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Dear Prospective Student Welcome to Rio Salado College, the “college within everyone’s reach!” This packet is designed to provide you with the information needed to make an informed decision about your educational future as a “distance learning” student. This packet contains the information and forms necessary to facilitate the path towards your academic goals. Distance Learning gives you the opportunity to take transferable college classes when, where and how you want in the prison setting. Classes like business, English, math, science, sociology, psychology, and more begin every two weeks all year long; so, registration is ongoing. And, they’re open to incarcerated students who have been approved by Department of Corrections (DOC). This is a great way to complete your general education requirements. Classes end 13 weeks after you begin. However, you may request to accelerate your completion time to as few as six weeks, with instructor approval. Classes are offered to you in a print based or mixed media format (possible video, CD-ROM, DVD or audiocassette accompaniment). Students communicate with their instructors through the mail. Homework assignments are submitted via regular mail. If you mail material to the college, you must provide adequate postage. The college will refuse mail with insufficient postage, therefore your work may not be processed. Students that have Rio Salado College educational offices on-site may send their course materials via that office. In addition, Rio Salado offers student support through academic advising; on-site advisors are available at ASPC-Lewis and ASPC-Perryville. You may meet with an advisor, by appointment, at the unit if available at your Complex. All other students may contact the advisor via mail. You may select from over 100 courses, but all costs incurred will be your responsibility. You may be able to get assistance from family or obtain a scholarship if available, but the Department of Corrections does not financially support this program. Should you choose the path of becoming a Rio Salado Distance Learning student, you will encounter special challenges, but we will work with you to provide the opportunity for your positive educational growth. Remember that your success is dependent upon Compliance with DOC policy Adherence to College guidelines Your responsibility and commitment As a Distance Learning student, you must structure your academic environment. Discipline, good study habits, and the ability to focus regardless of those around you are essential to your success. Jo Jorgenson Associate Dean of Applied Programs

Table of Contents

1.Course Materials Process/Costs 2.Registration 3.Approval 4.Testing 5.Academic Advising 6.Scholarships 7.Distance Learning Withdrawal Criteria 8.Honors Program 9.Forms

1. Course Materials Process/Costs

Tuition and Books Prior to enrolling in Rio Salado College you need to request costs for your selected courses. Choose your course from the enclosed schedule ensuring that the format is either print based, or mixed media. Please allow 4–6 weeks for processing. For each course requested fill out the top portion of Form #1. Send the form, for completion, to your Rio Salado Education Office, if one is located at your Complex, or mail the form to Rio Salado using the address at the bottom of the form. This form will be returned to you with the requested information and the total cost to you per course. All book prices quoted are for new books. If you receive a used book, your account will be refunded the difference. Do not proceed with the enrollment process until you have this information. Your books will be delivered to the Education/Mail & Property office at your institution, or via United States Postal Service. Should you order any course materials prior to approval notification, textbooks, course packets, and related materials, they will be returned to Rio Salado at your expense.

Course Packets All course packets will automatically be sent with your books. However, course packets are revised periodically and may not be available until the start date of the class. Because course packets are sent with the books, books may be delayed as well.

Mixed Media Prior to enrollment in a mixed media course, a Department of Corrections Education staff member will need to ensure arrangements can be made for the use of a TV, video player, calculator or other materials as detailed in the Rio Salado schedule. If the institution approves a course requiring audiocassettes, videocassettes, calculators, CD-ROMs or DVD’s, these materials will be sent directly to the Education office at your prison site and will be maintained or distributed per institutional policy. Your audio/video/CD-ROM/DVD materials will not be sent until payment for your course has been received.

2. Registration Process

You are responsible for all tuition fees, document transfer fees (postage, envelopes, copying) and course materials for each class in which you enroll. If you are incarcerated at an Arizona state institution, per ADC Policy, DO 910.08, 1.1.6 “Inmates are responsible for all tuition, course material and textbook costs, or are responsible for making financial arrangements with family members or other persons/financial sources for such costs.” 1.4.2 “Inmates shall deposit into their accounts appropriate funds to pay all tuition, textbook and materials costs in accordance with Department Order #905, Inmate Banking/Money System.” 1.4.3 “Inmates shall complete inmate Fund disbursement form(s) for the total amount due for tuition, textbooks and materials and send it with the registration and textbook order form(s) to Inmate Banking as outlined in DO 905, Inmate Banking/Money System.” 1.4.4 “Direct payment made to the college university or school for tuition, textbooks or materials by an outside source may be approved by the Work Force Development Administrator.” Out of state facilities as well as federal prisons, please follow the guidelines set forth by your institution with reference to payment for goods/services.

To register please adhere to the following guidelines Determine whether or not an ASSET Test is necessary. An ASSET test is a placement test used to determine an appropriate starting point for the student in English, Reading and Math. Those who have successfully completed a course in any of these three subjects may advance to the next level without further testing. See or contact the Program Advisor to obtain ASSET test information. For out of state facilities, please contact 480-517-8345, or email [email protected], for a proctor request form. Check to see if your course requires a prerequisite. Courses that require prerequisites are listed in the Rio Salado schedule (prerequisites for courses are listed in the catalog as well). Students must show proof of successful completion of the prerequisite, such as a college transcript or grade report, prior to registration. See or contact the Program Advisor if you need information regarding prerequisites. You must complete the Rio Salado Student Information Form (SIF) for class enrollment and attach the documentation required by your institution. to include the full cost of tuition and registration fee of $15.00 per semester (see bottom of Form #1). Form #2 must also be attached as proof that your participation has been approved by the facility. You must send one (1) check for tuition/fees and books. Attach an envelope properly addressed (see below) with correct postage, your completed registration form and check made payable to Rio Salado College. Rio Salado College Pat Viso, Student Enrollment Services 2323 West 14th Street Tempe, Arizona 85281-6950

3. Approval Process Packet

To assemble an approval packet you will need to submit the following paperwork per DO910 (for Arizona state prisons) and any additional forms required by your facility. Please assemble the packet in the following order:

1. Form #2, Approval of Distance Learning Materials/Arrangements with the completed inmate portion.

2. Form #1, Course Materials Information/Order Form with an attached signed Request for Disbursement and a self addressed stamped envelope. 3. Rio Salado College Student Information form Please refer to ADC Policy, DO 910.08. You must obtain approval from the CEPM (Correctional Education Program Manager) or designee at your facility before your registration packet can be processed at the College. You must have passed Mandatory Literacy, have proof of a High School diploma or GED and have no major discipline or more than three minor infractions within six months of your application. These are the requirements for the Arizona state prisons only—they may vary from state to state, institution to institution. If you are enrolling in a video, audio, CD-ROM or DVD based course or a lab course, your acceptance into that class will FIRST be based on DOC’s approval of materials brought into the institution. No Internet courses will be approved at any Arizona state prison (DO 910.08, 1.1.8) Once permission is obtained from the CEPM or designee, you will be notified of your approval via return of your completed packet. After approval you will process the packet for payment to Rio Salado College through your Programs Department who will check on your available funds and submit packet to your Business Office/Inmate Banking. See Form #1 under Form Completion. You may be asked to refer to or produce these forms, please make copies and keep all information regarding your distance learning courses. Should you have any questions not answered in this packet, Rio Salado Distance Learning for the Incarcerated can be reach many ways: • • •

Email: Phone: Mail:

[email protected] 480-517-8345 Incarcerated Student Division 2323 West 14th Street Tempe, AZ 85281

4. Testing Process

When you receive your course materials from the college, you must complete a Proctor Verification/Exam Request form. All students will find this request form in their Welcome Packet. Lewis and Perryville students will fill out a form entitled Proctor.Verification/Exam Request form #3 (white paper). All other students will use the Procedures for Proctored Exams (green paper). All midterms and final exams will be proctored through the Education office at your facility. It is imperative that the proctor is aware of when your midterms and finals are due and that the Rio Salado College Testing Center is notified of the designated proctor and the course for which you are requesting exams. After you have received your course materials, contact your assigned proctor and schedule your exam dates using the calendar included in your course packet. The calendar identifies assignment and midterm/final due dates for your course. When the form is completed, submit this to the proctor. After the form has been completed by the proctor, the proctor then will mail/fax to the Rio Salado College Testing Center. The Testing Center will forward the exams to the appropriate proctor.

1. The test request must be submitted to the Rio Salado College Testing Center in order to receive your exams. 2. If the test request is not submitted you will not receive your exams, which may result in a failing grade. 3. To insure the integrity of the test, advise your proctor that the pre-paid testing envelope MUST be used. Any deviation may result in tests not being accepted by Rio Salado College. The test request should be submitted during the first week of your course in order to allow time for the testing center to process this request and the return of the tests to your proctor. It will be your responsibility to contact your assigned proctor at the time scheduled for your exams.

5. Academic Advising

The primary role of the advisor is to assist you in planning your course of studies to obtain your academic goals at Rio Salado College. If offered at your complex, a program advisor from Rio Salado is available to meet with you on scheduled days of the month. If a Rio Salado Program Advisor is not available at your facility you may write to the college with your educational issues. Direct your inquiry to: Program Advisor Incarcerated Student Division Rio Salado College 2323 W. 14th Street Tempe, AZ 85281-6950 Or [email protected] The program advisor is also responsible for proctoring on-site ASSET tests as needed. You may write to the above address regarding ASSET testing at your facility if an on-site advisor is not available. If an advisor is available at your facility refer to the advisor’s schedule and location of the sign up sheet, which will be posted in your units’ libraries, Rio Salado classrooms if at your Complex, through the Education office, closed circuit TV or areas designated at your complex. In order to meet with the Advisor you must meet eligibility requirements. For eligibility requirements for college enrollment and approval to see an Program Advisor, refer to your unit’s library and review Department Order 910.08 (for AZ state facilities).

6. Scholarships

The Rio Salado Scholarship is awarded limited funds on a yearly basis, however, these funds can expire at any time. If you are interested in obtaining an application, please read the criteria listed below and understand that you must meet the criteria before being considered. • •

• • • • •

Scholarship applications will be considered for up to two courses per year based on financial need and scholastic achievement. Scholarship money is for tuition/fees. • Money for textbooks will be awarded on an as needed basis (books must be returned to Rio Salado College upon completion of class). Rio Scholarships are based on financial need and satisfactory academic progress, which means receiving a grade of “C” (not D, F or W) or better. Applicants can have no major discipline or more than three minor infractions within six months of your application. Applicants must hold a High School diploma or GED. This scholarship opportunity is open to those students currently residing at the prison facilities located in Arizona. Special consideration may be given to students who have: • Successfully completed other college classes, or • Are working toward their first degree, or • Have applied to take Freshman English (ENG101) with these monies.

Application Submission 1. To receive an application, see or contact the Program Advisor via your on-site Rio Salado Education office, Attention: Program Advisor or contact the College at: Distance Learning for the Incarcerated, Rio Salado College, 2323 West 14th Street, Tempe, AZ 85281 2. Once you have read and completed the scholarship application and attached appropriate documentation, return to the Education office for DOC approvals, with the following forms:: • Form #2, Approval of Distance Learning Materials/Arrangements with the completed inmate portion. • Form #1, Course Materials Information/Order Form with an attached signed Request for Disbursement and a self addressed stamped envelope. • Three (3) months inmate banking statements • Rio Salado College Student Information Form If your scholarship includes an award for course materials, all of the materials will automatically be sent to the Education office at your prison site and subsequently disbursed to you.

7. Distance Learning Withdrawal Criteria In order to withdraw from a “Distance Learning Class” for which you have paid, and to be eligible for any type of a refund, you must adhere to the following guidelines.

Refund Policy: Refunds are not automatic. Students who drop courses within the deadline dates are eligible for a refund of appropriate tuition and fees (see Refund Information below). To request a refund after the deadline dates, mail a written request to: Student Enrollment Services Rio Salado College 2323 West 14th St. Tempe, AZ 85281-6950 Failure to drop a class within specific dates will result in full liability for all tuition and fees.

Refund Information for Distance Learning Courses: Students who officially drop or withdraw from Distance Learning Courses may be eligible for a refund or tuition credit based on the schedule below. Length of Class Each class

Deadline for Notice

% of Refund

Any time prior to scheduled start date.


13 or more weeks

Within seven (7) calendar days, including the day of the scheduled start date.


13 or more weeks

Within eight (8) to fourteen (14) days, including the day of the scheduled start date.


Within four (4) calendar days, including the day of the scheduled start date.


10 to 12 weeks

Please understand if you choose to withdraw from a Distance Learning Class, it is your responsibility to contact Rio Salado College-Tempe, with the appropriate paperwork and within the specified time frames. (Otherwise you will risk not receiving a refund.) You should notify the CO IV and Inmate Accounts of your decision to withdraw in order to monitor the monies refunded. Per Arizona Department of Corrections Policy, DO 910.08, 1.1.3 “Inmates who enroll and withdraw from three or more classes within a year’s timeframe will not be considered for proctoring...”

8. Honors Program

(Incarcerated Students)

What is Honors?

The Honors Program was established to provide recognition, course enrichment, and financial benefits to outstanding students. The program is coordinated by the Maricopa Community Colleges District Honors Committee. Each of the ten Maricopa Community Colleges has an honors program designed to fit the philosophy and programs at that college.

Who can participate?

To qualify for the Honors Program at Rio Salado, you need to meet the following requirements:

1. GPA of 3.25 or higher based on 12 or more credits. (These credits must have been taken at a Maricopa Community College and be numbered 100 or higher, with a letter grade (not “P-Z”).

2. These 12 credits must be completed prior to the beginning of the semester for which you are apply-

ing. 3. If you are deemed eligible for participation in Rio Salado College Honors Program, the college will notify you.

To be in honors, do the following each semester:

1. Get prior approval from your correctional facility, and then enroll at Rio Salado.

2. Start this process 6-8 weeks prior to the beginning of the semester and course start date. 3. Submit the Honors Program Application. You must enroll in one of the first two start dates to participate in the Honors Program. Start dates are listed in the Rio Salado schedule. 4. Successfully complete that honors course, with a grade of “C” or higher, by the “end date” of the course (i.e., without taking extensions).

What honors classes are available?

1. You may take any print based or mixed media honors class listed in the Rio Salado schedule under “Honors;” this is subject to your institution rules. 2. Read the schedule carefully for “start date” restrictions. 3. Chemical Dependency (CHD) students may take any CHD course and conduct a special honors program, subject to approval from the CHD Program director, and Honors Program “start dates” and due dates. What do Honors Students get from the Program? 1. Tuition stipend (normally $50.00, which has to be sent to a 3rd party) if you successfully complete a 3credit honors course. 2. An honors program designation on your transcript. For questions, please contact the Program Advisor. Or, contact Barry Wukasch, Honors Coordinator at: Honors Program, Rio Salado College, 2323 W. 14th Street, Tempe, Arizona 85281

9. Forms

COURSE MATERIALS INFORMATION / ORDER FORM (Form #1) (This form must be submitted and returned to you prior to submission of Distance Learning Packet)


Rio Salado Education Office Date:________________________________ or Attention: Pat Viso (see address / phone number below if Rio Salado College is not at your facility).

Last Name (Please Print)

First Name

Course Prefix/Number

Course Title




Preferred Start Date

Facility Credits

A Rio Salado Representative will complete the Course Information section and return this form to you.

Course Information Title

Course/Section Number

Cr. Hrs.

Tuition Total $

Book/Course Packet #1 Required Book Title

Price (new)

Packet Cost


Total $ $

#2 Optional Book Title

Price (new)


Total $ $

(If used books are available and sent to you, the overpayment will be refunded to your inmate bank account.)

Once the above has been completed, this form will be returned to the prospective student for completion.

Course Payment Enter totals from the above portion

Enter Tuition Total


Enter Required Book/Course Packet Total


Enter amount if you are purchasing Optional Book Total


Sub Total


Registration Fee


Total Amount Due


Fill out an Inmate Request for Withdrawal form for:

+ 15.00

Form Completion: When the above is completed take entire enrollment packet to your assigned program staff member. Programs Staff: When enrollment packet has been completed and Request for Withdrawal (MTA) has been signed by Authorizing Staff in the ATTEST portion of the MTA, send Student Information Form, forms #1, #2 and the approved MTA to your complex Business Office/Inmate Banking for payment. Inmate Banking: For purchase, please mail in the included addressed and stamped envelope, this form a long with the Student Information Form (SIF), and Form #1, and check for Total Amount Due to: Pat Viso Student Enrollment Services Rio Salado College 2323 West 14th Street Tempe, Arizona 85281 (480) 517-8574

Rio Salado College: Textbooks and course materials are to be sent to the ADC/Contract education staff person identified on the Approval for Distance Learning Materials Arrangements Form #2. (This form may be duplicated) Revised 10/01/06

APPROVAL OF DISTANCE LEARNING MATERIALS/ARRANGEMENTS Form #2 (Complete only after receipt of completed Distance Learning Form #1) Your failure to complete this form accurately will result in the form being returned unprocessed.

Inmate Name: _________________________DOC#: __________Unit/Housing Location:________________ Please Print (LAST, FIRST)

School/College/University Name & Accreditation:______________________________________________ Course Prefix/Number:

Course Title:

Credit Hrs.______________

(Complete one form per course)

Current Distance Learning Student___ YES___ NO If yes, number of credit hours currently enrolled______ List all of the resources/equipment that are required for your course based on the information contained in the course catalog or textbook list. (i.e. tape/video/TV/disk) (Only those resources/equipment listed will be provided, if approved)_____________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ INMATE ACKNOWLEDGMENT:

Name (Please Print)

____ DOC #



Compliance Issues

Staff Initials (If in compliance)

Date Received By CEPM/CEPS:



#1 Course Withdrawals (3 or less)

#2 Prerequisites #3 Disciplinary #4 Property #5 GED/HS Diploma Reason(s) Application Returned to Inmate

Compliance Issue # (s)___________________

Approval of CEPS/CEPM/Education Coordinator: ____________________________________________________________________________________ Name (Please Print) Title Signature/Date APPROVAL OF WARDEN/DEPUTY WARDEN (if receipt of item requires approval as per DO 910, Mail/Property and Stores)

_______________________________ _________________ _______________________________ Name (Please Print) Title Signature/Date 10/01/06

(This form may be duplicated)

RIO SALADO COLLEGE 2323 West 14th Street, Tempe, AZ 85281 (480) 517-8540 or 1-800-729-1197 1.




* Social Security Number

Summer 1 Summer 2 –

Year: 20_______


~ New student at this college ~ Former student at this college; last date attended: Month ______ Year _____ LEGAL NAME (Last, First, Middle)


















STUDENT INFORMATION FORM (PLEASE PRINT) 12. HIGH SCHOOL (Check one box.) ~ High school diploma (1) HS Name State Month Year ~ GED certificate (2) Month Year ~ Currently enrolled State ~ High school (3) HS Name Expected completion: Month ____________ Year ~ Home taught (9) Expected completion: Month ____________ Year ~ No diploma or GED and under age 18 (4) ~ No diploma or GED and age 18 or over (5) 13. EDUCATIONAL GOALS Students should seek academic advisement to discuss their educational plans. Financial aid students must be pursing an eligible degree or certificate program. 13a. Do you plan to earn a degree or certificate from this college? (7142 undecided) ~ Yes Degree Select from list #1, 2, 5 on reverse.

~ Yes Certificate ~ No (7154) Area of study

Select from list #3 on reverse.

Select from list #4 on reverse. 13b. What is your primary reason for attending this college? ~ Prepare for employment (1) ~ Improve my skills at my present job (3) ~ Learn new skills for a better job (7) ~ Prepare for career change (4) ~ For my personal interest or self-improvement (5)

RESIDENCY: These questions are asked for the purpose of determining tuition and fees. The responsibility of registering under the proper residency classification is placed upon ~ Transfer to another community college (6) the student. Any student who falsifies his/her residency shall be required to pay full tuition and may be subject to dismissal from the college. Refer to the college catalog for residency guidelines. Failure to answer Questions 8-10 may result in being classified Name of Transfer Institution Name of Degree or Certificate as out-of-state for tuition and fee purposes. 8a. ~ United States Citizen (1) ~ Transfer to a University (2) ~ Immigrant/Permanent Resident (2) Date of Issue ~ Refugee (3) Name of Transfer Institution Name of Transfer Major ~ Visa (specify type of visa and present at time of admission) 14. EMPLOYMENT HOURS planned per week while enrolled: * ~ Alien Crewman (7) ~ Extraordinary Talent (9) ~ Student (5) ~ None (1) ~ 11-15 (3) ~ 21-30 (5) ~ Alien in Transit (7) ~ Intracompany Transfer (4) ~ Student Dependent (6) ~ 1-10 (2) ~ 16-20 (4) ~ 31 or more (6) ~ Cultural Exchange (7) ~ NAFTA (7) ~ Visitor (8) ~ Diplomatic (4) ~ Non-Academic (7) ~ Worker (9) 15. BIRTHDATE * _______ / _______ / _______ _________ ~ Religious (4) ~ Exchange Visitor (7) ~ Other (9) Month Day Year Age 8b. Country of Origin 16. SEX * ~ Male ~ Female 9. Are you currently a member of the U.S. ARMED FORCES stationed in Arizona 17. RACE/ETHNIC BACKGROUND * pursuant to military orders? ~ Yes ~ No ~ American Indian or Alaskan Native (1) ~ Black (3) ~ White (5) Are you a dependent of a member of the U.S. Armed Forces stationed in Arizona ~ Asian or Pacific Islander (2) ~ Hispanic (4) ~ Other (6) ~ No pursuant to military orders? ~ Yes 10a. What date did your present stay in Arizona begin? Month-Day-Year 18. INFORMATION RELEASE: Do you give permission for the college to (If born in Arizona and resided here continuously since birth, use date of birth, release directory information relative to your enrollment (as per the Family go to Section 10b.) Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974)? ~ Yes ~ No Are you a resident of Arizona? ~ Yes ~ No If no, what was your most recent state of residence prior to moving to Arizona? 10b. In what Arizona county do you reside? 19. What was the first language you spoke as a child? What languages were spoken in your home when you were growing up? If Maricopa, what date did you move to this county? Month-Day-Year (If born in this county and have resided here continuously since birth, use date of birth.) What Arizona county did you reside in prior to moving to Maricopa?

PREVIOUS EDUCATION 11. University/College/Vocational School (Check highest level completed.) ~ No college or university (F) ~ Some college or university, no degree (G) ~ Associate’s degree (H) ~ Bachelor’s degree (I) ~ Master’s degree or higher (J) SUBJ. CODE


What language do you speak most often now? Do you wish assistance with English fluency skills? ~ Yes ~ No 20. If you require assistance or accommodation to participate fully as a student, please contact Disability Resources and Services (DRS) 480-517-8562 21. I certify that the answers on this Student Information Form are true, correct and complete.

Signature of Student


All of the information on this form is confidential and in compliance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. The Act’s provisions are explained in the General Catalog. COURSE SELECTION COURSE TITLE PREFERRED START DATE CR. HRS.

q Visa q MasterCard q Discover q American Express Expiration Date ______/______/______ Amount: ___________________ q Check q Bill to student Card Number *All information is voluntary and is used to comply with federal reporting requirements and has no effect upon your status for admission to the college.

13.B DEGREE OR CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS AND CODES Description of Educational Programs LIST 1 Arizona General Education (AGEC) (7157) is a 35-semester credit block of lower division general education courses designed for students transferring to public universities. Certified completion of the block satisfies admission requirements to an Arizona university and will fulfill all lower division general education requirements for the majors with which each block articulates. There are three AGEC blocks: AGEC-A, intended for liberal arts and other majors; AGEC-B, intended for business majors; and AGEC-S, intended for majors with more stringent mathematics and mathematics-based science requirements. Associate of Arts Degree (AA) degree includes AGEC-A and transfers as a block without loss of credit to Arizona public universities. There are two pathways: the AA-GR (General Requirements) (8100) is designed for students who may or may not know their major or university and plan to transfer into majors that articulate with the AA-GR pathway; the AA-SR (Special Requirements) (8300) is designed for students who know their major but have not decided on their university and who plan to transfer into majors that articulate with the AA-SR pathway. All credits used to satisfy the AA-SR or AAGR will apply to the university graduation requirements of the university major for which the AA is designed. Associate of Arts Transfer Partnership Degree (AA-TPD) (See List 5) is designed to meet the needs of students who have identified Business, Psychology, Elementary, Education, or Social Work as their major and are transferring to Arizona State University Main or Arizona State University West. Associate of Science (AS) degree includes AGEC-S and is designed for students who plan to transfer to an Arizona university, want to satisfy requirements in majors with more stringent mathematics and mathematics-based science requirements, and plan to transfer into majors that articulate with one of the two AS pathways: the AS-GR (General Requirements) (8700) and AS-SR (Special Requirements) (8500). Associate of Business (ABUS) degree includes AGEC-B and is designed for all business majors except Accounting and computer Information Systems (Subject to change in the future-consult with your academic advisor.) ABUS transfers as a block without loss of credit to Arizona public universities. All credits used to satisfy the ABUS will apply to university graduation requirements of the university major for which the ABUS was designed. (Special Requirements) (8800) – (General Requirements) (8900) Associate of General Studies Degree (AGS) (2000) is designed for students whose educational goals require flexibility OR who choose to take courses which may later apply toward a degree. Associate of Applied Science Degree (AAS) (See List 2) is designed for students who plan to complete a specified occupational program. Certificate of Completion (CCL) (See List 3) is designed for students who plan to complete an occupational program requiring fewer credit units than a degree. Educational Program Codes: Select one and enter on section 13B on the reverse side of this form LIST 2 Occupational Degree (AAS) 3302 Chemical Dependency 3831 Dental Hygiene 3217 Computer Usage & Technology 3727 Organizational Leadership LIST 3 Occupational Certificate (CCL) 5218 Business Office Technology 5036 Office User Specialist 5283 Chemical Dependency Lev. I Preparation Skills 5287 Chemical Dependency Lev. II 5731 Organizational Leadership 5217 Computer Technology 5047 Programming 5043 Desktop Publishing 5048 Programming and System 5215 Networking Analysis LIST 4

3844 Programming & System Analysis 3810 Quality Customer Service

3240 Water/Wastewater Technology

5040 Solutions Developer 5042 Systems Engineer 5039 Systems Professional 5046 Technology Helpless Support 5044 Technology Troubleshooting 5728 Quality Customer Service

5727 Quality Process Leadership 5248 Wastewater Treatment 5253 Water Distribution & Collection 5240 Water Treatment 5216 Webmaster

University transfer degree program, AGS, AA, ABUS or area of interest

7002 Accounting 7004 Adult Basic Education 7006 Advertising 7008 Aeronautics 7010 Agriculture 7012 Anthropology 7014 Architecture 7016 Art 7018 Art History 7020 Astronomy 7022 Biology 7024 Botany 7026 Business, General 7028 Chemistry 7030 Child Development & Family Relations 7032 Clinical Laboratory 7034 Clothing & Textiles 7036 Communications 7038 Computer & Information Systems (Business) 7040 Computer Science Engineering 7042 Criminal Justice 7044 Dance 7046 Dental Hygiene 7048 Economics

Student Info Form_pg2.doc


7050 Education, Early Childhood 7052 Education, Elementary 7054 Education, Secondary 7056 Education, Special 7058 Engineering 7060 English 7062 English as a Second Language 7064 Finance 7066 Foreign Languages 7068 General Studies 7070 Geography 7072 Geology 7074 Health, Education & Services 7076 History 7078 Home Economics 7080 Hotel & Restaurant Mgt. 7082 Humanities 7084 Interior Design 7086 International Studies 7088 Journalism 7090 Management 7092 Marketing 7094 Mathematics 7096 Merchandising & Fashion Promotion 7098 Microbiology

LIST 5 7100 Music 7102 Nursing 7104 Nutrition/Food Services 7106 Philosophy 7108 Physical Education 7110 Physical Therapy 7112 Physics 7114 Political Science 7116 Psychology 7118 Public Administration 7120 Public Relations 7122 Radiology 7124 Real Estate 7126 Recreation 7128 Religious Studies 7132 Speech Pathology and Audiology 7134 Social Work 7136 Sociology 7138 Technology 7140 Theater/Drama 7142 Undecided 7144 Urban Planning 7148 Zoology 7150 Not declaring a degree 7152 Transfer 7154 Take Classes

Transfer Partnership Degrees (TPD) Accountancy ASUM 9104 Accountancy ASUW 9204 Business (ECN, FIN MGT, PZM, ERA) ASUM 9106 Computer Info. SYS. ASUM 9105 Elementary Education ASUM 9101 Elementary Education ASUW 9201 Global Business ASUW 9207 Psychology (BA) ASUM 9102 Psychology (BA) ASUW 9202 Psychology (BS) ASUM 9103 Psychology (BS) ASUW 9203 Social Work ASUM 9100 Social Work ASUW 9200