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Fall 2016 Volume 3, Issue 4







ABOUT OUR PARISH 337 E 74th St, New York, NY 10021 212-288-3215 www.thecathedralnyc.org [email protected] His Eminence, Archbishop Demetrios Geron of America Rev. Fr. John Vlahos, Dean of Cathedral Rev. Dr. Robert Stephanopoulos, Dean Emeritus

Front Cover Jesus Christ Pantocrator (detail from Deesis mosaic) from Hagia Sophia Back Cover Father John and six of our parishioners attended Camp St. Paul in Litchfield, CT

2016 Cathedral Board Executive Committee: Rev. Fr. John Vlahos, Dean Dean Poll, President Jim Gianakis, 1st Vice President Justin Bozonelis, 2nd Vice President Peter Doukas, Treasurer Elias Lambiris, Assistant Treasurer Peter Chrisanthopoulos, Secretary John Paterakis, Assistant Secretary Stephen Cherpelis, Member/Past President Board Members: Harry Gaveras George Kaneris Pauline Kotsilimbas George Liakeas Chris Neamonitis

Katherine Relle Nick Tsoukaris Miranda Kofinas, Member Ex-officio

Cathedral Office Personnel For general inquiries, information about stewardship, scheduling a sacrament, or for more information about the Cathedral, please e-mail [email protected] Fr. John Vlahos, Cathedral Dean [email protected] Christine Zeiner, Office Manager [email protected] Evey Simon, Director of Music choir[email protected] Costa Tsourakis, Associate Director of Music [email protected] John Paterakis, 2nd Chanter/Office Assistant

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Cathedral Ministry Leaders Cathedral Board: Dean J Poll [email protected] Philoptochos: Miranda Kofinas [email protected] Stewardship: Peter Chrisanthopoulos [email protected] Sunday School: Effie Doscas [email protected] Greek Afternoon School: Kristine Cecere [email protected] Primetimers: Carol Contos [email protected] Pauline Kotsilimbas [email protected] Parea Club: Stella Pantelidis [email protected] Uniquity: Leah Hanlon [email protected] Cathedral Connect: Christina Costas & Ioanna Tsakos [email protected] GOYA (13-18 yrs old): Madeline Lambiris [email protected] JOY (7-12 yrs old) / HOPE (4-6 yrs old): Diakonissa Georgia Papadopoulos [email protected] Little Angels (0-3 yrs old): Pres. Maria Constantinidis & Diakonissa Elizabeth Constantine [email protected] Adult Greek Dance: Alex Devaris [email protected] Children Greek Dance: Deana Thomas [email protected] Altar Boys: Nicholas Diacou [email protected] Bookstore: Charles Connant [email protected]

A r c h d i o c e s a n C a t h e d r a l o f t h e H o l y Tr i n i t y

Christ and His Church as a Counter-Balance to our Secular Society Rev. Fr. John Vlahos, Cathedral Dean

There is no greater indicator of the reality of our fallen world than the daily newspaper. From the front cover to the back page, we all too often witness the ugliness of hate, selfishness and disobedience. So many of our world’s problems are due to our disconnection from God and the veering away from His teachings. The result brings about divisions and breakdowns in our families, our communities, our governments and our nations. You would think that modern man, with his educational advancement and his technological sophistication, would be better, kinder, healthier and smarter than all previous generations. However, the daily newspaper says something different… and so do the statistics. Americans are stressed in general, but according to the American Psychological Association’s annual Stress in America survey, Millennials (18-35 year olds), are the most stressed out generation ever. They have been dubbed, “Generation Stress.” The Generation Xers (36-49), are a close second. Across generations, concerns about money, finances, work and family are the main stressors. And while stress obviously has psychological manifestations like depression and anxiety, the health effects are a growing concern, too.

The American Psychological Association reports that the 82 percent of Millennials who have experienced stress in the past month say their stress has taken a toll on their physical and mental health—a scenario so common that up to 90 percent of U.S. doctor visits are for stress-related issues. Something is very wrong if this is what our younger generations are dealing with. They are thirsting greatly and are not finding the water that will quench it. It is undeniable that there is a battle between good vs. evil, right vs. wrong, fulfillment vs. emptiness, self-sacrifice vs. self-gratification, us vs. them, me vs. you. The breakdown of the traditional value system has produced a moral and spiritual vacuum in our society. We are a product of our environment. It is our society that exerts such an enormous amount of influence on our lives. The underlying belief of a secular society is that life is void of God. It rejects as useless all forms of religious faith and especially worship of God. Both man and the world are seen as self-sufficient, with no need to be obedient to a higher power. If there are some secular people who profess some belief in God or a high-

er power, then that is relegated to the sphere of private matters and has no bearing on their public or ‘real’ life. This unfortunately is what we are exposed to in our American Society.

The Lord Jesus came to give Abundant Life to The World St. Innocent of Alaska points us in the right direction when he says, “Every person instinctively strives for happiness. This desire has been implanted in our nature by the Creator Himself, and therefore it is not sinful. But it is important to understand that in this temporary life it is impossible to find full happiness, because that comes from God and cannot be attained without Him. Only He, who is the ultimate Good and the source of all good, can quench our thirst for happiness.” In this midst of the vanity, confusion and suffering of human history, | 3


our Lord Jesus Christ enters in as an infant. According to St. Athanasios the Great, the Lord Jesus took human flesh and lived among us for three reasons: a) to restore the Image and knowledge of God in man, b) to redeem man through dying on his behalf, and c) the revivification and divinization of man through reunion with the Divine. Jesus Christ is “the Way, the Truth and the Life” (Jn 14.6). He speaks the words of God. He does the work of God. He emphatically says to the Samaritan woman then, and to us in America today, “Whoever drinks of this water will thirst again, but whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst. But the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life” (Jn 4:13-14). I am afraid that the Millennials and the Generation Xers are consuming and drinking what is right in front of them; the low hanging fruit of a secular mentality. In 1978, Nobel Peace prize winner Alexander Solzhenitsyn gave the commencement address at Harvard University and emphasized the need for real spirituality when he wrote, “We have placed too much hope in politics and social reforms, only to find out that we were being deprived of our most precious possession: our spiritual life. It is trampled upon by the party mob in the East, and by the commercial one in the West.” The goal of human life, as we Christians understand it, is to be con4 | Fall 2016

tinually “in Christ.” To do our work The Church is in the world, but not in Christ, our relationships are in Christ, of the world. Christ Himself belongs all that we say and do is in Christ. to the community as the head and we When we are “in Christ,” we lovingly are the members of the body. obey Christ and follow His way and In its deepest understanding, the do what He does. To do this is the es- Church is nothing other than the sence of spiritual life. Jesus has come world in the course of transfiguthat we may be like Him and do in ration. Above all, the Church is the our own lives, by His grace, what He power of the Resurrection, the sacraHimself has done. ment of the Risen One who imparts In this way, we and our children will His resurrection to us. understand Christ and His Church as Members of the Church are unitthe center of our lives, who internalize ed to God in love, faith, and truth, deep in our hearts what is true, good and right—that God is real and active in this world, that He Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Nobel Peace Prize created this world out of love and created us as an act but also united to one another. This of love. We are living here as citizens unity of regenerated, illuminated and of Heaven. St Paul exhorts us, stating, reunited mankind in Christ, enjoying “For our citizenship is in heaven from the new life of the spirit of God in which we also eagerly wait for the SavHis Church, constitutes precisely ior Lord Jesus Christ” (Phil. 3:20). In the whole and uniting nature of the this way, we attain to the values and virChurch. And what actualized or actues of Heaven, which are “the fruit of tivates this fellowship is the partakthe Spirit… love, joy, peace, longsufing of the Holy Sacraments of the fering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, Church. self-control” (Gal 5:22). Here on Earth, in the world, which had been already redeemed and reconciled with God by the cruThe Church as the Remedy cified and risen Christ, comes the to our Human Dilemma He has laid the foundation of His Holy Spirit of God, to inaugurate the Kingdom of God. Church, which is His abode and presence in the world today. The Church of God has been established by the Holy Trinity to be not a human society, but a divine society; not a secular community, but a sacred community.

“We have placed too much hope in politics and social reforms...”

A r c h d i o c e s a n C a t h e d r a l o f t h e H o l y Tr i n i t y

Beginning of the Ecclesiastical New Year Day for the Protection of our Natural Environment To the Most Reverend Hierarchs, the Reverend Priests and Deacons, the Monks and Nuns, the Presidents and Members of the Parish Councils of the Greek Orthodox Communities, the Distinguished Archons of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, the Day, Afternoon, and Church Schools, the Philoptochos Sisterhoods, the Youth, the Hellenic Organizations, and the entire Greek Orthodox Family in America Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ, We give thanks to our merciful and holy God for this blessed opportunity to begin another ecclesiastical year, and we anticipate the witness of His presence and power in our lives and in our worship and work of spreading His Gospel. In addition to the observance of this day as the beginning of a new liturgical cycle, it has also been designated by our beloved Ecumenical Patriarchate as the Day for the Protection of our Natural Environment. The connection of these two observances is significant in a number of ways. First, this is the beginning of the agricultural year and the cycle of harvesting, tilling, and sowing that is essential to our physical existence. On this day we affirm very clearly the priority of proper stewardship of the natural order to provide for the physical well-being of all humankind.

Second, this is the beginning of our annual observances that connect the present with our witness of the salvific events of the Incarnation, Passion, and Resurrection of our Lord. In our services throughout this cycle, we connect time, space and our natural order to the One who created it and transcends it as we celebrate and experience the power of God’s grace. Third, as we hear and sing in the hymns of this day, it is a day of hope in which we share with God’s creation the longing for redemption (Romans 8:2223). It is a day leading us to dedicate the days and months ahead to offering a witness of love, justice and peace. We anticipate the blessings and provision of our Creator, and as we receive them we will offer thanksgiving and praise. We gather at the beginning of this ecclesiastical year with hearts filled with joy. Our experience of an abundant life in Christ leads us in our mission to the world—to be His voice, to offer the Gospel of truth and love, and to guide others to salvation and His promise of eternal life.

Our experience of an abundant life in Christ leads us in our mission to the world... May you have a blessed ecclesiastical new year and feast, making its beginning filled with expectations of the glorious works and blessings of Jesus Christ our Lord. With paternal love in Christ, † DEMETRIOS Archbishop of America

| 5


The Cathedral Sunday School: Registration Begins The Sunday School will begin registration on September 11th and will continue to register children throughout the year. Classes will begin on September 18th. Sunday School is available for all children with a starting age of 40 days old. The Sunday School has been working on a new curriculum, making a learning experience for all children, from infants through teenagers more complete. Children from 40 days to 3 ½ years old, has a mommy and me style circle time. The children learn simple songs and the most elementary Bible stories. One parent will stay with the child and our wonderful nursery school teachers will instruct the class. The 4 to 6 years old, will learn about the basic symbols and values of our church. Most classes will include a craft project. The next age group, the 7 to 9 years old, will begin their focus on learning how to read the Bible and study the Lord’s Prayer. Our 10 to 12 years old will focus on the Sacraments and understanding the Divine Liturgy. We will appeal to our 13 + teenagers with a class that will have more discussions on issues that relate to the church and its teaching and everyday life. Some subjects include “How is our Faith tested?” and “Interfaith Marriages”. Units about

6 | Fall 2016

the Ten Commandments and comparative Religions are planned as well. We also help all students with learning the Lord’s Prayer, The Creed, and how to do their cross. We continue our monthly Communion Breakfast: The first Sunday of every month, after Communion, all the children have breakfast in the undercroft of the church and we review the monthly schedule and have· a lesson together. The children also participate in the annual Christmas pageant, Easter Festivities and many other church events. We encourage parents to bring their children to Sunday School. The children have developed a strong bond and are enjoying their time together. We would also like to ask for volunteers and donations. We have many students and we need your support. Please volunteer! We have all the material. The lessons are planned: we all help each other. We want our community to grow arid we ask your help

Our mission is to cultivate the seeds of the Holy Spirit that are within each of our children through worship and education. to do this. If there are any questions, please contact: Effie Doscas-Butler, (917) 836-0149, or by e-mail [email protected] We look forward to seeing everyone in September! Effie C. Doscas-Butler Director Sunday School

SUNDAY SCHOOL CALENDAR 2016-2017 September 2016 11 Sunday School Registration 18 Sunday School Classes – Registration Continues

15 Sunday School Classes – Martin Luther King Weekend 22 Sunday School Classes 29 Sunday School Classes

19 First Little Angels gathering 10 am-12 pm. 25 Sunday School Classes

February 2017 05 Communion Breakfast 12 Sunday School –

October 2016 02 Communion Breakfast 09 Sunday School Classes – Christmas Pagegant Info 16 Sunday School Classes

Valentine Project 19 Sunday School – President’s Weekend 26 Sunday School Classes 27 Lent Begins

Pageant Sign Up 23 Sunday Classes and Pageant Review 30 Sunday Classes and Pageant Review

March 2017 05 Communion Breakfast – Sunday Of Orthodoxy 12 Sunday School Classes

JOY MINISTRY For its third consecutive year the Cathedral will once again offer the JOY (Junior Orthodox Youth) ministry to all Orthodox Christian children ranging from third to sixth grade. Every JOY meeting is designed to afford children the opportunity for fellowship, discussion, and sharing a meal. The discussions typically focus on a contemporary issue or theme. Father John and the advisors will discuss how we should approach and understand these issues from an Orthodox Christian perspective. Along with the discussions, there may be an activity or craft that help enhance the understanding of the discussion. This past Lent, JOY held a retreat where children learned about Holy Week through discussion, a scavenger hunt, Confession, and constructing a Kouvouklion.

19 Sunday School Classes November 2016

26 Sunday School Classes

06 Sunday Classes -NYC Marathon – Clocks go back an hour 13 Communion Breakfast – Pageant Rehearsal 20 Pageant Rehearsal 27 No Sunday School Classes Happy Thanksgiving

April 2017 02 Communion Breakfast 09 Palm Sunday – Children carry palms around the Church 14 Holy Friday – Children help with flowers during Apokathelosis Service

December 2016

16 Easter Sunday – No Classes

04 Communion Breakfast –

23 Sunday School Classes

Classes-Rehearsal for Pageant

30 Sunday School Classes

10 Christmas Pageant Rehearsal in Church at 11:00 am 11 Christmas Pageant Performance

May 2017

in Church & Santa

Communion Breakfast 14 Sunday School Classes –

No Sunday School Classes

If you have any questions or need more information please send an email to Diakonissa Georgia Papadopoulos at [email protected]

07 Sunday School Classes –

18 Sunday School Classes 25 Merry Christmas –

Please make every effort to bring your children that are of the appropriate age to this wonderful ministry that our Church offers to its faithful. JOY typically meets every other Friday in the undercroft of the Cathedral School from 6-7:30 pm. Our first JOY meeting will be held on Friday, September 23rd. A tentative schedule for the year will be available at the first meeting.

Mother’s Day 21 Sunday School Classes 28 No Classes – Happy Memorial Day

January 2017 01 Communion Breakfast – Cut the Vassilopita 08 Sunday School Classes

June 2017 04 Pentecost – Graduation Party Happy Summer See you all in the Fall | 7


Uniquity Goes to the Ball Game: Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Lose, and Sometimes It Rains It was a replay straight out of Genesis. There was rain. There was wind. There was a flood on Surf Avenue (and right where you have to cross it, too!) If the skies didn’t open for 40 days, thzere was certainly a 40-minute rain delay–or two–as Uniquity, the Cathedral’s unmarried ministry, attended Greek Cultural Night with the Brooklyn Cyclones, Friday, July 1 at MCU Park in Coney Island. The waters did recede in the end. There was a rainbow and plenty of white birds. (Seagulls, or doves? You

8 | Fall 2016

be the judge!) But, alas! The Lord’s covenant with Noah must not have extended to baseball because, notwithstanding it all, the Cyclones still lost, 5-3, near midnight, as the Connecticut Tigers let loose with a threerun 10th, all but one of them left unanswered by the home team. Earlier in the day, it seemed questionable whether the game would be played at all. But after a flurry of e-mails, team tweets and Accuweather blasts, Uniquity determined that “tornado watch” must really be weather-speak for “watch the Cyclones”, and our members straggled out to Brooklyn. By the scheduled 7 p.m. start, a rainbow arched over the Thunderbolt, just past the outfield walls, and groundskeepers began uncovering the pitcher’s mound. Rousing Greek tunes drowned out the screams from the rollercoaster, and the Children’s Dancers of Staten Island’s Holy Trinity Church performed on the third-base side as the crew readied the sodden infield for play. An hour later, the national anthem had finally been sung and the ceremonial first pitches thrown. But no sooner had

the Cyclones’ Erik Manoah let the first real pitch fly than the bat flew from the hitter’s wet hands, as the skies reopened. Uniquity dashed for cover, but mercifully, the deluge was relatively brief. Lightning flashed in the distance, but radar showed the storms moving mainly from Bergen County through Upper Manhattan to Queens, sparing us from the brunt. We returned to our seats, wiped them off, and the game resumed. (Given the outcome, though, perhaps the Cyclones wished they had called it!) The hardy band that stuck out the 109 minutes of cumulative rain delay scored free tickets to the July 3 game, on top of an assortment of baseball

A r c h d i o c e s a n C a t h e d r a l o f t h e H o l y Tr i n i t y

(Clockwise, from far left) Uniquity members wait out a rain delay at Greek Cultural Night at the Brooklyn Cyclones. The Childrens’ Dancers from Staten Island’s Holy Trinity Church performed at the Brooklyn Cyclones’ Greek Cultural Night, attended by Uniquity. Credit: @BKCyclones After the deluge, the Lord sent us a rainbow. Credit: @BKCyclones Uniquity members watch the Brooklyn Cyclones play the Connecticut Tigers at MCU Park.

swag (hats, barbecue aprons and even a Cyclones shirt snagged by one lucky member, as they were tossed from the rafters by the team mascots during the 7th inning stretch) and, most importantly, an overflowing jumbo souvenir beer cup’s worth of fellowship! Uniquity, the Cathedral’s commu-

nity-building ministry for its single, widowed and divorced members, is now on hiatus until the fall, but look for announcements in August of our upcoming season. For information, or to be added to our mailing list, please contact [email protected]

| 9


ARCHdiocesan cathedr al


PHILOPTOCHOS SOCIETY friends of those in need Direct A rchdiocesan District

Saints Cosmas and Damian Patron Saints of the Philoptochos

For the homeless in our midst; for the child in pain; for the abused; for the old; for the devastated; for the abandoned; for those in despair; the Archdiocesan Cathedral Philoptochos Society cares and responds. • AC-PHILOPTOCHOS.COM •

This year’s Spring Luncheon was held for the fourth consecutive year at the Central Park Loeb Boathouse on May 24, 2016. Despite the inclement weather the event was a huge success. All our guests were happy to see each other. Our guest speaker Ambassador Eleni Tsakopoulos-Kounalakis presented her book “Madame Ambassador.” She spoke eloquently and shared her experience as the first Greek American woman to serve as an ambassador in Hungary. Each of our guests received a copy of her book that was generously donated by the author. As our guests were enjoying mingling with each other, they bought raffles and did their spring shopping at the boutiques, which are always a big hit bringing 20% of their proceeds to Philoptochos. The Annual Spring Luncheon benefits the Cathedral Philoptochos Scholarship Fund, which was established in 2007. The Fund has helped over 30 students who attend the Cathedral School and are in need of fi-

The Annual Spring Luncheon benefits the Cathedral Philoptochos Scholarship Fund.

nancial assistance with their tuition. This year we were able to support four students. We would like to thank everyone who supported our Spring Luncheon for such a noble cause! At the graduation of the Cathedral School on June 13, 2016, the Archdiocesan Cathedral Philoptochos represented by our President, awarded a monetary gift to the Valedictorian. This has been a tradition for many years. The Archdiocesan Cathedral Philoptochos is sponsoring this summer two students from the Hellenos House to attend the camp at St. Basil in Garrison, New York and two students from our welfare cases to attend Camp St. Paul in Connecticut. We have fulfilled our National Philoptochos and Direct Archdiocesan obligations. The Archdiocesan Cathedral Philoptochos Society continues to sponsor the coffee hour every Sunday after the Divine Liturgy. We also continue the “Feed the Homeless Program” which we sponsor together with Jan Hus Church continued on page 12

10 | Fall 2016

A r c h d i o c e s a n C a t h e d r a l o f t h e H o l y Tr i n i t y

| 11



continued from page 10

Cathedral Choir to Perform 40th Annual Christmas Concert Friday December 16th, 7:30 PM Continuing a tradition that begin with the first Cathedral Christmas Concert under the baton of the late Dr. Dino Anagnost in 1976, the Cathedral Choir will present the 40th annual Christmas Concert this December. Tickets will be on sale beginning in September. Stay tuned to the cathedral bulletin and website for more details! September/October 2016: This is the Perfect Time of Year to Join the Cathedral Choir! If you are interested in singing with The Cathedral Choir, come up to the choir loft and join us beginning on Sunday September 11, 2016. Interested people should contact Evey Simon: [email protected] org, so that we can have music prepared for you. National Church Music Sunday is on October 2nd! National Church Music Sunday is a day we set aside particularly to honor the contributions of choir members, psaltai, and music educators who serve their churches through the hymnology of our Orthodox Church.

Visit The Cathedral Choir on Facebook and YouTube: Search “Archdiocesan Cathedral Choir”

SAVE THE DATE Friday, November 11, 2016:: Chrysanthemum Ball , Mandarin Oriental, NYC Saturday, December 10, 2016:: Agape Luncheon, Long Island Marriott, Uniondale, NY To benefit the expansion fund of St. Michael’s Home

and provide a meal every Tuesday for approximately 100 homeless and low-income individuals. Through the diligent work of our Welfare Committee we continue to support our welfare cases helping individuals and families in crisis. Currently we have 231 Cathedral Philoptochos members in good standing. If you have not had a chance to mail your stewardship/membership, please send to: Archdiocesan Cathedral Philoptochos Society, 337 E. 74th St., NYC 10021. Your support is needed to complete our mission. If you have not received our 2015 brochure, please visit our website. Thank you for your continued support and generosity throughout the year. Without your help we would not be able to achieve our goals! Happy Summer! ΚΑΛΟ ΚΑΛΟΚΑΙΡΙ! Please visit our website, www.ac-philoptochos.com, for the latest news!

12 | Fall 2016

A r c h d i o c e s a n C a t h e d r a l o f t h e H o l y Tr i n i t y

The Cathedral School: Things that Matter Most Kristine Cecere, Head of School

I have always felt that Rita Pierson said it most eloquently when she stated that, “Every child deserves a champion – an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection, and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be.” It is my distinct honor to be joining the Cathedral community as the new Head of School and with Pierson’s words in mind, to become the champion of each and every one of the incredibly, inquisitive, thoughtful and engaging students at TCS. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to put what matters most, the education and development of children, at the forefront of my work for the last 17 years. There is nothing as rewarding as watching a child have that moment where a concept falls into place. Creating an environment designed to support the success of each student, not just academically but as a whole person, is my primary objective. Understanding the value of connection is critical to the success of each child, the connection to family and to community, the connection to the teacher and the connection to the school environment. These connections support high expectations, foster self esteem and create a culture that values a safe and welcoming envi-

ronment where all students are comfortable taking risks. The importance of connections is evident in the traditions of The Cathedral School’s mission and the work that is carried out every day by teachers and parents. I am delighted to work at a school that embraces an education in “body, mind and spirit,” that values compassion and fosters a love of learning. The Cathedral School has a long tradition of educating students in the classics. As someone who was educated in the classics, I am deeply aware of its philosophical importance and value. Through the classics, Cathedral children learn what it means to be a citizen, that an “educated person is one who is thoughtful, kind and considerate; one who has a proper regard for the rights, the liberties and the privileges of his fellow men. He does not think of himself as the center around which mankind or his neighborhood revolves” (the educational ideal of the Three Hierarchs of the Greek Orthodox Church in the fourth century AD). Discovering

There is nothing as rewarding as watching a child have that moment where a concept falls into place. how to marry self awareness with a larger global perspective and to have the relationships that connect us and inform our development lies at the heart of a meaningful education. The privilege to work in this environment is not one taken lightly. I look forward to maintaining the important traditions of the school while embracing new challenges and continuing to foster the connections each student needs be successful. I am always thrilled at the start of the new school year and the exciting journey that lies ahead with exceptional educators, dedicated parents and most of all, enthusiastic children.

| 13



The Greek Dance Troupe, Οι Συνεχιστες, is a ministry for adults and young professionals to learn traditional folk dances from all over Greece. While being a ministry of the church for over a decade, the troupe has continued to grow. We have participated in various performances and workshops. We hope to participate in the Diocesan Folk Dance Festival (FDF) in Maryland or California. As we continue to grow we plan on integrating such various such workshops and performances into our calendar. We will be fundraising to purchase στολές for our entire dance troupe. Look for our event in conjunction with Cathedral Connect this October! We, Συνεχιστες, invite everyone to join us every Monday night at the Cathedral undercroft at 7:30pm. Come dance and socialize! For more information contact Alexandra Devaris at: [email protected]

14 | Fall 2016

Cathedral Fellowship Bookstore Review

NEW AT THE CATHEDRAL FELLOWSHIP BOOKSTORE The Art of Seeing: A pioneering new work on Byzantine iconography The Art of Seeing is a beautiful book by Father Maximos Constas, formerly Associate Professor of Theology at Harvard Divinity School, and now Senior Research Scholar at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology. As renowned scholar in his field, Father Maximos has crafted an illuminating book that explores Byzantine iconography in refreshing new ways. Through masterful prose that incorporates aesthetics, art history, and patristic theology, each of its four chapters grapples with a different theme in Byzantine iconography as viewed through the lens of Orthodox theology. These themes include: the enigmatic face of the sixth-century Sinai Christ icon, the paradoxes of the Annunciation, the iconography

of the Byzantine warrior saints (such as St. George), and an insightful discussion of the contemporary theology of the “icon screen.” In an age of endless distractions, Father Maximos delightfully invites us to experience a world of paradoxical wonders that are associated with the Byzantine icon; we are called to be attentive to the sacred image, and to open ourselves to “another form that is different from me, which actively approaches me from outside of myself, and offers itself to me as a gift, welling up to the surface from some mysterious depth.” This magnificent book is essential for anyone desiring a deeper and more meaningful understanding of Byzantine iconography, culture, and patristic theology. Copies can be purchased from our Cathedral Bookstore, which also contains a wide array of Orthodox publications for both adults and children. Our bookstore is open every Sunday immediately after liturgy during our community fellowship. Our dedicated volunteer, Chuck Connant, manages our bookstore and will be more than happy to assist you. Please stop by and browse our store and feel free to peruse Fr. Maximos’ beautiful new publication.

2016 Stewardship as of August 31st, 2016 C AT H E D R A L L I F E

As of August 31st we have received 323 pledges in the amount of $359,000. Thank you to the following stewards who have sent in their pledges. If any names have been mistakenly omitted from this list, please notify the church office and we will make corrections in our next newsletter. Sponsors of 1-Day or More Dr. Macrene Alexiades

Ms. Elly Letsiou

Mr. George S. Tsandikos

Prof. & Mrs. Peter & Marjorie Allan

Dr. & Mrs. George & Nicole Contos Liakeas

Mr. Nick Tsoukaris

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ambrosino

Mr. & Mrs. George & Julia Makris

Ms. Katherine Vandris

Dr. & Mrs. John & Lea Bendo

Mr. & Mrs. James & Nikki Margarites

Dr. & Mrs. Constantine

Mr. Justin Bozonelis

Mr. & Mrs. Markos & Maria Marinakis

Mr. Herbert Butler & Mrs. Effie Doscas-Butler

Mr. & Mrs. John & Carol Mehas

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen & Areti Cherpelis

Mr. & Mrs. J.K. Menoudakos

Ms. Helen Chiotes

Mr. Chris Neamonitis

Mr. & Mrs. John & Lauren Veronis

Mr. & Mrs. Peter & Vivi Chrisanthopoulos

Dr. & Mrs. Peter & Angelica Sigalos Nelson

Rev. Fr. John & Pres.Tina Vlahos

Mrs. Aliki Christie

Mr. & Mrs. George & Stephanie Pantelidis

Dr. & Mrs. George & Maria Yatrakis

Deacon Eleftherios & Elizabeth Constantine

Mr. & Mrs. James & Stella Pantelidis

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew & Thalia Yiannakos

Mr. & Mrs. William & Sheila Doscas

Mr. Andrew D. Panzures & Dr. Eleni Andreopoulou

Mr. & Mrs. Kirk & Christine Zeiner

Mrs. Evangeline Douris

Mr. John Paterakis

Mrs. Sophia Fell

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel & Katerina Pergola

Mr. & Mrs. George & Patricia Filopoulos

Mr. & Mrs. Dean & Linda Poll

Ms. Irene Gianacoplos

Mr. Constantine Scopas

Mr. & Mrs. James & Stefanie Gianakis

Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Emile Scott

Drs. A. Reese & Katerina Tsirilakis Abright

Ms. Evangelia Gordon & Eric Greco

Mr. Spiros Segalas

Mr. Stephen Aczel & Ms. Jacki Eris

Mr. & Mrs. Christos & Evelyn Ikonomopoulos

Dr. Ilias Siempos & Dr. Theodora Ntaidou

Dr. Mir Nicodemus Ali

Mrs. Michael Jaharis

Mr. & Mrs. Basil & Evey Simon

Mr. John Andreadis

Mr. G  eorge Kaneris

Mr. & Mrs. William & Maria Spears

Mr. George Andreou

Mr. Charles P. Stathas

Professor Marina Angel

Dr. Katherine Kaye

Mr. & Mrs. George & Alexandra Stephanopoulos

Mr. & Mrs. James & Elizabeth Angelus

Mr. Symeon Kefalidis & Mrs. Virginia Gziki

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher & Mary C. Stratakis

Mr. & Mrs. Steve & Elli Aniftos

Ms. Bessy Klideris

Ms. Sophia Stratis

Mr. Michael Apostolides

Dr. & Mrs. Alexander & Eleni Kofinas

Dr. & Mrs. Charles & Effie Strouthides

Mr. & Mrs. Andreas & Lauren Argyrides

Dr. & Dr. George D. & Miranda Kofinas

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry T. & Kristin Swon

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony & Antonia Argyrides

Mr. George Konomos

Dr. Apostolos Tambakis

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis & Helen Assanis

Mr. & Mrs. Elias & Madelene Lambiris

Dr. John Thomas & Mrs. Deana Bilahtsis-Thomas

Mr. Georgios Athanasakopoulos

Mrs. Lika Lambiris

Dr. & Mrs. Peter & Eilana Tiboris

& Mrs. Christina Tsesmelis Kaneris

16 | Fall 2016

& Anastasia Vardopoulos Mr. Dorian A. Vergos & Mrs. Maria Pyrros-Vergos


& Ms. Helena Daras

A r c h d i o c e s a n C a t h e d r a l o f t h e H o l y Tr i n i t y

Mr. & Mrs. Elias & Pamela Batalias

Mr. Peter DiMarco

Ms. Alexandra Javgureanu

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony & Anna Bergamo

Mrs. Eugenia C. Doscas

Mr. & Mrs. Keith & Lisa Jewell

Mrs. Vene Bolossis

Mr. Peter Doukas

Ms. Lillian Johnson

Mr. Nicholas S. Bookis

Mr. & Mrs. Harry & Maria Dounchis

Ms. Sophie Kallas

Mr. & Mrs. Steven & Lillian Brash

Mr. Maxsim Drivin & Ms. Karen Leyva

Mr. Michael Kalomiris

Ms. Cris Bratsis

Mrs. Bessie & Robert B Economou-Pease

Mrs. Barbara Kalpakis

Mrs. Mary Anne Broun

Mr. Kenneth Eipel

Dr. Socrates Kangadis & Dr. Estee Pavlounis

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Aphrodite Calamaras

Ms. Esmie Eleftheriades

Ms. Penelope Karageorge

Dr. Yvonne Callas

Mr. & Mrs. Bryan & Stephanie Ferro

Mrs. Catherine Karanas

Mrs. Irene Campbell

Mr. George Fikaris & Mrs. Angelica Ogorek

Mr. & Dr. Kosta & Stella Karantzoulis

Mr. & Mrs. Steven & Athena Canaris

Mr. Theodore Floridis

Prof. & Mrs. Ioannis & Eleni Karatzas

Mr. & Mrs. George & Vasiliki Carleton

Mrs. Patricia Forrest

Mr. & Mrs. Spyros & Evangelia Karellas

Mrs. Marika Chrisanthopoulos

Ms. Elizabeth K. Gabriel

Mrs. Ellen Karis

Mr. Constantine Christakos

Mr. Andrew Galakatos

Ms. Catherine Kartsonas

Mr. & Mrs. Aris & Marilena Christodoulou

Mr. & Mrs. Neophytos & Stavroula Ganiaris

Rachel Kartsonas

Mr. & Mrs. David & Dina Ciagne

Mr. Harry Gaveras

Mr. & Mrs. Aristodimos & Giovanna Kavour

Mrs. Penelope Collins

Ms. Elizabeth Gdisis

Ms. Andreana Kenrick

Mrs. Marina Comatas

Dr. & Mrs. Ajax & Bia George

Ms. Stephanie Kiahtipes

Dr. & Mrs. Lambros Comitas

Mr. & Mrs. Steven & Tina Georgeou

Mr. Emmanuel Kladitis

Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Christina Connant

Ms. Christina Georgiou

Mr. & Mrs. Theodore P. & Linda Klingos

Miss Kalliope Constantaras

Mr. & Mrs. Ben & Barbara Germana

Ms. Kalliope Kokolis

Mr. Costa Constantine

Ms. Sophia J. Gianacoplos

Mr. & Mrs. Erick & Elena Kontogiannis

Mrs. Marie Contopoulos

Ms. Angela Giannopoulos

Mrs. Venetia Kontogouris

Mrs. Dorothy Corvi

Mr. & Mrs. Randall & Eleni Gianopulos

Miss Alice Kontokosta

Ms. Christina Costas

Mr. & Mrs. John & Katie Gitas

Mrs. Pauline Kotsilimbas

Mr. & Mrs. Konstantinos & Catherine Costogiannis

Mr. Leonidas Gloumis

Ms. Anna D. Koules

Mrs. Penelope Dambassis

Mr. Steven Gomes

Mr. P. Nicholas Kourides & Ms. Lusyd Doolittle

Mr. & Mrs. Elizabeth & Anthony Dambriunas

Mrs. Nina Goutas

Mr. & Mrs. George & Mujde Koutroubinis

Mr. & Mrs. Jacqueline & Jake Daska

Ms. Frances C. Gretes

Mr. Scott Kyreakakis

Mr. Harry Demas & Mrs. Anna Maria Demetriades

Mr. & Mrs. Hercules W. & Alexandra Grigos

Mr. Derek Lacz

Ms. Irene Demetriou

Ms. Anna Hadjitheodosiou

Dr. & Mrs. Emmanuel & Nektaria Lambrakis

Ms. Stella Demoleas

Mrs. Euterpe Harovas

Mr. & Mrs. George J. & Tana A. Lambrakos

Mr. & Mrs. George & Chrysa Demos

Mr. & Mrs. David & Irene Harron

Raf & Evangelina T. [Trilouris] Lanza

Mrs. Helen Demos

Mr. Andrew Hayes & Ms. Christina Pitsinos

Mr. & Mrs. Tek Wee W. & Amelia Lee

Mr. Nicholas & Katina Dermatas

Ms. Jill Hemphill

Mrs. Helen Liaskos

Mr. & Mrs. George & Ann Dessylas

Mr. Emmanuel Hondroulis

Alexandra Likitsakos & Frank Jordan

Mr. Nicholas Diacou

Mrs. Debbie Hyams

Ms. Kristina Likitsakos

Mr. & . Mrs. Stephen & Mary Diacrussi

Mr. William Jannace

Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Jessica Livanos

| 17

2016 Stewardship continued

Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Sophia Livanos

Mrs. Argyro Pantazopoulos

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Kathleen Sarakatsannis

Mr. Terry Livanos & Mrs. Betty Gonzalez

Ms. Anastasia Papadopoulos

Ms. Lucia Sarchisian

Mrs. Nellie C. Logothetides

Mr. James Papadopoulos

Mrs. Constantina Sarris

Mrs. Maria Lyras

Mr. & Mrs. Nikiforos & Ruth Papadopoulos

Ms. Nancy Savaides

Mrs. Peggy Ma & Mr. Alex Baranovsky

Father & Diakonissa Panteleimon

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas & Katrina Scilaris

Mr. & Mrs. George & Antonia Makkos

& Georgia Papadopoulos

Ms. Alexia Makrigiannis

Mrs. Elizabeth Papanicolaou

Ms. Mary Makrogiannis

& Mr. Anthony LoVerde

Mr. James Mallios Ms. Jenelle Mallios

Mr. & Mrs. Panayiotis & Anastasia Papanicolaou

Ms. Rochelle Serlin Ms. Marie Serpanos Mr. & Mrs. Alex & Barbara Sherer Mr. Jason Simos Mr. Jimmy Sirris

Mr. & Mrs. Peter & Dimitra Manis

Mr. & Mrs. Spyro & Lisa Papathanasiou

Mr. Perry P. Skoutelas

Dr. & Mrs. George & Olga Maragos

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Georgia Papathomas

Mr. & Mrs. Neil & Marietta Snyder

Ms. Maria Maragos

Ms. Lilly Pappas

Amb. & Mrs. Michael & Estelle Sotirhos

Mr. & Mrs. Chris & Catherine Martin

Mr. George Parlamas

Ms. Georgia Sotiropoulos

Mr. & Mrs. Alexandros & Constance Mastoras

Mr. & Mrs. Markos & Stephanie Parlamas

Ms. Carlene Soumas

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis & Karen Mehiel

Mr. Steven Parlamas

Mrs. Ourania Soumas

Mr. & Mrs. John & Rena Melis

Mr. William Passodelis, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. George & Maria Spanakos

Dr. Demetri Merianos

Ms. Linda L. Paul

Mr. Efthymios Stamoulis

Mrs. Leila Meyer

Mr. Paul Perakis

Mr. Alexander Michaelis

Dr. Marinos Petratos

& Ms. Gabrille Mannino

Dr. & Mrs. Michael & Fotini Pettei

& Ms. Anastasia Passas Mr. & Mrs. Gregory & Elaine Nichas Stamoulis

Mrs. Jenny Milman

Mr. & Mrs. Sotirios & Stephanie Plakoudas

Ms. Andreena Stanica

Mr. & Mrs. Spiros & Antonia Milonas

Dr. Konstadinos Plestis & Dr. Maria Vogiatzi

Mr. & Mrs. Damian & Konstantina Steele

Mr. Michael Mitchell

Mr. Constantinos Podias

Ms. Maria Stefanatos

Rene Mitchell

& Dr. Christine Kakoulas Podias

Ms. Katherine Stefanou

Mr. & Mrs. Michail & Helen Molokotos

Ms. Cassandra Porter

Ms. Mary Stell

Mr. & Mrs. James & Julie Morakis

Ms. Paulette Poulos

Ms. Ilya Stephano & Sean Patrick Griffin

Ms. Ann Morfogen

Mr. Peter Poulos

Ms. Catherine Tarkas

Mrs. Catherine Moutoussis

Mrs. Lila Prounis

Georgios Theophanous

Ms. Georgia Mouzakis

Ms. Nicole Psomas

Ms. Penny Tiglias

Mr. & Mrs. Dimitrios & Lori Nassis

Mr. & Mrs. Frank & Diana Raffaele

Mr. Elias Tiliakos

Mr. John Neamonitis

Mr. George Raftis & Mrs. Sophia Kashis

Ms. Niki Tiliakos

Mrs. Bess Nicholas

Mr. & Mrs. William & Janice Randolph

Mrs. Vasiliki Triandafillou

Ms. Diane Nichols

Mr. & Mrs. John J. & Corynne Razos

Mr. Harry Triantis & Mrs. Simona Stanica

Mr. Daniel Salym Padovano

Ms. Maria Recachinas

Mrs. Maria Trihas

Mr. Charles Paindiris

Ms. Katherine Relle

Mr. Evangelos Tsevdos

Mr. Thomas M. Rieger & Ms. Anna Panayotou

Mr. Demetrios P. Tzoannos

Mr. & Mrs. George E. & Demetra Safiol

Mr. & Mrs. Costa & Afshan Tzotzis

& Ms. Eleftheria Diakoloukas Jeanne Palaigos

18 | Fall 2016

A r c h d i o c e s a n C a t h e d r a l o f t h e H o l y Tr i n i t y

Ms. Viola Valvis

Mrs. Isadora Wolfe & Mr. Joseph Poulson

Mr. & Mrs. Sotiri & Lea Zervoulias

Mrs. Maria Vlock

Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Anna Xylas

Mr. Frank Zisa

Mr. & Mrs. Christos & Effie Voloudakis

Mrs. Constantina Yanos

Mr. Nikolaos C. Vourkas

Mrs. Marie Yatrakis

Ms. Sarah Watson

Mr. & Mrs. Jack & Carol Zacharias

Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin & Chrisanthi White

Dr. Charles Zaroulis

Mrs. Emilia Wolfe

Mrs. Rallou Zervoudakis

We thank you for your generous commitment to our Cathedral Community. Please continue to support our Church Ministries through your time, talents and Faithful Stewardship. A R C H D I O C E S A N C AT H E D R A L O F T H E H O LY T R I N I T Y

The Cathedral Gala HONORING

Peter C. Georgiopoulos CEO of Gener8 Maritime


Justin Bozonelis Madelene Lambiris


John Tavlarios ...

Dinner Tickets

The Plaza Hotel 768 5TH AVENUE





Tickets / Info




Young Professionals Tckets



C O M B I N E D D A N C E P A R T Y 10PM - 12AM



Bia George


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Chelsea 110 West 17th St. New York, NY 10011 212-929-4226 [email protected]

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To advertise contact Catherine Moutoussis at [email protected] # in# the # CathedraLife # #

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21 | Fall 2016 8:00 am Orthos 9:00 am Divine Liturgy 6:30 pm AA Meeting


8:45 am Matins 10:00 am Divine Liturgy

1st Sunday of Lukes


8:45 am Matins 10:00 am Divine Liturgy

Sunday after the Holy Cross


Ministry Registration Sunday 8:45 am Matins 10:00 am Divine Liturgy

Sunday before the Holy Cross



8:00 am Matins 9:00 am Divine Liturgy 7:30 pm Adult Greek Dance Class

Falling Asleep of St. John the Theologian


10:00 am Little Angels 7:30 pm Adult Greek Dance Class


7:30 pm Adult Greek Dance Class


7:30 pm Adult Greek Dance Class



8:00 am Matins 9:00 am Divine Liturgy

St. Eustathios, his wife St. Theopiste, & their sons


6:00 pm Executive Board Mtg 7:00 pm Cathedral Board Mtg


7:30 pm Cathedral Connect


6:00 pm Paraklesis 7:00 pm Bible Study



6:00 pm Paraklesis to the Virgin Mary 7:00 pm Bible Study


8:00 am Matins 9:00 am Divine Liturgy 6:00 pm Paraklesis 7:00 pm Bible Study

Exaltation of the Holy Cross

6:00 pm Great Vespers 7:00 pm Bible Study




23 30

5:30 pm HOPE/JOY Mtg

6:00 pm GOYA Mtg








7:00 pm 81st Cathedral Gala at The Plaza




For up-to-date information on our activities, please visit http://www.thecathedral.goarch.org.

6:30 pm AA Meeting

6:30 pm AA Meeting

6:30 pm AA Meeting



New Ecclesiastical Year & the 40 Women Martyrs of Thrace


8:00 am Orthos 9:00 am Divine Liturgy 11:30 am Philoptochos Mtg 6:30 pm AA Meeting


6:00 pm Great Vespers 7:00 pm Bible Study


Nativity of The Theotokos



8:45 am Matins 10:00 am Divine Liturgy


8:00 am Orthos 9:00 am Divine Liturgy 7:30 pm Adult Greek Dance Class

Beheading of St. John the Baptist


11th Sunday of Matthew


8:15 am Matins 9:30 am Divine Liturgy


September 2016 C AT H E D R A L L I F E



September 11th -14th 5:30 - 8:30PM



Learn How to Paint an Icon with Master Iconographer George Kordis, Laureate Professor of Iconography and Christian Art at the University of Athens School of Theology, Visiting Professor of Iconography Notre Dame & Yale University. *Reserve a place in this 12 students only workshop by making a donation of $300 to the Holy Trinity Cathedral. All members of the community are free and welcome to observe any of the sessions; Only registered members will participate in painting. To make a reservation please contact us at: ! (212) 288 3215 or [email protected]

Madelene Lambiris Licensed Real Estate Salesperson Real Estate Advisor

New York City

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To advertise in the CathedraLife contact Catherine Moutoussis at [email protected]

23 | Fall 2016


8:45 am Matins 10:00 am Divine Liturgy

6th Sunday of Luke


8:45 am Matins 10:00 am Divine Liturgy

5th Sunday of Luke



7:30 pm Adult Greek Dance Class


7:30 pm Adult Greek Dance Class

17 18

8:00 am Matins 9:00 am Divine Liturgy 11:30 am Philoptochos Mtg

Sts. Cosmas & Damianos



8:00 am Matins 9:00 am Divine Liturgy

7:30 pm Adult Greek Dance Class

4 11

8:00 am Matins 9:00 am Divine Liturgy 6:00 pm Executive Brd Mtg 7:00 pm Cathedral Brd Mtg

St. Phillip the Apostle

St. Luke the Apostle


7:30 pm Adult Greek Dance Class


11:30 am Philoptochos Mtg



8:45 am Matins 10:00 am Divine Liturgy



7:30 pm Adult Greek Dance Class 7:30 pm Cathedral Connect


8:00 am Matins 9:00 am Divine Liturgy 7:30 pm Adult Greek Dance Class

Falling Asleep of St. John the Theologian


Archon’s Sunday / Sunday of the 7th Ecumenical Council

8:45 am Matins 10:00 am Divine Liturgy

3rd Sunday of Luke

8:45 am Matins 10:00 am Divine Liturgy 12:00 pm Fall Family Fair

2nd Sunday of Luke


8:45 am Matins 10:00 am Divine Liturgy

1st Sunday of Luke




5:30 pm HOPE/JOY Mtg

6:00 pm Paraklesis 7:00 pm Bible Study




5:30 pm HOPE/JOY Mtg









For up-to-date information on our activities, please visit http://www.thecathedral.goarch.org.

6:30 pm AA Meeting



8:00 am Matins 9:00 am Divine Liturgy 6:30 pm AA Meeting

7 14

5:30 pm HOPE/JOY Mtg

5:30 pm HOPE/JOY Mtg

Holy Protection/Oxi Day


6:30 pm AA Meeting

6:30 pm AA Meeting




5:30 pm HOPE/JOY Mtg

8:00 am Matins 9:00 am Divine Liturgy 6:00 pm Archbishop's Nameday Open House




8:00 am Matins 9:00 am Divine Liturgy 6:30 pm AA Meeting

St. Thomas the Apostle


6:30 pm AA Meeting


St. Demetrios the Great Martyr

6:00 pm Paraklesis 7:00 pm Bible Study

6:00 pm Paraklesis 7:00 pm Bible Study

6:00 pm Paraklesis 7:00 pm Bible Study


6:00 pm Paraklesis 7:00 pm Bible Studyship


October 2016 C AT H E D R A L L I F E

First Class US Postage


337 East 74th Street. New York, NY 10021-3794

Permit 7131 New York, NY