Emergency Preparedness Information & Checklists

For more information on future session dates or to request a course for your community group, please contact the HEROS Program Office at 604-927-6434 or visit coquitlam.ca/preparedness

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Emergency Management About Emergency Management in Coquitlam Emergencies and disasters can occur anywhere, at any time. It could be anything from an earthquake, to a flood, to a severe winter storm. In the event of a major disaster, you and your family should be able to take care of your basic needs for at least 72 hours. We encourage everyone to prepare their personal or family emergency plan, and have an emergency kit ready that includes basic supplies (such as food and water) as well as special needs items such as medication and pet food. We’ve included some information in the following pages to help you get started. Additionally, the City of Coquitlam’s Emergency Management Office offers HEROS Community Emergency Preparedness training to help you become better prepared at home. Watch for these sessions in your community, or request a course for your community group by contacting 604-927-6434 or [email protected] To learn more about emergency management in Coquitlam, visit coquitlam.ca/preparedness.

Stay Informed During an Emergency During an emergency, one of the best ways to stay informed is online or via social media. Provided that we have the ability to do so (e.g. we have power and can access the Internet), the City of Coquitlam will post updates regularly online at coquitlam.ca, via twitter (@cityofcoquitlam) or on Facebook (facebook.com/cityofcoquitlam). If you use these tools, you should be sure to bookmark, follow or ‘like’ us!

Home Emergency Kit Quick Checklist

Below is a list of basic items that should be included in your home emergency kit. Remember to personalize your kit to meet individual needs. Water FF 4 litres per person per day to be used for drinking, cooking and washing FF Water purification tablets

Beverages FF Juice, evaporated or dried milk


Supplies and Tools FF Plastic bags of varying sizes FF Battery powered radio with fresh batteries FF Flashlight with fresh batteries FF List of important phone numbers FF Cash FF Pen and paper

FF Foods that won’t spoil (e.g. canned, dried and instant) FF Can opener, plates, cooking supplies

Clothing FF Change of clothing for each family member Including shoes and rain gear

First Aid Supplies

FF Insurance information FF Matches and candles FF Rope, duct tape, clear plastic, shovel, knife and pry bar FF Hammer and safety goggles FF Work gloves, dust masks FF Blankets and/or sleeping bags

FF Well-stocked first aid kit and manual FF Consider taking first aid training

Medication FF One week supply of prescription and/or other medications

Personal Items FF Soap, towels, toothpaste and toothbrushes FF Deodorant, toilet paper, or towelettes FF Spare eyeglasses, baby products, and pet supplies

Grab - and - Go Kit Prepare a small, portable Grab - and - Go Kit to keep in your vehicle and/or at work: FF Cash FF Local area map FF Water and energy bars FF First aid kit FF Multi-purpose tool and whistle FF Flashlight, battery powered radio and fresh batteries FF Basic toiletries, toilet paper, and hand sanitizer FF Prescription medications and eyeglasses FF Change of clothing, shoes, and rain poncho

Grab & Go Bag Checklist Some suggestions for items to include in a Basic Grab & Go Bag

The following items should be packed in a waterproof knapsack for easy transportation. Remember to customize to suit your needs FF List of contents (do not forget expiry dates of perishables) FF Food (5 year type used by Coastguard) as well as granola, energy bars or fruit leather FF Water (5 year type), or bottled water and/or boxed juice FF Sturdy shoes and a pair of warm socks FF Spare set of clothes (sweat suit or such) and a reflective vest FF First-Aid Kit (remember to check regularly and take a First Aid course) FF Battery powered flashlight (and spare batteries) FF Battery operated radio (and spare batteries) FF Paper and pencil/pen FF Work gloves FF Dust mask(s) FF Silver foil blanket FF Rain gear, shower cap and/or (garbage bags that could be used as rain gear or for sanitary needs) FF Towel or moistened towelettes FF Matches FF Candles(s) optional FF Swiss army type knife FF Light sticks (at least 2) FF Whistle FF Duct tape FF Rope FF Cash (coins and paper money) FF Identification (this is to include medical needs or medication) – e.g. allergies; out of area contact information/next of kin etc. FF Spare glasses (if these are required for vision needs) FF Medication(s): life-sustaining types as well as Tylenol etc. (customize to suit your personal needs) FF Map of area FF Personal hygiene items (soap, toothpaste, waterless hand wash, shampoo, deodorant, toilet paper and/or Kleenex) FF Cards, games, book etc. (appropriate to age/gender) FF Hard hat and reflexive vest (optional)

Earthquake Preparedness Quick Checklist

Follow these tips to develop an emergency plan for your family: FF Make your home safe by eliminating or securing household items that can cause injury and damage. FF Assemble a home emergency kit for family members in a portable container (minimum 3 day supply) and store it in an accessible location (e.g. near an exit). Don’t forget to include the specific requirements of children, pets and others with special needs. FF Know how to shut off utilities at the source to ensure immediate closing of gas and water leaks. Know where and how to shut off electrical power when required. FF Ensure your family has an evacuation plan from your home that includes a safe family meeting place and ensure all family members know the plan. FF Arrange an out-of-area contact to act as a “message centre” for your family and keep their contact information and other important phone numbers with you. FF Make copies of important documents (i.e. insurance, medical records, wills, etc.) and store them in a safe location that is accessible even if your home is damaged. FF Keep a flashlight and hard-soled shoes beside each family member’s bed so evacuation in the dark, at night during an emergency is easier to navigate. FF Assemble a “Grab-and-Go Kit” with emergency supplies in your vehicle and/or at work. FF Always maintain a ¼ tank of gas in your vehicle. FF Plan and practice the Drop, Cover and Hold On procedure with your family members to protect yourself during an earthquake: FF Drop to the floor; FF Take Cover by getting under a sturdy desk or table; and FF Hold On until the shaking stops. FF If you are unable to get down on the ground, brace yourself against an interior wall, protecting your head, neck and face with your arms.

For more information on emergency preparedness, visit coquitlam.ca/preparedness or call the HEROS Office at 604-927-6434.

Emergency Supply Sales & Services List of suppliers of Emergency Kits, Provisions, Safety, First Aid Services & Supplies

DISCLAIMER: This list is provided for contact purpose. It is not a recommendation or warrant of the products or services from the suppliers listed.

General Supplies and Provisions 72hours.ca

A W Fireguard Supplies Ltd.

Angel Safety Products Inc.

Phone: 788-228-0398 Toll Free: 1-800-964-8699

2906 St. Johns St., Port Moody, BC

9052 Mackie Street Fort Langley, BC




General emergency supplies


angelsafety.com [email protected]

Braidner Survival Kits Ltd.

Fast Ltd.

#410 - 1000 Parker St., Vancouver, BC

8850 River Rd. Delta, BC

General Retailers (e.g. Canadian Tire, Rona, Home Depot, Walmart)





See phone book or Google for location nearest you.

Email: [email protected]

First Aid & Survival Technologies

Stock camping, survival and first aid supplies

Krasicki & Ward

QS Quake Safe Ltd.

Survivormate Ind. Ltd.

#102 - 310 Kent Ave. South Vancouver, BC

1959 Alderlyn Dr., North Vancouver, BC

Port Moody, BC


604-980- 9900





General emergency supplies and emergency supplies for pets

Three Vets

Treen Gloves & Safety Products

Western Safety Products

2200 Yukon St., Vancouver, BC

704- Alexander St., Vancouver, BC

2920 Murray St., Port Moody, BC







Gloves, vests, hardhats, first aid kits etc.

NOTE: There are various First Aid Kits, Emergency Kits and other emergency supplies available at many other venues and stores throughout the area. Some emergency supplies may only be available through specialized suppliers.

Emergency Supply Sales & Services List of suppliers of Emergency Kits, Provisions, Safety, First Aid Services & Supplies

First Aid Training Care Insitute of Safety & Health

Safe & Sound First Aid Training

1770 East 18th, Vancouver, BC


Canadian Red Cross First Aid & Water Safety Service Call Centre




Training information Western Canada Zone

St. John Ambulance 2338 Clarke St., Port Moody, BC 604-931-3426 sja.ca


Safety Film for Windows Accurate Glass

Fairway Glass Ltd.

112-9 Burbidge Street, Coquitlam

48 Mary Street, Port Moody, BC



Newco Solar Control Products 202-6741 Cariboo Road, Burnaby 604-437-3111

Safety Film For Glass Refer to glass companies in phone book for locations

Informative Websites Emergency Preparedness Programs in BC/Canada for various communities providing “Emergency Information” to citizens/public.

FF Sites providing Emergency Preparedness for various types of disasters FF embc.gov.bc.ca/em FF publicsafety.gc.ca FF coquitlam.ca/preparedness FF getprepared.gc.ca

FF BC Hydro FF bchydro.com/safety

FF Children During Disasters FF edcross.ca/cmslib/general/parent_brochure.pdf

FF Earthquake Safety FF embc.gov.bc.ca/em/hazard_preparedness/Earthquake_Information.html

FF Emergency Social Services FF ess.bc.ca FF coquitlam.ca/preparedness

FF Emergency Preparedness for Industry and Commerce Council (EPICC) FF epicc.org

FF Federal Emergency Management Association (United States) FF fema.gov

FF FEMA for kids FF fema.gov/kids

FF Fortis BC (formerly Terasen Gas) FF fortisbc.com/safety

FF Food & Water Safety FF bccdc.ca FF fraserhealth.ca/your_health/emergencypreparedness

FF Pets FF ready.gov/america/getakit FF animalrescuefoundation.org