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Uintah School District  Vernal, Utah 


RELATED DOCUMENTS A. General and Supplementary Conditions and Specification Sections apply to this document.


SUMMARY A. This Section includes fixed auditorium seating with the following: 1. Self-rising seat mechanism. 2. Standard floor mounting. 3. Upholstered chairs. 4. Molded plastic backs.


DEFINITIONS A. Product Data: Include construction details, material descriptions, dimensions of individual components and profiles, and finishes for fixed auditorium seating. B. Shop Drawings: Plans, elevations, and sections through rows showing seating layout; chair widths; accessories; accessibility provisions; aisle widths; and attachments to other Work. C. Samples for Selection: Manufacturer’s color charts consisting of units or sections of units showing the full range of finishes, colors, textures, and patterns available for each exposed material. D. Samples for Verification: For each type of exposed finish required, prepared on Samples of size indicated below and of same thickness and material indicated for the Work. If finishes involve normal color and texture variations, include sample sets showing the full range of variations expected. 1. Two-Seat Unit: Full size with finishes and accessories specified. a. Approved Sample may become part of completed Work. 2. Upholstery Fabric: Full-width Sample, not less than 36 inches (900 mm) long, with fabric treatments applied. Show complete pattern repeat. Mark top and right side. 3. Molded Plastic: Manufacturer’s standard-size unit, not less than 3 inches (75 mm) square. 4. Plastic Laminate: Manufacturer’s standard-size unit, not less than 3 inches (75 mm) square. 5. Baked-on Coating Finishes: Manufacturer’s standard-size unit, not less than 3 inches (75 mm) square. 6. Exposed Fasteners: Full-size units of each type. E. Maintenance Data: For fixed auditorium seating to include in maintenance manuals include the following: 1  Fixed Auditorium Seating 

Uintah School District  Vernal, Utah 

1. Methods for maintaining upholstery fabric. 2. Precautions for cleaning materials and methods that could be detrimental to seating finishes and performance 1.04

QUALITY ASSURANCE A. Installer Qualifications: An experienced installer who is specialized in installing work similar in material, design, and extent to that indicated for this Project and who is acceptable to manufacturer. B. Fire-Test-Response Characteristics of Upholstered Chairs: 1. Padding: Comply with California Technical Bulletin 117. C. Source Limitations: Obtain each type of seating required, including accessories and mounting components, through one source from a single manufacturer. 1. Upholstery Fabric: Obtain fabric of a single dye lot for each color and pattern of fabric required. D. Pre-installation Conference: Conduct conference at Project site with Owner to insure that compliance with installation requirements are met to Owner’s satisfaction.


WARRANTY A. All structural components shall be warranted for the life of the product, with a ten year warranty on all other components. Warranty shall not exclude individuals of any size, or 24 hour use.


PROJECT CONDITIONS A. Environmental Limitations: Do not install seating until all preparation work has been completed by Owner. B. Field Measurements: Verify seating layout by field measurements before seating fabrication and indicate measurements on Shop Drawings. Coordinate fabrication schedule with Owner to avoid delay of Work.


EXTRA MATERIALS A. Furnish extra materials described below, before installation begins, that are from the same production run and match products installed. Package extra materials with protective covering for storage and identify with labels describing contents. Deliver extra materials to Owner. 1. Chair Seats and Backs: Furnish a quantity of full-size units equal to 5 percent of the amount installed for each type and size of chair seat and back. 2. Upholstered Cushions: Furnish a quantity of full-size units equal to 5 percent of the amount installed for each type and size of cushion. 3. Armrests: Furnish a quantity of full-size units equal to 5 percent of the amount installed for each type of armrest.

2  Fixed Auditorium Seating 

Uintah School District  Vernal, Utah 


MATERIALS AND FINISHES A. Steel: ASTM A 36/A 36M plates, shapes, and bars; ASTM A 570/A 570M hot-rolled sheet and strip; or ASTM A 620/A 620M cold-rolled sheet, finished with manufacturer’s standard baked-on coating. 1. Color: As selected by Owner B. Cast Iron: ASTM A 48, Class 25 (ASTM A 48M, Class 175), gray iron castings free of blow holes and hot checks with parting lines ground smooth, and finished with manufacturer’s standard baked-on coating. 1. Color: As selected by Owner. C. Concealed Plywood: HPVA HP-1 plywood or DOC PS 1 softwood plywood, as standard with manufacturer. D. Plastic Laminate: NEMA LD 3, HGS (General Purpose type, 0.048-inch (1.2-mm) nominal thickness). 1. Color and Pattern: As selected by Owner. E. Upholstery Padding: serpentine springs.

Flexible, cellular, molded or slab polyurethane foam on

F. Molded Plastic: High-density polyethylene, cellular, injection molded contoured. 1. Color: As selected by Owner. 2.02

FIXED AUDITORIUM SEATING A. Available Products: Subject to compliance with requirements, products that may be incorporated into the Work include but are not limited to the following: 1. American Seating Co. 2. Irwin Seating Company 3. Hussey Seating Co. 4. KI, Inc. 5. Basis of Design Sedia Systems, Inc. a. Mercury 6. Sitmatic B. Chair Mounting : 1. Standards: Floor attached. a. Material: Cast iron. b. Finish: Thermal set epoxy powder coat. C. Fabric Upholstered Chairs: 1. Backs: a. Padding Thickness: 2 inches (51 mm); 3 lbs/cubic foot foam. b. Rear Panel: Plastic laminate on 7/16 inch cross laminated veneer – high square back style. Back panel shall extend to protect seatpan when in the upright position. 1) 31” Backs 2. Seats: One part, fully upholstered and as follows: a. Padding Thickness: Minimum 2-1/2 inches (63.5 mm) at front and rear edge. 3  Fixed Auditorium Seating 

Uintah School District  Vernal, Utah 

b. Seat Underside: Polyethylene. c. Seat Cushion shall be removable by maintenance personnel for replacement. D. Back Pitch: To be determined at pre-bid conference. E. Self-Rising Seat Mechanism: Counter-weighted, vertical in closed position. Provide quiet fail-safe operation with 100% fold to be achieved with minimal pressure. F. Accessible Seating: As follows; 1. Provide chairs with removable arm on aisle side in locations indicated, but not less than 1 or at 1 percent of aisle seats, whichever is greater. 2.03 FABRICATION A. Floor Attachments: Fabricate to conform to floor slope, if any, while maintaining chairs at same angular relationship to vertical throughout Project. B. Standards: As follows: 1. Cast Iron: One-piece castings with integral mounting points and attachment anchoring points for seat pivots, backs, and armrests. C. Upholstery: Fabricate fabric-covered items with molded padding beneath fabric and with fabric covering free of welts, creases, stretch lines, and wrinkles. For each upholstered component, install pile and pattern run in a consistent direction. 1. Fabric: As selected by Owner B. Upholstered Chairs: 1. Two-Part Upholstered Back: In length required to protect seat in raised position, with padded cushion glued to a curved plywood support panel covered with easily replaceable fabric, and with poly rear panel that fully encloses upholstery edges. Shell shall be of sufficient length to protect the seat from patron’s shoes from behind. 2. Two-Part Seats: Upper upholstered cushion with molded padding attached to formed plywood or molded polypropylene sub-frame as per manufacturer’s standard. Seat and sub-frame to be removable for re-upholstering without removing seat from chair. Lower pan reinforced at stress points and completely enclosing hinges and self-rising mechanism. 3. Seat Assembly: Seat assembly shall consist of padded and upholstered top surface, a poly bottom shell with dual contours and a gravity fold lifting mechanism. The seat topper shall consist of a 5/8 inch thick molded ply form base with contoured molded polyurethane foam padding and upholstered cover. 2.04

ACCESSORIES A. Chair Seat Hinges: Self-lubricating, compensating type with noiseless self-rising seat mechanism passing ASTM F 851 and with positive internal stops cushioned with rubber neoprene. B. Armrests: Poly, color as selected by Owner C. End Panels: Steel 1. Decorative Insert: Poly 4  Fixed Auditorium Seating 

Uintah School District  Vernal, Utah 


EXAMINATION A. Examine substrates, areas, and conditions, with Installer present, for compliance with requirements, accurate locations of electrical connections, and other conditions affecting fixed auditorium seating. Proceed with installation only after unsatisfactory conditions have been corrected.


INSTALLATION A. Install seating in locations indicated and fasten securely to substrates according to manufacturer’s written installation instructions 1. Use installation methods and fasteners that produce fixed auditorium seating assemblies with individual chairs capable of supporting an evenly distributed 600-lb (272-kg) static load without failure or other conditions that might impair the chair’s usefulness. Use of lead inserts is not acceptable. B. Install seating with chair ends aligned from first to last row.


ADJUSTING A. Adjust chair backs so that they are aligned with each other to match existing layouts. B. Adjust self-rising seat mechanisms so seats in each row are aligned when in upright position. C. Verify that all components and devices are operating properly. D. Verify that seating returns to correct at-rest position. E. Repair minor abrasions and imperfections in finishes with coating that matches factory-applied finish. Replace units that cannot be repaired due to blemished appearances. F. Replace upholstery fabric damaged during installation. G. Return to the facility in six (6) months to adjust seat mechanisms to ensure that seats are aligned when occupied. END OF SECTION

5  Fixed Auditorium Seating