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Engineering Futures Yearbook 2015

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering BEng (Hons) Automotive Engineering BEng (Hons) Engineering BEng (Hons) Automation & Control Engineering 1



Welcome to the 2015 Engineering Futures Yearbook We are delighted to present to you the talent and achievements of our students in the class of 2015. Mechanical and Automotive Engineering undeniably plays a vital role in meeting the growing needs of today’s society. Our emerging engineers have worked very hard with unceasing determination and enthusiasm throughout their course to see their career dreams unfurl. The academic staff members in the School of Engineering (SoE) at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) have worked relentlessly together with our students, offering training and support to shape their future careers and help them to develop into capable and responsible engineers. This yearbook showcases the innovation, technical expertise and the appreciable organisational skills that our students have acquired during their Engineering degrees. Here at MMU, the academic staff work closely with industry through professional networks and applied research, thereby ensuring that our curriculum meets cutting-edge industry requirements. The work placements and live projects available to our students through our industrial partners enhance their practical and transferable skill set. 4

Moreover, our engineering courses are accredited by the Engineering Council through the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) and the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) to ensure the global recognition and value of our graduates’ qualifications. The outstanding performance of our graduates in their chosen careers is reflective of our comprehensive teaching and the unique student experience that our courses offer. Dear students, we have seen you grow in your confidence, knowledge and ambition during your time with us at MMU. I, on behalf of all of the staff within the Mechanical Engineering Division, take this opportunity to let you know that we are very proud of you and your achievements. The hard work, dedication and enthusiasm that you have demonstrated during your studies is commendable. We hope that you will stay in touch with the SoE staff, the wider University community through MMU’s Alumni Association and with your fellow students and friends. We wish you every success in the future. Dr Sravanthi Sashikumar Head of Mechanical Engineering 5

MMU Racing MMU’s well-established Engineering Experience event, Formula Student, runs each year. Formula Student is hosted at Silverstone motor racing circuit each July by one of the accrediting bodies of the School of Engineering, The Institution of Mechanical Engineers. The project is extra-curricular and open to all School of Engineering students. Students that competed in the 2014 competition achieved a highly successful 12th out of 35 UK teams, in an event which saw over 100 entries from around the world. All the graduating students from 2014 have moved into successful engineering design and development roles or further education and have acted as Alumni support to the 2014-15 team. The 2015 team have built upon the success created from the previous team and are aiming to finish in the top 20 overall in the 2015 competition. MMU Racing have successfully formed an interdisciplinary team and are using industry standard software and techniques along with theory learnt as part of their course to design and build a complete car. As part of the competition, the team must also produce a business plan and complete costing for their design. At the competition, engineers working in industry will judge not only the performance of the vehicle but also the team’s engineering skills and business acumen. Students that have engaged with this project have learnt key employability skills and have effectively been able to communicate this to potential employers, in some instances being able to move to direct employment as well as traditional graduate schemes.



Contents Automation & Control Engineering Automotive Engineering Engineering Mechanical Engineering


Automation & Control Engineering

Matthew Potts Email Telephone

[email protected] 07773 019313

BEng (Hons) Automation & Control Engineering Undertaking a degree and having a full time job was always going to be difficult, but the rewards will remain forever once it is complete.

“MMU, with its knowledgeable and friendly staff, has enabled me to enjoy my whole time at the University by learning in a professional but informative way.” 10

Modelling and Control Winch and Tension System Investigating and modelling control of new electrical based Winch and Tensioner machines will enable real life systems to be controlled more accurately. Therefore benefiting the customer with increased performance and the vendor with more reliability, thus less maintenance is required.

Automotive Engineering

Spencer Aldridge Email Telephone

[email protected] 07890 645629

BEng (Hons) Automotive Engineering I currently work for a top British racing team and I am completing this degree in order to further my career as a race engineer.

“My experience at MMU has been enjoyable, I have expanded my knowledge in the subject areas and improved my group communication skills.” 12

Improving the Cooling System of a British Touring Car with CFD analysis The project involves researching the problem area, making calculations to size the new system, create a CAD model of the system, analyse using CFD, create a prototype of the final design and test the new system on the race car to validate the result.

Mustafa Omer Bakirci Email Telephone

[email protected] 07580 344854

BEng (Hons) Automotive Engineering I am an international student. This is my 6th year in UK. This opportunity and experience was perfect to improve and apply my skills. I have prepared base of my future life in this education life.

Parametric Design Studies of Disc Brake Squeal This project will help me to analyse and eliminate the brake squeal noise. I will use Finite element method to examine the frequency that causes squeal noise during application of brake.

“Participated in the “IMechE” challenge as part of a small group of five students. During this project, we designed and built a scale model “Ship” and raced it alongside the other groups’ models.” 13

Faisal Begg Email Telephone

[email protected] 07903 536868

BEng (Hons) Automotive Engineering This opportunity was perfect for me to exercise and learn Automotive Engineering. I feel I am equipped and ready for employed work in this field.

“The university has great facilities and a great support network of students that make the experience worthwhile.” 14

Passenger Vehicle Fire Suppression System A CAD and CFD inspired project with respect to fires in passenger vehicles. My project consists of an all new design that can be incorporated into vehicles at the production stage of a vehicle’s life.

Mattia Busuttil Email Telephone

[email protected] 07940 952655

BEng (Hons) Automotive Engineering I would just like to thank MMU for being so helpful throughout the year. It’s been a fun, memorable and inspiring journey and it will be missed! Especially Formula Student, so thanks!

Engine mapping The project is to develop and produce an optimal engine map strategy for the 2015 MMU-Racing Formula Student car. The race-car will run in several events during the Formula Student Competition at Silverstone in July 2015.

“During my time at MMU, I became heavily involved with the Formula Student Team. This has made me an even better engineer and I raced at Silverstone! Highly recommend joining the team.” 15

Ben Evans Email Telephone

[email protected] 07951 767727

BEng (Hons) Automotive Engineering I always had an interest in cars and motorsport, it’s why I chose and enjoy this degree. Hopefully, this will lead into a career within motorsport.

“My time at MMU has been fun and full of experience; it has developed useful skills and prepared me for work within the engineering sector.” 16

Formula Student – Car Suspension System The purpose of my project is to analyse and study the suspension system of MMUR-14 (the 2014 Formula student vehicle) using the collected data to understand more about the vehicle and develop improvements for the 2015 car.

Yassin Hasham Email Telephone

[email protected] 07920 146430

BEng (Hons) Automotive Engineering Keep your head down and you’ll succeed. Aren’t any clever or dumb people here, people who put the effort in get good results in the end!

Simulating the Overtaking Strategy on a Race Track Implemented a race track simulation using Witness 13 with the addition of the race driver’s psyche and its effect on overtaking and handling limits, including the driver’s reactions to other drivers’ aggression levels and other behaviour and its impact on race performance.

“A life changing experience, walked in a boy, came out a man! Learnt a lot at MMU, Nice one John McCann and Muhammad Latif, Legends!!” 17

Lau Ting Faat Email Telephone

[email protected] 07737 478701

BEng (Hons) Automotive Engineering I am an Automotive Engineering final year student. Doing undergraduate is one of the biggest achievements in my life. I am enjoying it.

“I am very impressed that MMU has the best facilities to provide student. I can use computer everywhere in each campus. Teachers and tutors are very helpful. They can meet us even during their lunchtime.” 18

Design an Adjustable Anti-Roll Bar (Formula Student) Anti-roll bar is an important component in the suspension when cornering. Formula student car is a performance car and it drives in different tracks. Therefore, adjustable anti-roll bar would be a big advantage for different track.

Alexandru Negoita Email Telephone

[email protected] 07923 220963

BEng (Hons) Automotive Engineering I’m creative and able to provide technically feasible solutions to engineering problems. Fast learner with the proven ability to hit the ground running and deliver results quickly.

“I am very happy that I decided to choose MMU. I can say that I’m very satisfied with everything I did since I started here at MMU including: teachers, the environment, the information we are receiving, and the feedback.”

Analysis of Disk Brake Squeal using FEA The main objectives for this project are: Understanding the brake squeal mechanism; Practical experiment to work out the natural frequency of the disk pad and disk brake; Develop model and work out natural frequency using SolidWorks; Compare and analyse results; Find solutions for reducing the break squeal.


Jonathan Beaumont Email Telephone

[email protected] 07914 430573

BEng (Hons) Automotive Engineering “Scientists discover the world that exists; engineers create the world that never was” Theodore von Kármán

“My time at university has had its ups and downs, but on the whole, it has been a positive and rewarding experience.” 20

Investigation of Dampers for a Lightweight Racing Vehicle Experimental analysis of a dampers performance using a tensile testing machine. The results of experimentation will lead to modifications of the piston head/shim stacks to achieve performance best suited to MMU’S 2015 FASE vehicle.

Stuart Jamie Burns Email Telephone

[email protected] 07906 951545

BEng (Hons) Automotive Engineering As my understanding of Automotive Engineering increases, so does my motivation to learn more. Knowledge is horsepower.

Implementation of Open Source FreeEMS to Modified R6 Bike Engine The purpose of this project is to build and implement an engine management system to an R6 bike engine for the application of Formula Student racing. After assembling the circuit board, baseline parameters and a theoretical start-up map will be developed. After implementation, the engine management system will then be optimised for a smooth torque delivery.

“My passion for cars and understanding of them have been enhanced by my experience within MMU. This degree has given me the drive to enter the Automotive Industry well equipped.” 21

Jack Coker Email Telephone

[email protected] 07572 871617

BEng (Hons) Automotive Engineering Since beginning a career in motorsport I have always strived to become a Race Car Engineer, and this degree will help greatly with that.

“The course at MMU has given me the theoretical knowledge to back up what I know and learn from my full time job in industry.” 22

Suspension Kinematics of a British Touring Car The goal of this project is to create a program using widely and cheaply available software that will convert XYZ suspension hard points into kinematic data and graphs that can be used to tune the suspension of a British Touring Car.

Ciara Elizabeth McNamara Email Telephone

[email protected] 07530 623420

BEng (Hons) Automotive Engineering I chose Automotive as I had a keen interest in cars and the automotive industry: this degree would give me the best possible start.

The Effects of Modern Vehicle Technology on the Requirement for Engine Mounting Systems An investigation into the effects of engine mounting variants when fitted to different configurations of engines: I will assess the performance of newly developed engine mounting strategies against conventional types. The aim will then be to evaluate the effectiveness and suitability to vehicle types of those assessed.

“I’ve been strongly supported throughout the past four years at MMU, and the ability to do a placement proved to be invaluable.” 23

Ashley Myatt Email Telephone

[email protected] 07837 989079

BEng (Hons) Automotive Engineering Artists are creative. Scientists innovate and push the boundaries of our understanding. Engineers combine these elements to bring them into the realms of possibility.

“MMU has provided me with the perfect platform to gain internationallyrecognised qualifications and more importantly, quench my thirst for knowledge.” 24

Nissan Manufacturing UK Bumper Storage Rack Chain System Design The aim is to develop and test a new, more resilient chain/sprocket system to integrate fully into existing NMUK bumper storage rack structures – providing a long-term solution to the issues observed with their current design.


Ali Awada Email Telephone

[email protected] 07512 323999

BEng (Hons) Engineering Fitting four years in 25 words is impossible, briefly I’d like to thank my Dad, Mum, Lanoush and Hassoun, friends and professors. Best wishes everyone!

“My journey at MMU has reached its final stop; certainly it was a unique experience in a magnificent place that will never be forgotten.” 26

New Seat Belt Design for Car Drivers Numbers of injuries and deaths on the roads have increased exponentially in the past decade, and safety is becoming the most important factor. The aim of the project is to design a new seat belt capable of providing the best possible safety.

Trey Davies Email Telephone

[email protected] 07752 797551

BEng (Hons) Engineering The combination of my interest in maths and always trying to fix stuff at home when I was younger led me to choosing the study of Mechanical Engineering.

To Study the Lift and Drag Coefficient of an Aerofoil The aim is to research different aerofoil designs and alter the angle of attack to find the optimum lift and drag coefficient of a symmetrical and semisymmetrical aerofoil.

“I’ve been here for four years, having started at foundation year, and the experience at MMU has been one of a kind.” 27

Luke Hall Email Telephone

[email protected] 0161 678 1648

BEng (Hons) Engineering Knowledge is power, and ideas are bullet-proof.

“MMU has given me great support throughout the years. And I have enjoyed every moment of it.” 28

Lift and Drag of an Aerofoil The project will consist of a comparison of two different ways of working out Lift and Drag, using a simulation method and an analytical method via a wind tunnel. In conclusion, how accurate and efficient is simulation software?

Thomas James Kelly Email Telephone

[email protected] 07562 758789

BEng (Hons) Engineering If you are afraid of making mistakes and you don’t try anything new, you will never make any headway in your future prospects.

Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell Optimisation My project entails observing the characteristics of a Hydrogen fuel cell in operation and plotting the results and efficiencies. Then looking at areas of degradation, and how the onset of these can possibly be predicted. Trying to prevent these negative effects, hopefully improving the efficiency of the technology.

“MMU has taught me a lot about the importance of dedication and devotion, it has also helped open the door to many upcoming opportunities.” 29

Nazir Moradi Email Telephone

[email protected] 07864 651136

BEng (Hons) Engineering I am Nazir Moradi, a Mechanical Engineering student, I believe Engineering is the only solution to future world development, this is the reason I chose Engineering.

“I have had a great experience at Manchester Metropolitan University. I have met people from different parts of the world and the lecturers have always pointed me in the right direction when it was needed.” 30

Design, Material and Process Selection and Prototyping of a Biomedical Part This project includes analysis of previous designs to identify problems in the features of current designs and introduces a new design that improves the durability and eliminates dislocation. And also researches the adaptability of different materials and processes.

Charlotte Rigby Email

[email protected]

BEng (Hons) Engineering There are no failures, there are merely lessons learned.

CFD Investigation of Sonar Arrays on a Submarine The aim of this project is to investigate the effects of a submarine’s surrounding environment on the performance of its sonar system using computational fluid dynamics and advise how this impact can be limited or isolated to optimise sonar performance.

“MMU has given me the opportunity to attain a degree that is flexible, highly regarded and accredited. Not many universities offer an unspecialised engineering course.” 31

David Riley Email Telephone

[email protected] 07974 284125

BEng (Hons) Engineering Through the tools of our craft and the ingenuity of our minds, we the engineers make dreams into reality and make the impossible come true.

“As engineers we learn to take raw materials and make wonders, thus MMU takes raw talent and forms the minds of the future.” 32

Mechanical Manipulation Device Design In industry, efforts are continually being made to develop new, more efficient means of manufacture. This project is the effort to develop a device to aid in the efficient assembly of a gearbox in the overhead crane industry.

Mechanical Engineering

Nasser Hamad A Alkhateeb Email Telephone

[email protected] 07446 910129

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering I came to the UK and got lost, that’s why I ended up here.

“My MMU experience was exactly the kind of thing that I was looking for.” 34

Queue Management in Petrol Station The main objective of this project is to manage queues at petrol stations by applying some strategies to avoid waiting a long time to fill up. In order to achieve the right strategy, I used Witness simulation software that helped me in getting an exact result.

Christopher David Allen Email Telephone

[email protected] 07967 960280

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering During my time at MMU and a summer placement at ConocoPhillips, I have gained valuable experience and knowledge which has helped to establish my chosen career path.

Crude Oil Storage Tank Design for a Continuous Process Plant This project focuses on the design of a crude oil storage tank, based on operating standards set in place by the Health and Safety Executives (HSE) and the British Standards Institution (BSI), which will be analysed using FEA analysis to validate the design, to then compete with previous designs in operation.

“Gaining valuable knowledge and life changing experiences both academically and socially, becoming the Vice Chairman and Captain of the highly successful MMU Rugby League Team.” 35

Joel Bate Email Telephone

[email protected] 07854 388931

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering I have an inquisitive mind, therefore I have always been keen on understanding how things work. Thus leading me to study Mechanical Engineering.

“MMU has given me the essential tools that underpin a successful career in Engineering.” 36

Modelling and analysing the loading and discharging of oil tankers Speaking with engineers in the oil industry, it’s highlighted that there is a problem with ship to shore transactions. Therefore the overall aim of the project is to highlight the most efficient and economical way to load and discharge oil tankers, with minimum risk to personnel and the environment.

Wael Bechara Email Telephone

[email protected] 07977 707157

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering As a “how does it work” enthusiast, engineering was my destined field. I have enjoyed it and I hope to have a great working experience with my academic knowledge. Keep on keeping on!

Finite Element Analysis of a Coated Coil Spring The main aim of a coated product is to make it perform better under different conditions. For a car coil spring it prevents corrosion and wear. Using FEA, the coil spring is developed so that it can withstand a larger load bearing capacity. This project also investigates the coated and uncoated materials, comparing and analysing their differences.

“The practical and technical work at MMU has helped me a lot in developing my skills and approaching tasks differently.” 37

Hugo William Bothwell-Owles Email Telephone

[email protected] 07717 186889

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering I’ve always been interested in how things work; taking objects apart, understanding the mechanisms and putting them back together is something I always enjoyed. Studying Mechanical Engineering has given me a greater understanding of how things work in real world applications and the theories behind it.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time at MMU, it has helped develop me both personally and academically. I’ve met a lot of decent people during my time here who I’ll be sure to stay in contact with long after I’ve left Manchester!” 38

Updating Ancient Weaponry with Modern Day Materials and Techniques My project takes a basic trebuchet that may have been used in medieval times and updates it using materials and techniques that wouldn’t have been available at the time. It also incorporates a control panel for a distance input to automatically adjust the power setting.

Leanne Buckingham Email

[email protected]

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering Throughout school my favourite subject was physics, so I decided to pursue a career that incorporated something that had always fascinated me.

Design of a Flat Plate Heat Exchanger Heat exchangers heat or cool one medium via use of another. This project will develop the design of a flat plate heat exchanger in order to enhance the heat transfer rate by use of hand calculations as well as Computational Fluid Dynamics.

“MMU has broadened my knowledge as well as taught me many skills that I can take with me into the next chapter of my career.” 39

Edwin Cheng Email

[email protected]

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering

Stress and Fatigue Analysis of a WindTurbine Rotor Hub Component Using numerical and simulation analysis through software packages including SolidWorks, Ansys and nCode, an assessment of the component will be made and resulting data will be evaluated against modern industry standards. Any possible improvements to the design of the component will be considered to extend life expectancy.

“MMU is a nice University.” 40

Kristofer Chrysostomou Email Telephone

[email protected] 07596 482214

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done. Make at least one definite move daily towards your goal.

Strength and Fatigue Assessment of Wind Turbine Components using FEA Finite Element Analysis using Solidworks, Ansys and nCode DesignLife to calculate the stress distribution and fatigue life of a wind turbine main shaft for the load cases specified in the relevant industry standards.

“My time at MMU has been an extremely valuable and inspiring part of my life, which has allowed me to develop new skills and knowledge.” 41

Luke Cleary Email Telephone

[email protected] 07808 726799

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering I have become confident in a wide variety of environments and like the challenge of developing new skills and meeting new people. I have ambitions to become a first class and chartered Mechanical Engineer.

“Throughout my time at MMU I have developed over the years to become an allround well educated Mechanical Engineer. The skills I have learned during my time here will help me to progress into the career I am hoping to pursue.” 42

Lighting Optimisation using Retrofit LEDs for Indoor Applications I am fundamentally aiming to minimise the environmental impact and reduce the carbon footprint of the New Business School. The main area of improvement in most buildings is to analyse and optimise the lighting installation performances throughout the building. This includes making decisions about expired lighting layouts and suggesting an appropriate location for new up to date lighting (LEDs).

Kirk Ellwood Davies Email Telephone

[email protected] 07984 423071

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering Since studying Engineering BTEC at school I have been determined to pursue a career in Engineering. I have learnt considerably and look forward to putting these skills into practice.

Updating Ancient Weaponry using Modern Day Engineering Techniques The project analyses the engineering system and the operational mechanical features of an ancient Roman Ballista and compares the performance using modern engineering techniques. Backed up by calculations of kinematic behaviour, major forces and stresses, distance of projectile, and impact force.

“Throughout my studies at MMU I found the tutors and lecturers on my course to be friendly and approachable in providing guidance and support.” 43

Adam Dooley Email Telephone

[email protected] 07965 775990

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering I am a highly motivated individual, with a passion for engineering. With the knowledge I have gained, I would like to progress into a career in a challenging engineering environment.

“My time at MMU has helped me to develop academically and gain independence. I have gained some excellent experiences and met some great people.” 44

A Novel Formula Student Driveline I have designed a driveline, ensuring that the weight and cost are reduced from previous year while maintaining a high level of reliability, involving researching and analysing existing designs. This then allowed me to optimise the design by analysing the components with FEA. Which are then submitted for manufacture.

Lewis Christopher Duncan Email Telephone

[email protected] 07748 900814

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering I’ve always had a passion for engineering. I have always like to learn how things work and fixing things around the house. Being at MMU has provided me with the essential skills to step into the world of engineering.

Design of a Walking Mechanism In this project I research robots, walking patterns and existing walking mechanisms in order to develop my own ideas of walking mechanisms. I go on to compare these ideas and choose the best one to model, analyse, build and test.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at MMU a lot. The staff and students are really easy to get along with and I’ve made quite a few good friends here. The course is both challenging and rewarding.” 45

William Fisher Email Telephone

[email protected] 07947 301128

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering I have enjoyed my stay at MMU!! I can’t wait to get my career started and I would like to become a chartered engineer.

“Don’t use Google just go and ask Paul Aldred.” 46

Design of a Morphing Winglet I am designing a morphing winglet for a passenger jet. It involves the design and simulation of multiple winglets, using a combination of software packages for modelling and simulation. A final design will be selected and presented.

Alexander Garnett Email Telephone

[email protected] 07735 624684

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering A great interest in automobiles led me to study engineering. After completing this course, I concur that I could not have made a better choice.

Computational Fluid Dynamic Investigation into a Formula 1 Front Wing To find the optimum angle of attack of the front wing for the Autodromo Nazionale Monza circuit. To be completed by performing CFD simulation using Flow Simulation, an addin within the Solidworks software package. Validated by subsequent hand calculations.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time studying Mechanical Engineering at MMU. I now look forward to a prosperous career as a professional engineer.” 47

Bradley Greenwood Email Telephone

[email protected] 07875 561004

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at MMU, and believe what I have been taught has equipped me for whatever engineering tasks lay ahead.

“Through the tutors, my time at MMU has helped me develop not only myself as a person but has greatly developed my passion for engineering.” 48

Fluid Structure Interaction of a Prosthetic Bypass Graft I’m investigating fluid structure interaction of the non-Newtonian blood flow through a peripheral artery. Evaluating it by considering the effects of compliance mismatch of the graft and artery along the suture line in developing intimal hyperplasia to determine graft patency.

Qasim Haider Email Telephone

[email protected] 07776 837976

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering A mechanical engineering student, my career goal is to become an important cog of a company that can be relied on and can move the company forward.

Design of a Mechanical Creature The purpose of my project is to study the motion of a living creature and try to come up with a mechanical system that moves in the same manner as the creature.

“My experience at MMU has been great and I think that after leaving the university, I can confidently brag about studying at a university with top class lecturers and facilities.” 49

Stephen Hayter Email Telephone

[email protected] 07739 098649

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering Engineering is a wide-ranging profession with multiple career paths to follow. I aim to help society overcome some of the large practical challenges in the century ahead.

“MMU has enabled me to access my career of choice, providing an opportunity I thought I had missed.”


PEM Fuel Cell Maintenance Strategies PEM Fuel cells are likely to become the major replacement for the internal combustion engine in our personal modes of transport that we use on a regular basis. PEM reactions give off little or no harmful gases and they are not reliant on finite resources.

Shengxi He Email

[email protected]

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering I am a student originally from China and now settled in Manchester, where I experienced the clash and harmony of different cultures.

Design of Experimental Rig for the Research of Aortic Rupture In Car Crashes In response to demands, this project is to design and manufacture a set of equipment, which allows researchers to work on and study the principles of Aortic Rupture in crashes.

“I have enjoyed my life in the past three years at MMU. Here is the place where I received the best support and got my confidence back.” 51

William Curtis High Email Telephone

[email protected] 07812 922172

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering A lifelong interest in mending and making things has led me to engineering; I have a strong interest in preserving traditional skills.

“My time at MMU has enhanced my ability to develop workable designs, I have learnt to analyse and write about these in a coherent manner.” 52

Coal Hopper and Feeder Design A problem identified as a volunteer at a steam railway is the need to load locomotives with coal, a task currently performed by hand. Under a constrained set of parameters, this design will provide a safer and more effective alternative.

Axsah Hussain Email Telephone

[email protected] 07736 525958

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering After learning from my background and growing up with the lack of academic knowledge, I was enthused to instil and endorse the need for education.

Design, Simulation and Manufacture of a Transport Mechanism Model This project will look at a four-bar linkage box transportation mechanism. The aim of this project is to compare the path of the transporter corresponding to the crank rotational movement of the simulation model to that of the corresponding physical model.

“Studying at MMU gave me a lifetime experience. The course gave me a good understanding of what is actually expected in my field.” 53

Nathan Richard Jenkinson Email Telephone

[email protected] 07515 834892

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering I have thoroughly enjoyed my time studying at MMU; it has given me the knowledge and confidence to take forward into my career.

Analysing the Bow from Ancient to Modern Day Times and the Effects of the Biomechanics of the Shoulder The report will look at how modern day bows affect the biomechanics of the shoulder in comparison to the ancient longbows.

“My ambition is to apply the engineering knowledge acquired in order to contribute to the engineering field and make the world better.” 54

Benjamin Lee Jones Email Telephone

[email protected] 07790 182490

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering

Investigating Failure Modes and Mechanisms of Chains at Extreme Temperatures (-40°C – 300°C) Chains will be loaded into a tensile testing machine with an attached environmental chamber and be subject to a tensile force until failure occurs at various temperatures. Failure analysis will be undertaken with the aid of optical and electron microscopy.

“My time at MMU has been rewarding and very enjoyable.” 55

Mustafa Khudair Email Telephone

[email protected] 07581 720989

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering Engineers connect technological discoveries and their viable applications in order to improve the quality of life, which is why I chose to become one.

“It’s refreshing to see when your lecturers themselves remain enthusiastic about the material they teach which makes it easier to engage as a student.” 56

Assessing the Performance of Net Zero Energy Buildings Energy worries are constantly touted on the news and it has become widely accepted that something has to be done in order to provide a sustainable future energy model. One way is to optimise the energy usage within a building.

Andreas Kyriakou Email Telephone

[email protected] 07849 018875

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering Engineering is about the design and production of useful products and services. I see myself in future as a successful engineer, converting scientific knowledge into technology and then technology into successful innovation.

“Throughout my course I had several experiences. I had the experience of working on computer programs such as Solidworks and Witness. I represented my university in an IMechE competition. Also, I worked and used a Magnetic Resonance Imager (MRI).”

Finite Element Modelling of the Foot This project has to do with the designing of the human foot and its analysis using FEA. The stresses and pressures of the foot are going to be examined using Solidworks simulation in 2D. Furthermore a footwear will be created preventing the high pressures at certain locations on the foot. This footwear will be further analysed as it will be a great help for people that have diabetes or osteoarthritis problems.


Gouhar Lali Email Telephone

[email protected] 07454 489848

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering From a young age, I have always been interested in how things work. Studying mechanical engineering gave me a wide variety of knowledge and skills.

“Studying mechanical engineering at MMU has given me every opportunity to learn new skills and the techniques required.” 58

Flapping Mechanism Design This project investigates how birds and insects flap their wing. Using a micro ornithopter flapping mechanism, which replicates the insect flapping motion.

Augustine Madamombe Email

[email protected]

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering Studying at MMU has enabled me to acquire the skills I needed to progress with confidence to the next chapter of being an engineer.

Supply Chain Management The aim of this project is to analyse, strategise and improve the Maplin Electronics supply chain and then model it to limit the effects of fluctuation in demand. This project will originate from retail and commercial applications and will include warehouse, stock control, sales and re-ordering policies.

“It was a pleasure studying at MMU because of the diversity of nationality of people studying there and this made my experience fulfilling and exciting.” 59

Islam Magomedov Email Telephone

[email protected] 07870 963527

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering I have been interested in science since I can remember and after getting to university I learnt a lot of new stuff that makes me want to do more of it.

“MMU is a great place to study with the facilities that help you to understand more clearly.” 60

Modelling and Simulation of Brake Disc Contact Analysis Elimination or reduction of brake squeal in the vehicles. FE method will be used to make disc and pad models then simulation will be run. The results will then be analysed and compared with the previous studies.

Hassan Nasir Email Telephone

[email protected] 07447 487749

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering is the mother of Engineering and during the course, I have learned that this is the field I always had a passion for since childhood.

Fibrous material for tendons/ligaments Ligament injury is growing rapidly and is most common in sportsmen. I wanted to produce an artificial ligament which can withstand all complications and compete with something already available in the market. So no one has to stop his active life and can enjoy life to the fullest in a safe manner.

“MMU has taught me to deal with problems arising in daily life in a professional way. It has changed my perspective of looking towards problems and its solutions.” 61

Noel Nyasha Nhengu Email Telephone

[email protected] 07476 322495

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering I’m a final year engineering student who is very committed and hardworking. I plan to be a chartered engineer within four years of finishing university.

“Manchester Met is a great institution. You are provided with everything you need to succeed and all the tutors are always available to help.” 62

Witness Simulation (Traffic Congestion Modelling) To model and simulate traffic flow where congestion is known to exist using the Witness software. I will then run and analyse this model so as to come up with ways of reducing traffic congestion. The improvements will then be incorporated into the model as well.

Olgac Oke Email Telephone

[email protected] 07746 390827

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering I grew up in a small country and always wanted to be an engineer of the future.

F1 Rear Wing Modelling and Wind Tunnel Testing It consists of CFD modelling of an F1 style rear wing and tests in a wind tunnel. The main aims of the project are, understanding the characteristics and the aerodynamics of the wing and to improve.

“MMU has taught me many skills which are helping me achieve my goals and I believe, with this MMU experience, my future looks bright.” 63

Naveed Jamil Parkar Email Telephone

[email protected] 07549 592094

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering A Kinesthetic Learner and an Enthusiast to attain knowledge in my Field of Engineering.

“Great experience throughout my University life so far. It has helped in my personal growth and widens my experience in various fields such as career and Cosmopolitanism and intercultural sensitivity.” 64

Integrated Product Service – Systems Design (Dishwasher) This project is to examine the existing design of a complex engineering product and design an improved version of the same to optimise its efficiency, easy to service, repair and to design a corresponding technical support service scenario.

Jonathan George Peacock Email Telephone

[email protected] 07825 536285

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering Fulfilling and rewarding experience. Excellent time at university, made some amazing friends, and wouldn’t regret anything.

FEA Assessment of Wind Turbine Components Using various software packages including Solidworks, Ansys, and nCode, I will identify areas of strength and areas of fatigue of a wind turbine hub. Once the relevant tests have been analysed and validated, possible design changes will be put forward.

“Highly recommended university; great facilities, excellent staff, and a terrific and insightful course.” 65

Vickknes Selva Kumaran Email Telephone

[email protected] 07563 216392

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering Every day holds a new magic.

Performance Evaluation of Solar Power, Photovoltaic Cells The photovoltaic cell costs are expensive compared to the other energy resource products and the efficiency is fairly low. In my study, numerous factors are listed that affect the photovoltaic cells’ efficiency. The altering of these factors would improve the solar cell efficiency for more reliable applications and the methods are listed.

“A good University with a great team of lecturers.” 66

Hannah Sewell Email Telephone

[email protected] 07411 312623

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering I am a third year Mechanical Engineering student looking for hands on development and progression within the design and manufacturing field.

Failure mechanisms in joint prostheses Identification of the failure mechanisms of artificial knee prostheses in younger patients. Materials testing, finite element analysis and literature review will all be used to gain further mechanical insight. Consideration will also be given to the effect of initial unicompartmental knee replacement on total knee arthroplasties.

“MMU has provided support and given me a chance to develop applicable skills and knowledge, covering a broad range of mechanical areas.” 67

Paresh Sharma Email Telephone

[email protected] 07459 301837

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering Engineering offers us the chance to make the world a better, safer and more exciting place; this is what attracts me to the subject. I am fascinated by how machines work, and in order to find out more I investigated the basic engineering involved in cars, such as the engine, the powertrain and superchargers.

“My Student experience at Manchester Metropolitan University has been wonderful and great so far. The university staffs have been so helpful and so adjustable at every time.” 68

Modern Day Ballista (Upgrading Ancient Ballista with Modern Techniques) Design and build a Ballista with modern day technologies and engineering principles that launched a large projectile at a distant target with more accuracy and precise hit. This Modern Day BALLISTA will base on spring mechanism. It is type of trebuchet, but compact and easy to use, handle. The main principle of working is to use the potential energy of spring and convert into the kinetic energy of smmo for example small missile or bow. The spring will be placed inside the cylindrical rifle.

Kyle Simpson Email Telephone

[email protected] 07477 637049

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering A hard working student looking to fulfil my career ambitions by being able to see the fruits of my work within finished products and services.

Research into the Effectiveness of Three-Point Seat Belts and Alternatives on the Ageing Car Occupant The solution for restraining to minimise injury within crashes has been in production since 1959, just how effective is this within the ever ageing population, could the risk of injury be further reduced.

“MMU has not only been a stepping stone towards my chosen career path but also an integral part of my life for nearly four years.” 69

Robert Simpson Email

[email protected]


07818 402432

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering Engineers can be the result of great creations, by completing this course I hope I too can create something new.

“This MMU course has developed my knowledge and understanding of engineering principles, and provided all the tools and resources that I could have needed.” 70

Design of Micro Ornithopter The aim of this project was to develop a mechanism suitable of mimicking the flight of an insect. In-depth research was required to find existing solutions and possible paths for the design to follow. By completing CAD models and FEA analysis a new design could be created.

Thomas Stanley Email Telephone

[email protected] 07815 67614

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering I Studied science based A-levels and Mechanical Engineering felt like a natural progression from that, so I applied to study Mechanical Engineering at MMU.

Investigating the Overall Effects of Adding a Plasma Actuator to an Aerofoil Plasma is a form of matter that exhibits unique flow properties that can be harnessed, using a device called a plasma actuator, to improve airflow over an aerofoil.

“A different challenge to A-Levels with more focus on independent learning. Studying at MMU has allowed me to meet many different people of varying backgrounds.” 71

Christopher Stott Email Telephone

[email protected] 07944 975140

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering I am confident my final career decision in engineering will prove both rewarding and challenging, and I look forward to rising to that challenge.

“MMU has allowed me to fulfil my ambition of becoming an engineer and hopefully make a significant contribution to my environment and economy.” 72

Micro Ornithopter: Flapping Mechanism Design In this project, a design mimicking the flappingwing flight of a natural flyer has been presented. By researching the subject, a 3DOF flapping mechanism was designed, developed and simulated on SolidWorks. Analysing the results will show us whether the design was a success or not.

Richard Turner Email Telephone

[email protected] 07885 432986

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering Highly motivated and diligent individual who strives to meet expectations at all times. Seeking employment in the engineering industry to build upon keen scientific interest.

The Effects of Exercise on Artificial Hip Joint Replacements The project investigates the effects of exercise on a range of hip joint prostheses to determine which method of exercise is best for each particular configuration of components of the prosthesis, specifically the materials used.

“Studying at MMU has been thoroughly enjoyable and I feel confident that I have learned the necessary skills to become a successful engineer.” 73

Attiq Ur-Rehman Email Telephone

[email protected] 07532 355741

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering Putting theoretical knowledge into practice has been a goal for life. The engineering degree has given me the opportunity to do just that.

“The university has provided the platform where I have been able to utilise my academic potentials and to prepare myself for the professional life.” 74

Product Service System Traditionally, the focus is on sales of products only. Product Service System (PSS) is such a system, where manufacturers offer a mix of product and service to consumers. A service blueprint may be used to provide the services. PSS is thought to be highly environmentally friendly.

Mohammed Usman Email

[email protected]

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering

Investigating Traffic Congestion using Witness 13 Traffic congestion is still an unresolved problem in the world. This has an effect on matters such as politics, economics and the environment. Software on computers can be used to simulate such occurrences and with this we can find solutions to the problems.

“I made friends at MMU.” 75

Jack Colin Walker Email Telephone

[email protected] 07747 560196

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering A student eager to learn and with particular interest in the CAD sections of engineering.

“Enjoyed each year and gained a lot of knowledge in engineering.” 76

Taxi Company Simulation Looking at a different/fairer system of dispatching the jobs to drivers.

Alex Webb Email Telephone

[email protected] 07412 774374

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering University could not be more accommodating for me. Learning about interesting things and meeting amazing people I could not recommend it more to new students.

A Study of Net Zero Energy Buildings In the world today as we all know our finite resources are being consumed at an alarming rate and at present our task should be to look at the technologies we have at this time and see whether they are doing enough to combat the use of resources.

“MMU has always provided the windows of opportunity for me to further my student and professional career.” 77

Thomas Wells Email Telephone

[email protected] 07597 510039

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering My aspiration is to apply the engineering knowledge that I gained throughout my education, to contribute to the engineering field.

“Throughout my time at MMU, I have enjoyed developing my skills as an engineer and I look forward to utilising them in my future.” 78

Design of heatsink The heat generated by electrical components is often enough to lower performance, or even destroy them. The aim of this project was to design a heatsink for use within a solid-state relay, dissipating the maximum heat under my chosen conditions.

Craig Wood Email Telephone

[email protected] 07545 078212

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering I have always been interested in ingenious solutions to global issues and mechanical engineering allows me to contribute positively on a wide-ranging basis.

Plasma sterilisation The project I have chosen is to design a non-thermal plasma device for use in the sterilisation and biodecontamination of food products. This is a relatively young science using plasma at room temperature generated by a dielectricbarrier discharge to sterilise produce with no damage or effect to the crop itself.

“MMU has challenged me to improve, not only in engineering but also in all facets of life, leading to an improved chance of employment in the future.” 79

Jack John Wood Email Telephone

[email protected] 07595 959337

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering “A camel is a horse designed by committee” – alec issigonis

“From foundation year to final year has been quite a journey but totally worth it.” 80

Tensile Testing of Chains at Abnormal Temperatures Tensile testing of an 08b chain over several temperatures between -30 to 300 degrees centigrade to see if modern chains are viable for new industry sectors.

Sam Atkinson Email Telephone

[email protected] 07531 722472

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering I am a final year Mechanical Engineering student with a year’s experience in industry as a design engineer developing products for sub-sea oil production.

Design of Variable Damping Systems Conventional mountain bike suspension units use a type of platform damping in which a spring loaded valve controls fluid flow between high and low speed compression chambers. Current systems undergo a transition phase where neither chamber is favoured; the aim of the project is to design a transition free system.

“The encouragement and opportunity to experience working in my chosen field has allowed me to build on the skills gained during my degree.” 81

Christopher Burnett Email Telephone

[email protected] 07958 162776

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering I am currently on my final year of study for a BEng Honours degree in Mechanical Engineering, achieving a 2:1 in my previous years.

“I have really enjoyed my time at MMU, particularly group project activities. Teaching staff are very friendly and helpful.” 82

Visibility Study on CHP for the All Saints University Campus In this project I will be specifying a system that could provide the nine buildings of the All Saints campus with a portion of their heat and power requirements, produced in a more efficient way than the current system.

Ashley Clegg Email Telephone

[email protected] 07883 879219

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering I am a concept driven individual who is comfortable with project-orientated imaginative thinking, both independently and exchanging ideas as part of a team.

Determining the Location and Composition of Artificial Arterial Plaques using Waveform Analysis Artificial plaques representing the vulnerable and stable classifications are to be assembled inside silicon tubes, water pumped through the tubes and measurements of pressure and flow taken. The resulting waveforms will be analysed to assess if the location and composition of the plaques can be measured accurately using this method.

“Five years that have shown me that engineering is the path for me and improved my work ethic, particularly during my industrial placement.” 83

Jonathon Hutchcroft Email Telephone

[email protected] 07578 254882

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering Interest in Maths and Physics has led me to be interested in how structures and mechanisms work and the science that goes behind them.

“Studying Mechanical Engineering has allowed me to investigate the design and analysis of mechanical structures.” 84

Stress Analysis of a Wind Turbine Blade Hub and Main Shaft Assembly Using SolidWorks analysis, stress analysis can be performed on individual components and assemblies of a wind turbine. This is crucial in the design optimisation of these structures and this project will use the same method used in industry.

Bethany Parr Email Telephone

[email protected] 07877 494448

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering Third year Mechanical Engineering student working with Sellafield Ltd on a final year project. I completed a Placement at SL and have been offered a Graduate job upon completing a Master’s Degree.

Pool port design Designing a pool port for the nuclear industry to complete encapsulation and exportation of 200L drums from contaminated areas. The encapsulation involves submerging a drum in a fixative media in order to fix any contamination to the drum’s outer. The drum, once dried, can safely move to uncontaminated facilities.

“I have enjoyed my time at MMU and found the course both challenging and rewarding” 85

Eduard Rizov Email Telephone

[email protected] 07907 756000

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering I enjoy working on challenging problems while developing my creative thinking and team working skills. These are all skills needed to improve the quality of life of a community.

“Communicating with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures while working on different projects and tasks has built my interpersonal skills.” 86

Setting up a 2D Digital Image Correlation System This project includes understanding of full field stress analysis of materials and structures. The technique could be applied when mass in structures is critical but safety cannot be neglected.

Alastair Wishart Email Telephone

[email protected] 78787 10519

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering Always wanted to understand how things worked and engineering enables me to do that.

Systems Analysis – Modelling of the Foot This project will look at a dynamic system in this case the mechanics of the foot and the different pressure points in the three stages of gait on the human foot. When walking there are many parts of the body working to move the foot i.e. muscles, ligaments and tendons.

“MMU has progressed my passion for mechanical engineering and taught me a great deal in how things work.” 87

Jose Manuel Arancibia Email Telephone

[email protected] 07745 513994

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering Engineering and technology has always been an interest of mine and I have never regretted the decision I took 15 years ago of working in this field.

“My time at MMU has allowed me to complement my current academic qualifications and knowledge, and it has reassured me that I have chosen the right professional path when I decided to become a professional engineer.” 88

Rewinding and Reels Transport System This project consisted of the simulation of a rewinding and reels transport system of the paper mill where I currently work. This was accomplished using a simulation platform named Witness and the aim was to find ways to improve the flow of the whole manufacturing process by simulating the current scenario and alternative ones, thus identifying unnecessary or lengthy tasks.

Andrew Batley Email Telephone

[email protected] 07856 865347

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering Working within Engineering has been the best and the worst decision of my life!

Non-Toxic Ball Ammunition Improvement Study An investigation into improving the performance of non-toxic ball ammunition through part worn barrels. The investigation will identify the failure mode that occurs and a solution by evaluating the following features of the bullet: Design, Manufacture, Material, Ballistic Behaviour.

“Studying at MMU has given me the opportunity to expand my engineering knowledge and apply it in my workplace, enhancing the quality of my work.” 89

Hannah Terri Beattie Email Telephone

[email protected] 78438 00417

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering I am a part time student currently employed by Rolls-Royce Plc. I study Mechanical Engineering and will graduate with a Bachelors.

Investigation into the Variation in the Plasma Flame Spraying Process used to Coat Fan Blade Roots used in Jet Engines My project involves: looking at the plasma spraying process used to coat jet engine fan blades in order to identify the key variables within the process, completing an FMEA (failure modes and effect analysis) and carrying out a DOE (design of experiment) to optimise the process.

“Having started my degree at a different university I have studied here for only two years. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at this institution.” 90

Benjamin Burnop Email Telephone

[email protected] 07930 949898

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering Aerospace Engineer currently working towards obtaining my Mechanical Engineering Degree with a grade of 2:1 or above.

Re-design of the Audi TTRS magnetic ride Changing the single linear spring for a dual stack tri stage progressive linear setup. The basics of the project are to change the original spring for two springs combined to try to improve general ride quality whilst increasing overall performance of the vehicle whilst being driven in normal day to day conditions or when being driven hard on a race track.

“My experience within MMU has been pleasant with the quality of my course being high, the university provides high standards of education, letting you get the best from it.” 91

Jamie Christie Email Telephone

[email protected] 07506 332197

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering Being involved in an engineering environment at work and studying engineering at university has been a life goal I am proud to have achieved.

“Studying at MMU has been a fulfilling experience due to achieving my goals in a much more independent manner than previous studies.” 92

Design Optimisation of Bentley Cube Door Fixture My project was to design a fixture to improve the accuracy, functionality and ergonomic usability of a fixture used to move and measure a Metrology nominal accurate cube door to aid in root cause problem identification of Bentley Production vehicle issues.

Thomas Cullen Email Telephone

[email protected] 07907 806743

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering Using the knowledge I have gained studying a degree at MMU and with potential further qualifications, I would one day like to make a contribution to the engineering field.

Design and Structural Analysis of Wind Turbine Components The aim of the project is to design a 20Kw wind turbine using industry standard methods and ensure that the structure would be safe to put in service by carrying out stress analysis using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) methods.

“Studying a degree at MMU has been a great benefit to my current job as it has given me the knowledge and skills that allow me to solve practical engineering problems.” 93

Nathan James Cunningham Email Telephone

[email protected] 0161 776 9924

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering What a blast. A bit tricky at times but well worth it.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time studying at MMU. Spending several hours a week with some very interesting new friends and staff. Learning new methods and technologies to aid me efficiently face future engineering opportunities.” 94

Optimum Layout for Powered Recreational Water Craft To find an efficient time and cost solution to maximise a boat hull’s potential. Assessing materials, design and failure modes. By use of research, theoretical calculations, testing, drawings and simulation packages.

Anthony Gaskell Email Telephone

[email protected] 07920 291351

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering With eight years experience working as a mechanical engineer for a global company, the next step in furthering my knowledge base was by completing a mechanical degree.

Analysis of the Heat Transfer Characteristics in a Glass-Making Roller The rolled glass forming process suffers from localised deformations along the width of the glass ribbon. This has been ascribed to the nonuniformities in the rate of heat extraction from the glass by the water-cooled rollers. This project aims to theoretically model what is happening in the current system.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at MMU. Even though at times I have had to push myself beyond limits I have not overcome before.” 95

Howard Eric Lloyd Green Email Telephone

[email protected] 02380 896014

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering I have been sponsored to complete my degree. This will enable me to progress in my career and is a pre-requisite to achieving chartered status.

“My student experience is challenging. Studying whilst holding down a demanding full time job in Southampton is tough and requires perseverance and hard work.” 96

Buoyancy Response of a Floating Roof Storage Tank This project provides a platform for users to efficiently calculate the response of a floating roof and ensure that it is safe to remain in service. This is in response to an HSE safety notice issued to all UK refineries.

Steven Griffiths Email Telephone

[email protected] 07595 516411

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering Engineering is a passion of mine; it has captured my imagination since I was young.

Strength and Fatigue Assessment of an Agitator Nozzle using FEA Analysis and PD5500 My project is to complete a strength and fatigue assessment of an existing pressure vessel process nozzle attached to a pressure vessel dished head, and analyse if this nozzle can be used to support an agitator.

“A challenging four years to complete, which will be worth it for my future professional working life.” 97

Anthony Richard Hopkins Email Telephone

[email protected] 07527 259592

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering I am an Operations Engineer working for BAE Systems Maritime Submarines. I am undertaking a part-time Mechanical Engineering degree to improve future career opportunities.

“I have enjoyed my time at MMU and feel that I have benefited from a good range of modules and a high standard of teaching.” 98

Re-Design of the Oxygen System Installation Process The aim of this project is to re-design the current manufacture, installation and cleaning processes used for Oxygen System pipe work and components on the Astute class submarines, in order to resolve cleanliness issues with the system and remove the requirement for rework.

James Johnston Email Telephone

[email protected] 77142 68384

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering I am a hard working individual who strives for perfection in every task I undertake.

An Investigation into Repetitive Pump Failure in Rotary Lobe Pumps My project has isolated a root cause of a repetitive failure and I have used my understanding of heat transfer to introduce a new system.

“I have enjoyed the challenge of working full time in industry and studying at university, I believe it has made me a more organised person.” 99

Alexander Makin Email Telephone

[email protected] 75455 83683

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering I am a successful, hardworking and enthusiastic engineer and thanks to the MMU have the ability to progress further within industry.

“I have greatly enjoyed my time at MMU and have had the chance to make some very good friends.” 100

NGFE Process Simulation Investigates the latest capital investment and potential further investments to be implemented at the site. The two processes that were added as a resultant of the project have been simulated using Lanner Witness software. The simulation models will be developed and trials ran to help improve efficiencies.

Aiva Musperte Email Telephone

[email protected] 07871 462094

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering The Mechanical Engineering course has given me confidence and ability to offer creative solutions to challenging and complex problems.

Thermoplastic Suitability for Nonstructural Thrust Reverser Parts The project will assess suitability of thermoplastic material for non-structural thrust reverser parts by means of conducting environmental tests such as wet ageing, salt spray and UV for up to 1000h, after conditioning, test pieces will undergo mechanical tests to determine knockdown factor in mechanical properties.

“In my opinion, MMU has got all around good offer with wellstructured courses and supportive staff.” 101

Jack Edward Qualtrough Email Telephone

[email protected] 07940 289786

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering Following six years of higher education, I am so very ready to entirely dedicate myself to both my family and my career once again.

Development of a Dual Chemical Injection System to a Nuclear Power Station Decay Heat Boilers This project aims to develop the key ideas behind effective chemical mixing and delivery to a bulk flow. Using CFD and previous design experience it will ensure the best possible method of dosing application to the decay heat boilers at Heysham 2 nuclear power station.

“Six years ago I was unsure if I was taking on too much in my life, but MMU helped me see it through, roll on the celebrations, thank you MMU!” 102

Paul Philip Richardson Email Telephone

[email protected] 07724 594229

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering I am a driven and enthusiastic individual who has strived to achieve the best I can from my course whilst continuing my employment elsewhere.

Application of Plasma Actuators to Sterilisation The use of electrical discharge between two electrodes to generate a sustained plasma has many applications, one field of ongoing work is in sterilisation. This project assesses existing systems, emulates a suitable design, characterises the plasma and endeavours to improve upon the system.

“I have enjoyed a stimulating and challenging environment at the MMU, I am certain my enjoyment will continue until the end of my course.” 103

Jack Taylor Email Telephone

[email protected] 07572 616620

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering Engineering has always fascinated me. Today’s climate requires mechanical concepts to aid and support everyday life. The theory of combining maths, physics and logic to create innovative solutions is what attracted me to engineering.

“My MMU experience has allowed me to develop and improve my engineering knowledge, which combined with having full time employment has improved my engineering skills.” 104

Optimum welding for auto panels The project was to research, develop and validate a joining method that results in a reduction in panel deformation between two automotive A-surface metal panels during manufacture. The developed and optimised joining technique could therefore be used and considered during automotive design feasibility studies of vehicle design.

Daniel Vandome Email Telephone

[email protected] 07715 350626

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering I am a Full Time Nuclear Engineer and Part Time Undergraduate Degree. I enjoy music, sport, reading and learning.

Repair, Refurbishment and Testing of Reactor Globe Valve Caps I will design, build and commission a Globe Valve Cap test-rig and prove the suitability and quality of the Test Rig by using it to test a small batch of repaired Valve Caps.

“MMU has some excellent tutors with obvious passion in their field of expertise. I thoroughly enjoy my regular stays in the city of Manchester.” 105

Benjamin James West Email Telephone

[email protected] 07817 383423

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering I have been interested in science and why things work the way in which they do since I was at primary school; I suppose I was always destined for Engineering.

“Studying part time at MMU has been challenging, but invaluable in supporting my work based learning with the underpinning mechanical theory required in becoming a good engineer.” 106

Developing a Measurement Technique for Vehicle Acoustic Cabin Isolation Performance The aim of this project is to develop a measurement technique for quantifying the acoustic isolation, perceived in a vehicle cabin from external noise sources.

Darren Robert Wood Email Telephone

[email protected] 07891 064441

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering After two years completing an HNC in chemistry, and four years of Mechanical Engineering, I think it’s about time I finished studying. Thank you MMU!

Development and Implementation of the Off-Load Preservation Strategy for the Main Boilers of Heysham 2 Nuclear Power Station This is to be achieved by challenging the current practices of boiler preservation, completing research, modelling, implementation and commissioning of a system which improves performance, whilst introducing cost and safety benefits.

“Student experience: nights out, hangovers, long summers; Part Time Experience: 9-7 working hours, stress, exhaustion and copious caffeine. Yay!” 107

David Ian Woolrich Email

[email protected]

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering I am currently working as a full time design engineer for Packaging Automation in Knutsford, Cheshire, who sponsor my part time study.

“Over the past four years I’ve studied mechanical engineering as a part time student to further my career in engineering.” 108

Investigating the Ways to Increase the Efficiency of a CNC Machining Cell This project investigates possible ways for reducing the production or “run time” on parts made on the CNC milling machine section at Packaging Automation.

Alena Wagnerova Email Telephone

[email protected] +420 777 662 976

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering I have always been fascinated by things around me and I wanted to know how they work and MMU helped me to find simple solutions.

Comparison of Building Services in the UK and the Czech Republic The aim of this project is to compare civil engineering and especially building services in the United Kingdom and in the Czech Republic and then analyse differences and try to discover pros and cons of both and finally find the optimal solution for both systems.

“I am from the Czech Republic and I am happy that MMU gave me a chance to experience British education, which made me more independent.” 109


School of Engineering teaching staff


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