Function & Form in Waterproof Decking

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NEWSNOTE Austin Chapter, CSI

July 2014

The Construction Specifications Institute

Function & Form in Waterproof Decking This course will provide attendees with a detailed description of the various application techniques to correctly waterproof plywood and concrete decks and will focus on materials, techniques and decorative aesthetics. Learning Objectives: • Identify appropriate flashing materials and placement when waterproofing plywood decks. • Examine the beneficial factors of a bonded deck system versus floating systems. • Define proper methods for waterproofing a plywood deck to receive tile, stone or concrete. • Explore the various decorative finishes available for waterproof deck coatings. Course Number: AIACES001513 Provider Name: Westcoat Provider Number: 40107478 BIO

One of our most recent additions to the sales team, Shaun Dunn comes to us with seven years experience as a loyal Westcoat applicator. His experience with decorative, waterproof coating installation prepped Shaun for success at Westcoat. Shaun’s knowledge of coatings combined with his marketing and business acumen bring his customers wellrounded industry knowledge to help them succeed. A strategic thinker and initiator, Shaun Dunn brings new ideas to the forefront and works hard to educate and inform about the latest and greatest in coatings products and installation options.

Shaun Dunn Texas Sales Representative

Shaun Dunn spent seven years as a loyal Westcoat applicator prior to becoming their representative for Texas. His experience with decorative, waterproof coating installation and prior sales experience prepared him for his job with Westcoat. Coming from the Pacific Northwest, which experiences long periods of wet weather, impressed the importance of proper detailing in waterproof surfaces. From working with homeowners one-on-one to acting as a subcontractor completing 100+ decks on a single project, Shaun has a wide range of experience to share in regards to waterproofing both plywood and concrete balconies.

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As the new president of the CSI Austin Chapter, I want to take this opportunity to extend my thanks and gratitude to David Loveless for his dedication and leadership to the chapter over the past two years. I look forward to David’s continued, strong support. I also want to thank the members of this year’s board for their continued support, including: Larry Whitlock, President Elect; Baker Kersey, Vice President; Tyler Lusk, Secretary; Scott Mokry, Treasurer; Jody Boatman, 2015 Director; and America Alva, 2016 Director. I can't forget to extend a special thanks to Corey Ball for continuing to serve as Program Chair. I look forward to working with all of you over the coming year. In the coming year, the board will continue to focus on increasing current member participation as well as seeking to add new members to the chapter. For our chapter to be successful we need participation from architects, engineers, specifiers, contractors and product representatives. Our chapter should be providing meaningful experience and expert information to all of our members. Unfortunately, we recently heard from a member who struggled with renewing their membership and, in the end, did not renew for valid and understandable reasons. Dave Watts, AIA, LEED AP

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Committee Reports: Membership: No Report Programs: No June presentation, only a chapter happy hour gathering House: No Report Publication: No Report Electronic Communications: No Report Awards: No Report Finance: No Report Old Business: Chapter Officer Nominations: · President—David Watts · President Elect - Larry Whitlock · Vice President - None · Secretary - Tyler Lusk · Treasurer - Scott Mokry · Director 2016 - America Review of Conference: · Still 3 outstanding payments to be received. Chapter will absorb loss June Meeting: · Chapter will hold a happy hour gathering at Stubbs at 6:30 pm on 6/18/14 New Business: ARCHIVE - Jody will be sorting and compiling the hard copies to send to digitzing company from home at her own pace. Meeting adjourned at 1:55 pm.

Meeting Minutes submitted by: Tyler Lusk, Chapter Secretary on June 10, 2014 Next Meeting: July 7th

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RSM Consultants is looking for two Project Managers to oversee projects, do initial roof surveys and to conduct annual inspections. Position requires travel, typically travel four days a week with one day in the office for paperwork and no weekends. For information contact Bill Workman. [email protected]

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