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Owned & Serviced by The Hambletonian Society, Inc. Hosted by the New Jersey Sports & Exposition Authority

HAMBLETONIAN® STAKE NO. 86 List of Eligibles after the February 15, 2011 Sustaining Payment

THE HAMBLETONIAN Second leg of the trotting Triple Crown 3-Year-Old Open Trot in 2011 - $1,700,000 Guaranteed Saturday, August 6, at The Meadowlands, East Rutherford, New Jersey Eliminations, if necessary, Saturday, July 30. A starting fee* of $12,500 is due with the declaration at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, July 26. A second fee* for the Hambletonian of $12,500 is due for the final, as provided in the conditions. Note: The second fee does not apply to those horses that are eliminated on July 30st. Horse Sex/Gait Sire AEQUITAS C T Glidemaster ALARIC C T Credit Winner AMERICAN TOM C T Tom Ridge AMERICANGENERATION C T American Winner ANDOVER THE PRENUP C T Andover Hall ATTORNEY HANOVER C T Angus Hall BAMBINO HALL C T Tom Ridge BETTER CAVIAR C T SJ's Caviar BIG RIGS C T Andover Hall BIG SKY STORM C T Classic Photo BLUE PORSCHE C T Glidemaster BLUEBIRD ELIAN C T Southwind Elian BROAD BAHN C T Broadway Hall BROADWAY LEGS C T Broadway Hall BUFFALINO HANOVER C T Cantab Hall BUZZ BOMB C T Windsong's Legacy CAN ANYONE EXPLAIN C T Windsong's Legacy CARTHAGE HANOVER C T Andover Hall CARTIER FIELD C T Yankee Glide CELEBRITY BOMBAY C T Yankee Glide CELEBRITY THUNDER C T Yankee Glide CELEBRITY TORPEDO C T Chocolatier CHAPTER SEVEN C T Windsong's Legacy CHARLIE DE VIE C T Yankee Glide COLOGIO C T Tagliabue CONSUS BLUE CHIP C T Muscles Yankee DEL CIELO C T Broadway Hall E L ROCK C T Yankee Glide EVIL URGES C T Cash Hall FAWKES C T SJ's Caviar FOR YOU ALMOSTFREE C T Glidemaster FORT VALLEY AS C T Tom Ridge G WITHN O C T Broadway Hall GLIDE TO VICTORY C T Yankee Glide GLIDENFORDOLLARS C T Glidemaster GNTLMNSTARTURNGINS C T Conway Hall GORDO HALL C T Tom Ridge GOURMET C T Kadabra HAWAIIAN SPIRIT C T Broadway Hall HIGHLAND THUNDER C T Conway Hall HOUSE ON FIRE C T Conway Hall

Dam Kimmie Hall Rose Street Angel Sweet American BJ's Super Sister Ucalthisahoneymoon Astraea Hanover Sumpin Sweet Better Credit Filly At Bigs Big Sky Angel Machita Deb's Dalliance Madonarail Classical Flirt Beignet Hanover Ms Matched Pearls Expressway Hanover CR Savoire Faire Cartier Hall Secret Harmony Foxy Victory Fluttering Wings La Riviera Lindy Knickers Hanover Betty Jean Platinum Power Not Just Blonde Courtney Hall Siren Hall Up Front Peg Pizza Dolce Caspian Troy Toy Miss Fairfax Viking's Goddess Cream Puff Garbo Hall Noble Dreamer Hawaiian Rose S J's Image Housethatruthbuilt

Nominator(s) Lindy Racing Stable, Brown Adam Victor & Son

Tallarico & Vassiliou Robert Key & American Winner Robert Key & American Winner Takter, Fielding, Hartmanm, Plouffe Lars-Goran Jonsson Shakoor & Singh Wade, Brittingham, Rogers, Peel Miller's Stable, DM Stb, Mullinax Domenico Costagliola Robt Burgess,Karin Olsson-Burgess Mathias, E Miller Stb, Carver Fam Alber Horse Racing LLC Gewertz, Feldman, Amer Viking Todd & Christine Schadel Meittinis, British Betty Racing Ake Svanstedt Purple Haze Stables LLC Joseph Mendelson Celebrity Farms, S Lind Celebrity Farm, Erik-KarlBender Celebrity Farms Gutnick, Cocco, Southwind, Silva Joie De Vie Farm Llc Slowey, Minute, Osterholt Consus Racing Stable Inc Geo Sholty Stb, Bongiorno, Johnson ACL Stuteri AB Hochstetler, Buddig Ole Nielsen Burgess, Brittany, Biasuzzi, Cannon ACL Stuteri AB Flowing Mineral Farm Windswept Stable Brittany, Blue Chip. Little E, Credit Caper Stormi And Bruiser Stable Takter, Fielding, Order By, McClelland Banjo Farms, Christoforou Shanamphilaniklou Inc Highland Thoroughbred Frm Schnittker, House On Fire Hambletonian & Hambletonian Oaks No. 86 February 15, 2011 Payment Page 1 of 5

Horse Sex/Gait Sire I WISH ICOULD FLY C T Glidemaster ICE MACHINE C T Muscles Yankee ICE SCREAM ICE C T American Winner IMHOOKEDONAFEELING C T Viking Kronos JOHNNY B KEMP C T Credit Winner JOHNNY WILLIAM C T Andover Hall JR ALBER C T Kadabra JUST IN C T Andover Hall KASH'S CANTAB C T Cantab Hall LEADER OF THE GANG C T Muscles Yankee LINDOR C T Chocolatier LIVE JAZZ C T Andover Hall LUCKYCHARM HANOVER C T Andover Hall MAGNUM KOSMOS C T SJ's Caviar MAN O' WAR C T Chocolatier MANOFMANYMISSIONS C T Yankee Glide MARKET REBOUND C T Credit Winner MASTER BUILDER C T Glidemaster MATRIX C T Yankee Glide MOJITO C T Credit Winner MR WEB PAGE C T Muscles Yankee MUSCLELANEOUS C T Muscles Yankee MUSCLES MALONE C T Muscles Yankee MY MAN C T Malabar Man MYTHICAL HALL C T Andover Hall NEAL C T Credit Winner NEW YORK COLOSSUS C T Andover Hall NEW ZION C T Conway Hall NOT NICE C T Glidemaster OBEY KRONOS C T Viking Kronos ONLY IN ITS CLASS C T SJ's Caviar OPENING NIGHT C T Broadway Hall ORLANDO C T Andover Hall PAPAS MONI C T Chocolatier PASTOR STEPHEN C T Cantab Hall PEGASUS BLUE CHIP C T Glidemaster PERFECT CHANGE G T Andover Hall PILGRIMS ALL IN C T Broadway Hall PROUD VICTORY ROSE C T Yankee Glide RARELY ORDINARY C T Conway Hall SHOLTY C T Andover Hall SIXTEEN KADABRAS C T Kadabra SLIP INTO GLIDE C T Yankee Glide SPECTATOR K C T Conway Hall SPRING GOAL C T Yankee Glide SUPER WIND C T Andover Hall SWAN IN A MILLION C T Andover Hall TALESPINNER C T Conway Hall TEAM WINNER C T American Winner THE EVICTOR C T Valley Victor THE LINDY RESERVE C T SJ's Caviar TIGER'S TOO GOOD C T Conway Hall TYPICAL NEWYORKER C T Conway Hall ULTIMATE LINDY C T Chocolatier UNABATING C T Broadway Hall VC CHOCOHOLIC C T Chocolatier WAY BACK WHEN C T Broadway Hall WHATEVER IT TAKES C T Credit Winner WHISKEY TAX C T Revenue S

Dam Armbro Cocoa Icy Pleasure Ice Castle K Aviano Sarafina Hall Solveig Armbro Vivian Just Like Dream O'cala Kash Fraulien Bluestone Classic N Lindy Limitless Sky Lady Luck Hanover Mega Magic Vita Tornado Misti Armbro Vanquish Ashley's Carousel On A Rail Yankee Maxi Mai Tai India Hall Spendthrift Malexandria In To Me Myth Lavern Lavec B Cor Tamgo Armbro Vagabond Justgotafeeling Olympia November Concher Rare Elegance Arlanda Hanover Live Moni Gala Dream Paloma Hanover Perfect Patty Noble Message Starlet Rayne Mostly Super Chippiesbrownsugar Sweet Sixteen K Balanced Breeze Sweet Pleasure Maragoal Miss U S Victory Swan Lake Fairy Tail Little Supersister Expressive Chip Crown N Lindy Too Good For You Striking Sibyl Lindianapolis Malabar Memories Miss Madisyn Rose Bwt Maija Caper Caillie Bourbon Belle

Nominator(s) Takter, Fielding, Camara Robert Key Robert Key Falkbolagen Ab Takter, Fielding, McDuffee Takter, Fielding, Anderberg, Order By Fam Alber Horse Racing LLC Reve Avec Moi Drreamwithme Zollars, Slaughter Racing Stb Takter, Brixton Med, McClelland, RAW Equine

B Selwyn Waxman Hartman, Sylvester, Goldman, Junipter II Rudolph, Rudolph Stb, Ownn The Wiz Kids Stb Brittany, Blue Chip, Little E, Credit Caper Manofmanymissions, Mystical Marker, M Biasuzzi

Tommy Andersson Gillis, 1140545 Ont, Burgess Stb Czernyson, Tufano Ira Kristel Roman Lopez Schnittker, Musclelaneous Stb Arden Homestead Stable, Sikva Robert Rosenheim Stbs Ltd York, Sbrocco Fashion Farms LLC Fashion Farms LLC Hero Stables, Wieseneck Takter, Falkbolagen, Order By, Plouffe Win Win Trotting Takter, Fielding, Juniper II Runthetable Stb Royal Wire Products, United Process Control Moni Maker Stable Takter, Fielding, Brittany Brittany, Blue Chip, Pegasus Mitchell Walker Andrews, Pinstripe Stb, Meola Victory Racing Stable Kjell Andersen Hughes, Aiken, Hughes American Winner Inc 574238 Ont, 493807 Ont, Ingham, Turner Robert Key Fashion Farms LLC Ann Larsen Diamond Creek, Anderson, Mystical, Carver Richard Berthiaume Robert Key, American Winner Wiswell, Goehlen Lindy Racing Stable Grant, L&L Devisser, Val D'Or, Hollowat Hallett, Oglesby, Doire Arden Homestead, Bertmark P C Wellwood, Armstrong, Organ Purple Haze Stables LLC Fashion Farms LLC Brittany, Blue Chip, Little E, Credit Caper Durand, Smith Hambletonian & Hambletonian Oaks No. 86 February 15, 2011 Payment Page 2 of 5

Horse Sex/Gait Sire WHIT C T Classic Photo WHITEWATER RAPIDS C T Credit Winner WICKED SCHOONER C T Broadway Hall WINUENDO C T Windsong's Legacy

Dam Woman Of Strength Rapid Rail Tags Schooner Repititions

Nominator(s) Hochstetler, Buddig Schnittker, Hero, Iannazzo Vincent Rampe Schnittker, Winuendo Stb, Arden

104 Colts & Geldings


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Hambletonian & Hambletonian Oaks No. 86 February 15, 2011 Payment Page 3 of 5

THE HAMBLETONIAN® OAKS 3-Year-Old Filly Trot in 2011 - $850,000 Guaranteed Saturday, August 6, at The Meadowlands, East Rutherford, New Jersey Eliminations, if necessary, Saturday, July 30. A starting fee* of $6,250 is due with the declaration at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, July 26. A second fee* for the Oaks of $6,250 is due for the final, as provided in the conditions. Note: The second fee does not apply to those horses that are eliminated on July 30. Horse Sex/Gait Sire Dam Nominator(s) ANDOVER THE TOP F T Andover Hall Image Control Bongiorno, Heffering, Weiner ANGELETTE HANOVER F T Yankee Glide Angelina Hall Michael Andrew ANGELINA CHIP F T Andover Hall My Favorite Chip Ernst Gerbaulet AS YA'LL LIKE IT F T Yankee Glide Almond Joy Glengate, Parkhill, Debnam, Allensen ATHENA MISS F T Yankee Glide Miss Athens Brice, Receski BABY I'M BAD NEWS F T Yankee Glide Bluejean Baby Bluestone Farms, Caldwell BIG WIESY F T Muscles Yankee Atlanta Games Ecurie Synergie BOLD AND FRESH F T SJ's Caviar Odre Coucou Donald Bartling BROADWAY STARLET F T Broadway Hall Merry Yankee Mc Laughlin, Hainsworth, Semer, Foley BROADWAYS FORTUNE F T Broadway Hall Fool's Fortune Francisco Del Cid BROOKLYN F T Conway Hall Anna Karin's Girl Adam Victor & Son Stble LLC CABARET PRINCESS F T Yankee Glide Cabaret Hall Brittany Farms CAITIR F T Classic Photo Armbro Gaelic Adelaide Skoglund CAPTIVATING AS F T Conway Hall Cascade As ACL Stuteri AB CEDAR DOVE F T Andover Hall Pine For Her Adam Victor & Son Stble, Fielding CELEBRITY KATIE F T SJ's Caviar Star Hanover Celebrity Farms, Lind CELEBRITY OBSESION F T Tom Ridge Super Shann Celebrity Farms CHA CHA GLIDE F T Yankee Glide K T Cha Cha Klemencic, ASA Farm CHASIN' CREDIT F T Credit Winner Sand Cassin Chasin' Zebras LLC CHEETAH HALL F T Tom Ridge CR Zoe Faith Pinnacle Racing Stable CLEOPATRE DUHARAS F T Cantab Hall Ariane Du Haras Haras De L'Estrie CREME DE COCOA F T Chocolatier Judge Judy Doug Ackerman Stables Inc Reve Avec Moi Dreamwithme, Deo Volente, TLP CRYS DREAM F T Taurus Dream Crysta's Image DEVILISH EMERALD F T Broadway Hall Devilish Hanover Shanamphilaniklou Inc DON'T CRY LINDY F T Chocolatier Evita P Sternberg, Katz DON'T THINK TWICE F T Andover Hall Mackadamian Cowboyland Aalborg E L GLAMOUR F T Yankee Glide Cameron Hall Erkki Laakkonen FANDOM BLUESTONE F T Andover Hall Flawless Bluestone Bluestone Farms, Agins, Arak FINALTAB HANOVER F T Cantab Hall Financial Matters Beaver, Ouellette, Martinovic FIRSTCLASSPRINCESS F T Classic Photo Princess Pan Michael Andrew FITNESS GIRL F T Muscles Yankee Marie E Hanover Bay Pond Racing Stable FUTURE TALENT F T Glidemaster Diminutive Burgess Stb, Hanchera GLIDE MAID F T Glidemaster Sierra Maid Yves Sarrazin,Gestion Mario Audet GLOBAL DESIRE F T Yankee Glide Cressida Hanover Brittany Farms GODIVA LINDY F T Andover Hall Peace A Pie K R Breeding Llc HABIT OF CREATURE F T Andover Hall Habit Young , Klemencic HEY MISTER F T Muscles Yankee Pick Me Up Let It Ride, Silva, Rbt Cooper Stb, Barbieri HOLA F T Andover Hall Nobody No's Butme Ecurie Gaetan Bono HOT OFF THE PRESS F T Cantab Hall Psychiatrist Ingrassia, M Brown, Arden Homestead IM A CENTERFOLD F T Glidemaster Centerfold Kosmos Prushnok, Prushnok, Gregg, A Miller IMA QUE T F T Dream Vacation Truly Collectable Don & Donald Atlas IMPISH PLAYMATE F T Yankee Glide Playfull Image Andrea Lea Racing Stable INTENSE AMERICA F T Taurus Dream Intensite Ecurie Gaetan Bono IRON LADY F T Daguet Rapide Ita Di Jesolo Ecurie Reve Avec Moi, Silva, Silva JEZZY F T Credit Winner Ladylind Schnittker, Silva, Gural, Gewertz JULIANNA MARVEL F T Dream Vacation Fashion Setter Marveland Farms L A FREEWAY F T Kadabra My Star Trecker Katz, Libfeld LADY ANDOVER F T Andover Hall Lost Lady One Winterbeary Farm LTD LADY RAINBOW F T Muscles Yankee Sunshinenlollipops R Zeron, Camel Club, Rojan, H Chambers Hambletonian & Hambletonian Oaks No. 86 February 15, 2011 Payment Page 4 of 5

Horse Sex/Gait Sire Dam LADY RIDGE F T Tom Ridge Get Ziggy With It LIGHT THE FLAME F T Andover Hall Fireworks Hanover LOST SYMBOL F T Yankee Glide Wishingforadream LOTSA LOVE F T Andover Hall Lady Love Mcbur LOVE N HATE F T Muscles Yankee R Heavenly Hush MARTINIONTHEROCKS F T Conway Hall Inspired Society MARY'S OUT CRUISIN F T Here Comes Herbie Mary Lou Hall MASSIVE DRAMA F T Credit Winner Shannon Hall MEDUSA BLUE CHIP F T Credit Winner Winning Jonlin MIGISI F T Andover Hall Gluteus Maximus MIMOSA LINDY F T Andover Hall Rum Boogie MISS SUE V F T Credit Winner Sunday Yankee MISSTIFY HANOVER F T SJ's Caviar Missy Will Do It MISSY MONEY BAGS F T Revenue S Winning Missbrenda MONTAGE F T Yankee Glide Armbro Camelot MUSCLEGRAD F T Muscles Yankee Stormont Volga MUSCLEMAD F T Muscles Yankee Madison County MY LADY LINDY F T Conway Hall True Diva NAUGHTY ME HANOVER F T Yankee Glide No Inhibitions OH SWEET BABY F T Angus Hall Galahad's Damsel ONLY KRONOS F T Viking Kronos Beauty America PACIFIC SPLASH F T American Winner Pacific Kathryn PANTHOLOPS F T Andover Hall Klipspringer PATTY SAYS SO F T Master Glide Say It Isn't So PAY ME SISTER F T Revenue S Sister's Winner K PILGRIMS TRUFFLES F T Chocolatier Glide Chip POCKETBOOKTREASURE F T Revenue S Treasure Me PRETTY AS MY MOM F T Conway Hall Sweetheart K REDWHITENBLUESTONE F T Yankee Glide Real Live Woman ROSIE'S ANGEL LINE F T Yankee Douglas No Scotch SASHAY F T Yankee Glide Invincible Dream SAVANAH DREAM F T Taurus Dream Sarasota Dream SEDUCEDBYCHOCOLATE F T Chocolatier Seducer Hall SHAKEN NOT STIRRED F T Credit Winner Applecider Hanover SHEER GLIDE F T Yankee Glide Alix Hall SILVERSTAR VOLO F T Andover Hall Silver Springs SIZZLING VOLO F T Yankee Glide Cookout SOME GIRLS F T Conway Hall Emotional Rescue SOUTHWIND AMIGA F T Chocolatier Southwind Agnes SWEET LOVE F T Chocolatier Amour Hall TANGO DANCER F T Broadway Hall Giant Step TAWESOME MORE F T Muscles Yankee Toss Up THATSNOTMYNAME F T Windsong's Legacy Graceful Touch TIGHT PANTS F T Muscles Yankee Soutaine Hanover TOO BUSY TO CARE F T Chocolatier Chippies Victory VALLEY OF DREAMS F T Valley Victor Jetty's Girl VELVET'S KATIE BUG F T Andover Hall Velvet Sauce WANNABE FIRST K F T Muscles Yankee Pleasure First WESLYNN LEGACY F T Windsong's Legacy Swift Kid Hanover WHATSAMATA HANOVER F T Muscles Yankee Whitesand Samantha WIGGS F T Cash Hall Hawaiian Vicky WILD PINE PRINCESS F T Malabar Man Wild Pine WIN DOCTOR F T Windsong's Legacy Aerobics WINCINNATTI F T Windsong's Legacy Enbeecee YA YA LINDY F T Conway Hall Nana's Best *Also defined as an entrance fee according to USTA rules effective May, 2008. 104 Trotting Fillies

Nominator(s) Jeanine, & Robert Smith Adam Victor & Son Stble LLC James Wilhite Mal & Janet Burroughs LLC Pro Equine USA Inc Ecurie Synergie K Andersen, D Goodrow Stable 45, Frost, Venturini Fabulous, Blue Chip, Horowitz, Demeter Royal Wire Products Inc Lindy Racing Stable Kelley Racing, William Weaver Peter Meyers Robert Key B Selwyn Waxman Butcher, Oksenberg Leblond, Gauthier Lindy Racing Stable Ryder, Wernick, Kiernan, Tres Amigos Richard Berthiaume Viking Management SRL Robert Key Menhammar Stuteri Jack Gray Jr American Winner Inc R & E Andrews, Pinstripe, Meola Key, Winning Key Inc Robert Key Silva, Tlp. Bork, Diamond Creek-Peck Stb Jeg's Standardbreds Inc Steve Stewart Reve Avec Moi Dreamwithme Maximum Force Inc Little E Llc Runthetable Stable Anderson, Shim Racing Jorgen Jahre Gewertz, Rosenthal, Brunet, Brunet Robert & David Anderson Fashion Farms LLC Fashion Farms LLC Bloodstock Farm & Stables Order By Stable Hartman, Liverman, McDuffee Michael Taranto Del Priore, Adams George F Sholty Stb Inc Robert Key 1788938 ONTARIO LTD John Marsh Neal Morse Michael Andrew Irv Liverman Jason, Doug & Ron Allen Lindy Racing Stable 208 Total Eligibles

(The above lists are subject to omissions and corrections.) Hambletonian & Hambletonian Oaks No. 86 February 15, 2011 Payment Page 5 of 5