GATEWAY COMPLEX GATEWAY MIDDLE SCHOOL 1307 Gowen Street Killeen, TX 76543 Office Hours 254-336-1690 After Hours 254-336-1690 Fax 254-519-7737 GATEWAY...
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GATEWAY COMPLEX GATEWAY MIDDLE SCHOOL 1307 Gowen Street Killeen, TX 76543 Office Hours 254-336-1690 After Hours 254-336-1690 Fax 254-519-7737

GATEWAY HIGH SCHOOL 4100 Zephyr Road Killeen, Texas 76543 Office Hours 254-336-1700 After Hours 25-336-1703 Fax 254-336-1711

HANDBOOK 2017 – 2018

A Message from the Principal Chris D. Halpayne

The staff of Gateway Complex is committed to the same excellence of educational experience for our students as every other campus in the Killeen Independent School District. All of our teachers, aides, secretaries, and support personnel are exceptionally qualified, experienced, and caring professionals. Since \Gateway Complex is a disciplinary alternative campus, it must be realized that the program is of necessity more rigidly structured and more closely supervised than a regular campus, with immediate application of both positive and negative consequences for student behavior. We believe that this makes it even more imperative that every student assigned to our campus be treated with dignity, respect, and fairness. We expect our students to respond in like manner.

The theme of Gateway Complex is RISE TO THE OCCASION. We hold our students and ourselves to a high standard and we commit ourselves each day to three R’s of success.

Relationships Responsibility Respect

Success is achieved by participation of the R’s daily. We commit to do our part. We ask you...students and work with us to achieve that goal together. Please read this handbook carefully and use it as a valuable resource to help you on your way to Success!


Table of Contents Introduction to Gateway Complex


Gateway High School Enrollment Procedures


Gateway Middle School Enrollment Procedures


General Information


School Hours


Emergency Contact






Bus Transportation


School Supplies


Breakfast and Lunch


School Nurse




Telephone Use


Hallway Behavior


Restrooms and Water Fountains


Parent/Teacher Conference


Pictures and Cell Phones


Academic Program




Permission to Speak to Principal or Counselor



Tobacco, Alcohol, and Drugs


Discipline Program


In School Suspension Room


ISS Rules and Procedures


Dress Code


Gang-Free Zone


Familiarity, Physical Contact


Violent, Dangerous, or Threatening Behavior



Parent and Student Agreement Form



Introduction to Gateway Complex The Gateway Complex is a short-term disciplinary alternative education placement facility serving grades 6-12 students in the Killeen Independent School District. Enrollment consists of students who are removed from their regular campus and placed in the center by a district level alternative placement hearing.

Assignment to the DAEP program typically consists of 45 days, but may be scheduled by the hearing officer for fewer or more days depending upon the circumstances. Upon the successful completion of the assigned number of days, students will be eligible to return to the home campus. No student will be enrolled in or released from the DAEP program during the final week of a semester or during TAKS/STAAR testing.

Students who have been assigned to the DAEP program and either fail to enroll or withdraw during the term assignment, and who have not enrolled in and attended another school, will be required to enroll in and successfully complete the assignment prior to returning to the home campus.

All students assigned to the DAEP program will be on District Probation for a period of 45 days upon return to the regular campus, whether or not the assignment was served at the DAEP. During the probationary period a student is subject to being reassigned to the DAEP upon one serious violation of the Student Code of Conduct. District Probation does not imply restriction from privileges provided to other students, such as attendance at and/or participation in extracurricular activities. Students reassigned to the DAEP for violations occurring while on District Probation from an earlier assignment will be subject to a 90 day assignment. Extra-curricular activity participants are subject to additional restrictions if the placement into the DAEP was the result of a drug or alcohol related offense. For additional information, refer to the appropriate document governing the particular activity concerned for explanation of the additional restrictions.

Graduating seniors who are assigned to the Gateway High School DAEP, but fail to successfully complete the number of assigned days at least 10 days prior to the end of the school year WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE GRADUATION CEREMONY OF THE HOME CAMPUS.


Gateway High School Enrollment Procedures All Students who are enrolling in the GHS must attend an orientation meeting, accompanied by at least one parent or guardian, before beginning classes on the first day of their enrollment. At the conclusion of the orientation meeting, students and their parents are required to sign a statement of agreement that will be placed in the students file. Enrollment and orientation meetings are held on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday beginning at 8:30 AM. Students and their parents must report at 8:15 AM to complete entrance paperwork. Orientations will not be held on school holidays, the last week of the semester, and during weeks of state testing. Students should be in proper uniform and prepared for class with appropriate school supplies on enrollment day. All textbooks, ID badges and other materials belonging to the previous school should be returned to that campus before enrolling at the Gateway High School.

Gateway Middle School Enrollment Procedures Once assigned to Gateway Middle School by the Killeen ISD Hearing Officer parent/guardian and student must attend the orientation. Students will be in full dress code. Registrations and orientations are held on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday only. Orientations will not be held on school holidays, the last week of the semester, and during weeks of state testing. Gateway Complex will not have an Orientation on early release days; however the Orientation will be held on the next full day of school that is a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. Registration starts at 1:00 PM. to ensure that paperwork and the student’s dress code is in order. After 1:30 PM. no one will be admitted for registration and orientation. Orientation starts at 1:30 PM. Parents need to complete all necessary forms in the GMS folder provided at the hearing. The forms include but are not limited to: o   Registration and Student Code of Conduct forms o   Medical history o   Application for Free and Reduced Price Meals (optional) o   Acknowledgment of Receipt of GMS handbook o   Parent permission to administer medication (if applicable) o   Physician Request for Administration of Medication by School or Personnel (if applicable)


General Information Gateway High School class hours: Gateway High School class hours are from 7:30 AM until 3:00 PM. Students should arrive on campus and enter the building no later than 7:15 AM through the bus loading area. Students arriving late or leaving early must be signed in or out by a parent or guardian at the entrance by the flagpoles. Approved walkers need to enter the building by 7:15 AM. Before 7:30 AM the sign-in/out sheet will be at the student entrance for your convenience after that time, it will be in the office. All students must ride a KISD bus, be transported by an approved adult, or approved as a walker.

Gateway Middle School class hours:

Gateway Middle school starts promptly at 7:30 AM with the tardy bell ringing at 7:35 AM and dismissal at 3:00 PM. Additional information concerning arrival and departure times from Gateway Middle School: o   Staff is on duty in the morning beginning at 7:00 a.m. Please do not drop off your student before that time. o   Students are not to leave campus once they arrive. o   Students will not be released the last 15 minutes of the school day. o   Students are to leave the school grounds as soon as school dismisses; if a parent is late and the student must wait, they will be supervised until o   Teachers are unable to conference with parents when students are picked up early. Please leave a message in the office and the teacher will call the parent or schedule a conference with the parent. o   The Gateway Middle School Office opens at 7:00 a.m. and closes at 3:30 p.m.

Emergency Contact: Emergency contact information is extremely important.

Please be sure to include at least two contacts on the emergency card. It is also extremely important that the Gateway Middle and High School offices are notified immediately of any change of address or phone numbers.


Procedures and Policies: Attendance procedures and policies at the

Gateway Complex are a continuation of those on the regular campus; therefore absences incurred while attending the home campus are carried over to the student’s attendance record at Gateway Complex. Each absence will be verified by a phone call to the home or parent/guardian’s work place. Unexcused absences or truancies are subject to disciplinary consequences.


Tardiness is considered an attendance problem. It should be avoided if at all possible. Unexcused and/or chronic tardiness are subject to disciplinary consequences. 7



Bus transportation is provided to and from the Gateway Complex. All students must ride the specific bus to which they are assigned, and must board and get off at their designated bus stop. On the first day of attendance, each student will be given the proper bus assignment. The bus driver will inform the student of the morning pick-up time. If a student does not ride the bus for three consecutive days, the Transportation Office must be called to reestablish transportation. Any questions or concerns regarding bus routes, schedules, or bus personnel should be directed to the Transportation Office at 336-0125. All KISD Code of Conduct, bus, and Gateway Complex rules apply to students while riding the bus. Students who fail to conduct themselves properly on the bus will receive appropriate consequences and may have bus privileges removed.

School Supplies: School supplies include #2 pencil, notebook, and paper (spiral or loose leaf notebook). Notebooks with any gang related colors (red, green, blue, or yellow) will not be allowed at school. Students are not to bring back packs, book bags, handbags, brief cases, portfolios, or similar items to the campus.

Breakfast and Lunch: Breakfast and lunch are provided each day by the KISD Food Services under the established district policy and price. A new PIN number will be assigned for use on the Gateway Complex campus. Meals may not be shared, transferred, or given to another student. Students may not bring any type of lunch or candy to school unless it is specified by a written statement of a medical physician. Gateway Middle School allows students to bring cold lunches.

School Nurse: The school nurse is on campus part time. In addition, the nurse is on call for school related accidents that happen during the school day. In the event of serious injury or illness, the nurse and parent/guardian will be called immediately. If neither parent nor guardian can be reached, the school will obtain immediate medical attention for the student.

Medication: Use of medications at school must be in compliance with the KISD policy and procedures. Students are not allowed to carry medications to, from, or while at school, except prescription inhalers with proper documentation given to the school nurse.


Telephone usage is not available to students during the school day except on an emergency basis as determined by the administration.


Hallway Behavior: At Gateway Complex, students will walk looking straight ahead and in proper campus dress code. Students are not to talk in the hallway/breezeway/walkway, unless spoken to by an adult. There is no spitting on campus. In addition, at Gateway High School students are to walk on the right side of the hallway on the blue line. This includes class changes. At Gateway Middle School, student will walk with their hands behind their back anytime they are not in the classroom setting.

Restroom and Water Fountain Breaks: Water fountain and restroom breaks are scheduled by the teacher. Students will walk in single file with no more than one student in the restroom at a time throughout the school day.


Conferences: Please contact the teacher by sending a written note to

school, writing the request on your student's point sheet (Gateway Middle School), or calling the Gateway High School’s office (336-1700), or Gateway Middle School’s office (336-1694) to make an appointment for a conference.


and Cell Phones: Pictures, photographs, and recordings of any type are not

allowed to be taken at Gateway Complex. Cell phones are not allowed at Gateway Complex.

Academic Program The Gateway Complex academic program is aligned with the Killeen Independent School District curriculum. Students are placed in the same classes they were taking at their home campus if possible. If that is not possible, students will be scheduled into classes consistent with their current and future academic needs. Transfer grades from the home campus are averaged with grades received at Gateway Complex when a student is not enrolled at Gateway Complex for a full nine week grading period. Grades from Gateway Complex transfer back to the home campus. Parents can access grades through the Home Access Center, which can be found on the Killeen ISD home page at Progress reports and reports cards will be sent home in accordance with Killeen ISD guidelines. Students are not allowed to share any academic materials (worksheets, tests, computer discs, etc.) or information, or take academic work or assignments from the classroom, unless approved by the teacher. Cheating in any form will result in disciplinary consequences. Academic work includes computer and written assignments, and is designed to be done under the supervision of the teacher. No academic homework will be assigned except by special arrangement with the teacher. Textbooks are normally available for in-class use only, unless other arrangements are made through the office. 9

Contrabands Students are prohibited from bringing any items on campus that are not related to assigned academic work and basic personal care. Anything else will be considered contraband and will be confiscated. Students may not possess any written or printed materials, notes, letters, or drawings apart from approved class assignments. The following items are also prohibited at Gateway Complex: toiletries, grooming items, lanyards, key chains, fobs, photos, or credit cards. Student’s are not allowed to bring gum, candy, or snacks to school, and should not have in their possession more than five dollars. Students are thoroughly searched for contraband upon arrival each day. In addition, students are subject to being thoroughly searched again throughout the day if any Gateway Complex staff member has a reasonable suspicion that a student may possess a prohibited item. Any items may also be confiscated if potentially dangerous, distracting, or disruptive. Confiscated items will be identified with the student’s name and, if not illegal or of an offensive nature, may be picked up by a parent or guardian, or returned at the end of the current nine week session if deemed appropriate by the principal. In some instances, items may be thrown away such as items of an offensive nature which includes written materials, pictures, drawings, or any other items that represents racial, hateoriented, lewd, sexually explicit, threatening, violent, gang-related, vulgar, or profane in nature. Illegal items include any type of dangerous item, illegal weapon, tobacco product, alcoholic beverage, illegal drug, or controlled substance.

Permission to Speak with the Principal or Counselor Students can write a request to see the Principal or Counselor. The written request will be given to their teacher.

Tobacco, Alcohol, and Drugs Any controlled substance, illicit drug, alcohol, alcoholic beverage, other intoxicant, chemical substance for inhalation, “look-alike” products, or tobacco/tobacco-related products as described by the KISD Code of Conduct and state law are prohibited at Gateway Complex. Students in violation of this policy will be turned over to law enforcement authorities for action if appropriate. In addition, a Campus Level Conference will be scheduled to discuss a recommendation for expulsion in accordance with state law and school board policy. If a student is suspected of being under the influence of alcohol, a controlled substance, an illicit drug, or any 10

intoxicant, a KISD police officer will be summoned to administer a field sobriety test to the student. If the test is positive, the student will be suspended, and a Campus Level Conference will be scheduled to consider a recommendation for expulsion in accordance with state law and school board policy.

Discipline Programs In addition to the academic program, the Gateway Complex employs a unique discipline program that is consistently applied to all students. Expected behaviors are plainly specified and positive and/or negative consequences are immediately assigned in accordance with the student’s performance. Negative consequences may include discipline referral, in school suspension, and out of school suspension. At Gateway Middle School the Point System is designed to provide communication between teachers and parents documenting the student’s behavior and current grade for the week. The Weekly Report will be sent home every Friday with the student. Parent/guardian must sign and have their child return the Weekly Report the following Monday. At Gateway High School a Daily Performance Record card is picked up each morning by all students and is used to document the student’s behavior throughout the day in every setting. The front of the card is used to score classroom behavior in the eight categories listed on the card. Students who attend school on time and receive all sevens on their Daily Achievement Card in their regular classrooms without any current discipline consequences will receive a blank blue card. In addition, students with no current discipline consequences receive a blank white card. Students with current discipline consequences are given a green card, with the consequences printed on the card. The back of the card serves as a corridor pass. Students are not to write anything on the card other than filling out the personal information line, class schedule, and teachers’ names. Writing in other areas, erasing, defacing, or in any way altering or forging documentation on the card is considered a serious disciplinary offense. Important: Under no circumstances is the student to withhold the Performance Record card from any staff member requiring the card. Such action is considered serious insubordination. Under no circumstances is the student to question, argue with, or confront the staff person giving the instructions, corrections, and documentation. Students will not receive credit for a successful day unless they are physically in attendance at Gateway Complex for a minimum of six class periods.

In School Suspension Room Students assigned to the In School Suspension Room (ISS) are required to follow more structured behavior plans than students in the regular classroom setting. Rules and procedures 11

for these areas are printed below and should be carefully read by every new student upon enrolling at the GHS.

ISS Rules and Procedures Student with an ISS assignment noted on his/her Daily Performance Card (Gateway High School) or (Gateway Middle School) will be escorted to the ISS Room. Students will walk to and from the cafeteria with the ISS Supervisor and eat their meals in the ISS room. Additional procedures include: •   Upon arrival at the ISS Room, students at Gateway High School will immediately present their card to the Supervisor and sit where the Supervisor indicates. At Gateway Middle School, students will be directed to their assigned seat by the Supervisor. •   All items must be stored as directed by the Supervisor. All materials/items and the surrounding area are to be appropriately maintained, cared for, and used properly by the student. •   There is to be no talking or interaction with any other students without permission from the Supervisor from the time of entry. •   Students may raise their hand to obtain permission to speak with the Supervisor. After recognition by the Supervisor, students should lower their hand and wait until permission to speak is granted. •   Students are to maintain good posture at all times without slumping, sprawling, or placing their head on the desk. Students must diligently work on assignments is given to them from the Supervisor. •   ISS students will eat lunch in the ISS Room. •   The Supervisor will schedule restroom breaks. •   No student is allowed to leave the ISS Room without an escort. Important: Students are required to follow all rules, policies, and directives of Gateway Complex and its staff. Failure to do so may result in additional consequences such as OSS, additional ISS, or extending time at Gateway Complex.

Gateway Complex Dress Code All students assigned to an alternative campus for disciplinary reasons will follow the dress code. In addition, all students shall dress according to the dress code from the time they leave home, board the school bus, on the bus, during school, and until they leave the bus, or return home at the end of the school day. Students are not permitted to wear an additional set of outer garments (street clothes/basketball shorts) under their uniform. 12

Note: According to the K.I.S.D. Dress Code as printed in the K.I.S.D. Code of Conduct: “Clothing will be worn as it is designed to be worn.” Jackets, sweaters, and hoodies may not be worn during the school day. Clothing may not be tight, revealing, or designed in a manner that makes compliance with the Gateway Complex dress code difficult or impossible. Only natural colored hair and nails are allowed. There should be absolutely NO Nails Polish or make up. Hair deemed to be distracting will not be allowed at the discretion of the campus administration. Pants must be all black. Pants shall be properly sized (Relaxed Fit – Loose) and belted at the waist. PANTS MAY FIT AND SIT ON NATURAL WAIST LINE. Sagging or baggy pants will not be permitted. Shorts, short pants, cargo pants, jeggings, leggings, skinny jeans or hiphuggers will not be worn. NO SHORTS OF ANY KIND are to be worn under pants. Jeans are not allowed. PANTS MUST BE DOCKERS OR DICKIES STYLE. Shirts are to be all white with a collar. Shirts shall be tucked into the pants without any “blousing”. SHIRTS MUST FIT STUDENTS NATURAL SIZE. Shirts must be kept fully buttoned except for the collar button and shorts can be short or long sleeved. Student may only wear one undershirt. Underclothing must be solid white, black, or gray. Belts are to be black with a traditional buckle. Buckles must not include designs, letters, words, or symbols. Traditional athletic type shoes will be worn. Hats/caps and other head apparel including bandanas and scarves (“colors”) may not be worn or brought to school. Students with long hair may pull their hair back with white or black hair ties. Plastic barrettes and hairpins may not be worn. Headbands of any kind are not permitted. Designs cut into the hair are not permitted. Haircuts such as Mohawks are not allowed. Sunglasses or shades may not be brought to school or onto the bus. No jewelry or makeup may be worn. This includes makeup glitter and adornments to teeth, nails, or hair. No writings or symbols should be visible on or through the outer clothing. Logos on clothing must be small and inoffensive. Any dress code issues or questions are subject to the administrator’s discretion. Any student not in compliance with the dress code will be given an opportunity to comply. Compliance may take a variety of forms, including calling parents to bring a change of clothes to school. While awaiting a change of clothes the student may be held in the office, sent to ISS, or to class for less severe violations. Further non-compliance may result in ISS or suspension.

Gang-Free Zone 13

Gateway Complex is a gang-free zone. Texas Senate Bill 2086 requires information regarding gang-free zones be included in each student handbook. Additional information can be found in the Killeen ISD Student Code of Conduct. All forms of gang identification and gang-related activity are strictly prohibited. This includes gang language/talk, graffiti, signs, colors, gestures, handshakes, manner of dress or grooming, and any other identifying item or action that is determined to be, or appears to be, gang-related in nature. Gang colors include, but are not limited to, red, green, blue, and yellow and may be expanded to include other colors if deemed necessary by the Principal.

Familiarity, Physical Contact Familiarity or any other forms of inappropriate physical contact or touching between persons is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, handshakes, holding hands, hugging, kissing, caressing, any form of sexual contact, or horseplay.

Violent, Dangerous, or Threatening Behavior Violent, dangerous, or threatening behavior in any form will not be tolerated, including profanity, verbal abuse, arguing, verbal conflict, and fighting. Any student who engages in any such behavior, whether physical, verbal, or written, will be subject to serious disciplinary consequences. Profanity, verbal abuse, or threatening behavior directed towards Gateway Complex staff may result in additional time being added to a student’s assignment at Gateway Complex.

Parent and Student Agreement Form 14

Parent and Student Agreement The Gateway Complex Handbook is included in the materials given to each student at the conclusion of the District Level Hearing in order that it can be carefully read by both the student and the parents or guardian before enrollment at the Gateway Complex. The Handbook is then thoroughly reviewed at the Orientation Meeting. This agreement page must be signed by both the student and the student’s parent or guardian, and submitted to the Gateway Complex administration at the conclusion of the Orientation Meeting.

Agreement I have received and read the Gateway Complex Handbook and I understand and agree to abide by all rules, regulations and policies contained therein. In addition, I also understand that I (the student) will be subject to any and all disciplinary action that may result from non-compliance with the rules, regulations, and policies of the Gateway Complex.

___________________________ Student signature

_______________________________________ Parent / Guardian signature _______________ Date

Please return this signed agreement at the conclusion of the Orientation Meeting. Enrollment is not complete until this form is received. This form will be filed in the student’s Gateway Complex student record.


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