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Sheet1 Elec First Name 1 yes John 1 yes Debbie Edith 1 yes Joe & Judy 1 yes Randy 1 yes Nancy 1 yes Daphne Ann 1 yes Nicholas 1 yes Nicholas Danny Jo...
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Elec First Name 1 yes John 1 yes Debbie Edith 1 yes Joe & Judy 1 yes Randy 1 yes Nancy 1 yes Daphne Ann 1 yes Nicholas 1 yes Nicholas Danny Joy Johnothan John Kevin David 1 yes Robert Rita 1 yes Harold 1 yes Ben 1 yes Ray Jim Evrine Ken David 1 yes Penny 1 yes Vicki 1 yes Barry 1 yes Gay 1 yes Justin Seth

Last Name Ritcheson Ricketson Seagroves Hand Roberts Dwight Curry Carter Rushing Rushing Masri Shoup Ray Evbomenya Armstrong Grogan Hawthorne Naugher Unland Cleveland Thornton Graham Walters Dodd Lightsey Walker Gable Muse Whitley Gunnels Beavers

Organization Name Perfect Gathering Debbie's Diner Country Caterers Joe & Judy BBQ Salty's Seafood Rollin' Chopstix Daphne's Funnel Cakes Rockin C Ponies Nickamillion Nickamillion Fire Grill Joy & Randy's J & J Concessions VFGI Foods Big Kev's Barbeque Country Cabin Hawthorne Leather Chicken Coop Art Grand Illusion Ent. LLC Thornton Sales Kivie's Accessory Shoppe The Family Fun Company Penny's Jewelry Box Fluff-N-Stuff Hillbilly Bob's Soda Clutterbugs GA Roasted Corn Air-Mazing Body Art

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Notes funnel cakes, sandwiches apple dumpling, cheese steak, hot dog, nachos, funnel cak full line food [email protected] boston butt sandwiches [email protected] shrimp, grouper, alligator [email protected] mongolian barbeque [email protected] cakes [email protected] slide, moonwalk [email protected] seafood [email protected] full line food [email protected] gyros, steak-n-cheese, sausages, blooming onion [email protected] barbeque, burgers, dogs, lemonade [email protected] hotdogs, hamburgers,polish sausage chicken, sausage, funnel cakes, philly steaks [email protected] bbq ice cream, sodas, lemonade [email protected] leather goods [email protected] roosters, antiques, hats, dresses tools, stun gun, blow gun, knives, sheets [email protected] slide, basketball game [email protected] tags, belts, buckles, wallets, flags [email protected] signs, sunglasses, coins, coke bottles, stuff [email protected] handbags, jewelry, accessories [email protected] sunglasses, jewelry [email protected] rock wall & spider jump [email protected] jewelry [email protected] cotton candy [email protected] rootbeer, cream soda [email protected] dolls, pocketbooks, wallets, jewelry, sunglasses [email protected] roasted corn [email protected] airbrush tattoos Page 1

Sheet1 Buddy Bill & Marilyn Lawrence Montine Michael Earl & Sharon Barron Ben Paula Rosha Linda Mike 1 yes Ben Howard Rhonda Kenneth Jane Mike & Sandra Cathy Ted & Judy Greg Donald Joe Dorothy Tina Demetria Mary Marshall Faye Debbie Shirley Joseph Tony Ricky Shirley

Phillips Holkham Costine Hall Greely Long English Dela Cruz McQuaig Lockhart Gay Kennedy Scott Spires Stokes Wilson Long Cosby Hayden Roberts Beavers Small Schmitt Forrester Nussbaum Townsel Mathis Thompson Lowe Edwards Rainwater Davis Marianetti Pearson Rainwater

Discount Diamonds Costine Crafts Little People Petting Zoo Shilol's Crafts E&S Express

Greenthumbs Stylish Monograms & More Son's Of Confederate Veterands Scott's Computer Portraits Lazy S Horse and Pony Farm Biguns Jams & Jellies Crazy Uncle Jester

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[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Rainbow Sales & Service [email protected] Squint Busters [email protected] [email protected] Cottonwood Coach [email protected] LittleJimmy's Italian Ices [email protected] Schmitt-Malvern Midway Attractions Dots Do Dads Nut-Tree Concessions [email protected] [email protected] Classic Designs [email protected] Edges Knives [email protected] Dixie Outfitters Southern Heritage [email protected] It's A Party [email protected] Art From the Heart [email protected] [email protected] Baggage Claim South GA Leather Shirley's Shaved Ice [email protected] Page 2

jewelry, hanbags paintings, prints, soaps, sunglasses, jewelry cross necklaces, keychainsdresses, swings, chairs petting zoo southwest jewelry, dreamcatchers kid's train ride soft sculptured dolls wood carvings, floral arrangements sunglasses marionette puppets monogram bags southern heritage items computer portraits pony ride jams, jellies sauces college throws, pillowcases, towels, stuff rainbow vacuum sunglasses handmade kids stuff mechanical bull italian ice strange creature, face painting birdhouses, stuff kettle corn jewelry jewelry knives, military, signs confederate clothing wickless candles, dip mixes, dessert mixes old window art geneology leather backpacks, tote bags leathercraft shaved ice

Sheet1 Misty Tommaline Mike Rick Ricky Amanda William Carrie Cheryl Trey Natalie Bethany Susan

Bozeman Jones Varasse Wood Kellum Lamb Hubbard White Cleghorn Luckie Waggoner Howell Hughes

Elizabeth Bill Gina Kathy Pearl

McQuaig Peters Wiggins Young Bly

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hairbows, stuff signed books raffle tickets [email protected] applications for card lock fuel access [email protected] crafts, snacks, free water [email protected] bags, wallets, jewelry, tshirts [email protected] jewelry, bows, yoys, flags, knives, stuff [email protected] handmade stuff, medical clothing handbags, watches, massage

Irwin Co Band Boosters Fletcher Fuel Center Abundant Life Worship Center Wedding Divas Hubbard Auction Co Modern Chic Scrubs Serenity Day Spa First Baptist Church American Cancer Society [email protected] information Wiregrass Relay Team relay info Central UMC [email protected] information Habitat For Humanity raffle tickets Relay for Life [email protected] relay for life Circle W Cattle Co [email protected] bull pictures Wiregrass Energy Network [email protected] information Fitzgerald Ben Hill Co.Humane Society [email protected] / Pilot Club paintings, dog/cat items, adoptathon New Jerusalem Holiness Church [email protected]

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, hot dog, nachos, funnel cake, drinks

ges, blooming onion

s, philly steaks

bottles, stuff

welry, sunglasses

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asses, jewelry esses, swings, chairs

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