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Hallberg-Rassy 310 "A comfartable yacht that is great fun to sail" There is a teak toe rail and four deck scuppers which drain rain water overboar...
Author: Raymond Horn
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Hallberg-Rassy 310

"A comfartable yacht that is great fun to sail"

There is a teak toe rail and four deck scuppers which drain rain water overboard under the waterline to prevent dirty stripes on the hull

There are six good sized stainless cleats on the toe rail. All cleats are strongly secured with four bolts each. The cleats are specially designed for Hallberg-Rassy

The LED navigation lights only consume about 1/10 of the power of traditional lights. The stainless house is well protected. The shape of the pulpit is nicely curved There are two powerful low friction footblocks for the genoajib sheets

"She will take you anywhere - in any weather"

The handholds are elegantly curved

Elegant door handles specially designed for Hallberg-Rassy

All portlights are especially shaped for HallbergRassy, all have both an outer and inner aluminium frame and all are opening

The toilet compartment has excellent ventilation with opening portlight and skylight. The skylight is fitted with milk coloured glass to obscure view but allow light through. The countertop and sink are solid PlexiCor composite stone.

The engine room lid is lifted up with the help of a a gas spring

The seagoing galley does not interfere with the natural flow through the boat. Someone working in the galley does not obstruct access to the aft cabin. There are deep double sinks and a fridge with a basket to organize small items. The countertop is solid PlexiCor composite stone.

Lots of natural light. All portlights and skylights are opening

Vanity on port side aft of the saloon

The generous aft cabin seen from aft

The generous aft cabin seen from forward

The comfortable forward cabin seen from forward

A deep shoe locker forward of the engine room

The comfortable forward cabin with vanity, floorspace and skylight

Hallberg-Rassy 310 Designer Hull length Waterline at rest Beam Draught, light ship Displacement, light ship Lead keel Sail area with genoajib Mast over water, ex Windex Headroom saloon Engine, Yanmar Number of cylinders Max torque Power at crank shaft Diesel tank Freshwater tank Holding tank

Germán Frers 9.42 m 30’ 11” 8.80 m 28’ 11’’ 3.18 m 10’ 5” 1.80 m* 5’ 11” * 4.35 t 9 590 lbs 1.68 t 3 700 lbs 2 47.2 m 508 ft2 14.35 m 47’ 1’ 1.86 m 6’ 1 1/2’’ 3YM20C/SD20 3 52 Nm at 2000 RPM 16.2 kW / 22 HP 100 l 26.5 US g 200 l 52.8 US g 50 l 13.3 US g

August 2009, 10 000 ex. Print: Risbergs. Photo: Peter Szamer and Magnus Rassy

*Also available as a shallow draught version upon request

Photos show extra equipment. For more details please ask for our special Hallberg-Rassy 310 Standard Specification. Die Fotos zeigen Extraausrüstung. Für genauere Details, bitte fragen Sie nach der speziellen Standardbeschreibung für Hallberg-Rassy 310.

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