FRANKLIN COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL. Scholarships And Financial Aid Information

FRANKLIN COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL Scholarships And Financial Aid Information 2015-2016 Financial Aid Information Most students will need financial aid...
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Scholarships And Financial Aid Information 2015-2016

Financial Aid Information Most students will need financial aid to help pay the costs of obtaining education and training beyond high school. There are two types of financial aid: based on need and based on merit. Need-based financial aid is accessed by filing the FAFSA form. Merit-based aid depends on many factors, but is primarily based on your high school performance. Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This is the form most commonly used to determine financial need. It is used by colleges, by the Indiana State Student Assistance Commission, and by all Federal Financial Aid Programs. Filing the FAFSA is required in these programs so that the amount of aid needed can be determined. FAFSA forms are only available on-line at You may print off a copy or submit the form on-line. In either case, forms cannot be submitted until after January 1st of the senior year. FAFSA

Free Application for Federal Student Aid Need analysis form required by all colleges to access federal and state aid. DEADLINE IS MARCH 10 Go to to access the form.

Help with FAFSA

Financial Aid Night is in January, 2017 in FCHS Cafeteria FAFSA Help Program is in February at Central Nine Career Center

NOTE: 21st Century Scholars Program – You must have enrolled in middle school; students must graduate with at least a 2.5 GPA, attend college and submit the FAFSA form by the March 10 deadline.

Checklist for Financial Aid Use this sheet as a personal record and a reminder of the steps to take in order to obtain financial aid. Check off each step as you complete it. 1. Apply to college before the end of first semester of you senior year. 2. Tell each college if you are applying for financial aid. Usually this is done by checking the appropriate box on the application. A college may have its own financial aid form for you to complete in addition to the FAFSA. 3. Parents should attend financial aid night at FCHS in January 2017. 4. File federal income tax forms as soon as possible (preferably in Feb.) in order to provide accurate data on financial aid forms. 5. Complete the financial aid form (FAFSA) anytime after January 1. Create your PIN (and Parent PIN now by going to On-line applications are processed sooner than mailed applications. Must be received at the processing center or submitted online by March 10th.

6. Since most financial aid offices will not award aid to new students until they are admitted, apply early to the college. 7. Check for scholarships for which you are eligible: From your college or university. Those posted on the Scholarship Board in the Guidance Office and on Naviance. Internet sources such as FastWeb and SchoolSoup. Corporations where parents are employed. Church or civic organizations such as the Elks, Masons, Etc. Military sources for those joining the National Guard, ROTC, etc. If you have properly filled out the financial aid form, you will receive a Student Aid Report (SAR) in approximately four weeks, (sooner if you applied on-line). It will give your eligibility index for federal and state aid. You will be asked to sign an acceptance of the amount received, and the money will be sent to the college/post-secondary institution.

SCHOLARSHIPS The following pages contain a sampling of available scholarships. Further information about these and other scholarships can be found on the FCHS Guidance bulletin board or on Naviance. The counselors are willing to help students find out about scholarships; however, ultimately it is the student's responsibility to decide what scholarships he/she is eligible for and to make application correctly and on time.


Apply well before the published deadlines.

Request recommendations AT LEAST two weeks in advance from teachers, counselors, etc. If necessary, supply a stamped, addressed envelope for your recommender. Ask your recommender to keep a copy of the recommendations in case you need another one.

PROOF READ your application, essays, etc. Be sure you followed directions.

ALWAYS make copies of your application, including any essays or original art work, etc. Keep these materials on file. Chances are you will use this information again.

SUBMIT your application on time. If it needs to be mailed, be sure to mail it several days in advance of the deadline.

SCHOLARSHIPS AT FRANKLIN COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL The following scholarships are those for which FCHS received applications last year. The deadlines are subject to change. Complete information about these scholarships is available on Naviance. NOVEMBER Club Z Awards


Indiana Jaycee Senate

Good academic standing

NCWIT Award in Computing

Girls with an aptitude in IT/Computing, 3.0 GPA

Susan G. Komen

Breast cancer survivor or loss of a parent

DECEMBER CenturyLink Scholarship

Community Service, academics

Elks National Foundation

Senior & U.S. citizen

NFIB Young Entrepreneur Award

Seniors who are entrepreneurs

JANUARY Burger King Scholarship

For details & how to apply: burger_king_scholars_program.html

IN Assoc. for Health, PE

Health, PE, related majors

Johnson County R. E. M. C.

Membership, Essay

Knights of Pythias

Community Service

Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship Service, Leadership Application is due January 10 ONLINE @ Simon Youth Foundation

Need, service, grades Wal-Mart Foundation GPA, Rank, SAT, Career

FEBRUARY Ball State Alumni Scholarship

Child of Active Alumni Association Member

Ball State CART Award

Admitted to Ball State University

Buick Achievers

Four year college, see website for more information

Dollars for Scholars

3.00 GPA

Heritage Fund Scholarships listed online Nancy Jaynes Memorial Scholarship Parent is battling breast cancer, or lost a parent to breast cancer KFC Scholars

2.75 GPA, Online application

Kiwanis Club of Franklin

Must attend an Indiana college

Ronald McDonald House Charities

on-line application:

Also for Asian, Hispanic, and African American students USA Funds Need

Go to


Students were given a reference booklet on December 4 that lists almost forty scholarships that our students may be eligible to apply online only. The scholarships are accessed with one application form. Other attachments including essays or recommendation letters may be required. Applications are due ONLINE by February 28. MARCH National American Legion Auxiliary: The following are specific and may require membership in the American Legion. 

National Presidents Scholarship: Male/female of someone who has served in Armed Forces. Must complete 50 hours of verified volunteer service within the community

Past Presidents Academic Gift: Applicant must be female and daughter, granddaughter or great-daughter of an American Legion Auxiliary member (or deceased member) planning to attend school for any medical training.

Veteran’s Children Education Gift: A High School senior who is a member of the American Legion. Planning on a technical school, junior college or community college. At least a 2.0 GPA.

Edna M. Barcus Memorial: applicant must be child, grandchild or great grandchild of a veteran. Need 1,000 word essay, great financial need

Spirit of Youth Scholarship for Junior Members: Applicants must hold a junior membership in the American Legion Auxiliary for 3 years and have at least a 3.0 GPA

Academic Gift for American Legion Auxiliary Junior Members: Applicants must hold a junior membership in the American Legion Auxiliary. 3.0 GPA

Bar-Cons Credit Union

Member of Bar-Cons

Delta Theta Tau

GPA, essay

Gilmore Scholarship

All majors, in-state

Indiana Association for the Gifted

SAT/ACT scores, 500-1000 word essay

Indiana Conservation Scholarship

Major in conservation law or law enforcement

Indiana Nursing Scholarship

Nursing, Attend Indiana College

Indiana State Teacher's Association Child of ISTA Member Matinee Musicale

High school music student, music major, “B” average

National FFA Scholarship

FFA Member

Nina Mason Pulliam Legacy

Financial need, attend Ivy Tech or IUPUI, write an essay

Old National Bank

Commitment to community service

Phi Beta Psi Sorority

200 word essay, medical field

University of Southern Indiana

GPA-3.25 & Essay Indianapolis Alumni

APRIL/MAY American Legion Auxiliary

Four year college, GPA 3.5, Essay

American Legion Auxiliary

Two-year, community college or technical school

Delta Theta Tau

Attend a four year college

Harmening Memorial Scholarship

Attend a four year college, 3.0 GPA, member of basketball or golf team

Indiana Golf Foundation Scholarship 4 yr. college, participated in Junior Golf Tour Indiana Sheriff’s Association

Pursuing a career in the law enforcement field

Indiana University Alumni

Attend IU, Top 30%

Scholarship Kappa Kappa Kappa Sorority

Need, GPA

Kappa Kappa Sigma

Females only

Johnson County Bar Association

Four year college, community service

Johnson County Farm Bureau

4-H or FFA and member of JCFB

Johnson Memorial Hospital Guild

Medical Field

Judge Fremont Miller Scholarship

All majors, attend an accredited college, or post secondary institution

Mann Scholarship

3.00 GPA (Awarded in odd years)

MIBOR Scholarship

GPA, service

Penn Station

Attend a four yr college, 3.0 GPA

Umbarger Show Feed Scholarship

User of Umbarger feed, FFA &/or 4-H activities

Union Township Alumni Scholarship Resident of union township, B average Brian K. Waymire Scholarship

3.0 GPA, wrestling, track, workday

American Legion Elizabeth Duhamell 100 word essay, at least C average Cummins Scholarship

IUPUC, technology major

Cecil Head Fine Arts

Works of art

Creekside PTO Scholarship

Former Creekside student

Delta Theta Tau

All majors, community service

FCTA Scholarship

Child of FCTA member

Franklin Lions Club

Community service, 3.00 GPA

Indiana Oil and Gas Foundation

Engineering, earth sciences major

Johnson County Bar Association

Top 20%

Mann Scholarship

Attend a four year college, Academic standing, every odd year

Needham Scholarship

Former Needham Student

Sons of the American Legion

Open to all, parent or grandparent with military service

JUNE Johnson County Fair Board

10 year 4H member

NOTE: This list is based on those scholarships which were received in our office last year. Due dates might change for the current year. This is not a complete listing of scholarships available. New scholarships arrive periodically which we will add to our files. Many scholarships from private sources must be contacted directly. (Refer to resource material for listings.) Scholarships sponsored by specific colleges are sent sometimes to Franklin Community High School, but it is best to request scholarship information directly from the colleges.