Formula One Grand Prix A little background

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Highest class of single seater auto racing Race at speeds of up to 220 mph Up to 5g of lateral acceleration 2.4 liter V8 engines, car weight of 1,411 lbs Vehicles use standard petrol for fuel 20 circuits throughout the world A Formula 1 season is viewed worldwide by an estimated 600 million people in 187 countries.

Circuit of the Americas (CoTA)


Formula One Traffic Analysis 

Race Day Attendance – 120,000 spectators (300,000 over three days)

Shuttle Service arrivals 72,500 spectators arrive by bus - 2 shuttle lots (Travis County Expo Center & Downtown near Waterloo Park - 45 people per shuttle - 80 minute round trip for each shuttle (each shuttle will make 3 trips) - 450 total shuttles (stacked end to end is 4.5 miles long) - 36,250 off site parking spots with (2 people per parked car) Spectators arriving by vehicle 42,500 spectators arrive by vehicle - 2.5 passengers per car - 17,000 parking spaces Other modes - 6 helicopter pads - accommodations for charter busses to park on site - bicycles from downtown to Richard Moya Park then shuttle in from there.

Formula One Submitted Traffic Analysis • 3.14 hours of delay - Contra-flow lanes on 4 roads FM 812 Kellum Lane Pearce Lane McAngus Road

- Efficient routing of traffic (no conflict points) - Well thought out parking plan - Use of shuttles and other modes of transportation - Connect Kellum Lane from Elroy Road to Pearce Lane and contra-flow all three lanes.

Roadway improvements surrounding COTA

Extend road to Pearce and widen to 3 lanes by 2012 race

Level-up and patch for 2102 race

In place recycling/reconstruction with cement stabilization by 2012 race

Shoulder stabilization, repave and restripe for better accommodation for contra-flow operations. TxDOT to complete before 2012 race

Plan Overview: - Max 25k cars on-site - 50k+ on shuttles - ~8-10 lanes for cars - Bike Access - Dedicated VIP and Emergency Access - Taxi Route

Shuttles Cars Bikes Taxis VIP/EMS

Build up to the 2012 USGP…

Three weeks prior to F1, Kellam Road 8 was still under construction.

Build up to the 2012 USGP… • Formula (Fog) Run (11/5/2012) FM 812 from CoTA Blvd.

 FM 812 @ 7am SH 130 near FM 812

SH 130 @ 745am 

Build up to the 2012 USGP… • Formula (Fog) Run (11/5/2012) CoTA Start/Finish Line

2012 U.S. Formula One Grand Prix Numbers of Interest (November 16-18) 

265,000 fans attended the race over three days

117,000 fans attended on Sunday

98,000 total shuttle riders

Additional Airport Operations

◦ (3rd highest attendance of all F1 races in 2012)

◦ (2nd highest attendance of all F1 races in 2012)

◦ Downtown ◦ Travis County Expo Center ◦ 2,546 helicopter flights ◦ 300 private planes ◦ 54 international planes


CoTA Turn 1 during 2012 USGP Looking East up Turn 1

Downtown Shuttle Operations Looking East from Trinity @ 15th

TC Expo Shuttle Operations

Looking East over Travis County Expo Center

Loading Area

McAngus Shuttle & Taxi Lots TC Expo Shuttles

Downtown Shuttles

Taxis and Bike Shuttle Looking South at McAngus Lots

Lot Q @ Travis/Bastrop Line Looking South @ Lot Q (~2.2k cars) towards FM 812

Lot P + Helipads + Lot Q Shuttle Looking South over Lot P towards FM 812

6 Helipads + FAA Tower

Lot L and M – Pre-Event Looking North at Lot L and M (~3,200 cars)

Missing Lot L Driveway

Lot E, F, RV Lot, & CoTA Blvd Looking East over the 5,500 car Lot F

Aerial view of fans loading shuttle buses at COTA

Bicycle Drop Off at Moya Park Moya Park Bike Check In

 Check In Moya Park Secure Bike Parking

Secure Lock Up  Free showers, toilets, and 5 minute shuttle service provided

Westboro Baptist Protestors Protestors @ SH 130 and FM 812 Interchange on Sunday

Pedestrian Traffic Control 2 of 50 National Guards who helped w/ CoTA Blvd Pedestrian Traffic

FM 812 Pre-Event on Sunday FM 812 Looking West towards SH 130

Event Operations Center

25 Bluetooth readers were used for active traffic management Special thanks to TTI for providing the Bluetooth readers and analysis software

Travel Time Monitoring Inbound FM 812: US 183 to COTA South Entrance F1 Race Day (Nov. 18)

2012 USGP: 1pm – 3pm

Lessons Learned      

Plan ahead and manage expectations Communicate early and often with law enforcement and surrounding communities Make use of helicopter cameras with access from the command center Expect entreprenurial parking around the CoTA site with pedestrian activities Minimize contra-flow. Expect U-turns. Have a central command center that can make quick decisions and that has resources ready to deploy that are staged in strategic locations. Have a back-up plan 32

NY Times – 11/19/2012 This was a "victory for Austin, which went to great lengths to ensure success after the series failed to take hold at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway" from '00-07. There also were "almost none of the anticipated traffic concerns." From a "sporting point of view, Austin delivered in a way that Indianapolis failed, by providing a track built for Formula One cars"

Other events at COTA in 2013

◦ Moto GP


◦ American LeMans Series