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Director y of Contributors

Vernon Lee Andrews University of Canterbury African American Leisure Lifestyles

Kendall Blanchard Fort Lewis College, Durango Native American Leisure Lifestyles

Richard Butsch Rider University Crowds at Leisure

David L. Andrews University of Maryland Soccer

Nicholas Bloom New York Institute of Technology Suburbanization of Leisure

Jennifer D. Carson Clemson University Disability and Leisure Lifestyles

Robert Arlt Darts

Anne Bolin Elon University Bodybuilding

Daniel Cavicchi Rhode Island School of Design Fans and Fan Clubs

Douglas Booth University of Waikato Surfing

Kelly Chandler Kent State University Computer’s Impact on Leisure Tennis

Cindy S. Aron University of Virginia Summer Resorts Martha Barnes University of Waterloo Philanthropy Robert K. Barney University of Western Ontario Olympics Rebecca E. Barry Arizona State University Choral Singing Becky Beal University of the Pacific Skateboarding Russell Belk University of Utah Collecting Megan Bentan Pacific Lutheran University Books and Manuscripts

Charlene Boyer Lewis Kalamazoo College Plantation Entertaining Simon Bronner Pennsylvania State University Barn Raising Traditional Folk Music Festivals Steven C. Bullock Worcester Polytechnic Institute> Civic Clubs, Men John Burnham Ohio State University Gambling Robert C. Burns University of Florida Open Wheel Racing Sports Car Racing

Ariel Chernin University of Pennsylvania Television’s Impact on Youth and Children’s Play I-Tsun Chiang National Pingtung University of Science and Technology Martial Arts Garry Chick Pennsylvania State University Billiards/Pool Leisure and Civil Society Modeling (Airplanes, Trains, Etc.) Rites of Passage Peter A. Coclanis University of North Carolina Wrestling, Professional




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Kenneth Cohen University of Delaware Frolics

T. Jason Davis East Tennessee State University Stock Car Racing

Michael Friedman University of Maryland Baseball, Amateur

Carrie J. Cole University of Maryland Amateur Theatrics

Jim Denison University of Exeter Running and Jogging

Joe L. Frost Professor Emeritus, University of Texas Playgrounds

John J. Confer University of Florida State Parks

Matthew Dennis University of Oregon Parades

Gerald R. Gems North Central College Football

Daniel Thomas Cook University of Illinois Commercialization of Leisure

Gregory Dimitriadis State University of New York, Buffalo Rap Music Audiences

Troy D. Glover University of Illinois Raves/Raving

Lila Corwin Berman Yale University Jewish-American Leisure Lifestyles

Jon Griffin Donlon Center for Cultural Resources Brothels Fads Prostitution

George Gmelch Union College Baseball Crowds

David R. Counts Professor Emeritus, McMaster University Recreational Vehicles Dorothy Ayers Counts Professor Emeritus, University of Waterloo Recreational Vehicles Diana Crane University of Pennsylvania Fashions Scott A.G.M. Crawford Eastern Illinois University Skiing, Alpine Skiing, Nordic Gary Cross Pennsylvania State University Atlantic City Home Improvement Privatization of Leisure Walt Disney World Bruce C. Daniels Texas Tech University Blood Sports Puritans at Leisure Elissa David George Washington University Clocks and Watches Drag Racing Hot Rodding

Peter Donnelly University of Toronto Mountain Climbing Rock Climbing Perry R. Duis University of Illinois at Chicago Tourism

Geof Godbey Pennsylvania State University Contemporary Leisure Patterns Marni Goldenberg California Polytechnic State University Snowboarding Douglas Gomery University of Maryland Media, Technology, and Leisure

Jill Dupont University of North Texas Boxing

Edwin Gómez Old Dominion University Latinos Leisure Lifestyles

Mark Dyreson Pennsylvania State University Patriotism and Leisure

Mark Gottdiener State University of New York, Buffalo Air Travel and Leisure Las Vegas

Herbert B. Ershkowitz Temple University Shopping Paula S. Fass University of California at Berkeley Dating Philip F. Xie Bowling Green State University Childhood and Play Field Hockey Kite Flying

Andrew Grainger University of Maryland Ice Hockey Jane Granskog California State University Triathlons Harvey Green Northeastern University Body Culture and Physical Culture

Eric Frauman Middle Tennessee State University Ultimate Frisbee

Dennis K. Davis Pennsylvania State University Television’s Impact on Popular Leisure

Katherine C. Grier University of South Carolina Home Decoration Pet Care

Jessica Freame University of Melbourne Botanical Gardens

Ann Marie Guilmette Brock University Joking

Janet Davis University of Texas Circuses

Patti A. Freeman Brigham Young University Rodeos

Jawaid Haider Pennsylvania State University Children’s Museums


Encyclopedia of Recreation and Leisure in America



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W. Scott Haine University of Maryland Coffee Houses and Café Society

Richard Hummel Eastern Illinois University Hunting

Charles Hammersley Northern Arizona University Whitewater Sports

Benjamin Kline Hunnicutt University of Iowa Expansion of Leisure Time Interwar Leisure and Recreation Shortage of Leisure Vacations

Judith Lynne Hanna University of Maryland Dance Classes Performing Arts Audiences Social Dancing Sarah E. Hardin Southeast Missouri State University Bowling James Harding Union College Cruising Kristen Haring Max Planck Institute for the History of Science Amateur Radio

Amy R. Hurd Illinois State University Board Games Andrew Hurley University of Missouri–St. Louis Diners Patricia Iamon SUNY College at Brockport Historical Reenactment Societies Alan Ingham Miami University Professionalization of Sport

Laurlyn K. Harmon Pennsylvania State University Tailgating

David Ingle Recreational Fighting

Caitlin Haskell Auctions

William Irwin Author, The New Niagara Niagara Falls

Danny Hedrick East Tennessee State University Stock Car Racing John L. Hemingway Western Illinois University Leisure, Theory of Rob Hess Victoria University Bicycling Linda A. Heyne Ithaca College Central Park Matthew Hilton University of Birmingham Smoking Louis Hodges Texas A&M University Card Games Coin Collecting National Parks

Lisa Jacobson University of California, Santa Barbara Teenage Leisure Trends

M. Alison Kibler Franklin and Marshall College Progressive-Era Leisure and Recreation Margaret J. King The Center for Cultural Studies and Analysis Theme and Amusement Parks Erik K.M. Kjeldsen University of Massachusetts Gymnastics Stephen Kline Simon Fraser University Commercialization of Children’s Play Computer/Video Games Sandra Wolf Klitzing Illinois State University Antiques Anne Meis Knupfer Purdue University Civic Clubs, Women Gerard Kyle Clemson University Agricultural Fairs Louis M. Kyriakoudes University of Southern Mississippi Wrestling, Professional

Katherine Jellison Ohio University Weddings

Stephen Jay Langsner University of Arkansas Home Brewing

Virginia Scott Jenkins Author, The Lawn: A History of an American Obsession Gardening and Lawn Care

Katherine Lehman University of New Mexico Cyber Dating Honeymooning Hook-Ups Reunions

Philip Jenkins Pennsylvania State University Pornography Per Jorgensen University of Southern Denmark Volleyball Valerie M. Joyce University of Maryland Mumming

Benjamin T. Hoffiz Lawrence Technological University Muslim-American Leisure Lifestyles

Annemarie Jutel Otago Polytechnic Beauty Culture

David Gerard Hogan Heidelberg College Fast Food

Alexander Kahn University at California, Berkeley Band Playing

Encyclopedia of Recreation and Leisure in America

Deborah Linebarger University of Pennsylvania Television’s Impact on Youth and Children’s Play Ellen Litwicki State University of New York, Fredonia Fourth of July Labor Day Memorial Day Jan Logemann Pennsylvania State University Home Improvement Roller Skating and Blading Sea World




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Richard Longstreth George Washington University Shopping Malls John W. Loy Dean Emeritus, School of Physical Education, University of Otago Sporting Memorabilia Leisure and Civil Society Leisure Class Randy D. McBee Texas Tech University Dance Halls Bryan P. McCormick Indiana University Adapted Leisure Formats Alexis McCrossen Southern Methodist University Sabbatarianism Marsha MacDowell Michigan State University Museum Quilting Parties Philip McGowan University of London Carnivals William D. McIntosh Georgia Southern University Comic Magazines Margaret Mackey University of Alberta Children’s Reading David I. Macleod Central Michigan University “Muscular Christianity” and the YM(W)CA Movements

Scott C. Martin Bowling Green State University Early National Leisure and Recreation

Aline Ohanesian University of California, Irvine Working-Class Leisure Lifestyles Ray Oldenburg Professor Emeritus, University of West Florida Dining Out

Kevin Mattson Ohio University Rock Concert Audiences Mike Mayo Host. Movie Show on Radio Movies’ Impact on Popular Leisure Jay Mechling University of California, Davis Disneyland Scouting Movements

Cele Otnes University of Illinois Birthdays Christmas Ted Ownby University of Mississippi Southern America Leisure Lifestyles

Jill Vasquez Mills Mount Olive College Windsurfing

Richard Panchyk Cooking for Fun

Glenn Moore University of Melbourne Botanical Gardens

Leslie Paris University of British Columbia Camping

Andrew J. Mowen Pennsylvania State University Auto Shows

Katharine A. Pawelko Western Illinois University Tobogganing

David Myers Loyola University Fantasy Sports Internet

Diana Pecknold University of Illinois at Chicago Country Music Audiences

Fred R. Nadis Doshisha University Gilded Age Leisure and Recreation Heather S. Nathans University of Maryland Colonial-Era Leisure and Recreation Theater, Live

John R. Persing Pennsylvania State University Backpacking and Hiking Wilding Elizabeth H. Pleck University of Illinois Thanksgiving

William K. McNeil Ozark Folk Center Slave Singing/Music Making

Murry R. Nelson Pennsylvania State University Basketball Zoos

Madelon Powers University of New Orleans Bars

Barry D. McPherson Wilfrid Laurier University Senior Leisure Lifestyles

Kevin A. Nelson Western State College of Colorado Square Dancing

Robert Proctor Pennsylvania State University Rockhounding

John McWilliams Pennsylvania State University, Dubois Recreational Drug Use

James A. Newman SUNY College at Brockport Historical Reenactment Societies

Caren Prommersberger Cooking for Fun

Pirkko Markula University of Exeter Aerobic Exercise

Joshua I. Newman University of Maryland Football, Collegiate

Matthew Pustz Kirkwood Community College Comic Book Reading

William Marling Case Western Reserve University Globalization of American Leisure

Sarah Nicholls Michigan State University Home Movies

Henry J. Rademacher Pennsylvania State University Railroads and Leisure


Encyclopedia of Recreation and Leisure in America



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Paul Reddin Mesa State College Wild West Shows

Robert W. Rydell Montana State University World’s Fairs

Erin A. Smith University of Texas at Dallas Genre Reading

Gerald Redmond Professor Emeritus, University of Alberta Golf Sporting Halls of Fame

Daniel Sack Associated Colleges of the Midwest Church Socials

J. Mark Souther Cleveland State University Urbanization of Leisure

Diane M. Samdahl University of Georgia Lesbian Leisure Lifestyles

John Springhall University of Ulster at Coleraine Impresarios of Leisure, Rise of

Kellen Sams Green Mountain College Snowboarding

Peter N. Stearns George Mason University Regulation and Social Control of Leisure

Woody Register University of the South Beaches Coney Island Kaitlyn Richards Union College Baseball Crowds Steven A. Riess Northeastern Illinois University Men’s Leisure Lifestyles Stadiums Kevin Riley Appalachian State University Graphic Arts Woodworking Robert E. Rinehart Washington State University Extreme Sports Swimming John P. Robinson University of Maryland Television’s Impact on Popular Leisure Craig H. Roell Georgia Southern University Piano Playing Nancy Brattain Rogers Indiana State University Adult Education (Earlier) Don Romesburg University of California, Berkeley Gay Men’s Leisure Lifestyles W. J. Rorabaugh University of Washington Drinking

Jack Santino Bowling Green State University Halloween New Year’s Vinod Sasidharan San Diego State University Asian American Leisure Lifestyles Jennifer Scanlon Bowdoin College Magazines, Women’s Women’s Leisure Lifestyles Abby Schlatter Garage and Yard Sales Softball Barbara Elwood Schlatter Illinois State University Auto Racing William R. Scott University of California, Berkeley Magazines, Men’s David Scott Texas A&M University Bird Watching Kimberley J. Shinew University of Illinois Racial Diversity and Leisure Lifestyles

Robert A. Stebbins University of Calgary Hobbies and Crafts Rational Recreation and Self-Improvement Stamp Collecting Tammie L. Stenger Southeast Missouri State University Bowling Robert S. Stiefvater North Carolina Central University Drinking Games Monika Stodolska University of Illinois Target Shooting L. Allison Stringer University of Northern Iowa Wine Tasting Hubert B. Stroud Arkansas State University Sun City Anne-Marie Sullivan Memorial University of Newfoundland Leisure Education Stacy Taniguchi Brigham Young University Western America Leisure Lifestyles

Kenneth D. Rose California State University, Chico Prohibition and Temperance

Joshua A. Shuart Sacred Heart University Record, CD, Tape Collecting and Listening

Dorceta E. Taylor University of Michigan Park Movements

Ruth V. Russell Indiana Universty Boating, Power Spring Breaks

Kim L. Siegenthaler Appalachian State University Scuba Diving/Snorkeling Waterskiing

James A. Therrell Concordia University Handball Racquetball

Alexander Russo Brown University Radio Listening, Car and Home

Clare Simpson Lincoln University Bicycling

Patricia M. Tice Rochester Institute of Technology Museum Movements

Encyclopedia of Recreation and Leisure in America




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Page 460


Cecelia Tichi Vanderbilt University Postwar to 1980 Leisure and Recreation Rachelle H. Toupence University of Wisconsin–La Crosse Card Games Coin Collecting National Parks Catherine Turner College Misericordia Literary Societies and Middlebrow Reading

Judith E. Voelkl Clemson University Disability and Leisure Lifestyles Rudi Volti Pitzer College Automobiles and Leisure John J. Weber Eastern Illinois University Archery James Weeks Easter Heritage Sites Marathons

Edward Udd Radford University City Parks

Nancy Martha West University of Missouri-Columbia Photography

Lee Vander Velden University of Maryland Horse Racing

Ryan E. White University of Maryland Little League

Turgut Var Texas A&M University Caving

Richard R. Wilk Indiana University Beauty Pageants


Thomas Woodall Professor Emeritus, Eastern Illinois University Barbershop Quartets Sérgio Barcellos Ximenes Crossword Puzzles Heewon Yang Kent State University Computer’s Impact on Leisure Tennis Careen Yarnal Pennsylvania State University Sailing and Yachting Sea Travel and Leisure Daniel G. Yoder Western Illinois University Fishing, Freshwater Fishing, Saltwater/Deep Sea Mardi Gras David Matthew Zuefle University of Mississippi Orienteering Work and Leisure Ethics

Encyclopedia of Recreation and Leisure in America