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NHTV Breda is an international university of applied sciences in the south of the Netherlands, in the city of Breda, only 100 km from both Amsterdam and Brussels. Some facts about NHTV: > about 7,700 students from over 60 countries > over 25,000 graduates > founded in 1966 as an institute offering management courses in tourism and leisure, and in this field it is the largest and leading education institution in the world > best university of applied sciences in the Netherlands (category 2000+ first-year students) according to ‘Keuzegids HBO 2015’ > offering professional and academic bachelor’s and master’s programmes in 6 disciplines (see page on the right) > 4 locations in Breda > Breda is a historical city with some 180,000 inhabitants and a student population of approximately 20,000

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Games | Media

11 Built Environment






Tourism | Leisure





When you opt for NHTV Breda, you opt for quality in an international setting

Best University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands According to the league table of Dutch universities of applied sciences of ‘Keuzegids HBO 2015’,

NHTV prepares you for management-level positions in an international setting. International accreditations from, for instance, the UN World Tourism Organization, the World Leisure Organization and the International Facility Management Association underline the quality of education.

NHTV is the best university of applied sciences in the Netherlands (category 2000+). The bachelor’s programmes in Hotel, Facility and Games are even qualified as top rated programme. NHTV was founded in 1966 as an institute offering management programmes in tourism and leisure, and in this field it is the largest and leading education institution in the world.


Compass organises all sorts of activities and events especially for foreign students, but Dutch students are also free to take part, of course. In this way, you will soon get to know new people and learn to find your way within NHTV and Breda! Take a look at www.compassbreda.nl

International Opportunities

International Classroom

NHTV works together with many leading education institutions all over

Most of NHTV’s study programmes are taught in English. The institute

the world. As a result, there are many opportunities for intensive student

recruits foreign professionals and about 12% of the total student

and lecturer exchanges. Due in part to the joint research programmes,

population are foreigners. International business and international

student conferences and summer courses, the international character of

cooperation are key elements in NHTV’s curriculum, both from a social

the programmes is strengthened. Furthermore, NHTV encourages work

and a cultural perspective and from an economic point of view. You

placements abroad or at internationally oriented companies.

will learn to view situations from different perspectives and reflect on your own cultural background. By working together in an international community, you will learn to make the most of each other’s knowledge and apply it to ever-changing contexts. The cultural mix is a fertile breeding ground for open-minded, curious and worldly-wise students!

Why Study at NHTV? A Few Unique Characteristics > > > > > > > > > >

strong international orientation central location in the BeNeLux area international centre of knowledge and expertise informal atmosphere internationally experienced teaching staff combination of lectures, courses, projects, study trips and placements possibilities to specialise according to personal interest inspiring in-school training companies professional and academic bachelor’s and master’s programmes opportunities to move on to international master’s programmes


Studying at NHTV During your studies at NHTV you will develop specialist knowledge, problem-solving skills and a professional attitude. As a result, you will have a distinct head start in the labour market and you will be able to start your first job as a qualified professional – either in the Netherlands or abroad.


Keep in mind that you want to broaden your horizon, by exploring areas that really interest you and, most Importantly, find a place where you feel at home.

What do you want to achieve?

What can you expect of NHTV?

As an NHTV graduate, you are independent and responsible, creative

Our lecturers will create opportunities for independent learning and

and innovative, and you have an international outlook on your profes-

active cooperation for you. To this end, they use digital resources,

sion and the world. In order to achieve this, entrepreneurship, creativity,

ensuring that more time can be devoted to interaction, in-depth

personal and professional responsibility, and internationalisation are key

exploration, supervision and feedback in class. With the community

focus areas in our study programmes.

concept in mind, it is essential for lecturers to participate in national and international networks, encourage cooperation with national and

How do you study at NHTV?

international industry professionals, and contribute to strengthening

Effective learning is not something that you do alone. After all, it is

the link between education, research and industry.

precisely through cooperation and debate with other students and lecturers that you learn to develop knowledge actively. That is why

The core of the learning environment is formed by real-life cases and

NHTV has adopted the teaching model of the learning community.

assignments from professional practice aimed at inspiring students

Students and lecturers from different (cultural) backgrounds and areas

towards active and collaborative learning. Entrepreneurship is promoted

of expertise work together on real-life problems taken from the inter-

by offering possibilities for developing specific ‘entrepreneurial skills’

national professional field. In this process, you will learn to use different

and you can even do a graduation project within your own business.

perspectives and develop an open mind to alternative approaches.

All in all, you are truly encouraged to get the best out of yourself.

What do we expect of you?

Within each study programme, there are possibilities for extra guidance

The success of a learning community depends on the full participation

and support, for instance, if you have a disability or learning difficulty.

and support of everyone involved - lecturers, tutors, but especially you

More information on this subject can be found at www.nhtv.nl.

as a student. That is why we expect serious commitment from you when it comes to preparing for lectures and projects. Through coaching and

Knowledge and Research Centres

feedback we will teach you to take responsibility for your individual

As a student of NHTV, you will benefit from the knowledge and

learning process and for your role in cooperation with lecturers, fellow

expertise of lecturers who have plenty of practical and research

students and industry professionals.

experience. Knowledge is developed on a continuous basis. You will study at an institution that makes a significant contribution

We also expect you to gain meaningful experience abroad and to design

to knowledge development and innovation, while staying in tune with

a personalised plan of study by making your own choices, just think of

the latest developments all the time. As a student, you will also be

work placements, optional programmes, and additional activities.

encouraged to link your own graduation research to NHTV’s applied

Of course, we will be there to help you make these choices.

research themes. Consequently, you will learn how to contribute to the innovation of professional practice. NHTV boasts various knowledge and research centres. In addition, the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science has appointed

What Makes the Dutch Education System Unique?

two Centres of Expertise at NHTV - one in the field of Tourism, Leisure,

The higher education system in the Netherlands is based on a three cycle degree system, consisting of bachelor’s, master’s and PhD degrees. What makes the Dutch system unique? Respect for each individual’s opinions and convictions is a national virtue that gives strength to the fabric of Holland’s diverse and plural society. This virtue is also reflected in the education system. The teaching style can be described as interactive and studentcentred, providing students with the attention and freedom they need to develop their own opinions and creativity while applying their newly acquired knowledge.

Hospitality and one in the field of Logistics.


Preparing your Stay Frequently Asked Questions

NHTV’s Student Office assists foreign students with a wide range of practical matters related to your studies and your stay in Breda. Feel free to contact NHTV’s Student Office via [email protected] On this page you will find some frequently asked questions and answers.

How should I apply? Students from abroad are required to apply through Studielink and NHTV’s Student Office. For up-to-date information on the application deadline, please check

When you decide to spend some time studying at NHTV Breda, there are quite a few things to be arranged. Some of these need to be taken care of prior to departure, other procedures will have to wait until you arrive in Breda. Depending on your nationality and the duration of your stay, the preparations required may be different. That is why it is important to start all preparations for your stay well in time.

the application information of the study programme of your choice at www.nhtv.nl. Step 1: Please register in Studielink. This is the national administration system for higher education in the Netherlands. Please note: We will start processing your application once you are registered in and enrolled on the correct programme in Studielink. Step 2: Fill in the online application form at www.nhtv.nl. Please make sure you upload all additional documents requested.


What about the costs?

What about insurance?

The statutory tuition fee for

You must have adequate health

students from the EEA is d 1,984

insurance. It is required by law

(except for IMEM). You should

and you need it in order to get a

take into account the costs of text-

residence permit. Most national

books, readers, the introduction

health insurance packages within

week, study trips, a laptop and

the EU are valid in the Netherlands.

your daily expenses and costs of

Nevertheless, it is important to ask

living. Check www.nhtv.nl/fee for

your health insurance company

detailed information.

for a statement which proves that your medical expenses in the

How and where can I find a place to live?

What do I need to arrange to reside legally in the Netherlands?

Netherlands will be covered.

If you want to study in the Netherlands, certain things will have to be

Third-party liability insurance is not

NHTV does not offer on-campus


compulsory, but strongly advised. For foreign students who work part-

housing facilities. However, Student Office assists international

EU/EEA* students:

time, it is compulsory to take out a

students in finding suitable accom-

> You need to register with the municipal personal records database at city

basic health insurance policy with a

modation, although students are

hall of the city where you are going to live.

Dutch insurance company.

encouraged to find their own place to stay. Please note that the rent

Non-EU students:

What about part-time jobs?

of a student room ranges from

> Before arrival: All non-EU students need an ‘MVV’ and a residence

Foreign students in the Netherlands

d 350 to d 450 per person per

permit if they stay in the Netherlands for longer than three months,

are allowed to have a part-time job,


except students with the following nationalities: American, Australian,

although it may be difficult to find

Canadian, Monegasque, New Zealand, South Korean and Japanese.

a job in which a working knowledge

What about scholarships?

Students with these nationalities only need to apply for a residence

of Dutch is not required. EEA* (but

For non-EEA* students, NHTV

permit. It is not allowed to enter the Netherlands on a tourist visa for

not from Croatia) citizens, or Swiss

offers a number of NHTV Bachelor

the purpose of study. Only NHTV can apply for your ‘MVV’ and/or

or Japanese**, are not required to

Scholarships. For more informa-

residence permit. More information will be given upon admission to the

have a work permit and there is no

tion, please send an e-mail to

study programme.

limitation on the number of working

[email protected] For infor-

> After arrival: All non-EU students need to register with the municipal

hours. If you are a non-EEA citizen

mation about other scholarship

personal records database at city hall of the city where you are going to

you are required to obtain a work

possibilities you are referred to




Most things mentioned above are arranged with the help of NHTV’s Student Office and are organised collectively. Nevertheless, it is your own

Foreign EEA* students can apply

responsibility to arrange registration with the local municipality.

to the Dutch Ministry of Education for a student loan. For conditions and more information, please visit www.duo.nl - international visitors.

*) The EEA (European Economic Area) includes all EU countries as well as Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland. **) Japanese citizens do need a residence permit


Extensive information about studying in the Netherlands, Dutch immigration procedures, scholarships and grants can be found at www.nuffic.nl or www.ind.nl and www.nhtv.nl/ livinginthenetherlands.


Professional Bachelor | 3 or 4 years

Professional Master | 1 year

Creative Media and Game Technologies

Game Technology

International Game Architecture and Design

> Language: English > Degree title: Master of Science

> Language: English

> Equip students with a theoretical

> Degree title: Bachelor of Science

understanding of practical

> Learn to design computer

game technology, as well as

games, video games, tablet

skills to solve complex practical

games and smartphone games

problems, using a broad range

> Pathways:

of academic sources

• Visual Art

> You work a full year on your

• Programming

graduation project. Supervision

• Design

will be on an individual basis

• Production

by an appointed lecturer.

• Audio

To receive input, you follow

> Working in the Project Lab,

master classes on actual topics

which has a fully equipped

and gain more knowledge on

development studio

research & development.

> Check www.nhtv.nl for the selection procedure

> This master is governmentfunded. The statutory tuition fee for EEA students is d 1,984.

At NHTV you can enrol for one of the world’s best entertainment gaming programmes. In 3 or 4 years’ time you can define your own roles, skill sets and ultimate career path towards your dream job. Whether you want to be the best game-play programmer, an award winning character artist or a producer winning Triple-A titles, we help you define your path to success. After your bachelor you have direct access to the master in Game Technology.

Recognition The Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organisation (NVAO) has assessed the quality of the lecturers of the International Game Architecture and Design programme as excellent. ‘Keuzegids HBO 2015’ ranked this programme number 1 in its own category and qualified the programme as top rated.

Official partner of Sony NHTV is joining in the PlayStation®First Academic Partnership Programme. This means students are developing games for PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Network.

More info? www.nhtv.nl [email protected]



Professional Bachelor | 3 or 4 years

Professional Master | 1 year

International Media and Entertainment Management

Media Innovation > Language: English

> Language: English

> Degree title: Master of Arts

> Degree title: Bachelor of Arts

> Seamlessly blends theory and

> Learn to become a manager

practice in order to provide

in the multimedia (internet,

students with the knowledge

games) and entertainment

and skills necessary to be an

industry (radio, TV, film)

innovator in the world of

> Specialisations:

digital media

• Marketing

> Four main phases:

• Production

• Media Theory

• Content

• Business Models

> Working in the mADE Produc-

• Media Technology

tion House, the in-school multimedia training company, every week > Check www.nhtv.nl for the selection procedure

• Research & Communication Studies > Industry cases > Final thesis > This master is governmentfunded. The statutory tuition


Due to technological and digital advancements and a widespread integration of media channels, the potential impact of media and entertainment concepts is huge. Major media spectacles hold people in rapt attention for days on end. Virtual worlds on the internet are taking over parts of our social lives. Broaden your horizons in this dynamic branch of industry at NHTV.

The Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organisation (NVAO) has awarded International Media and Entertainment Management the distinctive feature of ‘Small-Scale Intensive Education’. An additional d 475 fee - because of this distinctive NVAO feature - allows the study programme to offer its unique ‘Production House’ work experience scheme in all four years of study. ‘Keuzegids HBO 2015’ ranked this study programme number 1 in its own category.

More info? www.nhtv.nl

Location Games & Media Mgr. Hopmansstraat 1

[email protected]


fee for EEA students is d 1,984.

Professional Bachelor | 3 or 4 years


International Hotel Management > Language: English > Degree title: Bachelor of Business Administration > Learn to become a manager in a hotel, holiday resort, or food

Hilton Class In the second year talented students have the opportunity to join the Hilton Class, which will allow high-achieving students to enter a career with Hilton Worldwide after graduation.

& beverage wholesale business > You can end up in all kind of positions like: • general manager • food & beverage manager • rooms division manager

More info? www.nhtv.nl [email protected]

• sales manager • marketing manager > Real-life experience in training company Sibelicious > This programme applies a selection procedure as it admits only 160 students every

The hospitality sector is all about anticipating the guest’s expectations and wishes. How do you handle the tendency towards individualisation in society and how do you deal with the ever more critical consumer? The International Hotel Management programme prepares you for an international career in the hospitality industry.

year, please check our website for the details and deadlines


NHTV has made it its mission to


integrate ingredients like service

The International Hotel

orientation and experiences

Management programme has

(hospitality) with professionalism,

been internationally accredited

efficiency and planning (facility).

by the UN World Tourism

This unique combination comes

Organization. The Dutch-Flemish

together beautifully in Sibelicious.

Accreditation Organisation (NVAO) has awarded the study programme the distinctive feature of ‘Internationalisation’. ‘Keuzegids HBO 2015’ qualified this programme as top rated.


Professional Bachelor | 3 or 4 years


International Real Estate and Facility Management > Language: English > Degree title: Bachelor of Business Administration > Learn to manage the most efficient and safe work environ- ment possible and become a professional in coordinating and directing all the support services of an organisation > Facility managers are at the heart of organisations like:

More info? www.nhtv.nl [email protected]

• multinationals • hospitals • airports • hotels • event organisations • catering, cleaning and security organisations

Sibelicious is the in-house training company of Hotel and Facility Management. Together with your fellow students you will work in several outlets, such as catering,

The facility department is the driving force behind an organisation. Well-organised facility management can make the difference and add value to the company. That is why nowadays the facility manager is a business partner on a strategic level.

> Real-life experience in training company Sibelicious

Recognition The International Real Estate and Facility Management programme has been awarded the title of ‘recognised IFMA program’ by the International Facility Management Association. The Dutch-Flemish

service desk, store room, restau-

Accreditation Organisation (NVAO)

rant, kitchen and coffee corner,

has awarded International Real

to learn the basics in your first

Estate and Facility Management

year. In your second year you will

the distinctive feature of Inter-

gain management experience by

nationalisation’. ‘Keuzegids HBO

managing first-year students.

2015’ qualified this programme as top rated.

Location Hotel, Facility Sibeliuslaan 13 11


Professional Bachelor | 3 or 4 years

Professional Bachelor | 3 or 4 years

International Logistics and Economics

International Logistics Engineering

> Language: English

> Language: English

> Degree title: Bachelor of

> Degree title: Bachelor of

Business Administration


(in future Bachelor of Arts

> With emphasis on the

due to new legislation) > With emphasis on financial

Logistics is more than just getting things from A to B. Just think of the logistics operations in an international port area, managing visitor flows around Schiphol Airport, the most efficient supply of warehouse, track and trace services to check where your order is at any time. At NHTV you can explore either the technical or economic aspects of logistics.

technical aspects of storage and transport of goods

aspects and marketing

> Learn to become a logistics

> Learn to become a logistics

specialist with expertise in

specialist with expertise in

storage, transport and

finding the best, cheapest

transhipment techniques

and fastest way to produce

> Graduates are equipped to

and distribute products

fill a range of positions, such

> Graduates are equipped to fill

as operations, supply chain

positions such as purchase,

or distribution manager at

logistics or project manager


at (inter)national:

• transport companies

• transport companies

• wholesale companies

• wholesale companies

• retailers

• retailers

• manufacturers

• manufacturers

• ICT companies

• ICT companies

• consultancy firms

• consultancy firms

Recognition NHTV’s logistics programmes are generally appreciated for their enriching collaborative practices between education and industry. The programmes ranked high in ‘Keuzegids HBO 2015’. Excellent industry interaction The logistics programmes collaborate closely with international companies, such as DB Schenker, Fujifilm and Samsung. As a result, plenty of interesting assignments, work placements, graduation projects and career opportunities are created for students. 12

More info? www.nhtv.nl [email protected]

Professional Bachelor | 3 or 4 years

Built Environment

Built Environment International Spatial Development > Language: English > Degree title: Bachelor of Science > Learn to become a Strategic Designer, Urban Planner and Manager of Sustainable Urban Mobility > You will work on the redevelopment of urban areas from all


relevant angles: planning,

The Built Environment programme

designing and managing

of NHTV ranked high in ‘Keuzegids

sustainable urban mobility. You will research, plan and make sketches, scale models and computer drawings. You will be ready to help integrate mobility, shape society and the built environment all over the world.

In our globalizing and strongly urbanizing world, cities built for human wellbeing, with attractive living and working environments, traffic accessibility, traffic safety and sustainability are one of the most important themes. International Spatial Development is the international version of the professional bachelor Built Environment. You will learn to look beyond the boundaries of the areas of expertise of urban planning, urban design and mobility. And beyond the boundaries of countries.

> Graduates are likely to find jobs at (inter)national: • advisory agencies • multinationals • small and medium-sized enterprises • government services • housing associations • private developers • design firms

More info? www.nhtv.nl www.shapingsociety.nl

Location Logistics, Built Environment Claudius Prinsenlaan 12

[email protected]


HBO 2015’.


Professional Bachelor | 3 or 4 years

Professional Master | 1 year

International Tourism Management

Tourism Destination Management

> Language: English

> Language: English

> Degree title: Bachelor of

> Degree title: Master of Arts

Business Administration (in future Bachelor of Arts due to new legislation) > Learn to become a manager, policymaker or an entrepreneur > Room for personal development and individual choices (modular system)

> Strategic policy development, destination development and research > Three main phases: • Theory • Practice at three types of tourism destinations in Asia-Pacific

> 4 specialisations:

• Final Thesis

• Tourism & Travel Industry

> Graduates qualify for inter-

• Entrepreneurship in Recreation & Hospitality • Tourism Destination Management • Attractions & Theme Parks

national: • management positions • consultancy positions • policy and advisory positions • research positions


Can you give people a resounding holiday while taking into account the consequences of tourism development for the economy, nature and environment, and the local population? You will soon find out at NHTV, who have a global network and strong international collaborative ventures due to 50 years of experience in industry.

More info? www.nhtv.nl [email protected]

> As a graduate, you are likely

Academic Bachelor | 3 years

Bachelor of Science Tourism

to find positions such as: e-commerce officer, yield manager, entrepreneur in a

> Language: English

recreation business, marketeer

> Degree title: Bachelor of Science

at a tourism board, tourism

> This joint programme with

destination consultant

Wageningen University is the first academic bachelor in


tourism in the Netherlands

The International Tourism Manage-

Joining forces with the big names The tourism programmes collaborate closely with (inter)national companies, such as TUI, Thomas Cook, KLM, Stayokay and Disney. As a result, plenty of interesting assignments, work placements, graduation projects, and transfer opportunities are created for students.

ment programme has been inter-

> You explore developments in the tourism industry and the

nationally accredited by the UN

impacts on society, economics

World Tourism Organization. The

and environment

Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Orga-

> Graduates are qualified for

nisation (NVAO) has awarded the

positions in strategic tourism

study programme the distinctive

policy making, tourism marke-

feature of ‘Internationalisation’.

ting & management and for positions in research and consul-

Location Tourism Mgr. Hopmansstraat 1

tancy firms 14


Professional Bachelor | 3 or 4 years

Academic Master | 1 year

International Leisure Management

Master of Science Leisure Studies

> Language: English

> Language: English

> Degree title: Bachelor of

> Degree title: Master of Science

Business Administration (in future Bachelor of Arts due to new legislation) > Learn to create memorable and meaningful experiences

> In cooperation with Tilburg University > After professional bachelor access via NHTV pre-master > Two main phases:

> 4 tracks:

• Course phase:

•  Attractions & Theme Parks

- Leisure, Creativity and Space

Management • Social Innovation • International Event Management •  International Leisure Management (broad-based track)

- Understanding Leisure Attractions and Events - Imagineering as Strategic Design in Leisure Organisations - Analysing Leisure Interactions

> As a leisure manager, you could

- Experience Marketing

take up a career in:

• Thesis phase

•  theatres •  music labels

Quality of life is becoming in- Academic Bachelor | 3 years Bachelor of Science creasingly important in how we choose to spend our leisure Leisure Studies time. The challenge for professionals in the industry is to > Language: English > Degree title: Bachelor of Science give people a life-enriching > Investigate and expand the experience. At NHTV you scientific foundations under- learn how to create meaninglying the exciting world of ful experiences which contrileisure bute to a more beautiful world.

•  sports centres


•  conference/event agencies

Master | 1 year

•  development of leisure areas



> Language: English

The Academy for Leisure is

> Degree title: Master (in future

recognised by the World Leisure Organization as the third World Leisure Centre of Excellence.

> The emphasis is on studying the

tion due to new legislation) > Three main phases:

The International Leisure

• Strategic Innovation

Management programme has been

(Inspiration & Ideation)

leisure industry from a social as

awarded the distinctive feature

• Organisational Transformation

well as a business perspective

of ‘Imagineering’ by the NVAO


> Trains students for policy, management and research

and ranked high in ‘Keuzegids

• Final Project

HBO 2015’.

> In cooperation with Innovation-

positions within the cultural

Point (USA), University of Sao

and leisure sector, sports

More info?

associations, event organisaLocation Leisure Archimedesstraat 17

Master of Business Administra-


tions, state, province and local authorities

[email protected]


Paulo Ribeirao Preto & Federal University of Uberlândia (Brasil), University of Pretoria (South Africa)

Pre-university education completed successfully?

e.g. vwo, Abitur, A-level, International Baccalaureate You can opt for an academic bachelor’s programme or a professional bachelor fast track programme. After three years you can move on to further study at master’s level.

Academic bachelor’s and master’s degree in 4 or 5 years’ time

Professional bachelor’s and master’s degree in 4 years’ time

Professional bachelor’s and master’s degree in 5 years’ time

> Tourism & Leisure

> Games & Media, Hotel, Facility,

> Games & Media, Hotel, Facility,

> Research-based curriculum

Logistics, Built Environment,

Logistics, Built Environment,

(3 years) in cooperation with

Tourism & Leisure

Tourism & Leisure

Wageningen University (Tourism)

> Practice-based intensive fast-

and Tilburg University (Leisure)

track (3 years)

> Guaranteed access to an acade-

> Possibility to move on to a 1-year

mic master in tourism or leisure

professional master directly

directly afterwards


> Your academic bachelor’s and

> Your professional bachelor’s

master’s degree in 4 years’

and master’s degree in 4 years’

time (Leisure) or in 5 years’


time (Tourism) 16

> Practice-based regular track (4 years) > Possibility to move on to a 1-year professional master directly afterwards > Your professional bachelor’s and master’s degree in 5 years’ time

Extra for all students At NHTV you are truly encouraged to get the best out of yourself. Within each study programme, there are extra challenges.

Pre-master’s Programme

Honours Programme

If, after completing your professional bachelor’s

For students who want to develop their talents even

degree at NHTV, you want to pursue further study

further, alongside their regular course of study, NHTV

in a Master of Science degree in business-related

has developed an honours programme. By taking part

studies (marketing, management), you will be

in this programme, you will take your professional or

required to do a pre-master’s programme. NHTV’s

academic knowledge and skills to a higher plan. With

pre-master’s programme in Strategic Business

an honour’s degree under your belt, you will be extra

Management and Marketing links up to a number

well prepared for further study or for your professional

of Master of Science programmes at traditional

career. The programme consists of various lectures,

universities (e.g. Brussels, Maastricht, Tilburg,

training sessions, assignments (individual or in groups),

Warwick). Check www.nhtv.nl/sbm for the selection

and individual coaching. These extra activities are


an addition to the regular study programme. It is an English-taught track that starts just after the first year and continues right up to graduation.


Student City Breda Discover Breda as your new student city! Breda is bursting with pubs, outdoor cafés, restaurants and eateries, and night clubs and dance venues. You will also find many trendy shops and galleries. And as for sports and culture, you will be spoilt for choice as well. More than enough interesting places to chill out with your friends. You will not be bored for a second, and as a student you will enjoy discounts in many places.

Mezz is the centre of all activities in pop music in Breda. In Mezz you can enjoy concerts and dance nights (about 250 a year) in various styles. Join the music!

Belcrum Beach, Breda’s city beach, is a perfect place to hang out with your friends. This is also where you can find indoor Skatepark Pier 15. Super cool! 18

Free live performances and films are offered in the Valkenbergpark during the summer holidays every week.

More about Breda: www.breda.nl (English) www.uitinbreda.nl (Dutch) www.stappenbreda.nl (Dutch) www.vvvbreda.nl (English) www.bress.nl (English)

In Chassé Theater or Pathé Breda, there is always something interesting to see. For students especially, Chassé has its own ‘cultuurfreak’ programme with great discounts!

Looking for inspiration? Try a visit to MOTI, Museum of the Image, where you can experience contemporary visual culture that will spark your creativity!

Do you like sports? Then sign up with BRESS. A BRESS sports card offers you choice from more than 50 sports for one year! Check out www.bress.nl. 19

Holland Facts Holland or the Netherlands?

The country’s formal name is Kingdom of the Netherlands, but it is also referred to as Holland or the Netherlands. Netherlands means ‘low countries’. Much of the land is at or below sea level. The lowest altitude is 6.76 metres below sea level.

Capital city: Amsterdam Amsterdam, one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in Europe, is known for its tolerance and diversity. It has all the advantages of a big city: culture, nightlife, international restaurants, good transport - but is quiet, and largely thanks to its extensive canals, has little road traffic. In

The Netherlands: a kingdom

Amsterdam your destination is

The Kingdom of the Netherlands is a constitutional monarchy with a bicameral

never far away, but you should

parliament. The current king is King Willem-Alexander. His wife Máxima is

really get a bike for an authentic

the Dutch queen. They have three daughters: Amalia, Alexia and Ariane.

local experience. 20


Water, wind and cows

The bicycle is the cheapest and

The country of the Netherlands

easiest way to get around,

is extremely flat; you can see

especially if you live in the city.

for miles around. While looking

Most Dutch people, regardless

around, you will see a broad,

of their professional status, own

unbroken expanse of sky, bright

a bicycle.

green meadows with hundreds of cows and water everywhere. That is characteristic of the Dutch landscape.

Average prices To give you an idea… A cup of coffee/tea in a café: =C 2.50 A cheese sandwich: =C 3.50 A ‘broodje kroket’: =C 1,75

Typical Dutch snack ‘kroket’

Dinner in a typical student

More about Holland:

restaurant: =C 10.00

www.studyinholland.nl (English)

A cinema ticket: =C 7.50

www.holland.com (English)

Currency 1 euro = 1.09 US dollar (July 2015)


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