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Fenton High School Dance Force Constitution 2016-2017  This constitution was created with the help of the Spirit Rules Handbook, as well as constituti...
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Fenton High School Dance Force Constitution 2016-2017  This constitution was created with the help of the Spirit Rules Handbook, as well as constitutions of other High School Dance Teams.   

•​ Purpose of the Dance Force  ● Promote and uphold school spirit.  ● Set an example of good behavior at all times, whether in uniform or not, in class, at games and at all school functions.  ● Promote friendship and respect amongst members of the squad.  ● Perform at various events, athletic and otherwise.  ● HAVE FUN AND DANCE!   

•​ Expectations for the Dancers  ● Dancers must put the responsibilities as a Dance Force member above those of work and other extracurricular activities outside of Fenton. Other activities – including Dr. appointments and family events (when possible) should be planned around the team schedule. (See attendance policy below)  ● Exemplary behavior is mandatory at all times, anywhere in the community, and at all functions where dance team dancers are recognized as representatives. ​ This includes the Internet​ !  ● Dancers must maintain appropriate grades and credits as outlined by Fenton High School and the IHSA guidelines in order to participate in practices, events, and competitions.  ▪ Dancers must pass five classes per semester.  ● Dancers must follow all rules and guidelines set by Fenton High School.  ● This includes refraining from illegal activities such as underage drinking and drug use. PDA or other inappropriate behaviors in or out of uniform will not be tolerated.  ● Dancers must maintain a high level of physical fitness and flexibility.  ● Dancers must maintain a positive and respectful attitude towards coaches, fellow dancers, parents, teachers, and administrators at all times.  ● Dancers must promptly and respectfully communicate any issues or conflicts with the coach.  ● Poor Conduct/behavior under any of the above circumstances could result in warnings, benching, or suspension/removal from the team. Inappropriate behaviors not only reflect on the individual, but can also affect the image of the entire team. The good of the squad always comes before any one individual. If it is in the best interest of the squad that an individual be removed from a performance or from the team, the coach will do so.   

•​ Varsity and Junior Varsity:​ Depending on the number of prospective members trying out, the team may be divided between Varsity and Junior Varsity.   ● Varsity Team  • Camp: Attends camps  • Football: Performs at all Varsity home football games, attends sophomore games in support of JV  • Basketball: Performs at all Varsity home basketball games, attends sophomore games in support of JV  • Competition: Attends and performs at all competitions  ● Junior Varsity Team  • Camp: Attends camps • Football: Performs at all sophomore home football games, attends Varsity games in support of the Varsity team (through half time)  1   

Basketball: attends practices and performs at sophomore home games and varsity pregame. Also stays for half time in support of the Varsity dance team. • Competition: If JV competes, required to learn competition routine and attend all competitions  ● Dancers may be switched from Varsity to Junior Varsity or vice versa, at any time throughout the season based on attitude, attendance, knowledge of the routine, work ethic, respect for authority, adherence to the constitution and FHS and IHSA rules.  •


● T ​ime Commitment:​ Being a member of the dance team is a big commitment and requires between 10 – 20 hours per week. Schedules are handed out at least a month in advance. Activities of the Dance Team come before Dr. Appointments, work, and extracurricular activities. When involved in an additional Fenton sport or activity, time must be split between the two when it relates to conflicting practices. In the result of a practice versus a game/contest, the priority is given to the game/contest. If it is conflicting games/contests, the athlete will choose where he/she is present. It is the responsibility of the dancer to communicate their schedules with the coach. Adequate time must be given if missing a game or competition in order for the team to adjust choreography and formations. ● ● ●

● ●

Practices  Summer: Practices will be, on average 2-3 days a week. Dancers are required to attend practices and camps. Camps are anywhere from 4 to 5 days, one or two weeks.  Fall: Practices will be held 2-3 evenings per week from 6:00 p.m. -9:00 p.m. or 4:15-7:15 depending on the team placement and day. See calendar for details.  Winter: Practices are more frequent than Fall season and will be between 3-4 days per week including most Saturday mornings. Junior Varsity will be expected to attend most practices. If JV is competing, they will also be required to attend Saturday practices.  Athletic Events: See the website for a preliminary football and basketball schedule  Fall: The Dance Force Varsity and Junior Varsity will be performing at most home Varsity and Sophomore football games. Varsity games begin at 7p.m. on Friday evenings. Varsity dancers are expected to arrive by 5:30 and to stay for the first half of the games. Sophomore games begin at 5 p.m. Dancers may also perform at other athletic events such as pep rallies and junior varsity games. These time commitments will be decided upon at least one month in advance.  Winter: The Dance Force will be performing at all boys’ sophomore and varsity home basketball games. \ Game times and dates vary. Dancers may also perform at other athletic events such as pep rallies. These time commitments will be decided upon at least one month in advance.  Fundraisers: Both Varsity and Junior Varsity teams are expected to attend all team fundraisers.  o Junior Poms Camp: The dance team will hold a Junior Poms Camp at Fenton High School during Summer, and Winter. The Summer and Winter Junior Poms camps are mandatory for all Dance Force members. As always, please communicate conflicts with your respective coach.  o Car Washes: The dance team will hold at least one summer carwash.  o The Dance Team will hold between 1 and 3 fundraisers each season (Fall and Winter). Fundraisers are mandatory for all dancers. Previous fundraisers include Dance Showcase, split the pot, and Junior Poms Camp.  Competitions  o The Varsity team will compete at up to 5 dance competitions not including Sectionals and possibly State. Competitions will be held all day Saturday and sometimes Sunday and will be decided upon by the coaches.  Camp  o Both Junior Varsity and Varsity teams will attend home based camps during the summer. Each team will have a technique camp as well as an alumni camp where they will learn routines for the 2   

Fall season.   

•​ Attendance Policy • Dancers must put the responsibilities as a Dance Force member above those of work and other extracurricular activities – with the exception of those directly relating to academics. Other activities – including Dr. appointments, work, and family events(when possible) should be planned around the team schedule.  • Attendance at all practice, games, fundraisers, and events is mandatory unless otherwise stated.  • Dancers must attend all practices one week prior to a performance in order to perform.  • Dancers must attend all practices two weeks prior to a competition in order to compete.  • Absences:   o Tardiness: Arriving at practices, games, fundraisers, or other events late or not properly dressed.  ▪ Three tardies equals one unexcused absence  ▪ Arriving at practice more than 30 minutes late without prior notice is also considered an unexcused absence.  o Excused: Family emergency, personal illness, missed school day, academic activities (college visit, etc.), family vacations, and other reasons deemed appropriate by the coach. 

▪ The coach must be notified at least two weeks in advance of an absence.  ▪ If you are ill from school you must contact the coach at least an hour before practice.  ▪ In cases of extreme emergencies the coach will waive the two-week rule.  ▪ Failure to properly notify the coach in the above manor will result in the absence being counted as unexcused  o Unexcused: Detentions, work, Dr. Appointments and any absence not communicated per rules outlined above.  o Consequences:  ▪ Excused absence: Dancer is responsible for knowing all the materials before the next

practice. Failure to learn the routine/changes to the routine will result in a benching during the event.   ▪ Four excused absences: Benching at the next game.   ▪ Eight excused absences: Removal from squad.  ▪ Three unexcused absences: Removal from squad.  ▪ Benching: A dancer must attend the activity, dressed in uniform to support the squad, but will not perform in any routines or sidelines. ▪ The attendance policy is put in place for summer session, fall, and winter seasons. This means the absences are not cumulative and each dancer starts over with each season. ▪ PLEASE NOTE: Varsity members who often miss practices and/or games (excused or unexcused) thus compromising the effectiveness of the team will be moved to Junior Varsity.    

•​ Captains  Between 1-4 Captains may be selected by the coach.  • Captain(s)’ Duties  o Ensure that practice begins on time by promptly leading warm-ups.  o When appropriate, act as a liaison between dancers and coach.  o Ensure dancers are wearing proper uniforms/attire at school, games, and competitions.  o Assist in other duties such as choreography when needed.      3   

•​ Practice and Game Etiquette  • Show up on time (5minutes early), in proper dance attire, no gum, no jewelry, hair out of face worn in bun.  • Begin warming up and stretching on time.  • Arrive having practiced routines taught at previous practices or with a mastery of the routine (games).  • Listen and be respectful when the coach, captains, or choreographer are talking and teaching.  • Give 100%; perform each routine full-out.  • Maintain a positive attitude.  • Refrain from using cell phones during practice and games.  • Practices will be closed to the public, including friends and family, unless approved by the coach.  • Attend school the day of the game wearing the assigned uniform.  • Failure to comply with practice or game etiquette will result in a benching and will be counted as an excused absence.   

•​ Costs/Fundraising Accounts  • Below is an estimate of costs for the season. Becoming a new member is expensive and I hope to offset these costs via fundraising.   • Fundraising proceeds go to support team expenses such as equipment, uniforms, choreography (winter), banquet, and other miscellaneous expenses.  • We will be hosting an MSC Dance Camp with surrounding conference schools. This is a fundraiser to offset the individuals camp expenses. We will also sell Fan Cloth to offset camp expenses. • Please do not let financial issues impact your decision to join the team – the coaches will work with families and FHS to come up with solutions.    

Item  Sports Physical 

Athletic Fee 

$50 per season (Fall and Winter) 

Split sole Jazz Sneaker in Black for Fall season Split sole Jazz boot in Nude for Varsity basketball season. Black leotard (Spaghetti Strap), Black Jazz Pants, and dance tights 

$35-50 each (please have shoes prior to our first Summer practice!) 

Due Date/Details  Fenton High School does sports physicals over the summer. Physicals must be completed by the first day of school – check to see if you have a current physical on file with the Athletic Office.  Payable to the Athletic Office  Fall: due the first day of school, Winter: due the first day of winter sports season. Participation is banned until payment is made.  www.dancewearsolutions.com www. discountdance.com or Dance n Tees store in Schaumburg

$65 total (we will not need these items until the first home football game) 

www.dancewearsoloutions.com www.discountdance.com or Dance n Tees store in Schaumburg

Technique and Alumni Camp, including camp

$150, this includes practice clothing. 

Complete payment will be due in the beginning of July. 




clothes and team dinner  Varsity Team Warm-up   $80  JV Team Hoodie


Competition Uniform 

$50 - $75 


Varsity has a team jacket. We purchase new team jackets every 2 years.   In the past, JV has purchased either hoodies or Warm ups. Varsity team only. Depending on amount fundraised, some or all of cost may be covered by dance program. 



Dancer’s Name: _____________________________________________________________________________   

I/We, the parent(s) of the above-named, have read the Dance Team Constitution and understand all the requirements and consequences of improper actions. We understand the coaches have final say in my/our daughter's remaining on the team. We also realize this is a team effort and that we may be called upon to help in some ways throughout the year which are capacity to help, and we will make every effort to do our share of assisting on behalf of our daughter.   

Parent(s) Signature: __________________________________________________________ Date: _________________     

As a member of the dance team, I have fully read the constitution and understand what is expected of me to remain a member in good standing. I will keep myself knowledgeable and informed of all rules and realize the consequences of poor behavior or inappropriate actions may be severe. I will do all I can to uphold the honor and tradition of the Dance team and respect my team members, my school and all persons associated with school spirit at all times.   

Dancer Signature: ______________________________________________________________ Date: _______________