Enhancing opportunities in Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure in Portugal and Cape Verde

Enhancing opportunities in Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure in Portugal and Cape Verde How can PwC help you? Whatever your position and goals in th...
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Enhancing opportunities in Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure in Portugal and Cape Verde

How can PwC help you?

Whatever your position and goals in the tourism, hospitality and leisure industry are, we share your vision and we are there to support you, putting ourselves into your shoes

PricewaterhouseCoopers has a long-standing tradition in the tourism, hospitality and leisure industry and is one of the leading service providers to the industry worldwide, as well as in Portugal and Cape Verde. Our specialisation in this key sector for the Portuguese economy can provide in-depth know-how for the entire lifecycle of projects. Our extensive network of industry specialists in more than 150 countries can assist clients with local, inbound or outbound investments.

We work closely with the main industry players, including: investors; project developers; hotel owners, operators and management companies; tour operators and travel agencies; catering, food and beverage companies; entertainment and event promoters; casino owners and other gaming companies; entertainment companies; banks; sovereign, equity and real estate funds; insurance companies; architects and government authorities, to maximize their competitive advantage in a increasingly challenging environment.

Local knowledge and global experience

The tourism, hospitality and leisure (TH&L) industry is highly sensitive to economic and competitive market conditions and is capital, management, marketing, personnel, energy, maintenance and technology intensive. Demand has expanded and consumer expectations have continued to rise with the evolution of a global marketplace. Tourism, hospitality and leisure companies can only meet the challenges and opportunities of today’s global market by understanding and establishing strategies to address consumer trends, economic conditions, technology, competition and concerns for public safety. Because of our local knowledge and global experience we can advise companies in both Portugal and Cape Verde on how to face the challenges and trends in the fast growing tourism, hospitality and leisure industry. Some of our global projects include: • Master plans for the hospitality sector within big cities (New York and London); • Several economic viability studies for opening new hotels (budget to luxury) in several countries; • Advice for the preparation of strategic plans for several hotel groups; • Financial, commercial and tax due diligences advice to accompany M&A processes. We have deep sector knowledge of the Portuguese and Cape Verdian markets providing local, inbound and outbound as well as incumbent investors advice on their key issues and on the opportunities created by the countries main tourist regions.

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Discussing and answering tomorrow’s challenges

The TH&L sector has been and will continue to go through significant changes due to a number of trend-changing events.

Whatever the challenges you are facing now, we have already discussed and thought about them.

Some of the most important factors to impact on the sector include: TH&L

Demography and Society

Competitive globalization

Prosumer Climate changes, environment and sustainability

New consumer habits

Changes in The Value Chain

World politics, world economy and emerging economies

Technological evolution Transport and mobility

Real estate and credit crisis, management and asset ownership models

New business models

Our services cover the full spectrum of the TH&L value chain and includes among others:



• Financial, operational, commercial and tax due diligence • Transaction and financial consulting • Assistance in search and selection of hotel operators • Portfolio management • Fund concept, fundraising, fund structuring and exit strategies • Market analysis and feasibility studies • Public private partnership advice

• Mystery guest checks • Assistance in search and selection of hotel operators and asset management • Contractual advice • Portfolio assessment • Strategic, operational and organisational effectiveness reviews • Options for alternative uses • M&A • Valuation


Project developers

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Strategic and operative planning Portfolio assessment Structural reviews Mystery guest checks Strategic, financial and operational restructuring

Asset optimisation Economic analysis Market assesment Feasibility studies Assistance in search and selection of hotel operators Master plan development Programme management office (PMO) Capital structuring and fundraising

Sharing knowledge and expertise PwC’s network is proud of its thought leadership and industry events. Our Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure group focuses on the issues and challenges for the leisure sector, producing publications and white papers on current developments. Did you know that PwC has published reports on both the luxury and lifestyle sector? For details of our hospitality sector thought leadership and related publications, please visit: http://www.pwc.com/ hospitalitydirections.

A global organisation ready to face the challenges of Tourism, Hospitality & Leisure (TH&L) Our differentiating factors include: • An integrated network with consistent service standards; • In-depth knowledge of the tourism, hospitality and leisure industry and its challenges; • An integrated and dedicated TH&L group consisting of experienced professionals across our global network; • An extensive track record of projects with the main players in the sector; • Close working with other industry groups (such as Real Estate), through sharing knowledge and perspectives; • Regular publication of insight and thought leadership about the trends and challenges in the TH&L and Real Estate sectors. Hospitality Directions Europe Our biannual flagship publication comprises forecasts, analysis and bespoke research.

Emerging trends in Real Estate Europe 2008

Global Entertainment and Media Outlook: 2008-2012

A joint undertaking between the Urban Land Institute and PricewaterhouseCoopers, Emerging Trends in Real Estate Europe 2008 is a trends and forecast publication which provides an outlook on European real estate investment and development trends, real estate finance and capital markets and the economy in general. The report represents the consensus view of 485 leading investors across Europe. The 2008 publication features investment and development prospects for 27 markets in countries throughout Europe, as well as views on the impact of the credit crunch on real estate capital markets.

Produced by PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Entertainment and Media practice, the Outlook contains chapters on Theme Parks and Amusement Parks, Casino and other regulated gaming and Sports. The book provides fiveyear market growth forecasts and analysis for the US, EMEA, Asia/ Pacific, Latin America and Canada.


Trends in eal R Estate Europe

Entertainment & Media


2008 Land  Urban Institute

Global Entertainment and Media Outlook: 2008-2012

Our Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure Contacts

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