Genetic Testing Information for patients

Genetic testing can provide answers to a broad range of questions such as... “Will this particular drug help me to fight my cancer?”

“Do I have a certain disease?” “Am I at risk of developing this disease in the future?”

“Could my children or my unborn child have a particular condition?”

Genetic testing is the cutting edge of modern medicine.

Introducing Sonic Genetics Sonic Genetics is a specialised medical genetics service, led by internationally recognised Genetic Pathologists. We provide you and your doctor with a comprehensive and trusted genetic testing service through our world-class, fully accredited Australian laboratories. Sonic Genetics is committed to providing state-ofthe-art testing in this continually expanding field of medicine. Through our rigorous evaluation of testing methods, we take the guesswork out of deciding the most appropriate test for a specific condition. We also provide access to rarer tests through our international laboratories, and through our partnerships with leading genetics laboratories around the world. We are part of Sonic Healthcare, an Australian-based, international medical company that provides services across Australia, New Zealand, the US, Europe and the UK. We are world leaders in what we do, and are proud of our reputation for quality and care.

Our holistic approach Patients often find that genetic testing can open a whole new world of information and understanding. While this knowledge can provide valuable insights into the cause or risk of disease, it can sometimes be emotionally challenging or difficult to understand. We put particular emphasis on the pre- and posttesting consultation service between our genetic specialists and your referring doctor or genetic counsellor. This approach provides your doctor with a clear understanding of possible outcomes of a test so they can advise you and your family appropriately. We want you to understand what we are doing, and how this will help you and your doctor. You will find information about each test and disorder that we test for at our website, This information can also help relatives understand what tests have been done – and why.

What is involved in getting a genetic test? Most genetic tests require a standard blood sample or a simple mouth swab. There is usually no need for special preparation such as fasting or modifying your diet. We sometimes ask that the sample be collected at a particular time or place to ensure that your sample meets the specific collection requirements for that test. In some cases, your doctor will arrange testing for a sample that was collected in a different setting, for example, during an operation.

Cost of genetic tests Genetic testing is a highly specialised field of medicine that relies on expensive new technologies, and significant input from highly trained medical and scientific experts. Many genetic tests are not covered by Medicare or private health insurance, and patients may incur nonrebatable private fees for some tests. We are open about our prices, and strive to provide you and your doctor with excellent value for your test. We are committed to providing tests of high quality, with information and advice that is clear, useful, accurate and up-to-date. We also invest heavily in researching the best methodologies for each test so that you and your doctor are provided with results that you can use with confidence. Unlike many standard pathology tests, genetic tests often need to be performed only once in a lifetime, so any costs incurred only need to be paid once. In the case of testing for a familial condition, the test result may also have implications for relatives, and the benefit of the test can be shared across a number of family members.

For pricing and detailed test information, please visit our website,

What to do next If you are interested in genetic testing, the next thing to do is to make an appointment with your doctor. All medical genetic testing must be done in consultation with your GP or specialist doctor. We do not provide genetic testing for medical conditions without your doctor being involved. Your doctor will guide you through the ins and outs of genetic testing, helping determine what test would be helpful for you, and whether further medical assessment or genetic counselling would be appropriate. Additional information is also available at

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