FAQ: Internet access issues:

FAQ: Internet access issues: • Why does the internet acces on my laptop not work? This can have several reasons. The most frequent are a wrong or a m...
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FAQ: Internet access issues: •

Why does the internet acces on my laptop not work? This can have several reasons. The most frequent are a wrong or a missing wireless setup. Please refer to the document „howto_wlan_en.pdf“.

How can I change my password for the internet access? You can take care of this anytime in the computer lab. How to change your password will be explained a little further below.

I live in the dorms across the court. Do I have internet there, too? Yes. As soon as you have sucessfully set up the internet connection at the DHBW you have the same connection available in the dorms.

Can I use the wireless network with my smartphone? Of yourse. Please have a look at the document „howto_wlan_en.pdf“ if you have trouble setting up your device.

Issues concerning the computer lab •

How can I use the PC lab and when? You can log on any PC using your username and your password. The computer lab has the same opening times as the building.

How do I log on a computer? Your default username consists of the first three letters of your prename, a dot, your whole last name followed by the class of year you are member of, all lowercase letters. If your (given) name consists of more than one given name, the first one is used. For example (class of 2013) „Hans Dampf“ becomes „han.dampf.13“ or „Mary-Ann Winterson“ becomes „mar.winterson.13“. During your enrollment you have received a letter with your personal login data.

As soon as I try to log onto a computer I get an error message. What's wrong? Maybe you have tried to log on using a wrong password three times. As soon as you have tried too often, your account gets locked. This lock is only a temporary one. Your account will automatically be unlocked after 20 minutes.

How can I change my access data? Your username cannot be changed, your password can (and should) be changed as soon as possible by pressing the keys „Strg.“, „Alt“ and „Entf.“ simultaneously after having logged on and klicked on „change password“ respectively „Passwort ändern“. A change is effective immediately. Please be aware that your new password is valid for any services offered by the DHBW, e.g. Internet, Dualis, moodle, eMail etc. Please beware about not having changed the keyboard layout. You can recognize this by looking at the rightmost small blue box in the taskbar which shows two letters (EN for English keyboard layout and DE for German layout. DE is the default setting).

I forgot my password. How can I log on anyway? Not at all. If you have changed and forgotten your default password please ask your system administrator.

Can I print something? Of course. Please have a look at the chapter below.

Can I burn a CD or a DVD somewhere? Yes. The computers in the computer lab are capable of burning CDs and DVDs. Please use the software „CDburnerXP“ for buring CDs or DVDs. You have to bring your own recordable discs.

Printing issues: •

There are no printers available. Why? All printers are installed during the logon process depending on your useraccount. This might take up to 30 seconds after having logged in, so please be patient until all printers have been set up.

Which printer should I use? This depends on you. If you want to print colour pages, you have to select a printer called „colourlaser“ or one which contains the word „farbe“ in its name. Otherwise you can use any other printer.

How do I get my print job? You have to send your print job to one of the above listed printers. Then take your ID-card and go to any copy machine. Hold your ID-card in front of the sensor field at the copy machine and you will get your printing tasks displayed. Please see the document „campuscard_en.pdf“ for furhter information.

How can I bring along my documents which I want to print? The easiest way is to use an USB flash drive. You can also use a CD respectively a DVD. Or send the (small) files via email to your own account and fetch those mails in the computer lab. Please don't forget your data medium in the PC lab.

How much does a printout cost? This depends on the number of pages you want to print. A black/white page is two cents, a colour page ten cents each. Your account will be reduced by ten cents per page if you use the colour printer – albeit whether your document contains colour pages or not.

How can I recharge my credit balance? You can recharge your balance by depositing money on your card by using the vending machine in the PC-lab. Please refer to the document „campuscard_en.pdf“.

I have plenty of money in my account, but I don't need it. Can I have this money payed off? Yes. Please refer to someone of the administration.

Does my credit balance expire after some time? Not if you have not finished your studies yet. Your account won't be deleted until you finished your studies. But your credit account cannot be assigned to other persons.

Why can't my document be printed? Please check if your credit balance contains sufficient money for printing the document. You won't be able to print jobs which are not covered by your money available. If you have enough on your balance account please check if

there's still paper in the printer – and if it's turned on at all. •

Why does the printing process take so much time? You are likely about to print a document with many images. The printer needs some time to rasterize the document and bring it to paper. Rule of thumb: The bigger and higher the resolution of your images and the more of them your document contains, the longer the printing will take. You can significantly accelerate the proceedings by reducing the resolution of the printer output. (print... -> properties --> paper/quality --> resolution – set this to a lower value).

Can I print my documents in colour? Yes. Just select the printer with „farbe“ instead of the default printer „sw“ in its name.

I want to print on transparencies. Can this be done? Yes. The best opportunity is to use the fold-out manual paper feed at the front of the printer. You have to adjust the printer settings (print --> settings --> media: select „transparencies“ here) to make the printer print your document on transparencies. Please use only transparencies which are suitable for laser printers (please dig deeper in case of doubt). Transarencies dedicated for ink jet printers are NOT suitable and will seriously damage the printer (or even make it unusuable). In doubt ask someone of the DHBW staff, please.

Can I cancel a print job after having been sent to the printer? This is neither possible nor necessary. Printing jobs which are not picked up at the copy machine are dropped after a couple of hours.

There is some kind of „eDocPrint“ installed. What's that? This is a printer which does not print on paper but in a pdf-file instead. Of course for free.

Other issues: •

Why does my ICQ/Messenger/$unbelievableimportantsoftware not work? Almost any application should just work. But as there is an almost infinite number of possibilities why just your application does not work – please just drop in at the ITS-office.

I have changed my password. Now I cannot log on any more. Maybe you had the English respectively German keyboard layout activated and accordingly typed for example a „z“ instead of a „y“ unawarely. This applies also for special characters. You can reset your password by using the same settings once more.

Instead of the expected character my keyboard types some other characters. Why? Please have a look at the keyboard layout in the taskbar at the rightmost side and check whether the German or the English keyboard layout is active. You can change these settings by a click on the symbol saying „DE“ or „EN“. You can also make these settings permanent by adjusting them in the system control panel.

What are these funny orange dots sticking on some network jacks about? These dots show you, which jacks you can use for the wire-bound internet access if you don't have WLAN hardware installed.

Is there an opportunity to scan something? Yes, namely at the copy machine in the library. There's a manual hanging at the shelf next to the copy machine which explains how to operate the scanner.

How much does a scan cost? Nothing.

What is my eMail-address at the DHBW? Your email-address consists of your username followed by „@lehre.mosbach.dhbw.de“. All emails from the DHBW will be sent to this address. You can fetch your email using the webinterface „https://webmail.lehre.mosbach.dhbw.de“. Please use your username (not your eMail-address) and your password to log in. On this website you can also set up a mail-redirect, so that you mail will be forwarded to a different email-address. For example you can have your email which is addressed to your DHBW-mailaddress „[email protected]“ forwarded to your private mailaddress „[email protected]“.