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Florida Gold Coast LMSC Newsletter – Summer 2013 LMSC AWARDS BANQUET The annual LMSC Awards Banquet was held on Sunday, May 19. Our swimmers were reco...
Author: Amanda Fleming
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Florida Gold Coast LMSC Newsletter – Summer 2013 LMSC AWARDS BANQUET The annual LMSC Awards Banquet was held on Sunday, May 19. Our swimmers were recognized for their performance during 2012. The top award of Swimmers of the Year went to: Pool – Linda Webb, Tm Shead ; Long Distance – Amanda Singleton, Alan Rapperport All-American status is given to swimmers who are ranked number one in an event in any of the three courses. Individual All-Americans were: Vincente Andrade, Alia Atkinson, Cav Cavanaugh, Sean Frampton, Maureen Hughes, Kelly Legaspi, Birgit Lohberg, Jamie Marks, David Quiggin, Pat Sargeant, Tim Shead, Stephanie Terrell. Long Distance All-Americans: Alan Rapperport, Amanda Singleton, Ricardo Valdivia. Relay All-Americans: Vincente Andrade, Sheri Berk, Lisa Bennett, Leticia Castro, Cav Cavanaugh, Debbie Cavanaugh, Luis Comulada, Celia Devanney, Bridgitte Edelmaier, Isanova Febres, Jose Ferraz, Graeme Fiser, Sean Frampton, Arnaldo Gasco, Linda Larson, Dale LeClair, Kelly Legaspi, Birgit Lohberg, Cathy Mancino, Jamie Marks, Jennifer Martin, Peggy McDonnell, Jeannie Mitchell, Siobhan Murphy, Deidre Novotny, Danielle Ogier, Jonathan Olsen, Barbara Protzman, David Quiggin, George Schmidt, Lydia Seier, Lio Tao, Bryan Tatterson, Stephanie Terrell, Ann Thomas, Rosa Visbal, Linda Webb, Scott Woodburn. Long Distance Relay All-Americans: Amanda Singleton, Ricardo Valdivia, Dale LeClair, David Owen. Individual Top Ten: Jorge Andrade, Vincente Andrade, Alia Atkinson, Lisa Bennett, Ardis Bourland, Craig Burns, Leticia Castro, Cav Cavanaugh, Lee Childs, Deven Christopher, Luis Comulada, Tommie Cuticchia, Suzanne Dearworth, Gerry DeLong, Celia Devanney, Wally Dobler, Carmen Echeverria, Bridgette Edelmaier, Tim Erickson, Andrew Farrell, Jose Ferraz, Graeme Fiser, Seam Frampton, Richard Garza, Arnaldo Gasco, John Grzeszczak, Ahmed Hamada, Jim Harper, Marty Hendrick, Heidi Hester, Matt Hooper, Maureen Hughes, Katherine Karageorges, Sonja Koppenwallner, Darcy LaFountain, Joe Lammert, Linda Larson, Laura Lastfogel, Dale LeClair, Kelly Legaspi, Birgit Lohberg, Cathy Mancino, Jamie Marks, Jennifer Martin, Michelle Martin, Jack McCoy, Peggy McDonnell, David McIntyre, JC Mejia, Jeannie Mitchell, Andy Miyares, Toni Moss, Mary Jane Mullins, Elias Munguia, Deidre Novotny,

Carlos Ochoa Danielle Ogier, David Owen, David Painter, Teca Paiva, Robert Pardo, Roger Parsons, Walter Pesetsky, Katie Philipp, Barbara Protzman, David Quiggin, Alan Rapperport, David Read, Howard Rolston, Pat Sargeant, Lori Schick, Zack Schlichter, George Schmidt, Vanessa Segovia, Tim Shead, Joaquin Silverio, Li Tao, Bryan Tatterson, Stephanie Terrell, Eddie Tiozzo, Natalia Vaganova, James Vaucher, Rosa Visbal, Kristin Volz, Linda Webb, Chris Wenzel, Katie Wenzel, Karl Wiedamann, Casey Williams. Relay Top Ten: John Adair, Eddie Ames, Yukako Beatty, Ken Beier, Ara Bergillos, Sarah Bennett, Terence Bhawanie, David Boudreau, Doug Buchan, Chris Burt, George Busse, Ryan Campbell, Ana Carbonell, Andia Chaves-Fonnegra, Adrienne ChinOgilvie, Gordon Cowley, Philip Cullen, Allen DeWeese, Christopher Digilio, Mike Dively, Beda Dondi, Lars Ferron, Jim Flautt, Lucianna Genova, Barry Gallop, Marci Grady, BJ Graham, Katie Healy, Cynthia Henley, David Hoffman, Carl House, Steven Jacobson, Paul Kissinger, Bill Korey, Terry Lage, David LeClair, Adam Martz, Christine McCrady, Maria Menocal, Michael Meyer, Al Moreno, Jose Nunez, Blaise O’Neill, Tony Riker, Barry Roby, Daniela Rosen blat, Israel Rosenzweig, Dina Elnecave-Rubin, Karen Schoenhals, Eric Search, Jeff Service, Lenny Silverstein, Thomas Skunda, Roy Sonenshein, Ann Stewart, Don Tsang, Hugo Villarreal, Jim Ward, Cindi Wood, Andrea Woodburn, Walter Woolley, Jamie Yordan-Fran.

THE V UANA PAN AMERICAN MASTERS CHAMPIONSHIPS The Sarasota Family YMCA partnered with U.S. Masters Swimming to host a fabulous 2013 Pan American Masters Championship, which was held May 31-June 13, 2013. The pool swimming portion of the event was attended by over 1550 swimmers from 25 different countries. The FGC LMSC was well-represented at the meet with swimmers from seven of our clubs attending. Our clubs were Gold Coast Masters (GOLD), Midtown Weston Aquatics (MWA), North Palm Beach Masters (NPBM), Plantation (PLAN), Swim Fort Lauderdale (SFTL), South Florida (SOFL), Wellington Wahoos (WOW). Kudos to Rick Walker, meet director, for an extremely well run event. The volunteer corps was tremendous and the officials were great. The locker room renovations were great as well.

A total of 13 individual USMS Nationals records, 8 individual World records, 3 relay national records and 1 relay world record were broken at the meet. The relay world record was set by the GOLD 280+ Mens 200 Free Relay composed of Lee Childs, David Quiggin, Cav Cavanaugh, and Jose Ferraz. Many of us particularly enjoyed the ready area which is usually used at the large international events. It does help ensure that swimmers who may not speak the local language don’t miss their heats. It also provided an excellent opportunity to meet your competitors, which is not normally available. The meet ran smoothly in spite of a 2+ hour delay on June 6 due to Tropical Storm Andrea and the heavy rain, thunder and tornado warnings.

USMS 5K NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP Andrea Woodburn As a native Florida gal, I know not to go into Florida fresh water lakes, especially during alligator mating season. On Saturday morning, April 27, 2013, 120 swimmers swam in a Florida fresh water lake for the USMS 5K National Championship Event. The trusted waters just off Fort Lauderdale beach are the waters I know and love. A couple of my teammates, Dale LeClair and Jonathan Olsen, signed up for the 5K and were inquiring if I was interested. Of course I was interested, that was until I looked up the event website. “Oh my goodness it is in lake over on the west coast of Florida.” In South Florida, less people often equates to more Florida wildlife, especially in fresh water. Have you been to the west coast of Florida lately? It maintains that “sleepy town feel” we had here in South Florida some years ago. I mentioned my concerns to my teammates - both transplants to Florida - neither one indicated any concerns. Okay, I started to wonder is this just a childhood fear or is this real fear? Yes, I did grow up at what was at that time on the edge of the Everglades, in Plantation, where alligators lived in the canals that bordered our house. Sometimes these extraordinary creatures ended up in storm drains and swimming pools in our neighborhood. As any sane Floridian might do, I contacted the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to inquire about alligators in the area where the swim was scheduled. Their response was: “Over the past 5 years the Miromar Lakes area has had approximately 33 alligator complaints. This is an average of 6.6 alligators per a year. Generally, an alligator may be considered a nuisance if it is at least four feet in length and is believed to pose a threat to people, pets or property.” I promptly forwarded the email to my teammates and my Open Water co-chair, Bill Korey, still no response or concern. I now had confirmation that my fears and

concerns were based in reality, not just some childhood fear. For some reason I decided to register for the swim, I also registered my husband Scott, another Florida transplant. I was in contact with one of the organizers, Dick Brewer, I asked “Are you on the alligator control committee?” This was his response “Gators will not be a problem. Because the lakes are surrounded by houses on three sides and FGCU on the fourth, the FWC sends a trapper every two to three weeks to check and any gators over 3 feet are removed. Five or six dozen swimmers thrashing about will scare any smaller gators and they will disappear entirely.” Jonathan Olsen arrived on Friday for the practice swim and reported clear water and a beautiful course. Wow, was all I could say once we arrived for the pre race meeting. We entered a gated community with an elaborate entrance, well manicured landscape and nice large homes. The race was being held at a Beach and Golf Club. Here is the shirt Dick Brewer wore on race day-it made me laugh.

. 26 swimmers from Florida Gold Coast LMSC turned out for the 5K National Championship event and the swim was great fun. Here is the link to the individual results: http://www.usms.org/longdist/ldnats13/5kindresults.pdf And to the relay results: http://www.usms.org/longdist/ldnats13/5krelresults.pdf

USMS INSURANCE CHANGES Increased insurance premiums for 2013 are primarily related to and will impact open water events. The insurance premium includes a charge of $1,800 per sanctioned open water event. In addition, the new insurance policy contains certain conditions on the conduct of open water events. Please review the recently adopted Open Water Sanction Guidelines and the article on usms.org explaining these changes to the membership, "Open Water and USMS Sanctions." A new workout insurance requirement has been put into effect by our insurance carrier. Effective immediately, for a workout to be covered by USMS insurance, the person supervising the workout must be a USMS

member. In the past, a USA Swimming certified coach was allowed to supervise the workouts, even if the USA Swimming certified coach was not a USMS member. This is no longer true; now if the person supervising the workout is a USA Swimming certified coach, he or she must also be a USMS member.

“For Richard Garza, swimming is not just a sport – it’s a lifestyle.


“I love my job,” said Garza, who works for Wellington Swimming, which runs the program, and has been swimming competitively since 1996. “I’ve always had it in me since I was little to coach a swim team. Watching swimmers reach their goals both in and out of the pool has been very rewarding.”

As of June 30, the FGC LMSC has a total of 1060 registered swimmers. We ended the 2012 year with 1192 swimmers. A total of 479 swimmers who were registered in 2012 have not renewed for 2013, but we have gotten 347 new swimmers. What do we need to do to keep all our members from year to year? Lost your USMS card? Moved to a new address? Changed your email address? Contact the FGC LMSC Registrar, Barb Protzman, at [email protected]. Also, you can now update your address, email and phone online at usms.org.

SWIM MEET RECAP Since the last newsletter, there have been five meets held in our LMSC: • January 27 – Ft. Lauderdale High School – This was the first time a Masters meet has been held at this new facility. Thanks to Debbie Cavanaugh and the Flying L’s for hosting. • March 1-3 – Ft. Lauderdale – I think this was the coldest meet I have ever attended! But we had a great meet in spite of the cold. • April 11-14 – YMCA Nationals in Ft Lauderdale • April 20-21 - Plantation • May 4 – Coral Springs Upcoming meets in the FGC LMSC are: • July 20-21 – Ft. Lauderdale (LCM) • August 24 – Coral Springs (LCM) • Sept. 22 – Wellington (SCM) The LMSC encourages all swimmers to support the meets in their home LMSC. These meets attract firsttime competitors as well as seasoned veterans. It is always fun to try new events and meet new people.

WELLINGTON WAHOOS One of the FGC LMSC’s newest clubs is the Wellington Wahoos (WOW). The team was started by Richard Garza last fall and has already grown to 60 registered swimmers. The following article about Richard and the team was printed in the Pam Beach Post in January.

As the head coach of the Wahoos of Wellington Masters swim program, he hopes to share lanes for healthy living as well as stroke technique.

His passion is attracting swimmers in droves. In three months on the job, the Wahoos Masters program has grown from nine members to 22, making it the fifth largest Masters program in South Florida. “Richard teaches us how to bring the swimming into our lives and have a healthy lifestyle,” said Wahoos member Ilaria Guidoboni, of Royal Palm Beach. “I’ve had so much fun in just two months.” Based at the Wellington Aquatic Complex, workouts for the Wahoos are from 5 to 6 a.m. and 6 to 7 a.m. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. The two times are to accommodate both early risers and those who need an extra hour of sleep. Either way, by getting a strong early workout, these swimmers are setting the tone for the rest of the day. A weekend class is also offered from 8:30 to 10 a.m. on Saturdays. The fee for the Wahoos Masters program (www.wellingtonswimming.com) is $50 a month, which also includes unlimited access to the pool when class is not in session. Garza has registered the Wahoos with United States Masters Swimming (USMS.org), making it an official Masters program. As with most Masters groups, all members are 18 and older. Garza also brought with him free freestyle stroke clinics. Swimmers who attend the clinics are videotaped swimming 200 meters of freestyle. Then, they are shown video of professional freestylers. Afterward, Garza shows them the video of themselves, goes over proper technique, and the clinic ends with everyone diving back into the water to practice what they’ve learned. The next clinics are planned for Saturday and March 16. “Everything we’ve been doing in the pool has been absolutely phenomenal for the community,” Garza said. “People really benefit immediately – both mentally and physically.” Garza has been coaching since 2002, when he joined The Santaluces High School Swim Team and met Head Coach Rich Whalen. He competed under Coach Whalen’s direction with the Aqua Crest Swim Club,

throughout high school, and for the Wellington Swim Team. He swam for Florida Atlantic University from 2006 to 2008, and graduated from FAU magna cum laude. He is also a three-time Masters National Champion, and an avid triathlete. He utilizes technology as a coach, sending out weekly email blasts to his members about upcoming classes and meets. Masters groups compete nationally several times in a year to add to the fun. The next meet is the 20th Annual Masters Challenge in Fort Lauderdale March 1-3. An extra diving component is being implemented by Garza to give his team that extra edge — in a fun and energetic way, or course.

copy of the meet results or the link to the online th published results to Chela Devanney at 11862 NW 25 Ct, Coral Springs, FL 33065 or [email protected].


Heidi Hester and Tommie Cuticchia of Plantation were engaged at the end of the USMS Spring Nationals in Indy. Congratulations to Heidi and Tommie who are planning a June 2014 wedding!

In honor of Coral Springs Swim Head Coach Michael Lohberg’s life and amazing coaching abilities, the City of Coral Springs named the 50-meter pool at the Aquatic Complex in remembrance of him. A dedication ceremony was held on April 13 revealing the new name “Michael Lohberg Pool of Champions”. Lohberg was a six time Olympic coach, with eight swimmers making the 2008 Beijing Olympics, including Dara Torres.

The Fort Lauderdale Aquatic Complex is scheduled to close in January 2014 for about 18 months to undergo a total renovation.

His advice to his swimmers in his latest email: “While not all of you will be competing, it is still good to go through the ups and downs of training in a season. You don’t have to always keep pushing and training hard, sometimes, it is good to taper, let your body recover, and work on speed.” For more information, email: [email protected], call 561-396-4122 or visit www.wellingtonswimming.com.”

TOP TEN AND RECORDS If you swim in a meet outside of the FGC LMSC and would like to have your times included in the LMSC top ten and be considered for LMSC records, please send a



Marlins Summer LC Meet – Ocala, FL

July 13


Georgia State Games – Lake Acworth, GA (not sanctioned)

July 13-14


St. Pete Masters Long Course Championships – St. Pete, FL

July 20-21


June Krauser Summer Splash – Ft Lauderdale, FL

Aug 3-4


Dog Days of Summer Meet – Clearwater, FL

Aug 7-11


USMS Long Course National Championships – Mission Viejo, CA

Aug 24


Coral Springs Last Chance LC Meet – Coral Springs, FL

Aug 24


Sept 11-15

Dixie Zone Open Water Championships – Lake Lure, GA USMS Convention – Anaheim, CA

Sept 21


Marlins Fall SC Meet – Ocala, FL

Sept 22


First Chance Meet – Wellington, FL

Oct 5


Tropical Splash – Sarasota, FL

Oct 11-13


Dixie Zone Championship/Rowdy Gaines Classic – Orlando, FL

Oct 19


University of Tampa Masters Classic – Tampa, FL

Nov 9-11


Shark Tank Meet – Sarasota, FL

Dec ??


Coral Springs Holiday Classic – Coral Springs, FL

May 1-4


USMS Spring Nationals – Santa Clara, CA

Aug. 2-9


FINA Masters World Championships – Montreal, Canada

Aug. 14-17


USMS Summer Nationals – University of Maryland



USMS Spring Nationals – San Antonio, TX



USMS Summer Nationals – SPIRE Institute, Cleveland, OH



For more calendar details, check out www.fgcmaster.org, www.dixiezone.org and www.usms.org

FGC LMSC Website: www.fgcmasters.org

FGC LMSC Chair: Matt Hooper [email protected]

FGC Newsletter Editor: Barb Protzman [email protected]

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