FISCAL YEAR Annual Report

Annual Report FISCAL YEAR 2012 MISSION STATEMENT BOARD OF TRUSTEES The Amon Carter Museum of Ruth Carter Stevenson (1923-2013) President American...
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Annual Report FISCAL YEAR 2012


The Amon Carter Museum of

Ruth Carter Stevenson (1923-2013) President

American Art was established through

Karen Johnson Hixon President

the generosity of Amon G. Carter Sr.

Robert M. Bass Bradford R. Breuer Michael Conforti Walker C. Friedman John P. Hickey Jr. Mark L. Johnson J. Luther King Jr. Carter Johnson Martin Richard W. Moncrief Stephen P. Smiley Benjamin F. Stapleton III Nenetta Carter Tatum William E. Tucker Alice L. Walton Kimbell F. Wynne

(1879–1955) to house his collection of paintings and sculpture by Frederic Remington and Charles M. Russell; to collect, preserve, and exhibit the finest examples of American art; and to serve an educational role through exhibitions,

Andrew J. Walker Director Lori Eklund Senior Deputy Director Margaret C. Conrads Deputy Director of Art and Research Randy S. Ray Chief Financial Officer Carol Noel Director of Development


publications, and programs devoted to the study of American art.


Annual Report

PUBLICATIONS DEPARTMENT Stefanie Ball Piwetz: Publications Manager Lorraine Bond: Graphic Designer and Production Manager Will Gillham: Director of Publications Amon Carter photographs by Steven Watson. © 2013 Amon Carter Museum of American Art, Fort Worth, Texas. All rights reserved.








$3.8 Million Excellence in Education Campaign Completed

Letter from the President of the Board of Trustees

Letter from the Director

Acquisitions 8

Exhibitions 12

Conservation and Preservation 16

Education MUSEUM HOURS Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday: Noon to 5 p.m.


Scholarly Contributions

Photographs: The Year in Pictures



Gifts received 10.1.2011–9.30.2012



Visitors Served

Closed Mondays and major holidays. Admission is free. Front cover (detail) and p. 7: Larry Sultan (1946–2009), Novato, 2009, dye coupler print, 2011, purchase with funds provided by the Stieglitz Circle of the Amon Carter Museum of American Art © 2009 The Estate of Larry Sultan, P2012.3 An accessible sidewalk leads from Lancaster Avenue to the barrier-free main entrance. All galleries are barrier-free.

Letter from the President of the Board of Trustees

Letter from the Director


many staff activities detailed in these pages make me proud.

As we set out to do, we built in 2012 on the momentum we acheived the

preceding year, when we celebrated the museum’s 50th Anniversary. Highlights of this annual report include more than forty additions to the collection (many of which our members helped to acquire), thirteen exhibitions (nine organized from the museum’s holdings), and upward trends in many of our new outreach initiatives. The year also saw the culmination of our $3.8 million Excellence in

Education Campaign, which supports and builds upon the Amon Carter’s awardwinning education program. Andrew J. Walker Director

While 2012 was my first full year at the museum, it was the final year for

longtime president of the board, Ruth Carter Stevenson, who passed away in

January. I am a richer and more knowledgeable director because of her, and I am MY MOTHER, RUTH CARTER STEVENSON, WOULD BE WRITING THIS LETTER,

but as the new president of

grateful that I had the opportunity to serve under her leadership. Of the many

the board of the Amon Carter Museum of American Art, the commission falls to me. It was just three months

accolades she received in the days following her death, I was struck by what

at Dallas, said: “Without the Amon Carter, there probably would never have been

ago that Mother died at the age of eighty-nine, and to say that she will be missed is an understatement.

Dr. Richard Brettell, chair of art and aesthetic studies at the University of Texas

however, she was the creative genius and driving force behind the museum; it was truly her sixth child. The museum

a Kimbell Art Museum or Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. Ruth created

profession to counsel her, and she applied what she learned to her role as the museum’s guide, elevating it to the

our inspiration, we will continue to lead. On the cusp of this new era, I am happy

Most of you know that she served as the president of this board since its inception. Over and above that role,

as it exists today is a testament to and reflection of her vision. Over the years, she sought out the best in the museum

an international level of excellence in the Cultural District of Fort Worth.”

preeminent position it holds today in Fort Worth and the nation.

was a leader in the community and Cultural District, and with her example as

president, and it was my honor and privilege to accept election to that position by my fellow board members.

to report that Karen J. Hixon, one of Ruth’s daughters and a longtime board

twenty-first century, building on the many achievements of the past. It is a daunting but exciting prospect.

proved herself invaluable too many times to count. With her as our guide, I am

I have served on the Amon Carter’s board for thirty-three years. It was Mother’s wish that I succeed her as

What Ruth began and nurtured here, we will cultivate and maintain. She

With their support and that of our dedicated staff, I look forward to ushering the Amon Carter deeper into the

member at the museum, will serve as our next president of the board. Karen has

confident we will continue to accomplish great things in the years ahead.

Mother would certainly be proud of the activities detailed in these pages, as she was so many times before on

the occasion of this report’s publication. Where the museum was concerned, her guiding principle was excellence in every facet of the institution. That principle will remain in the forefront as we move forward and will continue to

direct my aspirations for the future of the museum. May it become still more than my grandfather or mother or any

of us imagined, and may many more come to love it as it so richly deserves. Please read and enjoy this annual report, and share in all the impressive accomplishments of the past year at the Amon Carter Museum of American Art.

Above: Ruth Carter Stevenson and Karen Johnson Hixon, April 30, 2011.





Acquisitions PAINTINGS Scott Gentling (1942–2011) Ruth Carter Stevenson, 2010 Acrylic on canvas 2012.2 WORKS ON PAPER Alexander Hay Ritchie (1822–1895) after Daniel Huntington (1816–1906)

Lady Washington’s Reception, 1867 Engraving Gift of Randi and Mark Thistlethwaite 2011.21 Ralston Crawford (1906–1978) Red and Black (U.S.S. Nevada), 1949 Serigraph

Purchase with funds provided by Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Hamlett Jr. 2011.22 Kelly Fearing (1918–2011) Landscape with Nuns, 1946 Opaque watercolor on paper Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Edmund P. Pillsbury 2011.23

William Zorach (1887–1966) Ruth Wittenberg, 1933 Graphite on paper Gift of Janis Conner and Joel Rosenkranz, New York 2011.24

Will Barnet (1911–2012) Study for Polly, Minou, and Eon, 1979 Graphite on vellum Gift of Elena and Will Barnet and Alexandre Gallery, New York 2012.7

PHOTOGRAPHS Andreas Feininger (1906–1999) Tugboats, Ferry and Lackawanna Port, 1940 Gelatin silver print Gift of the Estate of Wysse Feininger P2011.14

Andreas Feininger (1906–1999) Skull of a Crucifix Catfish, 1951 Gelatin silver print Gift of the Estate of Wysse Feininger P2011.15

Gustave Baumann (1881–1971) Three Pines, 1925 Woodcut Purchase with funds provided by the Paper Guild of the Amon Carter Museum of American Art 2012.1

Ralston Crawford (1906–1978), Red and Black (U.S.S. Nevada), 1949, serigraph, purchase with funds provided by Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Hamlett Jr., 2011.22

Gustave Baumann (1881–1971), Three Pines, 1925, woodcut, purchase with funds provided by the Paper Guild of the Amon Carter Museum of American Art, © New Mexico Museum of Art, 2012.1



Andreas Feininger (1906–1999) American Locomotive Company, Schenectady, NY, 1944 Gelatin silver print Gift of the Estate of Wysse Feininger P2011.19 Andreas Feininger (1906–1999) Curtis Wright Propeller Division, Caldwell, New Jersey, 1941 Gelatin silver print Gift of the Estate of Wysse Feininger P2011.20

Herschel C. Logan (1901–1987) Old Farmhouse, 1938 Woodcut 2012.5 Will Barnet (1911–2012) Study for Self-Portrait and Woman and White Cat, 1983 Charcoal on vellum Gift of Elena and Will Barnet and Alexandre Gallery, New York 2012.6

Andreas Feininger (1906–1999) Strip Mining, Ohio, 1953 Gelatin silver print Gift of the Estate of Wysse Feininger P2011.17 Andreas Feininger (1906–1999) Train Yard, Chicago, 1948 Gelatin silver print Gift of the Estate of Wysse Feininger P2011.18

Otis Dozier (1904–1987) Untitled, 1932 Watercolor Purchase with funds provided by the Paper Guild of the Amon Carter Museum of American Art 2012.3 Will Barnet (1911–2012) Study for Self-Portrait, ca. 1952 Watercolor and graphite on paper Gift of Elena and Will Barnet and Alexandre Gallery, New York 2012.4

Andreas Feininger (1906–1999) Market, Maxwell Street, Chicago, 1941 Gelatin silver print Gift of the Estate of Wysse Feininger P2011.16

Andreas Feininger (1906–1999), Liberty Aircraft, Farmingdale, Long Island, New York, 1941, gelatin silver print, gift of the Estate of Wysse Feininger, © Estate of Gertrud E. (Wysse) Feininger, P2011.21

Andreas Feininger (1906–1999) Liberty Aircraft, Farmingdale, Long Island, New York, 1941 Gelatin silver print Gift of the Estate of Wysse Feininger P2011.21



Subhankar Banerjee (b. 1967) Two Nests Underneath the Powerline, 2008 Digital dye coupler print Gift of the artist P2011.28.1-2 Jane Hammond (b. 1950) The Time Game, 2011 Gelatin silver print Purchase with funds provided by David H. Gibson P2011.29

Trevor Paglen (b. 1974), The Fence (Lake Kickapoo, Texas), 2010, dye coupler print, 2011, purchase with funds provided by Finis Welch, Jeanne Gulner, and Kenneth E. Rees, © Trevor Paglen, P2012.1

Andreas Feininger (1906–1999) Watervliet Arsenal, New York, 1944 Gelatin silver print Gift of the Estate of Wysse Feininger P2011.22 Andreas Feininger (1906–1999) [Woman in laboratory], 1947 Gelatin silver print Gift of the Estate of Wysse Feininger P2011.23 Andreas Feininger (1906–1999) Van Nuys Gardens, California, 1950 Gelatin silver print Gift of the Estate of Wysse Feininger P2011.24.A-B



Andreas Feininger (1906–1999) San Francisco, CA, 1947 Gelatin silver print Gift of the Estate of Wysse Feininger P2011.25 Andreas Feininger (1906–1999) Jewish Cemetery in Queens, New York City, 1952 Gelatin silver print Gift of the Estate of Wysse Feininger P2011.26 Subhankar Banerjee (b. 1967) Great Horned Owl; On My Way to the Cholla (Near the House with a Dog), 2009 Digital dye coupler print Gift of the artist P2011.27.1-2

William Wylie (b. 1957) Cottonwood Stump, Greeley Ditch #3, Cache la Poudre River, Colorado, 1996 From the series Riverwalk Gelatin silver print Gift of Jeanne and Richard S. Press P2011.30 William Wylie (b. 1957) Diversion Spillway, West of Windsor, Cache la Poudre River, Colorado, 1996 From the series Riverwalk Gelatin silver print Gift of Jeanne and Richard S. Press P2011.31 William Wylie (b. 1957) Russian Olive Trees at Confluence of the Cache la Poudre and South Platte Rivers, Colorado, 1996 From the series Riverwalk Gelatin silver print Gift of Jeanne and Richard S. Press P2011.32

Trevor Paglen (b. 1974) The Fence (Lake Kickapoo, Texas), 2010 Dye coupler print, 2011 Purchase with funds provided by Finis Welch, Jeanne Gulner, and Kenneth E. Rees P2012.1 Joaquin Trujillo (b. 1976) Jacky, 2003 Ink jet print, 2011 Purchase with funds provided by the Stieglitz Circle of the Amon Carter Museum of American Art P2012.2 Larry Sultan (1946–2009) Novato, 2009 Dye coupler print, 2011 Purchase with funds provided by the Stieglitz Circle of the Amon Carter Museum of American Art P2012.3 Nazraeli Press Six by Six Set One, 2010 Portfolio containing six volumes, each containing a photograph by various artists P2012.4.1

Larry Sultan (1946–2009), Novato, 2009, dye coupler print, 2011, purchase with funds provided by the Stieglitz Circle of the Amon Carter Museum of American Art, © 2009 The Estate of Larry Sultan, P2012.3

Nazraeli Press Six by Six Set Two, 2011 Portfolio containing six volumes, each containing a photograph by various artists P2012.4.2

King Dexter (b. 1942) Fort Point, San Francisco, ca. 1976 Gelatin silver print, 1981 Gift of Paul Brauchle in honor of Lorelai and Dorian Hawkins P2012.7

Unknown photographer Untitled, 1850s Salted paper print with applied color P2012.5

Wynn Bullock (1902–1975) Color Light Abstraction 1185, 1964 Dye coupler print P2012.8

Unknown photographer Untitled, 1850s Salted paper print with applied color P2012.6

Nazraeli Press Six by Six Set 3, 2011 Portfolio containing six volumes, each containing a photograph by various artists P2012.9

Dornith Doherty (b. 1957) Big Bend, 2004 From the series Rio Grande: Burnt Water/Agua Quemada Purchase of the Barbara McCandless Photography Fund P2012.10 Misty Keasler (b. 1978) Magic Mountain, Payatas Garbage Dump. Manila, The Philippines, 2006 Inkjet print, 2012 Purchase with the assistance of Dr. Joseph Strain P2012.11

Abbeville Press The New Color: 10 American Photographers, 1981 Portfolio with ten dye coupler prints by various photographers Gift of David Mahoney and Winn Ellis P2012.12

FRAMES Period frame for Mary Cassatt’s Woman Standing, Holding a Fan, 1878–79




exhibition. Never before had so many of these singular

with the Kimbell Art Museum, which concurrently

French Paintings from the Clark. Both exhibitions were

depictions of the Old West been brought together.

In addition to their ongoing research, the museum’s curatorial staff organized nine exhibitions in 2012, including the special exhibition Romance Maker: The Watercolors of Charles M. Russell. The museum also hosted three special exhibitions, one of which was co-organized by the Amon Carter.

In addition to the watercolors, the exhibition

also included a special section developed by the

Amon Carter’s paper conservator, Jodie Utter, devoted to the technical aspect of Russell’s work. Actual studio materials such as his paints, brushes, and his last watercolor palette were on display.

Romance Maker: The Watercolors of Charles M.

supported by BNSF Railway, the Sid Richardson

would become some of the primary preoccupations of

E. Smith Foundation, the Lakeside Foundation, and the

and watercolors, from 1933 until his death in 1953.

co-organized by the Addison Gallery of American

MARCH 11–JUNE 17, 2012

mountains, picturesque towns, misty harbors, and rolling

the Portland Museum of Art, Maine. This project

Although intimate in scale, Sargent’s Youthful Genius:

Endowment for the Arts.

remarkably talented young artist who achieved

FEBRUARY 11–MAY 13, 2012

The exhibition included the monumental painting

Marin drew inspiration from Maine’s forested

seas. In 1933, he began living part of each year on Cape Split, a remote and sparsely settled northern peninsula in Pleasant Bay.

His Cape Split paintings exemplify a renewed

John Marin: Modernism at Midcentury was

Art, Phillips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts, and

Sargent’s Youthful Genius: Paintings from the Clark

was supported in part by an award from the National

Paintings from the Clark provided insight into a

international acclaim by the time he turned thirty.

enthusiasm for the abstract properties that had always

Romance Maker: The Watercolors of Charles M. Russell

Fumée d’Ambre Gris (1880).

space and using floating forms and energetic brushwork,

M. Russell (1864–1926) were featured in this special

was presented at the museum as part of a joint program

been a feature of his work. Flattening the painterly

John Marin: Modernism at Midcentury


Marin transformed the fleeting patterns of the natural

Peters Family Art Foundation.

modernists. This special exhibition featured over fifty oils


More than 100 of the finest watercolors by Charles

Romance Maker: The Watercolors of Charles M. Russell

on the Arts and Humanities. JUNE 9–AUGUST 19, 2012

During the early twentieth century, the enigmatic and

mid-century American art.

John Marin (1870–1953) was one of America’s foremost

was supported by an indemnity from the Federal Council

to the Charles M. Russell Museum in Great Falls,

American Art. It opened in Fort Worth and then traveled

Foundation, Mr. and Mrs. Trevor Rees-Jones, the Erwin

John Marin: Modernism at Midcentury

Institute, Williamstown, Massachusetts. This exhibition

American Vanguards: Graham, Davis, Gorky, de Kooning

world into innovative compositions and patterns that

NOVEMBER 5, 2011–JANUARY 8, 2012

organized by the Sterling and Francine Clark Art

Russell was organized by the Amon Carter Museum of

Montana. The exhibition and publication were generously SPECIAL EXHIBITIONS

showed the exhibition The Age of Impressionism: Great

The exhibition featured four works by Sargent and

Sargent’s Youthful Genius: Paintings from the Clark

and Their Circle, 1927–1942

charismatic John Graham (1886–1961) and his circle of New York artists, which included Stuart Davis, Arshile Gorky, and Willem de Kooning, forged their identities and dramatically transformed conceptions of what a painting or sculpture could be.

They, along with others in Graham’s orbit, such

as Jackson Pollock and David Smith, played a critical

role in developing and defining American modernism. American Vanguards showcased more than sixty works of art from this vital period that demonstrate the

inter-connections, common sources, and shared stimuli among the members of Graham’s circle.

American Vanguards: Graham, Davis, Gorky, de

Kooning and Their Circle, 1927–1942 was organized

by the Addison Gallery of American Art, Andover,

Massachusetts. Generous support for this exhibition

Elita and William Agee with William and Blair Blunt at American Vanguards: Graham, Davis, Gorky, de Kooning and Their Circle, 1927–1942



was provided by the Henry Luce Foundation, and by

NOVEMBER 28, 2011–MARCH 4, 2012

the Dedalus Foundation. The exhibition was supported

New on View: Richard Misrach

and the Humanities.

from the medium’s earliest years to the present day,

The Amon Carter avidly collects important photographs

by an indemnity from the Federal Council on the Arts

The Fort Worth presentation of the exhibition was

and late in 2011 the museum added a captivating early

sponsored by Bates Container, Frost Bank, and the Arts

photograph by renowned landscape artist Richard

Council of Fort Worth and Tarrant County.

Landscape has long been a key subject of American

Masterworks of American Photography: Series and Sequences

collection. This exhibition, drawn from the museum’s

MARCH 3–AUGUST 12, 2012

art and is a particular strength of the Amon Carter’s

prints from the same series that were graciously loaned to the museum by one of its members. JUNE 4–AUGUST 26, 2012

The Medium and Its Metaphors

daguerreotypes to oversized inkjet prints.

in 1839, artists and writers have often used potent

Artist and cultural geographer Trevor Paglen describes

art, science, and journalism. Over the past ten years,

Taken together, the photographs told a vivid tale of

Americans’ changing encounters with the land from the mid-nineteenth century to the present. FEBRUARY 18–JUNE 10, 2012

Masterworks of American Photography: Series and Sequences

Like most artists, photographers generally work in

series. This display of new acquisitions and rarely seen

are often defined by their jobs, and their documentation of labor’s troubles and successes.

drawings that focus on these increasingly visible modern

the Pencil of Nature, the Handmaiden, the Universal

other phenomena that exist as “dark spots,” in his words,

the 1950s for the inventive wire sculptures she crocheted

Window, and the Secret within a Secret.


view in the early months of the new year. To capture the

critical metaphors that span the 1840s to the present:

photographs of orbiting satellites, reaper drones, and

Currency, the Optical Unconscious, the Mirror and the

on the American landscape and its skies.

In late 2011 the museum acquired his photograph

The Fence (Lake Kickapoo, Texas) (2010), which was on

order to render the invisible border visible as a wave-like

of work in many forms, their recognition of how people

This exhibition presented photographs, prints, and

Ruth Asawa: Organic Meditations

thought that the project would take five years to complete,

collection, showcased photographers’ acknowledgement

he has achieved critical renown for his large-scale color

a radio “fence” that spans the southern United States and

drawn from the museum’s extensive permanent

mills in a range of styles and techniques.

museum’s permanent collection with a series of important

This exhibition paired photographs from the

the museum acquired a full set of The North American

medium’s earliest days. This modest survey exhibition,

represented factories, gas tanks, skyscrapers, and steel

his work as blurring the boundary between contemporary

and the artistic process.

Work has been a key subject of photographers from the

the period from the early 1910s to the late 1940s. They

metaphors to describe the medium’s unique qualities.

image, Paglen worked with technicians at the Naval Field


industrial landscape of America during the Machine Age,

New On View: Trevor Paglen

Edward Curtis and the North American Indian

SEPTEMBER 11, 2011–FEBRUARY 19, 2012

from the Machine Age

Since the announcement of the invention of photography

collection gems showed how multiple exposures and

project groupings reveal new insights about the world

JULY 21, 2012–JANUARY 20, 2013

Artists were captivated by the drastically changing

magnificent holdings of landscape photography, brought

together an array of photographs, ranging from jewel-like

everyday world.

1979) marks a major transition for the artist and was on The museum’s new acquisition was accompanied by two

Masterworks of American Photography: Landscape

an interpretation, rather than a literal transcription, of the

Industrial Monuments, Photographs and Works on Paper

view for visitors just months after its acquisition.

AUGUST 14, 2011–FEBRUARY 5, 2012

generated image. The resulting photograph functions as

Misrach to the collection. Plate 22 (the title refers to the placement of this image in the book Richard Misrach


field, Paglen translated the radio waves into a computer-

In 2009, with the assistance of an anonymous donor,

Station in Archer City, Texas, one of nine stations along

Indian (1907–30) by Edward S. Curtis. The photographer

has been operated by the Navy since the late 1950s. In

but it took close to thirty. By the time of the last volume’s

publication in 1930, Curtis had created more than 40,000

marvels, celebrating the monumental grandeur of industry in America.

MARCH 13–OCTOBER 14, 2012

San Francisco artist Ruth Asawa first gained renown in by hand. These daring new art forms earned her critical acclaim and a fellowship to the Tamarind Lithography Workshop in Los Angeles in 1965.

There she created a series of prints based on themes

in nature. Ruth Asawa: Organic Meditations featured an elegant series of lithographs, inviting viewers to

contemplate Asawa’s unique vision of the natural world’s beauty and wonders.

Industrial Monuments: Photographs and Works on Paper from the Machine Age

photographs and collected information on more than

eighty nations ranging from the Inuit people of the far north to the Hopi people of the Southwest.

Today, the multi-volume publication is widely

heralded as a masterpiece of unparalleled scope and beauty. The Amon Carter’s set is in fine condition, and the photogravures are rotated regularly in the museum’s galleries.





Conservation and Preservation

The Amon Carter’s conservation staff works to ensure that the museum’s works of art remain in exceptional condition. They do this by monitoring the handling, display,

Pénichon co-authored the publication Práticas de montagem de fotografias contemporâneas with Martin Jürgens and Alison Murray, Cadernos Tecnicos 7, Rio de Janeiro: CCPF/ Funarte, 2011

and environmental conditions of art works. They

also dedicate a great amount of effort to restoring works of art if they are in need. The conservation

lab in the Amon Carter focuses on works on paper

and photography, while the museum’s paintings are

examined and treated in the Kimbell Art Museum lab, which is jointly operated by the two museums.

gave a presentation on “What Is a Conservator?”

treating, and studying the technique in the watercolors of

Action program

Watercolors of Charles M. Russell. She examined 910 works

to students participating in the Education in chaired the FAIC Advisory Committee for the Collaborative Workshops in Photograph Conservation

sat on the Advisory Board of the International

and Museography (ENCRyM), in Mexico City

In addition, Utter completed the following in 2012: •

Development Scholarship to cover travel expenses to

attend FAIC Collaborative Workshop in Photograph

in various public programs, lectures, and docent

presented “The Art Museum: Art Conservation” as a guest lecturer for a graduate class at Texas Christian University

Conservation “Scientific Analysis of Photographs” at

presented “Charles M. Russell’s Watercolor

Techniques and Materials” for an education

workshop at the Charles M. Russell Museum

Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indiana

JODIE UTTER, conservator of works on paper, invested a

in conjunction with Romance Maker, participated training while in Great Falls, Montana

received an FAIC/NEH Individual Professional

great deal of her time and energy in 2012 to examining,

SYLVIE PÉNICHON, conservator of photographs,

on paper and treated thirty-six of these objects.

Postgraduate Course in Photograph Conservation,

The National School for Conservation, Restoration •

Charles M. Russell for the exhibition Romance Maker: The

in Great Falls •

presented “Examining the Evidence: The

Watercolor Materials and Techniques of Charles

examined approximately 700 photographs and wrote 123 condition reports for exhibitions, acquisition

Jodie Utter, works on paper conservator, uses a polarizing light microscope to examine pigment samples.

consideration, and loan requests for 2012. Of these,

forty-one received conservation treatment and twentyseven were monitored for color shifts.

In addition, Pénichon completed the following in 2012: •

surveyed the condition of color photographs in the museum’s cold-storage vault

gave a presentation of work with the

museum’s library holdings to a group of librarians attending the ARLIS/TXMX annual meeting

Left: Pénichon uses an instrument to measure gloss on the surface of a photograph; at right, she uses an x-ray florescence spectrometer to determine the elemental composition of a photograph.





M. Russell” at Inter/Micro, McCrone Research Institute, Chicago, Illinois •

presented “The Watercolors of Charles M. Russell: Materials and Techniques on the

Montana Frontier” as a seminar lecture at the Charles M. Russell Museum in Great Falls •

presented “Lay It on Thick, the Watercolors of

Charles Russell” at the Amon Carter Museum of

American Art in conjunction with the exhibition •

presented “The Watercolors of Charles M. Russell: An Examination of the Artist’s Materials and

Techniques on the Montana Frontier” at Material Memory, Helmerich Center for American

Research, Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa, Oklahoma •

presented “Romance Maker: The Watercolors of Charles Russell: An Introduction to the

Technical Study” at the Amon Carter Museum of American Art •

presented “An Introduction to Science and

Art: Looking at the Watercolors of Charles M. Russell” to home-schooled science students visiting the Amon Carter

wrote “The Watercolors of Charles M. Russell:

address issues pertaining to photographs and works on

Techniques on the Montana Frontier,” for

the Kimbell, where they are assessed and treated by Barry.

Color detail and infrared detail of a figural group from George Caleb Bingham’s The Wood-Boat (1850), in the collection of the Saint Louis Art Museum. The paintings conservation department initiated a comprehensive study of the underdrawings in Bingham’s river boat paintings in an effort to learn more about his creative process. In this work, Bingham made a detailed sketch of the figures prior to painting, using a dry medium.

An Examination of the Artist’s Materials and

paper in its onsite laboratory, but its paintings travel to

The Microscope, vol. 60

Beyond her work on the Kimbell’s collection, Barry

Philadelphia (1923); examined five works for possible

possible acquisition

wrote “Examining the Evidence” in Russell’s

West, a Charles M. Russell Museum publication, summer 2012

wrote: “How Science Informs Art” for The

was elected to the position of Treasurer for the

worked on the following in 2012:

Midwest Regional Conservation Guild (MRCG) is head of the conservation lab at

the Kimbell Art Museum; the lab is co-managed by the Kimbell and the Amon Carter. The Amon Carter can


continued the technical study of the paintings of George Caleb Bingham, a comprehensive study

that will reveal new insights into the artist’s working

Planetary Society website



N. C. Wyeth (1882–1945), Franklin’s Arrival in Philadelphia, 1923, oil on canvas, Amon Carter Museum of American Art, Fort Worth, Texas, Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Bass, 2002.2

treatment; and examined another two works for •

process and culminate in 2014 with the publication launched a search to replace Bart Devolder,

associate paintings conservator, who resigned his duties on July 13, 2012

treated five of the Amon Carter’s major paintings, including N. C. Wyeth’s Franklin’s Arrival in

during installation and de-installation of the special exhibition American Vanguards: Graham, Davis,

of an essay in the exhibition catalogue of the work •

executed condition checks of all the paintings

Gorky, de Kooning and Their Circle, 1927–1942 •

presented a number of gallery talks and public

lectures on paintings conservation throughout

the year, including lectures at the Kimbell, Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art, Chazen Museum, and Telfair Academy




were held in conjunction with Dr. Thistlethwaite’s undergraduate and graduate art history course, which was held weekly at the Amon Carter.

The Education Department of the Amon Carter Museum of American Art works to create and host engaging and informative programs that enrich the lives of art lovers of all ages and abilities.

Below are highlights of the many programs offered at the

the Collection, Book Club, Gallery Talk Backs, and Trivia Night.

The interactive workshop Art Basics for Caregivers provides caregivers of seniors with the knowledge, strategies, and resources to use art to jumpstart

conversations with those they care for. This program

and the museum’s monthly interactive tour for people

development programs for educators at no charge. •

with Alzheimer’s, Sharing the Past Through Art, were

Program serves patrons from Tarrant County

The new distance learning program for students,


In spring 2012, the new Educational First Steps

Outreach Program began serving students ages three to five from seven Tarrant County daycare centers.

The program aims to introduce these young visitors

North Texas to the entire state. •

The TRC’s online database was reviewed and updated with enhanced descriptions for all

available materials, and its resources were marketed through features in the museum’s monthly teacher e-newsletter and a direct mail postcard to 2,000 area educators.

to a museum setting through positive experiences,

In September 2012, the museum’s educators designed a video for teachers who have scheduled gallery

The Family Fundays Likeable Likenesses (November 2011), All You Need Is Love (February 2012), Young

had a record high attendance of 3,362 individuals, an

increase from the previous year’s attendance of 1,883. •

Dr. Mark Thistlethwaite, Kay and Velma Kimbell

Chair of Art History at Texas Christian University, presented the lecture series “American Art’s

Changing Modes and Contexts” on Tuesday

afternoons during the fall semester. The lectures


for the TRC’s physical materials was expanded from

which took the colors of the rainbow as its theme,

Carter’s collection related to agriculture.

This equipment replaces a system that was ten years

Excellence in Education Campaign, the service area

Spring Break served 1,600 people, and Storytime,

and geometric designs of artworks in the Amon

distance learning equipment in September 2012.

Florence E. King Foundation and funds from the

2012) served 1,425 people. Family Fun Week during

broadcasts. Students discussed the artistic qualities

Smith Foundation, the museum purchased new

Nash throughout the 2011–12 school year.

Supported by a generous grant from the Carl B. and

Masters (April 2012), and Hot, Hot, Hot! (August

Fall Festival: Harvest Art, was offered in conjunction

Supported by a generous grant from the Erwin E.

about the school tour program at the Amon Carter.

with other Texas content providers’ specialized fall

activities were implemented:

teacher-led tours or are interested in learning more

Star-Telegram, this multiple-visit program sends bringing seniors three times annually to the museum.

educators’ needs. As a result of these efforts, the following

leading inquiry-based teaching models.

senior centers. Featured twice in the Fort Worth

docents to the centers for five visits, followed by

of the education team to ensure it continues to meet

their classrooms. Educators observed and practiced

Designed in January 2012 in response to community needs, the new Connect to American Art Outreach

“Creativity Works!” allowed Texas educators of all

grade levels and disciplines to focus on creativity in

featured in an article in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. •

In August 2012, the two-day teaching institute

Resource Center (TRC) was evaluated by members

for second through fifth-grade students at Fort

museum began offering sessions twice monthly at

Florence E. King Foundation and funds from the began offering all of its 2011–12 professional

In the summer and early fall of 2011, the Teaching

The museum launched a new after-school program

to the district’s cut of after-school programs, the

Supported by a generous grant from the Carl B. and Excellence in Education Campaign, the museum

lessons, such as social behaviors and fine motor skills.

Worth ISD’s Nash Elementary School. Responding

quality broadcasts to schools. •

to include more informal, interactive programs

Examples include Draw ‘til Dusk, Crafting from

old and will allow the museum to provide higher

museum in 2012, all of which were free of charge.

The museum expanded its adult public programs in addition to scholarly lectures and artist talks.


cultivate their observation skills, and teach pre-K

Family Funday

Nancy Strickland leading a Distance Learning program at the museum.



VISITORS SERVED [total no. of programs]

Teaching Resource Center (TRC) [total no. of people served]

Total 2012 Museum Attendance


Visitors to the TRC


Students Served by TRC Materials


Digital Images Shared with Educators


Items Borrowed from the TRC

Adult Tours and Interpretation 508 Docent-guided Tours for Adult Groups (88 appointment tours and 420 drop-in tours)


72 Self-guided Tours for Adult Groups


162 Docent-led Art Cart Sessions


Student Tours and Interpretation


Public Programs for Adults 15 Accessible Programs


15 In-Gallery Programs


13 Lectures, Symposia, and Films


46 Other Adult Programs


346 Gallery Teacher–guided Tours for Students


50 Self-guided Tours for Students


Public Programs for Families


Student Pre-visit Programs at Schools



Other Student Programs at Schools


9 New Parents Tours

Onsite Programs for Students 2 Academic Decathlon Programs


6 Homeschool Programs



Family Fundays and Family Fun Week

185 3,025

7 Storytime Programs


1 Day in the District


1 Family Workshop


Distance Learning Programs 116 Student Videoconferences


3 Educator Videoconferences


8 Adult Videoconferences


Programs for Educators


34 On-site Educator Trainings


9 Off-site Educator Trainings


2 Educator Planning Meetings





Scholarly Contributions

The Amon Carter is committed to contributing to the scholarship of American art, whether by addressing research queries through the library, making more of our collection available online, publishing on the collection, or lecturing on the museum’s collection across the country and around the world. In 2012, the Amon Carter library staff fielded 3,062

library reference queries and contacts from museum staff and the public, as well as 1,263 archives queries. Nearly

2,500 items were used or checked out; 1,585 titles were

catalogued; and 782 researchers visited the reading room.

these departments engaged in during 2012: LIBRARY AND ARCHIVES

Lucinda Christian, Birchwood Conservancy,

over 12,000 of them to the museum website in 2012.

genetic reconstruction. •

Saori Lewis, MFA Houston, researched the Karl

Valeria Ruoppo, Sorrento, Italy, researched photos

Struss Papers looking at his platinum print process. by Karl Struss from his 1908 trip to Italy showing the house now owned by the researcher.

editorial, publication, and online needs of the museum in 2012, the Publications Department published

Romance Maker: The Watercolors of Charles M. Russell, an exhibition catalogue featuring all the works that comprised the exhibition of the same title.

In addition to their work on the exhibition program,

the museum’s curators applied their energies to ongoing research projects, journal articles, lectures, portfolio reviews, and membership trips in 2012.



Monica Steinberg, PhD candidate at the Graduate Center of The City University of New York, began

both the TCU campus and the museum: the Benezit Dictionary of Artists and Art & Architecture Complete.


works were digitized in the first three months of the

Libraries Society of North America, Texas-Mexico

Sam Duncan, library director, was elected chair of

Staff completed ARLIS/TXMX. The Medium

project, which began in July 2012. •

Lois Swan Jones award committee for 2012.

across the TCU campus.


The most notable acquisition of the year was the

library’s subscription to Nazraeli Press’s Six by Six

series. Once complete, the set will include six sets of

Museum and Library Services grant awarded

2012, and over 11,000 images total for the project. Highlights include 400 glass-plate negative

digitization project, adding ninety issues to the Promoted the Amon Carter Library collection

Work continued on the $150,000 Institute of in 2010; over 5,000 images were created in FY

portraits of members of the black community in

museum’s website. •

Endowment for the Humanities grant to digitize artist archives housed here. Approximately 3,000

The Library staff hosted professionals from the Art Chapter, during annual meeting.

The museum was awarded a $75,000 National

and publish online the photographs from the eight

World of the 1960s.

Leavenworth, Kansas, ca. 1890–1930. PUBLICATIONS

Continued work on a comprehensive publication of

2012 saw most of the work for the landmark

Russell’s watercolors, which will be published in 2014. publication Color: American Photography Transformed

six slipcased books produced by a stellar selection of

primarily American photographers. Each book features

du Loire Valle, researched the sculptural works cast

an original photograph. The library acquired sets one

by Roman Bronze Works in the Loire Valley.

through three in 2012.

Scott Barker, independent scholar, researched

The library also acquired Handbook of the Practice and

1963 visit to Fort Worth by President and Mrs.

includes four albumen photographs.

the records and oral histories discussing the

Art of Photography by Dr. Hermann Vogel (1871), which

John F. Kennedy and the related forthcoming

The library processed 525 gifted items in 2012. A notable set of 107 gift books, mainly on western history topics,

Dave Lewis, Grand Canyon park ranger, researched

came from the museum’s former director, Rick Stewart.

on the Grand Canyon.

from Director Andrew J. Walker on various topics.

the Balduin Mollhausen collection for publication

worked with the library at Texas Christian University

the Development of Alter-Egos in the Los Angeles Art

Matthieu Chambrion, Conservateur du Patrimoine

2013 exhibition Hotel Texas. •

to make available two key digital reference resources to

with her presentation Name-Games: Documenting

WHRGR Institute, used the museum’s 1963

its origins in an effort to recreate its genome for

Library Services.

Davidson Fellow; her work concluded in 2013

Appaloosa exhibition research to trace the breed to

digitized approximately 9,000 artworks and published

The library launched access to and also

microform collection with Rebecca Elder, Amigos

her research in the museum’s collection as the 2012

Beyond these highlights, following are other activities

The museum’s imaging department catalogued and

Beyond providing the day-to-day graphic design,

Library staff completed conservation survey of

The library also received another set of fifty-nine gift books



completed. The book will be co-published by the University of Texas Press in fall 2013. •

The Amon Carter co-published with the Dallas

Museum of Art the catalogue Hotel Texas: An Art

Exhibition for the President and Mrs. John F. Kennedy. Much of the work for this title, which accompanies the exhibition in 2013, was completed in 2012. •

Work began on what will be the seminal publication

managing the production of all supporting collateral.

in a Swamp: The Paintings of Charles Burchfield, edited by

managed the museum’s web presence.

The department compiled, edited, and uploaded an Institutional Timeline of the museum, as well as: Biographical Timelines of Amon

G. Carter Sr., Amon G. Carter Jr., and Ruth Carter Stevenson; and Comprehensive Exhibitions and Publications Histories.

John Rohrbach, senior curator of photographs,

and sculpture, presented her paper “Theatrical

continued his work on the upcoming exhibition and

Productions: Grant Wood’s Visions of America,” which

catalogue Color: American Photography Transformed.

focused on the museum’s painting Parson Weems’ Fable,

exhibitions Ruth Asawa: Organic Meditations and

system (Drupal 7) for the museum’s website,

DelMonico Books/Prestel in 2009.

Shirley Reece-Hughes, assistant curator of paintings

title is for a planned exhibition in 2014.

The department updated the content management

Cynthia Burlingham and Robert Gober and published by


The book will be published in the fall of 2013 by the

University of Texas Press. His 2010 book Reframing the

In addition to docent-training sessions for the

New Topographics was reprinted in a paper back edition by the Center for American Places in Chicago.

American Vanguards: Graham, Davis, Gorky, de Kooning

and their Circle, 1927–1942, Reece-Hughes also

Creative Photography, University of Arizona, Tucson,

Christian University graduate seminar on museum

and at the Oracle (International Association of

studies. Reece-Hughes oversaw Luce Curatorial Fellow Fellow for Photographs, titled Industrial Monuments: Photographs and Works on Paper from the Machine Age. Rebecca Lawton, curator of paintings and sculpture,

presented a lecture for the museum and the Fort Worth Opera titled “Of Love and War,” and gave two gallery talks in the spring of 2012. She also sat on the Art

Rohrbach represented the museum at the conference

on museum photographic archives at the Center for

presented a lecture on curatorial practices to a Texas

Laura Patrizi in her exhibition, co-curated by the Luce

Lawton also wrote a book review for the Association

of Historians of American Art Reviews on Heat Waves

the museum’s programs by editing, designing, and

at the University of Iowa’s Grant Wood Symposium.

launched a Director’s Blog and Video Blog, and •

The Publications Department continues to support

on the work of George Caleb Bingham: Navigating the West: George Caleb Bingham and the River. The

Rebecca Lawton, curator of paintings and sculpture, lectures in the museum’s auditorium.

Advisory Panel of the Commissioner of Internal Revenue

Photography Curators) conference at Haverford College.

He also secured a second venue for the Color exhibition in the Dixon Gallery and Gardens in Memphis, Tennessee. Along with former associate curator of photographs,

in Washington, D.C.; was an exhibition consultant for

Jessica May, Rohrbach conducted portfolio reviews

served as a consultant for the Frank Reaugh documentary;

Stieglitz Circle members at the AIPAD in New York.

the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts; and participated in the Paper Guild trip to the McNay Art Museum’s Print Fair in San Antonio, Texas.

at FotoFest in Houston. He and May also hosted the

Nenetta Tatum, Stephen and Susan Butt, and John Rohrbach at American Vanguards: Graham, Davis, Gorky, de Kooning and Their Circle, 1927–1942

The publications department manages the museum’s brand.



Shirley Reece-Hughes, assistant curator of paintings and sculpture, presents a gallery talk to museum members.



The Year in Pictures

Left to right: Jodi Sanders, Mark Sanders, and Betty Sanders at a members preview for American Vanguards: Graham, Davis, Gorky, de Kooning and Their Circle, 1927–1942; visitors take part in the museum’s program Drawing ‘til Dusk; Gallery Teacher Emily Sullivan at one of the museum’s many Family Fundays.



The museum offers several hundred programs each year for the community. In the lower left image above, docent Evaline Wright conducts one of numerous docent programs offered in 2012.



Left to right: Jim Graham, Dolores Geiser, Erika Graham, and Mary Jane Hooper at the members preview for Romance Maker: The Watercolors of Charles M. Russell; Conservator of Works on Paper Jodie Utter, Rick and Meredith Stewart at the members preview for Romance Maker: The Watercolors of Charles M. Russell; Susan Kaufman, Amy Green, Kari Laehr, and Sue Traver at the members preview for Romance Maker: The Watercolors of Charles M. Russell; Mark Lombard, Robin Koss, and Steve Blanchard at the members preview for Romance Maker: The Watercolors of Charles M. Russell



Left to right: Members preview for John Marin: Modernism at Midcentury; visitors take part in a workshop at the museum; docent Melinda Burt leading a Tea and Tours group; members preview for Sargent’s Youthful Genius: Paintings from the Clark; having fun at the museum’s popular Summer Storytime program.



$3.8 Million Excellence in Education Campaign Completed

Carol Havener Mr. and Mrs. Todd P. Kelly Julie Ann Rosenthal Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey K. Rothenberg (Sharing the Past), in memory of E.M.

The Board of Trustees and staff of the Amon Carter Museum of American Art

Rosenthal Mimi Slaughter

express sincere and heartfelt thanks to the many donors whose generous

$200 +

contributions allowed for the timely completion of this important effort. Funds

Wayne and Jane Bird

raised through this campaign have already impacted the museum’s ability to

Mary Beth and Ken, in honor

extend its outreach in the community with meaningful programs that reveal the

Fernando Costa

relevance of great works of American art to their lives.

Steven Dorfman

Michael Buckley of Sue Chalk The Dallas Glass Club Ms. Martha K. Downey Dr. and Mrs. Irvin Robinson Steve and Melisa Schultz

$400,000 +

Mr. and Mrs. Emmett

Betty J. Sanders

Kenneth and Cherrie Garrett

Anne T. and Robert M. Bass

M. Murphy

William E. Scott Foundation


Leo Potishman Foundation

Benjamin F. Stapleton III

Gary and Judy Havener

$200,000 +

Qurumbli Fund, in honor

Mollie L. and Garland Lasater

Staff of Luther King Capital

Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Bass

of Ruth Carter Stevenson

Charitable Fund of the


The Discovery Fund

Shannon and Breck Ray, in

Community Foundation of

Julie and Scott Kleberg

Karen and Tim Hixon

memory of Paul Ray and

North Texas

Brooke K. and John R. Lively

The Walton Family

Kelly Young

The Ryan Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Edward


The Rees-Jones Foundation

Martin III

Stephen and Clara Smiley $100,000 +

William E. and Jean Jones

George Ann Carter Bahan,


in memory of Amon G. Carter Jr.

$25,000 +

The Lee and Ramona Bass

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Bird


Dr. Robert and Joyce Pate

Mr. Sid R. Bass


Mrs. W. K. Gordon Jr.

Amon G. Carter III, in honor of

The Brown Lupton

Ruth Carter Stevenson


Louise and Frank Carvey

Ruth Carter Stevenson

Shirlee J. and Taylor Gandy

Nenetta C. and Steve

Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Garvey,

Tatum, in memory of Amon

in honor of Ruth Carter

G. Carter Jr.

Stevenson and Stacy Fuller

Wells Fargo

Carol and Ronnie Goldman Tracy E. Holmes

$50,000 +

Debbie and Larry Kalas

Sue and John Allen Chalk

Suzanne S. and Kevin G.

Fischer Foundation

Levy, in honor and

Christina and Mark Johnson

appreciation of Ruth Carter

Kleinheinz Family Endowment

Stevenson and the

for the Arts and Education

Amon G. Carter Foundation

Mary Potishman Lard Trust

Marsland and Dick Moncrief

The Lowe Foundation

The Morris Foundation Rosalyn G. Rosenthal



$10,000 +

Nicholas and Louella Martin


Charitable Fund of the

Charles Butt

Community Foundation of

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander

North Texas

F. Cothran

Ronald L. and Beth Parrish

Mitzi and Bill Davis

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Porter

Virginia Clay Dorman

Jane Rector

Mary Katherine and Dean

$1,000 +

Julie and Phil Slaughter


Shelby and Pat Adams

Helen and Frank Stevenson

Stanley Kuchar

Mark and Randi Thistlethwaite


Sandy Tomlinson, in honor of

The Schollmaier Foundation

Andrew J. Walker

Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Brown

Stephen and Judy Alton’s

Licia and Michael Conforti

Anniversary Vivenne B. Williams

Mary and John Ripperton, in memory of Mr. and Mrs.

Mark and Becca Stupfel Crystelle Waggoner

$2,500 +

Lori Eklund and Michael

Charitable Trust



Kimbell and Mitch Wynne

Mr. and Mrs. Bradford

Colleen and Preston Geren

$100 +

R. Breuer

The Hodges Fund of the


$5,000 +

Lisa and Bill Burton

Community Foundation of

Marty and Mike Craddock

Judith and Stephen Alton

Susan and Stephen Butt

North Texas

Peter Dahlberg

Connie Beck and Frank Tilley

Mac and Lu Jo Churchill

Mr. and Mrs. Edward R.

Mrs. Ann A. Dickey

Barbara and Ralph Cox

Harry Earl M.D.

Hudson Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Gibbs

Jeff and Katie Farmer

Pamela and James Graham

Jay and Barbara Lesok

Mr. and Mrs. Bud Kennedy

Ken and Debra Hamlett

Gene and Marsha Gray

Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. O’Brien

J. Michael McBride

Mark and Shannon Hart

The Inge Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. John D.

Ronda and Jeff Nabity

Dr. Kathleen L. Hickey and

Mr. and Mrs. Byron L. Keil


Robert and JoAnn Patton

John P. Hickey Jr.

Brooke E. (Boo) Lively

Dr. and Mrs. John M.

Paulo Serpa and Sylvie

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Long

Dr. and Mrs. M. Dwain



Mr. and Mrs. William A. Massad


Jean and John Roach, in

Mary Lynn Sloane

Kathryn and Morris Matson

Charles and Dianne Nixon

honor of Dr. William

Nancy Strickland

Susan and Victor Medina

Mrs. William J. Nolan, in honor

E. Tucker

Nan and Foster Nelson

of Judy and Stephen Alton

Mr. and Mrs. Earle A. Shields Jr.

Up to $100

Carol and K. K. Noel

Susan Murrin Pritchett

Nancy and Andy Thompson

Rosann Batteiger

Stephen and Shannon Nolan

Mr. and Mrs. Ceily Y. Ray Jr.

John and Denise Tuggle

Elizabeth Forester

Kathy and John Nugent

Lori and Tom Roberts

Paula and Ron Tyler

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas

Once Upon a Time…

Guido & Ruth Shumake

Mr. and Mrs. George

Charitable Trust

$500 +

Joseph and Carolyn Kobos

W. Pepper

Texas Commission on the Arts

Betty and Stewart Alcorn

Kathleen Moloney

Texas Jet, Pam and Reed

Jerre W. Tracy and J. David

June and Hugh Chavern

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin S. Ryan,



Ms. Caroline M. Dulle

in honor of Mr. and Mrs.

Randy and Julie Ray

Cindy and L. C. Tubb

Arnold and Harriette

John R. Lively

Ms. Cynthia H. Hammett

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Vogel

Gachman, in honor of

Carter Tatum, in honor of

and Mr. Richard A. Russack

Anna Jean and Richard Walsh

Stephen and Judy Alton

Andrew Walker

Mr. and Mrs. John O. Sutton Jr.

B. Gilliam

Susanna Gorski, in honor of Boo Lively



Honor Roll of Contributors Fiscal Year October 1, 2011, through September 30, 2012 The Board of Trustees and staff of the Amon Carter Museum of American Art express their sincere gratitude and appreciation for the contributions and gifts received from foundations, corporations, government agencies, and many devoted members and friends. Private support allows the museum to carry out Amon G. Carter’s philanthropic vision, offering free admission and world-class exhibitions and education initiatives. These activities reach a diverse audience of adult learners, students, families, young children, and scholars. Thank you.

ANNUAL GIFTS We are grateful to those individuals, corporations, and foundations whose generous gifts support museum exhibitions, education programs, and other important initiatives through their cumulative gifts received October 1, 2011, through September 30, 2012.

Kleinheinz Family Endowment

William E. Scott Foundation

Staff of Luther King Capital

for the Arts & Education

Erwin E. Smith Foundation


Lowe Foundation

Fort Worth Star-Telegram*

Anne and John Marion

National Endowment for

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Porter

the Arts

$15,000 +

Mr. Benjamin F. Stapleton III

National Endowment for

Alcon Foundation

Mark and Becca Stupfel

the Humanities

Bates Container

Wells Fargo

Leo Potishman Foundation

Charles Butt

Marsland and Dick Moncrief

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander

$5,000 +

Qurumbli Fund

F. Cothran

James Edwin DuBose and

Shannon and Breck Ray

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Garvey

Victoria Adams

The Rees-Jones Foundation

Gary and Judy Havener

Arts Council of Fort Worth

Ann L. & Carol Green Rhodes

Lakeside Foundation

and Tarrant County

$500,000 +

Charitable Trust, Bank of

Schollmaier Foundation

George Ann and Bill Bahan

Anne T. and Robert M. Bass

America Trustee

Texas Commission on the Arts

Ms. Jeanne M. Cecil

Amon G. Carter Foundation

The University of Texas at

Crystelle Waggoner

Barbara and Ralph Cox

The Walton Family

Dallas/The Texas Fund

Charitable Trust, Bank of

Dale Operating Company


America Trustee

Kay and Ben Fortson Joan and Walker Friedman

$250,000 +



$25,000 +

$10,000 +

William M. Fuller Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Bass

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Bird

Jon and Rebecca Brumley

Jeanne Gulner and Ken Rees

The Discovery Fund


Mrs. Lucy Darden

Ken and Debra Hamlett

Debbie and Larry Kalas

Mitzi and Bill Davis

Ms. Cynthia H. Hammett and

$100,000 +

Mary Potishman Lard Trust

Virginia Clay Dorman

Mr. Richard A. Russack

The Lee and Ramona Bass

Mollie and Garland Lasater

The Harmes C. Fishback

Mark and Shannon Hart


Charitable Fund of the



Mr. Sid R. Bass

Community Foundation of

FTS International

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Hixon

Mrs. W. K. Gordon Jr.

North Texas

Galderma Laboratories

Humanities Texas, the state

The Brown Lupton

Suzanne S. and Kevin G. Levy

Kenneth and Cherrie Garrett

affiliate of the National


The Morris Foundation


Endowment for the

Rosalyn G. Rosenthal

Tracy E. Holmes


$50,000 +

The Ryan Foundation

Julie and Scott Kleberg

Christina and Mark Johnson

Fischer Foundation

Betty J. Sanders

Brooke K. and John R. Lively




Ann and John Mason

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Y. Ray Jr.

The Jackson Family

Dr. John Smithson

The Burnett Foundation

Sara and Glenn Troutman

Kathryn and Morris Matson

Mr. and Mrs. John G.


Beverly and John Snyder

June and Hugh Chavern

L. C. and Cindy Tubb

Nan and Foster Nelson


Dr. Diane Jacobsen

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Sterling


John Wang

Carol and K. K. Noel

John and Charlotte Robinson

R. David and Sherri Jones

Frank and Helen Stevenson

Camille Comeau and Jay

Michael Haney and Mary

Stephen and Shannon Nolan

Mr. Jason Schoen

Mr. and Mrs. J. Luther King Jr.

Kathy L. Suder



Kathy and John Nugent

Southwest Bank

Meta Alice Keith Bratten

Julia Lee Taubert Foundation

Marty and Mike Craddock

Patsy and Bill J. Zimmerman

Mr. and Mrs. Peter O’Donnell Jr.

Southwest Office


Linda R. Taylor

Curly’s Frozen Custard*

Once Upon a Time...

Systems Inc.*

Marcus Institute for Digital

The University of Texas

Mr. and Mrs. Leo Davis

$200 +

Mr. and Mrs. George

Thompson & Knight

Education in the Arts

at Arlington

Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Denker

Frank and Tasa Anderson

W. Pepper


Nicholas and Louella Martin

Mark and Randi Thistlethwaite

Darrell and Carol Dial

Ms. Mary Kathryn Anderson

Peterbilt Motors Company

Jerre W. Tracy and

Charitable Fund of the

Nancy and Andy Thompson

Mrs. Cass Edwards

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon

Peters Family Art Foundation

J. David Tracy

Community Foundation of

Dr. Lynne R. Tilkin and Mr.

Mr. Gayle D. Fogelson


Texas Jet/Pam and Reed

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Vogel

North Texas

George T. Harris

Mrs. Cornelia C. Friedman

John and Kim Balderston


Mr. and Mrs. Duer Wagner Jr.

Kendall and Cindy Nix

William E. and Jean Tucker

Adam and Stacy Fuller

Linda Jo and Scott Barker

Range Resources Corporation

Anna Jean and Richard

Patricia P. Nolan

John and Denise Tuggle

Arnold and Harriette

Mr. and Mrs. Bill M. Barnett

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas

F. Walsh

Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. O’Brien

Ron and Paula Tyler


Beverly and Kenneth Barry

R. Reynolds

Worthington National Bank

David Ostransky

University of North Texas

Stephen Gilchrist

Evelyn Baum

The A. M. Pate Jr. Charitable

Health Science Center

Diego and Mary Ann Giordano

Jane and Charles Beach

Larry and Kim Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Guy

Jim Clark and Jean Walbridge

Susanna Gorski

Cliff and Marina Beasley

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Denton

Dan and Nancy Hagan

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Smiley Mr. and Mrs. John O. Sutton Jr.

$1,000 +


Nenetta and Steve Tatum

Shelby and Pat Adams

Law Offices of Henry B.

Dr. Andrew Walker

Dr. Barbara Haley

Ms. Nancy B. Bell

Mr. Hilton B. Dickerson

Alfred Bendixen and Judith

Mary Katherine and Dean

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Alton

Paup P.C.

Philip Williams

Carol Havener

Larry and Sheri Berk

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond G.



Bank of Texas

Mr. and Mrs. Ted E. Paup

Mrs. Vivienne Boswell

Owen and Betsy Hedden

Bob and Brenda Berry


Mr. Fiske Hanley

WRR Classical 101.1 FM*

Megan and Victor Boschini

Nancy and Jim Phillips


Lyda Hill

James and Sandra Bews

Kay Dillard

Mary Jane and Larry Harbison

XTO Energy Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Bradford R.

Mrs. Virginia R. Pumphrey

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Wilson II

Mr. and Mrs. Clayton R. Hook

Marco and Judith Bianchi

John and Denise Dillow

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Harman


Gary M. Putteet

Kimbell and Mitchell Wynne

Philip Hornsey

Mike and Susi Bickley

Bliss Dodd

James R. Harris

$2,500 +

Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Brown

Randy and Julie Ray

Ms. Judy Youngblood and

Informal Education Products

Wayne and Jane Bird

Mr. Dan Earl Duggan

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J.

Lisa and Bill Burton

Barbara and Steve Bynum

Dr. and Mrs. Larry E. Reaves

Mr. Daniel Butler


Kevin Bower

Caroline M. Dulle


Amon G. Carter III

The Chatham Foundation

Joan and John Richardson

Charles and Julie Irsch

Mr. Harry Brants

Mrs. Alice Levi Duncan

Steven Harvey

Sue and John Allen Chalk Sr.

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Conforti

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Jacobs

Harrell Moten and Mary Brian

Bill and Resa Dunkin

Dr. Ruth E. Haynes

Mac and Lu Jo Churchill

Joel Rosenkranz and Janis

Leslie and Dan Johnson

Phil and Ann Briggs

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Dunlap

Mr. and Mrs. Tyrrell Hearn

Coeur d’Alene Art Auction


Harold V. Johnson III MD

Jaye and Roy Browning

Karen and David Ekstrom

Ruth A. Hendrick

CSG/Hull Benefits Inc.

Michael and Ramona

and Linda E. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Don Brunson

Dr. and Mrs. George B.

Darnell Hester and Billy

The Dallas Morning News *


Ed and Rozann Juth

Michael Buckley



Kim and Glenn Darden

Lacey and Dale Dorn

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Kelly

Larry and Lee Bush

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Evans

Dr. and Mrs. Darrell L. Hirt

James & Dorothy Doss

Lori Eklund and Michael

Lewis and Rose Ann Kornfeld

Jim Caffrey

Errol and Tricia Faeth

Charles R. Hoffman

Foundation Inc.


Mrs. Elizabeth H. Ledyard

Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Cager

Constance Fagg

Charles W. Hope

Harry Earl M.D.

John and Terri Fant

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Massad

Mrs. Louise Carvey

Judge and Mrs. Pat Ferchill

Tom E. and Linda J. Horst

Cass Edwards and Robbie

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin J.

Nancy Jean Meek

Christy Cates

Robert Ferguson

Mitchell Hoselton


Fortson III

Mrs. Virginia O’Donnell

Mary Beth and Ken Chalk

Robert I. Fernandez

Don Huckaby

Fidelity Investments

Mark and Missy Gale

George Palmer

Tobin Clark

Mr. Jan E. Fersing and Kelly

Kyle and Kelly Hunter

Karen Fortson-Davis

John and Anne Gavin

Don and Judith Peska

Scott Cline

Flynn Ph.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Howard H.

David H. Gibson

Colleen and Preston Geren

Mrs. J. Olcott Phillips

Bonnie Cobb

Amy and Lee Fikes


Gene and Marsha Gray

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J.

Juana Rosa and Ron Daniell

Mr. Michael Comer

Ms. Kathy Flories

Cheryl and Cal Jackson

Patrick and Alinde Harris


Ann H. Redding

Communities Foundation

Mrs. Alma Foster

Nell Oden Jackson

Heritage Auctions

Mrs. Helen K. Groves

of Texas

Ann H. Freese

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jageman

Elton and Christine Hyder

Haltom’s Jewelers


Kathleen E. Connors

Chandra E. Geren

Janet C. James

Mr. and Mrs. Byron L. Keil

Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Henckels

Jean and John Roach

$500 +

Julie Ann Rosenthal

Ms. Sharon S. Corcoran

Pete Geren

Mrs. Renee B. Johnson

Brooke E. (Boo) Lively

The Hodges Fund of the

Randy and Missy Rodgers

Betty and Stewart Alcorn

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey K.

Fernando Costa

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon F. Gibson

David Cory and Catheleen

Patty Lowdon

Community Foundation of

Marlin W. Rogers

Dr. Edwin Augustat


Richard and Barbara Cox

John E. Gillean


Mr. and Mrs. Louis Edward

North Texas

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Baylor

Steven and Melisa Schultz

Betty L. Crow

Jennifer and Roger Gilley

Dr. and Mrs. Gordon Kanan

Martin III

Stephen and Suzie Hudgens

Schaffer Jr.

Ben E. Keith Company*

Mimi Slaughter

John Jameson and Janis

Martha Gordon

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur R. Keim

Dr. and Mrs. M. Dwain

Mr. and Mrs. Edward R.

Mr. Blaine Scheideman

Kathryne Bishop

Ben and Deanna Smith


J. D. Luttmer and Linda

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Kent


Hudson Jr.

James R. Seitz Jr.

Kathy Blackmon

Joe P. Strain

Mrs. Elaine Davis


Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Kimps

Ron and Beth Parrish

Sam and Isabelle Hulsey

Mr. and Mrs. Earle A.

Marilyn K. Burgess and Ed

Bill Thornton, Fort Worth

Jack and Gail Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Guernsey

Lane Anne and John Paul

Shields Jr.


Chamber of Commerce

Jo Ann Law Davis

Susan Murrin Pritchett


John and Mary Ripperton


John and Mary Wilson at the Council Dinner

Daniel and Denise




Kathy King

Scott and Nancy Turner

Dennis Blagg

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Crowell

Ms. Carol Geckler

Mrs. H. T. Hayes

Mr. and Mrs. John H. James

Dee Blakewell

Ms. Margaret Culbertson

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Gibbs

Jeffrey and Pamela Hayes

George and Gail Jensen


Janice and Walter Knowles

Peter Pactor

Richard Vedder

Jeanne C. Boatman

Don and Deborah Currie

Ms. Mary C. Gibson

Denis and Elise Healy

Sue and Phillip John

Mr. and Mrs. Karl A. Komatsu

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Parrish

Mary Volcansek

Mrs. Elizabeth Boeckman

Peter C. Dahlberg

William Gillham

Julia Hedden and Punch Shaw

Dr. and Mrs. Richard B.

Josh and Holly Korman

A. Pat Patterson

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Volk

Robert and Kathleen Bolz

Cathie and Bronson C. Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Gilliland

David Hendricks


Mrs. Jacqueline C. Kunke

Robert and JoAnn Patton

Nancy Wacker

Jessica Bonilla

Katherine Davis

Mrs. Martine Ginsburg

Rob Henry

James W. Jones

Dr. and Mrs. S. M. Kurtz

Harris Franklin Pearson

Rolinda and Wayne Watson

Thomas W. Briggs and

Tamara and Russell Dean

Robert Probasco and Peggy

Mildred Hestand

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jones

Private Foundation

Mrs. Cuba Webb

Elizabeth Anne Booth

Ms. Deborah Deas


Michael W. Hewatt

Mark and Cara Jones

Judge and Mrs. Hal M.

Larry J. and Mary E.

Howard J. and Karen

Trent and Cindy Boyko

Ms. Jessica DeLeon

Larry D. Galbiati and Janet

John J. Hickey and Clare

C. J. Jordan and Michael



D. Weiner

Paul and Paulette Bradburn

Mr. and Mrs. Lawson Delony


P. Hickey


Mr. Ted Harp and Ms. Christel

Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Phillips

Arthur W. Weinman

Paul and Allison Bradford

Kevin and Laurie Demel

Jennifer Glasser

Highlander School

Randee Kaitcer

E. Laughlin

Mrs. Willard Pratt

Margie and Jack West

Ralph Bradley

Edward and Muriel Denari

Wade S. Goodrich

John M. Hirschi

Samuel A. Kalat

Dr. Peter S. and Julie Lazarus

Mrs. Paul R. Ray

Thomas and Morgan West

Ms. Lucy Brants

Jeff and Rosemary Detweiler

Richard Goodspeed

Jim Hodges

Joann Karges

George and Jeanne Lewis

Jane Rector

The Whitney Smith Company

Carolyn S. Bray

Sara and Buddy Dike

Pamela Graham

Michael W. Hogue

Mrs. Susan Kaufman

Liberty Mutual

John and Marilyn Redmond


Janine Briley

Mr. and Mrs. David Dike

Stanley Graner

Cindi Holt

Ken E. and Kristy Libotte

Mark Lombard

Warren Weitman and

Whistle and Brook Whitworth

Mary Louise Brogoitti

Mrs. Marjorie Dillinger

Terry and Ramona Gratton

Lois C. Holzknecht


Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Lovett

Eve Reid

Audrey Wick

Ms. Amy Bronstein

David and Gwen Dillow

Robert Gries

Mr. and Mrs. David Howard

Marilyn Keffer

Dr. and Mrs. Don A. Lutes

Dr. and Mrs. Frank T. Reuter

Dr. and Mrs. Harry E. Wickes Jr.

Ms. Kathleen Brown

Mr. David Dodson

James Lee Grigson

Nancy Kay Howard

Dr. and Mrs. Allan R. Kelly

Theodore and Ellen Mack

Ms. Lily Rice

Dr. and Mrs. Kern Wildenthal

Mrs. Richard Lee Brown

Mrs. Betty H. Dollins

Roy and Jeanne Grogan

Norman S. Hoyt

Robert O. Kelly

Gayle E. Marshall

Eloise F. Rowan

Norman Williams

Stephen R. Brown

Thomas Doneker

Nancy A. Gross

Carol Hubbard

Shirley Cunningham Keltner

Michael and Patricia

John and Susan Woerly

Ms. Sally L. Buck

Mr. Steven Dorfman

Mr. Jonathan A. Gruver

Dr. and Mrs. Christopher

Mrs. Margaret Kennedy

Frank X. Buhler

Mrs. Michele Douglas

Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Guinan

Susann F. Land M.D.

Ben L. Matheson Mr. John Michael McBride


Ms. Evaline J. Wright

K. Hull

Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Key

Karen A. McCall

Dr. and Mrs. Irvin Robinson

Gail Wright

Melinda A. Burt

Elizabeth Downing

Frances M. Gupton

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Hunn

Mr. and Mrs. Calvin R.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry D.

Mr. Sherwin B. Rubin

Jerry L. Wright

Mrs. Karl T. Butz Jr.

Jay Druley

Mrs. Lee Roy Hahnfeld

Ben Huseman


McCament Jr.

Dennis and Roseann Rush

Barbara Wyatt

Victor Cabot

Joy Duggins

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hampton

Mr. Charles Inge

Reverend and Mrs. Floyd

Mr. WF McCarthy

Rylander Clay & Opitz LLP

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Yorio

Gerald Cagle

Joe and Mary Dulle

Lin Hampton

Don Rosen and Emily Isaacs

G. Kinser

Sam and Jane McClain

Joel Sampson

Doug and Gail J. Callas

Samuel Duncan

Patrick and Tanya McClanahan

Warren W. Shipman III

$100 +

Mr. Parks Campbell and

Sara and Dave Durham

Barbara H. McColm

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Siegel

Doug and Lavonne Adams

Mrs. Christie Campbell

John and Bari Edstrom

Mr. and Mrs. Mike McColm

Cathryn Simons

Terry and Suzie Adams

Mrs. Louise H. Canafax

Marcus Edward

Ms. Andrea McCormick

Mary Lynn Sloane

Christopher Akins

Sam B. Cantey

Eloise Ellis and Anita Ellis

Mr. Gregory L. McCoy

Mr. Emmet G. Smith

Imma Jeanne Alexander

Claire E. Casey

Mr. and Mrs. Luke Ellis

Thomas and Jessica McCraw

Mr. and Mrs. Hal F. Smith

Karen and Kent Altaras

Lora Cecil

Jess Elmore

Todd M. Kerstetter and Holly

Susan and James Smith

Joy and Don Amsden

Yuan Hua Chin and Victoria

Dr. and Mrs. Fred Erisman

L. McFarland

Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Smith Jr.

Susan M. Anderson


Mr. and Mrs. James C. Estill

Dr. Sara Sohmer and Dr. Sy

Dr. and Mrs. Watson Arnold

Townes Clemons

Annette Evans

Mr. and Mrs. Roger E. McInnis


Mr. Martin Asdorian Jr. Ph.D.

Zach Schatz and Elizabeth

Rita and Tim Evans

Merrill Lynch*

Jeremy and Marsha

Elizabeth and Raymond


Betty Jo Everett

Derick and Elizabeth Mesch


Mary Sue Coffman

Harold and Susan Fain Barbara and Jeffrey Falk

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Mercer


Mrs. Elaine Michero

Mrs. Florian Stadler

Mr. and Mrs. John R.

Mr. Michael L. Cole

Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Miller Jr.

Edward and Tana Staffel


Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G.

Liz Fannin

Dr. and Mrs. James P. Miller

Sandy and Michael Stepp

Charles C. Bailey

Cole Jr.

Mike Farrell

Timothy W. and Sylvia Metz

Grizelda C. Baker

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. D. Colegrove

Maureen A. Finnegan


Mr. and Mrs. Gerard E.

Kate Colquitt

Scott and Allison Fitzgerald Martin and Margery Fleischer

Mr. and Mrs. Lary G. Milrany Mr. and Mrs. William A.


Harvey and Lucille

Michael Tyson

Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. King

Mizell Jr.

George and Mary M. Sullivan

Balsley Jr.

Mattie Peterson Compton

Bob and Nancy Moher

Sallie and Joseph Tarride

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Barber

Mr. and Mrs. John N. Conforti

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Florence

Mike and Rosie Moncrief

Kevin and Mairin Terry

Joseph and Clare Barrow

Ray and Kim Conrow

Ronald and Leah Flowers

Mr. and Mrs. Randal K. Moore

Matt Tevis

Donna Beauchamp

Carol Y. Cooper

Mary Meadows Foose

M. Susan Motheral Ph.D.

Jerry and Bridget Thomas

Connie Beck and Frank Tilley

Brian and Melanie Corcoran

John Freeman

Mary H. Mulry and Harold

Ivan Thornton

Mrs. George Beggs III

Thomas Cornell

Dr. John W. Freese

John and Mary Jay Hancock

Dr. and Mrs. Donald F. Jackson

Christopher and Meredyth


Lois Tilley

Bobby Benefield

Will A. Courtney Sr.

Alice S. and Bob J. Frye

Ronald J. Hardin

Donald W. and Joanne Shea


Gerald Murff

Tito’s Handmade Vodka*

Ellen and Harold Berenzweig

Ms. Barbara Cox

Linda S. Fuller

Patrick Harris


David and Terry Klipsch

Jeff and Ronda Nabity

Sandra Tomlinson

Eric and Nancy Berger

Dorie Cranshaw

Edward J. and Sharon Galligan

Mr. and Mrs. R. Bruce Hartin

Linda and David Jacobs

Joseph and Carolyn Kobos

Judy T. Nelson

Joan T. Trew

Lindy and Mary Berry

Edmund P. Cranz

Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Garsek

Ann L. Harwood and Don

Mr. Mark E. Jacobs

Mr. Albert S. Komatsu

Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Turner III

Sam M. Bierner

Carol A. Crowe

Dieter Gaupp


Stephen E. Jacobson

Jeff and Susan Kosoris


Jerry Wright and Milinda Hall



Marjorie and Keith Kromer Steve, Susan and Alex Kromer Charles and Joyce Kulasxa

Dr. and Mrs. Scott Robinson

Anne Davis Simpson

Michael J. Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. West

Dr. Camille Adkins

Mr. Jon D. Back

Sharon Moore and Reginald

Barbara and Timothy Roels

Sarah B. Sims

Patsy and Randy Thompson

Mike and Joyce Whitaker

Nancy Adler

William Bailey

Mrs. Clarence B. Smith

Mrs. Eileen Thurman

Jane White


Drs. Jeff and Audrey Rogers

Mr. Leslie F. Aistrich and Mr.

Lee Weldon Bailiff

Kay Lamb

Walter and Ginger Morosky

Marge Rolston

Melanie and Flavious Smith

Mr. Jud Thurman

Ray and Sue Widmer

Michael L. Blair

C. R. Baird

Bill and Gail Landreth

Mr. and Mrs. R. Russell Morton

Virginia Rosenbach

Mr. and Mrs. Marc B. Smith Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. James Titley

Terry and Jack Wilkinson Jr.

Mr. Pedro Alcantara

J. Allen Baird

Ms. Kate Lattimore

Mr. Stephen S. Mosher

Brian C. Rosetti

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Sorrell

Mr. Larry Travis

Martha and Charles Williams

John S. Alexander

Mrs. Helen Baldwin

David and Cylvia Lawrence

Stuart and Melissa Murff

Jo Beth Ross

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Spidle

Dennis and Tish Trojak

John H. Williams

Julie S. Alexander

Mrs. Kay Fortson Baldwin

Woody and MeLissa Lawson

Mr. and Mrs. Larry P. Murphy

Mr. Ted Rowland

Mr. and Mrs. Pat Y. Spillman

Dr. and Mrs. Gary Upton

Suzy Williams

Mrs. Patricia Alexander

Tim Baldwin and Jeffrey

Joseph Lesley

Mrs. Claire D. Myers

Beverly S. Rowlett

Stephanie Spradley


Jay and Barbara Lesok

Cameron and Huck Newberry

Mr. and Mrs. Johnny

Mary Standley

Paul Balon

Mrs. Judith Lester

Dr. Doug Newsom


Ione Stavron

Peggy Smith Barbaro

Lauren Whitney Lively

Robert B. and Lynn Nicholas

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin S. Ryan

Michael and Beth Stevener

Stan Barber

Tanya and Shannon Locke

Monte Noelke

Jude and Terry Ryan

John M. Stevenson

Robert P. Barham

William and Jacqueline

Michael and Nancy Saenz

Eugene and Marge Stockton

Ms. Ronnie C. Barker

Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Strick

Louis Barnett

Ben Logan Mr. and Mrs. Larry Long


Joyce Sallinger

Carolyn Lorimer

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Norris

John F. Sammons, III

Nancy Strickland

Miss Kathy Barrett

Ms. Karen Lovett

Judith S. Nowlin

Dorothy and Allen Sanders

Judy and Gary Strong

Mrs. Gretchen Barrett

Mrs. David K. Lyon

Wade T. Nowlin

Gayle Barron

Jim Malone

Mr. and Mrs. Mark G. Nurdin

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence N.

Katrina M. Martich

Pat O’Neal


Thomas and Julie Mastin

Dr. and Mrs. Angelo L. Otero

Carolyn Barros

Martha H. Mattay

Clif and Leah Overcash

Elizabeth Anne Barton

Judge John McBryde

Vicki Owen

Curtis Basham

Elyn McCall

Jennie B. Paget

Rosann Batteiger

Dr. and Mrs. James R. McCarty

Henry and Suzanne Painter

Ingo M. Baussus

Jason McClelland

Mr. and Mrs. David B. Parker

Karen Beal

Michael McClintock

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Partin

Mrs. Nancy R. Beaudry

Bob and Curtice McCloy

Dr. Margaret Patoski

Philip Bechtel

Howard and Brenda McClurkin

Henry R. and Becky Pearson

Robert and Lynn Behrendt

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A.

Paulo Serpa and Sylvie

William H. Behrenfeld



Cynthia Bell

McDonald Enterprises, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Perry

Kathleen and Scott Bennewitz

Scott and Patsy McDonald

Philip Perry

Dr. and Mrs. Stuart D.

Karl and Nancy Petruso


Mary Frances Phillips

Shinko and Tom McDonald

Dr. Paul Phillips

Ann McFadyen

Peter L. Philpott

R. John and Jo Ann McKay

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Poe

William and Carolyn McNally

Janna Poland

Rabbi R. D. Mecklenburger

Mr. Brad Potter

Jo Mercer

Stephen Porter

Dr. Janet L. Merrill

Gail Potter

Virginia and John Merrill

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Pregger

Carl and Elisabeth Sanders

Mr. and Mrs. Maurice

Vin and Betsy Merrill

Charles R. Snakard and

Bryan J. Schrepel


Olivier and Laure Meslay

Dorothy Prengler

Mrs. Robert Schutts

Jack and Jane Summerford

Russ and Marcia Miller

Rix and Erica Quinn

Cyndi and Willy Seger

Johnie Swenson

Anthony and Gloria Misuk

Dr. Midge Rach

George Shackelford

Jane and Dan Sykes

Robert and Nancy Mitchell

Mike Randall

Dr. and Mrs. Gabriel Shapiro

Mr. and Mrs. David S. Sykes

Stephen K. Moffett

Joel Garten and Vivian Reiss

Derek and Missy Sharp

Karel L. Tabor

Katherine Moloney

William S. Reese

Mr. and Mrs. Scott A.

Dr. and Mrs. Rajendra K. Tanna

Linda Monk

Patrick Miller and Ann Rice


Mary Emma Tate

Elton and Tommye Ann

Ms. Jeanette I. Rice

Lynda Shipman

Dr. and Mrs. Larry D. Tatum

Mr. and Mrs. James J.

Frances Shupe

Keith Taylor


Mrs. Delio R. Silvestri

Texas Instruments Foundation

Montgomery Archie and Martha Moore


Patsy and Joe Moore


Mr. Drake M. Benthall

Mary Mulry, Harold Hammett, and Judy Harman

Peter Zweifel and Robin Bangert

June Berry

Van and Cecelia Van

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J.

Mrs. Robert Denny Alexander



C. Paul Allen

Mrs. Pat Van Meter

Garland and Jane Williamson

Carol Margaret Allen

Chris and Dana Vaughn

Trish Williamson

Carolyn Allen

Margie L. Veale

Marsha L. Wills

Kathryn and Rick Allen

Mr. and Mrs. G. Christopher

David and Rita Wilson

Sandra T. Allen


Margarita J. Wilson

Ben Alvord

Mr. and Mrs. B. Vinod

Richard V. Wilson

Lee S. Anderson M.D.

Mark Waddell

Lee Wimp Jr.

Sarah Jo Antonio

Mr. and Mrs. James H.

Lola Michelle Winder

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Appel


Stanley W. Wright

Tracy Glenn-Applegate

Bert and Leon Walters

Hector and Karen Yanes

Mr. and Mrs. Michael G.

Cynthia Waters

Mr. and Mrs. John Zihlman


Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Watkins

James Archier

Elizabeth Watson

UP TO $99

Barbara Armstrong

Kimball Watson

Trygve Aaby

Linda and Dan Armstrong

Valerie and Robert Watson

William Abbott

Marilyn D. Arnove

Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Watt Jr.

Mr. John E. Acker

Elizabeth Asher

Jim Wegerbauer

Kathryn B. Acola

Andrew K. Astmann

Dr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Weiner

Brenda Adams

Joyce Atzert

Otis T. Welch and Nancy B.

Bob and Leann Adams

Mr. William I. Bacchus


Mrs. Jane Adams

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart A. Bach

Robert L. Berry Haresh Bhagat Harry L. Biles Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. Bishop Carolyn M. Blake Kenneth Blasingame Peter Blaskiewicz Dr. and Mrs. Lee C. Bloemendal Anne M. Blount Bill Bogle Bob Bolen Sharon Boles Lorraine Bond Marcelle and Robert Borgers Larry Borne Vincent Bosworth Ian Bouldin Ms. Leah P. Bounds Carla Bower Kenneth Bowers Alton J. Bowman



Roxanne Boyd

Scott Chase

Claude and Carolyn Crowley

Ms. Georgia C. Blaydes

Kay Farman

Kay Fulgham

Jane C. Graves

Dr. and Mrs. William

Mr. Thomas A. Boylan

Dr. Lois Chatham

Dr. Kathleen Crowley


Mary U. Farrimond

Dr. Edward Furber

David W. Gray

W. Hallmon

Michael Boyter

James and Patricia Chatt

Mrs. Pat Crowley

Ms. Susan H. Doyle

Mildred H. Fender

Mr. Brendan Gahan

John F. Gray

Elizabeth Hambleton

Clay Bradfield

Mr. James H. Cheatham

Malinda and Dennis Crumley

Eugene Dozier

Douglas William Ferguson

Cynthia Gant and Tracy

Joseph Gray

James and Ann Hambleton

Roger R. Bradford

Billy K. Cheek

Mr. and Mrs. Jack W. Ferrill


Andrew Graybill

Taddie Hamilton

Jan Bradley

Mrs. Patricia Cheong

Mr. Steve B. Fesuk Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Wilson Garcia

Dr. Peter C. Green

Paula Harbour

Susan Bratton

Mason and Laurin Chevaillier

Mrs. Stefani Finkelstein

Mrs. Kim Garner

Mr. Seymour Green

Mr. and Mrs. Howard

Paul Brauchle

Richard A. Chiarello

Marge and John Fisher

Mary I. Garrard

Susan G. Green

L. Hardegree

Amy B. Brechin

Mr. Robert H. Chicotsky

Mr. and Mrs. John Fisher

Michelle Garrison

Dr. Paul A. Greenberg

Chester and Anne Hardy

Elizabeth and Eugene Brice

Lauren Childress

Susan S. Fisk

Gwen M. Genius

Sean and Tracy Greene

Ms. Sue Harenchar

John G. Briscoe

Jeanann Z. Cimino

James and Rachel Fitzgerald

Helga F. Gerlinger

Frank P. Greenhaw

Daryl W. Hargis

David and Janice Bristow

Lawrence Claman M.D.

Richard Flatt

Bobby Lee Germany

Judie B. Greenman

Lew and Dolores Harmon

Mrs. Judy Brodigan

Donna L. Clark

Francis E. Flavin

The Getty Research Institute

Maureen Greenwood

Lorna Harnit

Alix Bromberg

James M. Clark

Norm and Karen Florup


Tolbert Greenwood

Dana Harper

Ann Brooks

John A. Clay

James Fogleman

Mr. Brian Gibson

Dr. and Mrs. Clark R. Gregg

Donald I. Harpman

Ms. Jeanette Brown

Nina Cleveland

Ms. Catherine Foley Ph.D

Mr. Sergio Gigli

Mr. Bradley Greiner

Frank and Shari Harris

Anne-Marie Brun

Candy Clynch

Elizabeth Forester

Linda Gilfillan

Philip D. Gressel

Bob and Lois Hart

Mr. Alex Cobb and Mrs. Allison

Sharon V. Foster

Mr. Nicholas B. Gilliam

Ms. Carmela B. Grettie

Barbara J. Hartger

Douglas L. Gilpin

R. E. Griffey

Gerald Hartman Jr.

Lowell E. Bryan Carl Buck



Joel Fowler Jr.

Patsy Buida

Julianne Cochran

Mrs. Vera Fowlkes

Howard Glazbrook

Mrs. Richard L. Griffin

William J. and Billie

W. Glenn Buis

David L. Coffee

Judith H. Frame

Jo Golden

Mary Griffith

F. Hartsfield

Carolyn E. Bullard

Bob Coffey

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Bunn

Claudia S. Coggin

Miriam A. Cunningham

Zach Driggers

Frances A. Hawkins

Charlene Burdorf

Edythe Cohen

Ms. Alice Cushman

John E. Dudley

Marcia Hawkins

Mrs. Gladys Jinx Burk

Jacquelyn Coker

Evetta Dalziel

T. J. and Kerry Dudley

Jeff Heald

Mrs. Mary E. Burke

Mr. Charles N. Cole

Louis Daniel

Jane B. Duff

William Heath

Melissa Burkhead

Sharon Cole

Marcella J. Daniel

Ted Dull

Patricia Heberling

Mary Francis Burleson

Sheila Cole

Jeff R. Davis

Betty Dunham

Conrad C. Heede

Colleen Butterfield

Sarah Collier

Marlene S. Davis

Mrs. Patricia K. Durham

Robert Hegarty

D. Harold and Roberta Byrd

Bill and B. J. Collins

Nancy G. Davis

Karen Dye

Dr. Peter Heilmayr

Ms. Mary Byrd

Candy Collins

Thomas Davis

Jean Dyer

Anna Lou Heineman

Ginger and Robert Byrd

Lois A. Collins

Ms. Jane I. De Vaugelas

Mary Jeanne Dyess

Ann Heinz

Jean M. Caddell

Chris Combs

Mr. and Mrs. Beale Dean

Ms. Cherika Edens

Kathy Heller

Jack Caffey

Sharon M. Conger

Mrs. Samuel M. Deitz

Debbie Edwards

Dr. and Mrs. William Helton Jr.

Mary H. Caffrey

David Conn

Julie Delio

Patricia Edwards

Linda Hemingway

Debbie Caillet

Anette L. Connell

Margaret W. DeMoss

Lee-Ling Ee and Susan

Mr. John L. Hendricks Jr.

Clare M. Cameron

H. Parker and Gail P. Consaul

Walt B. Dempsey


June Henley

Grahame N. Clark Jr. and

Mrs. Virginia Cook

Carlene Dennis

Cynthia E. Efferson

Mr. and Mrs. Joachim J. Herz

Nancy F. Cameron

Douglas Cooper

Carolyn Denny

Beverly S. Elbert

Mr. Richard M. Hewitt

Susan M. Campbell

Annabelle Corboy

Friday Lecture Club

Ms. Jo Ellard

Marihelen Hickey

Ms. W. Jay Campbell

Andrew and Judy Cordell

William C. and Dorothy Dent

Mrs. Kay Ellis

Jan Hillman

Mr. and Mrs. William L.

Melissa and Timothy Cornish

Mr. and Mrs. David A.

Arthur J. Emerson

Richard W. Hlad


Stephen and Michelle Coslik

Deterly Jr.

Richard F. Endres

Mary Hodge

Ms. Marilyn Campeau

Keiko Couch

Janet DeVries

Tosca Engisch

Joan Cantwell

Perry and John Courville

DeDe Diaczenko

Michael E. English

Michael and Suzanne Cate

Mr. Shawn Cowdin

Mr. and Mrs. David Dibble

Stephen Eppstein M.D.

Don Cattle

Dr. Rody P. Cox

Mr. and Mrs. Guy E. Dickey

Colleen Erickson

Robert S. Franek

Mr. Scott M. Golem

James R. Grudosky

Anna R. Holzer

Marcia Stuart Ceplecha

Barbara Cox

William M. Dickey

Ms. Jane Esparza

Dr. John Frank

Barbara and Larry Good

Missy Kelley

Mrs. Bert Honea Jr.

University of California Davis

Kerry Coy

Richard A. Diekman

Mr. Nathan H. Eudaly II

Mr. William Franklin

Lori Gordon

Mr. W. Mark Gunderson

Pat Houser

Mr. Joe Chambers

Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Cram

Barbara S. Dietz

Mr. William Faanes

Carol Howard Freeman

Dorothy H. Goudy

Patsy Gurley

Marianne Howell

Mr. Robert Chambers

Theresa V. Crouch

Mr. Don Dodson

Colin and Chantay Fagras

Robert G. Freeman

Mr. and Mrs. Jim L. Graham

Caroline E. Haddix

Mr. and Mrs. T. Allan Howeth

Edward B. Chandler

Mrs. Archibald E. Crow

Sabra Doggett

Coy Fagras

Juan S. Frias

London Graham

Lynn Hagler

Gregory Hoyt

Thomas Charlton

Archie E. Crow Jr.

Mr. Joe Dolcini

Donna and Paul Fagras

Sue and Jack Friedman

Mr. W. A. Grammer

Marguerite (Mickie) Halaburt

Loren Hubbell

Norita Charnes

Dr. Herman L. Crow

Michael D. Doran

Betsy Fahlman-Ball

Mark Friefeld

Elisabeth Grant

Mr. Paul Hallett

Vicki Branch-Hummel

Robert Dwight Charter

Mrs. Patsy Crowell

Betsy H. Dossin

Cynthia D. Farley

Mark Fronk

Bill Graue


Mary Elizabeth Levy, Christina Johnson, and Suzanne Levy

Presley B. Hatcher

Bonnie Hodges Chris and Marcia Ceplecha

Mildred Hogan Ms. Carolyn Holmes

Val Hunnicutt



Wade Goodhart

Junda Kirk

Russell and Lou Light

Mrs. Betty Claire McKnight

Sheryl Kim Nelson

Karen Pope

John B. Rohrbach

Richard L. and Karen

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ingram

Sara Klein

Philip J. Lind

David McKnight

Ms. Charldean Newell

Susan C. Pope

Sarah and John Rolfe

A. Shepherd

Sarah Iselin

Colleen Kleuser

Marylouise Lindsey

Thomas and Susan McKnight

Margaret B. Newport

Kendall Pottorff

Margaret P. Roper

Frank H. Sherwood

Benjamin Isgur

Maggie Knapp

Harriette L. Livingston

Kim Perrone McLaughlin

Dan L. Nicewander

Mrs. Jackie Potts

Richard J. Rosebery

Mrs. Margaret W. Shiels

Bonnie Jabs-Gleberman

Nancy Knight

Lynn Loggie

Mr. Brian E. McManus

Nick Nicholas

Mr. A. Keith Powell

John C. Rosemergy

Mr. and Mrs. Michael

H. Kenneth Jackson

Mr. Harry E. Knudsen

Mr. Joseph Long

Tom and Judy McMeans

Mr. Lee I. Niedringhaus III

George R. and Charlie

Mr. and Mrs. William


Corrine R. Jacobson

Astrid Kohn

Nina Longley

Mrs. Barbara McNeal

Makio Nishida

Jo Powers

C. Rosenthal

Mr. Les Shurtleff

Eric S. Jacobson

Alicia Kohner

Mr. Olfeo Lorenzetti

Margaret McWhorter

Joy and Ken Noel

Diane D. Prentice

Mr. and Mrs. George W.

Mr. Aaron L. Siegel

Richard D. James

Marilyn G. and George

Carol V. Lukert

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Megli

Kurt Noell

Ms. Nicki Prevou

Ross Jr.

Anzelma Polly Sifuentes

Mr. and Mrs. David Meharg

Carrol J. Nokes

Dick Price

Barbara A. Jani

J. Komechak

Mrs. Janet H. Lumpkin

Ms. Holly A. Ross

Jim Simmons

Karole Jarrell

Melissa Konvor

Clark E. Lund

Mrs. Roy Meinen

Judith A. Noteboom

Dr. Nancy Price

Dr. Nealie Ross

Naomi Simmons

Barbara and Jan Jary

Jane K. Korman

Tommye L. Lyles

Bernard Meisner

Mark S. Novak

Patricia L. Pritchard

Ms. Deborah Roszek

Alison Sims and Jack

F. R. Jenkins

Nancy Kozlowski

Ms. Suzanne Mabe

Margaret O. Mellott

Michael E. Nugent

Margot Procknow

Sue Routh


Ms. Linda Jenkins

Ms. Teri Kramer

Mr. Joseph D. Macchia

Anthony S. Methenitis

Mary Nell O’Connell

Janice and Ronnie Pyeatt

Andrew Ruland

Patricia K. Singleton

Ms. Mary Louise Jensen

Teri M. Krest

Laurie MacGregor

Harvey Mette

Paul J. O’Connor

Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Quarles

Audrey Rumzek

Judy Sisson

Mr. James Johnston

James M. Kwolek

Gussie I. Mack

Jessica Meyer

Patricia O’Donnell

Linda Quinn

Mrs. Lee S. Russell

Stephen R. Small

John E. Johnson Jr.

Julie Ladner

Nancy MacKenzie

Joyce L. Meyer

Mrs. Sarah J. Ogle

Mr. Rein Rabakukk

Thomas A. Ryan

Cindy Smiley

Larry Lee Johnson

Marie Laine

Barry A. Macy

Jenny Michero

Steve O’Kelley

Fred and Rosalyn Rabalais

Judith Rye

Ms. Carol M. Smith

Jordan & Marlena Luper

Mary M. Madden

Colette J. Miller

Neil J. Orleans

George J. Race M.D.

Elmer Sackman

Katherine M. Smith

Delbert L. Miller

Michael O’Rourke

Rhoda Ramsbottom

Larry P. Salcedo

Pamela Smith

Mark Johnson Mike Johnston



Jenna Madison

Stuart and Judy Johnston

Cissy Stewart Lale

Frank E. Maggio

K. Dexter Miller Jr.

Landa Orrick

Michael Scott Rankin

Mrs. T. C. Salmon

Patricia Smith

Charles R. Jones III

Elaine Lambert

Kay Magnus

Pamela Miller

Thomas M. Osler

Janice Raoul

Nora Salvesen

Thomas R. Smith

Dudley D. Jones M.D.

Mr. Richard Lambert

Jeff Makie

Mr. Richard Miller

Helen Jane Owens

Jan Raulston

Meina and Bill Sargeant

Mrs. Tiffany Smith

Edith S. Jones

Steve Lamberti

Thomas P. Malatino

Ms. Christene Milligan

Peter C. Page

Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn

Joanne Sarsgard

Dr. Troy R. Smith Jr.

American Airlines Flight

Jean Lamberty

Nancy L. Marchant

Ann Mitchell

Suzanne and Jonathan Pals

M. Ray

Dr. and Mrs. Mohan

Stacey K. Soper

Service friends

Pirate and Sheryl Lanford

Kay Marks

Margaret Mollick

Debbie Panton

D. Redmon


Grant I. Sorensen

Jeanette Jones

Cherry Langford

Mr. James L. Marshall

Kathleen Moloney

Thaddeus T. Pardue

Juane E. Reed

Laura U. Satterfield

Elaine Souder

Sue and Wayne Jones

Robert Lansford

Barbara J. Massey

Mary L. Montgomery

Judith Parker

Sidney D. Reed

Mary E. Satz

Nina Speairs Ph.D

Susan Phillips-Jordan and

Paul and Paula LaRocque

Ms. Anna Masters

Katherine J. Moody

Jennifer Parmley

Mr. Sam Reeves

Joseph L. Sawyer

Betty and Michael Spencer

Jon Jordan

John and Angela Lathrop

Gray and Mary Matlock

Jim Moore

Earl Parsons

Robin Reger

Carter Scaggs

Mrs. Margaret Sprenkle

Mark and Anginette Jorrey

Mrs. Sterling Lauer

Naomi L. Matous

Ms. Susan Moore

Carolyn Yatsu-Pasierb

Erin Rehlander

Shelby L. Schafer

Mr. Edgar E. Sprinkle III

Carolyn N. Junge

Sue Lauer

Kathleen Matsumura

Elizabeth Morand

Mr. James N. Patterson Jr.

Mike and Marilyn Reid

R. Gaye Scherer

Mrs. Nancy Stabler

Theresa Jurls

Alan Laureyns

Dennis L. Matthiesen

Jenni Wallis-Moreno

Kathy Patterson

Shirley C. Reid

Tita Schmid

William B. Stallings

Carolyn Kacena

Catherine H. Lauterbach

Michael L. May

Mr. John S. Morgan

Vicki C. Patterson

Grace Reynolds

Paul Schmidt

Carol Stanford

Woody and Nancy Kageler

Bill Lawrence

Marti T. Mayben

Neysa Morrell

Ms. Maurica Payne

Kathleen Rice

Saundra G. Schmidt

Mr. Richard H. Stanford Jr.

Donna Rae Kalb

W.A. Lawsha

Ted Dewitt Mayo III

Don and Pamela Morris

Jamie Peebles

Lenda Richards

Dr. Barry J. Schneider

Mr. Richard D. Steed

Mrs. Karen Kaplan

Rebecca E. Lawton

Lorrie McClanahan

Kathleen Morris

Mrs. Preston Penn

Cherry Richardson

Mr. Leonard Schreier

Sarah E. Steele

Sandra Kautz

Michelina A. Leaf

Mr. Gary McClellan

William S. Morris III

Mrs. Hope Perry

David R. Richardson

Shirley Schuster

James D. and Sonja G. Stein

Jeanneane L. Keene

Ann Potts Leake

Ms. Kathryn Marshall

Michael and Helen Morrison

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Perry

Gloria Richardson

Patricia H. Schutts

Sevanne Steiner

Thomas F. Keever

David and Carolyn Leaverton


Martin L. Moskowitz

Tom Perryman

Carol R. Richey

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert

Kenneth V. Steinharter

Alison Kelley

Claude Lee

Robert and Joanne

Mikela Moss-Ukena

Pete Pettis

Lynn Risser

L. Schwarz

John Stempel

Henry and Lucille Kelly

Vernon A. Lee


Drs. Gary L. and Carolyn

Janet B. Phillips

Raymond and Nancy Roane

Brandon Jerome Scott

Betty Hanson Stevens

Kathy and Jon Kelly

W. M. Lee Jr.

Barbara McCluer

R. Mueller

Kelly Phillips

Katherine Robbins

Georgia Scott

Amy J. Stien

Judith M. Kelly

Ted and Anne Leiman

Mrs. Barbara McColm

Allison R. Mugnier

Raymond A. Phillips

Mrs. Everett A. Roberts

James and Elizabeth Scott

Geraldine Stocks

Joan E. Kelly

Mrs. Sharon LeMond

Linda McConathy

Michael Mullins

Mrs. Thomas L. Phillips

Lori and Tom Roberts

Mrs. Cynthia Seath

Carol Stodghill

Rudi Kemble

Ms. Nancy Lenehan-Matyas

Joan and John McCord

Yvonne L. Munn

Marjory Philp

Mr. John Robertson

Jerry W. Sechrist

Paul Clois Stone

Wallace B. and Barbara Kemp

Richard and Peggy Lenz

Phillip and Elizabeth

Burk C. and Elise Murchison

Robert and Liliane Picard

Gerry and Ronald Robertson

Sommai and Georgina

James G. Stouffer

Anne Kendrick

Mrs. O. P. Leonard Jr.

Ann McCrury

Constance P. Murnane

Greg and Nancy Pickering

Claire Robin

Sehapayak M.D.

Frances J. Stuart

Janice A. Ketcham

June and Arnold Leondar

Roy and Kaye McDermott

Mrs. Roxane Murph

Mr. John H. Pickett

Betty B. Robison

Ms. Gloria Sepp

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Stull

Jim and Janet Key

Stephen Lerer

Judy McDonald

Sue Murray

William Pirtle

Mr. Luke Robinson

Ms. Caitlin Sewell

Ronald Sullivan

Georgia B. Kidwell

Ms. Nena Donovan Levine

Dr. C. K. McFarland

Thom and Jan Murrell

Mr. and Mrs. James N. Plato

Michael Rodriguez

Mrs. Carol A. Sewell

Margie Summers

Sally Anne King

Katlyn Levitt

Mary Frances McKay

Jane McNamara

Bob Plummer

Ken Roemer

Correy Sharkey

Mr. James Sumpter

Terry King

Mrs. Ben Lewark

Mary Holdcroft McKay

Monte Neece

Mr. Frank Polgar

Carole Rogers

Kay Sharp

Mrs. Jack Sutherland

Timothy King

Betty Lewis

James McKenzie

Jimmie Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Pollock

Jean Rogers

Mary Sheldon

Richard P. Swallow

John P. Kinney

Eloise B. Lievrouw

DeAnn McKinley

Kay Allen Nelson

Jessica Ross Poole

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Rogers

Stanley Shepelwich

Keith Swigger




Ms. Helen Talbot

Mrs. Juliane E. Wagener

Barry Wolf

The Pillsbury Family

John Tatarko

Sonia Wagener

June P. Wolff

Jean and Richard S. Press

Carter Tatum

Dr. Grant H. Wagner

Drs. Bobbye and

Randi and Mark Thistlethwaite

Mrs. Barbara Tatum

Cathy Walensky

Rosalie Taubman

Ms. Glenda Walker

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Taylor Jr.

Olivia B. Walker

Milburn Taylor

Jack R. Waller

Barbara G. Teeter

Eric Miller and Lin Wang

Margaret Telford

Mr. Thomas A. Walsh

Dr. Tom Telle

Elizabeth Walters

Mr. Al Teter

Lin Wang

Jodie Sanders

of Ruth Carter Stevenson

K. Risley

Evaline Wright

Caitlin Sewell

and the Amon G. Carter

American Airlines Flight

Brent Shell

Service friends


Nancy Shields

Jean Dyer

Robert Adamski

Deanna Smith

Mary Ann Keil

Tristyn Anagnostis

Kelley Smith

In honor of Ruth Carter

Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Key

Jennifer Baldwin

Helen Talbot


Marjorie and Keith Kromer

Amy Bender

Stephanie Tran

The Chatham Foundation

Steve, Susan and Alex Kromer

Ethan Boyd

Elizabeth Tran

Mrs. Cornelia C. Friedman

Laurie MacGregor

Marilyn Browne

Tory Warner

Sherry E. Ward

The Brown Lupton

Jennie B. Paget

Charlene Burdorf

Russell Tether

Sherry P. Ward


Dr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Phillips

Blair Chappell

The museum also thanks

Mark Lancaster and

Michael R. Warren

Dick and Marsland Moncrief

Alison Sims and Jack

Lindsay Cline

the many donors who made

Susan Tevis

Mrs. Ronald Waschka

Susan Murrin Pritchett


Amy Cohorn

generous gifts anonymously

Kimberly Tezak-Daus

Nicholas J. Washuta

Qurumbli Fund

Cathy Corder

to the museum.

Mrs. Jo Ann Thetford

Mr. Gregory Watson

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas

In memory of E. M. Rosenthal

Ruzseth Anne Dela Cruz

Jane L. Thomas

Ronald Watson

R. Reynolds

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey K.

Kristen DiGioia

These lists reflect cumulative

Kriszan W. Thomas

Jean H. Webb

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Tatum


Phyllis Evans

gifts and memberships made

Barbara Thomason

Dennis Weber

Terry and Jack Wilkinson Jr.

Teresa Ferguson

between October 1, 2011,

Ann Louise Thompson

Roy Weidig


Ginger Fewins

and September 30, 2012.

Mrs. Cissy L. Thompson

John Weisbrod

In honor of Nenetta and Steve

Emma Hill

Peyton Frank

Every effort has been made

Mary Louise Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey

Gwen Genius

to produce an accurate and

Lacey Griffiths

complete list of contributors.

Ahmad Hashmi

If an error or omission has


Lyndsay Hoover

been made, please call

In honor of Dr. William

Bob Adamski

Kelly Hunter

the development office

E. Tucker

Glenda Barrow

Amber Hutchinson

at 817.989.5072.

Jean and John Roach

Bonnie Bassett

Joanne Jackson

Mr. Richard C. Thompson Cynthia Thrasher Tim Thurmond

Britton Wood

Foundation Suzanne S. and Kevin G. Levy

Harry Knudsen and Art Keim

K. Wentworth

Judy Wood


Urszula and Alfred

Ms. Cloyce Woodruff

Rick Stewart Andrew Walker


Kerri Holloway

George Ann Carter Bahan

Stuart and Laurie Monroe

Rylander Clay & Opitz LLP


Martha Woodson

Joseph J. and Ginny Tigue

Adrienne and Neal Wetzel

Andrew P. Woolley

Hope Tinsley

Cleve C. Weyenberg

Phyllis Worrell


John W. and Joan Titus

W. M. Wheless III

Bill Wright Jr.

In honor of Stephen and

Dr. Martin A. Tobey

Mrs. Linda C. Whiddon

Kenneth Wright

Judy Alton

Melinda Burt

Ashley Johnson

Tommy Tompkins

Mary and Jack Whillock

Bobbie Wygant

Sandra Tomlinson

In honor of Dr. Ron Tyler and

Sandra Buswell

Brian Kennedy

Cathy Trimble

Eda B. Whitehead and Floyd

Ms. Gwen Wynn

Arnold and Harriette

Dr. Paula Tyler

Jim Clark

Courtney Kimberling

Mr. and Mrs. Morris C. Matson

John Clay

Kiersten Kita

Dr. William P. Trotter


I. D. Wynn

Larry Tubb

Mary Whitehead

William Wynn

I.G. Cooper

April Knight

Ann Tucker

Ron and Donna Whitehead

Mr. Sergio Yanes

In honor of Scott Barker

In honor of Andrew Walker

Jeanette Ford

Janhavi Mallaiah

Dr. and Mrs. Garrett R.

Jane Everett Whitney

Janet Yockey

Friday Lecture Club

Carter Tatum

Patty Garsek

Michael McAteer

Tucker III

Donna and Bryan Whitworth

Mr. Clinton Cordell Young

Christine Guernsey

William C. Moloney

Mrs. Diane Turner

Jim Wietholter

Mrs. Daisy A. Young

McKenzie Moore

Robert L. Turpin

Mrs. Barbara H. Williams

Ellen O. Young

Mari Tutt

Duane T. Williams

John and Kay Yount

Barbara Tyler

James C. Williams

Steven Zalcman

Mr. Peter Vaky

Mr. Karl B. Williams

Mr. Steven F. Ziegler

Marilyn Van Hoozer

Mr. Samuel M. Williams

Dr. Bernard Zilberg

Ronnie J. Vanatta

Barbara Willis

Jo-Ann Zimmerman

Marie Vanderpool

Mr. Paul M. Willis

Patricia A. Vaughan

Dr. Annie Wilson


Suzanne Velte

Jean Donald Wilson

Rita M. Vinson

Mrs. Vivienne H. Wilson

Jack Vise

Kay Wilson

Philip O. Vogel

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth

Christine Voigt


In memory of Charlotte

In honor and appreciation

B. Wilson

In honor of Sue Chalk


Ann Heinz

Mary Beth and Ken Chalk

In memory of Ann Dickey

Norm Hoyt

Debbie Murray

Joy and Ken Noel

Polly Keffer

Margaret O’Flinn

In honor of Ronald Goldman

Floyd Kinser

Amanda Oglesby

Barbara and Jeffrey Falk

In memory of Jean Harrell

Kathryn Lang

Kirsten Oliphant

Mr. David Dodson

Cherry Langford

Ashley Osawemwenze

In memory of Barbara

Alan Laureyns

Andrew Palamara


Carol Long

Loana Patel

Lori and Tom Roberts

Morris Matson

Lauren Poe

Elena and Will Barnet and

Eric Miller

Allisen Prigel

the Alexandre Gallery,

In memory of Jonsula Beck

Angelo Otero

Courtney Prugh


Diane Prentice

Elizabeth Pyron

Connie Beck and Frank Tilley

John Richardson

Erica Quinn

In honor of Mr. and Mrs. John

Gloria Richardson

Janice Raoul

R. Lively

In memory of John L. Paxton

Vivian Spraberry

Emily Ricco

George Ann Carter Bahan

Stan Stephenson

Lauren Richman

In memory of Paul Ray and

Joe Strain

Farhan Rob

Kelly Young

Nancy Wacker

Monica Rohrbach

Shannon and Breck Ray

Jean Walsh

Avery Rutland

In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Henckels

New York

Pete and Beckie Geren In honor of Boo Lively Susanna Gorski

Subhankar Banerjee Janis Conner and Joel

Lady Halina von

Robert A. and Laura Wilson


Rosemary and Bruce Wilson

David Mahoney and Winn Ellis

James Von White

Walton Winslow

Estate of Wysse Feininger

Tom Waak

Trish Wise

Robert Waddell

Pauline Wittenberg



Rosenkranz, New York

Paul Brauchle in honor of Lorelai and Dorian Hawkins

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin S. Ryan In honor of Ruth Carter Stevenson and Stacy Fuller Mr. and Mrs. Richard Garvey

* Gift in Kind



Financial Highlights

Senior Staff

Covering the last three fiscal years

October 1, 2011–September 30, 2012

As of September 30

2012 2011 2010

Net Assets*





$12,652,276 $9,360,669 $9,107,991

For the Year Ended September 30

Revenue and Support Investment Return Expenses Excluding Depreciation Capital Expenditures

2012 2011 2010 $15,404,005












*Excludes the museum’s art collection. For a copy of the Amon Carter’s most recent audited financial statements, call 817.989.5065.



Jim Belknap

Jessica May

Installation Manager

Associate Curator of Photographs (through May 10)

Margaret C. Conrads

Trang Nguyen

Deputy Director of Art and Research (as of September 1)

Exhibition Designer

Janice Craddock

Carol Noel

Head of Information Technology

Director of Development

Marci Driggers-Caslin

Sylvie Pénichon


Conservator of Photographs

Samuel Duncan

Randy S. Ray

Library Director

Chief Financial Officer

Lori Eklund

John Reilly

Senior Deputy Director

Museum Store + Café Manager

Stacy Fuller

Shirley Reece-Hughes

Director of Education

Assistant Curator of Paintings and Sculpture

Will Gillham

John Rohrbach

Director of Publications

Senior Curator of Photographs

Kathy Goodale

Dan Stoyak

Human Resources Manager

Accounting Manager

Tracy Greene

Jodie Utter

Public Information Officer

Conservator of Works on Paper

Rebecca Lawton

Alfred Walker

Curator of Paintings and Sculpture

Senior Facilities Manager

Shannon Locke

Andrew J. Walker

Security Director