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Author: Melvyn Kelley
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Jam like Gramma Used to Make Do you remember the chokecherry bushes on the old family farm? How about the juneberries that appeared in June? These are some of the succulent fruits that gramma picked for her jams and syrups that we all enjoyed as children. Maybe you even helped with the harvest. Well, if you want the opportunity to once again taste the delicious freshness of the succulent berries found in the heartland of North Dakota you can do it right here in Valley City. Open Door Center, through its newest acquisition, Amberland Foods, can provide these wonderful flavors that will bring back memories of your childhood. The purpose of Amberland foods is to bring work to individuals with disabilities. The end of October, the Center purchased Amberland Foods a company that produces many fares under the trade name of Dakota Seasoning. This company offers many of your old time favorites, the iconic jams and syrups known to North Dakota days of the old farmstead. Included in syrups are the flavors of Chokecherry, Juneberry and Rhubarb. The jam selection is much larger providing an array of flavors that provide the three delicious nectars of the heartland but also Wild Plum, Western Sandcherry, Aronia Berry, Mild Bell Pepper and a range of rhubarb jellies. Dakota Seasoning will have Hot Jalapeno Jelly available next year along with Wicked Jezebel Sauce that is a mixture of apples, pineapples and a hint of horseradish. These last two are a great treat with a brick of cream cheese. A delicious aroma will waft through your home beckoning from the simmering pot of one of the many savory soups offered by Amberland Foods. Subtle hints of rosemary, coupled with brown and wild rice or even barley will tickle your nose. The soups, chili and baked beans taste like the ones your grandmother used to make. They supply at least two quarts of wonderful essence to add to your holiday or anytime meal. The soup flavors vary from barley to split pea as well as a variety of Wild Rice and seasonings, Pasta Florentine and White Chili to name a few. Dakota Seasonings also offers an assortment of dips including the always popular spinach and dill. Each provides you with a fresh-from-the-garden flavor. There is also the delectable robust sun dried tomato spread or dip that is wonderful on bruschetta. For those who like spice in their life, try Bacon Chili Cheese Dip or Creamy Fiesta that has a chipotle flavor. Green onion and garlic dip is a great addition to your mashed potatoes or as a toping for your baked tubulars.

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Open Door Center is a non-profit corporation serving people with disabilities. Board of Directors Bill Cook, President Mark Diede Grant Goven John Hill Deb Kohler Diane Kohn Steve Myers - Vice President Carol Nelson, Sec./Treas. Gail Pederson Leo Schmidt Reuben Viland


WE WANT YOUR CANS Open Door Center is looking for donations of pop cans for our individuals to crush. Once crushed they are turned in to be recycled.

Excellence in serving people with disabilities by: *Respecting dignity and rights *Providing opportunities for growth *Fostering independence Open Door Center is an equal opportunity provider, and employer. Mary Simonson, Executive Director Sharon Riedesel, Director of Rehabilitation Marcy Svenningsen, Director of Finance Deb Egan, Business Manager Sherri Horsager, Human Resource Manager ICF/MR Tana Plecity Sue Dyck, Staff Trainer ISLA Cindy Weisenburger, GH3 Elaine Almberg Erin Halland Ben Simonson

Program Directors Chris Mogensen, Children’s Program Audrey Bredeson, Independent Living Program Marshall Hopp, Prairie Inn Cindy Schopper, Work Activity Jennifer Humphrey, Lisbon, LSW


Our folks get paid to crush cans and look forward to the paychecks they receive. Cans can be dropped off at the Day Activity Center (north of Pizza Corner). OR If you live in the Fargo area, you can take your cans to the MinnKota Recycling center and tell them you want to donate them to Open Door Center in Valley City. They send us a check quarterly.

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For other of your needs, the company offers a German Potato Salad Mix and an aromatic Bread Stuffing Mix. Soon there will be other flavors of salad mixes including Southwestern, Italian and Bacon Ranch. They enhance your macaroni and make your salad a hit at any picnic or potluck.

WAC—DAC—In Need WAC is in need of baby food jars with lids and your old greeting cards.

Amberland Foods is manufactured locally in Valley City by the Open Door Center, but distributed nationally while being recognized as a line of gourmet seasons, soups, dips, jams and syrups. You can purchase these wonderful products by visiting the Eagle’s Nest Bookstore in downtown Valley City or the Open Door Center administrative offices. The Amberland Foods Manager, Tiffany Kearns, or Kay Metcalf who heads up Thunderbird Ranch Gourmet Foods would welcome the opportunity to discuss their fantastic products with you. You can contact them at the above places or by calling. 701.845. 3631 or toll free at 855.820.0092. Thunderbird Ranch Gourmet Foods, Amberland Foods and the Eagles Nest Bookstore offer terrific gift baskets for your holiday giving or for weddings, anniversaries or that hard to please person. Even they can remember the wonderful flavor of Gramma’s jam!

DAC is in need of your slightly used Crew Neck Sweatshirts so they can make some new Shirt Protectors and also in need of Men’s Shoes, size 8 1/2 Wide. Thank you in advance for your generosity for these projects!! Items can be dropped off at the main office of ODC.

CONGRATULATIONS To Direct Support Professionals for completing their modules! Full Time: Sheila Lura, Helen Olson, Jessica Meland, Angele Dyck Part Time:

Mary Simonson, Executive Director Open Door Center is an equal opportunity provider and employer. (Mary’s columns are written monthly for the VC Times Record)

Cody Miller


January Birthdays

JANUARY ANNIVERSARIES 29 Years Cindy Weisenburger-P.D G.H. 3/ISLA

1-Alex Lanenga 1-Tanner Hovland 1-Sarphina Surur 1-Simon Deng 3-JoEllen Nathan 3-Randy Dimmett 4-Terry Lee 7-Mara Heinze 7-Corri Lang 8-David Nelson 9-Melanie Lindgren 10-Angie Horsager 11-Jamie Ronning 12-Kari Shape 14-DJ Morman 14-Heidi Kellogg 16-Arlene Flatlie 17-Myrna Olson 17-Tim Jordan 19-Vanessa Wilson 19-Derek Murach 20-Ciara Berg 23-Jayne Undem 24-Nicole Willprecht 25-Kent Syverson 25-Renee Ronsberg 25-Ariel Hansen 27-Brittney Torbenson 29-Helen Olson 30-Cindy Weisenburger 31-Catherine Schneider 31-Nicole Anderson

28 Years Cindy Schopper-P.D, WAC 27 Years Janie Johnson-ISLA 21 Years Michelle Grebel-ISLA 16 Years Jessica Peterson-ISLA, Kathy Gruman-G.H. 1 15 Years Brian Johnson-ILP 12 Years Randy Reiser—Ranch 11 Years Eric Hoffert-Young Adult Program 10 Years Chelsea Johnson-WAC/ISLA 9 Years Sherri Horsager-H.R. 8 Years Cara Sorensen-ISLA 5 Years Gene Bjerke—Maintenance, Jacob Rueckert-G.H. 2 & DAC 4 Years Marshall Hopp-P.D. Prairie Inn 3 Years Mychal Vaughan-Lisbon 2 Years Randy Andren-ISLA, Cody Miller-G.H. 2 1 Year Sarah Wangrud-G.H. 4, Anna Draper-G.H. 5 & DAC Omar Semanat—DAC & G.H. 2, Lindsy Simms-ISLA, Billie Jo Toso-Lisbon




2-Dan Pullen 2-Samantha Sayler 4-Jon Breckenridge 4-Linda Fus 8-Jaris Snell 8-Adam Kuhn 8-Veronica Miller 9-Abigail Magnuson 11-Dan Davidson 12-Demi Peltier 14-Willy Korinta 14-Brett Lloyd 15-Arlene Andrus 15-Anne Johnson 16-Heather Manson 17-Todd Clark 18-Tom Monson 18-Linda Johnson 19-Kari Thomas 19-Weston Anderson 21-Dinah Heinze 26-Brittany Beedle 27-Lee Hoff 28-Becky Geisen

17 Years Dana Leick—ILP 16 Years York Grebel-ISLA 15 Years Linda Sorensen-ISLA, Gay Olson-AVT 13 Years Shaun McMahon-G.H. 2 12 Years Zondra McDonald—G.H. 5 & DAC, Jaci Colville-Ranch 11 Years Sharissa Hochstetler-ISLA 10 Years Carmen Svenningsen-ISLA-Bookstore 9 Years Jayne Undem-ISLA 4 Years Kim Bjerke-Lisbon 3 Years Haley Kracht Baasch-G.H. 4 2 Years Starlene Abbott-ISLA, Jamie Ronning-ISLA Nicole Willprecht-G.H. 1, Caitlin Grumbo-G.H. 1 1 Year Erica Severson-Lisbon, Amanda Behm-ISLA George Trujillo-G.H. 5 & DAC

Happy Anniversary


FUNDRAISERS FOR ONE OF OUR OWN On October 11, 2015, Mark and Ruth Diede lost their home and all it’s contents in a house fire. Mark is on the ODC Board and their son, Jon also resides in an ISLA apartment here in Valley City. The ODC held many different fundraisers to help them out. On October 22, WAC held a Pancake and Sausage feed for everyone. The ODC also donated profits from our Friday Popcorn Sales. Staff Appreciation Committee (SAC) put together several baskets and sold raffle tickets for a chance to win one of the 5 baskets they had. Winners of the Raffles were: Helen Sherlock, Corri Lang, Sally Hatcher, Brenda Olson and Pat Downs. SAC had already started a fundraiser to see if we could get Marshall Hopp and Ben Simonson to get a haircut so they also donated that money to the Diedes. Marshall ended up with a haircut, but Ben did not! Marshall let most everyone who donated take a part of his hair off and then Audrey Bredeson finished the haircut. Thanks to ODC Family and Friends for your generosity ! ! !

Thanks a Million ! ! (note from Mark & Ruth Diede)

Our sincere appreciation and thanks to all our friends at the Open Door Center for your generous support of our “Fire Recovery”. Thanks to you all who “flipped cakes”, offered prayers and for the thoughts of concern. We feel so blessed to be surrounded by love and care in the aftermath of our disaster. Thanks so much! Mark & Ruth Diede 6

The end of September a group took a hike to see if they could find the only waterfall in North Dakota! It was a nice cool day and it turned out to be a lot of fun! Once they got to the waterfall, they took a few pictures then enjoyed some lunch. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and they all want to do it again.

Annual Halloween party was held at DAC on October 25th. Everyone danced and sang and had some great snacks. There were awards for best costume, scariest costume and best dancer! A great time was had by all!


Valley City Bowlers “Strike Gold” Mandan was the place to be Halloween weekend. Special Olympics athletes from Valley City and Lisbon competed in the Special Olympics State Bowling Tournament at Midway Lanes in Mandan. Fifty bowlers hit the lanes for some hotly contested “ten pin bowling”. Some highlights included Mike Venhuizen bowling a 174 in his first game, Marshall Pederson bowling 3 strikes in a row and Diane Wagner coming from behind and finding out on the award stand that she was a silver medal winner. Results from the local pinsters included: Gold Medals—7, Silver Medals—10, and Bronze Medals—7. Thanks to all Open Door Center staff who came along and helped with the event. A BIG thanks to Randi Bakalar and Mary Tangen who coached these amazing athletes. Coming up next: SNOWSHOEING……

1ST RoxAnne DeKrey Heather Cunningham-Lisbon Julie LeMier Jessica Stack Bekah Cook Linda Schaffer Matt Thorson Michael Kirsch-Lisbon Richard Roorda 2ND Natasha Esch Betty Hansen Rita Grant Lori Reimers Alex Lanenga Shane Kay Steven Nicholson-Lisbon Mike Venhuizen

3RD Marie Delorme Tara Janke Pennie Walch Colleen Hehr Andrew Severson-Lisbon Randy Prescott

5TH Diana Gehlhoff Linda Johnson Lee Hoff Mychal Vaughan-Lisbon Phillip Hill Matt Harrington Doug Krein

4TH Cassie Colwell Lori Helt Marshall Pederson Jon Diede Garret Thompson-Lisbon Louie Jungling Cory Gallagher Katie Sand Sam Pederson Chris Merkes

6TH Megan Banderet Kelly Klein Chris Feigert Janie Johnson Todd Clark

Jeremy Williams Diane Wagner

7TH Lynn Kensok Sue Ellen Bergstrom Laurie Elston Adam Maresh 8TH Kent Tarno


ADAM MARESH NAMED SPECIAL OLYMPICS NORTH DAKOTA ATHLETE OF THE YEAR Special Olympics North Dakota honored 17 individuals, organizations and businesses throughout the state for their outstanding levels of commitment and support. These recipients, along with two inductees into the Hall of Fame, were recognized on November 14th at the Special Olympics North Dakota State Awards Banquet in Fargo. Valley City’s, Adam Maresh, was named the Male Athlete of the Year! Maresh’s successful career with Special Olympics began in 2010. His greatest achievement has been as a power lifter but also competes in bowling and track and field. Adam represented North Dakota at the 2014 USA Special Olympics Games in New Jersey in power lifting and brought home 3 gold medals. His hard work and determination led him to the 2015 Special Olympics World Summer Games as a member of the Special Olympics USA power lifting team where he also won 3 gold medals. Adam, along with his extended family, attended the banquet in Fargo.

Also nominated for awards in North Dakota

included: RoxAnne DeKrey—Female Athlete of the Year Mary Tangen—Outstanding Area Volunteer ARC of Barnes County—Outstanding Area Organization CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF YOU FOR YOUR DEDICATION TO SPECIAL OLYMPICS!!


It’s my favorite time of year when I get to see family and friends that I normally don’t get to see as often as I would like to. It’s also the time of year to be thinking of people that are less fortunate than the rest of us. I know that a lot of us don’t always think of other people and their situations. It’s time to start paying it forward and thinking about other people that are not as lucky as us. Anyway, I will get off my soapbox and talk about what everybody likes about this time of year. I know that I like to put up the Christmas tree and decorate it and also make lots of Christmas treats. I love to be the taste tester!! My friends tell me that they love to look at all of the Christmas lights around town. I also think that they are getting excited over the presents As I see it from and family as well. I know that I told you guys that I was done talking about paying where I sit! it forward, but it is such an important subject to talk about any By Katie Sand time of the year, not just during the holidays. We should be paying it forward all year long. I hope everyone has a wonderful time with family and friends. Keep singing and be merry all year and if you forget the words to a song—google it!!!



Katie Sand

Courtney Marie Nelson had an infectious smile and a laugh that could brighten up even the cloudiest of days. Courtney found joy in her family, music, being read to, walks outside and her friends. Courtney was very loved by her co-workers and staff at DAC and the bus drivers that drove her daily. It was clear that everyone cared deeply for her. Courtney really made an impact on our lives. She was such a sweet soul and through knowing her, we feel our lives are better because of it. Courtney passed away November 2, 2015. She leaves behind her loving parents, Rob and Dee Nelson, sisters-Trisha, Laurie, Megan, Kristin and families, Grandparents, Connie and Earl Behm and many loving aunts, uncles, family members and friends that will miss her very much.


GLOBAL MESSENGER FOR SPECIAL OLYMPICS RoxAnne DeKrey recently took part in training to become a Global Messenger for Special Olympics and Randi Bakalar attended as her mentor. Global Messengers are Special Olympics Athletes who help spread the message and vision of the movement as well as the benefits they have gained by participating in Special Olympics. As leaders and message-bearers of the movement, Global Messengers communicate the powerful declarations of hope, acceptance, dignity and courage of Special Olympics athletes around the world. Only athletes can effectively relate the impact that the movement has had on their lives and the lives of their families. Over the day and a half of training in Fargo during the Special Olympics Leadership Conference, RoxAnne and nine other Special Olympic athletes were given lessons and pointers on presenting speeches by the NDSU Lincoln Speech and Debate team. Each Messenger was given the task to create a speech to inform the audience on Special Olympics and persuade new volunteers. After creating a 3-5 minute speech on Saturday, the Messengers practiced delivering the speech on Sunday with their speech coaches and mentors. They then presented their final speech to an audience Sunday afternoon. The training was the first to take place since 2007 and Special Olympics is proud to have new Messengers that will continue to spread the message and vision of the organization in their communities and possibly across the world.

Jeremy, Mike, Shane and staff headed to the NDSU Bison vs Western Illinois game in November. They got to witness a blow-out game with the Bison winning 59-7. Everyone enjoyed witnessing one of the games in yet another great Bison Football Season!

A BIG TO NEW STAFF WHO HAVE JOINED US RECENTLY: Willie Ard, Alysha Deese, Simon Deng, Samantha Haase, Brett Lloyd, Collin Muilenburg, Laura Peterson, Taylor Rall, Sarphina Surur, Ron Volk, Nicole Wheeler


There was a going away party for Jared Kaiser at WAC in November. Jared moved to Jamestown to be closer to his family. He will be missed by many.

Stephanie and Wally put on their formal attire and headed out to the Christmas Formal Dance that was hosted by VCSU Philos on Saturday, December 5th at DAC.

ARC held a Christmas Party/Dance at the Valley City Eagles on Sunday December 6th. Everyone had an afternoon of dancing and visiting then received a visit from Santa and a Pizza Party Supper. Everyone had a great time and the party got everyone in the spirit for the Holiday Season!!


On 12-10-2015 WAC and DAC were entertained by the Oriska Bible Study Carolers. They came and sang some of their Christmas songs and then they took requests! Everyone enjoyed the beautiful music!

December 10th brought with it wonderful weather. It also brought volunteers, Rita, Alex and Jane out to help the Salvation Army with their Bell ringing campaign. The ODC has a lot of volunteers that love to help out with this project.


ENDOWMENT FUND Open Door Center has established an endowment fund that allows an individual an income tax credit for making one or more charitable contributions to one or more qualified nonprofits. The gift must total at least $5,000. The Center’s endowment fund will be used to provide the impetus to establish new programs as well as increase the quality of life for those who are currently involved with the Open Door Center located in Valley City and Lisbon. The current project is the renovation of the ARC duplexes. These units will offer new living quarters for individuals currently with Open Door Center who would benefit from a different residential environment. It will also provide another living option for new admissions. One half of a duplex has had some renovation completed. This has allowed two young men to share a two-bedroom apartment with a full basement that is used for leisure time activities. It provides ample space for privacy and yet allows them to experience more of community living as many of their nondisabled peers. There are still improvements that could be made to this living area, however, it is more than meeting their needs and offers them their own bedroom yet space to cook, clean, eat and have fun. The east side of this duplex as well as the building next door all needs remodeling. We are hoping that the endowment fund and other gifts will help with this endeavor. A second project is a bigger work center for Lisbon. Thanks to Carol Nelson, Attorney and Open Door Center Board Member, a qualified endowment fund has been established. As a result anyone offering a gift of $5,000 to the Open Door Center as a qualified nonprofit could receive a Federal Tax Deduction of $1750 and a ND State Income Tax Credit of $2,000 resulting in a cost of only $1250. Please consider Open Door Center as you plan for your charitable giving this year as well as in the years to come. The donations to the endowment fund and any other gifts to the Center will assist with new projects and increased work opportunities for those participating in the life of the Open Door Center in both Lisbon and Valley City. Please remember that only the income generated by or the increase in value of the assets of the endowment fund can be used. The principal will remain intact to assure the fund will have longevity.



Have news??? Let Nancy know. Your news is our news!

DECEMBER 21-Winter Begins 24-Christmas Eve-Center Closed 25-Christmas Day-Center Closed 31-New Year’s Eve JANUARY 1-New Years Day-Center Closed 10-VC Special Olympics Snowshoe Invitational 18-Martin Luther King Day-Center Closed 22-23-Special Olympics Snowshoe State Meet In Bottineau FEBRUARY 2-Groundhog’s Day 10-Ash Wednesday 14-Valentine’s Day 15-President’s Day-Center Closed

All Staff Door Prize Winners: November Helen Olson, Dan Johnson Michelle Grebel, Terri Ronning




129 3rd Ave. NE Valley City, ND 58072 701-845-1124

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Celebrating 56 Years


Charitable Donation Please consider us when making your charitable donation. Open Door Center is a non-profit organization which receives support from the North Dakota Department of Human Services. Although it is our main funding source, it is not enough to cover all the costs of our corporation. The money received will help provide continued support and assistance to those supported by Open Door Center. We are very appreciative for the support we do already receive. If you would please consider a financial contribution to help meet the extra needs of our children and adults with disabilities, please fill out this form and return it to Open Door Center, 129 3rd Ave. NE, Valley City, ND 58072. ENCLOSED IS MY TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION: I would like my contribution: _____ $ 50 _____ $250 _____ $100 _____ $500 _____ $150 _____ $Other


_____ In memory of:________________________________________________________ _____ In honor of:__________________________________________________________ _____ Other:______________________________________________________________ May we publish your name? _____Yes _____No

Your thoughtful gift will be acknowledged to the family indicated:

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