DriveTime Summer Shorts Program 2010


The shorts shown below may be purchased at... • Target • $17.99 • Merona #254900 • Style - Bermuda • Color Options - Oyster (1338) or Bonjour Brown (1332)

Oyster (1338)

Bonjour Brown (1332)


The shorts shown below may be purchased at... • Walmart • $9.99 to $11.76 • George #23001027 or Puritan #23001010 • Style - Pleated or Flat Front • Color Options - Sidewalk, Stone or Black Soot

George Pleated Sidewalk

George Pleated Black Soot

Puritan Flat Front Stone

Summer Shorts Program To make it easy on you, we are recommending the shorts on the following pages as a starting point. You may choose to wear this entry level short available at Walmart (Men’s) and Target (Ladies). Or you can step up to a higher end short. If you do decide to wear a higher end short, such as a micro fiber golf short, they must look similar to those shown on the following pages in color, style and length. You must wear an all-white sneaker along with white ankle socks or the DT logo’d ankle sock available on all our summer GroupBuys. Don’t forget to follow the individual washing instructions for each garment (some are 100% Cotton), and many times you may need to iron the items to maintain a crisp clean look. Any questions regarding a specific short you have that you believe is APPROVED consult with your manager or Regional team manager. Or for other apparel questions not directly related to ‘shorts’ refer to the FAQ Summer Apparel Policy pages. Thanks for your help creating a consistent and professional envirnoment at our dealerships!

Summer Apparel Guidelines (May 1st thru Oct. 16th)

We all realize there is certainly a lot more than the clothes that make the person. And it certainly is how you feel. However, apparel does play an important part in the image we are presenting to our customers. Here are the guidelines to follow that will help us present a consistent, professional image. Q. Who has to wear DriveTime attire? A. Any employee who works in a position that potentially interacts face-to-face with customers. This includes all Dealership, IC Coordinators and management-level IC employees.

Q. Can I wear a DriveTime t-shirt? A. Generally, no. Some contests allow for specific DT t-shirts to be worn in the dealerships. Seasonal exceptions may be made for associates in facilities that are not air-controlled.

Q. What's an acceptable top? A. Only those purchased on the DT Apparel website or provided to new hires.

Q. What kind of footwear? A. Women— Professional looking dress shoes or dress sandals (black, tan, gray, or white) may be worn with pants or skirts. No flip flops, casual sandals, Jellies, or Crocs allowed. Men—Black, brown, or maroon dress shoes must be worn with pants. Both— Clean all-white sneakers may be worn with shorts or capris. Sneakers are never acceptable with pants.

Q. What is acceptable attire for the lower half? A. Must be black, tan, gray or white. Specifically: Women: Pants, skirts, or Capri pants. Skirts should be presentable lengths (no mini skirts). Capri pants may not have ties or pockets on the legs nor be cargo style. Must be of the hemmed variety. Men: Dress Slacks or Docker-type pants. Both: Approved shorts are allowed in warm weather for non-management employees every day. Managers may wear shorts on Fri/Sat only. Not acceptable: Cargo pants/shorts, pinstriped pants/skirts, corduroy or denim fabric. Q. Do I need to tuck in my shirt? A. Certain styles are required to be tucked in. Styles that need to be tucked in are noted on the shirt style description on the website at the time of purchase, but in general for Men all polos and long sleeve button downs need to be tucked in while camp shirts may be worn untucked. Ultimately we strive for a professional image at all times and the managers are responsible for maintaining this polished image in their locations. Q. Can I wear a non-DriveTime shirt with a tie or suit jacket? A. Not at this time.

Q. Can I wear a DriveTime hat? A. DT hats can be worn outside only. Q. Do I have to wear the name badge at all times? A. Yes Q. Can I have visible tattoos or body piercings? A. Employees who consistently work inside air controlled facilities or have daily interactions with DriveTime customers (e.g., dealership employees, or IC employees who work within air-controlled areas) must cover all visible tattoos. Acceptable ways to cover tattoos include clothing or inconspicuous make-up concealer. However, covering up with a band-aid, patch or sports band is not acceptable. Visible body piercings (other than earrings) must be removed while at work. Q. Do I need to follow this policy if I am at work on my scheduled day off? A. If you go into a DT location to do any work, you must abide by the Attire Policy while there. Updated 4/10 by KL