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EQUISTRO Partner of the Spanish Riding School of Vienna




EQUISTRO and its Product Pledge

‟The expertise and know-how of an International Veterinary Pharmaceutical Laboratory who put the welfare and specific needs of the equine athlete as its priority in order to harness the genetic potential within.”

VETOQUINOL BEST PRACTICES mean: • The highest European manufacturing standards and complete transparency. • Carefully sourced and selected raw materials with high quality and purity. • Independent laboratory screening as part of the Vétoquinol anti-doping program for EQUISTRO® products.

VETOQUINOL BEST PRACTICES: a new pictogram to help you Can be administered in complete confidence in accordance with local and international rules up until the day of an official competition or race. 48 h Contains an ingredient susceptible to render a positive doping test. Advised withdrawal time indicated

Intestinal health and hygiene and a good liver function are essential to the horse’s well-being and ability to perform ... Good nutritional management not only relates to the choices of diet in terms of roughage and concentrate quality and quantity depending on the horse’s life stage and work level; but also to ensure the health of the organs that process this carefully selected food. Top of the list of systems under review are those that constitute the intricately linked hepatic and gastrointestinal systems. The gastrointestinal tract is not only responsible for the absorption of nutrients (vitamins and minerals) but is also responsible for their synthesis as well, not forgetting of course the vital role it plays in water balance. The liver likewise is at the centre of the nutrient processing system not to mention the detoxification and elimination of undesirable elements.



For the development and maintenance of a healthy gastrointestinal tract

EQUISTRO® GESTAMASH PROTECT is a dietetic formulation that supplies high biological value cereals, prebiotic and probiotic elements as well as plant extracts in a highly palatable complete mash. This veterinary used formulation contributes to the re-establishment of the intestinal tract function as well as supporting healthy intestinal flora propagation, essential for optimal function. Readily assimilated cereal sources (flaked oats, barley and wheat) provide a valuable energy source to the horse during periods of intestinal tract is under attack. Linseed and sunflower are energy rich as well as their polyunsaturated fatty acid profile. Burdock is a rich source of fructooligosaccharides (FOS), mucilage and bioflavonoids that support normal intestinal transit and local immune defences. Milk whey protein, rich in globular proteins and in glutamine not only provides an energy source for cells lining the intestine, vital for their integrity and peptide elements that help support local immune defences.

Saccharomyces cerevisiae CBS 493.94 is a European approved yeast for horse nutrition that is capable of remaining viable after intestinal passage to help support the intestinal flora of the hindgut. Content:

Cereals and vegetable oils, burdock, milk whey protein, Saccharomyces cerevisiae (CBS 493.94), sodium carbonate.

Recommended administration: Adult horses (standard size - 500kg): Routine use: Replace one meal per week (600g sachet or equivalent) Re-establishing intestinal equilibrium: 1 to 3 times a day (600g sachet or equivalent) meal replacement. SHOULD NOT BE ADMINISTERED DRY. Packaging:

9x600g (9 meal administrations for a 500 kg horse) 4kg (6-7 meal administrations for a 500 kg horse)

EQUISTRO® LEGAPHYTON Support during the regenerative period for a healthy return to full liver function EQUISTRO® LEGAPHYTON is an original formulation that

contains a patented milk thistle extract/phospholipid formulation (SILIPHOS®) that supports a healthy liver function. The liver can be considered as the chemical factory of the body and one of the most important and largest organs in your horse. When it is functioning correctly, it helps ensure that the horse is prepared regardless of the hurdle it comes up against…

The liver is under pressure more often than one realises … Infection


Recovery after intense exercice

Metabolic dysfunction

Young foals

• •

Obesity Aging horses

Intoxication and excretion

• • • •

Suboptimal liver function due to age

Gastrointestinal obstruction

Noxious plants Short and long term medication Post operative Post foaling related exposure

EQUISTRO® LEGAPHYTON is particularly recommended in situations where there is a heavy demand upon the liver: • During convalescence period • Noxious plant ingestion • Overweight ponies • Old horses Content:

SILIPHOS® = PPC/Silibin Phosphatidylcholine/Milk thistle fruit (Silybum marianum) extract (SILIPHOS®)

Recommended administration: Adult horses: Standard size (500kg): 1 scoop (30g) per day Foals/ponies : ½ scoop (15g) per day Administer for up to 6 months Seek veterinary advice before prolongation Packaging:

900g pot (30 days administration for a 500kg horse)

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