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Emergency Management Training

& Training

CSA Education

CSA· provides comprehensive training and educational to help individuals Seminars · Conferences · On-site seminars tools · eLearning and organizations understand the technical and implementation requirements of standards. Through our global network of training offices, CSA can provide the information you need, where and when you need it.

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Duration: 1 day $525

COURSE OVERVIEW: Recent events have proven that emergencies can arise at any time. Building owners and managers are responsible for ensuring public safety within their buildings in response to all types of risks and occurrences, as well as having responsibility for the safe and effective operation of their facilities. A critical element of this operation is an Emergency Power Supply management program. Canadian Building Codes, Fire Codes and many Occupational Health and Safety regulations specify requirements for emergency lighting and operations in buildings. Cited most often in these documents and regulations is CSA C282 – Emergency Electrical Electrical Power Supply for Buildings. The safety of both building occupants and emergency responders is dependent upon the ongoing operation of critical life-safety equipment, and this important workshop outlines the design and maintenance requirements necessary to help ensure the effective operation of your emergency electrical power in the event of a crisis leading to power failure. Take one day to help ensure your program meets the requirements: • Building Code specifications for “life safety” equipment • Scheduling for testing and inspection • Visual inspection of fuel • Record keeping for maintenance, testing and inspection, all in line with recognized quality management system practices



WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Facilities Managers Building Operators Municipalities Health and Safety Managers


COURSE MATERIALS INCLUDE: • C282-05 Emergency Electrical Power Supply for Buildings • C282 Logbook-05

DATES & LOCATIONS: Vancouver Edmonton

September 22, 2008 October 20, 2008


eLearning module


Business continuity and restoration are dependant on successful emergency management including a fast and effective emergency response. CSA has developed the Z731 standard to help business and public organizations develop an emergency management program that will minimize the consequences of an emergency. Included with your registration is Response Ready Online - 1st Place Arcademy Award winner in the Future Serious Game category at the recent FuturePlay 2007 conference. See the full page ad for more information on Response Ready. An effective Emergency Management Plan will: • Promote the safety of workers, responders and the public • Reduce the potential for costly damage • Reduce environmental and other impacts • Assist emergency staff in initiating corrective actions • Reduce recovery time and associated costs • Ensure employee and public confidence in your organization’s ability to manage a crisis CSA’s two-day seminar on Emergency Preparedness and Response will guide participants through the requirements for an effective plan, with the use of CAN/CSA Z731-03 – a National Standard of Canada – and case studies and exercises designed to maximize understanding.

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Site and Operations Managers Health, Safety and Environmental Managers Safety Professionals Those responsible for the security and continued operation of their business


COURSE MATERIALS INCLUDE: • CAN/CSA Z731-03 Emergency Preparedness and Response • 30 day access to Response Ready Simulation Tool

DATES & LOCATIONS: Vancouver Halifax Mississauga

September 23 – 24, 2008 November 3 – 4, 2008 February 9 – 10, 2009







Due for publication Fall 2008, the new Canadian Standard, Z1600, based on NFPA 1600 will provide an effective benchmark to allow organizations to evaluate and/or initiate their Emergency Management and Business Continuity Programs. This session will provide participants with an understanding of the new CSA Z1600 Emergency Management and Business Continuity Programs. Join us and find out: • The rationale for adopting the US Standard • How this standard will impact your organization • The benefits of implementing Z1600 from a business perspective • The general principles in the standard.

• Senior executive and management staff • Business continuity, crisis management & emergency response team members • Business unit mangers • Information technology management

DATES & LOCATIONS: For dates and locations visit us online learningcentre.csa.ca

eLearning • Electrical Workplace Safety for Professionals (including Arc Flash) A self–paced learning experience for any professional who works on or near energized electrical equipment

CSA offers a catalogue of online courses and tools. Learn and practice skills effectively at your own pace, on your schedule. Programs already available include: • Response Ready A practical tool designed to help you practice the creation of emergency planning procedures through the identification of hazards

• Electrician’s Self Assessment Tool (ESAT) Based on the 2006 Canadian Electrical Code, this interactive tool allows you to prepare for the final Certificate of Qualification exam

1st Place Arcademy Award in the category of Future Serious Games

• Quality at Work: An Introduction to ISO 9001:2000 A learning experience designed to help you understand the essentials and how implementation of this standard can help your organization • Business in Balance: An Introduction to ISO 14001:2004 This training tool is designed to help you understand the basics by observing the standard in action

• An Introduction to ISO 27001 Self-paced learning designed to provide an overview of the Information Security Management System standard • Plus many more… Check back often as additions to the catalogue are being made regularly!

Visit us at learningcentre.csa.ca to purchase or for more information

Are you ready for Climate Change? Have you measured your environmental impact? The CSA Greenhouse Gas Management Training program is where you need to start. Courses are offered on ISO 14064 Part 1 Inventories, ISO 14064 Part 2 Projects and ISO 14064 Part 3 Validation & Verification


For dates and locations see Climate Change in the CSA Learning Centre at www.CSA.ca call 1-800-463-6727 or email [email protected]

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Response Ready (included with your registration to the Emergency Preparedness and Response seminar) LUE* BONUS! $300 VA stration

Included with your

seminar regi

Picture this: As a manager of an industrial park, you receive a call telling you there is a major fuel spill at the local gas station. You ensure emergency services are responding as planned, but then get another call saying the problem is now compounded. Pyrotechnics from the concert venue next to the gas station have started a large fire and the crowd is scrambling to escape from their fenced-in enclosure! Unsure of what to do, you fail to act quickly enough and before you know it, a major explosion has now injured dozens.

Available online:  

Response Ready A practical tool designed to help Emergency Planners and Responders practice the creation of emergency planning procedures through the

What to do? Break out into a cold, regret-induced sweat?

identification of hazards.

Or simply click “restart” and try again by establishing a different set of emergency response procedures.

Users can practice sections of CAN/CSA Z731 in a safe environment by participating in:

SERIOUS GAMES FOR LEARNING CSA is breaking new ground with a series of training products that bring reallife scenarios to the desktop. Literally! Using computer gaming technology, Digital Games Based Learning (DGBL) embeds teaching strategies within an engaging experience to bring otherwise dry content to life.

• identifying hazards • practicing balancing effort against severity and probability • generating procedures • a simulated emergency, see how quickly you can react and how effective your plan was  

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* If purchased individually. Volume licenses offer substantial discounted rates. Contact us for more details.

Need to train you entire team?

Visit learningcentre.csa.ca Other electronic learning products available include: • Quality at Work: Implementing ISO 9001:2000 • Business in Balance: An Introduction to ISO 14001:2004 • Workplace Electrical Safety for Professionals: ArcFlash


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