Exploring SharePoint 2013

Exploring SharePoint 2013 From an IT Pro Perspective Presented by: About Me Veenus Maximiuk, MCITP, MCTS, MCPD, vTS SharePoint Managing Architect s...
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Exploring SharePoint 2013 From an IT Pro Perspective

Presented by:

About Me Veenus Maximiuk, MCITP, MCTS, MCPD, vTS SharePoint Managing Architect spvee.wordpress.com @SharePointVee Linkedin.com/in/vmaximiuk [email protected]


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Service Applications

User Profile Service


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Search & Office Web Apps





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Minimum Hardware Requirements


Web/App Servers in Three-Tier Farm

Database Server in Three-Tier Farm

• 12 GB RAM • 4 Cores

• Small – 8 GB RAM & 4 Cores • Medium – 16 GB RAM & 8 Cores

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ALWAYS Perform Capacity Planning to determining if minimum requirements will work for your organization.

Software Requirements Web and Application Servers • Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 or • Windows Server 2012


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Database Server • SQL Server 2008 R2 SP1 x64 or • SQL Server 2012 x64

Shredded Storage • More efficient document processing • Reduced number of round trips • “Shred” document storage in SQL • The goal is to make changes equal to the size of the change, not size of the file


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How Storage Works in SharePoint 2010

SharePoint reads to fullSQL Request submitted document from SQL

User updates Request Updates are sent to submitted document SharePoint to SharePoint


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Full document is written to SQL Updates are merged

SQL reads full document Sends it to SharePoint SharePoint sends it to user

How Storage Works in SharePoint 2013

Request submitted to SQL

User updates Request Updates are sent to submitted document SharePoint to SharePoint


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Updates are sent to SQL SQL reads full document Sends it to SharePoint SharePoint sends it to user Changes are updated and stored in SQL “Shredded Storage”

Distributed Cache Service • • • •


Based on Windows Server AppFabric Distributed Caching Provisioned by SharePoint setup Installed on each server in the SharePoint farm Provides in-memory caching services to several features such as: – Newsfeeds – Authentication – Page load performance By default, it is set to use 10% of server’s total physical memory – Sample SharePoint Farm • Cache Cluster of 3.6 GB RAM – Change value using PowerShell • Update-SPDistributedCacheSize © 2013, Information Control Corporation

SkyDrive Pro

• Store and organize your private documents in a secure location in the cloud or on your company’s SharePoint servers. • Share documents with other people in your organization and give them permission to review or edit the content. • Synchronize your SkyDrive Pro library to your computer or mobile devices so that you can access your documents offline.


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• • •


SharePoint 2013 Workflow Run on a server that is not part of the SharePoint farm Run on a server that is part of the SharePoint farm Workflow Manager Ports: – 12290 – Management Port – 12291 – Unsecured Management Port Service Bus Ports: – 9355 – Secure Deployment – 9354 – TCP Deployment – 9356 – Message Broker – 9000-9003 – Internal Communication Registering Workflow – Register-SPWorkflowService © 2013, Information Control Corporation

Licensing Enforcement and Assignment • •


Enables licensing assignment to Active Directory Security Groups Accessible through Windows PowerShell

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User Licensing Enforcement



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Service Applications


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Service Application Changes




• Access Services (2013) • App Management Service • Machine Translation Service • PowerPoint Automation Services • Work Management Service Application

• Business Data Connectivity Service • Excel Services Application • Managed Metadata Service • PerformancePoint Service Application • Search Services Application • User Profile Service Application • Visio Graphics Service • Word Automation Services

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Removed • Office Web Applications • Web Analytics

Application Management Service • Provide Market Place and Corporate Catalog Services • Marketplace – Public – Microsoft managed • Corporate Catalog – Private – IT managed


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Machine Translation Service •

• •


Provide automatic machine translation for files, pages and sites Request for translation is forwarded to cloud-hosted machine translation service Processes requests synchronously, asynchronously, or on-demand You can control this via Timer Job through Central Admin or PowerShell – $TimerJob = Get-SPTimerJob “Machine Translation Service" – $TimerJob.Runnow() © 2013, Information Control Corporation

I love SharePoint

J'aime SharePoint

SharePoint を愛してくだ さい。

Eu amo o SharePoint

我爱 SharePoint

Me encanta SharePoint

Я люблю SharePoint

machine translation

Work Management Service •

• •


Provides functionality to aggregate tasks to a central location Tasks can be aggregated from SharePoint, Exchange, or Project Server Requires User Profile and Search services Tasks can be cached to user’s personal site

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Changes in SharePoint 2013 Search


Many changes to Search in SharePoint 2013 – UI, architecture, administration, development options

Consolidation of FAST and Enterprise Search components – 2013 Search architecture based on both products

New customization model for Search – Result Sources, Display Templates, Result Types, Query Rules

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Office Web Applications • Separated into new server product • Provides services to: • One or more SharePoint Farms • Exchange Server

• Lync • 3rd party document stores (I.e. Oracle UCM, EMC Documentum, etc.) 22

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Improved Office Web Apps URLs SharePoint 2010 http://sharepointdemo/accounting/_layouts/WordViewer.aspx?id=/acco unting/Shared%20Documents/Budget.docx&Source=http%3A%2F%2Fsh arepointdemo%2Faccounting%2FShared%2520Documents%2FForms%2 FAllItems%2Easpx%3FPaged%3DTRUE%26p5FSortBehavior3D0%26p5FFi leLeafRef3Dfbb6fa52%252d91c8%252d42b3%252db7b4%252d26fc586e 3e01%252eonebin%26p%5FID%3D777%26PageFirstRow%3D301%26%2 6View%3D%7B0B08DC31%2D658A%2D42CC%2D98CE%2D996BA18C5D D8%7D&DefaultItemOpen=1&DefaultItemOpen=1

SharePoint 2013 http://sharepointdemo/accounting/Shared%20Documents/Budget.docx ?Web=1

SharePoint 2013 Search UI with Office Web Apps


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Search UI and Integration with Office Web Apps



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User Profile


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Synchronization Options

Lightweight LDAP approach internal to SharePoint

“Baby” Forefront Identity Manager

a.k.a Direct AD Import 26

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Active Directory Import Benefits & Limitations

• Cannot import picture attribute from AD to SharePoint

• Mapping multi value to single value or vice versa is not supported • Mapping two different AD attributes to the same SharePoint property is not supported 27

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Switching Between Sync Types Before you switch • AD Import stores connections in the Profile DB • UPS stores connections in the Sync DB • Property mappings and filters are NOT moved – Manual recreation required After you switch • Review, review, review! • Run PurgeNonImportedObjects after a full import to remove items that should not be there Set-SPProfileServiceApplication –Identity $upa -PurgeNonImportedObjects $true 28

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User Profile & Active Directory Import Mode



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A Few Last Notes


Stretched farms are no longer supported in SharePoint 2013 – “Stretched” means one farm in two different data centers with less than 1ms latency – All servers in the farm must be in the same data center now

Windows PowerShell Command Builder – http://www.microsoft.com/resourc es/TechNet/enus/Office/media/WindowsPowerSh ell/WindowsPowerShellCommandB uilder.html © 2013, Information Control Corporation

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