::: O)t~1fI~, ";' 17 '/ !J A ' GPS:l.::: '/

GPS::L= 'Y tGPS Unit




Operating Manual

r O-GPS1 1t s

.. , '.1 11, 'tet:: "'''-'1:", 6

Wi"" ._ow


• ..

Turning the ''''' ..... • •


••• • ••• ,•

GPS Unit On/Off •




, ,I

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, il-,

I, I,

t ..... ".- ...




(blue) •


, "'",n2W"

Press and hold the power button for one second . The GPS unit turns on and the 80s lamp lights up or blinks (depending on the positioning statu s),


• W hen the battery is completely exhausted, the ~ lamp' does not illuminate. When the battery is running lOW, the c:;::II lamp blinks as follows , In



-, I !, ,

To turn the power off, press and hold the power button for one second



this conditi'on, replace the battery wi,th a new or i;! fully-charged one. H' , " :~' .. When the,exposu re' metering timer 'df the . ". ::. camera is, off:, Blinks every 3 .seconds ,57

- When Jhe e)::posure metering timer of the l:a1l)9:fa is on: Blinks every 2 seconds • The func tions which 'e mploy GPS (Electronic , Compass ! Simple Nav(gation aod • ASTROTRACERl are not enable,d wben the camera.is turned off, or when the·camera's Auto , power Qff function is actIVated. l~ you want to


"::,., use th.e Ele.~.ronlc .," .. Compass or Simple d;'

:::I~, Navigatlon function"' cOl')tiOu,ously', canbel.the .... . . . era

ii~i' .csr1



. 's AU!Rf9;~.~~~~Rf!.run.ctfo"n in adv~n?e.



• Calibration Calibration is the operation to get the electronic com pass to work accurately. Always perform thi s before using the GPS unit. As the Earth's magnetic field varies depending on the shooting location, precise calibration must also be performed at each location when shooting images of astronomical objects with the ASTROTRACER function ,

1 2 l

Attach the GPS unit to the camera, and then turn on both the GPS unit and the camera. Select [Calibration] from [GPS] in the [01 Rec, Mode] menu on the camera, Move the camera and perform the calibration. Hold the camera firmly and rotate the camera 180 degrees or more in each of three directions as shown on the right.


• Time allowed forca libration is one minute. If you



cannot finish the calibration within a minlJte or tne message [The operation could not be "

completed corr~ctlYl is displayed on the 'camera :: monitor1 face the c~rnera . in a diffe[eJlfdjrecti8[:l ~

:;: and try the ca libration again. Be careful not to drop the camera' while

r· ,

:i! ~l

performing the calibration . :l • Always perform the calibratJon when ~pew Of;; futly·cha,rged battery is installed, Qr when the " i:! GPS unit1s removed from the, camera ~l';'lcfJhen ... -- .. ,.i, _!!!t~~;MO!again. ·;::~!.._:!!mH! !;:;;:! ,


_.__ t


I L. . r



I~:= ... .

. . .. _ ...


=: " :.~"="~'~"::----


~h I ~, 'la:,:':"_~ ~_.I~_.e_)________ ",,.1 ~



_ _ _ _

Attach the GPS unit to the camera, and then turn on both the GPS unit and the camera. After the power is turned on , the 80s lamp blinks while positioning by GPS and then stays illuminated after the GPS positioning is carried out. The GPS icon will be displayed on the status screen on the came ra monitor.


&s lamp and GPS icons a.alamp Blinks




GPS icon

2 Take a picture. The current location information will be recorded to the image.


GPS data cannot be ~ (Red) obtained. Three satellites are detected and GPS data can be obtained; ~ (Yellow) the GPS data is recorded to an image when shooting. Four or more satellites are detected and more precise GPS ~ (Green) data can be obtained : the GPS data is recorded to an image when shooting .

• For the movies, GPS data cannot be recorded .


Play back the image and check the GPS data. For details on how to play back images, refer to the operating manual of the camera.

• Displaying the Electronic Compass

.- N 35"45.882' ~ $ E139°41.503' r\ 49m


The electronic compass can be displayed on the camera monitor.


Select [Electronic Compass) from [GPS) in the [0 Rec. Mode) menu on

the camera. The electronic compass appears on the camera monitor and the current latitude , longitude, altitude, direction', and the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) are displayed. If you rotate the camera to point the lens in a different direction, the face of the electronic compass turns. , On the electronic compass of this GPS 0 unit, 0 is based on True North, not Magnetic North . (180 0 is based on True South .)

Iii! 05/0512011 0 10:05:08



If you op.erate·Ct"" he"""' camera (SUCh- changing the ~ shooting mode) while the electronic compass IS ij displayed on the camera monitor) the camera :1 stops displaying the electronic compass. ~ Select [Electron ic Compass] from [GPS] in th~ lORee, Mode] menu to ,display the electronfc !: compass again . .Hin , .•


~ . ~"-' .~;"



0 • • . • •* h H .


• Selecting the Destination and Displaying the Location Information

CtPENTAX_Osaka JP ~ c::::J Current location ;: N 35 0 45.882' (Ill E139°41.S03'

r'l 49m

Direction and distance to the destination based on the current location ca n be displayed.

1 Select [Simple Navigation) from [GPS) in the [0 Rec. Mode) menu on the camera.


Select [Select Destination).


Select the desired destination.


Select [Navigation Start). Direction (~ mark on the compass face) and distance to the destination are displayed. based on the cu rrent location .


Direction of Destination 253· Distance to Destination 10850km [iil05/05/2011 0 10 :05:08

• Managing the Destination Information Destination information can be saved to or deleted from a memory card . The information saved on the memory card can also be loaded.

1 Select [Simple Navigation) from [GPS) in the [0 Rec. Mode) menu on the camera.


Select [Destination Manager).


Select [D+I!!l Load from the card], [D>!!! Save to the card], or [I~ Delete destination].

Loading data from the card/Saving data to the card


Select a file to save the destination list data. To save the destinalion list data to the memory card, enter the name of the destination list file (Title Entry) first and save it. tho Spec ify where to save

the destination list data lEE IU. ", . .


Deleting the destination data


Select destination(s) to be deleted.

'9 I:






As tHe destination data of the factory default '$~ttlng is deleted jf overwritten, save it as


Press the OK button to tick the checkbox



[f n~ce~sary. ::: ! . To save the shootin'g locl:\tion of the . L o. .«ips information as aidestlnation, play:back •



¢ ' i mage and select [SavE; " ::111 pfa>,back mode palette.



Destin~tjon] ; in t,h e

.H , ." •••

5 6


Press the Wi button. Select [Select & Delete]. The selected destination(s) will be deleted.











• If you .operate th6lp~O'Jere.~uch a~ changIng the shootmg mode) whlle uslng the Simple A Na\llg8,tion funct!po;; th-e camela slops W'! , displaying the localion In\Ormafion, ;J . .. Seled [Simple ~avjgatiOl1) from [GPS) in the ;1 [ORee. Mode) menu3m:J start th&navig8tion to"! ,