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In particular, this presentation contains forward-looking statements pertaining to the following: (i) the use of proceeds of the Offering; (ii) the expected release dates for the PC online version of DT; (iii) the trends in the video game, mobile and Pachinko/Pachislot industries; (iv) the proposed opening of the Corporation’s game development studio in Vancouver; (v) the Corporation’s ability to use RUNE to develop its IP across multiple platforms; (vi) the Corporation’s ability to raise capital; (vii) expected levels of operating costs, general administrative costs, costs of services and other costs and expenses. With respect to forward-looking statements contained in this presentation, the Corporation has made assumptions regarding, among other things: (i) the Corporation’s ability to compete in the video game, mobile and Pachinko/Pachislot industries; (ii) the successful launch of the PC online version of DT; (iii) the Corporation’s ability to obtain and retain key Valhalla Group personnel; (iv) RUNE’s ability to allow development of content across multiple platforms; (v) the Corporation’s ability to secure development contracts; (vi) the Corporation’s ability to secure contracts with distributors and publishers in various jurisdictions; (vii) the Corporation’s ability to source and retain high quality third party offsite game developers; (viii) the Corporation’s ability to operate efficiently and to maintain stable operating costs; (ix) continued significant growth of the gaming market across a wide range of demographics; and the completion of the Offering. The Corporation’s actual results could differ materially from those anticipated in the forward-looking statements as a result of the risk factors set forth below and elsewhere in this presentation: (i) competition within, and to, the video game industry; (ii) inability to hire or retain key officers and employees; (iii) costs of development; (iv) competing products; (v) difficulties in developing and enhancing existing solutions; (vi) platform licensors - competition, manufacturing and approval rights; (vi) platform licensors - fees paid to publish games for platforms or distribute games on networks; (vii) changing player and customer preferences; (viii) defects in the Corporation’s products; (ix) technical issues arising in connection with online product launch, support and maintenance; (x) transitions in console platforms; (xi) market trends of the Pachinko/Pachislot sector; (xii) increases in development costs in the Pachinko/Pachislot sector; (xiii) loss or impairment of proprietary technology and intellectual property rights; (xiv) movements of platform operators; (xv) lack of continued growth and maintenance of the Internet; (xvi) seasonality in the sale of products; (xvii) security breaches; (xviii) foreign exchange; (xix) global economic uncertainty; (xx) responding to innovations in technology; (xxi) country risks; (xxii) inventory write-down risks; (xxiii) recovery of accounts receivable; (xxiv) legal regulations involving online gaming; (xxv) legal regulations involving the settlement of funds; (xxvi) legal regulations involving the Pachinko/Pachislot sector; (xxvii) absence of operating history as a public company; (xxviii) natural disasters and accidents; (xxix) requirement for and/or failure to achieve additional financings; (xxx) issues surrounding enforcement of judgments; and the other factors referred to under “Risk Factors”. Readers are cautioned that the foregoing list of risk factors should not be construed as exhaustive. The forward-looking statements included in this presentation are expressly qualified by this cautionary statement and are made as of the date of this presentation. The Corporation does not undertake any obligation to publicly update or revise any forward-looking statements except as required by applicable securities laws. Subscribers should read this entire presentation and consult their own professional advisors to assess the income tax, legal, risk factors and other aspects of their investment in the Common Shares.


Entertainment Software and Content Development • •

Video game and entertainment software development company - console, PC online, mobile, pachinko Creator and owner of own game engine (RUNE)

Experienced, Proven, Successful, Branded Team & Partners • • •

Key team members - “Dead or Alive” and “Ninja Gaiden” franchises 16 Million copies sold globally. Publishing partners Nexon & Innova are the world’s top PC online game publishers

Evolving Business – Fundamental change in Business Strategy • • • • •

Emerging growth company that has transformed from a work-for-hire game developer into a hybrid of game developer/publisher with its own IP Released Devil’s Third on Nintendo’s Wii U in 2015 Devil’s Third PC Online was commercially launched in Japan - June 2016 Exploring new commercialization opportunities of new content backed by stable revenue base from software development business Transformed into a Canadian entity that holds all intellectual property and a future development studio based in British Columbia 5

The global games market generated US$74.2 billion in 2015, with North America generating US$23.6 billion alone, and is expected to grow at a 7.75% CAGR to US$100.0 billion by 2019

Key Trends ‒ ‒ ‒ ‒ ‒

Increasing adoption of the free-to-play model and digital distribution of titles Continuing growth of the mobile gaming segment Action and shooter games outperforming other gaming genres Diversified gaming user base across all types of demographics and geographical regions Target market is serious gamers: males 18-35, play long hours, spend money

Valhalla is positioned to capture all of these trends in the global gaming market Number of gamers by geography Latam N. America 10% 10%

Total gamers 1.9 billion in 2015 APAC 48%

EMEA 32%

Breakdown of video game platforms

Best-selling video games genres Action 28.2%

TV, Consoles & VR 27%

Computer Screen 37%

Tablets & Handhelds Smartphone 13% & Watches 23%

RolePlaying 9.5% Fighting 6.0%

Shooter 21.7%

Sports 13.3% Strategy 4.1%

Racing 5.2% Other Games 12.0%

Source: SuperData “Global Games Market Report”, “Newzoo video game research”, Entertainment Software Association, “Essential Facts about the Computer and Video Game Industry,” 2015 The Open Gaming Alliance, 2016



2015 Revenue (USD MM)

Release Year



League of Legends





Cross Fire





Dungeon Fighter





World of Warcraft





World of Tanks



MMO Action


Lineage 1





Maple Story





Defence of the Ancient





Counter Strike: Global Offensive





Grand Theft Auto V




Source: SuperData



Strategic decision made to list on the TSX Venture Exchange to gain access to a broader range of investors and larger pools of capital to expand the business Seoul Office

Skilled Talent Pool

Game Design Studio

Government Incentives

Company Size / Exchange

Expedited Listing

Access to Capital – Can/USA

Vancouver Office

Sapporo Office Tokyo Office


Satoshi Kanematsu

Tomonobu Itagaki

Naoyuki Tsuji

Chief Executive Officer

President / Chief Technology Officer

Vice President / Chief Strategy Officer


Joined Mitsubishi Steel Mfg. Co., Ltd.


Joined Tecmo Co., Ltd


Joined Hudson Soft Ltd.


Joined Tecmo Co., Ltd


Executive Corporate Officer/General Manager of Team Ninja


President of Hudson Soft USA & Europe


Corporate Officer at Tecmo, Inc.


President of “TTI” USA (JV between NEC and Hudson)


Executive Corporate Officer / Vice President of Project Strategy Planning Dept. at Tecmo, Inc.


CFO/Senior Executive Managing Director of “TTI” USA


CFO of Valhalla Game Studios Ltd.


Chief Strategy Officer of Valhalla Game Studios International Ltd.


CEO of Valhalla Co., Ltd.


CEO of Valhalla Game Studios International Ltd.


Executive Corporate Officer/President of High-End Production at Tecmo, Inc.


CTO of Valhalla Game Studios Ltd.


CTO of Valhalla Game Studios International Ltd.


Barry Macdonald, Chairman & Director

Makoto Iwai, Chief Marketing Officer


Joined PricewaterhouseCooper LLP


Executive VP and COO at Namco Bandai Games America Inc.


Retired from PricewaterhouseCooper as a Senior Partner


Bandai Label President at Namco Bandai Games America Inc.


Senior VP of Corporate Strategy at Nexon America Inc.

Divyesh Gadhia, Director

20+ years in gaming industry in variety of Sr. leadership roles 1986

Chartered Accountant at PwC Canada


Executive Vice Chairman (2009 – 2010), CEO (2005 – 2009), President (2001 – 2005) and CFO (1992 – 2001) of Gateway Casinos Inc.

Samuel Yik, Chief Financial Officer 1992

Chartered Accountant designation obtained with KPMG

• • •

2004 – 2014

Senior finance roles as VP Finance and CFO to multiple public companies listed on the TSX/TSCV/NYSE-MKT


President of Atiga Investment Inc. Lead Independent Director of Amaya Inc. Director of SPUD.ca & Sensible Soaps Inc.

Kazuhiko Yamaguchi, Director

20+ years of business experience including areas of finance, operations, and marketing , in companies with market caps ranging from $3MM to $6B


Sr. VP & Executive Officer, GM at Hitachi Plant Technologies

Experience in technology and software sectors

2011 2013

Sr. VP & Exec Officer, Group Exec Manager – Hitachi Plant Tech, Industrial Plant Systems group


Corp Advisor – Hitachi Ltd.

Jon Bey, Investor Relations 2008

Hamilton Resource Group – VP Investor Relations

2010 2014

Founded Steel Rose Communications – Canadian IR Firm Chairman CI BC, Board member CIRI National, CPIR - IVEY IR & Corp Dev for multiple public companies in the resource energy & tech sectors listed on TSX/TSXV/AIM markets


Valhalla Game Studios International Ltd. Canadian Holding Company – Owner of Valhalla’s IP Valhalla Game Studios (VGS) Japanese subsidiary (100%) High quality video game development and operation

Valhalla Networks (VN) Korean subsidiary (100%) Online game development and operations

Valhalla Seven (V7) Japanese subsidiary (100%) Pachinko/Pachislot machine content development

EIN Entertainment (EIN) Japanese subsidiary (100%) Smartphone and mobile game development and operation

Soleil VGS subsidiary (100%) High quality game development

Licensing Co-development

Contract Transaction revenue


Commission fee Contingent bonus

Platform Businesses and Publishers Sales Distribution

Sales Transaction revenue

User 12

VGS and Soleil

Valhalla Networks

Valhalla Seven

EIN Entertainment

• High-quality console and PC game development, sales, and marketing of games • Some of the world’s most acclaimed and talented video game developers

• Specializing in online games • Various pipelines with gaming companies worldwide • Management with experience in developing and operating online games at leading game companies such as Nexon • Network security knowhow related to cheat prevention

• Arcade machine software development, currently focused on Pachinko/Pachislot machines • Track record of securing contracts from Pachinko/ Pachislot makers • Majority of staff previously directors for the Pachinko/ Pachislot division at Tecmo

• Smartphone, tablet and PC game development • Experience in developing both casual and high-end games • Flexible development framework allows for personnel organization tailored to each project, whether contracted or in-house • Experience in operating social and online games, implementing freemium and running concept events to maintain user interest

“RealUltimateNinjaEngine”RUNE • Gaming engine developed and owned by Valhalla which significantly reduces development costs and timing of new titles • Soleil under contract with major Japanese Publishers


Maximizing Valhalla’s IP

Increasing in-house development

• Plans to utilize Devil’s Third content in PC, mobile and Pachinko software platforms • Valhalla retained IP rights related to Devil’s Third outside of the Wii U platform • Plans to develop a sequel and cross-utilize the content • Content created by other subsidiaries will be cross-utilized

VGS Devil’s Third Console

Devil’s Third 2 Console



PC Online


Pachinko/ Pachislot

PC Online


Pachinko/ Pachislot

• Retain 100% of associated IP • Enable cross–utilization • Increase profitability and maximize efficiency


Vertical expansion: Development of sequels/series Horizontal expansion:Utilization of another business’ IP




• Using RUNE, new content can be created dramatically faster with significant savings


Stages of Development Wii U version published in Japan, Europe and North America in late 2015 Wii U version publication fulfilled commitment to Nintendo ‒ Global PC Online and mobile game sales growing significantly faster than the Wii U and other console game sales ‒ Company currently focusing on PC Online version ‒ ‒



North America

PC Distributor:

Nexon Co., Ltd. (Japan)

Innova Intellectual Properties S.a.r.l.

Published by Valhalla Networks Ltd., distributed by Gravity Interactive, Inc.

Closed Beta Test:

April 2016

Late April 2016

Q3 2016

Open Beta Test:

May 2016

Q3 2016

Q3 2016

Expected Release:

June 2016

Q3 2016

Q3 2016



Latin America

PC Distributor:

In Discussion

Nexon Co., Ltd.

In Discussion.

Closed Beta Test:

Q4 2016

Q4 2016

Q1 2017

Open Beta Test:

Q4 2016

Q4 2016

Q1 2017

Expected Release:

December 2016

Q1 2017

Q1 2017 16

Free-to-Play Model Game is free to download and includes basic gameplay Promote and charge the user for in-game upgrades, customization & other enticements that enhance gameplay

Free-Play User is converted to a Paying User Make constant updates, improvements and offer new enticements

Increase average spend per Paying User 17

Valhalla Networks earns 20-25% of total revenues when partnering with external publishers Nexon (Japan, China) & Innova (Russia)

Valhalla Networks earns 60-65% of total revenues when self publishing Valhalla Networks self publishes Devil’s Third Online in North America and Europe







Expand Sales and Marketing



Fund Game and Software Development






Complement Working Capital Reserves



Protection of Corporate IP



Agent’s Fee



IPO Expenses





Establish Canadian Studio






Management & Principals














Other Shareholders Total Basic Shares Outstanding: Options Fully Diluted Shares Outstanding:

* Management has the following beneficial ownership in WWI: Kanematsu (CEO) (32.7%), Itagaki (President & CTO) (32.7%), Tsuji (CSO) (16.4%) and LTI (18.2%) 20