First Capital Pooled Trust Fund

First Capital Pooled Trust Fund First Capital Pooled Trust Fund INFORMATION Information Brochure BROCHURE Manager First Capital Treasury Solutions R...
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First Capital Pooled Trust Fund

First Capital Pooled Trust Fund INFORMATION Information Brochure BROCHURE

Manager First Capital Treasury Solutions Reg: 2009/511

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DIRECTORY Fund Name First Capital Pooled Investment Trust Fund Reg: T228/2010 124 John Meinert Street Windhoek West Namibia Manager First Capital Treasury Solutions (Pty) Ltd Reg: 2009/511 124 John Meinert Street Windhoek West Namibia Trustee Standard Bank Namibia Ltd. 1st Floor, Gutenberg Plaza Windhoek, Namibia Tel: + 264 61294 2211 Investment Team Martin Mwinga : Chief Investment Officer (CIO) Aaron Kamupini : Portfolio Manager Ilona Shikongo : Analyst

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Fund Auditor BDO Namibia P.O. Box 2184 Windhoek Tel: +264 61 224 125, Tel: +264 64 209 881 Fax: +264 61 236 518, Fax: +264 64 209 882 Email: [email protected] Fund Custodian Standard Bank Namibia Ltd. 1st Floor, Gutenberg Plaza Windhoek, Namibia Tel: + 264 61294 2211


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First Capital Pooled Investment Trust Fund


The First Capital Pooled Investment Trust Fund is an open ended investment trust fund that is registered with the Master of High Court of Namibia.

Investment Strategy

The Fund will invest in a pool of eligible assets, primarily focused on the Namibian market in equity ,money market, property and agriculture.

Investment Objective

The Fund aims to provide stable income returns from a diversified portfolio of residential mortgage, property investment, equity, agriculture and short term money market securities that provide regular income and capital stability.

Target Total Returns

The Fund will target a return of 13% to 20%, with exception of money market investment.

Investment Period

Short to Long Term Investment.

Minimum Application Amount

N$500.00 for Individuals Investors & N$10 000.00 for Institutional Investors.

Maximum Application Amount

No Maximum.

Risk Tolerance

Low to Medium.

Investment Protection

Capital Protected by Trust Monies Protection Act 34.


It is intended that the Fund will distribute Fund Net Income on regular basis in arrears. Investors can elect to re-invest distributions into new Participation Shares of the Fund.


Investors may make withdrawal requests on a regular basis. If there are insufficient proceeds, withdrawal requests will usually be satisfied on a pro rata basis.

Manager's Fees

An investment management fee of 1.5% per annum of the Gross Value of the Assets of the Fund calculated as of the last calendar day of the month and payable within 10 business days. The fee is accrued at the end of each month and paid semi-annually.


To apply for Participation Shares in the Fund, applicants must complete the application form and send the completed form along with the documents required and payment to the designated subscription account specified on the application form.


A detailed statement of quarterly market performance and asset commentary which will provide investors with full disclosure of matters relevant to Fund investments.


ABOUT FIRST CAPITAL POOLED TRUST FUND First Capital Pooled Trust Fund (FCPTF) is an investment vehicle registered with the Master of the High Court in Namibia under the TRUST MONIES PROTECTION ACT 34 OF 1934 through which individuals and institutions can both channel their savings to buy shares in companies and other investment opportunities. An Investment Trust (FCPTF) is an independent entity owned by its investor participants, with its own board of trustees to ensure owners' interests are protected. As part of the legal requirements, Standard Bank Namibia was appointed as a Trustee and Custodian bank of investors' funds while BDO is the appointed Fund auditor. Investment Objectives The fund aims to provide stable monthly income returns from a diversified portfolio of residential home loans, property investment, equity and agriculture investment that provide regular income and capital stability. How the Fund (FCPF) Will Work First Capital Pooled Trust Fund as a Trust Fund will create a pool of money that is professionally managed by the Fund Manager First Capital Treasury Solutions who will invest the proceeds of the Offer, net of Offer expenses, in a Portfolio of Permitted Investments as highlighted in the diagram below on behalf of a group of investors with different investment objectives.

First Capital Pooled Fund Invest in different Sub-Funds

Sub-Funds Liquidity Fund Equity Fund Property Fund Agriculture Fund


As indicated in the diagram above, all net gains generated by the fund are for the account of the investors. They are either retained for reinvestment or distributed to the investor participants in the form of dividends. Shareholders Eligible to Participate in the Plan The right to participate in the Offer under the proposed share purchase plan is optional and available to all potential shareholders who hold a valid identification card (ID) or passport. Participating in the Share Purchase Plan also entitles Eligible Shareholders to own direct shares in First Capital Group (FCG) and indirect shareholding of all subsidiaries of FCG (See attached letter).


FIRST CAPITAL POOLED FUND SUB-FUNDS Investors may choose to invest in a range of First Capital Pooled Trust Fund product, based on their risk profile & investment goals.

First Capital Pooled Trust Fund

Liquidity Fund

Property Fund

Equity Fund

Agriculture Fund

Liquidity Fund FC Liquidity Fund is an open-ended trust fund constituted in terms of Namibian laws, and invests in short to medium term debt instruments. The fund is actively managed within transparent guidelines and offer security of capital, liquidity and competitive sector related returns. The FC Liquidity Fund is suitable for pension funds, corporates, insurance companies, charities, public sector, individuals, and other professional investors with cash on their balance sheets. Property Fund FC Property Fund intends to provide a unique investment opportunity for those who believe in the potential of Namibian residential property to deliver capital growth over the medium to long term. The Fund gives individuals, institutional investors, corporates, and charities the opportunity to benefit from the Asset Manager's in-depth knowledge and ability to take advantage of the property market cycles and conditions and to achieve capital growth through the careful acquisition and management of suitable properties. The Fund's investment objective is to achieve a high total return through investment in unlisted properties. The Fund will seek both current income (rentals) and capital appreciation. Agriculture Fund The investment objective of the FC Agriculture Fund is to provide investors with competitive returns from an unlisted diversified agricultural portfolio. The Fund invests predominantly in Namibia in projects where the underlying value is in agricultural farm land, crop production, horticulture, livestock farming, and agro-processing projects. Equity Fund FC Equity Fund is an open-ended equity trust fund launched and managed by First Capital Treasury Solutions. The FC Equity Fund investment objective is to seek long term capital appreciation, through investment in the shares of both listed and unlisted companies across all market capitalizations in Namibia. The Fund is designed to outperform the Namibia Stock Exchange Overall Share Index (NSX) after all management and transaction costs have been taken into account. Investment in the Equity Fund offers you an opportunity to buy & invest in shares of FCG (see invitation letter for more details).


RISKS Investors should be aware that there is no guarantee that the implementation of the investment objective or process will not result in losses to investors. The return of capital and the performance of the Fund are not guaranteed by any person or organisation, including the Fund Manager. Therefore, each investor should carefully consider the risks of investing and, where necessary, seek professional advice as to the suitability of investing in the Fund. Some risks of investing in the Fund include, but are not limited to: Interest Rate Risk The risk that the capital value or income of an investment may be adversely affected when interest rates rise or fall. The value and income of the Fund's assets can fluctuate in reaction to large changes in interest rates. Market Risk Generally, the investment return on a particular asset is correlated to the return on other assets from the same market, region or asset class. Market risk is impacted by broad factors such as interest rates, political environment, investor sentiment and significant external events (eg natural disasters). Liquidity Risk In normal market conditions, the Fund is expected to meet redemption requests that are accepted at least 3 months after the relevant Participation Shares are issued. However, if an investor or a group of investors in the Fund after that 3 months period seek to withdraw a substantial investment in the Fund (greater than 10% in individual request or 20% in cumulative redemptions in one month), then selling assets to meet those redemption requests may result in a detrimental impact on the price received for those assets. If this were to occur, the Fund may have insufficient funds to meet all requests. In certain circumstances, the Trustee has the power to suspend or amend the Fund's redemption procedures. Regulatory Risk The risk that the value or tax treatment of an investment in the Fund or its assets, or the effectiveness of the Fund's investment strategy, may be adversely affected by changes in government (including taxation) policies, regulations and laws, or changes in generally accepted accounting policies or valuation methods. Those changes could also make some investors consider the Fund to be a less attractive investment option than other investments, prompting greater than usual levels of redemptions, which could have adverse effects on the Fund. Credit Risk This risk relates to the Fund's exposure to movements in credit risk ratings of issuers of the Fund's assets. Credit risk ratings are an assessment of an issuer's ability to meet its financial obligations. If credit risk ratings change, this may reduce the value of the Fund's assets which may in turn reduce the overall value of the Fund.


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