Event ideas. Collect donations: During a meeting, take 5 minutes to discuss global poverty and collect donations from interested members

Event ideas You want to host an event and raise funds for Oxfam Canada? Here are a few ideas to help you get started. For step by step planning, visit...
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Event ideas You want to host an event and raise funds for Oxfam Canada? Here are a few ideas to help you get started. For step by step planning, visit (toolkit link).

Skip a meal for Oxfam: organize with friends

to skip a meal in solidarity with those around the world living in poverty. Donate the money you would have spent on food to Oxfam Canada.

Work out for a good cause: get friends and family to pledge money for every kilometre you walk, lap you swim or kilometre you bike, and donate the money raised to Oxfam Canada. Host a special food themed event: bring

friends, family, colleagues and host an event such as a hunger banquet (add link to HB toolkit), potluck, dinner party, bake exchange, gala, lunch and learn, morning coffee and raise funds and awareness.

Collect donations: During a meeting, take

5 minutes to discuss global poverty and collect donations from interested members.

Dining hall fast: (link to info sheet)

Hunger week: Organize a week-long series

of events to raise awareness and funds to fight poverty. Plan a different event for each day of the week. Ideas for each day include auctions, concerts, dining hall fasts, speaker’s panels, athletic events, and Hunger Banquets.

Company funds donation: check with your

company’s human resources manager and see if they provide matching funds for your charitable donation to Oxfam.

Work together: consider approaching your community, civic, professional, or religious organizations about participating in or hosting an Oxfam event. Chances are these like-minded groups share your concern and willingness to help. These organizations also have the people and programs in place to more easily plan and conduct fundraising and educational events.

Fact Sheet Oxfam Canada: An introduction Oxfam Canada is part of a global organization of eighteen Oxfams working in more than ninety countries around the world. We have been working for more than fifty years to overcome inequality and injustice. We are building our work on a strong foundation of women’s rights. Along with our partners, we’ve made great progress. But much remains to be done. We know people have the power to change their lives and the lives of those around them. All they need is a little help.

End the Injustice of Poverty and inequality Oxfam’s approach unlocks the power of people. We combine long-term projects, emergency response and campaigns to tackle the root causes of poverty, including gender inequality. It’s the power of our three approaches that changes people’s lives forever. What can we do to change the power dynamics that drive injustice and inequality?

Saving Lives We respond fast in emergency, and stay to help people rebuild their lives. In humanitarian crises we work to build the capacity of government and local responders, including local women’s rights organizations, to deliver effective disaster relief.

Empower women: end poverty Empowered women can change the world. That truth informs all our work, from our response to humanitarian emergencies to our campaigns for social justice and the long-term investments we make in some of the poorest communities on the planet. When women and men are treated as equals, everyone benefits. Women have the right to make decisions for themselves and have their rights respected. Oxfam Canada works with partners around the world who courageously tackle a range of issues such as violence against women, food security, health care and education. Supporting women leading change in their communities is key to overcoming the injustice of poverty and inequality.

Top Things you need to know about Oxfam WE BELIEVE that fighting poverty is about fighting injustice.

WOMEN’S RIGHTS are at the heart of all that we


The projects we fund are COMMUNITY DRIVEN. We help people learn about THEIR RIGHTS AND

HOW TO DEFEND THEM. OXFAM TACKLES PROBLEMS AT MANY LEVELS. We recognize that laws, policies, and institutions have an enormous impact on poverty.

WE WILL WORK TO EARN YOUR TRUST. In 2014, Oxfam Canada was recognized as one of the Financial Post’s 25 Charities of the Year. WHAT CAN YOU DO TO HELP? Each one of us

has a critical role to play in overcoming injustice and inequality. No matter who you are or how busy you are – you can make a difference. You can take action online, participate in campaigns and events, raise money, donate or volunteer.

Our Goals Creating Lasting Change

People Power

Oxfam Canada invests in short and long-term development projects with communities that are determined to shape a better future for themselves. Programs are diverse – from adapting to the impacts of climate change to creating new livelihood opportunities with marginalized people to changing social attitudes about gender and human rights.

At the heart of all we do you’ll find a common thread: people. Resourceful, determined, passionate people relentlessly working to overcome injustice and inequality together.

Tackling Root Causes

We are going back to our roots, and stepping up our work tackling the injustice of poverty and inequality here in Canada.

In a world rich in resources, poverty and inequality aren’t inevitable – they are injustices that we must overcome. Oxfam works to change the laws and power dynamics by tackling issues on women’s rights, inequality and gender in emergencies.

Making Change in Canada Injustice knows no borders. Inequality knows no borders.

We’re taking our experience and expertise in working to overcome injustice and inequality here at home. Our focus? Championing women’s rights and overcoming injustice and inequality of every kind.

Oxfam Toolkit fundraise for oxfam The Oxfam Canada Toolkit provides you with a number of ideas, directions and tools to achieve your goal of raising funds to help fight poverty and respond to emergencies around the world. The practical tools provided will help you be a successful fundraiser in your community.

Step 1: Oxfam 101

Step 3: The W’s

Organizing an event is fun and exciting, especially when you are helping others. Educate yourself about Oxfam Canada, to ensure that you can speak freely about the mission and vision and why you are raising funds. Visit www. oxfam.ca for information about Oxfam Canada’s programs and campaigns. Contact Megan at [email protected] to inquire about how you can make the most of your event.

You’ve decided what your event is going to be. Now pick a date, but make sure your event doesn’t overlap with a significant event or activity already taking place in your community.

Step 2: Type of Event Visit the events page at (link) for a list of event ideas, or brainstorm your own great idea. Test your ideas with your friends and family. Make it fun – keep it simple and engage others in your drive to raise funds for Oxfam Canada.

Where is your event going to take place?

Who is going to be involved in your event - Pick your team – friends, family, colleagues, other people you’ve met along the way.

What are the objectives/ goals of your event?

Who is the audience?

How are you going to promote your event (link to promotion/marketing page)?

What resources do you need to make it a success?

Step 4: Submit the Oxfam Canada Fundraising Event Authorization Form Fill out the online form to get approval for your event. In addition, Oxfam Canada will provide you will valuable resources, links, and information to help your event be a success.

Step 5: Create your own event page for fundraising Go to (link) to create your event webpage. Post the link on your social media networks to increase your event’s visibility. Your event fundraising page provides you with the capacity to email friends, accept payments, and promote through social media.

Step 6: Form a volunteer committee Ask your friends and family, and encourage others to volunteer. Form a volunteer committee and meet to discuss how you can make a bigger impact, increase involvement and engagement in Oxfam’s work empowering others.

Step 7: To do list Create a timeline with deadlines and who is responsible (sample – link). Work back from the event date and make sure you give yourself enough time to complete tasks.

Step 8: Budget A good budget plan for a fundraising event usually assumes that your event costs don’t exceed 35% of what you raise. Think of ways to keep costs down and your proceeds will be greater. (link for financial planner and budget).

Step 9: Contingency Plan It’s always a good idea to have a contingency plan, especially if your event is dependent on the weather. Make sure you notify everyone involved in your fundraiser of this alternative plan.

Step 10: Launch your event You are ready to host your event. Make sure to print off the checklist to ensure you’re ready to go. Most importantly make sure to have fun!

Step 11: Wrap up and debrief While memories are still fresh…. keep notes of useful contacts, prices, quantities or problems. It is a useful exercise to get everyone involved to mention one thing that went well, and one thing that could be improved next time. This will help others and make it easier to repeat the event or pass it on to someone else to do at another time.

Step 12: Thank you and follow up Whether you do this event every month or once a year, the hard work is getting the first one off the ground. The success of second and third events will grow exponentially. You will have already worked out the logistics and have a core group of people that will help build momentum and participation for future years.

F.A.Q.’S Oxfam Canada understands the challenges involved in running events and wants to ensure that you can organize your event as easily as possible and be prepared for any of the challenges you might face along the way. Below you will find information to assist you in answering questions people might have as you organize your event in support of Oxfam Canada. Should you have any questions or need clarification, please contact Megan Feltham at [email protected].

Q. I want to organize an event for Oxfam, but I don’t have any ideas, can you help? A. From silent auctions, concerts, and birthday parties, to young classmates working together to raise funds for Oxfam, many women, men, girls and boys are making Oxfam a part of their everyday lives. Helping to create a world free from poverty, these committed and creative individuals are making a difference. See (event ideas link) for ideas

Q. I’ve heard about your hungry4change program and want to organize one of these events, how do I do that? A. Oxfam Canada has a hungry4change Toolkit (link) and hungry4change Hunger Banquet Guide (link) that walks you through step by step everything you need to organize a successful hungry4change event. All the information you need about our hungry4change program is available on our website at (link).

Q. I want to organize an event but don’t know how to get started, where do I begin?

Q. I find it really difficult to ask people for money, do you have any tips?

A. Oxfam Canada has a fundraising Toolkit (link) that contains a wealth of ideas, examples and tips to get you started raising money for Oxfam.

A. Most people find this difficult, so you are not alone. Just remember that in order for your event to be a success you must be willing to ask people to support it. Think of the request as giving people the opportunity to participate in something you believe in. Prepare your pitch and learn to describe Oxfam’s mission, programs and campaigns. Be confident, sincere and honest.

Q. Do I need to get approval to organize an event on behalf of Oxfam Canada? A. Yes, the first step is to register your event on our website at (link). You will be asked to sign a third party agreement. Once we receive your registration form and signed agreement, we will contact you within five business days to confirm Oxfam Canada’s approval of your event and provide you with the resources you need to get started.

Q. Why should we raise money for Oxfam Canada?

Q. Can an income tax receipt be issued to a sponsor?

A. Millions of people around the world are living in poverty; even a small amount of money can help alleviate their suffering. It’s amazing how much can be achieved when many thoughtful people get together to raise money for those less fortunate. Oxfam is able to do the work (link) we do, thanks to generous supporters like you.

A. Sponsorships are not tax deductible if the sponsor receives any advertising, marketing or promotional value and therefore will not receive an income tax receipt. Sponsors can receive a business receipt for the value of their sponsorship which can be used against business expenses.

Q. Can we use Oxfam Canada’s logo on our event materials? Yes, but this must be pre-approved. The names and logos of Oxfam Canada are registered trademarks. Please see (link - branding) for more details.

Q. I have a lot of questions about receipting for my event, do you have more information about income tax receipts? A. Yes, in order to keep our status as a charitable organization with the Canadian Revenue Agency, it is imperative that we handle all matters around receipting in an appropriate, timely, efficient and legal manner (see link for CRA rules and regulations and examples) Please contact Megan at [email protected] for questions.

Q. Can I issue income tax receipts for my event? A. Income tax receipts may only be issued by Oxfam Canada’s National Fundraising Office.

Q. Can a tax receipt be issued to someone donating a service (for example, the DJ for our event isn’t going to charge us but would like a tax receipt for the value he would normally charge)? A. Tax receipts cannot be issued for the costs of a donated service. This includes but is not limited to special services that necessitate hiring someone/ things for an event (eg. Tent set-up, website creation or entertainment). We can however issue a gift-in-kind letter to acknowledge the donation.

Q. Can an income tax receipt be issued for art or other collectible items? A. Gifts of artwork, wine, collectibles, or items of a unique nature must be accompanied by a recent independent appraisal, regardless of value. Gifts of art donated by artists and art dealers are seen as disposition from their inventory.

Q. When and where do I send the funds I’ve raised after the event? A. The funds collected should be sent to Oxfam Canada within 30 days of the event taking place to ensure donors are thanked promptly. Additionally, under Canada Revenue Agency guidelines, in order for gifts to be eligible for income tax receips in any given year; Oxfam Canada must have received the gift by the last business day of December. (address) The funds should be sent along with the completed Revenue Summary Form (link to form) which you can download at (include link) or online at (include link).

Q. Can you mail our event information to your donors? A. No, but we can post the information on our website.

Q. Can you find us sponsors for our event? A. No, that is the responsibility of the event organizers.

Q. Can you assist us in promoting our event? A. We can post it on our website.

Q. Can you assist us in getting media out for the event? should you send a press prelease about your event?

Q. I heard about an event for Oxfam Canada, where is it and how do I find out more about it?

A. Contact Megan at 1-800-466-9326 or at [email protected] to determine what media support is available.

A. Visit our website for a list of events (link).

Q. Can you assist us in securing a venue for our event? A. No, that is the responsibility of the event organizers.

Q. Can you provide us with some startup money for my event expenses? A. No, you must be able to cover your expenses. Oxfam Canada is not responsible for expenses. Under no circumstances is Oxfam Canada able to offer funding or reimbursement for any event expenses. If you collect donations at your event ALL donations must be reported and given directly to Oxfam. If you are planning to pay for any of the event expenses out of the money you raise at the event (ie. ticket sales) you must make it clear that Net Proceeds are being donated. (see link to examples, etc.)

Q. Can you provide us with any supplies and Oxfam promotional items? A. We would be happy to supply you with promotional items (link to select supplies)

Q. Can you assist us in getting celebrity support for our event? A. No, the event organizer is responsible for getting celebrity support for the event.

Q. I received my income tax receipt but there’s a mistake on it, what should I do? A. Contact the Oxfam Canada National Office at 1-800-466-9326 or email [email protected] and we will re-issue a receipt.

Q. I have a product I want to sell and give a percentage of the sales to Oxfam Canada, how do I set this up? A. Contact (link) to discuss this opportunity further.

Q. I want to hold a raffle at our event, do I need to get a permit or license? A. Gaming and lotteries including bingos, 50/50 draws, gambling, raffles or games of chance have special considerations that require permits. Please visit www.agco.on.ca for more information. Oxfam Canada will not endorse/support or accept donations from events that are not able to be licensed, specifically, gaming events such as Texas Holdem Poker etc. Gaming and lottery permits must be in the name of the event organizer and not Oxfam Canada. Legally, all raffles must be registered with your local municipality. There is a processing time of approximately 8-10 weeks to receive a raffle license and your prize cannot change afterwards. We recommend that instead of a raffle, you hold a Promotional Draw. You can run a draw without acquiring a license, but you must offer the tickets for free, asking instead for a donation for the ticket.