FAI Sailplane Grand Prix Series XII Final – Potchefstroom, South Africa 5th – 12th November 2016 Bulletin #1 – 1st July 2016

Location Potchefstroom Airfield ( ICAO Code - FAPS), Potchefstroom, South Africa Elevation – 4520’ amsl Runway 03/21 – Asphalt Runway 33/15 – Grass 0 0 S26 40’05” E027 05’05”

Schedule Entries due - 2nd September 2016 Payment due - 30 th September 2016 Unofficial Training start - 29th October 2016 Official Training - 3rd & 4th November 2016 Registration ( 09h00 to 14h00 daily) - 3rd & 4th November 2016 Scrutinising & configuration check - 3rd & 4th November 2016 Official opening, pilots safety briefing (compulsory) and dinner - 4th November 2016 @ 17h00 Contest Flying – 5th to 12th November 2016 Prize giving, closing and farewell party – 12th November @ 19h00 Officials Contest Director - Brian Spreckley Contest Manager – Oscar Goudriaan IGC Referee - Roland Stuck Secretary Web Master Media Task Setter/Meteorology Scoring - Alexander Georgas Tracking -

Address for Correspondence Potchefstroom Akavlieg PO Box 823 Stilfontein, 2550 South Africa Email to : Oscar Goudriaan [email protected] Tel +27 18 484 4388 Fax +27 18 484 5011

Competition Class 1. The competition class will be the FAI 18m Class 2. Maximum Wing loading will be 53kg sq meter.

Entry Fee 1. The entry fee will be ZAR 9500 per contestant ( approx € 600 ) per competing pilot, and excludes tow fees. 2. Included in the entry fee are the opening and closing dinner for the pilot and 1 crew. 3. Aerotow fees to be to be advised, depending on the price of avgas at the time. Current projections are a cost of ZAR 600 -00 ( €40-00) per tow, with a fuel price of ZAR 16-00/l 4. Entry fee must be paid in full, ( banking & transfer cost must be paid by the competitor) before the 30 th September 2016 into the following account: Account Holder – PUK Akavlieg Bank – ABSA Potchefstroom SWIFT Code : IBAN : Reference : Surname + SGP 2016

Rules 1. The contest will be governed by the latest version of the SGP Rules that can be downloaded from http://www.sgp.aero/about-sgp-racing/sporting-regulations.aspx?contestID=1066 2. Local rules and a self briefing document will be available on the contest website before August 2016 http://www.sgp.aero/finals2016. Licensing Requirements 1. South Africa is an ICAO signatory. Competitor’s licences that are issued by a fellow ICAO country, can be validated locally. A procedure for this will be circulated, and can be done either before the contest, or on arrival at Potchefstroom. There is a statutory fee for this validation of +- ZAR 2. Competitors must have a valid FAI Competitors Licence

Airworthiness Requirements for gliders 1. South African Civil Aviation Regulations require the glider to have the following on board or readily available a. Certificate of Registration b. Authority to Fly ( non type certified) or Certificate of Airworthiness ( type certified) c. Weight and Balance Report (not older than 5 years) d. Aircraft Radio Station Licence e. First Aid kit f. Pilot Licence g. Aeronautical Map ( will be supplied for the contest)

Oxygen 1. It is highly recommended that the glider is equipped with oxygen. Oxygen for refilling on board systems will be available of the field at a nominal cost ZAR 550 (+- €36) Insurance 1. Gliders should be insured for 3rd party damage to the amount of ZAR 2 000 000 2. Pilots and crew members must have proof of personal medical cover, covering accidents and sickness, including local medical costs. Accommodation Potchefstroom is a university town, with many countries and athletes using the excellent facilities of the University as an off season training base. Accommodation in the form of guest houses or hotels is freely available, and can be found on the internet. The local organizing team has reserved a number of rooms at the PUK Sports Village, which is an excellent facility built specifically by the university to host visiting athletes. More details can be found at http://www.nwu.ac.za/content/non-residence-and-guest-accomodation The rates quotes are ZAR 880 per person per night, or ZAR 1140 per person sharing per night. This rate includes breakfast. However, keep in mind that a full breakfast will also be served every morning at the airfield at a very competitive cost. Bookings must be made directly with the Sports Village. The reference number for the booking is 501677. Contact details are :

Camping Limited facilities are available for camping at the airfield. The contact person for this is Rudolf Pretorius and he may be contacted on [email protected] Catering The gliding club has a fully functional restaurant, and will be serving breakfast, lunch and dinner each day.

Rental of sailplanes in South Africa. The available sailplanes are listed in the document available on the event website. Pilots must contact the owners direct to discuss terms and conditions of the rental. Sailplane shipping from Europe. There is one container being shipped from Germany to RSA that currently has three available places for 18m gliders. See details below. There are three places available in a container being shipped from UK. See details below. Container shipped from Germany 1. Will be shipped from the airfield Roitzschjora, 25km north of Leipzig 2. Packing before last week of September 3. The owners must insure the transport insurance. (For 10 000-00 Euro value of glider, it is about 200 euro insurance) 4. No other cost is involved. 5. Container is delivered to Douglas, Northern Cape near Kimberley 6. Leaves Douglas at the end of January. Last day packing 27/01/2017 Approximate cost 1. With five gliders 3.600,- € 2. Four gliders 3.950,- € Contact Martin at [email protected] for gliders shipped to Douglas Container shipped from UK 1. 3 spaces for 18m gliders 2. Location for packing is Hereford UK (gliders can be delivered to Lasham UK) 3. Container shipping from UK last week of September. 4. Shipped to Bloemfontein. 5. Return shipping beginning of February 2017 6. Cost of return shipping per glider depending on number of gliders between 3000 and 4000 euros Contact for this container is Shaun Lapworth at [email protected]