G RAY C O NTE M PO RARY Aimée Terburg Education 1994 BFA Cum Laude (5 year program), Art Academy Minerva Groningen (NL) Specialisation: autonom...
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G RAY C O NTE M PO RARY Aimée Terburg


1994 BFA Cum Laude (5 year program), Art Academy Minerva Groningen (NL)

Specialisation: autonomous painting, drawing, graphic arts


Process-based art of painting, drawing

Selected Exhibitions 2016

Houston, USA, Aimée Terburg, Gray Contemporary, (solo)
 Paris, FR, Salon Réalités Nouvelles, (group)
 Apeldoorn, NL, Abstract Wall Paintings #2, ACEC, (group)
 Nieuweschans, NL, Hydrography III - intern. groupshow 'formal water colors', LaKaserna, (group) Staphorst, NL, Markings, Gallery Hein Elferink, (solo)


Nieuweschans, NL, The Fantastic Expedition of Painting #2, LaKaserna / Kunstruimte 09, (group) New York, USA, Painting, More or Less.., Transmitter, (group)
 Rome, IT, Anonymous Drawings, ARTQ13, (group)
 Brussels, BE, Momentum in Motus, Galerie Crelan, (2 person) Rotterdam, NL, Rotterdam Contemporay Art Fair, Gallery Hein Elferink , (group)


Staphorst, NL, Straight, Curved & Stretched, Gallery Hein Elferink, (3 person) Copenhagen, DK, Jonas' Julekort 2014, Atelier September, (group) Hamburg, DE, Edges to Emptiness – Kanten zur Leerheit, Dosenfabrik Hamburg, (group) Middelburg, NL, Summer Studio - Pointing Elsewhere, (site responsive), CBK Zeeland, (solo)

London, UK, Summer Exhibition 2014, Royal Academy of Arts, (group) Heerenveen, NL, Art Treasures of Oranjewoud, Museum Belvédère, (group) Copenhagen, DK, Spring Exhibition (Nominee International Solo Award), Charlottenborg, (group) Paris, FR, Pop Construit, ParisCONCRET, (3 person) London, UK, Biennial Art/Converters, Studio 1.1, (group)

2013 Groningen, NL, M.A.N.I.A.C. Manic episode #4, T.A.S., (group)
 Willemshaven, DE, Nordwest Art Price 2013 - the Nominees, Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven, (group) Selected Awards, Grants & Residencies 

2014 Nomination International Solo Award 2014, Spring Exhibition, Kunsthal

Charlottenborg Copenhagen (DK) 

Residency CBK Zeeland, Summer Studio Pointing Elsewhere, Middelburg (NL)

2013 Nomination Nordwest Art Price 2013, Biennial, Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven, (DE) 
 2007 Foundation Materiaalfonds for visual art and design Amsterdam, photo book

Camions, (NL)

Nomination J.K. Egberts Award, Pictura Groningen, Groningen (NL)

2002 Residency Kunsthuis SYB, Buro Reis, 2 person (with Manja van der Storm),

Beetsterzwaag (NL)

1998 Individual grant (Basisstipendium), Foundation BKVB (now Mondriaanfonds),

Amsterdam, (NL)

Selected Collections 

Cooperative Bank Crelan (BE) 
 Katchuian Galvão (BR)
 Dutch national Gasunion (NL)
 Foundation FB Oranjewoud (formerly known as Friesland Bank) (NL)
 Private Collections

Selected Catalogues & Publications 
 2015 NL, Catalogue: the moment - Aimée Terburg, ruimteCAESUUR, (solo)
 2014 DE, Catalogue: Nominees Nordwest Art Price 2013, Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven

UK, Summer Exhibition Illustrated 2014, Royal Academy of Arts London, ISBN

978-1-910350-10-2, 191 pages

NL, Essays: Pointing Elsewhere, CBK Zeeland, Conceptual wall drawings, by

Sandra Smets

FR, Catalogue: ParisCONCRET 2009-2014, Paris CONCRET, ISBN

978-2-9533777-4, 128 pages

DK, Catalogue: Spring Exhibition 2014, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, ISBN

978-87-991901-3-3, Copenhagen

2013 NL, Catalogue: Summer Exhibition Anonymously Chosen, Municipal Museum The

Hague, ISBN 978906109469 

2011 USA, Essay: Logical Conclusions, Feature #78 - Culturehall, by Lauren van Haaften-

Schick, NYC

NL, Catalogue: Summer Exhibition - New Masters of the Low Lands, ISBN

9789089102638, Municipal Museum The Hague

2009 NL, Catalogue: Art is silver - Gas is gold, ISBN 978-90-71728-27-3, Dutch National


2007 NL, Artist book: Camions, photo book, 55 photo’s - back sides of trucks, ISBN

978-90-812311-1-4, (solo)

NL, Catalogue: Collected Art 2007, catalogue Friesland bank

NL, Catalogue: 4 Nominees J.K. Egberts Price, Pictura Groningen 

2005 NL, Site Specific Writing: Part 1/4: Orientation, 5 year Art house SYB Jubilee

publication, essays

NL, Publication: The Blue Boat, Poetry & Art book, 20 Poets & 20 Artists, Publisher


2003 NL, Artist Book: Esthetisch resistance nr. 9 -a walk-, Sculpture Manifestation Buiten

de Perken

2002 NL, Artist Book: Buro Reis, cooperation with Manja v/d Storm
 1995 NL, Catalogue: Cum Laude - selection of 5 years Cum Laude (90-94), International

Presscenter The Hague

Selected Press 
 2016 NL, Review: Geometrical interventions are defining, Meppeler Courant, by Wim van

der Beek

2014 NL, Review: I speak in paint, line and field, Dagblad vh Noorden, by Illand Pietersma

DK, Review: Spring Exhibition hit by grey skies, Kunsten Nu magazine, by Rasmus


2013 NL, Radio interview: VPRO De Avonden, National Radio 6, VPRO De Avonden, by

Gijsbert van der Wal

2011 NL, Review: Gouden Bruin makes history of Heerenveen contemporary, Friesch

Dagblad, by Marije Bouman

NL, Review: Turf and raw umber, Leeuwarder Courant, by Harald Klinkenberg

2008 NL, Radio interview: VPRO De Avonden (Camions), National Radio 6, VPRO De

Avonden, by Anton de Goede

2007 NL, Radio interview: Spijkers met Koppen (Camions), VARA, National Radio 2, by

Dolf Jansen 

NL, Review: Trucks & Trailers (Camions), Dagblad v/h Noorden, by Eric Nederkoorn

2002 NL, Radio interview: Cappuccino, NCRV, National Radio 2 (Buro Reis), by Sjors


Selected Curatorship 

DE, International group show Perception (working title), Berlin (solo)


NL, Photo project back sides of trucks and trailers Camions, publication

2007 (solo)


NL, Interactive Art Project and Exhibition Buro Reis (Buro Travel), Kunsthuis

SYB, (Duo with Manja v/d Storm)


NL, Group show, Project Maak 'm na! (Copy that!), Maupertuus / CBK

Groningen, Groningen (solo)