FACULTY OF CHRISTIAN PHILOSOPHY Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University Warsaw – Poland visit our website: www.wfch.uksw.edu.pl/node/1167 On our Facu...
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Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University Warsaw – Poland

visit our website: www.wfch.uksw.edu.pl/node/1167

On our Faculty… The Faculty of Christian Philosophy encompasses three institutes: Institute of Philosophy, Institute of Psychology and Institute of Ecology and Bioethics, including altogether 16 sections and more than 30 chairs with about 100 lecturers. The Faculty has stand-alone computer labs, diagnostic laboratory, library and laboratory with the Vienna Test System (VTS). Since 2014/15 year our students have access to our new Laboratory Center of Natural Sciences and Central Psychological Laboratory. Our mission is to provide students with our study amicable environment where research and education come together. The Faculty offers: • Bachelor- and Master-level programs’ in philosophy and environmental protection • Integrated Master-level program in psychology • PhD programmes in philosophy and psychology In our programs of study we strive to offer diverse and attractive education based on comprehensive theoretical, methodological and practical knowledge. The Faculty is safeguarding its future by developing high-quality research. The Faculty publishes three scientific journals: “Studia Psychologica”, “Studia Philosophiae Christianae” and “Studia Ecologiae et Bioethicae.” In the recent accreditation procedure the Faculty has been assigned category “A”, demonstrating that it fully meets the requirements laid down in its mission statement. More information can be found at Institutes’ webpages: Philosophy: www.filozofia.uksw.edu.pl Psychology: www.psychologia.wfch.uksw.edu.pl Ecology and Bioethics: www.ieib.uksw.edu.pl and our Faculty website: www.wfch.uksw.edu.pl visit our website: www.wfch.uksw.edu.pl/node/1167

Invitation from the Dean Dear Friends In today’s world there are a lot of possibilities for gaining knowledge as well as different ways and places in which you can complete your college degree. A significant number of young people decide to pursue part or all of their studies abroad. Such studies offer a chance to broaden one’s knowledge and skills, make new contacts, learn about other cultures and traditions. Also the Faculty of Christian Philosophy at Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw is open to all students who wish to study in our country. We offer both Erasmus+ classes taught at our three institutes (Philosophy, Psychology, Environmental Protection), as well as a full program of study in English “Philosophy and Culture of East-Central Europe. Experience and Thought”. Therefore, I would like to invite to our faculty all of you who are considering the completion of (part of) their studies abroad. We offer an interesting program of courses, we have experienced lecturers and modern laboratories, we provide an excellent environment for study and ensure a friendly atmosphere. In addition to classes, we offer our students the possibility of taking part in interesting meetings and training courses as well as gaining knowledge of Polish history and tradition. All the information concerning the lectures and classes conducted at our faculty can be found on the websites specified below. We are also ready to respond individually to any of your questions and assist you in the organization of your stay and the composition of your individual study program. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our educational offer and we hope to meet in Warsaw. We are waiting for you! Professor Anna Latawiec, Dean visit our website: www.wfch.uksw.edu.pl/node/1167

INSTITUTE OF PHILOSOPHY Thematic modules of study:  Social Ethics  Philosophy of Science  Metaphysics and History of Philosophy  Philosophy of Culture, Religion and Politics  Philosophy and Culture of East-Central Europe. Experience and Thought (program in English)

Sample offer of classes in English: • • • • • • • • •

Christian Ethics in Poland in the Second Half of the 20th Century Game Theory and The Problem of Decision-making Cognitive Aspects of the Aesthetic Experience Polish Culture and Thought The Radiance of Vienna: Philosophy, Literature and Art in Vienna at the Beginning of the 20th Century Polish logical philosophy of God Modern and Contemporary Debates in Epistemology Polish Achievements in Modern Aristotelian Logic Totalitarian Regimes in Central European Countries in the 20th Century



“One of my favourite aspects of studying at Faculty of Christian Philosophy Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw is the fact that subjects are being taught in a way that enables students to gain knowledge about varied aspects of presented issues. I appreciate that there is a focus towards university development understood as an important factor to help students to widen their horizons. I would like to mention a recently opened scientific lab which is an opportunity for research experience”. Anna Minoga

visit our website: www.wfch.uksw.edu.pl/node/1167

INSTITUTE OF PSYCHOLOGY Thematic modules of study:  General Psychology and Methodology of Psychological Research  Clinical and Personality Psychology  Developmental, Educational and Family Psychology  Work and Stress Psychology  Forensic and Penitentiary Psychology  Health Psychology and Psychology of Disability  “Personalitas” – Interdisciplinary Centre for Research on Development and Personality

Sample offer of classes in English: • • • • • • • • •

Developmental Psychology Thanatology Human Development and Values in Mythos and Logos Cultures Individual Differences in Nonverbal Communication Dramatherapy Military Psychology Describing personality Identity – how people define themselves Science of memory: fundamental concepts and key paradigms

CENTRAL PSYCHOLOGICAL LABORATORY www.laboratorium.uksw.edu.pl “Four years ago I decided to study at Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw. I chose to study Psychology at the Faculty of Christian Philosophy, and I think it was the best decision I could have made. It is the place where you can meet a lot of outstanding people and prominent teachers, who put a lot of effort into teaching. They have both practical skills and theoretical knowledge. My impressions of the classes for Erasmus students are very positive and I see that my friends from abroad who came here to study share the same opinion. If I had to decide which university to choose I would most definitely not change my choice. See you in Warsaw!” Amadeusz Szmigiel

visit our website: www.wfch.uksw.edu.pl/node/1167

INSTITUTE OF ECOLOGY AND BIOETHICS Thematic modules of study:  Humanities Basis of Environmental Protection  Scientific Basis of Environmental protection  Law and Environmental Management  Environmental Technologies

Sample offer of classes in English: • Environmental Philosophy in Eastern and Central Europe – Key Actors • Contemporary Bioethical Challenges in Central European Countries • Environmental Movement in Eastern and Central Europe (values, ideas, actions) • Physics • Biology • Ecology • Anthropology • Environmental Philosophy • Microbiology



“Participation in the ERASMUS+ program is a great opportunity to meet people from different parts of the world, as well as to learn a new language and acquire many new skills. International activity enriches a person. I used this time for my own development. I was able to carry out cross-cultural research, improve the knowledge of a foreign language, especially to meet many wonderful people with whom I remain in touch to this day. I could write for hours about the pros of departure, which gave me the enormity of possibilities used by me in many spheres of life, but I think the perfect summary are the words: “ERASMUS+ – changing lives, opening minds”. Marta Doroszuk

visit our website: www.wfch.uksw.edu.pl/node/1167

7 reasons to study with us 1. Interesting courses in English certificated programs of study Students are offered a selection of courses taught in English in psychology, philosophy, environmental protection. Programs are certified by Polish Accreditation Committee and have a certificate of “Studies of the Future” awarded by the Foundation for the Development of Schooling and Higher Education. Every year we invite some lecturers from other countries (e.g. USA, Italy, India, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Croatia). 2. Orientation training To help you get settled during your first days in Warsaw, our International Office has designed an orientation training for Erasmus students with useful tips, information and opportunities to meet your fellow Erasmus students. You will be e-mailed about the exact time of the orientation training. 3. Mentor program To help you find your way at the University and in Poland, you can ask about your personal Polish buddy – a Polish student who can answer all your practical questions, show you the way in Warsaw, in your faculty, in Polish habits, etc. This kind of help is provided by the Erasmus Student Network (ESN)  – a student organization that supports student mobility. For more information go to: www.uksw.esn.pl 4. Coordinators’ help and support Coordinators are the persons responsible for the mobility programs. Each international student is supported by two academic coordinators and the administrative coordinator. They will be happy to help you during your study at our Faculty. 5. Accommodation We can offer a place in the Student Residence in double rooms. Each room is equipped with internet connection, a toilet, two showers, a dining room with a cooker and a fridge. In the dormitory students have access to TV room, living room, reading room, laundry and drying facilities. The rent is about 100-150 EUR per month. 6. Poland – attractive destination Poland reached the 8th place in the rankings of the best national brands, under the category of “Rising Star” conducted by the Country Brand Index, indicating that the countries are the most attractive to tourists. Visitors to Poland are discovering fine culture, scenic landscapes and extraordinary historical sites. Poland is an attractive destination for students. Besides, Poland is considered one of the cheapest countries in the EU to live as a student. 7. Warsaw – students’ place The University is located in Warsaw – the capital of Poland. Warsaw is one of the quickest developing European cities and the center of the country’s political, social and cultural live. Warsaw with its charm and its many cultural and recreational activities is a great city to explore and a great tourist destination. According to QS Best Student Cities 2016 Warsaw ranks second in the category of “affordability”. It has been recognized as one of the most affordable cities in the world for foreign students.

visit our website: www.wfch.uksw.edu.pl/node/1167

Study with us! What do we offer?  interesting classes and lecturers from many countries  comfortable conditions of stay in the beautiful capital of Poland – Warsaw  opportunity to meet our history, tradition and culture  scholarships and organizational support  warm welcome and friendly rules of study  tutorial assistance

Address and contact: Faculty of Christian Philosophy Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University

ul. Wóycickiego 1/3 bud. 23 – pok. 211 01-938 Warszawa (Warsaw), Poland Phone: +48 22 569 68 01 E-mail: [email protected]

This publication has been funded with support from the European Commission under the Erasmus+ programme. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein. Free copy

visit our website: www.wfch.uksw.edu.pl/node/1167

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