FOODSERVICE PRODUCT CATALOG The convenience, quality, and variety of our Foodservice products is unsurpassed for schools, hospitals, restaurants, and...
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The convenience, quality, and variety of our Foodservice products is unsurpassed for schools, hospitals, restaurants, and other commercial settings.

SENECA FOODS CORPORATION As a leader in the Foodservice food industry, Seneca Foods offers a complete line of canned and frozen fruits and vegetables under your own label or several brand labels. Manufacturing is our core competency where we continually invest in state-of-theart processing and packaging equipment to ensure our customers’ expectations are met or exceeded in this very competitive industry. Our dedication to plant efficiencies, cost control, and uncompromising quality has earned us the highest reputation among customers and competitors alike. We are the industry’s only supplier with facilities in all three major U.S. vegetable growing regions: the East, West, and Northwest. High-speed, superbly-managed plants guarantee our customers can depend on Seneca Foods, even in years of adverse growing conditions. Our Customer Service Department further understands and is dedicated to the quick pace and unique needs of our Foodservice customers. This coupled with a sophisticated distribution network, electric data interchange order submission, and just-in-time delivery, allows Seneca to meet our customers’ needs quickly and efficiently.

DRY BEANS As consumers move towards healthier eating habits, beans become even more important in every menu. They’re low in fat, cholesterol-free, and packed with protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals - a key part in any balanced meal. Dry Beans are great in soups, salads, stews, and side dishes. They further open up exciting menu opportunities, because beans play an significant role in almost every cooking tradition - from classic American to Creole West Indian. At Seneca, we process and pack premium dry beans to preserve flavor and natural texture. That’s why our beans are consistently outstanding and why Seneca beans are always the best you can buy. Baked Beans Black Beans Chili Beans Dark Kidney Beans Garbanzo Beans

Pinto Beans Pork & Beans Refried Beans

FROZEN FRUITS & VEGETABLES Our frozen fruits and vegetables have been a favorite for over sixty years where customers have associated Seneca with food products unmatched in quality and taste. State–of–the–art processing plants and uncompromising quality control guarantee this tradition is carried on. With over 130 varieties and sizes of products ranging from favorites such as Whole Kernel Corn and Peaches to Mixed Fruit and several vegetable blends, Seneca offers a wide assortment of frozen fruit and vegetables for your own label or under the Libby’s brand. The products are packed in either convenient poly bags or foodservice cartons that allow versatility for both retail and foodservice needs. All of our products are packed at their peak of flavor for the fresh taste foodservice professionals love. Blackberries Blueberries Mixed Fruit Peaches Strawberries

California Blend Capri Blend Country Blend Fajita Blend Italian Blend Mandarin Blend Oriental Blend Prince Edward Blend

Scandinavian Blend Summer Blend Winter Blend

FROZEN VEGETABLES Asparagus (Cuts & Tips, or Whole Spears) Black Eye Peas Broccoli (Cuts or Florets) Brussels Sprouts Carrots (Crinkled Cut, Diced, Smooth, or Whole) Cauliflower Celery (Diced or Sliced) Collard Greens Edamame Green Beans (Cut, French Sliced or Whole) Lima Beans Mixed Vegetables (4-Way Mixed Vegetables, 5-Way Mixed Vegetables, Peas & Diced Carrots, Vegetables for Soup, or Vegetables for Stew) Mukimame

Mushrooms Okra (Cut or Whole) Onions Peppers (Diced Green, Diced Red, Diced Green & Red, Green Strips, or Red & Green Strips) Potatoes Spinach (Chopped or Cut Leaf ) Squash Succotash Sugar Snap Sweet Corn (Conventional or Super Sweet Whole Yellow, Super Sweet White, Shoepeg White, or Yellow Cob) Sweet Peas Wax Beans Zucchini

FRUIT Seneca’s fruit products are hand selected at the peak of ripeness and nutrient content from the finest orchards. With the same quality assurance that begins in our grower’s orchards, we reinforce the integrity of our products by making sure all raw produce meets our high standards. Peaches are fortified with 100% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) for vitamin C while our Pears are naturally fat and cholesterol free, and low in sodium. Seneca’s Mixed Fruit products combine the delicious taste of peaches, pineapples and pears, or cherries, delivering 100% of the RDA for vitamin C. Apples (Diced or Sliced - Extra Heavy Syrup, Heavy Syrup, or Water) Applesauce (Chunky, Cinnamon, Natural, or Organic) Apricots (Halves, peeled or unpeeled - Light Syrup or Pear Juice Concentrate) Dark Cherries (Extra Heavy Syrup, Heavy Syrup, Pear Juice Concentrate, or Sweetened with Splenda®)

Fruit Cocktail (Light Syrup, Pear Juice Concentrate, Sweetened with Splenda®, or Water) Fruit Mix (Light Syrup or Pear Juice Concentrate) Fruits For Salads (Heavy Syrup or Pear Juice Concentrate) Peaches (Diced, Halves, or Sliced - Heavy Syrup, Light Syrup, Pear Juice Concentrate, Sweetened with Splenda®, or Water) Pears (Diced, Halves, or Sliced - Light Syrup or Pear Juice Concentrate)

VEGETABLES Our vegetables are harvested and packed at their peak of flavor and ripeness for the taste everyone loves. From Whole Kernel Corn to German Potato Salad, our products are unmatched in quality, taste, and value. Seneca’s Foodservice vegetables may be enjoyed warm, chilled or even at room temperature. We offer a variety of products that can be used in both classic and contemporary creations or as ready-to-eat side dishes. Foodservice professionals know that when they use Seneca products, their customers will enjoy delicious and nutritious meals that can be prepared almost hassle free. Asparagus (Cuts & Tips) 3-Bean Salad Beets (Diced, Pickled, Shoestring, Sliced, or Whole) Carrots (Diced or Sliced; also available in Low Sodium) German Potato Salad Green Beans (Cut, French Sliced, Whole or Veri-Green; also available in Low Sodium Cut)

Mixed Vegetables (Mixed Vegetables, Peas & Diced Carrots, or Vegetables For Stew; also available in Low Sodium Mixed) Potatoes (Diced, Sliced, or Whole) Pumpkin Red Cabbage Sauerkraut Spinach Sweet Corn (Cream Style, Vacuum-Packed, or Whole Kernel; also available in Low Sodium) Sweet Peas Wax Beans

SNACK CHIPS Perfectly attuned to the hectic routines and on-the-go eating habits of today’s busy families, Seneca Snack Chips meet the quest for a tasty yet healthy snack alternative. Less fat, low sodium, no cholesterol and great taste combine to make Snack Chips the preferred choice among health-conscious individuals.

Caramel Apple Chips Cinnamon Apple Chips Golden Delicious Apple Chips Granny Smith Apple Chips Original Red Apple Chips Sour Apple Chips Apple Pie ala Mode Apple Chips Cinnamon Sweet Potato Chips Sea Salt Sweet Potato Chips

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