clothing Management

Hartevelt offers high quality service in the field of protective clothing: specialized cleaning, repairs and pick-up and return.

Pick-up and return service Especially for all types of protective clothing, we have a pick-up and return service. The garments will be picked up on demand, cleaned, repaired if necessary, and delivered back to you.

Safety clothing and fire protective clothing in particular, are subject to strict care manuals to preserve safety features and optimal utility such as:

Repair High-end clothing repairs need to be fulfilled in a special way, as in structed by manufacturers. Through our long-term co-operation with clothing manufacturers, we guarantee repairs to be performed according to the highest standards

Protection against rain and water splashing Protection against heat and fire Protection against chemicals Good day and night visibility

Specialized cleaning Due to the high technical fabric and the large volume of these garments cleaning in a household washing machine is not recommended. For this reason we have developed a special cleaning and treatment process, using professional washing machines and chemicals, to preserve the protection and safety functions. In addition, the typical contaminants – which may result from use of fire protective clothing – are carefully removed, if possible, and the water- and chemical repellent effects are restored by applying a fluorcarbon finish.

Making textile fire retardant Hartevelt has the procedures and chemicals to make clothing fire retardant. Besides clothing we also make curtains, carpets and pillows fire retardant. It can prevent that a small fire ends up in a big blaze Soot cleaning after fire Did you have to deal with a fire? Hartevelt has gained a lot of experience over the years and knows exactly which cleaning programs should be performed. All your textile can be sent our way and we can see what garments can be treated. Next the textile will be cleaned and the smell will be taken out of the clothing. Total supplier company clothing Besides handling your company clothing, Hartevelt provides the possibility to control the entire management of your company clothing. Think about storage, registration, fitting, alterations and issue per person. We also offer applying your company’s logo on the clothing.

Hartevelt Safety Clothing .... your clothes in good hands 10

Hartevelt Studio


During the production of clothing structural errors can be made. No problem, our workshop provides professional alteration of these garments for: importers, chain stores and retail companies. Not only stitching or conversion of buttons or zippers, but also shorten or re-labeling of garments is in good hands.

Overview of our repair work:

We help with choosing the yarn, fabric or materials with an explanation on-site, in De Meern. The types of products that we treat are leather jackets, purses, belts, scarfs, flags, pennants, different kind of pillows, table cloths and many other kinds

Insert new lining Inserting zippers Adjusting size clothing – Shortening and extending clothing – Inserting or moving size and care labels – Inserting buttonholes, attaching buttons. Apply stitching

We provide these services for both retailers and suppliers. Your garment will get the attention it deserves!

Hartevelt workshop A lot of experience with large and small amounts Advice on-site At Hartevelt your clothing gets the attention it deserves!

Hartevelt Studio .... your clothes in good hands 11