Genuine accessories. for the Vito and Sprinter

Genuine accessories for the Vito and Sprinter Contents A touch of individuality You expect a complete package from your Mercedes-Benz van: precisio...
Author: Cori Goodwin
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Genuine accessories for the Vito and Sprinter


A touch of individuality You expect a complete package from your Mercedes-Benz van: precision equipment delivered in quality surrounds and the comfort and security required to maximise your day, at work or at play. We’ve applied the same principle to develop an extensive range of Genuine accessories for your Vito or Sprinter. The convenience and connectivity of the communications package, for example, combines leading mobile phone holder technology with the features of the iPod interface kit, which stores your device securely away. Or the intelligent design of a selection of cargo carrying systems, which complements the style and durability of Genuine alloy wheels. We’ve put the extra thought in to deliver products that optimise efficiency for your business, and add a touch of individuality on the weekend.


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iPod Interface Kit

iPhone/iPod Holder

Control your iPod via the multifunctional steering wheel. The iPod is connected in the glove compartment where it is hidden from prying eyes. Its battery is also charged while connected.

Black plastic holder, designed to secure your iPod in place in the glove compartment. The soft, flocked surface protects your digital music player from scratches and prevents it from sliding around. For the iPod interface kit.

Mobile Phone Holder When it comes to selecting a mobile for your Mercedes-Benz van, you’ve never had so much choice. One ‘click’ is all it takes to replace the system’s ‘intelligent’ mobile phone holder. It takes a matter of seconds and is as straightforward as inserting the mobile into the holder itself. Changing your mobile and even alternating between different models of mobile no longer presents a problem. There are no compromises when it comes to convenience-enhancing telephone technology either. Further advantages of the Genuine mobile phone holder: • Optimum reception quality as a result of using vehicle’s external aerial. • Mobile’s battery is charged. • Access to internal phone memory. • Convenient operation using the multifunctional steering wheel. To use the mobile phone holder, your vehicle must be factoryfitted with optional extra Code EH4 or EH5. Holders are available for many popular mobile phone models.



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Velour Floor Mats

Seat Covers

Extensive coverage of the footwell with soft yet robust velour is a visual upgrade for the interior of your Mercedes-Benz van.

Oil and dirt-repellent seat covers in robust fabric. For short-term use in workshops or for long-term use, e.g. on construction sites. Quick and easy to fit.

Rubber Floor Mats Robust, dirt-repellent natural rubber. Zip fasteners seamlessly join corresponding mat sections, ensuring extensive floor coverage and preventing the mats from slipping. Easy to remove and clean.

Rep Floor Mats The perfect combination of extremely hardwearing, durable rep material and elegant design. Other advantages: a precision fit, held in place to prevent slipping, odourless.



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Cockpit trim

Coolbox Connected to the 12V socket on board, the coolbox consistently and reliably cools its contents, even on long journeys. Made from hygienic, easy-to-clean plastic. Special strap system for securing in place in the load compartment. Easy to carry using handy carry straps. Capacity 16 litres.

Two alternative trim packages are available for the cockpit highlights and the centre console trim panel. These trim components blend smoothly with the overall cockpit styling and lend the interior an individual feel. Both available trims are made of highgrade plastic (black walnut version is pictured). They are easy to fit: simply take out the standard trim parts and swap them for the accessories.





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VITO 6-Spoke Wheel 43.2 cm (17 inch) Finish: Sterling silver Wheel: 7 J x 17 ET 56 Tyre: 225/55 R17

7-Twin Spoke Wheel

5-Spoke Wheel

B-Pillar Trim


40.7 cm (16 inch) Finish: Sterling silver Wheel: 6.5 J x 16 ET 60 Tyre: 205/65 R16

43.2 cm (17 inch) Finish: Sterling silver Wheel: 7 J x 17 ET 56

Trick of the light. Carbon fibre design with 3D structure. Simple adhesive attachment.

Effectively reduce spray and protect the bodywork from scratches and dirt. Made from high-quality, durable plastic. Simple to fit without any drilling.

Vito Trim Strip Badge SPRINTER 6-Spoke Wheel 40.6cm (16 inch) Finish: Brilliant silver Wheel size: 6.5 J x 16 ET 62 Tyre: 235/65R 16C

High quality plastic badges – a highlight for the exterior. Set of 2 badges, designed to be attached to side strips.

Side Window Wind Deflector When the window is slightly open, the precision-fit wind deflector prevents the windows from streaming up and keeps out dust, rain and even insects. Enjoy the enhanced comfort of draught-free driving.

Exterior Sun Visor A glaring improvement for the Sprinter: the exterior sun visor prevents dazzle even when the sun is low in the sky – but without restricting the driver’s field of view.

Chrome Highlights For Radiator Grille The bright chrome radiator grille highlights and adds further appeal to the front face.



Roof Box Elegant, practical, aerodynamic design, made for your Mercedes-Benz van. High quality, extremely durable material. Boxes open on both sides and convenient loading and unloading. 1. Mercedes-Benz Roof Box 450: Family box | Capacity approx. 450 litres. Available in black metallic and silver metallic. 2. Mercedes-Benz Roof Box 330: Sports box | Capacity approx. 330 litres. Available in titanium metallic and matt silver.

Towbar Our range of tow bars and trailer couplings allow you to choose between various system versions and components to suit your individual requirements. Maximum towing capacities are 750kg unbraked and 2000kg braked, with maximum drawbar loads of 140kg.

Rear-Mounted Bicycle Rack Designed to be fitted to the tailgate. Holds 2 bicycles. Tailgate can still be opened with the rack in place. Includes statutory repeater lights. Rear power supply required.

Extension Kit For Rear-Mounted Bicycle Rack Allows you to add 2 further bicycles to the rearmounted bicycle rack.

Ultrasonic Reversing Aid The reversing aid is designed to assist the driver. Any obstacles up to 1.6m behind the vehicle are registered using ultrasonic technology. Audible signals make manoeuvring and reversing into a parking space easier and safer.



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Deep Load Compartments Like the shallow load compartment tub, protects your vehicle’s load compartment. The raised edge, approx. 27cm deep, also helps prevent dirt from getting into the passenger compartment. Suitable for transporting foodstuffs. For long and extra-long models.

Shallow Load Compartments The handy way to protect the load compartment of your Vito from dirt and scratches. Made from lightweight, durable plastic. Depth approx. 6cm. Suitable for transporting foodstuffs. For long and extralong models.

Storage Box Multipurpose storage box. This practical folding box is ideal for storing shopping and a host of other transportation tasks. Waterproof. Doubles as a protective mat. Maximum capacity 30kg.

Load Securing Net Load restraint made easy: the net is stowed in the roof, ready for use any time by means of a lift system. After loading, it can be spread over the cargo quickly, easily and without any tangles. Firmly attached to the load compartment floor by tensioning straps. This can also be done conveniently from the side or rear door, thanks to an intelligently designed cable system. The package includes the net, lift system, straps and fasteners.

Luggage Net The robust net prevents contents from falling out of the load compartment, even when the tailgate is opened quickly. Items can also be stowed in handy mesh pockets.


Toolbox Black/red. 55 tools, including cutters, precision screwdrivers, tape measure, ratchet screwdriver and spanner sockets. White logo print. Size approx. 22cm x 11cm x 11 cm.



Unisex Work Gloves

Vito Panel Van

Safety reflectors. Tips of fingers and thumbs reinforced with synthetic leather with non-slip silicone pads. Velcro fastening. Breathable inserts. Sizes L–XL.

1:43 – Manufacturer: Minichamps. Comes in Arctic white (pictured) and Atlantis blue.

Multifunction Tool Black/silver-coloured. Stainless steel/plastic. 3-function pliers, 1 Phillips head and 3 flat head screwdrivers, ruler, scaling blade, pocket knife, whittling blade, saw, file, bottle opener, can opener and interchangeable bits with holder. Both halves of grip in black aluminium with non-slip coating. Chrome vanadium steel bits. With polyester black belt pouch. White logo print on belt pouch and multifunction tool. Length of tool when unfolded approx. 18cm, folded approx.11.3cm.

1:87 – Manufacturer: Herpa. Comes in Arctic white and brilliant silver.

Sprinter Minivan/Crewbus 1:43 – Manufacturer: Minichamps. Comes in carbon black (pictured). 1:87 – Manufacturer: Herpa. Comes in brilliant silver.

LED Torch Black aluminium. 24 extremely bright LEDs. Shockproof and spray protected. Logo on grip. Length approx. 32cm. Diameter approx. 6cm.

The bright orange and yellow fluorescent jackets with reflective stripes are conspicuous, even in the dark. Comes in a single, or pack of 2.

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Men’s Driver Gillet Anthracite. 100% coated polyamide (nylon) with 100% polyester fleece lining. Hood in collar. Plenty of functional pockets inside and out. White logo embroidered on front. Sizes S–XXXL.

Men’s 2-in-1 Jacket

Brussels Key Ring High-sheen polished diecast zinc. Revolving star logo.

Fluorescent Safety Vest


Anthracite. Outer jacket 100% coated polyamide (nylon) with polyester mesh lining. Inner jacket 100% anti-static polyester fleece. Outer jacket can be worn on its own as a windcheater. Inner jacket zips out. White logo embroidered on front of both jackets. Sizes S–XXXL.

The range of Genuine accessories for the Vito and Sprinter are constantly expanded and updated. Specifications and information referred to in this document were correct at the time of publication (August 2012). Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific Pty Ltd reserves the right to discontinue or modify any Mercedes-Benz accessories at any time without prior notice to meet any requirement of a manufacturing or commercial nature which it may deem appropriate. Please consult your authorised Mercedes-Benz partner for the latest details on specifications, options, prices and availability. Mercedes-Benz accessories depicted on the front cover image of this brochure are subject to availability.


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