ECCMID. 22 nd. London, United Kingdom 31 March 3 April European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases

22 nd London, United Kingdom 31 March – 3 April 2012 ECCMID ;^cVaEgd\gVbbZ  European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases w...
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22 nd

London, United Kingdom 31 March – 3 April 2012


;^cVaEgd\gVbbZ  European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases


Important Addresses

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Address during the Congress 22nd ECCMID ExCeL London One Western Gateway Royal Victoria Dock London E16 1XL, United Kingdom Phone: +44 20 7069 60 00, Fax: +44 20 7069 64 00 Email: [email protected]

Important Addresses Acknowledgements Welcome Address Congress Venue Overview Committees

Congress President Prof Jonathan Cohen Brighton and Sussex Medical School, University of Sussex Brighton BN1 9PX, United Kingdom Phone: +44 1273 877 577, Fax: +44 1273 877 576 Email: [email protected] Scientific Secretariat 22nd ECCMID c/o ESCMID Executive Office P.O. Box 214, 4010 Basel, Switzerland Phone: +41 61 508 01 50, Fax: +41 61 508 01 51 Email: [email protected] Administrative Secretariat 22nd ECCMID c/o Congrex Switzerland Ltd. P.O. Box, 4002 Basel, Switzerland Phone: +41 61 686 77 77, Fax: +41 61 686 77 88 Email: [email protected] Accommodation Congrex Travel Ltd. P.O. Box, 4002 Basel, Switzerland Phone: +41 61 690 94 11, Fax: +41 61 690 94 14 Email: [email protected] Flight Bookings Congrex Travel Ltd. P.O. Box, 4002 Basel, Switzerland Phone: +41 61 560 75 60, Fax: +41 61 690 92 14 Email: [email protected] Local Agency Congrex UK Ltd. Therese Dolan 26-28 Hammersmith Grove London W6 7BA, United Kingdom Phone: +44 20 8834 10 14, Fax: +44 20 8834 11 51 Email: [email protected] Imprint: 22nd ECCMID Final Programme Publisher: 22nd ECCMID c/o Congrex Switzerland Ltd. P.O. Box, 4002 Basel, Switzerland Phone +41 61 686 77 77 Fax +41 61 686 77 88 [email protected]

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Awards, Grants and Fellowships 2012


Scientific Programme Overview Introduction to the Scientific Programme ESCMID Study Groups and other Business Meetings EUCAST at ECCMID

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Scientific Programme Saturday, 31 March 2012 Sunday, 1 April 2012 Monday, 2 April 2012 Tuesday, 3 April 2012

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Poster Sessions Saturday, 31 March 2012 Sunday, 1 April 2012 Monday, 2 April 2012 Tuesday, 3 April 2012

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Design / concept: Flux Design Studios Layout / print: Interrepro AG Subject to programme changes without notice

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme



Final Programme of the 22nd ECCMID in London, United Kingdom, 31 March – 3 April 2012

Acknowledgements The Organising Committee expresses its thanks and appreciation to all who have generously contributed to the success of the 22nd European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases:

The ECCMID Programme Committee is proud to acknowledge the scientific input from the following organisations in setting up joint workshops and symposia: AIDA (FP7 project: “Preserving old antibiotics for the future”) Educational Workshop 12: Colistin use in clinical practice (page 35)

Gold Medal Sponsor

Silver Medal Sponsors

BIA, British Infection Association TAE Trainees Days: a time for trainees to share their knowledge under the supervision of seniors (page 38) BSAC, British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy Faster, higher, stronger... and infection-free: a new motto for the Olympics? Infection and sporting events (page 72) TAE Trainees Day: a time for trainees to share their knowledge under the supervision of seniors (page 38)


Platinum Medal Sponsor

EORTC, European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer Educational Workshop 11: Common statements in the literature regarding invasive fungal diseases – truth or cliché (page 35) Educational Workshop 15: Febrile neutropenia – past, present and future (page 37) EUCAST, European Committee on Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing Surveillance of resistance in Europe (page 43) Educational Workshop 3: Antimicrobial susceptibility testing with EUCAST breakpoints and methods (page 33) EUCAST: frequently asked questions (page 49) European Commission Facilitating antimicrobial drug development: opportunities through the US NIH/NIAID and the EU research programmes (page 49) ICAAC, Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy Antimicrobial resistance in the 21st century; the Gram-negative Enterobacteriaceae strike back! (page 39)

Additional Sponsors IDSA, Infectious Disease Society of America Clinical Grand Round (page77) ISF, International Sepsis Forum What’s new in sepsis? (page 77) UEMS, European Union of Medical Specialists Common European curricula and assessment: just a dream? (page 80) US NIAID, United States National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Facilitating antimicrobial drug development: opportunities through the US NIH/NIAID and the EU research programmes (page 49)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme


Mucormycosis comes of age An integrated symposium at the 22nd European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ECCMID), London, United Kingdom 16:30–18:30, Saturday 31 March 2012 Hall N11 A Chairman Malcolm Richardson (London, United Kingdom) ESCMID chair Bart-Jan Kullberg (Nijmegen, Netherlands) Taxonomy of mucormycosis Elizabeth Johnson (Bristol, United Kingdom) Can animal models predict clinical outcomes Bradley Spellberg (Los Angeles, USA) Risk factors for mucormycosis Arunaloke Chakrabarti (Chandigarh, India) New clinical data on treatment of mucormycosis and clinical guidelines Olivier Lortholary (Paris, France)

Date of preparation: January 2012 131/IHQ/12-01/NM/1042g © 2012 Gilead Sciences

Organised and funded by Gilead Sciences Europe Ltd.

Welcome Address Dear Colleagues and Friends, It is our pleasure and privilege to welcome you to the 22nd European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases and we are proud to host our annual congress in the 2012 Olympic City. The Programme Committee has created a comprehensive series of keynote lectures, symposia, educational workshops and meet-the-expert sessions, covering the entire field of infection-related diseases. Applied research Introduction

and knowledge from clinical and laboratory practice are presented, many of them in an interactive way, allowing an active exchange of experiences from various sub-specialties from all over the world. Not only do you benefit from scientific exchanges during the formal activities, but also networking with colleagues with a mixture of backgrounds encourages new research ideas and innovative ways of organising laboratory and clinical processes. To host our annual congress in London during the Olympic year provides a unique opportunity in many ways. We have already mentioned the scientific programme, but the location of the 22nd ECCMID is equally important. The already exceptional setting of this city is even more vibrant in the pre-Olympic phase. Its diversity in arts, culture and gastronomy may be enjoyed by guests of all ages and interests. Situated in the imaginatively refurbished Docklands, the ExCeL exhibition and convention centre has easy access and proximity to London City Airport. The classic sightseeing spots and the inner city can easily be reached by using London’s efficient public transport. We wish you a fruitful meeting and a pleasant stay in London.

Jonathan Cohen 22nd ECCMID President

Giuseppe Cornaglia ESCMID President

Jordi Vila ECCMID Programme Director

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme


Congress Venue Overview Platinum Suite – Level 3

Platinum Suite 3/4

Platinum Suite 1/2

Zinc Room



Platinum Suite – Level 2 (LH)

Platinum Suite 5 Platinum Suite 6 Platinum Suite 7 (RH)

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West Entrance

South Gallery Meeting Rooms (access through hallevent S9) hall S17) South Gallery Meeting Rooms (access through 3



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22nd ECCMID / London


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Final Programme

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Congress Venue Overview

Capital Suite – Level 3

Capital Suite H



Capital Suite I

Reg istra tion Cap (Lev ital Sui el 3) te H (Lev all N11 el 1)

Capital Suite F

Hotel Aloft

Capital Suite G Press Centre

East Entrance

Speakers’ Service Centre

Au (Lev ditorium el 0)


Capital Suite E


Mee Acc S9 ting ess Roo to ms


Level 0 and 1


Capital p Suite Level 3 Lecture Hall N11 B

Capital Hall D

Level 1

Level 0

Lecture Hall N11 A

Capital Hall C

Registration (Level 1)

DLR Station Prince Regent


Boulevard (Level 1)

Poster Desk

East Entrance


Lecture Halls Meeting Rooms Exhibition Various Service Areas

S9 Access to Meeting Rooms

S10 Exhibition (Level 1)



ICC Auditorium (Level 0)

@ Corner

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme


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Committees Organising Committee Giuseppe Cornaglia (Verona, IT), ESCMID President Jonathan Cohen (Brighton, UK), 22nd ECCMID President Jordi Vila (Barcelona, ES), ECCMID Programme Director

Evelina Tacconelli (Rome, IT) Professional Affairs Officer ID

ESCMID Executive Committee Jordi Vila (Barcelona, ES) ECCMID Programme Director Introduction

Giuseppe Cornaglia (Verona, IT) ESCMID President

Murat Akova (Ankara, TR) Education Officer

ESCMID Ad hoc Executive Committee Members Jonathan Cohen (Brighton, UK) 22nd ECCMID President

Gunnar Kahlmeter (Växjö, SE) President-elect and Secretary General Petra Gastmeier (Berlin, DE) 23rd ECCMID President

Winfried V. Kern (Freiburg, DE) Treasurer Didier Raoult (Marseille, FR) CMI Editor-in-Chief

Elisabeth Nagy (Szeged, HU) Professional Affairs Officer CM Erdal Akalin (Istanbul, TR) Medical Guidelines Coordinator

Robert C. Read (Sheffield, UK) Scientific Affairs Officer

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme



ECCMID Programme Committee Jordi Vila (Barcelona, ES), ECCMID Programme Director José M. Aguado (Madrid, ES) Murat Akova (Ankara, TR) Benedetta Allegranzi (Geneva, CH) Rosemary Barnes (Cardiff, UK) Jesús Blázquez (Madrid, ES) Judith Breuer (London, UK) Emmanuelle Cambau (Paris, FR) Peter Chiodini (London, UK) Jonathan Cohen (Brighton, UK) Giuseppe Cornaglia (Verona, IT) René Courcol (Lille, FR) Petra Gastmeier (Berlin, DE) Gilbert Greub (Lausanne, CH) Niels Høiby (Copenhagen, DK) Gunnar Kahlmeter (Växjö, SE) Winfried V. Kern (Freiburg, DE) Ed J. Kuijper (Leiden, NL) Cornelia Lass-Flörl (Innsbruck, AT) Elisabeth Nagy (Szeged, HU) Giorgio Palù (Padova, IT) Laura Piddock (Birmingham, UK) Mario Poljak (Ljubljana, SI) Didier Raoult (Marseille, FR) Robert C. Read (Sheffield, UK) Evelina Tacconelli (Rome, IT) Christoph Tang (London, UK) Andrej Trampuz (Lausanne, CH) Françoise van Bambeke (Brussels, BE) Johan Van Eldere (Leuven, BE) Tom van Gool (Amsterdam, NL) ESCMID Education Subcommittee (ES) Murat Akova (Ankara, TR), Chair Emmi Andersson (Johanneshov, SE) Peter Chiodini (London, UK) Souha S. Kanj (Beirut, LB) Cornelia Lass-Flörl (Innsbruck, AT) Patrice Nordmann (Paris, FR) Tibor Pal (Al Ain, AE) Mical Paul (Petah-Tikva, IL) Bernd Salzberger (Regensburg, DE) Anna Skiada (Athens, GR) ESCMID Scientific Affairs Subcommittee (SAS) Robert C. Read (Sheffield, UK), Chair Maiken C. Arendrup (Copenhagen, DK) Rosemary Barnes (Cardiff, UK) German Bou (La Coruña, ES) Yehuda Carmeli (Tel Aviv, IL) Birgitta Evengård (Umeå, SE) Hakan Leblebicioglu (Samsun, TR) Herve Pelloux (Grenoble, FR) Paul Savelkoul (Amsterdam, NL) Stefania Stefani (Catania, IT)


22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

ESCMID Professional Affairs Subcommittee (PAS) Elisabeth Nagy (Szeged, HU), Chair, CM Evelina Tacconelli (Rome, IT), Chair, ID Bridget Atkins (Oxford, UK) Arta O. Balode (Riga, LV) Nicholas J. Beeching (Liverpool, UK) Emmanuelle Cambau (Paris, FR) John E. Degener (Smalle, NL) Matthew E. Falagas (Athens, GR) Hilary Humphreys (Dublin, IE) Piotr Kochan (Cracow, PL) Truls M. Leegaard (Lørenskog, NO) Endre Ludwig (Budapest, HU) Mario U. Mondelli (Pavia, IT) Patricia Muñoz (Madrid, ES) Nicola Petrosillo (Rome, IT) Arjana Tambic Andrasevic (Zagreb, HR) Andrej Trampuz (Lausanne, CH) Andrew J. Ullmann (Mainz, DE) Jos W.M. Van Der Meer (Nijmegen, NL) Alkiviadis C. Vatopoulos (Athens, GR) ESCMID Publication Subcommittee (PS) Giuseppe Cornaglia (Verona, IT), Chair Didier Raoult (Marseille, FR) Neil Burling (Oxford, UK) ESCMID Awards Subcommittee (AS) Giuseppe Cornaglia (Verona, IT), Chair Yehuda Carmeli (Tel Aviv, IL) Robert C. Read (Sheffield, UK) Stefania Stefani (Catania, IT) Parity Commission (PC) Evelina Tacconelli (Rome, IT), Chair Elisabeth Nagy (Szeged, HU), Chair Titia M. Kortbeek (Bilthoven, NL) Mario Poljak (Ljubljana, SI) Nur Benzonana (Istanbul, TR)


Anaerobic Infections (ESGAI) Elisabeth Nagy (Szeged, HU) [email protected]

Infections in Compromised Hosts (ESGICH) Claudio Viscoli (Genoa, IT) [email protected]

Antibiotic Policies (ESGAP) Dilip Nathwani (Dundee, UK) [email protected]

Infections in Critically Ill Patients (ESGCIP) Jordi Rello (Barcelona, ES) [email protected]

Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance (ESGARS) Giuseppe Cornaglia (Verona, IT) [email protected]

Infections in the Elderly (ESGIE) Evelina Tacconelli (Rome, IT) [email protected]

Biofilms (ESGB) Niels Høiby (Copenhagen, DK) [email protected]

Legionella Infections (ESGLI) Jeroen den Boer (Haarlem, NL) [email protected]

Clinical Parasitology (ESGCP) Titia M. Kortbeek (Bilthoven, NL) [email protected]

Lyme Borreliosis (ESGBOR) Gerold Stanek (Vienna, AT) [email protected]

Clostridium difficile (ESGCD) Ed J. Kuijper (Leiden, NL) [email protected]

Meningitis (EMESG) Stephen Leib (Berne, CH) [email protected]

Coxiella, Anaplasma, Rickettsia and Bartonella (ESCAR) Amel Letaief (Sousse, TN) [email protected]

Molecular Diagnostics (ESGMD) Paul Savelkoul (Amsterdam, NL) [email protected]

Epidemiological Markers (ESGEM) Alexander W. Friedrich (Groningen, NL) [email protected]

Mycobacterial Infections (ESGMYC) Emmanuelle Cambau (Paris, FR) [email protected]

Food- and Water-borne Infections (EFWISG) Kevin Kerr (Harrogate, UK) [email protected]

Nosocomial Infections (ESGNI) Barry D. Cookson (London, UK) [email protected]

Fungal Infection (EFISG) Manuel Cuenca-Estrella (Madrid, ES) [email protected]

PK/PD of Anti-Infectives (EPASG) Ursula Theuretzbacher (Vienna, AT) [email protected]

Helicobacter (EHSG) Colm O’Morain (Dublin, IE) [email protected]

Viral Hepatitis (ESGVH) Dominique Salmon-Ceron (Paris, FR) [email protected]


ESCMID Study Groups

Implant-Associated Infections (ESGIAI) Andrej Trampuz (Lausanne, CH) [email protected] 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme



22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme


22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme


Astellas-sponsor Astellas-sponsored ed integr integrated ated symposia Capital Suite F F,, ExCeL London

Breaking the cycle of recurrent C. difficile infections Sunday S 1 April 2012, 1 16.00-18.00 6.00-18.00 Programme:

Antifungal grand rounds: Aligning management approaches with patient needs Monday 2 April 2012, 16.00–18.00 Meeting co-chairs: Andrew Ullmann, Germany and Robert Masterton, UK

Co-chair’s welcome Robert Masterton, UK Managing the unusual: a focus on rare moulds Manuel Cuenca-Estrella, Spain Case study Andrew Ullmann, Germany Overcoming challenges in the unstable ICU patient Patricia Muñoz, Spain Case study Philippe Montravers, France Patricia Muñoz, Spain Early management of the high-risk haematology patient Samir Agrawal, UK Co-chair’s summary Andrew Ullmann, Germany

*Astellas Pharma Europe Limited, located in the UK, is a European subsidiary of Tokyo-based Astellas Pharma Inc. ASTELLAS, LEADING LIGHT FOR LIFE, CHANGING TOMORROW and the star logo are trademarks of Astellas Pharma Inc. and its related en entities. tities.

Date of preparation: 02/2012. Item code: FDX/12/0008/EU

Awards, Grants and Fellowships 2012

Emilio Bouza Santiago Emilio Bouza is currently the Director of the Microbiology and Infectious Disease Division at the Gregorio Maranon Hospital in Madrid, Spain. He is also a Full Professor of the Department of Medicine at the Universidad Complutense of Madrid. Emilio Bouza is a specialist in Internal Medicine and Clinical Microbiology. He did his Internship and Residency at Hospital Puerta de Hierro Hospital in Madrid between 1971 and 1975 (Autonomous University of Madrid). From 1975 –1977, he did a post-doctoral training in Infectious Diseases at the Center for the Health Sciences of the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA). His main mentors were William Hewitt, Sidney Finegold, Richard Meyer and Lowell Young. In 1977 he founded one of the first modern Infectious Disease Units in Madrid (Spain) at the Ramon y Cajal Hospital, integrating microbiologists and internists, in Fernando Baquero’s department. He remained leader of that unit until 1984. Emilio Bouza was a founding member (1982) and former president of the Spanish Society for Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (SEIMC), created with the objective of bringing together clinicians and microbiologists for the better management and care of infectious diseases. Since 1984 he is the Director of the Department of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases in the Gregorio Maranon Hospital, a division that combines the work of internists, infectious disease specialists, microbiologists and basic scientists. He has trained more than 30 rounds of residents in clinical microbiology and infectious diseases and has provided specific post-doc training to more than 500 physicians and clinical microbiologists from Spain and other countries. His centre is one of the ESCMID Collaborative Centres.

He held several positions within ESCMID, including elected Member of the Executive Committee and Secretary General of the Society. He was the Editor-in-Chief of Clinical Microbiology and Infection for a period of 4 years, following Professor Jacques Acar’s editorship. Emilio Bouza was the first Chairman of the Study Group of Nosocomial Infections (ESGNI) and during this period the group produced the ten initial ESGNI pan-European studies in fields such as bacteraemia, catheter-related infections, urinary-tract infections, ventilator-associated pneumonia and staphylococcal colonisation. He has authored more than 500 indexed publications and is author of over 100 book chapters. His research interests lie in the diagnosis and treatment of nosocomial infections including ventilator-associated pneumonia, catheter-related infections, invasive fungal infections, bloodstream infections, endocarditis, staphylococcal infections and Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhoea. His present Hirsch Index is 44. Emilio Bouza will be presented the ESCMID Excellence Award by Giuseppe Cornaglia, ESCMID President and Chairman of the Awards Subcommittee, on Sunday, 1 April 2012. During the ceremony he will give his award lecture: ‘Catheter-related infections: a link between clinicians and microbiologists’.

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme



ESCMID Award for Excellence in Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases 2012

ESCMID Young Investigator Awards for Research in Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases 2012

Andrea Endimiani Andrea Endimiani received his MD board certification in Medical Microbiology and PhD in Immunopathology at the University of Insubria (Varese, Italy). He worked at the University of Pittsburgh (2006–2007) under the supervision of David Paterson and then at the Case Western Reserve University of Cleveland (2007–2010) under the direction of his mentor Robert Bonomo. Andrea Endimiani will be presented his award during the ESCMID Young Investigator Awards Session on 3 April 2012. During the session, he will give his talk: ‘Antibiotic-resistant Gram-negative organisms of animal origin: an emerging problem for human health’.

Research Interests Andrea Endimiani has constantly managed to combine basic microbiology, epidemiology, pharmacology, biochemistry and molecular tools for investigating and improving the outcome of multidrug-resistant (MDR) Gram-negative infections. Currently, he works as a clinical microbiologist at the Institute for Infectious Diseases of the University of Bern, Switzerland. He focuses on biochemistry, molecular biology and epidemiology of ESBLs, AmpCs and carbapenemases detected in Gramnegatives of human and animal origin. He is also developing novel diagnostic techniques to rapidly detect MDR organisms responsible for bacteraemia and is implementing an animal model of infection to evaluate new antibiotic strategies against MDR Gram-negatives.


22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

Christian Giske Christian Giske started his career in clinical microbiology approximately nine years ago as a resident at Karolinska University Hospital while also doing his PhD studies there. He is now a consultant physician and associate professor in Clinical Microbiology, and leader of a research group at Karolinska Institutet. Christian Giske will be presented his award during the ESCMID Young Investigator Awards Session on 3 April 2012. During the session, he will give his talk: ‘Dissemination of acquired carbapenemases in Gram-negative bacilli: a story of successful clones’.

Research Interests The research of Christian Giske focuses on multidrugresistant Gram-negative bacilli, mostly K. pneumoniae and P. aeruginosa, including population biology studies using MLST. Several clinical studies are ongoing – one study of the duration and dynamics of fecal carriage of ESBL-producing Enterobacteriaceae, and another project exploring patient and bacterial factors decisive in clinical outcome in K. pneumoniae bloodstream infections. Among the major findings of his research group are the description of the highly epidemic K. pneumoniae clone ST258, and several epidemic clones of P. aeruginosa (CC111 and CC235). His research group played a key role in the detection of the carbapenemase NDM-1, and is at present involved in next generation sequencing of ESBL-plasmids.

ESCMID Excellence Training Awardees 2012

For Clinical Microbiology

Emma Jane Hutley * Microbiology, University College London Hospitals, Surrey, United Kingdom

Chrysanthi Skevaki University of Athens Second Department of Pediatrics, Athens, Greece


Meera Chand * Health Protection Agency Colindale, London, United Kingdom

* Joint Award

For Infectious Diseases

Lorenzo Guglielmetti University of Verona Hospital Unità Operativa di Malattie Infettive, Verona, Italy

Koen Vanden Driessche Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre Paediatrics, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme


ESCMID Research Grants 2012 The following ESCMID members have received a Research Grant in 2012 for the indicated project.

Giuliana Banche Public Health and Microbiology, University of Turin, Turin, Italy

Agostinho Carvalho Experimental Medicine and Biochemical Sciences, University of Perugia, Perugia, Italy

Project: Phagocytes in multiple sclerosis: altered microbicidal functions related to the disease

Project: Genetic variants of PTX3 and invasive aspergillosis: from risk assessment to mechanistic insights

Julie Delaloye Infectious Diseases, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois, Lausanne, Switzerland

David Fewer Food and Environmental Sciences, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland

Project: Role of macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF) as a regulator of plasmacytoid dendritic cell (pDC) function

Project: Novel therapeutic agents active against Staphylococcus aureus

Project: An analysis of the correlates of protective immunity in a single source outbreak of HCV infection

Maddalena Giannella Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Maranon, Madrid, Spain

Stéphanie Matrat Animal Health Department, Veterinary Faculty, University Complutense of Madrid, Madrid, Spain

Jacob Moran Gilad Epidemiology, TASMC, Beit Kama, Israel

Project: Dissection of the SOS network to identify novel antimicrobial targets

Project: Genomic analysis of carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter strains associated with fatal hospital-acquired infections

Project: Pneumonia in solid organ transplantation (PISOT) study


22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

Cristina Cigana Division of Immunology, Transplantation and Infectious Diseases, San Raffaele Scientific Institute, Milano, Italy Project: Host response to Pseudomonas aeruginosa adaptation during airway chronic infection

Karen Fitzmaurice Dept. of Immunology Oxford, University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Angela Novais Microbiology, REQUIMTE, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Porto, Porto, Portugal

Thomas Pembroke School of Medicine, Cardiff University, Cardiff, United Kingdom

Elda Righi Infectious Diseases, Insubria University, Varese, Italy

Project: Mechanisms of natural killer cell activation and evasion by hepatitis C virus

Project: T-cell polarity and cytokine signatures in HIV-positive recipients of solid organ transplant

Alda Saldan Dept. of Histology, Microbiology and Medical Biotechnologies, University of Padua, Padova, Italy

Leif Erik Sander Dept. of Infectious Diseases and Pulmonary Medicine, Charité University Hospital Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Kenneth Segers Microbiology and Immunology, Rega Institute for Medical research, Catholic University of Leuven, Leuven, Belgium

Project: Evaluation of the CMV- and BKV-specific cellular immune response (CD4+ and CD8+ T-cells) in hematopoietic stem cell transplant patients

Project: Identification of cellular receptor(s) for prokaryotic mRNA

Project: Evaluation of the preprotein translocation nanomotor of Staphylococcus aureus as a molecular target for the development of novel antibiotics

Georgia Sfyroera Institute of Radioisotopes and Radiodiagnostic Products, NCSR Demokritos, Agia Paraskevi, Athens, Greece

Sara Maria Soto Barcelona Centre for International Health Research - CRESIB, Barcelona, Spain

Aranzazu Valverde de Francisco Microbiology, Hospital Universitario Ramón y Cajal, Madrid, Spain

Project: Design and comprehensive evaluation of human antibodies against complement evasion proteins of Staphylococcus aureus: a novel approach towards targeted antimicrobial therapy

Project: The role of the ibeA gene of Escherichia coli in amniotic membrane translocation. Detection of this gene as a potential screening tool to avoid preterm labor

Project: Validation and optimization of high-throughput methods (MALDI-TOF, FT-IR) to identify and track Escherichia coli clinically relevant clones


ESCMID Research Grants 2012 (cont.)

Project: Enterobacteriaceae-producing carbapenemases from human, animal and environmental origins: a multilevel comparative approach

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme


ESCMID Research Grants 2012 (cont.)

Ulrich von Both Paediatrics, Imperial College London, London, United Kingdom

Hilde van der Schaar Medical Microbiology, Virology Section, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Project: Childhood TB – a new acquired immune deficiency syndrome

Project: Identification of critical host factors in enterovirus replication

ISF Sepsis Award 2012

Marcia Boura Instituto Medicina Molecular, Unidade Microbiologia e Infecção, Lisbon, Portugal She will give a short oral presentation titled ‘Malaria Predisposes to Bacterial Sepsis: Is malaria pigment the key factor?’ at the Sepsis Forum on Tuesday, 3 April 2012.


22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

Ronald van Rij Medical Microbiology, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, Nijmegen, The Netherlands Project: Host-pathogen interactions: a role for microRNAs in Dengue virus infection

Awards, Grants and Fellowships 2012

Travel Grant (€ 500) and Free Registration The ECCMID travel grant programme is sponsored by ESCMID. Grants were awarded to those with outstanding abstracts. Lowe, Christopher (Toronto, CA) Ludden, Catherine (Galway, IE) Malmberg, Christer (Uppsala, SE) McLeod, Felicity (Dunedin, NZ) Messler, Sabine (Cologne, DE) Miki, Nagao (Kyoto, JP) Ong, Catherine (London, UK) Oostdijk, Evelien Ali Neeltje (Utrecht, NL) O'Sullivan, Matthew Vincent Neil (Sydney, AU) Pano-Pardo, José Ramón (Saragossa, ES) Patterson, Lynsey (Belfast, UK) Peel, Trisha (Fitzroy, AU) Pérez Roth, Eduardo (La Laguna, ES) Platteel, Tamara Nadine (Simferopol, UA) Plongla, Rongpong (Bangkok, TH) Povoa Cabral, Maria Clara (La Coruña, ES) Ramasamy, Maheshi (Oxford, UK) Retamar Gentil, Pilar (Seville, ES) Rezende de Castro, Roberta (Yvoir, BE) Rojo Molinero, Estrella (Palma de Mallorca, ES) Sabiiti, Wilber (Birmingham, UK) Sistek, Viridiana (Brussels, BE) Tanner, Hannah (Birmingham, UK) Te Witt, René (Rotterdam, NL) Trochoutsou, Katerina (Athens, GR) Tseng, Yu-Tzu (Taipei, TW) Uppathamnarakorn, Pannawadee (Bangkok, TH) van der Bij, Akke K. (Bilthoven, NL) van der Donk, Christel (Maastricht, NL) Veleba, Mark (Belfast, UK) Verspui-van der Eijk, Ellen (Dordrecht, NL) Vilares, Anabela (Lisbon, PT) Widmer, Andreas F. (Basel, CH) Witherden, Elizabeth (Launceston, AU) Wysmolińska, Aneta (Warsaw, PL) Zong, Zhiyong (Chengdu, CN) Zulu, Siphosenkosi Gift (Durban, ZA)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme


Ahman, Jenny (Växjö, SE) Andrey, Diego (Geneva, CH) Bathoorn, D. (Utrecht, NL) Baugh, Stephanie (Birmingham, UK) Bebrone, Carine (Aachen, DE) Bessede, Emilie (Bordeaux, FR) Brun, Paola (Padua, IT) Bullman, Susan (Cork, IE) Cataldo, Maria Adriana (Rome, IT) Cheng, Aristine (Taipei, TW) De Lastours, Victoire (Paris, FR) De Silva, Thushan (London, UK) Deeny, Sarah (London, UK) Derde, Lennie (Utrecht, NL) Engel, Madelon (Utrecht, NL) Enne, Virve Irene (Madrid, ES) Erikstrup, Lise (Aarhus, DK) Farbman, Laura (Petah-Tikva, IL) Felton, Tim (Manchester, UK) Frakking, Florine Nicole Jennifer (Utrecht, NL) Frasson, Ilaria (Padova, IT) Freitas, Ana Raquel (Maia, PT) Glasner, Corinna (Groningen, NL) Guliy, Olga (Saratov, RU) Hardy, Katherine (Birmingham, UK) Haverkate, Manon Renée (Utrecht, NL) Hensgens, Marjolein (Leiden, NL) Hetem, David (Utrecht, NL) Hilty, Markus (Berne, CH) Hornsey, Michael (London, UK) Kampschreur, Linda (Utrecht, NL) Kasztelewicz, Beata (Warsaw, PL) Kim, Si-Hyun (Seoul, KR) Lee, Andie (Sydney, AU) Li, Dongdong (Chengdu, CN) Liakopoulos, Apostolos (Larissa, GR) Lim, Tze Peng (Singapore, SG)


Awards, Grants and Fellowships 2012

Free Registration Free registrations are sponsored by ESCMID and were conditional upon acceptance of a high-quality abstract. Adriao Camoez, Mariana (Barcelona, ES) Antunes, Patricia (Porto, PT) Aunpad, Ratchaneewan (Pathumthani, TH) Balashova, Nataliya (Newark, US) Bardak, Selin (Izmir, TR) Bednarska, Natalia (Leuven, BE) Bencúrová, Elena (Košice, SK) Bernard, Christine (Paris, FR) Bonnin Rémy (Kremlin-Bicetre, FR) Brennan, Orla (Dublin, IE) Cheatham, S. Christian (Beech Grove, US) Chitasombat, Maria (Bangkok, TH) Costa-de-Oliveira, Sofia (Porto, PT) de Vreese, Katinka (Leuven, BE) Doddangoudar, Vijaya Chandranna (Hong Kong, CN) Domingues, Sara Margarida Santos (Marinha Grande, PT) Espinal, Paula (Barcelona, ES) Garcao Curiao, Tania Isabel (Madrid, ES) Gasch Blasi, Oriol (Barcelona, ES) Janvier, Frédéric (Saint-Mandé, FR) Kamerseder, Vanessa (Aachen, DE) Kim, Chung-Jong (Seoul, KR) Lackner, Michaela (Innsbruck, AT) Loulergue, Pierre (Paris, FR)


22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

Lu, Ching-Lan (Hsin-Chu, TW) Maffioli, Carola (Simferopol, UA) Manosuthi, Weerawat (Nonthaburi, TH) Martin Padron, Joel (La Laguna, ES) Mihailescu, Ioana Raluca (Bucharest, RO) Nateghi Rostami, Mahmoud (Qom, IR) Pereira, Sónia Gonçalves (Coimbra, PT) Rattanaumpawan, Pinyo (Bangkok, TH) Rodrigues, Carla (Porto, PT) Santos, Ana Sofia (Aguas de Moura, PT) Santos Costa, Sofia (Lisbon, PT) Seeber, Katharina (Graz, AT) Seyedmousavi Tasieh, Seyedmojtaba (Nijmegen, NL) Silva-Dias, Ana (Porto, PT) Siopi, Maria (Athens, GR) Sogaard, Mette (Aalborg, DK) Stewardson, Andrew James (Geneva, CH) Su, Yi-Ching (Taipei City, TW) Tarasova, Elena (St. Petersburg, RU) Tedim Pedrosa, Ana Sofia (Madrid, ES) Tsergouli, Katerina (Thessaloniki, GR) Vashakidze, E. (Tbilisi, GE) Vivas Roca, Mireia (Barcelona, ES) Wang, He (Beijing, CN)

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Scientific Programme Overview Saturday, 31 March 07.00

ICC Auditorium

Hall N11 A

Capital Hall C

Capital Hall D

Capital Suite E

08.45–13.00 P. 33 EW03: Antimicrobial susceptibility testing with EUCAST breakpoints and methods interactive

P. 33 08.45–10.45 EW04: Practical approach to diagnose mixed anaerobic infections in “real time”

08.45–10.45 P. 34 EW05: Update on viral hepatitis interactive

11.00–13.00 P. 35 EW12: Colistin use in clinical practice

P. ••

11.00–13.00 P. 37 EW13: Hot topics in infection control

11.00–13.00 EW14:

P. 42 13.30–15.30 Antimicrobial stewardship: optimising management of infections in the hospital MSD

P. 38 13.30–15.30 Biocides and nosocomial pathogens

P. 39 13.30–15.30 Antimicrobial resistance in the 21st century; the Gram-negative Enterobacteriaceae strike back!

P. 39 13.30–15.30 A new dawn for natural product antimicrobial drug discovery?

P. 39 13.30–15.30 Influence of directly acting antivirals on current treatment regimens for hepatitis C

16.30–18.30 P. 47 Mucormycosis comes of age Gilead Sciences Europe

16.30–18.30 P. 45 Vaccines for bacterial infections

16.30–18.30 P. 43 Surveillance of resistance in Europe

16.30–18.30 Update in drug development

16.30–18.30 P. 43 Rickettsial diseases: from biology to clinic

Hall N11 A

Hall N11 B

Capital Hall C

Capital Hall D

Capital Suite E

Capital Suite F

07.45–08.45 P. 49 Treatment of communityacquired pneumonia

07.45–08.45 P. 49 EUCAST: frequently asked questions

Facilitating antimicrobial drug development: opportunities through the US NIH/NIAID and the EU research programme

07.45–08.45 P. 49 Diagnosis of carbapenemase producers in Enterobacteriaceae

07.45–08.45 P. 49 Travel medicine – where is it going?

07.45–08.45 P. 49 Vaccine recommendations in immunocompromised patients


09.00–11.00 Prevenar 13: the new generation Pfizer

P. 52

PP.. 50 •• 09.00–11.00 Adaptation of P. aeruginosa to acute and chronic infections

P. 50 09.00–11.00 Challenges in osteoarticular infections

P. 50 09.00–11.00 Resistance to anti-Grampositive agents in Europe

P. 51 09.00–11.00 Of money and bugs: the impact of recession on infectious diseases

11.30–12.30 P. 53 Adaptation of bacteria from the environmental lifestyle to the lifestyle in chronic infections

11.30–12.30 P. 53 Nobel Laureate 2011 Lecture: Phylogenetic perspectives in innate immunity

11.30–12.30 P. 54 Epidemiology of MRSA in various European countries

11.30–12.30 P. 54 Pathogenesis of viral infections

11.30–12.30 Risk-based algorithms for antifungal use in ICU

14.30–15.30 P. 56 Cell wall targets and antibiotic winners and losers – an ecological dilemma

14.30–15.30 P. 56 Automated antimicrobial susceptibility testing systems; blessing or curse? – PRO/CON debate

14.30–15.30 P. 56 ESCMID Excellence Award Lecture

14.30–15.30 P. 56 The year in infectious diseases

14.30–15.30 P. 57 Optimised pharmacotherapy for nosocomial and healthcareassociated infections

14.30–15.30 P. 56 Challenges in developing vaccines against malaria, HIV and HCV

16.00–18.00 P. 60 New perspectives on otitis media: implications of a multi-pathogen environment GSK


P. 58 16.00–18.00 Reemergence of gonococcal infections

16.00–18.00 P. 58 Non-mammalian models of infection

P. 59 16.00–18.00 Highlights of parasitic disease research

16.00–18.00 P. 61 Breaking the cycle of recurrent C. difficile infections Astellas Pharma Europe Ltd.

Hall N11 B

08.00 09.00

P. 33 08.45–10.45 EW01: State-of-the-art management of infections following solid organ transplantation


08.45–10.45 EW02:

P. 33

Optimising treatment based on a pharmacodynamic approach: an interactive workshop using clinical cases

11.00 11.00–13.00 EW11:


P. 35

Common statements in the literature regarding invasive fungal diseases – truth or cliché

P. 37

Pathogenesis and treatment of recurrent Clostridium difficile infections (CDI) interactive

13.00 14.00 15.00 16.00 17.00 18.00

P. 43

19.00 20.00

P. 260 19.00–22.00 Opening Ceremony followed by Welcome Reception

Sunday, 1 April 07.00 08.00


P. 49

09.00 10.00 11.00 12.00

P. 52

Appropriate management of community-acquired respiratory tract infections (CA-RTIs) – applying consensus principles for antibiotic therapy GSK 11.30–12.30 Efflux and resistance – from basics to clinics

P. 53

P. 53

13.00 14.00 15.00 16.00 17.00 18.00 19.00 20.00


22nd ECCMID / London

P. 60

Smart Bugs: the MRSA nosocomial infections challenge with a focus on complicated skin and softtissue infection and nosocomial pneumonia Pfizer

Final Programme


Meet-the-Expert Sessions and Educational Workshops

Keynote and Special Lectures

Social Events

Oral and Poster Sessions

TAE Trainees Day

Integrated Symposia organised by the Industry

Capital Suite F

Capital Suite G

Capital Suite H

Platinum Suite 1/2

Platinum Suite 3/4

Platinum Suite 5–7

Registration, Exhibition, Posters


Registration 07.45–19.00 08.45–10.45 P. 34 EW06: Last frontier on infections in critically ill patients interactive

08.45–10.45 EW07:

P. 34

Making sense out of molecular typing data in 2012: current gold standards and interpretation interactive

08.45–10.45 P. 34 EW08: Intestinal flora and Helicobacter infection

08.45–10.45 EW09:

11.00–13.00 EW17:

P. 38 11.00–13.00 EW18: The basis of tuberculosis diagnosis and management of cases

P. 38 11.00–13.00 EW19: New developments in molecular diagnostics for intestinal parasites

P. 41 13.30–15.30 Infection control measures to contain multidrug-resistant Gram-negative bacteria

13.30–15.30 Myocarditis and infection

P. 35

Infection on the menu: food- and water-borne hazards for the immunocompromised patient

08.45–10.45 P. 35 EW10: Parasitic infection in pregnancy


Exhibition 12.00–18.45


Posters 13.30–17.00

10.00 11.00

P. 39 13.30–15.30 Clinical challenges in community-acquired pneumonia

P. 47 16.30–18.30 Positive thinking now: infection management in practice Novartis Pharma

11.00–13.00 EW16:

P. 37

P. 37

Improving the quality of investigator-initiated studies in infectious diseases interactive

From laboratory to clinic: diagnosis and management of infections due to intracellular and fastidious bacteria interactive

P. 41 13.30–15.30 Clinical and therapeutic developments in fungal infection

P. 42 13.30–15.30 Microbial identification for the 21st century – and beyond Bruker Daltonik

P. 45 16.30–18.30 Community-acquired infections: sepsis, pneumonia and endocarditis

16.30–18.30 P. 46 Molecular virology

P. 43 16.30–18.30 The EHEC O104 outbreak in Europe

P. 39

12.00 13.00 13.30–16.30 P. 38 TAE Trainees Day: a time for trainees to share their knowledge under the supervision of seniors interactive

14.00 15.00

15.30–16.30 P. 43 Poster Session I

P. 45 16.30–18.30 Critical time points in the course of antibiotic treatment

16.00 17.00

Overwiew & Programme

P. 37 11.00–13.00 EW15: Febrile neutropenia – past, present and future interactive

18.00 19.00 20.00

Capital Suite G

07.45–08.45 P. 50 Chronic respiratory fungal disease

Capital Suite H


Platinum Suite 1/2

Platinum Suite 3/4

P. 50

Cost-efficient diagnosis of tuberculosis: culture, molecular techniques and immunological markers

P. 51 09.00–11.00 Diagnosing fungal diseases: future perspectives

P. 53 09.00–11.00 Trichomonas vaginalis – no longer a minor STD Gen-Probe Incorporated

09.00–11.00 P. 51 Sequencing viruses – what can it tell us

P. 51 09.00–11.00 Tuberculosis; epidemiology, diagnosis and management

11.30–12.30 P. 53 Human papillomaviruses: recent advances

11.30–12.30 P. 54 Novel methods to diagnose infections

11.30–12.30 P. 53 Is it important who you are when you get an infectious disease?

11.30–12.30 P. 55 Monitoring antibiotic prescriptions in primary care: what world do we discover?

Registration, Exhibition, Posters


Registration 07.15–18.30


Exhibition 10.00–18.30


Posters 10.00–17.00

10.00 11.00

14.30–15.30 P. 57 Antimicrobial resistance in the environment

14.30–15.30 P. 57 Considering pharmacodynamic effects in antifungal treatment strategies

14.30–15.30 P. 56 Patient participation and empowerment in infection control – PRO/CON debate

14.30–15.30 ICU infections

P. 58 16.00–18.00 Genetic predisposition to fungal infection

P. 61 16.00–18.00 Bacterial pneumonia and emerging antibiotic resistance Curetis

P. 59 16.00–18.00 Infection control beyond the hospital: do perspectives change?

P. 59 16.00–18.00 Antibiotic resistance in bloodstream and tissue infections

12.00 12.30–13.30 Poster Session II

P. 55

13.30–14.30 Poster Session III

P. 56

13.00 14.00

P. 58

15.00 16.00 17.00 18.00 19.00 20.00

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme


Scientific Programme Overview

Monday, 2 April 07.00 08.00

Capital Hall D

Capital Suite E

Capital Suite F

09.00–11.00 P. 65 Emerging viral infections

P. 65 09.00–11.00 Automation of the bacteriology lab; what, when and why

09.00–11.00 P. 65 Clinical and experimental immunology

P. 67 09.00–11.00 Impact of molecular diagnostics on patient pathways Cepheid

11.30–12.30 P. 68 The paradox of Propionibacterium acnes: benign commensal and virulent pathogen

11.30–12.30 P. 68 Are viruses the fourth domain of life?

11.30–12.30 P. 68 Malaria diagnosis: cornerstone in combating malaria

11.30–12.30 P. 68 Immunotherapy after transplantation: the present, the future

11.30–12.30 P. 68 HAI surveillance and public reporting: leading to real improvement and best practices?

P. 70

14.30–15.30 P. 70 Toys, gadgets and e-sources for ID and CM specialists

14.30–15.30 P. 70 Cryptococcosis – clinical advice on an emerging global concern

14.30–15.30 P. 70 The year in infection control

14.30–15.30 P. 71 Old and new emerging viral infections and warning systems for outbreaks

14.30–15.30 P. 70 Solid organ transplantation in HIV-infected patients

P. 72 16.00–18.00 Seen in the parasitology clinic

16. 00–18.00 P. 72 Faster, higher, stronger... and infection-free: a new motto for the Olympics? Infection and sporting events

16.00–18.00 P. 72 Vaccine and cell therapy approaches in HIV infection

P. 72 16.00–18.00 Risk factors for HAI: how many are modifiable in real life?

P. 73 16.00–18.00 European standardisation and automation in microbiology BD Diagnostics

16.00–18.00 P. 74 Antifungal grand rounds: aligning management approaches with patient needs Astellas Pharma Europe Ltd.

Hall N11 B

Capital Hall C

Capital Hall D

Capital Suite E

Hall N11 A

Hall N11 B

Capital Hall C

07.45–08.45 P. 63 Schistosomiasis – a challenge for ID specialists ?!

07.45–08.45 P. 63 Central line bacteraemias: can we truly aim at zero

07.45–08.45 P. 63 Diagnosis of fungal infections

P. 67 09.00–11.00 The role of new beta-lactams in an era of increasing global resistance AstraZeneca

09.00–11.00 P. 67 Optimising care pathways in invasive fungal disease: new evidence and experience Pfizer

11.30–12.30 P. 69 NDM-1– a growing problem

14.30–15.30 Schistosomiasis

09.00 10.00 11.00 12.00 13.00 14.00 15.00 16.00 17.00 18.00 19.00 20.00

Tuesday, 3 April Hall N11 A

Capital Suite F

07.00 08.00

07.45–08.45 P. 75 Best indicators for measuring the success of hand hygiene promotion

07.45–08.45 Understanding parasite serology

P. 75

07.45–08.45 P. 75 CMV infection in critically ill patients

09.00 10.00

P. 78 09.00–11.00 Understanding pathogenesis and epidemiology by genomics and proteomics

P. 77 09.00–11.00 Clinical Grand Round

P. 77 09.00–11.00 Controversies in infection control of multidrugresistant organisms

P. 77 09.00–11.00 The epidemiology and clinical relevance of Clostridium difficile in specific populations

P. 79 09.00–11.00 Weighing the evidence: a new standard in rapid broad microbial identification Abbott

09.00–11.00 P. 77 MALDI-TOF; what is new?

11.30–12.30 P. 80 Quorum sensing and quorum sensing inhibitors

11.30–12.30 P. 80 Common European curricula and assessment: just a dream?

11.30–12.30 P. 00 80 Interventions the use Award ESCMID Young in Investigator of antimicrobials Lectures

11.30–12.30 P. 80 Does modelling help to predict outbreaks? – PRO/CON debate

11.30–12.30 Chagas disease 2012: now going global

P. 80

11.30–12.30 P. 80 Flu, mutations and virulence: to publish or not to publish?

13.30–15.30 P. 82 Cost efficiency of molecular techniques

13.30–15.30 P. 83 KPC beta-lactamases

13.30–15.30 P. 82 Preparing for infectious diseases at the London 2012 Olympic Games

13.30–15.30 P. 83 Bacterial pathogenesis: what is new?

13.30–15.30 P. 82 Clinical parasitology in western hospitals: the essentials

13.30–15.30 P. 82 Hot topics in retrovirology

11.00 12.00 13.00 14.00 15.00 16.00 17.00 18.00 19.00 20.00


22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme


Meet-the-Expert Sessions and Educational Workshops

Keynote and Special Lectures

Integrated Symposia organised by the Industry

Oral and Poster Sessions

Capital Suite G

Capital Suite H

Platinum Suite 1/2

Platinum Suite 3/4

07.45–08.45 P. 63 Management of ESBL producers in Enterobac. in the ICU; E. coli, K. pneum., ...all the same?

07.45–08.45 P. 63 ESCMID guideline for management of acute sore throat

P. 65 09.00–11.00 Current and future perspectives What does it take for in clinical diagnosis of viral, a plasmid to “go global”? bacterial and parasitic pathogens It's all in the genes..... using a unique multiplexing

P. 66 09.00–11.00 New approaches to antibiotic use in serious infections

07.45–08.45 P. 63 How to plan and report your study: your boarding pass for publication

09.00–11.00 P. 65 Careers for infectious disease physicians and clinical microbiologists: is there evidence for discrimination? 11.30–12.30 P. 68 Severe streptococcal sepsis

14.30– 15.30 P. 71 Hepatitis E : an omnipresent zoonosis


P. 67

Registration, Exhibition, Posters


Registration 07.30–18.30


Exhibition 10.00–18.30


Posters 10.00–17.00


technology Luminex


11.30–12.30 P. 69 CMV in the compromised host: new information

11.30–12.30 P. 68 The year in clinical microbiology


P. 68

Are contact precautions sufficient to control spread of multidrug resistant bacteria? – PRO/CON debate

14.30–15.30 P. 71 Mycobacterial infections: science and medicine

14.30–15.30 P. 70 Phage therapy: myth or reality?

14.30–15.30 P. 70 Streptococcus pneumoniae; the everlasting pathogen

P. 74 16.00–18.00 Interest of IT solutions Community-acquired LRTIs to improve patient and cSSSIs: the challenge of choosing appropriate antimicro- management bioMérieux bial therapy Bayer Pharma

P. 72 16.00–18.00 Non-MBL carbapenemases in Gram-negative bacilli

P. 73 16.00–18.00 Bacteraemia and surgical site infections

12.00 12.30–13.30 Poster Session IV

P. 69

13.30–14.30 Poster Session V

P. 70

13.00 14.00 15.00 16.00

P. 74


Overwiew & Programme


18.00 19.00 20.00

Capital Suite G

Capital Suite H

Platinum Suite 1/2

07.45–08.45 P. 75 Infectious complications of new biologic therapies

P. 79 09.00–11.00 Recent advances towards comprehensive prevention of meningococcal disease Novartis Vaccines

Platinum Suite 3/4

07.45–08.45 Fungal taxonomy for the clinician in 2012

P. 79 09.00–11.00 Diagnostic management of hepatitis B: a new role for HBsAg assay DiaSorin

09.00–11.00 P. 77 71 ISF Symposium and presentation ot the International Sepsis Forum Award: What is new in sepsis?

09.00–11.00 HIV infection

P. 75

P. 78

Registration, Exhibition, Posters


Registration 07.30–16.00


Exhibition 10.00–13.30


Posters 10.00–15.00

10.00 11.00

11.30–12.30 P. 80 CMV disease and prevention

11.30–12.30 Hepatitis

P. 81

11.30–12.30 P. 81 Prevention and therapy of MRSA infection

11.30–12.30 P. 80 Developing new antituberculous drugs

12.00 12.30–13.30 Poster Session VI

P. 84 13.30–15.30 Old and new strategies targeting healthcareassociated infections: where do we stand?

13.30–15.30 P. 84 Finding better strategies to use antibiotics

13.30–15.30 P. 82 Bloodstream infection – epidemiology and management

13.30–15.30 P. 85 Clostridium difficile infection

P. 81

13.00 14.00 15.00 16.00 17.00 18.00 19.00 20.00

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme


r u o y m i la n c o r e ea nlin 012 y t o mid2 s a s l t i Like E cred .org/ecc CM .escmid w ww

Introduction to the Scientific Programme

Educational Workshops At the beginning of ECCMID, on Saturday morning, 31 March 2012, from 08.45–13.00 a series of Educational Workshops will take place. They are organised in cooperation with ESCMID Study Groups and partnering organisations. Participation in Educational Workshops is free of charge and corresponding educational material is available online on the congress website. Meet-the-Expert Sessions Sunday through Tuesday, the day will start at 07.45 with Meet-theExpert Sessions led by experts in their fields. These sessions depend on active participation of the audience. After a short presentation, the expert will open the session for discussion. Coffee will be offered. TAE Trainees Day On Saturday, 31 March 2012, 13.30–16.30, the Trainee Association of ESCMID (TAE) organises the European Trainees Day, a day of teaching dedicated to the unique needs of trainees. During this session various topics in CM and ID will be discussed in a highly interactive way between trainees and experienced CM and ID specialists. A second and equally important aim of the day is to give trainees an opportunity to meet and network with each other. Participation is free of charge to ECCMID attendees. Keynote and Award Lectures Sunday through Tuesday at 11.30 and 14.30, lectures of 60 minutes will be given by opinion leaders in their fields as well as by the winner of the ESCMID Excellence Award 2012. Symposia From 09.00–12.30 and from 14.30–18.00 each day, parallel symposia will convene renowned speakers from Europe and other continents who will cover a wide range of recent developments in their fields. On Tuesday, 3 April 2012, the last round of symposia takes place from 13.30–15.30. A number of symposia are arranged in cooperation with ESCMID Study Groups, while others are jointly organised with partnering societies or organisations. Symposia arranged by the industry are organised in close cooperation with the ECCMID Programme Committee. They are an integral part of the scientific programme (Integrated Symposia).

Oral Sessions During the same time slots as the before mentioned symposia, you will also find sessions composed of abstracts selected for oral presentation, which are indicated by the prefix "O" in front of the programme numbers. The presenting author is indicated with an asterisk (*). Poster Sessions Most of the accepted abstracts are scheduled for poster presentation from Saturday through Tuesday. The selection is based on a blind review by at least three experts in each field. The posters are displayed in Hall S10 of the convention centre. The poster area is open to all participants on Saturday from 13.30–17.00, on Sunday and Monday from 10.00–17.00 and on Tuesday from 10.00–15.00. Please note that posters are exchanged on a daily basis. Poster authors must be present at their posters for discussion during their poster session (see page 225 for details). The presenting author is indicated by an asterisk (*). Posters submitted prior to the congress for inclusion in the online poster library can be viewed on PCs next to the poster desk during the entire congress or on the congress website. Publication Only Due to a large response to the call for abstracts, the Programme Committee has had to restrict the number of abstracts for presentation during the meeting. Abstracts of this category are not included in the Final Programme but are published in Clinical Microbiology and Infection (CMI) in the online library, and on the congress website. Online Meeting Planner during the 22nd ECCMID The final scientific programme including all accepted abstracts is available on the congress website at Go to the “Scientific Programme” link to compose your personalised programme of lectures. You can use the search function to find keywords, speakers and chairpersons.

The following prefixes have been used throughout the programme: E = Meet-the-Expert Session K = Keynote Lecture O = Oral Session P = Poster Session S = Symposium T = Trainees Day W= Educational Workshop

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme


Overwiew & Programme

CME Credits – now online ECCMID has received accreditation by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME, to provide medical specialists with CME credits. EACCME is an institution of the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS, EACCME credits are recognised as Physician’s Recognition Awards by the American Medical Association. To claim CME credits log in on the congress website ( eccmid2012) and follow the link “CME”. After completing the form, you can print the certificate indicating your personal CME credits.

ESCMID Study Groups and Business Meetings 18.15 – 19.15 Friday, 30 March 2012 08.00 – 12.00 12.00 – 17.00 13.30 – 14.30 15.00 – 17.00

ESCMID Executive Committee Meeting Aloft Hotel Tactic 1 & 2 UEMS Section of Medical Microbiology Meeting Meeting Room 27 ECCMID 2012 Press Conference Capital Suite I Parity Commission Meeting Aloft Hotel Tactic 1 & 2

18.15 – 19.15 18.15 – 19.15 18.15 – 19.15

Saturday, 31 March 2012

18.15 – 20.15

08.45 – 10.45

18.15 – 20.15

13.30 – 15.30 13.30 – 16.30 18.00 – 19.00 18.30 – 20.00

Publications Subcommitee Meeting Aloft Hotel Tactic 1 Clinical Grand Round Preparation Meeting Aloft Hotel Tactic 1 CMI Associate Editors Meeting Meeting Room 29 CMI Reception Meeting Room 29 EUCAST AFST General Committee Meeting Meeting Room 12

Monday, 2 April 2012 12.45 – 14.45 13.00 – 14.00 13.00 – 14.00

Sunday, 1 April 2012 08.00 – 11.00 10.00 – 12.00 12.45 – 14.15 13.00 – 14.00 13.00 – 14.00 13.00 – 14.00 13.00 – 14.00 16.00 – 18.00 18.15 – 19.15 18.15 – 19.15 18.15 – 19.15 18.15 – 19.15 18.15 – 19.15 18.15 – 19.15


Trainee Association of ESCMID Steering Committee Meeting Meeting Room 12 ESCMID Study Group for Infections in the Elderly (ESGIE) – Inauguration Meeting Meeting Room 10 European Council Meeting Meeting Room 13/14 ESCMID Fungal Infection Study Group (EFISG) Meeting Room 12 ESCMID Helicobacter Study Group (EHSG) Meeting Room 7 ESCMID Study Group for Mycobacterial Infections (ESGMYC) Meeting Room 8 HIV / AIDS Advisory Committee Meeting Meeting Room 11 EUCAST General Committee Meeting Meeting Room 21/22 ESCMID Food- and Water-borne Infections Study Group (EFWISG) Meeting Room 13/14 ESCMID Meningitis Study Group (EMESG) Meeting Room 12 ESCMID PK/PD of Anti-Infectives Study Group (EPASG) Meeting Room 11 ESCMID Study Group for Coxiella, Anaplasma, Rickettsia and Bartonella (ESCAR) Meeting Room 10 ESCMID Study Group for Antibiotic Policies (ESGAP) Meeting Room 9 ESCMID Study Group for Biofilms (ESGB) Meeting Room 8

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

ESCMID Study Group for Lyme Borreliosis (ESGBOR) Meeting Room 16 ESCMID Study Group for Clostridium difficile (ESGCD) Meeting Room 5/6 ESCMID Study Group for Infections in Critically Ill Patients (ESGCIP) Meeting Room 7 ESCMID Study Group for Epidemiological Markers (ESGEM) Meeting Room 4 Education Subcommittee Meeting Meeting Room 30 Professional Affairs Subcommittee Meeting Meeting Room 3

13.00 – 14.00 13.00 – 14.00 13.00 – 14.00 13.00 – 14.00 13.00 – 14.00 13.00 – 14.00 13.30 – 15.00 14.30 – 15.30 15.45 – 17.45 17.00 – 18.00 18.15 – 20.15

Journal of Infection Editorial Board Meeting Meeting Room 9 ESCMID Study Group for Anaerobic Infections (ESGAI) Meeting Room 11 ESCMID Study Group for Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance (ESGARS) Meeting Room 10 ESCMID Study Group for Clinical Parasitology (ESGCP) Meeting Room 8 ESCMID Study Group for Implant-Associated Infections (ESGIAI) Meeting Room 13/14 ESCMID Study Group for Infections in Compromised Hosts (ESGICH) Meeting Room 5/6 ESCMID Study Group for Molecular Diagnostics (ESGMD) Meeting Room 7 ESCMID Study Group for Nosocomial Infections (ESGNI) Meeting Room 4 ESCMID Study Group for Viral Hepatitis (ESGVH) Meeting Room 3 ESCMID MDR Gram-negatives Control Guidelines Meeting Meeting Room 30 Scientific Affairs Meeting – closed part Meeting Room 21/22 Scientific Affairs Meeting – open part Meeting Room 21/22 European Network on Carbapenemase Meeting Meeting Room 20 ESCMID Assembly of Members Meeting Room 25/26

Tuesday, 3 April 2012 11.00 – 14.00

ESCMID Study Group for Legionella Infections (ESGLI) Meeting Room 21/22

EUCAST at ECCMID 2012 Education and science

EUCAST – help desk and committee meetings

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Saturday, 31 March 2012 to Tuesday, 3 April 2012

08.45 – 13.00

16.30 – 18.30 15.30 – 16.30

Educational Workshop 3 Antimicrobial susceptibility testing with EUCAST breakpoints and methods Capital Hall C Symposium (EUCAST – ESGARS) Surveillance of resistance Capital Hall C Poster Session I Antimicrobial susceptibility testing – EUCAST and beyond Hall S10

EUCAST booth (next to ESCMID booth): for any EUCAST enquiries or technical questions Capital Lounge – Mezzanine Level European Network Corner EUCAST poster on activities in past year Poster Hall S10 Saturday, 31 March 2012 18.30 – 20.00

EUCAST AFST General Committee Meeting Meeting Room 12

Sunday, 1 April 2012 Sunday, 1 April 2012 Meet-the-Expert Session EUCAST: frequently asked questions Hall N11 B

16.00 – 18.00

EUCAST General Committee Meeting: annual meeting open to all Meeting Room 21/22 Overwiew & Programme

07.45 – 08.45

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme



PANTHER System: ®

Automation Designed to Change Your

Molecular World

Gen-Probe Integrated Symposium: Trichomonas vaginalis— No Longer a Minor STD Sunday 1 April 2012 | 9:00am – 11:00am | Capital Suite H | ESCMID Chair: Magnus Unemo (Örebro, SE) Speakers: Catherine A. Ison (London, UK) | Charlotte A. Gaydos (Baltimore, US) | John White (London, UK)

Chair: Charlotte A. Gaydos (Baltimore, US)

Visit Gen-Probe at Stand 543 to learn more.


APTIMA Trichomonas vaginalis FDA-Cleared and CE-Marked PANTHER CE-Marked, Not Cleared For Use in the U.S.

Scientific Programme Saturday, 31 March

Participation in the Educational Workshops is free of charge Hall N11 A Educational Workshop 1 08:45 – 10:45 State-of-the-art management of infections following solid organ transplantation Convenors: Oliver A. Cornely (Cologne, DE); Paolo Grossi (Varese, IT) W1

08:45 Immunosuppressive drugs and infection in solid organ transplant recipients Manuel Pascual (Lausanne, CH)


09:15 Prevention and surveillance of donor-derived infections in solid organ transplant recipients Carlos Lumbreras (Madrid, ES)


09:45 Prophylaxis of fungal infections after solid organ transplantation: who? when? what? Oliver A. Cornely (Cologne, DE)


10:15 Infection caused by multidrug-resistant bacteria in the transplant setting Paolo Grossi (Varese, IT) Arranged with the ESCMID Fungal Infection Study Group (EFISG) and the ESCMID Study Group for Infections in Compromised Hosts (ESGICH)

Capital Hall C Educational Workshop 3 08:45 – 13:00 Antimicrobial susceptibility testing with EUCAST breakpoints and methods Convenors: Derek Brown (Peterborough, UK); Gunnar Kahlmeter (Växjö, SE) W10

08:45 What is new in 2012: update on EUCAST breakpoints and documents Gunnar Kahlmeter (Växjö, SE)


09:25 Issues in implementation of EUCAST breakpoints and methods Petra Apfalter (Linz, AT)


10:05 Quality assurance of antimicrobial susceptibility testing Derek Brown (Peterborough, UK)


10:45 Antifungal susceptibility testing: the EUCAST approach Maiken C. Arendrup (Copenhagen, DK)


11:40 Breakpoints and methodology for fastidious organisms Gunnar Kahlmeter (Växjö, SE)


12:20 Expert rules in susceptibility testing – rationale, advantages and disadvantages Christian G. Giske (Stockholm, SE); Rafael Cantón (Madrid, ES)


Educational Workshops

Arranged with the European Committee on Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing (EUCAST) Hall N11 B Educational Workshop 2 08:45 – 10:45 Optimising treatment based on a pharmacodynamic approach: an interactive workshop using clinical cases Convenors: Johan W. Mouton (Nijmegen, NL); Ursula Theuretzbacher (Vienna, AT) W5

08:45 Dosing and duration of treatment of aminoglycoside and glycopeptide therapy William Craig (Madison, US)


09:09 Optimised dosing regimens for beta-lactams Johan W. Mouton (Nijmegen, NL)


09:33 Impact of resistance on treatment and dosing decisions Ursula Theuretzbacher (Vienna, AT)


09:57 Dose adjustments in special patient populations Hartmut Derendorf (Gainesville, US)


10:21 Combination treatment Johan W. Mouton (Nijmegen, NL)

Capital Hall D Educational Workshop 4 08:45 – 10:45 Practical approach to diagnose mixed anaerobic infections in “real time” Convenor: Elisabeth Nagy (Szeged, HU) W17

08:45 Classical methods for isolation and identification of anaerobes from mixed infections. Do we still need them? Diane M. Citron (Culver City, US)


09:15 Antibiotic resistance determination; dilution methods versus disc diffusion. The old story comes back Ulrik Stenz Justesen (Odense, DK)


09:45 Culture-independent molecular methods to investigate flora changes leading to mixed anaerobic infections Georg Conrads (Aachen, DE)

Arranged with the ESCMID PK/PD of Anti-Infectives Study Group (EPASG)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme


Scientific Programme

Saturday, 31 March W20

10:15 Why to use MALDI-TOF for the identification of anaerobes? Elisabeth Nagy (Szeged, HU) Arranged with the ESCMID Study Group for Anaerobic Infections (ESGAI)

Capital Suite E Educational Workshop 5 08:45 – 10:45 Update on viral hepatitis Convenor: Graham Foster (London, UK) W21

08:45 How to deal with the guidelines for hepatitis C treatment Massimo Puoti (Milan, IT)


09:15 Epidemiology of resistance to anti-HCV agents. Is it a real problem? Graham Foster (London, UK)




08:45 Making sense out of molecular typing data in 2012: current gold standards and interpretation Richard V. Goering (Omaha, US)


09:15 Strategies for molecular typing: what method should be used for which bug? Guido Werner (Wernigerode, DE)


09:45 On top of outbreaks: using SLST, MLST, MLVA, NGS for prospective infectious disease surveillance Dag Harmsen (Münster, DE)


10:15 Statistical analysis of typing methods: do’s and dont’s João André Carriço (Lisbon, PT)

09:45 Special issues in viral B hepatitis: transplantation and other immunosuppression Rob de Man (Rotterdam, NL)

Arranged with the ESCMID Study Group for Epidemiological Markers (ESGEM)

10:15 Delta hepatitis Phillip Harrison (London, UK) Arranged with the ESCMID Study Group for Viral Hepatitis (ESGVH)

Capital Suite F Educational Workshop 6 08:45 – 10:45 Last frontier on infections in critically ill patients Convenors: Helen Giamarellou (Athens, GR); Jordi Rello (Barcelona, ES) W25

08:45 Milestones in the management of serious infections Helen Giamarellou (Athens, GR)


09:15 CAP after pandemic H1N1 Garyfallia Poulakou (Athens, GR)


09:45 Interactive case report: a 22-year old pregnant women with fever and dyspnoea Jordi Rello (Barcelona, ES)


10:15 Interactive case report: acute respiratory failure in a lung transplant patient – rejection or infection Antonio R. Anzueto (San Antonio, US) Arranged with the ESCMID Study Group for Critically Ill Patients (ESGCIP)


Capital Suite G Educational Workshop 7 08:45 – 10:45 Making sense out of molecular typing data in 2012: current gold standards and interpretation Convenor: Richard V. Goering (Omaha, US)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

Capital Suite H Educational Workshop 8 08:45 – 10:45 Intestinal flora and Helicobacter infection Convenor: Francis Megraud (Bordeaux, FR) W33

08:45 Intestinal microbiotica and H. pylori Lars Engstrand (Stockholm, SE)


09:15 Effects of probiotics on H. pylori and the gut flora Francis Megraud (Bordeaux, FR)


09:45 Bacteriophages and plasmids in Helicobacters, where do they come from? Philippe Lehours (Bordeaux, FR)


10:15 H. pylori colonisation is normal and its absence causes disease: fact or fiction? John Atherton (Nottingham, UK) Arranged with the European Helicobacter Study Group (EHSG)

Scientific Programme

Saturday, 31 March


08:45 What’s coming out of the kitchen? Food-borne infection in vulnerable patients Martin Cormican (Galway, IE)


09:15 Problems in the pipeline; troubles on tap: safe drinking water and immunocompromise Martin Exner (Bonn, DE)



09:45 Hospital-associated listeriosis: causes and consequences Franz Allerberger (Vienna, AT)

Hall N11 A Educational Workshop 11 11:00 – 13:00 Common statements in the literature regarding invasive fungal diseases – truth or cliché Convenor: Peter Donnelly (Nijmegen, NL) W45

11:00 Fungal infections are an increasing cause of morbidity and mortality in hospitalised patients – what is the true epidemiology of invasive fungal diseases? Paul Verweij (Nijmegen, NL)


11:30 The diagnosis of human fungal infections continues to be a challenge – what is the optimal use of diagnostic markers? Peter Donnelly (Nijmegen, NL)


12:00 The management of invasive fungal infections in immunocompromised patients demands an individualised treatment plan – what should be the role of guidelines? Chris C. Kibbler (London, UK)


12:30 More research is warranted – what should be the priority for research in the next 5 years? David W. Denning (Manchester, UK)

10:15 Appetite for change: time to ditch neutropenic diets? Steven Jubelirer (Charleston, US) Arranged with the ESCMID Food- and Waterborne Infections Study Group (EFWISG)

Arranged with the ESCMID Fungal Infection Study Group (EFISG) and the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC)

Platinum Educational Workshop 10 Suite 3/4 Parasitic infection in pregnancy 08:45 – 10:45 Convenor: Yves Carlier (Brussels, BE) W41

08:45 VAR2CSA vaccine for malaria in pregnant women Adrian Luty (Paris, FR)


09:15 Toxoplasmosis Jose G. Montoya (Stanford, US)


09:45 Recommendations for management of Chagas disease in pregnancy and control of congenital infection Yves Carlier (Brussels, BE)


10:15 Treatment of parasitic infections in pregnancy – problems and practice Peter Chiodini (London, UK)


Platinum Educational Workshop 9 Suite 1/2 Infection on the menu: food- and water-borne 08:45 – 10:45 hazards for the immunocompromised patient Convenors: Franz Allerberger (Vienna, AT); Martin Cormican (Galway, IE)

Hall N11 B Educational Workshop 12 11:00 – 13:00 Colistin use in clinical practice Convenors: Johan W. Mouton (Nijmegen, NL); Mical Paul (Petah-Tikva, IL) W49

11:00 Optimising use of old antibiotics: the PK/PD perspective Johan W. Mouton (Nijmegen, NL)


11:30 Colistin PK/PD: lessons from recent studies William Couet (Poitiers, FR)


12:00 Efficacy, use and dosing of colistin: what have contemporary studies taught us? Mical Paul (Petah-Tikva, IL)


12:30 Synergy studies and combination treatment in clinical practice Yehuda Carmeli (Tel Aviv, IL)

Arranged with the ESCMID Study Group for Clinical Parasitology (ESGCP)

Arranged with AIDA (FP7 project: “Preserving old antibiotics for the future”)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme


More than 60 years of innovation in development & manufacture of in-vitro diagnostics

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DENKA SEIKEN CO., LTD., Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower, 1-1, Nihonbashi-Muromachi 2-chome, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo 103-8338, JAPAN

[email protected]

Scientific Programme

Saturday, 31 March


12:00 Managing the neutropenic patients in an era of bacterial resistance Murat Akova (Ankara, TR)


12:30 Will febrile neutropenia shortly be a thing of the past? Georg Maschmeyer (Potsdam, DE)

11:00 Isolation precautions: how to choose the perfect equipment Andreas F. Widmer (Basel, CH)


11:30 Multiresistant Gram-negative pathogens: approach in low prevalence areas Markus Dettenkofer (Freiburg, DE)


12:00 Multiresistant Gram-negative pathogens: approach in high prevalence areas Rafal Gierczynski (Warsaw, PL)



12:30 Protective environment for immunocompromised patients: costly intervention of little use? Christian Ruef (Zurich, CH) Arranged with the ESCMID Study Group for Nosocomial Infections (ESGNI)

Arranged with the ESCMID Study Group for Infections in Compromised Hosts (ESGICH) and the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC)

Capital Suite G Educational Workshop 16 11:00 – 13:00 Improving the quality of investigator-initiated studies in infectious diseases Convenors: Barry D. Cookson (London, UK); Peter G. Davey (Dundee, UK) W65

Capital Suite E Educational Workshop 14 11:00 – 13:00 Pathogenesis and treatment of recurrent Clostridium difficile infections (CDI) Convenor: Mark H. Wilcox (Leeds, UK)

11:00 Appropriate and inappropriate use of publication guidelines for transparent reporting of observational, intervention and outbreak studies Sheldon Stone (London, UK)


11:30 Assessment of risk factors for death with infection in cohort studies Leonard Leibovici (Petah-Tikva, IL)


11:00 C. difficile and symbiotic gut microbiota Clotilde Rousseau (Paris, FR)



11:30 Host immune response to C. difficile Katie Solomon (Dublin, IE)

12:00 Applying the ORION statement to antimicrobial stewardship intervention studies: worked examples Peter G. Davey (Dundee, UK)


12:00 Struggling with recurrent C. difficile infections: are donor faeces the solution? Els van Nood (Amsterdam, NL)


12:30 Applying the ORION statement to HAI intervention studies and outbreak reports Barry D. Cookson (London, UK)


12:30 Treatment modalities of recurrent CDI Mark H. Wilcox (Leeds, UK)

Arranged with the ESCMID Study Group for Antibiotic Policies (ESGAP) and the ESCMID Study Group for Nosocomial Infections (ESGNI)

Arranged with the ESCMID Study Group for Clostridium difficile (ESGCD)

Capital Suite F Educational Workshop 15 11:00 – 13:00 Febrile neutropenia – past, present and future Convenor: Claudio Viscoli (Genoa, IT) W61


Capital Suite H Educational Workshop 17 11:00 – 13:00 From laboratory to clinic: diagnosis and management of infections due to intracellular and fastidious bacteria Convenors: Pierre-Edouard Fournier (Marseille, FR); Gilbert Greub (Lausanne, CH)

11:00 Febrile neutropenia and bacterial infection – a historical perspective Claudio Viscoli (Genoa, IT)


11:30 Preparing for a stem cell transplant – what it means for the host defences Eric J. Bow (Winnipeg, CA)

11:00 Coxiella infections: lessons from a large outbreak Marrigje H. Nabuurs-Franssen (Nijmegen, NL)


11:30 Whipple's disease: from primary infection to late clinical manifestations Gilbert Greub (Lausanne, CH)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme



Capital Hall D Educational Workshop 13 11:00 – 13:00 Hot topics in infection control Convenor: Markus Dettenkofer (Freiburg, DE)

Scientific Programme

Saturday, 31 March W71

12:00 Bartonella infections: from cat-scratch disease to endocarditis Pierre-Edouard Fournier (Marseille, FR)


12:30 Rickettsial infections: from biology to clinic Amel Letaief (Sousse, TN) Arranged with the ESCMID Study Group for Coxiella, Anaplasma, Rickettsia and Bartonella (ESCAR)

Trainees Day Platinum TAE Trainees Day: a time for trainees to share Suite 5 – 7 their knowledge under the supervision 13:30 – 16:30 of seniors Welcome and TAE Presidents Address Kate Adams (East Yorkshire, UK) Chairpersons: Emmanuelle Cambau (Paris, FR); Peter Davey (Dundee, UK)

Platinum Educational Workshop 18 Suite 1/2 The basis of tuberculosis diagnosis and 11:00 – 13:00 management of cases Convenor: Emmanuelle Cambau (Paris, FR)


13:45 Getting the dose right – clinical aspects of antibiotic dosing and pharmacokinetics Federico Pea (Udine, IT)


11:00 New and old tools for tuberculosis diagnosis Emmanuelle Cambau (Paris, FR)



11:30 Host immune response in tuberculosis Jon Friedland (London, UK)

14:15 Getting the dose right – microbiological aspects of antibiotic dosing and pharmacokinetics Johan W. Mouton (Nijmegen, NL)


12:00 Molecular mechanisms of drug resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis Erik K. Böttger (Zurich, CH)


12:30 Treatment of susceptible and drug-resistant cases of tuberculosis Christoph Lange (Borstel, DE)

14:45 Coffee break & networking time for trainees Chairpersons: Emmanuelle Cambau (Paris, FR); Fiona McGill (Leeds, UK) T83

15:15 Travel essentials – clinical lessons Nicholas J. Beeching (Liverpool, UK)


15:45 Travel essentials – parasitological aspects Peter Chiodini (London, UK)

Arranged with the ESCMID Study Group for Mycobacterial Infections (ESGMYC)

Platinum Educational Workshop 19 Suite 3/4 New developments in molecular diagnostics 11:00 – 13:00 for intestinal parasites Convenors: John Ackers (London, UK); Egbert Tannich (Hamburg, DE) W77

11:00 From microscopy to PCR to general screening PCR Egbert Tannich (Hamburg, DE)


11:30 Blastocystis – genomic aspects, pathogenesis and diagnosis Hicham El Alaoui (Aubière, FR)


12:00 Quality control in molecular diagnostics Titia Kortbeek (Bilthoven, NL)


12:30 Molecular diagnostics and Entamoeba histolytica John Ackers (London, UK) Arranged with the ESCMID Study Group for Clinical Parasitology (ESGCP) and the ESCMID Study Group for Molecular Diagnostics (ESGMD)


22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

Arranged with the Trainees Association of ESCMID (TAE), the British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (BSAC) and the British Infection Association (BIA)

Official Symposia Hall N11 B Biocides and nosocomial pathogens 13:30 – 15:30 Chairpersons: Gianfranco Donelli (Rome, IT); Alvaro Pascual Hernandez (Seville, ES) S85

13:30 Resistance mechanisms to antiseptics Mark Webber (Birmingham, UK)


14:00 Biocides and biofilms Romain Briandet (Massy, FR)


14:30 Biocide resistance and infection control Bernhard Meyer (Düsseldorf, DE)


15:00 New antiseptic agents Nils-Olaf Hübner (Greifswald, DE)

Scientific Programme

Saturday, 31 March S99

14:30 Hepatitis C virus entry – molecular mechanism and clinical implications Thomas F. Baumert (Strasbourg, FR)


15:00 HCV vaccines in perspective David Klatzmann (Paris, FR) Arranged with the ESCMID Study Group for Viral Hepatitis (ESGVH)


13:30 The ABC’s of multidrug-resistant Enterobacteriaceae; CTX-M, CMY, KPC, NDM, OXA Johann Pitout (Calgary, CA)


14:00 Molecular epidemiology of multidrug-resistant Enterobacteriaceae Neil Woodford (London, UK)


14:30 Clinical issues of infections due to multidrugresistant Enterobacteriaceae Jesús Rodríguez-Baño (Seville, ES)


15:00 Treatment options for infections due to multidrug-resistant Enterobacteriaceae Robert A. Bonomo (Cleveland, US)

13:30 What is the role of tools for risk stratification and site-of-care decision? James D. Chalmers (Edinburgh, UK)


14:00 How can we decrease the length of hospital stay? Jordi Carratala (Barcelona, ES)


14:30 How should we deal with non responders? João Gonçalves-Pereira (Lisbon, PT)


15:00 Steroids – yes or no? Massimo Antonelli (Rome, IT)


Arranged with the Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (ICAAC)

Capital Hall D A new dawn for natural product antimicrobial 13:30 – 15:30 drug discovery? Chairpersons: Lone Gram (Lyngby, DK); Laura J.V. Piddock (Birmingham, UK) S93

13:30 From genomics to new natural products Gregory L. Challis (Warwick, UK)


14:00 Biosynthesis of the polyketide antibiotics mupirocin and thiomarinol Christopher M. Thomas (Birmingham, UK)


14:30 From the deepest oceans Lone Gram (Lyngby, DK)


15:00 Medicinal plants: opportunities for new antibacterials Simon Gibbons (London, UK)

Capital Suite F Clinical challenges in community-acquired 13:30 – 15:30 pneumonia Chairpersons: Georg Maschmeyer (Potsdam, DE); Robert C. Read (Sheffield, UK)


Capital Hall C Antimicrobial resistance in the 21st century; 13:30 – 15:30 the Gram-negative Enterobacteriaceae strike back! Chairpersons: Johann Pitout (Calgary, CA); Jordi Vila (Barcelona, ES)

Platinum Myocarditis and infection Suite 3/4 Chairpersons: Stanley Deresinski (Redwood, US); 13:30 – 15:30 Nicola Petrosillo (Rome, IT) S105

13:30 Epidemiology of infectious myocarditis Sabine Pankuweit (Marburg, DE)


14:00 New agents and new mechanisms of damage in infectious myocarditis Nicola Petrosillo (Rome, IT)


14:30 Hypersensitivity and autoimmune myocarditis: role of infections Andrea Frustaci (Rome, IT)


15:00 Therapeutic approach to infectious myocarditis François Roubille (Montpellier, FR)

Capital Suite E Influence of directly acting antivirals on 13:30 – 15:30 current treatment regimens for hepatitis C Chairpersons: Melanie Fiedler (Essen, DE); Massimo Puoti (Milan, IT) S97

13:30 Recent anti-HCV drug developments Tarik Asselah (Clichy, FR)


14:00 Human genetics of hepatitis C infection Pierre-Yves Bochud (Lausanne, CH)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme


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t Fighting Resistant Tuberculosis with Old Compounds:

The Carbapenem Paradigm J.L. Mainardi, J.E. Hugonnet, L. Gutmann and M. Arthur

t Are We Losing The Fight Against Malaria One More Time? M. Paul

t Acinetobacter Baumannii Resistant To Everything, What Should We Do? J. Vila, J. Pachón

t The 2011 Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia Coli O104:H4 German Outbreak: A Lesson of Genomic Plasticity Erick Denamur

t Nosocomial bacteremia: the most neglected causes of death in Europe?

12-38551 / MITM011815

D. Raoult, H. Richet

Scientific Programme

Saturday, 31 March

Capital Suite G Clinical and therapeutic developments in 13:30 – 15:30 fungal infection Chairpersons: Manuel Cuenca-Estrella (Madrid, ES); Anna Skiada (Athens, GR) O109


13:30 Epidemiology and mortality of fungaemia in cancer patients – a clinical cohort of the Infectious Diseases Group (IDG) of the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC 65031) O.A. Cornely*, B. Gachot, H. Akan, M. Bassetti, O. Uzun, C. Kibbler, O. Marchetti, J. Bille, P. de Burghgraeve, L. Pylkkanen, L. Ameye, M. Paesmans, J. Donnelly on behalf of the Infectious Diseases Group (IDG) of the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC 65031) 13:42 Epidemiology, risk factors for mortality and fluconazol susceptibility in a populationbased surveillance for candidaemia in Spain M. Puig*, J. Garnacho, B. Padilla, R. Zaragoza, J.M. Aguado, M. Montejo, P. Muñoz, B. Almirante on behalf of the CANDIPOP Project, GEIHGEMICOMED (SEIMC) and REIPI


13:54 Susceptibility testing of Aspergillus section Flavi over a 21-year period in a general hospital T. Peláez*, B. Gama, L. Alcalá, P. Gijón, E. Bunsow, M. Valerio, J.V. Guinea Ortega, E. Bouza (Madrid, ES)


14:06 Antifungal susceptibility patterns of Scedosporium and Pseudallescheria species M. Lackner*, S. de Hoog, P. Verweij, M. Najafzadeh, C. Klaassen, J. Meis (Innsbruck, AT; Utrecht, Nijmegen, NL; Mashhad, IR)


14:18 Results from the China Hospital Invasive Fungal Surveillance Net 2009-2010: an analysis of susceptibilities of yeast species to fluconazole and voriconazole as determined by CLSI standardised disc diffusion H. Wang*, M. Xiao, Y. Xu (Beijing, CN)


14:30 Preliminary results from an investigation into the increase in human disease caused by Pneumocystis jirovecii in England R. Maini*, K. Henderson, T. Lamagni, G. Nichols, N. Phin, V. Delpech, E. Sheridan (Colindale, UK)


14:42 Evaluation of the fungicidal activity of micafungin by flow cytometry A.P. Silva*, I. Faria-Ramos, S. Costa-de-Oliveira, C. Pina-Vaz, A.G. Rodrigues (Porto, PT)


14:54 Efficacy of anidulafungin in the treatment of experimental Candida parapsilosis catheter infection using the antifungal-lock technique J. Gavaldà*, C.M. Orbegozo, X. Gomis, E. Roselló, N. Larosa, B. Almirante, A. Pahissa (Barcelona, ES)


15:06 Clinical experience with anidulafungin for treatment of invasive fungal infections in patients with liver dysfunction and high incidence of multi organ failure – a single centre observational study A. Verma*, G. Auzinger, M. Kantecki, D. Spurden, S. Cooper, N. Heaton (London, UK; Paris, FR; Tadworth, Marlow, UK)


15:18 Effective reversion of fluconazole resistance by ibuprofen in an animal model S. Costa-de-Oliveira*, I.M. Miranda, E. Ricardo, A. Silva-Dias, A.G Rodrigues, C. Pina-Vaz (Porto, PT)


Oral Sessions

Platinum Infection control measures to contain Suite 1/2 multidrug-resistant Gram-negative bacteria 13:30 – 15:30 Chairpersons: Nur Benzonana (Istanbul, TR); Tibor Pal (Al Ain, AE) O119

13:30 Colonisation by multidrug-resistant Gramnegative bacteria surpasses methicillinresistant Staphylococcus aureus at hospital admission. Is it time to rethink infection control measures in non-ICU patients? E. Tacconelli*, G. Restuccia, G. De Angelis, C. Palazzolo, C. Lammens, T. Spanu, C. Donato, S. Malhotra-Kumar, J. Schrenzel, Y. Carmeli, H. Goossens (Rome, IT; Antwerp, BE; Geneva, CH; Tel Aviv, IL)


13:42 A binational cohort study of colonisation with ESBL-producing Proteus mirabilis in patients admitted to rehabilitation centres A. Adler*, A. Baraniak, R. Izdebski, M. Gniadkowski, A. Salvia, A. Rossini, H. Goossens, S. Malhotra, M. Hochman, Y. Carmeli (Tel-Aviv, IL; Warsaw, PL; Rome, IT; Antwerp, BE)


13:54 Nosocomial spread of extended-spectrum beta-lactamases (ESBL)-producing Enterobacteriaceae without contact isolation: a prospective observational study S. Tschudin-Sutter, R. Frei, M. Dangel, A. Stranden, A.F. Widmer* (Basel, CH)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme


Scientific Programme

Saturday, 31 March O122








14:06 Outbreak report of multidrug-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa [MDR-PA] in a cardiac intensive care unit at a Lancashire cardiac centre A. Guleri*, R. Palmer, P. Jackson, M. Przybylo, R. Sharma, A. Peel, M. Bird, L. Moorhouse, S. Clitheroe, S. King, J. Zacharias (Blackpool, UK) 14:18 A prolonged hospital outbreak with metallobeta-lactamase producing Pseudomonas aeruginosa in a burn centre and intensive care unit linked to an environmental reservoir B.M.W. Diederen*, C.J.R. Hattink-Malipaard, A.F.P.M. Vloemans, I. Hene, S.M. Euser, W.A. van der Reijden, I.F. van Ess (Haarlem, Beverwijk, NL) 14:30 A prolonged outbreak of an extended-spectrum beta-lactamase producing Klebsiella pneumoniae (EKP) on an ICU due to contamination of sinks E. de Jong*, J. Hopman, M.G.E.C. Hilkens, F.L.A. Loeffen, W.B. van Leeuwen, W.J. Melchers, P.D.J. Sturm (Nijmegen, NL) 14:42 Multifaceted approaches for reducing the spread of multidrug-resistant Gram-negative (MDR-Gn) in hospital setting: which is the most effective combination of interventions for different epidemiological contexts? M.A. Cataldo*, B. Cookson, G. De Angelis, M. Falcone, U. Frank, J. Rodríguez-Baño, S. Dancer, A. Pan, M. Venditti, N. Petrosillo, E. Tacconelli (Rome, IT; London, UK; Heidelberg, DE; Seville, ES; East Kilbride, UK; Cremona, IT)

Integrated Symposia Hall N11 A Antimicrobial stewardship: optimising 13:30 – 15:30 management of infections in the hospital MSD chair: George Karam (Baton Rouge, US) ESCMID chair: Håkan Hanberger (Linköping, SE) 13:30 Welcome and opening remarks Håkan Hanberger (Linköping, SE) S129

13:35 Role of antimicrobial stewardship and strategies for appropriate therapy George Karam (Baton Rouge, US)


13:45 Antibiotic use and the trends of Gram-negative resistance around the world Adrian Brink (Johannesburg, ZA)


14:05 Impact of antibiotic de-escalation strategies Paul Cook (Greenville, US) 14:25 Q & A


14:35 Optimising management of invasive fungal infections in patients with haematologic malignancies Oliver A. Cornely (Cologne, DE)


14:55 Strategies for management of invasive fungal infections in the ICU Francesco Menichetti (Pisa, IT) 15:15 Q & A 15:25 Closing remarks George Karam (Baton Rouge, US)

14:54 Duration of colonisation with antimicrobialresistant bacteria after ICU discharge M.R. Haverkate*, L.P.G. Derde, C. Brun-Buisson, M.J.M. Bonten, M.C.J. Bootsma on behalf of the MOSAR research consortium 15:06 Effectiveness of a country-wide infection control programme targeting carbapenemresistant Gram-negative pathogens: experience from a tertiary care hospital in Greece K. Themeli-Digalaki, D. Karageorgopoulos*, O. Zarkotou, E. Kousouli, E. Voulgari, V. Koumaki, G. Vrioni, G. Chrysos, D. Voutsinas, A. Tsakris (Piraeus, Athens, GR) 15:18 Faecal colonisation of ESBL producing bacteria in patients with gastrointestinal symptoms – an epidemiological cross-sectional study from a multi-ethnic community in Norway S.B. Jørgensen*, E. Grinaker, S. Bhatti, I. Jørgensen, N. Sarvendran, T. Sivapathasundaram, T.M. Leegaard (Lørenskog, NO)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

Integrated symposium arranged by MSD

Capital Suite H Microbial identification for the 21st century – 13:30 – 15:30 and beyond Bruker Daltonik chair: Markus Kostrzewa (Bremen, DE) ESCMID chair: Maurizio Sanguinetti (Rome, IT) S134

13:30 HPA MS Implementation Group: current results and future plans Matthew Ellington (Addenbrookes, UK)


14:00 Implementation of MALDI-TOF MS for blood culture analysis Nathan Ledeboer (Milwaukee, US)


14:30 Carbapenemase detection by MALDI-TOF MS in less than 3 hours Stefan Zimmermann (Heidelberg, DE)


15:00 MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry beyond classical ID Markus Kostrzewa (Bremen, DE) Integrated symposium arranged by Bruker Daltonik

Scientific Programme

Saturday, 31 March Poster Session I

Capital Hall D Update in drug development 16:30 – 18:30 Chairpersons: Inge C. Gyssens (Nijmegen, NL); John P. Quinn (Waltham, US)

Presence of authors: 15:30 – 16:30 Antimicrobial susceptibility testing – EUCAST and beyond P688 – P703 Community-acquired infections P704 – P734 Community-acquired respiratory tract infections P735 – P751 Fungal infections: from sensitive diagnosis to rapid species identification P752 – P773 Invasive bacterial infections: diagnosis and clinical presentation P774 – P812 Epidemiology, risk factors and clinical presentation of fungal infections P813 – P843 Lab news: from diagnosis, in vitro activity, pathomechanisms to antifungal resistance P844 – P871 Treatment strategies and economic aspects in invasive fungal infections P872 – P933 Molecular virology P934 – P953 Virology – diagnosis epidemiology prophylaxis and therapy P954 – P971 Virology – non-HIV/non-hepatitis P972 – P984 Bacterial and viral respiratory infections in the paediatric population P985 – P992 Gastrointestinal tract infection in children P993 – P1001 Serological diagnosis of infections P1002– P1020 STD and other infections in women P1021 – P1050 Vaccines


16:30 Antibacterial Ursula Theuretzbacher (Vienna, AT)


17:00 Antiviral Antonella Cingolani (Rome, IT)


17:30 Antifungal Cornelia Lass-Flörl (Innsbruck, AT)


18:00 Antiparasitic Reto Brun (Basel, CH) Arranged with the ESCMID PK/PD of Anti-Infectives Study Group (EPASG)

Capital Suite E Rickettsial diseases: from biology to clinic 16:30 – 18:30 Chairpersons: Gilbert Greub (Lausanne, CH); Amel Letaief (Sousse, TN) S146

16:30 Pathogenesis of rickettsial infection Pierre-Edouard Fournier (Marseille, FR)


17:00 Vectors of rickettsial diseases in Africa Idir Bitam (Alger, DZ)


17:30 Rickettsioses – from ticks to travellers Mogens Jensenius (Oslo, NO)


18:00 Diagnosis and treatment of rickettsial infections Amel Letaief (Sousse, TN) Arranged with the ESCMID Study Group for Coxiella, Anaplasma, Rickettsia and Bartonella (ESCAR)

Official Symposia Capital Hall C Surveillance of resistance in Europe 16:30 – 18:30 Chairpersons: Arta O. Balode (Riga, LV); Marc J. Struelens (Stockholm, SE) S138

16:30 What are the requirements of a contemporary surveillance system? Nienke van de Sande-Bruinsma (Bilthoven, NL)


17:00 Antimicrobial surveillance in Europe – the ESGARS perspective Christian G. Giske (Stockholm, SE)


17:30 Antimicrobial surveillance in Europe – EARSS-Net Ole E. Heuer (Stockholm, SE)


18:00 The impact of breakpoints on surveillance in Europe Petra Apfalter (Linz, AT) Arranged with the ESCMID Study Group for Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance (ESGARS) and the European Committee on Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing (EUCAST)


Topics P671 – P687

Platinum The EHEC O104 outbreak in Europe Suite 1/2 Chairpersons: Hakan Leblebicioglu (Samsun, TR); 16:30 – 18:30 Marc Sprenger (Stockholm, SE) S150

16:30 The Shiga Toxin (Stx) producing E. coli O104:H4 outbreak in Europe and the paradigm shift in regard to Stx-producing E. coli as human pathogens Lothar Beutin (Berlin, DE)


17:00 Clinical lessons Reinhard Brunkhorst (Hannover, DE)


17:30 Genomic approach Rolf Daniel (Göttingen, DE)


18:00 ECDC perspective Marc Sprenger (Stockholm, SE)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme



Experience BD Diagnostics – from lab efficiency to clinical responsiveness

Monday, 2nd April, 16.00 – 18.00 Lecture Hall: Capital Suite E

European European o Standardisation, Stand ardisation, and a Auto omation in M Microbiology y Automation Microbiology Chair: Prof. Prrof. R. Courcol, Lille, France Fran nce Prrof. P. P. Apfalter r, Linz, Aus stria Prof. Apfalter, Austria

Full integration of automated identification (Maldi Tof) and susceptibility testing in the era of EUCAST and accreditation requirements Prof. J.L. Herrmann, Hôpital Raymond Poincaré, Paris, France Quantitative drug susceptibility testing and clinical drug resistance in M. tuberculosis - a multi-centre study to develop European standardisation Prof. E.K. Böttger, Institute Med. Microbiology, Zurich University, Switzerland Standardisation of best practices in blood culture collection: an innovative e-learning programme to facilitate the change Mrs. A. Jeanes, UCLH, London, U.K. Total lab automation - myth or reality ? Dr. P. Murray, Sparks, USA

Please join us for drinks outside o the lecture lectur e hall h at 18.00

Visit BD Diagnostics: We look forward to welcoming you.

Scientific Programme


17:18 Antibody response to polysaccharide anti-Streptococcus pneumoniae vaccine in relation to the selected immunological parameters of patients with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia E. Grywalska*, I. Korona-Glowniak, A. Malm, J. Rolinski (Lublin, PL)


17:30 Cost-effectiveness of adult vaccination with 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine in the United Kingdom A. Charos*, V. Barzey, A. Lloyd, P. Balmer (Walton Oaks, London, UK)


17:42 Efficacy and safety of V710, a Staphylococcus aureus vaccine, in preventing bacteraemia and/or deep sternal wound infections in patients undergoing cardiac surgery V.G. Fowler*, K.B. Allen, B.W. Turnbull, E.D. Moreira, M. Moustafa, F. Isgro, H.W. Boucher, R. Corey, Y. Carmeli, J.S. Hartzel, N.A. Kartsonis, D. Guris, S.S. Smugar, M.T. Onorato, A. Sobanjoter Meulen (Durham, Kansas City, Ithaca, US; Bahia, BR; Orangeburg, US; Ludwigshafen, DE; Boston, Whitehouse Station, US)


17:54 Increasing pertussis vaccination via an automatic vaccine assessment and administration tool K. Couch*, B. Johnson (Stevensville, Seaford, US)


18:06 Anti-pertussis toxin IgG antibody response and decay following primary and preschool vaccination with an acellular pertussis vaccine in UK infants and children using a modified oral fluid assay N. Fry*, D. Litt, J. Duncan, L. Vaghji, D. Samuel, G. Kafatos, N. Andrews, A. Harnden, T. Harrison (London, Oxford, UK)


18:18 Evaluation of the polypeptide vaccine protection efficacy against group B streptococcal infection I.V. Koroleva*, T.A. Kramskaya, A.N. Suvorov (St. Petersburg, RU)

Platinum Critical time points in the course of antibiotic Suite 3/4 treatment 16:30 – 18:30 Chairpersons: Donald E. Low (Toronto, CA); Mical Paul (Petah-Tikva, IL) S154

16:30 Importance of appropriate empirical antibiotic treatment: does every hour count? Ron Daniels (Birmingham, UK)


17:00 Early antibiotic treatment: how to reduce superfluous treatment and collateral damage Leonard Leibovici (Petah-Tikva, IL)


17:30 Duration of treatment for bacterial infections David Paterson (Brisbane, AU)


18:00 Importance of early antifungal therapy and its duration Bruno Barsic (Zagreb, HR)

Oral Sessions Hall N11 B Vaccines for bacterial infections 16:30 – 18:30 Chairpersons: Ron Dagan (Beer Sheva, IL); Rino Rappuoli (Siena, IT) O158

16:30 Immunogenicity of polysaccharide and conjugate quadrivalent meningococcal ACYW-135 vaccines in healthy adult volunteers – a randomised clinical trial M.N. Ramasamy*, K. Haworth, E.A.C. Clutterbuck, J. Bowman, T. Nickells, M.D. Snape, T. John, G. Blanchard-Rohner, A.J. Pollard (Oxford, UK)


16:42 Comparisons of serologic responses to booster vaccination with 23-valent pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine versus 7-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine in HIV-infected adult patients in the era of combination antiretroviral therapy Y.-C. Su, C.-L. Lu*, W.-C. Liu, B.-R. Wu, T.-Y. Yang, C.-H. Wu, Y.-T. Tseng, S.-Y. Chang, C.-C. Hung, S.-C. Chang (Taipei, Hsin-Chu, TW)


16:54 Efficacy of pneumococcal vaccination in splenectomised patients at a university hospital, Vienna, 1996–2009: a pilot study C. Forstner*, S. Plefka, S. Tobudic, H. Burgmann (Vienna, AT)


17:06 Determination of immune response after sequential pneumococcal vaccination using the 7-valent conjugate pneumococcal- and the 23-valent polysaccharide vaccine in renal transplant recipients S. Tobudic*, V. Plunger, C. Forstner, W. Poeppl, H. Burgmann (Vienna, AT)

Capital Suite G Community-acquired infections: 16:30 – 18:30 sepsis, pneumonia and endocarditis Chairpersons: José Maria Aguado (Madrid, ES); Bernd Salzberger (Regensburg, DE) O168

16:30 Repeat endocarditis – a consequence of medical progress? Analysis of risk factors based on International Collaboration on Endocarditis – Prospective Cohort Study (ICE-PCS) L. Alagna*, L. Park, B. Nicholson, A. Keiger, K. Baloch, C.W. Woods, M. Joyce, V.H. Chu (Milan, IT; Durham, US) 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme



Saturday, 31 March

Scientific Programme

Saturday, 31 March O169

16:42 Infective endocarditis in Spain: 1000 consecutive cases from a prospective cohort study (GAMES) P. Muñoz*, M.C. Fariñas, A. de Alarcón, P. Llinares, J.M. Miro, M. Montejo, E. Navas, R. Ivanova, J.R. Paño, J. Galvez, A. Moreno, D. Sousa, M. Goenaga, A. Plata, M. Rodríguez-Creixéms, E. Bouza (Madrid, Santander, Seville, La Coruña, Barcelona, Bilbao, Malaga, Oviedo, San Sebastian, ES)


16:54 Mortality in chronic Q fever: results from the Dutch National Chronic Q Fever Database L.M. Kampschreur*, J.J. Oosterheert, N.H.M. Renders, M.C.A. Wegdam-Blans, M.H. Nabuurs-Franssen, A.I.M. Hoepelman, M.G.L. De Jager-Leclercq, J.E. van Steenbergen, P.C. Wever, C.E. Delsing on behalf of the Dutch National Chronic Q Fever Database


17:06 Intervention to improve sepsis management in general hospital wards C. Marwick*, J. Pringle, J. Evans, P. Donnan, B. Guthrie, P. Davey (Dundee, Stirling, UK)


17:18 Prognosis of bacteraemia in the very elderly: a prospective multicentre cohort P. Retamar*, M.D. López-Priteto, M. De Cueto, F. Rodríguez, M. García, V. González, F. Fernández, M.J. Gutierrez, A. Sánchez, B. Becerril, A. García, J.C. Alados, F. Acosta, C. Flores, P. Navas, J. Rodríguez-Baño (Seville, Jerez de la Frontera, Córdoba, Málaga, Cádiz, ES)


17:30 Extracorporeal life support for adults with sepsis – a ten-year experience A. Cheng*, H.Y. Sun, W.J. Ko, Y.C. Chuang, P.R. Tsai, T.H Hong, S.C. Chang, Y.C. Chen (New Taipei, Taipei, TW)


17:42 Current management of patients hospitalised with community-acquired pneumonia across Europe (2010–2011): assessment of clinical practice patterns and real-life effectiveness of antibiotics (REACH study) F. Blasi*, H. Ostermann, J. Medina, M. Ávila, K. McBride, J. Garau on behalf of the REACH study group



17:54 Health economic analysis of current clinical management of patients hospitalised with community-acquired pneumonia across Europe (2010–2011) (REACH study): use of resources and consequences of treatment failure H. Ostermann*, J. Garau, J. Medina, E. Pascual, K. McBride, F. Blasi on behalf of the REACH study group

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme


18:06 Evaluation of bacterial and viral aetiology in community-acquired pneumonia requiring hospitalisation with polymerase chain reaction D. Caglayan-Serin*, H. Pullukcu, O. Sipahi, S. Tasbakan, C. Cicek, T. Yamazhan, M. Tasbakan, B. Arda, S. Aydemir, S. Ulusoy (Izmir, TR)


18:18 Effect of proadrenomedullin in interdisciplinary risk assessment for patients with lower respiratory tract infections – an interventional randomised controlled trial W.C. Albrich*, K. Rüegger, F. Dusemund, P. Schuetz, B. Arici, A. Litke, C.A. Blum, R. Bossart, K. Regez, U. Schild, M. Guglielmetti, A. Conca, P. Schäfer, M. Schubert, S. de Geest, B. Reutlinger, S. Irani, U. Bürgi, A. Huber, B. Müller (Aarau, Basel, CH)

Capital Suite H Molecular virology 16:30 – 18:30 Chairpersons: Luisa Barzon (Padova, IT); Mario Poljak (Ljubljana, SI) O178

16:30 The human bocavirus: genomic head-to-tail intermediates challenge the parvovirus replication model V. Schildgen*, M. Malecki, M. Streiter, W. Windisch, O. Schildgen (Cologne, DE)


16:42 Polymorphism of IL-12p40 gene and its association with chronically high Epstein-Barr virus DNA load in paediatric liver transplant recipients B. Kasztelewicz*, I. Jankowska, J. Pawlowska, J. Teisseyre, G. Blaszczyk, K. Dzierzanowska-Fangrat (Warsaw, PL)


16:54 Cytokine gene polymorphism and cytomegalovirus reactivation in paediatric liver transplant recipients B. Kasztelewicz*, I. Jankowska, J. Pawlowska, J. Teisseyre, G. Blaszczyk, K. Dzierzanowska-Fangrat (Warsaw, PL)


17:06 Mumps enhanced surveillance: pitfalls in laboratory diagnosis N. Torner*, J. Costa, A. Anton, R. Isanta, A. Martínez, G. Carmona and the working group for Mumps control and prevention in Catalonia


17:18 Broad virus detection in cardiac tissues of adult patients with idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy by use of PCR coupled to electrospray-ionisation time-of-flight mass spectrometry analysis L. Andreoletti*, M. Picard-Maureau, N. Leveque, F. Renois, D. Talmud, C. Boulagnon, P. Brunevald, P. Fornes (Reims, FR; Frankfurt, DE; Paris, FR)

Scientific Programme

Saturday, 31 March





17:30 Evaluation of the Xpert Flu test and comparison with in-house real-time RT-PCR assays for detection of influenza virus from 2008 to 2011 in Marseille, France and prospective study using Xpert Flu in two point-of-care laboratories during 2011-2012 season N. Salez*, L. Ninove, C. Zandotti, X. de Lamballerie, R.N. Charrel (Marseille, FR) 17:42 Prolonged and differential shedding of dengue virus serotype 2 (DEN2) in plasma, PBMCs, saliva and urine of adult patients during acute infection M. Sriprapun*, C. Laosakul, S. Krajiw, K. Arunyingmongkol, P. Siriyasatien, W. Kulwichit (Bangkok, TH) 17:54 Effects of plasma membrane-deforming lysolipids on virus-mediated syncytium formation M. Ciechonska*, R. Duncan (Halifax, CA) 18:06 Using whole genome sequence data to determine transmission paths and mutation rates in Norovirus outbreaks T.H.N. Wong*, B. Dearlove, D.W Crook, T.E Peto, D.J Wilson, K.E Dingle (Oxford, UK) 18:18 Application of a real-time polymerase chain reaction method on the detection and subsequent characterisation of respiratory adenoviral infections C. Y. Lee*, M. C. Wu, C. H. Hsieh, C. J. Lai, Y. J. Chan (Changhua, Taipei, TW)

Integrated Symposia Hall N11 A Mucormycosis comes of age 16:30 – 18:30 Gilead chair: Malcolm Richardson (London, UK) ESCMID chair: Bart-Jan Kullberg (Nijmegen, NL) S188

Taxonomy of mucormycosis Elizabeth Johnson (Bristol, UK)


Can animal models predict clinical outcomes Brad Spellberg (Los Angeles, US)


Risk factors for mucormycosis Arunaloke Chakrabarti (Chandigarh, IN)


New clinical data on treatment of mucormycosis and clinical guidelines Olivier Lortholary (Paris, FR) Integrated symposium arranged by Gilead Sciences Europe

Capital Suite F Positive thinking now: infection management 16:30 – 18:30 in practice Novartis chair: Peter Hawkey (Birmingham, UK) ESCMID chair: Angelo Pan (Cremona, IT) S192

16:30 Welcome and introduction Peter Hawkey (Birmingham, UK)


16:45 From antimicrobial PK/PD considerations to bedside applications in Gram-positive infections Michael Rybak (Detroit, US)


17:15 Changing clinical practice: applications of expert knowledge in Gram-positive infections José Maria Miró (Barcelona, ES)


17:45 S. aureus bacteraemia in focus Alasdair MacGowan (Bristol, UK)


18:15 Panel discussion Angelo Pan (Cremona, IT) Integrated symposium arranged by Novartis Pharma AG

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme




Fighting side by side for 10 years.

FFor or tthe he llast ast 10 10 yyears, ears, Vfend Vfend® h has as been been your yo u r p partner artner in in your yo u r fight against against fungal fungal infection. infection. Gold Gold standard standard in in the the treatment treatment fight of invasive invasive a spergillosis,1 V of aspergillosis, Vfend fend® a allows llows you you tto og get et b back ack to to your yo u r p riority: successfully successfully treating treating haematological haematological malignances. malignances. priority: Vfend V fend®, 10 10tthh a anniversary nniversary - an an a anniversary nniversary tthat hat celebrates celebrates llife. ife.

VFEND V FEND® ((voriconazole) voriconazole) Prescribing Prescribing Information. Information. - U UK. K. Please Please refer reffer to to the SPC before prescribing Vfend Film-coated Tablets orr Vf Vfend Powder the S PC b efore p rescribing V fend F ilm-coated T ablets o fend P owder for Solution orr V Vfend Powder Oral Suspension. for S olution ffor or IInfusion nfusion o fend P owder ffor or O ral S uspension. Presentation: Presentation: W White hite tto oo off-white ff-white fi film-coated lm-coated ttablets, ablets, ccontaining ontaining eeither ither 50mg orr 2 200mg powder 50mg o 00mg vvoriconazole; oriconazole; p owder ffor or ssolution olution ffor or iinfusion nfusion ((IV) IV) containing containing 2 200mg 00mg vvoriconazole; oriconazole; p powder owder ffor or o oral ral ssuspension uspension containing containing 4 40mg/ml 0mg/ml vvoriconazole oriconazole w when hen reconstituted. reconstituted. Indications: Indications: Treatment off iinvasive aspergillosis. Treatment off ccandidaemia Treatment o nvasive a spergillosis. T reatment o andidaemia iin n non-neutropenic non-neutropenic patients. patients. Treatment Treatment of of fluconazole-resistant fluconazole-resistant serious serious invasive Candida Candida infections infections ((including including C. C. krusei). krusei). Treatment Treatment o erious invasive off sserious fungal iinfections nfections ccaused aused b Scedosporium sspp. pp. and and Fusarium Fusarium spp. spp. fungal byy Scedosporium Vfend sshould hould b dministered primarily primarily to to patients patients w ith p rogressive, Vfend bee a administered with progressive, possibly llife-threatening ife-threatening infections. infections. Administration Administration & dosage: dosage: After After possibly reconstitution a nd d ilution, administer administer the the IV IV infusion infusion at at a maximum maximum reconstitution and dilution, recommended rate ratte of of 3mg/kg 3mg/kg per per hour hour over over one one to to three three hours. hours. Take Take recommended Vfend ttablets ablets a east o ne hour hour before, before, or or one one hour hour following, following, a m eal. Vfend att lleast one meal. Take V fend o ral ssuspension uspension a east o ne h our b efore, o wo h ours Take Vfend oral att lleast one hour before, orr ttwo hours following a m eal. O n tthe he b asis o he h igh o ral b ioavailability ((96%), 96%), following meal. On basis off tthe high oral bioavailability switching between between IV IV a nd oral oral administration administrattion is is appropriate appropriate when when switching and clinically iindicated. ndicated. T reatment d uration sshould hould b ea hort a ossible clinically Treatment duration be ass sshort ass p possible depending o n tthe he p atients’ cclinical linical a nd m ycological rresponse. esponse. depending on patients’ and mycological Duration o V ttreatment reatment sshould hould n ot eexceed xceed ssix ix m onths. Adults: Adults: IV: IV: Duration off IIV not months. loading d ose o mg/kg eevery very 12 12 hours hours (for (for the the fi rst 24 24 hours) hours) a loading dose off 6 6mg/kg first followed b aintenance d ose o mg/kg ttwice wice d aily. O rally: followed byy a m maintenance dose off 4 4mg/kg daily. Orally: Patients 4 0kg a nd a bove - a lloading oading d ose o 00mg ((10ml) 10ml) eevery very Patients 40kg and above dose off 4 400mg 12 h ours ((for for tthe he fi rst 2 4h ours), ffollowed ollowed b aintenance d ose o 12 hours first 24 hours), byy a m maintenance dose off 200mg (5ml) (5ml) twice twice d aily. P atients lless ess tthan han 4 0kg - a lloading oading d ose o 200mg daily. Patients 40kg dose off 200mg (5ml) (5ml) every every 12 12 hours hours (for (for the the first first 24 24 hours), hours), followed followed b 200mg byy a maintenance d ose o 00mg ((2.5ml) 2.5ml) ttwice wice d aily. Children Children (aged (aged 2 to to maintenance dose off 1 100mg daily. =18 years) in Spain, 2010–2011. A multicentre hospital-based study A. Fenoll, C. Ardanuy*, E. Cercenado, F. Marco, A. Fleites, B. Buendia, M.C. Zuñiga, B. Palop, C. Mendez and the ODIN Study Group


Early detection of community outbreaks of respiratory tract infections from house-call visits in the metropolitan area of Athens, Greece A. Spanos, G. Theocharis, D. Karageorgopoulos*, G. Peppas, D. Fouskakis, M. Falagas (Athens, GR)

Community-acquired respiratory tract infections

Retrospective comparison of PCR-confirmed influenza H1N1 infections and PCR-negative influenza-like illnesses in South East Austria: a case-control study M. Hoenigl*, J. Prattes, M. Drescher, K. Tovilo, H. Kessler, K. Vander, R. Raggam, T. Valentin, K. Seeber, I. Zollner-Schwetz, R. Krause, H. Flick (Graz, AT) A two-year retrospective study of H1N1 influenza pandemic: experience from a teaching hospital in northwestern England S. Suranjana*, A. Guleri (Blackpool, UK) Pandemic 2009 (H1N1) influenza A infection in the elderly requiring ICU admission: clinical characteristics and risk factors for mortality A. Gutiérrez*, J. Garnacho, J. Márquez, R. Zaragoza, R. Granada, S. Ruiz, J. Rello, A. Rodríguez (Seville, Valencia, Barcelona, Gran Canaria, Tarragona, ES) A retrospective cohort study: can we predict a diagnosis of H1N1 pneumonia? J.E.K. Sherman*, R. Thompson, C.M.E. Edwards (London, UK) Did the 2009 influenza pandemic change influenza prevention, diagnosis and management? Evidence from surveillance for influenza-associated hospitalisation in Canada A. McGeer*, R. Devlin, J. Downey, S. Drews, K. Green, J. Gubbay, K. Hassan, K. Katz, T. Mazzulli, M. Muller, A. Plevneshi, J. Powis, W. Rudnick, A. Sarabia, A. Simor, D.E. Low on behalf of the Toronto Invasive Bacterial Diseases Network

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme



Saturday, 31 March

Poster Sessions

Saturday, 31 March P719



Macrolides quinolones for community-acquired pneumonia: systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials D. Yahav*, K. Skalsky, A. Lador, N. Eliakim-Raz, L. Leibovici, M. Paul (Petah-Tikva, IL) Assessment of outcomes at an early time point may identify a differential effect of macrolide therapy on community-acquired pneumonia due to atypical pathogens T. File Jr.*, P. Eckburg, D. Low, G. Talbot, L. Llorens, H.D. Friedland (Akron, Oakland, US; Toronto, CA; Anna Maria, US)


Increased reports of Mycoplasma pneumoniae from laboratories in Scotland in 2010 and 2011 N.J. Gadsby*, A. Reynolds, J. McMenamin, W.F. Carman, S. McDonagh, P.J. Molyneaux, D.L. Yirrell, K.E. Templeton (Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Aberdeen, Dundee, UK)


Was winter 2010/11 a Mycoplasma pneumoniae epidemic season in Germany? N. Wellinghausen, U. Weber, O. Bätz, J. Kramer, M. Böttcher* (Ravensburg, Geesthacht, Wedel, DE)


Macrolide resistant Mycoplasma pneumoniae in England and Wales V.J. Chalker*, T. Stocki, M. Mentasti, A. Harnden, K. Wang, T.G. Harrison (London, Oxford, UK)





A randomised, double-blind, multicentre study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of oral solithromycin (CEM-101) compared to oral levofloxacin in the treatment of patients with community-acquired bacterial pneumonia D. Oldach*, K. Clark, J. Schranz, A. Das, C. Craft, D. Scott, B. Jamieson, P. Fernandes (Chapel Hill, San Francisco, US)

Macrolide resistance in Mycoplasma pneumoniae during two successive years with epidemic in Denmark C. Wiid Svarrer*, J. Skov Jensen, S. Uldum (Copenhagen, DK) Community-acquired Legionella pneumophila pneumonia: single-centre experience with 214 hospitalised cases over 15 years D. Viasus, C. Garcia-Vidal*, S. Di Yacovo, J. Adamuz, R. Verdaguer, J. Dorca, F. Gudiol, J. Carratalà (Vandellòs i l’Hospitalet, ES) Detection of atypical pneumoniae with the BD MAXTM-instrument compared with BioRad CFX96 P. Silvestre*, S. Barhdadi, G. Babini, R. Close (Sart-Tilman, Buccinasco, BE)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme


Elevated red cell distribution width predicts poor outcome in adult patients with community-acquired pneumonia: a cohort study E. Braun*, J. Kheir, Z.S. Azzam (Haifa, IL)


Obesity and metabolic syndrome as risk factors for community-acquired pneumonia M.B. Vilanova*, M. Falguera, M. Pena, V. Sánchez, I. Chica, J. Montserrat-Capdevila, C. Esquinas, J.R. Marsal (Lleida, Mollerussa, ES)


Integrated care pathway community-acquired pneumonia for hospitalised patients: how many patients could be included R.J. Piso*, C. Arnold, M. Ritter, S. Bassetti (Olten, CH)


Evaluation of an antibiotic prescribing protocol for treatment of communityacquired pneumonia in a tertiary hospital E. García-Almodóvar*, A. Ramírez-Mena, I. González-Sayago, C. Marinescu, M. Riera (Palma Mallorca, ES)


Intravenous azithromycin – single dose 1.5g versus 500mg once daily for 3 days in patients with community-acquired pneumonia: a prospective and randomised study H. Lagler*, R. Gattringer, V. Derler, D. Wlazny, W. Graninger, H. Burgmann (Vienna, Linz, AT)


Empiric use of fluoroquinolone in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis presenting as severe community-acquired pneumonia may improve survival Y. Tseng*, Y. Chuang, C. Shu, C. Hung, J. Wang (Taipei, TW)


Aetiologies of prolonged cough in Thai adults: the roles of Bordetella pertussis and atypical pathogens N. Siriyakorn*, P. Leethong, S. Sripakdee, A. Kerdsin, S. Dejsirilert, T. Tantawichien (Nakhon Ratchasima, Bangkok, Nonthaburi, TH)

15:30 – 16:30

Fungal infections: from sensitive diagnosis to rapid species identification


Comparison of MycAssay™ Aspergillus realtime PCR kit and "in-house" real-time PCR assay on culture confirmed respiratory samples R. Kofol*, T. Matos (Ljubljana, SI)


Molecular identification of Candida spp. from positive blood cultures R. Kofol*, V. Marcic, T. Matos (Ljubljana, SI)

Poster Sessions


Rapid identification of Candida glabrata cryptic species using real-time PCR combined with Denaturing High-Performance Liquid Chromatography O. Telleria, G. Ezpeleta*, S. Hernaez, R. Cisterna (Bilbao, ES)


Catheter-related fungaemia caused by Candida albicans: are genotypes from the catheter tip and blood the same? P. Escribano, J.V. Guinea Ortega*, T. Peláez, P. Martín-Rabadán, S. Recio, M. RodríguezCréixems, P. Muñoz, E. Bouza (Madrid, ES)


Invasive aspergillosis: evaluation of several diagnosis tests M.T. Fraile Fariñas*, M. Chanzá Aviñó, J.L. Ramos Martí, I. Celma Armiñana, M.D. Ocete Mochón, N. Gomez Muñoz, C. Gimeno Cardona (Valencia, ES)



Comparison of microscopic diagnosis and a real-time PCR test for the diagnosis of Pneumocystis jirovecii pneumonia I. de Toro-Peinado, M.P. Bermúdez-Ruiz, A.M. Fernández-Sánchez*, C. Mediavilla-Gradolph, B. Palop-Borrás (Málaga, ES)

Fungal environmental control: usefulness of a pan-fungi NASBA in a protected haematology unit M.-P. Brenier-Pinchart*, H. Abaibou, G. Szymanski, M. Beghri, T. Berendsen, F. Lasnet, A. Thiebaut-Bertrand, C. Mabilat, H. Pelloux (Grenoble, Marcy l'Etoile, FR)


FGD PET features of pulmonary histoplasmosis H. Polenakovik*, M. Ambalavanan, P. Gibbs, K. Wong, R. Markert (Dayton, US)


Species distribution and antifungal susceptibility of Candida spp. at the Heart of England Foundation Trust, United Kingdom A. Hussain* (Birmingham, UK)


Early prediction of dose-response and PK/PD relationships of antifungals by quantitative measurement of tissue burden using realtime quantitative PCR in an animal model of invasive aspergillosis S. Seyedmousavi*, W. Melchers, J. Bakkers, P. Verweij, J.W. Mouton (Nijmegen, NL)


Detection of Pneumocystis jirovecii in adult patients with acute and chronic respiratory tract infections K.K.W. To*, I.F.N. Hung, T. Xu, R.T.Y. Wong, K.H. Chan, K.Y. Yuen (Hong Kong, HK)

15:30 – 16:30

Invasive bacterial infections: diagnosis and clinical presentation


Rapid identification of yeast species by MALDI-TOF MS compared to the Prove-it™ PCR assay J.D. Haigh*, M. Petrou, M. Wilks (London, UK)


Molecular identification of Malassezia species isolated from dermatological patients in Saint Petersburg, Russia N.V. Vasilyeva*, E.V. Pitsik, Y.V. Mikhaylova, T.V. Bogdanova, S.M. Ignatieva, I.V. Piotrovskaya, L.P. Kotrekhova, T.S. Bogomolova (Saint Petersburg, RU)


Genetic diversity of C. parapsilosis complex V. Marcic*, T. Cerar, R. Kofol, T. Matos (Ljubljana, SI)


C. haemulonii complex. A human multiresistant pathogenic yeast with a high genetic biodiversity E. Cendejas-Bueno*, B. Theelen, A. GómezLópez, M. Cuenca-Estrella, T. Boekhout (Majadahonda, ES; Utrecht, NL)



Genotyping of Candida albicans by CDC3 microsatellite length polymorphism and high-resolution melting analysis: comparison between Tunisian and Parisian clinical isolates J. Ben Abdeljelil*, F. Saghrouni, A. Fathallah, S. Gheith, I. Khammari, M. Ben Said, S. Bretagne (Sousse, TN; Créteil, FR) Clonal diversity of Candida albicans isolates causing candidaemia over a 4-year period: patients located in different departments can be infected by identical genotypes P. Escribano, S. Recio, T. Peláez, C. Sánchez-Carrillo, M. Rodríguez-Créixems, P. Muñoz, E. Bouza, J.V. Guinea Ortega* (Madrid, ES)


Analysis of 554 cases of bacterial meningitis within nationwide survey in Slovakia, 1990–2010 J. Sokolova*, V. Krcmery on behalf of the Slovak Meningitis Study Group


Increase in 2011 in Denmark of invasive meningococcal disease due to a higher number of serogroup C L. Lambertsen, P. Valentiner-Branth, P.H. Andersen, S. Hoffmann* (Copenhagen, DK)


Mycoplasma hominis meningitis – a case report and review of the current literature H. Schuster*, M. Tavodova, J. Busuttil, M. Tebruegge, S. Faust, S. Patel, K. Forrest, K. Lang, A. Pallett, C. Harris, J. Soothill (Southampton, Newmarket, London, UK)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme



Saturday, 31 March

Poster Sessions

Saturday, 31 March P755

Meningitis caused by Campylobacter jejuni A. Kansouzidou*, N. Tseniklidou, M. Rigkos, A. Karabournidis, K. Karantani, E. Michailidou, I. Kavaliotis (Thessaloniki, GR)


Case series of brain abscesses and empyemas: 11-year experience of a Portuguese infectious diseases department D. Seixas*, P. Crespo, N. Marques, L. Malcata, J.E. Serra, J. Oliveira, J.G. Saraiva da Cunha (Coimbra, PT)


Intracranial abscess: epidemiology and local antimicrobial guideline development J.S. Cargill*, K. Sethi (Leeds, UK)


Co-infection with Borrelia burgdorferi and tick-borne encephalitis virus in humans, ticks and tick cells – analysis of clinical cases, literature and experimental possibilities A. Moniuszko*, P. Czupryna, L. Bell-Sakyi, J. Fazakerley, J. Zajkowska, S. Pancewicz (Bialystok, PL; Edinburgh, UK)


Osteoarticular infections in children: an Italian cohort C. Bertaina*, S. Aguzzi, M. Pinon, M. Cuozzo, F. Mignone, S. Virano, S. Garazzino, C. Gabiano, P.-A. Tovo (Turin, IT)


Spondylodiscitis: case review, 1988–2011 A. Lebre*, J. Velez, E. Rabadão, J. Oliveira, J. Saraiva da Cunha, A. Meliço Silvestre (Coimbra, Aveiro, PT)


Diagnostic clues for Brucella spondylodiscitis N. Aktug Demir, S. Kolgelier, S. Ozcimen, L.S. Demir, A.C. Inkaya* (Adiyaman, Konya, Adana, TR)



Clinical presentation, complications, and treatment outcome of spondylodiscitis caused by brucellosis A. Ulu-Kilic*, M. Sayar, E. Tutuncu, F. Sezen, I. Sencan (Kayseri, Ankara, TR)


The prevalence of brucellosis in adults in northeastern region of Turkey G. Arvas, Y. Akkoyunlu, M. Berktas, B. Kaya, T. Aslan* (Igdir, Istanbul, Van, TR)


Serological follow-up after laboratory exposures to Brucella in the UK and Ireland S. Murray*, R. Cooke, N. Beeching, P. Lal (Liverpool, UK)


Antimicrobial susceptibility of Brucella spp. isolates from blood samples S. Aljohani* (Riyadh, SA)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme


A strange case of co-infection from Leishmania infantum and Brucella melitensis I. Dimitriadis*, A. Pappas, A. Panoutsopoulos, A. Tarantili, M. Pavlaki, G. Andrianopoulos (Argos, GR)


Invasive pneumococcal disease in adults older than 59 years in the autonomous region of Madrid, Spain, 2008–2010 M.A. Gutiérrez Rodríguez, M.E. Rosales Statkus*, E. Córdoba Deorador, J.A. Taveira Jiménez, A. Arce Arnáez, J.C. Sanz Moreno, D. Barranco Ordóñez, M. Ordobás Gavín (Madrid, ES)


Invasive pneumococcal disease in the autonomous region of Madrid, Spain: from 2008 to 2010 M.E. Rosales Statkus*, M.A. Gutiérrez Rodríguez, M. Martínez Blanco, M.D. Lasheras Carbajo, F. Martín Martínez, A. Arce Arnáez, B. Ramos Blázquez, M. Ordobás Gavín (Madrid, ES)


Kinetics of old and novel biomarkers in severe bacterial infections O. Beran*, P. Chalupa, N. Kasprikova, M. Holub (Prague, CZ)


Bacterial agents in the aetiology of today’s diabetic foot infections: shift to more Gramnegative pathogens V. Turhan*, M. Mutluoglu, A. Acar, M. Hatipoglu, Y. Önem, G. Uzun, H. Ay, O. Öncül, L. Görenek (Istanbul, TR)


Leptospirosis associated with Hashimato thyroiditis: a case report F.S. Erdinc, M.C. Sonmezer, M. Demirelli, S. Kurkcuoglu, G. Tuncer Ertem*, B. Oral, N. Tulek (Ankara, TR)


Haemolytic uraemic syndrome associated with Streptococcus dysgalactiae ssp. equisimilis F. Galan-Sanchez*, I. Guerrero-Lozano, A. Hernandez, A. Garcia-Tapia, M. RodriguezIglesias (Cadiz, ES)


A cost-effectiveness analysis of identifying Fusobacterium necrophorum in throat swabs followed by antibiotic treatment to reduce the incidence of Lemierre’s syndrome and peritonsillar abscesses S. Bank*, K. Christensen, L. Hagelskjær Kristensen, J. Prag (Viborg, Aarhus, DK)

Poster Sessions

15:30 – 16:30 P774









A retrospective study of candidaemia in a Greek hospital, 2007–2011 N. Skarmoutsou*, V. Mitraj, D. Adamou, S. Konstantopoulou, G. Kasdaglis, P. Katsika, M. Martsoukou, M.E. Fakiri (Athens, GR)


Is the incidence of candidaemia caused by Candida glabrata increasing in Brazil? Five-year surveillance of Candida bloodstream infection in a university reference hospital in southeastern Brazil M.L. Moretti, P. Trabasso, L. Lyra, R. Fagnani, M.R. Resende, L.F. Bachur, L.G.O. Cardoso*, A.Z. Schreiber (Campinas, BR)


Risk factors and outcome of mixed Candida/ bacterial bloodstream infections: a case-control study S.H. Kim*, Y.K. Yoon, M.J. Kim, D.W. Park, W.S. Choi, J.W. Sohn (Seoul, KR)


Changing roles of non-albican Candida species in candidaemia in Western China hospital from 2007 to 2010 C. He*, M. Kang, Y. Xie, Z. Chen, Y. Xiao, L. Guo, L. Wang (Chengdu, CN)


Secular trends in fungaemia in a large teaching hospital over a 26-year period M. Rodríguez-Creixéms*, P. Muñoz, T. Pelaez, J.V. Guinea Ortega, L. Alcalá, C. Sanchez, E. Bouza (Madrid, ES)


Candidaemia in critically ill patients, 2005–2010 R. Patel*, B. Saberwal, S. Quan, A. Gonzalez-Ruiz (London, UK)


Clinical characteristics of ocular candidiasis. When should fundoscopy be performed to rule out ocular candidiasis? M. Nagao*, T. Saito, G. Hotta, S. Doi, M. Yamamoto, Y. Matsumura, A. Matsushima, Y. Ito, S. Takakura, S. Ichiyama (Kyoto, JP)


Mannose-binding lectin gene polymorphisms. Impacts on the colonisation by Candida spp. and on the anti-Candida immune response S. Damiens*, J. Poissy, A.S. Drucbert, P.M. Danze, I. Fajardy, N. François, T. Jouault, D. Poulain, B. Sendid (Lille, FR)


DHPS gene mutations in Pneumocystis jirovecii and clinical outcome in non-HIV patients with Pneumocystis pneumonia in China Y. Long, C. Zhang, L. Su, C. Que* (Beijing, CN)


Imported Tinea capitis in adopted children in Spain: a 6-year retrospective study A. Enriquez*, P. Trevisi, B. Lopez, C. Toro (Madrid, ES)

Epidemiology, risk factors and clinical presentation of fungal infections Clinical score of candidaemia in non-ICU, non-neutropenic patients D. Vinuesa, V. Portillo, M. Ruiz-Ruigómez, C. Dueñas, A. Peña, C. Tomás-Jiménez, M. Mantecón, L. Muñoz, R. Cabo, M. Cuesta, J. Hernández-Quero, J. Parra-Ruiz* (Granada, Burgos, Murcia, ES) Invasive aspergillosis in onco-haematology. Environmental study in central Tunisia S. Gheith, F. Saghrouni, J. Ben Abdeljelil, I. Khammari, W. Bannour, Y. Ben youssef, S. Ben Salma, A. Khelif, M. Ben Said, M. Njah, A. Fathallah* (Sousse, TN) Epidemiology and clinical manifestations of candidaemia in non-neutropenic patients C. Amador*, J.T. Algado, M.J. Carratalá, C. Martinez, G. Verdú, N. Galipienso, J. Ena, F. Pasquau (Villajoyosa, ES) Epidemiology of Candida bloodstream infections and antifungal susceptibility profiles: 10-year experience with 381 candidaemia episodes in a tertiary care university centre S. Alp*, S. Arikan-Akdagli, D. Gulmez, S. Ascioglu, O. Uzun, M. Akova (Ankara, TR) Candidaemia in hospital, Como, Italy, from 1997 to July 2011 and sensitivity to antifungal drugs E. Sala*, R. Mauri, S. Armitano, T. Tamborini, L. Villa, G. Tagliabue, V. Caneva, D. Santoro, G. Giana (Como, IT) Candidaemia in Polish hospitals – a multicentre survey U. Nawrot*, M. Wrobel, H. Przondo-Mordarska, M. Fleischer, A. Samet, E. Swoboda-Kopec, B. Sulik-Tyszka, E. Gospodarek, E. Tryniszewska, T. Ozorowski, K. Golec (Wroclaw, Gdansk, Warsaw, Bydgoszcz, Bialystok, Poznan, Rzeszow, PL) Risk factors for Candida infections in a neurology intensive care unit: a case-control study C. Bulut*, Y. Kurtoglu Gul, C. Ataman Hatipoglu, S. Yagci, A.P. Demiröz (Ankara, TR) Epidemiological trends of nosocomial candidaemia over a 7-year period at a Nantes university hospital, France L. Tadec, J.-P. Talarmin, P. Le Pape, M. Leterrier, P. Moreau, D. Villers, M. Miegeville, F. Morio* (Nantes, FR)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme



Saturday, 31 March

Poster Sessions

Saturday, 31 March



Fungal malignant external otitis B. Hammami*, A. Ben amor, D. Lahieni, I. Maaloul, F. Makni, A. Ayadi, M. Ben jemaa (Sfax, TN)


Pulmonary aspergillosis in a burn patient A. Silva*, G. Mota, F. Xambre, L. Krebs (Lisbon, PT)


Acremonium endophthalmitis after cataract extraction: a report of two rare cases A. Calderaro*, F. Motta, C. Gorrini, S. Larini, G. Piscopo, C. Chezzi (Parma, IT)


Penicilliosis, cryptococcosis, and histoplasmosis: a comparative study between epidemiology, clinical features, microbiology, treatment, and outcome P. Uppathamnarakorn*, A. Jindamporn, C. Suankratay (Bangkok, TH)


Cryptococcosis risk factors for HIV-infected patients in Latvia P. Aldins*, I. Eksteina, G. Sture (Riga, LV)


Genital white piedra caused by Trichosporon japonicum J. Lozano*, E. Simarro, C. Faura, M.D. Crespo (Albacete, ES)


Evaluation of invasive fusariosis in haematological patients: a ten-year retrospective study H.M. Morales*, J. Nobrega, F. Dulley, M. Giudice, M.A. Shikanai-Yasuda, S.F. Costa (Sao Paulo, BR)


Efficacy of micafungin on Geosmithia argillacea infection in a cystic fibrosis patient L. Favennec*, L. Couderc, O. Mattray, S. Giraud, R. Zouhair, S. Bertout, G. Gargala, C. Marguet, J. Bouchara (Rouen, Angers, Montpellier, FR)


Central nervous system aspergillosis in Saint Petersburg, Russia N.V. Vasilyeva*, Y.V. Borzova, E.A. Desyatik, S.N. Khostelidi, R.M. Chernopjatova, T.S. Bogomolova, S.M. Ignatyeva, R.A. Araviyskiy, I.S. Zjuzgin, A.S. Kolbin, M.O. Popova, A.G. Volkova, N.V. Vavilov, S.N. Bondarenko, N.N. Klimko (Saint Petersburg, RU)


Considerable increase in frequency of Saccharomyces species in vaginitis L. Bereczki*, J. Deák (Szeged, HU)


Could a shorter incubation period be possible for dermatophytes? A. Rezusta*, M. Vidal García, C. Colmenarejo, M.L. García Zurita, C. Gonzalo, R. Lisbona, G. Martín Saco, M.J. Revillo (Zaragoza, ES)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme


Candida peritonitis after abdominal transplantation M. Bartoletti, C. Cervera, I. Hoyo, L. Linares, G. Sanclemente, J. Puig de la Bellacasa, F. Marco, F. Cofan, M.J. Ricart, M. Navasa, A. Moreno* (Barcelona, ES)


Invasive aspergillosis among heart transplant recipients: a 24-year perspective P. Muñoz*, I. Cerón, M. Valerio, J. Palomo, A. Villa, A. Eworo, J.V. Guinea Ortega, I.A. González, E. Bouza (Madrid, ES)


Isolation of Aspergillus species from the respiratory tract of lung transplant recipients is associated with increased mortality T. Felton*, S. Roberts, S. Brennan, A. Philips, S. Whiteside, H. Doran, C. Leonard, M. Al-Aloul, B. Isalska, N. Yonan, W. Hope (Manchester, UK)


Mucormycosis in patients with haematological and oncological diseases in Saint Petersburg, Russia N. Klimko*, S. Khostelidi, T. Bogomolova, R. Araviyskiy, V. Zinzerling, Y. Borzova, S. Ignatyeva, I. Zjuzgin, M. Popova, A. Volkova, S. Bondarenko, V. Vavilov, A. Kolbin, E. Boychenko, N. Medvedeva, E. Podoltseva, A. Klimovich, M. Belogurova, N. Vasilyeva (St. Petersburg, RU)


Kodomaea ohmeri as an emerging pathogen in Southwestern China: three case reports and literature review Y. Xiao*, Y. Xie, Y. Tang, Z. Zong, M. Kang, C. He, Y. Deng, Y. Zhang, H. Fan (Chengdu, CN)


Fungiscope – a Global Rare Fungal Infection Registry M. Vehreschild*, A. Hamprecht, G. Fischer, S. de Hoog, J. Vehreschild, O.A. Cornely (Cologne, Stuttgart, DE; Utrecht, NL)


Host factors for invasive fungal infection among patients with haematological malignancies: a case control study M. Hoenigl*, T. Valentin, A. Strohmeier, V. Strenger, H. Salzer, C. Koidl, A. Valentin, K. Seeber, I. Zollner-Schwetz, A. Woelfler, W. Buzina, R. Krause (Graz, AT)


Registry for systemic mycosis in Germany (ReSyMe) – role of EORTC/MSG diagnostic criteria in clinical practice M. Ruhnke*, A. Mikojalewska, A. Groll, O.A. Cornely, C. Lass-Flörl on behalf of the ReSyMe working group

Poster Sessions



15:30 – 16:30 P813



Pre-hospital risk factors for invasive fungal disease in patients with acute myeloid leukaemia at diagnosis: preliminary results from the SEIFEM 2010 Study M. Caira*, A. Candoni, A. Busca, C. Caramatti, G. Specchia, N. Vianelli, R. Fanci, G. Rossi, M. Offidani, A. Manna, A. Vacca, M.R. De Paolis, L. Verga, M. Picardi, M.E. Mitra, C. Castagnola, S. Storti, R. Invernizzi, P. Salutari, B. Martino, A. Bonini, A. Spadea, M.G. Garzia, A. Chierichini, L. Fianchi, L. Fianchi, A. Venditti, L. Melillo, V. Pavone, G. Nadali, D. Caselli, E. Castagnola, M. Giacchino, S. Cesaro, M. Luppi, F. Aversa, A. Nosari, M. Tumbarello, L. Pagano on behalf of the SEIFEM group Prospective registry of invasive fungal diseases in acute myeloid leukaemia: preliminary results on 142 cases M. Caira*, A. Candoni, A. Busca, M. Delia, C. Caramatti, C. Cattaneo, L. Melillo, M.E. Mitra, L. Paris, L. Potenza, G. Leone, A. Nosari, F. Aversa, L. Pagano on behalf of the SEIFEM group


Inhibitory effect of aspirin and diclofenac treatment on some non-albicans Candida species E. Rusu, C.D. Cristescu, A. Boiangiu*, I. Avram, D. Pelinescu, T. Vassu (Bucharest, RO)


Susceptibility profile of deep-seated yeasts isolates from a university hospital in the northern region of Portugal I. Faria-Ramos*, J. Santos-Antunes, S. Costa-de-Oliveira, A.G. Rodrigues, C. Pina-Vaz (Porto, PT)


Isolation of mucormycetes from various clinical entities presenting in a tertiary care hospital of northern India along with antifungal susceptibility testing J. Chander*, K. Bala, U. Handa, A. Attri (Chandigarh, IN)


Activity of amphotericin B, caspofungin and anidulafungin on planktonic and biofilm Candida spp. by microcalorimetry E. Maiolo*, U. Furustrand Tafin, D. Sanglard, A. Trampuz (Lausanne, CH)


Loss-of-heterozygosity of FCY2 leading to the development of flucytosine resistance in Candida tropicalis Y. Chen, H. Lo, C. Wu, H. Ko, T. Chang, Y. Yang* (Hsinchu, Miaoli, TW)


Antifungal susceptibility from the Spanish fungaemia surveillance multicentre study (FUNGEMYCA). Are there any differences among ICU and non-ICU patients? R. Zaragoza*, J. Pemán, E. Cantón, J. Camarena, J. Ayats, L. Torroba, D. Navarro, G. Royo, J. Echavarria, J. Martínez, R. Guna, I. Martinez on behalf of the Spanish FUNGEMYCA group


Scopulariopsis spp: epidemiology and in vitro antifungal susceptibility in a general hospital T. Peláez*, B. Gama, L. Alcalá, E. Bunsow, M. Valerio, A. Fernández-Cruz, J.V. Guinea Ortega, E. Bouza (Madrid, ES)


Investigation for azole resistance mediating Aspergillus fumigatus cyp51A gene mutations using improved PCR assays and consecutive DNA sequence analysis in clinical samples of immunocompromised patients B. Spiess*, W. Seifarth, M. Reinwald, N. Merker, S. Will, W.K. Hofmann, D. Buchheidt (Mannheim, DE)


Unique step-wise development of a homozygous FKS mutation (S80P) in Candida tropicalis in vivo R.H. Jensen*, H.K. Johansen, M.C. Arendrup (Copenhagen, DK)

Lab news: from diagnosis, in vitro activity, pathomechanisms to antifungal resistance Investigation of efflux pumps and ERG11 gene expression levels in fluconazole resistant Candida albicans isolates S. Gulat, O. Irmak, M. Doluca Yucesoy* (Izmir, TR) Combination of voriconazole and anidulafungin for the treatment of triazoleresistant Aspergillus fumigatus in an in vitro model of invasive pulmonary aspergillosis A.R. Jeans*, S.J. Howard, Z. Al-Nakeeb, J. Goodwin, L. Gregson, P.A. Warn, W.W. Hope (Manchester, UK) Evaluation of antifungal activity of ZnO/Ag nanoparticles on Candida albicans biofilm F. Haghighi*, S. Roudbar Mohammadi, E. Farahbakhsh, M. Eskandari (Tehran, IR)


In vitro activity of isavuconazole against 1488 Aspergillus isolates – a pooled analysis of 9 studies J. Smart*, M. Jones, N. Azie (Deerfield, US; Basel, CH)


Antifungal susceptibility of clinical Cryptococcus neoformans/C. gattii complex isolates in Korea E.J. Kang* (Suwon, KR)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme



Saturday, 31 March

Poster Sessions

Saturday, 31 March P827

In vivo activity of anidulafungin, caspofungin and micafungin against C. glabrata with and without FKS mutations M.C. Arendrup*, D.S. Perlin, R.H. Jensen, S.J. Howard, J. Goodwin, W. Hope (Copenhagen, DK; Newark, US; Manchester, UK)


Emergence in vivo of Aspergillus terreus with reduced azole susceptibility and a CYP51A M220I alteration in a cystic fibrosis patient M.C. Arendrup*, R.H. Jensen, K. Grif, H.K. Johansen, M. Skov, T. Pressler, K.L. Mortensen, C. Lass-Flörl (Copenhagen, DK; Innsbruck, AT)


A unique amino acid substitution in the ERG11 gene mediated azole cross-resistance in Candida tropicalis bloodstream isolates E. Borghi*, R. Iatta, R. Sciota, D. Cirasola, M.T. Montagna, G. Morace (Milan, Bari, IT)


Posaconazole concentrates within the endoplasmic reticulum of host and fungal cells P. Campoli*, O. Attias, A.S. Kristof, D.S. Perlin, D.C. Sheppard (Montreal, CA; New Jersey, US)






Performance of a commercial real-time PCR assay using the ABI 7300 instrument for the detection of Aspergillus and Pneumocystis DNA in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid samples from critical patients C.F. Orsi*, W. Gennari, C. Venturelli, G. Bertazzoni, A. La Regina, M. Machetti, M. Pecorari, F. Rumpianesi, E. Blasi (Modena, Genoa, IT) Clinical validation of multiplex quantitative real-time PCR in critically ill patients for invasive candidiasis diagnosis. Preliminary analysis J. Fortún*, Y. Meije, M.J. Buitrago, S. Gago, L. Bernal-Martínez, E. Gómez-Gª Pedrosa, N. Madrid, G. Fresco, V. Pintado, J. Cobo, S. Moreno, M. Cuenca-Estrella (Madrid, ES) Molecular characterisation of fungal cultures by PLEX-ID broad fungal assay C. Massire*, E. Clark, R. Lovari, H. Matthews, D. Toleno, R. Ranken, T. Hall, D. Metzgar, R. Sampath, L. Blyn, D. Ecker, S. Zhang, R. Hayden (Carlsbad, Baltimore, Memphis, US) Molecular identification of yeasts causing fungaemia: are cryptic species frequent? P. Escribano, S. Recio, T. Peláez, C. SánchezCarrillo, M. Rodríguez-Créixems, P. Muñoz, E. Bouza, J.V. Guinea Ortega* (Madrid, ES)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme


PCR for the detection of invasive aspergillosis in bronchoalveolar lavage – systematic review and meta-analysis D. Yahav*, T. Avni, I. Levi, L. Leibovici, M. Paul (Petah-Tikva, IL)


Comparative sequence analysis of Fusarium spp. isolated from fungal keratitis specimens X. Lu*, M. Zhu, X. Shang, Z. Wang, X. Sun, M. Wang, Y. Sun, Y. Huang (Beijing, CN)


Inter-laboratory comparison of treatment response in a murine model of invasive candidiasis using two Candida albicans isolates N.P. Wiederhold*, P.A. Warn, L.K. Najvar, J. Livermore, R. Bocanegra, W.R. Kirkpatrick, T.F. Patterson (San Antonio, US; Manchester, UK)


Species distribution, biofilm production, and antifungal susceptibility of Candida bloodstream isolates at a university hospital J. Pongracz*, K. Kristóf (Budapest, HU)


A 3-year study of in vitro activity of new antifungal agents against Candida isolates causing candidaemias A. Stylianakis*, V. Papaioannou, S. Tsiplakou, P. Thomaidis, K. Tsopelas, D. Argyris, S. Mantzari, K. Mouta (Athens, GR)


Ndt80p :a transcriptional regulator involved in stress response in human fungal pathogen Candida albicans Y. Yang*, S. Wu, C. Hsiung, C. Chen, C. Hsiao, H. Lo (Hsinchu, Miaoli, Taipei, TW)


Cryptococcus gattii induces a distinct pro-inflammatory cytokine pattern compared to other cryptococcal species T. Schoffelen*, J. Meis, L.A.B. Joosten, M.G. Netea, T. Boekhout, T. Sprong (Nijmegen, Utrecht, NL)


Investigating clinical cryptococcosis in the context of phagocyte-Cryptococcus interactions W. Sabiiti*, T. Bicanic, R.C. May (Birmingham, London, UK)


Thrombocyte activation in invasive fungal infections C. Speth*, M. Hagleitner, H. Ott, C. Lass-Flörl, R. Würzner, G. Rambach (Innsbruck, AT)

Poster Sessions

Saturday, 31 March


Efficacy of liposomal amphotericin B alone or in combination with caspofungin versus caspofungin alone or caspofungin followed by liposomal amphotericin B for treatment of murine Candida parapsilosis infection J.A. Olson*, D.J. Hahka, N. Nguyen, J.P. Adler-Moore (Pomona, US)


In vivo efficacy of voriconazole therapy in an invertebrate model of Aspergillus fumigatus infection A. Forastiero*, L. Bernal-Martinez, E. Mellado, E. Cendejas-Bueno, M. Cuenca-Estrella, A. Gomez-Lopez (Majadahonda, ES)


Activity of posaconazole in invasive fungal infections associated with a variety of moulds and yeasts S. Haider*, M. Laverdiere, C. Rotstein, K. Doucette, M. Power, J. Lipton, P. Phillips, A. Galarneau, J.-F. Pouliot (Hamilton, Montreal, Toronto, Alberta, Vancouver, CA)


Treatment of candidaemia in patients with haematologic malignancies I. Kalinina*, M. Maschan, N. Myakova, D. Litvinov, G. Klyasova, A. Maschan (Moscow, RU)


Correlation between incidence of candidaemia and consumptions of antifungal agents in a medical centre in Taiwan K.-L. Kao*, C.-C. Lai, Y.-T. Huang, P.-R. Hsueh (Taipei, Tainan, TW)


How low can you go? Use of low- and standarddose liposomal amphotericin B for treatment of invasive fungal infections at a USA public hospital Z. Kassamali*, L. Danziger, R. Glowacki, D. Schwartz (Chicago, US)


Impact of an antifungal stewardship programme in a teaching hospital: a prospective study V. Mondain, F. Lieutier, M. Gari-Toussaint, L. Hasseine, C. Lions, C. Pulcini* (Nice, Marseille, FR)



Substudy of the multicentre, retrospective study to evaluate renal function in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease admitted to intensive care units and treated with liposomal amphotericin B M. Rodríguez*, M.C. Soriano, M. Catalán, A. Llorente, N. Vidart, M. Garitacelaya, E. Maraví, E. Fernández Rey, F. Alvarado, M. López Sánchez, B. Álvarez, D. Granado, E. Quintana, F. Álvarez-Lerma and the Study Group of Liposomal Amphotericin B


Costs of posaconazole compared to standard prophylaxis in patients with a high-risk of invasive fungal diseases: an economic analysis from the Cologne cohort of neutropenic patients S. Heimann*, O.A. Cornely, H. Wisplinghoff, M. Vehreschild, B. Franke, J. Glossmann, J.-J. Vehreschild (Cologne, DE)


Cost analysis of candidaemia in patients on the intensive care unit S. Heimann*, O.A. Cornely, H. Wisplinghoff, M. Vehreschild, B. Franke, J. Glossmann, J.-J. Vehreschild (Cologne, DE)


Pharmacokinetics of intravenous itraconazole followed by itraconazole oral solution in patients with candidaemia H. Mikamo*, Y. Yamagishi (Nagakute, JP)


Pre-emptive/targeted prophylaxis with voriconazole in lung transplant patients: a retrospective cohort study C.F. Neoh, G. Snell, B. Levvey, T. Kotsimbos, O. Morrissey, M. Slavin, K. Stewart, D. Kong* (Melbourne, AU)


Impact of testing posaconazole plasma concentrations on epidemiology of antifungal prophylaxis and therapy in patients with haematologic malignancies: case-control study M. Hoenigl*, K. Seeber, R. Raggam, T. Valentin, A. Valentin, A. Strohmeier, I. Zollner-Schwetz, A. Woelfler, A. Grisold, W. Linkesch, R. Krause (Graz, AT)


Posaconazole plasma concentrations and invasive mould infection in patients with haematologic malignancies: a cohort study M. Hoenigl*, R. Raggam, T. Valentin, H. Salzer, A. Valentin, A. Woelfler, K. Seeber, A. Strohmeier, I. Zollner-Schwetz, A. Grisold, H. Sill, R. Krause (Graz, AT)


Gentian violate can be used as topical oral anti-fungi and anti-stigma agent by people living with HIV/AIDS E. Agwu*, J. Inyang, J. Ihongbe (Ishaka, UG; Ekpoma, NG)

Treatment strategies and economic aspects in invasive fungal infections

Liposomal amphotericin B in ICU patients with continuous renal replacement therapy M. Rodríguez*, M.C. Soriano, M. Catalán, A. Llorente, N. Vidart, M. Garitacelaya, E. Maraví, E. Fernández Rey, F. Alvarado, M. López Sánchez, B. Álvarez, D. Granado, E. Quintana, F. Álvarez-Lerma and the Study Group of Liposomal Amphotericin B

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme


15:30 – 16:30


Poster Sessions

Saturday, 31 March



Intrafungal concentration of posaconazole F. Farowski*, A. Hamprecht, C. Müller, A. Steinbach, J.J. Vehreschild, M.J.G.T. Vehreschild, O.A. Cornely (Cologne, DE)


Invasive aspergillosis in liver transplant recipients in the antifungal targeted prophylaxis era I. Hoyo, C. Cervera, M. Bartoletti, G. Sanclemente, L. Linares, J. Puig de la Bellacasa, J. Colmenero, A. Escorsell, M. Navasa, A. Moreno* (Barcelona, ES)


Recategorisation of reasons for premature discontinuation of antifungal prophylaxis in the IMPROVIT study – focus on IFI-related reasons H. Schlamm*, E.J. Bow, O.A. Cornely, M. Slavin, M. Roden, P. Biswas (New York, US; Manitoba, CA; Cologne, DE; Melbourne, AU; Severna Park, Collegeville, US)


Isavuconazole is widely distributed in rat tissue A. Schmitt-Hoffmann*, W.F. Richter (Basel, CH)


Fibrillar – a novel antifungal delivery method: most unusual case of Aspergillus fumigatus empyema and bronchopleural fistulae after right-sided pneumonectomy, treated successfully by innovative salvage therapy A. Guleri, A. Duncan, M. Hassan, T. Al-Badawi*, M. Purohit (Blackpool, UK)


Effectiveness of once-weekly fluconazole on the incidence of invasive candidiasis in a reverse-isolation haematological unit D. Vuichard, M. Weisser*, R. Frei, D. Heim, J. Passweg, A. Widmer (Basel, CH)


Fungi and finance – an innovative project at a district hospital in northwestern England for cost-effective management of candidaemia driving quality and efficiency A. Guleri*, S. Ellershaw, A. Peel, A. Ibrahim, M. Przybylo (Blackpool, UK)


Mixed treatment comparison of randomised clinical trials of primary antifungal prophylaxis in allogeneic haematopoietic stem cell transplant recipients – focus on invasive aspergillosis E.J. Bow*, D.J. Vanness, C. Cordonnier, O.A. Cornely, D.I. Marks, A. Pagliuca, M. Slavin, C. Solano, A. Shaul, S. Sorensen, L. Cragin, R. Chambers, M. Kantecki, D. Weinstein, H. Schlamm (Winnipeg, CA; Madison, US; Creteil, FR; Cologne, DE; Bristol, London, UK; Melbourne, AU; Valencia, ES; Manitowoc, Bethesda, Collegeville, US; Paris, FR; New York, US)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme


Evaluation on "real life" prescriptions of antifungal prophylaxis in high-risk patients: preliminary results from a prospective survey M. Caira*, A. Busca, L. Melillo, A. Candoni, C. Caramatti, G. Specchia, R. Fanci, G. Rossi, C. Cattaneo, A. Vacca, C. Quintavalle, M. Picardi, M.E. Mitra, M. Delia, B. Landini, C. Gasbarrino, R. Invernizzi, P. Salutari, B. Martino, M.G. Garzia, A. Chierichini, A. Venditti, N. Vianelli, G. Nadali, M. Luppi, G. Leone, A. Nosari, F. Aversa, L. Pagano on behalf of the SEIFEM group


Antifungal prophylaxis for patients with haematological malignancies in "real life": a prospective cohort study of compliance, toxicity and outcome E. Giannatou*, J. Cleverley, C. Symeonidou, A. Prentice, C.C. Kibbler (London, UK)


Incidence of breakthrough fungal infection during primary antifungal prophylaxis in acute myeloid leukoemia patients in a cancer centre M.Z.R. Gomes*, R.E. Lewis, P.M.C.M. Farias, C. Wu, D.P. Kontoyiannis (Houston, US)


Breakthrough mycosis in HSCT recipients receiving micafungin prophylaxis A. Cheng*, H.Y. Sun, B.S.K. Ko, H.F. Tien, Y.C. Chen, S.C. Chang (Taipei, TW)

15:30 – 16:30

Molecular virology


Apoptosis induced by highly pathogenic avian influenza A virus H5N1 NS1 protein and the intrinsic pathway activation Q. Bian*, Y. Chi, Y. Li, Z. Shi, H. Wang (Nanjing, CN)


Herpes simplex virus in the testis of prepuberal and adult mice: in vivo and in vitro models Y.A. Tyulenev*, O.V. Masalova, V.A. Naumenko, L.V. Shileyko, R.R. Klimova, L.F. Kurilo, A.A. Kushch (Moscow, RU)


Post exposure efficacy of AVI-7100 against influenza A in mouse and ferret infection models P. Iversen*, F. Schnell, S. Crumley, D. Mourich, T. Voss (Bothell, New Orleans, US)


Presence of dengue virus genome in kidney tissue of adults without recent dengue infection: another piece of evidence of in vivo persistence of the virus R. Plongla*, K. Songchareon, K. Arunyingmongkol, K. Tantiwongse, W. Kulwichit (Bangkok, TH)

Poster Sessions


Human papillomavirus subtype distribution among women in Singapore: a cross-sectional study L.L.E. Oon*, S.L. Chen, P.Z. Ong, T.H. Yeo, S.K. Tay (Singapore, SG)


A new and rare subtype of HCV genotype 3 in Iran: phylogenetic analysis of NS5b and Core/E1 gene regions S.A. Nadji*, A. Babaie, P. Tabarsi, P. Momeni, R. Haj-Hosseini, A.A. Velayati (Tehran, IR)


Vaccine poliovirus associated encephalitis in OPV vaccinated children A. Kumar*, D. Shukla, R. Kumar, M.Z. Idris, T.N. Dhole (Lucknow, IN)


Molecular diagnosis of yellow fever in reference laboratories and point-of-care facilities C. Domingo*, P. Patel, J. Yillah, M. Niedrig (Berlin, DE)


The herpes simplex virus type 1 late associated transcript derived miR-H2 drastically reduced SMAD4 expression E. Arefian*, T. Bamdad, M. Soleimani, S.H. Aghaee-Bakhtiari (Tehran, IR)





Genotype variability and clinical features of human metapneumovirus Isolated from Korean children, 2007–2010 M.K. Lee*, H.R. Kim, T.H. Kim, B.S. Shim (Seoul, KR) “Moderate” concordance between “modified” Abbott real-time HIV-1 assay and Roche Cobas/Taqman HIV-1 v2.0 procedure for the quantification of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) RNA at low level of viral load (BELOW 600CP/ML) A. Amendola*, P. Marsella, M. Bloisi, C. Angeletti, M.R. Capobianchi (Rome, IT) Genetic diversity of hepatitis E virus isolates originating from human patients and animals in the Czech Republic P. Vasickova*, P. Kralik, J. Lamka, P. Chalupa, R. Svoboda, M. Holub, I. Pavlik (Brno, Hradec Kralove, Praque, Prague, CZ) Multiplex respiratory virus PCR: a comparison of the FilmArray® and xTAG® respiratory panels on bronchoalveolar lavage and other respiratory specimens J.M. Balada-Llasat*, C. Kelly, W. Zhang, H. LaRue, P. Pancholi (Columbus, US)


Quantification of human cytomegalovirus DNA in transplant recipients by the Abbott real-time HCMV assay V. Rognoni*, M. Furione, E. Cabano, R. Restivo, R. Moriconi, R. Pulvirenti, K. Pfeifer, J. Yu, F. Baldanti (Pavia, Rome, IT; Wiesbaden, DE; DesPlaines, Chicago, US)


Type distribution of human papillomaviruses in cervical samples of women with cytological abnormalities from Primorsko-Goranska county, Croatia T. Rukavina*, B. Ticac (Rijeka, HR)


Comparison of Cobas AmpliPrep/Cobas TaqMan Docking Station versus Cobas AmpliPrep/Cobas TaqMan 48, Nuclisens EasyMag/EasyQ System and System 340 bDNA Analyzer for quantification of HCV, HIV-1 and HBV in plasma M.J. Munoz-Davila*, A. Moreno, D. Montero, T. Ramos, M. Segovia (Murcia, Madrid, Barcelona, ES)


Evaluation of sample collection and handling conditions for the Versant HCV RNA 1.0 assay (kPCR) W. Lin*, L. Cheng, P. Lau, S. Ho, J. Canchola, G. Gorrin (Berkeley, US)


Method comparison between the VERSANT HCV RNA 1.0 assay (kPCR), Abbott RealTime HCV, Roche COBAS AmpliPrep/COBAS TaqMan HCV Test, and VERSANT HCV RNA 3.0 assay (bDNA) H. Huang*, W. Lin, S. Ho, J. Brooks, P. Lau, J. Surtihadi, J. Canchola, L. Cheng, G. Gorrin (Berkeley, US)


Multiplex PCR assays for RSV-A, RSV-B and human metapneumovirus diagnosis in acute bronchiolitis A. Tenorio-Abreu, J. Gil-Tomás*, A. Burgos-Teruel, B. Gómez-Alonso, O. Martinez Macias, M. Borrás Máñez, J. Colomina Rodríguez, A. Guerrero Espejo (Alzira, La Laguna, ES)


Multicentre study to evaluate the influence of pre-analytical storage conditions on the RNA concentration of hepatitis C virus B. Vanmassenhove*, S. Lambin, F. Hillen, K. Pieters, P. Descheemaeker, M. Boudewijns, M. Raymaekers, K. Martens, D. Vaira, N. Hougardy, D. Ursi, K. Beuselinck, W. Verstrepen, S. Franke on behalf of


Rabies outbreak among wild and domestic animals in Republic of Buryatia, Russia R. Adelshin, O. Melnikova, E. Andaev, A. Botvinkin, S. Balakhonov* (Irkutsk, RU)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme



Saturday, 31 March

Poster Sessions

Saturday, 31 March P893

Tropism testing using an adaptation of the Trugene assay in plasma, CSF and cell extract (proviral) A. Cox*, P. Pantelidis, M. Atkins, P. Kelleher (London, UK)


Design and efficacy of a real-time genome amplification (RT-PCR) for human herpesvirus type 6A/B and 7 I. Hernández-Cáceres, M.E. Álvarez-Argüelles, J.A. Boga-Riveiro, S. Rojo-Alba, Ó. MartínezExpósito, J. Fernández-Domínguez, S. Melón-García, M. Oña-Navarro* (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Oviedo, ES)


Evaluation of Versant® HCV RNA 1.0 Assay (kPCR). A new automated kinetic PCR assay for quantification of HCV RNA in plasma D. Martin*, J. Costa, T. Pumarola (Madrid, Barcelona, ES)


Evaluation of the QIAsymphony® RGQ system for the quantification of different BK virus genotypes in biological samples C. Brunet, G. Wall, S. Burrel, N. Hamm, E. Gay, H. Agut, D. Boutolleau* (Paris, FR; Hilden, DE)


Comparison of xTAG-Fast respiratory virus panel and CLART PneumoVir for detecting respiratory viruses in nasopharyngeal samples M. Rodriguez-Dominguez*, J.M. Gonzalez-Alba, R. Cantón, J.C. Galán (Madrid, ES)





Evaluation of an automated sample preparation system for detection of human cytomegalovirus in whole blood S. Wang*, H. Sidhu, H. Beas, B. Maier, M. Vignoles, M. Joannes, T. Battersby (Berkeley, US; Graz, AT; Verniolle, FR) Evaluation of the performance of the ProbeTec Qx assay for detection of herpes simplex 1 and 2 using the VIPER platform C.F. Pope, R.V N. Karunarahan*, K. Capaldi, T. Planche (London, UK) Molecular characterisation of clinical enterovirus 71 strains in Greece N. Siafakas*, G. Stanway, L. Zerva (Athens, GR; Colchester, UK) Performance of the Abbott PLEX-ID Viral IC spectrum assay on the PLEX-ID analyser system K. Ray*, L. Blyn, D. Drapp, J. Goveia, R. Ofsaiof, D. Baynes, R. Lovari, D. Metzgar, R. Sampath, G. Schneider, M. Stemler, R. Vijesurier, J. Welk (Des Plaines, Carlsbad, US)

100 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme


Characterisation of influenza viruses circulating in Latvia in 2010/2011 season T. Kolupajeva*, S. Cvetkova, M. Petrova, E. Bleidele, A. Aniscenko, G. Rjazanceva, N. Zamjatina, J. Storozenko, B. Rozentale (Riga, LV)


The QIAGEN artus HIV-1 QS-RGQ viral load assay shows high concordance to the Abbott m2000rt HIV-1 viral load and the Roche CAP/CTM HIV-1 test v2.0 assay M. Obermeier*, A. Moritz, U. Küsters, G. Wall, T. Berg (Berlin, Hilden, DE)


Validation of a real-time multiplex PCR protocol for diagnosis of viral gastroenteritis M.J. Hopkins*, J.A. Booth, N.A. Cunliffe, I.J. Hart (Liverpool, UK)


Cross-sectional study on the performance of quantitative cytomegalovirus (CMV) PCR in stool as a non-invasive diagnostic tool for CMV intestinal disease in comparison to the quantification of CMV-DNA levels in gut biopsies T. Ganzenmueller*, J. Kluba, J.-U. Becker, C. Schmitt, A. Heim (Hanover, DE)


Aetiology and epidemiology of viral respiratory tract infections in hospitalised and non-hospitalised children using a microarrays platform S. Kouni*, P. Karakitsos, K. Chranioti, M. Theodoridou Papagrigoriou, A. Michos (Athens, GR)


Multicentre performance evaluation of the Cobas AmpliPrep/Cobas TaqMan Docking Station M.J. Munoz-Davila*, A. Moreno, D. Montero, T. Ramos, M. Segovia (Murcia, ES)


Frequency of hepatitis D virus infection in HIV-positive and haemodialysis patients in Iran A. Ramezani*, M. Aghasadeghi, G. Bahramali, A. Aghakhani, M. Banifazl, S. Sadat, M. Foroughi, R. Vahabpour, A. Eslamifar, S. Siadat, M. Mohraz (Tehran, IR)


Molecular epidemiology of non-polio enterovirus circulating in highly endemic areas of central nervous system disease T.N. Dhole*, A. Kumar, D. Shukla, S. Srivastava (Lucknow, IN)

Poster Sessions


A molecular epidemiological survey of viral respiratory tract infections in children M.L. Modolo, R. De Rosa, A. Camporese* (Pordenone, IT)


Association of mutation in HCV core region and response to interferon therapy in patients from Rawalpind, Pakistan S. Kanwal*, T. Mahmood (Islamabad, PK)


A novel nucleic acid amplification/signal generation platform with implications as a cost-effective detection system for infectious organisms W. Cheng, D. Liu, M. Mitchell, E. Rabbani, J. Donegan, B. Taillon* (New York, US)


Molecular detection and identification of enteroviruses and parechoviruses in hospitalised children N. Siafakas*, G. Stanway, A. Attilakos, E. Stefos, P. Nikolaidou, L. Zerva (Athens, GR; Colchester, UK)


Frequent isolation of Epstein-Barr virus in the intestine of patients with inflammatory bowel disease: a case-control study E. Dimitroulia, N. Spanakis, V. Pitiriga, E.T. Piperaki, A. Konstandinidou, A. Tsakris* (Athens, GR)


Molecular epidemiology of human rhinovirus in general population in Catalonia during 2010 A. Antón*, G. Tudó, N. Torner, R. Isanta, A. Martinez, T. Pumarola, M.A. Marcos (Barcelona, ES)


Use of real-time PCR for the detection of EBV in rare clinical manifestations G. Terhes*, B. Kele, O. Szakáll, C. Bereczki, A. Annaházi, R. Róka, L. Tiszlavicz, J. Kóbor, K. Rácz, J. Deák (Szeged, HU)


Evaluation of GeneXpert enterovirus assay for detection of enteroviral RNA in paediatric cerebral spinal fluid J. Lin*, C. Lin, T. Liao (Changhua, TW)


A clinical laboratory evaluation of the Luminex xTAG respiratory viral panel FAST version 2.0 J. Bible*, E. Halligan (London, UK)


Evaluation of three molecular assays for detection of respiratory virus K. Rodrigues, A.C. Mendes*, S. Fernandes, C. Santos, A. Castro, H. Ramos (Porto, PT)


Clinical performance of the xTAG® respiratory viral panel FAST v2 with subtyping capability of influenza A 2009 H1N1 non-seasonal variant E. Lopes, F. Merante, D. Himsworth, C. Ginocchio, Y. Qian, J. Liu* (Toronto, CA; New York, US; Beijing, CN)


Evaluation of a new real-time PCR for the detection of HSV1, -2 and VZV in CSF and lesion scrapings A.K Petrich*, F. Gharabaghi, S.E. Richardson (Toronto, CA)


Multicentre performance evaluation of the VERSANT® HCV RNA 1.0 Assay (kPCR) in quantitative detection of hepatitis C viral RNA D. Muir, H. Mistry*, P. Nutter, J. Yao, B. Digmann, M. Gartner, J. Bendel, J. Turczyn, J. Chen, M. Garris, M. Hennig, J. Surtihadi, V. Nguyen (London, UK; Rochester, Berkeley, US)




Characterisation of rotavirus circulating in Pakistan T. Iftikhar*, C. Donato, N. Bogdanovic-Sakran, A. Haque, C. Kirkwood (Faisalabad, PK; Melbourne, AU) Development and evaluation of a multiplex real-time assay to detect herpes simplex virus types 1 and 2, and varicella-zoster virus M. de Oña Navarro*, C. Balado Cabana, M. Alvarez-Argüelles, R. Rico Rico, R. Carballo Fernandez, J. Boga Riveiro, S. Melón García (Oviedo, ES) The effect of interpretation method for quantitation of cytomegalovirus by real-time PCR B.R. Jeon*, Y.W. Lee, H.B. Shin, Y.K. Lee (Bucheon, KR)


Outbreak of acute enterovirus intestinal infection in Sakhalin region in August 2010 A. Demina*, V. Ternovoi, B. Darizhapov, T. Yakubich, A. Sementsova, O. Demina, E. Protopopova, V. Loktev, A. Agafonov, S. Netesov (Novosibirsk, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, RU)


Usefulness of herpes consensus PCR methodology in the diagnosis of herpesvirus ocular infections C. Gartzonika, C.D. Kalogeropoulos, G. Vrioni, E. Priavali, N. Zotos, E. Papapetrou, I. Margelis, S. Levidiotou* (Ioannina, Athens, GR)


Evaluation of suitability of various novel swab devices for the molecular detection of influenza A from surveillance samples in France M. Valette*, R. Fanget, G. Burfin, D. Shedden, B. Lina (Bron, FR; Corsham, UK)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 101


Saturday, 31 March

Poster Sessions

Saturday, 31 March P930

Molecular genotyping of dengue serotype 2 in the Philippines R. Destura*, J.A. Petronio, R. Vinarao, K.M. Flores (Manila, PH)


Serum profile of T helper 1 and T helper 2 cytokines in HCV-infected patients A. Ramezani*, M. Sofian, A. Aghakhani, A. Farazi, M. Banifazl, A. Eslamifar, A. Velayati (Tehran, Arak, IR)



15:30 – 16:30 P934


Molecular detection and sub-typing of human papillomavirus on Albanian women A. Mitre*, F. Bakiri, T. Bare, A. Xhani, R. Bajro (Tirana, AL) Activation of monocyte derived dendritic cells (MoDCs) by hepatitis C virus (HCV) glycoproteins A. Abdulhaq*, A.W. Tarr, L. Martinez-Pomares, W.L. Irving (Nottingham, UK)


Evaluation of interleukin-10 gene promoter polymorphisms and hepatitis B virus infection outcome M. Sofian, M. Banifazl, A. Aghakhani, N. Zarin far, A. Farazi, A. Ramezani* (Arak, Tehran, IR)


Investigation of interleukin 28b gene polymorphism in patients with chronic hepatitis C Ü. Savasçi, Ö. Coskun*, S. Kozan, A. Karakas, H. Gül, C. Eyigün (Ankara, TR)


Detection of hepatitis C virus proteins in peripheral blood mononuclear cells of patients with chronic hepatitis C: correlation with activity and stage of hepatitis O.V Masalova*, T.V. Vishnevskaya, A.V. Pichugin, S.V. Alkhovsky, T.V. Shkurko, R.I. Ataullakhanov, A.A. Kushch (Moscow, RU)


Cloning and expression of HCV polytope-HBV surface antigen fusion protein under optimised condition in E. coli for vaccine study M. Gholizadeh*, H. Khanahmad, F. Roohvand, M. Aghasadeghi, S. Sadat, A. Memarnejadian, A. Nazemi, M. Yazdanian, F. Motevalli (Tehran, Isfahan, Mazandaran, IR)


A new tool to study ribavirin-induced haemolysis E. Brochot*, C. Francois, S. Castelein, E. Nguyen-Khac, D. Capron, G. Duverlie (Amiens, FR)


A report on a large measles outbreak in Lyon area, France, 2010–2011 C. Huoi*, T. Bénet, A. Neuraz, Y. Mekki, G. Billaud, J. Casalegno, B. Lina, P. Vanhems (Lyon, Bron, FR)


Surveillance of measles outbreaks in Veneto region, Italy, November 2010–October 2011 M. Pacenti*, L. Barzon, E. Franchin, R. Cusinato, G. Marcati, E. Lavezzo, L. Gottardello, G. Palù (Padua, IT)


Parallel epidemics with a range of globally appearing rhinovirus types – a four-year molecular epidemiology study M. Sansone*, M. Andersson, R. Brittain-Long, L.M. Andersson, S. Olofsson, J. Westin, M. Lindh (Gothenburg, SE)


Influenza admitted in intensive care units: a comparative study of seasonal and pandemic influenza A (H1N1) 2009 C. Hauw-Berlemont, T. Guy, D. Veyer, S. Minjolle, F. Uhel, P. Tattevin*, Y. Le Tulzo (Rennes, FR)

Virology – diagnosis, epidemiology, prophylaxis and therapy Prophylactic efficacy of AVI-7100 against influenza A in mouse and ferret infection models P. Iversen*, F. Schnell, S. Crumley, D. Mourich, T. Voss (Bothell, New Orleans, US) The usefulness of mice monoclonal antibody in dengue virus diagnosis and research M. Pupo-Antunez*, Y. Vazquez, N. Amin, S. Vazquez, Y. Caballero, L. Morier, L. Morier, V. Capó, G. Guzmán (Havana, CU)


Development of a new method for BK polyomavirus genotyping: application to transplant recipients S. Burrel, M. Gits-Muselli, Z. Aït-Arkoub, S. Nguyen, N. Arzouk, H. Agut, D. Boutolleau* (Paris, FR)


Comparison of the INNO-LiPA Genotyping Extra and the Hybrid Capture 2 assays for detection of carcinogenic human papillomavirus genotypes L. Barzon, V. Militello*, S. Pagni, G. Palù (Padua, IT)


Prospective evaluation of a norovirus bedside test in unselected patients with gastroenteritis E. Weise*, M. Vergoulidou, B. Friedrichs, S. Siedler, S. Pfaffenbach, J. Hofmann, R. Somasundaram, S. Schwartz (Berlin, DE)

102 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

Poster Sessions


Sequencing of influenza A(H1N1)pdm viruses in the Philippines B. Schwem*, S.K. Ganchua, R. Destura, F. Heralde, G.B. Trinidad, M. Ma, M.L. Agmata, E. Tayag, J. Roque, M. Tayzon, C. Padilla, E.M. Salvana (Ermita, Manila, PH)


A 5-year retrospective review of patients with norovirus infection: factors associated with prolonged viral shedding E. Trainor*, R. Vivancos, I.J. Hart, M.B.J. Beadsworth, N.A. Cunliffe, N.J. Beeching (Liverpool, UK)





15:30 – 16:30 P954

No resistance detected to PMOplus antisense oligomers that protect nonhuman primates against marburgvirus P. Iversen*, T. Warren, A. Shurtleff, J. Wells, N. Garza, L. Dong, D. Mourich, L. Hauck, J. Kugelman, B. Breitzel, G. Palacios, S. Bavari (Bothell, Fredrick, US) Respiratory viruses other than influenza as cause of severely respiratory infections in adult patients admitted to an intensive care unit during 2009/2010 influenza season A. Martin-Quiros*, M. Romero-Gomez, J. Figueira, C. Prados, N. Martinez-Sanchez, M. Mora-Rillo, A. Rico Nieto, C. Navarro San Francisco, S. Caro Bragado, G. Ruiz-Carrascoso, M. Quintana-Diaz, J. Paño-Pardo (Madrid, ES) A novel study on rapid molecular characterisation of group A rotavirus in Turkey using PCR-reverse line blot hybridisation M. Altindis*, F. Ahsan, B. van Der Veer, K. Eryegen, M. Hacimustafaoglu, I. Ipek, S. Celebi, T. Apan, O. Ozdemir, M. Koopmans (Afyonkarahisar, TR; Rotterdam, Bilthoven, NL; Bursa, Istanbul, Kirikkale, TR) Presence of multiple dengue serotypes in various body compartments in different time points of single clinical episodes M. Sriprapun*, C. Laosakul, S. Krajiw, K. Arunyingmongkol, P. Siriyasatien, W. Kulwichit (Bangkok, TH)


Viral load relative quantification of influenza virus in paired lower respiratory tract and nose-throat swabs samples from patients admitted in intensive care units P. López Roa*, B. Rodríguez Sánchez, P. Catalán, M. Giannella, B. Padilla, P. Muñoz, D. García de Viedma, E. Bouza on behalf of the CIBER de Enfermedades Respiratorias (CIBERES), Spain


Identification and complete genome analysis of a novel feline picornavirus from the domestic cat in Hong Kong Y. Wu*, S.K.P. Lau, P.C.Y. Woo, C.C.Y. Yip, G. Choi, R. Bai, R.Y.Y. Fan, K.K.Y. Lai, K.-H. Chan, K.-Y. Yuen (Hong Kong, HK)


Group A human rotavirus types circulating over a 25-year period in Palermo, Italy. A single-centre surveillance study F. Bonura, A. Cascio*, V. Rotolo, M.A. Platia, S. De Grazia, G.M. Giammanco (Palermo, Messina, IT)


Molecular epidemiology of rotavirus strains in Bulgaria without rotavirus mass vaccination, 2009–2010 A. Dikova*, A. Stoyanova, Z. Mladenova (Sofia, BG)


Norovirus can be detected by PCR in oral swab samples from patients with acute gastroenteritis T. Andreasson*, L. Gustavsson, M. Lindh, J. Westin, L.M. Andersson (Gothenburg, SE)


The first, second and third wave of pandemic influenza A (H1N1) in North Denmark region, 2009–2011. A population-based study of hospitalisations I. Oersted*, M. Moelvadgaard, H. Nielsen, H. Nielsen (Aalborg, DK)


Actinobaculum schaalii – a part of the normal flora of the genital area A. Buchhave Olsen*, P. Kræmer Andersen, S. Bank, K. Søby, L. Lund, J. Prag (Viborg, DK)


Virological tests on broncho-alveolar lavage fluid have a low yield except in immunocompromised patients with ground-glass attenuations on CT-scan J.S. Poineuf, S. Jouneau, S. Minjolle, P. Tattevin*, A. Gacouin, R. Colimon, P. Delaval, B. Desrues (Rennes, FR)


Discrepancies between rubella IgG results: which assay is right, which assay is wrong? M. Guillet, L. Grangeot-Keros, C. Vauloup-Fellous* (Clamart, FR)

Virology – non-HIV/non-hepatitis Respiratory viral infections during the 2009– 2010 winter season in the West Midlands Region, UK: incidence and patterns of multiple virus co-infections H. Tanner*, E. Boxall, H. Osman (Birmingham, UK)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 103


Saturday, 31 March

Poster Sessions

Saturday, 31 March P964

Evaluation of serum cytokine levels as severity criteria in CCHF patients G. Yilmaz*, K. Aydin, H. Yilmaz, M. Sönmez, C. Karahan, I. Köksal (Trabzon, TR)


HPV infection linked to increased risk of breast cancer in north of Iran A. Sigaroodi, F. Naghshvar, S.A. Nadji* (Tehran, Sari, IR)


Rotavirus, norovirus and adenovirus gastroenteritis in hospitalised Children, Turkey M. Altindis*, S. Yuksek, F. Alpay, R. Kalayci, Y. Yoldas (Afyonkarahisar, TR)


Analysis of HPV 6 variability in cervical and anal clinical samples F. Cannella*, A.M. Degener, N. Recine, M. Indinnimeo, G. Antonelli, A. Pierangeli (Rome, IT)


Varicella-zoster disease of the central nervous system in adults in a university hospital B. Catalán*, J. Mòdol, A. Hernández, P. Tudela, D. Escudero, L. Matas, L. Mateu, C. García (Badalona, ES)




15:30 – 16:30 P972

Evaluation of the new Adeno Respi K-Set in comparison to the Adeno Respi-Strip and cell cultures for the detection of adenoviruses L. Busson*, M. de Foor, J. de Marchin, D. Martiny, S. Van Den Wijngaert, A. Dediste, O. Vandenberg (Brussels, BE) A phase 1, single ascending-dose study of AVI-6003, a combination of two PMOplus™ compounds with activity against marburgvirus A. Heald*, T. Axtelle, A. Nelson, A. Vutikullird (Bothell, Cypress, US) A phase 1, single ascending-dose study of AVI-6002, a combination of two PMOplus™ compounds with activity against ebolavirus A. Heald*, T. Axtelle, J. Thimmarayappa, W. Smith (Bothell, Knoxville, US)


Correlation of viral load of respiratory syncytial virus with disease severity in children hospitalised for bronchiolitis C. Scagnolari*, A. Pierangeli, F. Midulla, C. Selvaggi, K. Monteleone, L. Spano, A. Soldà, G. Cacciotti, P. Di Marco, C. Moretti, G. Antonelli (Rome, IT)


The role of viral infections in nasopharyngeal bacterial colonisation in children: a case-control study C.L. Skevaki, A.I. Trochoutsou*, P. Tsialta, I. Logotheti, C.N. Makrinioti, E. Lebessi, I. Paraskaki, N.G. Papadopoulos, M.N. Tsolia (Athens, GR)


Community respiratory virus infections among hospitalised children with acute respiratory diseases S. Al-Hajjar*, S. Al-Muhsen, S. Al-Thawadi, A. Al-Seraihi, I. Bin-Hussain, K. McIntosh (Riyadh, SA)


Varicella and children attending kindergartens in Lisbon P. Palminha*, P. Nogueira, M.T. Paixão, C. Dias (Lisbon, PT)


Occurrence of pathogenic bacteria in Danish child care centres T. Ibfelt*, L. Andersen (Copenhagen, DK)


Eradication of nasopharyngeal carriage of penicillin-non-susceptible Streptococcus pneumoniae I.M. Odenholt*, M. Hellberg, S. Johansson, H. Norrgren, T. Holmdahl, H. Ringberg, P. WimarNilsson, J. Ahl (Malmö, SE)


Carriage rates of Bordetella pertussis and Bordetella parapertussis among school children in China as determined by pooled real-time PCR Q. Zhang*, Z. Yin, Z. Shao, Y. Li, Y. Gao, L. Xu, M. Li, M. Liu, Q. He, H. Luo (Beijing, CN; Turku, FI)


Pertussis epidemic in 2011, region of Vallès (Catalonia, Spain) M.R. Sala Farré, C. Arias Varela, A. Recasens Recasens, J. Pérez Jové, E. Balius Fort, M. Simó Sanahuja* (Terrassa, ES)


Prevalence of major middle-ear pathogens and adenoid in Iranian children with otitis media with effusion by culture and PCR A. Sharifi*, S. Khoramrooz, A. Mirsalehian, M. Emaneini, F. Jabalameli, M. Aligholi for the Paediatric infection group

Bacterial and viral respiratory infections in the paediatric population Epidemiological changes of complicated pneumonia in Spanish children A. Herrero, F. Gil, L. Moreno, E. Bernaola*, A. Mosquera, M. Herranz, N. Viguria (Pamplona, Estella, ES)

104 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

Poster Sessions

Saturday, 31 March P983

Prevalence of Chlamydophila pneumoniae in adenoid tissue of children with chronic adenoiditis E. Podsiadly*, A. Bielicka, B. Zielnik-Jurkiewicz, U. Demkow (Warsaw, PL)


The occurrence of Helicobacter pylori specific genotypes in symptomatic children and evaluation of immune response to infection M.M. Biernat*, B. Iwanczak, J. Grabinska, G. Gosciniak (Wroclaw, PL)


Aetiology of acute otitis media and pneumococcal serotypes in children from Saint Petersburg V. Gostev, M. Volkova, S. Belanov, A. Ruleva, S. Kcharit, M. Syrochkina, S. Sidorenko* (Saint-Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, RU)


Sero-epidemiology of Helicobacter pylori in children in Greece. Is there any difference between allergic and nonallergic individuals? M. Matsas*, M. Papadimitriou, A. Doudoulakakis, E. Vetouli, A. Doxara, I. Paraskakis (Athens, GR)

15:30 – 16:30

Gastrointestinal tract infection in children


A clinico-epidemiological comparison study of paediatric acute viral gastroenteritis in South Korea T.H. Kim*, M.K. Lee, H.R. Kim, B.S. Shim (Seoul, KR)


Evaluation of infectious agents frequencies and epidemiological features in children with acute gastroenteritis A. Celik, M. Emiroglu, A. Inci, F. Akin, M. Kurtoglu, R. Kesli*, D. Odabas (Konya, TR)


Temporal trends in rate of hospitalisation for rotavirus gastroenteritis in the paediatric population in Italy: cross-sectional study utilising national hospital discharge database A. Mattei*, A.M. Angelone, M. Sbarbati, F. di Orio (L'Aquila, Rieti, IT)


Rotavirus surveillance: genotyping and epidemiological evaluation in hospitalised children in Milan S.G. Rimoldi*, M. Monini, C. Pagani, L.L. Chenal, L. Tocalli, F.M. Ruggeri, M.R. Gismondo (Milan, Rome, IT)


Norovirus gastroenteritis in a paediatric population N. Palaiologou*, G. Zarnaveli, N. Filntisi, E.E. Vetouli, D. Hatzaki, I. Paraskakis, E. Lebessi (Athens, GR)


Outbreak of Salmonella Poona among infants during 2011 in the Vallès region, Catalonia, Spain M.R. Sala Farré, C. Arias Varela, A. Recasens Recasens, L. Corominas Farres, M. Simó Sanahuja*, M. Olsina Tebar, A. Martínez Planells, J. Pardos Bosch, C. Martí Sala (Terrassa, Girona, Sant Cugat del Vallès, Granollers, ES)

Serological diagnosis of infections


Evaluation of rapid immunofiltration assays for the diagnosis of Epstein-Barr virus infectious mononucleosis I. Garcia-Bermejo*, R. Alonso, A. GonzálezTorralba, F. de Ory (Madrid, ES)


Evaluation of three immunoassays for the determination of Epstein-Barr virus IgG and IgM specific proteins V. Polymerou*, E. Mokou, I. Plianos, G. Kargiolakis, F. Chrysou, K. Konstantinakou, J. Kremastinou (Athens, GR)


Evaluation of serological assays on the Vidas (bioMérieux) platform for delineation of Epstein-Barr virus serostatus M. Noel, A. Galloway, S. Black, M. Shearman, C. Graham, I. Johannessen* (Edinburgh, UK)


Comparison of three testing algorithms for staging of Epstein-Barr virus infection by the new ARCHITECT EBV prototype panel E. Sickinger*, H.B. Braun, J. Herzogenrath, S. Bernhardt, H. Christ, C. Buenning, M. Berth (Wiesbaden, DE; Antwerp, BE)


A comparative analysis on five different fully automated anti-rubella IgG immunoassays reporting results in IU/mL L. Grangeot-Keros, C. Vauloup-Fellous* (Clamart, FR)


Usefulness of rubella IgM detection: evaluation of serological samples from patients with acute rubella infection following a rubella outbreak in southern Italy F. Greco*, C. Vauloup-Fellous, A.M. Giandomenico, O. Savino, R. Tenuta, C. Giraldi (Cosenza, IT; Clamart, FR)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 105


15:30 – 16:30

Poster Sessions

Saturday, 31 March P999



15:30 – 16:30 P1002

The challenges of serological prediction of chronic Q fever L.M. Kampschreur*, J.J. Oosterheert, A.M.C. Koop, M.C.A. Wegdam-Blans, C.E. Delsing, C.P. BleekerRovers, M.G.L. De Jager-Leclercq, C.A.R. Groot, T. Sprong, M.H. Nabuurs-Franssen, N.H.M. Renders, M.E. van Kasteren, Y. Soethoudt, S.N. Blank, M.J.H. Pronk, A.I.M. Hoepelman, P.C. Wever (Utrecht, Veldhoven, Nijmegen, Oss, Veghel, 's-Hertogenbosch, Tilburg, Helmond, Eindhoven, NL) Evaluation of three immunoassays for serodiagnosis of human Mycoplasma pneumoniae infection P. Huynen*, F. Toussaint, M.P. Hayette, C. Meex, P. Melin (Liege, BE) Evaluation of a new chemiluminescent assay for detection of Mycoplasma pneumoniae infections T.D. Ly*, S. Gonzalo (Ivry-sur-Seine, Lyon, FR)


Vaginal microflora in postpartum females after vaginal delivery A. Savicheva*, Z. Martikainen, Z. Kolesayeva, M. Tarasova, M. Bashmakova (St. Petersburg, RU)


Microbiological features of vulvovaginitis in prepubertal age A. Papanagiotou*, S. Vlachos, A. Charalabopoulou, E. Prifti, A. Avlonitou, L. Michala, D. Apostolou, K. Tzanetou (Athens, GR)


Pathogens implicated in cases of vulvovaginitis in prepubertal and pubertal girls S. Baka, I. Tsouma, E. Logothetis, E. Kouskouni* (Athens, GR)


Asymptotic co-infection of candidiasis and vaginal trichomoniasis among pregnant women in southeastern Nigeria M. Alo*, M. Elom (Abakaliki, NG)


Is bacterial vaginosis associated with cervical (pre)neoplasia in asymptomatic reproductive-age women? S. Baka, I. Tsouma, E. Politi, A. Kapoula, E. Elefteriou, E. Kouskouni* (Athens, GR)


Prevalence and antibiotic susceptibility of Ureaplasma urealyticum in genital samples between 2007 and 2011 M. Pappné Ábrók* (Szeged, HU)


Sexually transmissible infections among young adolescents in Milan areas: a multicentre study S.G. Rimoldi*, C. Pagani, V. Giacomet, R. Besana, G. Montrasio, G.V. Zuccotti, M.R. Gismondo (Sacco, Desio, Saronno, IT)

STD and other infections in women Prevalence of Streptococcus agalactiae colonisation in pregnant women and antimicrobial resistance profiles E. Prifti, A. Papanagiotou*, T. Kyriakopoulos, S. Vlachos, S. Lianos, E. Metzidaki, P. Tsetsa, D. Apostolou, K. Tzanetou (Athens, GR)


Epidemiological survey of Streptococcus agalactiae isolates from university clinics, Budapest, Hungary S. Kardos*, K. Kristóf, E. Ostorházi, K. Nagy, O. Dobay (Budapest, HU)


Susceptibility of vaginal group B Streptococcus isolates to penicillin and erythromycin I. Hadji-Petrusheva Meloska*, B. Curcic Trajkovska, B. Jaglikovski, A. Hadji-Petrusheva Jankijevic (Skopje, MK)


Prevalence and risk factors for Chlamydia trachomatis infection in adolescents and university women from north Portugal J. Silva*, J. Ribeiro, H. Sousa, F. Cerqueira, L. Teixeira, I. Baldaque, T. Osório, R. Medeiros (Porto, PT)


Symptomatic and asymptomatic infections of the lower genital tract in pregnant and non-pregnant women of reproductive age A. Papanagiotou*, N. Terzi, S. Vlachos, E. Prifti, E. Metzidaki, A. Avlonitou, D. Chaidopoulos, D. Apostolou, K. Tzanetou (Athens, GR)


Emergence of macrolide resistance for Mycoplasma genitalium in France D. Christment, S. Pereyre, A. Charron, C. Cazanave, C. Bébéar* (Bordeaux, FR)


Prevalence and risk factors associated with Chlamydia trachomatis, Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Mycoplasma genitalium infections in French pregnant women O. Peuchant, C. Le Roy, C. Desvaux, A. Paris, J. Asselineau, C. Maldonado, G. Chêne, J. Horovitz, D. Dallay, B. de Barbeyrac*, C. Bébéar (Bordeaux, FR)


Increased quinolone-resistant Ureaplasma urealyticum and Mycoplasma hominis isolated in reproductive-age women with vulvovaginitis S. Baka, I. Tsirmpa, I. Tsouma, E. Logothetis, E. Kouskouni* (Athens, GR)

106 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

Poster Sessions


Antibody profiles in response to vaccination against influenza A virus (H1N1) 2009 measured by a protein microarray E. Huijskens*, J. Reimerink, P. Mulder, J. van Beek, E. de Bruin, G. Rimmelzwaan, J. Rossen, M. Koopmans (Tilburg, Bilthoven, Breda, Rotterdam, NL)


Comparison of the side effects seen after rabies postexposure prophylaxis with two different verocell vaccines T. Sari, N. Tulek, F. Temocin, F.S. Erdinc, C. Bulut, G. Tuncer Ertem*, B. Oral (Ankara, TR)


Nonpuerperal breast infection: epidemiology and predictors for recurrences V. Sakka*, L. Galani, G. Bakoyannis, A. Antoniadou, M. Souli, S. Athanassia, K. Kiale, C. Tsompalioti, H. Giamarellou (Athens, GR)

Mandatory measles vaccination – are healthcare workers really safe? T. Mrvic*, M. Petrovec, M. Breskvar, T. Lejko Zupanc, M. Logar (Ljubljana, SI)


Serotype distribution among bacteraemic pneumococcal pneumonia in adults in Germany M. van der Linden*, M. Imöhl (Aachen, DE)



Incidence of invasive pneumococcal disease in adults A. Agulla*, G. Bou, B. Regueiro, M. García-Campello, X. Torres, P. Alonso, G. Estebam, P. Alonso, I. Rodríguez, E. Prieto, P. Romero, A. Malvar (Ferrol, A Coruña, Santiago, Pontevedra, Vigo, Lugo, Ourense, Monforte, Burela, Barco de Valdeorras, ES)


Serotype distribution of Streptococcus pneumoniae isolates from invasive disease in adults aged ≥50 years in Galicia, Spain S. Mendez*, A. Agulla, N. Somaza, P. Alvarez, F. Garcia, C. Zuñiga, E. Prieto, P. Romero, I. Paz, F. Pardo, M. Alvarez, F. Vasallo, I. Losada, I. Rodriguez, P. Alonso on behalf of the Study Group for Pneumococcal Disease in Galicia (Spain)


Effects of childhood vaccination on serotype distribution and coverage of PCV13 among adults in Germany M. van der Linden*, M. Imöhl (Aachen, DE)


Invasive Streptococcus pneumoniae isolates between 2008 and 2011 in Hungary: antimicrobial susceptibilities and serotype distribution T. Tirczka, B. Berta*, K. Horváth, J. Pászti, Á. Csohán (Budapest, HU)


Differences in nasal pneumococcal carriage of vaccinated and non-vaccinated children, during the first 2 years of wide-spread PCV uptake in Hungary A. Tóthpál*, S. Kardos, K. Nagy, M. van der Linden, O. Dobay (Budapest, HU; Aachen, DE)


Epidemiology and clinical characteristics of gonorrhoea in northern Denmark region, 2000–2010 L. Oestergaard*, T. Hoejbjerg, M. DalagerPedersen, H. Nielsen (Aalborg, DK)


Syphilis – the peak of the iceberg A. Petrescu, M. Constantin, L. Benea, A. Hristea, I. Niculescu, A. Streinu Cercel, R. Moroti-Constantinescu* (Bucharest, RO)



15:30 – 16:30

Cost-effectiveness of azithromycin for the treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease in a multi-field hospital in Russia Y. Belkova*, S. Ratchina, R. Kozlov (Smolensk, RU)


Evaluation of immune responses against fused p24 and gp41 genes of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 by using two recombinant vectors as a vaccine candidate F. Roodbari*, F. Mahboudi, F. Sabahi, R. Edalat, O.R. Alaei (Babolsar, Tehran, Sari, IR)


Immune response after booster vaccination in HIV-infected patients who had previously received primary rabies immunisation S. Sibunruang*, W. Jaijaroensup, P. Khawplod, A. Sawangvaree, K. Bootdee, U. Banjongkasaena Na Ayutthaya, T. Tantawichien (Bangkok, TH)


Varicella vaccination in HIV-1-infected children after immune reconstitution K. Peter* (Kampala, UG)


A new chromatographically purified Vero cell rabies vaccine: results of a comparative trial with purified Vero cell rabies vaccine in intradermal post-exposure treatment T. Tantawichien*, S. Sibunruang, T. Tantawichien, K. Limsuwan (Bangkok, TH)


Measles immunity and measles vaccine acceptance among healthcare workers in Paris, France R. Freund, A. Krivine, V. Prevost, D. Cantin, E. Aslangul, M.-F. Avril, Y. Claessens, F. Rozenberg, A. Casetta, M.-F. Baixench, V. Dumaine, O. Launay, P. Loulergue* (Paris, FR)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 107


Saturday, 31 March

Poster Sessions

Saturday, 31 March P1035

Serotypes causing invasive pneumococcal disease in young adults prior to the use of new conjugate vaccines A.N. Horácio*, J. Diamantino-Miranda, S.I. Aguiar, M. Ramirez, J. Melo-Cristino and the Portuguese Group for the Study of Streptococcal Infections


Invasive pneumococcal disease in elderly: serotype distribution and antimicrobial resistance before 13-valent conjugate vaccine introduction in Portugal J. Diamantino-Miranda*, A.N. Horácio, S.I. Aguiar, M. Ramirez, J. Melo-Cristino and the Portuguese Group for the Study of Streptococcal Infections


Recent changes in the proportion of piliated pneumococci: consequences of vaccine use and future prospects S.I. Aguiar*, J. Melo-Cristino, M. Ramirez (Lisbon, PT)


Cloning, expression and purification of autolysin from methicilin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus as vaccine candidate S. Haghighat, S.D. Siadat, S.M. Rezayat Sorkhabadi, M. Mahdavi, A. Akhavan Sepahi, M. Aghasadeghi, S.M. Sadat, M.H. Pouriavali, B. Rajaei, I. Dejban Golpasha (Tehran, IR)


Pertussis: characteristics of hospitalised and outpatient cases I. Crespo*, G. Carmona, M.R. Sala, P. Godoy, A. Domínguez on behalf of the Pertussis Surveillance Group of Catalonia


Surveillance of invasive meningococcal disease and vaccination strategy in the Czech Republic P. Krizova*, Z. Vackova, M. Musilek, J. Kozakova (Prague, CZ)


Recombinant outer membrane secretin PilQ406-770 as a vaccine candidate for serogroup B Neisseria meningitidis F. Haghi*, S. Najar peerayeh, H. Zeighami, S. Siadat (Zanjan, Tehran, IR)


Recombinant system for expression of cholera toxin B subunit in Escherichia coli M. Bustanshenas*, B. Bakhshi, M. Ghorbani, M. Atyabi, D. Norouzian (Tehran, IR)

108 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme


Efficacy of Candida albicans di- and tri-saccharide vaccine conjugates in an animal model and observation of complement binding to reduce bioburden R. Rennie*, L. Turnbull, D. Bundle, T. Lipinski (Edmonton, CA)


Study of the APC gene function in the mouse APC+/APC1638N model Z. Adamcikova*, K. Hainova, L. Wachsmannova, V. Stevurkova, V. Holec, Z. Cierna, P. Janega, P. Babal, V. Zajac (Bratislava, SK)


Using recombinant E. coli as a novel vaccine against foot and mouth disease virus G. Ahmadian, M. Shamsara, M. Karbalayi Ali, S. Hadji khodadad* (Tehran, IR)


The live attenuated B. pertussis vaccine strain BPZE1 subverts the immune functions of RSV-infected human dendritic cells I. Schiavoni, G. Fedele, A. Quattrini*, M. Bianco, C. Schnoeller, C. Locht, P. Openshaw, C. Ausiello (Rome, IT; London, UK; Lille, FR)


Immunogenicity and safety of tick-borne encephalitis vaccination in healthy elderly individuals K. Wanke, A. von Braun, L. Häberli, A. Mekker, P. Steffen, K. Stiasny, F. Heinz, B. Unger, U. Karrer* (Zurich, CH; Vienna, AT; Winterthur, CH)


Designing and studying of defensin peptides analogues as a mucosal adjuvant/microbicide: a study towards the development of peptidebased vaccine against AIDS T. Mohan*, D.N. Rao (New Delhi, IN)


Deficient long-term response to pandemic vaccine results in an insufficient antibody response to seasonal influenza vaccination in solid organ transplant recipients E. Cordero*, T. Aydillo, A. Pérez-Ordoñez, J. Torre-Cisneros, R. Lara, C. Segura, M.A. Gentil, M.A. Gómez-Bravo, E. Lage, J. Pachón, P. Perez Romero on behalf of REIPI-GESITRA

Poster Sessions

12:30 – 13:30 P1051



The Antibiotic Resistance and Prescribing in European Children (ARPEC) project: the European neonatal and paediatric antimicrobial web-based point prevalence survey in 56 hospitals within Europe and globally in 2011 A. Versporten*, M. Sharland, J. Bielicki, N. Drapier, V. Vankerckhoven, H. Goossens (Antwerp, BE; London, UK) ASPEN© – Antimicrobial Stewardship PracticEs in the NHS (North London) N. Cooley*, P. Panesar, M. Gilchrist, K. Hatton, T. Lyons, H. Wickens, W. Lawson (London, UK) Antimicrobial stewardship practices in North London hospitals N. Cooley*, P. Panesar, M. Gilchrist on behalf of North London Anti-microbial Pharmacist Network


Adherence to recommendations of an antimicrobial stewardship programme L. Martin, J. Murillas*, A. Campins, M. Peñaranda, L. Periañez, A. Oliver, O. Delgado, M. Riera (Palma de Mallorca, ES)


Trends in antibiotic use and antimicrobial resistance in French hospitals, 2008–2010. Data from the nationwide network “ATBRAISIN” C. Dumartin*, A.-M. Rogues, F. L’Heriteau, M. Pefau, X. Bertrand, P. Jarno, S. Boussat, A. Savey, P. Angora, L. Lacave, O. Ali-Brandmeyer, A. Machut, S. Alfandari, B. Schlemmer, S. Touratier, S. Vaux, A. Raisin (Bordeaux, Paris, Besançon, Rennes, Nancy, Lyon, Tourcoing, Saint-Maurice, FR)


Antibiotic stewardship programmes in French hospitals: time to change the national structure and process indicator, ICATB V. Marie, C. Dumartin, B. Amadeo, M. Pefau, P. Parneix, A.-M. Rogues* (Bordeaux, FR)


Institutional programme for improvement of antimicrobial treatment (PRIOAM) J.M. Cisneros*, F. Jiménez-Parrilla, O. Neth, J. Cano, E. Cordero, M.J. Rodriguez-Hernandez, J.A. Márquez-Vácaro, R. Amaya-Villar, M. Porras, J. Palomino, M.E. Jiménez-Mejías, M. Herreros, J. Molina (Seville, ES)



Development of a worldwide antimicrobial stewardship survey P. Howard*, C. Pulcini, D. Nathwani on behalf of the ESCMID Study Group for Antimicrobial Policies


Lack of correlation between antibiotic use and mortality in Swedish intensive care units – report from the Swedish registry of intensive care G. Fransson*, S. Walther, H. Hanberger on behalf of the Swedish ICU Registry and ICU-Strama/Swedish Institute for Communicable Disease Control


Improved antimicrobial susceptibility of uropathogenic Escherichia coli due to decline in ambulatory antibiotic consumption T. Marijan*, J. Vranes, A. Mlinaric-Dzepina, B. Bedenic, V. Ticic, M. Anusic (Zagreb, HR)


An innovative study of intra-abdominal infections to test the appropriateness of the revised trust antibiotic prophylaxis in adult surgery guidance. Results from intra-abdominal infections study for monitoring antimicrobial resistance trend A. Gan*, R Sharma, S. Ravi, M. Wong, A. Peel, M. Przybylo, A. Guleri (Blackpool, UK)


Point prevalence study for local antibiotic prescription and usage trends used in a large non-academic teaching hospital in the Netherlands T. Sprong*, H. Huntjens-Fleuren, I. Gyssens, A. Horrevorts, J. Schouten, A. Voss, J. Meis, T. Dofferhoff, M. Nabuurs-Franssen (Nijmegen, NL)


Adherence to recommendations by infectious disease consultants and its influence on outcomes of intravenous antibiotic-treated hospitalised patients G. Saravia*, J. Calvo, C. Fariñas-Alvarez, M. Gutierrez-Cuadra, B. Abascal-Bolado, M. Fernández-García, R. Rodriguez-Galindo, J. Sanabria-Cabrera, M. Gomez-Fleitas, M.C. Fariñas (Santander, ES)


Comparison of antimicrobial consumption measured by defined daily dose and days of therapy in VINCat hospitals S. Grau*, E. Fondevilla, S. Mojal, M. Palomar, J. Vallés, T. Arranz, M. Barrera, N. Bosacoma, M. Espona, P. Marcos, C. Mestres, E. Òdena, F. Gudiol (Barcelona, ES)


Analysis of antibiotic usage in Ukraine H. Demchuk*, Y. Mostovoy (Vinnitsa, UA)

Antibiotic use and antibiotic stewardship

The barriers and facilitators to optimal antimicrobial prescribing: a qualitative study E. Charani*, N. Shah, R. Edwards, L. Drumright, A. Holmes (London, UK)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 109


Sunday, 1 April

Poster Sessions

Sunday, 1 April P1067

Experience of a large Belgian centre in multidrug-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa bloodstream infections M. Hanappe, M. Hites*, S. Roisin, R. Surin, O. Denis, D. De Backer, J.L. Vincent, F. Jacobs (Brussels, BE)


Latvian point prevalence study for healthcare-associatated infections and antimicrobial use in acute care hospital by using the ECDC PPS protocol E. Dimina*, M. Kula, A. Baholdina, U. Dumpis on behalf of the National Nosocomial Infections Study Team



Antibiotic sales in rural and urban pharmacies in Northern Viet Nam: an observational study T.N. Do Thi*, T.K.C. Nguyen, P.H. Nguyen, Q.H. Nguyen, T.T. Nguyen, T.L. Hoang, K.T. Tran, D.P. Ho, V.Y. Nguyen, V.K. Nguyen, P. Horby, H.F.L. Wertheim (Hanoi, VN) Antimicrobial pharmacists in the UK – a role model for Europe K. Hand, W. Lawson* (London, UK)


Off-label use of anti-infective drugs in an Italian paediatric cohort S. Aguzzi*, F. Mignone, C. Bertaina, D. Montin, M. Pinon, S. Virano, D. Le Serre, S. Garazzino, C. Scolfaro, P.A. Tovo (Turin, IT)


Creation of the European Surveillance of Veterinary Antimicrobial Consumption (ESVAC) project J. Torren-Edo*, A. Muller, D. Mackay, K. Grave (London, UK)


Using milk from cows on antimicrobial therapy as feed for calves – a potential risk for dissemination of resistant bacteria? A. Duse*, U. Emanuelson, H. Ericsson Unnerstad, Y. Persson, K. Persson Waller, B. Bengtsson (Uppsala, SE)


ESBL-producing enterobacteria in retail chicken meat, Berlin, Germany A. Kola*, A. Eisele, C. Waigwa, Y. Pfeiffer, W. Witte, P. Gastmeier (Berlin, Wernigerode, DE)


Increased raw poultry meat colonisation by extended-spectrum beta-lactamaseproducing Escherichia coli in southern Spain P. Egea*, L. López-Cerero, E. Torres, M.C. Gómez-Sánchez, L. Serrano, M.D. Navarro, J. Rodríguez-Baño, A. Pascual (Seville, ES)

110 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme


Comparison of ESBL contamination in organic and conventional retail chicken meat J.W.T. Cohen Stuart*, T. Van den Munckhof, G. Voets, J. Scharringa, A. Fluit, M. LeversteinVan Hall (Utrecht, NL)


Contamination of retail samples of roasted pork (Sui Mei) in Hong Kong C. Young, M. Boost*, M. O'Donoghue (Kowloon, HK)


Did SARS have a long-lasting effect on levels of nasal colonisation and hand contamination of food handlers in Hong Kong? J. Ho, M. Boost, M. O'Donoghue* (Kowloon, HK)

12:30 – 13:30

Bacterial fitness and antibiotic resistance of Gram-negative bacteria


In silico search for QnrVC-like family members M.J. Pons*, C. Gomes, J. Ruiz (Barcelona, ES)


Comparison of the virulence genetic pool of Pseudomonas aeruginosa clinical and environmental isolates with public health relevance S.G. Pereira*, A.C. Rosa, R. Leitão, O. Cardoso (Coimbra, PT)


Impact of antibiotic resistance and betalactamase carriage on virulence of Klebsiella spp. C. Caneiras*, F. Calisto, G. da Silva, L. Lito, J. Melo-Cristino, A. Duarte (Lisbon, Coimbra, PT)


Colistin susceptible Acinetobacter baumannii that turns resistant after colistin treatment: effect on virulence and bacterial fitness R. López-Rojas*, M. McConnell, F. Fernández-Cuenca, M.E. Jiménez-Mejías, J.A. Lepe, J. Pachón (Sevilla, ES)


Contribution of a different pattern of stimulation of the innate immune system in virulence of Klebsiella pneumoniae producing carbapenemase I. Pantelidou*, D. Carrer, M. Georgitsi, E. Giamarellos-Bourboulis (Athens, GR)


Inverse relationship between pathogenicity and NDM-1 carriage in Escherichia coli J. Tyrrell*, P. Warn, L. Payne, R. Howe, M. Woodward, T.R. Walsh (Cardiff, Manchester, Surrey, UK)

Poster Sessions

12:30 – 13:30

Emergence of bacterial resistance in humans, animals and the environment


First report of an OXA-23 carbapenemaseproducing Acinetobacter baumannii strain in Spain P. Espinal*, M. Maciá, E. Gato, I. Roca, F. Fernándezcuenca, L. Martinez-Martinez, J. Pachón, J. Rodriguez-Baño, A. Pascual, G. Bou, M. Tomás, J. Vila (Barcelona, Mallorca, A Coruña, Sevilla, Santander, ES)


A case of New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase 1 in the Netherlands with secondary transmission T. Halaby*, E.A. Reuland, N. al Naiemi, A. Potron, P.H.M. Savelkoul, C.M.J.E. Vandenbroucke-Grauls, P. Nordmann (Enschede, Amsterdam, NL; Le Kremlin Bicêtre, FR)


Retrospective summary report of integron study in a local hospital in southern China Z. Xu*, L. Li, G. Yu, L. Shi, B. Li, J. Su, M. Shirtliff (Guangzhou, CN; Baltimore, US)


Macrolide and tetracycline resistance in Moraxella catarrhalis isolates from 2009–2011 is higher in the Asia Pacific Region than in other regions of the world R. Flamm*, H. Sader, D. Farrell, R. Jones (North Liberty, US)


Report of linezolid resistance from the Zyvox® Annual Appraisal of Potency and Spectrum programme (Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific) J. Ross, R. Jones*, R. Flamm, L. Deshpande (North Liberty, US)


Fifty per cent reduction of MRSA incidence in Belgian acute care hospitals: yes we can! B. Jans*, B. Catry, M. Costers, K. Mertens, A. Simon, O. Denis (Brussels, BE)


In vitro doxycycline selection of Bacillus thuringiensis, Bacillus cereus and Bacillus anthracis Sterne with a one-step method F. Janvier*, F. Biot, E. Valade, F. Thibault, D.R. Vidal, J.D. Cavallo, A. Mérens (Saint Mandé, La tronche, FR)


Antimicrobial susceptibility and species identification of Corynebacterium spp. strains collected in Europe and USA medical centres, 2006–2010 H. Sader*, P. Rhomberg, R. Jones, J. Ahman, E. Matuschek, G. Kahlmeter (North Liberty, US; Vaxjo, SE)


Surveillance of non-O157 STEC isolates in the Netherlands, 2007-2011 W.K. Van der zwaluw, D.W Notermans*, S. Kuiling, H.M.E. Maas, I.H.M. Friesema, M.E.O.C. Heck, W. van Pelt (Bilthoven, NL)


Occurrence of extended-spectrum betalactamases in Shigella sonnei and S. flexneri isolated after 2007 in Korea N. Kim, S. Song, J. Kim, S. Hong, M. Park, S. Kim* (Cheongwon-goon, KR)


Systemic and extraintestinal salmonellosis in Bulgaria: review of clinical cases, resistance to antimicrobial agents and PFGE typing of human non-typhoid Salmonella isolates G. Asseva*, P. Petrov, K. Ivanova, T. Kantardjiev (Sofia, BG)


Comparative analysis of shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli isolates from humans and animals in Peru F. Rivera, A. Medina, E. Sotelo, I. Morales, F. Menacho, M. Riveros, J. Ruiz*, T. Ochoa (Lima, PE; Barcelona, ES)


Prevalence and characterisation of extendedspectrum beta-lactamases in human and bovine isolates of Escherichia coli from Oyo state, Nigeria C. Inwezerua*, N. Mendonça, V. Calhau, O.E. Adeleke, G.J. Da Silva (Ibadan, NG; Coimbra, PT)


Analysis of trends in P. aeruginosa antibiotic resistance of animal and human isolates: a retrospective observational study in central Italy A.-R. Attili*, S. Preziuso, V. Ngu Ngwa, M. Moriconi, V. Cuteri (Matelica, IT)


Antimicrobial susceptibility monitoring of non-typhoidal Salmonella from healthy pigs and poultry in Belgium, 2008–2011 A. de Jong*, C. Ludwig, B. Stephan, H. Imberechts, E. De Graef, M. Vanrobaeys (Leverkusen, DE; Brussels, Torhout, BE)


Antimicrobial susceptibility of zoonotic Salmonella enterica from cattle, pigs and poultry isolated in 8 countries over a fouryear period (2002-2006) (EASSA programme) H. Moyaert*, A. de Jong, P. Butty, U Klein, H. Marion, S Simjee, V Thomas, M. Vallé (Brussels, BE)


Serogroup screening and antimicrobial resistance in Salmonella isolated from broiler chickens J. Akbarmehr* (Sarab, IR)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 111


Sunday, 1 April

Poster Sessions

Sunday, 1 April P1102

Antimicrobial susceptibility monitoring of respiratory tract pathogens isolated from diseased cattle and pigs across Europe A. de Jong*, S. Simjee, V. Thomas, K. Maher, I. Morrissey, P. Butty, U. Klein, H. Marion, H. Moyaert, D. Rigaut, B. Schiessl, M. Vallé (Brussels, BE; Fordham, UK)


In vitro activity of the novel ceragenin compound, CSA-131 alone versus a diverse collection of Gram-negative pathogens and in combination with vancomycin versus multidrug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii M. Hornsey*, P.B. Savage, D.W. Wareham (London, UK; Provo, US)


Antimicrobial susceptibility of mastitis pathogens isolated from diseased dairy cows across Europe: VetPath monitoring results V. Thomas, A. de Jong*, S. Simjee, K. Maher, I. Morrissey, P. Butty, U. Klein, H. Marion, H. Moyaert, D. Rigaut, M. Vallé (Brussels, BE; Fordham, UK)


Monitoring the activity of antimicrobials against multidrug-resistant Clostridium spp. S. Hawser*, C. Zampaloni, F. Monti, S. Bouchillon, M. Hackel, M. Dowzicky (Schaumburg, US; Epalinges, CH; Collegeville, US)


Chlorhexidine resistance in clinical isolates of coagulase-negative staphylococci, a descriptive study B. Söderquist*, G. Prag, K. Falk-Brynhildsen, S. Jacobsson, M. Unemo (Örebro, SE)


High antibiotic resistance patterns of Escherichia coli in hospital wastewater in Nicaragua E. Amaya, D. Reyes, M. Paniagua, S. Calderón, M. Rashid, P. Colque, I. Kühn, R. Möllby, C.E. Nord, A. Weintraub* (Huddinge, Stockholm, SE; León, NI)


Recovery of extended spectrum betalactamase (ESBL) producing bacteria from the hospital environment C. Judge, L. Burke, S. Galvin, H. Humphreys, D. Fitzgerald Hughes* (Dublin, IE)







Campylobacter spp. in raw materials of animal origin and their resistance to antibiotics in the Czech Republic J. Bardon*, M. Kolár, V. Husicková, V. Hanulík (Olomouc, CZ) A comparison of primary and secondary clarithromycin and levofloxacin resistance of Helicobacter pylori in southern Poland between 2006–2008 and 2009–2011 E. Karczewska, K. Klesiewicz*, I. Skiba, I. Wojtas-Bonior, E. Sito, M. Zwolinska-Wcislo, A. Budak (Krakow, Cracow, PL) Helicobacter pylori primary and secondary resistances to antimicrobials in a Portuguese adult population J.M. Romãozinho, N. Almeida, M.M. Donato, C. Luxo, O. Cardoso*, M.A. Cipriano, C. Marinho, R. Figueiredo, C. Sofia (Coimbra, PT) Prevalence of third-generation cephalosporinresistant Escherichia coli and their resistance mechanisms in dogs in Finland J. Jalava, N. Vuorela*, S. Miettinen, S. Pelkonen, M. Rantala (Turku, Helsinki, Kuopio, FI) Comparison of veterinary medicines and natural feed constituents on curing efficacy and conjugation frequency of CTX-M plasmids in Escherichia coli M. Bagnall*, F. Lemma, M. Toszeghy, L. Randall, N. Coldham, L. Piddock, M. Woodward (New Haw, Birmingham, UK) Comparison of a rapid multiple combination bactericidal testing method versus conventional time-kill studies for patients infected with extreme drug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii with decreasing susceptibilities to polymyxin B Y.Y. Cai*, T.P. Lim, S. Sasikala, N. Rafida, T.Y. Tan, W. Lee, L.Y. Hsu, J. Teo, T.T. Tan, A.L. Kwa (Singapore, SG)

112 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

12:30 – 13:30

Environmental control and healthcareassociated infections


In-use evaluation of an automated ultraviolet lamp (Germ Genie®) for bio-decontamination of hospital computer keyboards I.K Hosein*, T. Aseez, A. Livermore, R. Smith, G. Barrett, G. Benge, J. Silles, R. Jackson (London, Reading, Hertfordshire, UK)


Effect of a decontamination device producing hydroxyl radicals on the survival of airborne opportunistic pathogens L. Rayner*, C.B. Beggs, K.G. Kerr, S.J. Shepherd, A.M. Snelling (Bradford, Harrogate, UK)


Sporicides: the importance of in-use volume for effective surface disinfection S. Ali*, G. Moore, A. Wilson (London, UK)

Poster Sessions

Sunday, 1 April




12:30 – 13:30 P1122



A pilot before and after intervention study on the effect of a liquid oxygen releaser sporicidal surface disinfectant compared with the usual disinfection procedure on the risk of nosocomial CDI in a university hospital, Austria, 2007–2011 M. Hell*, C. Bernhofer, M. Voith, F. Berr, J.M. Kern, G. Chmelizek, M. Maass, S. Huhulescu, A. Indra, F. Allerberger, D. Schmid (Salzburg, Vienna, AT) Equal efficacy of glucoprotamin versus an aldehyde product for environmental disinfection in haematologic transplant unit: a prospective cross-over trial R. Meinke*, B. Meyer, R. Frei, J. Passweg, A. Widmer (Basel, CH; Düsseldorf, DE) Microbial air contamination in operating theatres during hip and knee arthroplasties: first results from the ISChIA project A. Agodi, F. Auxilia, M. Barchitta, D. D'Alessandro, I. Mura, M. Nobile, C. Pasquarella* on behalf of the GISIO-SItI (Italian Study Group of Hospital Hygiene - Italian Society of Hygiene, Preventive Medicine and Public Health) Emergent infection risk associated with hot water disinfection practices A. Buzzigoli*, B. Casini, A. Vecchione, E. Ramirez Quiroz, R. Banducci, P. Valentini, A. Baggiani, G.P. Privitera (Pisa, IT; Mexico City, MX)


Differential risk of post-surgical wound infection according to patient ethnicity T. Lamagni*, S. Elgohari, C. Wloch, E. Sheridan (London, UK)


Does preoperative statin therapy reduce postoperative infectious complications in patients undergoing cardiac surgery? A systematic review and meta-analysis I. Tleyjeh*, F. Alasmari, M. Riaz, A. Bin Abdulhak, L. Baddour (Riyadh, SA; Rochester, US)


Incidence and microbiological characterisation of infections related to implantation of joint prostheses in São Paulo, Brazil, over a five-year period A.L. Lima*, P.R. Oliveira, C.S. Felix, A.P. Paula, J.F. Tavares, F. Rossi, G.L. Camanho (Sao Paulo, BR)


Prevalence and risk factors of hospitalacquired infections in intensive care units: retrospective analysis from a USA hospital database C. Amand-Bourdon*, A. Stemart, E. Obi-Tabot, F. Joly (Chilly-Mazarin, FR; Bridgewater, US)


Transmission dynamics of Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa in a burn centre during a six-month period of patient monitoring by molecular typing W.A. van der Reijden*, S.A. Boers, I.F. van Ess-Visser, A.F.P.M. Vloemans, R. Jansen, B.M.W. Diederen (Haarlem, Beverwijk, NL)


Evaluation of clinical and economic outcomes associated with infective endocarditis at an academic medical centre K. Bauer*, J. West, D. Goff, E. Abel, D. Blais, K. Stevenson, M. Firstenberg (Columbus, US)


Characteristics of meningitis/ventriculitis associated to neurosurgical procedures at a Brazilian teaching hospital: a retrospective analysis from 2005 through 2010 M.M. Alves*, D.B. Assis, T. Guimaraes, M.P. Freire, F.C.G. Pinto, S.F. Costa, I. Boszczowski (Sao Paulo, BR)


Incidence of hospital-acquired pneumonia, bacteraemia and urinary tract infection in patients with haematological malignancies, 2004–2010: a surveillance-based study C. Huoi*, P. Vanhems, M.C. Nicolle, M. Michallet, T. Bénet (Lyon, FR)


Surveillance of the central venous catheter-related bloodstream infections in haematological patients M. Giemza, M.M. Wroblewska*, E. Mik, A. Kuziak, J. Czyz, B. Marianska (Warsaw, PL)

Clinical epidemiology of nosocomial infections – general Are cardiac surgeons the only common denominator between surgical site infections and poor compliance to antibiotic prophylaxis in cardiothoracic surgery? M. Hassan*, T. Al-Badawi, L. Moorhouse, S. Staff, A. Guleri (Blackpool, UK) Advancing quality in patient care initiative at a tertiary care cardiac unit: an innovative project drawing on surgical site infections (including post discharge) surveillance in cardiothoracic surgery to drive quality T. Al-Badawi, A. Guleri*, L. Moorhouse, S. Staff, R. Sharma, M. Purohit, M. Hassan, V. Srivastava, K. Mattam (Blackpool, UK) Debridement and implant retention in periprosthetic joint infections: could long-term antibiotic therapy improve the outcome? C. Pensotti, F. Nacinovich*, L. Guzzi, P. Titanti, J. Thierer, A. Ferraris, C. Di Stefano, D. Stamboulian (Buenos Aires, AR)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme




Poster Sessions

Sunday, 1 April P1134

A study of microbial aetiology of catheterassociated urinary tract infection in intensive care unit and medical wards from a tertiary care teaching hospital in New Delhi, India S. Banerjee*, S.K. Prakash, M.K. Daga, R. Kumar, A. Das, R. Kaur (New Delhi, IN)



Bloodstream infections in a neonatal intensive care unit: a two-year study M. Papadimitriou*, E. Charachousou, D. Hatzaki, A. Doudoulakakis, I. Parakakis, J. Kapetanakis, E. Lebessi (Athens, GR)

12:30 – 13:30








Hospital-acquired pneumonia in non-ICU patients in a rural general hospital T. Exiara*, M. Filippidou, K. Nikolaou, M. Kouroupi, E. Gidaris, A. Konstantis, L. Simoglou, A. Risggits, V. Dendrinos, E. Pigkal, E. Filippidou, S. Saridou, M. Memet, L. Papazoglou (Komotini, Didimoteixo, Alexandroupolis, GR) Healthcare-acquired pneumonia in internal medicine departments: frequency and risk factors for difficult-to-treat microorganisms M. Giannella*, J.A. Capdevila, B. Pinilla, P. Muñoz, E. Bouza on behalf of the ENEMI study group Characterisation of healthcare-associated pneumonia in a Belgian university hospital C. Theunissen*, D. De Bels, J. Vanderhulst, I. Gallimoni, G. Herzog, J. Massaut, S. Cherifi (Brussels, BE) A review of the infection control prevention and control interventions during a large outbreak of norovirus infection at a hospital, London S. Palanivel*, P.A. Riley (London, UK) A nosocomial outbreak of 2009 influenza A(H1N1) in a haematology ward C. Garcia-Vidal*, I. De la Haba, D. Viasus, J. Niubó, E. Coma, M. Bodro, À. Plans, C. Micheo, J. Trellis, A. Fernández-Sevilla, J. Carratalà (L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, ES) Unusual hospital-related outbreaks due to fungi: the need to improve diagnosis, treatment and prevention E. Repetto*, C. Giacomazzi, A. Traverso, F. Castelli (Brescia, Aosta, IT) Reporting observational studies on antibioticresistant infections. It is time to improve it E. Tacconelli*, M.A. Cataldo, G. De Angelis, C. De Waure, S. Venturiello, C. Cadeddu, E. Milozzi, B. Cookson (Rome, IT; London, UK)

114 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

Predicting a complicated course of Clostridium difficile infection using a validated scoring system at patient's bedside M.P. M. Hensgens*, O.M. Dekkers, S. le Cessie, A. Goorhuis, E.J. Kuijper (Leiden, Amsterdam, NL) Clinical epidemiology of nosocomial infections – Gram-positive infections


Molecular characterisation of VRE from the hospital environment and correlation with clinical VRE samples during an outbreak in a tertiary referral centre C. Fenelon*, C. Wrenn, S. Fitzgerald, K. Schaffer, E. O'Mahony, L. Fenelon, D. Keating, D. O'Brien (Dublin, IE)


Molecular epidemiologic characterisation of Staphylococcus epidermidis isolated from prosthetic joint infections B. Hellmark*, B. Söderquist, M. Unemo, Å. Nilsdotter-Augustinsson (Örebro, Linköping, SE)


The impact of methicillin-sensitive Staphylococcus aureus bacteraemia in a UK renal population P. Thomson, C. Deighan, S. Hasnie, J. Coia* (Glasgow, UK)


First documented nosocomial transmission of MRSA spa type 011 in an Austrian hospital, 2010–2011 D. Schmid*, W. Ruppitsch, U. Orendi, U. Zerlauth, F. Allerberger (Vienna, Klagenfurt, AT)


Use of a novel MRSA strain-typing system to investigate a neonatal intensive care unit outbreak L. Gilbert*, A. Pinto, M. O'Sullivan, K. Dempsey, J. Tallon, M. Tracy (Sydney, AU)


Is colonisation pressure a predictor of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus transmission in a low prevalence setting? A. Senok*, H. Khanfar, A. Anani, V. Zinkevich (Riyadh, Dhahran, SA; Portsmouth, UK)


Virulence determinants among coagulasenegative staphylococci recovered from bacteraemias and device-related infections N. Giormezis*, A. Foka, E. Drougka, S. Fouzas, G. Dimitriou, E.D. Anastassiou, I. Spiliopoulou (Patras, GR)


Rapid bench top whole genome sequencing for investigation of a putative MRSA outbreak N.C. Gordon*, T. Golubchik, P. Piazza, A. Votintseva, D. Buck, R. Lay, A.M. Kearns, R. Bowden, L. O'Connor, D.C. Crook (Oxford, London, UK)

Poster Sessions


Successful implementation of a new MRSAscreening concept M. Kellner* (Sindelfingen, DE)


Phenotypic and genotypic characterisation of coagulase negative staphylococci bacteraemic isolates from infected very low birth weight neonates: antibiotic and antiseptic susceptibility, biofilm production and clonality M. Lepainteur, J.-W. Decousser, G. Royer, O. Romain, F. Doucet-Populaire* (Clamart, FR)

12:30 – 13:30

Clinical epidemiology of nosocomial infections – Gram-negative infections


Multiresistant bacteria obtained from returning travellers: incidence, characteristics, influence on clinical outcome J. Nemeth*, B. Preiswerk, A. Nobile, S. Karrer, C. Ruef (Zurich, CH)


Surveillance of Escherichia coli bacteraemia in England – preliminary results of the recently introduced mandatory surveillance scheme J. Davies*, J.K. Abernethy, R. Guy, M.C. Muzyamba, A.P. Johnson, E. Sheridan, R. Hope (London, UK)


Developments in England’s mandatory surveillance programme: targeting E. coli and MSSA bacteraemia E. Sheridan*, R. Hope, A. Johnson (London, UK)


An nosocomial transmission of IMP-1 producing K. pneumoniae in a intensive care unit at a Korean hospital J. Park*, J. You, H. Yang (Busan, Osong, KR)


Case-control analysis of Gram-negative catheter-related bloodstream infection in a tertiary care medical centre A. Eworo, P. Muñoz*, M. Rodríguez-Creixems, A. Fernandez-Cruz, E. Reigadas, E. Bouza (Madrid, ES)


Low contribution of ESBL-producing Enterobacteriaceae from long-term care facilities’ residents in a tertiary medical centre T. Lejko Zupanc, B. Beovic, B. Znidarsic, M. Mueller Premru, M. Pirs* (Ljubljana, SI)


Carriage of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the respiratory tract during SDD and SOD: preliminary results of a cluster-randomised cross-over study E.A.N. Oostdijk*, A.M.G.A. de Smet, J. Kesecioglu, M.J.M. Bonten on behalf of the SDD-SOD study group


Comparison of MALDI-TOF mass spectra analysis and XbaI-restriction of genomic DNA (PFGE) in evaluation of nosocomial transmission and outbreaks of Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae M. Pirs*, T. Cerar, E. Ruzic Sabljic, V. Krizan Hergouth, A. Andlovic, T. Lejko ZUpanc, T. Mrvic, K. Seme (Ljubljana, SI)


Molecular profiling of nosocomial isolates of Klebsiella pneumoniae expressing AmpC beta-lactamase in a tertiary referral hospital of northern India S. Upadhyay*, M.R. Sen, S. Mishra, A. Bhattacharjee (Varanasi, Assam, IN)


An outbreak of OXA-48 carbapenemaseproducing Klebsiella pneumoniae in an Irish tertiary referral centre in 2011 A. Ronayne*, D. O' Brien, C. Wrenn, L. Rose, C. Roche, S. Fitzgerald, L. Fenelon, B. Crowley, K. Schaffer (Dublin, IE)


Risk factors for locally acquired New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase-1 Enterobacteriaceae in Singapore K. Marimuthu*, J. Teo, V.C. Gan, W.K. Ng, P. Krishnan, B.S. Ang, D.C. Lye (Singapore, SG)


Epidemiological, microbiological and clinical characteristics of an outbreak of colistinresistant KPC carbapenemase-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae C. Tascini*, A. Leonildi, I. Ciullo, F. Sbrana, P. Malacarne, S. Flammini, E. Tagliaferri, F. Menichetti (Pisa, IT)


In vitro activity of colistin and tigecycline against carbapenemase producing Klebsiella pneumoniae clinical isolates during 2005–2010 in a university hospital K. Spyropoulou*, S. Vamvakopoulou, C. Bartzavali, E. Jelastopulu, E. Petinaki, P. Giakoupi, A. Vatopoulos, E.D. Anastassiou, I. Spiliopoulou, M. Christofidou (Patras, Larissa, Athens, GR)


Gram-negative bacteraemias in elderly ICU patients M. Katsiari*, A. Xydaki, I. Strouvalis, Z. Roussou, E. Platsouka, N. Maguina (Athens, GR)


Virulence factors and clones of multidrugresistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates disseminated among patients in a university hospital M. Koutsogiannou*, E. Drougka, E. Jelastopulu, E.D. Anastassiou, I. Spiliopoulou, M. Christofidou (Patras, GR)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 115


Sunday, 1 April

Poster Sessions

Sunday, 1 April P1169

The impact of antimicrobial therapy on survival in patients with nosocomial Acinetobacter baumannii-associated infections Y. Gorbich*, I. Karpov, O. Kretchikova (Minsk, BY; Smolensk, RU)


Risk factors for Bulkholderia cepacia complex bacteraemia among intensive care unit patients in a Greek general hospital K. Kontopoulou, K. Tsepanis*, E. Vasiliagkou, K. Katsanoulas, I. Stoikou, E. Antoniadou, K. Mandavelli (Thessaloniki, GR)


Clinical characteristics and outcome of post-neurosurgical Acinetobacter baumannii meningitis: a multicentre cross-sectional study C. Moon*, Y. Kwak, B. Kim, E. Kim, C. Lee (Busan, Seoul, Jeonju, KR)


Outbreak of Burkholderia multivorans in non-cystic fibrosis patients hospitalised in intensive care units V. Hanulik, M. Chroma*, R. Uvizl, M.A. Webber, R.N. Whitehead, S. Baugh, M. Sedlakova, M. Kolar (Olomouc, CZ; Birmingham, UK)


Predictors of mortality in multidrug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii: a descriptive study in a long-term acute care hospital A. Tedesco*, S. Mondino, T. Tassoni, P. Calvi, M. Cavallo, R. Cazzaro, L. Dal Sasso, S.A. Bellometti (Lonigo, Arzignano, IT)


A multicentre prospective observational study for risk factors and outcome of carbaepenem-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii bacteraemia D.W. Park*, J.W. Sohn, Y. Kim, C. Lee, M.S. Lee, S. Ryu, Y.J. Choi, H. Jang, C. Kang, H.Y. Kim, H.J. Choi, S.S. Lee, S.W. Kim, S.I. Kim, E.S. Kim, J.Y. Kim, K.R. Peck, M.J. Kim (Ansan, Seoul, Daejeon, Jeonju, Daegu, Goyang, Gwangju, Wonju, Anyang, KR)


Bacteraemia caused by multiresistant Acinetobacter baumannii: an observational study A. Rodriguez-Guardado*, A. Blanco, M. Martinez, F. Pérez, M. Lantero, V. Asensi, V. Carcaba, J. Carton (Oviedo, ES)


Impact of delayed appropriate antibiotic therapy on mortality in patients with carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii bacteraemia: a multicentre prospective observational study D.W. Park, Y.K. Yoon, Y. Kim, C. Lee, M.S. Lee, S. Ryu, Y.J. Choi*, H. Jang, C. Kang, Y. Kim, Y.H. Jun, S.S. Lee, H.H. Chang, J. Kwon, G.M. Park, J.Y. Kim, K.R. Peck, M.J. Kim (Ansan, Seoul, Daejeon, Jeonju, Daegu, Goyang, Gwangju, Wonju, Anyang, KR)


Risk factors for infection development following an ultrasound guided prostate biopsy procedure and effects of resistant bacteria in the intestinal flora E. Eruz*, E. Ozden, H. Aslaner, S. Ogucu Durgun, D. Koseoglu Taymur, K. Memikoglu, H. Kurt (Ankara, TR)

116 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

12:30 – 13:30

International and national resistance surveillance data


Prevalence of extended-spectrum betalactamases in Europe: 2004–2011 M. Hackel*, D. Hoban, R. Badal, S. Bouchillon, B. Johnson, J. Johnson, S. Hawser, M. Dowzicky (Schaumburg, US; Epalinges, CH; Collegeville, US)


Global trends in frequency and susceptibility of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase positive E. coli, K. pneumoniae, and K. oxytoca isolated from intra-abdominal infections since 2005 – the SMART Study R. Badal*, S. Lob, S. Bouchillon, D. Hoban, A. Johnson, M. Hackel (Schaumburg, US)


Susceptibility of intra-abdominal pathogens and occurrence of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase producers in 13 European countries – the SMART Study 2010–2011 R. Badal*, S. Lob, S. Bouchillon, D. Hoban, S. Hawser, A. Johnson, M. Hackel (Schaumburg, US; Epalinges, CH)


Susceptibility of intra-abdominal pathogens in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East – SMART 2010/2011 R. Badal*, S. Lob, S. Bouchillon, S. Hawser, D. Hoban, M. Hackel (Schaumburg, US; Epalinges, CH)


Susceptibility of Gram-negative pathogens isolated from urinary tract infections in Portugal between 2009–2010 – the SMART Study S. Ferreira*, J. Diogo, A. Castro, H. Ramos, E. Ramalheira (Aveiro, Lisbon, Porto, PT)


Susceptibility of Gram-negative pathogens isolated from intra-abdominal infections in Portugal between 2008–2010 – the SMART Study S. Ferreira*, J. Diogo, A. Castro, H. Ramos, E. Ramalheira (Aveiro, Lisbon, Porto, PT)

Poster Sessions

Sunday, 1 April Comparative in vitro activity of amoxicillin/ clavulanate against aerobic Gram-negative pathogens in Spain – SMART 2005–2010 R. Badal*, S. Bouchillon, D. Hoban, M. Hackel (Schaumburg, US)


Resistance to colistin in Klebsiella pneumoniae – a slowly emerging problem in England R.L.R. Hill*, R. Pike, K. Patabendige, T. Pllana (London, UK)


In vitro susceptibilities of aerobic and facultative Gram-negative bacilli isolated from patients with intra-abdominal infections and urinary tract infections in China: the 2010 Study for Monitoring Antimicrobial Resistance Trends (SMART) Y. Wang*, H. Xi, Y. Xu, B. Hu, Y. Ni, W. Huang, Y. Wang, A. Wu, Y. Yu, X. Feng, Z. Sun, K. Liao, D. Shen, Z. Hu, Y. Chu (Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Jinan, Changsha, Hangzhou, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Shenyang, CN)


Evolution of Escherichia coli susceptibility in the French community from 2004 to 2010 S. Thibaut, J. Caillon, G. Grandjean, F. Ollivier, G. Potel, F. Ballereau* (Nantes, FR)


Phenotypic and genetic screening of betalactamases mediated resistance amongst clinical isolates of Gram-negative bacilli from Romanian hospitals I. Czobor*, M.C. Chifiriuc, L. Marutescu, A. Cotar, O. Banu, E. Borcan, V. Lazar, G. Mihaescu (Bucharest, RO)


Microbiological characteristics of Gram-negative bacteria isolated from patients with intra-abdominal infections in Latvia, 2007–2010 A. Balode, A. Vilde*, U. Dumpis, T. Obidenova, I. Jansone (Riga, LV)


Epidemiological data of VIM- and IMPproducing P.aeruginosa prevalence in Novosibirsk in patients undergoing cardiosurgery V.N. Ilyina*, A.I. Subbotovskaya, D.S. Sergeevichev, V.S. Kozyreva, A.P. Subbotovsky (Novosibirsk, RU)


Surveillance of carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae in the Netherlands D.W. Notermans*, K. van der Zwaluw, A. Haenen, M. Leverstein-van Hall, J. Alblas, M. van Santen-Verheuvel, M. Heck, H. Bijlmer, X. Huijsdens (Bilthoven, Utrecht, NL)


Evolving epidemiology of carbapenemresistant Enterobacteriaceae: molecular characterisation of KPC-positive strains and circulating plasmids I. Frasson*, A. Cavallaro, E. Franchin, S. Parisi, G. Palù, S.N. Richter (Padua, IT)


Intestinal colonisation by imipenem-resistant Gram-negative bacilli in ICU patients L. Armand-Lefevre*, C. Angebault, F. Barbier, E. Hamelet, G. Defrance, E. Ruppe, R. Bronchard, A. El Mniai, R. Lepeule, J.C. Lucet, M. Wolff, P. Montravers, P. Plesiat, A. Andremont (Paris, Besançon, FR)


Antibiotic resistance trends of urinary ESBLproducing E. coli and Klebsiella spp. at a teaching hospital in Istanbul, 2004–2010 S. Akcay*, A. Inan, N. Dosoglu, S. Cevan, D. Engin, S. Aksaray (Istanbul, TR)


Frequency and antimicrobial resistance of Gram-negative bacilli isolated from Latin America hospitals: results from SENTRY Antimicrobial Surveillance programme, 2008–2010 A. Gales, M. Castanheira, R. Jones, H. Sader* (Sao Paulo, BR; North Liberty, US)


Resistance patterns in multi-resistant Enterobacteriaceae: data from the German Antibiotic Resistance Surveillance System (ARS) from 2008–2010 B. Schweickert*, I. Noll, M. Feig, H. Claus, M. Abu Sin, G. Krause, T. Eckmanns (Berlin, DE)


Epidemiology of ESBL-producing Enterobacteriaceae extended-spectrum beta-lactamases in Belgian hospitals: results of nationwide multicentre survey in 2010 Y. Glupczynski*, C. Berhin, T. Huang, P. Bogaerts, A. Deplano, R. De Mendonça, B. Jans, O. Denis (Yvoir, Brussels, BE)



Nationwide survey of extended-spectrum beta-lactamases, metallo-beta-lactamases, and oxacillinases produced by multidrugresistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains in Belgium in 2010 Y. Glupczynski*, F. El Garch, A. Deplano, C. Bauraing, C. Berhin, B. Jans, M. Hallin, O. Denis, P. Bogaerts (Yvoir, Brussels, BE) Prevalence of plasmid-encoded fosfomycin resistance gene among clinical isolates of extended-spectrum beta-lactamaseproducing Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae in Korea and the genetic environment of fosA3 Y.J. Kim*, S.Y. Lee, J.K. Yu, K.G. Park, Y.J. Park (Seoul, KR)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme




Poster Sessions

Sunday, 1 April P1200

The trend of selected antimicrobial-resistant pathogens in a tertiary care hospital, Istanbul T. Haznedaroglu, V. Turhan*, M. Özyurt, B. Bektöre, O. Baylan, O. Öncül, L. Görenek (Istanbul, TR)


Activity and spectrum of antimicrobial coverage against pathogens collected from patients with hospital-acquired and ventilated-associated bacterial pneumonia in USA medical centres H. Sader*, R. Flamm, D. Farrell, R. Jones (North Liberty, US)





Carbapenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Acinetobacter baumannii clinical isolates in a tertiary hospital V. Papaioannou, S. Tsiplakou, A. Stylianakis*, E. Chatziandreou, I. Papadakis, D. Argyris, P. Thomaidis, K. Mouta (Athens, GR) In vitro activity of fosfomycin in well characterised carbapenem-nonsusceptible Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates recovered from 16 Spanish hospitals M. Díez-Aguilar, M. García-Castillo, A. Oliver, R. del Campo, R. Cantón, M. Morosini* (Madrid, Palma de Mallorca, ES) Impact of ertapenem utilisation on Pseudomonas aeruginosa susceptibility to imipenem. Trends in the last decade in a tertiary teaching hospital D. Sousa*, J.M. Gutierrez, F. Molina, B. Lopez, L. Carrajo, L. Castelo, E. Sanchez, E. Miguez, G. Bou, P. Llinares (La Coruña, ES) Rapid spread of OXA-23-positive Acinetobacter baumannii in Greece marking the end of OXA-58 predominance A. Liakopoulos*, A. Papaioannou, A. Spliiopoulou, C. Konsolakis, S. Vourli, A. Velegraki, L. Zerva, C. Koutsia-Carouzou, I. Spiliopoulou, S. Tzouvelekis, V. Miriagou, E. Petinaki (Larissa, Patras, Athens, GR)


First identification of colistin and tigecyclineresistant Acinetobacter baumannii producing KPC-3 carbapenemase in Portugal C. Caneiras*, F. Calisto, G. Da Silva, T. Amores, L. Lito, J. Melo-Cristino, A. Duarte (Lisbon, Coimbra, PT)


Isolation of anaerobic bacteria and susceptibility pattern to antimicrobial agents from purulent specimens in a Greek hospital, 2008–2010 M. Orfanidou*, T. Pitsia, T. Christacopoulou, G. Ganteris, E. Vagiakou, E. Malamou-Lada (Athens, GR)

118 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme


Reduced carbapenem susceptibility in the Bacteroides fragilis group – findings from the TEST programme 2007–2010 M. Hackel*, S. Bouchillon, R. Badal, S. Hawser, D. Hoban, M. Dowzicky (Schaumburg, US; Epalinges, CH; Collegeville, US)


An age analysis of the susceptibility of Gram-positive and Gram-negative pathogens from centres in the USA: TEST programme 2008–2010 D. Hoban*, S. Hawser, M. Hackel, S. Bouchillon, B. Johnson, J. Johnson, M. Dowzicky (Schaumburg, US; Epalinges, CH; Collegeville, US)


Resistance phenotypes observed from amongst Staphylococcus aureus and pneumococci isolated from USA paediatric patients during the 2009 AWARE surveillance programme K.M. Krause*, D. Biek, R.N. Jones, H.S. Sader, I.A. Critchley (Oakland, North Liberty, US)


Emergence of high-level mupirocin resistance in non-aureus staphylococci associated with increased mupirocin use E. Bathoorn*, D.J. Hetem, J.G. Kusters, M.J.M. Bonten (Utrecht, NL)


A 5-year study of antimicrobial resistance of enterococcal isolates in a tertiary hospital S. Tsiplakou, A. Stylianakis*, V. Papaioannou, A. Panagopoulou, K. Ntetsika, I. Papadakis, D. Argyris, K. Mouta (Athens, GR)


Susceptibility of Enterococcus species including vancomycin-resistant phenotypes: Asia/Pacific, 2006–2010 D. Hoban*, R. Badal, M. Hackel, S. Bouchillon, M. Dowzicky (Schaumburg, Collegeville, US)


Primary investigation of the virulence factors of vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecium in a tertiary-care hospital of Sichuan, China Y. Deng, Z. Li, Y. Huang, Y. Xiao, C. He, Y. Xie, M. Kang*, H. Fan (Chengdu, CN)


Vancomycin MICs compared between MRSA and MSSA in 9 countries R. Reynolds*, R.N. Jones, M.G. Stilwell, G. Zhanel, R. Hope and the BSAC Working Party on Resistance Surveillance


Susceptibility of routine MRSA isolates to a series of antibiotics in the Netherlands T. Bosch*, A. Nijmeijer, M.E.O.C. Heck, H.A. Bijlmer (Bilthoven, NL)

Poster Sessions


Activity of vancomycin, linezolid and daptomycin against staphylococci and enterococci isolated in Greek hospitals, 2008–2010 I. Spiliopoulou, Z. Florou, M. PapadimitriouOlivgeris*, M. Economou, E. Drougka, K. Ziva, N. Giormezis, E. Petinaki (Patras, Larissa, Athens, GR)


Continued decline of macrolide-resistant Streptococcus pyogenes in Portugal C. Silva-Costa*, M. Ramirez, J. Melo-Cristino (Lisbon, PT)


Antimicrobial resistance prevalence at the United Kingdom’s first academic health science centre L.S.P. Moore*, C.P. Thomas, E. Brannigan, A.H. Holmes (London, UK)


National MRSA rates run along with fair play – European championship 2008 E. Meyer*, P. Gastmeier, F. Schwab (Berlin, DE)

12:30 – 13:30

Highlights of the molecular bases of antimicrobial resistance in Enterobacteriaceae


Efflux inhibitors induce ramA expression A.J. Lawler*, V. Ricci, L.J.V. Piddock (Birmingham, UK)


MDR efflux pumps have overlapping and distinct roles in antibiotic resistance and virulence J.M.A. Blair*, A.M. Bailey, H.E. Smith, L.J. Thompson, A.J. Lawler, L.J.V. Piddock (Birmingham, UK)




Stress response and resistance of Salmonella enterica serotype Enteritidis to the efflux pump inhibitor neuroleptic drug thioridazine G. Spengler*, L. Rodrigues, M. Martins, M. McCusker, S. Santos Costa, E. Ntokou, Á.M. Szabó, Á. Horváth, Z.G. Varga, S. Fanning, J. Molnár, L. Amaral (Szeged, HU; Lisbon, PT; Dublin, IE; Larissa, GR) Genomic evolution of antibiotic resistance in Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium following biocide challenge R.N. Whitehead*, L.J.V. Piddock, M.J. Pallen, M.A. Webber (Birmingham, UK) Characterisation of mechanisms of resistance and determination of plasmid incompatibility group of E. coli and Salmonella strains isolated from healthy food animals with decreased susceptibility to cefotaxime V. Thomas, A. de Jong*, P. Butty, K. Godinho, M. Vallé, P. Nordmann (Brussels, BE; Paris, FR)


A mutation upstream of a chromosomal parMR locus is responsible for antibiotic resistance gene silencing in Escherichia coli 345-2 B. Humphrey, D. Walker, N.R. Thomson, V.I. Enne* (Bristol, Cambridge, London, UK)


In vivo selection of a complex mutant TEM allele (TEM-158) from an inhibitor-resistant TEM allele (TEM-35) producing E. coli strain H. Jacquier*, G. Marcadé, E. Raffoux, J.L. Donay, G. Arlet, E. Cambau (Paris, FR)


Carbapenem-hydrolysing GES-5-encoding gene on different plasmid types from a sewage treatment plant D. Girlich*, L. Poirel, R. Szczepanowski, A. Schlüter, P. Nordmann (Le Kremlin Bicêtre, FR; Münster, Bielefeld, DE)


Multidrug resistance IncHI1 plasmids carrying blaCTX-M-1 from equine Escherichia coli from the Czech Republic M. Dolejska*, L. Villa, A. Carattoli (Brno, CZ; Rome, IT)


Development during therapy of carbapenem resistance in Salmonella enterica serotype Typhimurium L.-H. Su*, T.-L. Wu, C.-H. Chiu (Taoyuan, TW)


Occurrence of carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae in Sultanate of Oman L. Dortet*, L. Poirel, F. Alyaquobi, P. Nordmann (Le Kremlin Bicêtre, FR; Muscat, OM)


Importation of OXA-48-producing and carbapenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae from Kuwait to France L. Poirel*, E. Carbonnelle, S. Bernabeu, L. Gutmann, P. Nordmann, L. Gutmann (Le Kremlin Bicêtre, Paris, FR)


Detection of Acinetobacter baumannii derived oxa-51 and oxa-58 carbapenemase genes in enteric bacteria: a new dimension on carbapenemase resistance S. Budak, Z. Aktas*, O. Oncul, A. Acar, M. Ozyurt, V. Turhan, L. Gorenek (Istanbul, TR)


Naturally occurring metallo-beta-lactamases in Erythrobacter sp. D. Girlich*, L. Poirel, P. Nordmann (Le Kremlin Bicêtre, FR)


Description of IMP-31, a novel metallobeta-lactamase very divergent from other known IMP carbapenemases N. Pfennigwerth*, S.G. Gatermann, M. Kaase (Bochum, DE)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 119


Sunday, 1 April

Poster Sessions

Sunday, 1 April P1238

Characterisation of carbapenemase IMI-2 in Enterobacter spp. clinical isolates from France S. Bernusset, T. Naas*, D. Tandé, H. Biessy, L. Poirel, M. Henry, C. Cattoen, G. Cuzon, P. Nordmann (Le Kremlin-Bicêtre, Brest, La Rochelle, Valencienne, FR)


Detection and characterisation of a new VIM-31 variant in Enterobacter cloacae P. Bogaerts*, C. Bebrone, W. Bouchahrouf, T.-D. Huang, Y. DeGheldre, K. Hoffman, Y. Glupczynski (Yvoir, BE; Aachen, DE; Brussels, BE)


Retrospective search for NDM-1 reveals Indian origin of DIM-1 metallo-beta-lactamase M. Castanheira*, L. Deshpande, L. Woosley, R. Prochaska, R. Jones (North Liberty, US)


Biochemical characterisation of GES-18 carbapenemase with an additional Val80Ile substitution compared to GES-5 C. Bebrone*, P. Bogaerts, H. Delbrück, R. Rezende de Castro, M. Kupper, Y. Glupczynski, K. Hoffmann (Aachen, DE; Yvoir, BE)


Identifying terIS of ISCR1 and new ISCR elements S. Partridge* (Sydney, AU)


Discovery of a new 16S rRNA methylase, RmtF, conferring high-level aminoglycoside resistance in human Enterobacteriaceae isolates from India L. Hidalgo*, K. Hopkins, A. San Millan, J.A. Escudero, B. Gutierrez, L. Carrilero, C. Martinez, A. Santos, K. Prasad, N. Woodford, B. Gonzalez-Zorn (Madrid, ES; London, UK; Lucknow, IN)



Co-linkage of novel extended spectrum beta-lactamase VEB-5 and 16S rRNA methyltransferase ArmA in Salmonella enterica from the United Kingdom L. Hidalgo*, K. Hopkins, D. Wareham, A. San Millan, J.A. Escudero, B. Gutierrez, L. Carrilero, C. Martinez, A. Santos, B. Gonzalez-Zorn (Madrid, ES; London, UK) Characterisation of two new variants of 16S rRNA methylase encoding genes, rmtB2 and rmtB3 M. Castanheira*, L. Deshpande, R. Melano, R. Mendes, R. Jones (North Liberty, US; Toronto, CA)

120 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

12:30 – 13:30

Epidemiology and molecular antimicrobial resistance of Acinetobacter sp.


Carbapenem and fluoroquinolone resistance in Acinetobacter radioresistens P.G. Higgins*, E. Zander, H. Seifert (Cologne, DE)


Epidemiology of multidrug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii/haemolyticus complex in the largest Russian cancer hospital Z. Grigoryevskaya*, N. Dmitrieva, S. Dyakova, I. Petukhova, N. Bagirova, E. Kulaga, E. Sokolova, T. Kalinchuk (Moscow, RU)


Diversity in Acinetobacter baumannii isolates from paediatric cancer patients in Egypt L. Al-Hassan*, H. Mehallawy, S. Amyes (Edinburgh, UK; Cairo, EG)


Emergence of multi-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii among Libyan military personnel during the recent Libyan conflict M.A. Daw*, A.A. Dau, H. Elasifer, S. Tloba (Tripoli, LY)


Epidemiology of Acinetobacter species infection in a gastroenterology and liver transplant ICU in a multi speciality hospital in India R. Bagga*, U. Baveja, A. Rattan (Gurgaon, IN)


Surveillance of Acinetobacter baumannii isolates resistant to carbapenems during 10-year period (2001–2010) in Aveiro, Portugal S. Ferreira*, R. Diaz, S. Rocha, A. Paradela, E. Ramalheira (Aveiro, PT)


Use of DiversiLab repetitive-sequencebased PCR for epidemiologic analysis of A. baumannii from Australia and Asia H.E. Sidjabat*, A. Silvey, W. Kamolvit, N. Runnegar, C. Huber, D.L. Paterson (Brisbane, AU)


Comparison of carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii isolates from various body sites of colonised patients J.H. Yoon*, S.J. Jin, M.G. Kim, H.W. Kim, N.S. Lee, S.H. Han, J.Y. Choi, D.E. Yong, Y.G. Song, J.M. Kim (Seoul, Jeonju, KR)

Poster Sessions


Preceding colonisation of carbapenemresistant Acinetobacter baumannii in respiratory tract of sepsis patients J.H. Yoon*, S.J. Jin, M.G. Kim, H.W. Kim, N.S. Lee, S.H. Han, J.Y. Choi, D.E. Yong, Y.G. Song, J.M. Kim (Seoul, Jeonju, KR)


A new method for studying efflux and membrane permeability in Acinetobacter species by measuring accumulation of Hoechst 33342 (bis-benzamide) G.E. Richmond*, L.J.V. Piddock (Birmingham, UK)


Identification of a clinical isolate of Acinetobacter genomic species 10 with an integronborne blaVIM-2 gene flanked by miniature inverted-repeat transposable elements S. Domingues*, A. Duarte, K.M. Nielsen, G.J. Da Silva (Coimbra, Lisbon, PT; Tromsø, NO)


Deletion of AdeFGH pump increases susceptibility of multidrug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii to carbapenems I. Amin, P. Sen, T.H. Koh, G.E. Richmond, L.J.V. Piddock, K.L. Chua* (Singapore, SG; Birmingham, UK)


Molecular epidemiology and mechanisms of carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii in a Saudi Arabia hospital A. Ribeiro, M.H. Al-Agamy, A.M. Shibl, A.F. Tawfik, P. Courvalin, K. Jeannot* (Paris, FR; Riyadh, SA; Besançon, FR)


Evaluation of colistin-resistant Acinetobacter strains I. Baran*, I. Mumcuoglu, N. Aksu, A. Yetkin, F. Coskun, D. Kanyilmaz, H. Bodur, Z. Karahan (Ankara, TR)



Molecular analysis of A. baumannii isolated from invasive infections in 2009 in Poland R. Izdebski*, I. Letowska, A. Skoczynska, E. Stefaniuk, D. Zabicka, W. Hryniewicz, M. Gniadkowski (Warsaw, PL)

Involvement of the outer membrane protein OmpW in colistin resistance of Acinetobacter baumannii M. Catel-Ferreira, S. Marti, G. Coadou, T. Jouenne, J. Vila, E. Dé* (Mont-Saint-Aignan, FR; Barcelona, ES)



A novel and hybrid composite transposon at the origin of acquisition of the blaCARB-14 gene in Acinetobacter baumannii R. Bonnin*, L. Poirel, P. Nordmann (Le Kremlin Bicêtre, FR)

High-throughput mass spectrometry analysis reveals alterations in iron acquisition systems in meropenem heteroresistant Acinetobacter baumannii A. Ikonomidis*, M. Panopoulou, G. Panayotou, M. Samiotaki (Alexandroupolis, Athens, GR)


Conversion of OXA-66 into OXA-82 in clinical Acinetobacter baumannii isolates and association with altered carbapenem susceptibility E. Zander*, P. Higgins, A. Chmielarczyk, H. Seifert (Cologne, DE; Krakow, PL)


Modelling in vitro time growth to predict the fitness cost of drug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii and Pseudomonas aeruginosa B. Guo, K. Abdelraouf, K.R. Ledesma, M. Nikolaou, V.H. Tam* (Shanghai, CN; Houston, US)


Investigation of repetitive PCR results and diversity of oxacillinases among invasive Acinetobacter baumannii isolates through six years (2004–2010) in a Turkish university hospital A. Ergin*, Ö. Köseoglu Eser, G. Hasçelik (Ankara, TR)

12:30 – 13:30

Epidemiology and molecular resistance of Staphylococcus sp. and Enterococcus sp.


Spread of methicillin-susceptible Staphylococcus aureus ST398 in patients, health care workers and environment in an intensive care unit A.S. Brunel*, A.L Bañuls, H. Marchandin, D. Morquin, E. Jumas-Bilak, P. Corne (Montpellier, FR)


Modulating activity of vancomycin and daptomycin on the expression of autolysis cell-wall turnover and membrane charge genes in hVISA and VISA strains V. Cafiso*, T. Bertuccio, D. Spina, S. Purrello, S. Stefani (Catania, IT)



blaOXA-24/40-carrying plasmids have an important role in the dissemination process of carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter spp. F. Grosso*, S. Quinteira, Â. Novais, L. Peixe (Porto, Famalicao, PT) Comparison of blaVIM, blaIMP, OXA-58, and OXA-23 real-time PCR results with various phenotypic methods in carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii and Pseudomonas spp. S. Bilgi*, G. Bahar, O. Gurbuz, M. Cagatay (Van, Ankara, TR)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme



Sunday, 1 April

Poster Sessions

Sunday, 1 April P1271


Staphylococcal chromosome cassette mec stability in major endemic methicillinresistant Staphylococcus aureus clones over 20 years M. Camoez*, J. Sierra, T. Conceiçao, M. Miragaia, H. De Lencastre, R. Martín, M. Domínguez (Barcelona, ES; Oeiras, PT; New York, US) MRSA harbouring mecA-LGA251, a new highly divergent mecA variant: performance of the methods used in routine labs to screen, detect and confirm methicillin resistance F. Laurent*, R. Skov, B. Pichon, C. Teale, G. Edwards, M. Holmes, A. Tristan, R. Hill, M. Bes, J.-W. Decousser, A. Petersen, A. Kearns, F. Vandenesch, A.R. Larsen (Lyon, FR; Copenhagen, DK; London, Shrewsbury, Glasgow, Cambridge, UK; Clamart, FR)


A new mechanism for the mobilisation of mecA independent of the action of cassette chromosome recombinase Z. Zong* (Chengdu, CN)


Emergence of high-level mupirocin resistance in hospital- and community-acquired methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in Pontevedra, Spain E. Pérez-Roth*, C. Potel-Alvarellos, X. Espartero, L. Constela-Caramés, S. Méndez-Álvarez, M. Álvarez-Fernández (La Laguna, Vigo, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, ES)




Molecular analysis of high-level mupirocinresistant methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus recovered in Ireland between 1998 and 2009 O.M. Brennan*, A.C. Shore, K. Kadlec, S. Schwarz, D.C. Coleman (Dublin, IE; Neustadt-Mariensee, DE) Role of insertion sequence IS257 in the dissemination of high-level mupirocin resistance ileS2 gene in staphylococci: a preliminary study E. Pérez-Roth, J. Martín-Padrón*, E. Martín-Núñez, S. Méndez-Álvarez (La Laguna, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, ES) Characterisation of a cfr-positive methicillinresistant Staphylococcus epidermidis strain of the lineage ST22 implicated in a lifethreatening human infection C. Lozano, M. Ruiz-Garcia, P. López-García, G. Royo-García, M. Zarazaga, C. Torres* (Logroño, Elche, ES)

122 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme


New MLSB resistance gene in Staphylococcus lentus S. Schwendener*, V. Perreten (Berne, CH)


Fluoroquinolone recognition by prokaryotic S. aureus NorA and eukaryotic murine Mrp4 efflux transporters: a combined experimental and structural study J. Dupont, C. Vallet, P. Tulkens*, M. Prévost, F. Van Bambeke (Brussels, BE)


The role of NorA in the adaptative response of Staphylococcus aureus to stress stimuli S.S. Costa*, M. Viveiros, L. Amaral, I. Couto (Lisbon, PT)


Resistance to biocides conveyed by efflux pumps in clinical isolates of MRSA S. S. Costa*, C. Mourato, M. Viveiros, J. Melo-Cristino, L. Amaral, I. Couto (Lisbon, PT)


Role of resident and acquired multi-drug efflux pumps in reduced susceptibility to cationic biocides in Staphylococcus aureus L. Furi, M.L. Ciusa, D. Knight, V. Di Lorenzo, F. Decorosi, J. Coelho, A.T. Freitas, C. Viti, G. Orefici, I. Morrissey, M.R. Oggioni* and the BIOHYPO consortium


Staphylococcus aureus mutants and clinical isolates with reduced susceptibility to the biocide triclosan differ in phenotype and genotype M.L. Ciusa, L. Furi, D. Knight, F. Decorosi, C. Raggi, J. Coelho, A.T. Freitas, L. Baldassarri, C. Viti, G. Orefici, I. Morrissey, M.R. Oggioni* and the BIOHYPO consortium


Genetic basis for in vitro and in vivo resistance to lincosamides and streptogramins A (LSA phenotype) in Enterococcus faecium B. Malbruny, R. Leclercq, V. Cattoir* (Caen, FR)


Identification of the Enterococcus faecalis SOS regulon S. Matrat*, I.F. Nes, B. Gonzalez Zorn (Madrid, ES; As, NO)


Growth condition-dependant cell surface proteome analysis of Enterococcus faecium J.C. Sinnige*, R.J. Willems, M.J.M. Bonten, J. Top (Utrecht, NL)


Emergence of plasmid-mediated fosfomycin resistance gene, fosB, among Enterococcus faecium clinical isolates X. Xu, Q. Gu, C. Chen, D. Zhu, M. Wang* (Shanghai, CN)


Contact isolation for vancomycin-resistant enterococci? N. Mutters*, R. Brooke, K. Heeg, U. Frank (Heidelberg, DE; Utrecht, NL)

Poster Sessions


Prevalence of phenotypically vancomycin susceptible, but vanB-PCR positive, Enterococcus faecium. Do we overlook VRE vanB carrying strains in our hospitals? J.P. Arends*, X. Zhou, G. Kampinga, A. Sabat, N.E.L. Meessen, A.W. Friedrich (Groningen, NL)


Global dissemination of vancomycinresistant VanB Enterococcus faecium causing outbreaks in different countries is mainly associated with chromosomal Tn1549/5382like platforms A.R. Freitas*, A.P. Tedim, C. Novais, P. Ruiz-Garbajosa, L. Peixe, F. Baquero, T.M. Coque (Porto, PT; Madrid, ES)


Microbiologic and clinical characteristics of vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecium bacteraemia in Taiwan: a retrospective cohort study C. Lu*, Y. Chuang, Y. Chen, S. Chang, J. Wang (Hsin-Chu, Taipei, TW)


Molecular characterisation of vancomycinresistant Enterococcus faecium from a tertiary care centre in Saudi Arabia M. Al-Ahdal, S. Abuzaid, H. Al-Shammary, M. Bohol, S. Al-Thawadi, A. Al-Jabri, A. Senok*, A. Shibl, A. Al-Qahtani (Riyadh, SA)

12:30 – 13:30 P1293




Epidemiology of antimicrobial resistance In vitro activity of rifaximin against Escherichia coli with prevalent ESBLs and carbapenemases S. Mushtaq*, K.L. Hopkins, J.F. Richardson, E. de Pinna, T. Cheasty, J. Wain, D.M. Livermore, N. Woodford (London, UK) Evolution of antimicrobial resistance of Escherichia coli isolates causing obstetric infections: relationship with virulence and clinical features E. Guiral*, J. Bosch, J. Vila, S. Soto (Barcelona, ES) Clonal structure of invasive Streptococcus pneumoniae collected from adult patients in Spain C. Ardanuy*, A. Fenoll, J. Liñares, E. Cercenado, F. Marco, A. Fleites, B. Buendía, M. Zuñiga, B. Palop, C. Mendez on behalf of the ODIN Study Group The impact of efflux activity on drug resistance of Burkholderia cepacia complex isolated from non-cystic fibrosis patients V. Hanulik*, M.A. Webber, R.N. Whitehead, S. Baugh, M. Chroma, M. Sedlakova, M. Kolar (Olomouc, CZ; Birmingham, UK)


Faecal carriage of Escherichia coli O25b:H4/ST131: preliminary results of a survey in nosocomial and community settings E. Torres*, L. López-Cerero, M. Bellido, M.D. Navarro, J. Rodríguez-Baño, A. Pascual (Seville, ES)


The development of antimicrobial resistance patterns of commonly Gram-negative bacteria isolated from bronchial secretions in intensive care unit in anticancer hospital Thessaloniki, GR S. Karampa*, S. Kostopoulou, A. Domoktsi, V. Zioutas, S. Ganta, V. Anagnostou, I. Diamanti, P. Kazila, E. Kaitsa (Thessaloniki, GR)


Clinical features and outcome of infections due to pandrug-resistant Gram-negative bacteria D. Kofteridis*, D. Dimopoulou, S. Maraki, A. Valachis, M. Giaka, C. Alexopoulou, A. Andrianaki, G. Giourgouli, G. Samonis (Heraklion , GR)


Invasive pneumococcal disease in HIVinfected patients in France from 2000–2011. Antimicrobial susceptibility and implication of serotypes for vaccination A.-L. Munier, V. de Lastours*, E. Varon, J.-L. Donay, J.-M. Molina (Paris, FR)


Haemophilus haemolyticus as a potential reservoir for ftsI gene mutations and altered penicillin-binding protein 3 mediated resistance in Haemophilus influenzae E. Witherden*, S. Tristram (Launceston, AU)


Are biocides and antibiotic resistance driving the emergence of Salmonella enterica serotype 4,[5],12:i- (monophasic variant of S. typhimurium)? J. Mourao, L. Dias, L. Ferreira, T. Alves, J. Machado, C. Novais, L. Peixe, P. Antunes* (Porto, Lisbon, PT)


The role of plasmids in the control of antibiotic resistance in Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae isolated in a London hospital M. Alqurashi*, J. Dave, M. Pond, S. Amyes (Edinburgh, London, UK)


Resistance mechanisms to amoxicillinclavulanate in Escherichia coli: molecular epidemiology of inhibitor-resistant TEM and OXA-1- producing isolates A. Ortega*, V. Bautista, R.M. Bartolomé, E. Cercenado, M.C. Conejo, L. MartínezMartínez, M. Merino, B. Mirelis, I. Weber, J. Campos, J. Oteo (Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Santander, La Coruña, Palma de Mallorca, ES)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme



Sunday, 1 April

Poster Sessions

Sunday, 1 April P1305

Resistance to aminoglycosides in Corynebacterium striatum J. Navas*, R. Duran, S. Martinez, C. Salas, L. Martinez-Martínez (Santander, ES)


Broad host-range transferable high-level gentamicin resistance in group B Streptococcus A. Tazi, A. Firon, H. Poupet, N. Dmytruk, M. Longo, P. Trieu-Cuot, C. Poyart* (Paris, FR)



12:30 – 13:30

Antimicrobial susceptibility and molecular characterisation of metronidazole resistance in H. pylori isolated from Thai patients T. Chatsuwan*, P. Prasurthsin, R. Vilaichone, D. Thong-Ngam, V. Mahachai (Bangkok, TH)

Epidemiology of MRSA, VRE and other Gram-positives First occurrence of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus with a novel mecA homologue in a child in Switzerland H. Adler*, U. Heininger, D. Brandenberger, E. Schultheiss, R. Frei (Basel, CH)


Molecular epidemiology of methicillinresistant Staphylococcus aureus in Switzerland: diversity from bacteraemia represents only a small part of the diversity found in colonised/infected patients L. Senn*, P. Basset, G. Greub, G. Prodhom, R. Frei, R. Zbinden, C. Balmelli, V. Gaia, G. Pfyffer, K. Mühlemann, G. Zanetti, D.S. Blanc (Lausanne, Basel, Zurich, Lugano, Bellinzona, Lucerne, Berne, CH)


Molecular typing and phenotype characterisation of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus isolates from blood in Taiwan J. Lu*, W. Wang (Taoyuan, TW)


Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in four Balkan countries M.D. Bartels*, L. Raka, D. Osmalli, G. Mijovic, Z. Cekovska, G. Mulliqi-Osmani, B. Kakaraskoska, G. Bosevska, S.M. Rohde, K. Boye, H. Westh (Hvidovre, DK; Phristina, XZ; Tirana, AL; Podgorica, ME; Skopje, MK)


Characterisation of resistance, virulence, surface and immune evasion genes in Spanish epidemic methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus strains F. Menegotto, S. González Cabrero, A. Cubero Ribas, W. Cuervo, V. de Santiago Montaña, M.P. Gutiérrez Rodríguez, A. Ortega Andrés, M. Simarro, A. Orduña Domingo, M.A. Bratos Pérez* (Valladolid, ES)


Clonality of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and methicillinresistant Staphylococcus pseudintermedius isolated from healthy and sick companion animals and humans in Portugal N. Couto*, A. Belas, C. Pomba (Lisbon, PT)


Nationwide survey of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus harbouring mecALGA251 reveals a reservoir in ruminants A. Larsen*, M. Stegger, O. Heltberg, J. Christensen, A. Zeuthen, A. Petersen, M. Soerum, R. Skov (Copenhagen, Slagelse, DK)


Analysis of the immune evasion cluster genes in clinical and commensal Staphylococcus aureus strains of human and animal origins D. Benito*, C. Lozano, E. Gómez-Sanz, P. Gómez, M. Zarazaga, C. Torres (Logroño, ES)


Clonal transmission of MRSA between horses and staff at a veterinary teaching hospital and successful decolonisation of staff M.J. Schwaber*, S. Navon-Venezia, S. Masarwa, S. Tirosh-Levy, I. Chmelnitsky, R. Glick, Y. Carmeli, E. Klement, A. Steinman (Tel Aviv, Rehovot, IL)


High prevalence of PVL-positive Staphylococcus aureus skin infections among outpatients in Brussels region, Belgium V. Sistek*, F. Antoine, A. Dediste, M. Gérard, P. Mols, J. Andrée, E. Maillart, G. Mascart, B. Richert, M. Van Nuffelen, C. Melot, V. Del Marmol, F. Van Bambeke, S. Blumental, A. Vergison, F. Jacobs, O. Denis (Brussels, BE)

Escherichia coli as reservoir for macrolide resistance genes A. Ferjani*, A. Baccouche, M. Marzouk, M. Tarchouna, J. Boukadida (Sousse, TN)




Studying recombination in the context of the population structure: the case of a recently emerged methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus lineage S. Castillo-Ramírez*, P. Marttinen, J. Corander, M. Holden, Z. Gulay, H. Westh, E. Feil (Bath, UK; Turku, FI; Hinxton, UK; Izmir, TR; Hvidovre, DK) High prevalence of ST228-MRSA-I blood isolates with the hVISA/VISA phenotype in the northern Italian province of Bolzano R. Aschbacher*, B. Pichon, M. Wootton, M. Ganner, R. Hill, R. Pike, P. Innocenti, L. Moroder, R. Meyer, C. Spitaler, I. Unterkircher, A. Griessmair, E. Pagani, C. Larcher, I. Agreiter, S. Spertini, A. Kearns (Bolzano, IT; London, Cardiff, UK; Merano, Bressanone, Brunico, IT)

124 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

Poster Sessions


Lack of emergence of PVL-positive MRSA strains in a university hospital A. Strandén*, R. Frei, A.F. Widmer (Basel, CH)


Analysis of gene distribution of Staphylococcus aureus strains isolated from healthy volunteers with intermittent or persistent nasal carriage and from infected patients P.O. Verhoeven*, F. Grattard, A. Carricajo, O. Garraud, B. Pozzetto, P. Berthelot (Saint-Etienne, FR)







Nasal carriage rate and molecular epidemiology of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus among medical students in a Taiwanese university C.S. Chen*, C.Y. Chen, Y.C. Huang (Taoyaun County, TW) Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in community-, healthcare-, and hospitalassociated infections: results of a 12-month observational study in a large tertiary-care Italian hospital E. Graglia, E. Mantengoli*, F. Bartalesi, A. Cavallo, D. Cecconi, P. Pecile, G.M. Rossolini, A. Bartoloni (Firenze, Siena, IT) Nasal carriage of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus among hospitalised patients and healthcare workers in a Belgrade university hospital I. Cirkovic*, A. Larsen, M. Svabic Vlahovic, D. Radenkovic, P. Gregoric, S. Stepanovic (Belgrade, RS; Copenhagen, DK) Molecular epidemiology and nasal carriage of Staphylococcus aureus and methicillinresistant S. aureus among young children attending day care centres and kindergartens in Hong Kong Y.Y.M. Chan*, P.Y. Chan, S.S. Chiu, Y. Gan, F. Chow, E.L. Lai, Y.L. Lau, P.L. Ho (Hong Kong, HK) The epidemiology of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in elderly residents of 65 care homes in a single primary care trust of northern England C. Horner*, A. Kearns, J. Heritage, M. Wilcox (Leeds, London, UK) Organisation of genetic diversity and spread of Staphylococcus aureus into an intensive care unit A.-S. Brunel, A.L. Bañuls, H. Marchandin, D. Morquin*, F. Chevenet, E. Jumas-Bilak, P. Corne (Montpellier, FR)


Incidence of community-acquired methicillinresistant Staphylococcus aureus and level of non-beta-lactam resistance in outpatients with skin and soft tissue infections in Buenos Aires, Argentina E. Cordova*, M.I. Lespada, N. Gomez, E. Cassini, W. Cornistein, M. Badia, C. Rodriguez (Buenos Aires, AR)


Association of MRSA colonisation and infection in adult patients hospitalised at chest intensive care units C.-B. Chen*, H.-C. Chang, Y.-C. Huang, H.-C. Lin, S.-M. Lin (Taipei City, Taoyuan, TW)


Genotypic and phenotypic characterisation of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus strains recovered from a phase IV clinical trial for linezolid versus vancomycin for the treatment of nosocomial pneumonia R. Mendes*, L. Deshpande, D. Smyth, B. Shopsin, D. Farrell, R. Jones (North Liberty, New York, US)


An overview on staphylococcal linezolid resistance in Italy D. Bongiorno*, F. Campanile, G. Mongelli, M. Falcone, F. Menichetti, A. Novelli, M. Pasticci, P. Pecile, M. Sarti, A. Sartor, C. Scarparo, C. Tascini, M. Venditti, F. Zoppi, S. Stefani (Catania, Roma, Pisa, Florence, Perugia, Modena, Udine, IT)


Decreasing rates of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and correlation to antimicrobial consumption pattern in a tertiary level hospital E. Iosifidis*, D. Papanikolaou, P. Kadiltzoglou, A. Katragkou, E. Siaka, E. Roilides (Thessaloniki, GR)


Vancomycin MIC and clone type are independent predictors of persistent MRSA bacteraemia at a USA hospital J.A. Otter*, N.L. Havill, M.D. Virata (London, UK; New Haven, US)


Impact of low-level glycopeptide resistance on treatment failure in orthopaedic devicerelated methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infection P. Vaudaux*, T. Ferry, I. Uçkay, P. François, J. Schrenzel, A. Renzoni, S. Harbarth, D.P Lew (Geneva, CH; Lyon, FR)


A four-year study of coagulase-negative Staphylococcus resistance profile in a Greek tertiary hospital A. Stylianakis*, S. Tsiplakou, V. Papaioannou, K. Tsopelas, E. Chatziandreou, D. Argyris, I. Papadakis, K. Mouta (Athens, GR)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 125


Sunday, 1 April

Poster Sessions

Sunday, 1 April 12:30 – 13:30 P1337

Role of ISKpn7 and deletions in blaKPC gene expression T. Naas*, G. Cuzon, H. Truong, P. Nordman (Le Kremlin-Bicêtre, FR)


Complete characterisation of In70-harbouring plasmid pAX22 from Achromobacter xylosoxydans V. Di Pilato*, S. Pollini, G. Mastrogiovanni, G.M. Rossolini (Siena, IT)


ICESp009, a mega-carrying conjugative genetic element in Streptococcus pyogenes M. Del Grosso*, R. Camilli, E. Rizzi, A. Pietrelli, G. Barbabella, G. De Bellis, A. Pantosti (Rome, Milan, IT)



Dynamics of digestive carriage of antibioticresistant integrons in new-borns during the first weeks of life M. Peyre, O. Barraud, A. Bedu, F. Garnier, D. Chainier, A. Le Pichoux, C. Bahans, V. Guigonis, M.C. Ploy* (Limoges, FR) IncFIIK plasmids conferring resistance to cephalosporins and fluoroquinolones among Enterobacteriaceae from patients hospitalised in a children's oncological clinic M. Dolejska*, E. Brhelova, H. Dobiasova, J. Jurankova, A. Sevcikova, M. Vavrina, L. Dubska, I. Literak, A. Cizek, J. Sterba (Brno, CZ)


Comparative phylogenetics of ICEHin1056 family reveals deep evolutionary relationships of mobile genetic elements E.R Robinson*, X. Didelot, D. Hood, D.W.M Crook (Oxford, UK)


Complete sequencing of a novel IncH plasmid carrying the blaNDM-1, blaCTX-M-15 and qnrB1 genes L. Villa, L. Poirel, P. Nordmann, C. Carta, A. Carattoli* (Rome, IT; Le Kremlin-Bicêtre, FR)




CTX-M plasmid sequencing (Part 1): development of a plasmid multi locus sequence typing scheme M. AbuOun*, M. Stokes, H. Preedy, L. Randall, G. Wu, R. La Ragione, N. Coldham, M. Woodward (Surrey, UK)


CTX-M plasmid sequencing (Part 2): development of plasmid biomarkers for epidemiological studies M. Stokes*, M. AbuOun, H. Preedy, L. Randall, G. Wu, I. Freire-Martin, R. La Ragione, M. Fielder, M. Woodward, N. Coldham (Surrey, Kingston, UK)

Genetics of antimicrobial resistance

Complete sequence of an IncT-type plasmid carrying the blaOXA-181 carbapenemase gene from Citrobacter freundii A. Carattoli*, P. Nordmann, L. Villa, C. Carta, L. Poirel (Rome, IT; Le Kremlin-Bicêtre, FR) Analysis of CTX-M plasmids in E. coli by antisense silencing A.R. Edwards*, R.M. La Ragione, L. Good (London, Weybridge, UK)

126 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

12:30 – 13:30

Diagnosis and follow-up of syphilis


Value of a treponemal test in follow-up of therapy in patients with syphilis S. Desmet*, P. De Munter, K. Lagrou (Leuven, BE)


Diagnostic value of the ADVIA Centaur® syphilis assay for the screening of antibodies to Treponema pallidum A. Donkers*, A. Letens van Vliet (Rotterdam, NL)


Evaluation of an automated chemiluminescent microparticle immunoassay for screening of antibodies against syphilis Z.Y. Li*, P. Liu, Z. Feng (Peking, CN)


Comparison of two fully automated serologic tests for Lues antibodies M. Obermeier*, S. Miller, H. Klima, R. Bertele, S. Neifer, T. Berg (Berlin, DE; Rotkreuz, CH; Penzberg, DE)

12:30 – 13:30

Diagnosis and prevention of deviceassociated infection


Successful prevention of ventilatorassociated pneumonia (VAP) in intensive-care setting by using VAP prevention bundle M.A. Alhedaithy* (Riyadh, SA)


Comparison of bacterial colonisation of central venous haemodialysis catheters with needlefree connection device TEGO® and conventional closing cap system S. Erb*, P. Grosse, S. Tschudin-Sutter, U. Neff, M. Dickenmann, A.F. Widmer (Basel, CH)

Poster Sessions

Sunday, 1 April Impact of multifaceted “bundle” approach in controlling catheter-related bloodstream infections outside the intensive care unit J.F. García-Rodriguez*, H. Álvarez-Díaz, L. Vilariño-Maneiro, M.V. Lorenzo-García, A. Cantón-Blanco, P. Ordoñez-Barrosa, A. Mariño-Callejo, P. Sesma-Sánchez (Ferrol, ES)


Ethanol lock therapy in the prevention of catheter-related bloodstream infections after major heart surgery M.J. Pérez, J.M. Barrio*, C. Rincón, J. Hortal, P. Martín-Rabadán, S. Pernia, E. Bouza (Madrid, ES)


Validation of a prediction rule for drainrelated meningitis complicating external cerebrospinal fluid drainage M.S.M. van Mourik*, A. Troelstra, M.J.M. Bonten (Utrecht, NL)


Success revisited: eight-year sustainability of an intervention to prevent urinary tract infections in orthopaedic patients Y. Alipour Tehrany, R. Ren*, A. Agostinho, I. Uçkay, H. Sax (Geneva, CH)






Microbiology of cardiac device infections A. Leonildi, I. Ciullo, C. Tascini*, S. Flammini, M.G. Bongiorni, E. Soldati, A. Di Cori, E. Tagliaferri, F. Menichetti (Pisa, IT) Atrium blood culture for the diagnosis of cardiovascular implantable electronic device endocarditis C. Tascini*, M. G. Bongiorni, G. Zucchelli, I. Ciullo, A. Leonildi, E. Tagliaferri, G. De Socio, E. Soldati, A. Di Cori, F. Menichetti (Pisa, IT) Sonication of explanted devices improves the pathogen detection in cardiac device infections A. Oliva*, B.L. Nguyen, M.T. Mascellino, F. Chiarini, F. Mengoni, A. Ciccaglioni, F. Fattorini, A. D'Abramo, M. Iannetta, C.M. Mastroianni, V. Vullo (Rome, IT) Sonication cultures improved the microbiological diagnosis of orthopaedic implant infections M. Yano, C. Silva, M. Murça, S. Nigro, E. Celestino, E. Vicentino, O. Avanzi, E. Honda, M. Salles* (São Paulo, BR) Study of sonication fluid cultures in the microbiologic diagnosis of implantassociated infections. The first Greek experience A. Stylianakis*, K. Tsopelas, D. Argyris, E. Chatziandreou, N. Zalavras, K. Mouta, E. Papafragas, A. Trampuz (Athens, GR; Lausanne, CH)


Impact of removed prostheses sonication on prosthetic joint infections diagnosis and outcome T. Ascione*, P. Pagliano, M. Iannece, P. Rosario, M. Conte, M. Mariconda, G. Balato, F. Smeraglia, R. Rotondo, R. Pempinello (Naples, IT)


Clinical utility of differential time to positivity and semi-quantitative culture of catheter segments for diagnosing catheter-related bloodstream infections S. Oh, M. Lee* (Seoul, KR)


A one-year retrospective audit of vascular catheter tip culture – is the laboratory workload justified? S. Frost*, R. McWade, D. Brady, M. Cotter, M. Hannan, M. Lynch (Dublin, IE)

13:30 – 14:30

Molecular bacteriology: into the deep


Identification of carcinoma suppressive factor produced by bacteria of Enterococcus genus A. Szkaradkiewicz, T.M. Karpinski*, A. Gamian, E. Brzozowska, A. Zeidler (Poznan, Wroclaw, PL)


Whole genome sequencing of Neisseria meningitidis serogroup C isolates reveals subtle genetic difference in the capsule locus of an outbreak strain E. Lavezzo, L. Barzon*, S. Toppo, D. Peruzzo, F. Finotello, E. Franchin, B. Di Camillo, R. Manganelli, G. Toffolo, C. Cobelli, G. Palù (Padua, IT)


The significance of PCR in the diagnosis of post-surgical meningitis Y. Maor*, T. Avnon, Y. Schindler, D. Ben-David, G. Smollan, N. Belausov, N. Keller, G. Rahav (Ramat Gan, IL)


Characterisation of a molecular-based assay system (PLEX-ID) for broad range detection of bacteria, Candida, and antibiotic resistance from blood culture bottles L. Blyn*, M. Frinder, R. Ranken, H. Matthews, D. Toleno, R. Sampath, G. Schneider, D. Ecker (Carlsbad, Chicago, US)


Airway microbiota in healthy state and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease T. Zakharkina*, E. Heinzel, J. Pauling, J. Baumbach, R. Bals (Homburg/Saar, Saarbrücken, DE)


Duplex real-time PCR identification of Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates from cystic fibrosis patients S.J. Reid*, D. Yirrell, W.J. Olver (Dundee, UK)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme




Poster Sessions

Sunday, 1 April P1372

Characterisation of drug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains from Bulgaria and Georgia by bead-based multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification S. Sengstake, I. Bergval*, N. Brankova, V. Levterova, E. Abadía, M. Akhalaia, K. Tuin, A. Schuitema, S. Panaiatov, E. Bachiyska, R. Aspindzelashvili, P. Klatser, C. Sola, R. Anthony (Amsterdam, NL; Sofia, BG; Orsay, FR; Tbilisi, GE)


Dysbiosis of the lung bacterial community in patients with stable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease M.C. Scarpa*, E. Lavezzo, E. Franchin, V. Militello, G. Costanzi, M. Pacenti, M. Saetta, P. Maestrelli, G. Palù, L. Barzon (Padua, IT)


Clinical significance of PCR positive, culture negative faeces for Salmonella, Shigella, Yersinia or Campylobacter T. Sprong*, A. Voss, J. Tilburg, M. Kersten, J. Meis, C. Klaassen (Nijmegen, NL)


Growth dynamics revealed inter- and intra-clonal fitness differences among major Enterococcus faecalis clonal complexes A.P. Tedim*, C.M. Rodríguez, F. Baquero, T.M. Coque (Madrid, ES)

13:30 – 14:30 P1376





Evaluation of Xpert® GBS assay for rapid detection of group B Streptococcus in amniotic fluid among pregnant women with premature rupture of membranes after 37 weeks of gestation N. Bourgeois-Nicolaos, F. Casanova, C. Guillet-Caruba, A. Benachi, F. Doucet-Populaire* (Clamart, FR)


Development of a high-throughput, rapid and sensitive molecular assay on the Abbott m2000 for detection of group B Streptococcus in antepartum and intrapartum women H. Reiske*, C. Leslin, R. Kowal, A. Jacobs, R. Del Mastro (Cambridge, Des Plaines, US)


Development of a new diagnostic tool for the detection of Chlamydophila pneumoniae and Mycoplasma pneumoniae in a duplex real-time PCR M. Bertrand*, M. Vignoles, J. Bes, S. Magro, C. Barranger, M. Joannes (Verniolle, FR)


Evaluation of a novel high multiplexing real-time PCR array for the identification and characterisation of bacteria causative of ventilator-associated pneumonia on clinical specimens S. Roisin*, C. Plennevaux, R. de Mendonça, C. Nonhoff, T.D. Huang, P. Bogaerts, M. Hallin, F. de Longueville, W. Plüster, Y. Glupczynski, O. Denis (Brussels, Namur, Yvoir, BE)


“Direct PCR” on sputa is faster and as sensitive as PCR with extracted nucleic acids T. Barkham*, M. Inoue, W.Y. Leong, W.Y. Tang (Singapore, SG)


Molecular identification of pathogens in pleural infection J. Wray*, J. Wrightson, N. Rahman, D. Crook (Oxford, UK)


Spectrum of pathogens identified by molecular methods in patients with acute bacterial meningitis E. Nemcova*, B. Malisova, M. Stechova, M. Freibergerova, R. Parizkova, J. Jurankova, T. Freiberger (Brno, CZ)


The nasopharyngeal microbiota in infants with acute otitis media M. Hilty*, W. Qi, S. Brugger, L. Frei, P. Agyeman, P. Frey, S. Aebi, K. Mühlemann (Berne, Zurich, CH)


Detection and typing of Streptococcus pneumoniae by RT-PCR in clinical samples from children with acute otitis media N. Alyabyeva*, N. Mayanskiy, O. Ponomarenko, L. Katosova, T. Kulichenko, L. Namazova-Baranova (Moscow, RU)

Molecular diagnosis of bacterial infections Development of nucleic acid-based diagnostic tests for the detection of microbial pathogens using novel targets L. O'Connor*, S. Lahiff, K. Reddington, E. Minogue, K. McShera, C. Fahy, S. Devany, T. Smith, T. Barry (Galway, IE) Detection of Ehrlichia and other pathogens from serial clinical specimens by PCR/electrospray ionisation mass spectrometry M. Eshoo*, M. Rounds, J. Friesen, C. Crowder, H. Matthews, C. Quinn, D. Ecker, Y. Tang (Carlsbad, Nashville, US) Identifying pathogens in culture-negative infections: a case series exploring PCR and electrospray ionisation mass spectrometry for microbial identification J. Farrell, R. Sampath*, R. Bonomo (Peoria, Carlsbad, Cleveland, US) Evaluating the performance of GeneXpert in screening pregnant women for Streptococcus agalactiae W. Alfouzan*, R. Dhar (Farwania, KW)

128 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

Poster Sessions

Sunday, 1 April


Detection of C. burnetii DNA from patients with acute Q fever using a fluorescent nucleic acid dye (SYTO9) in a real-time PCR assay P.N.A. Harris*, A. Cooper, G. Vincent, R.E. Norton, S. Graves (Newcastle, Townsville, Geelong, AU) Identity and quantity of microorganisms in necrotising fasciitis determined by culture based and molecular methods V.B. Rudkjøbing*, T.R. Thomsen, P.H. Nielsen, R. Melton-Kreft, A. Ahmed, G.D. Ehrlich, C. Moser (Aalborg, DK; Pittsburgh, US; Copenhagen, DK)


Flow cytometry assay of adenylate cyclase toxin of Bordetella pertussis CyaA preparations on phagocytosis A. Khosravani*, A. Sharifi, H.R. Mohammadi, B. Sharifi, A.R. Rezaee (Yasouj, Mashhad, IR)


Bordetella PCR methods in Europe. A EUVAC.NET / ECDC supported study T. Dalby*, K. Krogfelt, N. Fry, Q. He (Copenhagen, DK; London, UK; Turku, FI)


Phage mini-antibodies and their use for detection of microbial cells by using electro-acoustic sensor O. Guliy*, B. Zaitsev, I. Kuznetsova, A. Shikhabudinov, O. Karavaeva, L. Dykman, S. Staroverov, O. Ignatov (Saratov, RU)





Bacterial and fungal infections of the cystic fibrosis lung: what can we learn from combining culture, RFLP and pyrosequencing approaches? F. Botterel*, O. Cabaret, F. Stressmann, D. Rivett, F. Wallet, B. Wallaert, K. Bruce, L. Delhaes (Creteil, FR; London, UK; Lille, FR) Variants in the colony-stimulating-factor 1 region and risk of childhood meningococcal meningitis: a Danish genome-wide association study M. Nørgaard*, F. Skjøth, T.L. Benfield, M.V. Hollegaard, D.M. Hougaard, Z.B. Harboe, T.L. Lash, K.L. Lunetta, H.T. Sørensen (Aarhus, Aalborg, Hvidovre, Copenhagen, DK; Boston, US) MALDI-TOF mass spectometry based methods for the characterisation of enterococci T. Parfenova*, A. Philimonova, L. Borisova, T. Chernenkaya, E. Ilina, M. Kostrzewa, V. Govorun (Moscow, RU) Evaluation of the QuickFISH BC test, a rapid method to distinguish Staphylococcus aureus from coagulase-negative staphylococci in positive blood cultures E. Carretto*, M. Mirra, M. Bardaro, S. Ferretti, C. Zuelli (Reggio Emilia, IT)

13:30 – 14:30

Molecular epidemiology of bacterial infections


Characterisation and typing of Staphylococcus aureus isolates from deep neck space infections in India B.K Pati*, S. KrishnaPrakash, A.K. Agarwal, B. Uppal, A. Gulati (Lucknow, New Delhi, IN)


Correlation between molecular types and minimal inhibitory concentration to vancomycin among methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus isolates from sterile sites: TIST study, 2006–2010 W. Wang*, T. Chiueh, J. Lu, P. Hsueh, S. Tsao (Taichung, Taipei, Tao-Yuan, TW)


Molecular characterisation of PantonValentine leukocidin-positive Staphylococcus aureus in southwestern England A. Hidalgo-Arroyo*, E. Woodward, J. Leeming, A. Kearns, J. Sunderland, J. Steer, A. Lovering (Bristol, London, Plymouth, UK)


Community-acquired methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus encoding the PantonValentine leukocidin genes are rarely detected in Istanbul and belong to ST22 and USA300 clones L. Oksuz*, A. Tristan, M. Bes, J. Etienne, N. Gurler (Istanbul, TR; Lyon, FR)


Prevalence and significance of in vivo mecA gene deletions from the chromosome of Staphylococcus aureus G. Barker*, S. Bamber (Chester, UK)


Streptococcus agalactiae serotype Ia ST23/ST24 are dominant among invasive infections in Portugal E.R. Martins*, J. Melo-Cristino, M. Ramirez (Lisbon, PT)


First NDM-1-producing Acinetobacter baumannii in Belgium R. Rezende de Castro*, P. Bogaerts, S. Roisin, A. Deplano, T. Huang, M. Hallin, O. Denis, Y. Glupczynski (Yvoir, Brussels, BE)


Identification of IS1006 interrupting an ISAba3 upstream of blaOXA-58 in Acinetobacter baumannii from a cancer patient in Egypt L. Al-Hassan*, H. El Mehallawy, B. Lopes, S. Amyes (Edinburgh, UK; Cairo, EG)


Characterisation of invasive non-type B Haemophilus influenzae disease in children in England and Wales, 2003–2010 A.A. Vickers*, D. Litt, S. Ladhani, M. Slack (London, UK) 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 129



Poster Sessions

Sunday, 1 April P1407

Clonal structure of Vibrio cholerae El Tor strains isolated at the cholera outbreak in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, 1999 L. Mironova, M. Afanas’ev*, S. Balakhonov, L. Urbanovich, E. Basov, E. Goldapel (Irkutsk, RU)


Characterisation of invasive Listeria monocytogenes isolates in Poland, 1996–2010 A. Kuch, K. Wasiak, I. Wasko, A. Golebiewska, P. Ronkiewicz, M. Markowska, W. Hryniewicz*, A. Skoczynska (Warsaw, PL)



Characterisation of 6 clinical isolates representing a novel Actinomyces funkei-variant V. Hinic*, C. Straub, P. Kaempfer, R. Frei, D. Goldenberger (Basel, CH; Giessen, DE) Evaluation of a monitoring system for nosocomial pathogens in a burn centre by three molecular typing methods W.A. van der Reijden*, S.A. Boers, I.F. van Ess-Visser, B.M.W. Diederen, R. Jansen (Haarlem, Beverwijk, NL)


The ex unibus plurum evolutionary concept applied to understand the dynamic of epidemics M.-C. Turrientes*, F. Baquero, A. Ripoll, M.-R. Baquero, R. Cantón, J.-C. Galán (Madrid, ES)


Relation of clinical and histological finding with prevalence of cagA gene of H. pylori in Iranian population H. Rezaee*, H. Goudarzi, M. Rafizadeh, A. Taghavi (Tehran, IR)

13:30 – 14:30


Fluoroquinolones and QTc prolongation in the hospitalised population: first results from a case-series ongoing study M.P. Zorzou*, G. Giannikopoulos, A. Koulai, M. Psallas, E. Papadopoulou, M. Bouki, A. Kosti, C. Zotika, G. Panagi, I. Stamoulis, G. Dounias (Chios, Athens, GR)


Effect of a supratherapeutic dose of ceftazidime avibactam on the QTc interval in a thorough QT study T. Edeki*, S. Das, J. Armstrong, D. Mathews (Wilmington, US; Macclesfield, UK; Overland Park, US)


Characterisation of the mechanism of nicotinic acetylcholine receptor inhibition that is likely linked to the off-target activity by telithromycin D. Bertrand, S. Bertrand, D. Pereira, K. Keedy, P. Fernandes* (Geneva, CH; Chapel Hill, US)

13:30 – 14:30 P1419

GSK2251052, a novel, leucyl tRNA synthetase inhibitor, is present in the epithelial lining fluid and alveolar macrophages following intravenous dosing to healthy adult volunteers D. Tenero, G. Bowers, A. Patel, M. Kurtinecz, S. Croy, E. Dumont, J. Tomayko, S. Piscitelli, K. Rodvold, P. Patel* (King of Prussia, Research Triangle Park, Collegeville, Chicago, US)


A phase 1, open-label, multicentre, singledose, pharmacokinetic, safety and tolerance study of oral tedizolid phosphate in 12 to 17 year old patients J. Bradley, A. Arrieta, E. Capparelli, R. Jacobs, E. Fang*, K.A. Munoz, S. Flanagan, P. Prokocimer (San Diego, Orange, Little Rock, US)


Phase I (multiple ascending dose) study with the novel Pseudomonas aeruginosa antibiotic POL7080 in healthy volunteers K. Dembowsky*, D. Wilbraham, A. Ograbek, J. Argen, A. Wach, G.E. Dale (Allschwil, CH; London, UK)


Metabolic stability of PTK 0796 (omadacycline) I. Hanna, H. Sun, B. Zhu, H. Gu, L. Wang, R. Pelis, E. Heidi, D. Chun, S.K. Tanaka* (East Hanover, Boston, US)

Good to know: drug potency, purity, prescribing, errors and toxicity


More potency assay results for EX-USA generic piperacillin/tazobactam lots and initial meropenem generic lots marketed in the USA R. Jones*, H. Sader, A. Watters, G. Moet, R. Flamm, D. Farrell (North Liberty, US)


Particulate matter in combined intravenous antibiotics J. Konsil*, S. Supattanapong, O. Apirakkan (KhonKaen, TH)


Error analysis in prescribing and administration of intravenous anti-infective therapy with standard infusion pump technology K. Seeber*, R. Pang, T. Markl, S. Lam, M. Hoenigl (Graz, AT; Melbourne, AU)

130 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

New antibacterial agents under investigation

Poster Sessions




A single-dose study to evaluate the pharmacokinetics, safety, and tolerability of multiple formulations of PTK 0796 in healthy subjects H. Sun, L. Ting, R. Maietta, S. Machineni, J. Praestgaard, A. Kuemell, D. Stein, G. Sunkara, S. Kovacs, M. Draper* (East Hanover, Cambridge, US; Hyderabad, IN; Boston, US) Lack of interaction of PTK 0796 (omadacycline) with human transporter proteins I. Hanna, H. Sun, N. Alexander, A. Natrillo, R. Pelis, L. Wang, S.K. Tanaka* (East Hanover, Boston, US) Mouse pharmacokinetics, dose fractionation and efficacy of TP-559, a novel tetracycline with anti-Pseudomonas activity, in murine infection models challenged with Pseudomonas aeruginosa J. Sutcliffe*, X. Xiao, R. Clark, T. Grossman (Watertown, US)


Mechanism of action of XF-70, a novel porphyrin antimicrobial against Staphylococcus epidermidis S.A. Hassan, N. Ooi*, W. Rhys-Williams, W.G. Love, I. Chopra (Leeds, Brighton, UK)


Activity of XF-73 against methicillin-resistant and sensitive Staphylococcus epidermidis S.A. Hassan, N. Ooi*, W. Rhys-Williams, W.G. Love, I. Chopra (Leeds, Brighton, UK)


XF-73, a novel porphyrin antimicrobial has antibacterial activity against Staphylococcus epidermidis irrespective of the growth state S.A. Hassan, N. Ooi*, W. Rhys-Williams, W.G. Love, I. Chopra (Leeds, Brighton, UK)

13:30 – 14:30

New antimicrobial agents against old and new protein targets


Identification of novel DNA gyrase gate inhibitors from Escherichia coli gyrase high-throughput screens P. Chan*, B. Bax, V. SriKannathasan, K. Ingraham, C. Shen, D. Segura, M. Vazquez, I. Coma, R. Thalji, R. Stavenger, M. Gwynn, J. Huang (Collegeville, US; Stevenage, UK; Tres Cantos, ES)


In vitro activity of delafloxacin and other agents against S. aureus isolates from a phase II trial for acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections D.F. Sahm*, J. Deane, L. Lawrence, J. Longcor, S. Hopkins (Chantilly, New Haven, US)


The intravenous pharmacokinetics and efficacy of a novel tetracycline TP-433 in murine infection models challenged with Pseudomonas aeruginosa Y. Deng, T. Grossman, R. Clark, X. Xiao, J. Sutcliffe* (Watertown, US)


TP-834, a novel IV and oral isoindolinecontaining pentacycline, is highly efficacious in rodent models of pneumonia J. Sutcliffe*, P. Hogan, C. Katz, W. Zhang, Z. Zhu, T. Grossman (Watertown, US)


TP-834, an isoindoline-containing pentacycline antibiotic, is orally bioavailable, metabolically stable and has low potential for drug-drug interactions T. Grossman*, M. Ronn, N. Dunwoody, J. Sutcliffe (Watertown, US)


Activity of JNJ-Q2, a new fluoroquinolone, tested against contemporary (2011) acute bacterial skin and skin-structure infection pathogens from Europe D. Farrell, L. Liverman, P. Rhomberg, R. Flamm, R. Jones* (North Liberty, Morrisville, US)


In vitro pharmacodynamics of AZD5206 against Staphylococcus aureus V.H. Tam*, K.T. Chang, Z. Yang, J. Newman, M. Hu (Houston, Waltham, US)


Evaluation of in vitro antibacterial activity of MGB-BP-3, a new class of antibacterial M. Ravic*, C. Suckling, C. Gemmell, I. Hunter (Glasgow, UK)


[14C]-delafloxacin (RX-3341): distribution and elimination studies in the rat S. Runacres, L. Lawrence, M. Reeve, R. Hanselmann, D. Li, J. Longcor, A. McEwen*, C. Henson, S. Wood (Rushden, UK; New Haven, US)


Treatment of CDAD with oral CB-183,315: time to recurrence, relapse and re-infection rates compared with vancomycin L. Chesnel*, S. Sambol, D. Gerding, H. Patino, G. Thorne, J. Silverman (Lexington, Hines, US)


Pharmacokinetics and safety of single and multiple doses of LFF571 in healthy subjects C. Young*, L. Ting, P. Pertel, J.C. Yang, J. Praestgaard, N. Grunenberg, S. Komjathy, J. Leeds, M. Lamarche, M. Weaver (East Hanover, Cambridge, Tacoma, Emeryville, US)


Activity of LFF571 against 103 clinical isolates of C. difficile D. Hecht*, J. Osmolski, D. Gerding (Maywood, US)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme



Sunday, 1 April

Poster Sessions

Sunday, 1 April P1441

Decreased Clostridium difficile spore viability following oritavancin exposure C.H. Chilton, J. Freeman, G.S. Crowther, M.H. Wilcox*, S. Nicholson (Leeds, UK)


Effective treatment of simulated Clostridium difficile infection with a shortened course (4 day) of oritavancin in a human gut model C.H. Chilton, J. Freeman, G.S. Crowther, M.H. Wilcox*, S.L. Todhunter (Leeds, UK)









Antimicrobial activity of PTK 0796 (omadacycline) tested against Gram-positive organisms isolated from European hospitals in 2011 H. Sader*, R. Flamm, R. Jones (North Liberty, US)


Synthesis and antibacterial activity of isoindoline-containing pentacyclines: a novel class of tetracycline analogs with oral bioavailability R. Clark, D. Hunt, M. He, C. Fyfe, W. O'Brien, T. Grossman, J. Sutcliffe, X. Xiao* (Watertown, US)


Antimicrobial spectrum and potency of ceftaroline/avibactam when tested against bacterial isolates from complicated urinary tract infections in the United States H. Sader*, M. Castanheira, R. Jones (North Liberty, US)

The novel isoindoline-containing pentacycline TP-834 is active against community and biothreat respiratory pathogens, and problematic Gram-positive pathogens T. Grossman*, W. O'Brien, C. Fyfe, J. Sutcliffe (Watertown, US)


Activity of ceftolozane/tazobactam (CXA-201) against 270 recent isolates from the Bacteroides group D.R. Snydman*, N.V. Jacobus, L.A. McDermott (Massachusetts, US)

Susceptibility to manuka honey of clinical strains of Staphylococcus aureus with varying sensitivity to vancomycin (VISA) R. Jenkins*, M. Wootton, R. Howe, R. Cooper (Cardiff, UK)


Activity of novel peptides against planktonic and biofilm cultures of colistin-resistant Gram-negative bacilli R. Rennie*, R. Hodges, L. Turnbull (Edmonton, CA; Aurora, US)


Mechanism of action of novel antibacterial aggregating peptides N.G. Bednarska*, P. Baatsen, J. Schymkowitz, F. Rousseau, J. Van Eldere (Leuven, BE)


In vitro evaluation of antimicrobial spectrum and determination of optimal MIC test conditions for the novel protein epitope mimetics antibiotic POL7080 H.S. Sader, D.J. Biedenbach, R.N. Jones, K. Dembowsky, C. Zampaloni, G.E. Dale* (North Liberty, US; Allschwil, CH)


In vitro evaluation of MBCs, killing kinetics and inoculum effect of the novel Pseudomonas aeruginosa antibiotic POL7080 F. Bernardini*, M. Manon, G. Kunz, G.E. Dale, K. Dembowsky (Allschwil, CH)


The activity of PMX-30063 against staphylococci and streptococci I. Morrisey, J. Dallow, E. Siegwart, A. Smith, R. Scott, B. Korczak* (Fordham, UK; Radnor, US)

Activity of ceftaroline/avibactam tested against multidrug-resistant Enterobacteriaceae and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus collected from USA hospitals in 2011 H. Sader*, R. Flamm, M. Castanheira, R. Jones (North Liberty, US)

Activity of the novel antimicrobial ceftolozane/tazobactam (CXA-201) tested against contemporary clinical strains from European hospitals H. Sader*, R. Flamm, D. Farrell, R. Jones (North Liberty, US) Activity of BAL30072, alone and combined with beta-lactamase inhibitors or meropenem, against carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae S. Mushtaq*, N. Woodford, R. Hope, R. Adkin, D.M. Livermore (London, UK) In vitro potency of novel tetracyclines against Pseudomonas aeruginosa and other major Gram-negative pathogens W. O'Brien, C. Fyfe, T. Grossman, C. Chen, R. Clark, Y. Deng, M. He, D. Hunt, C. Sun, X. Xiao, J. Sutcliffe* (Watertown, US) Antimicrobial activity of PTK 0796 (omadacycline) and comparator agents against contemporary pathogens commonly associated with community-acquired respiratory tract infections collected during 2011 from the European Union R. Flamm*, D. Farrell, H. Sader, R. Jones (North Liberty, US)

132 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

Poster Sessions


Peptide phosphorodiamidate morpholino oligomers as antisense therapeutics for Mycobacterium tuberculosis P. Iversen*, R. Muhammad, V. Bollampalli, E. Chryssanthou, M. Maeurer, A. Rothfuchs (Bothell, US; Stockholm, SE)


Serrulatane EN4, a new antimicrobial compound exerts potent acitvity against adherent biofilm-forming bacteria in vitro J. Nowakowska*, H.J. Griesser, C. Acikgoz, M. Textor, R. Landmann, N. Khanna (Basel, CH; Mawson Lakes, AU; Zurich, CH)


Entry of antisense constructs into Streptococcus mutans F. McLeod*, R. Simmonds (Dunedin, NZ)



Bacteriophage treatment inhibits and reduces biofilm formation by Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains from cystic fibrosis patients S. Morales*, G. Mearns, R. Cole, A. Smithyman (Sydney, AU)

In vitro activity of solithromycin (CEM-101) against clinical Neisseria gonorrhoeae isolates displaying various types of antimicrobial resistance profiles D. Golparian*, P. Fernandes, M. Ohnishi, J.S Jensen, M. Unemo (Örebro, SE; Chapel Hill, US; Tokyo, JP; Copenhagen, DK)


Inhibition of type III secretion system in Chlamydia trachomatis and Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium by smallmolecule compounds in vitro and in vivo N. Zigangirova, L. Nesterenko*, E. Zayakin, N. Kobets, L. Shabalina, D. Balunets, D. Davydova, A. Gintsburg (Moscow, RU)


Identification of chlamydial protease-like activity factor inhibitors by structure-based virtual and experimental screening D. Davydova*, A. Grishin, A. Karyagina, N. Zigangirova, E. Zayakin, Y. Bely, A. Gintsburg (Moscow, RU)


Isolation of bacteriophage against currently circulating strains of Acinetobacter baumannii J.F. Turton*, C. Perry, M. Hannah (London, UK)


Case series: clinical experience of taurolidine use in 38 complex clinical cases including salvage therapy B. Sangers*, D. Puli, M. Wong, M. Qazi, A. Guleri (Blackpool, UK)


Clinical experience and successful use of taurolidine drain-assisted irrigation as salvage therapy in 3 complex cases of femoro-popliteal prosthetic graft infection B. Sangers*, L. Barr, P. Kaur, H. LawrenceDesmarowitz, A. Guleri (Blackpool, UK)


Tolerability, safety and pharmacokinetics of single and multiple oral doses of AFN-1252 in healthy human subjects N. Kaplan*, B. Hafkin (Toronto, CA; Austin, US)


Antibacterial activity of nanomolecular silicon dioxide (SiO2) combined with silver iones D. Scevola*, V. Monzillo, P. Marone, C.A. Bignozzi (Pavia, IT)


Stress induction and synergy with antibiotics of oleanolic and ursolic acids or silver nanoparticles K. Grzes*, K.I. Wolska, A.M. Grudniak, A. Kraczkiewicz-Dowjat, A. Kurek (Warsaw, PL)


Antituberculotic susceptibility patterns of Mannich ketones as possible antituberculotic agents and study mechanism of action Z. Lutz*, K. Orbán, T. Lóránd (Pécs, HU)

13:30 – 14:30

Tigecycline activity and resistance


The killing of high-density inocula of E. coli by tigecycline using the mutant prevention and maximum serum drug concentrations J. Blondeau*, S. Borsos (Saskatoon, CA)


In vitro activities of tigecycline in the era of NDM-1 D. Sureshkumar*, R. Gopalakrishnan, M. Thirunarayan, V. Ramasubramanian (Chennai, Tamilnadu, IN)


Decreased susceptibility to tigecycline in several clinical isolates of Acinetobacter baumannii C. He*, Y. Xie, M. Kang, Y. Deng, Z. Chen, L. Wang (Chengdu, CN)


Tigecycline activity in Europe: a comparative analysis by country, 2009–2010 S. Bouchillon*, M. Hackel, R. Badal, D. Hoban, B. Johnson, M. Dowzicky (Schaumburg, Collegeville, US)


In vitro activity of tigecycline against pathogens from UK/Ireland: TEST 2008–2011 B. Johnson*, S. Hawser, C. Zampaloni, M. Hackel, S. Bouchillon, D. Hoban, J. Johnson, R. Badal, M. Dowzicky (Schaumburg, US; Epalinges, CH; Collegeville, US) 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 133


Sunday, 1 April

Poster Sessions

Sunday, 1 April P1478

Comparison of tigecycline susceptibilities of bacteria isolated in Canada, USA, and Mexico – results from TEST programme 2008–2011 S. Hawser*, C. Zampaloni, F. Monti, S. Bouchillon, M. Hackel, M. Dowzicky (Epalinges, CH; Schaumburg, Collegeville, US)


Trends in tigecycline activity against Gramnegative respiratory pathogens: Asia/Pacific 2004–2010 M. Hackel*, D. Hoban, S. Bouchillon, J. Johnson, S. Hawser, M. Dowzicky (Schaumburg, US; Epalinges, CH; Collegeville, US)


Activity of tigecycline and comparators against multidrug-resistant Gram-negative bacteria in Africa-Middle East: TEST 2006–2010 M. Renteria*, S. Bouchillon, D. Hoban, M. Hackel, B. Johnson, N. Raghuvir (Schaumburg, Collegeville, US)


In vitro activity of tigecycline against Gramnegative species in Spain: TEST 2009–2010 M. Renteria*, S. Hawser, S. Bouchillon, J. Johnson, C. Zampaloni, F. Monti, M. Dowzicky (Schaumburg, US; Epalinges, CH; Collegeville, US)



In vitro activity of tigecycline in Africa–Middle East: TEST 2007–2010 M. Renteria*, B. Johnson, S. Bouchillon, D. Hoban, N. Raghubir (Schaumburg, Collegeville, US)


In vitro activity of tigecycline against global Gram-negative levofloxacin-resistant pathogens: TEST 2009–2011 S. Hawser*, C. Zampaloni, F. Monti, S. Bouchillon, M. Hackel, M. Dowzicky (Epalinges, CH; Schaumburg, Collegeville, US)

Comparative evaluation of Vitek 2, Etest, MIC test strip and broth microdilution for susceptibility testing of tigecycline O. Zarkotou*, G. Altouvas, M. Tziraki, S. Pournaras, K. Themeli-Digalaki, A. Tsakris (Athens, Larissa, GR)






In vitro activity of tigecycline against vancomycin-resistant enterococci in the USA categorised by CDC regions: TEST 2007–2010 S. Bouchillon*, D. Hoban, R. Badal, M. Hackel, M. Dowzicky (Schaumburg, Collegeville, US) In vitro activity of tigecycline against Streptococcus pneumoniae in the United States: TEST 2009–2010 S. Bouchillon*, S. Hawser, C. Zampaloni, M. Hackel, B. Johnson, D. Hoban, M. Dowzicky (Schaumburg, US; Epalinges, CH; Collegeville, US) Occurrence of resistant phenotypes in the Middle East and susceptibility to tigecycline: TEST 2007–2011 M. Hackel*, S. Lob, R. Badal, S. Bouchillon, M. Dowzicky (Schaumburg, Collegeville, US) In vitro activity of tigecycline against commonly isolated pathogens of skin and skin structure infections in Europe: TEST 2009–2010 S. Bouchillon*, M. Hackel, D. Hoban, R. Badal, S. Hawser, M. Dowzicky (Schaumburg, US; Epalinges, CH; Collegeville, US) Tigecycline and comparators activity in vitro against multidrug-resistant Gram-negative bacteria in Latin America collected in 2007–2010 M. Renteria*, M. Hackel, S. Bouchillon, D. Hoban, B. Johnson, R. Badal, S. Hawser, M. Dowzicky (Schaumburg, US; Epalinges, CH; Collegeville, US)

134 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

13:30 – 14:30

Novel approaches in antimicrobial susceptibility testing


Standardised susceptibility testing with 6 or 8h incubation seems possible – first data from the Eurostar Rapid Disk project E. Jonasson*, G. Cederbrant, E. Matuschek, G. Kahlmeter, M. Sundqvist (Växjö, SE)


Rapid susceptibility testing of blood culture isolates using disc diffusion and epidemiological cut-off values M. Sundqvist*, R. Smyth, S. Bengtsson, G. Cederbrant, G. Kahlmeter (Växjö, SE)


Primary susceptibility testing of urine specimens: why not reduce time to laboratory report and cost? D.S. Hansen*, R. Butt, T. Christiansen, M.S. Pedersen, L. Leerbeck (Hillerød, DK)


Direct blood culture antimicrobial susceptibility testing in an East-Tallinn central hospital, Estonia A. Nelovkov, L. Pirožkova, M. Ivanova, V. Kolesnikova* (Tallinn, EE)


Identification of Escherichia coli hyperproducing chromosomal ampC using combination discs R.L. Jørgensen*, J.B. Nielsen, K. Astvad, K. Schønning (Hvidovre, DK)


Detection of extended-spectrum betalactamases and carbapenemases using the MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry method C. Vismara*, M.C. Sironi, A. Bielli, G. Ortisi, G. Lombardi, G. Gesu (Milan, IT)

Poster Sessions


Evaluation of six different phenotypic screening tests to detect metallobetalactamase production in Pseudomonas aeruginosa in a Belgian tertiary care hospital R. Naesens*, P. Bogaerts, C. Lammens, H. Goossens, Y. Glupczynski, M. Ieven (Edegem, Yvoir, BE)


Early detection of vancomycin resistant subpopulations in clinical methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus with MIC ≤ 2mg/L V. Doddangoudar, M. O'Donoghue, M. Boost*, D. Tsang (Kowloon, HK)

13:30 – 14:30

Will the rapid microbiological identification of positive blood cultures by PNA FISH induce the clinician to correct an empiric therapy? A. Raglio*, P. Serna Ortega, M. Arosio, F. Vailati, M. Passera, G. Masini, E. Bombana, A. Grigis (Bergamo, IT)


Rapid QuickFISH compared to standard PNA FISH for identification of S. aureus and CNS L. Leerbeck*, D. Schrøder Hansen (Hillerød, DK)


Experience of a Detroit medical centre as a beta site for evaluation of filmarray blood culture bacterial identification system H. Salimnia, N. Arnous, R. Mitchell, T. Painter, T. Salimnia, P. Lephart, M. Fairfax* (Detroit, US)



Development of a multiplex PCR for identification of cross-reacting Escherichia coli O157, Yersinia enterocolitica O:9 and Brucella spp. M. Weiner*, W. Iwaniak, K. Szulowski (Pulawy, PL)


An evaluation of the Luminex xTAG ® gastrointestinal pathogen panel at a London teaching hospital 2011: the comparative performance of a rapid molecular multiplex assay and current standard laboratory investigations of infectious gastroenteritis E. Halligan*, J. Bible, P. Cliff, A. Wilson, L. Carlton-Carew, S. Goldenberg, W. Tong, E. Aarons, E. MacMahon, S. Yaghoubian, R. Janescko (London, UK; Toronto, CA)


Evaluation of the FTD bacterial meninigitis kit in comparison to in-house assays for the direct detection of N. meningitidis, S. pneumoniae and H. influenzae in clinical specimens R. Ure*, D. Lindsay, G. Edwards, T. Sendzik (Glasgow, UK; Junglinster, LU)


Analysis of Campylobacter concisus strains using the MALDI Biotyper H.L. Nielsen*, M. Mølvadgaard, H. Nielsen, M. Kostrzewa (Aalborg, DK; Bremen, DE)


Broad spectrum detection and identification of diverse low-titre bacteria and Candida in complex matrices using PCR/ESI-MS D. Metzgar*, M. Frinder, L. Blyn, R. Ranken, F. Li, C. Massire, R. Housley, N. White, H. Matthews, D. Toleno, T. Laffler, R. Sampath, D. Ecker (Carlsbad, US)


Species identification of Staphylococcus intermedius group staphylococci by multiplex PCR and gap gene amplification and sequencing compared to MALDI-TOF O. Dmitrenko*, A. Voytenko, A. Balbutskaya, A. Ankirskaya, L. Lubasovskaya, O. Voronina, C. Lammler (Moscow, Belgorod, RU; Gieben, DE)


Molecular diagnosis and characterisation of bovine mastitis by PCR/ESI-MS V. Perreten*, A. Endimiani, R. Sampath, D.J. Ecker, R. Bonomo (Berne, CH; Carlsbad, Cleveland, US)


Analytical and clinical validation of the 16S gene and antimicrobial resistance genes by real-time PCR in blood cultures of patients undergoing haematopoietic stem cells transplant L. Menezes*, T. Rocchetti, K. Bauab, P. Capellano, F. Carlesse, J. Oliveira, A. Pignatari (São Paulo, BR)

Novel methods for bacterial indentification and molecular detection of antimicrobial resistance – non-commercial methods




A novel molecular-based diagnostic screening test utilising the NanoCHIP® microarray technology for simultaneous detection of nosocomial infections: MRSA, VRE and KPC Z. Greenberg*, V. Hurgin, R. Sabban-Amin, M. Fridlender, J. Kopelowitz, S. Gross (Ashdod, IL) 16S-23S Intergenic Spacer (ITS) region sequence analysis for Aerococcus species identification D. Carkaci*, M. Hammer, L. Hannecke, R. Dargis, U.S. Justesen, M. Kemp, J.J. Christensen, X.C. Nielsen (Slagelse, Copenhagen, Odense, DK) Microarray-based detection of intracellular pathogens including automated result evaluation which enables parallel species identification of multiple infections S. Schönthaler*, J.R. Peham, I. Barisic, T. Buchacher, C. Noehammer, H. Wiesinger-Mayr (Vienna, Krems, AT)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 135


Sunday, 1 April

Poster Sessions

Sunday, 1 April P1512

Rapid molecular detection of ESBL gene variants with a novel ligation-dependent real-time PCR R.H.T. Nijhuis*, P.H.M. Savelkoul, A.A. van Zwet (Velp, Amsterdam, NL)


Analytical and clinical validation of real-time PCR for rapid detection of KPC carbapenemase from rectal Eswab® T. Rocchetti*, L. Menezes, K. Bauab, R. Chirotto Filho, M. Quiles, A. Gales, A. Pignatari (Brazil, BR)




Development of multiplex real-time PCR assay for detection of carbapenemase genes of VIM, IMP, NDM, KPC and OXA-48 types J.A. Savochkina*, M.V. Sukhorukova, M.V. Edelstein, A.E. Guschin, G.A. Shipulin (Moscow, Smolensk, RU) Rapid and sensitive detection of carbapenem resistance directly from urine samples using DNA microarrays H. Peter, K. Berggrav, P. Thomas, Y. Pfeiffer, W. Witte, U. Dobrindt, T.T. Bachmann* (Edinburgh, UK; Wernigerode, Münster, DE) Performance of the Nanosphere’s Verigene BC-GP test for rapid detection of Grampositive bacteria and resistance determinants directly from positive blood cultures N. Tormo*, R. Medina, M.D. Ocete, M.R. Guna, D. Navalpotro, M.T. Fraile, J.L. Ramos, C. Gimeno (Valencia, ES)


Phenotypic and genotypic identification of ampicillin-resistant Haemophilus influenzae strains and determination of their molecular mechanisms of resistance to beta-lactams S. Mzilem*, H. Smaoui, A. Kechrid (Tunis, TN)


Investigation of various virulence factors among the hospital-acquired and communityacquired Staphylococcus aureus isolates by real-time-PCR method S. Yilmaz*, A. Kilic, A. Karagöz, A. Uskudar Guclu, A.C. Basustaoglu (Ankara, TR)

13:30 – 14:30 P1519


Clonal group 025b-ST131 accounts for more than 89% of clinical isolates of ESBLproducing E. coli from hospital and nursing homes in one region of Ireland C. Ludden*, F. Boyle, B. Hanahoe, M. Cormican, D. Morris on behalf of the Antimicrobial Resistance and Microbial Ecology Group


Increased occurrence of multi-resistant Escherichia coli from bloodstream infections and consumption of antimicrobial agents in Danish hospitals from 2008 to 2010 L. Skjøt-Rasmussen*, S.S. Olsen, U.S. Jensen, A.M. Hammerum on behalf of the DANRES study group


Hierarchical clustering as a rapid tool for detection of antibiotic resistance phenotypes and outbreak in Klebsiella pneumoniae strains M. Berrazeg, M. Drissi, D. Raoult, J.M. Rolain* (Marseille, FR)


MALDI-TOF MS as a rapid and accurate tool for biotyping of Klebsiella pneumoniae clinical isolates from France and Algeria M. Berrazeg, M. Drissi, H. Richet, L. Landraud, D. Raoult, J.M. Rolain* (Marseille, Nice, FR)


Clinical cefoxitin-resistant Escherichia coli isolates in a Spanish teaching hospital M.J. Gude*, C. Seral, Y. Sáenz, M. GonzálezDomínguez, R. Cebollada, B. Rojo-Bezares, M.C. Rubio, C. Torres, F.J. Castillo (Zaragoza, Logroño, ES)


Assessment of haematology patients for duration of carriage and changes in antibiotic susceptibility of a CTX-M producing Klebsiella pneumioniae with a carbapenem-resistant phenotype C. Dunn*, L. Mitchell, P. Paterson, D. Inverarity (Lanarkshire, UK)


Risk factors for KPC-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae faecal carriage of patients admitted at an intensive care unit M. Papadimitriou-Olivgeris*, F. Fligou, M. Marangos, C. Bartzavali, S. Vamvakopoulou, C. Sklavou, E. Anastassiou, M. Christofidou, K. Filos (Patras, GR)


Clonal outbreak of carbapenem- nonsusceptible Acinetobacter baumannii in a Croatian hospital M. Vranic-Ladavac, A. Budimir, Z. Bosnjak, V. Plecko, M. Istok, J. Vranes, N. Barisic, B. Bedenic* (Pula, Zagreb, HR)

Resistance surveillance in defined clinical situations The rise of ESBL-producing Escherichia coli bacteraemias in Finland A.J. Hakanen*, A. Nissinen, J. Jalava, P. Huovinen, M. Österblad and the FiRe network

136 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

Poster Sessions


Outbreak of carbapenemase-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae and Enterobacter cloacae strains in a Greek university hospital T. Karampatakis*, E. Athanasoula, E. Sianou, K. Pistofidis, E. Aretaki, I. Repana, A. Sevastidou, A. Orfanou, E. Siaka (Thessaloniki, GR)


Resistance to carbapenems in Klebsiella pneumoniae isolates is related to CTX-M-15 or DHA-1 and loss of OmpK35 and/or OmpK36 F. Calisto*, L. Lito, J. Melo-Cristino, A. Duarte (Lisbon, PT)


Surfing on the large sea of carbapenemases E. Carretto*, D. Barbarini, C. Capatti, G. Magnani, M. Mirra, M.L. Moro (Reggione Emilia, Pavia, Regione Emilia Romagna, IT)


Epidemiology and prognostic determinants of bacteraemic biliary tract infection M. Ortega*, F. Marco, A. Soriano, M. Almela, J.A. Martínez, C. Pitart, J. Lopez, J. Mensa (Barcelona, ES)






Emergence of colistin-resistant Enterobacteriaceae strains after previous exposure to colistin S. Mezghani Maalej, M. Rekik Meziou, A. Hammami* (Sfax, TN) Occurrence of resistance to fosfomycin in urine isolates of E. coli collected from outpatients in Germany, 2010 M. Kresken, B. Körber-Irrgang on behalf of the Working Party Antimicrobial Resistance of the Paul Ehrlich Society of Chemotherapy Factors associated with carriage of multiresistant commensal Escherichia coli among post-menopausal women in Ujjain, India A. Pathak*, K. Mahadik, R. Sharma, Y. Marothi, M. Sharma, R. Macaden, C. Stålsby Lundborg (Stockholm, SE; Ujjain, Bangalore, IN) Increasing annual prevalences of thirdgeneration cephalosporins resistant Escherichia coli in urine in the community predominantly due to chronic or recurrent urinary tract infections J. Muilwijk*, N. van de Sande-Bruinsma, J. Alblas, J. Monen, M. Leverstein-van Hall (Bilthoven, NL) Antimicrobial resistance of Escherichia coli isolates from primary care patients and nursing home residents in the Netherlands and Germany C. van der Donk*, E. Stobberingh on behalf of the EurSafety Health-net EMR group


Susceptibilty of Gram-negative urinary tract isolates to mecillinam in a large Glasgow teaching hospital A. Deshpande*, T. Inkster, A. Speekenbrink, L. Cottom (Glasgow, UK)


In vitro antimicrobial resistance of Escherichia coli strains isolated from patients with urinary versus intra-abdominal infections S. Baka, I. Tsouma, E. Kouskouni* (Athens, GR)


Risk factors of fluoroquinolone resistance in community-acquired acute pyelonephritis caused by Escherichia coli A. Toumi*, H. Ben Abdallah, A. Aouam, C. Loussaief, H. Ben Brahim, F. Ben Romdhane, M. Chakroun (Monastir, TN)


Susceptibility to oral antimicrobials among beta-lactam-resistant Escherichia coli strains causing community urinary tract infections M.J. Munoz-Davila*, G. Yagüe, C. Salvador, A. Blazquez, M. Roig, M. Segovia (Murcia, ES)


Revision of the guideline for empiric treatment of complicated urinary tract infections (c-UTI) using surveillance data on antimicrobial resistance, the Netherlands M. Koningstein*, A.K. van der Bij, M.E.A. de Kraker, S.E. Geerlings, M.A. Leverstein-Hall (Bilthoven, Amsterdam, Utrecht, NL)


Enteric carriage of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in care homes in Wales: preliminary results from the PAAD Study L. Davies*, M. Wootton, E. Thomas-Jones, A. Acharjya, K. Hood, C.C. Butler, R.A. Howe (Cardiff, UK)


A study of antimicrobial resistance of bacterial isolates from catheter-associated urinary tract infection in intensive care unit and medical wards of a tertiary care teaching hospital in Delhi, India S. Banerjee*, S.K. Prakash, M.K. Daga, R. Kumar, A. Das, R. Kaur (New Delhi, IN)


Staphylococcus aureus susceptibility to vancomycin and alternative agents at a comprehensive cancer centre K. Rolston*, C. Mihu, T. Johnson, C. Gonzalez, Y. Bhusal, J. Tarrand (Houston, US)


Antimicrobial resistance of Staphylococcus aureus isolates from primary care patients and nursing home residents in the Netherlands and Germany C. van der Donk*, E. Stobberingh on behalf of the EurSafety Health-net EMR group

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme



Sunday, 1 April

Poster Sessions

Sunday, 1 April P1546

Staphylococcus aureus nasal colonisation in army recruits V. Spyropoulos*, G. Poulakou, I. Katsarolis, G. Koukos, T. Panagea, L. Karnesis, A. Antoniadou, H. Giamarellou (Athens, Haidari, GR)


Influence of intensive cross-border traffic on antibiotic resistance and the population structure of Staphylococcus aureus C. van der Donk*, M. Rijnders, G. Donker, A. de Neeling, S. Nys, E. Stobberingh (Maastricht, Utrecht, Bilthoven, NL)


Characterisation of coagulase-negative Staphylococcus clinical isolates from a hospital in southern Ireland E. Gabriel*, A. Coffey, B. Lucey, J. O' Mahony (Cork, IE)


Morbidity and mortality of intensive care unit patients with vancomycin-resistant enterococcal colonisation at ICU admission M. Papadimitriou-Olivgeris*, E. Drougka, F. Fligou, M. Marangos, C. Sklavou, E. Anastassiou, I. Spiliopoulou, K. Filos (Patras, GR)




Risk factors for colonisation with high-level aminoglycoside resistant Entorococcus species during hospitalisation in the intensive care unit T. Plankar Srovin*, R. Blagus, K. Seme, M. Cizman (Ljubljana, SI) Spectrum and potency of ceftaroline against leading pathogens causing skin and skin-structure infections in Europe and South Africa, 2010 R. Flamm*, D. Farrell, H. Sader, R. Jones (North Liberty, US) Ceftaroline activity against clinical isolates from United States hospitals: results from the 2011 Assessing Worldwide Antimicrobial Resistance Evaluation programme H. Sader*, D. Biek, I. Critchley, R. Flamm, R. Jones (North Liberty, Oakland, US)


The CDC definition of nosocomial infections revised: a prospective study with 1694 patients S. Erb*, A.F. Widmer (Basel, CH)


Resistance of Porphyromonas gingivalis and Prevotella intermedia isolated from periodontitis infections in the north of Portugal – myth or reality? I. Lopes Cardoso, S. Cunha*, R. Silva, J.C. Sousa, C. Pina (Porto, PT)

138 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

13:30 – 14:30

Streptococcus pneumoniae – seroprevalence and antimicrobial resistance


Distribution of serotypes and antimicrobial susceptibility of Streptococcus pneumoniae strains causing invasive disease in Madrid in patients 50 years and older J.C. Sanz*, B. Ramos, M. Fernandez, N. Herranz, M.A. Gutierrez, A. Arce, M. Ordobas on behalf of the Madrid Streptococcus pneumoniae Microbiological Group (MSPMG)


Epidemiological and microbiological characteristics of invasive S. pneumoniae infection in the south of Galicia, Spain, before and after the introduction of 7-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine M. Pérez-Rodríguez*, C. Martínez-Vázquez, L. Constenla, A. Argibay, A. Nodar, D. Portela, B. Sopeña, M. Álvarez-Fernández (Vigo. Pontevedra, ES)


Serotypes and antimicrobial susceptibilities of Streptococcus pneumoniae associated with carriage and non-invasive infection amongst a paediatric population M. McElligott*, I. Vickers, M. Cafferkey, H. Humphreys (Dublin, IE)


Prevalence of Streptococcus pneumoniae in respiratory samples from patients with tracheostomy in a long-term care facility A. Adler*, D. Ben-David, M.J. Schwaber, S. Masarwa, D. Schwartz, N. Porat, T. Kotlovsky, M. Shklyar, N. Polivkin, I. Weinberg, A. Lazary, N. Ohana, R. Dagan (Tel-Aviv, Be'er-Sheba, IL)


A population snapshot of Streptococcus pneumoniae serotype 19A causing invasive disease in Ireland I. Vickers*, D. O'Flanagan, M. Cafferkey, H. Humphreys (Dublin, IE)


In vitro antimicrobial activity against Streptococcus pneumoniae isolates from middle ear fluid from children: pre- versus post- introduction of the 7-valent conjugate pneumococcal vaccine in Spain A. Fenoll, L. Aguilar, M.D. Vicioso, M.J. Gimenez*, O. Robledo, J.J. Granizo, J. Yuste, P. Coronel (Madrid, ES)


In vitro antimicrobial activity against noninvasive Streptococcus pneumoniae isolates from adults pre- and post- introduction of the 7-valent conjugate pneumococcal vaccine in Spain A. Fenoll, M.J. Gimenez*, M.D. Vicioso, L. Aguilar, O. Robledo, J.J. Granizo, J. Yuste, P. Coronel (Madrid, ES)

Poster Sessions






13:30 – 14:30

In vitro activity of ceftaroline and comparative agents against multidrugresistant clinical isolates of S. pneumoniae collected from an ongoing Canada-wide surveillance programme: 2008 to 2011 K. Green*, A. McGeer, S. Pong-Porter, S. Patel, D.E. Low on behalf of the Canadian Bacterial Surveillance Network Spectrum and potency of ceftaroline against leading pathogens causing communityacquired respiratory tract infections in Europe and South Africa, 2010 D. Farrell, R. Flamm, H. Sader*, R. Jones (North Liberty, US) Antimicrobial activity of ceftaroline and comparator agents against contemporary (2010) Streptococcus pneumoniae from Europe and South Africa D. Farrell, H. Sader*, R. Flamm, R. Jones (North Liberty, US) Invasive pneumococcal disease (non-meningitis) in adult patients at a university hospital, Asturias S. Rojo*, R. Carballo, R. Rico, C. Balado, O. Martínez, J. Fernández, F. Pérez, A. Fleites (Oviedo, ES)


Clinical characteristics of community-acquired urinary tract infections caused by extendedspectrum beta-lactamase-producing Enterobacteriaceae H. Pai* (Seoul, KR)


Adults patients with bacteraemic urinary tract infection discharged from the emergency department A. Lalueza, B. Yaiza, F. Sanz, A. García-Reyne*, F. López Medrano, M. Fernández, J.M. Aguado (Madrid, Leganés, ES)


Epidemiology and outcome of complicated pyelonephritis caused by extended-spectrum beta-lactamase producing bacteria I. Marquez*, V. Buoniauto, A. Villalobos, C. Mediavilla, C. Joya, A. Plata, J.Mª. Reguera, J.D. Ruiz-Mesa, J.D. Colmenero (Málaga, ES)


Healthcare-associated, community- and hospital-acquired bacteraemic urinary tract infections: a prospective cohort study J.P. Horcajada*, E. Shaw, B. Padilla, V. Pintado, E. Calbo, N. Benito, M.A. Pallares, M. Gozalo, J. Rodriguez-Baño and other members of ITUBRAS group on behalf of GEIH-SEIMC


Qualitative and quantitative digestive carriage of ESBL-producing Escherichia coli in patients with community-onset urinarytract infections: a multinational study E. Ruppe*, B. Lixandru, C. Buke, R. Cojocaru, E. Paramythiotou, C. Visseaux, A. El Mniai, C. Marcel, I. Djuikoue, E. Erdem, T. Kesteman, I. Codita, L. Armand-Lefevre, A. Andremont (Paris, FR; Bucharest, RO; Izmir, TR; Chisinau, MD; Athens, GR)


Optimised patient transfer using an innovative multidisciplinary assessment in Canton Aargau (OPTIMA II) – an observational survey in urinary tract infections, Switzerland A. Litke*, S. Schwarz, A. Razzaghi, B. Mueller, W. Albrich (Aarau, CH)


Diagnostic approach to urinary tract infections in male general practice patients C.D.J. den Heijer*, M.C.J.M. van Dongen, G.A. Donker, E.E. Stobberingh (Maastricht, Utrecht, NL)

Clinical outcomes of patients with penicillinnonsusceptible Streptococcus pneumoniae bacteraemia: impact of revised penicillin breakpoints in CLSI M100-S18 S.-H. Choi*, J.-W. Chung, S.-H. Kim, S.-O. Lee, Y.S. Kim, J.H. Woo, S.-H. Choi (Seoul, KR) Urinary tract infections


Asymptomatic bacteriuria and urinary tract infections in pregnant women with and without diabetes mellitus C. Schneeberger*, S.E. Geerlings, J.J.H.M. Erwich, R.P. Stolk, P. Middleton, C.A. Crowther (Groningen, Amsterdam, NL; Adelaide, AU)


Cefixime versus amoxicillin/clavulanate in pregnant women with asymptomatic bacteriuria: multicentre randomised study V. Rafalskiy, E. Dovgan*, Y. Kozyrev, T. Gustovarova, S. Khlybova, A. Novoselova, N. Filippenko, D. Lichich (Smolensk, Kirov, Kursk, RU)


Efficacy of pivmecillinam in empirical treatment of community-acquired ESBLpositive urinary tract infections – comparison with ESBL-negative infections A. Søraas*, A. Sundsfjord, P. Jenum (Bærum, Tromsø, NO)

13:30 – 14:30 P1577

Tropical medicine Infectious diseases in internationally adopted children S. Garazzino*, M. Zaffaroni, S. Aguzzi, I. Raffaldi, C. Calitri, L. Panigati, A. Bizzocchi, M. Gatto, G. Ballardini, P. Foracchia, A. Guala, P.A. Tovo (Turin, Novara, Verbania, IT) 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 139


Sunday, 1 April

Poster Sessions

Sunday, 1 April P1578

First case of Salmonella salamae infection associated with consumption of reptile meat in humans B. López*, P. Rivas, C. Toro, P. Trevisi, M. Baquero (Madrid, ES)


A case of imported progressive disseminated histoplasmosis in Madrid L. Llorca*, D. Domingo, A. Salas, J. Sanz, D. Abad, D. Real de Asua, T. Alarcón, M. López-Brea (Madrid, ES)


Haemorrhagic colitis complicated by haemolytic uraemic syndrome in Georgia E. Vashakidze*, T. Megrelishvili, E. Packoria, L. Tevzadze, M. Lashkarashvili, M. Kvitashvili (Tbilisi, GE)



Dynamics of clinical symptoms in patients with scrub typhus C.-S. Lee*, J.H. Lee, E.S. Kim, Y.G. Kwak, C.S. Moon, J.H. Lee, B.N. Kim (Jeonju, Seongnam, Busan, KR)

An outbreak of histoplasmosis following a biology field trip in the Ugandan rainforest L.E. Cottle*, H. Williams, T. Gorsuch, H. Brindle, E. Gkrania-Klotsas, A. Carmichael, G. Fry, N.J. Beeching (Liverpool, Blackpool, Cambridge, UK; Dublin, IE)


Impact of gastric acidity on acquisition of cholera infection post gastric bypass T. Bias*, E. Davanos, S. Rahman, V. Venugopalan (Brooklyn, US)


A review of human anthrax infection in Georgia E. Vashakidze*, T. Gegeshidze, N. Tsertsvadze, T. Tkilaishvili, M. Kvitashvili (Tbilisi, GE)


Clinical and epidemiological peculiarities of the tetanus cases in Georgia M. Javakhadze*, T. Khuchua, N. Rukhadze (Tbilisi, GE)


Randomised double-blind clinical trial to assess the efficacy of dexamethasone in reducing local inflammatory reaction in Bothrops snake envenoming C.R. Medeiros, C.M.S. Málaque, H.W. Fan, J.L.C. Cardoso, P.P.Q. Torrez, T.T. Susaki, R.F. Ferrari, P.V.M. Vicente, I.S. Sano-Martins, S.C. Tomy, A.M. Tanaka-Azevedo, L.R.C. Gonçalves, M.C.C. Sousa-e-Silva, F.L. Tavares, P.B. Clissa, K.C. Barbaro, F.O.S. Franca* (São Paulo, BR)


Fluoroquinolone resistance of Orientia tsutsugamushi and clinical use in severe scrub typhus K.H. Park*, S.M. Choi, M.O. Jang, S.J. Kang, S.I. Jung, H.C. Jang (Gwanju, KR)


Contribution of Bacillus oleronius to Demodex chronic blepharitis A. Szkaradkiewicz, I. Chudzicka-Strugala*, T.M. Karpinski, O. Goslinska-Pawlowska, T. Tulecka, W. Chudzicki, A.K. Szkaradkiewicz, R. Zaba (Poznan, PL)


Evaluation of the painful sensation in accidents caused by spiders, scorpions and lepidopteran larvae (caterpillars): Hospital Vital Brazil, Butantan Institute for the Health Secretariat of São Paulo K. Miyamura, P. Torrez, R. Lobo, C.T.G. Novaes, C.R. Medeiros, C.M.S. Málaque, J. Ferreira, J.Y. Risk, J.L.C. Cardozo, F.O.S. Franca* (São Paulo, BR)


Tropical pyomyositis in children: ten-year experience of a tertiary care hospital in northern India S. Verma*, S. Singhi, P. Singhi, M. Singh, S. Singh, R.K. Marwaha (Chandigarh, IN)


Clinical features of mortality cases with dengue during 2010-2011 epidemic in Caquetá, Colombia D. Puerta*, R. Morán, A. Rámirez, D. Viasus (Santa Marta, Florencia - Caquetá, CO)


Dengue infection-associated brachial plexopathy: the first case and review of the literature C. Suankratay*, N. Siriyakorn, E. Thiansukhon, N. Pasutharnchat (Bangkok, TH)


Brucellar spinal epidural abscesses. Analysis of nineteen cases M. Koubâa, D. Lahiani, I. Mâaloul, B. Hammami, C. Marrakchi, E. Elleuch, M. Ben Jemâa* (Sfax, TN)


Implementing a laboratory in a tropical remote area or what can be done with little funds and no electricity access J.-F. Carod* (Saint-Claude, FR)


Imported paracoccidiomycosis in Spain A. Navascués, T. Rubio, F. Monzón, G. Aisa, A. Gil-Setas, C. Ezpeleta* (Tudela, Pamplona, ES)


Accident by stingray: soft tissue infection caused by Aeromonas caviae P.P.Q. Torrez, L. Moura, M.R. Duarte, C.R. Medeiros, V. Haddad Junior, F.O.S. Franca* (São Paulo, Botucatu, BR)


Spectrum of neglected tropical disease in rural clinic of Mihango (Kenya) within 5 years G. Mikolasova*, L. Alumbasi-Timona, J. Kafkova, S. Kamoche, J. Muli-Mutuku, J. Sokolova, V. Krcmery (Bratislava, SK; Mihango, KE; Trnava, SK)

140 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

Poster Sessions

13:30 – 14:30









In vitro activities of fosfomicin and gentamicin combinations against clinical isolates of Staphylococcus aureus A. Peña-Monje, D. Vinuesa, V. Guillot, R. Gálvez, R. Camacho, N. Coronado, J. Hernández-Quero, J. Parra-Ruiz* (Granada, ES)


Assessment of antimicrobial combinations for KPC-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae infections E.B. Hirsch*, B. Guo, K.T. Chang, H. Cao, K.R. Ledesma, M. Singh, V.H. Tam (Houston, Brooklyn, US)


Colistin and doripenem are synergistic in vitro against NDM-1 Klebsiella pneumoniae E. Olsson, H.H. Yu, C.B. Landersdorfer, J. Jacob, J.B. Bulitta*, K. Davis, Z.Z. Deris, C.K. Ku, A. Poudyal, B.T. Tsuji, A. Forrest, T. Velkov, H.E. Sidjabat, D.L. Paterson, J. Li, R. Nation (Parkville, AU; Buffalo, US; Brisbane, AU)


Enhanced bactericidal activity of colistin and doripenem in combination (combo) against multidrug-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae at a high inoculum in an in vitro PK/PD model Z. Deris, H. Yu, K. Davis, J. Jacob, P. Bergen, C. Ku, A. Poudyal, B. Tsuji, A. Forrest, J. Bulitta, T. Velkov, J. Li, R. Nation* (Melbourne, AU; Buffalo, US)


In vivo efficacy of tigecycline alone and in combination with colistin, meropenem and gentamicin against KPC-carbapenemaseproducing Enterobacteriaceae in a mouse thigh infection model G. Micahil*, M. Labrou, E. Ntokou, I. Kristo, S. Manousaka, A. Tsakris, S. Pournaras (Larissa, Athens, GR)


Anti-mutant potentials of doripenem, imipenem and ciprofloxacin against Pseudomonas aeruginosa examined using an in vitro dynamic model S. Zinner*, D. Gilbert, K. Greer, Y. Portnoy, A. Firsov (Cambridge, US; Moscow, RU)


In vivo efficacy of human simulated exposures of tigecycline against Enterobacteriaceae over 3 days of treatment in the murine thigh model P. Tessier, D. Nicolau* (Hartford, US)


Comparative pharmacodynamics of moxifloxacin, levofloxacin, erythromycin, roxithromycin, clarithromycin and azithromycin at simulated serum- and lung concentrations in the presence or absence of macrophages A. Dalhoff*, S. Schubert, H. Stass (Kiel, Wuppertal, DE)

Pharmacodynamic analyses and antibiotic combinations: S.aureus, MDR-Klebsiella and others Differential toxin gene expression and regulation in community-associated MRSA USA300 with pharmacodynamic antibiotic exposures in an in vitro hollow fibre model W. Rose*, M. Pantrangi, S. Pichereau, Z. Ye, S. Shukla (Madison, Marshfield, US) Population probability of target attainment of daptomycin at different levels of renal function against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in European medical centres A. Farkas* (Nyack, US) Influence of demographic and pathophysiological factors on the probability of target attainment for intravenous antibiotics used in the treatment of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus complicated skin and soft-tissue infections P. McCormack*, J. Borrill (Macclesfield, UK) In vitro evaluation of daptomycin in combination with other drugs against difficult-to-treat staphylococci and enterococci M.L. Mezzatesta, F. Campanile*, V. Petrolito, M. Perez, D. Bongiorno, F. Gona, D. Sciortino, C. Caio, S. Stefani (Catania, IT) Pharmacodynamic analysis of the susceptibility of intracellular methicillinsusceptible, methicillin-resistant and linezolid-resistant Staphylococcus aureus to ceftaroline A. Melard, S. Lemaire*, P. Tulkens, F. Van Bambeke (Brussels, BE) High-dose daptomycin versus vancomycin, alone or combined with clarithromycin or rifampin against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus epidermidis in an in vitro pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic model of bacterial biofilm A.D. Hall*, C. Vidaillac, W.E. Rose, M.J. Rybak (Detroit, Madison, US) Evaluation of standard and high-dose daptomycin versus linezolid against vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecalis in an in vitro model of simulated endocardial vegetations A.D. Hall*, M.E. Steed, C.A. Arias, B.E. Murray, M.J. Rybak (Detroit, Houston, US)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme



Sunday, 1 April

Poster Sessions

Sunday, 1 April P1613

13:30 – 14:30 P1614


Effect of fidaxomicin on C. difficile spore germination and outgrowth J. Sorg, L. Nguyen, A.L. Sonenshein, P. Sears, F. Babakhani* (College Station, San Diego, Boston, US)

Prescription of high dose of ceftriaxone for treatment of meningitis: is therapeutic drug monitoring useful? A cohort study D. Navas, G. Deslandes, E. Dailly, J. Caillon, A. Chiffoleau, G. Potel, V. Sebille, D. Boutoille, N. Asseray* (Nantes, FR) Overton’s rule helps to estimate the penetration of anti-infectives into the cerebrospinal fluid of patients without and with meningeal inflammation M. Djukic*, M. Munz, F. Sörgel, U. Holzgrabe, H. Eiffert, R. Nau (Göttingen, Heroldsberg, Würzburg, DE) Cerebrospinal fluid distribution of cefotaxime in patients with acute brain injury D. Frasca*, C. Dahyot-Fizelier, C. Adier, B. Debaene, O. Mimoz, W. Couet, S. Marchand (Poitiers, FR)


Drug levels in septic patients treated with continuous renal replacement therapy receiving new beta-lactam dosage regimen M. Beumier*, M. Hites, F.S. Taccone, R. Surin, L. Seyler, J.L. Vincent, F. Jacobs (Brussels, BE)


Differences in clinical efficacy and colistin plasma concentrations in patients receiving three different dosage regimens of CMS for treating infections caused by multiresistant Gram-negative bacteria L. Sorlí*, S. Luque, S. Grau, N. Berenguer, F. Alvarez-Lerma, M. Montero, C. Segura, H. Knobel, J. Horcajada (Barcelona, ES)


Characterisation of fluoroquinolones bioavailability in rats after pulmonary delivery A.V.L. Gontijo*, S. Marchand, J. Brillault, P. Gobin, W. Couet (Poitiers, FR)


Calu-3 versus primary alveolar cells for in vitro evaluation of fluoroquinolone disposition within the lungs A.V.L. Gontijo*, J. Brillault, S. Marchand, W. Couet (Poitiers, FR)


Plasma vancomycin concentrations in patients with Clostridium difficile infection taking oral vancomycin C. Donskey*, M. Miller, D. Crook, P. Sears, S. Gorbach (Cleveland, US; Montreal, CA; Oxford, UK; San Diego, Boston, US)


Therapeutic drug monitoring of daptomycin: a 4-year audit of levels from a UK clinical antibiotic service J. Sunderland*, K.E. Bowker, A.R. Noel, H.C. Elliot, P.R. Money, A.M. Lovering (Bristol, UK)


Pharmacokinetics of daptomycin in infants: implications for dosing P. Bokesch*, D. Benziger, R. Pawliuk, R. Jacobs, J. Bradley (Lexington, Little Rock, San Diego, US)


Anidulafungin pharmacokinetics in critically ill patients M.J.P. van Wanrooy*, M.G.G. Rodgers, D.R.A. Uges, J.P. Arends, J.G. Zijlstra, T.S. van der Werf, J.G.W. Kosterink, J.W.C. Alffenaar (Groningen, NL)


Penetration of ceftolozane/tazobactam and piperacillin/tazobactam into the epithelial lining fluid of healthy volunteers G. Chandorkar*, J. Huntington, T. Parsons, M. Gotfried, O. Umeh (Lexington, Phoenix, US)


Quantitative management of the interaction of ritonavir on itraconazole plasma levels L. Chouchana, I. Pierre, V. Poinsignon, E.M. Billaud*, L. Weiss (Paris, FR)


Drug interaction: effects of itraconazole on the intestinal pharmaco-metabolising system and ciprofloxacin pharmacokinetics E. Bertazzoni Minelli*, T. Della Bora, A. Benini (Verona, IT)

New pharmacokinetic data




Population pharmacokinetics of plasma and urine colistin methanesulfonate and colistin in critically ill patients N. Grégoire*, E. Comets, B. Mégarbane, P. Gobin, D. Balayn, W. Couet, O. Mimoz (Poitiers, Paris, FR) Formulation of colistin microparticles for passive targeting of lung infection by inhaler F. Tewes*, S. Marchand, J. Brillaut, P. Gobbin, C. Ehrhardt, A.M. Healy, W. Couet (Poitiers, FR; Dublin, IE)

142 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

Poster Sessions

12:30 – 13:30 P1630

pMLST typing of IncN and IncHI2 plasmids, carrying ESBL-producing genes, isolated from human and animal Escherichia coli and Salmonella enterica in Germany, the Netherlands and United Kingdom within the SAFEFOODERA ESBLs project I. Rodríguez, H. Argüello, R. Bärmann, J. Fischer, A. van Essen-Zandbergen, A. Schink, M. Williams*, G. Wu, R. Helmuth, D.J. Mevius, B. Guerra on behalf of the SAFEFOODERA ESBLs consortium


Spread of large conjugative plasmids carrying antibiotic, copper and mercury resistance genes among Enterococcus from different sources E. Silveira, A.R. Freitas, P. Antunes, T.M. Coque, L. Peixe, C. Novais* (Porto, PT; Madrid, ES)


Aquacultures as reservoirs of pathogenic bacteria and clinically relevant antibiotic resistance genes P. Antunes*, J. Campos, C. Novais, E. Machado, J. Mourao, F. Grosso, S. Quinteira, A. Freitas, T. Coque, L. Peixe (Porto, Vila Nova de Famalicão, PT; Madrid, ES)






Colonisation with extended-spectrum and plasmid-mediated AmpC beta-lactamases Escherichia coli producers in healthy dogs without antimicrobial pressure – a cross-sectional study A. Belas, A.S. Salazar, L. Fernandes, N. Couto, C. Pomba* (Lisbon, PT)


Concentrations and remediation of cephalosporin residues in waste milk from dairy farms in England and Wales R.A. Horton*, V. Bailey-Horne, M. Sharma, L.P. Randall, L. Brunton, J.R. Jones, K. Heinrich, M. Sharman (Addlestone, Sand Hutton, Carmarthen, UK)


Potential zoonotic transmission of CMY-2 producing E. coli between pet animals and humans K.H. Hansen*, C.A. Nielsen, J.B. Nielsen, P. Damborg, K. Schønning, L. Guardabassi (Frederiksberg, Hvidovre, DK)


Diversity of blaCTX-M-like genes among polluted and unpolluted rivers M. Tacão*, I. Henriques, A. Correia (Aveiro, PT)


Isolation and characterisation of extendedspectrum beta-lactamase CTX-M bacteria from waste milk samples from dairy farms in England and Wales in 2011 L. Randall*, M. Sharma, R. Horton, L. Brunton, T. Brightwell, C. Teale, J. Jones (New Haw, UK)


Differences in antibiotic susceptibility of E. coli isolates with poultry-associated and non-poultry-associated extended-spectrum beta-lactamases T.N. Platteel*, M.A. Leverstein-van Hall, J.W. Cohen Stuart, G.M. Voets, M.P. van den Munckhof, J. Scharringa, N. van de Sande-Bruinsma, A.C. Fluit, M.J.M. Bonten on behalf of the ESBL national surveillance working group


Presence of extended-spectrum betalactamase producing Enterobacteriaceae in wastewaters, Kinshasa, the Democratic Republic of the Congo H. De Boeck*, B. Miwanda, O. Lunguya, J.J. Muyembe, J. Jacobs (Antwerp, BE; Kinshasa, CD)


Zoonotic potential of multidrug-resistant Escherichia coli clonal groups in Portugal D. Jones-Dias*, L. Clemente, V. Manageiro, P. Themudo, T. Albuquerque, A.P. Francisco, D. Louro, E. Ferreira, M. Caniça (Lisbon, PT)

Antimicrobial resistance in isolates of nonhuman origin

Prevalence and characterisation of extendedspectrum beta-lactamase (ESBL) and CMY-2 producing Escherichia coli isolates from healthy food-producing animals in Tunisia R. Ben Sallem, H. Gharsa, K. Ben Slama, V. Estepa, A. Jouini, B. Rojo-Bezares, Y. Sáenz, A. Boudabous, C. Torres* (Tunis, TN; Logroño, ES) Isolation and identification of multidrugresistant bacteria from activated sewage sludge H. Galler, G. Zarfel, J. Posch, D. Haas, E. Leitner*, C. Kittinger, V. Strenger, E. Marth, F.F. Reinthaler, G. Feierl (Graz, AT) Prospective study on prevalence and characteristics of ESBL/AmpC producing Escherichia coli isolated from veal calves at slaughter J. Hordijk*, A. Kant, A. van Essen-Zandbergen, K. Veldman, C. Dierikx, J. A. Wagenaar, B. Wit, D. Mevius (Utrecht, Lelystad, NL) Spread of IncI-blaTEM-52 and IncN-blaCTX-M1/-32 among Escherichia coli isolates from Portuguese piggeries C. Rodrigues*, Â. Novais, R. Cantón, T.M. Coque, L. Peixe, E. Machado (Porto, PT; Madrid, ES)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 143


Monday, 2 April

Poster Sessions

Monday, 2 April 12:30 – 13:30


Ability of automated susceptibility testing instruments to detect glycopeptide intermediate resistance in Staphylococcus aureus M. Wootton*, J. Andrews, J. Richards, J. Bradley, L. Davies, V. Kundalia, R.A. Howe (Cardiff, UK)


Evaluation of automation and lean methodologies on the urine workflow in a microbiology laboratory J.B. Laughlin* (Reading, UK)

Evaluation of Vitek 2 AST-P612 card for daptomycin susceptibility testing of Staphylococcus aureus and coagulasenegative staphylococci B.M. Willey*, L. Mazzulli, A. Mazzulli, A. Mazzulli, C. Porter, P. Lo, K. Wong, S.M. Poutanen (Toronto, CA)


How liquid-based microbiology can change the workflow in microbiology laboratories C. Fontana*, M. Favaro, C. Favalli (Rome, IT)

MIC determination for daptomycin using VITEK2: the DaVIT multicentre study J. Knobloch* on behalf of the DaVIT study group


EPI-V™, a rapid, inexpensive detection test for vancomycin-resistant enterococci directly from stool specimens C. Kontnick, L. Post, C. Edberg* (New Haven, US)


Discrepancies between MicroScan, Etest and broth microdilution for the determination of daptomycin susceptibility in enterococci E. Cercenado*, M. Marin, B. Gama, M. Izquierdo, E. Bouza (Madrid, ES)


Agreement of the MIC Test Strip versus Etest in MIC determination of Streptococcus pneumoniae B.C. Haldorsen*, A.-S. Furberg, Ø. Samuelsen, D.F. Vestrheim, M. Steinbakk, A. Sundsfjord (Tromsø, Oslo, NO)


A CE-marked automated molecular test on the Abbott m2000 for the detection of vancomycin resistance genes vanA and vanB most commonly found in vancomycinresistant enterococci H. Reiske*, C. Leslin, R. Kowal, A. Jacobs, R. Del Mastro (Cambridge, Des Plaines, US)

Automation of the microbiology laboratory


Evaluation of manual versus automated plate spreading techniques H.L. Jones* (Slough, UK)


Evaluation of an automated digital image analyser for the screening of urine samples submitted for culture A. Tessari*, M.A. Girotto, A. Astolfi, P. Gotto, M. Scarin (Rovigo, IT)





12:30 – 13:30



Optimised integration of new technologies (VITEK® MS and PREVI™ Isola) in a microbiology laboratory using the Lean 6 Sigma methodology J. Djapo-Tiani*, L. Van Hellepute, G. Habib, J. Collard, H. Palumbo (Liège, BE; Marcy L'Etoile, FR) Application of the Fungitell® assay on a fully automated coagulation analysing system allows for STAT testing of (1–>3)-beta-D-glucan in serum samples F. Prüller*, R. Krause, M. Hönigl, T. Valentin, H.J.F. Salzer, H. Mangge, M. Truschnig-Wilders, R.B. Raggam (Graz, AT) Commercial systems for detection of antimicrobial resistance in Gram-positive organisms Screening for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and selective broth enrichment of colonisation samples by TPX MRSA assay T. Stenholm*, A. Hakanen, E. Hakanen, H. Härmä, K. Rantakokko-Jalava, P. Kotilainen (Turku, FI) Comparison of gradient strips for use in detection of Staphylococcus aureus isolates with reduced susceptibility to glycopeptides J. Richards*, C. Estrada, L. Davies, M. Wootton, R.A. Howe (Cardiff, UK)

144 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

12:30 – 13:30



Epidemiological characterisation of CTX-Mproducing Escherichia coli using the DiversiLab system A. Önnberg*, P. Mölling, B. Söderquist (Örebro, SE)


High diversity of extended-spectrum betalactamases among clinical isolates of Escherichia coli from Portugal C. Rodrigues*, E. Machado, C. Montenegro, L. Peixe, A. Novais on behalf of The Portuguese Resistance Study Group

Poster Sessions


Duration of faecal carriage of ESBL-producing E. coli and K. pneumoniae following first-time clinical infection E. Titelman*, A. Iversen, M. Kais, M.H. Chowdhury, M. Kalin, C.G. Giske (Stockholm, SE)


High acquisition rates of ESBL-producing Enterobacteriaceae among Dutch travellers S. Paltansing*, M. Bruijning, A.T. Bernards, K.E. Veldkamp, L.G. Visser (Leiden, NL)


Molecular characterisation of clinical isolates of Enterobacteriaceae resistant to extendedspectrum cephalosporins in Modena, Italy E. Giacobazzi*, M.M. D’Andrea, A. Grottola, C. Venturelli, T. Giani, F. Ferrari, V. Conte, W. Gennari, M. Pecorari, G.M. Rossolini, F. Rumpianesi (Modena, Siena, IT)


Emergence and genetic environment of CTX-M enzymes produced by clinical Escherichia coli isolates in Germany, 2005–2009 B. Körber-Irrgang*, E. Zander, A. Ritzenhoff, A. Bauernfeind, I. Schneider, M. Kresken (Rheinbach, Munich, DE)


Epidemiology, antimicrobial susceptibility, treatment and outcomes of health careassociated and nosocomial urinary tract infections caused by extended-spectrum beta-lactamase producing Escherichia coli R. Karali, N. Saltoglu*, M. Yemisen, R. Ozaras, I. Balkan, B. Mete, F. Tabak, A. Mert, N. Hondur, R. Ozturk (Istanbul, TR)





Characterisation of infection with community-acquired extended spectrum beta-lactamase producing pathogens: an observational cohort study J. Sfeir*, M. Yasmin, N. Yared, T. Baban, S. Kanj, R. Hanna Wakim, G. Araj, G. Matar, G. Dbaibo, Z. Kanafani (Beirut, LB) Genetic diversity and emergence of clone ST131 among lower repiratory tract isolates of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase producing Escherichia coli from Slovenia K. Seme, K. Molan, J. Ambrozic Avgustin* (Ljubljana, SI) The open door clonal ESBL-producing Escherichia coli in the acute hospital and the community L. Burke*, D. Fitzgerald-Hughes, H. Humphreys (Dublin, IE) Rep-PCR analysis (DiversiLab) indicates ESBL plasmid transmission from verotoxin producing enteroaggregative Escherichia coli O104:H4 S. Hauswaldt, D. Knaack, R. Roseland, W. Solbach, J. Knobloch* (Luebeck, DE)


Prevalence of ESBL-producers causing urinary tract infections, in Aveiro, Portugal S. Ferreira*, R. Diaz, S. Rocha, A. Paradela, E. Ramalheira (Aveiro, PT)


Molecular characterisation of betalactamases of Enterobacteriaceae in Europe R. Badal*, S. Lob, S. Bouchillon, D. Hoban, A. Johnson, M. Hackel, C. Lascols (Schaumburg, US)


Duration of colonisation with extendedspectrum beta-lactamase-producing enterobacteria L. Papst*, B. Beovic, K. Seme (Ljubljana, SI)


Clonal structure, ESBLs and acquired AmpCs of Escherichia coli populations colonising patients in rehabilitation centres in four countries R. Izdebski*, A. Baraniak, M. Herda, J. Fiett, W. Hryniewicz, A. Adler, M. Elenbogen, M. Kazma, Y. Carmeli, A. Rossini, A. Salvia, J. Vidal Samso, J. Salomon, C. Lawrence, S. Malhotra-Kumar, C. Lammens, H. Goossens, M. Gniadkowski on behalf of the MOSAR WP2 and WP5 Team


The epidemic multi-resistant Escherichia coli ST131 clonal group is prevalent in Copenhagen and differs significantly from other Danish extended-spectrum betalactamase (ESBL)-producing E. coli B. Olesen*, F. Petersson, C. Struve, R.F. Leihof, J. Frimodt-Møller, F. Scheutz, J.R. Johnson, B. Johnston, K.A. Krogfelt, D.S. Hansen (Hillerød, Copenhagen, DK; Minneapolis, US)


Characterisation of resistance mechanisms and epidemiology of Enterobacteriaceae collected during a phase II clinical trial for ceftazidime avibactam R. Mendes*, L. Woosley, L. Deshpande, M. Castanheira, H. Sader, R. Jones (North Liberty, US)


Molecular characterisation of extendedspectrum beta-lactamases produced by community-acquired Escherichia coli causing urinary tract infections in Tunis S. Hammami, M. Saidani, S. Ferjani, I. Aissa, A. Slim, I. Boutiba-Ben Boubaker* (Tunis, TN)


ESBL and VRE colonisation in attendees of an infection control symposium E. Meyer*, A. Kola, R. Schiller, F. Schwab, P. Gastmeier (Berlin, DE)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 145


Monday, 2 April

Poster Sessions

Monday, 2 April 12:30 – 13:30 P1679

Prevalence of metallo-beta-lactamases in Enterobacteriaceae from the SMART programme, and detection of a new variant: blaVIM-33 C. Lascols*, M. Hackel, G. Peirano, S. Bouchillon, R. Badal, D. Hoban, J. Pitout (Schaumburg, US; Calgary, CA)


First description of the metallobetalactamase GIM-1 in Acinetobacter pittii (formerly Acinetobacter genomospecies 3) M. Kaase*, N. Pfennigwerth, F. Szabados, S. Gatermann (Bochum, DE)


Carbapenemases arrived in Germany: report for 2011 of the National Reference Laboratory for Multidrug-Resistant Gram-negative Bacteria M. Kaase*, F. Szabados, A. Anders, S. Gatermann (Bochum, DE)


Acquisition of carbapenem resistance favours expansion of a limited number of successful Acinetobacter baumannii clonal lineages A. Fernandez*, P.G. Higgins, E. Zander, M. Hackel, H. Seifert (La Coruña, ES; Cologne, DE; Schaumburgh, US)


Carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae strains in Hungary I. Damjanova, L. Jánvári, K. Kristóf, D. Szabó, É. Kenesei, L. Szikra, M. Szemenyei, M. Konkoly Thege, A. Lázár, J. Szabó, M. Farkas, A. Dobák, M. Vámos, Á. Juhász, J. Pászti, Á. Tóth* (Budapest, Székesfehérvár, Szeged, Miskolc, Nyíregyháza, Debrecen, HU)





Prevalence of MBL genes in meropenem nonsusceptible Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates from a Belgian tertiary ICU, 2003–2009 R. Naesens*, P. Bogaerts, C. Lammens, W. Verbrugghe, P. Jorens, H. Goossens, Y. Glupczynski, M. Ieven (Edegem, Yvoir, BE)


Prevalence of carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae in Moroccan community A. Barguigua*, F. El Otmani, K. Zerouali, M. Talmi, M. Timinouni (Casablanca, El Jadida, MA)


Prevalence and characterisation of carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae in a university hospital centre, Casablanca, Morocco K. Zerouali*, A. Barguiga, M. Timinouni, B. Zaki, H. Belabbes, N. Elmdaghri (Casablanca, MA)


Emergence of carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae and other Gramnegatives in Scotland C. Wiuff*, A.T. Eastaway, D.M. Livermore, N. Woodford (Glasgow, London, UK)


Dissemination of blaVIM in Greece at the peak of the epidemic 2005–2006: clonal expansion of Klebsiella pneumoniae clonal complex 147 C. Hasan, P. Giakkoupi, A. Vatopoulos, C. Giske* (Stockholm, SE; Athens, GR)


Genetic study of carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae in Hong Kong Zhen Li*, Eileen Lai, K.H Chow, Jane Chan, P.L Ho (Hong Kong, CN)


First report of metallo-beta-lactamase producing Pseudomonas aeruginosa from Tanzania S. Moyo*, B. Haldorsen, S. Aboud, B. Blomberg, S. Maselle, A. Sundsfjord, N. Langeland, Ø. Samuelsen (Bergen, Tromsø, NO; Dar-es-Salaam, TZ)


Investigation of carbapenem resistance in MDR isolates from bacteraemic patients H. Moraitou*, S. Bartziali, I. Galani, M. Makarona, O. Oikonomou, G. Tsoumanis, E. Vogiatzakis (Athens, GR)


High rates of non-susceptibility to noncarbapenem antibiotics for extendedspectrum beta-lactamase producing Enterobacteriaceae in Toronto, Canada C. Lowe*, A. McGeer, M. Muller, K. Katz (Toronto, CA)

Carbapenemases from all over the world

Carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii in Lithuanian hospitals V. Seputiene*, J. Povilonis, A. Bogdaite, R. Juskaite, M. Miskinyte, E. Suziedeliene (Vilnius, LT) Molecular analysis of nosocomial isolates of Escherichia coli expressing multiple betalactamases in a tertiary referral hospital of northern India A. Bhattacharjee*, S. Upadhyay, M.R. Sen (Silchar, IN) Carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae in Irish critical care units: results of a national pilot study K. Burns*, D. Morris, S. Murchan, R. Cunney, E. Smyth, M. Power, K. Schaffer, C. Collins, A. Sheahan, M. Cormican, F. Fitzpatrick (Dublin, Galway, Cork, IE)

146 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

Poster Sessions


Prevalence of ESBL and carbapenemaseproducing phenotypes of Enterobacteriaceae identified in the 2010 AWARE surveillance programme K.M. Krause*, I.A. Critchley, D. Biek, G. Williams, H.S. Sader, R.N. Jones (Oakland, North Liberty, US)


Characterisation of carbapenem nonsusceptible Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates in Danish hospitals; a nationwide study F. Hansen*, U.S. Justesen, C. Østergaard, H.K. Johansen, M. Arpi, D.S. Hansen, P. Littauer, A. Holm, O. Heltberg, H. Schumacher, K. Fuursted, M.-A. Lykke, B. Tønning, A.M. Hammerum (Copenhagen, Odense, Aalborg, Herlev, Hillerød, Hvidovre, Vejle, Slagelse, Herning, Aarhus, Esbjerg, Viborg, DK)


Carbapenemase producers in the Czech Republic – current situation E. Chudackova*, H. Zemlickova, V. Studentova, T. Bergerova, J. Hrabak (Plzen, Prague, CZ)


Rapid dissemination of OXA-163 carbapenemase, an emerging OXA-48 variant, in species of Enterobacteriaceae in multiple hospitals from Argentina: multiples clones and detection issues F. Pasteran*, D. Faccone, M. Rapoport, O. Veliz, L. Guerriero, S. Gomez, A. Petroni, A. Corso (Buenos Aires, AR)




Occurrence and genetic analysis of OXA-48producing strains in European countries, 2007–2010 M. Castanheira*, L. Deshpande, L. Woosley, A. Costello, R. Jones (North Liberty, US) OXA-48 carbapenemase in an isolate of the uropathogenic ST131 clone of Escherichia coli in the UK V. Dimou*, H. Dhanji, T. Winstanley, D. Limb, N. Woodford (Thessaloniki, GR; London, Sheffield, UK) Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae surveillance: 2 years cohort with successful control D. Otero B.P. Pinheiro*, A.C.G. Magalhaes, F.L.L. Cardoso, L. Affonso Mascarenhas, S. Aranha Nouer, C.R.C. Souza, C. G. Moçali, E.G.P. Araújo, V. Dias de Oliveira, I.F. Afonso, I.S. Martins (Rio de Janeiro, Niteroi, BR)


Effectiveness of infection control measures and active surveillance to reduce the prevalence of carbapenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae in an acute care Greek hospital A. Poulou*, F. Markou, E. Voulgari, K. Ranellou, G. Vrioni, A. Tsakris (Serres, Athens, GR)

12:30 – 13:30

Epidemiology and genetics of clinical isolated carrying NDM


Molecular characterisation of NDM-1-bearing K. pneumoniae isolates from Croatia A. Mazzariol*, E. Kocsis, M. Gužvinec, I. Butic, S. Kresic, A. Tambic, G. Cornaglia (Verona, IT; Zagreb, Bjelovar, HR)


The genetic context of blaNDM-1 in Acinetobacter baumannii from a burns unit outbreak in Swansea, Wales L.S. Jones*, M. Toleman, N. Berry, J. Weeks, V.E. Daniel, W.E. Dickson, D. Davies, M. Wootton, R. Howe, T.R. Walsh (Cardiff, Swansea, UK)


European dissemination of NDM-1-producing Acinetobacter baumannii R. Bonnin*, L. Poirel, T. Naas, M. Pirs, J. Schrenzel, P. Nordmann (Le Kremlin Bicêtre, FR; Ljubljana, SI; Geneva, CH)


NDM-4-producing and carbapenem-resistant Escherichia coli from Cameroon to France L. Dortet*, D. Girlich, L. Poirel, P. Nordmann (Le Kremlin Bicetre, FR)


Emergence of NDM-1 carbapenemase producing Enterobacteriaceae in Abu Dhabi Emirate, United Arab Emirates A. Sonnevend*, A. Al Baloushi, T. Pal, R. Hashmey, W.Z. Tariq, S. Girgis, F. Sheikh, M. Pitout, M.B. Hamadeh, A. Ghazawi, M. Al Haj (Al Ain, AE)


OXA-48, OXA-23 and NDM-1 carbapenemases in Gram-negative bacteria from patients from Libya M. Kaase*, N. Pfennigwerth, F. Szabados, S. Gatermann (Bochum, DE)


First detection of New Delhi metallo-betalactamase in a multiple resistant strain of Klebsiella pneumoniae in Iran F. Shahcheraghi*, S. Nobari, F. Rahmati Ghezelgeh, V. Nikbin, S. Nasiri, A. Imani Fooladi (Tehran, IR)


New Delhi metallo-betalactamase-1 in Acinetobacter baumannii: a report from a tertiary care centre in South India M. Shanthi*, U Sekar, A Kamalanathan, S Balaraman (Chennai, IN) 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 147


Monday, 2 April

Poster Sessions

Monday, 2 April P1712

Increasing prevalence of New Delhi metallobetalactamase -1 in Enterobacteriaceae: the challenge U. Sekar*, S. Amudhan, A. Kamalanathan, S. Balaraman (Chennai, IN)


The genetic context of blaNDM-1 in Acinetobacter baumannii from clinical isolates dating back to 2005 from Chennai, India L.S. Jones*, M. Toleman, J. Weeks, R. Howe, T.R. Walsh, K. Kumarasamy (Cardiff, UK; Chennai, IN)

12:30 – 13:30

Commercially available systems for detection of ESBLs including KPC and AMPC


Carbapenemase identification by matrix assisted laser desorption/ionisation time-offlight mass spectrometry R. Walkova*, V. Studentova, E. Chudackova, T. Bergerova, J. Hrabak (Plzen, CZ)


Evaluation of Brilliance™ CRE Agar for the detection of carbapenem-resistant Gramnegative bacteria S. Bracco*, B. Pini, R. Migliavacca, G. Brigante, E. Nucleo, L. Pagani, F. Luzzaro (Lecco, Pavia, IT)


Evaluation of the Oxoid Brilliance™ CRE agar for detection of carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae J.W.T. Cohen Stuart, G. Voets, W. Rottier, S. Voskuil, J. Scharringa, A. Fluit, M. Leverstein-Van Hall* (Utrecht, NL)




Evaluation of a novel chromogenic medium for detecting carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae in surveillance rectal swabs G. Vrioni, J. Daniil, E. Voulgari, K. Ranellou, V. Koumaki, P. Karle, A. Tsakris* (Athens, GR) Evaluation of a new chromogenic medium, chromID CARBA, for the detection of carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae N. Bereksi*, D. Giraud, F. Joyeux, L. Barbaux, S. Ghirardi, S. Orenga, F. Villeval, G. Zambardi (Craponne, La Balme, FR) Comparison and development of faecal screening methods for detection of carbapenemase-producing Gram-negative bacteria V.E. Daniel*, N. Girometti, M. Wootton, R.A. Howe (Cardiff, UK)

148 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme


Evaluation of a new Etest® strip for Klebsiella carbapenemase detection on a large collection of genotypically characterised strains D. Halimi*, R. Martelin, K. Sjostrom, M. Pompilio, S. Rivat, G. Durand, G. Zambardi (La Balme Les Grottes, FR)


Evaluation of the modified KPC+MBL confirm ID kit for the phenotypic detection of class A and B carbapenemases in Klebsiella pneumoniae isolates P. Giakkoupi, K. Tryfinopouloy, C.C. Papagiannitsis, E. Tzelepi, O. Pappa, M. Voulgaraki, L.S. Tzouvelekis, J. Bou Casals, V. Miriagou, A. C. Vatopoulos* (Athens, Vari, GR; Taastrup, DK)


Phenotypic detection of carbapenemase associated with extended-spectrum betalactamase in Klebsiella pneumoniae K. Chevet, K. Guyot, G. Melon, B. Vidal, C. Couzigou, B. Misset, K. Jeannot, T. Lambert, J.-C. Nguyen Van* (Paris, FR)


Comparative epidemiology of viral infections causing influenza-like illness. A survey in France during winter 2010–2011 A. Falchi*, C. Turbelin, N. Salez, F. Renois, M. Leruez, L. Andreoletti, C. Arena, T. Blanchon, T. Hanslik, I. Bonmarin, D. Levy-Bruhl, X. de Lamaballerie, F. Carrat (Paris, Marseille, Reims, FR)


Detection of KPC carbapenemase with the EasyQ Kpc system, using NASBA technology A. Mazzariol*, G. Lo Cascio, G. Savarino, R. Fontana (Verona, IT)


Comparison of different molecular methods for the detection of the blaKPC gene A. Raglio*, P.A. Serna Ortega, M. Arosio, F. Vailati, M. Passera, A. Grigis (Bergamo, IT)


New microarray check-point for the detection of ESBL, AmpC betalactamases and carbapenemases A. Guiu*, A. Correa, T. Alarcón, J. Martiañez, M. De las Cuevas, M. López-Brea (Madrid, ES)


Phenotypic ESBL detection in Enterobacteriaceae producing chromosomal AmpC beta-lactamases L.B.J. van der Velden*, C.M. Verduin, J.W. Mouton, P.D.J. Sturm (Nijmegen, Veldhoven, NL)


Rapid identification and confirmation of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase utilising Brilliance ESBL agar and Sensititre ESBL antimicrobial susceptibility panels P. Stagg*, D. Paisey, C. Bastulli, A. Appleton, J. Beaves (East Grinstead, UK; Cleveland, US; Basingstoke, UK)

Poster Sessions



Evaluation of a new chromogenic test (betaLACTA™ test) for rapid detection of third-generation cephalosporins nonsusceptible Enterobacteriaceae M. Ben Soltana, C. Dallenne, A. Birgy, F. Compain, C. Verdet, S. Vimont, C. Favier, M. Juvin, G. Arlet* (Paris, Marnes-La-Coquette, FR) Evaluation of chromID ESBL and CCDA media for detection of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (ESBL) producing Enterobacteriaceae in stool samples D. Paulmann*, B. Kristensen, K. Fuursted (Aarhus, DK)


A multi-center evaluation of 3 selective screening agars for the detection of extended-spectrum beta-lactamases K. Floré*, J. Serru, W. Vandewal, A. Trouvé, J. Robbrecht (Brugge, Knokke, BE)


Multicentre evaluation of the ASTpiperacillin/tazobactam card for use on the Vitek 2 and Vitek 2 compact systems (bioMerieux Inc.) M.J. Tuohy*, D.A. Wilson, M. Traczewski, S. Brown, R. Buckner, D. Fuller, T. Davis, G.S. Hall (Cleveland, Wilsonville, Indianapolis, US)


Evaluation of a new multiplex PCR assay system for rapid detection of multidrug– resistant Gram-negative bacteria B. Schulte*, S. Barth, I.B. Autenrieth, G. Lüdke (Tübingen, Holzgerlingen, DE)

12:30 – 13:30 P1734



News on fluoroquinolone resistance Complete sequence of pJIE203, a plasmid from Klebsiella pneumoniae carrying blaDHA-1 and qnrB4 S. Partridge*, F. Jenkins, X. Jiang, I. Paulsen, J. Iredell (Sydney, AU) Characterisation of qnrA6 genetic environment in Proteus mirabilis PS16 confirms mobilisation from Shewanellaceae F. Janvier*, T. Guillard, F. Crockett, F. Chau, J. Robert, B. Fantin, E. Cambau (Paris, FR) High prevalence of plasmid-mediated quinolone resistance determinants in Enterobacteriaceae producing plasmid-AmpCtype-beta-lactamases, metallo-beta-lactamases or both isolated in 34 Spanish hospitals M.C. Conejo*, P. Díaz de Alba, J. Agüero, B. Aracil, G. Bou, F. Navarro, A. Oliver, G. Prats, J. Rodríguez Baño, Á. Pascual (Seville, Santander, Madrid, La Coruña, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, ES)


Beta-lactams and trimethoprim induce the expression of qnrB and smaqnr genes by SOS depending regulation A. Briales*, J.M. Rodríguez-Martínez, P. Diaz de Alba, C. Velasco, J. Machuca, J. Blázquez, A. Pascual (Seville, Madrid, ES)


Identification of the new variant QepA3, a plasmid-mediated quinolone resistance determinant, collected in a CMY-2-producing Escherichia coli M. Caniça, V. Manageiro*, D. Jones-Dias, D. Félix, E. Ferreira (Lisbon, PT)


High prevalence of fluoroquinolone efflux pump OqxAB in ESBL-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae in Spain J.M. Rodríguez-Martínez*, P. Diaz de Alba, J. Machuca, A. Briales, J. Rodriguez-Baño, L. Martínez-Martínez, A. Pascual (Seville, Santander, ES)


First report of a quinolone resistance mutation in the gyrA gene of a clinical Chlamydia trachomatis isolate I. Edelstein*, E. Shipitsyna, T. Khusnutdinova, A. Savicheva, M. Edelstein, R. Kozlov (Smolensk, St. Petersburg, RU)


Correlation between fluoroquinolone resistance and mutations in the gyrA/gyrB genes observed in M. tuberculosis clinical isolates collected in France from 2004 to 2010 C. Bernard*, N. Veziris, F. Brossier, W. Sougakoff, V. Jarlier, J. Robert, A. Aubry (Paris, FR)


Detection of fluoroquinolones resistance and efflux pumps activity by flow cytometry I. Faria-Ramos*, R. Nogueira, A.G. Rodrigues, C. Pina-Vaz (Porto, PT)


The presence of virulence factors in quinolone-resistant uropathogenic Escherichia coli in outpatients with UTI Z. Barisic*, V. Plecko, A. Budimir, B. Bedenic, Z. Bosnjak, V. Kaliterna (Split, Zagreb, HR)


Dynamics of the emergence of Escherichia coli resistance to fluoroquinolones in the faecal flora from healthy volunteers V. de Lastours*, E. Cambau, T. Guillard, G. Marcade, F. Chau, B. Fantin (Paris, FR)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 149


Monday, 2 April

Poster Sessions

Monday, 2 April 12:30 – 13:30

External quality assessment of resistance detection

12:30 – 13:30

Diagnostic microbiology methods – non-molecular


External quality assessment of culturebased detection of vancomycin-resistant enterococci by a network of European laboratories M. Gazin*, C. Lammens, L. Derde, M. Bonten, C. Brun-Buisson, H. Goossens, S. MalhotraKumar on behalf of the MOSAR WP2 Study Team


Comparative evaluation of processinguntreated, with heat and acid- water samples within the ISO 11731 for qualitative and numerical isolation of Legionella spp. and serotypes E.N. Velonakis*, C. Papanastasopoulou, A. Flountzi, C. Politis, A. Vatopoulos (Athens, GR)


External quality assessment of culturebased detection of extended spectrum betalactamase producing Gram-negative bacteria by a network of European laboratories M. Gazin*, C. Lammens, L. Derde, M. Kazma, M. Bonten, Y. Carmeli, C. Brun-Buisson, M. Gniadkowski, H. Goossens, S. MalhotraKumar on behalf of the MOSAR WP2 Study Team


Evaluation of TRU Legionella®, a new rapid test for detection of Legionella pneumophila serogroup 1 antigen in urine samples J.P. Bruin, B.M.W. Diederen* (Haarlem, NL)


Evaluation of ESwab (COPAN) for the detection of Ureaplasma urealyticum and Mycoplasma hominis from genital specimens with Mycoplasma Duo kit (BIO-RAD) J.M. Rousee*, C. Rieder-Monsch, T. Gueudet (Strasbourg, FR)


Real-time evaluation of Uriswab versus a dip-slide method for enumeration of urinary pathogens in outpatient settings R. Rennie*, J. Fuller, G. Tyrrell, T. Bennett, D. Dyrland (Edmonton, Red Deer, CA)


Evaluation of Vitek 2 for identification of Acinetobacter species A. Schulte*, H. Seifert (Cologne, DE)


Evaluation of Vitek 2 system for identification of most clinically important Candida species M.E. Ochiuzzi, I. Maldonado, L. Guelfand, A. Arechavala, R. Soloaga* (Buenos Aires, AR)


Neisseria gonorrhoeae identification, usefulness of the Vitek 2 NH card P. Galarza*, R. Soloaga, J. Pidone, M. Galas, C. Oviedo, I. Pagano, A. Diez, N. Carrion (Buenos Aires, AR)


Optimisation of Phoenix automated identification and susceptibility testing of mucoid Pseudomonas species M. Wootton*, J. Richards, L. Davies, V.E. Daniel, R.A. Howe (Cardiff, UK)


Performance comparison of chromIDTM Strepto B and CHROMagarTM StreptB to isolate Streptococcus agalactiae in pregnant women R. Soloaga*, N. Carrion, L. Guelfand, J. Pidone, A. Salinas, S. Kaufman, S Montibello (Buenos Aires, AR)





The 2011 antimicrobial susceptibility testing external quality assessment exercise organised for EARS-Net participants N. Patel*, C. Walton, A. Laja, V. James, D. Brown, O. Heuer (London, Peterborough, UK; Stockholm, SE) Standardised methods and harmonised guidelines for antimicrobial susceptibility testing - an international external quality assessment provider’s perspective C. Walton*, D. Brown, S. Seaton, E. Fagan, S. Budalich, S. Nair (London, Peterborough, UK) Proficiency of Spanish laboratories for accurate susceptibility testing, detection, and interpretation of beta-lactam resistance phenotypes in Pseudomonas aeruginosa C. Juan*, C. Conejo, N. Tormo, C. Gimeno, A. Pascual, A. Oliver on behalf of the Red Española de Investigación en Patología Infecciosa (REIPI) Detection of MRSA encoding mecALGA251: problems and solutions? A.M. Kearns*, E.J. Fagan, B. Pichon, R.L.R. Hill, G. Edwards, C. Teale, C. Walton (London, Glasgow, Shropshire, UK)

150 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

Poster Sessions

Monday, 2 April




Facilitating diagnostics of diarrhoeagenic Escherichia coli using a new chromogenic medium S.I. Hauswaldt*, A.C. Rodloff, W. Solbach, J.K. Knobloch (Luebeck, Leipzig, DE)

Virulence genes profiles and intimin subtypes of shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli isolated from healthy and diarrhoeic calves T. Zahraei Salehi*, M. Askari Badouei, H. Tadjbakhsh, G. Nikbakht Brujeni, O. Madadgar (Tehran, IR)


The comparison between the cultures of endotracheal aspiration and mini-BAL used in the diagnosis of ventilator-associated pneumonia C. Artuk, H.C. Gul*, G. Mert, A. Karakas, O. Bedir, C. Eyigün (Ankara, TR)

Occurrence of individual bacteriocin determinants in Escherichia coli phylogroups: microcin producers are predominantly associated with pathogenic strains D. Smajs*, B. Staudova, L. Micenkova, M. Vrba, P. Krecmerova, A. Sevcikova, J. Smarda (Brno, CZ)


Perceptions and attitudes of French general practitioners towards rapid antigen diagnostic tests in acute pharyngitis using a randomised case-vignette study: a cross-sectional study C. Pulcini*, L. Pauvif, A. Paraponaris, P. Verger, B. Ventelou (Nice, Marseille, FR)

In vivo potential transfer of genes involved in SH2 production in Escherichia coli isolates implicated in a bacteraemic pyelonephritis V. Estepa, C. Aspiroz, Y. Sáenz, M. de Toro, C. Lozano, B. Fortuño, C. Torres* (Logroño, Zaragoza, ES)


Growth dynamics of CC17 and non-CC17 (CC9, CC22, CC94, ST96, ST172) Enterococcus faecium revealed inter-and intra-clonal differences in fitness A.P. Tedim*, C.M. Rodríguez, F. Baquero, T.M. Coque (Madrid, ES)


Comparative assessment of faecal bacteria composition in ulcerative colitis patient versus healthy individuals R. Kumari*, V. Ahuja, J. Paul (New Delhi, IN)


Colicin FY – a bacteriocin specifically killing pathogenic strains of Y. enterocolitica J. Bosak*, P. Laiblova, J. Smarda, D. Dedicova, D. Smajs (Brno, Prague, CZ)


Taking the bull by the horns – a new high content molecular assay addressing complex ESBL detection H. Peter, G. Henihan, K. Pierce, K. Templeton, R. Mistry, C. Volpe, L. Wangh, J. Lewington, T.T. Bachmann* (Edinburgh, UK; Waltham, US; Watford, UK)


Health-related quality of life (SF-36 Health Survey) and Brucella melitensis DNA levels in patients with chronic brucellosis E. Navarro*, M.J. Castano, J.C. Segura, M.J. Andicoberry, J. Solera (Albacete, ES)


Characterisation of viridans and nonhaemolytic streptococci isolated from infective endocarditis patients with correlation to the clinical and echocardiographic presentations A.M. Hefnawy, A.M. Noreldeen, S.M. Ahmed* (Alexandria, EG)

Comparison of CHROMagar StrepB, Columbia CNA agar and Lim broth for the isolation of Group B Streptococcus from vaginal and rectal swabs from South Africa G. Kwatra*, S.A. Madhi, C.L. Cutland, E.J. Buchmann, P.V. Adrian (Johannesburg, ZA)

A survey of diagnostic strategy of culturenegative septic arthritis in paediatrics age group amongst United Kingdom microbiologists T. Saluja*, K. Banavathi (Stoke-on-Trent, UK)


Rapid detection of Panton-Valentine leukocidin in Staphylococcus aureus cultures by monoclonal antibodies using a lateral flow assay S. Monecke*, J. Rejman, J. Buechler, R. Ehricht (Dresden, DE; Scarborough, San Diego, US; Jena, DE)



Molecular bacteriology – miscellaneous




12:30 – 13:30

A novel rapid method that enables identification of pathogenic micro-organisms within 3 hours after samples are collected H. Niimi*, T. Ueno, S. Hayashi, M. Mori, H. Tabata, H. Minami, I. Kitajima (Toyama, Ishikawa, Hokkaido, JP) F-18 FDG PET/CT for outcome prediction in pyogenic vertebral osteomyelitis E. Zamparini, B. Del Pin, L. Scudeller, G. Rorato, M. Bassetti, L. Boriani, G. Fasulo, C. Nanni, P. Viale* (Bologna, Udine, Pavia, IT) Diagnostic value of procalcitonin in febrile neutropenic patients J.A. Lee*, S.Y. Park, E.J. Joo, Y.E. Ha, C.I. Kang, D.R. Chung, J.H. Song, K.R. Peck (Anyang, Seoul, KR)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 151



Poster Sessions

Monday, 2 April P1778

Adhesion to epithelial cells, capsule production and transcription of fimbriae associated genes in Porphyromonas gingivalis S. Teixeira*, T. D'Epiro, M. Mayer (Sao Paulo, BR)


Possible association between bacterial infections and HPV in cervical lesion progression C. Rusanu*, A. Botezatu, I. Iancu, I. Huica, G. Anton (Bucharest, RO)






12:30 – 13:30

Role of multiplex PCR and IL-6 in cerebrospinal fluid for diagnosis of ventriculomeningitis in neurosurgery patients P.M. Rath, B. Schoch, J. Buer, J. Steinmann* (Essen, DE) Direct sequencing and RipSeq analysis as a tool for identification of polymicrobial bactaeremia T.Y. Wolff*, S. Eickhardt, C. Moser, T. Bjarnsholt, P. H. Nielsen, N. Høiby, J. Lorenzen, T.R. Thomsen (Aarhus, Copenhagen, Aalborg, DK) Molecular monitoring of dominant aerobic and anaerobic bacteria in intestinal microbiota of pre-term infants during first months of life J. Štšepetova*, T. Drell, I. Lutsar, Ü. Parm, T. Metsvaht, K. Truusalu, M. Ilmoja, E. Sepp (Tartu, EE) Leptospira borgpetersenii in British rodents – a cause for concern? S. Cutler*, A. Meredith, D. Gado, S. Cleaveland (London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, UK) Infectious endocarditis: 16S rDNA sequencing can help guiding treatment D. Steensels*, A. Boel, K. Van Vaerenbergh, A. Van Keerberghen, H. De Beenhouwer (Aalst, BE) Molecular diagnosis of gastrointestinal pathogens


First Italian experience in clinical practice of the gastrointestinal pathogen panel using a unique multiplexing technology at a Bologna hospital C. Vocale*, M.P. Landini, V. Sambri (Bologna, IT)


Infectious gastroenteritis: comparison of conventional and molecular methods for detection of pathogens D. Ciardo*, O. Dubuis, D. Burki, C. Noppen, E.H. Viollier (Allschwil, CH)

152 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme


Use of a multiplex molecular assay for the detection of pathogens in stools from diarrhoeic patients J.M. Mansuy, C. Plachot, C. Mengelle, E. Grouteau, I. Claudet, N. Kamar, A. Huyn, G. Plat, M.F. Prere, A. Valentin, J. Izopet (Toulouse, FR; Oosterhout, NL)


A novel molecular-based diagnostic screening test utilising the NanoCHIP® microarray technology for simultaneous detection of gastrointestinal protozoan parasites and bacterial infections Z. Greenberg*, M. Fridlender, A. Hananel, J. Kopelowitz, V. Hurgin, S. Gross (Ashdod, IL)


Multiplex PCR detection of all major gastrointestinal pathogens employing a novel universal extraction method J.R. Melki*, S.P. Siah, K. Kaur, J. Nair, N. Coulston, D.S. Millar (Sydney, AU)


Diagnosis of gastroenteric infections: comparison of traditional methods with the new molecular technologies J.M. Marimón*, M. Montes, M. Gomariz, G. Cilla, E. Pérez-Trallero (Donostia-San Sebastian, ES)


Development of a TaqMan array card for the simultaneous detection of 16 pathogens causing gastroenteritis E.J. van Hannen*, S. Jonkers, C. Cummings, M. Shumaker, A. Ferlinz (Nieuwegein, NL; Foster City, US; Darmstadt, DE)


Prospective application of the Luminex xTAG®-GPP multiplex PCR in diagnosing infectious gastroenteritis E. Wessels, L. Rusman, M. van Bussel, E.C.J. Claas* (Leiden, NL)

12:30 – 13:30

Molecular diagnosis of sepsis and joint infections


Identification and characterisation of bacterial pathogens and fungi causing blood infections (sepsis) by DNA microarrays A.I. Moraga, O. Salazar*, N. Manjon, E. Jordana, E. Martró, R. Cospedal, V. Ausina, M. Villahermosa (Coslada-Madrid, BadalonaBarcelona, ES)


Evaluation of PNA FISH assays for the rapid diagnosis of sepsis and other severe infections, and identification of Streptococcus agalactiae in the screening of pregnant women A. Calderaro*, M. Martinelli, F. Motta, M. Benecchi, S. Covan, C. Chezzi (Parma, IT)

Poster Sessions




Direct identification of major blood culture pathogens by lucesco® bacteraemia I and II panel, a beacon based FISH identification G. Lo Cascio*, M. Parisato, F. Casotto, R. Mainardi, R. Fontana (Verona, IT) Evaluation of the SEPTIFAST real-time PCR for rapid identification of blood pathogens in patients with suspected sepsis: an experience in a northwestern Italy hospital E. Burdino*, M. Milia, R. Milano, G. Gregori, T. Allice, T. Ruggiero, M. Borella, E. Scuccimarra, V. Ghisetti (Turin, IT) SepsiTest™ molecular diagnosis of bacteraemia in febrile paediatric patients A.D. Irwin*, T. Barton, A. Grant, R. Williams, E.D. Carrol (Liverpool, UK)


Evaluation of new real-time PCR test for the detection of bacterial and fungal pathogens in patient with suspected bacteraemia E. Raukas*, A. Leit-Teetlaus, Ü Laaring, R. Pulk (Pärnu, EE)


Rapid detection of Gram-positive bacteria and resistance determinants directly from positive blood cultures using the microarraybased sample-to-result Verigene BC-GP assay B. W. Buchan, T.A. Mackey, P.J. Jannetto, N.A. Ledeboer* (Milwaukee, US)




Impact of the Xpert MRSA/SA SSTI® assay (GeneXpert®) in the choice of the antibiotherapy of patients suffering from bone and joint infections A. M. Dubouix-Bourandy*, M. Bichara, A. de Ladoucette, N. Mehdi, D. Benzaquen, R. Guinand, V. Pietri, J.M. Gandois (St Jean, FR) Comparison of molecular and conventional microbiological diagnostic tools in suspected joint infections T. Freiberger*, B. Malisova, J. Novak, M. Filipovic, J. Jurankova, E. Nemcova, M. Stechova (Brno, CZ) Accurate detection of prosthetic joint infections by multiplex PCR of sonication fluid M.E. Portillo, J. Gómez, L. Sorli, A. Alier, S. Martínez, L. Puig, J.P. Horcajada* (Barcelona, ES)

12:30 – 13:30

Molecular diagnosis of sexually transmitted infections


STD-Finder SMART: a new approach for screening for clinical relevant pathogens causing STD J. Keijdener*, B. Mulders, M. Reijans, R. te Witt, G. Simons (Maastricht, Rotterdam, NL)


Comparison of the VERSANT CT/GC DNA assay with Gen-Probe APTIMA COMBO 2 assay using VERSANT swab collection kit D. Monga*, N. Zhang, S. Wang, M. Zheng, S. Hao, C. Wong, M. Garris, P. Dwivedi, Q. Meng (Berkeley, US)


Evaluation of a multiplex real-time PCR system (DX CT/NG/MG assay, Bio-Rad) for the detection of Chlamydia trachomatis, Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Mycoplasma genitalium in urogenital specimens C. Matinato*, G. Lunghi, A. Orlandi, A. Zoccoli, S. Galimberti, L. Daprai, D. Piccicco, E. Torresani (Milan, IT)


Evaluation of the Roche Cobas® 4800 CT/NG test for detection of Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae in men S. Taylor*, O. Liesenfeld, R. Lillis, B. Body, M. Nye, J. Williams, C. Eisenhut, E. Hook, B. VanDerPol (New Orleans, Pleasanton, Burlington, Indianapolis, Birmingham, US)


Clinical study of Cobas® 4800 CT/NG as detection kit for Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae compared to Aptima Combo2® TMA, and ProbTec® ET SDA assays Y. Kumamoto*, T. Matsumoto, M. Fujisawa, S. Arakawa (Hokkaido, Fukuoka, Kobe-city, JP)


Detection of Chlamydia trachomatis, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, and Mycoplasma genitalium in uro-genital samples by the real-time Dx CT/NG/MG™ PCR assay J. Loubinoux*, H. Reglier-Poupet, G. Collobert, A. Billoet, N. Tavares, C. Poyart (Paris, FR)


Validation of COBAS® TaqMan® CT Test v2.0 (Roche) on the Rotor Gene Q platform B. Vanmassenhove*, L. Persijn, G. Alliet (Oostende, BE)


Prevalence of Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae infections among women and men in Madrid, Spain M.J. Uria*, A. Gonzalez, E. Saez, A. Ballesta (Madrid, ES)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 153


Monday, 2 April

Poster Sessions

Monday, 2 April P1811

Comparison of clinical specimens collected with ESwab to affirm collection kits for the detection of bacterial vaginosis using the the Affirm™ VPIII microbial identification assay M. Favaro*, A. Mauti, J. Dianetti, C. Fontana (Rome, IT)


Antimicrobial activities of three aminoglycosides: amikacin, gentamicin and netilmicin against Neisseria gonorrhoeae W.C. Man*, M. Hui, N.M. Luk, C.Y. Chan (Hong Kong, CN)


Epidemiological and laboratory specificities of Trichomonas vaginalis infection in men with and without urethritis syndrome M. Sviben, E. Mlinaric-Missoni, S. Ljubin-Sternak, T. Vilibic-Cavlek, T. Meštrovic, G. Mlinaric-Galinovic (Zagreb, HR)


Validation of Copan CAT medium for the detection of Trichomonas vaginalis by wet mount, culture, antigen detection methods and nucleic acid amplification assays for other STDs S. Castriciano*, L. Conter, G. Catalano, R. Paroni, M. Riboldi, S. Missorini, R. Colombo (Brescia, IT)


Evaluation of APTIMA Trichomonas vaginalis assay performance with paediatric genital specimens R. Selvarangan*, D. Lynch, D. Getman (Kansas City, San Diego, US)

12:30 – 13:30





In vitro activity of carbapenems against multidrug-resistant Gram-negative organisms at a tertiary care centre in Lebanon G.F. Araj, F.A. Jaber* (Beirut, LB)


Selection of biocide-resistant mutants among Escherichia coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae and Salmonella after pre-exposure to biocides or antibiotics T. Curiao*, J.L. Martinez, F. Baquero, T.M. Coque and the BIOHYPO Consortium (Brussels, BE)


Bactericidal activity of fosfomycin against NDM-1 producing Enterobacteriaceae M.S. Albur*, K.E. Bowker, A.P. MacGowan (Bristol, UK)


High-dose doripenem and polymyxin B are bactericidal against pan-drug resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa and suppress the emergence of resistance beyond 24 hours in a hollow fibre infection model T.P. Lim*, W. Lee, S. Sasikala, N. Rafida, T.Y. Tan, L.Y. Hsu, J. Teo, T.T. Tan, A.L. Kwa (Singapore, SG)


Antimicrobial susceptibility testing against multi-resistant Enterobacteriaceae isolates A. Mischnik*, S. Zimmermann (Heidelberg, DE)


In-vitro activity of BAL30072 against European and North American Enterobacteriaceae clinical isolates S.P. Hawser*, M. Hackel, S. Bouchillon, W.J. Stubbings, M.E. Jones (Epalinges, CH; Schaumburg, US; Basel, CH)


Establishing interpretative breakpoints for cefpime-tazobactam: a novel B-lactam/ B-lactam inhibitor combination A. Manoharan*, S. Madhan, G. Kronvall, D. Mathai (Vellore, IN; Stockholm, SE)


High-dose doripenem and polymyxin B are bactericidal against extreme drug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii and suppress the emergence of resistance beyond 24 hours in a hollow fibre infection model T.P. Lim*, W. Lee, S. Sasikala, N. Rafida, T.Y. Tan, L.Y. Hsu, J. Teo, T.T. Tan, A.L. Kwa (Singapore, SG)


In vitro activity of isepamicin against 6296 Enterobacteriaceae isolates collected at a tertiary-care general hospital in Greece S. Maraki, G. Samonis, D. Karageorgopoulos*, M. Mavros, K. Tsokali, D. Kofteridis, M. Falagas (Heraklion, Athens, GR)


Potential old and new drugs for treatment of multidrug-resistant Gram-negative infections C. Rizek*, J. Ferraz, I. van der Heijden, M. Giudice, A. Mostachio, J. Paez, F. Rossi, C. Carrilho, A. Levin, S. Costa (São Paulo, Paraná, BR)

Multidrug-resistant Gram-negative organisms – old and new strategies Comparison of antimicrobial susceptibility of Acinetobacter baumannii from European inpatient and outpatient isolates: TEST 2007–2011 M. Hackel*, S. Hawser, B. Johnson, R. Badal, S. Bouchillon, J. Johnson, M. Dowzicky (Schaumburg, US; Epalinges, CH; Collegeville, US) Colistin in combination with daptomycin enhances the effect against A. baumannii C. Malmberg*, L. Albrecht, P. Bertilsson-Forsberg, P. Lagerbäck, H. Seifert, P. Komp-Lindgren, O. Cars (Uppsala, SE; Cologne, DE) Various antibiotic combination tests against MDR A. baumannii and K. pneumoniae H. Moraitou*, O. Oikonomou, M. Makarona, S. Bartziali, G. Tsoumanis, S. Triantafyllou, E. Vogiatzakis (Athens, GR)

154 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

Poster Sessions

Monday, 2 April P1829

In vitro activity of rifaximin against enteropathogenic bacteria isolated from travellers returning to the United Kingdom K.L. Hopkins*, S. Mushtaq, J.F. Richardson, E. de Pinna, T. Cheasty, J. Wain, D.M. Livermore, N. Woodford (London, UK)


Identification of a new integron-encoded OXA-type beta-lactamase, OXA-205 in a clinical isolate of Pseudomonas aeruginosa J. Povilonis*, A. Bogdaite, V. Seputiene, R. Planciuniene, A. Pavilonis, E. Suziedeliene (Vilnius, LT)


In vitro activity of the novel monosulfactam antibiotic BAL30072 alone and in combination with meropenem against a diverse collection of clinically important Gram-negative pathogens, including colistinresistant strains M. Hornsey*, W. Stubbings, D.W. Wareham (London, UK; Basel, CH)


The saga of the extended-spectrum oxacillinases (ES-OXA) continues in Pseudomonas aeruginosa K. Jeannot*, M. Robert-Nicoud, D. Fournier, E. Müller, O. Belmonte, S. Thibeaut, J. Guinard, J.M. Rolain, P. Plésiat (Besançon, Saint Denis, Marseille, Orléans, FR)


Porin OprD sequence variations and resistance to imipenem in clinical strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosa D. Fournier*, C. Richardot, E. Müller, I. Broutin, C. Llanes, P. Plésiat (Besançon, Paris, FR)


Reactive oxygen species and antibiotic pressure leads to multidrug resistance in Pseudomonas aeruginosa S. Fujimura*, T. Kikuchi, T. Itoh, Y. Kariya, Y. Nakano, T. Sato, A. Watanabe (Sendai, JP)


Multidrug-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa Multiple-locus variable-number tandem repeat analysis for multidrug-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa strain diversity survey in Bulgarian hospitals R. Vatcheva-Dobrevska*, I. Ivanov, E. Dobreva, H. Hitkova, E. Keuleyan, V. Stefanova, A. Dimitrova, M. Grigorova, B. Zaharieva, M. Spasova, I. Haydouchka, T. Kantardjiev (Sofia, Pleven, Veliko Tirnovo, Yambol, Varna, Plovdiv, BG)


Evaluation of risk factors for nosocomial multidrug-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections G. Tuncer Ertem*, M.C. Sonmezer, N. Tulek, S.F. Erdinc, C. Bulut, R. Berkem, A. Ozisik (Ankara, TR)


Extensively drug-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa are increasing and are associated with invasive infections in the Netherlands A. Van der Bij*, M. Van Westreenen, J. Muilwijk, N. Van de Sande-Bruinsma, W. Goessens (Bilthoven, Rotterdam, NL)



Detection of ESBLs among Pseudomonas aeruginosa clinical isolates in Greece: use of a modified double-disc synergy test with antibiotic discs containing boronic acid A. Poulou*, E. Voulgari, K. Kadlec, K. Ranellou, G. Vrioni, F. Markou, S. Schwarz, A. Tsakris (Serres, Athens, GR; Neustadt-Mariensee, DE) Rapid spread of Pseudomonas aeruginosa clonal complex 235 throughout Russia: implications in increasing antibiotic resistance M. Edelstein*, E. Skleenova, J. D'souza, D. Makushin, R. Kozlov (Smolensk, RU)

13:30 – 14:30

Bacteraemia, sepsis and infective endocarditis


Clinical and economic burden of hospitalisation due to Streptococcus pneumoniae sepsis and meningitis in Canada from 2004 to 2009 S. McNeil*, S. Gray, G. Zanotti, M. Todd, N. Dartois, J. Ye, N. Qizilbash (Halifax, CA; Collegeville, US; Kirkland, CA; Paris, FR; London, UK)


PIRO score accurately predicts unfavourable outcome in septic patients S. Oltean*, D. Tatulescu, C. Bondor, C. Cismaru, A. Slavcovici, M. Lupse, M. Muntean, C. Jianu, M. Oltean (Cluj-Napoca, RO; Gothenburg, SE)


Cohort study of mortality among hospital inpatients with sepsis C. Marwick*, J. Pringle, J. Evans, B. Guthrie, P. Davey (Dundee, Stirling, UK)


Time to blood culture positivity of follow-up blood cultures: a laboratory predictor for clinical outcomes in patients with persistent Staphylococcus aureus bacteraemia J. H. Park*, S. H. Choi, J. W. Chung (Seoul, KR)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 155


12:30 – 13:30

Poster Sessions

Monday, 2 April P1844







Results from the European Cubicin® Outcomes Registry and Experience (EU-CORE): high success rates with daptomycin in the treatment of patients with sepsis P. Dohmen*, M. Allen, P. Gargalianos-Kakolyris, A. Manzano Ramírez, B. Galván Guijo, F. Camou, W. Jabs, R. Hetzer, T. Lejko-Zupanc, U. Trostmann, Y. Yin, R. Chaves (Berlin, DE; Camberley, UK; Athens, GR; Vitoria-Gasteiz, Madrid, ES; Bordeaux, FR; Ljubljana, SI; Basel, CH; East Hanover, US) Results from a non-interventional study: daptomycin is effective as outpatient parenteral antibiotic therapy V.J. González Ramallo*, M. Allen, R.A. Seaton, M. Marcano-Lozada, V. Prisco, A. Gonzalez-Ruiz, B. Gallegos, F. Menichetti, K. Bouylout, Y. Yin, R. Chaves (Madrid, ES; Camberley, Glasgow, UK; Caracas, VE; San Severino, IT; Dartford, UK; Pisa, IT; Basel, CH; East Hanover, US) Safety of high-dose long-term daptomycin treatment (≥ 8 mg/kg/day over more than 2 or 4 weeks) in the European Cubicin® Outcome Registry and Experience (EU-CORE) R. Utili*, U. Trostmann, P. Gargalianos-Kakolyris, F. Nacinovich, C. Floriot, B. Almirante Gragera, M. Heep, Y. Yin, R. Chaves (Naples, IT; Basel, CH; Athens, GR; Buenos Aires, AR; Vesoul, FR; Barcelona, ES; East Hanover, US) A 6-year study of daptomycin in vitro activity against linezolid-resistant coagulasenegative staphylococci recovered from blood cultures of Intensive care units patients P. Papanikolaou*, A. Stylianakis, V. Papaioannou, S. Tsiplakou, K. Tsopelas, D. Argyris, K. Ntetsika, K. Mouta (Athens, GR) Treatment of left-sided Gram-positive endocarditis with daptomycin S. Kaya*, G. Yilmaz, A. Kalkan, B. Ertunç, I. Köksal (Trabzon, TR) Investigation of Coxiella burnetii infection in dairy ruminant herds with reproductive disorders in two different regions of Portugal S. Anastácio, D. Pessoa, J. Pegado, C. Cruz, K. Sidi-Boumedine, G. Da Silva* (Coimbra, PT; Sophia Antipolis, FR) Empirical antibiotic treatment and 3–30 day mortality in hospitalised patients with monomicrobial bacteraemia. A prospective population-based cohort study U.S. Jensen*, J.D. Knudsen, H.C. Schønheyder, C. Østergaard, M. Arpi, M. Søgaard, K.O. Gradel (Copenhagen, Aalborg, Odense, DK)

156 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme


Clinical presentation of patients with acute Q fever to the hospital: a case-control study S.P. Keijmel*, E. Krijger, C.E. Delsing, T. Sprong, M.H. Nabuurs-Franssen, C.P. Bleeker-Rovers (Nijmegen, NL)


Infective endocarditis in intravenous drug users at a department of infectious diseases, in a university medical centre, Ljubljana, from 1984 to October 2011 M. Logar*, T. Lejko Zupanc, A. Pikelj Pecnik (Ljubljana, SI)


Aetiology, risk factors and outcome of 899 cases of infective endocarditis: a 25-year national prospective survey, Slovakia V. Krcmery*, J. Sokolova on behalf of the Slovak Endocarditis Study Group


The changing organism spectrum in patients with infective endocarditis: an audit from 2000–2011 in a large district general hospital R. Ashrafi*, E. McKay, L. Ebden, M. Burgess (Liverpool, UK)


Localising chronic Q fever: a challenging query S.P. Keijmel*, D.G. Barten, C.E. Delsing, T. Sprong, J. Timmermans, W.J.G. Oyen, M.H. Nabuurs-Franssen, C.P. Bleeker-Rovers (Nijmegen, NL)


Streptococcus milleri group bacteraemia: 21 cases in the last five years M. Almagro Molto*, N. Sanz Rodriguez, J.L. Gómez-Garcés (Madrid, ES)


Outcome of aortic graft infection at Christchurch hospital, New Zealand M.J. Maze*, S.T. Chambers, T. Buckenham, P. Laws, S. Metcalf, K. Gallagher, A. Pithie (Christchurch, NZ)


Retrospective cohort study of outcome patients with melioidosis treated with cotrimoxazole alone for maintenance therapy S. Chusri*, P. Siripaitoon, K. Silpapojakul (Songkhla, TH)


Virulence factors and phylogroups are not associated with patients’ features or source of infection in bacteraemic ESBL-producing Escherichia coli: a prospective multicentre cohort J. Rodríguez-Baño*, J. Mingorance, N. FernándezRomero, L. Serrano, L. López-Cerero, A. Pascual on behalf of the ESBL-REIPI Group

Poster Sessions



Characteristics and consequences of inadequate therapy of bacteraemia due to extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (ESBL)-producing Enterobacteriaceae in a Dutch cohort F.N.J. Frakking*, W.R. Rottier, W. Dorigo, J. Van Hattem, B.C. Van Hees, A.J.W. Kluytmans, S. Dumont-Lutgens, J.M. Prins, S.F.T. Thijsen, A. Verbon, B.J. Vlaminckx, J. Cohen Stuart, M. Leverstein-van Hall, M.J.M. Bonten (Utrecht, Hilversum, Apeldoorn, Breda, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Nieuwegein, NL) Emergence of Escherichia coli O25b-ST131 clone among Hungarian bloodstream isolates T. Pal*, D. Darwish, A. Sonnevend, K. Kristof, J. Szabo, E. Urban (Al Ain, AE; Budapest, Debrecen, Szeged, HU)


Increasing incidence of E. coli bloodstream infection is driven by an increase in antibiotic-resistant isolates: electronic database study in Oxfordshire, 1999–2011 I. Schlackow, N. Stoesser, S. Walker, D. Crook, T. Peto, D. Wyllie* (Oxford, Bangkok, UK)


Cohort study examining the burden of bloodstream infection caused by extendedspectrum beta-lactamase-producing Enterobacteriaceae at a Swiss university hospital using multistate modelling A. Stewardson*, C. Fankhauser, G. De Angelis, P. Rohner, J. Schrenzel, D. Pittet, E. Safran, S. Harbarth (Geneva, CH; Rome, IT)

13:30 – 14:30 P1864




Presence of Klebsiella pneumoniae sequence type 512 harbouring the blaKPC-3 gene in Italy F. Luzzaro, M.C. Sironi, M. Drago, S. Bracco, G. Brigante, A. Piazza, V. Repetto, E. Nucleo, R. Migliavacca, R. Gargiulo, L. Pagani* (Lecco, Milan, Pavia, Modena, IT)


A nosocomial outbreak of a carbapenemresistant Klebsiella pneumoniae ST-663 producing OXA-48 and CTX-M-15 related to a duodenoscope contamination M. Espasa-Soley*, I. Fernandez, J. Oteo, X. Sanchez-Fresquet, L. Falgueras, A. Vindel, S. Capilla, M. Piriz, D. Sáez, I. Sanfeliu, G. Navarro, J. Campos, D. Fontanals, F. Segura (Sabadell, Madrid, ES)


KPC producing Klebsiella pneumoniae in Uruguay: first two clinical cases and isolates’ characteristics report A. Ingold, N. Echeverría, A. Acevedo, G. Borthagaray, R. Vignoli, J. Viroga, O. Gonzalez, V. Odizzio, K. Etulain, E. Nuñez, C. Márquez, H. Albornoz, A. Galiana* (Montevideo, Maldonado, UY)


Retrospective study of multidrug-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae isolated from renal transplanted patients: epidemiology, genetic basis of resistance and virulence markers V. Calhau*, S. Ferreira, S. Domingues, T. Reis, C. Chaves, L. Boaventura, G. Ribeiro, N. Mendonça, G.J. Da Silva (Coimbra, Mamarrosa, PT)


Detection of blaKPC gene in Klebsiella pneumoniae isolates by a real-time NASBAbased method R. Migliavacca*, A. Piazza, E. Nucleo, G. Brigante, F. Luzzaro, L. Pagani (Pavia, Lecco, IT)


Complex molecular epidemiology of ESBLproducing Klebsiella pneumoniae: long-term persistence and spread of epidemic clones among Bulgarian hospitals D. Ivanova*, R. Markovska, B. Markova, M. Leseva, N. Hadjieva, E. Zamfirova, Y. Marteva-Proevska, I. Mitov (Sofia, BG)


Characterisation of extended-spectrum and plasmid-mediated ampC beta-lactamase in Klebsiella spp. from urinary tract infections in hospital and community settings in Bosnia and Herzegovina S. Uzunovic-Kamberovic, B. Bedenic, A. Ibrahimagic*, F. Kamberovic (Zenica, BA; Zagreb, HR; Ljubljana, SI)

Klebsiella infections in hospital and community settings Amplification of ST15, ST147 and ST336 Klebsiella pneumoniae clones producing different ESBLs in Portuguese hospitals C. Rodrigues*, E. Machado, Â. Novais, L. Peixe on behalf of The Portuguese Resistance Study Group In the era of polymyxins use: emergence of colistin resistance in Klebsiella pneumoniae L. Galani, K. Ioannidis, G. Plakias, I. Karaiskos, F. Baziaka, C. Paskalis, N. Vakalis, H. Giamarellou* (Athens, GR) Five-year screening and phenotypic classification of extended-spectrum betalactamases producing Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae at a tertiary care university hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia A. Somily*, Z. Shakoor, K. Manneh, S. Alsubaie, T. Murray (Riyadh, SA; New Haven, US)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 157


Monday, 2 April

Poster Sessions

Monday, 2 April P1874

Frequency of extended-spectrum betalactamase in Escherichia coli and Klebsiella spp. in neonates A. Rezusta*, J. Pereira, C. Lapresta, M.J. Hernandez-Navarrete, M.P. Lebrero, C. Gonzalo, I. Ferrer, C. Torres, M.J. Revillo (Zaragoza, Logroño, ES)


Rates of and risk factors for the emergence of tigecycline resistance among multidrugresistant Klebsiella pneumoniae isolates M. Nigo*, C. Salinas Cevallos, K. Woods, V. Maco Flores, G. Francis, D. Mildvan, M. Waldron, T. Gomez, S. Koshy, J. Ruhe (New York, US)


A swordless knight: the epidemiology and molecular characteristics of the blaKPCnegative sequence-type 258 Klebsiella pneumoniae clone A. Adler*, S. Paikin, Y. Sterlin, J. Glick, R. Edgar, R. Aronov, M.J. Schwaber, Y. Carmeli (Tel-Aviv, Netanya, IL)




13:30 – 14:30 P1880


First outbreak of KPC-2 producing Klebsiella pneumoniae in Korea detected by class A carbapenemase multiplex PCR S.G. Hong*, S.K. Hong, K. Kim, S.S. Hong, T. Khosbayar, D. Yong, S.H. Jeong, K. Lee, Y. Chong (Gyeonggi-do, KR; Ulaanbaatar, MN; Seoul, KR) Virulence and resistance characteristics of Klebsiella pneumoniae causing communityacquired urinary tract infection C. Caneiras*, G. da Silva, J. Melo-Cristino, A. Duarte (Lisbon, Coimbra, PT) Evaluation of Nuclisens EasyQ KPC for the rapid detection of blaKPC genes in surveillance rectal swabs A. Mosca*, M. Santantonio, R. Del Prete, L. Dalfino, F. Bruno, L. Miragliotta (Bari, IT)


Increased MICs of vancomycin compared to those of teicoplanin, linezolid and daptomycin for S. aureus clinical isolates from Greece S. Vourli*, T. Karonis, E. Kalogeropoulou, A. Vasilakopoulou, L. Zerva (Athens, GR)


Activity of oritavancin against recent clinical isolates of methicillin-resistant staphylococci from Western Europe I. Morrissey*, H. Seifert, R. Canton, P. Nordman, S. Stefani, A. MacGowan, R. Janes, D. Knight (Fordham, UK; Cologne, DE; Madrid, ES; Paris, FR; Catania, IT; Bristol, UK)


Oritavancin activity tested against Staphylococcus aureus responsible for documented infections in European hospitals R. Mendes*, H. Sader, D. Farrell, R. Jones (North Liberty, US)


Oritavancin retains bactericidal activity in vitro against standard and high inocula of heterogeneous vancomycin-intermediate Staphylococcus aureus F. F. Arhin*, I. Sarmiento, G. Moeck (Ville Saint Laurent, CA)


In vitro activity of telavancin against staphylococci circulating in Europe during 2010 and 2011 M. Cassettari, B. Mathew, D. Cooper, C. Longshaw, I. Morrissey* (Fordham, Middlesex, UK)


Telavancin in vitro activity against relevant Gram-positive isolates (TARGET multicenter study) prospectively collected from ICU patients in Spain M. García-Castillo, M. Morosini*, R. del Campo, E. Loza, R. Cantón on behalf of the TARGET Multicenter Study Group


Telavancin and daptomicin activity against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus strains after vancomycin resistance selection in vitro F. Taglietti, L. Principe, E. Bordi, A. Di Caro, S. Di Bella, M. Musso, N. Petrosillo* (Rome, IT)


Comparative activity of telavancin combined with nafcillin, imipenem, and gentamicin against Staphylococcus aureus S.N. Leonard*, R.G. Gandhi, M.D. Patel (Boston, US)

Staphylococcus aureus – antimicrobial activity and resistance to newer agents Activity of ceftaroline tested against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus clones from Australia and New Zealand, 2010 J. Bell, R. Jones*, D. Farrell, J. Turnidge (Adelaide, AU; North Liberty, US) Antimicrobial activity of ceftaroline and comparator agents against contemporary (2010) Staphylococcus aureus isolates from Europe and South Africa H. Sader*, D. Farrell, R. Flamm, R. Jones (North Liberty, US)

158 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

Poster Sessions

Monday, 2 April







Dalbavancin maintains potent in vitro activity against S. aureus resistant to currently utilised anti-MRSA therapeutics D.F. Sahm*, J. Deane, B.P. Goldstein, M. Dunne (Chantilly, Morristown, US) Comparative activity of various antibiotics alone and in combination against high inocula methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus with reduced susceptibilities to vancomycin T.P. Lim*, W. Lee, S. Sasikala, N. Rafida, T.Y. Tan, L.Y. Hsu, J. Teo, A.L. Kwa (Singapore, SG) Susceptibility of clinical Staphylococcus aureus isolates to the glycopeptides and comparators at a district general hospital in the UK L. Flaxman*, L.D. Liebowitz, G. Rogerson, C. Micallef (Kings Lynn, UK) Update on daptomycin activity and spectrum tested against Gram-positive organisms collected in 2011 from European medical centres H. Sader*, R. Flamm, G. Moet, R. Jones (North Liberty, US) Reliable activity of daptomycin on Staphylococcus epidermidis from bone and joint infections F. El Sayed*, V. Sivadon-Tardy, A.-L. Roux, T. Bauer, T. Judet, J.-L. Herrmann, J.-L. Gaillard, M. Rottman (Garches, Boulogne Billancourt, FR) In vitro susceptibility of Staphylococcus aureus in Africa–Middle East M. Renteria*, B. Johnson, S. Bouchillon, D. Hoban, N. Raghubir (Schaumburg, Collegeville, US) Activity of JNJ-Q2 against Staphylococcus aureus isolated from patients with acute bacterial skin and skin structure infection obtained during a phase II clinical trial D. Farrell, L. Liverman, M. Castanheira, L. Woosley, P. Rhomberg, R. Jones* (North Liberty, Morrisville, US)

13:30 – 14:30

Diagnosis of tuberculosis


Evaluation of automated BACTEC MGIT 960 system for testing susceptibility of Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains to firstline drugs: comparison with the radiometric BACTEC 460TB system E. Mokaddas*, S. Ahmed, H. SaadEldeen (Dasma, KW)


How to screen health care workers for latent tuberculosis? Tuberculin skin test or Quantiferon-TB gold test? C. Ataman Hatipoglu*, S. Ucal Bakkal, C. Bulut, S. Kinikli, A.P. Demiroz (Ankara, TR)


Rapid identification of clinical mycobacterial strains by matrix-assisted laser desorption ionisationtime-of-flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF MS) A. Ingebretsen*, A. Myhre, I. Szpinda, T. Tonjum (Oslo, NO)


Evaluation of a point-of-care molecular test for M. tuberculosis detection in an emergency setting P. Pinto*, A.C. Mendes, F. Rodrigues, S. Fernandes, K. Rodrigues, A.P. Castro, H. Ramos (Porto, PT)


Improved detection of positive AFB smears in labs without cultural facilities A. Olayinka*, O. Jimoh, K. Muazu, M. Bashir (Zaria, NG)


Molecular detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex and its resistance to rifampicin and/or isoniazid M.C. Pontes*, C. Chaves, C. Canha, M.G. Ribeiro (Coimbra, PT)


Performance of a commercially available IFN-gamma release assay in body specimens other than blood M. Losi, P. Dal Monte, M. Meacci, G. Lombardi, G. Lo Cascio, M. Peracchi, A. Fabio, L. Fallico, M. Apice, B. Meccugni, L. Richeldi, F. Rumpianesi* (Modena, Bologna, Verona, Padua, IT)


Comparison of on-demand PCR testing for Mycobacterium tuberculosis with culture and batched PCR D.M. Gascoyne-Binzi*, G.A. Robinson, A. English, T.A. Collyns (Leeds, UK)


Cryopreserved human PBMC maintain full functionality in the T-SPOT.TB assay for up to 3 years P. Bittel*, D. Mayor, C. Sägesser, F. Suter-Riniker (Berne, CH)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 159



Poster Sessions

Monday, 2 April P1907

Analysis of the results of SEIMC External Quality Control Programme in the diagnosis of mycobacteria, 1998–2010 R. Guna*, N. Orta, E. Ruiz de Gopegui, J. Pérez, M. Ovíes, M. Poveda, C. Gimeno (Valencia, Palma de Mallorca, ES)


Evaluation of the use of Quantiferon TB-Gold in the routine setting at a university hospital, 2007–2011 M. García-Pedrazuela*, M.C. Muñoz-Egea, C. Pérez-Jorge, J. Esteban (Madrid, ES)


Loop-mediated isothermal amplification for rapid diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis and its comparison with IS6110 polymerase chain reaction and conventional techniques in resource-poor setting S. Sethi*, S Singh, S. Dhatwalia, R. Yadav, M. Singh, R. Tewari, M. Sharma (Chandigarh, IN)


Role of PCR for diagnosing male genital tuberculosis K. Chawla*, A. Chawla (Manipal, IN)


Use of a new qualitative molecular dipstick assay for the rapid detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in smearpositive and smear-negative clinical specimens D. Papaventsis*, P. Ioannidis, S. Karabela, I. Marinou, E. Konstantinidou, A. Skouroglou, M. Panagi, E.D. Vogiatzakis (Athens, GR)


Evaluation of Genotype® MTBDRplus for the rapid detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis resistance to rifampicin and isoniazid in clinical samples P. Ioannidis, D. Papaventsis*, S. Karabela, I. Marinou, E. Konstantinidou, M. Panagi, A. Skouroglou, E.D. Vogiatzakis (Athens, GR)


QuantiFERON-TB Gold In-Tube and active tuberculosis treatment: evaluation of IFNgamma production and immunological asset in pulmonary and extrapulmonary cases L. Guglielmetti*, F. Mazzaferri, M. Cordioli, M. Conti, A. Cazzadori, A. Vella, R. Ortolani, G. Lo Cascio, E. Concia (Verona, IT)


Semi-liquid culture media for rapid drug susceptibility testing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and quantitative estimation of growth in dilute suspensions O. Manicheva*, L. Steklova, A. Zmaznova, E. Miakotina, M. Dogonadze, B. Vishnevskiy (St.Petersburg, RU)

160 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme


Construction of a membrane array for detection of rifampin and isoniazid resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex H.-H. Huang, R. Jou, P.-L. Lu, Y.-C. Yang, S.C. Huang, Y.-S. Huang, T.C. Chang* (Tainan, Taipei, Kaohsiung, TW)


Comparison of two nucleic acid amplification assays, the ProbeTec ET assay and Xpert MTB/RIF assay, for detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in pulmonary and extrapulmonary specimens E. Mokaddas*, S. Ahmed, H. SaadEldeen (Dasma, KW)


Comparative analysis of various diagnostic techniques for tubercular lymphadenitis – a pilot study from a resource poor country D. Kasana*, J. Verma (New Delhi, IN)


Evaluation of the new HyBeacon-based PCR assay, FluoroType MTB, for the direct detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in respiratory and non-respiratory specimens U. Eigner*, A. Veldenzer, M. Weizenegger, M. Holfelder (Heidelberg, DE)


A novel single-tube PCR assay for rapid identification of MDR-TB N. Casali*, A. Broda, J. Rice, R. Mistry, C. Volpe, L. Wangh, J. Lewington, F. Drobniewski (London, UK; Waltham, US; Watford, UK)


Discordant QuantiFERON®-TB Gold In-Tube and tuberculin skin test results in various high-risk groups A. Alberte-Castiñeiras*, M. González-Sagrado, C. Alberte-Pérez, R. Conde-Vicente, P. Perez-Pascual (Valladolid, ES)


Tuberculosis infection in young children: a screening based on skin and blood testing G. Lombardi*, R. Petrucci, P. Dal Monte, M. Losi, I. Corsini, A. Pace, L. Richeldi, F. Bernardi, M.P. Landini (Bologna, Modena, IT)


Antimicrobial susceptibility pattern of clinically isolated rapidly growing mycobacteria by broth microdilution B. Buabut*, P. Hongmanee, P. Santanirand (Bangkok, TH)

Poster Sessions

13:30 – 14:30 P1923

Factors associated with diabetes mellitus among tuberculosis patients in a Western European city A. Moreno*, J.-P. Millet, A. Orcau, L. Fina, L. del Baño, P. Simon, M. Ros, J. Caylà (Barcelona, ES)


An epidemiological, clinical and diagnostic study of female genital tuberculosis C. Sahu*, C. Baveja, U. Manaktala, V. Kamal, V. G, H. Jha (Lucknow, New Delhi, IN)


Tuberculosis in native residents and immigrants in an area of northern Italy: a ten-year survey P. Brugnaro*, E. Morelli, F. Cattelan, F. Cavinato, G. Rosini, S. Grandesso, M. Flora, V. Selle, E. Raise (Venice, IT)


Molecular epidemiology and prevalence of mutations in Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains from an Italian northeastern area L. Fallico*, M. Peracchi, S. Khalil, M. Rassu, M. Pascarella, R. Manganelli, G. Palù (Padua, IT)


Incidence and characteristics of tuberculosis in the elderly J.F. García-Rodríguez*, H. Álvarez-Díaz, L. Vilariño-Maneiro, M.V. Lorenzo-García, A. Mariño-Callejo, P. Sesma-Sánchez (Ferrol, ES)


Epidemiology and clinical significance of non-tuberculous mycobacterial isolates Z. Gitti*, F. Kontos, G. Kosmadakis, V. Bantouna, M. Zande, A. Manidaki, S. Bazigos (Heraklion, GR)





Occurrence of eis gene mutations among extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis strains J. Perdigão, D. Silva, R. Macedo, L. Brum, I. Portugal* (Lisbon, PT)


MIRU-VNTR genotyping of Mycobacterium tuberculosis MDR strains in Tunisia A. Ghariani*, E. Mehiri, H. Abid, H. Draoui, L. Essalah, L. Slim-Saidi (Ariana, TN)


Mutations in the rpoB gene of rifampinresistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis clinical isolates from Sichuan, China K. Tang, H. Sun, Y. Zhao, J. Guo, C. Zhang, Q. Feng, T. Luo, Z. Yang, Q. Sun* (Chengdu, Chongqing, CN)


Bacteriological and molecular study of multi-drug resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Egypt I. El-Defrawi*, M. Shemeis, D. Salem, L. Aboul Fadl, Z. Abdel-Khalek, A. Salem, S. Aref (Giza, Cairo, EG)


Eight years of persistance of a Mycobacterium fortuitum outbreak strain W. Schiavo, J.L.M. Sampaio* (Sao Paulo, BR)


Tuberculosis: molecular susceptibility testing reveals mixed infections with three strains F. Kontos, M. Bobola, V. Mollaki, T. Karonis, M. Souli, G. Dimopoulos, N. Siafakas*, A. Armaganidis, G. Petrikkos, L. Zerva (Athens, GR)


Optimal 24 loci MIRU-VNTR typing is highly discriminatory when applied to M. tuberculosis strains in the Midlands region of the UK J.T. Evans*, S. Khanom, S. Gardiner, E.G. Smith, P.M. Hawkey (Birmingham, UK)


Clinical and molecular analysis of the distribution of the genotypic lineages of Mycobacterium tuberculosis clinical isolates in the immigrant population and in Italians in the urban area of Milan, 1994–2009 F. Zanini*, M. Carugati, C. Schiroli, N. Vanoni, A. Lombardi, L. Codecasa, A. Gori, F. Franzetti (Milan, Monza, IT)


The role of cholesterol oxidase in the pathogenicity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis M. Brzezinska*, M. Klink, I. Szulc, A. Brzostek, M. Kielbik, Z. Sulowska, J. Dziadek (Lodz, PL)


Ketosteroid dehydrogenase of Mycobacterium tuberculosis is involved in the infection M. Klink*, A. Brzostek, M. Brzezinska, I. Szulc, M. Kielbik, Z. Sulowska, J. Dziadek (Lodz, PL)

Tuberculosis; clinical and molecular epidemiology and treatment

Description and molecular epidemiology of 100 tuberculosis cases F. Kontos, V. Mollaki, T. Karonis, K. Paraskevi, P. Varda, A. Antoniadou, L. Kolilekas, N. Siafakas*, G. Petrikkos, S. Papiris, L. Zerva (Athens, GR) First detection of Beijing and Beijing-like M. tuberculosis genotypes among MDR strains from Bulgaria S. Panaiotov, E. Bachiyska*, A. Ivanova, Y. Atanasova, S. Yordanova, V. Levterova, N. Brankova, K. Tankova, T. Kantardjiev (Sofia, BG) Primary resistance to anti-tuberculosis drugs in Valladolid, Spain over 30 years A. Alberte-Castiñeiras*, M. González-Sagrado, C. Alberte-Pérez, P. Perez-Pascual (Valladolid, ES)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme



Monday, 2 April

Poster Sessions

Monday, 2 April P1943

The role of DNA double-strand breaks repair systems in the resistance of Mycobacterium tuberculosis against antimicrobial activity of macrophages I. Szulc*, M. Klink, A. Brzostek, M. Brzezinska, M. Kielbik, Z. Sulowska, J. Dziadek (Lodz, PL)


Isolation of the novel species Mycobacterium kumamotonense from a patient with lung disease and latent tuberculosis F. Kontos, E. Mihailelis, G. Kosmadakis, S. Bazigos, V. Bantouna*, Z. Gitti (Athens, Heraklion, Crete, GR)


Analysis of diagnostic scorings of Thwaites and Marais in two groups of definite and probable tuberculous meningitis cases K. Kart Yasar, F. Pehlivanoglu, G. Sengoz* (Istanbul, TR)


Miliary tuberculosis and tuberculous meningitis: review of 25 adult cases K. Kart Yasar, G. Sengoz*, F. Pehlivanoglu (Istanbul, TR)


Pancreatic tuberculosis mimicking carcinoma: a case series and review of the imaging and literature T. Fletcher*, I. Din, S. Aston, A. Miller, N. Beeching, E. Joekes (Liverpool, UK)




Comparative evaluation of severe and mild forms of extrapulmonary tuberculosis: 202 cases E. Kursun*, T. Turunc, Y.Z. Demiroglu, H. Arslan (Ankara, TR) An assessment of 22 cases of tuberculous meningitis E. Kursun*, T. Turunc, Y.Z. Demiroglu, M.A. Habesoglu, H. Arslan (Ankara, TR) Diagnosis and management of spinal tuberculosis in West London R.C. Moores*, E. Wall, M. Harvie, A. Mehta, W. Lynn, F. Sanderson (London, Liverpool, UK)


Severe pneumonia following intravescical BCG therapy in a patient with bladder cancer V. Guardigni, D. Artioli, G. Caramori, M. Libanore, A. Papi, C. Contini* (Ferrara, IT)


Clinical characteristics and predictive factors of paradoxical response with cervical lymph node tuberculosis in non-HIV-infected adult patients D. Jung*, H. Lee, S. Huh, S. Ryu, K. Kwon, K. Peck, J. Song (Busan, Jeju, Daegu, Seoul, KR)

162 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme


Tuberculous meningitis in HIV-negative adults. Retrospective analysis of 91 cases P. Pagliano*, V. Attanasio, M. Rossi, R. Di Sarno, A. Pomicino, F. Fraganza, M. Conte, F. Faella (Naples, IT)


Late presentation in patients with spinal tuberculosis L. Noonan, J. Miller, M. Thomas, K. Read, D. Holland*, C. Lewis, P. Robertson, L. Sweetman, H. Bhally, M. Nisbet (Auckland, NZ)


Bacterial adherence to different meshes for abdominal surgery M.C. Isea-Peña*, R. Pérez-Tanoira, Á. Celdrán, C. García-Vasquez, J. Esteban (Madrid, ES)


Comparative study of 6-month isoniazid and rifampin (6HR) versus 6-month isoniazid, rifampin and pyrazinamide 2-month (6HR2Z) for pleural tuberculosis J.F. García-Rodríguez*, H. Álvarez-Díaz, A. Fernández-Rial, A. Mariño-Callejo, M.V. Lorenzo-García, P. Sesma-Sánchez (Ferrol, ES)


Resistant mutants of Mycobacterium tuberculosis selected in vitro do not reflect the in vivo mechanisms of ethionamide and isoniazid resistance F. Brossier*, E. Cambau, E. Tessier, V. Jarlier, W. Sougakoff (Paris, FR)


The emergence of clarithromycin resistance in Mycobacterium avium complex D. Machado*, L. Rodrigues, I. Couto, L. Amaral, M. Viveiros (Lisbon, PT)


Delineating TB samples from Nepal using insertion site 6110 (IS6110) mapping PCR K. Moganeradj*, P. Sonnenberg, I. Abubakar, T. McHugh, D. Hagge, S. Khadgi, C. Arnold (London, UK; Anandaban, NP)


EthR inhibitor BDM41906 boosts the in vivo antituberculous activity of ethionamide in a murine model C. Bernard*, N. Willand, B. Déprez, V. Jarlier, A. Baulard, N. Veziris (Paris, Lille, FR)


Direct detection of rifampin and isoniazid resistance of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex in smear-positive clinical samples using low density DNA microarrays R. Moure*, G. Tudó, R. Medina, M. Español, E. Vicente, E. Rey, P. Coll, J. González, M. Salvadó, F. Alcaide (Hospitalet de LL., Barcelona, ES)

Poster Sessions


The complete sequence of an Inc-P1 beta plasmid from Mycobacterium abscessus subsp. bolletii K.O. Pelegrino*, S.C.F. Sampaio, K. Mandelbaum, J.L.M. Sampaio (Sao Paulo, BR)


BCG S4-Jena strain: influence on the molecular mechanism of bladder cancer cell lines K. Schwarzer, P.M. Keller*, M. Foerster, E. Straube (Jena, DE)


Comparison of two PCR systems for the detection and management of tuberculosis infection C. Anscombe*, C. Arnold, T.D. McHugh, R. Shorten (London, UK)


Molecular analysis of human isolates belonging to Mycobacterium avium complex collected from 2003 to 2009 in the Czech Republic M. Slany*, I. Slana, V. Ulman, E. Kalakayova, I. Pavlik (Brno, Ostrava, CZ)


Characterisation of a novel gene, Rv2787, encoding ATPase in Mycobacterium tuberculosis A. Sangka*, W. Namwat, K. Chaicumpar, S. Chareonsudjai on behalf of the Centre for Research and Development of Medical Diagnostic Laboratories (CMDL), Department of Clinical Microbiology, Faculty of Associated Medical Sciences, Khon Kaen University

13:30 – 14:30 P1967




Delivering an integrated programme to support improvement in independent sector nursing and residential homes – a key element in healthcare associated infection improvement across the whole health economy in Northern Ireland L. Geoghegan*, L. Patterson, G. Smyth, C. McGeary (Belfast, UK)


A cluster of Propionibacterium acnes infection in post-neurosurgical patients T. Saluja*, J. Orendi, K. Banavathi (Stoke-on-Trent, UK)


Should lower respiratory tract secretions from intensive care patients be systematically screened for influenza virus during the influenza season? M. Giannella*, B. Rodriguez-Sanchez, P. Lopez Roa, P. Catalan, P. Muñoz, D. Garcia de Viedma, E. Bouza on behalf of the Gregorio Marañón Task Force for Pneumonia (GANG)


Management of a scabies outbreak in a university hospital Y.K. Veenstra- Kyuchukova*, G. Gezelle Meerburg, S.H. Kardaun, J.P. Arends (Groningen, NL)


Decreased frequency of blood culture contamination in an emergency department through the diffusion of a protocol among nursing staff A. Garcia-Reyne*, A. Igarzabal, A. Lalueza, J.M. Herrero-Martinez, J. Villa, M. FernandezRuiz, B. de Dios, F. Lopez-Medrano, R. San-Juan, J.M. Aguado, F. Sanz (Madrid, ES)


Gentamicin collagen sponges for the prevention of sternal wound infection: a meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials M. Mavros, P. Mitsikostas, V. Alexiou, G. Peppas, M. Falagas* (Athens, GR)


Endogenous and nosocomially transmitted exogenous Clostridium difficile infections in a low-prevalence setting P. Kohler*, A. Bregenzer-Witteck, P. Rafeiner, M. Schlegel (St. Gallen, CH)

Infection control (miscellaneous) Readiness for infection control practice implementation: a survey among 15 European hospitals H. Sax, L. Clack*, S. Touveneau, F. Da Liberdade Jantarada, W. Zingg (Geneva, CH) PROHIBIT – assessment of European practices in nosocomial infection control: reimbursement schemes and public interest M. Martin*, W. Zingg, C. Wilson, S. Hansen, P. Gastmeier, D. Pittet, M. Dettenkofer and the PROHIBIT consortium Litigation and health-care associated infections in the English national health system (NHS) S.D. Goldenberg*, H. Volpe, G.L. French (London, Bristol, UK)

13:30 – 14:30 P1977

Hand hygiene: what else? Use of a novel tool for monitoring and improving hand hygiene in a surgical intensive care unit E. Segal*, D. Ben-David, A. Vatouri, P. Shleffer, D. Tau, Z. Rosenberg-Gilad, E. Hayam (Tel Aviv, IL)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 163


Monday, 2 April

Poster Sessions

Monday, 2 April P1978

Improvement of hand hygiene adherence in physicians after a hospital-wide campaign P. Kohler*, C. Kahlert, S. Simonet, G. Rettenmund, B. Schöbi, P. Rafeiner, M. Schlegel (St. Gallen, CH)


Evaluation of molecular fine typing methods for outbreak-associated invasive Neisseria meningitidis B. Toros*, S. Thulin Hedberg, S. Jacobsson, H. Fredlund, P. Olcén, P. Mölling (Orebro, SE)


Mixed messages: concurrent feedback of hand-hygiene compliance and handrub consumption seen from the hospital ward perspective A. Stewardson*, S. Touveneau, S. Longet-Di Pietro, N. Vernaz, W. Zingg, D. Pittet, H. Sax and the members of the Infection Control Program, University of Geneva Hospitals


Phylogenetic analysis of E. coli causing bacteraemia in the UK and Ireland in 2001 and 2010 M.J. Williams*, M. Doumith, R. Hope, J. Wain, A. Underwood, J. Turton, R. Reynolds, D.M. Livermore, N. Woodford (London, Bristol, UK)



Predictive model for high self-reported handhygiene compliance in intensive care units in Pakistan M. McLaws*, N. Damani, B. Allegranzi, A. Raja, D. Pittet (Sydney, AU; Portadown, UK; Geneva, CH; Islamabad, PK)

Local molecular epidemiology of Escherichia coli bacteraemia S. Jha*, V. Garcia-Arias, V. Seeboruth (Heatherwood, UK)


Molecular and epidemiological analysis of an outbreak of extended-spectrum betalactamase-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae using repetitive extragenic palindromicpolymerase chain reaction C. Gaona, S. Rodríguez-Garrido, A. Escobar, R. Hidalgo, E. Garduño* (Badajoz, ES)


Characterisation of extended-spectrum betalactamase producing Escherichia coli isolated from patients with urinary tract infections in Korea: comparison between community isolates and nosocomial isolates S.H. Park*, J.H. Byun, S.M. Choi, D.G. Lee, S.H. Kim, J.C. Kwon, J.H. Yoo, J.H. Choi (Daejeon, Seoul, KR)


A study of the variation in genetic diversity of Haemophilus influenzae serotype B strains in the UK between 1987 and 2010 using multilocus variable-number tandem repeat analysis S. Manglani*, D. Litt, S. Neal, M. Slack (London, UK)


Genotypic characterisation of nonencapsulated Haemophilus influenzae strains isolated from invasive disease in Italy R. Cardines, M. Giufrè, M. Accogli, M. Cerquetti* (Rome, IT)


Genetic lineages and toxigenicity in Staphylococcus aureus from healthy humans and unrelated dogs: a comparative analysis E. Gómez-Sanz, C. Lozano, C. Tenorio, C. Torres*, M. Zarazaga (Logroño, ES)


High-resolution melting curve analysis of the spa gene for rapid and cost-effective MRSA typing B. Mayerhofer, A. Pietzka*, A. Stöger, E. Grund, F. Allerberger, E. Klinkacek, W. Ruppitsch (Vienna, Klagenfurt, AT)


Transmission risk and indications for hand hygiene in outpatient settings: what global opinion leaders think H. Sax*, S. Bagheri Nejad, M.N. Chraïti, B. Allegranzi (Geneva, CH)


Do hand-hygiene product dispensers equipped with counting devices improve sustainability of hand-hygiene training sessions? D. Luft*, M. Dettenkofer, R. Schulze-Röbbecke, A. Köpp, S. Lemmen (Freiburg, Düsseldorf, Aachen, DE)


Hand hygiene in the emergency department: getting to the point S. Scheithauer, V. Kamerseder*, P. Petersen, H. Häfner, F. Hölzl, C. Mach, L. Lopez-Gonzalez, S. Lemmen (Aachen, DE)


Changes in hand-hygiene compliance: professional status as a risk factor? K. Graf*, E. Ott, N. Tramp, M. Wolny, G. Porep, I.F. Chaberny (Hannover, DE)

13:30 – 14:30 P1985

Typing of typical and atypical isolates from emerging diseases Dynamic distribution of Neisseria meningitidis serogroups in Italy, 2007–2011: increase of meningococcal Y isolates C. Fazio*, A. Neri, A. Carannante, T. Sofia, P. Mastrantonio, P. Stefanelli (Rome, IT)

164 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

Poster Sessions


Development of an optimal MLVA typing scheme to investigate endemic MRSA K. Hardy*, M. Lewis, S. Shabir, C. McMurray, P. Hawkey (Birmingham, UK)


Multi-locus variable-number tandem-repeat analysis (MLVA) of methicillin-resistant S. aureus M.E.O.C. Heck* (Bilthoven, NL)



Direct bacterial profiling by means of MALDITOF mass-spectrometry as a method of rapid differentiation of Staphylococcus aureus strains M. Kornienko*, E. Ilina, A. Borovskaya, M. Edelstein, M. Sukhorukova, M. Kostrzewa, V. Govorun (Moscow, Smolensk, RU; Bremen, DE) Evaluation of the Diversilab semi-automated repetitive-sequence-based PCR for typing isolates of Pseudomonas aeruginosa responsible for ventilator-associated pneumonia in different intensive care units M. Micaelo, A. Aubry, C.E. Luyt, Q. Lu, J. Chastre, J. Trouillet, A. Combes, J. Rouby, V. Jarlier, F. Brossier* (Paris, FR)


Genotyping of Portuguese Coxiella burnetii isolates A.S. Santos*, J.J. Tilburg, A. Botelho, M.J. Barahona, M.S. Núncio, M. Nabuurs-Fransen, C.H. Klaassen (Aguas de Moura, PT; Nijmegen, NL; Lisbon, PT)


Genotyping of Coxiella burnetii from domestic ruminants in northern Spain I. Astobiza*, J. Tilburg, A. Piñero, A. Hurtado, A.L. Garcia-Perez, M. Nabuurs-Franssen, C. Klaassen (Derio, Bizkaia, ES; Nijmegen, NL)


Clonal homogeneity of Enterococcus faecium isolates and comparative evaluation of DiversiLab typing and MLVA A. Sabat*, V. Akkerboom, S. Surie, M. Köksal, X. Zhou, J. Arends, G. Kampinga, N. Meessen, A. Friedrich (Groningen, NL)


Genetic and proteomic diversity of Propionibacterium acnes strains isolated from human skin in Japan and the comparison with European reports I. Dekio*, D. Rajendram, R. Culak, E. Morita, S. Gharbia, H. Shah (Izumo, JP; Colindale, UK)


Clonal epidemiology and resistance evolution in Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains colonising the respiratory tract of cystic fibrosis patients from the Balearic Islands E. Rojo-Molinero*, C. López-Causapé, G. Cabot, X. Mulet, A. Mena, J.L. Pérez, A. Oliver (Palma de Mallorca, ES)


Subtyping of Legionella pneumophila for epidemiological investigations by matrixassisted laser desorption/ionisation time-of-flight (MALDI-TOF) mass spectrometry J. Jung*, B. Groß, K. Weinert, T. Maier, M. Kostrzewa, S. Schubert (Munich, Bremen, DE)


Molecular typing of Treponema pallidum subsp. pallidum: comparison of CDC typing system with sequencing-based typing TP0136/TP0548/23S rRNA L. Mikalova*, P. Pospisilova, M. Flasarova, Z. Valisova, V. Woznicova, I. Kuklova, H. Zakoucka, D. Smajs (Brno, Prague, CZ)


A revised protocol for ribotyping of Clostridium difficile J. Leeming*, G. Mills, A. Hidalgo-Arroyo (Bristol, UK)


The role of phylogenetic groups of Escherichia coli in childhood recurrent urinary tract infections S. Kõljalg, K. Truusalu*, J. Stsepetova, K. Pai, I. Vainumäe, P. Hütt, I. Smidt, R. Mändar, E. Sepp, M. Mikelsaar (Tartu, EE)


Characterisation of Chlamydia trachomatis ompA genotypes among sexually transmitted disease patients in a city in the north of Spain P. Mejuto López*, P.S. Leiva, M. Díaz, J.A. Boga Riveiro (Oviedo, ES)


Genotyping markers used for multi locus VNTR analysis with ompA (MLVA-ompA) retain stability through tissue culture adaptation and multiple passages in diverse Chlamydia trachomatis genotypes including the Swedish new variant nvCT C. Labiran*, I. Clarke, L. Cutcliffe, R. Skilton, Y. Wang, C. Bjartling, K. Persson, P. Marsh (Southampton, UK; Malmo, SE)

13:30 – 14:30

Emerging infectious diseases


Survey on tick-borne encephalitis in Canton Valais, Switzerland N. Rieille*, L. Gern, O. Péter (Sion, Neuchâtel, CH)


Characteristics of West Nile virus neuro-invasive disease versus other viral meningitides I.D. Olaru*, A. Hristea, R. Moroti, C. Popescu, V. Arama, D.I. Munteanu (Bucharest, RO)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 165


Monday, 2 April

Poster Sessions

Monday, 2 April P2012

Outbreak of West Nile virus infection in humans in southern Greece, August to October 2011 V. Kapsimali, G. Vrioni, M. Mavrouli, A. Stavropoulou, E. Papanikolaou, M. Detsis, K. Danis, A. Tsakris* (Athens, GR)


Assessment of the prevalence and diversity of emergent campylobacteria in human stool samples using a combination of traditional and molecular methods L. Collado*, M. Gutierrez, M. Gonzalez, H. Fernandez (Valdivia, CL)


Human bocavirus infection in hospitalised children: molecular characterisation and clinical associations of a newly emerging respiratory virus L. Fuenzalida*, J. Fàbrega, S. Blanco, E. Martró, C. Prat, M. Martínez, M. Gomes, J. Domínguez, C. Rodrigo, V. Ausina (Barcelona, ES)


Ability of the zoonotic emerging food-borne pathogen Arcobacter butzleri to survive inside the free-living amoeba Acanthamoeba castellanii H. Fernandez*, M.P. Villanueva (Valdivia, CL)


Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli O104:H4 in Turkey B. Levent*, R. Gulesen, B. Esen, M. Ertek (Ankara, TR)


Extra-intestinal infections caused by Vibrio spp. in southern Spain P. Aznar-Marin, I. Guerrero-Lozano, P. Marin-Casanova, F. Galan-Sanchez, M. Rodriguez-Iglesias* (Cadiz, ES)


Genetic variation and dynamic changes of Yersinia pestis strains isolated in Tuva natural focus of plague M. Afanas’ev*, D. Verzhutckii, S. Balakhonov (Irkutsk, RU)


Emergence of Klebsiella pneumoniae liver abscess in southwestern Sydney, Australia: a retrospective case series R. Chavada*, J. Ng, M. Maley (Liverpool, AU)


Sporadic Pantoea agglomerans bacteraemia: clinical significance and utility of 16s rRNA gene sequencing A. Cheng*, C.Y. Liu, Y.T. Huang, M.S. Hsu, C.H. Liao, P.R. Hsueh (New Taipei, Taipei, TW)


Emergence of carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii producing OXA-23 gene in a major Saudi Arabian hospital A. Alsultan* (Alahsa, SA)


Clinical and microbiological profile of cystic fibrosis patients in adults unit, Madrid A. Correa*, B. Buendía, A. Somodevilla, M.López-Brea, D. San Juan, C. Valenzuela, R. Giron (Madrid, ES)









The evaluation of ribavirin use in patients with Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever N. Tulek, B. Ozturk*, C. Bulut, G. Tuncer Ertem, FS. Erdinc, S. Altun, S. Kinikli, AP. Demiroz (Ankara, TR) Relation of the viral load and laboratory and clinical findings in Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever Z. Kocak Tufan*, K. Ergunay, C. Bulut, H. Turan, A. Ozkul, S. Kinikli, A. Demiroz (Ankara, TR) Certain cytokine levels in sandfly fever caused by sandfly fever Turkish virus Z. Kocak Tufan*, C. Bulut, S. Yagci, S. Kinikli, A. Demiroz (Ankara, TR) Anaplasma seropositivity in Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever patients F.S. Erdinc, S. Kilic, C. Bulut*, B. Celebi, N. Tulek (Ankara, TR) Tularaemia: evaluation of the patients and antimicrobials B. Ozturk*, M. Demirelli, Z. Kocak Tufan, S. Altun, C. Bulut, N. Tulek, FS. Erdinç, G. Tuncer Ertem (Ankara, TR) Ocular tularaemia S. Eren Gok*, O. Evren Kemer, A. Kocagul Celikbas, N. Baykam, A. Atay Buyukdemirci, M. Eroglu, B. Dokuzoguz (Ankara, TR) Evaluation of proteinuria and erythrocyturia as prognostic factors of renal function in leptospirosis patients and correlation between number of inducing serovars and severity of leptospirosis M. Madelane*, I. Kozlovska, A. Broduza, B. Rozentale (Riga, LV) Campylobacter ureolyticus: an emerging gastrointestinal pathogen S. Bullman* (Cork, IE)

166 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

13:30 – 14:30 P2031

Experimental and clinical immunology Identification of adhesion proteins involved in crossing of blood-brain barrier by Francisella tularensis subsp. holarctica R. Mucha*, M. Madar, L. Pulzova, S. Hresko, E. Bencurova, P. Mlynarcik, M. Bhide (Bratislava, Kosice, SK)

Poster Sessions

Monday, 2 April Protective immunity against Coxiella burnetii in BALB/c mice induced by mouse bone marrow-derived dendritic cells activated with Coxiella outer membrane proteins, Com1 and Mip but not GroEL X. Xiong, Y. Meng, B. Wen* (Beijing, CN)


T regulatory cells dampen inflammatory responses in murine Mycoplasma pneumonia: promotion of IL-17 AND IFN-g production, but not IL-10 or TGF-b A. Odeh, J. Simecka* (Fort Worth, US)


Lipocalin-2 is a potent chemo-attractant for neutrophils in humans and mice A. Schroll*, K. Eller, C. Feistritzer, M. Nairz, T. Sonnweber, S. Mair, A. Rosenkranz, I. Theurl, G. Weiss (Innsbruck, Graz, AT)


An example of collateral damage: cytomegalovirus infection and immune senescence A. Mekker, V. Tchang, L. Haeberli, A. Trkola, U. Karrer* (Zurich, Winterthur, CH)


Serum interleukin-8 levels may predict relapse in brucellosis N. Aktug Demir, O. Ural* (Adiyaman, Konya, TR)


Modulation of cytokine release of monocytes of septic patients by clarithromycin M. Mouktaroudi, A. Pelekanou, A. Pistiki, A. Savva, T. Tsaganos, E. Giamarellos-Bourboulis* (Athens, GR)


Potential role for CXCR7 in idiopathic CD4+ T-cell lymphopenia G. Kumar*, H. Schmid-Antomarchi, A. Schmid-Alliana, P.-M. Roger (Nice, FR)


Enterococci as probiotics or means of vaccine delivery. Can medicine give them a chance? A. Suvorov*, T. Gupalova, A. Tsapieva, E. Ermolenko, K. Grabovskaya, M. Gladilina, G. Leontieva (Saint Petersburg, RU)


Palmitoylethanolamide stimulates phagocytosis of Escherichia coli K1 and Streptococcus pneumoniae R6 by microglial cells S. Redlich*, S. Ribes, S. Ebert, D. Czesnik, R. Nau (Göttingen, DE)


The impact of adherence of Escherichia coli strains from children with inflammatory bowel syndrome on actin cytoskeleton of intestinal epithelial cells G. Gosciniak*, A. Duda-Madej, B. Sobieszczanska (Wroclaw, PL)


13:30 – 14:30

Baseline vitamin D deficiency is not associated with poor clinical outcomes in osteoarticular infections J. Marschall*, J. Lewis, D. Warren, H. Babcock, V. Fraser (Saint Louis, US) Experimental and diagnostic aspects of Lyme borreliosis


OspA:CD40 interaction plays role in crossing of Borrelia cross of brain microvascular endothelial cell L. Pulzova*, A. Kovac, R. Mucha, S. Hresko, P. Mlynarcik, E. Bencurova, M. Bhide (Košice, Bratislava, SK)


Experimental validation of the predicted binding site of outer surface protein A of neuroinvasive Borrelia garinii to CD40 of brain microvascular endothelial cells P. Mlynarcik*, L. Pulzova, R. Mucha, E. Bencurova, M. Madar, S. Hresko, M. Bhide (Kosice, Bratislava, SK)


Human vitronectin protects Francisella and Borrelia against complement-mediated lysis M. Marian*, S. Hresko, R. Mucha, E. Bencurova, P. Mlynarcik, L. Pulzova, M. Bhide (Košice, Bratislava, SK)


The role of DbpA and B adhesins of Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato in the pathogenesis of Lyme borreliosis J. Hytönen*, J. Räikkä, M. Söderström, M.K. Viljanen, J. Salo (Turku, FI)


Apoptosis of Th lymphocytes and expression of Fas receptor and Fas ligand in the culture of peripheral blood mononuclear cells stimulated with Borrelia burgdorferi spirochetes S. Grygorczuk*, J. Osada, J. Zajkowska, A. Moniuszko, M. Kondrusik, R. Swierzbinska, J. Dunaj, S. Pancewicz, M. Dabrowska (Bialystok, PL)


Use of short course intramuscular versus topical antibiotic treatment for curing experimental Borrelia burgdorferi infection in mice C. Pavia*, G. Wormser (Old Westbury, Valhalla, US)


Application of multiplexing technology for the analysis of the intrathecally released antibodies against B. burgdorferi antigens in early neuroborreliosis J. Zajkowska*, N. Lelental, M. Kondrusik, A. Moniuszko, S. Pancewicz, J. Kornhuber, P. Lewczuk (Bialystok, PL; Erlangen, DE)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme




Poster Sessions

Monday, 2 April P2050

Lyme borreliosis in a routine laboratory: patient population and performance of five VlsE containing immunoassays A. Van Dam*, J. Coumou (Amsterdam, NL)


Performance evaluation of the new VIDAS Lyme IgM and IgG assays compared to the previous VIDAS Lyme total antibodies assay on fresh prospective sera S. Neifer*, O. Wankmüller (Berlin, Darmstadt, DE)


Correlation between indirect immunofluorescence and Western blot, serological techniques used for the diagnosis of Lyme disease P. Mihailescu*, C. Cretu (Bucharest, RO)


Value of the lymphocyte transformation test to determine the acuity of neuroborreliosis J. Blocher, J. Wiefek, P. Lange, H. Eiffert, H. Schmidt* (Göttingen, DE)


Methodology in reporting diagnostic accuracy for Borrelia specific IgG and IgM antibodies. Tests often differ but performance of the test antigens may be quite similar anyway R.B. Dessau* (Slagelse, DK)

13:30 – 14:30 P2055




AFN-1252 alters in vitro and in vivo Staphylococcus aureus gene expression and reduces bacterial counts in a mouse granuloma infection model M. Pulse*, N. Kaplan, J. Parsons, C. Rock, M. Kukula, P. Nguyen, J. Pierce, D. Valtierra, W. Weiss, J. Simecka (Fort Worth, US; Toronto, CA; Memphis, US)


Daptomycin versus vancomycin in the treatment of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus meningitis in experimental rabbit model S. Bardak-Ozcem*, T. Turhan, O. Sipahi, B. Arda, H. Pullukcu, T. Yamazhan, M. Tasbakan, H. Sipahi, S. Ulusoy (Izmir, TR)


Assessment of antibiotic lock technique with daptomycin, vancomycin for the treatment of coagulase-negative staphylococci experimental catheter infection J. Gavalda*, C. Orbegozo, N. Fernadez-Hidalgo, X. Gomis, B. Almirante, A. Pahissa (Barcelona, ES)


Experimental study of the efficacy of daptomycin in the therapy of high cephalosporin-resistant pneumococcal meningitis M. Vivas*, E. Force, C. Garrigós, F. Tubau, J. Liñares, I. Pelegrín, J. Ariza, C. Cabellos (Hospitalet de Llobregat, ES)


High efficacy of fosfomycin-rifampin combination against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in an experimental model of foreign-body infection R. Mihailescu*, U. Furustrand Tafin, B. Bétrisey, L. Rio, E. Maiolo, O. Borens, A. Trampuz (Bucharest, RO; Lausanne, CH)


A porcine model of haematogenous osteomyelitis: pathogenesis and pathology L.K. Johansen, J. Koch, D. Frees, B. Aalbæk, O.L. Nielsen, P.S. Leifsson, L.E. Buelund, E.L. Svalastoga, H.E. Jensen* (Frederiksberg, DK)


Efficacy of colistin combination therapy against multidrug-resistant Gram-negative bacteria in mouse lung and thigh infection models H.J. Lee, C. Ku, B. Tsuji, A. Forrest, J.B. Bulitta, J. Li, R.L. Nation* (Melbourne, AU; Buffalo, US)

Experimental treatment (animal model) of progeria bacterial infections Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus harbouring mecA-LGA251, a new mecAhomologue: limited impact on the outcome of infective endocarditis treated with flucloxacillin in a rat model F. Laurent*, J.M. Entenza, A. Tristan, M. Giddey, J. Vouillamoz, F. Vandenesch, P. Moreillon (Lyon, FR; Lausanne, CH) Use of Kineret® to treat Panton-Valentine leukocidin-positive Staphylococcus aureus necrotising pneumonia M. Perret, D. Labrousse*, C. Badiou, S. Da Silva, D. Hayez, F. Vandenesch, G. Lina, P. Chavanet, D. Croisier-Bertin, T. Henry (Lyon, Dijon, FR) Comparison of anti-MRSA antibiotics (vancomycin, linezolid, daptomycin, rifampin) and anti Gram-positive fluoroquinolones (moxifloxacin, delafloxacin) against MSSA and MRSA in models of young and mature biofilms J. Bauer, P.M. Tulkens, F. Van Bambeke* (Brussels, BE)

168 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

Poster Sessions




13:30 – 14:30 P2068

Efficacy of ceftaroline fosamil in combination with the non-beta-lactam beta-lactamase inhibitor avibactam against AmpC-producing Enterobacter cloacae: comparative study with doripenem in a rabbit experimental endocarditis model C. Jacqueline*, C. Bretonniere, V. Le Mabecque, C. Desessard, G. Amador, A.F. Miegeville, G. Williams, G. Potel, J. Caillon (Nantes, FR; Oakland, US) Biofilm formation by Staphylococcus aureus on orthopaedic implants in a novel murine infection model N. Jørgensen*, K. Fuursted, K. Dam, R. Meyer, E. Petersen (Aarhus, DK) Efficacy of micafungin solved in ethanol in the treatment of experimental Candida parapsilosis catheter infection using the antifungal-lock technique J. Gavaldà*, C.M. Orbegozo, X. Gomis, E. Roselló, N. Larrosa, B. Almirante, A. Pahissa (Barcelona, ES) New aspects on helminth infections and intestinal protozoans Molecular and phylogenetic characterisation of Echinococcus granulosus samples from Iberian peninsula S. Beato*, M. Roque, R. Parreira, R. Leite, R. Fialho, C. Roque, V. Correia, I. Mauricio, F. Ponce-Gordo, M. Calado, C. Cuesta-Bandera, M.-A. Gracio (Lisbon, Tomar, Castelo Branco, PT; Madrid, ES)


Occurrence of cysticerci serology and risk factors for neurocysticercosis in eastern Nepal M. Barakoti, S. Rijal, P. Shyangwa, B. Pradhan*, S. Dhakal (Dharan, NP)


Has improved water and sanitation changed the prevalence of schistosomiasis and soil transmitted helminths amongst female primary school aged children in Ugu District of KwaZulu-Natal, southern Africa? S.G. Zulu*, M. Taylor, E.F. Kjetland, J. Kvalsvig, S.G. Gundersen, E. Kleppa, K. Lillebo (Durban, ZA; Oslo, NO; Kristiansud, NO)


A case with relapsed schistosomiasis T. Yildirmak*, F. Simsek, A. Kantürk, H. Gedik (Istanbul, TR)


Prevalence and risk factors for acquiring Strongyloides stercoralis infection among patients attending a tertiary hospital in Thailand Y. Suputtamongkol*, N. Changngern, D. Waywa, S. Silpasakorn, T. Anekthananon, D. Wanachiwanawin (Bangkok, TH)


Myositis due to the novel species of Microsporidium and review of the literature R. Issarachaikul*, C. Suankratay, E. Thiansukhon, C. Putaporntip, S. Jongwutiwes (Bangkok, TH)


Performance of an enzyme immunoassay for the diagnosis of strongyloidiasis N. Iglesias*, M. Gutiérrez, M. Subirats, A. Palmeiro, P. Rivas, M. Baquero (Madrid, ES)


Management of cystic echinococcosis in pregnancy A. Perretti*, R. Lissandrin, F. Tamarozzi, L. Piccoli, E. Brunetti (Pavia, IT)


Utility of a screening program of strongyloidiasis in immigrant population A. Rodriguez-Guardado*, M. Rodriguez, F. Perez, V. Carcaba, J. Carton (Oviedo, ES)


Twenty-year seroepidemiological study of echinococcosis in Northwestern Greece D. Papamichail, C. Gartzonika, C. Boboyianni, E. Priavali, C. Georgaki, E. Sanida, S. Levidiotou* (Ioannina, GR)



Immunohistological staining with the monoclonal antibody Em2G11 is highly specific and sensitive for Echinococcus multilocularis larvae in human tissue T.F.E. Barth*, T.S. Herrmann, D. Tappe, L. Stark, B. Grüner, K. Buttenschön, A. Hillenbrand, M. Juchems, D. Henne-Bruns, P. Kern, H.M. Seitz, P. Moeller, R.L. Rausch, P. Kern, P. Deplazes (Ulm, Würzburg, DE; Edmonton, CA; Seattle, US; Bonn, DE; Zurich, CH)

Efficacy and safety of combined therapy with albendazol and ivermectin in chronic strongyloidiasis: observational study A. Rodriguez-Guardado*, M. Rodriguez, F. Pérez, M. Martinez, N. Morán, V. Carcaba, J. Carton (Oviedo, ES)


High prevalence of dientamoebiasis in patients attending a tertiary-care hospital in northern Italy: a 6-year study A. Calderaro, C. Gorrini*, S. Montecchini, S. Rossi, C. Chezzi (Parma, IT)


Faecal parasitology: concentration methodology really does matter! M. Manser*, A. Saez, P. Chiodini (London, UK)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 169


Monday, 2 April

Poster Sessions

Monday, 2 April P2082

A multiplex real-time PCR for intestinal protozoa in a paediatric population L. Maas*, J.W. Dorigo-Zetsma, C.J. Groot, de, T.E. Matthews, S. Bouter, E. Luderhoff, B.E. Ewijk van (Hilversum, NL)


A novel ELISA-based diagnostic test may replace the traditional microscopy in detection of Blastocystis spp. in human stool specimens F. Dogruman-Al*, S. Turk, G. Adiyaman, A. Hananel, J. Kopelowitz, S. Gross, Z. Greenberg, I. Mumcuoglu (Ankara, TR; Ashdod, IL)







13:30 – 14:30 P2090



Chromosomally integrated HHV-6 in healthy donor and patients treated for haematological malignancy P. Hubacek, A. Hrdlickova, K. Muzikova, M. Spacek, M. Zajac*, P. Sedlacek, P. Cetkovsky, J. Stary (Prague, CZ)


Role of Dientamoeba fragilis and Blastocystis spp. in irritable bowel syndrome I. Mumcuoglu*, C. Gungor, T. Purnak, N. Aksu (Ankara, TR)

Epstein-Barr virus DNAemia is an early surrogate marker for later development of immunosuppression-related adverse events in solid organ transplant recipients B. De Dios, R. San-Juan*, A. Garcia-Reyne, D. Bravo, E. Costa, J.M. Morales, J. Delgado, M. Fernandez-Ruiz, F. Lopez-Medrano, D. Navarro, J.M. Aguado (Madrid, Valencia, ES)


Molecular analysis of Giardia assemblages and clinical outcome in the Scottish population E. Ritchie, K.G. Pollock, B. Jones, C.L. Alexander* (Glasgow, UK)

Clinical impact of adenovirus in paediatric haematopoietic stem cell transplant recipients C. Costa*, F. Sidoti, A. Piceghello, C. Balloco, S. Simeone, S. Mantovani, A. Di nauta, M. Giacchino, F. Fagioli, R. Cavallo (Turin, IT)


Point-of-care tools for the characterisation of Cryptosporidium isolates from children in Tanzania F. Del Chierico*, M. Rossi de Gasperis, C. Concato, F. Callea, L. Putignani (Rome, IT)

Screening of haematopoietic stem cell transplant patients by adenovirus PCR on blood: results of an 18-month survey K. De Vreese*, I. Meyts, J. Maertens, K. Beuselinck, K. Lagrou (Leuven, BE)


Value of adenovirus PCR on stool in paediatric haematopoietic stem cell transplant recipients K. De Vreese*, I. Meyts, K. Beuselinck, K. Lagrou (Leuven, BE)


Investigation of the intracellular expression of interferon-gamma in cells in response to BK viral peptide stimulation in haematopoietic stem cell transplant recipients R.J. Drew*, J. Dunne, B. Crowley (Dublin, IE)


Hepatitis B serological changes following allogeneic bone marrow transplantation B. Teh*, M.A. Slavin, J. Szer, J. Sasadeusz (Melbourne, AU)

Determining species and sub-genotypes of Cryptosporidium infecting St. Kilda Soay sheep L. Connelly*, B. Jones, C.L Alexander (Glasgow, UK) Temporal, seasonal and geographical distribution of Cryptosporidium in Scottish waters L. Connelly*, C. Sullivan, B. Jones, C.L Alexander (Glasgow, UK) Genetic diversity of Cryptosporidium isolates from humans in North India P. Sharma*, S. Khurana, R. Sehgal, A. Sharma, N. Malla (Chandigarh, IN) Viral infections in the compromised host CMV active infection monitoring by real-time PCR in allogeneic stem cell transplant recipients L. Cardeñoso, A. Garcia Noblejas, N. Iglesias, M. Espinola*, R. de la Cámara (Madrid, ES) Incidence and severity of cytomegalovirus infection and disease in high-risk solid organ transplant recipients G. Sanclemente, I. Hoyo, M. Bartoletti, L. Linares, M.A. Marcos, T. Pumarola, M. Navasa, F. Cofan, M.J. Ricart, F. Perez-Villa, A. Moreno, C. Cervera* (Barcelona, ES)

170 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

13:30 – 14:30

Internet and electronic resources


Bibliometric analysis of European publications in infectious diseases and clinical microbiology areas in 2010 O. Sipahi, H. Sipahi, T. Yamazhan*, M. Tasbakan, S. Ulusoy (Izmir, TR)


Imperial antimicrobial prescribing policy: harnessing smartphone technology to develop a clinical decision support application for the antimicrobial prescribing policy of a multicentre university teaching hospital E. Charani*, W. Lawson, H. Wickens, S. Mookerjee, L. Moore, A. Jacklin, J. Main, A. Holmes (London, UK)

Poster Sessions

Monday, 2 April A web-based genome library for surveillance, detection, characterisation and drug resistance monitoring of influenza virus infection in the Philippines E.M. Salvana, B. Schwem*, S.K. Ganchua, G.B. Trinidad, M. Ma, M.L. Agmata, F. Heralde, E. Tayag, J. Roque, M. Tayzon, C. Padilla, R. Destura (Ermita, Manila, PH)


RipSeq Single, a bacterial reference database through social curation C.A. Petti*, K.E. Simmon, B. Karlsen, Ø. Sæbo, Ø. Kommedal (Albuquerque, Sunnyvale, US; Bergen, NO)


Formulating the microbiology content of the National Laboratory Medicine Catalogue in England J.K. Sutton* (Southampton, UK)


Antifungal drug interactions database G.T. Atherton*, N. Atherton, H. Le Sueur, D.W. Denning (Manchester, Lancaster, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK)


Microbiological alert system in hospital intranet (Hygeia) to produce quick automatic information in microbiological important positive test T. Alarcon*, J. Guillem, G. Fernandez, M. Lopez-Brea (Madrid, Barcelona, ES)


deBac-App – first standardised hygiene application for disinfecting the iPad® U.-V. Albrecht*, U. von Jan, K. Graf, L. Sedlacek, H.K. Matthies, R.-P. Vonberg (Hannover, DE)


Biomedical research productivity in Greece: effect of the financial crisis M. Falagas*, G. Samonis, V. Bardakas, F. Abel, M. Mavros (Athens, Heraklion, GR)


Development of a web-based antimicrobial resource to improve antimicrobial prescribing – 5-year review J.A.T. Sandoe*, P. Howard, A. Olusoga, J. Dunne, K. Warburton (Leeds, UK)

13:30 – 14:30

New clinical data on infections in compromised hosts


Results from the European Cubicin® Outcomes Registry and Experience: daptomycin is effective as first-line treatment for Grampositive infections in patients with haematological malignancies F. Keil*, U. Trostmann, A. Robb, N. Kröger, G. Daikos, A. Gonzalez-Ruiz, A. Micozzi, M. Gutiérrez, F. Camou, P. Schärli, Y. Yin (Leoben, AT; Basel, CH; Newcastle upon Tyne, UK; Hamburg, DE; Athens, GR; Dartford, UK; Rome, IT; Zaragoza, ES; Bordeaux, FR; Berne, CH; East Hanover, US)


Daptomycin as first-line therapy for infections in patients with solid tumours: clinical experience from the European Registry A. Gonzalez-Ruiz*, K. Bouylout, P. GargalianosKakolyris, J.I Barranco Domínguez, V.J González Ramallo, A. Skoutelis, F. Keil, B. Almirante Gragera, S. Mitrohin, P. Schärli, Y. Yin, R. Chaves (Dartford, UK; Basel, CH; Athens, GR; Zaragoza, Madrid, ES; Leoben, AT; Barcelona, ES; Krasnogorskiy, RU; Berne, CH; East Hanover, US)


Characteristics of initial versus breakthrough bacterial infections among hospitalised haematological cancer patients L. Farbman*, R. Ram, L. Leibovici, P. Raanani, M. Yeshurun, L. Vidal, A. Gafter-Gvili, A. Peck, O. Shpilberg, M. Paul (Petah-Tikva, IL)


First and recurrent episodes of bloodstream infections caused by Enterobacteriaceae producing extended-spectrum betalactamases in haematological patients E. Khodunova*, E. Trushina, E. Parovichnikova, A. Magomedova, G. Klyasova (Moscow, RU)


Prospective evaluation of SeptiFast test in patients undergoing allogeneic stem cell transplantation S. Elges, R. Arnold, L. Uharek, T. Adam, A. Mikojalewska, M. Ruhnke* (Berlin, DE)


Dynamics of intestinal colonisation with Enterobacteriaceae with ESBL or resistant to fluoroquinolones in neutropenic oncohaematological patients undergoing levofloxacin prophylaxis C. Cuartero*, A. Sánchez Díaz, P. Ruiz-Garbajosa, A. Valverde, J. Alonso, J. Rodríguez, J. López, R. Cantón (Madrid, ES)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme




Poster Sessions

Monday, 2 April P2115

Long-term impact of the discontinuation of levofloxacin use for antimicrobial prophylaxis in neutropenic patients J.R. Paño-Pardo*, B. Jiménez-Munárriz, F. Moreno-Ramos, M.P. Romero-Gómez, A. Rodríguez de la Rúa, A. Martín-Vega, Á. Otero, M. Canales-Albendea (Madrid, ES)


Evaluation of complications related to central venous catheters in patients with haematological disease in a single centre: a 3-year experience F. Farina*, E.M. Casartelli, S. Realini, L. Verga, E.M. Pogliani (Monza, IT)


A case series of Nocardia brain abscesses: review of treatment and outcomes K. Lai*, R. Chavada, J. Branley (Newcastle, Sydney, AU)


Infectious complications in paediatric solid organ transplant recipients D. Le Serre, S. Garazzino, M. Pinon*, C. Scolfaro, E. Aidala, P. Abbruzzese, A. Amore, R. Coppo, E. Silvestro, S. Virano, P.-A. Tovo (Turin, IT)


Delayed sternal closure after heart transplantation and nosocomial infection A. Arnaiz-Garcia*, C. Fariñas-Alvarez, J. Bernal Marco, E. Arnaiz-Garcia, M. Gutiérrez-Cuadra, F. Nistal Herrera, M.C. Fariñas-Alvarez (Santander, Torrelavega, ES)


Microbiology from bronchoscopy in haematologic patients: comparison of stem cell recipients with non-recipients J.C. Kwon*, S.Y. Cho, S.H. Kim, S.H. Park, S.M. Choi, D.G. Lee, J.H. Choi, J.H. Yoo (Seoul, KR)


MRSA screening among pre- and post- liver transplanted patients: direct detection of MRSA using PCR method comparing with conventional culture I.M. van der Heijden*, L.M. Oliveira, E. Abdala, M.P. Freire, F. Rossi, A.S.S. Levin, S.F. Costa (Sao Paulo, BR)


Frequency and genotypic characterisation of microsporidia among patients with renal transplantation, human immunodeficiency virus and haematological malignancy U. Ghoshal*, S. Khanduja, P. Pant, V. Agarwal, V. Jaiswal, U. Ghoshal, S. Nityanand, K. Prasad, T. Dhole (Lucknow, IN)

172 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme


Feasibility of active surveillance cultures in paediatric patients with haemato/oncologic diseases V. Strenger*, L. Masoud, M. Höller, S. PekardAmenitsch, W. Schwinger, H. Lackner, P. Sovinz, M. Benesch, S. Schmidt, H.J. Dornbusch, G. Steindl, A. Grisold, G. Feierl, C. Urban (Graz, AT)

Poster Sessions

12:30 – 13:30 P2124




Trends in HIV incidence in Siberia, Russia (2000–2010) A.A. Khryanin*, O.V. Reshetnikov (Novosibirsk, RU)


Quantifying the incidence and magnitude of liver injury among HIV-infected patients receiving raltegravir-containing antiretroviral therapy N. Patel*, M. Veve, V. Tizzano, N. Sheth, C. Miller (Albany, Baltimore, US)


Association between Vitamin D and viral load (HIVRNA) among HIV-infected patients N. Patel*, E. Bruni, V. Tizzano, D. Mason, C. Miller (Albany, US)

High prevalence of cognitive impairment in HIV – interim results of a cross-sectional study of 330 patients P. McNamara*, R. Coen, C. Bergin, J. Redmond, C. Doherty (Dublin, IE)


Newly diagnosed cases of HIV infection I. Tordoya Titichoca, V. Martinez de Artola, I. Polo Vigas, X. Beristain Rementeria, A. Gil Setas, C. Ezpeleta Baquedano* (Pamplona, ES)

Screening for strongyloidiasis in HIV-positive immigrants from endemic areas A. Rodriguez- Guardado*, M. Rodriguez, M. Martinez, F. Pérez, V. Carcaba, J. Carton (Oviedo, ES)


Incidence of recent HIV infection among persons seeking voluntary, anonymous counselling and testing services in Taiwan, 2006–2010 W. Liu*, C. Wu, P. Wu, Y. Lo, C. Yang, C. Hung, C. Fang (Taipei, TW)


Abnormal tubular function and chronic kidney disease in HIV-infected patients, ANRS CO3 Aquitaine Cohort F.A. Dauchy*, S. Lawson-Ayayi, R. de La Faille, P. Morlat, G. Wirth, G. Miremont-Salamé, S. Geffard, F. Dabis, M. Dupon for the Groupe d'Epidémiologie du SIDA en Aquitaine


Antiretroviral treatment and viral load responses in HIV-infected patients accessing specialist care in Ireland H. Tuite*, M. Horgan, P.W.G. Mallon, S. McConkey, B. Mooka, F. Mulcahy, C. Walsh, A. O'Hora, D. O'Flanagan, C. Bergin, C. Fleming (Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway, IE)


Impact of some demographic and clinical factors in recommended lopinavir minimal plasma concentration cut-offs in antiretroviral naïve and experienced patients C. Carvalho, J.P. Cruz, D. Matias*, F. Antunes (Lisbon, PT)


Risk factors of adverse outcome in HIV positive patients with bloodstream infections: an observational retrospective case control study in Milan, 1987–2010 M. Carugati*, F. Zanini, C. Schiroli, N. Vanoni, L. Tocalli, P. Bucciarelli, M. Galli, F. Franzetti (Milan, IT)

AIDS and HIV infection Time to initiation of antiretroviral therapy between 4 weeks and 12 weeks of tuberculosis treatment in HIV-1 infected patients. Results from the TIME Study W. Manosuthi*, W. Mankatitham, A. Lueangniyomkul, S. Thongyen, S. Likanonsakul, P. Suwanvattana, U. Thawornwan, B. Suntisuklappon, S. Nilkamhang, S. Sungkanuparph (Nonthaburi, Bangkok, TH)


Evaluation of a new fourth-generation electrochemiluminescence immunoassay for the screening of HIV infection T. Wang*, C. Tao, L. Wang, D. Li, J. Yu, K. Yan, H. Ning, X. Bi (Chengdu, CN)


Correlation between inflammatory markers and bone mineral density in treatment experienced HIV-seropositive patients V. Arama, D.I. Munteanu*, A. Streinu Cercel, M. Lazar, R. Mihailescu, C. Tiliscan, D. Ion, M. Radulescu, I.D. Olaru, C. Popescu, A. Hristea, S.S Arama (Bucharest, RO)


Bioinformatic application to facilitate the genotypic determination of HIV-1 tropism M. Parra Sánchez*, I. Zakariya-Yousef Breval, J. Córdoba García, I. Ferrero, E. Martín Mazuelos, J.C. Palomares Folía (Seville, ES)


Outcome of HAART- treated HIV infected patients in a resource-limited setting: the Belgrade cohort study J. Nikolic*, J. Ranin, D. Salemovic, I. Pesic Pavlovic, D. Jevtovic (Belgrade, RS)


Prevalence of transmitted antiretroviral resistance and distribution of HIV-1 subtypes among recently infected patients in Gran Canaria, Spain between 2003 and 2011 L. Floren-Zabala*, F. Artiles Campelo, M.J. Pena López (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, ES)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme



Tuesday, 3 April

Poster Sessions

Tuesday, 3 April P2141







Comparative evaluation of electrochemiluminescence immunoassay and ELISA for HIV screening in a multi-ethnic region of China X. Bi*, C. Tao, H. Ning, D. Li, T. Wang (Chengdu, CN) Diagnostic value of lymphotropic herpesviruses DNA quantification into the differential diagnosis of localised lymphadenopathies among Cuban HIV-1 infected individuals: clinical, histopathological and virological findings P. Martinez*, V. Kouri, I. Caballero, G. Fleites, V. Capo, J. Jimenez, M. Vazquez, N. Jimenez, Y. Abad, D. Verdasquera, Y. Ugarte, O. Calderon, A. Alvarez, M. Perez, K. Camacho, R. Ortiz, L. Perez, C. Correa, Y. Soto, Y. Aleman (Havana, CU) Late HIV diagnosis in Georgia: reasons and consequences N. Chkhartishvili, N. Rukhadze, L. Sharvadze, P. Gabunia*, A. Gamkrelidze, T. Tsertsvadze (Tbilisi, GE) Persistent very low level viraemia is associated with non-subtype B in HIV-1 infected patients with virological success following HAART introduction J. Saison, T. Ferry*, C. Scholtes, V. Icard, D. Peyramond, C. Chidiac, P. Andre, R. Ecochard, J.-C. Tardy (Lyon, FR) HIV-2 transmission and molecular epidemiology in a community in rural Guinea-Bissau T.I. de Silva, C. van Tienen*, C. Onyango, A. Jabang, T. Vincent, M.F. Schim van der Loeff, R.A. Coutinho, S. Rowland-Jones, H. Whittle, M. Cotten, S. Hué (Fajara, GM; Rotterdam, NL; Kilifi, KE; Amsterdam, NL; Oxford, UK; Cambridge, London, UK) Treatment of HIV infection in subjects with tuberculosis: prospective, randomised, multicentre study comparing a PI-containing regimen (lopinavir / TDF /3TC) with an NNRTIcontaining regimen (efavirenz / TDF / 3TC) A. Matteelli*, A.C. Carvalho, C. Marcantoni, A. Apostoli, C. Tinelli, L. Scudeller, I. El Hamad, S. Bonora, S. Carbonara, F. Franzetti, L. Gazzola, G. Giani, E. Girardi, A. Gori, S. Grisetti, M. Libanore, V. Manfrin, C. Mussini, F. Palmieri, B. Pasticci, P. Scarpellini, S. Topino (Brescia, Pavia, Torino, Bari, Milan, Rome, Monza, Ferrara, Vicenza, Modena, Perugia, IT)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

12:30 – 13:30

Bacterial pathogenesis: from intracellular bacteria to biofilm


Regulation and function of CEACAM8 secreted by human granulocytes on bronchial epithelium B. Singer, L. Opp, A. Heinrich, K. Heyl, J. Zweigner, H. Slevogt* (Essen, Berlin, Jena, DE)


Fas-activated serine threonine phosphoprotein is a negative regulator of phagocytosis in macrophages M. Simarro, F. Menegotto, M.A. de la Fuente, A. Ortega, Á. Cubero, S. González Cabrero, M.A. Bratos, A. Orduña* (Valladolid, ES)


Interaction of Treponema pallidum with microglial cells A. Marangoni*, C. Foschi, P. Nardini, I. Russo, R. Cevenini (Bologna, IT)


The role of matrix metalloproteinase 14 in the pathogenesis of tuberculosis T. Sathyamoorthy*, P. Elkington, J. Friedland (London, UK)


Matrix metalloproteinase-1 expression in tuberculosis is regulated by histone acetylation R.C. Moores*, L. Rand, P.T.G. Elkington, J.S. Friedland (London, UK)


Unfolding a secret: Francisella tularensis LVS protein PilE4 interacts with brain microvascular endothelial cells through ICAM-1 molecule E. Bencurova*, R. Mucha, L. Pulzova, P. Mlynarcik, M. Madar, S. Hresko, M. Bhide (Košice, Bratislava, SK)


Usefulness of an imaging technique for genital Chlamydia infection assessment in the murine model A. Marangoni*, P. Nardini, C. Nanni, C. Quarta, A. D'Errico, F. Rosini, I. Russo, C. Foschi, R. Aldini, R. Cevenini (Bologna, IT)


Meningococcal invasion of the perivascular space in chronic meningococcaemia cutaneous lesions involves meningococcustriggered remodelling of peripheral endothelial barriers N. Dupin, H. Lecuyer, A. Carlotti, C. Poyart, M. Coureuil, J. Chanal, A. Schmitt, M. VacherLavenu, M. Taha, X. Nassif, P.C. Morand* (Paris, FR)

Poster Sessions

Tuesday, 3 April Inducible nitric oxide synthase expression in Helicobacter pylori CagA+ strains infections M. Diab, S. Saad El Din, L Aboul Fadl*, M. Moussa, Z. Omran, M. Shemis, M. El-Ghannam, A. El-Ray, A. Badawi, I. El-Defrawi, E. El-Sherbini, M. Saber (Giza, EG)



Helicobacter pylori with higher motility enhances bacterial density and inflammatory response in dyspeptic patients J.J. Wu*, C.Y. Kao, B.S. Sheu, H.B. Yang, W.L. Chang, H.C. Cheng (Tainan, TW)

12:30 – 13:30


Novel long-incubation organ explant system for dynamic high-resolution confocal imaging, and simultaneous cytokine measurements of infectious processes on mucosal interfaces A. Wieser*, C. Guggenberger, M. Pritsch, J. Heesemann, S. Schubert (Munich, DE)


Mouse gut enterotypes identified by metaproteomics: a model for neonatal gut microbiota L. Putignani, S. Levi Mortera, F. Del Chierico, P. Vernocchi*, M. Rosado, R. Carsetti, A. Urbani (Rome, IT)


Real-time quantification of mucosal-associated bacterial flora of human colon in IBD patients of India: a case study R. Verma*, V. Ahuja, J. Paul (New Delhi, IN)


A specific intestinal microbiota profile predisposes to severe chemotherapyinduced diarrhoea E. Montassier*, E. Batard, J.B. Hardouin, A.-F. Miegeville, J. Caillon, N. Caroff, S. Le Fresne, T. Carton, T. Gastinne, P. Moreau, G. Potel, F. Le Vacon, M.F. De la Cochetière (Nantes, FR)


Screening and characterisation of antibiofilm compounds from Palk Bay metagenome C. Nithya, D. Viszwapriya, S.K. Pandian* (Karaikudi, IN)


Simulation of Methylobacterium biofilm formation in endoscope channels in a novel in vitro biofilm model of endoscope reprocessing J. Kovaleva*, J.E. Degener, H.C. van der Mei (Groningen, NL)


The combined action of influenza virus and Staphylococcus aureus Panton-Valentine leukocidin provokes severe lung epithelium damage S. Niemann, C. Ehrhardt, E. Medina, L. Tuchscherr, V. Heitmann, S. Ludwig, G. Peters, B. Löffler* (Munster, Braunschweig, DE)

Cerium nitrate: anti-Candida albicans activity in planktonic cells and biofilms A. Silva-Dias*, I. Marcos Miranda, J. Branco, L. Cobrado, C. Pina-Vaz, A.G. Rodrigues (Porto, PT) Pathogenesis of Gram-positive bacteria


Use of a model of experimental endocarditis induced by continuous low-grade bacteraemia, mimicking human-like lowgrade bacteraemia, to study the role of Staphylococcus aureus adhesins, platelet aggregation and inflammatory response in early endocarditis T.R. Veloso, A. Chaouch, T. Roger, Y.A. Que, M. Giddey, J. Vouillamoz, V. Rousson, P. Moreillon, J.M. Entenza* (Lausanne, CH)


PVL-positive MSSA are more prone to cause superficial skin and soft tissue infections L. Cupane*, N. Pugacova, D. Berzina, V. Cauce, D. Gardovska, E. Miklasevics (Riga, LV)


Methicillin-susceptible Staphylococcus aureus bone and joint infections: chronic evolution is associated with bacterial ability to invade and persist within bone cells F. Valour*, J.P. Rasigade, S. Trouillet, A. Bouaziz, H. Meugnier, S. Lustig, F. Vandenesch, J. Etienne, T. Ferry, F. Laurent (Lyon, FR)


Production of phenol soluble modulins by community- and hospital-associated MRSA strains correlates with in vivo virulence in a Galleria mellonella (caterpillar) model E. Boakes*, H. Marbach, S. Lynham, M. Ward, J.D. Edgeworth, J.A. Otter (London, UK)


Effect of antibiotics on virulence expression by community-acquired methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus M.P. Otto*, C. Badiou, A. Tristan, M. Bes, J. Etienne, F. Vandenesch, G. Lina, O. Dumitrescu (Lyon, FR)


Antiseptic dressing disrupts microcolonies of Staphylococcus aureus and prevents biofilm formation on human skin M.J. Anderson*, P.J. Parks, M.L. Peterson (Minneapolis, St. Paul, US)


Efficacy of N-chlorotaurine against S. aureus biofilms grown on TMZF® and CrCo discs D. Coraca-Huber*, M. Nagl, M. Fille, J. Hausdorfer, M. Nogler (Innsbruck, AT)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme




Poster Sessions

Tuesday, 3 April P2173

Activity of XF-70, a novel porphyrin antimicrobial against biofilms of Staphylococcus epidermidis S.A. Hassan, N. Ooi*, W. Rhys-Williams, W.G. Love, I. Chopra (Leeds, Brighton, UK)


The PavA-like fibronectin-binding protein of Enterococcus faecalis, EfbA, is important for virulence in a mouse model of ascending urinary tract infection R. Torelli, F. Bugli, F. Paroni Sterbini, A.R. Florio, A.R. Stringaro, M. Colone, E. De Carolis, C. Martini, M. Sanguinetti*, B. Posteraro (Rome, IT)


The autolysin LytA of Streptococcus pneumoniae and the toxin pneumolysin enhance pneumococcal invasive disease by a complement-dependent mechanism E. Ramos-Sevillano*, S. Campuzano, M. Moscoso, P. García, E. García, J. Yuste (Madrid, ES)


Characterisation of biofilm formation and extracellular polysaccharide production by Acinetobacter baumannii in response to environmental signals linked to initial host colonisation S. Marcandalli, E. Rossi, C. Peano, P. Landini* (Milan, IT)


Biofilm-formation ability and diversity of globally spread Escherichia coli ST131 isolates resistant: 1991–2010 Â. Novais, J. Pires, H. Herreira, L. Costa, C. Montenegro, C. Vuotto, T.M. Coque, G. Donelli, L. Peixe* (Porto, PT; Rome, IT; Madrid, ES)


Diversity and biofilm-production ability of widespread Escherichia coli phylogroup D lineages (ST69, ST393, ST405) Â. Novais, J. Pires, C. Montenegro, C. Vuotto, G. Donelli, T.M. Coque, L. Peixe* (Porto, PT; Rome, IT; Madrid, ES)


The fimbriae of enteroaggregative Escherichia coli induce epithelial inflammation in a human intestinal xenograft model E.J. Boll, C. Struve, A. Sander, Z. Demma, J.P. Nataro, B.A. McCormick, K.A. Krogfelt* (Copenhagen, DK; Worcester, Charlottesville, US)


Activity of macrolides, ketolides, and fluoroquinolones against S. pneumoniae in an in vitro pharmacodynamic model of biofilm N.M. Vandevelde*, J. Bauer, P.M. Tulkens, F. Van Bambeke (Brussels, BE)


Transplantation of neural stem- and precursorcells in hippocampal brain injury after experimental pneumococcal meningitis S. Hofer, S.L. Leib* (Berne, CH)


Virulence potential of commensal Escherichia coli isolates encoding colicins and microcins Z. Petkovšek, D. Zgur-Bertok, M. Starcic Erjavec* (Ljubljana, SI)


Adjuvant dexamethasone impedes hippocampal cell proliferation in experimental pneumococcal meningitis L. Bally, D. Grandgirard*, S.L. Leib (Berne, CH)



Streptococcus tigurinus sp. nov., a novel species responsible of invasive infections in humans, is highly virulent in a rat model of experimental endocarditis J.M. Entenza*, T.R. Veloso, M. Giddey, J. Vouillamoz, P. Moreillon, A. Zbinden (Lausanne, Zurich, CH)

Decreased resistance of the aged brain to infections: higher mortality and impaired elimination of bacteria in aged mice after intracerebral infection with E. coli K1 S. Schütze*, S. Ribes, A. Kaufmann, S. Bunkowski, W. Brück, R. Nau (Göttingen, DE)


The inherent role of Hfq for pathogenicity of several Escherichia coli pathotypes towards Caenorhabditis elegans M. Bojer*, H. Jakobsen, C. Struve, K. Krogfelt, A. Løbner-Olesen (Copenhagen, Roskilde, DK)


Role of immune pathways in Caenorhabditis elegans during Serratia marcescens infection K. Balamurugan*, P. Kesika (Karaikudi, IN)


Lipopolysaccharide O1 antigen contributes to the virulence in Klebsiella pneumoniae causing pyogenic liver abscess J.T. Wang*, T.L. Lin, F.L. Yang, M.C. Wu, S.H. Wu, P.F. Hsieh (Taipei, TW)

12:30 – 13:30 P2180

Pathogenesis of Gram-negative bacteria Real-time qRT-PCR evaluation of HeLa cells apoptosis induced by P. aeruginosa quorum-sensing molecules A. Cotar, M.C. Chifiriuc, A. Holban, C. Saviuc, C. Bleotu, V. Lazar* (Bucharest, RO)

176 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

Poster Sessions

Tuesday, 3 April

12:30 – 13:30

Effects of erythropoietin and mesenchymal stem cells combination in an experimental sepsis model in rats A. Averyanov*, A Konoplyannikov, F. Zabozlaev, D. Akulshin, O. Kuzovlev (Moscow, Obninsk, RU)

Diagnostic and prognostic value of procalcitonin and C-reactive protein: systematic review G. Dornikova* (Cavan, IE)


Nosocomial outbreak of Corynebacterium striatum infection in a surgical intensive care unit N. Yapar, Z. Gulay*, M. Bicmen, A. Cinar, U. Uysal, B. Nalca-Erdin, N. Cakir (Izmir, TR)


Procalcitonin levels as an inflammatory marker for rapid and appropriate choice of empirical antibiotic therapy K. Kontopoulou*, K. Tsepanis, B. Adamopoulos, K. Katsanoulas, E. Vasiliagkou, S. Georgiadou, D. Socratous, E. Antoniadou, K. Mandravelli (Thessaloniki, GR)




Interferon-gamma, interleukin (IL)-12 and IL-2 release in Coxiella burnetii stimulated whole blood for the diagnosis of chronic Q fever T. Schoffelen*, A. Ammerdorffer, L.A.B. Joosten, C.P. Bleeker-Rovers, H.J. Roest, M. Netea, J.W.M. van der Meer, M. van Deuren, T. Sprong (Nijmegen, Lelystad, NL) Comparison of human cytomegalovirus QuantiFERON and IFN-g ELISPOT: prediction, specificity and accuracy of the tests in anticipating symptomatic CMV viraemia in a cohort of kidney transplant recipients A. Saldan*, C. Mengoli, E.S. Pierobon, M. Peracchi, L. Fallico, L. Furian, C. Silvestre, M. Fiscon, R. Cusinato, L. Barzon, D. Sgarabotto, P. Rigotti, G. Palù, D. Abate (Padua, IT) Detection of T cell receptor Vbeta expansion allows the diagnosis of toxic shock syndromes from septic shocks O. Dauwalder*, C. Badiou, T. Ferry, D. Thomas, Y. Gillet, E. Javouhey, M. Bes, G. Monneret, J. Etienne, F. Vandenesch, G. Lina (Bron, Lyon, FR) Is hypophosphataemia associated with lymphopenia are predictive of Gram-negative Bacillus bacteraemia? B. Seront*, G. Derue, F. Meunier, J.P. Chami, O. Descamps (La Louvière, BE)

Clinical experience with antibiotics


Trimethoprim and ciprofloxacin resistance and prescribing in E. coli-associated urinary tract infection: a multilevel model A. Vellinga*, S. Tansey, K. Bennett, B. Hanahoe, A.W. Murphy, M. Cormican (Galway, Dublin, IE)


Antibiotic use in cystitis Z. Juhasz, M. Matuz*, R. Benko, Z. Biczók, E. Hajdu, G. Soos (Szeged, HU)


Emergence of carbapenem-non-susceptible extended-spectrum beta-lactamaseproducing Klebsiella pneumoniae isolate after meropenem therapy I. Matos*, A. Costa, L. Gonçalves, A. Godinho, F. Fernandes, O. Neto, A. Correia, A. Duarte (Lisbon, PT)


First cases of urinary tract infection cured by linezolid G. Beraud*, N. Venisse, M. Puyade, S. Delbes, C. Chagneau-Derrode, F. Roblot (Poitiers, FR)


Impact of empirical ceftriaxone on acute pyelonephritis caused by ESBL-producing Escherichia coli S. Lee*, S.W. Han, G.W. Kim, D.Y. Song, K.T. Kwon (Daegu, KR)


Temocillin for treatment of urinary tract Infections due to extended-spectrum betalactamase producing coliforms H. Habayeb* (Chertsey, UK)


Wound dehiscence and infection after amputation: risk factors and associations with peri-operative antibiotic administration A. Moldovan*, W. Belaieff, M. Assal, A. Lacraz, I. Uckay (Brasov, RO; Geneva, CH)


Antibiotic therapy for intra-abdominal infections: reported success rates for commonly proposed regimens M. Depreeuw, Y. Van Nieuwenhove, J. De Waele* (Ghent, BE)


Impact of a multidisciplinary approach to the antibiotic management of inpatients with diabetic foot infections V. Chikthimmah, R. Pickin, R. Cooke, P. Lal*, S. Benbow (Liverpool, UK)


Oral levofloxacine at standard dosage for treatment of bone and joint infections is efficacious and safe. A cohort study N. Asseray*, C. Bourigault, L. Happi, D. Navas, D. Boutoille, S. Touchais, P. Bemer (Nantes, FR)

Biomarkers of inflammation



12:30 – 13:30

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 177



Poster Sessions

Tuesday, 3 April P2209

The clinical impact of empirical antimicrobial therapy on outcomes in patients with nonfermentative Gram-negative bacteraemia J. Park*, J. Chung, S. Choi (Seoul, KR)


Clinical safety of moxifloxacin: an analysis of “Valid for Safety” data from controlled phase II to phase IV studies performed between 1996 and 2010 P. Tulkens*, P. Arvis, F. Kruesmann (Brussels, BE; Loos, FR; Wuppertal, DE)



Outcome of initial piperacillin-tazobactam treatment for bloodstream infections caused by extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (ESBL)-producing E. coli and K. pneumoniae J.S. Son*, J.-H. Song, S.-Y. Moon, C.-I. Kang, D.R. Chung, K.R. Peck on behalf of the Korean Network for Study of Infectious Diseases (KONSID) Prospective evaluation of fosfomycin in intensive care unit patients D.N. Lathyris, P. Tasioudis*, S. Kexagias, D. Mathaiou, K. Kontopoulou, K. MandraveliHatzikosta, E. Antoniadou (Thessaloniki, GR)


Skin and soft tissue infection in a university teaching hospital: appropriateness of initial antibiotic choice and compliance with antimicrobial prescribing guidelines M. Tierney*, A. O'Reilly, C. Fleming (Galway, IE)


Underdosed colistin prescription in patients with multi-resistant Gram-negative bloodstream infections D. Ripamonti*, G. Masini, E. Bombana, A. Grigis, A. Raglio, M. Rizzi (Bergamo, IT)


Worldwide colistin and polymixin usage, the “last” Gram-negative antibiotics: results from an online global survey H. Wertheim* (Hanoi, VN)


Evaluation of risk factors for nephrotoxicity due to colistin use B. Ozturk*, F. Temocin, C. Bulut, F.S. Erdinc, N. Tulek, G. Tuncer Ertem (Ankara, TR)



The risk factor analysis of breakthrough bacteraemia developed during tigecycline therapy Y. Jun*, M. Song, H. Cho, H. Choi (Seoul, KR) Prediction of residual disease using F18 FDG PET/CT in patients with staphylococcal implant-associated spine infection requiring long-term suppressive therapy T. Baudry, F. Valour, I. Morelec, T. Perpoint, C. Barrey, D. Peyramond, C. Chidiac, T. Ferry* and the Lyon BJI Study Group

178 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme


Switching to an oral antibiotic regimen after 2 weeks is safe for treatment of spinal osteomyelitis without endocarditis B. Babouee*, L. Elzi, M. Kolbe, M. Battegay (Basel, CH)


Evaluation of safety and efficacy of daptomycin therapy in elderly: results from a patient registry in Europe A. Gonzalez-Ruiz*, U. Trostmann, P. GargalianosKakolyris, J. Sarma, K. Malizos, M. Heep, Y. Yin, R. Chaves (Dartford, UK; Basel, CH; Athens, GR; North Shields, UK; Larissa, GR; East Hanover, US)


Daptopmycin, elevated creatine phosphokinase and rhabdomyolysis – is there a co-relation? Clinical experience from the UK EU-CORESM registry, 2006–2011 (RP 1-4) A. Guleri*, N. Waddington, R Sharma, M. Purohit, V. Srivastava, A. Ibrahim, A. Jones on behalf of the UK EU-CORE™ group


Observational, retrospective study to evaluate nephrotoxicity of daptomycin and vancomycin in the treatment of Grampositive infections J. Barberán*, J. Mensa, A. Artero, F. Epelde, J.C. Rodriguez, J. Ruiz-Morales, J. L. Calleja, J.M. Guerra, S. Gil-Parrado (Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Sabadell, Pontevedra, Málaga, León, ES)


Daptomycin MIC increase among patients with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus persistent bacteraemia treated with daptomycin. Prospective study in 22 Spanish hospitals O. Gasch*, M. Camoez, M.A. Domínguez, B. Padilla, V. Pintado, B. Almirante, C. Martín, F. López-Medrano, E. Ruiz, J.R. Blanco, G. García-Pardo, E. Calbo, J.P. Horcajada, A. Granados, A. Jover, C. Dueñas, M. Pujol on behalf of the MRSA study groups REIPI/GEIH


The impact of a computerised, integrated antibiotic-authorisation-system in a medium-sized hospital I. Potasman*, G. Naftali, M. Grupper (Haifa, IL)


Outpatient parenteral antimicrobial therapy for intra- and extra-cranial central nervous system infections C. Davies*, S. Daly, P.R. Chadwick, C.P.K. Subudhi (Salford, UK)


10-year trends in a large outpatient parenteral antimicrobial therapy cohort based in western Scotland: retrospective observational findings D.A. Barr*, R.A. Seaton, L. Semple (Glasgow, UK)

Poster Sessions

12:30 – 13:30 P2227


P2236 Clostridium difficile infection associated with primary and/or community settings in Northern Ireland: prevalence, ribotypes and risk factors G. Smyth*, L. Geoghegan, H. Crookshanks, A. O'Hara, L. Patterson (Belfast, UK)

Molecular epidemiology and resistance of Clostridium difficile in a tertiary care hospital in Spain E. Riera, I. Weber*, C. Déniz, J. Pérez, A. Oliver, A. Mena (Palma de Mallorca, ES)


Outbreak of Clostridium difficile ribotype 027 in a hospital and a nursing home, Deventer, the Netherlands W.C. van der Zwet*, I. Wolf, P.W.M. Bergervoet, F.W. Sebens, D.W. Notermans, E.J. Kuijper (Deventer, Bilthoven, Leiden, NL)

Persistence of toxigenic Clostridium difficile in the gut microflora of healthy Swedish infants I. Adlerberth, H. Huang, E. Lindberg, N. Åberg, B. Hesselmar, R. Saalman, C.E. Nord, A.E. Wold, A. Weintraub* (Gothenburg, Huddinge, SE)


Asymptomatic carriers of Clostridium difficile in a Serbian population P. Stojanovic* (Nis, RS)


Clostridium difficile prevalence, toxino-type and antibiotic sensitivity in a cohort of patients with inflammatory bowel disease in Northeastern Italy M. Martinato, A. Grillo, G. Schierato, R. D'Incà, M. Scarpa, P. Brun, R. Caccaro, G.C. Sturniolo, I. Castagliuolo* (Padua, IT)


The 027/ST1 strains have greatest impact on white blood count and C-reactive protein during Clostridium difficile infection A.S. Walker*, T. Peto, D. Wyllie, D. Eyre, B. Shine, S. Oakley, L. O'Connor, D. Griffiths, A. Vaughan, J. Finney, K. Dingle, M. Wilcox, D. Crook (Oxford, Leeds, UK)


Clostridium difficile infection in the community – a cause for concern? S. Murchan, K. Burns, F. Fitzpatrick* (Dublin, IE)


Hypervirulent Clostridium difficile PCRribotype 027 subverts human intestinal epithelial cell response G. Fedele*, F. Barbanti, A. Quattrini, M. Bianco, P. Spigaglia, P. Mastrantonio, C. M. Ausiello (Rome, IT)


Recombinational switching and glycosylation of the Clostridium difficile S-layer revealed by whole genome sequencing K.E. Dingle, X. Didelot, M.A. Ansari, D.W. Eyre*, A. Vaughan, D. Griffiths, W.N. Fawley, A.S. Walker, T.E.A. Peto, M.H. Wilcox, D.W. Crook (Oxford, Leeds, UK)


Curtains as a source of C. difficile: the importance of sampling methods E.L. Best*, C.E. Bosomworth, F. Pinker, P. Parnell, M.H. Wilcox (Leeds, UK)


Clinical significance of antigen-positive/ toxin-negative results for Clostridium difficile A. Ravindran*, L. Ragunathan, M.M. Raza (Milton Keynes, UK)

Clostridium difficile


First case of autochthonous Clostridium difficile PCR ribotype 027 detected in Spain M. Marín*, A. Martín, A. Alcolea, L. Alcalá, C. Iglesias, E. Cercenado, T. Peláez, E. Bouza (Madrid, ES)


Are different ribotypes of Clostridium difficile present simultaneously in a patient with a Clostridium difficile infection? M. Lewandowski, M.U. Rashid, C.E. Nord, A. Weintraub* (Huddinge, SE)






Characterisation of Clostridium difficile 018: an epidemic PCR-ribotype recently emerged in Italy P. Spigaglia*, F. Barbanti, P. Mastrantonio (Rome, IT) Description of notifications of severe cases of Clostridium difficile associated diarrhoea in North Rhine-Westphalia A. Jurke*, M. Lunemann, A.W. Friedrich, I. Daniels-Haardt (Munster, DE; Groningen, NL) High prevalence of Clostridium difficile colonisation among nursing home residents in Hesse, Germany: comparison with the population outside healthcare facilities M. Arvand*, G. Bettge-Weller, M.P.M. Hensgens, E.J. Kuijper (Dillenburg, DE; Leiden, NL) Incidence, outcome and ribo-typing of culture positive Clostridium difficile infection in a tertiary hospital in Norway from 2002 to 2010 A. Fostervold*, A. Ingebretsen, J.V. Bjørnholt (Lørenskog, Oslo, NO) Clinical and molecular epidemiology of Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhoea at a university medical centre, Ljubljana, Slovenia A. Grahor, M Gorenc, M. Rupnik, A. Andlovic, T. Lejko Zupanc* (Ljubljana, Maribor, SI)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme



Tuesday, 3 April

Poster Sessions

Tuesday, 3 April P2246

The unintended consequences of Clostridium difficile reduction programmes M. Heginbothom* (Cardiff, UK)


An antimicrobial stewardship economic analysis of Clostridium difficile infections D. Goff*, J. West, K. Bauer, J. Mangino (Columbus, US)


Comparison of vancomycin and metronidazole for the treatment of Clostridium difficile associated disease M. Lupse*, M. Flonta, C. Itu, I. Filipescu, H. Kast, C. Jianu, N. Todor (Cluj-Napoca, RO)


Cadazolid and fidaxomicin are active against strains isolated from primary and recurrent Clostridium difficile infections A. Weintraub, C. Jorup-Rönström, S. Sandell, K. Ellström, M. Rashid*, Y. Chen, C.E. Nord (Huddinge, Stockholm, SE)






Enteric microbiome profiles during a phase 2 clinical trial of CB-183,315 or vancomycin for treatment of Clostridium difficile infection K. Cannon, B. Byrne, J. Happe, T. Louie* (Calgary, CA) Risk factors for CDI recurrence: comparison of CB-183,315 and oral vancomycin S. Rege*, H. Patino, P. Bernardo, C. Lee, K. Mullane, S. Vetticaden, I. Friedland (Lexington, US; Hamilton, CA; Chicago, US) Narrow spectrum penicillins and exposure to beef as risk factors for C. difficile infection in community. A case-control study among patients attending general practice in Denmark L.M. Søes*, H.M. Holt, S. Ethelberg, K. Mølbak, B. Böttiger, H.V. Nielsen, V. Andreasen, M. Kemp, K.E.P. Olsen (Copenhagen, Odense, Roskilde, DK) Efficacy of LFF571, a novel semi-synthetic thiopeptide, in a hamster model of C. difficile infection J. Blais*, A. Trzasko, S. Pettiford, M. Osborn, K. Kelley, A. Jain, J. Praestgaard, M. LaMarche, J. Leeds, D. Mckenney (Emeryville, Cambridge, US) Epidemiological investigation of Clostridium difficile infection mandatory surveillance reports in patients with established renal failure in England R. Guy*, J.K. Abernethy, J. Davies, M.C. Muzyamba, E. Sheridan, R. Hope (London, UK)

180 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

12:30 – 13:30

Clostridium difficile – diagnosis, pathogenesis and epidemiology


Diagnosis of Clostridium difficile infection – getting any easier? G. Morgan, S. Hasnie, D.J. Brown, J.E. Coia* (Glasgow, UK)


Evaluation of the analytical sensitivity (limit of detection) of the BD MAX™ Cdiff assay, a new fully automated molecular assay N. Paquette*, C. Lehouillier, C. Roger-Dalbert (Quebec, CA)


Evaluation of potential inhibitory effects of biological and chemical materials on the BD MAX™ Cdiff assay, a new fully automated molecular assay N. Paquette*, S. Matte, R. Therrien, C. Roger-Dalbert (Quebec, CA)


Evaluation of the analytical reactivity (inclusivity) and analytical specificity (cross-reactivity) of the BD MAX™ Cdiff assay a new fully automated molecular assay N. Paquette*, I. Paradis, C. Lehouillier, R. Therrien, C. Roger-Dalbert (Quebec, CA)


Evaluation of a loop-mediated isothermal amplification technique for detection of toxigenic Clostridium difficile strains in diarrhoeal stools J. Van Broeck*, M. Delmée (Brussels, BE)


Evaluation of CHROMagar™ C.difficile (CHROMagar), a new chromogenic medium for rapid detection and direct identification (24 hours) of Clostridium difficile in comparison to CLO medium (bioMérieux) and Xpert C.difficile PCR test (Cepheid) P. Laudat*, M. Deniau, A. Conche, C. Jouannet (Tours, FR)


Evaluation of two real-time PCR, two antigen tests and culture for the detection of toxigenic Clostridium difficile R. Lienhard*, D. Rubeli, M.-L. Tritten, H.H. Siegrist (La Chaux-de-Fonds, CH)


Utility of Copan SL-solution for liquefaction of mucus in stool samples for molecular detection of Clostridium difficile toxin gene S. Castriciano*, L. Monkman, C. Lee (Hamilton, CA)


Detection of Clostridium difficile in stool by the search for glutamate dehydrogenase, evaluation of a new immunoassay test unit V. Lalande*, L. Surgers, A. Thiriez, N. Ait Amar, A. Aifaoui, E. Grandsire, C. Eckert, F. Barbut (Paris, FR)

Poster Sessions




Evaluation of a new rapid and simple enzyme immunoassay for detection of Clostridium difficile common antigen, glutamate dehydrogenase, in stool K. Camps, P. Bruynseels, B. Gordts, I. Langers, A. Mertens, R. Van den Bossche, M. Van de Vyvere, N. Van Gasse, W. Verstrepen, H. Nailis* (Antwerp, BE) Detection of toxigenic Clostridium difficile: comparison of the cell culture neutralisation, Xpert® C. difficile, Xpert C. difficile /Epi and the IllumigeneTM C. difficile assays P. Pancholi*, C. Kelly, M. Raczkowski, J.M. Balada-Llasat (Columbus, US) Comparison of VIDAS® GDH automated immunoassay with Cepheid GeneXpert® C. difficile PCR assay and an in-house PCR assay for GluD, for the detection of C. difficile in faecal samples K.A. Davies*, C.E. Bosomworth, A. Carricajo, T. Adam, M.H. Wilcox (Leeds, UK; St Etienne, FR; Berlin, DE)


One-year of loop-mediated isothermal amplification and toxigenic culture for Clostridium difficile diagnosis T. Norén*, J. Andersson, M. Unemo (Örebro, SE)


A CE-marked DNA molecular assay on the Abbott m2000 for the detection of toxigenic and hypervirulent strains of C. difficile H. Reiske*, C. Leslin, R. Kowal, A. Jacobs, R. Del Mastro (Cambridge, Des Plaines, US)


Development of a simple novel sample preparation for the rapid detection of Clostridium difficile in stool with LAMP-BART C. McElgunn, C. Pereira*, J. Smythe, L. Tisi (Ely, UK)


Evaluation of RIDA®GENE Clostridium difficile and Toxin A/B (R-Biopharm) real-time PCR for diagnosing Clostridium difficile infections C. Eckert*, A. Lemire, C. Rambaud, V. Lalande, F. Barbut (Paris, FR)


Evaluation of real-time PCR in a two-step diagnostic algorithm for diagnosis of C. difficile-associated diarrhoea J. Lee*, J. Cho (Iksan, KR)


Diagnosis of Clostridium difficile: real-time PCR detection of toxin genes in faecal samples is more sensitive compared to toxigenic culture M.B.F. Jensen*, X.C. Nielsen, M. Hoegh, K.E.P. Olsen, T. Atlung, J. Engberg (Slagelse, Hvidovre, Copenhagen, Roskilde, DK)


Evaluation of the DNA amplification assay Illumigene^TM system for the diagnosis of Clostridium difficile infection A. Calderaro*, M. Buttrini, M. Martinelli, C. Gorrini, S. Montecchini, S. Covan, C. Chezzi (Parma, IT)


Impact on patient length of stay and costeffectiveness of rapid molecular testing for Clostridium difficile B. Sewell, E. Rees, I. Thomas, C. Ch’ng, M. Isaac, N. Berry* (Swansea, UK)


Comparison of Illumigene® C. difficile and Geneohm™ Cdiff assays on glutamate dehydrogenase positive faecal samples K. Carson*, A. Asseri, B. MacKenzie, T. Riley (Nedlands, AU)


An alternative protocol for toxigenic Clostridium difficile detection: cheap, sensitive, labour friendly and timely enough? J. Van Acker*, A.-M. Van den Abeele (Ghent, BE)


Evaluation of the GenoType® CDiff for detection of Clostridium difficile -DNA and the multiplexed identification of toxins and different ribotypes from stool specimens M. Weizenegger*, U. Eigner, M. Holfelder (Heidelberg, DE)


Improved C. difficile detection in a community hospital in Israel by implementing glutamate dehydrogenase and molecular technologybased algorithm O. Schwartz Harari*, E. Lerner, Y. Kazmin, T. Gottesman (Holon, IL)


Impact of a rapid diagnosis on the management of patients suspected of Clostridium difficile infection F. Barbut*, C. Eckert, B. Visseaux, M. Cuingnet, C. Mesquita, N. Pradier, L. Surgers, A. Thiriez, N. Aït-Ammar, A. Aifaoui, E. Grandsire, V. Lalande (Paris, FR)


Molecular characterisation of Clostridium difficile toxin genes of Bulgarian strains R. Vatcheva-Dobrevska*, E. Dobreva, I. Ivanov, K. Ivanova, M. Marina, P. Petrov, T. Kantardjiev, E. Kuijper (Sofia, BG; Leiden, NL)


Hospital-endemic Clostridium difficile strains are one of the multidrug-resistant organisms in our hospital J. Kang*, H. Pai, J. Kim, J. Hwang, T. Choi (Guri, Seoul, KR)


Clostridium difficile: antimicrobial resistance depending on binary toxin production M.A. Orellana*, P. Brañas, A. Palacio, S. Gómez, J. Rodriguez-Otero, F. Chaves (Madrid, ES)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 181


Tuesday, 3 April

Poster Sessions

Tuesday, 3 April P2283



Susceptibility of Clostridium difficile from the UK to alternative agents H. Hughes*, M. Wootton, V. Hall, V.E. Daniel, R.A. Howe (Cardiff, UK) The role of human intestinal microbiota in the development of Clostridium difficileassociated infection E. Goldberg*, U. Gofna, M. Zafran, I. Amir, Z. Samra, J. Bishara (Petah-Tiqva, Tel Aviv, IL) High frequency of partial tcdC deletion in Clostridium difficile isolated in Sao Paulo J.M. Camargo, J.P. Takahashi, M.E.B. Lemo, M.C. Alencar, C.R. Hayashi, S.C.F. Sampaio, J.L.M. Sampaio* (Sao Paulo, BR)

12:30 – 13:30

Clostridium difficile – diagnostics and therapy


Enhancing laboratory capacity for Clostridium difficile detection in Europe D.W. Notermans*, A. Virolainen, E. Nagy, P. Mastrantonio, K. Ivanova, F. Fitzpatrick, F. Barbut, V. Hall, A. Kola, C. Suetens, M. Wilcox, E.J. Kuijper for the ECDIS-net participants

12:30 – 13:30



The influence of inflammation on liver stiffness – a study in acute hepatitis G.S. Gherlan*, S. Lazar, C. Oprea, C. Popescu, V. Melinte, C. Apostol, A.S. Florescu, P.I. Calistru, E. Ceausu (Bucharest, RO)


Occult hepatitis B among healthy blood donors M. Vaezjalali*, B. Hajibeigi, H. Rezaie, A. Shahi, M. Zadsar, S. Aghamohamad, M. Noori, R. Karimiravesh, P. Ashrafian (Tehran, IR)


Public awareness of familial transmission of hepatitis B in Turkey B. Dede, A. Kadanali*, G. Karagoz, M. Bektasoglu, F. Adatepe (Istanbul, TR)


A sero-epidemiological study on hepatitis B virus infection among pregnant women in Beijing Z.Y. Li*, Z.R. Feng, C.L. Yan (Beijing, CN)


Different genotype on codon 173 of HBV polymerase gene A. Ozbek*, M. Ozkulekci (Erzurum, TR)


Predictors for treatment failure with fidaxomicin and vancomycin in Clostridium difficile infection T. Louie*, Y. Golan, K. Mullane, M. Miller, D. Crook, A. Lentnek, Y. Kean, S. Gorbach (Calgary, CA; Boston, Chicago, US; Montreal, CA; Oxford, UK; Marietta, San Diego, US)


Cytokine response of peripheral blood lymphocytes from patients with persistent HBV DNA despite seroconversion to anti-HBs antibodies H. Gregorek, A. Zapasnik, M. Woynarowski, B. Kasztelewicz, K. Dzierzanowska-Fangrat* (Warsaw, PL)


Recurrences of Clostridium difficile infections in Stockholm – relapse or re-infection? R. Rezaei, Y. Chen, M.U. Rashid*, C.E. Nord, A. Weintraub (Huddinge, SE)



Clinical outcomes for cancer patients with Clostridium difficile infection O.A. Cornely*, M. Miller, B. Fantin, K. Mullane, Y. Kean, S. Gorbach (Cologne, DE; Montreal, CA; Clichy, FR; Chicago, San Diego, US)

Improved HBV HBsAg mutant detection with ADVIA Centaur® A. Avellon*, M.C. Garcia-Galera, L. Morago, P. Tajada, M.C. Garcia-Arevalo, J.M. Echevarria (Madrid, Segovia, ES)


Prevalence of human immunodeficiency virus, hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C virus among prison inmates, western Libya O. Elahmer, A. Zorgani, A. Abudher, H. Ziglam* (Tripoli, LY)


Assessment of new LIAISON®XL immunoassays for the detection of HBsAg, anti-HCV and HIV Ab/Ag markers in human serum and plasma M. Delforge*, C. Mukuku Sifa, A. Cardentey Reyes (Brussels, BE)


Development and validation of a quantitative hepatitis B surface antigen assay for the Advia Centaur® XP S. Gouma*, A.M. van Loon, G.J. Boland (Utrecht, NL)


IL28B genotype study in a cohort of patients infected with hepatitis C virus genotype 1 A. Garcia*, F. Tellez (Cadiz, ES)


Development of resistance in C.difficile with fidaxomicin, vancomycin, and rifaximin F. Babakhani*, N. Robert, J. Seddon, A. Gomez, P. Sears (San Diego, US)

182 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

Poster Sessions

Tuesday, 3 April P2302

Comparative study of virological and clinicopathological features of anti-hepatitis C virus – reactive Egyptian patients with normal and elevated liver enzymes A. Amer*, A. Abd El Moety, I. Emam (Alexandria, EG)


Genotypic, drug resistance and phylogenetic analysis of reverse transcriptase gene of hepatitis B virus from patients concurrent for HBsAg and anti-HBs tests in China D.D. Li*, H.X. Ning, C.M. Tao, X.H. Bi, T.T. Wang, X.D. Yan (Chengdu, CN)


Comparison of a newly developed automated and quantitative hepatitis C virus core antigen test with the hepatitis C virus RNA assay for the clinical usefulness of confirming antihepatitis C virus results R. Kesli*, H. Polat, Y. Terzi, M.G. Kurtoglu, Y. Uyar (Konya, Samsun, Ankara, TR)


Performance evaluation of VIDAS® Anti-HCV, a new automated immunoassay test for the qualitative detection of antibodies anti-HCV in human serum and plasma samples B. Seigneres*, N. Ripoll, L. Mercier, F. Forge, C. Pretis, V. Baron-Wunderle, J.M. Dugua (Marcy-l'Etoile, FR)


HCV antigen testing in a busy diagnostic laboratory S.J. Shepherd*, C. Aitken, M. Walkowicz, J. McOwan, S.O. Cameron, W.F. Carman (Glasgow, UK)


Evaluation of Liaison® XL Murex HCV AB assay under routine laboratory conditions J.C. Alados*, J.L. De Francisco, C. De Miguel, M.D. Lopez-Prieto (Jerez de la Frontera, ES)



Efficacy of early diagnosis and treatment of patients with acute hepatitis C with interferon-alpha 2b monotherapy O.V. Korochkina, M.V. Shkarina, G. Kughan* (Nizhny Novgorod, RU)


Outcome of interferon-based therapy on fibrosis stage at patients with chronic hepatitis C genotype 1b depending on IL28b genetic variants D. Telehin*, V. Kozko, A. Bondar, G. Dubins'ka (Lviv, Kharkiv, Poltava, UA)

Source of outbreak of nosocomial hepatitis C virus infection resolved by genetic analysis of HCV RNA from a four-month exhumed body O.E. Varnier*, J. McDemott, C.G. Giacomazzi, E. Boeri, I.I. Martini, A. Gianelli Castiglione, P. Menegazzi, L. Tagliaferro, C. Boldrin, S. Parisi, G. Palù (Genoa, Milan, Lecce, Padua, IT)




Changing HCV seroepidemiology and low vaccination-induced protection rates against hepatitis A and B among active injecting drug users in Athens, Greece: a 10-year retrospective study of the Greek Organisation Against Drugs (OKANA) I. Elefsiniotis*, M. Sheka, S. Patrinos, E. Argyropoulos, T. Papadopoulos, A. Drimousi, G. Saroglou (Athens, GR) Role of the CD4+ count monitoring during pegylated interferon therapy in chronic HCV infected patients C. Popescu, V. Arama*, A. Hristea, V. Molagic, D. Munteanu, R. Mihailescu, I. Olaru, M. Radulescu, R. Moroti, R. Nastase, I. Niculescu, S. Gliga, G.A. Popescu (Bucharest, RO) Has the prevalence of hepatitis E infection changed among pregnant women in Spain? A.M. Sánchez Díaz*, M. Diez-Aguilar, I. Merino Velasco, M.A. Bordallo, M.L. Mateos Lindemann (Madrid, ES)

Improving the detection of beta-lactamases


Evaluation of laboratory methods used for detecting carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae from surveillance specimens B.M. Willey*, T. Fung, M. Larocque, C. Hum, N. Prayitno, A. Tsang, D.A. Boyd, L. Mataseje, A. Mazzulli, T. Prochnow, P. Lo, M. Mulvey, A.J. McGeer, D.E. Low, S.M. Poutanen (Toronto, Winnipeg, CA)


Strategy of detection of carbapenemaseproducing Enterobacteriaceae D. Girlich, L. Poirel, P. Nordmann* (Le Kremlin Bicêtre, FR)


Evaluation of various culture media and procedures recommended for isolation of Enterobacteriaceae that produce NDM-1 carbapenemase K.M. Wilkinson, A. Armes, M. Raza, J.D. Perry* (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK)


How to improve detection of ESBL in ICU patients? P. Grohs, F. Bellenfant, I. Podglajen, B. Tillecovindin, N. Day, G. Kac, G. Meyer, G. Chatellier, J.-Y. Fagon, L. Gutmann, E. Guerot, E. Carbonnelle* (Paris, FR)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 183


12:30 – 13:30

Poster Sessions

Tuesday, 3 April P2318

12:30 – 13:30 P2319







Broth microdilution test to detect KPCs and metallo-beta-lactamases in clinical isolates of Gram-negative bacilli by use of betalactamase inhibitors W. Song*, S.H. Jeong, S.G. Hong, J.S. Kim, H.S. Kim, D.H. Shin (Seoul, Sungnam, KR)


Accurate, fast and affordable: performance of MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry for identification of uropathogens P. Lagacé-Wiens*, H. Adam, J. Karlowsky, A. Webb, C. Miller, J. Guenther, P. Pang, K. Nichol, M. Alfa (Winnipeg, CA)


The performance of laboratory methods for the identification of clinical Enterococcus isolates H. Fang*, A. Ohlsson, M. Ullberg, V. Özenci (Stockholm, SE)


Value of matrix-assisted laser desorption ionisation-time of flight (MALDI-TOF) for routine identification of Viridans group streptococci causing bloodstream infections P. López Roa*, C. Sánchez Carrillo, M. Marín, F. Romero, E. Cercenado, E. Bouza on behalf of the CIBER de Enfermedades Respiratorias (CIBERES), Spain


MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry analysis of Gram-positive, catalase-negative cocci not belonging to the Streptococcus or Enterococcus genera and benefits of database extension J.J. Christensen, R. Dargis*, M. Hammer, U.S. Justesen, X.C. Nielsen, M. Kemp (Slagelse, Copenhagen, Odense, DK)


Clinical evaluation of Bruker Microflex MS versus bioMerieux Vitek MS, two MALDI-TOF methods, for the identification of clinically significant pathogens V. Rotimi*, R. Saleem, W. Jamal, A. Pazhoor, Z. Khan, M. Albert (Safat, Jabriya, KW)


Application of MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry for rapid pathogen identification in an era of ‘One Medicine-One Health’ microbiology T. Fritsche*, B. Olson, C. Pike, M. Stemper, F. Moore, J. Meece, S. Shukla, T. Novicki (Marshfield, US)


Evaluation of the Vitek MS® MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry system in a routine clinical laboratory N.P. Reading*, A. Dadrah, A. Symonds, H.M. Kilgariff (Birmingham, UK)


Comparison of costs of microbial identification with and without MALDI-TOF G. Prod'hom*, S. Heiniger, C. Durussel, G. Greub (Lausanne, CH)


MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry for routine identification of Burkholderia species? V. Cocquerelle*, J.C. Gagnard, C. Segonds, F. Jehl, B. Jaulhac, P. Riegel (Strasbourg, Toulouse, FR)

MALDI-TOF in the bacteriology lab Use of MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry for analysis of virus-infected cells: a preliminary report A. Calderaro*, M.C. Arcangeletti, F. Motta, C. Gorrini, C. Chezzi (Parma, IT) The effectiveness of MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry for screening bacteriuria compared with an automated-flow cytometry G.T. Sukhikh, V.M. Govorun, A.S. Ankirskaya, T.V. Priputnevich*, L.A. Lyubasovskaya, M.G. Zavyalova, V.V. Muravieva, E.N. Ilina (Moscow, RU) Evaluation of the Bruker SepsiTyper kit and Bruker MALDI-TOF BioTyper for the direct identification of organisms from positive blood cultures P. Lagacé-Wiens*, H. Adam, J. Karlowsky, K. Nichol, A. Webb, C. Miller, J. Guenther, P. Pang, M. Alfa (Winnipeg, CA) Direct identification of microorganisms in positive blood cultures using MALDI-TOF MS: consequences for advice on antibiotic therapy C. Hodiamont*, T. Gouliouris, W. Rozemeijer, K.E. Veldkamp, P. Wever, C. Visser (Amsterdam, NL; Cambridge, UK; 's-Hertogenbosch, Leiden, NL) Rapid and accurate identification of Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter coli isolates using the Vitek MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry system N.P. Reading*, H.M. Kilgariff (Birmingham, UK) Identification of rapidly growing mycobacteria by matrix-assisted laser desorption ionisation time-of-flight mass spectometry A. Iranzo Tatay, A. Gil-Brusola*, J. Frasquet, J. Cordoba, J. Molina, J. López Hontangas (Valencia, ES) Systematic evaluation of factors influencing routine clinical identification of Gram-negative enteric bacteria by the Bruker MALDI-TOF MS Biotyper system B. Ford*, C. Burnham (St. Louis, US)

184 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

Poster Sessions


Excellent identification of biochemically inactive non-fermentative bacteria by MALDI-TOF MS S.Q van Veen*, P.A. Dofferhoff, F. Reubsaet, E.J. Kuijper, R.W. Brimicombe (Leiden, Bilthoven, The Hague, NL)


Performance of MALDI-TOF MS for routine identification of non-fermenting Gramnegative isolates from cystic fibrosis patients G. Ricciotti, C. Concato, S. Chiavelli, M. Rossitto, F. Del Chierico, L. Putignani, E. Fiscarelli* (Rome, IT)


Identification of fastidious respiratory pathogens by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry M.L. Serrano, M.D. Perez, C. Gomez, A. Lara, Y. Hoyos, E. Martin, C. Miranda, (Granada, ES)


Correct identification of Haemophilus influenzae and Haemophilus haemolyticus by matrixassisted laser desorption ionisation-time of flight (MALDI-TOF) mass spectrometry J.P. Bruin, M. Kostrzewa, P. Badoux, R. Jansen, S.A. Boers, B.M.W. Diederen* (Haarlem, NL; Bremen, DE)



Identification of blood and wound isolates of Capnocytophaga canimorsus and C. cynodegmi with MALDI-TOF S. Zangenah*, S. Boräng, V. Özenci, P. Bergman (Stockholm, SE) Identification and differentiation of Brucella spp. by whole-cell matrix-assisted laser desorption ionisation-time of flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF MS) F. Melzer, A. Karger, M. Timke, B. Bettin, M. Kostrzewa*, H. Tomaso, M. Elschner, H. Neubauer, K. Nöckler, S. Al Dahouk (Jena, Greifswald - Insel Riems, Bremen, Berlin, DE)


Use of the MALDI-TOF method for the identification of bacterial zoonotic agents J. Bardon*, M. Kolár, V. Husicková, V. Hanulík (Olomouc, CZ)


Comparison of two MALDI-TOF systems for the identification of anaerobic bacteria S. Jeverica*, U. Dolinar (Ljubljana, SI)


Evaluation of MALDI-TOF MS Biotyper for anaerobic bacteria identification from paediatric clinical samples L. Mancinelli*, L. Coltella, C. Russo, B. Lucignano, M. Onori, D. Menichella (Rome, IT)


Identification of anaerobes in a routine setting: performance and pitfalls of matrixassisted laser desorption/ionisation time-of-flight mass spectrometry as compared to conventional techniques M. Knoester*, S.Q. van Veen, E.J. Kuijper (Leiden, NL)


The value of MALDI-TOF MS in the identification of clinically relevant anaerobic bacteria E. Nagy*, S. Backer, M. Kostrzewa, E. Urban (Szeged, HU; Bremen, DE)


Clinical testing of bacteria and yeast from paediatric patients by using MALDI-TOF/Vitek MS system V. Kasinathan, X. Zheng, A. Fothergill, D. Carter, Y. Wang* (Atlanta, Chicago, US)


Identification of bacteria and yeasts with the MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer Vitek® MS M. Abele-Horn*, G. Valenza, B. Stirzel, A. Hansen, A. Oesterlein, C. Schoen (Würzburg, DE)


Performance of MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry in comparison with classical diagnostic methods for the identification of yeast species at a mycology reference laboratory R.H. Jensen*, M.C. Arendrup (Copenhagen, DK)


The use of MALDI-TOF MS in identification of Candida albicans M. Mahelova*, F. Ruzicka, V. Hola (Brno, CZ)


Identification of Candida sp. using conventional and biochemical and mass spectrometry methods E. Stefaniuk*, A. Baraniak, M. Fortuna, W. Hryniewicz (Warsaw, PL)


Rapid identification of Candida species by MALDI-TOF technology B. Nonnemann*, S.H. Hartzen, M. Tvede, T. Bjarnsholt (Esbjerg, Copenhagen, DK)


Evaluation of species-specific threshold values of various staphylococci species using Biotyper-based identification C. Richter, M. Kaase, S. Gatermann, F. Szabados* (Bochum, DE)


Identification of Pasteurellaceae by matrixassisted laser desorption ionisation-time of flight mass spectrometry S. Zimmermann*, E. Gillmann, R. Mutters, I. Burckhardt (Heidelberg, Marburg, DE)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 185


Tuesday, 3 April

Poster Sessions

Tuesday, 3 April P2354

Developing a mass spectrometry-based system for bacterial identification and virulence characterisation of human pathogens M. Fang, N. Ahmod, T. Gaulton*, R. Misra, S. Gharbia, A. Ball, H. Shah (London, Hampshire, UK)


Lack of Staphylococcus aureus delta-toxin production as detected by whole cell MALDITOF MS in routine practice is associated with chronicity of infection J. Gagnaire, O. Dauwalder, S. Boisset, D. Khau, A.M. Freydiere, M. Bes, G. Lina, M.E. Reverdy, A. Marchand, T.A. Geissmann, Y. Benito, G. Durand, J.P. Charrier, A. Van Belkum, M. Welker, F. Vandenesch* (Bron, Poitiers, Lyon, La Balme Les Grottes, Marcy L’Etoile, FR)

12:30 – 13:30

MRSA – detection and prevention


Relative risk of transmission of various MRSA strains M.M.L. van Rijen, T. Bosch*, L.M. Schouls, J.A.J.W. Kluytmans on behalf of the CAM Study Group


Modelling the impact of discharge screening and community decolonisation on the transmission of healthcare-associated methicillin-resistant Staphylococus aureus S.R. Deeny, J.V. Robotham*, B. Cookson, S. Hopkins, B.S. Cooper (London, UK; Bangkok, TH)


Statistical inference of MRSA transmission in hospitals using whole genome sequence data C. Worby*, T. Kypraios, P. O'Neill, J. Robotham, D. De Angelis, B. Cooper (Nottingham, London, Cambridge, UK; Bangkok, TH)


Clonal complex 398 MSSA: a frequent unrecognised human pathogen and a probable reservoir for clonal complex 398 livestock-associated MRSA emergence T. Chroboczek*, S. Boisset, J.-P. Rasigade, A. Tristan, M. Bes, G. Lina, F. Vandenesch, J.-P. Etienne, F. Laurent (Lyon, FR)


A cohort study on the import of Staphylococcus aureus from the tropics and subtropics through nasal carriage in travellers P. Zanger*, D. Nurjadi, P.G. Kremsner (Tübingen, DE)

186 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme


Detection of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus ST398 in mozzarella cheese in Italy E. Crisetti, T. Onni, A. Sanchini, A. Pantosti, S. Tola, G. La Salandra* (Foggia, Sassari, Rome, IT)


Consumption of meat as a risk factor for MRSA carriage: a case-control study M.M.L. van Rijen, M.F.Q. Kluytmans-Van den Bergh*, P.B.G. ten Ham, E.J.M. Verkade, J.A.J.W. Kluytmans on behalf of the CAM Study Group


Genetic characterisation of communityacquired methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus isolated in a low-endemic area using DNA microarray analysis B. Söderquist*, L. Hedlund, S. Monecke, R. Ehricht (Örebro, SE; Jena, DE)


Duration of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus bacteraemia and impact on patient mortality within methicillinresistant Staphylococcus aureus strains in a retrospective cohort D. Moreno*, S. Arshad, A. Shoyinka, M. Perri, A. Chen, M. Zervos (Detroit, US)


Comparison of composite clinical outcome in USA600 (ST45) versus USA100 (ST5) methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus bacteraemia patients S. Arshad, A. Shoyinka, D. Moreno, M. Perri, A. Chen, M. Zervos* (Detroit, US)


Comparison of two commercial PCR methods for detection of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in a clinical setting A. Aydiner*, J. Lüsebrink, V. Schildgen, I. Winterfeld, O. Knüver, K. Schwarz, S. Messler, O. Schildgen, F. Mattner (Cologne, DE)


Performance of commercial MRSA real-time PCR assays vary in sensitivity when testing nasal samples in a large control programme L.R. Peterson*, P.A. Patel, D.M. Hacek, K.A. Peterson, A. Grayes, R.B. Thomson, A. Robicsek (Evanston, US)


Evaluation of potential inhibitory effects of biological and chemical materials on the BD MAX™ MRSA assay, a new fully automated molecular assay M. Tremblay*, J.-S. Côté, C. Roger-Dalbert (Québec, CA)

Poster Sessions

Tuesday, 3 April Clinical evaluation of the BD MAX™ MRSA assay for the rapid detection of MRSA directly from nares swabs D. Fuller*, J. Talbott, B. Buchan, N. Ledeboer, L. Steed, J. Pennington, M. Oethinger, J. Welle, T. Davis (Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Charleston, Portland, US)


Evaluation of the analytical sensitivity (Limit of Detection) of the BD MAX™ MRSA assay, a new fully automated molecular assay M. Tremblay*, F. Hamel, C. Roger-Dalbert (Québec, CA)


Experiences with RT-PCR methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus screening in a lowprevalence population A. Fostervold*, V. Bemanian, H.S. Tunsjø, T.E. Ranheim (Lørenskog, NO)



12:30 – 13:30

20-minute identification of enterococci and Staphylococcus aureus causing bloodstream infections by QuickFISH™, a novel assay based on PNA technology F. Wu*, S. Whittier, M. Fiandaca, B. Crystal, P. Della-Latta (New York, Woburn, US) Identification of methicillin-resistant staphylococci by PNA FISH directly on smears made from positive blood cultures from EU and USA B. Kummerfeldt*, A. Mortensen, S. Stevens, K. Oliveira, A.K.I. Rasmussen (Vedbaek, DK; Woburn, US)


Can high-level mupirocin resistance reporting be relied upon to ensure patients are prescribed appropriate treatment? K.A. Morris*, P. Howard (Leeds, UK)


Impetigo bullosa outbreak at a neonatal ward due to a methicillin-susceptible Staphylococcus aureus strain, the Netherlands M. Koningstein*, L. Groen, K. Geraats-Peters, S.P.M. Dumont-Lutgens, P. Jitra, J. Kluytmans, S. de Greeff, M. Hermans, P. Schneeberger (Bilthoven, 's-Hertogenbosch, Tilburg, NL)

12:30 – 13:30

New aspects of toxoplasmosis, Chagas, malaria and leishmaniasis


Seropositivity rate of Toxoplasma gondii infection in renal transplant recipients using IFA method M. Nateghi Rostami*, H. Keshavarz, M. Rezaian, S. Eskandari, Z. Garoosi, N. Mohajeri (Qom, Tehran, IR)


First isolation of a Toxoplasma gondii strain from a symptomatic human case of congenital toxoplasmosis in south-east Europe L.D. Blaga, C. Costache*, A. Györke, G. Zaharie (Cluj-Napoca, RO)


Management of congenital toxoplasmosis in countries of low seroprevalence in general population: the Greek experience I. Katsantoni*, A. Katsihti, N. Kastrinios, E. Charvalos on behalf of the The IASO toxoplasmosis group

Controlling S.aureus infections in hospitals


Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in the elderly: a global analysis of trends in occurrence and susceptibility, 2004–2010 D. Hoban*, S. Bouchillon, J. Johnson, M. Dowzicky (Schaumburg, Collegeville, US)


Genetic and virulence characterisation of Toxoplasma gondii strains isolated from pigeons in Lisbon region A. Vilares*, MJ. Gargaté, I. Ferreira, S. Martins, H. Waap, H. Ângelo (Lisbon, PT)


Multimodal strategy to control methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus – the experience of a Portuguese hospital I. Neves*, D. Peres, F. Vieira, I. Devesa, V. Alves (Senhora da Hora, PT)


Monitoring salivary IgG to rule out congenital toxoplasmosis E. Chapey, V. Meroni, F. Kieffer, M. Wallon, F. Peyron* (Lyon, FR; Pavia, IT; Paris, FR)



MRSA PCR spearheads a successful healthcare-associated infection programme at a teaching hospital in northwest England: a cost economic model supporting government aims of cost saving, improving quality, driving efficiency and safety in patient care A. Guleri*, R. Sharma, S. Bloor, S. Staff, A. Jones (Blackpool, Old Malton, UK)

Comparative evaluation between ARCHITECT® and VIDAS® toxoplasmosis IGG avidity in pregnant women C. Pomares*, A. Smets, J. Quetel, F. Ajmia, T. Fauchier, P. Delaunay, P. Marty (Nice, FR)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 187



Poster Sessions

Tuesday, 3 April P2386

Performance of the BioPlex® 2200 flow immunoassay (Bio-Rad) in critical cases of serodiagnosis of toxoplasmosis Y. Garin, J. Menotti*, S. Hamane, N. Guigue, F. Derouin (Paris, FR)


Prevalence of antibodies to Trypanosoma cruzi in Latin American immigrants in Madrid M. Gutiérrez*, N. Iglesias, P. Trevisi, B. López, P. Rivas, M. Baquero (Madrid, ES)


Association between seropositivity for Chagas' disease and blood parasitaemia with markers of metabolic syndrome C. Toro*, A. Amor, S. Puente, N. Iglesias, M. Baquero (Madrid, ES)


Diagnosis of Chagas‘ disease in Navarra, Spain I. Polo Vigas, C. Martin Salas, I. Tordoya Titichoca, Y. Lopez Sanchez, V. Martinez de Artola, C. Ezpeleta Baquedano* (Pamplona, ES)


Screening of Trypanosoma cruzi infection with a chemiluminescent microparticle immunoassay in a Spanish university hospital M. González-Domínguez*, R. Benito, J. Gil, M.J Gude, J. Arribas, R. Cebollada, A. Garrido, M.C Rubio (Zaragoza, ES)


A 12-year epidemiology report of imported malaria in Parma, Italy A. Calderaro, C. Gorrini, S. Montecchini*, S. Rossi, C. Chezzi (Parma, IT)


Risk co-factor in malaria drug resistance selection: frequency of CYP2C8*2 allele in Uganda R. Romano*, G.M. Paganotti, S. Gramolelli, F. Tabacchi, G. Russo, M. Coluzzi (Rome, IT)




Malaria, different faces of a permanent threat J.D. Ruiz-Mesa*, A. Plata, B. Sobrino, L. Valiente, J.M. Reguera, M. Delgado, J.D. Colmenero (Malaga, ES) Occurrence of highland malaria in three community hospitals in rural Burundi located 2000 metres above sea level S. Seckova*, L. Gaston, E. Smerkova, M. Philippe, P. Kisac, J. Sokolova, V. Krcmery (Bratislava, SK; Rutovu, BI; Trnava, SK) Assessing the skill of medical doctors on appropriate management and treatment of severe malaria B. Paktinat jalaly*, M. Moghadami (Tehran, Shiraz, IR)

188 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme


Assessment of malaria identification methods in clinical blood samples M.J. Coyne, G.T. Spence, B. Jones, C.L. Alexander* (Glasgow, UK)


Imported submicroscopic malaria: can it be a risk for re-emergence in Europe? A. Rodriguez- Guardado*, F. Pérez, M. Rodriguez, V. Carcaba, J. Carton (Oviedo, ES)


Evaluation of quantitative gametocyte detection by QT-NASBA using dried blood spots on filter paper M. Pritsch*, A. Wieser, V. Soederstroem, T. Eshetu, M. Hoelscher, S. Schubert, J. Shock, T. Loescher, N. Berens-Riha (Munich, DE; Jimma, ET)


Retrospective evaluation of malaria patients in Latvia A. Jeruma*, I. Vingre, B. Rozentale, J. Storozenko, V. Kuse, A. Broduza, M. Shuvalova, N. Ivanova (Riga, LV)


Visceral leishmaniasis: clinical and epidemiological features among adult patients in Albania A. Harxhi*, E. Meta, N. Como, K. Shkurti, R. Bojdani, A. Pilaca, M. Kokici, D. Kraja (Tirana, AL)


New anti-Leishmania agents: the potential underlining Thymus sp. volatile extract against L. infantum, L. major and L. tropica – major compounds may not be the answer M. Machado*, A.M. Dinis, A. Santos-Rosa, V. Alves, L. Salgueiro, C. Cavaleiro, M.C. Sousa (Coimbra, PT)


HIV/AIDS-associated visceral leishmaniasis in Georgia N. Bolokadze*, P. Gabunia, L. Sharvadze, L. Gatserelia, T. Tsertsvadze (Tbilisi, GE)


A comparative evaluation of three methods for diagnosis of visceral leishmaniasis in Serbia Z. Dakic, M. Pelemis, G. Stevanovic*, L. Lavadinovic, J. Poluga, B. Milosevic, I. Milosevic, N. Indjic, O. Dulovic, I. Ofori-Belic, M. Pavlovic (Belgrade, RS)


A 4-year outcome summary of 20mg/Kg liposomal amphotericin B regime for the treatment of primary KA in Bihar, India S. Burza*, P. Sinha, P. Das, M. Gonzalez, G. Mitra, S. de Weerdt, N. Lima, P. Palma (Delhi, Bihar, IN; Barcelona, ES)

List of Chairpersons


Ackers, John Adams, Kate Agodi, Antonella Aguado, José Maria Akova, Murat Allegranzi, Benedetta Allerberger, Franz Altintas, Nazmiye Alvarez-Martínez, Miriam J. Andersson, Emmi Antonelli, Guido Apfalter, Petra Arendrup, Maiken C. Atkins, Bridget Avsic-Zupanc, Tatjana


Baldanti, Fausto Balode, Arta O. Baquero, Fernando Barbut, Frédéric Barnes, Rosemary Barzon, Luisa Behrens, Ron Benzonana, Nur Bishop, Nicolette C. Blázquez, Jesús Borg, Michael A. Breuer, Judith Brown, Derek Brown, David W.G. Brun-Buisson, Christian


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Engstrand, Lars Evengård, Birgitta Ewbank, Jonathan J.


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Nagy, Elisabeth Nathwani, Dilip



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Quinn, John P.

65 80 51




Rappuoli, Rino Read, Robert C. Rello, Jordi Richardson, Malcolm Rose, Markus A. Rupnik, Maja


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Walsh, Timothy R. Webber, Mark Widmer, Andreas F. Wilcox, Mark H. Witte, Wolfgang

69 57 73 37 50


22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 189

Chairs & Authors


List of Authors Name



A.S. Al Tuwaijri, A. O472 Aalbæk, B. P2063 Aarnoutse, R. O234 Aarons, E. P1505 Abad, D. P1588 Abad, Y. P2142 Abadía, E. P1372 Abaibou, H. P747 Abascal-Bolado, B. P1064 Abate, D. P2196 Abbott, J. O309 Abbruzzese, P. P2118 Abd, H. P699 Abd El Moety, A. P2302 Abdala, E. P2121 Abdel-Khalek, Z. P1935 Abdelraouf, K. P1268 Abdulhaq, A. P933 Abel, E. P1130 Abel, F. P2107 Abele-Horn, M. P2347 Åberg, N. P2237 Abernethy, J.K. O344, O495, O498, P1155, P2254 Abid, H. P1933 Aboud, S. P1693 Aboul Fadl, L. P1935, P2155 Abu Sin, M. P1187 Abubakar, I. P1959 Abudher, A. P2298 AbuOun, M. P1346, P1347 Abuzaid, S. P1292 Acampora, M. O649 Acar, A. P770, P1235 Accogli, M. P1992 Acevedo, A. P1869 Acharjya, A. P1542 Acikgoz, C. P1469 Ackers, J. W80 Acosta, F. O172 Adam, H. P2321, P2326 Adam, T. P2113, P2266 Adamcikova, Z. P1045 Adamopoulos, B. P2194 Adamou, D. P782 Adamuz, J. P726 Adatepe, F. P2293 Adeleke, O.E. P1097 Adelshin, R. P892 Adier, C. P1616 Adiyaman, G. P2083 Adkin, R. P1447 Adler, A. O120, O624, P1558, P1674, P1876 Adler, H. P1309 Adler-Moore, J.P. P844 Adlerberth, I. P2237 Adrian, P.V. P1761 Aebi, S. P1387 Aeppli, G. O276 Afanas’ev, M. P1407, P2026 Affonso Mascarenhas, L. P1702 Agafonov, A. P917 Agarwal, A.K. P1398 Agarwal, V. P2122 Aghaee-Bakhtiari, S.H. P880 Aghakhani, A. P909, P931, P939

190 22nd ECCMID / London



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Final Programme

Name Al-Badawi, T.


P864, P1122, P1123 Al-Hajjar, S. P975 Al-Hassan, L. P1248, P1405 Al-Hedaithy, M.A. O399 Al-Jabri, A. P1292 Al-Muhsen, S. P975 Al-Nakeeb, Z. P814 Al-Orainey, I.O. O399 Al-Qahtani, A. P1292 Al-Seraihi, A. P975 Al-Shammary, H. P1292 Al-Subaei, S. O399, O472 Al-Thawadi, S. P975, P1292 Alados, J.C. O172, P2312 Alaei, O.R. P1021 Alagna, L. O168 Alarcon, T. P686, P1588, P1726, P2105 Alasmari, F. O501, O669, P1126 Albert, M. P2330 Alberte-Castiñeiras, A. P1920, P1931 Alberte-Pérez, C. P1920, P1931 Alblas, J. P1196, P1535 Albornoz, H. P1869 Albrecht, L. P1817 Albrecht, U.-V. P2106 Albrich, W. O177, P1575 Albuquerque, T. P1644 Albur, M.S. P1821 Alcaide, F. P1961 Alcalá, L. O111, P786, P824, P2229 Alcolea, A. P2229 Aldini, R. P2153 Aldins, P. P796 Aleman, Y. P2142 Alencar, M.C. P2285 Alexander, C.L P2085, P2087, P2088, P2396 Alexander, N. P1424 Alexiou, V. P1975 Alexopoulou, C. P1299 Alfa, M. P2321, P2326 Alfandari, S. O659, P1055 Alffenaar, J.W.C. P1626 Alfouzan, W. P1379 Algado, J.T. P776 Alghamdi, M. O669 Alhedaithy, MA. P1352 Ali, S. P1117 Ali-Brandmeyer, O. O659, P1055 Alier, A. P1802 Aligholi, M. P981 Alipour Tehrany, Y. P1357 Aljohani, S. P765 Alkhovsky, S.V. P941 Allegranzi, B. S329, E523, O643, P1980, P1981 Allen, K.B. O164 Allen, M. P1844, P1845 Allerberger, F. W39, P1118, P1147, P1994 Allice, T. P1796 Alliet, G. P1809 Almagro Molto, M. P1856 Almeida, N. P1106

Name Almela, M. Almirante, B.


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List of Authors


Andersen, P.H. P753 Anderson, M.J. P2171 Andersson, J. P2267 Andersson, L.M. P946, P959 Andersson, M. P946 Andicoberry, M.J. P1776 Andlovic, A. P1161, P2235 Andre, P. P2144 Andreasen, V. P2252 Andreasson, T. P959 Andrée, J. P1320 Andremont, A. P1198, P1574 Andreoletti, L. O182, P1723 Andrews, J. P1653 Andrews, N. O166 Andrey, D.O. O640 Andrianaki, A. P1299 Andrianopoulos, G. P766 Andriantseheno, M. O334 Andries, K. S590 Anekthananon, T. P2075 Ang, B.S. P1164 Angebault, C. P1198 Angeletti, C. P882 Ângelo, H. P2383 Angelone, A.M. P987 Angora, P. O659, P1055 Aniscenko, A. P902 Ankirskaya, A. P1509, P2320 Annaházi, A. P923 Ansari, M.A. P2243 Anscombe, C. P1964 Anthony, R. P1372 Antoine, F. P1320 Anton, A. O181, P922 Anton, G. P1779 Antonelli, G. O561, P967, P973 Antonelli, M. S104, O650 Antoniadou, A. O281, O313, O565, P1020, P1546, P1929 Antoniadou, E. P1176, P2194, P2212 Antri, K. O397 Antunes, F. O225, P2139 Antunes, P. O302, P1302, P1631, P1632 Anusic, M. P1061 Anyfantis, J. O628 Anzueto, A.R. W28 Aouam, A. P1539 Apan, T. P952 Apfalter, P. W11, S141 Apice, M. P1904 Apirakkan, O. P1414 Apostol, C. P2291 Apostoli, A. P2146 Apostolou, D. P1002, P1005, P1008 Appleton, A. P1728 Apriani, L. O234 Aracil, B. P1736 Araj, G. P1667, P1819 Arakawa, S. P1807 Arama, S.S P2128 Arama, V. P2011, P2128, P2308 Aranda, J. O638

Name Aranha Nouer, S. Araviyskiy, R. Arcangeletti, M.C. Arce, A. Arce Arnáez, A. Arda, B. Ardanuy, C.


P1702 P800, P806 P2319 P1555 P767, P768 O176, P2059 P714, P717, P1295 Arechavala, A. P1756 Aref, S. P1935 Arefian, E. P880 Arena, C. P1723 Arendrup, M.C. W13, P826, P827, P828, P2348 Arends, J. P2005 Arends, J.P. P1289, P1626, P1973 Aretaki, E. P1528 Argen, J. P1421 Argibay, A. P1556 Argüello, H. P1630 Argyris, D. P839, P1202, P1212, P1336, P1362, P1847 Argyropoulos, E. P2307 Argyropoulou, A. O628 Arhin, F. F P1885 Arias, C.A. P1604 Arias Varela, C. P980, P990 Arici, B. O177 Arikan-Akdagli, S. P777 Ariza, J. P2061 Arlet, G. P1228, P1729 Armaganidis, A. O313, P1938 Armand-Lefevre, L. P1198, P1574 Armes, A. P2316 Armitano, S. P778 Armstrong, J. P1417 Arnáiz, A. O600 Arnaiz-Garcia, A. P2119 Arnaiz-Garcia, E. P2119 Arnold, C. P730, P1959, P1964 Arnold, R. P2113 Arnous, N. P1500 Aronov, R. P1876 Arosio, M. P1498, P1725 Arpi, M. P1697, P1850 Arranz, T. P1065 Arribas, J. P2390 Arribas López, J.R. O497 Arrieta, A. P1420 Arsad, S. O343 Arshad, S. O598, P2365, P2366 Arslan, H. P1948, P1949 Artero, A. P2222 Artiles Campelo, F. P2131 Artioli, D. P1951 Artuk, C. P1762 Arunyingmongkol, K. O184, P875, P953 Arvand, M. P2233 Arvas, G. P763 Arvis, P. P2210 Arzouk, N. P936 Aschbacher, R. P1312 Ascioglu, S. P777 Ascione, T. P1363 Aseez, T. P1115 Asensi, V. P1173 Ashiru-Oredope, D.A.I. O658



Ashrafi, R. P1854 Ashrafian, P. P2292 Askari Badouei, M. P1769 Aslan, T. P763 Aslan Gulen, T. O411 Aslaner, H. P1175 Aslangul, E. P1025 Aspindzelashvili, R. P1372 Aspiroz, C. P1771 Assal, M. P2205 Asselah, T. S97 Asselineau, J. P1016 Asseray, N. P1614, P2208 Asseri, A. P2275 Asseva, G. P1095 Assis, D. B. P1131 Astobiza, I. P2004 Astolfi, A. P1646 Aston, S. P1947 Astvad, K. P1494 Ataman Hatipoglu, C. P780, P1899 Atanasova, Y. P1930 Ataullakhanov, R.I. P941 Atay Buyukdemirci, A. P2019 Athanasoula, E. P1528 Athanassia, S. P1020 Atherton, G.T. P2104 Atherton, J. W36 Atherton, N. P2104 Atkins, M. P893 Atlung, T. P2272 Attanasio, V. P1953 Attias, O. P830 Attilakos, A. P921 Attili, A.-R. P1098 Attri, A. P820 Atyabi, M. P1042 Aubry, A. P1741, P1998 Aupetit, C. O283 Ausiello, C. O636, P1047, P2242 Ausina, V. P1793, P2013 Austin, B. O300 Autenrieth, I.B. S368, P1733 Auxilia, F. O314, P1120 Auzinger, G. O117 Avanzi, O. P1361 Avellon, A. P2297 Aversa, F. P811, P812, P868 Averyanov, A. P2191 Ávila, M. O174, P689 Avital, G. P701 Avlonitou, A. P1005, P1008 Avni, T. O647, P835 Avnon, T. P1368 Avram, I. P818 Avril, M.-F. P1025 Avsic-Zupanc, T. S379 Axtelle, T. P970, P971 Ay, H. P770 Ayadi, A. P792 Ayala Nuñez, N.V. O271 Ayats, J. P823 Aydemir, S. O176 Aydillo, T. P1050 Aydin, K. P964 Aydiner, A. O646, P2367 Aydogdu, O. O595 Azie, N. P816

Name Aznar-Marin, P. Azzam, Z.S.

Number P2025 P728


Baatsen, P. P1455 Babaie, A. P877 Babakhani, F. P1613, P2290 Babal, P. P1045 Baban, T. P1667 Babcock, H. P2042 Babini, G. P727 Babouee, B. P2219 Baccouche, A. P1308 Bachiyska, E. P1372, P1930 Bachmann, T.T. P1515, P1775 Bachur, L.F. P783 Backer, S. P2345 Badal, R. P1178, P1179, P1180, P1181, P1184, P1208, P1213, P1476, P1477, P1482, P1484, P1485, P1486, P1672, P1679, P1816 Badawi, A. P2155 Baddour, L. O501, O669, P1126 Badia, M. P1329 Badiou, C. P2056, P2170, P2197 Badoux, P. P2338 Badura, R. O225 Bagga, R. P1250 Baggiani, A. P1121 Bagheri Nejad, S. P1981 Bagirova, N. P1247 Bagnall, M. P1108 Bahans, C. P1340 Bahar, G. P1262 Baholdina, A. P1068 Bahramali, G. P909 Bai, R. P956 Bailey, A.M. P1223 Bailey, J. O276 Bailey-Horne, V. P1638 Baixench, M.-F. P1025 Bajro, R. P932 Baka, S. P1006, P1009, P1011, P1538 Bakhshi, B. P1042 Bakiri, F. P932 Bakiri, S. P696 Bakkers, J.M.J.E. P750 Bakoyannis, G. P1020 Bala, K. P820 Balada-Llasat, J.M. P884, P2265 Balado, C. P1565 Balado Cabana, C. P915 Balakhonov, S. P892, P1407, P2026 Balamurugan, K. P2189 Balaraman, S. P1711, P1712 Balashova, N. O633 Balato, G. P1363 Balayn, D. P1619 Balbutskaya, A. P1509 Baldanti, F. P885 Baldaque, I. P1014 Baldassarri, L. P1283 Balius Fort, E. P980 Balkan, I. P1666 Ball, A. P2354

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 191

Chairs & Authors


List of Authors

Name Ballardini, G. Ballardini, M. Ballereau, F. Ballesta, A. Balloco, C. Bally, L. Balmelli, C. Balmer, P. Baloch, K. Balode, A. Bals, R. Balunets, D. Bamber, S. Bamdad, T. Banavathi, K. Banducci, R. Banerjee, S. Banifazl, M.


P1577 O623 O657, P1192 P1810 P2094 P2178 P1310 O163 O168 P1194 P1370 P1471 P1402 P880 P1764, P1971 P1121 P1134, P1543 P909, P931, P939 Banjongkasaena Na Ayutthaya, U. P1022 Bank, S. P773, P961 Bannour, W. P775 Bantouna, V. P1928, P1944 Banu, O. P1193 Bañuls, A.L P1269, P1328 Baquero, F. O303, S353, O627, P1290, P1375, P1411, P1772, P1820 Baquero, M. P1578, P2077, P2387, P2388 Baquero, M.-R. P1411 Barahona, M.J. P2003 Barakoti, M. P2072 Baran, I. P1265 Baraniak, A. O120, P1674, P2350 Barantsevich, E.P. O349 Barantsevich, N.E. O349 Barbabella, G. P1339 Barbanti, F. P2231, P2242 Barbarini, D. P1530 Barbaro, K.C. P1582 Barbaux, L. P1718 Barberán, J. P2222 Barbier, F. P1198 Barbut, F. S360, S365, P2263, P2270, P2279, P2286 Barcena, R. O594 Barchitta, M. O314, P1120 Bardak-Ozcem, S. P2059 Bardakas, V. P2107 Bardaro, M. P1397 Bardon, J. P1104, P2341 Bare, T. P932 Barguiga, A. P1689 Barguigua, A. P1688 Barhdadi, S. P727 Barisic, I. P1503 Barisic, N. P1527 Barisic, Z. P1743 Barkan, D. S528 Barker, G. P1402 Barkham, T. P1384 Bärmann, R. P1630 Barnes, R. E373 Barocchi, M.A. O555 Baron-Wunderle, V. P2311 Barr, D.A. P2226

192 22nd ECCMID / London



Barr, L. P1464 Barranco Domínguez, J.I. P2110 Barranco Ordóñez, D. P767 Barranger, C. P1382 Barras, C. O640 Barraud, O. P1340 Barrera, M. P1065 Barrett, G. P1115 Barrey, C. P2218 Barrio, J.M. P1355 Barry, M. O399, O472 Barry, T. P1376 Barsic, B. S157 Barssessat, A. O446 Bartalesi, F. P1324 Bartels, M.D. P1314 Barten, D.G. P1855 Barth, S. P1733 Barth, T.F.E. P2071 Bartoletti, M. P803, P861, P2091 Bartolomé, R.M. P1304 Bartoloni, A. P1324 Barton, T. P1797 Bartzavali, C. P1166, P1526 Bartziali, S. P1694, P1818 Barzey, V. O163 Barzon, L. S378, O465, P937, P945, P1367, P1373, P2196 Bashir, M. P1902 Bashmakova, M. P1007 Basov, E. P1407 Basset, P. P1310 Bassetti, M. O109, S420, P1767 Bassetti, S. P730 Bastulli, C. P1728 Basustaoglu, A. C. P1518 Batard, E. O657, P2161 Bathoorn, E. P1211 Battegay, M. P2219 Battersby, T. P898 Bätz, O. P723 Bauab, K. P1511, P1513 Baudry, T. P2218 Bauer, J. P2057, P2176 Bauer, K. O298, P1130, P2247 Bauer, T. P1895 Bauernfeind, A. P1665 Baugh, S. O639, P1177, P1296 Baulard, A. S591, P1960 Baumbach, J. P1370 Baumert, T.F. S99 Bauraing, C. P1189 Bausch, D. O468 Bautista, V. P1304 Bavari, S. P950 Baveja, C. P1924 Baveja, U. P1250 Bax, B. P1435 Baykam, N. P2019 Baylan, O. P1200 Baynes, D. P901 Baziaka, F. P1865 Bazigos, S. P1928, P1944 Bdolah-Abram, T. P701 Beadsworth, M.B.J. P949

Final Programme

Name Beas, H. Beato, S. Beaulieu, C. Beaves, J. Bébéar, C. Bebrone, C. Becerril, B. Becker, J.-U. Bedenic, B.


P898 P2068 O666 P1728 P1015, P1016 P1239, P1241 O172 P905 P1061, P1527, P1743, P1873 Bedir, O. P1762 Bednarska, N.G P1455 Bedu, A. P1340 Beeching, N. P764, P1947 Beeching, N.J. T83, S480, S528, S582, P949, P1589 Beggs, C.B. P1116 Beghri, M. P747 Behnke, M. O341 Behrens, R. E201 Bektasoglu, M. P2293 Bektöre, B. P1200 Belabbes, H. P1689 Belaieff, W. P2205 Belanov, S. P984 Belas, A. P1316, P1637 Belausov, N. P1368 Belkova, Y. P1019 Bell, D. K430 Bell, J. P1880 Bell-Sakyi, L. P758 Bellais, S. O554 Bellenfant, F. P2317 Bellido, M. P1297 Bellometti, S.A. P1171 Belmonte, O. P1837 Belogurova, M. P806 Belton, M. O635 Bely, Y. P1472 Bemanian, V. P2372 Bemer, P. P2208 Ben Abdallah, H. P1539 Ben Abdeljelil, J. P744, P775 Ben amor, A. P792 Ben Brahim, H. P1539 Ben jemaa, M. P792, P1583 Ben Romdhane, F. P1539 Ben Said, M. P744, P775 Ben Sallem, R. P1633 Ben Salma, S. P775 Ben Slama, K. P1633 Ben Soltana, M. P1729 Ben youssef, Y. P775 Ben-David, D. O446, P1368, P1558, P1977 Ben-Horin, S. S536 Benachi, A. P1380 Benbow, S. P2207 Bencurova, E. P2031, P2043, P2044, P2045, P2152 Bendel, J. P929 Benea, L. P1018 Benecchi, M. P1794 Benesch, M. P2123 Benet, T. O310, P944, P1132 Benfield, T.L. P1395 Benge, G. P1115



Bengtsson, B. P1073 Bengtsson, S. P682, P1491 Benini, A. P1629 Benito, D. P1318 Benito, N. O600, P1573 Benito, R. P2390 Benito, Y. P2355 P2200 Benko, R. Bennett, K. P2199 Bennett, T. P1754 Bentley, S.D. O551 Benzaquen, D. P1800 Benziger, D. P1625 Beovic, B. P1159, P1673 Beran, O. P769 Beraud, G. P2202 O501 Berbari, E. Bereciartua, E. O600 Bereczki, C. P923 Bereczki, L. P801 Bereksi, N. P1718 Berendsen, T. P747 Berendt, T. S212 Berenguer, N. P1618 Berens-Riha, N. P2398 Berg, T. P903, P1351 Bergen, P. P1608 Berger, A. O409, P678 Bergerova, T. P1698, P1714 Bergervoet, P.W.M. P2228 Berggrav, K. P1515 Bergin, C. P2134, P2138 Bergman, P. P2339 Bergval, I. P1372 Berhin, C. P1188, P1189 Beristain Rementeria, X. P2126 Berkem, R. P1832 Berktas, M. P763 Bermúdez-Ruiz, M.P. P739 Bernabeu, S. P1234 Bernal Marco, J. P2119 Bernal-Martínez, L. P832, P845 Bernaola, E. P972 Bernard, C. P1741, P1960 Bernard, L. O345 Bernardi, F. P1921 Bernardini, F. P1457 Bernardo, P. P2251 Bernards, A.T. P1663 Bernelin, M. O397 Bernhardt, S. P996 Bernhofer, C. P1118 Bernusset, S. P1238 Berr, F. P1118 Berrazeg, M. O350, P1522, P1523 Berry, N. P1705, P2274 Berta, B. P1033 Bertaina, C. P759, P1071 Bertazzoni, G. P831 Bertazzoni Minelli, E. P1629 Bertele, R. P1351 Berth, M. P996 Berthelot, P. P1322 Berti, F. O555 Bertilsson-Forsberg, P. P1817 Bertout, S. P799 Bertrand, D. P1418 Bertrand, M. P1382

List of Authors

Bertrand, S. Bertrand, X. Bertuccio, T. Berzina, D. Bes, J. Bes, M.


P1418 O659, P1055 P1270 P2167 P1382 O269, O397, P1272, P1401, P2170, P2197, P2355, P2360 Besana, R. P1013 Beslen, N. O595 Bessede, E. P696 Best, E.L. P2244 Bétrisey, B. P2062 Bettge-Weller, G. P2233 Bettin, B. P2340 Beumier, M. P1617 Beuselinck, K. P891, P2095, P2096 Beutin, L. S150 Bhally, H. P1954 Bhattacharjee, A. P1162, P1685 Bhatti, N. O466 Bhatti, S. O128 Bhide, M. P2031, P2043, P2044, P2045, P2152 Bhusal, Y. P1544 Bi, X. P2127, P2141 Bi, X.H. P2310 Bian, Q. P872 Bianco, M. O636, P1047, P2242 Bias, T. P1590 Bible, J. P925, P1505 Bicanic, T. P842 Bichara, M. P1800 Bichaud, L. O467 Bicmen, M. P2193 Biczók, Z. P2200 Biedenbach, D.J. P1456 Biek, D. O408, P1210, P1552, P1696 Bielicka, A. P983 Bielicki, J. P1051 Bielli, A. P1495 Bienvenu, J. O392 Biernat, M.M. P991 Biessy, H. P1238 Bignozzi, C.A. P1466 Bijlmer, H. O280, P1196, P1216 Bilgi, S. P1262 Billaud, E.M. P1628 Billaud, G. P944 Bille, J. O109, E527, S620 Billoet, A. P1808 Bin Abdulhak, A. O669, P1126 Bin-Hussain, I. P975 Biot, F. P1091 Bird, M. O122 Birgy, A. P1729 Bishara, J. P2284 Bishop, N.C. S481 Biswas, P. P862 Bitam, I. S147 Bittel, P. P1906 Bizzocchi, A. P1577 Bjarnsholt, T. P1781, P2351 Bjartling, C. P2002 Bjørnholt, J.V. P2234 Black, S. P995 Blackburn, R. O268, O342



Blaga, L.D. P2381 Blagus, R. P1550 Blair, J.M.A P1223 Blais, D. P1130 Blais, J. P2253 Blanc, D.S. P1310 Blanchard-Rohner, G. O158 Blanchon, T. P1723 Blanco, A. P1173 Blanco, J.R. P2223 Blanco, S. P2013 Blanes, M. O447 Blank, S.N. P999 Blasi, E. P831 Blasi, F. O174, O175, P689, P690 Blaszczyk, G. O179, O180 Blazquez, A. P1540 Blázquez, J. P1737 Bleeker-Rovers, C.P. P999, P1851, P1855, P2195 Bleidele, E. P902 Bleotu, C. P2180 Blijlevens, N. O299 Bloch, A. O341 Blocher, J. P2053 Bloisi, M. P882 Blomberg, B. P1693 Blondeau, J. P1473 Bloor, S. P2377 Blum, C.A. O177 Blumental, S. P1320 Blyn, L. P833, P901, P1369, P1508 Boakes, E. P2169 Boaventura, L. P1870 Bobola, M. P1938 Boboyianni, C. P2070 Bocanegra, R. P837 Bochet, M. O282 Bochud, P.-Y. S98, S323 Bodi, S. O500 Bodro, M. P1140 Bodur, H. P1265 Body, B. P1806 Boekhout, T. P743, P841 Boel, A. P1784 Boeras, A. P684 Boeri, E. P2313 Boers, S.A. O546, P1129, P1410, P2338 Boga Riveiro, J.A. P894, P915, P2001 Bogaerts, P. P1188, P1189, P1239, P1241, P1383, P1404, P1496, P1687 Bogdaite, A. P1684, P1836 Bogdanova, T.V. P741 Bogdanovic-Sakran, N. P914 Bogomolova, T. P741, P800, P806 Bohol, M. P1292 Boiangiu, A. P818 Boisset, S. P2355, P2360 Bojarska, K. O347 Bojdani, R. P2400 Bojer, M. P2187 Bokesch, P. P1625 Boland, G.J. P2300



Boldrin, C. P2313 Boll, E.J. P2184 Bollampalli, V. P1459 Bolokadze, N. P2402 Bombana, E. P1498, P2214 Bondar, A. P2306 Bondarenko, S. P800, P806 Bondor, C. P1841 Bongiorni, M.G. P1358, P1359 Bongiorno, D. P1332, P1601 Bonhoeffer, S. S221 Bonini, A. P811 Bonmarin, I. P1723 Bonnin, R. O444, P1258, P1706 Bonomo, R. S92, E200, P1378, P1510 Bonora, S. P2146 Bonten, M.J.M. O126, O311, O403, O597, O641, P1160, P1211, P1286, P1356, P1642, P1745, P1746, P1860 Bonura, F. P957 Boost, M. P1077, P1078, P1497 Bootdee, K. P1022 Booth, J.A. P904 Bootsma, M.C.J. O126, O597 Boräng, S. P2339 Borcan, E. P1193 Bordallo, M.A P2309 Bordas, X. O232 Bordi, E. P1888 Borella, M. P1796 Borens, O. P2062 Borg, M.A O267 Borghi, E. P829 Boriani, L. P1767 Borisova, L. P1396 Borovskaya, A. P1997 Borrás Máñez, M. P890 Borrill, J. P1600 Borsos, S. P1473 Borthagaray, G. P1869 Borzova, Y. P800, P806 Bosacoma, N. P1065 Bosak, J. P1774 Bosch, J. P1294 Bosch, T. P1216, P2357 Bosevska, G. P1314 Bosnjak, Z. P1527, P1743 Bosomworth, C.E. P2244, P2266 Bossart, R. O177 Bosshart, W. O395 Boszczowski, I. P1131 Botelho, A. P2003 Botelho-Nevers, E. S608, P704 Botezatu, A. P1779 Böttcher, M. P723 Botterel, F. P1394 Böttger, E.K. W75, S506 Böttiger, B. P2252 Botvinkin, A. P892 Bou, G. O447, O638, P1030, P1085, P1204, P1736 Bou Casals, J. P1721 Bouaziz, A. P2168 Bouchahrouf, W. P1239



Bouchara, J. Boucher, H.W. Bouchillon, S.

P799 O164 P1111, P1178, P1179, P1180, P1181, P1184, P1208, P1209, P1213, P1476, P1477, P1478, P1479, P1480, P1481, P1482, P1483, P1484, P1485, P1486, P1487, P1488, P1672, P1679, P1816, P1824, P1896, P2375 Boudabous, A. P1633 Boudewijns, M. P891 Bougnoux, M.-E. S605 Boukadida, J. P1308 Bouki, M. P1416 Boulagnon, C. O182 Boumis, E. O563 Boura, M. S541 Bourgarit, A. O227 Bourgeois-Nicolaos, N. P1380 Bourigault, C. P2208 Boussat, S. O659, P1055 Bouter, S. P2082 Boutiba-Ben Boubaker, I. P1677 Boutoille, D. P1614, P2208 Boutolleau, D. P896, P936 Bouylout, K. P1845, P2110 Bouza, E. O111, O169, S215, K287, S361, S422, O499, P745, P746, P786, P804, P824, P834, P955, P1137, P1158, P1355, P1657, P1972, P2229, P2328 Bow, E.J. W62, P862, P867 Bowden, R. O667, P1151 Bowers, G. P1419 Bowker, K. P676, P1624, P1821 Bowman, C. O660 Bowman, J. O158 Bowyer, P. P692 Boxall, E. P954 Boyce, J.M. O649 Boychenko, E. P806 Boyd, D.A. P2314 Boye, K. O597, P1314 Boyle, F. P1520 Bracco, S. P1715, P1867 Bradley, J. P1420, P1625, P1653 Brady, D. P1365 Brañas, P. P2282 Branco, J. P2165 Brandenberger, D. P1309 Brankova, N. P1372, P1930 Branley, J. P2117 Brannigan, E. P1219 Bratos, M.A. P2148 Bratos Pérez, M.A. P1315 Braun, E. P728 Braun, H.B. P996 Bravo, D. P2093 Breathnach, A. P695 Bregenzer-Witteck, A. O601, P1976 Breitzel, B. P950 Brena, P. O468 Brenier-Pinchart, M.-P. P747

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 193

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Brennan, O.M. P1275 Brennan, S. P805 Breskvar, M. P1028 Bretagne, S. P744 Bretonniere, C. P2065 Breuer, J. S224 Breurec, S. O397 Brhelova, E. P1341 Briales, A. P1737, P1739 Briandet, R. S86 Brigante, G. P1715, P1867, P1871 Brightwell, T. P1641 Brilha, S. O225 Brillault, J. P1621, P1622 Brillaut, J. P1620 Brimicombe, R.W. P2335 Brindle, H. P1589 Brink, A. S130 Brink-Huis, A. O650 Brittain-Long, R. S603, P946 Brochot, E. P943 Brochu, G. O666 Broda, A. P1919 Broduza, A. P2020, P2399 Bronchard, R. P1198 Bronsord, J. O649 Brooke, R. P1288 Brooks, J. P889 Brossier, F. P1741, P1957, P1998 Brouqui, P. P704 Broutin, I. P1838 Brown, D. W12, E198, P1747, P1748, P2255 Brown, S. P1732 Bruce, K. P1394 Brück, W. P2186 Brueggemann, H. S433 Bruggemann, R. O299, O305 Brugger, S. P1387 Brugnaro, P. P1925 Bruijning, M. P1663 Bruin, J.P. P1752, P2338 Brum, L. P1932 Brun, P. O272, P2239 Brun, R. S145 Brun-Buisson, C. O126, E372, O641, O645, P1745, P1746 Brunel, A.S. P1269, P1328 Brunet, C. P896 Brunetti, E. P2069 Brunevald, P. O182 Bruni, E. P2125 Brunkhorst, R. S151 Bruno, F. P1879 Bruns, A.H.W. O402 Brunton, L. P1638, P1641 Bruynseels, P. P2264 Bryson, G. O285 Brzezinska, M. P1941, P1942, P1943 Brzostek, A. P1941, P1942, P1943 Brzozowska, E. P1366 Bssetti, M. S248 Buabut, B. P1922 Buba, F. O399, O472 Bucci, M. O561 Bucciarelli, P. P2140 Buchacher, T. P1503

194 22nd ECCMID / London



Buchan, B. P1799, P2370 Buchhave Olsen, A. P961 Buchheidt, D. P825 Buchmann, E.J. P1761 Buck, D. O667, P1151 Buckenham, T. P1857 Buckling, A.J. S205 Buckner, R. P1732 Budak, A. P1105 Budak, S. P1235 Budalich, S. P1748 Budimir, A. P1527, P1743 Buechler, J. P1765 Buelund, L.E. P2063 Buendia, B. P717, P1295, P2030 Buenning, C. P996 Buer, J. P1780 Bugli, F. P2174 Buising, K.L O503 Buitrago, M.J. P832 Buke, C. P1574 Bulitta, J. P1607, P1608, P2064 Bullman, S. P2021 Bulut, C. P780, P1027, P1832, P1899, P2014, P2015, P2016, P2017, P2018, P2216 Bundle, D. P1044 Bunkowski, S. P2186 Bunsow, E. O111, P824 Buoniauto, V. P1572 Burckhardt, I. P2353 Burdino, E. P1796 Burfin, G. P919 Burgess, M. P1854 Bürgi, U. O177 Burgmann, H. O160, O161, P700, P732 Burgos-Teruel, A. P890 Burke, L. P1114, P1669 Burki, D. P1786 Burnham, C. P2325 Burns, K. P1686, P2241 Burr, S. O562 Burrel, S. P896, P936 Burza, S. P2404 Busca, A. P811, P812, P868 Busson, L. P969 Bustanshenas, M. P1042 Busuttil, J. P754 Butic, I. P1704 Butler, C.C. P1542 Butt, R. P1492 Buttenschön, K. P2071 Buttrini, M. P2273 Butty, P. P1100, P1102, P1103, P1226 Buzina, W. P809 Buzzi, M. O345 Buzzigoli, A. O629, P1121 Byrne, B. P2250 Byun, J.H. P1990


C.G. Magalhaes, A. Caballero, F.J. Caballero, I. Caballero, Y.

Final Programme

P1702 O407 P2142 P935



Cabano, E. P885 Cabaret, O. P1394 Cabellos, C. P2061 Cabo, R. P774 Cabot, G. P1999 Cabral, M. P. O638 Caccaro, R. P2239 P973 Cacciotti, G. Cadeddu, C. P1142 Cafferkey, M. P1557, P1559 Cafiso, V. P1270 Cagatay, M. P1262 Caglayan-Serin, D. O176 Cai, Y.Y. P1109 Caillon, J. O657, P1192, P1614, P2065, P2161 P1601 Caio, C. Caira, M. P811, P812, P868 Cakir, N. P2193 Calado, M. P2068 Calandra, T. O564, S292, S543 Calbo, E. P1573, P2223 Calderaro, A. P794, P1794, P2080, P2273, P2319, P2391 Calderon, O. P2142 Calderón, S. P1113 Calhau, V. P1097, P1870 Calisto, F. O622, P1081, P1206, P1529 Calistru, P.I. P2291 Calitri, C. P1577 Caljouw, M.A.A. O665 Callea, F. P2086 Calleja, J. L. P2222 Calvi, P. P1171 Calvo, J. P1064 Camacho, K. P2142 Camacho, R. S617, P1605 Camanho, G.L. P1127 Camarena, J. P823 Camargo, J.M. P2285 Cambau, E. W73, P1228, P1735, P1744, P1957 Cameron, C.E. O279 Cameron, S.O P2304 Camilli, R. O555, P1339 Camoez, M. O270, O600, P1271, P2223 Camou, F. P1844, P2109 Campanile, F. P1332, P1601 Campins, A. P1054 Campoli, P. P830 Camporese, A. P911 Campos, J. O302, P1304, P1632, P1868 Camps, K. P2264 Campuzano, S. P2175 Camus, C. O500 Canales-Albendea, M. P2115 Canchola, J. P888, P889 Candan, M. O595 Candoni, A. P811, P812, P868 Caneiras, C. O622, P1081, P1206, P1878 Caneva, V. P778 Canha, C. P1903 Caniça, M. P1644, P1738 Cannella, F. P967

Name Cannon, K. Cano, J. Cantin, D. Cantón, E. Cantón, R.


P2250 P1057 P1025 P716, P823 W15, O303, O627, P897, P1203, P1411, P1636, P1883, P1887, P2114 Cantón-Blanco, A. P1354 Cao, H. P1606 Capaldi, K. P899 Capatti, C. P1530 Capdevila, J.A. P1137 Capellano, P. P1511 Capilla, S. P1868 Capó, V. P935, P2142 Capobianchi, M. R. P882 Capone, A. O623 Capparelli, E. P1420 Capron, D. P943 Caramatti, C. P811, P812, P868 Caramori, G. P1951 Carannante, A. P1985 Carapau, D. O396 Carattoli, A. O444, O623, O626, P1230, P1343, P1344 Carballo, R. P1565 Carballo Fernandez, R. P915 Carbonara, S. P2146 Carbonnelle, E. P1234, P2317 Carcaba, V. O331, O333, P1173, P2078, P2079, P2135, P2397 Cardeñoso, L. P2090 Cardentey Reyes, A. P2299 Cardines, R. O631, P1992 Cardoso, J.L.C. P1582 Cardoso, J.P. O630 Cardoso, L.G.O. P783 Cardoso, O. P1080, P1106 Cardozo, J.L.C. P1594 Cargill, J.S. P757 Carkaci, D. P1502 Carlesse, F. P1511 Carlier, Y. W43 Carlotti, A. P2154 Carlton-Carew, L. P1505 Carman, W.F P722, P2304 Carmeli, Y. W52, O119, O120, O164, S487, S532, O624, P1319, P1674, P1746, P1876 Carmichael, A. P1589 Carmona, G. O181, P1039 Caro Bragado, S. O497, P951 Carod, J.-F. O334, P1584 Caroff, N. P2161 Carollo, M. O636 Carrajo, L. P1204 Carrat, F. P1723 Carratala, J. S102, O447, P726, P1140 Carratalá, M.J. P776 Carrer, D. P1083 Carretto, E. P1397, P1530 Carricajo, A. P1322, P2266 Carrico, J.A. W32 Carrilero, L. P1243, P1244

List of Authors

Carrilho, C. Carrion, N. Carrol, E.D. Cars, O. Carsetti, R. Carson, K. Carta, C. Carter, D. Carter, S. Carton, J.


P1828 P1757, P1759 P1797 P1817 P2159 P2275 P1343, P1344 P2346 O649 O331, O333, P1173, P2078, P2079, P2135, P2397 Carton, T. P2161 Carugati, M. P1940, P2140 Carvalho, A.C. P2146 Carvalho, C. P2139 Casado, J.L. O594 Casalegno, J. P944 Casali, N. P1919 Casanova, F. P1380 Casartelli, E.M. P2116 Casas, I. P714 Casas, S. O232 Cascio, A. P957 Caselli, D. P811 Casetta, A. P1025 Casini, B. O629, P1121 Casis, B. O450 Casotto, F. P1795 Cass, T. O276 Cassettari, M. P1886 Cassini, E. P1329 Castagliuolo, I. O272, P2239 Castagnola, C. P811 Castagnola, E. P811 Castanheira, M. P1186, P1240, P1245, P1443, P1444, P1676, P1700, P1897 Castano, M.J. P1776 Castelein, S. P943 Castelli, F. P1141 Castelo, L. P1204 Castillo, F.J. P1524 Castillo-Ramírez, S. P1311 Castriciano, S P1814, P2262 Castro, A. P926, P1182, P1183, P1901 Catalán, B. P968 Catalán, M. P851, P852 Catalán, P. P955, P1972 Catalano, G. P1814 Cataldo, M.A. O125, O648, P1142 Catel-Ferreira, M. P1266 Catry, B. P1090 Cattai, M. O465 Cattaneo, C. P812, P868 Cattelan, F. P1925 Cattoen, C. P1238 Cattoir, V. P1284 Cauce, V. P2167 Cauda, R. S616 Caumes, E. S613 Cavaleiro, C. P2401 Cavallaro, A. P1197 Cavallo, A. P1324 Cavallo, J.D P1091 Cavallo, M. P1171 Cavallo, R. P2094



Cavassini, M.C. O564 Cavinato, F. P1925 Caylà, J. P1923 Cayô, R. O630 Cazanave, C. P1015 Cazzadori, A. P1913 Cazzaro, R. P1171 Ceausu, E. P2291 Cebollada, R. P1524, P2390 Cecconi, D. P1324 Cederbrant, G. P1490, P1491 Cekovska, Z. P1314 Celdrán, Á. P1955 Celebi, B. P2017 Celebi, S. P952 Celestino, E. P1361 Celik, A. P986 Celma Armiñana, I. P738 Cendejas-Bueno, E. P743, P845 Cerar, T. P742, P1161 Cercenado, E. O499, P717, P1295, P1304, P1657, P2229, P2328 Cerón, I. P804 Cerqueira, F. P1014 Cerquetti, M. P1992 Cervera, C. P803, P861, P2091 Cesaro, S. P811 Cetkovsky, P. P2092 Cevan, S. P1199 Cevenini, R. P2149, P2153 Ch’ng, C. P2274 Cha, S. P712 Chaberny, I.F. P1984 Chadwick, P.R. P2225 Chagneau-Derrode, C. P2202 Chaicumpar, K. P1966 Chaidir, L. O234 Chaidopoulos, D. P1005 Chainier, D. P1340 Chakrabarti, A. S190 Chakroun, M. P1539 Chalfine, A. O645 Chalker, V.J. P724 Challis, G.L. S93 Chalmers, J.D. S101 Chalupa, P. P769, P883 Chambers, R. P867 Chambers, S.T. P1857 Chami, J.P. P2198 Champagne, S. O599 Chan, C.Y. P1812 Chan, Jane P1692 Chan, K.H. P751, P956 Chan, P. P1435 Chan, P.Y. P1326 Chan, Y.J. O187 Chan, Y.Y.M. P1326 Chanal, J. P2154 Chander, J. P820 Chandorkar, G. P1627 Chang, H. P712 Chang, H.-C. P1330 Chang, H.H. P1174 Chang, K.T. P1429, P1606 Chang, S. O556, P1291 Chang, S.C. O159, O173, P871 Chang, S.-Y. O159

Name Chang, T. Chang, T.C. Chang, W.L. Changngern, N. Chanzá Aviñó, M. Chaouch, A. Chapey, E. Chappuis, F. Charachousou, E. Charalabopoulou, A. Charani, E. Chareonsudjai, S. Charlett, A. Charos, A. Charrel, R.


P822 P1915 P2156 P2075 P738 P2166 P2384 S586 P1135 P1008 P1058, P2100 P1966 O660 O163 O183, O467, O469, P704 Charrier, J.P. P2355 Charron, A. P1015 Charvalos, E. P2382 Chastre, J. S354, S358, S490, P1998 Chatellier, G. P2317 Chatsuwan, T. P1307 Chatziandreou, E. P1202, P1336, P1362 Chau, F. P1735, P1744 Chavada, R. P2027, P2117 Chavanet, P. P2056 Chaves, C. P1870, P1903 Chaves, F. P2282 Chaves, R. P1844, P1845, P1846, P2110, P2220 Chawla, A. P1910 Chawla, K. P1910 Cheasty, T. P1293, P1829 Cheatham, S.C. O296 Chen, A. O598, P2365, P2366 Chen, C. P840, P1287, P1448 Chen, C.-B. P1330 Chen, C.S. P1323 Chen, C.Y. P1323 Chen, J. P929 Chen, S.L. P876 Chen, Y. P822, P1291, P2249, P2288 Chen, Y.C. O173, P871 Chen, Z. P785, P1475 Chenal, L.L. P988 Chêne, G. P1016 Cheng, A. O173, O503, P871, P2028 Cheng, C. O558 Cheng, H.C. P2156 Cheng, L. P888, P889 Cheng, S. O558 Cheng, W. P912 Cherifi, S. P1138 Chernenkaya, T. P1396 Chernopjatova, R.M. P800 Chesnel, L. P1439 Cheung, A.L. O640 Chevenet, F. P1328 Chevet, K. P1722 Chevrier, S. O451 Chezzi, C. P794, P1794, P2080, P2273, P2319, P2391 Chi, Y. P872 Chiarini, F. P1360



Chiavelli, S. P2336 Chica, I. P729 Chidiac, C. O392, P2144, P2218 Chidurala, S. O651 Chierichini, A. P811, P868 Chiffoleau, A. P1614 Chifiriuc, M.C. O304, P1193, P2180 P2207 Chikthimmah, V. Chilton, C.H P1441, P1442 Chinello, P. O563 Chiodini, P. W44, T84, S612, P2081 Chirotto Filho, R. P1513 Chiu, C.-H. P1231 Chiu, S.S. P1326 Chiueh, T. P1399 P2143 Chkhartishvili, N. Chmelizek, G. P1118 Chmelnitsky, I. P1319 Chmielarczyk, A. P1259 Cho, H. P2217 Cho, J. P2271 Cho, S.Y. P2120 Choi, G. P956 Choi, H. P2217 Choi, H.J. P1172 Choi, J.H. P1990, P2120 Choi, J.Y. P1253, P1254 Choi, S. P2209 Choi, S. H. P1566, P1843 Choi, S.-H. P1566 Choi, S.M. P1592, P1990, P2120 Choi, T. P2281 Choi, T.Y. P679 Choi, W.S. P784 Choi, Y.J. P1172, P1174 Chong, M. O410 Chong, Y. P1877 Choo, E. P712 Choong, P.F.M. O503 Chopra, I. P1432, P1433, P1434, P2173 Chopra, T. O651 Chouchana, L. P1628 Chow, F. P1326 Chow, K.H P1692 Chowdhury, M.H. P1662 Chraïti, M.N. P1981 Chranioti, K. P906 Christ, H. P996 Christacopoulou, T. P1207 Christensen, J. P1317, P1502, P2329 Christensen, K. P773 Christiansen, T. P1492 Christment, D. P1015 Christofidou, M. P1166, P1168, P1526 Chroboczek, T. P2360 Chroma, M. P1177, P1296 Chrysos, G. O127 Chrysou, F. P994 Chryssanthou, E. P1459 Chu, V.H. O168 Chu, Y. P1185 Chua, K.L. P1264 Chuang, Y. O173, P733, P1291 Chudackova, E. P1698, P1714

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 195

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Chudzicka-Strugala, I. P1593 Chudzicki, W. P1593 Chun, D. P1422 Chung, D. P712 Chung, D.R. P1768, P2211 Chung, J. P2209 Chung, J.W. P1566, P1843 Churkina, I.V. O349 Chusri, S. P1858 Ciardo, D. S427, P1786 Cicalini, S. O563 Ciccaglioni, A. P1360 Ciccarelli, N. O648 Cicek, C. O176 Ciechonska, M. O185 Cierna, Z. P1045 Ciervo, A. O636 Cilla, G. P1790 Cinar, A. P2193 Cingolani, A. S143 Cipriani, M. O648 Cipriano, M.A. P1106 Cirasola, D. P829 Cirkovic, I. P1325 Ciruela, P. P715 Cismaru, C. P1841 Cisneros, J.M. O447, P1057 Cisterna, R. P737 Citron, D.M. W17 Ciullo, I. P1165, P1358, P1359 Ciusa, M.L. P1282, P1283 Cizek, A. P1341 Cizman, M. P1550 Claas, E.C.J. P697, P1792 Clack, L. P1967 Claessens, Y. P1025 Clark, E. P833 Clark, K. P719 Clark, R. P1425, P1426, P1448, P1451 Clarke, I. P2002 Clarke, S.C. O551 Claudet, I. P1787 Claus, H. P1187 Cleaveland, S. P1783 Clemente, L. P1644 Clerinx, J. E371 Cleverley, J. P869 Cliff, P. P1505 Clissa, P.B. P1582 Clitheroe, S. O122 Close, R. P727 Clutterbuck, E.A.C. O158 Coadou, G. P1266 Cobelli, C. P1367 Cobo, J. P832 Cobrado, L. P2165 Cocquerelle, V. P2334 Codecasa, L. P1940 Codita, I. P1574 Coelho, J. O303, P1282, P1283 Coen, R. P2134 Cofan, F. P803, P2091 Coffey, A. O474, P1548 Cohen, D. O624 Cohen Stuart, J. P1076, P1716, P1860, P1642 Coia, J. P1146, P2255

196 22nd ECCMID / London

Name Cojocaru, R. Coldham, N.


P1574 P1108, P1346, P1347 Cole, R. P1461 Coleman, D.C. P1275 Colimon, R. P962 Coll, P. P1961 Collado, L. P2022 Collard, J. P1649 Collins, C. P1686 Collobert, G. P1808 Collyns, T.A. P1905 Colmenarejo, C. P802 Colmenero, J. P861, P1572, P2393 Colombo, R. P1814 Colomina Rodríguez, J. P890 Colone, M. P2174 Colpitts, T. O271 Colque, P. P1113 Colson, P. O469 Coltella, L. P2343 Coluzzi, M. P2392 Coma, E. P1140 Coma, I. P1435 Combes, A. P1998 Comets, E. P1619 Como, N. P2400 Compain, F. P1729 Conca, A. O177 Concato, C. P2086, P2336 Conceiçao, T. P1271 Conche, A. P2260 Concia, E. P1913 Conde-Vicente, R. P1920 Conejo, C. P1749 Conejo, M.C. P1304, P1736 Connelly, L. P2087, P2088 Conrads, G. W19 Constantin, M. P1018 Constela-Caramés, L. P1274 Constenla, L. P1556 Conte, M. P1363, P1953 Conte, V. P1664 Conter, L. P1814 Conti, M. P1913 Contini, C. P1951 Cook, P. S131 Cooke, R. P764, P2207 Cookson, B. W68, O125, O268, O644, O660, P1142, P2358 Cooley, N. P1052, P1053 Cooper, A. P1389 Cooper, B. O642, O645, P2359 Cooper, B.S. P2358 Cooper, D. P1886 Cooper, R. P1453 Cooper, S. O117 Coppo, R. P2118 Coque, T.M. O302, O303, O627, P1290, P1375, P1631, P1632, P1636, P1772, P1820, P2182, P2183 Coraca-Huber, D. P2172 Corander, J. P1311 Cordero, E. P1050, P1057 Cordioli, M. P1913

Final Programme



Cordoba, J. P2324 Córdoba Deorador, E. P767 Córdoba García, J. P2129 Cordonnier, C. P867 Cordova, E. P1329 Corey, R. O164 Cormican, M. W37, O300, O301, P1520, P1686, P2199 Cornaglia, G. P1704 Corne, P. P1269, P1328 Cornely, O.A. W3, O109, S132, S364, O670, P808, P810, P853, P854, P860, P862, P867, P2289 Cornistein, W. P1329 Corominas Farres, L. P990 Coronado, N. P1605 Coronel, P. P1560, P1561 Correa, A. P1726, P2030 Correa, C. P2142 Correia, A. P1640, P2201 Correia, V. P2068 Corsini, I. P1921 Corso, A. P1699 Cortoos, P.-J. O282 Corzo, J. O407, O502 Coskun, F. P1265 Coskun, Ö. P940 Cospedal, R. P1793 Costa, A. P2201 Costa, C. P2094 Costa, E. P2093 Costa, J. O181, P895 Costa, L. P2182 Costa, S. P1828 Costa, S.F. P798, P1131, P2121 Costa, S.S. P1280, P1281 Costa-de-Oliveira, S. O115, O118, P819 Costache, C. P2381 Costanzi, G. P1373 Costello, A. P1700 Costers, M. P1090 Cotar, A. P1193, P2180 Côté, J.-S. P2369 Cotten, M. O562, P2145 Cotter, M. P1365 Cottle, L.E. P1589 Cottom, L. P1537 Couch, K. O165 Couderc, L. P799 Couet, W. W50, P1616, P1619, P1620, P1621, P1622 Coulston, N. P1789 Coumou, J. P2050 Coureuil, M. P2154 Courvalin, P. P1256 Coutinho, R.A. P2145 Couto, I. P1280, P1281, P1958 Couto, N. P1316, P1637 Couzigou, C. P1722 Covan, S. P1794, P2273 Cowen, L. O279 Cox, A. P893 Coyne, M.J. P2396



Craft, C. Cragin, L. Craig, W. Crespo, I. Crespo, M.D. Crespo, P. Cretu, C. Cretu, M.-C. Crisetti, E. Cristescu, C.D. Critchley, I.

P719 P867 W5 P1039 P797 P756 P2052 S476 P2362 P818 O408, P1210, P1552, P1696 Crockett, F. P1735 Croisier-Bertin, D. P2056 Crook, D. O186, O662, O667, O668, O670, P1151, P1342, P1385, P1623, P1862, P2240, P2243, P2287 Crookshanks, H. P2227 Croucher, N.J. O551 Crowder, C. P1377 Crowley, B. P1163, P2097 Crowther, C.A. P1567 Crowther, G.S P1441, P1442 Croy, S. P1419 Crumley, S. P934, P874 Cruz, C. P1849 Cruz, J.P. P2139 Crystal, B. P2373 Csohán, Á. P1033 Cuartero, C. P2114 Cubero, Á. P2148 Cubero Ribas, A. P1315 Cuenca-Estrella, M. S509, E527, P743, P832, P845 Cuervo, W. P1315 Cuesta, M. P774 Cuesta-Bandera, C. P2068 Cuingnet, M. P2279 Culak, R. P2006 Cule, M.L. O668 Cummings, C. P1791 Cummins, E. O301 Cunha, S. P1554 Cunliffe, N.A. P904, P949 Cunney, R. P1686 Cuozzo, M. P759 Cupane, L. P2167 Curcic Trajkovska, B. P1004 Curiao, T. O303, O627, P1820 Cusinato, R. O465, P945, P2196 Cutcliffe, L. P2002 Cuteri, V. P1098 Cutland, C.L. P1761 Cutler, S. P703, P1783 Cuzon, G. P1238, P1337 Cvetkova, S. P902 Czesnik, D. P2040 Czobor, I. P1193 Czupryna, P. P758 Czyz, J. P1133


D'Abramo, A. D'Alessandro, D.

P1360 P1120

List of Authors


D'Ambrosio, F. O555 D'Epiro, T. P1778 D'Errico, A. P2153 D'Incà, R. P2239 D'souza, J. P1835 D’Andrea, M.M. P1664 Da Liberdade Jantarada, F. P1967 Da Silva, G. O622, P1081, P1097, P1206, P1255, P1849, P1870, P1878 Da Silva, S. P2056 da Silva Voorham, J.M. O271 Dabis, F. O596, P2137 Dabrowska, M. P2047 Dadrah, A. P2332 Daga, M.K. P1134, P1543 Dagan, R. S238, P1558 Dagli, O. O595 Dahyot-Fizelier, C. P1616 Daikos, G. E375, O628, O645, P2109 Dailly, E. P1614 Dakic, Z. P2403 Dal Monte, P. P1904, P1921 Dal Sasso, L. P1171 Dalager-Pedersen, M. P1017 Dalby, T. P1392 Dale, G.E. P1421, P1456, P1457 Dalfino, L. P1879 Dalhoff, A. P1612 Dalla Gasperina, D. O346 Dallay, D. P1016 Dallenne, C. P1729 Dallow, J. P1458 Dalton, H.R. S463 Daly, S. P2225 Dam, K. P2066 Damani, N. P1980 Damborg, P. P1639 Damiens, S. P789 Damjanova, I. P1683 Dancer, S. O125 Daneel, S. O601 Dangel, M. O121 Daniel, R. S152 Daniel, V.E. P683, P687, P1705, P1719, P1758, P2283 Daniels, R. S154 Daniels-Haardt, I. P2232 Danielsen, T.K. P680, P681 Daniil, J. O295, P1717 Danis, K. P2012 Danze, P.-M. P789 Danziger, L. P849 Daprai, L. P1805 Dargis, R. P1502, P2329 Darizhapov, B. P917 Darling, K.D. O564 Dartois, N. O405, P1840 Darwish, D. P1861 Das, A. P693, P719, P1134, P1543 Das, P. P2404 Das, S. P1417 Dau, A.A. P1249 Dauchy, F.A. P2137 Dauwalder, O. P2197, P2355 Davanos, E. P1590

Name Dave, J. Davey, P.


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De Paolis, M.R. P811 de Pinna, E. P1293, P1829 De Rosa, R. P911 de Santiago Montaña, V. P1315 De Santis, P. O650 de Silva, T. O562, P2145 de Smet, A.M.G.A. O311, P1160 De Socio, G. P1359 de Toro, M. P1771 de Toro-Peinado, I. P739 De Vreese, K. P2095, P2096 De Waele, J. P2206 De Waure, C. P1142 de Weerdt, S. P2404 Deák, J. P801, P923 Deane, J. P1436, P1890 Dearlove, B. O186 Debaene, B. P1616 Debarbieux, L. K453 Decorosi, F. P1282, P1283 Decousser, J.-W. P1153, P1272 Dede, B. P2293 Dedicova, D. P1774 Dediste, A. P969, P1320 Deeny, S.R. P2358 Defrance, G. P1198 Degener, A.M. P967 Degener, J.E. S583, P2163 DeGheldre, Y. P1239 Deighan, C. P1146 Dejban Golpasha, I. P1038 Dejsirilert, S. P734 Dekio, I. P2006 Dekkers, O.M. P1143 del Arco, A. O502 del Baño, L. P1923 del Campo, R. P1203, P1887 Del Campo, S. O594 Del Chierico, F. P2086, P2159, P2336 Del Grosso, M. O555, P1339 Del Marmol, V. P1320 Del Mastro, R. P1381, P1659, P2268 Del Pin, B. P1767 Del Prete, R. P1879 del Toro, M.D. O502 Delaloye, J.D. O564 Delaunay, P. P2385 Delaval, P. P962 Delbes, S. P2202 Delbrück, H. P1241 Delforge, M. P2299 Delgado, J. O502, P2093 Delgado, M. P2393 Delgado, O. P1054 Delhaes, L. P1394 Delia, M. P812, P868 Della Bora, T. P1629 Della-Latta, P. P2373 Delmée, M. P2259 Delogu, G. E204 Delpech, V. O114 Delsing, C.E. O170, P999, P1851, P1855 Dem, P. O341 Dembek, M. O635 Dembowsky, K. P1421, P1456, P1457



Demchuk, H. P1066 Demina, A. P917 Demina, O. P917 Demir, L.S. P761 Demirdal, T. O595 Demirelli, M. P771, P2018 Demiroglu, Y.Z. P1948, P1949 P780, P1899, P2014, Demiroz, A. P2015, P2016 Demkow, U. P983 Demma, Z. P2184 Dempsey, K. P1148 den Heijer, C.D.J. P1576 Dendrinos, V. P1136 Denes, E. O283 Deng, Y. P807, P1214, P1426, P1448, P1475 Deniau, M. P2260 Denis, O. P1067, P1090, P1188, P1189, P1320, P1383, P1404 Déniz, C. P2236 Denning, D. W48, E203, P692, P2104 Deplano, A. P1188, P1189, P1404 Deplazes, P. P2071 Depreeuw, M. P2206 Déprez, B. P1960 Derde, L. O126, O641, P1745, P1746 Derendorf, H. W8 Deresinski, S. S528 Deris, Z. P1607, P1608 Derler, V. P732 Derouin, F. P2386 Derue, G. P2198 Descamps, O. P2198 Descheemaeker, P. P891 Desessard, C. P2065 Deshpande, A. P1537 Deshpande, L. P1089, P1240, P1245, P1331, P1676, P1700 Deslandes, G. P1614 Desmet, S. P1348 Desrues, B. P962 Dessau, R.B. P2054 Destura, R. P930, P948, P2101 Desvaux, C. P1016 Desyatik, E.A. P800 Detsis, M. P2012 Dettenkofer, M. W54, P1968, P1982 Devany, S. P1376 Devesa, I. P2376 Devlin, R. P705, P710 Dhakal, S. P2072 Dhanji, H. P1701 Dhar, R. P1379 Dhatwalia, S. P1909 Dhole, T. P878, P910, P2122 Di Bella, S. P1888 Di Camillo, B. P1367 Di Caro, A. P1888 Di Cori, A. P1358, P1359 Di Lorenzo, V. P1282 Di Marco, P. P973 Di Muzio, F. O650 Di nauta, A. P2094 di Orio, F. P987

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 197

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List of Authors



Di Pilato, V. P1338 Di Sarno, R. P1953 Di Stefano, C. P1124 Di Yacovo, S. P726 Diab, M. P2155 Diamanti, I. P1298 Diamantino-Miranda, J. P1035, P1036 Diamond, M.S O271 Dian, S. O234 Dianetti, J. P1811 Dias, C. P976 Dias, L. P1302 Dias de Oliveira, V. P1702 Díaz, M. P2001 Diaz, R. P1251, P1671 Díaz de Alba, P. P1736, P1737, P1739 Dickenmann, M. P1353 Dickson, W.E. P1705 Didelot, X. O668, P1342, P2243 Diederen, B.M.W. O123, P1129, P1410, P1752, P2338 Dierikx, C. P1635 Diez, A. P1757 Díez-Aguilar, M. P1203, P2309 Digmann, B. P929 Dikova, A. P958 Dimina, E. P1068 Dimitriadis, I. P766 Dimitriou, G. P1150 Dimitroulia, E. P913 Dimitrov, L. O296 Dimitrova, A. P1831 Dimopoulos, G. P1938 Dimopoulou, D. P1299 Dimou, V. P1701 Din, I. P1947 Dingle, K. O186, O662, O668, P2240, P2243 Dinh, Q.D. O599 Dinis, A.M. P2401 Diogo, J. P1182, P1183 Dixon, D.M. E199 Djapo-Tiani, J. P1649 Djuikoue, I. P1574 Djukic, M. P1615 Dmitrenko, O. P1509 Dmitrieva, N. P1247 Dmytruk, N. P1306 Do Thi, T.N. P1069 Dobák, A. P1683 Dobay, O. P1003, P1034 Dobiasova, H. P1341 Dobreva, E. P1831, P2280 Dobrindt, U. P1515 Doddangoudar, V. P1497 Dofferhoff, P.A. P2335 Dofferhoff, T. O652, P1063 Dogonadze, M. P1914 Dogruman-Al, F. P2083 Doherty, C. P2134 Dohmen, P. P1844 Doi, S. P788 Dokuzoguz, B. P2019 Dolejska, M. O626, P1230, P1341 Dolinar, U. P2342 Doluca Yucesoy, M. P813 Domingo, C. P879 Domingo, D. P1588

198 22nd ECCMID / London



Domingues, S. P1255, P1870 Domínguez, A. P1039 Domínguez, J. P2013 Domínguez, M. O270, P1271 Domínguez, M.A. O600, P2223 Domoktsi, A. P1298 Donabedian, S. O343 Donal, E. O500 Donato, C. O119, P914 Donato, M.M. P1106 Donay, J.L. P1228, P1300 Donegan, J. P912 Donelli, G. O631, P2182, P2183 Dong, L. P950 Donker, G. P1547, P1576 Donkers, A. P1349 Donnan, P. O171 Donnelly, J. O109 Donnelly, P. W46, O299, S418 Donnio, P.Y. O500 Donskey, C. P1623 Doran, H. P805 Dorca, J. P726 Doric, M. O634 Dorigo, W. P1860 Dorigo-Zetsma, J.W. P2082 Dornbusch, H.J. P2123 Dornikova, G. P2192 Dortet, L. P1233, P1707 Dosoglu, N. P1199 Doucet-Populaire, F. P1153, P1380 Doucette, K. P846 Doudoulakakis, A. P1135, P992 Doumith, M. P1987 Dounias, G. P1416 Dovgan, E. P1568 Downey, J. P705, P710 Dowzicky, M. P1111, P1178, P1208, P1209, P1213, P1476, P1477, P1478, P1481, P1482, P1483, P1484, P1485, P1486, P1487, P1488, P1816, P2375 Doxara, A. P992 Drago, M. P1867 Drai-Hassid, R. P701 Drancourt, M. E374 Draoui, H. P1933 Draper, M. P694, P1423 Drapier, N. P1051 Drapp, D. P901 Dreisbach, A. O549 Drell, T. P1782 Drescher, M. P706 Drew, R.J. P2097 Drews, S. P705, P710 Drimousi, A. P2307 Drissi, M. P1522, P1523 Drobniewski, F. P1919 Drogiti, M. O281 Drougka, E. P1150, P1168, P1217, P1549 Drucbert, A.-S. P789 Drumright, L. P1058 Dryden, M. S412, S417 Duarte, A. O622, P1081, P1206, P1255, P1529, P1878, P2201

Final Programme



Duarte, M.R. P1586 Dubins'ka, G. P2306 Dubouix-Bourandy, A. M. P1800 Dubska, L. P1341 Dubuis, O. P1786 Ducroix-Roubertou, S. O283 Duda-Madej, A. P2041 Dueñas, C. P774, P2223 Dugua, J.M. P2311 Duke, T. O276 Dulley, F. P798 Dulovic, O. P2403 Dumaine, V. P1025 Dumartin, C. O659, P1055, P1056 Dumigan, D.G. O649 Dumitrescu, O. P2170 Dumont, E. P1419 Dumont-Lutgens, S. P1860, P2379 Dumpis, U. P1068, P1194 Dunaj, J. P2047 Duncan, A. P864 Duncan, J. O166 Duncan, R. O185 Dunn, C. P1525 Dunne, J. P2097, P2108 Dunne, M. P1890 Dunwoody, N. P1428 Dupin, N. P2154 Dupon, M. P2137 Dupont, J. P1279 Dupouey, J. O467 Duran, R. P1305 Durand, G. P1720, P2355 Durando, P. S245 Durussel, C. P2333 Duse, A. P1073 Dusemund, F. O177 Duverlie, G. P943 Dwivedi, P. P1804 Dwyer, D. S482 Dyakova, S. P1247 Dykman, L. P1393 Dyrland, D. P1754 Dziadek, J. P1941, P1942, P1943 Dzierzanowska-Fangrat, K. O179, O180, P2296


Eastaway, A.T. Ebden, L. Ebert, S. Echavarria, J. Echeverría, N. Eckburg, P. Ecker, D.

P1690 P1854 P2040 P823, P2297 P1869 O408, P721 P833, P1369, P1377, P1508, P1510 Eckert, C. P2263, P2270, P2279 Eckmanns, T. P1187 Ecochard, R. P2144 Economou, M. P1217 Edalat, R. P1021 Edberg, C. P1656 Edeki, T. P1417 Edelsberg, J. O409 Edelstein, I. P1740 Edelstein, M. P1514, P1740, P1835, P1997



Edgar, R. P1876 Edgeworth, J.D. P2169 Edmunds, J. S584 Edwards, A.R. P1345 Edwards, C.M.E. P709 Edwards, G. P1272, P1506, P1750 Edwards, R. P1058 Egea, P. P1075 Ehrhardt, C. P1620, P2164 Ehricht, R. P1765, P2364 Ehrlich, G.D. P1390 Eickhardt, S. P1781 Eiffert, H. P1615, P2053 Eigner, U. P1918, P2277 Eisele, A. P1074 Eisenhut, C. P1806 Ekanayaka, A.S. O639 Eksteina, I. P796 El Alaoui, H. W78 El Garch, F. P1189 El Hamad, I. P2146 El Mehallawy, H. P1405 El Mniai, A. P1198, P1574 El Otmani, F. P1688 El Sayed, F. P1895 El-Defrawi, I. P1935, P2155 El-Ghannam, M. P2155 El-Ray, A. P2155 El-Sherbini, E. P2155 Elahmer, O. P2298 Elasifer, H. P1249 Elefanti, A. O307, O308 Elefsiniotis, I. P2307 Elefteriou, E. P1011 Elenbogen, M. P1674 Elges, S. P2113 Elgohari, S. O504, P1125 Eliakim-Raz, N. P720 Elias, R. O649 Elkington, P. O470, O471, O635, P2150, P2151 Eller, K. P2034 Ellermann-Eriksen, S. O275 Ellershaw, S. P866 Elleuch, E. P1583 Ellington, M. S134 Elliot, H.C. P1624 Ellström, K. P2249 Elmdaghri, N. P1689 Elom, M. P1010 Elschner, M. P2340 Elzi, L. P2219 Emam, I. P2302 Emaneini, M. P981 Emanuelson, U. P1073 Emery, V. O276 Emiroglu, M. P986 Emmelot, M.H. O402 Emonet, S. S519 Empel, J. O266 Ena, J. P776 Endimiani, A. K578, P1510 Engberg, J. P2272 Engel, M.F. O402 Engelstein, D. P701 Engin, D. P1199 Engler, O. O274 English, A. P1905

List of Authors

Engstrand, L. Engstrom, D. Enne, V.I. Enriquez, A. Entenza, J.M.


W33 O276 P1227 P791 P2055, P2166, P2179 Epelde, F. P2222 Erb, S. P1353, P1553 Ercibengoa, M. P702 Erdem, E. P1574 Erdinc, F.S. P771, P1027, P2014, P2017, P2018, P2216 Erdinc, S.F P1832 Eren Gok, S. P2019 Ergin, A. P1260 Ergonul, O. S380 Ergunay, K. P2015 Ericsson Unnerstad, H. P1073 Erikstrup, L.T. P680, P681 Ermolenko, E. P2039 Eroglu, M. P2019 Ertek, M. P2024 Ertunç, B. P1848 Eruz, E. P1175 Erwich, J.J.H.M. P1567 Eryegen, K. P952 Escobar, A. P1989 Escorsell, A. P861 Escribano, P. P745, P746, P834 Escudero, D. P968 Escudero, J.A. P1243, P1244 Esen, B. P2024 Eshetu, T. P2398 Eshoo, M. P1377 Eskandari, E. O393 Eskandari, M. P815 Eskandari, S. P2380 Eslamifar, A. P909, P931 Español, M. P1961 Espartero, X. P1274 Espasa-Soley, M. P1868 Espejo, E. O600 Espinal, P. P1085 Espinola, M. P686, P2090 Espona, M. P1065 Esposito, R. O670 Esquinas, C. P729 Essalah, L. P1933 Estebam, G. P1030 Esteban, J. P1908, P1955 Estela, A. O468 Estepa, V. P1633, P1771 Esteves, P. O337 Estrada, C. P1652 Ethelberg, S. P2252 Etienne, J. O269, O397, P1401, P2168, P2170, P2197 Etienne, J.-P. P2360 Etulain, K. P1869 Euser, S.M. O123 Evans, J. O171, P1842, P1939 Evengård, B. S264, S610 Evren Kemer, O. P2019 Ewbank, J.J. S322 Ewijk van, B.E. P2082 Eworo, A. P804, P1158 Exiara, T. P1136 Exner, M. W38



Eyigün, C. Eyre, D.

P940, P1762 O662, O667, O668, P2240, P2243 Ezpeleta, C. P737, P1585 Ezpeleta Baquedano, C. P2126, P2389


F. Afonso, I. Faas, A. Fabio, A. Fàbrega, J. Faccone, D. Faella, F. Fagan, E. Fagioli, F. Fagnani, R. Fagon, J.-Y. Fahy, C. Fairfax, M. Fairley, D. Fajardo, J.M. Fajardy, I. Fakiri, M.E. Falagas, M.

P1702 P700 P1904 P2013 P1699 P1953 P1748, P1750 P2094 P783 P2317 P1376 P1500 O664 O502 P789 P782 S458, P718, P1827, P1975, P2107 Falasca, F. O561 Falchi, A. P1723 Falcó, V. P714 Falcone, M. O125, P1332 Falguera, M. P729 Falgueras, L. P1868 Falk-Brynhildsen, K. P1112 Fall, C. O397 Fallico, L. P1904, P1926, P2196 Fan, H. P807, P1214 Fan, H.W. P1582 Fan, R.Y.Y. P956 Fanci, R. P811, P868 Fang, C. P2136 Fang, E. P1420 Fang, H. P2327 Fang, M. P2354 Fanget, R. P919 Fankhauser, C. O645, P1863 Fanning, S. P1224 Fantauzzi, A. O561 Fantin, B. P1735, P1744, P2289 Farahbakhsh, E. P815 Farazi, A. P931, P939 Farbman, L. O647, P2111 Faria-Ramos, I. O115, P819, P1742 Farias, P.M.C.M. P870 Farina, F. P2116 Fariñas, M.C. O169, P1064 Fariñas-Alvarez, C. P1064, P2119 Fariñas-Alvarez, M.C. P2119 Farkas, A. P1599 Farkas, M. P1683 Farowski, F. P860 Farrell, D. P1088, P1201, P1331, P1413, P1437, P1446, P1449, P1551, P1563, P1564, P1880, P1881, P1884, P1897 Farrell, J. S569, P1378 Farrell, S. O658 Fasulo, G. P1767



Fathallah, A. P744, P775 Fätkenheuer, G. O559 Fattorini, F. P1360 Fauchier, T. P2385 Faura, C. P797 Faust, S. O551, S242, P754 Fauvarque, M.-O. S321 Favalli, C. P1648 Favaro, M. P1648, P1811 Favennec, L. P799 Favier, C. P1729 Fawley, W.N. O668, P2243 Fazakerley, J. P758 Fazio, C. P1985 Fedele, G. O636, P1047, P2242 Feierl, G. P1634, P2123 Feig, M. P1187 Feil, E. P1311 Feistritzer, C. P2034 Feldman, N. O624 Felgner, P. O280 Felix, C.S. P1127 Félix, D. P1738 Felton, T. O309, P805 Fenelon, C. P1144 Fenelon, L. P1144, P1163 Feng, Q. P1934 Feng, X. P1185 Feng, Z. P1350, P2294 Fenoll, A. P717, P1295, P1560, P1561 Feris, J. S241 Ferjani, A. P1308 Ferjani, S. P1677 Ferlinz, A. P1791 Fernadez-Hidalgo, N. P2060 Fernandes, F. P2201 Fernandes, L. P1637 Fernandes, P. P719, P1418, P1470 Fernandes, S. P926, P1901 Fernandez, A. P1682 Fernández, F. O172 Fernandez, G. P2105 Fernandez, H. P2022, P2023 Fernandez, I. P1868 Fernández, J. P1565 Fernández, M. P1555, P1571 Fernández Rey, E. P851, P852 Fernández-Cruz, A. P824, P1158 Fernández-Cuenca, F. P1082, P1085 Fernández-Domínguez, J. P894 Fernández-García, M. P1064 Fernández-Hidalgo, N. O226 Fernández-Rial, A. P1956 Fernández-Rivera, J. O407 Fernández-Romero, N. P1859 Fernandez-Ruiz, M. O448, O450, P1974, P2093 Fernández-Sánchez, A.M. P739 Fernández-Sevilla, A. P1140 Ferrari, F. P1664 Ferrari, R.F. P1582 Ferraris, A. P1124 Ferraz, J. P1828 Ferreira, E. O593, P1644, P1738 Ferreira, I. P2383 Ferreira, J. P1594 Ferreira, L. P1302



Ferreira, S.

P1182, P1183, P1251, P1671, P1870 Ferrer, I. P1874 Ferrero, I. P2129 Ferretti, S. P1397 Ferry, T. O345, O392, P1335, P2144, P2168, P2197, P2218 FeTalento, A. O400 Fialho, R. P2068 Fianchi, L. P811, P811 Fiandaca, M. P2373 Fielder, M. S576, P1347 Fiett, J. P1674 Figueira, J. P951 Figueiredo, R. P1106 Fikrig, E. O271 File, T. S239, O408 File Jr., T. P721 Filipescu, I. P2248 Filipovic, M. P1801 Filippenko, N. P1568 Filippidou, E. P1136 Filippidou, M. P1136 Fillatre, P. O451 Fille, M. P2172 Filntisi, N. P989 Filos, K. P1526, P1549 Fina, L. P1923 Finney, J. O662, P2240 Finotello, F. P1367 Firon, A. P1306 Firsov, A. P1610 Firstenberg, M. P1130 Fiscarelli, E. P2336 Fischer, G. P808 Fischer, J. O559, P1630 Fiscon, M. P2196 Fitzgerald, S. P1144, P1163 Fitzgerald-Hughes, D. O400, P1114, P1669 Fitzpatrick, F. S360, P1686, P2241, P2286 Flamm, R. P1088, P1089, P1201, P1413, P1437, P1443, P1446, P1449, P1450, P1551, P1552, P1563, P1564, P1881, P1894 Flammini, S. P1165, P1358 Flanagan, S. P1420 Flasarova, M. P2000 Flaxman, L. P1893 Flecher, E. O500 Fleet, E. O660 Flego, D. O636 Fleischer, M. P779 Fleites, A. P717, P1295, P1565 Fleites, G. P2142 Fleming, C. P711, P2138, P2213 Fleming, M.R. O296 Fletcher, M. S244 Fletcher, T. P1947 Flick, H. P706 Fligou, F. P1526, P1549 Flonta, M. P2248 Flora, M. P1925 Floré, K. P1731 Floren-Zabala, L. P2131

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 199

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Name Flores, C. Flores, K.M. Florescu, A.S. Florio, A. R. Floriot, C. Florou, Z. Flountzi, A. Fluit, A. Foerster, M. Foka, A. Folgueira, D. Fondevilla, E. Fontana, C. Fontana, R. Fontanals, D. Fonte, J. Foracchia, P. Forastiero, A. Force, E. Ford, B. Forge, F. Fornes, P. Foroughi, M. Forrest, A. Forrest, K. Forstner, C. Fortini, D. Fortún, J.


O172 P930 P2291 P2174 P1846 P1217 P1751 P1076, P1642, P1716 P1963 P1150 O448 P1065 P1648, P1811 P1724, P1795 P714, P1868 O302 P1577 P845 P2061 P2325 P2311 O182 P909 P1607, P1608, P2064 P754 O160, O161 O623, O626 O447, O594, P832 Fortuna, M. P2350 Fortuño, B. P1771 Foschi, C. P2149, P2153 Foster, G. W22 Fostervold, A. P2234, P2372 Fothergill, A. P2346 Foucher, N. O657 Fouet, A. O554 Fourkas, D. O628 Fournier, D. P1837, P1838 Fournier, P.-E. W71, S146 Fouskakis, D. P718 Fouzas, S. P1150 Fowler, V.G. O164 Fraganza, F. P1953 Fraile, MT. P1516 Fraile Fariñas, M.T. P738 Frakking, F.N.J. P1860 Franca, F.O.S. P1582, P1586, P1594 Franchin, E. O465, P945, P1197, P1367, P1373 Francis, G. P1875 Francisco, A.P. P1644 Francois, C. P943 François, N. P789 François, P. O345, P1335 Frank, U. O125, O267, O650, P1288 Franke, B. P853, P854 Franke, S. P891 Fransson, G. P1060 Franzetti, F. P1940, P2140, P2146 Frasca, D. P1616 Fraser, V. P2042 Frasquet, J. P2324 Frasson, I. P1197 Fredlund, H. P1986 Freeman, J. P1441, P1442

200 22nd ECCMID / London



Frees, D. Frei, L. Frei, R.

P2063 P1387 O121, P865, P1119, P1309, P1310, P1321, P1409 Freiberger, T. P1386, P1801 Freibergerova, M. P1386 Freire, M.P. P1131, P2121 Freire-Martin, I. P1347 Freitas, A. O303, P1632 Freitas, A.R. O302, P1631, P1290 Freitas, A.T. P1282, P1283 Frenay, I. O665 French, G.L. P1969 Fresco, G. P832 Freund, R. P1025 Frey, P. P1387 Freydiere, A.M. P2355 Friães, A. O552 Fridlender, M. P1501, P1788 Friedland, H.D. O408, P721 Friedland, I. P2251 Friedland, J. W74, O470, O471, O635, P2150, P2151 Friedrich, A. P1289, P2005, P2232 Friedrichs, B. P938 Friesema, I.H.M. P1093 Friesen, J. P1377 Frimodt-Møller, J. P1675 Frinder, M. P1369, P1508 Frita, R. O396, S541 Fritsche, T. P2331 Frost, S. P1365 Frustaci, A. S107 Fry, G. P1589 Fry, N. O166, P1392 Fuenzalida, L. P2013 Fujimura, S. P1839 Fujisawa, M. P1807 Fuller, C. O644 Fuller, D. P1732, P2370 Fuller, J. P1754 Fung, T. P2314 Furberg, A.-S. P1658 Furi, L. P1282, P1283 Furian, L. P2196 Furione, M. P885 Furustrand Tafin, U. P821, P2062 Fuursted, K. O275, P681, P1697, P1730, P2066 Fyfe, C. P1448, P1451, P1452


G, V. G Rodrigues, A. G.Moçali, C. G.P. Araújo, E. Gabiano, C. Gabriel, E. Gabunia, P. Gachot, B. Gacouin, A. Gado, D. Gadsby, N.J. Gafter-Gvili, A.

Final Programme

P1924 O118 P1702 P1702 P759 P1548 P2143, P2402 O109 O451, P962 P1783 P722 P2111



Gagnaire, J. P2355 Gagnard, J.C. P2334 Gago, S. P832 Gaia, V. P1310 Gaillard, C.A.J.M. O402 Gaillard, J.-L. P1895 Galán, J.C. P897, P1411 Galan-Sanchez, F. P772, P2025 Galani, I. P1694 Galani, L. P1020, P1865 Galarneau, A. P846 Galarza, P. P1757 Galas, M. P1757 Gales, A. O630, P1186, P1513 Galiana, A. P1869 Galimberti, S. P1805 Galipienso, N. P776 Gallagher, K. P1857 Gallegos, B. P1845 Galler, H. P1634 Galli, M. P2140 Gallimoni, I. P1138 Galloway, A. P995 Galván Guijo, B. P1844 Galvez, J. O169 Gálvez, R. P1605 Galvin, S. P1114 Gama, B. O111, P824, P1657 Gamian, A. P1366 Gamkrelidze, A. P2143 Gan, A. P1062 Gan, V.C. P1164 Gan, Y. P1326 Ganchua, S.K. P948, P2101 Gandhi, K. O404 Gandhi, R.G. P1889 Gandjini, H. O405 Gandois, J. M. P1800 Ganiem, A.R. O234 Ganner, M. O268, P1312 Ganta, S. P1298 Ganteris, G. P1207 Ganzenmueller, T. P905 Gao, Y. P979 Gaona, C. P1989 Garau, J. O174, O175, S235, S236, S240, S415, P689, P690 Garazzino, S. P759, P1071, P1577, P2118 Garbati, M. O669 García, A. O172, P2301 García, C. P968 García, E. P2175 Garcia, F. P1031 García, M. O172 García, P. P2175 Garcia de la Fuente, C. P674 García de Viedma, D. P955, P1972 Garcia Noblejas, A. P2090 García Rodriguez, J. O497 García Zurita, M.L. P802 García-Almodóvar, E. P731 García-Arenzana, J.M. P702 Garcia-Arevalo, M.C. P2297 Garcia-Arias, V. P1988 Garcia-Bermejo, I. P993 García-Campello, M. P1030



García-Castillo, M. P1203, P1887 Garcia-Fernandez, A. O626 Garcia-Galera, M.C. P2297 García-Pardo, G. P2223 García-Pedrazuela, M. P1908 Garcia-Perez, A.L. P2004 Garcia-Reyne, A. O448, O450, P1571, P1974, P2093 García-Rodriguez, J.F. P1354, P1927, P1956 Garcia-Tapia, A. P772 García-Vasquez, C. P1955 Garcia-Vidal, C. P726, P1140 Gardiner, S. P1939 Gardovska, D. P2167 Garduño, E. P1989 Garenc, C. O666 Gargala, G. P799 Gargalianos-Kakolyris, P. P1844, P1846, P2110, P2220 Gargaté, MJ. P2383 Gargiulo, R. P1867 Gari-Toussaint, M. P850 Garin, Y. P2386 Garitacelaya, M. P851, P852 Garnacho, J. O110, P708 Garnier, F. P1340 Garoosi, Z. P2380 Garraud, O. P1322 Garrido, A. P2390 Garrigós, C. P2061 Garris, M. P929, P1804 Gartner, M. P929 Gartzonika, C. P918, P2070 Garza, N. P950 Garzia, M.G. P811, P868 Gasbarrino, C. P868 Gasch, O. O600, P2223 Gascoyne-Binzi, D.M. P1905 Gastinne, T. P2161 Gastmeier, P. S330, O341, K431, S619, P1074, P1220, P1678, P1968 Gaston, L. P2394 Gatell, J. S485 Gatermann, S. P1680, P1681, P1237, P1709, P2352 Gato, E. P1085 Gatserelia, L. P2402 Gatto, M. P1577 Gattringer, R. P732 Gaulton, T. P2354 Gautret, P. S608 Gavaldà, J. O116, O447, P2060, P2067 Gawryszewska, I. O347 Gay, E. P896 Gaydos, C.A. S252, S254 Gayet-Ageron, A. O643 Gazin, C. P704 Gazin, M. P1745, P1746 Gazzola, L. P2146 Gedik, H. P2074 Geerlings, S.E. O653, P1541, P1567 Geffard, S. P2137 Gegeshidze, T. P1581 Geissmann, T.A. P2355

List of Authors

Gembula, I. Gemmell, C. Genco, F. Gennari, W. Gentil, M.A. Geoghegan, L.


P713 P1438 O338 P831, P1664 P1050 O664, P1970, P2227 Georgaki, C. P2070 Georgiadou, S. P2194 Georgitsi, M. P1083 Geraats-Peters, K. P2379 Gérard, M. P1320 Gerding, D. P1439, P1440 Gern, L. P2010 Gesu, G. P1495 Getman, D. P1815 Gezelle Meerburg, G. P1973 Gharabaghi, F. P928 Gharbia, S. P2006, P2354 Ghariani, A. P1933 Gharsa, H. P1633 Ghazawi, A. P1708 Gheith, S. P744, P775 Gheorghe, I. O304 Gherlan, G.S. P2291 Ghirardi, S. P1718 Ghisetti, V. S575, P1796 Gholizadeh, M. P942 Ghorbani, M. P1042 Ghoshal, U. P2122 Ghoshal, U. P2122 Giacchino, M. P811, P2094 Giacobazzi, E. P1664 Giacomazzi, C. P1141, P2313 Giacomet, V. P1013 Giaka, M. P1299 Giakkoupi, P. P1691, P1721 Giakoupi, P. P1166 Giamarellos-Bourboulis, E. P1083, P2037 Giamarellou, H. W25, O281, P1020, P1546, P1865 Giammanco, G.M. P957 Giana, G. P778 Giandomenico, A.M. P998 Gianelli Castiglione, A. P2313 Giani, G. P2146 Giani, T. P1664 Giannatou, E. P869 Giannella, M. P955, P1137, P1972 Giannikopoulos, G. P1416 Giannitsioti, E. O281 Gibbons, S. S96 Gibbs, P. P748 Gidaris, E. P1136 Giddey, M. P2055, P2166, P2179 Giedrys-Kalemba, S. O398 Giemza, M. P1133 Gierczynski, R. W55 Gijón, P. O111 Gil, F. P972 Gil, J. P2390 Gil Setas, A. P2126 Gil-Brusola, A. P716, P2324 Gil-Parrado, S. P2222 Gil-Setas, A. P1585 Gil-Tomás, J. P890



Gilbert, D. P1610 Gilbert, G.L. O548 Gilbert, L. P1148 Gilchrist, M. P1052, P1053 Gillet, Y. P2197 Gillmann, E. P2353 Gimenez, M. P714, P1560, P1561 Gimeno, C. P1516, P1749, P1907 Gimeno Cardona, C. P738 Ginocchio, C. S369, P927 Gintsburg, A. P1471, P1472 Giordano, A. O623 Giormezis, N. P1150, P1217 Giourgouli, G. P1299 Giraldi, C. P998 Girardello, R. O630 Girardi, E. P2146 Giraud, D. P1718 Giraud, S. P799 Girgis, S. P1708 Girlich, D. P1229, P1236, P1707, P2315 Girometti, N. P1719 Giron, C. O272 Giron, R. P2030 Girotto, M.A. P1646 Giske, C. W15, S139, S414, S494, K578A, P1662, P1691 Gismondo, M.R. P988, P1013 Gits-Muselli, M. P936 Gitti, Z. P1928, P1944 Giudice, M. P798, P1828 Giufrè, M. P1992 Gkrania-Klotsas, E. P1589 Gladilina, M. P2039 Gladstone, R.A. O551 Glaser, P. O554 Glasner, C. O549 Glick, J. P1876 Glick, R. P1319 Gliga, S. P2308 Glossmann, J. P853, P854 Glowacki, R. P849 Glupczynski, Y. P1188, P1189, P1239, P1241, P1383, P1404, P1496, P1687 Gniadkowski, M. O120, P1257, P1674, P1746 Gobbi, M. O338 Gobbin, P. P1620 Göbel, U. S520 Gobin, I. O634 Gobin, P. P1619, P1621 Godinho, A. P2201 Godinho, K. P1226 Godoy, P. P1039 Goenaga, M. O169, O600 Goering, R.V. W29 Goessens, W. P1833 Goessweiner-Mohr, N. O632 Goff, D. O298, P1130, P2247 Gofna, U. P2284 Góis, A. O396, S541 Gokal, A. O595 Golan, Y. P2287 Goldapel, E. P1407 Goldberg, E. P2284



Goldenberg, S. P1505, P1969 Goldenberger, D. P1409 Goldstein, B.P. P1890 Golebiewska, A. P1408 Golec, K. P779 Golparian, D. P1470 Golubchik, T. P1151 Gomariz, M. P1790 Gomes, C. P1079 Gomes, M. P2013 Gomes, M.Z.R. P870 Gomez, A. P2290 Gomez, C. P2337 Gomez, J. O468 Gómez, J. P1802 Gomez, N. P1329 Gómez, P. P1318 Gómez, S. P2282 Gomez, S. P1699 Gomez, T. P1875 Gomez Gil, R. O497 Gomez Muñoz, N. P738 Gómez-Alonso, B. P890 Gómez-Bravo, M.A. P1050 Gomez-Fleitas, M. P1064 Gómez-Gª Pedrosa, E. P832 Gómez-Garcés, J.L. P1856 Gómez-López, A. P743, P845 Gómez-Sánchez, MC. P1075 Gómez-Sanz, E. P1318, P1993 Gomis, X. O116, P2060, P2067 Gona, F. P1601 Gonçalves, L. P2201 Gonçalves, L.R.C. P1582 Gonçalves-Pereira, J. S103 Gontijo, A.V.L. P1621, P1622 Gonzalez, A. P1810 Gonzalez, C. P1544 González, I.A. P804 González, J. P1961 Gonzalez, L. O232 Gonzalez, M. P2022, P2404 Gonzalez, O. P1869 González, V. O172 González Cabrero, S. P1315, P2148 González Moran, F. P716 González Ramallo, V.J. P1845, P2110 Gonzalez Zorn, B. P1285 Gonzalez-Alba, J.M. P897 González-Domínguez, M. P1524, P2390 Gonzalez-Ruiz, A. P787, P1845, P2109, P2110, P2220 González-Sagrado, M. P1920, P1931 González-Sayago, I. P731 González-Torralba, A. P993 Gonzalez-Zorn, B. P1243, P1244 Gonzalo, C. P802, P1874 Gonzalo, S. P1001 Good, L. P1345 Goodwin, J. O309, P814, P827 Goorhuis, A. P1143 Goossens, H. O119, O120, O266, S531, O645, P1051, P1496, P1674, P1687, P1745, P1746 Gopal Rao, G. O660 Gopalakrishnan, R. P1474



Gorbach, S.

O670, P1623, P2287, P2289 Gorbich, Y. P1169 Gordon, N. C. P1151 Gordts, B. P2264 Gorenc, M P2235 Görenek, L. P770, P1200, P1235 P1940, P2146 Gori, A. Gorrin, G. P888, P889 Gorrini, C. P794, P2080, P2273, P2319, P2391 Gorsuch, T. P1589 Gosciniak, G. P991, P2041 Goslinska-Pawlowska, O. P1593 Gospodarek, E. P779 Gostev, V. P984 P1627 Gotfried, M. Gottardello, L. P945 Gottesman, T. P2278 Gotto, P. P1646 Gottstein, B. S475 Gotuzzo, E. S477 Goudarzi, H. P1412 Goukos, D. O628 Goulet, D. O666 Gouliouris, T. P2322 Gouma, S. P2300 Gourgoulis, G.M. O281 Goveia, J. P901 Govorun, V. P1396, P1997, P2320 Gozalan, A. P698 Gozalo, M. P1573 Grabinska, J. P991 Grabovskaya, K. P2039 Gracio, M.-A. P2068 Gradel, K.O. P1850 Graf, K. P1984, P2106 Graglia, E. P1324 Graham, C. P995 Grahor, A. P2235 Gram, L. S95 Grammatikou, M. O628 Gramolelli, S. P2392 Granada, R. P708 Granado, D. P851, P852 Granados, A. P2223 Grandesso, S. P1925 Grandgirard, D. O274, P2178 Grandjean, G. P1192 Grandsire, E. P2263, P2279 Grangeot-Keros, L. P963, P997 Graninger, W. O394, P732 Granizo, J.J. P1560, P1561 Grant, A. P1797 Grattard, F. P1322 Grau, S. P1065, P1618 Grave, K. P1072 Gravemann, S. O559 Graves, S. P1389 Gray, S. P1840 Grayes, A. P2368 Greason, K. O501 Greco, F. P998 Green, K. P705, P710, P1562 Greenberg, Z. P1501, P1788, P2083 Greer, K. P1610 Grégoire, N. P1619 Gregorek, H. P2296

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 201

Chairs & Authors


List of Authors

Name Gregori, G. Gregoric, P. Gregson, L. Greub, G.


P1796 P1325 O309, P814 W70, S382, P1310, P2333 Griesser, H. J. P1469 Griessmair, A. P1312 Grif, K. P828 Griffiths, P.D. E525, K579 Griffiths, D. O662, O667, O668, P2240, P2243 Grigis, A. P1498, P1725, P2214 Grigorova, M. P1831 Grigoryevskaya, Z. P1247 Grilli, E. O563 Grillo, A. P2239 Grinaker, E. O128 Grisetti, S. P2146 Grishin, A. P1472 Grisold, A. O625, P857, P858, P2123 Groen, L. P2379 Grohmann, E. O632 Grohs, P. P2317 Groll, A. P810 Groot, C.A.R. P999 Groot, de, C.J. P2082 Groß, B. P2007 Gross, S. P1501, P1788, P2083 Grosse, P. P1353 Grossi, P. W4, S216, O346 Grossman, T. P1425, P1426, P1427, P1428, P1448, P1451, P1452 Grosso, F. O302, P1261, P1632 Grottola, A. P1664 Grouteau, E. P1787 Grudniak, A.M. P1467 Grund, E. P1994 Grundmann, H. O269 Grunenberg, N. P1431 Grüner, B. P2071 Grupper, M. P2224 Grygorczuk, S. P2047 Grywalska, E. O162 Grzes, K. P1467 Gu, H. P1422 Gu, Q. P1287 Guala, A. P1577 Guardabassi, L. P1639 Guardigni, V. P1951 Guardiola, J. O232 Gubbay, J. P705, P710 Gude, M.J P1524, P2390 Gudiol, F. S359, P726, P1065 Guelfand, L. P1756, P1759 Guembe, M. O499 Guenther, J. P2321, P2326 Guerot, E. P2317 Guerra, B. P1630 Guerra, J. M. P2222 Guerra, R. O232 Guerrero, F. O502 Guerrero Espejo, A. P890 Guerrero-Lozano, I. P772, P2025

202 22nd ECCMID / London

Name Guerriero, L. Gueudet, T. Guezala, C. Guggenberger, C. Guglielmetti, L. Guglielmetti, M. Guigonis, V. Guigue, N. Guillard, T. Guillem, J. Guillet, M. Guillet-Caruba, C. Guillot, V. Guimaraes, T. Guinand, R. Guinard, J. Guinea Ortega, J.V.


P1699 P1753 O468 P2158 P1913 O177 P1340 P2386 P1735, P1744 P2105 P963 P1380 P1605 P1131 P1800 P1837 O111, E203, S217, P745, P746, P786, P804, P824, P834 Guiral, E. P1294 Guitian, J. P716 Guiu, A. P1726 Gül, H. P940 Gul, H.C. P1762 Gulat, S. P813 Gulati, A. P1398 Gulay, Z. P1311, P2193 Gulemye, I. O340 Guleri, A. O122, O284, O655, P707, P864, P866, P1062, P1122, P1123, P1463, P1464, P2221, P2377 Gulesen, R. P698, P2024 Guliy, O. P1393 Gulmez, D. P777 Guna, M.R. P1516 Guna, R. P823, P1907 Gundersen, S.G. P2073 Guner, R. O411, O595 Gungor, C. P2084 Guo, B. P1268, P1606 Guo, J. P1934 Guo, L. P785 Gupalova, T. P2039 Gurbuz, O. P1262 Gurbuz, Y. O595 Gurguí, M. O447 Guris, D. O164 Gurler, N. P1401 Guschin, A.E. P1514 Gustavsson, L. P959 Gustovarova, T. P1568 Guthrie, B. O171, P1842 Gutiérrez, A. P708 Gutierrez, B. P1243, P1244 Gutierrez, J.M. P1204 Gutiérrez, M. P2022, P2077, P2109, P2387 Gutierrez, M.A. P1555 Gutierrez, M.J. O172 Gutiérrez Rodríguez, M.A. P767, P768 Gutiérrez Rodríguez, M.P. P1315 Gutiérrez-Cuadra, M. P1064, P2119 Gutmann, L. K286, P1234, P1234, P2317

Final Programme

Name Guven, T. Guy, R. Guy, T. Guyot, K. Guzmán, G. Gužvinec, M. Guzzi, L. Gwynn, M. Györke, A. Gyssens, I.


Number O411 O344, O495, O498, P1155, P2254 P947 P1722 P935 P1704 P1124 P1435 P2381 O282, O653, P1063

Ha, Y.E. P1768 Haas, D. P1634 Habayeb, H. P2204 Häberli, L. P1048 Habesoglu, M.A. P1949 Habib, G. P1649 Hacek, D.M. P2368 Hacimustafaoglu, M. P952 Hackel, M. P1111, P1178, P1179, P1180, P1181, P1184, P1208, P1209, P1213, P1476, P1477, P1478, P1479, P1481, P1482, P1483, P1484, P1485, P1486, P1487, P1672, P1679, P1682, P1816, P1824 Haddad Junior, V. P1586 Hadji khodadad, S. P1046 Hadji-Petrusheva Jankijevic, A. P1004 Hadji-Petrusheva Meloska, I. P1004 Hadjieva, N. P1872 Haeberli, L. O395, P2035 Haenen, A. P1196 Hafkin, B. P1465 Häfner, H. P1983 Hagelskjær Kristensen, L. P773 Haggard, M. S352 Hagge, D. P1959 Haghi, F P1041 Haghighat, S. P1038 Haghighi, F. P815 Hagleitner, M. P843 Hahka, D.J. P844 Haider, S. P846 Haigh, J.D. P740 Hainova, K. P1045 Hait, H. P694 Haj-Hosseini, R. P877 Hajdu, E. P2200 Hajibeigi, B. P2292 Hakanen, A. P682, P1519, P1651 Hakanen, E. P1651 Halaby, T. P1086 Haldorsen, B. P1658, P1693 Halevi, S. O446 Halimi, D. P1720 Hall, A.D. P1603, P1604 Hall, G.S. P1732 Hall, T. P833 Hall, V. P681, P683, P687, P2283, P2286 Halligan, E. S425, P925, P1505 Hallin, M. P1189, P1383, P1404

Name Hamadeh, M.B. Hamane, S. Hamel, F. Hamelet, E. Hamm, N. Hammami, A. Hammami, B. Hammami, S. Hammer, M. Hammerum, A.M. Hamprecht, A. Han, S.H. Han, S.W. Hanahoe, B.


P1708 P2386 P2371 P1198 P896 P1532 P792, P1583 P1677 P1502, P2329 P1697 P808, P860 P1253, P1254 P2203 P711, P1520, P2199 Hananel, A. P1788, P2083 Hanappe, M. P1067 Hanberger, H. P1060 Hand, K. P1070 Handa, U. P820 Hanna, I. P1422, P1424 Hanna Wakim, R. P1667 Hannah, M. O400, P1365, P1462 Hannecke, L. P1502 Hänscheid, T. O396, S541 Hanselmann, R. P1430 Hansen, A. P2347 Hansen, D.S. P1492, P1675, P1697 Hansen, F. P1697 Hansen, K.H. P1639 Hansen, S. P1968 Hanslik, T. P1723 Hanulík, V. P1104, P1177, P1296, P2341 Hao, S. P1804 Hao, X. O228, O233 Happe, J. P2250 Happi, L. P2208 Haque, A. P914 Haque, T. S435 Harbarth, S. O266, O282, O345, S441, O642, O645, P1335, P1863 Harboe, Z.B. P1395 Harding, R.M. O668 Hardouin, J.B. P2161 Hardy, K. O550, P1995 Härmä, H. P1651 Harmsen, D. W31 Harnden, A. O166, P724 Harrington, P. O504 Harris, C. P754 Harris, P.N.A. P1389 Harris, S. O301 Harrison, D. S261 Harrison, P. W24 Harrison, T. O166, P724 Hart, I.J. P904, P949 Hartman, P. O343 Hartmann, P. O559 Hartzel, J.S. O164 Hartzen, S.H. P2351 Harvie, M. P1950 Harwin, L. O268 Harxhi, A. P2400 Hasan, C. P1691 Hasçelik, G. P1260 Hashmey, R. P1708

List of Authors

Hasnie, S. Hassan, K. Hassan, M. Hassan, S.A.


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Name Hoang, T.L. Hoban, D.


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Hopkins, S.

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22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 203

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List of Authors



Hue, S. O562, P2145 Huebner, J. O632 Hübner, N.-O. S88 Huggler, E. O345 Hughes, H. P2283 Huh, S. P1952 Huhulescu, S. P1118 Hui, M. P1812 Huica, I. P1779 Huijsdens, X. P1196 Huijskens, E. P1026 Hulscher, M. O650 Hulscher, M.E.J.L. O402, O653 Hum, C. P2314 Humayun, M.A. O466 Humphrey, B. P1227 Humphreys, H. O400, P1114, P1557, P1559, P1669 Hung, C. O556, O558, P733, P2136 Hung, C.-C. O159 Hung, I.F.N. P751 Hunt, D. P1448, P1451 Hunter, I. P1438 Huntington, J. P1627 Huntjens-Fleuren, H. O652, P1063 Huoi, C. P944, P1132 Huovinen, P. E376, P1519 Huprikar, S. S462 Hurding, S. O285 Hurgin, V. P1501, P1788 Hurtado, A. P2004 Husicková, V. P1104, P2341 Huskins, W.C. S440 Hussain, A. P749 Hütt, P. P2009 Huyn, A. P1787 Huynen, P. P1000 Hwang, J. P679, P2281 Hytönen, J. P2046


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P1779 P1363 P1360 P829 P977 P866, P2221 O669 P1873 P2144 P788 P878 P1496, P1687 P914 P1974 P2229 P2077, P2090, P2387, P2388 Ignatieva, S.M. P741 Ignatov, O. P1393 Ignatyeva, S. P800, P806 Ihongbe, J. P859 Ijaz, S. O592 Ikonomidis, A. P1267 Ilina, E. P1396, P1997, P2320 Ilmoja, M. P1782 Ilyina, V.N. P1195

204 22nd ECCMID / London



Imani Fooladi, A. P1710 Imberechts, H. P1099 Imöhl, M. P1029, P1032 Inan, A. P1199 Inci, A. P986 Indinnimeo, M. P967 Indjic, N. P2403 Indra, A. P1118 Ingebretsen, A. P1900, P2234 Ingold, A. P1869 Ingraham, K. P1435 Inkaya, A.C. P761 Inkster, T. P1537 Innocenti, P. P1312 Inoue, M. P1384 Inverarity, D. P1525 Invernizzi, R. P811, P868 Inwezerua, C. P1097 Inyang, J. P859 Ioannidis, K. P1865 Ioannidis, P. P1911, P1912 Ion, D. P2128 Iosifidis, E. P1333 Ipek, I. P952 Irani, S. O177 Iranzo, A. P716 Iranzo Tatay, A. P2324 Iredell, J. P1734 Irmak, O. P813 Irving, W.L. P933 Irwin, A.D. P1797 Isaac, M. P2274 Isalska, B. P805 Isanta, R. O181, P922 Isea-Peña, M.C. P1955 Isgro, F. O164 Ison, C.A. S253, S315, S315 Issarachaikul, R. P2076 Istok, M. P1527 Ito, Y. P788 Itoh, T. P1839 Itu, C. P2248 Ivanov, I. P1831, P2280 Ivanova, A. P1930 Ivanova, D. P1872 Ivanova, K. P1095, P2280, P2286 Ivanova, L.V. O349 Ivanova, M. P1493 Ivanova, N. P2399 Ivanova, R. O169 Iversen, A. P1662 Iversen, P P874, P934, P950, P1459 Iwanczak, B. P991 Iwaniak, W. P1504 Izdebski, R. O120, P1257, P1674 Izopet, J. S464, P1787 Izquierdo, C. P715 Izquierdo, M. P1657


Jabalameli, F. Jabang, A. Jaber, F.A. Jabs, W. Jacklin, A. Jackson, P. Jackson, R.

Final Programme

P981 O562, P2145 P1819 P1844 O658, P2100 O122 P1115



Jacob, J. P1607, P1608 Jacobs, A. P1381, P1659, P2268 Jacobs, F. P1067, P1320, P1617 Jacobs, J. P1643 Jacobs, R. P1420, P1625 Jacobsson, S. P1112, P1986 Jacobus, N.V. P1445 Jacqueline, C. P2065 Jacquier, H. P1228 Jäger, U. O394 Jaglikovski, B. P1004 Jahnz-Rozyk, K. P713 Jaijaroensup, W. P1022 Jain, A. O280, P2253 Jaiswal, V. P2122 Jakobsen, H. P2187 Jalava, J. P1107, P1519 Jamal, W. P2330 James, V. P1747 Jamieson, B. P719 Janega, P. P1045 Janes, R. P1883 Janescko, R. P1505 Jang, H. P1172, P1174, P1592 Jang, M.O. P1592 Jankowska, I. O179, O180 Jannetto, P. J. P1799 Jans, B. P1090, P1188, P1189 Jansen, R. O546, P1129, P1410, P2338 Jansone, I. P1194 Jánvári, L. P1683 Janvier, F. P1091, P1735 Jarlier, V. S289, P1741, P1957, P1960, P1998 Jarløv, J.O. O597 Jarno, P. O659, P1055 Jasinskas, A. O280 Jaulhac, B. P2334, P2356 Javakhadze, M. P1591 Javouhey, E. P2197 Jaye, A. O562 Jeanes, A. S507 Jeannot, K. P1256, P1722, P1837 Jeans, A.R. P814 Jefferies, J.M. O551 Jehl, F. P2334 Jelastopulu, E. P1166, P1168 Jelliffe, R. O299 Jenkins, F. P1734 Jenkins, R. P1453 Jensen, H.E. P2063 Jensen, J.S P1470 Jensen, M.B.F. P2272 Jensen, R.H. P826, P827, P828, P2348 Jensen, U.S. P1850 Jensenius, M. S148 Jenum, P. P1569 Jeon, B.R. P916 Jeong, S.H. P1877, P2318 Jeruma, A. P2399 Jeverica, S. P2342 Jevtovic, D. P2130 Jha, H. P1924 Jha, S. P1988 Jiang, X. P1734



Jianu, C. P1841, P2248 Jimenez, C. O448 Jimenez, J. P2142 Jimenez, N. P2142 Jiménez-Mejías, M.E. P1057, P1082 Jiménez-Munárriz, B. P2115 Jiménez-Parrilla, F. P1057 Jimoh, O. P1902 Jin, S.J. P1253, P1254 Jindamporn, A. P795 Jitra, P. P2379 Joannes, M. P898, P1382 Joekes, E. P1947 Johannes, R.S. S521 Johannessen, I. P995 Johansen, H.K. P826, P828, P1697 Johansen, L.K. P2063 Johansson, S. P978 John, T. O158 Johnson, A. P1179, P1180, P1672 Johnson, A. O268, P1156 Johnson, A.M. P691 Johnson, A.P. O342, O344, P1155 Johnson, B. O165, P1178, P1209, P1476, P1477, P1479, P1480, P1483, P1486, P1816, P1896 Johnson, E. S188 Johnson, J. P1178, P1209, P1477, P1487, P1488, P1816, P2375 Johnson, J.R. P1675 Johnson, T. P1544 Johnston, B. P1675 Johnston, C. O474 Joly, F. O312, P1128 Jonasson, E. P1490 Jones, A. P2221, P2377 Jones, B. P2085, P2087, P2088 Jones, B. P2396 Jones, H.L. P1645 Jones, J. P1641 Jones, J.R. P1638 Jones, L. O442, P1705, P1713 Jones, M. P816, P1824 Jones, R. P675, P1088, P1089, P1092, P1186, P1201, P1240, P1245, P1331, P1413, P1437, P1443, P1444, P1446, P1449, P1450, P1551, P1552, P1563, P1564, P1676, P1700, P1880, P1881, P1884, P1894, P1897 Jones, R.N. P671, P1210, P1215, P1456, P1696 Jones-Dias, D. P1644, P1738 Jongwutiwes, S. O332, P2076 Jonkers, S. P1791 Joo, E.J. P1768 Joosten, L.A.B. O278, P841, P2195 Jordana, E. P1793 Jorens, P. P1687 Jørgensen, I. O128 Jørgensen, N. P2066 Jørgensen, R.L. P1494 Jørgensen, S.B. O128

List of Authors


Jorup-Rönström, C. Jou, R. Jouannet, C. Jouault, T. Jouenne, T. Jouini, A. Jouneau, S. Joura, E. Jousselin, A. Jovanovic, B. Jover, A. Joya, C. Joyce, M. Joyeux, F. Juan, C. Juanola, X. Jubelirer, S. Juchems, M. Judet, T. Judge, C. Juhász, Á. Juhasz, Z. Jumas-Bilak, E. Jun, Y. Jung, D. Jung, H. Jung, J. Jung, K. Jung, N. Jung, S.I. Jurankova, J. Jurke, A. Juskaite, R. Justesen, U.S. Juvin, M.


Kaase, M.

P2249 P1915 P2260 P789 P1266 P1633 O451, P962 S263 O640 O642, O645 P2223 P1572 O168 P1718 P1749 O232 W40 P2071 P1895 P1114 P1683 P2200 P1269, P1328 P1174, P2217 P1952 P712 P2007 P712 S528 P1592 P1341, P1386, P1801 P2232 P1684 W18, P680, P681, P1502, P1697, P2329 P1729

P1237, P1680, P1681, P1709, P2352 Kac, G. P2317 Kadanali, A. P2293 Kadiltzoglou, P. P1333 Kadlec, K. P1275, P1834 Kaempfer, P. P1409 Kafatos, G. O166 Kafkova, J. P1587 Kahlert, C. P1978 Kahlmeter, G. W10, W14, S290, P671, P677, P680, P681, P682, P1092, P1490, P1491 Kais, M. P1662 Kaitsa, E. P1298 Kakaraskoska, B. P1314 Kalakayova, E. P1965 Kalayci, R. P966 Kalaycioglu, H. P698 Kalin, M. P1662 Kalinchuk, T. P1247 Kalinina, I. P847 Kaliterna, V. P1743 Kalkan, A. P1848 Kalogeropoulos, C.D. P918 Kalogeropoulou, E. P1882 Kamal, V. P1924 Kamalanathan, A P1711, P1712



Kamar, N. P1787 Kamberovic, F. P1873 Kamerseder, V. P1983 Kamoche, S. P1587 Kamolvit, W. P1252 Kampinga, G. P1289, P2005 Kampschreur, L.M. O170, P999 Kanafani, Z. P1667 Kang, C. P712, P1172, P1174 Kang, C.-I. P1768, P2211 Kang, E.J. P817 Kang, J. P679, P2281 Kang, M. P785, P807, P1214, P1475 Kang, S.J. P1592 Kanj, S. S528, P1667 Kansouzidou, A. P755 Kant, A. P1635 Kantardjiev, T. P1095, P1831, P1930, P2280 Kantecki, M. O117, P867 Kantürk, A. P2074 Kanwal, S. P920 Kanyilmaz, D. P1265 Kao, C.Y. P2156 Kao, K.-L. P848 Kapetanakis, J. P1135 Kaplan, N. P1465, P2058 Kapoula, A. P1011 Kapsimali, V. P2012 Karabela, S. P1911, P1912 Karabournidis, A. P755 Karageorgopoulos, D. O127, P718, P1827 Karagöz, A. P1518 Karagoz, G. P2293 Karahan, C. P964 Karahan, Z. P1265 Karaiskos, I. P1865 Karakas, A. P940, P1762 Karakitsos, P. P906 Karali, R. P1666 Karam, G. S129 Karampa, S. P1298 Karampatakis, T. P1528 Karantani, K. P755 Karas, J.A. S533 Karavaeva, O. P1393 Karbalayi Ali, M. P1046 Karczewska, E. P1105 Kardaun, S.H. P1973 Kardos, S. P1003, P1034 Karger, A. S540, P2340 Kargiolakis, G. P994 Karimiravesh, R. P2292 Kariya, Y. P1839 Karle, P. O295, P1717 Karlowsky, J. P2321, P2326 Karlsen, B. P2102 Karlsson, C. P677 Karnesis, L. P1546 Karonis, T. P1882, P1929, P1938 Karpinski, T.M. O398, P1366, P1593 Karpov, I. P1169 Karrer, S. P1154 Karrer, U. O395, P1048, P2035 Kart Yasar, K. P1945, P1946 Kartsonis, N.A. O164



Karunarahan, R.V N. P899 Karyagina, A. P1472 Kasana, D. P1917 Kasdaglis, G. P782 Kasinathan, V. P2346 Kasprikova, N. P769 Kassamali, Z. P849 Kast, H. P2248 Kastner, M. O394 Kastrinios, N. P2382 Kasztelewicz, B. O179, O180, P2296 Katosova, L. P1388 Katragkou, A. P1333 Katsanoulas, K. P1176, P2194 Katsantoni, I. P2382 Katsarolis, I. O281, O565, P1546 Katsiari, M. P1167 Katsihti, A. P2382 Katsika, P. P782 Katz, C. P1427 Katz, K. P705, P710, P1695 Kaufman, S. P1759 Kaufmann, A. P2186 Kaur, K. P1789 Kaur, P. P1464 Kaur, R. P1134, P1543 Kavaliotis, I. P755 Kavatha, D. O281, O565 Kaya, A. O595 Kaya, B. P763 Kaya, S. P1848 Kaya Kalem, A. O411 Kaye, K. O651 Kaye, P. O592 Kazila, P. P1298 Kazma, M. P1674, P1746 Kazmin, Y. P2278 Kcharit, S. P984 Kean, Y. P2287, P2289 Kearns, A. P1272, P1312, P1327, P1400 Kearns, A. M. P1151 Kearns, A.M. O268, P1750 Keating, D. P1144 Kechrid, A. P1517 Keedy, K. P1418 Keiger, A. O168 Keijdener, J. P1803 Keijmel, S.P. P1851, P1855 Keil, F. P2109, P2110 Kele, B. P923 Kelleher, P. P893 Keller, N. O446, P1368 Keller, PM. P1963 Keller, W. O632 Kelley, K. P2253 Kelley, W.L. O640 Kellner, M. P1152 Kelly, C. P884, P2265 Kelly, C. S363 Kemp, M. P1502, P2252, P2329 Kenesei, É. P1683 Kerdsin, A. P734 Kern, J.M. P1118 Kern, P. P2071 Kern, P. P2071 Kern, W. O229, S291 Kerr, K.G. P1116



Kersten, M. Kesecioglu, J. Keshavarz, H. Keshavarz, K. Kesika, P. Kesli, R. Kessler, H. Kesteman, T. Keuleyan, E. Kexagias, S. Khadgi, S. Khalil, S. Khamesipour, A. Khammari, I. Khan, A. Khan, K. Khan, M. Khan, Z. Khanahmad, H. Khanduja, S. Khanfar, H. Khanna, N. Khanom, S. Khau, D. Khawplod, P. Kheir, J. Khelif, A. Khlybova, S. Khodunova, E. Khoramrooz, S. Khosbayar, T. Khosravani, A. Khostelidi, S. Khryanin, A.A. Khuchua, T. Khurana, S. Khusnutdinova, T. Ki, H. Kiale, K. Kibbler, C. Kieffer, F. Kielbik, M. Kikuchi, T. Kilgariff, H.M. Kilic, A. Kilic, S. Kilpatrick, C. Kim, B. Kim, B.N. Kim, C.-J. Kim, D. Kim, E. Kim, E.S. Kim, G.W. Kim, H. Kim, H.R. Kim, H.S. Kim, H.W. Kim, H.Y. Kim, HR Kim, J. Kim, J. Kim, J.I. Kim, J.M. Kim, J.S. Kim, J.Y. Kim, K.

22nd ECCMID / London

P1374 O311, P1160 P2380 O393 P2189 P986, P2303 P706 P1574 P1831 P2212 P1959 P1926 O393 P744, P775 O669 S609 O466 P2330 P942 P2122 P1149 P1469 P1939 P2355 P1022 P728 P775 P1568 P2112 P981 P1877 P1391 P800, P806 P2132 P1591 P2089 P1740 P712 P1020 W47, O109, P869 P2384 P1941, P1942, P1943 P1839 P2323, P2332 P1518 P2017 S293 P1170 P1580 O449 P712 P1170 P1172, P1580 P2203 P712 P985 P2318 P1253, P1254 P1172 P881 P1094 P679, P2281 O449 P1253, P1254 P2318 P1172, P1174 P1877

Final Programme 205

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Name Kim, M.G. Kim, M.J. Kim, M.S. Kim, N. Kim, S. Kim, S. Kim, S.-H. Kim, S.H. Kim, S.I. Kim, S.W. Kim, T.H. Kim, Y. Kim, Y. Kim, Y. Kim, Y.-E. Kim, Y.J. Kim, Y.S. Kimouli, M. King, S. Kinikli, S.


P1253, P1254 P784, P1172, P1174 O449 P1094 P1094 P712 P1566 P784, P1990, P2120 O449, P1172 P1172 P881, P985 P1172, P1174 P712 P1174 O449 P1190 P1566 O295 O122 O595, P1899, P2014, P2015, P2016 Kirkpatrick, W.R. P837 Kirkwood, C. P914 Kisac, P. P2394 Kitajima, I. P1766 Kittinger, C. P1634 Kjetland, E.F. S456, P2073 Klaassen, C. O112, S219, P1374, P2003, P2004 Klatser, P. P1372 Klatzmann, D. S100 Klein, U. P1100, P1102, P1103 Klement, E. P1319 Kleppa, E. P2073 Klesiewicz, K. P1105 Klima, H. P1351 Klimko, N. P800, P806 Klimova, R.R. P873 Klimovich, A. P806 Klingspor, L. S604 Klink, M. P1941, P1942, P1943 Klinkacek, E. P1994 Kluba, J. P905 Klug, T. O275 Klugman, K. S237 Kluytmans, A.J.W. S495, P685, P1860, P2357, P2363, P2379 Kluytmans-Van den Bergh, M.F.Q. P2363 Klyasova, G. P847, P2112 Knaack, D. P1670 Knaup Reymond, M.R. O564 Knight, D. O303, P1282, P1283, P1883 Knobel, H. P1618 Knobloch, J. P1655, P1670, P1760 Knoester, M. P2344 Knudsen, J. D. P1850 Knüver, O. P2367 Ko, B.S.K. P871 Ko, H. P822 Ko, W. O558 Ko, W.J. O173 Kobets, N. P1471 Kóbor, J. P923 Kocagul Celikbas, A. P2019 Kocak Tufan, Z. P2015, P2016, P2018

206 22nd ECCMID / London

Name Koch, J. Kocsis, E. Koelewijn, R. Kofol, R. Kofteridis, D. Koh, T.H. Kohan, C. Kohler, P. Koidl, C. Kokici, M. Koksal, I. Köksal, M. Kola, A. Kolár, M.


P2063 P1704 O335 P735, P736, P742 P1299, P1827 P1264 O649 O601, P1976, P1978 P809 P2400 O595, P964, P1848 P2005 P1074, P1678, P2286 P1104, P1177, P1296, P2341 Kolbe, M. P2219 Kolbin, A. P806 Kolbin, A.S. P800 Kolesayeva, Z. P1007 Kolesnikova, V. P1493 Kolgelier, S. P761 Kolilekas, L. P1929 Kõljalg, S. P2009 Kolupajeva, T. P902 Komjathy, S. P1431 Kommedal, Ø. P2102 Komorowska, I. O266 Komp-Lindgren, P. P1817 Kondrusik, M. P2047, P2049 Kong, D. P856 Koningstein, M. P1541, P2379 Konkoly Thege, M. P1683 Konoplyannikov, A P2191 Konsil, J. P1414 Konsolakis, C. P1205 Konstandinidou, A. P913 Konstantinakou, K. P994 Konstantinidou, E. P1911, P1912 Konstantis, A. P1136 Konstantopoulou, S. P782 Kontnick, C. P1656 Kontopoulou, K. P1176, P2194, P2212 Kontos, F. P1928, P1929, P1938, P1944 Kontoyiannis, D.P. S220, E526, P870 Koop, A.M.C. P999 Koopmans, M. O280, P952, P1026 Kopelowitz, J. P1501, P1788, P2083 Köpp, A. P1982 Koratzanis, E. O565 Körber-Irrgang, B. P1533, P1665 Korczak, B. P1458 Kornhuber, J. P2049 Kornienko, M. P1997 Korochkina, O.V. P2305 Koroleva, I.V. O167 Korona-Glowniak, I. O162 Kortbeek, T. W79 Köseoglu Eser, Ö. P1260 Koseoglu Taymur, D. P1175 Koshy, S. P1875 Kosmadakis, G. P1928, P1944 Kosterink, J.G.W. P1626 Kosti, A. P1416 Kostopoulou, S. P1298 Kostrzewa, M. S137, P1396, P1507, P1997, P2007, P2338, P2340, P2345, P2356

Final Programme



Kotilainen, P. P1651 Kotlovsky, T. P1558 Kotrekhova, L.P. P741 Kotsimbos, T. P856 Koubâa, M. P1583 Koukos, G. P1546 Koulai, A. P1416 Koumaki, V. O127, P1717 Kouni, S. P906 Kouri, V. P2142 Kouroupi, M. P1136 Kouskouni, E. P1006, P1009, P1011, P1538 Kousouli, E. O127 Koutsia-Carouzou, C. P1205 Koutsogiannou, M. P1168 Kovac, A. P2043 Kovacs, S. P1423 Kovaleva, J. P2163 Kowal, R. P1381, P1659, P2268 Kozakova, J. P1040 Kozan, S. P940 Kozinska, A. O266 Kozko, V. P2306 Kozlov, R. P1019, P1740, P1835 Kozlovska, I. P2020 Kozyrev, Y. P1568 Kozyreva, V.S. P1195 Kraczkiewicz-Dowjat, A. P1467 Kraja, D. P2400 Krajiw, S. O184, P953 Kralik, P. P883 Kramer, J. P723 Kræmer Andersen, P. P961 Kramers, K. O652 Kramskaya, T.A. O167 Krause, G. P1187 Krause, K.M. P1210, P1696 Krause, R. O625, P706, P809, P857, P858, P1650 Krcmery, V. P752, P1587, P1853, P2394 Krebs, L. P793 Krecmerova, P. P1770 Kremastinou, J. P994 Kremsner, P.G. P2361 Kresic, S. P1704 Kresken, M. P1533, P1665 Kretchikova, O. P1169 Krijger, E. P1851 Krishnan, P. P1164 KrishnaPrakash, S. P1398 Kristensen, B. P1730 Kristo, I. P1609 Kristof, A.S. P830 Kristóf, K. P838, P1003, P1683, P1861 Krivine, A. P1025 Krizan Hergouth, V. P1161 Krizova, P. P1040 Kröger, N. P2109 Krogfelt, K. P1392, P1675, P2184, P2187 Kronvall, G. P1825 Kroon, F.P. P697 Kropec, A. O632 Kruesmann, F. P2210 Ku, C. P1607, P1608, P2064



Kuch, A. Kuemell, A. Kugelman, J. Kughan, G. Kühn, I. Kuijper, E.J.

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Labrousse, D. P2056 Lacave, L. O659, P1055 Lackner, H. P2123 Lackner, M. O112 Lacombe, K. O596 Lacraz, A. P2205 Ladhani, S. P1406 Lador, A. P720 Laffler, T. P1508 Lagacé-Wiens, P. P2321, P2326 Lagarde, M. O600 Lage, E. P1050 Lagerbäck, P. P1817 Lagler, H. P732 Lagrou, K. P1348, P2095, P2096 Lahiani, D. P1583 Lahieni, D. P792 Lahiff, S. P1376 Lai, C. J. O187 Lai, C.-C. P848 Lai, E.L. P1326 Lai, Eileen P1692 Lai, K. P2117 Lai, K.K.Y. P956 Laiblova, P. P1774 Laja, A. P1747 Lal, P. P764, P2207 Lalande, V. P2263, P2270, P2279 Lalueza, A. P1571, P1974 Lam, S. P1415 Lamagni, T. P1125 Lamagni, T. O114, O504 Lamarche, M. P1431, P2253 Lambert, T. P1722 Lambertsen, L. P753 Lambin, S. P891 Lamka, J. P883 Lammens, C. O119, P1496, P1674, P1687, P1745, P1746 Lammler, C. P1509 Landersdorfer, C.B. P1607 Landini, B. P868 Landini, M.P. P1785, P1921 Landini, P. P2181 Landmann, R. P1469 Landraud, L. P1523 Lang, K. P754 Lange, B. O229 Lange, C. W76 Lange, P. P2053 Langeland, N. P1693 Langers, I. P2264 Lantero, M. P1173 Laosakul, C. O184, P953 Lapresta, C. P1874 Lara, A. P2337 Lara, R. P1050 Larcher, C. P1312 Larini, S. P794 Larocque, M. P2314 Larosa, N. O116 Larrosa, N. P2067 Larsen, A. P1317 Larsen, A.R. O549, P1272, P1325 LaRue, H. P884 Lascols, C. P1672, P1679 Lash, T.L. P1395 Lasheras Carbajo, M.D. P768



Lashkarashvili, M. P1579 Lasnet, F. P747 Lass-Flörl, C. S144, E373, P810, P828, P843 Lathyris, D.N. P2212 Lau, P. P888, P889 Lau, S.K.P. P956 Lau, Y.L. P1326 Laudat, P. P2260 Laughlin, J.B. P1647 Launay, O. P1025 Laupland, K. S618 Laurent, F. O269, O392, O397, P1272, P2055, P2168, P2360 Lavadinovic, L. P2403 Laverde, D. O632 Laverdiere, M. P846 Lavezzo, E. P945, P1367, P1373 Lawler, A.J P1222, P1223 Lawrence, C. P1674 Lawrence, L. P1430, P1436 Lawrence-Desmarowitz, H. P1464 Laws, P. P1857 Lawson, W. P1052, P1070, P2100 Lawson-Ayayi, S. P2137 Lay, R. P1151 Lázár, A. P1683 Lazar, M. P2128 Lazar, S. P2291 Lazar, V. O304, P1193, P2180 Lazarus, R. S528 Lazary, A. P1558 Le, T. O394 le Cessie, S. P1143 Le Fresne, S. P2161 Le Mabecque, V. P2065 Le Pape, P. P781 Le Pichoux, A. P1340 Le Roy, C. P1016 Le Serre, D. P1071, P2118 Le Sueur, H. P2104 Le Tulzo, Y. O451, P947 Le Vacon, F. P2161 Lebessi, E. P974, P989, P1135 Lebre, A. P760 Lebrero, M.P. P1874 Leclercq, C. O500 Leclercq, R. P1284 Lecuyer, H. P2154 Ledeboer, N. S135, P1799, P2370 Ledesma, K.R. P1268, P1606 Lee, A. O266, O642, O645 Lee, B. P712 Lee, C. P2251, P2262 Lee, C. P1170, P1172, P1174 Lee, C. Y. O187 Lee, C.-S. P1580 Lee, D.G. P1990, P2120 Lee, H. P1952 Lee, H. P712 Lee, H.J. P2064 Lee, J. P712 Lee, J. P2271 Lee, J.A. P1768 Lee, J.H. P1580

Name Lee, J.H. Lee, K. Lee, M. Lee, M.K. Lee, M.S. Lee, MK Lee, N. Lee, N.S. Lee, S. Lee, S.-O. Lee, S.S. Lee, S.Y. Lee, W.


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Letaief, A. W72, S149 Letens van Vliet, A. P1349 Leterrier, M. P781 Letowska, I. P1257 Levent, B. P698, P2024 Leveque, N. O182 Leverstein-Van Hall, M. P1076, P1196, P1535, P1541, P1642, P1716, P1860 Levi, I. P835 Levi Mortera, S. P2159 Levidiotou, S. P918, P2070 Levin, A. P1828 Levin, A.S.S. P2121 Levterova, V. P1372, P1930 P856 Levvey, B. Levy-Bruhl, D. P1723 Lew, D. O345, O640, P1335 Lewandowski, M. P2230 Lewczuk, P. P2049 Lewington, J. P1775, P1919 Lewis, C. P1954 Lewis, J. P2042 Lewis, M. P1995 Lewis, R.E. P870 Li, B. P1087 Li, D. P1430 Li, D. P2127, P2141 Li, D.D. P2310 Li, F. P1508 Li, J. P1607, P1608, P2064 Li, L. P1087 Li, M. P979 Li, Y. P872 Li, Y. P979 Li, Z. P1214 Li, Z.y. P1350, P2294 Li, Zhen P1692 Liakopoulos, A. P1205 Liang, S. O558 Lianos, S. P1002 Liao, C.H. P2028 Liao, K. P1185 Liao, T. P924 Libanore, M. P1951, P2146 Lichich, D. P1568 Liebowitz, L.D. P1893 Liehl, P. O396 Lienhard, R. P2261 Liese, J. S351 Liesenfeld, O. P1806 Lieutier, F. P850 Likanonsakul, S. P2124 Lillebo, K. P2073 Lillis, R. P1806 Lim, T.P P1109, P1822, P1826, P1891 Lima, A.L. P1127 Lima, N. P2404 Limb, D. P1701 Limsuwan, K. P1024 Lin, C. P924 Lin, H. O558 Lin, H.-C. P1330 Lin, J. P924 Lin, S.-M. P1330 Lin, T. L. P2190

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 207

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Name Lin, W. Lina, B. Lina, G.


P888, P889 P919, P944 S381, O397, P2056, P2170, P2197, P2355 Lina, G. P2360 Liñares, J. P1295, P2061 Linares, L. P803, P861, P2091 Lindberg, E. P2237 Lindh, M. P946, P959 Lindsay, D. P1506 Linkesch, W. P857 Lions, C. P850 Lipinski, T. P1044 Lipton, J. P846 Lisbona, R. P802 Lissandrin, R. P2069 Literak, I. P1341 Litke, A. O177, P1575 Lito, L. O622, P1081, P1206, P1529 Litt, D. O166, P1406, P1991 Littauer, P. P676, P1697 Litvinov, D. P847 Liu, C.Y P2028 Liu, D. P912 Liu, J. P927 Liu, M. P979 Liu, P. P1350 Liu, W. O556, O558, P2136 Liu, W.-C. O159 Liu, Y. O233, O473, O473 Liu, Z. O473 Liverman, L. P1437, P1897 Livermore, A. P1115 Livermore, D.M. S367, S413, P1293, P1447, P1690, P1829, P1987 Livermore, J. O309, P837 Lixandru, B. P1574 Lizasoain, M. O450 Ljubin-Sternak, S. P1813 Llanes, C. P1838 Llinares, P. O169, P1204 Llorca, L. P1588 Llorens, L. O408, P721 Llorente, A. P851, P852 Lloyd, A. O163 Lo, H. P822, P840 Lo, P. P1654, P2314 Lo, Y. P2136 Lo Cascio, G. P1724, P1795, P1904, P1913 Lob, S. P1179, P1180, P1181, P1484, P1672 Løbner-Olesen, A. P2187 Lobo, R P1594 Locht, C. P1047 Loeffen, F.L.A. O124 Loescher, T. P2398 Löffler, B. P2164 Logar, M. P1028, P1852 Logotheti, I. P974 Logothetis, E. P1006, P1009 Loko, M.A. O596 Loktev, V. P917 Lomas, J.M. O407, O502 Lombardi, A. P1940 Lombardi, G. P1495, P1904, P1921

208 22nd ECCMID / London

Name Long, Y. Longcor, J. Longet-Di Pietro, S. Longo, M. Longshaw, C. Longtin, J. Longtin, Y. Lopes, B. Lopes, E. Lopes Cardoso, I. López, B.


P790 P1430, P1436 P1979 O554, P1306 P1886 O666 S294, O666 P1405 P927 P1554 P791, P1204, P1578, P2387 López, J. P2114 López, J. P1531 López Hontangas, J. P716, P2324 López Medrano, F. P1571 López Roa, P. P955, P1972, P2328 López Sánchez, M. P851, P852 López Sanchez, Y. P2389 López -Brea, M. P686, P1588, P1726, P2030, P2105 López-Causapé, C. P1999 López-Cerero, L. P1075, P1297, P1859 López-Cortés, L.E. O407 López-García, P. P1277 López-Gonzalez, L. P1983 López-Medrano, F. O448, P1974, P2093, P2223 López-Prieto, M.D. O172, P2312 López-Rojas, R. P1082 López-Velez, R. S455 Lóránd, T. P1468 Lorenzen, J. P1781 Lorenzo-García, M.V. P1354, P1927, P1956 Lortholary, O. S191, O227, K452 Losada, I. P1031 Losi, M. P1904, P1921 Loubinoux, J. P1808 Louie, T. P2250, P2287 Loulergue, P. P1025 Loungnarath, V. O666 Louro, D. P1644 Loussaief, C. P1539 Lovari, R. P833, P901 Love, W.G. O406, P1432, P1433, P1434, P2173 Lovering, A. P1400 Lovering, A.M. P1624 Low, D.E. O408, S515, P705, P710, P721, P1562, P2314 Lowe, C. P1695 Loza, E. P1887 Lozano, C. P1277, P1318, P1771, P1993 Lozano, J. P797 Lu, C. P1291 Lu, C. O556 Lu, C.-L. O159 Lu, J. P1313, P1399 Lu, P.-L. P1915 Lu, Q. P1998 Lu, X. P836

Final Programme



Lubasovskaya, L. P1509 Luca, G. O468 Lucet, J.C. P1198 Lucey, B. P1548 Lucignano, B. P2343 Ludden, C. O300, P1520 Luderhoff, E. P2082 Lüdke, G. P1733 Ludwig, C. P1099 Ludwig, S. P2164 Lueangniyomkul, A. P2124 Luft, D. P1982 Luján, M. P714 Luk, N.M. P1812 Lukacs, G. O277 Lumbreras, C. W2, O448, O450 Lund, L. P961 Lunemann, M. P2232 Lunetta, K.L. P1395 Lunghi, G. P1805 Lunguya, O. P1643 Luo, H. P979 Luo, T. P1934 Luppi, M. P811, P868 Lupse, M. P1841, P2248 Luque, S. P1618 Lüsebrink, J. O646, P2367 Lustig, S. P2168 Lutsar, I. P1782 Luty, A.J.F. W41 Lutz, Z. P1468 Luxo, C. P1106 Luyt, C.E. P1998 Luzzaro, F. P1715, P1867, P1871 Ly, T.D. S577, P1001 Lye, D.C. P1164 Lykke, M.-A. P1697 Lynch, D. P1815 Lynch, M. O400, P1365 Lynham, S. P2169 Lynn, W. P1950 Lyons, T. P1052 Lyra, L. P783 Lyubasovskaya, L.A. P2320


M Miranda, I. O118 M. Hammerum, A. P1521 Ma, C. P705 Ma, M. P948, P2101 Maaloul, I. P792, P1583 Maas, H.M.E. P1093 Maas, L. P2082 Maass, M. P1118 Mabilat, C. P747 Mabo, P. O500 Macaden, R. P1534 Macary, F. S522 Macedo, R. P1932 MacGowan, A. S195, P1883 MacGowan, A.P. P1821 Mach, C. P1983 Machado, D. P1958 Machado, E. O302, P1632, P1636, P1661, P1864 Machado, J. P1302 Machado, M. O337, P2401 Machetti, M. P831



Machineni, S. P1423 Machuca, J. P1737, P1739 Machut, A. O659, P1055 Maciá, M. P1085 Mackay, D. P1072 MacKenzie, B. P2275 Mackey, T. A. P1799 MacMahon, E. P1505 Maco Flores, V. P1875 Madadgar, O. P1769 Madar, M. P2031, P2044, P2152 Madelane, M. P2020 Madhan, S. P1825 Madhi, S.A. P1761 Madrid, N. P832 Maertens, J. S419, P2095 Maestrelli, P. P1373 Maeurer, M. P1459 Maffioli, C. O274 Magiorakos, A.-P. S530 Magnani, G. P1530 Magomedova, A. P2112 Magro, S. P1382 Maguina, N. P1167 Mahachai, V. P1307 Mahadik, K. P1534 Mahboudi, F. P1021 Mahdavi, M. P1038 Mahelova, M. P2349 Maher, K. O348, P1102, P1103 Mahmood, T. P920 Maida, P. O561 Maier, B. P898 Maier, T. P2007 Maietta, R. P1423 Maillart, E. P1320 Main, J. P2100 Mainardi, R. P1795 Maini, R. O114 Maiolo, E. P821, P2062 Mair, S. P2034 Makarona, M. P1694, P1818 Makni, F. P792 Makrinioti, C.N. P974 Makushin, D. P1835 Malacarne, P. P1165 Malamou-Lada, E. P1207 Málaque, C.M.S. P1582, P1594 Malbruny, B. P1284 Malcata, L. O593, P756 Malcolm, W. O285 Maldonado, C. P1016 Maldonado, I. P1756 Malecki, M. O178, O468 Maley, M. P2027 Malhotra, S. O120 Malhotra-Kumar, S. O119, O266, O645, P1674, P1745, P1746 Malisova, B. P1386, P1801 Malizos, K. P2220 Malla, N. P2089 Mallon, P.W.G. P2138 Malm, A. O162 Malmberg, C. P1817 Maloney, N. O277 Malvar, A. P1030

List of Authors


Man, W.C. P1812 Manageiro, V. P1644, P1738 Manaktala, U. P1924 Mancinelli, L. P2343 Mancini, F. O636 Mändar, R. P2009 Mandavelli, K. P1176 Mandelbaum, K. P1962 Mandraveli-Hatzikosta, K. P2212 Mandravelli, K. P2194 Manfrin, V. P2146 Manganelli, R. P1367, P1926 Mangge, H. P1650 Mangino, J. P2247 Manglani, S. P1991 Manicheva, O. P1914 Manidaki, A. P1928 Manjon, N. P1793 Mankatitham, W. P2124 Manna, A. P811 Manneh, K. P1866 Manoharan, A. P1825 Manon, M. P1457 Manosuthi, W. P2124 Manousaka, S. P1609 Manser, M. P2081 Mansuy, J.M. P1787 Mantecón, M. P774 Mantengoli, E. P1324 Mantovani, S. P2094 Mantzari, S. P839 Manuel, O. E526 Manzano Ramírez, A. P1844 Manzoor, S. O550 Maor, Y. O446, P1368 Maraki, S. P1299, P1827 Marangoni, A. P2149, P2153 Marangos, M. P1526, P1549 Maraví, E. P851, P852 Marbach, H. P2169 Marcadé, G. P1228, P1744 Marcandalli, S. P2181 Marcano-Lozada, M. P1845 Marcantoni, C. P2146 Marcati, G. P945 Marcel, C. P1574 Marchaim, D. O651 Marchand, A. P2355 Marchand, S. P1616, P1620, P1621, P1622 Marchandin, H. P1269, P1328 Marchetti, O. O109 Marcic, V. P736, P742 Marco, F. P717, P803, P1295, P1531 Marcos, M.A. P922, P2091 Marcos, P. P1065 Marcos Miranda, I. P2165 Margelis, I. P918 Marguet, C. P799 Marian, M. P2045 Marianska, B. P1133 Mariconda, M. P1363 Marie, V. P1056 Mariette, X. O227 Marijan, T. P1061 Marimon, J.M. P702, P1790 Marimuthu, K. P1164

Name Marin, M.


P1657, P2229, P2328 Marin-Casanova, P. P2025 Marina, M. P2280 Marinescu, C. P731 Marinescu, F. O304 Marinho, C. P1106 Mariño-Callejo, A. P1354, P1927, P1956 Marinou, I. P1911, P1912 Marion, H. P1100, P1102, P1103 Markert, R. P748 Markl, T. P1415 Markou, F. P1703, P1834 Markova, B. P1872 Markovska, R. P1872 Markowska, M. P1408 Marks, D.I. P867 Marone, P. P1466 Marothi, Y. P1534 Marques, N. O593, P756 Márquez, C. P1869 Marquez, I. P1572 Márquez, J. P708 Márquez-Vácaro, J.A. P1057 Marra, F. O410 Marrakchi, C. P1583 Marsal, J.R. P729 Marschall, J. P2042 Marsella, P. P882 Marsh, P. P2002 Marsh, R. O231 Martelin, R. P1720 Martello, T. O465 Martens, K. P891 Marteva-Proevska, Y. P1872 Marth, E. P1634 Marti, H. E524 Marti, S. P1266 Martí Sala, C. P990 Martiañez, J. P1726 Martikainen, Z. P1007 Martín, A. P2229 Martín, C. O600, P2223 Martin, D. O450, P895 Martin, E. P2337 Martin, L. P1054 Martin, M. P1968 Martín Peral, P. S528 Martín, R. O270, P1271 Martín Martínez, F. P768 Martín Mazuelos, E. P2129 Martín Saco, G. P802 Martin Salas, C. P2389 Martín-Aspas, A. O407 Martín-Núñez, E. P1276 Martín-Padrón, J. P1276 Martin-Quiros, A. P951 Martín-Rabadán, P. O499, P746, P1355 Martín-Rico, P. O502 Martín-Vega, A. P2115 Martinato, M. P2239 Martinelli, M. P1794, P2273 Martínez, A. O181, O594, P922 Martínez, C. P776 Martínez, C. O232 Martínez, C. P1243, P1244

Name Martínez, I. Martínez, J. Martínez, J. Martinez, J. Martínez, J.A. Martinez, J.L. Martinez, M.


P823 P823 O645 O303 O600, P1531 P1820 O331, O333, P1173, P2013, P2079, P2135 Martínez, O. P1565 Martinez, P. P2142 Martínez, S. P1802 Martinez, S. P1305 Martínez Blanco, M. P768 Martinez de Artola, V. P2126, P2389 Martinez Macias, O. P890 Martínez Planells, A. P990 Martínez-Expósito, Ó. P894 Martinez-Martinez, L. P674, P677, P1085, P1304, P1305, P1739 Martínez-Montiel, P. O450 Martinez-Pomares, L. P933 Martinez-Sanchez, N. P951 Martínez-Vázquez, C. P1556 Martini, C. P2174 Martini, I.I. P2313 Martino, B. P811, P868 Martinón-Torres, F. S571 Martins, E. R. P1403 Martins, M. P1224 Martins, S. P2383 Martiny, D. P969 Martró, E. P1793, P2013 Martsoukou, M. P782 Marttinen, P. P1311 Marty, P. P2385 Marutescu, L. O304, P1193 Marwaha, R.K. P1595 Marwick, C. O171, O663, P1842 Marzouk, A.S. O399 Marzouk, M. P1308 Masalova, O.V P873, P941 Masarwa, S. P1319, P1558 Mascart, G. P1320 Mascellino, M.T. P1360 Maschan, A. P847 Maschan, M. P847 Maschmeyer, G. W64 Maselle, S. P1693 Masini, G. P1498, P2214 Mason, D. P2125 Masoud, L. P2123 Massaut, J. P1138 Massire, C. P833, P1508 Masterton, R. S355 Mastrantonio, P. O631, P1985, P2231, P2242, P2286 Mastrogiovanni, G. P1338 Mastroianni, C.M. P1360 Masuet Aumatell, C. O642, O645 Matar, G. P1667 Matas, L. P968 Mataseje, L. P2314 Mateos, M.L. O594 Mateos Lindemann, M.L P2309 Mateu, L. P714, P968 Mathai, D. P1825



Mathaiou, D. P2212 Mathew, B. P1886 Mathews, D. P1417 Matias, D. P2139 Matinato, C. P1805 Matos, I. P2201 Matos, S.C. O553 Matos, T. P735, P736, P742 Matrat, S. P1285 Matsas, M. P992 Matsumoto, T. P1807 Matsumura, Y. P788 Matsushima, A. P788 Mattam, K. P1123 Matte, S. P2257 Matteelli, A. P2146 Mattei, A. P987 Matthews, H. P833, P1369, P1377, P1508 Matthews, T.E. P2082 Matthies, H.K. P2106 Mattner, F. O646, P2367 Mattray, O. P799 Matuschek, E. E198, P671, P676, P677, P680, P682, P1092, P1490 Matuz, M. P2200 Mauny, F. O334 Mauri, R. P778 Mauricio, I. P2068 Mauti, A. P1811 Mavros, M. P1827, P1975, P2107 Mavrouli, M. P2012 May, R.C. P842 May, S. O592 Mayanskiy, N. P1388 Mayer, M. P1778 Mayerhofer, B. P1994 Mayor, D. P1906 Maze, M.J. P1857 Mazzaferri, F. P1913 Mazzariol, A. P1704, P1724 Mazzulli, A. P1654, P2314 Mazzulli, A. P1654 Mazzulli, L. P1654 McAvoy, T. O655, P705, P710 McBrearty, C. P711 McBride, K. O174, O175, P689, P690 McCloskey, B. S479, S606 McConkey, S. P2138 McConnell, M. P1082 McCormack, P. P1600 McCormick, B.A. P2184 McCusker, M. P1224 McDemott, J. P2313 McDermott, L.A. P1445 McDonagh, S. P722 McDowell, A. S432 McElgunn, C. P2269 McElligott, M. P1557 McEwen, A. P1430 McGeary, C. P1970 McGeer, A. P705, P710, P1562, P1695, P2314 McGovern, P.C. O405 McHugh, T. P1959, P1964 McIntosh, K. P975

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 209

Chairs & Authors


List of Authors

Name McKay, E. McKay, R. McKendry, R.A. Mckenney, D. McLaws, M. McLeod, F. McMenamin, J. McMurray, C. McNamara, P. McNeil, S. McNicholas, S. McOwan, J. McShera, K. McWade, R. Meacci, M. Mearns, G. Meccugni, B. Medeiros, C.R.


P1854 O410 O276 P2253 O643, P1980 P1460 P722 O550, P1995 P2134 P1840 O400 P2304 P1376 P1365 P1904 P1461 P1904 P1582, P1586, P1594 Medeiros, R. P1014 Mediavilla, C. P1572 Mediavilla-Gradolph, C. P739 Medina, A. P1096 Medina, E. P2164 Medina, J. O174, O175, P689, P690 Medina, R. P1516, P1961 Medvedeva, N. P806 Meece, J. P2331 Meessen, N. P2005 Meessen, N.E.L. P1289 Meex, C. P1000 Mégarbane, B. P1619 Megraud, F. W34, P696 Megrelishvili, T. P1579 Mehallawy, H. P1248 Mehdi, N. P1800 Mehiri, E. P1933 Mehta, A. P1950 Meije, Y. O447, O594, P832 Meijer, A. S222 Meinke, R. P1119 Meintjes, G. O471 Meis, J. O112, P841, P1063, P1374 Mejuto López, P. P2001 Mekker, A. P1048, P2035 Mekki, Y. P944 Mekprasan, S. O560 Melano, R. P1245 Melard, A. P1602 Melchers, W.J. O124, O305, P750 Meledandri, M. O623 Meletiadis, J. O307, O308 Meliço Silvestre, A. P760 Melillo, L. P811, P812, P868 Melin, P. P1000 Melinte, V. P2291 Melki, J.R. P1789 Mellado, E. P845 Melles, D.C. O547 Melnikova, O. P892 Melo-Cristino, J. O552, O553, O622, P1035, P1036, P1037, P1081, P1206, P1218, P1281, P1403, P1529, P1878 Melon, G. P1722

210 22nd ECCMID / London

Name Melón García, S. Melot, C. Melton-Kreft, R. Melzer, F. Memarnejadian, A. Memet, M. Memikoglu, K. Memish Z.A.A. Mena, A. Menacho, F. Mendes, A.C. Mendes, R.


P894, P915 P1320 P1390 P2340 P942 P1136 P1175 S607 P1999, P2236 P1096 P926, P1901 P1245, P1331, P1676, P1884 Mendez, C. P717, P1295 Mendez, S. P1031 Méndez-Álvarez, S. P1274, P1276 Mendonça, N. P1097, P1870 Menegazzi, P. P2313 Menegotto, F. P1315, P2148 Menezes, L. P1511, P1513 Meng, Q. P1804 Meng, Y. P2032 Mengelle, C. P1787 Mengoli, C. P2196 Mengoni, F. P1360 Menichella, D. P2343 Menichetti, F. S133, O629, P1165, P1332, P1358, P1359, P1845 Menotti, J. P2386 Mensa, J. P1531, P2222 Mentasti, M. P724 Merante, F. P927 Mercier, L. P2311 Meredith, A. P1783 Mérens, A. P1091 Merino, M. P1304 Merino Velasco, I. P2309 Merker, N. P825 Meroni, V. O338, P2384 Mert, A. P1666 Mert, G. P1762 Mertens, A. P2264 Mertens, K. P1090 Mesquita, C. P2279 Messler, S. O646, P2367 Mestres, C. P1065 Meštrovic, T. P1813 Meta, E. P2400 Metcalf, S. P1857 Mete, B. P1666 Metsvaht, T. P1782 Metzgar, D. P833, P901, P1508 Metzidaki, E. P1002, P1005 Meuer, E.K. O559 Meugnier, H. O269, P2168 Meunier, F. P2198 Mevius, D. P682, P1635 Mevius, D.J. P1630 Meyer, B. S87, P1119 Meyer, E. O341, P1220, P1678 Meyer, G. P2317 Meyer, R. P1312 Meyer, R. P2066 Meyts, I. P2095, P2096 Mezghani Maalej, S. P1532 Mezzaroma, I. O561 Mezzatesta, M.L. P1601

Final Programme



Miakotina, E. P1914 Micaelo, M. P1998 Micahil, G. P1609 Micallef, C. P1893 Micenkova, L. P1770 Michailidou, E. P755 Michala, L. P1008 Michallet, M. P1132 Micheo, C. P1140 Michos, A. P906 Micozzi, A. P2109 Middleton, P. P1567 Midulla, F. P973 Miegeville, A.-F. P2161, P2065 Miegeville, M. P781 Miettinen, S. P1107 Migliavacca, R. P1715, P1867, P1871 Mignone, F. P759, P1071 Miguez, E. P1204 Mihaescu, G. P1193 Mihailelis, E. P1944 Mihailescu, P. P2052 Mihailescu, R. P2062, P2128, P2308 Mihu, C. P1544 Mijovic, G. P1314 Mik, E. P1133 Mikalova, L. P2000 Mikamo, H. P855 Mikelsaar, M. P2009 Mikhaylova, Y.V. P741 Miklasevics, E. P2167 Mikojalewska, A. P810, P2113 Mikolasova, G. P1587 Milano, R. P1796 Mildvan, D. P1875 Milia, M. P1796 Militello, V. P937, P1373 Millar, D.S. P1789 Miller, A. P1947 Miller, C. P2125, P2133 Miller, C. P2321, P2326 Miller, J. P1954 Miller, M. P1623, P2287, P2289 Miller, S. P1351 Millet, J.-P. P1923 Mills, G. P2008 Milosevic, B. P2403 Milosevic, I. P2403 Milozzi, E. O648, P1142 Mimoz, O. P1616, P1619 Minacori, M. O629 Minami, H. P1766 Mingorance, J. P1859 Minjolle, S. P947, P962 Minogue, E. P1376 Miragaia, M. P1271 Miragliotta, L. P1879 Miramin Mohammadi, A. O393 Miramon, J.M. S426 Miranda, C. P2337 Mirelis, B. P1304 Miremont-Salamé, G. P2137 Mirfenderesky, M. P695 Miriagou, V. P1205, P1721 Miro, J.M. O169, S194, S461 Mironova, L. P1407 Mirra, M. P1397, P1530 Mirsalehian, A. P981



Mischnik, A. P1823 Mishra, S. P1162 Miskinyte, M. P1684 Misra, R. P2354 Misset, B. P1722 Missorini, S. P1814 Mistry, H. P929 P1775, P1919 Mistry, R. Mitchell, L. P1525 Mitchell, M. P912 Mitchell, R. P1500 Mitov, I. P1872 Mitra, G. P2404 Mitra, M.E. P811, P812, P868 Mitraj, V. P782 Mitre, A. P932 P2110 Mitrohin, S. Mitrousia-Ziouva, A. O295 Mitsikostas, P. P1975 Miwanda, B. P1643 Miyamura, K P1594 Mladenova, Z. P958 Mlinaric-Dzepina, A. P1061 Mlinaric-Galinovic, G. P1813 Mlinaric-Missoni, E. P1813 Mlynarcik, P. P2031, P2043, P2044, P2045, P2152 Mòdol, J. P968 Modolo, M.L. P911 Moeck, G. P1885 Moeller, P. P2071 Moelvadgaard, M. P960 Moet, G. P1413, P1894 Moganeradj, K. P1959 Moghadami, M. P2395 Mohajeri, N. P2380 Mohammadi, H.R. P1391 Mohan, T. P1049 Mohraz, M. P909 Mojal, S. P1065 Mokaddas, E. P1898, P1916 Mokou, E. P994 Molagic, V. P2308 Molan, K. P1668 Mølbak, K. P2252 Moldovan, A. P2205 Molhoek, N. O335 Molin, S. K258 Molina, F. P1204 Molina, J. P1057 Molina, J. P2324 Molina, J.-M. P1300 Molina Gil-Bermejo, J. O407 Mollaki, V. P1929, P1938 Möllby, R. P1113 Møller, J.K. O496 Mölling, P. P1660, P1986 Molnár, J. P1224 Mols, P. P1320 Molshatzki, N. O624 Mølvadgaard, M. P1507 Molyneaux, P.J. P722 Momeni, P. P877 Monaco, M. O555 Mondain, V. P850 Mondi, A. S528 Mondino, S. P1171 Monecke, S. P1765, P2364

List of Authors

Monen, J. Money, P.R. Monga, D. Mongelli, G. Monini, M. Moniuszko, A. Monkman, L Monneret, G. Monod, A. Montagna, C. Montagna, M.T. Montassier, E. Montecchini, S.


P1535 P1624 P1804 P1332 P988 P758, P2047, P2049 P2262 P2197 O640 O561 P829 P2161 P2080, P2273, P2391 Montejo, M. O110, O169, O447 Monteleone, K. P973 Montenegro, C. P1661, P2182, P2183 Montero, D. P887, P908 Montero, M. P1618 Montes, M. P1790 Montgomery, J. M. O468 Monti, F. P1111, P1478, P1481, P1488 Montibello, S P1759 Montin, D. P1071 Montoya, J.G. W42 Montrasio, G. P1013 Montravers, P. S512, P1198 Montserrat-Capdevila, J. P729 Monzillo, V. P1466 Monzón, F. P1585 Moodley, V.M. O230 Mooka, B. P2138 Mookerjee, S. P2100 Moon, C. P1170 Moon, C. P712 Moon, C.S. P1580 Moon, S.-Y. P2211 Moore, F. P2331 Moore, G. P1117 Moore, L. P1219, P2100 Moores, R.C. P1950, P2151 Moorhouse, L. O122, P1122, P1123 Mooseder, G. P700 Mora Rillo, M. O497, P951 Morace, G. P829 Moraga, A.I. P1793 Morago, L. P2297 Moraitou, H. P1694, P1818 Morales, H.M. P798 Morales, I. P1096 Morales, J.M. O448, P2093 Morales, M.-L. O468 Morales, S. P1461 Morán, N. O331, O333, P2079 Morán, R. P1596 Morand, P.C. P2154 Moratelli, K. O272 Morch, K. S478 Moreau, P. P781, P2161 Moreillon, P. P2055, P2166, P2179 Moreira, E.D. O164 Morelec, I. P2218 Morelli, E. P1925 Moreno, A. O169, O447, O594, P803, P861, P887, P908, P1923, P2091

Name Moreno, D.


O343, O598, P2365, P2366 Moreno, L. P972 Moreno, S. O594, P832 Moreno-Ramos, F. O497, P2115 Moretti, C. P973 Moretti, M.L. P783 Morgan, G. P2255 Mori, M. P1766 Moriconi, M. P1098 Moriconi, R. P885 Morier, L. P935, P935 Morio, F. P781 Morita, E. P2006 Moritz, A. P903 Morlat, P. O596, P2137 Moro, M.L. S328, S460 Moro, M.L. P1530 Moroder, L. P1312 Morosini, M. O627, P1203, P1887 Moroti, R. P2011, P2308 Moroti-Constantinescu, R. P1018 Morquin, D. P1269, P1328 Morris, C. O301 Morris, D. O300, O301, P1520, P1686 Morris, K.A. P2378 Morrissey, I. O303, P1102, P1103, P1282, P1283, P1458, P1883, P1886 Morrissey, O. P856 Morshed, M. O279 Mortensen, A. P2374 Mortensen, K.L. P828 Mosca, A. P1879 Moschioni, M. O555 Moscoso, M. P2175 Moser, C. P1390, P1781 Moses, A.E P701 Moshos, J. O651 Mosquera, A. P972 Mostachio, A. P1828 Mostovoy, Y. P1066 Mota, G. P793 Mota, M. O396 Motevalli, F. P942 Motta, F. P794, P1794, P2319 Mouktaroudi, M. P2037 Moura, L. P1586 Mourao, J. O303, P1302, P1632 Mourato, C. P1281 Moure, R. P1961 Mourich, D. P874, P934, P950 Moussa, M. P2155 Moussaoui, W. P2356 Moustafa, M. O164 Mouta, K. P839, P1202, P1212, P1336, P1362, P1847 Mouton, J.W. W6, W9, W49, T82, O297, O305, O308, P685, P750, P1727 Moyaert, H. P1100, P1102, P1103 Moyo, S. P1693 Mrvic, T. P1028, P1161 Muazu, K. P1902 Mucha, R. P2031, P2043, P2044, P2045, P2152 Mueller, B. P1575



Mueller Premru, M. P1159 Muhammad, R P1459 Mühlemann, K. P1310, P1387 Muilwijk, J. P1535, P1833 Muir, D. P929 Mukuku Sifa, C. P2299 Mulcahy, F. P2138 Mulder, P. P1026 Mulders, B. P1803 Mulet, X. P1999 Muli-Mutuku, J. P1587 Mullane, K. P2251, P2287, P2289 Muller, A. P1072 Muller, A.E. O297 Müller, B. O177 Müller, C. P860 Müller, E. P1837, P1838 Muller, M. P705, P710, P1695 Müller-Pebody, B. O342 Mulliqi-Osmani, G. P1314 Mulvey, M. P2314 Mumcuoglu, I. P1265, P2083, P2084 Muniain, M.A. O502 Munier, A.-L. P1300 Muñoz, K.A. P1420 Muñoz, L. O232, P774 Muñoz, P. O110, O169, O447, O499, S511, S513, P745, P746, P786, P804, P834, P955, P1137, P1158, P1972 Muñoz-Almagro, C. P715 Muñoz-Davila, M.J. P887, P908, P1540 Muñoz-Egea, M.C. P1908 Muntean, M. P1841 Munteanu, D.I. P2011, P2128, P2308 Munz, M. P1615 Mura, I. O314, P1120 Muravieva, V.V. P2320 Murça, M. P1361 Murchan, S. P1686, P2241 Murillas, J. P1054 Muros Le Rouzic, E. O310 Murphy, A.W. P2199 Murray, B.E. P1604 Murray, P. S508 Murray, S. P764 Murray, T. P1866 Musazzi, A. O346 Musher, D.M. K454 Mushtaq, S. P1293, P1447, P1829 Musilek, M. P1040 Mussini, C. P2146 Musso, M. O563, P1888 Mutluoglu, M. P770 Mutters, N P1288 Mutters, R. P2353 Muyembe, J.J. P1643 Muzikova, K. P2092 Muzyamba, M.C. O344, O495, O498, P1155, P2254 Myakova, N. P847 Myhre, A. P1900 Mynatt, R. O651 Mzilem, S. P1517




N. Rao, D. Naas, T.

P1049 P1238, P1337, P1706, P2356 Nabuurs-Franssen, M. W69, O170, O280, O652, P999, P1063, P1851, P1855, P2003, P2004 Nacinovich, F. P1124, P1846 Nadali, G. P868 Nadali, G. P811 Nadji, S.A P877, P965 Naesens, R. P1496, P1687 Naftali, G. P2224 Nagao, M. P788 Naghshvar, F. P965 Nagl, M. P2172 Nagy, E. W20, P2286, P2345 Nagy, K. P1003, P1034 Nailis, H. P2264 Nair, J. P1789 Nair, S. P1748 Nairz, M. P2034 Najafzadeh, M. O112 Najar peerayeh, S. P1041 Najvar, L.K. P837 Nakajima-Sasaki, R. O280 Nakano, Y. P1839 Nalca-Erdin, B. P2193 Namazova-Baranova, L. P1388 Namwat, W. P1966 Nangia, V. O404 Nanni, C. P1767, P2153 Nardini, P. P2149, P2153 Nasiri, S. P1710 Nassif, X. P2154 Nastase, R. P2308 Nataro, J.P. P2184 Natås, O. P676 Nateghi Rostami, M. O393, P2380 Natera, C. O407, O502 Nathwani, D. O285, S356, S518, O654, O663, P1059 Nation, R. P1607, P1608 Nation, R.L. P2064 Natrillo, A. P1424 Natsch, S. O653 Nau, R. P1615, P2040, P2186 Naumenko, V.A. P873 Navalpotro, D. P1516 Navarro, D. E525, P823, P2093 Navarro, E. P1776 Navarro, F. P1736 Navarro, G. P1868 Navarro, M.D. P1075, P1297 Navarro San Francisco, C. O497, P951 Navas, D. P1614, P2208 Navas, E. O169 Navas, J. P1305 Navas, P. O172 Navasa, M. P803, P861, P2091 Navascués, A. P1585 Navon-Venezia, S. O624, P1319 Nawrot, U. P779 Nazareth, C. O593 Nazemi, A. P942

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme


Chairs & Authors


List of Authors



Ndieyira, J.W. O276 Neal, S. P1991 Need, R. O296 Neely, M. O299 Neff, U. P1353 Neifer, S. P1351, P2051 Nelovkov, A. P1493 Nelson, A. P970 Nemcova, E. P1386, P1801 Nemeth, J. P1154 Neoh, C.F. P856 Nepka, M. O628 Neri, A. P1985 Nes, I.F. P1285 Nesterenko, L. P1471 Netea, M. P2195 Netea, M.G. O278, S326, P841 Netesov, S. P917 Neth, O. P1057 Neto, O. P2201 Neubauer, H. P2340 Neuraz, A. P944 Neves, I. P2376 Newman, J. P1429 Ng, J. P2027 Ng, W.K. P1164 Ngu Ngwa, V. P1098 Ngui, S.L. O592 Nguyen, B.L. P1360 Nguyen, L. P1613 Nguyen, N. P844 Nguyen, P. P2058 Nguyen, P.H. P1069 Nguyen, Q.H. P1069 Nguyen, S. P936 Nguyen, T.K.C. P1069 Nguyen, T.T. P1069 Nguyen, V. P929, P1069 Nguyen, V.Y. P1069 Nguyen Van, J.-C. P1722 Nguyen-Khac, E. P943 Nhan, T. O269 Ni, Y. P1185 Nichol, G. S483 Nichol, K. P2321, P2326 Nichols, G. O114 Nicholson, B. O168 Nicholson, S. P1441 Nickells, T. O158 Nicol, M. O230 Nicolas, N. O227 Nicolau, D. P1611 Nicolle, MC. P1132 Niculescu, I. P1018, P2308 Niedrig, M. P879 Nielsen, C.A. P1639 Nielsen, H. P960 Nielsen, H. P960, P1017, P1507 Nielsen, H. V. P2252 Nielsen, H.L. P1507 Nielsen, J.B. P1494, P1639 Nielsen, K.M. P1255 Nielsen, O.L. P2063 Nielsen, P. H. P1781 Nielsen, P.H. P1390 Nielsen, X.C. P1502, P2272, P2329 Niemann, S. P2164 Nieto, I. O502


22nd ECCMID / London



Nigo, M. P1875 Nigro, S. P1361 Niimi, H. P1766 Nijhuis, C. O280 Nijhuis, R.H.T. P1512 Nijmeijer, A. P1216 Nikaido, H. K257 Nikbakht Brujeni, G. P1769 Nikbin, V. P1710 Nikolaidou, P. P921 Nikolaou, K. P1136 Nikolaou, M. P1268 Nikolic, J. P2130 Nikolopoulou, A. O655 Nilkamhang, S. P2124 Nilsdotter-Augustinsson, Å. P1145 Ning, H. P2127, P2141 Ning, H.X. P2310 Ninove, L. O183, P704 Nisbet, M. P1954 Nissan, I. P676 Nissinen, A. P1519 Nistal Herrera, F. P2119 Nithya, C. P2162 Nityanand, S. P2122 Niubó, J. P1140 Njah, M. P775 Nobari, S. P1710 Nobile, A. P1154 Nobile, M. P1120 Nobrega, J. P798 Nöckler, K. P2340 Nodar, A. P1556 Noehammer, C. P1503 Noel, A.R. P1624 Noel, G.J. P694 Noel, M. P995 Nogler, M. P2172 Nogueira, P. P976 Nogueira, R. P1742 Noll, I. P1187 Nonato, B. O630 Nonhoff, C. P1383 Nonnemann, B. P2351 Noonan, L. P1954 Noori, M. P2292 Noppen, C. P1786 Nord, C.E. P1113, P2230, P2237, P2249, P2288 Nordmann, P. E200, O444, P1086, P1226, P1229, P1233, P1234, P1236, P1238,P1258, P1343, P1344, P1337, P1706, P1707, P1883, P2315 Noreldeen, A.M. P1777 Norén, T. P2267 Nørgaard, M. P688, P1395 Norouzian, D. P1042 Norrby-Teglund, A. S436 Norrgren, H. P978 Norton, R.E. P1389 Nosari, A. P811, P812, P868 Notario, J. O232 Notermans, D.W. O661, O665, P1093, P1196, P2228, P2286 Novaes, C.T.G. P1594

Final Programme



Novais, Â.

P1261, P1636, P1661, P1864, P2182, P2183 Novais, C. O302, P1290, P1302, P1631, P1632 Novak, J. P1801 Novak-Frazer, L. P692 Novelli, A. P1332 Novicki, T. P2331 Novoselova, A. P1568 Nowakowska, J. P1469 Ntetsika, K. P1212, P1847 Ntokou, E. P1224, P1609 Ntziora, F. S528 Nucleo, E. P1715, P1867, P1871 Núncio, M.S. P2003 Nuñez, E. P1869 Núñez-Aragón, R. P714 Nuño, E. O407, O502 Nuno, J. O594 Nurjadi, D. P2361 Nutter, P. P929 Nye, M. P1806 Nys, S. P1547


O'Brien, D. O'Brien, W. O'Connor, L.

P1144, P1163 P1448, P1451, P1452 O662, O667, P1151, P1376, P2240 O'Donoghue, M. P1077, P1078, P1497 O'Flanagan, D. P1559, P2138 O'Gorman, J. O400 O'Hara, A. P2227 O'Hora, A. P2138 O'Mahony, E. P1144 O'Mahony, J. O474, P1548 O'Neill, P. P2359 O'Reilly, A. P2213 O'Sullivan, M. O548, P1148 Oakley, S. O662, P2240 Obermayr, F. P693 Obermeier, M. P903, P1351 Obi-Tabot, E. O312, P1128 Obidenova, T. P1194 Ocete, MD. P1516 Ocete Mochón, M.D. P738 Ochiuzzi, ME. P1756 Ochoa, T. P1096 Odabas, D. P986 Odeh, A. P2033 Òdena, E. P1065 Odenholt, I.M P978 Odizzio, V. P1869 Oersted, I. P960 Oestergaard, L. P1017 Oesterlein, A. P2347 Oethinger, M. P2370 Offidani, M. P811 Ofori-Belic, I. P2403 Ofsaiof, R. P901 Oggioni, M.R. P1282, P1283 Ograbek, A. P1421 Ogucu Durgun, S. P1175 Oh, J. P712 Oh, S. P1364 Ohana, N. P1558 Ohlsson, A. P2327 Ohnishi, M. P1470

Name Oikonomou, A. Oikonomou, O. Oksuz, L. Olaru, I. Olaru, I.D. Olayinka, A. Olcén, P. Oldach, D. Olesen, B. Oliva, A. Oliveira, J. Oliveira, K. Oliveira, L.M. Oliveira, P.R. Oliver, A.


O565 P1694, P1818 P1401 P2308 P2011, P2128 P1902 P1986 P719 P1675 P1360 P756, P760, P1511 P2374 P2121 P1127 S206, P1054, P1203, P1736, P1749, P1999, P2236 Ollivier, F. O657, P1192 Olofsson, S. P946 Olsen, K. E. P. S534, P2252, P2272 Olsina Tebar, M. P990 Olson, B. P2331 Olson, J.A. P844 Olsson, E. P1607 Oltean, M. P1841 Oltean, S. P1841 Olusoga, A. P2108 Olver, W. J. P1371 Omar, M. O407 Omran, Z. P2155 Oña-Navarro, M. P894 Öncül, O. P770, P1200, P1235 Önem, Y. P770 Ong, C. O470 Ong, P.Z. P876 Oni, T. O471 Önnberg, A. P1660 Onni, T. P2362 Onorato, M.T. O164 Onori, M. P2343 Onyango, C. P2145 Ooi, N. P1432, P1433, P1434, P2173 Oon, L.L.E. P876 Oostdijk, E.A.N. O311, P1160 Oosterheert, J.J. O170, O402, O403, P999 Opal, S.M. S544 Openshaw, P. P1047 Opp, L. P2147 Oprea, C. P2291 Oral, B. P771, P1027 Orbán, K. P1468 Orbegozo, C.M. O116, P2060, P2067 Orcau, A. P1923 Orczykowska-Kotyna, M. O266 Ordobas, M. P1555 Ordobás Gavín, M. P767, P768 Ordoñez-Barrosa, P. P1354 Orduña, A. P2148 Orduña Domingo, A. P1315 Orefici, G. P1282, P1283 Orellana, M.A. P2282 Orendi, J. P1971 Orendi, U. P1147 Orenga, S. P1718 Orfanidou, M. P1207

List of Authors


Orfanou, A. Origüen, J. Orlandi, A. Orola, M. Orsi, C.F. Orta, N. Ortega, A. Ortega, M. Ortega Andrés, A. Ortisi, G. Ortiz, E. Ortiz, R. Ortolani, R. Osada, J. Osborn, M. Osmalli, D. Osman, H. Osmolski, J. Osório, T. Oster, G. Österblad, M. Østergaard, C. Osterhaus, A.D.M.E. Ostermann, H.

P1528 O450 P1805 P700 P831 P1907 P1304, P2148 P1531 P1315 P1495 O468 P2142 P1913 P2047 P2253 P1314 P954 P1440 P1014 O409 P1519 P1697, P1850 S566 O174, O175, P689, P690 Ostorházi, E. P1003 Oteo, J. P1304, P1868 Otero, Á. P2115 Otero B.P. Pinheiro, D. P1702 Ott, E. P1984 Ott, H. P843 Otter, J.A. P1334, P2169 Otto, M.P. P2170 Ovesen, T. O275 Oviedo, C. P1757 Ovíes, M. P1907 Oyen, W.J.G. P1855 Ozaras, R. P1666 Ozbek, A. P2295 Ozcimen, S. P761 Ozdemir, O. P952 Ozden, E. P1175 Özenci, V. P2327, P2339 Ozisik, A. P1832 Ozkul, A. P2015 Ozkulekci, M. P2295 Ozorowski, T. P779 Ozturk, B. P2014, P2018, P2216 Ozturk, R. P1666 Özyurt, M. P1200, P1235


Pace, A. Pacenti, M. Pachón, J. Packoria, E. Padilla, B. Padilla, C. Paesmans, M. Paez, J. Pagani, C. Pagani, E. Pagani, L. Pagano, I. Pagano, L.

P1921 O465, P945, P1373 O407, O637, P1050, P1082, P1085 P1579 O110, O600, P955, P1573, P2223 P948, P2101 O109 P1828 P988, P1013 P1312 P1715, P1867, P1871 P1757 P811, P812, P868

Name Paganotti, G.M. Pagliano, P. Pagliuca, A. Pagni, S. Pahissa, A.


P2392 P1363, P1953 P867 P937 O116, O226, O447, P2060, P2067 Pai, H. P679, P1570, P2281 Pai, K. P2009 Paikin, S. P1876 Painter, T. P1500 Paisey, D. P1728 Paixão, M.T. P976 Paktinat jalaly, B. P2395 Pal, T. P1708, P1861 Palacio, A. P2282 Palacios, G. P950 Palaiologou, N. P989 Palanivel, S. P1139 Palazzolo, C. O119, O648, O650 Pallares, M.A. P1573 Pallen, M.J. P1225 Pallett, A. P754 Palma, P. P2404 Palmeiro, A. P2077 Palmer, R. O122 Palmero, S. O407 Palmieri, F. P2146 Palminha, P. P976 Palomar, M. P1065 Palomares Folía, J.C P2129 Palomino, J. O502, P1057 Palomo, J. P804 Palop, B. P717, P1295 Palop-Borrás, B. P739 Paltansing, S. P1663 Palù, G. O465, P937, P945, P1197, P1367, P1373, P1926, P2196, P2313 Palumbo, H. P1649 Pambrun, E. O596 Pan, A. O125, S196, O645 Panagea, T. P1546 Panagi, G. P1416 Panagi, M. P1911, P1912 Panagopoulos, P. O565 Panagopoulou, A. P1212 Panaiatov, S. P1372, P1930 Panayotou, G. P1267 Pancewicz, S. P758, P2047, P2049 Pancholi, P. P884, P2265 Pandian, S.K. P2162 Panesar, P. P1052, P1053 Pang, P. P2321, P2326 Pang, R. P1415 Paniagua, M. P1113 Paniara, O. O628 Panigati, L. P1577 Pankuweit, S. S105 Paño, J.R. O169 Paño Pardo, J.R. O497, P951, P2115 Panopoulou, M. P1267 Panoutsopoulos, A. P766 Pant, P. P2122 Pantelidis, P. P893 Pantelidou, I. P1083



Pantosti, A. O555, P1339, P2362 Pantrangi, M. P1598 Papa, A. O273, S377 Papadakis, I. P1202, P1212, P1336 Papadimitriou, M. P992, P1135 Papadimitriou-Olivgeris, M. P1217, P1526, P1549 Papadomichelakis, E. O313 Papadopoulos, A. O565 Papadopoulos, N.G. P974 Papadopoulos, T. P2307 Papadopoulou, E. P1416 Papadopoulou, M. O295 Papafragas, E. P1362 Papagiannitsis, C.C. P1721 Papaioannou, A. P1205 Papaioannou, V. P839, P1202, P1212, P1336, P1847 Papamichail, D. P2070 Papanagiotou, A. P1002, P1005, P1008 Papanastasopoulou, C. P1751 Papanikolaou, D. P1333 Papanikolaou, E. P2012 Papanikolaou, P. P1847 Papapetrou, E. P918 Papaventsis, D. P1911, P1912 Papazoglou, L. P1136 Papi, A. P1951 Papiris, S. P1929 Pappa, O. P1721 Pappas, A. P766 Pappné Ábrók, M. P1012 Papst, L. P1673 Paquet-Bolduc, B. O666 Paquette, N. P2256, P2257, P2258 Paradela, A. P1251, P1671 Paradis, I. P2258 Parakakis, I. P1135 Paramythiotou, E. P1574 Paraponaris, A. P1763 Paraskaki, I. P974 Paraskakis, I. P992, P989 Paraskevi, K. P1929 Pardo, F. P1031 Pardos Bosch, J. P990 Parfenova, T. P1396 Parida, S. O656 Paris, A. P1016 Paris, L. P812 Parisato, M. P1795 Parisi, S. P1197, P2313 Parizkova, R. P1386 Park, D.W. P784, P1172, P1174 Park, G.M. P1174 Park, J. P2209 Park, J. P1157 Park, J. H. P1843 Park, K. P712 Park, K.G. P1190 Park, K.H. P1592 Park, L. O168 Park, M. P1094 Park, S. P712 Park, S.H. P1990, P2120 Park, S.Y. P1768 Park, Y.J. P1190 Parks, P. J. P2171



Parlak, M. O595 Parm, Ü. P1782 Parneix, P. P1056 Parnell, P. P2244 Parola, P. O469 Paroni, R. P1814 Paroni Sterbini, F. P2174 Parovichnikova, E. P2112 Parra Sánchez, M. P2129 Parra-Ruiz, J. P774, P1605 Parreira, R. P2068 Parsons, J. P2058 Parsons, T. P1627 Partridge, S. P1242, P1734 Parwati, I. O234 Pascarella, M. P1926 Pascual, A. O407, P1075, P1085, P1297, P1736, P1737, P1739, P1749, P1859 Pascual, E. O175, P690 Pascual, M. W1 Paskalis, C. P1865 Pasquarella, C O314, P1120 Pasquau, F. P776 Passera, M. P1498, P1725 Passweg, J. P865, P1119 Pasteran, F. P1699 Pasticci, B. P2146 Pasticci, M. P1332 Pasutharnchat, N. P1597 Pászti, J. P1033, P1683 Patabendige, K. P1191 Patel, A. P1419 Patel, B. O660 Patel, M.D. P1889 Patel, N. P1747, P2125, P2133 Patel, P. P1419 Patel, P. P879 Patel, P.A. P2368 Patel, R. P787 Patel, S. P754, P1562 Paterson, D. S156, S528 Paterson, D.L. O443, P1252, P1607 Paterson, P. P1525 Pathak, A. P1534 Pati, B.K P1398 Patil, S.B. O276 Patino, H. P1439, P2251 Pato, C.T. O552 Patrick, D. O410 Patrinos, S. P2307 Patterson, L. O664, P1970, P2227 Patterson, T.F. P837 Patton, A. O654, O663 Paul, J. P1773, P2160 Paul, M. W51, O339, O647, P720, P835, P2111 Paula, A.P. P1127 Pauling, J. P1370 Paulmann, D. P1730 Paulsen, I. P1734 Pauvif, L. P1763 Pavia, C. P2048 Pavilonis, A. P1836 Pavlaki, M. P766 Pavlik, I. P883, P1965 Pavlovic, M. P2403 Pavone, V. P811

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme


Chairs & Authors


List of Authors



Pawliuk, R. Pawlowska, J. Payne, L. Paz, I. Pazhoor, A. Pea, F. Peano, C. Pecile, P. Peck, A. Peck, K.R.

P1625 O179, O180 P1084 P1031 P2330 T81 P2181 P1324, P1332 P2111 P712, P1172, P1174, P1768, P1952, P2211 Pecorari, M. P831, P1664 Pedersen, M.S. P1492 Pedro-Botet, M.L. P714 Peel, A. O122, O284, O655, P866, P1062 Peel, T.N. O503 Pefau, M. O659, P1055, P1056 Pegado, J. P1849 Peghin, M. O226 Peham, JR. P1503 Pehlivanoglu, F. P1945, P1946 Peirano, G. P1679 Peixe, L. O302, P1261, P1290, P1302, P1631, P1632, P1636, P1661, P1864, P2182, P2183 Pekard-Amenitsch, S. P2123 Peláez, T. O111, P745, P746, P786, P824, P834, P2229 Pelegrín, I. P2061 Pelegrino, K. O. P1962 Pelekanou, A. P2037 Pelemis, M. P2403 Pelinescu, D. P818 Pelis, R. P1422, P1424 Pelkonen, S. P1107 Pellicer, F. O226 Pelloux, H. P747 Pemán, J. P823 Pempinello, R. P1363 Peña, A. P774 Pena, M. P729 Pena López, M. J. P2131 Peña-Monje, A. P1605 Peñaranda, M. P1054 Pennington, J. P2370 Penski, N. O557 Pensotti, C. P1124 Peppas, G. P718, P1975 Peracchi, M. P1904, P1926, P2196 Perdigão, J. P1932 Pereira, B. O593 Pereira, C. P2269 Pereira, D. P1418 Pereira, J. P1874 Pereira, S.G. P1080 Peres, D. P2376 Pereyre, S. P1015 Pérez, F. O331, O333, P1173, P1565, P2078, P2079, P2135, P2397 Pérez, J. P1907, P2236 Pérez, J.L. O447, P1999 Perez, L. P2142 Perez, M. P2142 Perez, M. P1601


22nd ECCMID / London



Perez, M.D. P2337 Pérez, M.J. P1355 Perez del Molino, I.C. P674 Pérez Jové, J. P980 Perez Romero, P. P1050 Pérez-Cortés, S. O407 Perez-Elias, M.J. O594 Pérez-Jorge, C. P1908 Pérez-Molina, J.A. S587 Pérez-Ordoñez, A. P1050 Perez-Pascual, P. P1920, P1931 Pérez-Rodríguez, M. P1556 Pérez-Roth, E. P1274, P1276 Pérez-Tanoira, R. P1955 Pérez-Trallero, E. P702, P1790 Perez-Villa, F. P2091 Periañez, L. P1054 Perlin, D.S. P827, P830 Pernia, S. P1355 Perpoint, T. P2218 Perret, M. P2056 Perreten, V. P1278, P1510 Perretti, A. P2069 Perri, M. O343, P2365, P2366 Perry, C. P1462 Perry, J.D. P2316 Persijn, L. P1809 Persing, D. S602 Persitz, E. P701 Persson, K. P2002 Persson, Y. P1073 Persson Waller, K. P1073 Pertel, P. P1431 Peruzzo, D. P1367 Pesic Pavlovic, I. P2130 Pessoa, D. P1849 Peter, H. P1515, P1775 Peter, K. P1023 Péter, O. P2010 Peters, G. P2164 Petersen, A. P1272, P1317 Petersen, E. E201, P2066 Petersen, I. P691 Petersen, P. P1983 Peterson, K.A. P2368 Peterson, L.R. P2368 Peterson, M. L. P2171 Petersson, F. P1675 Petinaki, E. P1166, P1205, P1217 Petkovšek, Z. P2185 Peto, T. O186, O662, O667, O668, P1862, P2240, P2243 Petrescu, A. P1018 Petrich, A.K P928 Petrikkos, G. O313, O565, P1929, P1938 Petrolito, V. P1601 Petroni, A. P1699 Petronio, J.A. P930 Petrosillo, N. S106, O125, O563, O623, P1888 Petrou, M. P740 Petrov, P. P1095, P2280 Petrova, M. P902 Petrovec, M. P1028 Petrucci, R. P1921 Petti, C.A. P2102

Final Programme



Pettiford, S. P2253 Petukhova, I. P1247 Peuchant, O. P1016 Peyramond, D. O392, P2144, P2218 Peyre, M. P1340 Peyron, F. P2384 Pfaffenbach, S. P938 Pfeifer, K. P885 Pfeiffer, Y. P1074, P1515 Pfennigwerth, N. P1237, P1680, P1709 Pfyffer, G. P1310 Philimonova, A. P1396 Philippe, M. P2394 Philips, A. P805 Phillips, G. O642, O645 Phillips, P. P846 Phin, N. O114 Piazza, A. P1867, P1871 Piazza, P. O667, P1151 Picão, R.C O630 Picard-Maureau, M. O182 Picardi, M. P811, P868 Piccicco, D. P1805 Piccoli, L. P2069 Piceghello, A. P2094 Pichereau, S. P1598 Pichon, B. O268, P1272, P1312, P1750 Pichugin, A.V. P941 Pickin, R. P2207 Piddock, L. P1108 Piddock, L. J. V. O639, P1222, P1223, P1225, P1263, P1264 Pidone, J. P1757, P1759 Pierangeli, A. P967, P973 Pierce, J. P2058 Pierce, K. P1775 Pierobon, E.S. P2196 Pierre, I. P1628 Pieters, K. P891 Pietrelli, A. P1339 Pietri, V. P1800 Pietzka, A. P1994 Pigkal, E. P1136 Pignatari, A. P1511, P1513 Pigrau, C. O226 Pike, C. P2331 Pike, R. P1191, P1312 Pikelj Pecnik, A. P1852 Pilaca, A. P2400 Pina, C. P1554 Pina-Vaz, C. O115, O118, P819, P1742, P2165 Piñero, A. P2004 Pinho, M.D. O553 Pini, B. P1715 Pinilla, B. P1137 Pinker, F. P2244 Pinon, M. P759, P1071, P2118 Pintado, V. O600, P832, P1573, P2223 Pinto, A. O548, P1148 Pinto, F. C. G. P1131 Pinto, P. P1901 Piotrovskaya, I.V. P741

Name Piperaki, E.T. Pires, J. Piriz, M. Pirožkova, L. Pirs, M. Piscitelli, S. Piscopo, G. Piselli, P. Piso, R.J. Pistiki, A. Pistofidis, K. Pitart, C. Pithie, A. Pitiriga, V. Pitout, J. Pitout, M. Pitsia, T. Pitsik, E.V. Pittet, D.


P913 P2182, P2183 P1868 P1493 P1159, P1161, P1706 P1419 P794 O563 P730 P2037 P1528 P1531 P1857 P913 S89, P1679 P1708 P1207 P741 O642, O643, P1863, P1968, P1979, P1980 Pivatello, C. O272 Plachot, C. P1787 Plachouras, D. O281, O313 Plakias, G. P1865 Planche, T. P695, P899 Planciuniene, R. P1836 Plankar Srovin, T. P1550 Plans, À. P1140 Plat, G. P1787 Plata, A. O169, P1572, P2393 Platia, M.A. P957 Platsouka, E. P1167 Platteel, T.N. P1642 Plebani, M. S384 Plecko, V. P1527, P1743 Plefka, S. O160 Plennevaux, C. P1383 Plesiat, P. P1198, P1837, P1838 Plevneshi, A. P705, P710 Plianos, I. P994 Pllana, T. P1191 Plongla, R. O332, P875 Ploy, M.C. P1340 Plunger, V. O161 Plüster, W. P1383 Podglajen, I. P2317 Podoltseva, E. P806 Podsiadly, E. P983 Poeppl, W. O161, P700 Pogliani, E.M. P2116 Pogue, J. O651 Poineuf, J.S. P962 Poinsignon, V. P1628 Poirel, L. S391, O444, S493, P1229, P1233, P1234, P1236, P1238, P1258, P1343, P1344, P1706, P1707, P2315 Poirier, A. O670 Poissy, J. P789 Polat, H. P2303 Polenakovik, H. P748 Politi, E. P1011 Politis, C. P1751 Polivkin, N. P1558 Poljak, M. S262 Pollard, A.J. O158 Pollini, S. P1338

List of Authors

Pollock, K.G. Polo Vigas, I. Poluga, J. Polymerou, V. Pomares, C. Pomba, C. Pomicino, A. Pompilio, M. Ponce-Gordo, F. Pond, M. Pong-Porter, S. Pongracz, J. Ponomarenko, O. Pons, M.J Pontes, M.C. Popa, M. Pope, C.F. Popescu, C. Popescu, G.A. Popova, M. Porat, N. Porep, G. Porras, M. Portela, D. Porter, C. Portillo, M.E. Portillo, V. Portnoy, Y. Portugal, I. Posch, J. Pospisilova, P. Post, L. Posteraro, B. Postma, D.F. Pot, H. Potasman, I. Potel, G. Potel-Alvarellos, C. Potenza, L. Potron, A. Poudyal, A. Poulain, D. Poulakou, G. Pouliot, J.-F. Poulou, A. Poupet, H. Pouriavali, M.H. Pournaras, S. Poutanen, S.M. Poveda, M. Povilonis, J. Power, M. Powis, J. Poyart, C. Poza, M. Pozniak, A. Pozzetto, B. Pradhan, B. Pradier, N. Prados, C. Praestgaard, J. Prag, G. Prag, J.

Number P2085 P2126, P2389 P2403 P994 P2385 P1316, P1637 P1953 P1720 P2068 P1303 P1562 P838 P1388 P1079 P1903 O304 P899 P2011, P2128, P2291, P2308 P2308 P800, P806 P1558 P1984 P1057 P1556 P1654 P1802 P774 P1610 P1932 O625, P1634 P2000 P1656 P2174 O402, O403 O652 P2224 P1192, P1614, P2065, P2161 P1274 P812 P1086 P1607, P1608 P789 W26, O281, O565, P1546 P846 P1703, P1834 P1306 P1038 P1489, P1609 P1654, P2314 P1907 P1684, P1836 P846 P1686 P705, P710 O554, P1306, P1808, P2154 O638 S615 P1322 P2072 P2279 P951 P1423, P1431, P2253 P1112 P773, P961

Name Prakash, S.K. Prasad, K. Prasurthsin, P. Prat, C. Prats, G. Prattes, J. Prayitno, N. Preciado-Llanes, L. Preedy, H. Preiswerk, B. Prentice, A. Prere, M.F. Press, N. Pressler, T. Presterl, E. Pretis, C. Prévost, G. Prévost, M. Prevost, V. Preziuso, S. Priavali, E. Prieto, E. Prifti, E.


P1134, P1543 P1243, P2122 P1307 P2013 P1736 P706 P2314 O401 P1346, P1347 P1154 P869 P1787 O599 P828 S265 P2311 P2356 P1279 P1025 P1098 P918, P2070 P1030, P1031 P1002, P1005, P1008 Prince, W. P693 Principe, L. P1888 Pringle, J. O171, P1842 Prins, J.M. O653, P1860 Priputnevich, T.V. P2320 Prisco, V. P1845 Priscu, N. O296 Pritsch, M. P2158, P2398 Privitera, G. O629, P1121 Prochaska, R. P1240 Prochnow, T. P2314 Prodhom, G. P1310, P2333 Prokocimer, P. P1420 Pronk, M.J.H. P999 Protopapas, K. O565 Protopopova, E. P917 Prouzergue, J. O283 Prüller, F. P1650 Przondo-Mordarska, H. P779 Przybylo, M. O122, O655, P866, P1062 Psallas, M. P1416 Psichogiou, M. O628 Puchhammer, E. O394 Puel, A. S325 Puente, S. P2388 Puerta, D. P1596 Pugacova, N. P2167 Puig, L. P1802 Puig, M. O110 Puig de la Bellacasa, J. P803, P861 Pujol, M. O270, O600, P2223 Pulcini, C. P850, P1059, P1763 Puli, D. P1463 Pulk, R. P1798 Pullukcu, H. O176, P2059 Pulse, M. P2058 Pulvirenti, R. P885 Pulzova, L. P2031, P2043, P2044, P2045, P2152 Pumarola, T. P895, P922, P2091 Punt, N. O297 Puoti, M. W21



Pupo-Antunez, M. P935 Purnak, T. P2084 Purohit, M. P864, P1123, P2221 Purrello, S. P1270 Pusic, P. O634 Putaporntip, C. P2076 Putcharoen, O. O560 Putignani, L. S537, P2086, P2159, P2336 Puyade, M. P2202 Pylkkanen, L. O109


Qazi, M. P1463 Qi, W. P1387 Qian, Y. P927 Qizilbash, N. P1840 Quan, S. P787 Quarta, C. P2153 Quattrini, A. O636, P1047, P2242 Que, C. P790 Que, Y.A. P2166 Quereda, C. O594 Quetel, J. P2385 Quigley, C. O592 Quiles, M. P1513 Quinn, C. P1377 Quintana, E. P851, P852 Quintana-Diaz, M. P951 Quintavalle, C. P868 Quinteira, S. P1261, P1632


R.C. Souza, C. Raanani, P. Rabadão, E. Rabbani, E. Rácz, K. Raczkowski, M. Radenkovic, D. Radrizzani, D. Radulescu, M. Rafalskiy, V. Rafeiner, P. Raffaldi, I. Raffoux, E. Rafida, N.

P1702 P2111 P760 P912 P923 P2265 P1325 O346 P2128, P2308 P1568 P1976, P1978 P1577 P1228 P1109, P1822, P1826, P1891 Rafizadeh, M. P1412 Raggam, R. P706, P857, P858, P1650 Raggi, C. P1283 Raghubir, N. P1479, P1480, P1896 Raglio, A. P1498, P1725, P2214 Ragunathan, L. P2245 Rahav, G. O446, P1368 Rahman, N. P1385 Rahman, S. P1590 Rahmati Ghezelgeh, F. P1710 Räikkä, J. P2046 Rainey, P.B. S207 Raise, E. P1925 Raisin, A.T.B. O659, P1055 Raja, A. P1980 Rajaei, B. P1038 Rajendram, D. P2006 Raka, L. P1314 Rakotondrazaka, M. O334



Ram, R. Ramahefarisoa, R.M. Ramalheira, E.

P2111 O334 P1182, P1183, P1251, P1671 Ramasamy, M.N. O158 Ramasubramanian, V. P1474 Rambach, G. P843 Rambaud, C. P2270 Ramdani-Bouguessa, N. O397 Ramezani, A. P909, P931, P939 Rámirez, A. P1596 Ramirez, M. O552, O553, P1035, P1036, P1037, P1218, P1403 Ramirez Quiroz, E. P1121 Ramírez-Mena, A. P731 Ramos, A. O447 Ramos, B. P1555 Ramos, H. P926, P1182, P1183, P1901 Ramos, J.L. P1516 Ramos, T. P887, P908 Ramos Blázquez, B. P768 Ramos Martí, J.L. P738 Ramos-Sevillano, E. P2175 Ramsay, M. O592 Rand, L. P2151 Randall, L. P1108, P1346, P1347, P1638, P1641 Randrianarison, M. O334 Ranellou, K. P1703, P1717, P1834 Ranheim, T.E. P2372 Ranin, J. P2130 Ranken, R. P833, P1369, P1508 Rantakokko-Jalava, K. P1651 Rantala, M. P1107 Raoult, D. O350, S386, K429, O469, S585, P1522, P1523 Rapoport, M. P1699 Rappuoli, R. S573 Rashid, M. P1113, P2230, P2249, P2288 Rasigade, J.-P. O269, O397, P2168, P2360 Rasmussen, A.K.I. P2374 Rassu, M. P1926 Ratchina, S. P1019 Rath, PM. P1780 Rattan, A. P1250 Rau, J. P678 Raukas, E. P1798 Rausch, R.L. P2071 Rautemaa-Richardson, R. P692 Ravi, S. P1062 Ravic, M. P1438 Ravindran, A. P2245 Ray, K. P901 Raymaekers, M. P891 Rayner, L. P1116 Raza, M. O231, P2245, P2316 Raza, T. O466 Razafimahefa, J. O334 Razuri, H. O468 Razzaghi, A. P1575 Read, K. P1954 Read, R.C. O401

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme


Chairs & Authors


List of Authors



Reading, N.P. P2323, P2332 Real de Asua, D. P1588 Realini, S. P2116 Recasens Recasens, A. P980, P990 Recine, N. P967 Recio, S. P745, P746, P834 Reddington, K. P1376 Redlich, S. P2040 Redmond, J. P2134 Rees, E. P2274 Reeve, M. P1430 Rege, S. P2251 Regez, K. O177 Reglier-Poupet, H. P1808 Regueiro, B. P1030 Reguera, J.M. O407, P1572, P2393 Reichardt, C. E523 Reid, S. J. P1371 Reigadas, E. P1158 Reijans, M. P1803 Reilly, J. S488 Reilly, L. O649 Reimerink, J. P1026 Reinthaler, F.F. P1634 Reinwald, M. P825 Reis, T. P1870 Reiske, H. P1381, P1659, P2268 Rejman, J. P1765 Rekik Meziou, M. P1532 Rello, J. W27, E197, S357, P708, P714 Ren, R. P1357 Renders, N.H.M. O170, P999 Rennie, R. P1044, P1454, P1754 Renois, F. O182, P1723 Renshaw, S.A. S320 Renteria, M. P1479, P1480, P1486, P1488, P1896 Renzoni, A. O345, O640, P1335 Repana, I. P1528 Repetto, E. P1141 Repetto, V. P1867 Resende, M.R. P783 Reshetnikov, O.V. P2132 Restivo, R. P885 Restuccia, G. O119 Retamar, P. O172 Rettenmund, G. O601, P1978 Reubsaet, F. P2335 Reuland, E.A. P1086 Reutlinger, B. O177 Reverdy, M.E. P2355 Revest, M. O451, O500 Revillo, M.J. P802, P1874 Rey, E. P1961 Reyes, D. P1113 Reynolds, A. P722 Reynolds, R. O348, P1215, P1987 Rezaee, A.R. P1391 Rezaee, H. P1412 Rezaei, R. P2288 Rezaian, M. P2380 Rezaie, H. P2292 Rezayat Sorkhabadi, S.M. P1038 Rezende de Castro, R. P1241, P1404 Rezusta, A. P802, P1874 Rhomberg, P. P671, P1092, P1437, P1897


22nd ECCMID / London



Rhys-Williams, W. O406, P1432, P1433, P1434, P2173 Riaz, M. O501, O669, P1126 Ribeiro, A. P1256 Ribeiro, G. P1870 Ribeiro, J. P1014 Ribeiro, M.G. P1903 Ribes, S. P2040, P2186 Riboldi, M. P1814 Ricardo, E. O118 Ricart, M.J. P803, P2091 Ricci, V. P1222 Ricciotti, G. P2336 Rice, J. P1919 Richardot, C. P1838 Richards, J. P1652, P1653, P1758 Richardson, J.F. P1293, P1829 Richardson, S.E. P928 Richeldi, L. P1904, P1921 Richert, B. P1320 Richet, H. O350, O469, P1523 Richmond, G.E. P1263, P1264 Richter, C. P2352 Richter, S.N. P1197 Richter, W. F. P863 Rico, R. P1565 Rico Nieto, A. O497, P951 Rico Rico, R. P915 Rieder, F. O394 Rieder-Monsch, C. P1753 Riegel, P. P2334, P2356 Rieille, N. P2010 Riera, E. P2236 Riera, M. P731, P1054 Rigaut, D. P1102, P1103 Righi, E. O346 Rigkos, M. P755 Rigotti, P. P2196 Rijal, S. P2072 Rijnders, M. P1547 Riley, P. A. P1139 Riley, T. P2275 Rimmelzwaan, G. P1026 Rimoldi, S.G. P988, P1013 Rincón, C. P1355 Ringberg, H. P978 Rio, L. P2062 Ripamonti, D. P2214 Ripoll, A. P1411 Ripoll, N. P2311 Risggits, A. P1136 Risk, J.Y. P1594 Ritchie, E. P2085 Ritter, M. P730 Ritzenhoff, A. P1665 Rivas, A. O226 Rivas, P. P1578, P2077, P2387 Rivat, S. P1720 Rivera, F. P1096 Riveros, M. P1096 Rivett, D. P1394 Rivoisy, C. O227 Rizek, C. P1828 Rizzi, E. P1339 Rizzi, M. P2214 Rjazanceva, G. P902 Robb, A. P2109 Robbrecht, J. P1731

Final Programme

Name Robert, J. Robert, N. Robert-Nicoud, M. Roberts, C. Roberts, S. Robertson, P. Robicsek, A. Robinson, E.R Robinson, G.A. Robledo, O. Roblot, F. Robotham, J. Robotham, J.V. Roca, I. Rocchetti, T. Rocha, S. Roche, C. Rock, C. Roden, M. Rodenhuis-Zybert, I.A. Rodgers, M.G.G. Rodloff, A.C. Rodrigo, C. Rodrigues, A.G.


P1735, P1741 P2290 P1837 P713 P805 P1954 P2368 P1342 P1905 P1560, P1561 P2202 O644, P2359 P2358 P1085 P1511, P1513 P1251, P1671 P1163 P2058 P862 O271 P1626 P1760 P2013 O115, P819, P1742, P2165 Rodrigues, C. P1636, P1661, P1864 Rodrigues, F. P1901 Rodrigues, K. P926, P1901 Rodrigues, L. P1224, P1958 Rodríguez, A. P708 Rodríguez, C. P1329 Rodríguez, C.M. P1375, P1772 Rodríguez, F. O172, O600 Rodríguez, I. P1031, P1030, P1630 Rodríguez, J. P2114, P2222 Rodríguez, M. O331, O333, P851, P852, P2078, P2079, P2135, P2397 Rodríguez, M.D. O226 Rodríguez de la Rúa, A. P2115 Rodríguez Gandia, M.A. O594 Rodríguez Sánchez, B. P955 Rodriguez- Guardado, A. O331, O333, P2078, P2079, P2135, P2397 Rodríguez-Baño, J. S91, O125, O172, O407, O502, S529, O600, S621, P1075, P1085, P1297, P1573, P1736, P1739, P1859 Rodríguez-Creixéms, M. O169, O499, P745, P746, P786, P834, P1158 Rodríguez-Dominguez, M. P897 Rodríguez-Galindo, R. P1064 Rodríguez-Garrido, S. P1989 Rodríguez-Guardado, A. P1173 Rodríguez-Hernandez, M.J. P1057 Rodríguez-Iglesias, M. P772, P2025 Rodríguez-Martínez, J.M. P1737, P1739 Rodríguez-Mirones, C. P677 Rodríguez-Otero, J. P2282 Rodríguez-Sanchez, B. P1972 Rodríguez-Villalobos, H. P684 Rodvold, K. P1419 Roest, H.J. O278, P2195

Name Roger, P.-M. Roger, T. Roger, T.R. Roger-Dalbert, C.


P2038 P2166 O564 P2256, P2257, P2258, P2369, P2371 Rogerson, G. P1893 Rognoni, V. P885 Rogues, A.-M. O659, P1055, P1056 Rohde, S.M. P1314 Rohner, P. P1863 Roig, M. P1540 Roilides, E. O306, P1333 Roisin, S. P1067, P1383, P1404 Rojo, S. P1565 Rojo-Alba, S. P894 Rojo-Bezares, B. P1524, P1633 Rojo-Molinero, E. P1999 Róka, R. P923 Rolain, J.M. O350, O469, P1522, P1523, P1837 Rolinski, J. O162 Rolston, K. P1544 Romain, O. P1153 Romano, R. P2392 Romãozinho, J.M. P1106 Romero, A. O502 Romero, C. O468 Romero, F. P2328 Romero, P. P1030, P1031 Romero Gómez, M.P. O497, P951, P2115 Romney, M.G O599 Ronayne, A. P1163 Roncaroli, F. O470 Ronkiewicz, P. P1408 Ronn, M. P1428 Roodbari, F. P1021 Roohvand, F. P942 Rooney, C. S434 Roque, C. P2068 Roque, J. P948, P2101 Roque, M. P2068 Rorato, G. P1767 Ros, M. P1923 Rosa, A.C. P1080 Rosado, M. P2159 Rosales Statkus, M.E. P767, P768 Rosario, P. P1363 Rose, L. P1163 Rose, M.A. S570 Rose, W. P1598 Rose, W.E. P1603 Roseland, R. P1670 Roselló, E. O116, P2067 Rosenberg-Gilad, Z. P1977 Rosenburg, G. O592 Rosenkranz, A. P2034 Rosingh, A. P716 Rosini, F. P2153 Rosini, G. P1925 Ross, J. P1089 Rossen, J. P1026 Rossi, E. P2181 Rossi, F. P1127, P1828, P2121 Rossi, G. P811, P868 Rossi, M. P1953 Rossi, S. P2080, P2391 Rossi de Gasperis, M. P2086

List of Authors


Rossini, A. O120, P1674 Rossitto, M. P2336 Rossolini, G.M. P1324, P1338, P1664 Rothfuchs, A. P1459 Rotimi, V. P2330 Rotolo, V. P957 Rotondo, R. P1363 Rotstein, C. P846 Rottier, W. P1716 Rottier, W.R. P1860 Rottman, M. P1895 Roubille, F. S108 Rouby, J. P1998 Roudbar Mohammadi, S. P815 Rounds, M. P1377 Rousee, J.M. P1753 Rousseau, C. W57 Rousseau, F. P1455 Rousson, V. P2166 Roussou, Z. P1167 Roux, A.-L. P1895 Rouzaire, P. O392 Rowland-Jones, S. O562, P2145 Royea, W. O230 Royer, G. P1153 Royo, G. P823 Royo-García, G. P1277 Rozemeijer, W. P2322 Rozenberg, F. P1025 Rozentale, B. P902, P2020, P2399 Rubeli, D. P2261 Rubinovitch, B. O642, O645 Rubio, M.C P2390 Rubio, M.C. P1524 Rubio, T. P1585 Rudkjøbing, V.B. P1390 Rudnick, W. P705, P710 Ruef, C. W56, P1154 Rüegger, K. O177 Ruggeri, F.M. P988 Ruggiero, T. P1796 Ruhe, J. P1875 Ruhnke, M. P810, P2113 Ruhwald, M. O229 Ruiz, E. O600, P2223 Ruiz, J. P1079, P1096 Ruiz, S. P708 Ruiz Carrascoso, G. O497 Ruiz de Gopegui, E. P1907 Ruiz-Camps, I. E202 Ruiz-Carrascoso, G. P951 Ruiz-Garbajosa, P. O627, P1290, P2114 Ruiz-Garcia, M. P1277 Ruiz-Mesa, J.D. P1572, P2393 Ruiz-Morales, J. P2222 Ruiz-Ruigómez, M. P774 Ruiz-Santana, S. S260 Rukavina, T. P886 Rukhadze, N. P1591, P2143 Ruleva, A. P984 Rumbo, C. O638 Rümke, H.C. O278 Rumpianesi, F. P831, P1664, P1904 Runacres, S. P1430 Runnegar, N. P1252 Rünz, T. P1152 Rupnik, M. P2235



Ruppe, E. P1198, P1574 Ruppitsch, W. P1147, P1994 Rusan, M. O275 Rusanu, C. P1779 Ruslami, R. O234 Rusman, L. P1792 Russo, C. P2343 Russo, G. P2392 Russo, I. P2149, P2153 Rusu, E. P818 Ruxrungtham, K. O560 Ruzic Sabljic, E. P1161 Ruzicka, F. P2349 Rybak, M.J. S193, P1603, P1604 Rybkova, N.S. O349 Ryu, S. P712, P1172, P1174, P1952


S. Jensen, U. P1521 S. Martins, I. P1702 S. Olsen, S. P1521 Saad El Din, S. P2155 SaadEldeen, H. P1898, P1916 Saalman, R. P2237 Sabahi, F. P1021 Sabat, A. O549, P1289, P2005 Sabban-Amin, R. P1501 Saber, M. P2155 Saberwal, B. P787 Sabiiti, W. P842 Sæbo, Ø. P2102 Sabrià, M. P714 Sadat, S. P909, P942, P1038 Sader, H. P1088, P1092, P1186, P1201, P1413, P1443, P1444, P1446, P1449, P1450, P1551, P1552, P1563, P1564, P1676, P1881, P1884, P1894 Sader, H.S. P1210, P1456, P1696 Sadowy, E. O347 Saeed, A. P699 Sáenz, Y. P1524, P1633, P1771 Saetta, M. P1373 Saez, A. P2081 Sáez, D. P1868 Saez, E. P1810 Safran, E. P1863 Sägesser, C. P1906 Saghrouni, F. P744, P775 Sahm, D.F. P1436, P1890 Sahu, C. P1924 Saidani, M. P1677 Saison, J. P2144 Saito, T. P788 Sakinc, T. O632 Sakka, V. O281, O565, P1020 Sala, E. P778 Sala, M.R. P1039 Sala Farré, M.R. P980, P990 Salas, A. P1588 Salas, C. P677, P1305 Salazar, A.S. P1637 Salazar, O. P1793 Saldan, A. P2196 Saleem, R. P2330 Salem, A. P1935



Salem, D. P1935 Salemovic, D. P2130 Salez, N. O183, P704, P1723 Salgueiro, L. P2401 Salimnia, H. P1500 Salimnia, T. P1500 Salinas, A. P1759 Salinas Cevallos, C. P1875 Salles, M. P1361 Salmon, D. O227, O596 Salmon, G. O468 Salo, J. P2046 Salomon, J. P1674 Saltoglu, N. P1666 Saluja, T. P1764, P1971 Salutari, P. P811, P868 Salvadó, M. P1961 Salvador, C. P1540 Salvana, E.M. P948, P2101 Salvia, A. O120, P1674 Salzer, H. O625, P809, P858, P1650 Sambol, S. P1439 Sambri, V. S428, P1785 Samet, A. P779 Samiotaki, M. P1267 Samonis, G. P1299, P1827, P2107 Sampaio, J.L.M. P1936, P1962, P2285 Sampaio, S.C.F. P1962, P2285 Sampath, R. P833, P901, P1369, P1378, P1508, P1510 Samra, Z. P2284 Samuel, D. O166 Samuelsen, Ø. P1658, P1693 San Juan, D. P2030 San Juan, R. O448 San Millan, A. P1243, P1244 San-Juan, R. P1974, P2093 Sanabria-Cabrera, J. P1064 Sánchez, A. O172 Sanchez, C. P786 Sanchez, E. P1204 Sánchez, V. P729 Sánchez Carrillo, C. P2328 Sánchez Díaz, A. P2114, P2309 Sánchez-Carrillo, C. P745, P834 Sanchez-Fresquet, X. P1868 Sanchini, A. P2362 Sanclemente, G. P803, P861, P2091 Sandell, S. P2249 Sander, A. P2184 Sanderson, F. P1950 Sandhofer, M. O394 Sandoe, J.A.T. P2108 Sandström, G. P699 Sanfeliu, I. P1868 Sangers, B. P1463, P1464 Sangka, A. P1966 Sanglard, D. P821 Sanguinetti, M. S218, P2174 Sanida, E. P2070 Sanjuan, M.C. P674 Sankatsing, S. O402 Sano-Martins, I.S. P1582 Sansone, M. P946 Santanirand, P. P1922 Santantonio, M. P1879



Santin, M. O232 Santoro, D. P778 Santos, A. P1243, P1244, P2003 Santos, C. P926 Santos, J. O225 Santos Costa, S. P1224 Santos-Antunes, J. P819 Santos-Rosa, A. P2401 Sanz, F. P1571, P1974 Sanz, J. P1555, P1588 Sanz Moreno, J.C. P767 Sanz Rodriguez, N. P1856 Sarabia, A. P705, P710 Saraiva da Cunha, J. O593, P756, P760 Saravia, G. P1064 Sarge-Njie, R. O562 Sari, T. P1027 Saridou, S. P1136 Sarma, J. P2220 Sarmiento, I. P1885 Saroglou, G. P2307 Sarrafnejad, A. O393 Sarti, M. P1332 Sartor, A. P1332 Sarvendran, N. O128 Sasadeusz, J. P2098 Sasikala, S. P1109, P1822, P1826, P1891 Sathyamoorthy, T. P2150 Sato, T. P1839 Savage, J. O644 Savage, P.B. P1110 Savarino, G. P1724 Savasçi, Ü. P940 Savelkoul, P.H.M. P1086, P1512 Savey, A. O659, P1055 Savicheva, A. P1007, P1740 Savin, I. O304 Savino, O. P998 Savitcheva, A. S317 Saviuc, C. P2180 Savochkina, J.A. P1514 Savva, A. P2037 Sawangvaree, A. P1022 Sax, H. P1357, P1967, P1979, P1981 Sayar, M. P762 Sbarbati, M. P987 Sbrana, F. P1165 Scagnolari, C. P973 Scarin, M. P1646 Scarpa, M. P1373, P2239 Scarparo, C. P1332 Scarpellini, P. P2146 Scevola, D. P1466 Schaefer, M. S327 Schäfer, P. O177 Schaffer, K. P1144, P1163, P1686 Schärli, P. P2109, P2110 Scharringa, J. P1076, P1642, P1716 Scheftel, J.M. P2356 Scheithauer, S. P1983 Scheutz, F. P1675 Schiavo, W. P1936 Schiavoni, I. P1047 Schierato, G. P2239 Schiessl, B. P1102

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme


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List of Authors

Name Schild, U. Schildgen, O.


O177 O178, O468, O646, P2367 Schildgen, V. O178, O468, O646, P2367 Schiller, R. P1678 Schim van der Loeff, M.F. P2145 Schindler, Y. P1368 Schink, A. P1630 Schiroli, C. P1940, P2140 Schlackow, I. P1862 Schlamm, H. P862, P867 Schlegel, M. O601, P1976, P1978 Schlemmer, B. O659, P1055 Schlüter, A. P1229 Schmid, D. P1118, P1147 Schmid-Alliana, A. P2038 Schmid-Antomarchi, H. P2038 Schmidt, H. P2053 Schmidt, S. P2123 Schmitt, A. P2154 Schmitt, C. P905 Schmitt-Hoffmann, A. P863 Schneeberger, C. P1567 Schneeberger, P. P2379 Schneider, G. P901, P1369 Schneider, I. P1665 Schnell, F. P874, P934 Schnoeller, C. P1047 Schöbi, B. P1978 Schoch, B. P1780 Schoen, C. P2347 Schoffelen, T. O278, O280, P841, P2195 Scholtes, C. P2144 Schønheyder, H.C. P688, P1850 Schønning, K. P1494, P1639 Schönthaler, S. P1503 Schouls, L.M. P2357 Schouten, J. O652, P1063 Schranz, J. P719 Schreiber, A.Z. P783 Schrenzel, J. O119, O345, S383, S439, P1335, P1706, P1863 Schrøder Hansen, D. P1499 Schroll, A. P2034 Schubert, M. O177 Schubert, S. P1612, P2007, P2158, P2398 Schuetz, P. O177 Schuitema, A. P1372 Schulte, A. P1755 Schulte, B. P1733 Schultheiss, E. P1309 Schulze-Röbbecke, R. P1982 Schumacher, H. P1697 Schuster, H. P754 Schütze, S. P2186 Schwab, F. O341, P1220, P1678 Schwaber, M.J. P1319, P1558, P1876 Schwartz, D. P849, P1558 Schwartz, S. P938 Schwartz Harari, O. P2278 Schwarz, K. P2367 Schwarz, S. P1275, P1575, P1834 Schwarzer, K. P1963 Schweickert, B. P1187

218 22nd ECCMID / London

Name Schwem, B. Schwendener, S. Schwinger, W. Schymkowitz, J. Scicluna, E. Sciortino, D. Sciota, R. Scolfaro, C. Scoop, D.W.L. Scott, D. Scott, R. Scuccimarra, E. Scudeller, L. Sears, P.


P948, P2101 P1278 P2123 P1455 O267 P1601 P829 P1071, P2118 P697 P719 P1458 P1796 P1767, P2146 O670, P1613, P1623, P2290 Seaton, R.A. P1845, P2226 Seaton, S. P1748 Sebens, F.W. P2228 Sebille, V. P1614 Seckova, S. P2394 Seddon, J. P2290 Sedlacek, L. P2106 Sedlacek, P. P2092 Sedlakova, M. P1177, P1296 Seeber, K. O625, P706, P809, P857, P858, P1415 Seeboruth, V. P1988 Segal, E. P1977 Segonds, C. P2334 Segovia, M. P887, P908, P1540 Segura, C. P1050, P1618 Segura, D. P1435 Segura, F. P1868 Segura, J.C. P1776 Sehgal, R. P2089 Seifarth, W. P825 Seifert, H. P1246, P1259, P1682, P1755, P1817, P1883 Seigneres, B. P2311 Seitz, H.M. P2071 Seixas, D. O593, P756 Sekar, U P1711, P1712 Selle, V. P1925 Selvaggi, C. P973 Selvarangan, R. P1815 Seme, K. P1161, P1550, P1668, P1673 Sementsova, A. P917 Semple, L. P2226 Sen, M.R. P1162, P1685 Sen, P. P1264 Sencan, I. P762 Sendid, B. P789 Sendzik, T. P1506 Sengoz, G. P1945, P1946 Sengstake, S. P1372 Senn, L. P1310 Senok, A. P1149, P1292 Sepp, E. P1782, P2009 Seputiene, V. P1684, P1836 Seral, C. P1524 Sergeevichev, D.S. P1195 Serna Ortega, P. P1498, P1725 Seront, B. P2198 Serra, J.E. O593, P756 Serrano, L. P1075, P1859, P2337 Serru, J. P1731

Final Programme

Name Sesma-Sánchez, P.


P1354, P1927, P1956 Sethi, K. P757 Sethi, S. P1909 Sevastidou, A. P1528 Sevcikova, A. P1341, P1770 Severin, J.A. O547 Sewell, B. P2274 Seyedmousavi, S. O305, P750 Seyler, L. P1617 Sezen, F. P698, P762 Sfeir, J. P1667 Sgarabotto, D. P2196 Sha, W. O473 Shabalina, L. P1471 Shabir, S. P1995 Shachar, D. O446 Shafiq, I. O466 Shah, H. P2006, P2354 Shah, N. P1058 Shahcheraghi, F. P1710 Shahi, A. P2292 Shakoor, Z. P1866 Shallcross, L.J.F. P691 Shamsara, M. P1046 Shanan, S. P699 Shang, X. P836 Shanthi, M. P1711 Shao, Z. P979 Sharifi, A. P981, P1391 Sharifi, B. P1391 Sharland, M. O342, P1051 Sharma, A. P2089 Sharma, M. P1534, P1638, P1641, P1909 Sharma, P. P2089 Sharma, R O122, P1062, P2221 Sharma, R. O284, P1123, P1534, P2377 Sharman, M. P1638 Sharp, A. O309 Sharvadze, L. P2143, P2402 Shaul, A. P867 Shaw, E. P1573 Shbita, R. O339 Sheahan, A. P1686 Shearman, M. P995 Shedden, D. P919 Sheikh, F. P1708 Sheka, M. P2307 Shemeis, M. P1935 Shemis, M. P2155 Shen, C. P1435 Shen, D. P1185 Shen, Y. O228 Shepherd, S.J P1116, P2304 Sheppard, D.C. P830 Sheridan, E. O114, O344, O495, O498, O504, P1125, P1155, P1156, P2254 Sherman, J.E.K. P709 Sheth, N. P2133 Sheu, B.S. P2156 Shi, L. P1087 Shi, Z. P872 Shibl, A. P1256, P1292 Shikanai-Yasuda, M.A. P798

Name Shikhabudinov, A. Shileyko, L.V. Shim, B.S. Shim, T. Shin, D.H. Shin, H.B. Shine, B. Shipitsyna, E. Shipulin, G.A. Shirtliff, M. Shkarina, M.V. Shklyar, M. Shkurko, T.V. Shkurti, K. Shleffer, P. Shock, J. Shon, K. Shopsin, B. Shore, A.C. Shorten, R. Shoyinka, A.


P1393 P873 P881, P985 P712 P2318 P916 P2240 P1740 P1514 P1087 P2305 P1558 P941 P2400 P1977 P2398 P712 P1331 P1275 P1964 O343, O598, P2365, P2366 Shpilberg, O. P2111 Shu, C. P733 Shukla, D. P878, P910 Shukla, S. P1598, P2331 Shumaker, M. P1791 Shurtleff, A. P950 Shuvalova, M. P2399 Shyangwa, P. P2072 Siadat, S. P909, P1038, P1041 Siafakas, N. P900, P921, P1929, P1938 Siah, S.P. P1789 Siaka, E. P1333, P1528 Sianou, E. P1528 Sibunruang, S. P1022, P1024 Sickinger, E. P996 Siddique, N. O466 Sidhu, H. P898 Sidi-Boumedine, K. P1849 Sidjabat, H.E. O443, P1252, P1607 Sidorenko, S. P984 Sidoti, F. P2094 Siedler, S. P938 Siegrist, H.H. P2261 Siegwart, E. P1458 Sierra, J. O270, P1271 Sigaroodi, A. P965 Sigidayev, A. O336 Sill, H. P858 Silles, J. P1115 Silpapojakul, K. P1858 Silpasakorn, S. P2075 Silva, A. O115, P793 Silva, C. P1361 Silva, D. P1932 Silva, J. P1014 Silva, R. O302, P1554 Silva-Costa, C. P1218 Silva-Dias, A. O118, P2165 Silveira, E. O302, P1631 Silverman, J. P1439 Silvestre, C. P2196 Silvestre, P. P727 Silvestro, E. P2118 Silvey, A. O443, P1252 Simarro, E. P797

List of Authors


Simarro, M. P1315, P2148 Simecka, J. P2033, P2058 Simeone, S. P2094 Simitsopoulou, M. O306 Simjee, S P1100, P1102, P1103 Simmon, K.E. P2102 Simmonds, P. S223 Simmonds, R. P1460 Simó Sanahuja, M. P980, P990 Simoglou, L. P1136 Simon, A. P1090 Simon, F. S568 Simon, P. P1923 Simonet, S. P1978 Simons, G. P1803 Simor, A. P705, P710 Simpson, J. O655 Simpson, Y. O279 Simsek, F. P2074 Sing, A. P678 Singer, B. P2147 Singer, M. S542 Singh, M. P1595, P1606, P1909 Singh, P. O656 Singh, S P1595, P1909 Singhi, P. P1595 Singhi, S. P1595 Sinha, P. P2404 Sinnige, J.C. P1286 Sintchenko, V. O548 Siopi, M. O307, O308 Sipahi, H. P2059, P2099 Sipahi, O. O176, P2059, P2099 Siripaitoon, P. P1858 Sirivichayakul, S. O560 Siriyakorn, N. P734, P1597 Siriyasatien, P. O184, P953 Sironi, M.C. P1495, P1867 Sistek, V. P1320 Sito, E. P1105 Sivadon-Tardy, V. P1895 Sivapathasundaram, T. O128 Six, A. O554 Sjostrom, K. P1720 Skalsky, K. P720 Skarmoutsou, N. P782 Skevaki, C.L. P974 Skiba, I. P1105 Skilton, R. P2002 Skjøt-Rasmussen, L. P1521 Skjøth, F. P1395 Sklavou, C. P1526, P1549 Skleenova, E. P1835 Skoczynska, A. P713, P1257, P1408 Skouroglou, A. P1911, P1912 Skoutelis, A. O628, P2110 Skov, M. P828 Skov, R. S213, S423, O549, P1272, P1317 Skov Jensen, J. P725 Slack, M. P1406, P1991 Slana, I. P1965 Slany, M. P1965 Slavcovici, A. P1841 Slavin, M. P856, P862, P867, P2098 Sleator, R.D. O474



Slevogt, H. P2147 Slim, A. P1677 Slim-Saidi, L. P1933 Smajs, D. P1770, P1774, P2000 Smani, Y. O637 Smaoui, H. P1517 Smarda, J. P1770, P1774 Smart, J. P816 Smeraglia, F. P1363 Smerkova, E. P2394 Smets, A. P2385 Smidt, I. P2009 Smit, J. O271 Smith, A. P1458 Smith, B. O279 Smith, E. G. P1939 Smith, H.E. P1223 Smith, R. P1115 Smith, T. O231, P1376 Smith, W. P971 Smithyman, A. P1461 Smollan, G. P1368 Smugar, S.S. O164 Smyth, D. P1331 Smyth, E. P1686 Smyth, G. O664, P1970, P2227 Smyth, R. P1491 Smythe, J. P2269 Snape, M. O158, S572 Sneddon, J. O285, O654, O663 Snell, G. P856 Snelling, A.M. P1116 Snydman, D.R. P1445 Sobanjo-ter Meulen, A. O164 Sobieszczanska, B. P2041 Sobrino, B. P2393 Søby, K. P961 Socratous, D. P2194 Söderquist, B. P1112, P1145, P1660, P2364 Söderström, M. P2046 Soederstroem, V. P2398 Soerum, M. P1317 Søes, L. M. P2252 Soethoudt, Y. P999 Sofia, C. P1106 Sofia, T. P1985 Sofian, M. P931, P939 Søgaard, M. P688, P1850 Sogni, P. O596 Soh, Y.-A. O276 Sohn, J.W. P784, P1172 Sokolova, E. P1247 Sokolova, J. P752, P1587, P1853, P2394 Sola, C. P1372 Solano, C. P867 Solbach, W. P1670, P1760 Soldà, A. P973 Soldati, E. P1358, P1359 Soldati, T. S319 Soleimani, M. P880 Solera, J. P1776 Soloaga, R. P1756, P1757, P1759 Solomon, K. W58 Somasundaram, R. P938 Somaza, N. P1031

Name Somero, M. Somily, A. Somodevilla, A. Son, H. Son, J.S. Sonenshein, A. L. Song, D.Y. Song, J.


O670 O472, P1866 P686, P2030 O449 P2211 P1613 P2203 P712, P1768, P1952, P2211 Song, M. P2217 Song, S. P1094 Song, W. P2318 Song, Y.G. P1253, P1254 Songchareon, K. P875 Sönmez, M. P964 Sonmezer, M.C. P771, P1832 Sonnenberg, P. P1959 Sonnevend, A. P1708, P1861 Sonnweber, T. P2034 Soos, G. P2200 Soothill, J. P754 Sopeña, B. P1556 Søraas, A. P1569 Sørensen, H.T. P1395 Sorensen, S. P867 Sorg, J. P1613 Sörgel, F. P1615 Soriano, A. S210, P1531 Soriano, M.C. P851, P852 Sorli, L. P1618, P1802 Sotelo, E. P1096 Soto, S. P1294 Soto, Y. P2142 Soto Abanades, C.I. O497 Sougakoff, W. P1741, P1957 Souli, M. P1020, P1938 Sousa, D. O169, P1204 Sousa, H. P1014 Sousa, J.C. P1554 Sousa, M.C. O337, P2401 Sousa-e-Silva, M.C.C. P1582 Sovinz, P. P2123 Spacek, M. P2092 Spadea, A. P811 Spanakis, N. P913 Spano, L. P973 Spanos, A. P718 Spanu, T. O119 Spasova, M. P1831 Specchia, G. P811, P868 Speekenbrink, A. P1537 Spellberg, B. S189 Spence, G.T. P2396 Spencer, J. O442 Spengler, G. P1224 Spertini, S. P1312 Speth, C. P843 Spiess, B. P825 Spigaglia, P. P2231, P2242 Spiliopoulou, I. P1150, P1166, P1168, P1205, P1217, P1549 Spina, D. P1270 Spitaler, C. P1312 Spliiopoulou, A. P1205 Sprenger, M. S153 Sprong, T. O278, O652, P841, P999, P1063, P1374, P1851, P1855, P2195



Spurden, D. Spyropoulos, V. Spyropoulou, K. Squarzon, L. SriKannathasan, V. Sripakdee, S. Sriprapun, M. Sriskandan, S. Srivastava, S. Srivastava, V. Staff, S. Stagg, P. Stalenhoef, J.E. Stallard, N. Stålsby Lundborg, C. Stamatopoulos, K. Stamboulian, D. Stamoulis, I. Stanway, G. Starcic Erjavec, M. Stark, L. Staroverov, S. Stary, J. Stass, H. Staudova, B. Stavenger, R. Stavropoulou, A. Stechova, M. Steed, L. Steed, M.E. Steensels, D. Steer, J. Stefanelli, P. Stefani, S. Stefaniuk, E. Stefanou, I. Stefanova, V. Steffen, P. Stefos, E. Stegger, M. Stein, D. Steinbach, A. Steinbakk, M. Steindl, G. Steininger, C. Steinman, A. Steinmann, J. Steklova, L. Stemart, A. Stemler, M. Stemper, M. Stenholm, T. Stepanovic, S. Stephan, B. Sterba, J. Sterlin, Y. Stevanovic, G. Stevens, S. Stevens, W. Stevenson, K. Stevurkova, V. Stewardson, A. Stewart, K. Stiasny, K. Stilwell, M. Stirzel, B.

22nd ECCMID / London

O117 P1546 P1166 O465 P1435 P734 O184, P953 S437, S545 P910 P1123, P2221 P1122, P1123, P2377 P1728 P697 O550 P1534 O394 P1124 P1416 P900, P921 P2185 P2071 P1393 P2092 P1612 P1770 P1435 P2012 P1386, P1801 P2370 P1604 P1784 P1400 S316, P1985 P1270, P1332, P1601, P1883 P1257, P2350 O628 P1831 O395, P1048 P921 P1317 P1423 P860 P1658 P2123 O394, O394 P1319 P1780 P1914 O312, P1128 P901 P2331 P1651 P1325 P1099 P1341 P1876 P2403 P2374 S424 P1130 P1045 P1863, P1979 P856 O395, P1048 P675, P1215 P2347

Final Programme


Chairs & Authors


List of Authors

Name Stobberingh, E.


P1536, P1545, P1547, P1576 Stocki, T. P724 Stoesser, N. P1862 Stöger, A. P1994 Stoikou, I. P1176 Stojanovic, P. P2238 Stokes, M. P1346, P1347 Stolk, R.P. P1567 Stone, S. W65, O644 Storozenko, J. P902, P2399 Storti, S. P811 Stoyanova, A. P958 Stranden, A. O121, P1321 Straßl, R. O394 Straub, C. P1409 Straube, E. P1963 Streinu Cercel, A. P1018, P2128 Streiter, M. O178 Strenger, V. P809, P1634, P2123 Stressmann, F. P1394 Stringaro, A. R. P2174 Strohmeier, A. P809, P857, P858 Strouvalis, I. P1167 Struve, C. P1675, P2184, P2187 Štšepetova, J. P1782, P2009 Stubbings, W. P1824, P1830 Studentova, V. P1698, P1714 Sture, G. P796 Sturm, P.D.J. O124, P1727 Sturniolo, G.C. P2239 Stylianakis, A. P839, P1202, P1212, P1336, P1362, P1847 Su, J. P1087 Su, L. P790, P1231 Su, Y. O159, O556 Suankratay, C. P795, P1597, P2076 Subbotovskaya, A.I. P1195 Subbotovsky, A.P. P1195 Subirats, M. P2077 Subudhi, C.P.K. P2225 Suckling, C. P1438 Suetens, C. P2286 Suh, G. P712 Sukhikh, G.T. P2320 Sukhorukova, M. P1514, P1997 Sulik-Tyszka, B. P779 Sullivan, C. P2088 Sulowska, Z. P1941, P1942, P1943 Sun, C. P1448 Sun, H. O228, O233, O556, O558, P1423, P1424, P1934, P1422 Sun, H.Y. O173, P871 Sun, Q. P1934 Sun, X. P836 Sun, Y. P836 Sun, Z. P1185 Sunderland, J. P1400, P1624 Sundqvist, M. P1490, P1491 Sundsfjord, A. P1569, P1658, P1693 Sungkanuparph, S. P2124 Sunkara, B. O651 Sunkara, G. P1423 Suntisuklappon, B. P2124 Supattanapong, S. P1414 Suputtamongkol, Y. P2075 Suranjana, S. P707

220 22nd ECCMID / London



Sureshkumar, D. P1474 Surgers, L. P2263, P2279 Surie, S. P2005 Surin, R. P1067, P1617 Surtihadi, J. P889, P929 Susaki, T.T. P1582 Sutcliffe, J. P1425, P1426, P1427, P1428, P1448, P1451, P1452 Suter-Riniker, F. P1906 Sutherland, R. S528 Sutre, A.F. O225 Sutton, A. O669 Sutton, J.K. P2103 Suvorov, A. O167, O336, P2039 Suvorova, M. O336 Suwanvattana, P. P2124 Suziedeliene, E. P1684, P1836 Svabic Vlahovic, M. P1325 Svalastoga, E.L. P2063 Sviben, M. P1813 Svoboda, R. P883 Sweep, F.S. O564 Sweetman, L. P1954 Swierzbinska, R. P2047 Swoboda-Kopec, E. P779 Symeonidou, C. P869 Symonds, A. P2332 Sypsa, V. O628 Syrochkina, M. P984 Szabados, F. P1680, P1681, P1709, P2352 Szabó, Á.M. P1224 Szabó, D. P1683 Szabó, J. P1683, P1861 Szakáll, O. P923 Szczepanowski, R. P1229 Szczepura, A. O550 Szemenyei, M. P1683 Szer, J. P2098 Szikra, L. P1683 Szkaradkiewicz, A. O398, P1366, P1593 Szpinda, I. P1900 Szulc, I. P1941, P1942, P1943 Szulowski, K. P1504 Szymanski, G. P747 Szypulska, R. O592


Tabacchi, F. Tabak, F. Tabarsi, P. Tabata, H. Tacão, M. Taccone, FS Tacconelli, E. Tadec, L. Tadjbakhsh, H. Taghavi, A. Tagliabue, G. Tagliaferri, E. Tagliaferro, L. Taglietti, F. Taha, M.

Final Programme

P2392 P1666 P877 P1766 P1640 P1617 O119, O125, S385, S489, S528, O648, O650, P1142 P781 P1769 P1412 P778 O629, P1165, P1358, P1359 P2313 P1888 P2154

Name Taillon, B. Tajada, P. Takahashi, J.P. Takakura, S. Tal, I. Talarmin, J.-P. Talbot, G.H. Talbott, J. Tallon, J. Talmi, M. Talmud, D. Tam, V.H.


P912 P2297 P2285 P788 O446 P781 O408, P693, P721 P2370 P1148 P1688 O182 P1268, P1429, P1606 Tamarozzi, F. P2069 Tambic, A. P1704 Tamborini, T. P778 Tan, T.T P1109, P1822, P1826 Tan, T.Y P1109, P1822, P1826, P1891 Tanaka, S.K. P694, P1422, P1424 Tanaka-Azevedo, A.M. P1582 Tandé, D. P1238 Tang, K. P1934 Tang, S. O228, O233, O473 Tang, WY. P1384 Tang, Y. P807, P1377 Tankova, K. P1930 Tanner, H. P954 Tannich, E. W77 Tansey, S. P2199 Tantawichien, T. P734, P1022, P1024 Tantiwongse, K. P875 Tao, C. P2127, P2141, P2310 Tappe, D. P2071 Tarakci, H. O595 Tarantili, A. P766 Tarasova, E. O336 Tarasova, M. P1007 Tarchouna, M. P1308 Tardy, J.-C. P2144 Tariq, W.Z. P1708 Tarr, A.W. P933 Tarrand, J. P1544 Tasbakan, M. O176, P2059, P2099 Tasbakan, S. O176 Tasbihi, M. O393 Tascini, C. O629, P1165, P1332, P1358, P1359 Tasina, E. O306 Tasioudis, P. P2212 Tassoni, T. P1171 Tasyaran, M.A. O411 Tato, M. O627 Tattevin, P. O451, O500, P947, P962 Tatulescu, D. P1841 Tau, D. P1977 Tavares, F.L. P1582 Tavares, J.F. P1127 Tavares, N. P1808 Taveira Jiménez, J.A. P767 Tavodova, M. P754 Tawfik, A.F. P1256 Tay, S.K. P876 Tayag, E. P948, P2101

Name Taylor, M. Taylor, S. Tayzon, M. Tazi, A. Tchang, V. te Witt, R. Teale, C.


P2073 P1806 P948, P2101 P1306 P2035 O547, P1803 P1272, P1641, P1750 Tebini, A. O346 Tebruegge, M. P754 Tedder, R.S. O592 Tedesco, A. P1171 Tedim, A.P. P1290, P1375, P1772 Teding van Berkhout, F. O402 Teh, B. P2098 Teisseyre, J. O179, O180 Teixeira, L. P1014 Teixeira, S. P1778 Telehin, D. P2306 Telleria, O. P737 Tellez, F. P2301 Temocin, F. P1027, P2216 Templeton, K. P722, P1775 ten Ham, P.B.G. P2363 Tenero, D. P1419 Tenorio, C. P1993 Tenorio-Abreu, A. P890 Tenover, F. S421 Tenuta, R. P998 Teo, J. P1109, P1164, P1822, P1826, P1891 Terhes, G. P923 Ternovoi, V. P917 Terzi, N. P1005 Terzi, Y. P2303 Tessari, A. P1646 Tessier, E. P1957 Tessier, P. P1611 Tevzadze, L. P1579 Tewari, R. P1909 Tewes, F. P1620 Textor, M. P1469 Thalji, R. P1435 Thawornwan, U. P2124 Theelen, B. P743 Thelwall, S. O504 Themeli-Digalaki, K. O127, P1489 Themudo, P. P1644 Theocharis, G. P718 Theodoridou Papagrigoriou, M. P906 Therrien, R. P2257, P2258 Theunissen, C. P1138 Theuretzbacher, U. W7, S142 Theurl, I. P2034 Thiansukhon, E. P1597, P2076 Thibault, F. P1091 Thibaut, S. O657, P1192 Thibeaut, S. P1837 Thiberville, S.D. P704 Thiebaut-Bertrand, A. P747 Thierer, J. P1124 Thijsen, S.F.T. P1860 Thimmarayappa, J. P971 Thiriez, A. P2263, P2279 Thirion, L. P704 Thirunarayan, M. P1474

List of Authors

Thomaidis, P. Thomas, C.M. Thomas, C.P. Thomas, D. Thomas, I. Thomas, M. Thomas, P. Thomas, V.


P839, P1202 S94 P1219 P2197 P2274 P1954 P1515 P1100, P1102, P1103, P1226 Thomas-Jones, E. P1542 Thompson, L.J. P1223 Thompson, R. P709 Thomsen, R.W. P688 Thomsen, T.R. P1390, P1781 Thomson, N.R. P1227 Thomson, P. P1146 Thomson, R.B. P2368 Thong-Ngam, D. P1307 Thongyen, S. P2124 Thorne, G. P1439 Thulin Hedberg, S. P1986 Ticac, B. P886 Tichopad, A. P713 Ticic, V. P1061 Tien, H.F. P871 Tierney, M. P2213 Tilburg, J. P1374, P2003, P2004 Tiliscan, C. P2128 Tillecovindin, B. P2317 Timinouni, M. P1688, P1689 Timke, M. P2340 Timmermans, J. P1855 Tinelli, C. O338, P2146 Ting, L. P1423, P1431 Tinoco, Y. O468 Tirczka, T. P1033 Tirosh-Levy, S. P1319 Tisi, L. P2269 Tiszlavicz, L. P923 Titanti, P. P1124 Titelman, E. P1662 Tizzano, V. P2125, P2133 Tkilaishvili, T. P1581 Tleyjeh, I. O501, O669, P1126 Tloba, S. P1249 To, K.K.W. P751 Tobudic, S. O160, O161, P700 Tocalli, L. P988, P2140 Tocheva, A.S. O551 Todd, M. P1840 Todhunter, S.L P1442 Todor, N. P2248 Toffolo, G. P1367 Tola, S. P2362 Toleman, M. O442, P1705, P1713 Toleno, D. P833, P1369, P1508 Tomaras, G.D. S486 Tomás, M. P1085 Tomás-Jiménez, C. P774 Tomaso, H. P2340 Tomayko, J. P1419 Tomy, S.C. P1582 Tong, W. P1505 Tonjum, T. P1900 Tønning, B. P1697 Top, E. S388 Top, J. P1286 Topino, S. P2146



Toppo, S. P1367 Tordoya Titichoca, I. P2126, P2389 Torelli, R. P2174 Tormo, N. P1516, P1749 Torner, N. O181, P922 Toro, C. P791, P1578, P2388 Toros, B. P1986 Torre-Cisneros, J. O447, P1050 Torren-Edo, J. P1072 Torres, A. S516 Torres Marti, A. S370 Torres, C. P1277, P1318, P1524, P1633, P1771, P1874, P1993 Torres, E. P1075, P1297 Torres, X. P1030 Torres Pedraza, S. O271 Torres-Tortosa, M. O502 Torresani, E. P1805 Torrez, P. P1594 Torrez, P.P.Q. P1582, P1586 Torroba, L. P823 Toszeghy, M. P1108 Tóth, Á. P1683 Tóthpál, A. P1034 Touchais, S. P2208 Toumi, A. P1539 Touratier, S. O659, P1055 Toussaint, F. P1000 Touveneau, S. P1967, P1979 Tovilo, K. P706 Tovo, P.-A. P759, P1071, P1577, P2118 Trabasso, P. P783 Tracy, M. P1148 Traczewski, M. P1732 Trainor, E. P949 Tramp, N. P1984 Trampuz, A. S209, P821, P1362, P2062 Tran, K.T. P1069 Traverso, A. P1141 Trcek, J. P678 Trellis, J. P1140 Tremblay, M. P2369, P2371 Trevisi, P. P791, P1578, P2387 Triantafyllou, S. P1818 Trieu-Cuot, P. O554, P1306 Trinidad, G.B. P948, P2101 Tristan, A. O269, O397, P1272, P1401, P2055, P2170, P2360 Tristram, S. P672, P673, P1301 Tritten, M.-L. P2261 Trkola, A. P2035 Trobonjaca, Z. O634 Trochoutsou, A.I. P974 Troelstra, A. P1356 Trostmann, U. P1844, P1846, P2109, P2220 Trottier, S. O666 Trouillet, J. P1998 Trouillet, S. O397, P2168 Trouvé, A. P1731 Truong, H. P1337 Truschnig-Wilders, M. P1650 Trushina, E. P2112



Truusalu, K. P1782, P2009 Tryfinopouloy, K. P1721 Tryniszewska, E. P779 Trzasko, A. P2253 Tsaganos, T. P2037 Tsai, P.R. O173 Tsakris, A. O127, O295, P913, P1489, P1609, P1703, P1717, P1834, P2012 Tsang, A. P2314 Tsang, D. P1497 Tsao, S. P1399 Tsaousi, S. O628 Tsapieva, A. P2039 Tschudin-Sutter, S. O121, P1353 Tseng, Y. O159, O556, P733 Tseniklidou, N. P755 Tsepanis, K. P1176, P2194 Tsergouli, K. O273 Tsertsvadze, N. P1581 Tsertsvadze, T. P2143, P2402 Tsetsa, P. P1002 Tsialta, P. P974 Tsiplakou, S. P839, P1202, P1212, P1336, P1847 Tsirmpa, I. P1006 Tsokali, K. P1827 Tsolia, M.N. P974 Tsompalioti, C. P1020 Tsopelas, K. P839, P1336, P1362, P1847 Tsouma, I. P1006, P1009, P1011, P1538 Tsoumanis, G. P1694, P1818 Tsuji, B. P1607, P1608, P2064 Tubach, F. O227 Tubau, F. P2061 Tuchscherr, L. P2164 Tudela, P. P968 Tudó, G. P922, P1961 Tuiecka, T. O398 Tuin, K. P1372 Tuite, H. P2138 Tulecka, T. P1593 Tulek, N. P771, P1027, P1832, P2014, P2017, P2018 Tulek, N. P2216 Tulkens, P. P1279, P1602, P2210 Tulkens, P.M. P2057, P2176 Tumbarello, M. P811 Tuncer Ertem, G. P771, P1027, P1832, P2014, P2018, P2216 Tunsjø, H.S. P2372 Tuohy, M.J. P1732 Turan, H. P2015 Turbelin, C. P1723 Turczyn, J. P929 Turgut, H. O595 Turhan, T. P2059 Turhan, V. P770, P1200, P1235 Turk, S. P2083 Turnbull, B.W. O164 Turnbull, L. P1044, P1454 Turnidge, J. P1880 Turrientes, M.-C. P1411 Turriziani, O. O561 Turton, J. P1987



Turton, J.F. P1462 Turunc, T. P1948, P1949 Tutuncu, E. P762 Tvede, M. P2351 Tyrrell, G. P1754 Tyrrell, J. P1084 Tyulenev, Y.A. P873 Tzanetou, K. P1002, P1005, P1008 Tzelepi, E. P1721 Tziraki, M. P1489 Tzouvelekis, L.S. P1205, P1721


Ucal Bakkal, S. Uçkay, I.

P1899 O345, P1335, P1357, P2205 Ueno, T. P1766 Ugarte, Y. P2142 Ugarte-Gil, C. O470 Uges, D.R.A. P1626 Uharek, L. P2113 Uhel, F. P947 Uldum, S. P725 Ullberg, M. P2327 Ullmann, A.J. S510 Ulman, V. P1965 Ulu-Kilic, A. P762 Ulusoy, S. O176, P2059, P2099 Umeh, O. P1627 Underwood, A. P1987 Unemo, M. S318, P1112, P1145, P1470, P2267 Unger, B. P1048 Unterkircher, I. P1312 Upadhyay, S. P1162, P1685 Uppal, B. P1398 Uppathamnarakorn, P. P795 Ural, O. P2036 Urban, C. P2123 Urban, E. P1861, P2345 Urbani, A. P2159 Urbanovich, L. P1407 Ure, R. P1506 Uria, M.J. P1810 Ursi, D. P891 Uskudar Guclu, A. P1518 Utili, R. P1846 Utley, S. O296 Uvizl, R. P1177 Uyar, Y. P2303 Uyeki, T. O468 Uysal, U. P2193 Uzun, G. P770 Uzun, O. O109, P777 Uzunovic-Kamberovic, S. P1873 Uzunpinar, A. O649


Vacca, A. Vacher-Lavenu, M. Vackova, Z. Vaessen, N. Vaezjalali, M. Vaghela, T. Vaghji, L. Vagiakou, E. Vahabpour, R.

22nd ECCMID / London

P811, P868 P2154 P1040 O547 P2292 O656 O166 P1207 P909

Final Programme 221

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List of Authors

Name Vailati, F. Vainumäe, I. Vaira, D. Vakalis, N. Valachis, A. Valadas, E. Valade, E. Valentin, A.


P1498, P1725 P2009 P891 P1865 P1299 O225 P1091 P809, P857, P858, P1787 Valentin, T. O625, P706, P809, P857, P858, P1650 Valentiner-Branth, P. P753 Valentini, P. O629, P1121 Valenza, G. P2347 Valenzuela, C. P2030 Valerio, M. O111, P804, P824 Valette, M. P919 Valiente, L. P2393 Valisova, Z. P2000 Vallé, M. P1100, P1102, P1103, P1226 Vallés, J. P1065 Vallet, C. P1279 Valour, F. P2168, P2218 Valtierra, D. P2058 Valverde, A. P2114 Vámos, M. P1683 Vamvakopoulou, S. P1166, P1526 Van Acker, J. P2276 Van Bambeke, F. P1279, P1320, P1602, P2057, P2176 van Beek, J. P1026 Van Belkum, A. P2355 van Benthem, B.H.B. O661 Van Broeck, J. P2259 van Bussel, M. P1792 van Crevel, R. O234 Van Dam, A. P2050 van de Sande-Bruinsma, N. S138, P1535, P1642, P1833 Van de Vyvere, M. P2264 Van den Abeele, A.-M. P2276 van den Bosch, C.M.A. O653 Van den Bossche, R. P2264 van den Kerkhof, J.H.T.C. O665 van den Munckhof, M.P. P1642 Van den Munckhof, T. P1076 Van Den Wijngaert, S. P969 Van der Bij, A. P1833 van der Bij, A.K. P1541 van der Donk, C. P1536, P1545, P1547 van der Heijden, I. P1828, P2121 van der Linden, M. P1029, P1032, P1034 van der Meer, J.W.M. O278, S528, S614, P2195 van der Mei, H.C. P2163 van der Reijden, W.A. O123, O546, P1129, P1410 van Der Veer, B. P952 van der Velden, L.B.J. P1727 van der Ven, A. O234 van der Werf, T.S. P1626 van der Zwaan, E.A.E. O547 van der Zwaluw, K. P1093, P1196 van der Zwet, W.C. P2228 van Deuren, M. P2195

222 22nd ECCMID / London



van Dijl, J.M. O549 van Disseldorp, I. P697 van Dongen, M.C.J.M. P1576 Van Eldere, J. P1455 van Ess, I.F. O123 van Ess-Visser, I.F. P1129, P1410 van Essen-Zandbergen, A. P1630, P1635 Van Gasse, N. P2264 van Genderen, P.J.J. O335 van Gool, T. E524, S611 van Hannen, E.J. P1791 Van Hattem, J. P1860 Van Hees, B.C. P1860 van Hellemond, J.J. O335 Van Hellepute, L. P1649 van Hengel, A. E199 van Kasteren, M.E. P999 Van Keerberghen, A. P1784 van Keulen, P. P685 van Leeuwen, W.B. O124 van Loon, A.M. P2300 van Mourik, M.S.M. P1356 Van Nieuwenhove, Y. P2206 van Nood, E. W59 Van Nuffelen, M. P1320 van Pelt, W. P1093 van Rijen, M.M.L. P2357, P2363 van Santen-Verheuvel, M. P1196 van Steenbergen, J.E. O170 van Tienen, C. O562, P2145 Van Vaerenbergh, K. P1784 van Veen, S.Q P2335, P2344 van Wanrooy, M.J.P. P1626 van Werkhoven, C.H. O403 Van Westreenen, M. P1833 van Zwet, A.A. P1512 Vandenberg, O. P969 Vandenbroucke-Grauls, C.M.J.E. P1086 Vandenesch, F. O269, O397, P1272, P2055, P2056, P2168, P2170, P2197, P2355, P2360 Vander, K. P706 Vanderhulst, J. P1138 VanDerPol, B. P1806 Vandevelde, N.M. P2176 Vandewal, W. P1731 VanGuilder, M. O299 Vanhems, P. O310, P944, P1132 Vankerckhoven, V. P1051 Vanmassenhove, B. P891, P1809 Vanness, D.J. P867 Vanoni, N. P1940, P2140 Vanrobaeys, M. P1099 Vanura, K. O394 Varandas, R. O337 Varda, P. P1929 Varga, Z.G. P1224 Varnier, O.E. P2313 Varon, E. P1300 Vasallo, F. P1031 Vashakidze, E. P1579, P1581 Vasickova, P. P883 Vasilakopoulou, A. P1882 Vasiliagkou, E. P1176, P2194 Vasilyeva, N. P806 Vasilyeva, N.V. P741, P800

Final Programme



Vassu, T. P818 Vatcheva-Dobrevska, R. P1831, P2280 Vatopoulos, A. P1166, P1691, P1721, P1751 Vatouri, A. P1977 Vaudaux, P. O345, P1335 Vaughan, A. O662, O668, P2240, P2243 Vauloup-Fellous, C. P963, P997, P998 Vaux, S. O659, P1055 Vavilov, N.V. P800, P806 Vavra, M. O229 Vavrina, M. P1341 Vazquez, M. P1435, P2142 Vazquez, S. P935 Vazquez, Y. P935 Vecchione, A. P1121 Veenemans, J. P685 Veenstra- Kyuchukova, Y.K. P1973 Vehreschild, J.-J. P808, P853, P860, P854 Vehreschild, M. P808, P853, P854, P860 Velasco, C. O407, P1737 Velayati, A. P877, P931 Veldenzer, A. P1918 Veldkamp, K.E. P1663, P2322 Veldman, K. P682, P1635 Velegraki, A. P1205 Velez, J. P760 Veliz, O. P1699 Velkov, T. P1607, P1608 Vella, A. P1913 Vellinga, A. P2199 Velonakis, E.N. P1751 Veloo, A.C.M. S538 Veloso, T.R. P2166, P2179 Venditti, A. P811, P868 Venditti, C. O623, O626 Venditti, M. O125, O623, P1332 Venisse, N. P2202 Ventelou, B. P1763 Venturelli, C. P831, P1664 Venturiello, S. P1142 Venugopalan, V. P1590 Verbon, A. P1860 Verbrugghe, W. P1687 Verdaguer, R. P726 Verdasquera, D. P2142 Verdet, C. P1729 Verdú, G. P776 Verduin, C.M. P1727 Verga, L. P811, P2116 Vergara, S. O407 Verger, P. P1763 Vergison, A. P1320 Vergoulidou, M. P938 Verheij, T.J.M. E376 Verhoeven, P.O P1322 Verkade, E.J.M. P2363 Verma, A. O117 Verma, J. P1917 Verma, R. P2160 Verma, S. P1595 Vernaz, N. P1979 Vernazza, P. O557 Vernocchi, P. P2159 Versporten, A. P1051



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List of Authors


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22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 223

Chairs & Authors


List of Authors



Wu, M. C. O187, P2190 Wu, P. O556, P2136 Wu, S. P840 Wu, S. H. P2190 Wu, T.-L. P1231 Wu, Y. P956 Würzner, R. P843 Wyllie, D. O662, P1862, P2240 Wysmolinska, A. O266


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P1909 P780, P2016 P1505 P1540 O339, P720, P835 P1571 P917 P855 P788 O176, P2059, P2099 P2294 O405 P2127 P2310 O558, P2136 P2190 P1157, P2156 P1431 O159 P822, P840 P1915 P1429, P1934 P1361 P929

224 22nd ECCMID / London



Yao, L. Yapar, N. Yared, N. Yasmin, M. Yazdanian, M. Ye, J. Ye, Z. Yemisen, M. Yeo, T.H. Yeshurun, M. Yetkin, A. Yildirmak, T. Yillah, J. Yilmaz, G.

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Zaba, R. Zabicka, D. Zabozlaev, F. Zacharias, J. Zadsar, M. Zaffaroni, M. Zafran, M. Zahar, J.-R.

Final Programme

P1593 O347, P1257 P2191 O122 P2292 P1577 P2284 E375

Name Zaharie, G. Zaharieva, B. Zahid, M. Zahraei Salehi, T. Zaitsev, B. Zajac, M. Zajac, V. Zajkowska, J.


P2381 P1831 O466 P1769 P1393 P2092 P1045 P758, P2047, P2049 Zakariya-Yousef Breval, I. P2129 Zakharkina, T. P1370 Zaki, B. P1689 Zakoucka, H. P2000 Zalavras, N. P1362 Zambardi, G. P1718, P1720 Zamfirova, E. P1872 Zamjatina, N. P902 Zampaloni, C. P1111, P1456, P1477, P1478, P1481, P1483, P1488 Zamparini, E. P1767 Zande, M. P1928 Zander, E. P1246, P1259, P1665, P1682 Zandijk, W.H.A. O547 Zandotti, C. O183 Zanetti, G. P1310 Zangenah, S. P2339 Zanger, P. P2361 Zanini, F. P1940, P2140 Zanotti, G. P1840 Zapasnik, A. P2296 Zaragoza, R. O110, P708, P823 Zarazaga, M. P1277, P1318, P1993 Zarfel, G. O625, P1634 Zarin far, N. P939 Zarkotou, O. O127, P1489 Zarnaveli, G. P989 Zavyalova, M.G. P2320 Zayakin, E. P1471, P1472 Zbinden, A. P2179 Zbinden, R. P1310 Zeidler, A. P1366 Zeighami, H. P1041 Zemlickova, H. P1698 Zeng, L. O233 Zerlauth, U. P1147 Zerouali, K. P1688, P1689 Zerva, L. O307, P900, P921, P1205P1882, P1929, P1938 Zervos, M. O343, O598, P2365, P2366 Zeuthen, A. P1317 Zgur-Bertok, D. P2185

Name Zhanel, G. Zhang, C. Zhang, N. Zhang, Q. Zhang, S. Zhang, W. Zhang, X. Zhang, Y. Zhao, J. Zhao, Y. Zheng, M. Zheng, R. Zheng, X. Zhou, F. Zhou, X. Zhu, B. Zhu, D. Zhu, M. Zhu, Z. Ziegler, R. Zielnik-Jurkiewicz, B. Zigangirova, N. Ziglam, H. Zijlstra, J.G. Zimmerli, W. Zimmermann, S.


P1215 P790, P1934 P1804 P979 P833 P884, P1427 O445 P807 O651 P1934 P1804 O473 P2346 O548 P1289, P2005 P1422 P1287 P836 P1427 O343 P983 P1471, P1472 P2298 P1626 S211 S136, P1823, P2353 Zingg, W. P1967, P1968, P1979 Zinkevich, V. P1149 Zinner, S. P1610 Zinzerling, V. P806 Zioutas, V. P1298 Ziva, K. P1217 Zjuzgin, I. P800, P806 Zmaznova, A. P1914 Znidarsic, B. P1159 Zoccoli, A. P1805 Zollner-Schwetz, I. O625, P706, P809, P857, P858 Zong, Z. O445, P807, P1273 Zoppi, F. P1332 Zorgani, A. P2298 Zorzou, MP P1416 Zotika, C. P1416 Zotos, N. P918 Zouhair, R. P799 Zucchelli, G. P1359 Zuccotti, G.V. P1013 Zuelli, C. P1397 Zulu, S.G. P2073 Zuñiga, C. P1031 Zuñiga, M. P717, P1295 Zweigner, J. P2147 Zwolinska-Wcislo, M. P1105

Instructions for Authors Audiovisual Equipment / Speakers’ Service Centre (SSC) The Speakers’ Service Centre (SSC) is centrally located in the ExCeL Capital Suite (level 3) (please refer to the overview on page 6/7). Presentations can be checked on PCs in the SSC. Presentations must be handed in on a CD-ROM, a zip drive, a memory stick or your personal laptop at least one hour before your lecture. Please allow enough time for a thorough check of the presentation and the transfer of the data to the presentation system by the staff. All lecture halls are equipped with a PC and a digital projector for PowerPoint presentations only. Publication/Online Library All accepted abstracts are published in the online library to Clinical Microbiology and Infection (CMI), the official journal of ESCMID, and on the congress website. Poster Sessions Saturday, 31 March 2012 12.00 – 13.30 h Poster Mounting 15.30 – 16.30 h Poster Presentation I (P671– P1050) 17.00 – 18.00 h Poster Removal Sunday, 1 April 2012 08.00 – 09.00h Poster Mounting 12.30 – 13.30 h Poster Presentation II (P1051 – P1365) 13.30 – 14.30 h Poster Presentation III (P1366 – P1629) 17.00 – 18.15 h Poster Removal

Chairs & Authors

Monday, 2 April 2012 08.00 – 09.00h Poster Mounting 12.30 – 13.30 h Poster Presentation IV (P1630 – P1839) 13.30 – 14.30 h Poster Presentation V (P1840 – P2123) 17.00 – 18.15 h Poster Removal Tuesday, 3 April 2012 08.00 – 09.00h Poster Mounting 12.30 – 13.30 h Poster Presentation VI (P2124 – P2404) 15.00 – 16.00 h Poster Removal Posters will be displayed for one full day only. The presence of the authors during the given presentation times is a MUST. The times set for poster mounting and removal must be considered. All posters left hanging beyond the given removal times will be disposed of.

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 225

Industrial Exhibition Overview to/from Lecture Halls Exhibition & Travel Secretariat



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Publishers’ Corner


226 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

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22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 227

List of Exhibitors 263

Abbott GmbH & Co. KG, Wiesbaden / DE


Euroclone S.p.A., Pero / IT


Advanced Instruments, Norwood, MA / US


Eurogentec SA, Seraing / BE


AdvanDX, Vedbaek / DK



Alere, Galway / IE

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), Stockholm / SE


Alifax S.p.A., Polverara / IT


Alpha-Tec Systems Inc., Vancouver / CA


Altona Diagnostics, Hamburg / DE


American Society for Microbiology, Washington, DC / US


American Society for Microbiology Press, Washington, DC / US


Capital Lounge

European Committee on Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing (EUCAST), Växjö / SE

Capital Lounge

European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID), Basel / CH


Fast-track Diagnostics, Junglinster / LU


Focus Diagnostics, Cypress, CA / US


Gen-Probe Incorporated, San Diego, CA / US

Amplex BioSystems GmbH, Giessen / DE


Genomica SAU, Madrid / ES


Ani Labsystems Ltd. Oy, Vantaa / FI


Gilead Sciences Europe Ltd., Uxbridge / UK


Antimicrobial Therapy Inc., Sperryville, VA / US


GSK Biologicals, Rixensart / BE


Applied Maths NV, Sint-Martens-Latem / BE


GSK Biologicals, Rixensart / BE


ArcDia International Oy Ltd., Turku / FI


Hain Lifescience GmbH, Nehren / DE


Associates of Cape Cod, Liverpool / UK


Health Protection Agency, Salisbury / UK


Astellas Pharma Europe Limited, Staines / UK


Healthcare Infection Society, London / UK


AstraZeneca, London / UK


Human Genetic Signatures, Randwick / AU


Autobio Diagnostics Co. Ltd., Zhengzhou / CN


ia2, Pérols cedex / FR


Beckman Coulter Inc., Brea, CA / US


ICNet International, Gloucester / UK


BD Diagnostics, Heidelberg / DE



Bio Rad, Marnes-La-Coquette / FR

Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA), Arlington, TX / US


bioMérieux SA, Marcy l'Etoile / FR


International Society for Infectious Diseases (ISID), Brookline, MA / US


Boulder Diagnostics Inc., Boulder, CO / US


Iris Diagnostics UK, Cambridge / UK


Bruker Daltonik GmbH, Bremen / DE


Isentio AS, Paradis / NO


Carefusion, Reigate / UK


Kiestra Lab Automation BV, Drachten / NL


Cepheid, Maurens Scopont / FR


KWS BioTest Ltd., Sittingbourne / UK


Check-Points, Wageningen / NL


Lab 21Healthcare Ltd., Cambridge / UK


Clonit S.r.l., Milan / IT


Launch Diagnostics Limited, Longfield / UK


Copan Italia SpA, Brescia / IT


Life Technologies, Paisley / UK


Coris Bio Concept, Gembloux / BE


Liofilchem Srl., Roseto degli Abruzzi / IT


Curetis AG, Holzgerlingen / DE


Luminex B.V., Oosterhout / NL


Denka Seiken Co. Ltd., Tokyo / JP


Lyme Disease Action, Penryn / UK


Diagenode S.A., Liege / BE


Mast Group Ltd., Bootle / UK


DiaMondiaL, Vienna / AT


Medical Wire & Equipment Co. Ltd., Corsham / UK


DiaSorin S.p.A., Saluggia / IT



Ditan Intl Conference on Infectious Diseases, Hong Kong / CN

Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD), Whitehouse Station, NJ / US


Meridian Bioscience Europe, Villa Cortese / IT


DRG Instruments GmbH, Marburg / DE


miacom diagnostics GmbH, Düsseldorf / DE


ELITech Group, Puteaux / FR


Microbiologics, Saint Cloud, MN / US


Elsevier, London / UK


Micronics Inc., Redmond, WA / US


Eumedica S.A., Manage / BE


Microsens Medtech Ltd., London / UK


Euprotec Ltd., Manchester / UK


Mikrogen GmbH, Neuried / DE

228 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme


Molzym GmbH & Co. KG, Bremen / DE


Nanosphere, Inc., Northbrook, IL / US


Nordiag AB, Hägersten / SE


Novartis Pharma AG, Basel / CH


Novatec Immunodiagnostica GmbH, Dietzenbach / DE


Ophardt Hygiene-Technik, Issum / DE


Oxford Immunotec Ltd., Oxfordshire / UK


Oxford University Press, Oxford / UK


PathoFinder B.V., Maastricht / NL


Pfizer International Operations, Paris / FR


Pilots Point LLC, Sarasosta, FL / US


POCARED Diagnostics, Rehovot / IL


QIAGEN GmbH, Hilden / DE


Quidel Corporation, San Diego, CA / US


Quotient Bioresearch, Cambridgeshire / UK


R-Biopharm AG, Darmstadt / DE


Reagena International Ltd., Toivala / FI


Renishaw Diagnostics Ltd., Glasgow / UK


Roche Diagnostics GmbH, Mannheim / DE


Roche Molecular Systems Inc., Pleasanton, CA / US


Sarstedt AG & Co, Nümbrecht / DE


Savyon Diagnostics Ltd., Ashdod / IL


Seegene Inc., Seoul / KR


Sekisui Virotech GmbH, Rüsselsheim / DE


Serion Immundiagnostica GmbH, Würzburg / DE


Shanghai ZJ Bio-tech, Shanghai / CN


Siemens AG Healthcare Division, Tarrytown, NY / US


SIRS-Lab GmbH, Jena / DE


Sony DADC, Anif / AT


Statens Serum Institut, Hillerod / DK


Stratec Molecular GmbH, Berlin / DE


The Binding Site Ltd., Birmingham / UK


The Impact Marketing Group, Glencoe, MD / US


Thermo Fischer Scientific, Hennigsdorf / DE


Tianjin Era Biology Engineering Co. Ltd, Tianjin / CN


UK NEQAS, Sheffield / UK


Vircell S.L., Granada / ES


Wiley-Blackwell, West Sussex / UK


Wisepress Ltd., London / UK


List of Exhibitors

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 229

Exhibitors Guide Abbott GmbH & Co. KG


Stand No. 263 Abbott GmbH & Co. KG Max-Planck-Ring 2 65205 Wiesbaden / Germany

Stand No. 535 AdvanDx Bygstubben 11 2950 Vedbaek / Denmark

Contact Email Phone Fax Website

Contact Email Phone Website

Thomas Hansner [email protected] +49 6122 583 613 +49 6122 582 279

Abbott is a leading company in molecular diagnostics. We are committed to exploring new clinical frontiers through the development and delivery of system and assay solutions that are designed to aid in the earlier diagnosis of diseases, selection of appropriate therapies and monitoring of disease recurrence. Our expanding portfolio includes multiple technologies. Over 350 products are available in the areas of infectious disease, oncology, genetics, and automation, including the m2000 system with an extensive assay menu in infectious disease, featuring Abbott RealTime technology, and the xTAG® RVP FAST multiplex test for respiratory viruses, developed by Luminex. Also available is the PLEX-ID solution for microbial identification that combines the sensitivity of PCR with the precision of mass spectrometry in a user-friendly system to provide automated results directly from patient specimens.

Steen Hesthaven [email protected] +45 45 16 07 99

AdvanDx enables clinicians to save the lives of critically ill, infected patients through rapid diagnostics. QuickFISH™ is a PNA probe-based testing platform that provides 20 minute molecular identification of bacteria and yeast from positive blood culture. The rapid results enable clinicians to optimise antibiotic therapy earlier to improve patient outcomes and avoid unnecessary costs.

Alere Stand No. 615 Alere Parkmore East Business Park Galway / Irland Website

Please visit our booth for more information.

Advanced Instruments

Alere develops new capabilities in near-patient diagnosis, monitoring and health management. Alere’s solutions provide healthcare professionals with tools they need to rapidly diagnose a variety of infections to ensure correct treatment is administered.

Stand No. 572 Advanced Instruments Two Technology Way 02062 Norwood, MA / United States

The Alere Techlab® C. DIFF QUIK CHEK COMPLETE is the only test that simultaneously detects GDH antigen and Toxins A and B in 30 minutes. For more information regarding Alere please visit or visit our booth.

Contact Phone Fax Website

Peter Helder +31 6 515 475 49 +1 800 225 4034 +1 781 320 9000

Advanced Instruments, Inc. is a leading supplier of instrumentation for clinical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and microbiology laboratories around the world. Spiral Biotech, Inc produces an auto diluting Spiral Plating System and an automated Colony Counter. Mart Microbiology B.V. produces a system that rapidly creates anaerobic, micro-aerophilic, and capnophilic environments in jars, with full tracking and tracing capability.

230 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

Exhibitors Guide

Alifax S.p.A.

Altona Diagnostics

Stand No. 235 Alifax S.p.A. Via Petrarca 2/1 35020 Polverara / Italy

Stand No. 109 Altona Diagnostics Mörkenstrasse 12 22767 Hamburg / Germany

Email Phone Website

Contact Email Phone Website

[email protected] +39 049 099 2000

Alifax is an Italian company leader in the development and production of automated clinical diagnostic instrumentation for the bacterial culture and determination of the Erythrocite Sedimentation Rate. HB&L, Alfred and Sidecar are Alifax’s latest innovative products in bacteriological culture automation. The patented laser lightscattering technology allows detection of significant bacterial growth in just a few hours. They are the first automated bacteriology analysers capable of performing bacterial culture and susceptibility test of urine and other human biological liquids. The susceptibility test on positive haemocultures is now available, too. The walk-away Sidecar system is a real revolution in bacteriology with full automation of bacteria growth, plate striking and susceptibility testing.

Martina Nagel [email protected] +49 40 548 067 60

Altona Diagnostics is a Hamburg, Germany based company, focused on the development and commercialisation of real-time PCR based diagnostic test kits, primarily in the field of infectious disease. Our RealStar® Kits are ready to use, IVD-CE marked test systems for the reliable detection, quantification and differentiation of a broad range of viruses, bacteria and parasites. All assays are developed and validated to be used with the most common realtime PCR instruments. Our ExtraStar® Purification Kit for DNA and RNA extraction is designed as a One-for-All chemistry solution, enabling parallel nucleic acid extraction from different sample material.

American Society for Microbiology

Stand No. 353 Alpha-Tec Systems, Inc. PO Box 5435 98668 Vancouver / Canada Contact Email Phone Fax Website

Laurie Williams [email protected] +1 360 260 2779 +1 360 260 3277

Alpha Tec Systems is a pioneer in the development of superior, innovative in vitro diagnostics for clinical microbiology laboratories. Alpha Tec Systems is at the forefront of in vitro pre-diagnostic development with unique reagents specifically designed to improve collection, transportation, and preparation of patient samples. Laboratories worldwide have witnessed more accurate test results due to Alpha-Tec’s superior products and methodologies.

Stand No. 631 1752 N Street N.W. 20036 Washington, DC / United States Contact E-Mail Phone

Judy Dalie [email protected] +1 202 437 3600

ICAAC 2012 (51st Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy) 09–12 September 2012, San Francisco, California ICAAC, the premier conference on antimicrobial agents and infectious diseases, showcases the latest-breaking science and lectures from top researchers from around the world. With over 60% of its attendees living outside of the United States, ICAAC provides a rare opportunity to bring together the field’s foremost leaders to discuss the state of infection control and prevention on a global scale. Through oral and poster presentations, 10,000 physicians, clinical microbiologists, researchers and pharmacists will come together to share their research, discover the latest breakthroughs, and work towards fostering global solutions to the problems of infectious diseases and antimicrobial agents.

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 231


Alpha-Tec Systems, Inc.

Exhibitors Guide

American Society for Microbiology Press

Ani Labsystems Ltd, Oy

Stand No. 135 American Society for Microbiology Press 1752 N Street, NW 20735 Washington, DC / United States

Stand No. 265 Ani Labsystems Ltd, Oy Tiilitie 3 01720 Vantaa / Finland

Contact Email Phone Fax Website

Contact Email Phone Fax Website

Courtenay Smith Brown [email protected] +1 202 737 3600 +1 202 942 9342

ASM Press is the book publishing division of the American Society for Microbiology. The most concentrated selection of textbooks, reference manuals, and monographs focused on the science of microbiology. ASM Press books are available in print and electronic form.

Ilari Tuominen [email protected] +358 20 155 7520 +358 20 155 7521

Ani Labsystems Ltd Oy develops, manufactures, markets and sells serologic diagnostic products for neonatal screening, various infectious diseases and other disorders. EIA kits for C. pneumoniae, M. pneumoniae, B. pertussis and C. trachomatis antibodies Special tests: Toxoplasma IgG, IgM and avidity

Amplex BioSystems GmbH

EIA kits for HIV and hepatitis B FEIA and EIA kits for neonatal screening

Stand No. 524 Amplex BioSystems GmbH Kerkrader Strasse 11 35394 Giessen / Germany

Antimicrobial Therapy, Inc.

Email Phone Fax Website

Stand No. 537 Antimicrobial Therapy, Inc. 11771 Lee Hwy. 22740 Sperryville, VA / United States

[email protected] +49 8073 916 93 50 +49 8073 916 93 55

Amplex group develops, manufactures and distributes the hyplex® multiplex PCR system. We are an expanding, international operating, independent and private-owned, company. The hyplex® system is a multiplex PCR platform for the detection of resistances or species. It could be performed modular, for confirmation or high throughput, manual or automated and customised. Kits for MRSA, EHEC, ESBLs, KPCs, MBLs etc. are available.

Contact Email Phone Fax Website

Sherry Golden [email protected] + 1 540 987 9480 +1 540 987 9486

Antimicrobial Therapy, Inc. is a leading global provider of infectious diseases treatment information for health care professionals. Since 1969, Sanford Guides have provided up-to-date, focused treatment guidance and related anti-infective drug information where needed most – at the point of care. The Sanford Guide is now available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices. The comprehensive coverage you have relied upon in print for over 40 years has been expanded and extensively reworked for today's handheld digital devices. Always in your pocket, the Sanford Guide is still in your pocket!

232 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

Exhibitors Guide

Applied Maths NV

Associates of Cape Cod

Stand No. 506 Applied Maths NV Keistraat 120 9830 Sint-Martens-Latem / Belgium

Stand No. 617 Associates of Cape Cod Deacon Park, Moorgate Road, Knowsley Liverpool L33 7RX / United Kingdom

Email Phone Fax Website

Contact Email Phone Fax Website

[email protected] +32 9 222 21 00 +32 9 222 21 02

Develops professional bioinformatics applications and services with emphasis on data integration, platform technology, and networking. BioNumerics: universal bioinformatics platform integrating databasing and analysis of all biodata. GelCompar II: databasing and analysis of electrophoresis gels and fingerprints.

Paul Cross [email protected] +44 179 385 4596 +44 151 547 7400

Associates of Cape Cod, Inc. (ACC) is one of the world's largest manufacturers of products developed to detect and quantify gram-negative bacterial endotoxins and (1 씯3)-ss-D-glucans. Associates of Cape Cod, Inc. (ACC) manufactures the Fungitell® Assay, an FDA 510(k) cleared diagnostic kit. It is a highly sensitive, rapid diagnostics test that detects (1 씯3)-ß-D-glucan in serum in as little as one hour.

Kodon: databasing, analysis and comparison of sequences and chromosomes. Astellas Pharma Europe Limited GeneMaths XT: comparative exploration and analysis of microarrays and genechips.

Stand No. 511 Astellas Pharma Europe Limited Lovett House, Lovett Road Staines TW18 3AZ / United Kingdom

ArcDia International Oy Ltd. Email Stand No. 526 ArcDia International Oy Ltd. PO Box 51 20521 Turku / Finland Contact Email Website

Eija Järvinen [email protected]

ArcDia offers products for point-of-care and near-patient testing of respiratory infectious diseases under the trademark mariPOC®. Available for distribution and OEM.

Phone Fax Website

astellas.european.communications +44 178 441 9400 +44 178 441 9526

Astellas Pharma Europe Ltd., located in the UK, is the European subsidiary of Tokyo-based Astellas Pharma Inc. It is committed to active research and development programmes in various therapeutic areas, including anti-infectives, across the globe. Astellas seeks to provide effective treatment for serious fungal and bacterial infections and introduce innovative solutions that address unmet medical needs in this therapeutic area. Exhibition

mariPOC® covers broad range of analytes such as influenzas and RSV. Automated random-access immunoanalyser is bench top in size, highly sensitive and easy-to-use. Sensitivity and specificity are similar to laboratory methods and superior to rapid tests. First results in 20 minutes.

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 233

Exhibitors Guide


Beckman Coulter, Inc.

Stand No. 431 AstraZeneca 2 Kingdom Street London W2 6BD / United Kingdom

Stand No. 623 Beckman Coulter, Inc. 250 South Kraemer Boulevard 92821 Brea, CA / United States


Contact Email Phone Website

AstraZeneca is a global, innovation-driven biopharmaceutical business with a primary focus on the discovery, development and marketing of prescription medicines for cancer, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, neurological, respiratory, inflammatory and infectious disease. AstraZeneca operates in over 100 countries and its innovative medicines are used by millions of patients worldwide. AstraZeneca’s expertise and technology in drug discovery means that we can be at the forefront of research into new ways to treat infectious diseases. Our infection group aims to discover and develop effective, targeted therapies to address unmet needs in serious bacterial or viral infections and neglected diseases.

Cheryl Jackson [email protected] +1 714 993 5321

Laboratories around the world rely on Beckman Coulter’s promise of quality, integrity and innovation. Our total laboratory solutions deliver accurate information, from medical research breakthroughs, to clinical trials, to laboratory diagnostics and point-of-care testing. A partnership with Beckman Coulter extends far beyond our products. With proven expertise in analysing laboratory test processes, we collaborate with you to understand your requirements and create flexible solutions that meet your evolving needs. We’re better together. And together we help make a positive impact on people’s lives.

Autobio Diagnostics Co. Ltd. Stand No. 254 Autobio Diagnostics Co. Ltd. No.87 Jingbei Yi Road, National Eco&Tech Area 450016 Zhengzhou / China Contact Email Phone Fax Website

Belinda Cui [email protected] +86 371 6629 9979 +86 371 6798 5804

Autobio Diagnostics is one of the leading in vitro diagnostic manufacturers with GMP, ISO9001 and ISO13485 certified in China. We specialise in developing and manufacturing clinical diagnostic products, including ELISA, CLIA, Microbiology and POCT. Autobio Labtec Instruments offers a line of state of the art microplate instruments, developed in close cooperation with our R&D team in Europe.

234 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

BD Diagnostics Stand No. 421 BD Diagnostics Tullastrasse 6-12 69126 Heidelberg / Germany Contact Email Phone Website

Eva Miller [email protected] +49 622 130 50

BD Diagnostics is a leading provider of reagents and instruments used for diagnosing a broad range of infectious diseases, healthcare-associated infections and cancer. We offer products and services focusing on TB, Sepsis, HAIs, sexually transmitted diseases and cervical cancer abnormal cell screening tests. We focus on improving health outcomes for patients and economic outcomes for laboratories by providing solutions that elevate quality, reduce costs, guide medical decisions and enhance laboratory efficiency.

Exhibitors Guide


bioMérieux SA

Stand No. 231 Bio-Rad 3 Boulevard Raymond Poincaré 92430 Marnes-La-Coquette / France

Stand No. 311 bioMérieux SA Chemin de l’Orme 69280 Marcy L’ Etoile / France

Contact Email Phone Fax Website

Phone Fax Website

Guillaume Camard [email protected] +33 147 956 261 +33 147 958 140

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc is a multinational manufacturer and distributor of clinical diagnostics (Instruments and reagents for microbiology, infectious diseases testing, molecular diagnostics but also diabetes monitoring, quality controls, toxicology, autoimmune diseases, immuno-haematology) and life science research products.

+33 478 872 000 +33 478 872 090

bioMerieux is a leading international diagnostics company, specialising in in vitro diagnostics for medical analyses and industrial controls. Shaping your world together: increase lab performance, flexibility and turnaround time through full microbiology lab automation, including new blood culture and smart incubator systems Workflow optimisation starring VITEK® MS .

Bio-Rad Laboratories has played a leading role in the advancement of scientific discovery for over 50 years by providing a broad range of innovative products and services to the life science research and clinical diagnostics markets. Founded in 1952, Bio-Rad has a global team of more than 6,500 employees and serves more than 85,000 clinical and research laboratories, industry customers worldwide through its global network of operations. Molecular Diagnostics Dx Assays, Dx Real Time System and Dx Prep System (NEW)– The Art of Simplicity. Built on Bio-Rad’s expertise on infectious diseases and real-time PCR, the Dx Assays and instruments are easy to use and designed to provide highly reliable results. Infectious Diseases Testing BioPlex 2200 and Evolis systems. Global solution for infectious diseases testing with advanced and flexible serology automation. Multiplexing, ELISA, Rapid tests. 3 technologies to answer your needs

Deliver faster results for better patient management with Myla.

Boulder Diagnostics Inc. Stand No. 504 Boulder Diagnostics Inc. 6395 Gunpark Dr., Ste. W 80301 Boulder, CO / United States Contact Email Phone Website

Dede Willis [email protected] +1 720 897 6276

Specialty diagnostics company developing tests for infectious diseases and other protein targets where existing tests are inadequate for accurate diagnosis. Novel diagnostic tests and services where existing diagnostic methods are inadequate: lyme disease, parasite infection and rapid homocysteine detection. Exhibition

Microbiology ADAGIO™ and antimicrobial susceptibility testing line Complete range of products according to EUCAST or CLSI recommendations, including ADAGIO™, the fully integrated, easy to use and innovative system for antimicrobial susceptibility testing Select™ Agar : a complete range of chromogenic culture media Direct and rapid identification of MRSA, S.aureus, GBS, Candida, and urinary pathogens. Mycology New Platelia™ Aspergillus Ag and Platelia™ Candida Ag and Ab Plus assays for early diagnosis of invasive fungal infections.

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 235

Exhibitors Guide

Bruker Daltonik GmbH


Stand No. 341 Bruker Daltonik GmbH Fahrenheitstrasse 275 28359 Bremen / Germany

Stand No. 201 Cepheid Vira Solelh 81470 Maurens Scopont / France

Contact Email Phone Website

Email Phone Fax Website

Karin Hoffmann [email protected] +49 421 2205 2041

Bruker has become the world leader in MALDI-TOF based microorganism identification and has a rich and succesful history in this field. MALDI Biotyper has entered clinical routine and accelerates microbial identification with high quality results. Permanent developments in the area of hardware, software, database and application facilitate its optimisation and adaptation to upcoming user requirements. New applications like functional AST, mixed culture analysis and subspecies analysis will further expand its positive impact on clinical microbiology.

[email protected] +33 563 825 300 +33 563 825 301

Cepheid is a leading molecular diagnostics company that is dedicated to improving healthcare by developing, manufacturing, and marketing accurate yet easy-to-use molecular systems and tests. By automating highly complex and time-consuming manual procedures, the company’s solutions deliver a better way for institutions of any size to perform sophisticated genetic testing for organisms and genetic-based diseases. Through its strong molecular biology capabilities, the company is focusing on those applications where accurate, rapid, and actionable test results are needed most, such as managing infectious diseases and cancer.

Check-Points Carefusion Stand No. 264 Carefusion Reigate Place, 43 London Road Reigate RH2 9PW / United Kingdom Email Phone Fax Website

[email protected] +44 1737 237 940 +441 737 237 950

At CareFusion, we understand that infection prevention is the key to reducing healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs). ChloraPrep® is a medicinal product containing a solution of 2% chlorhexidine gluconate (w/v) in 70% isopropyl alcohol (v/v) and is a licensed, single use, sterile, ‘non-touch’ skin antisepsis system available in both clear and tint in a variety of applicator sizes.

236 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

Stand No. 323 Check-Points Binnenhaven 5 6709 PD Wageningen / Netherlands Email Phone Fax Website

[email protected] +31 317 453 908 +31 317 210 147

Check-Points is dedicated to improving the identification of multidrug resistance in Gram-negative bacteria, to support you in identifying and controlling the spread of ESBL, AmpC and carbapenemases. Our rapid molecular assays include microarray-based solutions, that pinpoint the presence of multidrug resistance genes through simultaneous analysis of up to 100 resistance markers, as well as real-time assays, for quick confirmation of the ESBL or carbapenemase mechanism.

Exhibitors Guide

Clonit S.r.l.

Curetis AG

Stand No. 461 Clonit S.r.l. Via Bernardo Quaranta 57 28065 Milan / Italy

Stand No. 213 Curetis AG Max-Eyth-Strasse 42 71088 Holzgerlingen / Germany

Email Phone Fax Website

Phone Website

[email protected] +39 0256 814 413 +39 0256 814 515

Research, development and manufacturing for diagnostic systems in molecular biology. Specialised in Fast PCR reagents for microbiology, virology and genetic testing. Simultaneous detection of viruses, bacteria and parasites by Multiplex Fast PCR kits (STD panel, Atypical Bacteria pneumoniae, faecal parasites, HPV screening) using the ClonPact System: safe, reliable, easy and convenient methods. Real Time kits available for infectious diseases and allelic discrimination.

+49 703 149 19521

Founded in 2007, Curetis AG is a molecular diagnostics company which focuses on the development and commercialisation of reliable, fast and cost-effective products for diagnosing severe infectious diseases. The UnyveroTM Solution will enable rapid multiparameter pathogen and antibiotic resistance detection in only a few hours, a process that today can take up to days or even weeks with other techniques.

Denka Seiken Co., Ltd.

Stand No. 241 Copan Italia SpA via F. Perotti, 10 25125 Brescia / Italy Contact Email Phone Fax Website

Irene Acerbi [email protected] +39 030 268 7254 +39 030 268 7211

Copan is the world’s leading manufacturer of collection and transport devices for microbiology and automated systems for the bacteriology laboratory. Wasp is the best selling advanced automation system for the bacteriology laboratory. Copan introduces WASPlab, a fully automated modular system to manage streaking of culture plates, gram preparation, broth inoculation, antibiotic discs application, plates incubation and evoluted image recording.

Stand No. 452 Denka Seiken Co., Ltd. 1-1 Nihonbashi-Muromachi, 2 Chome, Chuo-ku, 103-8338 Tokyo / Japan Contact Email Phone Fax Website

Bert Kolhorn [email protected] +81 33669 9421 +81 33669 9390

Denka Seiken is a world renowned company, developing and manufacturing a wide range of IVD products for the microbiology markets. Offering test kits for the detection of bacterial toxins, viral antigens and antibodies, a latex agglutination assay for MRSA (PBP2 protein), more than 550 bacterial serotyping antisera and various lateral flow immuno assays (POCTs) for influenza and other viruses.


Copan Italia SpA

Coris Bio Concept Stand No 613 Coris Bio Concept Rue Jean Sonet 4a 5032 Gembloux / Belgium Contact Email Phone

Salah Azzi [email protected] +32 81 719 910

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 237

Exhibitors Guide

Diagenode S.A.

DiaSorin S.p.A.

Stand No. 105 Diagenode S.A. Avenue de l'Hôpital, 1 4000 Liege / Belgium

Stand No. 303 DiaSorin S.p.A. Via Crescentino snc 13040 Saluggia / Italy

Contact Email Phone Fax Website

Email Phone Fax Website

Jean-Marie Hoornaert [email protected] +32 429 04933 +32 436 42051

Diagenode, Liège, Belgium, develops and markets CE marked Molecular IVD for human infectious diseases, Q-PCR multiplexed and LAMP assays. Diagenode’s portfolio targets: herpes, respiratory disorders, gastric panels and more. Diagenode sells directly in Europe and also OEM and Customised CE marked products for exportation. Diagenode’s R&D is quick in creating cutting edge multiplexed assays using QPCR on different platforms. Diagenode is ISO 9001 and 13485 certified.

DiaMondiaL Stand No. 567 DiaMondiaL Divischgasse 4 1210 Vienna / Austria Contact Email Phone Fax Website

Karin Dokulil [email protected] +43 1 291 07 461 +43 1 291 07 63743

DiaMondiaL is a European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) producing and distributing in vitro diagnostic products in 28 European countries. The DiaMondiaL range of products: IDAHO FilmArray® System and Panels Staphylococcus aureus identification latex Streptococcal grouping latex Parasite concentration System Immunochromatographic assays • Rapid Rota-Adenovirus • Rapid RSV • Rapid Strep A • Rapid C.difficile TOX A&B Control Slides

238 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

[email protected] +390161487526 +390161487670

DiaSorin S.p.A., an international player in the in vitro diagnostics market, develops, produces and markets reagent kits for clinical laboratory diagnostics. DiaSorin offers a broad array of high quality products on fully automated CLIA systems (LIAISON® and LIAISON® XL) and operates in infectious and viral diseases, management of bone and calcium related diseases, thyroid pathologies, oncology and fertility testing. For further information: Most efforts in developing the LIAISON® systems menu have been dedicated to ID serology testing. New assays for measles, mumps, Mycoplasma pneumoniae and parvovirus B19 diagnosis are currently available. Complete TORCH and Epstein-Barr virus panel, Treponema pallidum, Borrelia burgdorferi, VZV and a complete range of assays for diagnosis of viral hepatitis and retrovirus (HBsAg, HCV and HIV). Gastrointestinal stool testing assays complete the broad, fully automated tests menu.

Ditan Intl Conference on Infectious Diseases Stand No. 456 Ditan Intl Conference on Infectious Diseases Cosoman Limited, 9/F., New Hennessy Tower 263 Hennessy Road Hong Kong / China Contact Email Phone Fax Website

Andrea Lam [email protected] +86 282 720 91 +86 282 722 20

The DICID serves as a platform for timely communication between Chinese and international professionals in infectious diseases management. The 6th DICID will be held on 12–15 July 2012 in Beijing, China. A 3-and-a-half programme will bring you the latest updates and an excellent occasion for scientific exchange.

Exhibitors Guide

DRG Instruments GmbH

Elsevier Limited

Stand No. 525 DRG Instruments GmbH Frauenbergstrasse 18 35039 Marburg / Germany

Stand No. 123 Elsevier Limited 32 Jamestown Road London NW1 7BY / United Kingdom United Kingdom

Contact Email Phone Fax Website

Stefanie Lamers [email protected] +49 6421-17000 +49 6421-170050

DRG Instruments GmbH, member of DRG Intl. group, is a diagnostic manufacturer and distributor, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified. DRG Instruments GmbH specialises in manufacture and distribution of enzyme-linked-immunoassays (ELISAs), chemiluminescense-immunoassays (CLAs) and RIAs for infectious diseases, fertility, diabetes and tumour diagnosis for serum and/or saliva samples and a new analyser for immunoassays and clinical chemistry.

Phone Website

+44 207 424 4276

Elsevier Health Sciences advances medicine by delivering superior education, reference information and decision support tools to doctors, nurses, health practitioners and students. We have a selection of our leading journals on display at Obstetric Anaesthesia 2011 meeting including International Journal of Obstetric Anesthesia – the official journal of the Obstetric Anaesthesists’ Association, PAIN®, Scandinavian Journal of Pain, Trends in Anaesthesia & Critical Care, Journal of Clinical Anesthesia and many others. We would love to meet you, so drop by the Elsevier Table to take a look at our information solutions to suit your needs. We have some great discounts on journals and sample copies for you to take with you. Hope to see you at the Elsevier display.

ELITech Group Eumedica S.A.

Email Phone Fax Website

[email protected] +33 1 41 45 07 10 +33 1 41 45 10 14

The ELITech Group is a leading player in the proximity IVD market and provides a broad and competitive offer. Clinical laboratory instruments with proven performance and reliability (industry leader in cystic fibrosis sweat testing). Innovative molecular diagnostics targeting infectious diseases (leading proprietary MGB Probe technology).

Stand No. 568 Eumedica S.A. Chemin de Nauwelette 1 7170 Manage / Belgium Contact Email Phone Fax Website

Delphine Vantieghem [email protected] +32 6427 1722 +32 6427 1784

Eumedica, a different partnership from the hospital environment, seeks to ensure development and continuity of vital treatment in serious indications. Negaban temocillin, a narrow spectrum agent directed towards Gram-negative bacteria with a proven stability against most types of ß-lactamases (ESBLs and AmpCs)

Diagnostic kits for the identification, enumeration and susceptibility testing of infectious diseases.

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 239


Stand No. 256 ELITech Group 12-12 bis rue Jean Jaurès 92800 Puteaux / France

Exhibitors Guide

Euprotec Ltd

Eurogentec SA

Stand No. 527 Euprotec Ltd Unit 12 Williams House, Manchester Science Park, Manchester M15 6SE / United Kingdom

Stand No. 469 Eurogentec SA 5, rue du Bois Saint Jean 4102 Seraing / Belgium

Email Phone Fax Website

Contact Email Phone Fax Website

[email protected] +44 161 820 3620 +44 161 820 3625

Euprotec is a world-leader in the provision of infectious disease and respiratory biology services. With a highly relevant and validated portfolio of assays and disease models, underpinned by internationally recognised expertise, we support each stage of our clients’ drug discovery and development programmes through to late stage preclinical investigation and clinical proof-ofconcept studies. Euprotec’s extensive collection of bacterial and fungal strains/ clinical isolates underpins its comprehensive range of services: Efficacy models of bacterial/fungal infection encompassing a large range of pathogens, multiple hosts and routes of infection (localised and systemic). Range of models suitable for investigation of multiple classes of antimicrobial agent, including protection studies for study of vaccines. Mechanism of action determination of new antimicrobial drugs. Intracellular killing assays. Whole-cell screening of compound libraries to identify antimicrobial activity. Susceptibility profiling and in-depth characterisation of antimicrobial activity. ADME and PK assays and sophisticated PKPD profiling and mathematical modelling. Development of bespoke assays and efficacy models.

Stand No. 579 Euroclone S.p.A. Via Figino 20/22 20016 Pero / Italy [email protected] +39 02 381 951 +39 02 381 95250

EuroClone S.p.A., a research, development and production unit, is a worldwide supplier of innovative products in molecular diagnostics and research. EuroClone Human Diagnostics Division’s mission is to develop, produce and commercialise cutting edge molecular biology diagnostic products for the fields of: cardio-vascular diseases and respiratory and sexually transmitted infectious diseases and in vitro fertilisation. 240 22nd ECCMID / London

Eurogentec, part of Kaneka Corporation, is a leading supplier of innovative products and services to scientists worldwide. Eurogentec has developed three interrelated business units: life science research, specialised in genomics (oligonucleotides, DNA polymerases, real-time qPCR kits & reagents and high-throughput dispensing) and proteomics (antibodies, peptides, fluorescent dyes…); molecular diagnostics manufacturing solutions and GMP BioManufacturing.

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) Stand No. 463 ECDC European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control Tomtebodavägen 11a 17183 Stockholm / Sweden Contact Email Phone Fax Website

Giovanni Mancarella [email protected] +46 8586 010 00 +46 8586 012 94

The ECDC is an EU agency aimed at strengthening Europe’s defences against infectious disease.

Euroclone S.p.A.

Email Phone Fax Website

Camilla Mackenzie [email protected] +32 4 372 74 00 +32 4 372 75 00

Final Programme

Exhibitors Guide

Capital Lounge EUCAST Clinical Microbiology Central Hospital 351 85 Växjö / Sweden Contact Email Phone Website

Gunnar Kahlmeter [email protected] +46 470 58 74 77

EUCAST, the European Committee on Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing, is jointly organised by ESCMID, ECDC and national breakpoint committees in Europe. EUCAST deals with breakpoints and technical aspects of phenotypic in vitro antimicrobial susceptibility testing and functions as the breakpoint committee of EMA (The European Medicines Agency) and ECDC (The European Centre for Disease prevention and Control).

European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID) Capital Lounge ESCMID Executive Office P.O. Box 214 4010 Basel / Switzerland Email Phone Fax Website

[email protected] +41 61 508 01 53 +41 61 508 01 51

The society is registered in Switzerland with membership and administrative offices in Basel, Switzerland. ESCMID was based in Germany between 1983 and 2011. ESCMID (Switzerland) was registered in 2011. ESCMID now has members from clinical microbiology, infectious diseases and many related specialties from all European countries and from all continents. The membership, since the registration in Switzerland, is rapidly increasing. Combined with its associated and affiliated memberships, ESCMID reaches over 33'000 professionals. ESCMID has been an influential component in the professional lives of microbiologists and infectious diseases specialists for more than 25 years and welcomes new colleagues from all nations.

Fast-track Diagnostics Stand No. 101 Fast-track Diagnostics 38, Rue Hiehl 6131 Junglinster / Luxemburg Contact Email Phone Fax Website

Tanja Sendzik [email protected] +35 278 029 0511 +35 278 029 0514

Fast-track Diagnostics is a diagnostics company that develops multiplex real-time PCR to detect a wide range of viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. Our 26 kits detect over 80 different pathogens causing infectious diseases. We design and develop multiplex RT-PCR assays allowing simultaneous detection of multiple pathogens in one experiment. Our kits are based on the syndromic approach: respiratory, gastrointestinal infections and others. 20 of our kits are currently CE labeled. In addtion to our product list we are launching in April 2012 the new BACTERIA portfolio for detection of meningitis, pneumonia and gastroenteritis that also allows the direct quantification of positive samples. All assays are run using identical extraction and pipetting protocols as well as the same thermal cycling programme for a more efficient use of real time PCR machines. We offer test flexibility in extraction methods, cycler types and enzymes. All tests include optimised primer/probe mixes, internal, negative and positive controls. All kits follow the same workflow in order to combine the detection of different pathogens in one experimental setup.


The European Committee on Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing (EUCAST)

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 241

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Focus Diagnostics

Genomica SAU

Stand No. 233 Focus Diagnostics 11331 Valley View Street 90630 Cypress, CA / United States

Stand No. 451 Genomica SAU Alcarria 7 28823 Madrid / Spain

Contact Email Phone Fax Website

Contact Email Phone Fax Website

Tiffany Monreal [email protected] +1 562 240 6688 +1 562 240 6528

Juan Bataller [email protected] +34 91 674 89 90 +34 91 674 89 91

Focus Diagnostics, Inc. manufactures molecular and serology diagnostic products for worldwide distribution. Key brands include: SimplexaTM, HerpeSelect® and DxSelectTM .

GENOMICA develops, produces and commercialises applications for differential molecular diagnosis, based on the amplification and detection of genetic material on an innovative platform: CLART® .

Simplexa™ molecular products are real-time PCR qualitative and quantitative assays manufactured by Focus Diagnostics and performed on the 3M™ Integrated Cycler. The expanding menu of products includes kits for: CMV, EBV, BKV, C. difficile, Bordetella and flu A/B & RSV.

CLART® Technology is a multiplexing platform for routine assays in molecular diagnostics laboratories. It combines the advantages of a user friendly microarray platform and a robust non-fluorescent colorimetric reader (CAR).

Gilead Sciences Europe Ltd. Gen-Probe Incorporated Stand No. 543 Gen-Probe Incorporated 10210 Genetic Center Drive 92121 San Diego, CA / United States

Stand No. 223 Gilead Sciences Europe Ltd. South Building 2 Roundwood Avenue, Stockley Park Uxbridge UB11 1AF / United Kingdom

Email Phone Fax Website

Contact Email Fax Website

[email protected] +1 858 410 8000 +1 800 288 3141

Gen-Probe is a global leader in molecular diagnostics for infectious disease, blood screening, oncology and transplant diagnostics. Founded in 1983, the company develops, manufactures and markets nucleic acid tests and fully automated instruments to support women’s health and detect infectious microorganisms, including those causing sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/HCV, respiratory infectious diseases, C. diff., tuberculosis, strep throat, pneumonia and fungal infections.

242 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

Vitor Papao [email protected] +44 2085 872 333

Gilead Sciences is a biopharmaceutical company that discovers, develops and commercialises innovative therapeutics in areas of unmet medical need. The company’s mission is to advance the care of patients suffering from life-threatening diseases worldwide. Headquartered in Foster City, California, Gilead has operations in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

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GSK Biologicals

Health Protection Agency

Stand No. 521 + 531 GSK Biologicals rue de l'Institut 89 1330 Rixensart / Belgium

Stand No. 119 Health Protection Agency Porton Down Salisbury SP4 0JG / United Kingdom

Contact Email Website

Contact Email Phone Fax Website

Isabelle Bang [email protected]

GlaxoSmithKline – one of the world’s leading research-based pharmaceutical and healthcare companies – is committed to improving the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better and live longer. GSK Biologicals is active in vaccine research, development and production with over 30 vaccines approved for marketing and 20 more in development, in both the prophylactic and therapeutic fields.

Phil Luton [email protected] +44 1980 612725 +44 1980 612241

The UK’s Health Protection Agency combines public health, scientific expertise, research services and emergency planning within one organisation. We are unique in being able to offer a complete microbiological service, translational research capability and the supply of materials, including four internationally recognised culture collections to the NHS, academia and industry. To discuss how we can help you, please visit stand 119.

Hain Lifescience GmbH

Email Phone Fax Website

[email protected] +49 747 394 510 +49 747 394 5199

Hain Lifescience is the manufacturer of modern molecular biology diagnosis systems for the up to date laboratory. Our innovative test systems enable you to obtain definitive molecular-biological proof of pathogens and their resistances. The well known product series GenoType and GenoQuick are now completed through our latest product series, the FluoroTypes, based on HyBeacon technology. This is an innovative technology with fluorescence labelled probes. The combination of specific amplification and subsequent detection in the same device guarantees high diagnostic reliability.

Healthcare Infection Society Stand No. 453 Healthcare Infection Society 162 King's Cross Road London WC1X 9DH / United Kingdom Contact Email Phone Fax Website

Sue Hollinshead [email protected] +44 207 713 0273 +44 20 7713 0255

The Healthcare Infection Society, formerly the Hospital Infection Society, is a UK based international society with members in countries worldwide. The HIS was formed in the 1970s by a group of doctors to foster interest in the science and control of healthcare-acquired infections. Although primarily infection control doctors and medical microbiologists, nurses and other health professionals are now members.

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 243


Stand No. 301 Hain Lifescience GmbH Hardwiesenstrasse 1 72147 Nehren / Germany

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Human Genetic Signatures

Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA)

Stand No. 505 Human Genetic Signatures Virology Research, Prince of Wales Hospital 2031 Randwick / Austria

Stand No. 355 Infectious Diseases Society of America 1300 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 300 22209 Arlington, TX / United States

Contact Email Phone Website

Contact Email Phone Fax Website

John Melki [email protected] +61 2 9870 7116

We design and manufacture multiplexed real-time PCR assays for viral, bacterial and protozoan targets. All assays use our proprietary 3base™ nucleic acid technology.

John Buckley [email protected] +1 703 299 0200 +1 703 299 0204

The Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) represents physicians, scientists and other health care professionals who specialise in infectious diseases.

The HGS detection panels are sample-to-result kits detecting all major gastrointestinal microorganisms (protozoan, bacterial and viral). A common sample preparation method allows for rapid efficient (automatable) nucleic acid isolation. We also have kits to detect toxigenic and hypervirulent C. difficile.

IDWeek 2012, San Diego, CA, October 17-21. A Joint Meeting of IDSA, the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA), the HIV Medicine Association (HIVMA), and the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society (PIDS). IDWeek - Advancing Science, Improving Care.


International Society for Infectious Diseases (ISID)

Stand No. 501 i2a Parc de la Méditerranée 34477 Pérols cedex / France

Stand No. 357 International Society for Infectious Diseases 9 Babcock Street 02446 Brookline, MA / United States

Contact Email Phone Fax Website

Contact Email Phone Fax Website

Christian Curel [email protected] +33 467 50 48 00 +33 467 17 09 06

Norman Stein [email protected] +1 617 277 0551 +1 617 278 9113

i2a develops and markets instruments, software and reagents dedicated to microbiology and infectiology.

ISID is an educational non-profit organisation with over 50’000 members worldwide.

PRELUD: NEW INSTRUMENT for automatic culture plates streaking, AST, slides, MALDI-TOF and tubes preparation. SirScan: instruments for ID/AST. SirWeb software: bacteriology results management, MALDI-TOF projects, expert systems, epidemiology, nosocomial infection and surveillance. Reagents: SirScan discs, Taxiden identification strips, Inoclic (inoculum standardisation).

Its objective is to promote communication among those engaged in all aspects of infectious diseases. This goal is achieved through international scientific meetings, fellowship and grant programmes, a newsletter, and the International Journal of Infectious Diseases. Please visit our website

ICNet International Ltd Stand No. 621 ICNet International ltd. Dell Center, Painswick GL6 GRQ Gloucester / UK Contact Email Phone

Tina Herlihy [email protected] +44 1452 814 090

244 22nd ECCMID / London

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Iris Diagnostics UK

Kiestra Lab Automation BV

Stand No. 261 Iris Diagnostics UK St John's Innovation Centre - Cowley Road Cambridge CB4 0WS / United Kingdom

Stand No. 551 Kiestra Lab Automation BV Marconilaan 6 9207 JC Drachten / Netherlands

Contact Email Phone Fax Website

Contact Email Phone Fax Website

Alice Airaud [email protected] +44 1223 421 590 +44 1223 280 307

Sales Department [email protected] +31 512 510 710 +31 512 524 585

Iris Diagnostics has served the global urinalysis testing market for 25 years and offers a portfolio of urinalysis instrumentation products.

Kiestra is a market leader in automation solutions for medical microbiology with unique solutions for inoculation, incubation, reading, identification and AST.

Iris Diagnostics is focused on products that analyse particles in urine and body fluids. Our product leverages our strengths in flow imaging technology, particle recognition software algorithms and integrated automation to bring productivity, quality and standardisation to the laboratory environment.

Kiestra provides the best fit solutions for large, mid-sized and small laboratories. With our concepts for total lab automation, work cell automation or bench top automation we will ensure there will always be a match between your laboratory and Kiestra. We know your laboratory is different, therefore all our products are developed in close collaboration with our customers, the bacteriologists.

Isentio AS

Contact Email Phone Fax Website

Camilla Huse Bondesson [email protected] +46 70 666 8209 +46 87 324 489

Isentio offers unique, online software solutions to facilitate analysis, interpretation and management of DNA sequencing data for identification of clinically important pathogens. RipSeq® software is the fastest, most user-friendly and complete solution for DNA target identification of pathogens, making identification consistent and accurate. RipSeq enables sequence based identification from both single and poly-microbial samples, a unique feature resulting in enhanced problem-solving qualities.

KWS BioTest Ltd Stand No. 575 KWS BioTest Ltd 975 Cornforth Drive Sittingbourne ME9 8PX / United Kingdom Contact Email Phone Website

Alice Cooper [email protected] +44 1795 599 544

KWS BioTest is a leading-edge, preclinical CRO that brings together internationally renowned scientific expertise in a commercially managed environment. We offer efficacy models within the core areas of autoimmunity, inflammation, infection, allergy and pain. Within each area we provide a wide range of validated models in addition to an extensive range of in vitro capabilities and pathology services.

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 245


Stand No. 532 Isentio AS Statsminister Michelsensvei 38 5230 Paradis / Norway

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Lab21 Healthcare Ltd

Life Technologies

Stand No. 562 Lab21 Healthcare Ltd 184 Cambridge Science Park Cambridge CB4 0GA / United Kingdom

Stand No. 566 Life Technologies 3 Fountain Drive, Inchinnan Business Park Paisley Pa4 9RF / United Kingdom

Email Phone Fax Website

Contact Email Phone Fax Website

[email protected] +44 1638 552 882 +44 1638 552 375

Lab21 offers a range of products for the diagnosis of infectious disease, including Myconostica molecular assays for fungal infection. The Lab21 Myconostica MycAssay Aspergillus is a real-time PCR assay designed for use as a screening assay, with serum samples, or as a diagnostic assay, using respiratory samples. Rapid detection and diagnosis of invasive aspergillosis will improve survival rates.

Launch Diagnostics Limited Stand No. 577 Launch Diagnostics Limited Ash Road Longfield DA3 8JD / United Kingdom Email Phone Fax Website

[email protected] +44 1474 874 426 +44 1474 872 388

Launch Diagnostics supplies high quality diagnostic reagents and instruments from world leading manufacturers to the United Kingdom and Ireland. Representing companies such as Euroclone, Genomica, Liofilchem, Mart, Meridian, MDI, Savyon, Sekisui Diagnostics and Virion-Serion, Launch offers a range of products for the microbiology laboratory from rapid POC tests, automated processors and associated kits, to innovative molecular diagnostic assays.

Katie Hanretty [email protected] +44 141 814 6100 +44 141 814 3226

Life Technologies Corporation is a global biotechnology tools company dedicated to improving the human condition. Our systems and consumables enable scientists to accelerate clinical implementation of discoveries and developments in microbiology and infectious disease research. For more information visit our website, Life Technologies’ portfolio of instruments’ systems, consumables and services include these leading brands: Applied Biosystems, Invitrogen, Ion Torrent, Gibco, Molecular Probes, Novex, AcroMetrix & Ambion. Sequencing instruments include 3500 and 3500 Dx Genetic Analyzers, Ion Torrent™ PGM and 5500 Series SOLID™ Sequencers for next generation sequencing. PCR thermal cyclers and real-time PCR instrument systems include VeritiDx, Quant Studio, ViiA™ 7 Real-Time PCR System, and 7500Fast Dx real-time PCR System. Featured consumables kits include pathogen and viral identification panels and Quidel CE-IVD qPCR kits.

Liofilchem Srl. Stand No. 574 Liofilchem Srl. via Scozia Z.I. 64026 Roseto degli Abruzzi / Italy Contact Email Phone Fax Website

Fabio Brocco [email protected] +39 0858 939 745 +39 0858 930 330

Liofilchem has produced diagnostics for microbiology for clinical and industrial use since 1983. Liofilchem is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified. Liofilchem produces MIC Test Strip and antibiotic/antifungal discs for antimicrobial susceptibility testing, systems for microbial identification and antibiogram, systems for chemical/microbial screening in food, sterilisation process control systems, dehydrated and ready-to-use culture media, supplements and dip-slide.

246 22nd ECCMID / London

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Luminex B.V.

Mast Group Ltd.

Stand No. 541 Luminex B.V. Krombraak 13-15 4906 CR Oosterhout / Netherlands

Stand No. 115 Mast Group Ltd. Derby Road Bootle L20 1EA / United Kingdom

Email Phone Fax Website

Email Phone Fax Website

Luminex Corporation develops, manufactures and markets innovative biological testing technologies with applications throughout the clinical diagnostic and life science industries. The company’s open-architecture xMAP® and xTAG® technologies enable large numbers of biological tests (bioassays) to be conducted and analysed quickly, cost-effectively and accurately. Systems using xMAP technology perform discrete bioassays on the surface of colour-coded beads known as microspheres, which are then read in a compact analyser. xTAG Gastrointestinal Pathogen Panel xTAG GPP is a qualitative molecular multiplex diarrhoea test intended for the simultaneous detection and identification of multiple gastrointestinal pathogens including bacteria, viruses, and parasites.

Lyme Disease Action Stand No. 117 Lyme Disease Action P.O.Box 235 Penryn TR109EZ / United Kingdom Contact Email Phone

Stella Huyshe-Shires [email protected] +44 1395 597230

[email protected] +44 151 933 7277 +44 151 944 1332

Mast is an independent world class manufacturer and supplier of diagnostic microbiology products for clinical and veterinary testing. Mast is announcing the international launch of the Mast Uri® system, a simple, efficient and effective solution for urine microbiology. The Mast Uri® system comprises instrumentation, software and consumables and offers a streamlined and economical alternative to routine methods.

Medical Wire & Equipment Co. Ltd. Stand No. 561 Medical Wire & Equipment Co. Ltd. Leafield Industrial Estate Corsham SN139RT / United Kingdom Contact Email Phone Fax Website

Richard Seuke [email protected] + 44 1225 810 361 + 44 1225 810 153

UK Transport Swab Manufacturer of specimen collection and transport devices for microbiology and virology. New products, Fecal Transwab® for advanced processing of enteric microorganisms. HydraFlock® and PurFlock® for enhanced adsorption and absorption along with existing products, Sigma Transwab® - which is compatible with all automated processing systems, Sigma Virocult® - virus specimen transport for molecular and culture, Sigma VCM® a universal transport medium.

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 247


[email protected] +31 162 408 333 +31 162 408 337

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Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD)

miacom diagnostics GmbH

Stand No. 243 Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD) One Merck Drive, P.O. Box 100 08889 Whitehouse Station, NJ / United States

Stand No. 218 miacom diagnostics GmbH Merowingerplatz 1a 40225 Düsseldorf / Germany

Phone Fax Website

Email Phone Website

+1 908 423 1000 +1 267 305 5660

[email protected] +49 211 301 5579

Today’s MSD is a global healthcare leader working to help the world be well. MSD is known as Merck in the United States and Canada. Through our prescription medicines, vaccines, biologic therapies, and consumer care and animal health products, we work with customers and operate in more than 140 countries to deliver innovative health solutions. We also demonstrate our commitment to increasing access to healthcare through far-reaching policies, programmes and partnerships. MSD. Be well. For more information, visit

miacom is a German/US molecular diagnostic company offering unique and innovative solutions for the rapid identification of microorganisms for a variety of infectious diseases.

Meridian Bioscience Europe


Stand No. 576 Meridian Bioscience Europe Via dell'Industria 7 20020 Villa Cortese / Italy

Stand No. 255 Microbiologics 217 Osseo Avenue North 56303 Saint Cloud, MN / United States

Contact Email Phone Fax Website

Email Phone Fax Website

Darryl Mingay [email protected] +39 0331 433636 +39 0331 433616

Meridian Bioscience is a life science company that manufactures diagnostic kits for the early diagnosis of gastrointestinal and respiratory infections. Recently introduced products include illumigene® molecular assay for the detection of Group B Streptococcus and TRU Legionella® rapid immunoassay. With illumigene® C. difficile and ImmunoCard® C. difficile GDH we offer the only complete portfolio for C. difficile detection.

248 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

Our affordable multiplex panels enable the identification of up to 14 clinically relevant pathogens directly from native respiratory secretions and urine or positive blood cultures. All tests are CE-marked and designed to work perfectly in today’s laboratory routine.

[email protected] +1 320 253 1640 +1 320 253 6250

For over 40 years, Microbiologics has been producing the highest quality biological reference materials for quality control testing worldwide. The largest and most diverse line of QC microorganism products in the market, with over 800 different strains of bacteria, fungi, yeast, parasites and mycoplasmas. Our extensive product range includes both qualitative and quantitative microorganism preparations in a wide variety of easy-to-use, convenient formats. Products such as the KWIK-STIK™ and LYFO DISK® are perfect for qualitative QC test methods in clinical, food, environmental, pharmaceutical and educational industries. EZ-Accu Shot™, EZ-PEC™ and Epower™ are just a few examples of our quantitative QC microorganism preparations; each one is designed for a specific microbial test method in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food or environmental industry.

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Micronics Inc.

Mikrogen GmbH

Stand No. 103 Micronics Inc. 8463 154th Ave NE 98052 Redmond, WA / United States

Stand No. 216 Mikrogen GmbH Floriansbogen 2-4 82061 Neuried / Germany

Contact Email Phone Fax Website

Contact Email Phone Fax Website

Karen Hedine [email protected] +1 425 895 9197 +1 425 895 1183

Micronics, Inc. is developing innovative products for near patient, point of care infectious disease molecular tests using the PanNAT™ system. The PanNAT™ system is a small, fully automated, easy-to-use portable molecular instrument with infectious disease molecular tests that can be used in any healthcare setting.

Erika Honka [email protected] +49 89 548 01 0 +49 89 548 011 00

International Premium provider of Lineblot and ELISAs in infectious serology using recombinant antigens. Dedicated ELISAs and Lineblot assays. The latter designed for sophisticated screening, smart confirmatory testing and timepoint determination. Antibody testing that tells a story!

Molzym GmbH & Co. KG Microsens Medtech Ltd. Stand No. 113 Microsens Medtech Ltd. 2 Royal College Street London NW1 0NH / United Kingdom Contact Email Phone Fax Website

Roger Rosedale [email protected] +44 20 7691 2147 +44 70 9200 7393

Stand No. 214 Molzym GmbH & Co. KG Mary-Astell-Strasse 10 28359 Bremen / Germany Contact Email Phone Fax Website

Michael Lustig i[email protected] +49 421 696162 0 +49 421 696162 11

Molzym provides innovative diagnostic and research products for molecular microbiology applications. Please find a product overview at

Products include: tests for a wide range of aggregated proteins e.g. beta-amyloid, tau, synuclein, prion etc; for undesirable aggregation of therapeutic proteins e.g. monitoring of manufacturing process; and for diagnosis of tuberculosis e.g. ELISA and point of care test.

SepsiTest and Universal Microbe Detection enable culture-independent and rapid molecular analysis of the microbial aetiologies of diseases, including sepsis, infectious endocarditis, septic arthritis and meningitis. The analytical services in our portfolio address clinical diagnosis and contract clinical studies. Exhibition

R&D company with a track record of innovative products. Established in 2000 with premises in London and South Africa.

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 249

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Nanosphere, Inc.

Novartis Pharma AG

Stand No. 252 Nanosphere, Inc. 4088 Commercial Ave 60062 Northbrook, IL / United States

Stand No. 411 Novartis Pharma AG Forum 1, Novartis Campus 4056 Basel / Switzerland

Email Phone Website

Phone Fax Website

[email protected] +1 847 400 9000

Nanosphere uses the power of nanotechnology to create innovative molecular diagnostics for clinical virology and microbiology laboratories. The CE-marked Verigene System is a sample-to-result platform that can perform on demand testing for pathogens that cause bloodstream, respiratory tract, and gastrointestinal infection.

Novartis provides innovative healthcare solutions that address the evolving needs of patients and societies. Headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, Novartis offers a diversified portfolio to best meet these needs: innovative medicines, eye care, cost-saving generic pharmaceuticals, preventive vaccines and diagnostic tools, over-the-counter and animal health products. Cubicin® (daptomycin) is a cyclic lipopeptide that is indicated for the treatment of complicated skin and soft-tissue infections (cSSTI), right-sided infective endocarditis (RIE) due to Staphylococcus aureus and Staphylococcus aureus bacteraemia (SAB) when associated with RIE or with cSSTI.

Nordiag AB Stand No. 565 Nordiag AB Instrumentvägen 19 12653 Hägersten / Sweden Contact Email Phone Fax Website

+41 61 324 11 11 +41 61 324 80 01

NovaTec Immundiagnostica GmbH

Jan Wikstén [email protected] +46 844 004 85 +46 841 118 50

NorDiag ASA is a biotechnology company developing, manufacturing and marketing automated solutions for isolation of nucleic acids and cells. NorDiag Arrow and Bullet are two fully automated systems for nucleic acid extraction and cell separation.

Stand No. 111 NovaTec Immundiagnostica GmbH Waldstrasse 23A6 63128 Dietzenbach / Germany Contact Email Phone Fax Website

Rodrigo Berlie [email protected] +49 6074 4876 0 +49 6074 4876 29

NovaTec Immundiagnostica GmbH is a manufacturer, research and development company located in Germany. We are ISO 13485 and CE certified as well as registered with the FDA (USA) as a manufacturer. Our main focus is the development and production of diagnostic test kits for both human and veterinarian markets. Our expertise includes areas of infectious diseases, hormones, tumour markers and auto immune diseases. The product range includes ELISA and Blots. Private labelling (OEM) is also one of our core competencies. We currently manufacture tests for several multinational corporations.

250 22nd ECCMID / London

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Ophardt Hygiene-Technik

Oxford University Press

Stand No. 305 Ophardt Hygiene-Technik Lindenau 27 47661 Issum / Germany

Stand No. 131 Oxford University Press Great Clarendon Street Oxford OX26DP / United Kingdom

Contact Email Phone Fax Website

Oxford University Press publishes some of the most respected medical books and journals in the world.

OPHARDT hygiene develops, produces and distributes innovative dispensing systems and complete hygiene solutions to improve hand hygiene compliance in hospitals, thus preventing healthcareassociated infections. For more than 40 years ingo-man® dispensing systems are the measure stick for hygiene, practical use and longevity in the medical realm. The new OPHARDT Hygiene Monitoring System® is your complete one-stop solution to measure, analyse and improve hand hygiene practices in hospitals.

Oxford Immunotec Ltd Stand No. 564 Oxford Immunotec Ltd 94C Milton Park Oxfordshire OX14 4RY / United Kingdom Email Phone Fax Website

[email protected] +44 1235 442780 +44 1235 442781

Oxford Immunotec identifies new ways to diagnose and monitor infection through its innovative, patented T cell measurement technology. Oxford Immunotec will present the in vitro T-SPOT®.TB test for the detection of active and latent tuberculosis. The T-SPOT.TB test is extremely accurate and does not cross-react with the BCG vaccine, making it suitable for all patient groups, including the immunosuppressed.

Clinical Infectious Disease, The Journal of Infectious Diseases and The Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy are leading global publications in the field of infectious diseases. Please visit our stand to discover more about our products and to browse our books.

PathoFinder B.V. Stand No. 533 PathoFinder B.V. Oxfordlaan 70 6229EV Maastricht / Netherlands Contact Email Phone Website

Rob Janssen [email protected] +31 433 885 852

Next Generation Molecular Diagnostics RespiFinder SMART 22 is a multiplex PCR test which can detect and differentiate 22 respiratory pathogens (18 viruses as well as 4 bacteria) in a single real-time PCR based, CE-IVD marked assay. Fast, sensitive and comprehensive!

Pfizer International Operations Stand No. 321 Pfizer International Operations 23-25 ave du Dr Lannelongue 75668 Paris / France Website

At Pfizer we are proud to produce a wide range of vaccines, antimicrobials and antifungals as part of our global mission to eradicate, remit and relieve serious disease.

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 251


Thomas Fröhling [email protected] +49 2835 1810 +49 2835 1877

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Pilots Point LLC


Stand No. 528 Pilots Point LLC 242 S. Washington Blvd 34236 Sarasota, FL / United States

Stand No. 545 QIAGEN GmbH Qiagenstrasse 1 40724 Hilden / Germany

Contact Email Phone Fax Website

Email Phone Fax Website

S.C. Edberg / K. Scholte Albers [email protected] [email protected] +31 13 590 58 00 +31 13 590 57 44

Pilots Point LLC, Sarasota, Florida develops easy-to-use, sensitive and specific epidemiology microbiology tests based on classical phenotypic principles. It does this by successfully combining engineering with microbiology (see Pilots Point’s first success was the Colilert® and Enterolert®, now worldwide standards. Now there are four epidemiology tools: one for all S. aureus (AureusAlert®); one for MRSA (EPI-M™); one for VRE (EPI-V™) and one for the specific sampling of the environment (MRSA!Alert™), e.g. spas and hotels. Each is in powder form and stable for one year at room temperature. Simply hydrate the powder, add the sample and, in hours, a particular colour change specifically demonstrates the presence of the target bacterium. An inexpensive instrument is also available.

[email protected] +49 2103 29 0 +49 2103 29 21777

QIAGEN is the leading global provider of sample and assay technologies. We have developed and marketed more than 500 sample and assay products as well as automated solutions for consumables. The company provides its products to molecular diagnostics laboratories, academic researchers, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies as well as to applied testing customers, for purposes such as forensics, animal or food testing and pharmaceutical process control. QIAGEN's assay technologies include one of the broadest panels of molecular diagnostic tests available worldwide. This panel includes the digene HPV Test as well as a broad suite of solutions for infectious disease testing and companion diagnostics.

Quidel Corporation POCARED Diagnostics Stand No. 433 POCARED Diagnostics 3 Haim Pekeris Street, Rabin Park 76705 Rehovot / Israel Contact Email Phone Fax Website

Michele Pessa [email protected] +972 8699 9777 +972 5779 4895 6

POCARED Diagnostics™. CULTURE-FREE MICROBIOLOGY™. The future is here!

Stand No. 629 Quidel Corporation 10165 McKellar Court 92121 San Diego, CA / United States Contact Email Phone Fax Website

Kim Wilson [email protected] +1 858 5521 100 +1 800 2278 855

Quidel® develops and commercialises clinical diagnostic solutions using molecular, cell culture, and immunoassay methods. With leading brands – QuickVue®, MicroVue™,D3 Direct Detection™, Thyretain®, Sofia™, AmpliVue™ and Quidel Molecular, Quidel’s products aid in the detection and diagnosis of critical diseases and conditions, e.g., influenza, RSV, hMPV, C. difficile, Strep A, herpes, pregnancy, thyroid disease, Chlamydia trachomatis, H. pylori and faecal occult blood.

252 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

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Quotient Bioresearch

Reagena International Ltd.

Stand No. 571 Quotient Bioresearch Newmarket Road, Fordham Cambridgeshire CB7 5WW / United Kingdom

Stand No. 454 Reagena International Ltd. Takojantie 18 70900 Toivala / Finland

Email Phone Fax Website

Contact Email Phone Fax Website

[email protected] +44 1638 720 500 +44 1638 724 200

Quotient Bioresearch is a world-class provider of global drug development services with special expertise in antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral agents. Quotient Bioresearch provides comprehensive antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral drug development services, including preclinical evaluation, molecular biology, central laboratory and phase I/IIa clinical trial support. We are also experts in resistance surveillance studies with laboratories worldwide.

Fabrizio Galbiati [email protected] +358 17 368 8500 +358 17 368 8530

Reagena develops and manufactures IVD products such as immunoassay tests (including EIA and lateral flow), reagents and ready-touse biological stains. Reagena’s leading product is ReaScan® diagnostic system, a proprietary lateral flow immunoassay technology combined with a pocket-sized reader producing accurate results in 10–15 minutes. Our expanding test portfolio includes Strep-A, different Hantaviruses and the imminent TBE-virus EIA and rapid test.

R-Biopharm AG

Contact Email Phone Fax Website

Martina Scheidenberger [email protected] +49 6151 810 252 +49 6151 810 240

R-Biopharm AG is sucessful in various diagnostic fields: infections of the gastrointestinal tract, infectious serology, gastroenterology, allergy and food and feed analysis. Emerging outbreaks of diseases have a significant impact on morbidity as well as mortality costs in healthcare settings. R-Biopharm AG provides ELISA, PCR and rapid tests for infection control to initialise interventions: Norovirus, C. difficile, Verotoxin, Campylobacter, Giardia and many more.

Renishaw Diagnostics Ltd. Stand No. 251 Renishaw Diagnostics Ltd. Nova Technology Park Glasgow G33 1AP / United Kingdom Contact Email Phone Fax Website

Jim Greaves [email protected] +44 141 5577900 +44 141 5577949

Renishaw Diagnostics (formerly D3 Technologies) is launching its RenDx™ multiplex assay system for RUO purposes in infectious disease applications. The RenDx™ multiplex assay system provides automated, multiplex (≤18 targets per sample), high sensitivity in vitro screening for clinical research in the infectious disease market. It uses novel patented detection technology based on surface enhanced resonance Raman scattering (SERRS).

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 253


Stand No. 563 R-Biopharm AG An der neuen Bergstrasse 17 64297 Darmstadt / Germany

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Roche Diagnostics GmbH

Sarstedt AG & Co.

Stand No. 225 Roche Diagnostics GmbH Sandhoferstrasse 116 68305 Mannheim / Germany

Stand No. 619 Sarsted AG & Co. Sarstedstrasse 1 51588 Nümbrecht / Germany

Phone Fax Website

Contact Email Phone

+49 621 759 0 +49 621 759 2890

Roche Applied Science provides state-of-the-art instruments and reagents for life science research, and raw materials for the diagnostics and pharmaceutical industry. Discover novel variants in complex genomes with unprecedented long-read sensitivity and specificity using the GS Junior and GS FLX+ Systems. For automated sample preparation, the MagNA Pure 96 System purifies nucleic acids from 96 samples in less than one hour. GS JUNIOR, MAGNA PURE are trademarks of Roche.

Roche Molecular Systems, Inc. Stand No. 221 Roche Molecular Systems, Inc. 4300 Hacienda Drive 94588 Pleasanton, CA / United States Phone Website

+1 925 730 8000

As the world leader in in vitro diagnostics, Roche offers a broad portfolio of instruments and assays for the screening, diagnosis and prevention of infectious diseases. Roche Diagnostics will be featuring the LightCycler® MRSA Advanced Test, designed to provide accurate and reliable MRSA screening results for improved patient management; the cobas® 4800 System and Assays for HPV and CT/NG testing; and the cobas e 411 analyser and its infectious diseases immunoassay portfolio for patient oriented decision making.

254 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

D. Tinney [email protected] +49 22 933 050

Savyon Diagnostics Ltd Stand No. 522 Savyon Diagnostics Ltd 3 Habosem Street 77610 Ashdod / Israel Contact Email Phone Fax Website

Elana Bitton [email protected] +972 885 62920 +972 885 23176

Savyon Diagnostics develops, manufactures and markets high quality diagnostic kits and systems for detection of infectious diseases and genetic screening. Savyon Diagnostics product lines can be categorised according to areas of disease diagnosis: Sexually transmitted diseases, respiratory tract infections, gastrointestinal parasites, genetic screening, urinary tract infections and women’s health. Savyon Diagnostics tests are based upon various immunological and molecular biology techniques.

Exhibitors Guide

Seegene Inc.

Serion Immundiagnostica GmbH

Stand No. 331 Seegene Inc. Taewon Bldg., 65-5, Bangyi-Dong, Songpa-Gu 138-050 Seoul / Korea

Stand No. 573 Serion Immundiagnostica GmbH Friedrich-Bergius-Ring 19 97076 Würzburg / Germany

Email Phone Fax Website

Contact Email Phone Fax Website

[email protected] +82 2 2240 4076 +82 2 2240 4046

Seegene is the world’s leading developer of multiplex molecular diagnostics and its products detect multi-pathogens with great reliability and throughput. Seegene’s products can be used to diagnose a wide range of disease, including respiratory infections, STDs, TB, sepsis, HPV, meningitis, H1N1, and many drug resistant pathogens. Seegene also provides personalised genetic tests for diagnosing thyroid cancer and leukaemia, among others.

Sekisui Virotech GmbH Stand No. 121 Sekisui Virotech GmbH Löwenplatz 5 65428 Rüsselsheim / Germany Contact Email Phone Fax Website

Michael Becker / Marc Winrow [email protected]/ [email protected] +49 6142 6909 0 +49 6142 96 66 13

Frederic Paquet, Katja Krukowski [email protected] +49 931 3045 580 +49 931 3045 590

Serion Immundiagnostica GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of in vitro diagnostics with almost 30 years experience on the international market. Our product range includes high quality test systems for the detection of infectious diseases, which we supply via a global network of distributors. Our product range includes: SERION ELISA classic: quantification of antibodies in serum and plasma samples against a comprehensive range of viral, bacterial and parasitic pathogens (> 100 different tests). Special validation of certain tests for use with CSF-and neonatal samples. Avidity reagents for Toxoplasma / rubella / CMV. SERION ELISA antigen: quantitative detection of antigens in serum samples. ELISA control: positive controls for use with SERION ELISA classic and antigen testing. Immunomat: ELISA processors for fully automated processing of all SERION ELISA classic and antigen tests. Multianalyt™: using multianalyte multiplex technology, a quantitative simultaneous determination of several parameters is possible in one test. These tests are analysed using flow cytometry. KBR: reagents for complement fixation (> 50 different pathogens)

Sekisui Virotech and Sekisui Diagnostics develop, manufacture and market a wide range of products for the detection of infectious diseases.


Sekisui Virotech offers ELISAs and Line Immunoassays. Its microbiology panel is based on a microplate system for bacterial identification and susceptibility testing. In addition a panel of enterodiagnostic antigen detection ELISAs is offered. Sekisui Diagnostics offers point-of-care reapid assays.

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 255

Exhibitors Guide

Shanghai ZJ Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd


Stand No. 253 Shanghai ZJ Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd 188 Xinjunhuan Road Pujiang High-tech Park 201114 Shanghai / CN

Stand No. 127 SIRS-Lab GmbH Otto-Schott-Strasse 15 07745 Jena / Germany

Contact Email Phone Website

Emma Ma [email protected] +86 21 346 8012

ZJ Bio-tech, a innovative molecular diagnostic company, focus on R&D, manufacture and distribute the real time PCR product, we provide the integrated solutions for customer from consumable, reagent to instrument. ZJ has developed a comprehensive line of molecular tests in different field, include microbiology, infectious disease, tumor, etc., which were produced under the strong quality management system of ISO9001 and ISO13485. Most of them are CE marked, and exported into more than 70 countries. Real time PCR kit: 230 kinds of real time PCR kit, used for detection of virus, bacteria, Chlamydia, Mycoplasma, Fungus, CE&IVD mark, closed operation system to avoid the cross contamination. Complete kit, every component included in. Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit: operation easy and high yield. Nucleic Acid Auto Extraction machine: Extract 24 samples in 20 minutes. Real time PCR system: open system, 96 wells and 4 channels.

Siemens AG, Healthcare Division Stand No. 441 Siemens AG, Healthcare Division 511 Benedict Avenue 10591-5005 Tarrytown, NY / United States Email Phone Website

[email protected] +49 6421 39 39

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics offers a comprehensive portfolio of performance-driven systems, unmatched test menu and information technology solutions for the in vitro diagnostic needs of hospital labs, reference labs, physician office labs and point-ofcare testing. We provide clinicians with the vital information they need for accurate diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of patients. Our diagnostic solutions – chemistry, immunoassay, automation, haematology, haemostasis, microbiology, diabetes, urinalysis, blood gas and molecular testing – are designed to streamline workflow, enhance operational efficiency, and support improved patient care.

256 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

Contact Email Phone Fax Website

Nicole Marquardt [email protected] +49 3641 3103 333 +49 3641 3103 102

SIRS-Lab produces molecular diagnostics to identify life-threatening infections to enable early and targeted antibiotic therapy of sepsis. VYOO Sepsis Test Within 7 hours, the multiplex PCR-Test VYOO detects 99% of all sepsis relevant bacteria and fungi as well as important resistances. VYOO carries significant potential to guide antibiotic therapy in the early therapeutic window.

Sony DADC Stand No. 262 Sony DADC Sonystrasse 20 5081 Anif / Austria Contact Email Phone Website

Ricarda Pichler [email protected] +43 6246 880 8142

Sony DADC located in Salzburg, Austria, helps companies globally respond to the challenges of the rapidly growing life sciences and IVD market. Sony DADC offers OEM development, mass manufacture and supply of polymer-based smart consumables. Furthermore, our services range from design for manufacturing to prototyping, from up-scaling and mass manufacturing, content filling and packaging to global logistics.

Exhibitors Guide

Statens Serum Institut

The Binding Site Ltd

Stand No. 212 Statens Serum Institut Herredsvejen 2 3400 Hillerød / Denmark

Stand No. 534 The Binding Site Ltd 8 Calthorpe Road Birmingham B151QT / United Kingdom

Contact Email Phone Fax Website

Contact Email Phone Fax Website

Aase Meyer [email protected] +45 4829 9135 +45 4829 9178

Kerry Mellerick [email protected] +44 121 456 9500 +44 121 456 9749

SSI Diagnostica manufactures and sells in vitro diagnostic products for clinical microbiology, veterinary diagnostics, food analysis and environmental control.

Binding Site, a specialist protein company, is committed to improving patient care through development of assays for diagnosis of immunological disorders.

SSI Diagnostica’s product range: Antisera for serotyping of bacteria Bacterial test strains Biological indicators Culture media Elisa for Pseudomonas and B. pertussis Legionella Blod strip test PCR kits for DEC and dermatophytes Pneumococcal antigens Various monoclonal antibodies

Immunoglobulin, subclass and complement assays are now available on our new benchtop turbidimetric analyser, SPAPLUS. The VaccZyme™ product range offers ELISA kits with a high level of precision and reliability for the measurement of specific IgG against tetanus, diphtheria, Haemophilus influenza type b, Streptococcus pneumoniae (Pneumovax™), Salmonella typhi Vi and VZV.

Stratec Molecular GmbH Stand No. 215 Stratec Molecular GmbH Robert-Rössle-Strasse 10 13125 Berlin / Germany Email Phone Fax Website

[email protected] +49 30 9489 2901 +49 30 9489 3795

The Impact Marketing Group Stand No. 325 The Impact Marketing Group P.O. Box 307 21152 Glencoe, MD / United States Contact Email Phone Fax Website

Scott Piercy [email protected] +1 410 688 4461 +1 410 584 8279

The Impact Marketing Group is a full service marketing research consultancy group specialising in medical marketing research. Stop by exhibit booth #325 and participate in a survey pertaining to the use of clinical microbiology products in the hospital and reference lab settings.

The InviGenius is a fully automated walk-away nucleic acid purification platform for routine applications in diagnostic laboratories. The system streamlines the sample preparation workflow, providing true sample-“in”, high quality and ready to use DNA or RNA-“out” technology.

All participants will receive a unique souvenir.

22nd ECCMID / London


STRATEC Molecular develops and manufactures reagents and kits for DNA/RNA stabilisation, extraction and purification using manual and automated systems.

Final Programme 257

Exhibitors Guide

Thermo Fisher Scientific


Stand No. 237 Thermo Fisher Scientific Neuendorfstrasse 25 16761 Hennigsdorf / Germany

Stand No. 217 UK NEQAS PO Box 401 Sheffield S5 7YZ / United Kingdom

Thermo Scientific Biomarkers – BRAHMS GmbH – and Thermo Scientific Microbiology – OXOID Ltd. – are part of Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Contact Email Phone Fax Website

BRAHMS specialises in innovative biomarkers that facilitate earlier diagnosis and risk assessment of bacterial infection and sepsis and better guidance of therapy, thus enabling doctors to provide more efficient and economic patient care. OXOID specialises in products for detection and diagnosis of infectious and resistant organisms, including Oxoid, Remel, and TREK products. Connect with innovative products, services and solutions. Collaborate with our experts.

Julie Gelder [email protected] +44 114 261 1689 +44 114 261 1049

UK NEQAS facilitates optimal patient care by providing a comprehensive quality assessment service in laboratory medicine, including clinical diagnostic microbiology. UK NEQAS provides EQA panels and assessment services for interpretative comments and is continually developing to meet participants’ needs, including point of care testing and molecular diagnostics. Member services operate throughout laboratory medicine according to the UK NEQAS code of practice. This assures a science-based, profession-led, independent service with educational objectives and not-for-profit status.

Solve your toughest challenges. The microbiology service covers bacteriology, mycology, virology, serology, parasitology and antimicrobial assays. Tianjin Era Biology Engineering Co. Ltd. Stand No. 211 Tianjin Era Biology Engineering Co. Ltd. C8-3, Tianda Science Park, No.80 4th Avenue, TEDA 300457 Tianjin / China Contact Email Phone Fax Website

Sunny Yin [email protected] +86 22 6537 8483 +86 22 6537 8484

Fifteen years specialising in developing IVD products for rapidly diagnosing invasive fungal and bacterial infections, has benefitted over 600 users. Fifteen years specialising in developing IVD reagents and instruments for the detection of most invasive fungal and bacterial infections, based on biochemical and ELISA methods. Rapid, Kinetic and Sensitive. We have over 600 users throughout China.

258 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

Vircell S.L. Stand No. 523 Vircell S.L. Pol. Ind. Dos de Octubre; Plz. Dominguez Ortiz, 1 18320 Granada / Spain Email Website

[email protected]

Vircell develops diagnostic solutions for human infectious diseases and distributes them worldwide in over 60 countries. ISO standards. CE-marked products. Vircell offers more than 300 references for the diagnosis of respiratory infections, STD, TORCH panel, MMR, tick borne diseases and other zoonosis, through different techniques: ELISA, IFA, cell culture, immunocapture, PCR, rapid tests and oligochromatography.

Exhibitors Guide

Wiley-Blackwell Stand No. 351 Wiley-Blackwell 1 Oldlands Way, Bognor Regis West Sussex PO22 9SA / United Kingdom Email Phone Fax Website

[email protected] +44 1243 843294 +44 1243 843303

Wiley-Blackwell is the international scientific, technical, medical and scholarly publishing business of John Wiley & Sons.

Wisepress Ltd. Stand No. 139 Wisepress Ltd. 25 High Path London SW19 2JL / United Kingdom Contact Email Phone Fax Website

Nadia Ahmed [email protected] +44 2087 151 812 +44 2087 151 722, Europe’s leading conference bookseller, has a complete range of books and journals relevant to the themes of the meeting.


Books can be purchased at the stand or, if you would rather not carry them, posted to you – Wisepress will deliver worldwide. In addition to attending 200 conferences per year, Wisepress has a comprehensive medical and scientific bookshop online.

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 259

Social / Cultural Events Opening Ceremony The traditional Opening Ceremony will be held on Saturday, 31 March 2012 at 19.00 in the ICC ExCeL Auditorium. All participants, registered accompanying persons and exhibitors are invited to attend. You are kindly requested to wear your badge. Opening Programme 19.00 Welcome to London & Introduction Fanfare Trumpeters joined by the British Imperial Marching Band 19.10

Jonathan Cohen (Brighton, UK) 22nd ECCMID President Jordi Vila (Barcelona, ES) ECCMID Programme Director Giuseppe Cornaglia (Verona, IT) ESCMID President


British Pageant: • Welsh Male Voice Choir • Irish Dancers • Madrigals sung by the Clare College Cambridge Chamber Choir • Scots Pipe Band

Daily Tours An attractive choice of guided tours has been prepared for all delegates and accompanying persons. Below, please find the respective schedule and short descriptions. Please note that during all tours you will be accompanied by knowledgeable English speaking guides. The organiser reserves the right to cancel any tour with fewer than 20 registered persons. Full refunds will be made if an activity is cancelled due to lack of participants. Onsite requests for tours are welcome but cannot be guaranteed. If you require further information on any of the tours, please contact the tours desk next to the secretariat in the exhibition hall. Tour 1: London Orientation Date/Time: Sunday, 1 April 2012, 09.30 Length: 2.5 hours Meeting point and departure from: ExCeL, east entrance Price: € 49 per person (incl. coach transport and English speaking guide) The tour will take you by coach to all the major panoramic areas of London such as the City, including St Paul's Cathedral, and the Tower of London, The Houses of Parliament with Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square.

20.00 London Finale featuring Lambeth Walk

Welcome Reception After the Opening Ceremony all participants, registered accompanying persons and exhibitors are invited to attend the Welcome Reception, giving you a taste of multicultural London. The reception will be held on the Boulevard in ExCeL. The Opening Ceremony as well as the Welcome Reception is included in the registration fee. Billy Elliot, The Musical Date/Time: Monday, 2 April 2012, 19.30 Price: € 50 per person With unforgettable music by Elton John, sensational dancing and a powerful storyline, this astonishing theatrical experience will stay with you forever. You can experience Billy’s thrilling story... in the most exciting musical of the decade. One of the most celebrated, award-winning musicals on stage today, Billy Elliot has been dazzling London’s West End since 2005 and has gone on to captivate audiences around the world. Set in a northern mining town, against the background of the 1984/85 miners’ strike, Billy Elliot is the inspirational story of a young boy’s struggle against the odds to make his dream come true. Follow Billy’s journey as he stumbles out of the boxing ring and into a ballet class where he discovers a passion for dance that inspires his family and the whole community and changes his life forever.

260 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

Tour 2: River Thames Cruise Date/Time: Sunday, 1 April 2012, 09.30 Length: 2.5 hours Meeting point and departure from: ExCeL, east entrance Price: € 69 per person (incl. coach, single trip on cruise vessel and guide) See and experience the impressive sights of London from the River Thames. You will be taken by coach from ExCeL to Greenwich and from there a boat will take you to Westminster Pier, central London. As the River Thames weaves its way through the heart of London there is history around every bend. You will pass iconic London sites such as Canary Wharf, the majestic Tower Bridge, St Paul's Cathedral, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, the London Eye, the Houses of Parliament and many more. Once in Westminster you will then be free to explore London at your leisure.

Daily Tours

Tour 3: London Eye & Westminster Abbey Date/Time: Monday, 2 April 2012, 09.30 Duration: 5 hours Meeting point and departure from: ExCeL, east entrance Price: € 87 per person (incl. coach, guide, flight on London Eye and entrance fee Westminster Abbey) A flight on the London Eye is a breathtaking experience on one of the most spectacular and popular attractions in the World, drawing visitors from far and wide. You will see up to 40 kilometers of London's skyline in all directions, and then continue on foot to Westminster Abbey for a guided tour through the traditional place of coronation and burial of English monarchs.

Tour 5: London 2012 Olympic Site Date/Time: Tuesday, 3 April 2012, 09.30 Duration: 3 hours Meeting point and departure from: ExCeL, east entrance Price: € 64 per person (incl. coach and guide) With the clock ticking fast towards the opening ceremony, now is the time to visit the area where the London 2012 Games will be taking place. A vast urban regeneration programme is currently transforming East London on an unprecedented scale. Construction in the Olympic Park is nearing completion so there is plenty to see – the impressive 80'000 seat Olympic stadium, the Olympic village, the Aquatics Centre and the Velodrome. The East London skyline has changed forever! Tour 6: Hampton Court Palace Date/Time: Tuesday, 3 April 2012, 09.30 Duration: 7 hours Meeting point and departure from: ExCeL, east entrance Price: € 87 per person (incl. coach, guide and access to the Palace, Maze and Gardens)

Nothing could be more British than afternoon tea in London with tea in a pot, scones with cream and jam, finger sandwiches and delicious cakes. Since Edwardian times, the Georgian Restaurant at Harrods has been one of the most refined places in London to take afternoon tea. Afternoon tea at Harrods includes a selection of finger sandwiches, scones, pastries and tea of your choice. You then of course have the opportunity to explore the world's most famous luxury department store.

Tour 7: Hever Castle Date/Time: Wednesday, 4 April 2012, 09.30 Duration: 8 hours Meeting point and departure from: ExCeL, east entrance Price: € 87 per person (incl. coach, guide and entrance to the Castle and Gardens) Hever Castle is an important historic castle in the English landscape, set in picturesque countryside on the border of Kent and Sussex. It was the home of the family of Anne Boleyn, second wife of Henry VIII, and is a delightful example of a small 14th century castle, surrounded by magnificent Italianate gardens. You will be able to enjoy your lunch in one of the two restaurants onsite: the Pavilion Restaurant near the lake and Italian gardens or the Moat Restaurant, overlooking the castle.

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 261

Social Events & Tours

Tour 4: Afternoon Tea at Harrods Date/Time: Monday, 2 April 2012, 14.00 Duration: 3 hours Meeting point and departure from: ExCeL, east entrance Price: € 88 per person (incl. coach and guide and afternoon tea at Harrods)

Home of the Kings and Queens of Britain for over 200 years from the time of Henry VIII, Hampton Court Palace is one of the most famous visitor attractions in the country. It is outstandingly rich, beautiful and steeped in history. Highlights not to miss on this visit are the Chapel Royal; a beautiful chapel in continous use for over 450 years, the Great Hall and the magnificent State Apartments of Henry VIII and William III. Then we recommend that you explore the 60 acres of immaculate riverside gardens and the Privy Garden, restored to its former glory. Lastly for a challenge and a bit of fun, why do not lose yourself in the world famous maze. Lunch and refreshments can be purchased in one of the restaurants or cafés.

Your conference in good hands Conference management services tailored to your goals

Congrex provide a tailored offering for our clients’ needs when organising meetings, events and conferences, and also deliver association management and travel & accommodations services. Established in 1982, we serve a variety of industries from our many offices, utilising our network of partners globally. Our extensive client base includes national and international associations, governmental organisations and corporations. Clients’ success is what drives Congrex. We believe the best part of our work is the close relationship we establish with our clients, which allows us to address their challenges and deliver exciting projects. Let’s meet, visit

General Information (in alphabetical order) App Navigate through the entire 22nd ECCMID programme from your iPhone, iPad, Android or Blackberry. View sessions by day and category, access the abstracts being presented, locate exhibitors through the interactive map and directory and create your own itinerary to fully exploit your congress experience. For more information see advert below. Badges Only your personal badge allows you to access all scientific sessions and the exhibition. Thus, please wear your name badge throughout the congress. € 30 will be charged for replacement of a lost badge. Onsite changes of name badges due to incorrect submission of names and/or addresses will incur a charge of € 10. Cameras and Recordings Any kind of electronic recording as well as photograph taking is prohibited in all lecture halls during all sessions. Certificates From the afternoon of Monday, 2 April 2012 onwards, certificates of attendance can be printed at self-service stations in the preregistration area, using the barcode on your name badge. € 10 will be charged for certificate changes due to incorrect submission of names and/or addresses.

Download the 22nd ECCMID App! • • • • •

Navigate the programme Access presented abstracts Locate exhibitors and view exhibitor information Synchronise sessions with your personal calendar Access interactive map and directory

Scan the QR code for easy download:




For other operating systems please check the corresponding App Store.

Produced in cooperation between

Cloakroom / Left Luggage A cloakroom is available free of charge on level 0 within the East main entrance foyer to keep your coats and bags. CME Accreditation – now online ECCMID has received accreditation by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME, to provide medical specialists with CME credits. CME credits can be claimed for the main congress programme, including Educational Workshops and Meet-the-Expert Sessions, but neither for the company-sponsored Integrated Symposia nor for the posters. To claim CME credits please log in on the congress website ( and follow the link “CME”. After completing the form, print the certificate which indicates the number of CME credits you have received. Before starting with the evaluation you need to generate your profile with the registration key you have received with your documents. EACCME is an institution of the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS, EACCME credits are recognised as Physician’s Recognition Awards (PRA) by the American Medical Association. To convert EACCME credits to AMA PRA, please contact the AMA ( Currency All official congress prices are indicated in Euro (€). The official currency in the United Kindom is the pound sterling (£). All major credit cards are accepted in most hotels, restaurants and shops.

General Information (in alphabetical order)

Electricity The electrical power supply in the United Kingdom is 230 volts. Suitable adapters are needed for all European plugs.

Hotel Accommodation Congrex Travel Ltd., the official ECCMID travel agency, offers its services at the “Hotel” desk in the exhibition hall next to the secretariat on all congress days.

ESCMID World During the congress, ESCMID staff will welcome you and be happy to answer your questions at their booth located on the mezzanine level (Capital Lounge) on the way to the Capital Suite.

Contact onsite: Phone: +44 20 7069 60 01 Fax: +44 20 7069 64 01

European Network Corner The European Network Corner is located within the poster exhibition in hall S10 (Level 1). ESCMID Study Groups, ESCMID Collaborative Centres, EUCAST and related organisations provide information on posters about their various initiatives.

Insurance The congress organisers cannot accept liability for personal injuries sustained, or for loss or damage of property belonging to congress participants (or their accompanying persons), either during, or as a result of, the congress. Please check the validity of your own insurance.

The authors of the posters will be present to answer questions during the following presentation times: Sunday, 1 April 13.00–14.00 Monday, 2 April 13.00–14.00

Internet Corner and WiFi Internet terminals for all delegates are located in the exhibition hall and are available during exhibition hours. In addition, several hotspots on the Boulevard offer free WiFi, sponsored by Siemens.

Learn more about these initiatives and meet individuals involved in these groups. The opening hours are as follows: Saturday, 31 March 12.00–18.45 Sunday, 1 April 10.00–18.30 Monday, 2 April 10.00–18.30 Tuesday, 3 April 10.00–15.00 Exhibition Companies from all over the world display their latest products, services and technical innovations in the industrial exhibition area (see p. 226 – 229 for a list of exhibitors), located in hall S10 on level 1. The opening hours are as follows: Saturday, 31 March 12.00–18.45 Sunday, 1 April 10.00–18.30 Monday, 2 April 10.00–18.30 Tuesday, 3 April 10.00–13.30 Contact onsite: Phone: +44 20 7069 60 00 Fax: +44 20 7069 64 00 Flights Congrex Travel Ltd., the official ECCMID travel agency, offers its services at the “Flights” desk in the exhibition hall next to the secretariat on all congress days. Contact onsite: Phone: +44 20 7069 60 01 Fax: +44 20 7069 64 01

264 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

Language The congress language is English. Simultaneous translation is not provided. English is de facto official language of the United Kingdom. Message Centre A message centre to leave or pick up messages is available next to the congress secretariat in the exhibition hall. Numerous display terminals throughout the congress centre announce the names of persons for whom messages have been received. If your name appears on the screen, please proceed to the message centre to collect your message, located within the exhibition hall next to the secretariat. Mobile Phones Please be aware that mobile telephones must be switched off during all sessions. Photography Taking photographs and electronic recording are prohibited in all lecture halls during all sessions. Press The press centre is located in the Capital Suite of ExCeL. There will be a well-equipped press working room with PC workstations (internet connected), printer, telephone and fax. A press agenda, press releases and other information is available at

General Information (in alphabetical order)

Publication – Online Library All accepted abstracts are published in an online library in Clinical Microbiology and Infection (CMI), the official journal of ESCMID. There is no printed abstract book or CD available. In addition, selected sessions will be recorded and made available to congress participants. Visit the congress website ( eccmid2012) or the ESCMID website at to access the online library. Registration Name badges and congress bags including the Final Programme, vouchers, etc., can be picked up at the material pick up counters by all registered participants during the following opening hours: Saturday, 31 March Sunday, 1 April Monday, 2 April Tuesday, 3 April

07.45–19.00 07.15–18.30 07.30–18.30 07.30–16.00

The same opening hours apply for new registrations. Please note that we cannot guarantee availability of all congress documents for onsite registrations.

Travel within London London has one of the most comprehensive public transport systems in the world. Public transport, especially London’s Underground rail network, or “the Tube” as it is universally known to Londoners, is normally the quickest way of travelling around London. ExCeL is located 10 minutes from Canary Wharf, in the heart of London’s Royal Docks. There is easy access to the venue from the onsite DLR (Docklands Light Railway) station “Prince Regent”. The Jubilee Line is recommended as the quickest route to ExCeL from Central London. Alight at Canning Town to change onto the DLR bound for Beckton. Visitors should be aware that only DLR trains in the direction of Beckton serve ExCeL – do not use DLR services in the direction of Woolwich Arsenal from Canning Town. Single, return and Travelcard tickets can be purchased from the ticket machine at Prince Regent Station. This machine is also enabled for Oyster Card “Pay As You Go” top up. Oyster Card users are reminded to touch in and out at the card readers at DLR stations to avoid paying excess fares.

Registration Fees (onsite) ESCMID Member Non-member Physician / scientist in training (≤ 35 years)* Student ** Accompanying person * **

€ 550 € 680 € 420 € 110 € 50

Colleagues in training, born in 1977 or later (copy of passport or written confirmation of head of department obligatory) Students need to attach a copy of their student ID

The registration fee for participants includes a congress bag, Final Programme and admission to all ECCMID congress activities, the Opening Ceremony and the Welcome Reception. The registration fee for registered accompanying persons includes admission to the Opening Ceremony and the Welcome Reception, but no access to the industrial exhibition. Responsibility The participant acknowledges that he/she has no right to lodge damage claims against the organisers should the holding of the congress be hindered or prevented by unexpected political or economic events or by force majeure, or should the non-appearance of speakers or other reasons necessitate programme changes. By registering, the participant accepts this proviso. Speakers’ Service Centre (SSC) The Speakers’ Service Centre (SSC) is centrally located in the Capital Suite, (level 3) and provides remote connection to all the lecture halls. All speakers are required to hand in their PowerPoint presentations at least 1 hour before their lecture at the SSC.

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 265

General Information

Smoking Policy There is a strict non-smoking policy throughout ExCeL.

London City Map

266 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

Final Programme 267

General Information

22nd ECCMID / London

As the of ficial airline network for the 22nd ECCMID, we’d like to thank you for choosing the Star Alliance™ network and hope that all goes really well for you here today. Whilst you concentrate on the day’s events, we hope you’ll consider us the next time you need to attend a conference. With over 21,000 flights a day to 1,290 airpor ts across 189 countries, our 27 member airlines will extend a wide choice of flights to any future conference you’re planning to attend. And no matter which of those airlines’ frequent flyer programmes you belong to, you can earn and redeem miles across all of them. So the next time you want to concentrate all your energies on your conference, we hope you’ll decide to leave the travel arrangements to us. Information correct as at 12/2011

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme 269

General Information

London Tube Map

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23 rd 23rdrd 3 2 23 rd 23rd

23rd ECCMID 2013 • 27 – 30 April 2013 • Berlin, Germany • ICC Berlin •


Future Congresses

24th ECCMID 2014 • 10 – 13 May 2014 • Barcelona, Spain • Centre Convencions Internacional Barcelona (CCIB) •

First Announcement

European Congress of of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Diseases

23rd 24th

Barcelona, Spain Berlin, Germany 10 ––30 13 May 27 April2014 2013


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270 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme

22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme


General Information



272 22nd ECCMID / London

Final Programme


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The first and only pneumococcal conjugate vaccine licensed for adults 50 years and older1 ADULT INDICATION1 PREVENAR 13® is indicated for active immunisation for the prevention of invasive disease caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae in adults aged 50 years and older PAEDIATRIC INDICATION1 PREVENAR 13® is indicated for active immunisation for the prevention of invasive disease, pneumonia and acute otitis media caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae in infants and children from 6 weeks to 5 years of age PREVENAR 13® targets serotypes 1, 3, 4, 5, 6A, 6B, 7F, 9V, 14, 18C, 19A, 19F, and 23F

ABBREVIATED PRESCRIBING INFORMATION Prevenar 13® suspension for injection Pneumococcal polysaccharide conjugate vaccine (13-valent, adsorbed) Presentation: Each 0.5ml dose of Prevenar 13 contains 2.2 micrograms of each of the following polysaccharide serotypes: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6A, 7F, 9V, 14, 18C, 19A, 19F, 23F and 4.4 micrograms of polysaccharide serotype 6B. Each polysaccharide is conjugated to the CRM197 carrier protein and adsorbed on aluminium phosphate (0.125 mg aluminium). Indications: Active immunisation for the prevention of invasive disease, pneumonia and acute otitis media caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae in infants and children from 6 weeks to 5 years of age. Active immunisation for the prevention of invasive disease caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae in adults aged 50 years and older. The use of Prevenar 13 should be determined on the basis of official recommendations taking into consideration the impact of invasive disease in different age groups as well as the variability of serotype epidemiology in different geographical areas. Dosage and Administration: For intramuscular injection. It is recommended that infants who receive a first dose of Prevenar 13 complete the vaccination course with Prevenar 13. Infants aged 6 weeks-6 months: Three-dose primary series: The recommended immunisation series consists of four doses. The primary infant series consists of three doses, with the first dose usually given at 2 months of age and with an interval of at least 1 month between doses. The first dose may be given as early as six weeks of age. The fourth (booster) dose is recommended between 11 and 15 months of age. Two-dose primary series: Alternatively, when Prevenar 13 is given as part of a routine infant immunisation programme, a series consisting of three doses may be given. The first dose may be administered from the age of 2 months, with a second dose 2 months later. The third (booster) dose is recommended between 11 and 15 months of age. Unvaccinated infants and children * 7 months of age: Infants aged 7-11 months: Two doses, with an interval of at least 1 month between doses. A third dose is recommended in the second year of life. Children aged 12-23 months: Two doses, with an interval of at least 2 months between doses. Children aged 2-5 years: One single dose. Prevenar 13 vaccine schedule for infants and children previously vaccinated with Prevenar (7-valent) (Streptococcus pneumoniae serotypes 4, 6B, 9V, 14, 18C, 19F, and 23F). Infants and children who have begun immunisation with Prevenar may switch to Prevenar 13 at any point in the schedule. Children aged 12-23 months: Children who have not received two doses of Prevenar 13 during the infant series should receive two doses of the vaccine (with an interval of at least 2 months between doses) to complete the immunisation series for the six additional serotypes. Alternatively, complete the immunisation series according to official recommendations. Children aged 2-5 years: One single dose. Adults aged 50 years and older: One single dose. The need for revaccination with a subsequent dose of Prevenar 13 has not been established. Regardless of prior pneumococcal vaccination status, if the use of 23 valent polysaccharide vaccine is considered appropriate, Prevenar 13 should be given first. Contra-indications: Hypersensitivity to the active substances, to any of the excipients, or


Pneumococcal polysaccharide conjugate vaccine (13-valent, adsorbed)

to diphtheria toxoid. As with other vaccines, the administration of Prevenar 13 should be postponed in subjects suffering from acute, severe febrile illness. However, the presence of a minor infection, such as a cold, should not result in the deferral of vaccination.Warnings and Precautions: Do not administer intravascularly. Appropriate medical treatment and supervision must be available in case of anaphylaxis. It should not be given to individuals with thrombocytopenia or any coagulation disorder that would contraindicate intramuscular injection, but may be given subcutaneously if the potential benefit clearly outweighs the risks. Prevenar 13 will only protect against Streptococcus pneumoniae serotypes included in the vaccine, and will not protect against other microorganisms that cause invasive disease, pneumonia, or otitis media. As with any vaccine, Prevenar 13 may not protect all individuals receiving the vaccine from pneumococcal disease. Individuals with impaired immune responsiveness, whether due to the use of immuno-suppressive therapy, a genetic defect, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection, or other causes, may have reduced antibody response to active immunisation. Safety and immunogenicity data for Prevenar 13 are not available for individuals in specific immuno-compromised groups (e.g., congenital or acquired splenic dysfunction, HIV infected, malignancy, haematopoietic stem cell transplant, nephrotic syndrome) and vaccination should be considered on an individual basis. Infants and children aged 6 weeks to 5 years: Limited data have demonstrated that Prevenar 7 valent (three-dose primary series) induces an acceptable immune response in infants with sickle cell disease with a safety profile similar to that observed in non-high-risk groups. Children younger than 2 years old should receive the appropriate-for-age Prevenar 13 vaccination series. The use of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine does not replace 23-valent polysaccharide vaccine in at risk children *2 years of age. Children *2 years of age at high risk, previously immunised with Prevenar 13 should receive 23-valent pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine whenever recommended. The potential risk of apnoea and the need for respiratory monitoring for 48-72 hours should be considered when administering the primary immunisation series to very premature infants (born ) 28 weeks of gestation) and particularly for those with a previous history of respiratory immaturity. Antipyretic treatment should be initiated according to local treatment guidelines for children with seizure disorders or a prior history of febrile seizures, or when vaccinating simultaneously with whole cell pertussis vaccines. Fertility, Pregnancy & Lactation: There are no data from the use of pneumococcal 13-valent conjugate in pregnant women. It is unknown whether pneumococcal 13-valent conjugate is excreted in human milk. Side Effects: Adverse reactions reported in clinical studies or from the post-marketing experience for all age groups are listed in this section per system organ class, in decreasing order of frequency and seriousness. The frequency is defined as follows: very common (*1/10), common (*1/100 to < 1/10), uncommon (*1/1,000 to < 1/100), rare (*1/10,000 to < 1/1,000), very rare ()1/10,000), not known (cannot be estimated from available data). Infants and children aged 6 weeks to 5 years: Very common (*1/10): Decreased appetite, fever, pyrexia, irritability, any injection-site reactions (including erythema, induration/swelling [2.5 cm – 7.0

cm after booster dose and in older children, aged 2 to 5 years] or pain/tenderness), drowsiness, restless sleep. Common (*1/100 to < 1/10): Fever over 39 °C, injection-site movement impairment (due to pain), injection-site erythema or induration/swelling 2.5 cm – 7.0 cm (after infant series). Uncommon (*1/1,000 to < 1/100): Vomiting, diarrhoea, injection-site erythema, induration/swelling > 7.00 cm, crying. Rare (*1/10,000 to

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