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EXPO REAL Exhibitor Directories Internet · Catalogue · Quick Guide · App & Mobil 14th International Trade Fair for Commercial Property and Investment...
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EXPO REAL Exhibitor Directories Internet · Catalogue · Quick Guide · App & Mobil

14th International Trade Fair for Commercial Property and Investment Tuesday 4 – Thursday 6 October 2011 Munich, Germany


Contents All deadlines at a glance. Deadlines and Offers 30 June 2011 Deadline of registration for co-exhibitors and additional represented companies

15 July 2011 Deadline of registration for participants in the main catalogue Mandatory entry for all exhibitors in catalogue, online list of participants, Quick Guide and EXPO REAL App & Mobil Company profile in catalogue Basic profile package (catalogue and online) Top profile package (catalogue, online, App & Mobil) Two-page catalogue entry package

Page 4 Page 4 Page 7 Page 2 Page 2 Page 7

410 EUR 395 EUR 590 EUR 1,150 EUR 4,600 EUR

Page 8 Page 8

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Page 6 Page 2 Page 6

395 EUR 590 EUR 220 EUR

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3,200 EUR

25 August 2011 Catalogue advertisements Ads in Quick Guide

6 September 2011 Company profile in online list of participants Online profile package (online, App & Mobil) Photo gallery in online list of participants

1 October 2011 Banner on www.exporeal.net

Package Offers Upgrade your mandatory entry and benefit from the lower prices of our package deals.

Online profile package

Company profile in online list of participants and exhibition catalogue (you save some 25% compared to ordering separately)

Company profile in online list of participants and EXPO REAL App & Mobil (you save some 25% compared to ordering separately)

590 EUR

HTbil HLIG & Mo HIG p p A incl.


590 EUR

Top profile package

2-page catalogue entry package

Company profile in online list of participants and exhibition catalogue, photo gallery in online list of participants and profile in EXPO REAL App & Mobil (you save approx. 20%)

You will get a two-page spread in company profile directory consisting of a full-page company profile and an image advertisement

1,150 EUR


Basic profile package

4,600 EUR

Overview Exhibitor directories: Internet, App & Mobil, Quick Guide, Catalogue Before the fair www.exporeal.net Available 365 days a year. Constantly growing traffic at our Internet platform generated more than 2.7 million page impressions in 2010.

During the fair EXPO REAL App & Mobil Use the mobile to present your company! The applications EXPO REAL App and EXPO REAL Mobil are the electronic catalogue, virtual guide and overview of the whole conference programme. For further information about the application visit www.exporeal.net/app

Quick Guide With a circulation of 15,000 copies, this pocket-sized directory is convenient to have anywhere at the fair. It features an alphabetical list of exhibitors, hall diagrams and an overview of the EXPO REAL conference programme, making it a handy tool that can visitors help to find any exhibition stand quickly and easily.

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EXPO REAL QUICK GUIDE Exhibitors & hall plans

" %''#'!*,'* +"#)+(*-& 

E XP O QUIC RE AL 2 KG Exhib UID 010 ito E


rs 13th International Trade Fair Stand for Commercial Property Hall Numbers and Investment Pla ns

 # !   

13th for Interna Com tion 4– mer cial al Trade 6 www.e Octobe Pro Fair xpo r 201 perty and real 0, Mu .net nich Investm , Ger ent man y

                #+#,,"-+,#'%'.+,&', (' *',   ,-*#'!"#!"%#*0)*,+)*+',,#.+ *(&(&)' #+#'%-#'!"#*%)((% (*)(*,#('#&'+% +,, % +,,!&&*+('*-)#&'  #"* %%#+/#%%#+-++"(/#'.+,(*+'-+*+'' 2, *(&!(#'!!*'  -*,"*"#!"%#!",#+,"! # (*,"  #! /"#"*(!'#++#'.+,(*+/"(".#&)%&', 0&)%*1+-+,#'%*%+,,)*($,+#' -*() (*&(*,#%+)%+.#+#, ///-'#('#'.+,&',(&*%+,,

www.exporeal.net .................................................................................................

New Munich Trade Fair Centre 4–6 October 2010 .................................................................................................

Open Monday, 5 Oct. 2010, 9 am – 7 pm Tuesday, 6 Oct. 2010, 9 am – 7 pm Wednesday, 7 Oct. 2010, 9 am – 6 pm

Save Tuesdathe Dat e: y4 - Thu EXPO rsday 6


Octobe 2011 r

After the fair Catalogue A directory of exhibitors and participants in book form and CD-ROM. The 20,000 copies of the catalogue and CD-ROM are highly coveted references for an entire year after EXPO REAL.

Your contact Catalogue Project Manager: Hardy Kettlitz, phone (+49 30) 8871818-11 Assistent: Alexander Schepke, phone (+49 30) 8871818-12 Fax: (+49 30) 8871818-15 E-mail: [email protected] Immobilien Manager Verlag IMV GmbH & Co. KG Wilmersdorfer Str. 94, 10629 Berlin, Germany

Advertising Sales Manager: Thomas Ceppok, phone (+49 221) 5497-135 Fax: (+49 221) 5497-6135 E-mail: [email protected] Immobilien Manager Verlag IMV GmbH & Co. KG Stolberger Str. 84, 50933 Köln, Germany

Messe München GmbH does not examine the advertisements of exhibitors and other advertisers in the trade fair catalogue and is not liable under any aspect of the law—particularly the law on competition—for the content of any advertisements published in the trade fair catalogue. The same applies to any entries listed under the names of the respective exhibitors; these entries are arranged by the respective exhibitors on their own authority. All prices are subject to VAT.

Mandatory Entry Be present everywhere for 410 Euro.

The mandatory entry in the exhibitor directories is obligatory for all exhibitors, co-exhibitors and additionally represented companies at EXPO REAL 2011. The price is 410 EUR and will directly be charged with the final invoice released by Messe Munich in November 2011. Once you have registered for the fair, Munich International Trade Fairs will send you (from June 2011) your access information for the Exhibitor Center www.exporeal.net/exhibitorcenter. There you can call up the form service for exhibitor directories, check the information in your exhibitor profile, make any necessary changes and place additional advertisements online. Co-exhibitors will receive their own access information. Your mandatory entry will appear in the following four media:

ONLINE LIST OF PARTICIPANTS www.exporeal.net/participants Particularly important before the exhibition: The List of Participants on the Internet. It includes your company‘s name, address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail and Internet addresses as well as the stand number. You can book an additional company profile with logo! (look at page 6)



Country DireCtory

AlphAbeticAl Directory Stadt Datteln Wirtschaftsförderung

Stand  B1.330/430

Stand  B2.444

DAVE - Deutscher Deutsche Post wirtschaft, Leiter Filiale Hamburg Aareal Estate AG Anlage-Immobilien-Verbund Real Estate Germany GmbH Stand  C2.410 Hermann J. Merkens, Member of thed. MaPaulinenstr. vertr. W. Johannes Wentzel 15, DE-65189 Wiesbaden Deutsche PPP Holding GmbH Stand  C2.112 nagement Board Telefon: +49 (0)611 48-0 Dr. Nfl. Consulting GmbH Stand C2.512 Magnus M. Merkle, Director Germany East Telefax: +49 (0)611 48-587 Deutsche Real Estate AG Stand C3.310 DB Services Stand B2.120 Helmut Mühlhofer, Managing Director Real E-Mail: [email protected] Deutscher Industrie- und Estate Structured Finance Internet: www.aareal-estate.com DB Services Immobilien GmbH Stand B2.120 Handelskammertag und Christian Nickels-Teske, Director Real Estate Rolf Buchholz, Member of the Management DB Services Immobilien Industrie- und Structured Finance – Logistics Finance BoardGmbH Stuttgart 21Günther Feldmayer, Stand  B1.120 zu Kiel Stand  C2.110 Thomas Ortmanns, Member of Projekt the ManageMember ofHandelskammer the

Aareal Bank AG


Paulinenstr. 15 Alphabetical exhibitor directory DE-65189 Wiesbaden Telefon: +49 (0)611 480 The exhibitor directory lists companies in alphabetical order. Telefax: +49 (0)611 482548 E-Mail: [email protected] It contains your company’s name, address, telephone and fax Internet: www.aareal-bank.com Torsten Althaus, Director Credit Treasury numbers, e-mail and Internet addresses and stand number. – Structuring Per Andersen, Senior Manager Denmark By listing the names and positions of your company’s Isabel Baptista,employees Senior Manager Credit Treasury – Syndication Reinhold at the stand in the participant directory they can beBausewein, Director Munich Branch Dr. René Beckert, Director Germany South included in the catalogue. Andreas Beckmann, Director Integrated

 B2.120 Deutscher Verband DB Station&ServiceManagement AG Stand ment Board Board der Projektmanager in der BauManfred Over, Senior Manager DCM WohnungsJürgen R. Schroeder, Deputy Member Deutsche Capital und Immobilienwirtschaft wirtschaft Management AG of the Management StandBoard C1.222 e. V. (DVP) Stand B1.342 Clemens Pett, Senior Manager WohnungsKai-Uwe Schuchmann, Aareal Estate AG DDIV Dachverband Deutscher wirtschaft Stand # B2.230 Deutsche Wohnungsbau  B2.220 Immobilienverwalter e.V. Stand Andreas Pfaff, Director Germany North mbH & Co KG Stand  B1.330/430 Dionisio Pileggi, Vice President Real Aareal Valuation GmbH DEFOEstate - Deutsche Fonds DEVELLO Immobilien AG Stand  B2.141 Payment Solutions Structured Finance – Sales Management Paulinenstr. 15, DE-65189  B2.142Wiesbaden für Immobilienvermögen GmbHStand Ottmar Blaurock, Director Rhine-Main-Ruhr Bill Redmond, Director London Branch Telefon: +49 (0)611 48-2059 DEVELOPMENT B2.420 DEGEWO AG Branch Andreas Roth, Director Credit Treasury Telefax: +49 Stand (0)61148-2640 PARTNER AG Stand  B1.210 Manfred Burkelc, Managing Director Credit – Syndication DEGI Deutsche Gesellschaft E-Mail: [email protected] Projektentwicklung Kranhaus Management Nicolas Rousse-Lacordaire, Directeur Généfür Immobilienfonds mbH www.aareal-valuation.com Stand  C2.422 Internet: im Rheinhafen Köln GmbH Brigitte Butz, Senior Manager Human ral Aareal Bank France S.A. Norbert Grund, Geschäftsführer Aareal DekaBank c/o DEVELOPMENT Ressources Dr. Peter Schaffner, Managing Director Valuation GmbH Deutsche Girozentrale PARTNER AG Stand  B2.440 Matthias Butze, General Manager WohWohnungswirtschaft  B3.130 Fachberaterin Real Estate FinanceIngrid Schleicher StandWinderl, nungswirtschaft – Sales Priscille Schlosser, Vice President Real Estate DG HYP Aareal Valuation GmbH Deka Immobilien GmbH Stand B3.130 Stand Edovige Catitti, General Manager Italy Structured Finance – Logistics Finance Deutsche Genossenschafts# B2.230 Axel Cesian, Director Real Estate Structured Joachim Schöneck, Senior Manager Hypothekenbank AG Stand  B2.142 DEKRACredit Real Estate Finance – Retail Property Finance Management Germany Expertise GmbH Aareon AG Stand C2.020 DIA - Deutsche Immobilien-Akademie Maurice Douven, Vice President Real Estate Peter Schott Ghyssaert, Managing Director Im Münchfeld 1-5, DE-55122 Mainz an der Universität Freiburg Deloitte Stand B2.101 Structured Finance – Sales Management Credit Treasury Telefon: +49 (0)611 01-0 GmbH Stand  B2.220 Hakan Elman, Director Credit Management Severin Schöttmer, Director Real Estate  C2.512 Delta Domizil GmbH Telefax: +49 Stand (0)611 01-419 DIC Asset AG Stand  C1.232 South/East Structured Finance – Retail Property Finance E-Mail: [email protected] Der Facility Manager Christian Feldbrügge, Director Public Affairs Christine Schulze Forsthövel, Managing Internet: DIC Deutsche Immobilien Forum Verlag Herkert GmbHwww.aareon.com Stand  B3.235 Uli Gilbert, Director Credit Management Director Real Estate Structured Finance Peter Freudenthal, Direktor Vertrieb Chancen AG & Co. KGaA Stand  C1.232 Germany Dr. Wolf Schumacher, ChairmanDeTeImmobilien of the Roland Hildebrandt, Regionaldirektor DIC ONSITE GmbH Stand  B2.430 Giuseppe Gotti, Senior Manager Credit Management Board Deutsche TelekomVertrieb Immobilien Treasury – Syndication Torsten Schuster, Senior Manager undIntegrated Service GmbHGereon Neuhaus, Stand B3.341 DIC ONSITE GmbH Stand  C1.232 Vorstand Kai Heinonen, General Manager Finland Payment Solutions Deutsche Bank AGPappert, Michael, Vertrieb Magistrat Jos Hendriks, DirectorSara Business Development Alef, Jaroslav EstateBanking StrucPeter Sedivka, Manager RealAltenberg, Willi/ Jürgen Pfeiffer, Vorstand Al-Awar, Amine, Stéphane Global der Stadt Dieburg Stand  C1.440 Amsterdam Senior BranchBroker tured Finance – Czech RepublicProjektmanager Alf Tomalla, Geschäftsführer Regionalgutachter Chairman B1.330/430 Asset Finance & Leasing Stand DIGH#Deutsche Katja Hennig, Wohnungswirtschaft Johann Seidl, Director Munich WFMG BranchImmobilienbewertung CLPManager Structured Finance INOVALIS Stand B2.230 Immobilien Deutsche BauJames Henry, SeniorW1U Managing Director Michael Siegl, “Cooking Communicator” of und SiedlungsDeutsche Postbank AG Wirtschaftsförderung London 4JT, INOVALIS REAL Grundvermögen ESTATE GMBH Holding AG  B1.134 Gesellschaft mbH GmbH E Stand Aareal Financial Services USA Bank AG E United Kingdom INOVALIS PB Aareal Firmenkunden Mönchengladbach ABB Grundbesitz GmbHASSETImmobilienunternehmen mit Fokus auf den türkischen undEdeutschen Phone: +44 20 704500 MANAGEMET Ronald Hoffmann, Managing Director Real Alemdag, Pär Sjöstrand,  B2.212 GMBH Deutsche BörseRichard AGWallstadter Str. Stand Bülent Manager Credit Management Altersberger, 59 V Mobile: +44 789 9980904 Stand C2.012 Estate Structured Finance Germany North Director, Associate heinz rossig Amler, Petra Immobilienmarkt DE-68526 Ladenburg  B2.214 Deutsche Fonds Holding GmbH Stand Michael Hofmann, Director Credit Manage- Industrial&Logistics André R. Spathelf, General Manager Alber, Harald Services essen,SwitGermany Telefon: +49 (0)620716612 Sekretariat DIH Deutsche Wohnwerte ment West/South Europe E Leiter Immobilienzentrum Phone: +49 201 879220 BAUER DTZzerland Deutsche Telefax: +49 (0)620716610 GmbH & Co. KG Stand  B2.214 Stuttgart Corporate Communica- Alex, V Stand E Mobile: +49 0162 79100 Spezialtiefbau Isabel Ihm, Manager Michael Sternicki, Director, Aareal Financial Grundstücksauktionen [email protected] C2.510 GmbH Werner E-Mail: DIP Deutsche Immobilien-Partner DG HYP tions – Marketing Communications Service Polska Regionalgutachter Althaus, Ammann, Lars Internet: www.abb.de/crem-consult DeutscheGuido Hypothekenbank c/o Bankhaus GenossenschaftsJosef Ismair,Deutsche Senior Manager Credit Manage- Immobilienbewertung Paul Stone, General Manager United KingSenior Manager Syndikus-Anwalt Dr. Stefan Beretitsch, Geschäftsführung (Actien-Gesellschaft) Stand  C3.110 Ellwanger & Geiger KG Stand B1.410 E Hypothekenbank AG ment Germany dom Postbank AG Deutsche E S-Finanzdienstleistungs-GmbH Ernst & Young AG Barbara Böhler, Corporate Real Estate Deutsche Immobilien AG Jürgen Junginger, Director Inve- PB Elke Tabet, Manager – SynE Treasury Albers,Managing Frank Mülheim an derDIS Ruhr Firmenkunden AG Credit Institut für Management Althaus, Torsten  B2.430Leitung Niederlassung Hamburg Stand Director Immobilien-Service stor Relations dication Alois ServiceImmobilien Stand  B2.031 Algermissen, Director Credit Treasury Betty- StrucGalster-Nagengast, Bauma- E GmbH ErnstSenior & Young Thomas Keller, Manager Hamburg Jörg Torbohm, Senior Managerturing Berlin Immobilien Leiter Geschäftsstelle Hannover Amthor, JürgenDIW Instandhaltung Ltd. & Co. KG nagement/Projektentwicklung Deutsche AG E Real Estate GmbH Branch BranchHypothekenbank Deutsche E Stand Makler Aareal Bank AGKölnRalph Heublein, Corporate Estate  B2.440 RealGeschäftsführung Niederlassung Bettina Kenn, Manager Douglas Traynor, Managing Aareal E Director Albert, IngoCorporate Commu- (Actien-Gesellschaft) Angermann Management Altmannsperger, Klaus Central North Stand  B2.430  B2.141 Deutsche Immobilien AG Stand Immobilienfinanzierung FrankGlobal Property Real Estate nications – Marketing Communications Services USA Dr. Gerhard Hoecker, Corporate Dr.Financial Algermissen, Rainer Prokurist furt Member of the ManageE Norbert Kickum, Pieter van de Kimmenade, General ManaDeutsche Immobilien-Akademie Rechtanwalt Deutsche Post Management Alliance GmbH dm-drogerie markt GmbH + Co. KG Stand B3.422 ment Board IKB Deutsche ger Netherlands Latham & Watkins LLP Real Estate Andarakis, an der Universität Klaus Hook, Corporate RealAlex Estate ManageE Industriebank AG Director Credit Dagmar Knopek, Managing Martin Germany Vest, Managing DirectorGermany Real Estate Hamburg, E Stand Executive Director GmbH ment  B2.030 Freiburg GmbH Dobler Consult Management Structured V Development Albert, Ingo Marketing & Sales Phone: +49 40Finance 41400 - Business Günter Laßmann, Leitung Asset ManageAltmeppen, Dennis J. Dobler GmbH & Co. Stand B2.042 Deutsche Immobilien Geschäftsstellenleiter E Emaar Properties PJSC Sven H. Korndörffer, Managing Zentrale Director Wilson, General Manager Central Europe Ali,Karl Sadrudin Vertrieb Leasing GmbH ment Stand  B1.330/430 DOCby.net GmbH Stand  C3.120 Hypothekenbank Corporate Communications and Russia Managing Director Berendes & PartnerLina Müller, Corporate Anders,Real Collin Estate Managein EssenAssociate AG Sotirios Kotinakis, Real Estate E Elke International Wolf, Vice President Real Estate StructuDeutsche Immobilien Trident E Real estate agentDomino Planungsgesellschaft Consulting GmbH ment Structured Finance – Retail Property red Finance – Logistics Finance Holding Aktiengesellschaft Stand B2.214 E Albertmelcher, Erich Finance Holdings E DTZ Corporate Architekten Christopher Peters, Real Estate und Altmeppen, Hermann Peter Kretzer, Senior Manager Credit MaWöllmann, Senior Manager Rhine-Industriebau Ressortleitung Stand  B1.120 Management Ali,Nicole Shazad Dipl.-Ing. Anders, Ralf Ingenieure mbH  B3.344 Deutsche GmbH Stand Immobilienkunden national nagement Germany Main-Ruhr Branch Senior Vice President - Business E Manager Altmeppen & Partner Carsten Plettenberg, CorporateDOMUS Real Estate Software AG LRP Landesbank Deutsche Lagerhaus Johannes Kupers, Associate Real Estate Martina Zierke, General Manager Denmark Development Management Ernst & Young Software für die Altwies, Charles Rheinland-Pfalz  Estate B2.110GmbH GmbHB2.230 u. Co KG Stand Structured Finance – Logistics Finance E Stand Trident International E Real Bernd Pollack, Kaufmännische Leitung Manager Immobilienverwaltung Stand B3.521 Birgitta Leijon, General Manager Sweden E Albrecht, Andreas Holdings Deutsche PostbankSusann AG Schröder, Leitung FinanzFIDEOS Andersen, Andersund Investmentmakler COMFORT Jonas Lindholm, General Manager Northern Allen, David PB Firmenkunden Rechnungswesen AG Stand C2.410Analyst Luxembourg Investment Berlin-Leipzig GmbH Europe Managing Partner Property Group A/S Phone: +52 2677256 Stefanie Wonner, Corporate Real Estate COMFORT Holding GmbH Stefanie Luckow, Corporate CommunicatiChayton Capital LLP V Kopenhagen V, Denmark Mobile: +52 621 176704 Management E Mobile: 0175/721785  ons - Marketing Communications London W1B AL, Phone: +45 702720 Stand # C1.132V Alves, Evaristo Wolfgang Lütz, SeniorCarsten Manager Wohnungs- United Kingdom Albrecht, Ibergrund, Lda Andersen, Lars


Country directory The country directory is sorted alphabetically by country and includes your company’s name and stand number.

Industry directory You indicated your branch of industry on the registration form. The industry directory lists your company under a maximum of two branches. Entries include company name and stand number.

Directory of ParticiPants

Book a company profile with logo in the catalogue! (Details on page 7.)

Fonds- und Assetmanager Wölbern Fondsmanagement GmbH



Participant directory You can have your employees listed in the participant directory in the catalogue and Internet. All you have to do is order and personalise your exhibitor passes at the Exhibitor Center (EC) at www.exporeal.net/exhibitorcenter before 15 July 2011 (deadline). Co-exhibitors must order their exhibitor passes themselves to ensure that each participant is listed with the right company. Participants then appear in the online List of Participants, in the alphabetical exhibitor directory in the catalogue and in the participants directory in the catalogue sorted alphabetically.


Deutsche Post Real Estate Germany GmbH

Phone: +44 207 07988 Mobile: +44 780 071181


Paco de Arcos, Portugal


DoReal Immobilie Consulting e.K.

Stichwort Stadt Do Witschaftsförderun Dorsten GmbH (WINDOR)

Dräger Immobilien

Drees & Sommer A

Drees & Sommer Projektmanageme bautechnische Beratung GmbH

Drees & Sommer Projektmanageme bautechnische Beratung GmbH

Dreier Immobilien

Landeshauptstadt Amt für Wirtschaft

DREWAG Stadtwerke Dresde

Drivers Jonas Gmb Dr. Klein & Co. AG

Dr. Lang & Dr. Klee Finanz- und Wirtsc Premium Immobil Dr. Lübke GmbH Dr. Ochel Gruppe

Dr. Schrammen Architekten BDA G Stadtplaner, Gene

DS-Bauconcept Gm

DSK Deutsche Stad Grundstücksentwi mbH DTZ

DU Diederichs Projektmanageme AG & Co. KG Kreis Düren

rheincity düsseldo Wirtschaftsförderu

Duisburg plus c/o Gesellschaft fü Wirtschaftsförderu Duisburg mbH Ebert-Ingenieure

Dr. Ebertz & Partne

EBZ - Europäisches der Wohnungs- un Immobilienwirtsch

ECE Projektmanag GmbH & Co. KG

ecg - Engineer Corporation Group EC Harris GmbH ecopark Zweckverband

EDEKA Minden Ha Immobilien Servic

Quick Guide The Quick Guide is a special pocket-sized directory with a circulation of 15,000 copies that will be available everywhere at the fair. It contains an alphabetical directory of exhibitors including company names and stand numbers, hall plans and an overview of the conference programme. Book an advertisement in the Quick Guide! The price list you find on page 8.

   &3  )

EXPO REAL QUICK GUIDE Exhibitors & hall plans

" %''#'!*,'* +"#)+(*-& 

E XP O QUI R E A L CK G 2 Exhi UID 010 bito rs E Stan d Num

EXPO REAL 2010 13th International Trade Fair for Commercial Property and Investment

 # !   

Hall Plan s

                #+#,,"-+,#'%'.+,&', (' *',   ,-*#'!"#!"%#*0)*,+)*+',,#.+ *(&(&)' #+#'%-#'!"#*%)((% (*)(*,#('#&'+% +,, % +,,!&&*+('*-)#&'  #"* %%#+/#%%#+-++"(/#'.+,(*+'-+*+'' 2, *(&!(#'!!*'  -*,"*"#!"%#!",#+,"! # (*,"  #! /"#"*(!'#++#'.+,(*+/"(".#&)%&', 0&)%*1+-+,#'%*%+,,)*($,+#' -*() (*&(*,#%+)%+.#+#, ///-'#('#'.+,&',(&*%+,,


13th for Internati Comm onal 4– erc Tra 6 www.e Octob ial Prope de Fair xpore er 2010 rty an d al.ne , Mu nich, Investme t Germ nt any www.exporeal.net .................................................................................................

New Munich Trade Fair Centre 4–6 October 2010 .................................................................................................

Open Monday, 5 Oct. 2010, 9 am – 7 pm Tuesday, 6 Oct. 2010, 9 am – 7 pm Wednesday, 7 Oct. 2010, 9 am – 6 pm

Save Tues the Da te: EX day 4Thur PO RE sday 6 Oc AL 20 11 tobe r


EXPO REAL APP & MOBIL The applications EXPO REAL App and EXPO REAL Mobil are the electronic catalogue, virtual guide and overview of the whole conference programme (available from end of September). Entries include company name, address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail and Internet addresses, stand number and industry. Further information about the applications you find on: www.exporeal.net/app Extra: If you order the Online Profile Package or the Top Profile Package, your company profile will be incorporated into both applications (packages on page 2).

Deadline in the Exhibitor Center www.exporeal.net/ec: 15 July 2011 (for all exhibitors registered until 30 June 2011)

410 EUR (mandatory for all exhibitors, co-exhibitors and additionally represented companies)

Company Profile: online Including gallery and priority placement.

Your company profile in the ONLINE LIST OF PARTICIPANTS Your mandatory entry includes your address and contact information as well as your stand number. A company profile (including a coloured logo) allows you to convey even more information about your company and your expertise or projects at EXPO REAL. The List of Participants is used frequently all year by visitors and exhibitors alike. To order and submit information for your ­company profile or your photo gallery, please use the online form that is available under “Exhibitor ­Directories“ in the Exhibitor Center. For the company profile, the catalogue publisher needs the following ­information in addition to your address: 1. Year founded (optional), 2. Management (optional), 3. Annual sales in ­2010 (optional), 4. Brief company profile in English (mandatory), 5. Brief ­company profile in German (optional), 6. Contact at EXPO REAL (optional), 7. Your ­company logo as tif or jpg file format (optional) Your brief company profile must be written in complete sentences. The total length of all the above mentioned entries may not exceed 1,700 characters ­including spaces. Submit your text the quick and easy way, i.e. using the ­online form on www.exporeal.net/exhibitorcenter. If you experience difficulties, please contact the catalogue ­publisher directly.

Deadline 6 September 2011

395 EUR (Please note the package offers on page 2.)

The photo gallery Use photographs to present your products and solutions! You can add up to three photos to your online company profile. Please submit your photos in *.jpg format. For file submission please contact the catalogue publisher directly.

Deadline 6 September 2011 

220 EUR

Company Profile: Catalogue Present your competence.

Your company profile in the catalogue A company profile in the catalogue is an effective way to call attention to your areas of activity, special offers or your exhibits at EXPO REAL. For the company profile, the catalogue publisher needs the following information in addition to your address: 1. Year founded (optional) 2. Management (optional) 3. Annual sales in 2010 (optional) 4. Brief company profile in English (mandatory) 5. Brief company profile in German (optional) 6. Contact at EXPO REAL (optional) 7. Your company logo as a tif or jpg file format (optional; printed size: 55 mm wide or 20 mm high; resolution 300 dpi, colour: 4c euro scale)


ny port

raits /





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Your brief company profile must be written in complete sentences. The total length of all the above mentioned entries may not exceed 1,700 characters including spaces. Submit your text the quick and easy way, i.e. using the online form on www.exporeal.net/exhibitorcenter. If you experience difficulties, please contact the catalogue publisher directly.



Deadline for ordering and submitting copy information: 15 July 2011

395 EUR (Please note the package offers on page 2.)

Two-page catalogue entry A two-page entry in the catalogue, which consists of a full-page company profile (total length 6,000 characters including spaces) combined with a full-page image advertisement, is the perfect way to get the undivided attention.


Company portraits / Unternehmensporträts

aurelis Real Estate GmbH & Co. KG Mergenthalerallee 15-21 65760 Eschborn (DE) Telefon: +49 (0)6196 5232-0 Telefax: +49 (0)6196 5232-199 E-Mail: [email protected] Internet: www.aurelis-real-estate.de Year of foundation / Gründungsjahr: 2003 Managing directors / Geschäftsführer: Dr. Joachim Wieland (Sprecher), Ivo Iven, Dr. Ronald Roos, Thaddäus Zajac Company profile: aurelis has a property portfolio across Ger­ many of approximately 23 million m². Most of the sites are in metropolitan areas and commercially attractive population centers.

Package offers: see Page 2. Please note the differing order deadlines for package offers.

In close cooperation with municipalities we develop usage concepts and manage the projects up to the point that planning law takes effect and the plots are ready for construction. Following up, we offer investors and developers the opportunity to use these plots for their projects. In addition, aurelis rents for commercial occupancy. The selection of portfolio objects ranges from parcels of land, depots to buildings. The usage spectrum encompasses office, storage and parking areas, restaurants, logistics or sales.


aurelis has branch offices in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Duisburg, Munich, Berlin and Nuremberg. Its head office is in Eschborn, near Frankfurt/Main.

Die Gesellschaftsanteile von aurelis werden zu jeweils 50 Prozent von einem Konsor­ tium aus HOCHTIEF Projektentwicklung GmbH und Redwood Grove International L.P. gehalten. Das Unternehmen ist mit Regionalbüros in Eschborn bei Frankfurt, in Hamburg, Duisburg und München sowie in Berlin und Nürnberg vertreten. Die Zentrale ist in Eschborn bei Frankfurt am Main.

Unternehmensprofil: aurelis verfügt deutschlandweit über ein Portfolio von rund 23 Millionen m² citynaher Flächen. Mit dem überwiegenden Anteil der Areale sind wir in Metropolen und Metropol­ regionen vertreten.

aurelis at Expo Real 2009 / aurelis auf der Expo Real 2009:

Ein Schwerpunkt unserer Tätigkeit ist die Entwicklung von Flächen, für die wir in enger Abstimmung mit den Kommunen marktorientierte und städtebaulich weg­ weisende Nutzungskonzepte erarbeiten. Wir betreuen die Projekte bis Planungs­ recht geschaffen ist und die Fläche baureif ist. Anschließend veräußern wir das Areal als Ganzes oder in Teilflächen. Damit bieten wir Investoren und Kommunen die Chance, die oftmals letzten städtebaulichen Frei­ räume für urbane Entwicklungsprojekte zu nutzen.

At these stands we present our regional projects / Auf diesen Ständen stellen wir unsere regionalen Projekte vor:


Deadline for ordering/submitting copy information: 15 July 2011

Zweiter Schwerpunkt unserer Tätigkeit ist die Vermietung für gewerbliche Nut­ zungen. Die Auswahl an Bestandsobjekten ist auch hier vielfältig: Freiflächen von 1.000 bis 100.000 m2, Hallen in verschie­ denen Größen und Ausstattungen sowie Gebäude. Das Nutzungsspektrum reicht von Lager­ und Parkplatzflächen über Gastronomie bis zu Werkstätten, Büros, Logistik oder Handel. Unsere Mieter sind Großkonzerne, mittelständische Unter­ nehmen oder Einzelpersonen.

Zentraler Stand von aurelis Stand C1.224 Dr. Joachim Wieland, Susanne Heck

aurelis am Partnerstand Landeshauptstadt München Stand A1.320 Stefan Wiegand, Boris Marten aurelis am Partnerstand Wirtschaftsförderung metropoleruhr Stand B1.330/430 Olaf Geist, Wolfgang Johnen

aurelis am Partnerstand Stadt Karlsruhe Wirtschaftsförderung Stand B1.130 Matthias Dahm, David Maechler aurelis am Partnerstand Wirtschaftsförderung Stuttgart Stand B1.120 Bernhard Mündler aurelis am Partnerstand Freiburg Wirtschaft Touristik und Messe GmbH Stand B1.030 Achim Hartwig, Bernd Rathke aurelis am Partnerstand Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg Stand B2.430 Harald Hempen, Torsten Wollenberg aurelis am Partnerstandt Hauptstadtregion Berlin-Brandenburg Stand B2.420 Harald Hempen, Michael Schaf aurelis am Partnerstand Stadt Bad Homburg von der Höhe Stand C1.330 Sabine Sann aurelis am Partnerstand Wirtschaftsförderung Frankfurt Stand C1.230 Thomas Reinhard aurelis am Partnerstand hannoverimpuls GmbH Stand C1.410 Harald Hempen, Hisko Gentzsch aurelis am Partnerstand Metropolregion Nürnberg Stand C2.230 Petra Mühling, Jochen Pfefferle Zentraler Stand C1.224

EXPO REAL · 12th International Commercial Property Exposition, Munich 2009

4,600 EUR 

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Catalogue advertisements Advertisements are a particularly effective way to transport your company’s image. The catalogue has several high-profile placements available that are certain to get you the attention you deserve. Please remember that early ordering secures you best placement! Preferred placements Inside front cover 1/1 page 4c 7,850 EUR Inside front cover flap 2/1 page 4c 6,300 EUR Inside back cover 1/1 page 4c 6,820 EUR Inside back cover flap 2/1 page 4c 5,870 EUR Outside back cover 1/1 page 4c 11,500 EUR Colour section at beginning of catalogue and company-profile section 1/1 page 4c 4,560 EUR 1/2 page 4c 3,350 EUR Within directories in catalogue 1/1 page b/w 2,350 EUR Bookmark (attached to catalogue or loose) Placement only, does not include production costs 7,270 EUR Marynarska Point



Typ: Office Building Größe: 22.900 m²

dorfer We lle

Arranger • Sole Underwriter


Typ: Shop ping Größe: 22.50 Center 0 m² Agent • Underwrite r

Lane ark London 49 P

ude gebä Wohn und • Büro- 00 m² riter Typ: derw e: 2.3 le Un Größ • So rty ger terpa Arran e Coun Hedg

Mc Arthur Glen Troyes Troyes, IDF

Typ: Factory Outlet Center Größe: 30.000 m² Arranger • Sole Lender • Hedge


Große Bockenheimer Straße

Frankfurt am Main

Typ: Einzelhandel und Büros Größe: 3.200 m² Mandated Lead Arranger

Europa wächst.

Besuchen Sie uns auf der EXP O REAL Stand C1.4 32

Mit unseren Finanzierungskonzepten.

Immobiliengeschäft. Wir sind Ihre Experten für

optimale und maßgeschneiderte Finanzierungen auf nationalen und internationalen Märkten. Durch indi-

viduell auf Sie abgestimmte Lösungen, eine schlanke Unternehmensorganisation und kurze Entscheidungswege sind wir auch langfristig der zuverlässige Partner für Ihre Projekte. www.helaba.de

Formats: book format: 210 x 297 mm (A4), type area: 170 x 252 mm

107359_Immo_D_Expo_Real_Messekatalog_A4_39L.indd 1

25.08.10 12:28

Please remember that text elements in bleed ads must be at least 10 mm from the edge of the page to ensure that they are legible. Circulation: 20,000 copies and CD-ROMs

Order deadline: 25 August 2011 | Deadline for submitting copy information: 1 September 2011

Quick Guide advertisements The pocket-sized Quick Guide is convenient to have everywhere at the fair. It features an alphabetical list of exhibitors and hall diagrams, making it a handy tool that can help visitors find any exhibition stand. Preferred placements Inside front cover 1/1 page 4c 4,560 EUR Outside back cover 1/1 page 4c 7,120 EUR Inside back cover 1/1 page 4c 4,300 EUR Within Guide 1/1 page 4c 2,880 EUR 2-ad package offer: If you book equal-value advertisements in the exhibition catalogue and the Quick guide, you will receive a 15% discount on the ad in the Quick guide. Quick Guide format: 105 x 210 mm, Quick Guide circulation: 15,000 copies Order deadline: 25 August 2011 | Deadline for submitting copy information: 1 September 2011

BanneR Once you place your order, your banner will appear at the site within one week and will remain there until four weeks after the fair at least (November 2011). It is a rotating banner, i.e. one of a maximum of 15 banners will be selected at random and displayed on screen each time the page is called up. Bannersize: 234 x 60 Pixel jpg or gif file format Banner Homepage: 3,200 EUR

   &3  )

EXPO REAL QUICK GUIDE Exhibitors & hall plans

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EXPO REAL 2010 13th International Trade Fair for Commercial Property and Investment

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Exhib ito Stand rs Hall Numbers Plans



for Com rnationa 4– mer cial l Trade 6 www.e Octobe Pro Fair xpo r 201 pert y and real 0, Mun Inve .net ich, stm German ent y

www.exporeal.net .................................................................................................

New Munich Trade Fair Centre 4–6 October 2010 .................................................................................................

Open Monday, 5 Oct. 2010, 9 am – 7 pm Tuesday, 6 Oct. 2010, 9 am – 7 pm Wednesday, 7 Oct. 2010, 9 am – 6 pm

Save Tuesdathe Dat e: y4 - Thu EXPO rsday REAL 6 Oct 20 ober 11