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Engage your future WorleyParsons Graduate Guide Who we are - What we do - Why you should join WorleyParsons has been recognised in the Top 100 Gradua...
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Engage your future

WorleyParsons Graduate Guide Who we are - What we do - Why you should join WorleyParsons has been recognised in the Top 100 Graduate Employers for 2013 and in the Top 10 Graduate Employers for 2013 in our industry sector by the AAGE Annual Survey.



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Graduate Development Program

Our Commitment WorleyParsons offers graduates a stimulating environment where hard work, creativity and intellect are rewarded with ample opportunities for career progression, on the job learning and mentoring. Our Graduate Development Program is an integral component of our global talent strategy and is a key initiative to nurture, equip and produce world class leaders of tomorrow.

We at WorleyParsons pride ourselves on being one of the leading providers of professional services to the resources and energy sectors and complex process industries worldwide. Our success so far has largely been driven by our diverse and growing customer base teamed with the energy and commitment of our people to deliver results. Such a customer base provides opportunities for our employees to work on a variety of challenging projects in a multitude of geographies and cultures adding to their experience and industry know-how. Our professionals share approaches, methodologies and systems, and speak the same professional language across industry sectors and continents. They are unified by a collaborative culture that fosters leadership, agility, relationships and performance, our very core values that underscore an undying commitment to serve our customers and build long-term lasting relationships. As we continue to invest in broadening our services and extending our geographic reach, the future at WorleyParsons looks promising and charged with challenges designed to push you to the next level. I encourage you to explore the opportunities available within our Graduate Development Program to help prepare yourself for the next big move in your career.

John Grill Founder & Chairman - WorleyParsons

WorleyParsons Graduate Guide

As a leader in the resources and energy sectors, we understand that organisations need to develop sound strategies to mitigate the impact their activities have on the environment and communities. Our unique EcoNomics™ offering provides our customers with the systems, technologies and expertise to optimise and balance financial, social, and environmental outcomes. It is aimed at improving sustainability performance while enhancing profit and longterm viability.


Community and Corporate Social Responsibility Our engagement with our communities has two core aspects. The first is the business side, where we are deeply committed to providing the best balance of local know-how and global best practise to our customers. The second is a broader social commitment to the growth and development of the communities where we work. Here we combine the energy and charity of our people and the resources of our company. We support an extensive range of local and international charities spanning health, education and the Arts, such as the Royal Flying Doctor Service, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and Black Swan State Theatre Company. For more information, please visit


Our vision is to be a leader in sustainability by encouraging our customers to embrace new markets and business opportunities created by the new energy economy, whilst helping them improve their own overall business performance. As a graduate, you will have many opportunities to develop your skills through some of our leading EcoNomics™ projects and help us work towards achieving that vision.

Health, Safety and Environment Our Health, Safety and Environmental expectations are integral elements of our business. They are embedded into our management systems and processes and influence everything that we do. Although our safety performance compares favourably with international best practices within our industry sectors, we are taking our commitment to safety to a new level. We are actively reinvigorating our management systems and engaging our people, contractors and suppliers in the expectations and programs that we have to achieve zero harm.




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Graduate Development Program

WorleyParsons is a forward thinking organisation equipped with a skilled and motivated workforce.

41 countries 145 offices worldwide 40,400 professionals

United States Anchorage

Fort McMurray Cold Lake Fort St John Edmonton Lloydminster Canada Blackfalds Saskatoon Vancouver, BC Blackfalds Sudbury Victoria Calgary Markh Bismarck Richland Miss Tiverton Billings Vancouver, WA Nanticok Idaho Falls Martinez Sarnia Denver Chicago Sacramento Los Altos United States Tulsa Chattanoog Arcadia Las Vegas Dallas Long Beach Phoenix Fountain Valley Monrovia Houston Bayport Grande Prairie


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Why WorleyParsons? At WorleyParsons we are looking towards the future; not just thinking about today. As one of Australia’s largest professional services organisations in the resources and energy space, we are committed to helping our customers succeed no matter where they are. Our comprehensive geographic presence enables us to provide our customers with a unique combination of extensive global resources, world recognised technical expertise and deep local knowledge. The spread of projects we undertake across a variety of industry sectors provides endless opportunities for our employees and graduates to expand their personal and professional boundaries in international locations and different cultural contexts.

The Graduate Development Program, has been specifically structured to provide entrants with the maximum breadth and depth of engineering work experience as possible in our globally integrated organisation whilst catering to other professional needs such as networking and training.

Discover the endless possibilities with WorleyParsons.


WorleyParsons Graduate Guide

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Sectoral Spread Our services span four core sectors as set out below: Infrastructure & Environment

Hydrocarbons • • • • • • • • • • • •

Arctic Gas Processing Heavy Oil & Oil Sands Deepwater (INTECSEA) LNG Onshore Production & EOR Pipeline Systems Offshore Topsides Petrochemicals Refining Sulphur Technology Unconventional Oil & Gas

• • • • • • •

Resource Infrastructure Urban Infrastructure Coastal and Marine Transport Environment Water and Wastewater Specialist Capabilities

Minerals, Metals & Chemicals • • • • • • • •

Base Metals Coal Chemicals Ferrous Metals Alumina Aluminium Iron Ore Gas Cleaning

Power • Advanced Coal • Coal • Gas Turbine Based Power Plants • Nuclear • Renewable Energy • Transmission Networks



Global Reach

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Graduate Development Program

Hydrocarbons WorleyParsons has been delivering engineering and project management services to the global hydrocarbons industry for over sixty years. Our full-scope global project services span the entire asset lifecycle from the initial conceptual phase of major greenfield developments to ongoing asset services and brownfield modifications projects. Our capability and experience spans all oil and gas extraction and processing facility types and our global coverage enables us to provide comprehensive services to our customers wherever they may need us. CASE STUDY PROJECT: Shtokman Floating Production Unit CUSTOMER: Gazprom LOCATION: Kazakhstan ONE OF THE LARGEST OFFSHORE NATURAL GAS FIELDS Gazprom’s Shtokman natural gas reserves are amongst the largest offshore fields in the world. While the magnitude of the project is very exciting, it comes with the technical challenges that engineers and project specialists take particular interest in addressing. It is a career-defining project. The gas reserve is in deep water (340 metres) and the design must account for wave heights that can reach 24 metres. Temperatures can drop as low as -40° C and rarely climb above 10° C. All of this in a location that does not see the sun for most of the winter. WORLEYPARSONS AND INTECSEA’S ROLE WorleyParsons and our deepwater specialist, INTECSEA, were delighted to be appointed by Gazprom to perform Front End Engineering Design services on its Shtokman Phases 2 and 3 development. The role comprised the design of a ship-shape hull capable of withstanding the sea ice conditions, topsides capable of processing 70 million cubic metres per day of gas plus associated liquids and the overall Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) system integration. IMPACT ON ENERGY DEMAND The multi-phase development of the field will make a significant contribution to long-term energy security on the local, European and international markets supplying the gas needed to meet growing energy demands.

WorleyParsons Graduate Guide

What our people are saying: Tim Shaddick Graduate Process Engineer Commenced: 2011 Location: Melbourne “I started at WorleyParsons as a Graduate Process Engineer in 2011, after participating in the vacation work program in 2009/2010. Over the ensuing period, I have been fortunate enough to have gained extensive gas processing experience through the Origin Yolla MLE Project in its various stages, from Front End Engineering Design through to construction and commissioning. My work has involved conducting various process calculations, constructing and manipulating a dynamic model of the platform and generating offshore commissioning procedures intended for use during startup. I will also gain the opportunity to visit the platform during commissioning. WorleyParsons has offered me a chance to engage in a variety of interesting and challenging tasks intended to stretch my abilities and understanding, and furthering my development as an engineer.“

Joe Bonett Engineering Manager Commenced: 1993 Location: Melbourne

“I joined WorleyParsons back in 1993 as a graduate from The University of Melbourne. I commenced my career as a structural engineer and was able to work my way through a variety of technical roles and then move into team leadership. In my time with the organisation, I have had an opportunity to work and engage with numerous great people and across a variety of interesting projects. WorleyParsons has been a great place for me to work and I would recommend it to any engineer wanting to establish their career and experience projects across different industries, locations and customers. The global footprint of the company definitely provides a wealth of opportunities and life experiences.”




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Graduate Development Program

Infrastructure & Environment WorleyParsons’ Infrastructure & Environment group has the proven ability to deliver technically outstanding, cost effective solutions to some of the most challenging projects in the world. These projects span the entire project life cycle from feasibility through to decommissioning and have been completed in diverse geographic and cultural settings. WorleyParsons has delivered successful solutions for both new projects and infrastructure upgrades, in addition to providing the complete engineering infrastructure platform for global resource development projects. We provide services in the following sectors: • Resource Infrastructure • Urban Infrastructure • Coastal and Marine • Transport • Environment • Water and Wastewater • Specialist Capabilities CASE STUDY PROJECT: King Abdullah Economic City – Millennium Seaport CUSTOMER: EMAAR LOCATION: Saudi Arabia WORLD’S LARGEST REAL ESTATE COMPANY EMAAR Properties, the world’s largest real estate company, is developing King Abdullah Economic City near Rabigh, north of Jeddah, in what has been described as the biggest project of its kind in the Gulf region. WORLEYPARSONS SCOPE WorleyParsons performed the initial planning for the port, developed the port concept, estimated the construction cost and established an economic forecasting model. CREATION OF NEW MILLENNIUM SEAPORT Central to the mega project is the creation of a 2.6 million m² new millennium seaport. The state-of-the-art container port has a throughput capacity of 3.8 million TEU/year in Phase 1, increasing to 6 million TEU/year in Phase 2. There will be three slot berths to cater for mega vessels and linear berths, smaller vessels and feeder vessels.

WorleyParsons Graduate Guide

What our people are saying: Ben Lewis Graduate Marine/Coastal Engineer Commenced: 2011 Location: Perth

“I joined WorleyParsons in 2011 as a graduate Coastal and Marine Engineer in the Ports and Marine Terminals Group. This group is involved in marine structural and coastal engineering projects. During my time at WorleyParsons I have had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects including small scale assessments of marine facilities to larger projects such as design for ports of mining infrastructure developments. My exposure to a variety of projects early in my career at WorleyParsons has developed my professional skills that have enabled me able to confront the engineering challenges I am exposed to. My professional skills have also been developed through the Graduate Development Program. There are a number of courses and training that cannot be taught on the job that this program allows you to learn. The social aspect is also a winner; I have met a lot of interesting people from a range of disciplines by being involved in the program. The varied experiences gained as a young engineer at WorleyParsons have helped shape my professional career and I have enjoyed my time here and look forward to the experiences still to come.”

Sharon Gray Graduate Hydrogeologist Commenced: 2010 Location: Brisbane

“I began working for WorleyParsons as a Graduate Hydrogeologist in March, 2010. I have worked on many projects, mainly focussing on the Coal Seam Gas (CSG) industry’s need to sustainably manage groundwater resources. This work has been extremely challenging, allowing me to gain technical experience which is rare so early in my career. The Graduate Development Program has allowed me to develop other professional skills. I undertook business training so that I could meet customer’s needs and expectations in the often varied world of Environmental Consulting. I have also been mentored by hydrogeologists not only from Australia, but overseas in an International Community of Practice. Having moved up from Melbourne and away from my family and friends, I took the opportunity to meet new people through the social events organised by other graduates within the Graduate Development Organisation (GDO). I have met a lot of excellent people through these events, and during my time at WorleyParsons. It has been a very enjoyable and worthwhile experience.”




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Graduate Development Program

Minerals, Metals & Chemicals WorleyParsons has built a reputation as a provider of quality engineering and project services to the minerals, metals and chemicals industries, achieving particular recognition for the delivery of complex processing plants. The group has particular success integrating multidiscipline engineering expertise and experience with licensed technology and operational know how to deliver innovative solutions to our customers. Our Minerals, Metals & Chemicals sector operates in the following sectors: • Base Metals • Alumina • Coal • Aluminium • Chemicals • Iron Ore • Ferrous Metals • Gas Cleaning CASE STUDY PROJECT: Saudi Arabian Mining Company (Ma’aden) Development

CUSTOMER: Ma’aden Phosphate Company LOCATION: Saudi Arabia ONE OF THE LARGEST PRODUCERS OF DI-AMMONIUM PHOSPHATE The Ma’aden Phosphate Development located in Saudi Arabia is one of the world’s largest producers of di-ammonium phosphate, a fertiliser for use in grain and horticulture. MANAGEMENT OF USD 4.5 BILLION PROJECT This USD 4.5 billion (direct capital cost) phosphate project, managed by WorleyParsons, focused on the economic development of the major phosphate resource rock located at Al Jalamid. The full project development involved the design and construction of a beneficiation plant and associated infrastructure located at Al Jalamid, a major fertiliser complex and port facility at Ras Az Zawr, a new 1,400 km rail link between Al Jalamid and Ras Az Zawr for processing, and a power generation plant. TEAMWORK - A SUCCESS The success of this world leading project was directly due to teamwork. WorleyParsons’ commitment to supporting Ma’aden in maintaining their schedule and creating a multinational workforce focused on safety, quality and cost has been invaluable in helping Ma’aden achieve their business objectives.

WorleyParsons Graduate Guide


What our people are saying: Alyssa Nixon-Lloyd Graduate Mechanical Engineer Commenced: 2011 Location: Perth “I started with WorleyParsons as a vacation student in 2010. The vacation work gave me a broad understanding of ‘what engineers do’ and helped me now that I am a WorleyParsons graduate employee. Everyone was very friendly and willing to talk and share their experience. I worked on two different iron ore projects - the work was varied and exposed me to both the technical and commercial side of projects. It was certainly an eyeopener as we did not learn this at university.”

Shruti Gupta Graduate Mechanical Engineer Commenced: 2011 Location: Perth “I started at WorleyParsons as a Graduate Mechanical Engineer in 2011. Over the ensuing period, I have been fortunate enough to have gained extensive experience in large scale hydrocarbons projects such as Pluto and North Rankin 2. I have spent 8 months in Karratha on Pluto site, which was a fantastic opportunity as it allowed me to visually understand the work and its applications. I have also gained 4 weeks offshore site-work on NRB as-building P&IDs for compressor trains and turbines, which was another memorable experience. My work has also involved creating datasheets for various mechanical equipment’s (vessels, heat exchangers, air compressors, etc.), technical bid evaluations for those equipment’s, answering technical queries from site and preparing mod-packs for works to be carried out on site. WorleyParsons has offered me a chance to engage in a variety of interesting and challenging tasks intended to stretch my abilities and understanding, and furthering my development as an engineer.”



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Graduate Development Program

Power WorleyParsons has been providing services to the power industry for over 100 years. We focus on long term partnerships with our customers to develop and execute effective solutions in a diverse range of energy challenges facing the industry such as meeting growing energy demand, maximising performance of existing assets, and reducing carbon footprint. Our capabilities and experience cover the full spectrum of professional services from pre-feasibility and environmental delivery through to full scope project delivery and support of operations, including operations and maintenance of the asset. CASE STUDY PROJECT: Maritsa East 2 TPP Rehabilitation CUSTOMER: Maritsa East 2 TPP LOCATION: Bulgaria LARGEST THERMAL POWER STATION IN BULGARIA Maritsa East 2, located in the Stara Zagora region of Bulgaria, is the largest thermal power station in the country. With a total installed capacity of 1,465 MW, it generates 30% of Bulgaria’s electricity. Commissioned in 1966, the plant is undergoing extensive rehabilitation to improve safety, equipment availability and reliability throughout the expected lifetime of the plant. In addition, the installation of flue gas desulphurisation facilities will reduce SO2 and dust emissions and improve environmental performance, to ensure plant operation is in compliance with EU environmental regulations. WORLEYPARSONS SCOPE WorleyParsons is providing consultancy services to the owner for the rehabilitation of Units 1 to 6 and for the construction of flue gas desulphurisation facilities for Units 1 to 4. Program management activities include consultancy services on environmental protection, risk control and management and the control of equipment factory acceptance tests, quality management, construction supervision and a variety of specialist consulting services. BENEFIT TO CUSTOMER WorleyParsons has been instrumental in optimising the project schedule to reduce implementation delays. The recommendations issued by our site team have assisted the owner to analyze project documentation and manage its ongoing relationship with the project’s associated suppliers and contractors.

WorleyParsons Graduate Guide

What our people are saying: Sanjaya Sulitsyo Senior Process Engineer Commenced: 2004 Location: Melbourne

“As a Senior Process Engineer, my experience has varied; I have covered all aspects, at various times, from conventional onshore and offshore upstream oil and gas through to deep water developments and heavy oil in the Canadian tar sands. I have also worked on a range of projects from the concept evaluation phase, through Front End Engineering Design, detailed design and commissioning and start-up. With WorleyParsons I’ve travelled to Malaysia, UK, Singapore and Canada - where I witnessed the northern lights and conquered minus 40 degree nights. I’ve learnt how to determine the status of a project and how it needs to progress in order to successfully deliver projects, and lead multi-disciplinary teams. What I like about WorleyParsons is the flexibility, the people and the capacity to move and connect with the various offices and people I have met along the way.”

Melissa Davin Graduate Process Engineer Commenced: 2012 Location: Perth

“I joined the Graduate Development Program in February of 2012 relocating from Melbourne to the office in Perth. In that time I’ve had the opportunity to work in a number of areas and on various projects. I started off in the Metals and Minerals area where I worked on the design of a haematite iron ore facility. I had exposure to Process Flow Diagram and Process and Instrument Diagram development. I then had the opportunity to rotate into the hydrocarbons area and work on a brownfields FPSO project. In this role I was able to view the HAZOP close-out procedure which included learning how to size PSV’s and perform various other calculations as well as marking up existing Process and Instrumentation Diagrams for re-drafting. I’ve also had the opportunity to join the Graduate Development Organisation who are responsible for organising graduate events, lunch and learns and advertising rotations to the graduate committee. This role has allowed me to get a better understanding of how the business works and make networks with other graduates and senior management.”




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Graduate Development Program

WorleyParsons Graduate Development Program (GDP) The GDP is an excellent platform to prepare aspiring and driven graduates for the next vital phase in their career. Not only do we offer opportunities to work on some of the most challenging projects, we also provide the necessary tools and guidance to help integrate you into the larger WorleyParsons organisation whilst helping you make an empowered transition to commercial and organisational life. Barry Bloch, Group Managing Director, People The Graduate Development Program is a three year holistic approach to building excellence in technical and managerial skills whilst focusing on professional development. The program components focus on the personal strengths and professional requirements of candidates —tailoring them to cross-regional drivers, cultural factors and other considerations matched to their individual expertise and ambitions. Graduate Development Organisation Unique to WorleyParsons, our Graduate Development Organisation (GDO) acts as the voice for graduates. The GDO is instrumental in supporting your career with rotations, accreditation, training and social and charity activities.



Mentorship Program



Professional Development Every year we offer you special business courses that teach you how to manage yourselves, other people and teams. These particular courses are highly regarded by our graduates for their ability to push you out of your comfort zone and into your true potential. Mentorship Program Our mentorship program derives its strength from the professionals who live and breathe the industry everyday. These are employees whose experience and wisdom is an invaluable input to your professional development and learning process.

Key elements of the GDP Professional Development

Rotations On the job experience is the best way for you to learn and develop. By moving through a number of diverse roles during the program, you are exposed to a range of challenges and learning opportunities. These include work on a variety of projects, project phases, sectors and locations across Australia and globally. Rotations serve to provide a holistic view of the scale and breadth of work at WorleyParsons.

Project work

Graduate Development Organisation

Your mentor will guide you and provide sound advice to help you gain the skills and confidence you need to be successful. The program will also present opportunities to build strong networks at different organisational levels right from graduates through to Senior Managers. Accreditation WorleyParsons, in partnership with Engineers Australia, provides you with the support required to achieve a chartered engineering qualification (CPEng). We also offer accreditation opportunities for other engineering disciplines and non-engineering graduates in your chosen field.

WorleyParsons Graduate Guide

What we offer

What we look for

• Professional growth through a structured program focused on skill development

• Strong academic background in the area applied, complemented by some practical experience

• Potential for travel and work on a number of challenging projects and within different cultural contexts

• Ambition, drive, energy and the desire to learn and grow professionally

• A range of graduate positions. Disciplines to choose from include: engineering and design; project management; construction management; procurement; project controls and quality; finance; human resources; health, safety and environment; information technology and marketing communications • Social engagements and opportunities to network and build professional relationships • Achieve work life balance with a view to accommodate personal and professional priorities

• Strong interpersonal and communication skills supplemented by the ability to build enduring, strategic and long-lasting relationships whilst working with multiple teams • Forward thinkers and problem solvers who innovate by challenging traditional ways • Engagement in the community We assess all applications against the above criteria and pride ourselves in being an equal opportunity employer.

• Globally recognised organisation listed in the ASX top 50

GDP Entry requirements and assessment criteria The Graduate Development Program is open to big thinkers looking for their next big move. The applications are assessed on a number of criteria which includes professional competency, transferable skills, willingness to learn and adapt in situations, people skills and overall fit with the organisation. For our engineering roles, we look for an engineering specific degree, from an accredited university. For our commercial roles, we look for a sound understanding of business and management as demonstrated by a bachelor degree.

How do I apply? Our selection process comprises of three key steps: 1. APPLICATION To apply, complete an application form and questionnnaire at www.worleyparsons.com/ anzgraduates Please include your CV and academic results to date in the same document. All successful applicants will be required to provide a certified copy of their academic transcript upon commencement of employment.

2. TELEPHONE SCREENING INTERVIEW If your application successfully demonstrates that you meet our requirements, one of our team members will call you to gain a better understanding of your experience and where you would like to head in your career.

3. ASSESSMENT CENTRE For many of our graduate opportunities, selection involves an assessment centre. Our typical assessment activities include: group work, presentations, technical exercises and interview.

For more information and to apply, visit >>> www.worleyparsons.com/anzgraduates


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Visit us at >>> www.worleyparsons.com/anzgraduates