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Discover the joy of learning Development oriented child friendly education programmed. Welcome to the school zone preschool series! Preface :- Educati...
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Discover the joy of learning Development oriented child friendly education programmed. Welcome to the school zone preschool series! Preface :- Education is not filling of a vessel but the kindling of a flame so preprimary education is must from the foundation of a child’s life and process of development. Beautifully illustrated and vividly written this excellent program captures the imagination of every child. Fascinating new reading program from school is based on the natural way children learn language and reading skills, stories and poems, absorbing puzzles and captures. For this purpose we have prepared an entirely new syllabus graded to meet the requirements and interests of different age groups of children. We are sure our sincere endeavors to bring out this quality will be appreciated and welcomed by you and taught a like Plan and learn: - To love and learn is the most precious gift that one can give to a child, that focuses on an imaginative way which makes learning fun. We know that your child will enjoy the experience of learning together. Learning should be fun you and your child preschoolers are eager to know about words, numbers and many others things. Make the school an extension of home, all rounder development of the child through fun activities. Provides carefully planned activities to give your child an essential start. Professional educators know that the right start can lead to a lifelong appreciation for learning. Parents guidelines: – are most important at the preschool level and in beginning. 

Don’t do too many pages at one sitting.

Never use an activity as punishment.

Don’t expect too much.

Don’t compare children.

Encourage your child.

Enjoy it! Laugh a lot!

Discuss the activity.

Do the activities at a particular time of the day, perhaps before snack time, do them when the child is not tired

There will be days when your child may not feel like working. This is typical, so accept it. The stress caused by frequent illness, abdominal pains, insecurity, hyperactivity, poor concentration, dislike for studies, and in some extreme cases even refusal to go to school. Remember that the communication patterns you establish today will pay off as your child grows older.

For We Folk: -

A positive development in Childs life sharpens their cognitive skills,

Appreciate your child achievements. Answer the questions to satisfy their curiosity. Help them to do thing without any stress, presenting an opportunity for children to talk & learn with parents or siblings. Cultural awareness through festival celebrations provide an interesting absorbing wholesome and stress free learning atmosphere in the classroom for the pre-school learners, physical and mental health, created focused activities to develop cognition gross and fine motor dexterity and aesthetic and ethical sense.

Skills and concepts: - Research shows that there are 93 skills and concepts for preschool children. Toddler’s can introduce your child to the different skills and concepts so essential for their early development All-round development of the child i.e. : –  Physical motor and development.  Personal, Social, and Emotional development.  Language development.  Intellectual development.  Development of creative expression and aesthetic appreciation.  Problems solving encourages interpersonal and intrapersonal skills.

Child is curious by nature and its curiosity helps them to learn so many things. Give your child a perfect foundation with all modern amenities and unique study patter

Get ready now: An amazing book that gives children fascinating facts about every subject.  Encourages children to be creative and imaginative using everyday materials.  Entertaining studies picture are specially designed to encourage independent reading.  Work books are easy to use and understand and are being used extensively in school examination. . Time to write: - Start off with the story projected through illustration and give the class enough practice to write with strokes/patterns is an enjoyable way of learning. Children will enjoy doing each page and automatically learn about. Enjoy working with your “little learners” totally child centered, this program is a package of fun filled activities which are carefully planned and graded. Do not overstrain the child. A little work at a time will always make the child want to come back to it with greater enthusiasm. The Complete learning system: - This complete curriculum based learning program guides children through compelling activities covering reading, writing, mathematics and general knowledge.

All right reserved, No part of this pattern may be reproduced or copied in any form or any media without the expression written permission of this education society.

Early world of English Early world of English- Introduces the basic skills and concepts for a successful start in English. There is also plenty of helpful advice on how to develop the many languages skills introduced in early world of English.

Say it in English- expands- language skills. Repetition of rhyming words is enjoyed as tongue twisters. Wonderful world of English :- reinforces- English reading and listening skills and builds vocabulary,& visual skills vocabulary words will help your child learn English language. Coloring shapes and sizes triggers their imaginations, evokes aesthetic values and prepares the child for formal learning.

Routes to English:- Reading is fun right from the beginning. They will learn to read English by building up a graded understanding of phonics.

Phonics: - By phonics, we mean the regular sound patterns of English. If the children learn these they can work out by themselves how to read most English words. Innovative syllabus which assist children to clarify concepts and build vocabulary.

Rebus stories/poems: - The delightful stories and poems will help your child to develop reading skills and build vocabulary. Each level gives your child a feeling of confidence, accomplishment and confidence of an early age is a valuable thing.

Word Games: - Crosswords, scrambled words / rebuses build spellings, vocabulary and visual skills.

Akshar Pravah Some unique features of Hindi learning :We take pleasure in introducing Hindi work book which offer a fresh and innovative approach to learning. Work books have been written, designed and tried out by experienced teachers specializing in 3 and 5 year old children respectively. Picture presentation: - This will help students learn each letter with great delight . Read & write :- Introduced Swar , Vyanjan , Barahkhadi will enable the students to grasp the Hindi words easily. Vocabulary: - The reading & writing of these words will help the children enrich their vocabulary. Steps of learning :- We have presented easy & interesting pattern , this will help the kids to understands the different of learning . Revision work :-

Revision work strengthen their knowledge & boost their self –

confidence In learning Hindi .

Math mania Pop up:-

Here is an enjoyable way for young children to develop their very first

numeracy skills, with charming illustrations and a unique interactive approach. Inquisitive :- Math is a fun way to practice and develop a positive attitude toward Math. Counting, comparing, grouping, sequence, calculating have developed reinforce skills. Core concepts with clear concise explanations, step by step workout examples acquiring numeracy is necessarily preceded by literacy

Science Corner Environmental study is encourages a curiosity about the world around him / her.

Science Articles– dynamic process / through observation / experimentation / excitement and intellectual fun. Science and nature fun– fascinating natural phenomena. Introduction to the natural world– Encourage your children to investigate experiment and understand scientific principles in different areas of the house and garden simple experiments with easily available objects makes science fun and exciting.

A Wider World of General Knowledge Matching – Helps logic perceptional and vocabulary skills. Enhances visual discrimination skills. Find the pictures – Reinforces matching skills. Skill exercised– Visual perception/ isolate shapes/ descriptive skills/ and discrimination. Head work– Riddles and Brain teasing questions

Creation and Artistic The drawings are done with the intention of relating to the child. There is also a touch of humor, wherever appropriate, so as to stretch the child’s imagination in keeping up with the modern changes and developments in the society. Picture, drawing of their natural surroundings will the child develops identification of letters and objects as well as learns writing skills in a fun-filled and comprehensive manner. Art education with a vision of the interest, attractive and innovative feature, activities, arouse the innate creativity of children.

Oceans of fun activities The activities planned will help the child develop Basic skills :- observation , logical thinking , thematic , integrated approach , known to unknown , simple to complex , concrete to abstract , emphasis on the development of communication skills , formation of basic concepts , sensory perception , environmental awareness , creative expression , desirable social values and positive attitude. Hidden pictures: – Visual discrimination skills. Timber toes sequencing game: – Reinforce comprehension. Puzzle mania: – Scrambled/ Sorting/ Hidden/ Matching/ Word games. Sensory skills– Sense training cognitive developments/ psychomotor development/ Eye and Hand coordination/ Intellectual development/ Aesthetic sense/ Curiosity development The aim of this playgroup package is to attract children to school while creating in them awareness about the world around them. Gently introducing them to learning activities through group participation. The child sings, hears, plays, draws, colors and get engrossed in creative activities. To help children in their motor-physical development and sequential thinking. Rebus stories–  Funny stories, dramatic events, such as using puppets and different creative items.  Offers children the right platform to showcase their talent in creativity.  Stories, fables, folk-tales and mysteries, teasers, puzzles, jigsaw and quizzes. Let your child stand out:- This course will promote the concentration as well as comprehension and that will help them to build the imagination and surely! Will increase the academic performance of the child. At Toddlers your child will learn to explore his mind and discover his own self to acquire skills, when it comes to all –round development of your child. We are in the best childhood development program. Trying to be tomorrow leader. We learn, We serve, We excel, and Toddler’s has no substitute.