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Different Way, Best Way


Introduction Overview CEO Message Affiliate Companies

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Business Field Program Management Project & Construction Management Construction Supervision CM at Risk Environmental & Energy Consulting and Engineering Specialized Services

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Projects High-Rise / Residential Building Office / Research Building Housing / Residential Complex Commercial Building Public Facility Resort / Hotel Industrial Facility Infrastructure Power Plant Urban Development Medical / Religious Building

32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 49 49

Worldwide Offices

Worldwide Offices

HanmiGlobal Co., Ltd. (Tripoli Branch)


HanmiGlobal Saudi (LLC)

JVs & Branches

HanmiGlobal Iraq Co.,Ltd. (Erbil Branch)

Headquarter / Affiliate companies

HanmiGlobal India Private Ltd. HanmiGlobal Vietnam Co., Ltd. HanmiGlobal Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Russia Poland



Azerbaijan Palestine



Saudi Arabia Ethiopia Sierra Leone

Mongolia China (Shanghai) Uzbekistan

Iraq Kuwait

USA (L.A.) Korea

UAE Oman

Laos Myanmar

India Sri Lanka

USA (Hawaii)

Vietnam Philippines

Malaysia Singapore


Mexico Guatemala


Cambodia Colombia Ecuador

Indonesia East Timor

Australia Paraguay

Antarctica 4


Affiliate companies

HanmiGlobal Co., Ltd.

Countries where HG Implements Projects

JVs & Branches - China

Antarctica Australia Azerbaijan Belize Cambodia China Colombia East Timor Ecuador Ethiopia Guatemala Hungary India Indonesia Iraq Jamaica Jordan Kazakhstan Kuwait Laos

HanmiGlobal Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. HanmiGlobal Beijing Office

- Vietnam HanmiGlobal Vietnam Co., Ltd.

- Saudi Arabia HanmiGlobal Saudi (LLC)

- Libya HanmiGlobal Co., Ltd. (Tripoli Branch)

- India HanmiGlobal India Private Ltd.

- Iraq HanmiGlobal Co.,Ltd. (Erbil Branch)


Malaysia Libya Mexico Mongolia Myanmar Oman Palestine Paraguay Philippines Poland Russia Saudi Arabia Sierra Leone Singapore Sri Lanka UAE USA Uzbekistan Vietnam

What to expect from HanmiGlobal


High Quality Seoul World Cup Stadium that enraptured the country…Dogok-dong’s Tower Palace and the Samseong-dong I-Park, that injected excitement into the city’s skyline…the futuristic offices of SK T-Tower…northeast Asia’s future IT hub, Nuritkum Square… wherever there is a brilliant construction project, HanmiGlobal is there. With abundant professional expertise, depth of experience know-how, and global network, which our Clients would realize world-class construction of the best quality. HanmiGlobal is your trusted partner in creating your masterpiece.


Low Cost HanmiGlobal understands the importance of cost control on all construction projects. We aim to work with our Clients to reduce project costs at each stage of the project life cycle. During the planning stage we work with our Clients to truly understand their needs and to analyze the key cost components, paying special attention to areas where savings may be possible. During the design stage we conduct reviews to ensure that the design is optimized and ensure that what is being produced is checked in detail, paying specific attention to constructability issues. We also lead Value Engineering (VE) workshops to ensure further design optimization and minimize post-completion maintenance costs through Life Cycle Cost (LCC) analyses.



What to expect from HanmiGlobal


Satisfaction Up We at HanmiGlobal are happiest when our customers tell us, “HanmiGlobal is different.” We do not let ourselves become complacent, but take every opportunity to re-examine ourselves and intensify our readiness. We believe there is no end to creating customer value, because we believe there is always another way to create more value for our customer, we aspire to be amongst the world’s best. Each and every employee is committed to HanmiGlobal vision of excellence.


Worries Down When it comes to construction, it is vital to rely on trustworthy professionals. In terms of honesty and security, HanmiGlobal is the nation’s finest PM/CM company. Our capabilities have been verified and recognized repeatedly by performing over 1000 projects in Korea and around the world. In 2013, we were ranked on the 18th in the world (non-USA) by the American Engineering News-Record, which is unprecedented in the Korean engineering industry. Furthermore, all of our employees abide by strict ethical standards that prize transparency and fairness. Professionalism bolstered by integrity and transparency. When you have HanmiGlobal working on your projects, you can rest easy.



What to expect from HanmiGlobal



Maximizing Asset Value and Investment Return Cost reduction does not necessarily translate to increased asset value or improved return to the Client. Rather, true value is determined by the correlation between cost and utility. The ultimate goal of all services provided by HanmiGlobal is to maximize customer value. We are experts in representing our Client’s interests, managing your project as you would want it to be managed, and creating the most value with the least possible cost through our collective technical expertise, experience and know-how.


Minimizing Risks There are a multitude of risks inherent in all construction projects. These risks such as change in design may lead to substantial cost increase, conflict among project stakeholders, accidents, procurement issues and other serious concerns. HanmiGlobal prevent these issues from occuring through analysis, identification and planning. By doing so we actively manage risk and this enables us to respond in a planned and controlled manner, meaning our Clients can remain assured that projects under our management will remain on schedule and inline with budgets.


Introduction Overview CEO Message Affiliate Companies

S-Trenue 12



CEO Message

Dear Clients,

ㆍProgram & Construction Management Company HanmiGlobal is a Program & Construction Management consultancy specializing in providing technical expertise in the construction sector.

We at HanmiGlobal would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continued loyalty to our company. We firmly understand that your ongoing support is the reason why our company continues to grow and flourish.

ㆍProviding PM & CM Services Since 1996 Covering a wide range of development types including resort & leisure facilities, high-rise buildings, sports facilities, education/cultural facilities, and industrial developments.

The management vision for HanmiGlobal is to create a company that epitomizes our philosophy of “Excellent C ompany by E xcellent People”. This vision will be accomplished by all of our staff living our five core values of honesty, client, contribution, excellence and innovation. HanmiGlobal strives to differentiate itself through our values and our differentiation from others is summed up in our management motto of, “Different Way, Best Way”.

ㆍConstruction Cost Reduction, Time Shortening and Quality Improvement Our PM & CM service help to reduce construction cost construction time and quality improvement by actively managing project participants including architects, design consultants and contractors throughout the whole project cycle.

ㆍ18th TOP CM Company in the World HanmiGlobal is No.18th CM Company in the world(Except for USA) ranked by ENR Magazine in 2013. The company has also won the Korean Great Work Place award for the past 9 years.

ㆍNo.1 PM & CM company in Korea Since its establishment in 1996, HanmiGlobal has risen to become the No.1 PM & CM company in South Korea. HanmiGlobal has successfully integrated international engineering expertise into Asian and overseas markets by implementing over 1000 projects in Korea and worldwide.


Established as a joint venture with Parsons (Top CM Company in USA)

2003 - 2007 2009

We further differentiate our services by consistently researching and applying new and more efficient working methods. Above all we differentiate ourselves by understanding the needs of our Clients and working closely with them to deliver their projects to the high standards that they demand. Proactive and consistent Client communication is essential to achieve best results. HanmiGlobal’s systems are designed to maximize the effectiveness of communication between our Clients and our organization. Once again, we thank all of our Clients for their continued and consistent support. We commit to continue to provide a world class service to all who engage our services. Thank you.

HanmiGlobal was listed on the Korean Stock Exchange

2010 2011

Established Subsidiary Offices in China, Vietnam, India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Libya

By diversifying our PM/CM services to become a total service provider, HanmiGlobal adds value to our Clients by providing the additional services of project management, project development and environmental management.

Established JV company, Turner&Townsend Korea Jong-hoon Kim Chairman & CEO

Acquired OTAK (USA based Engineering firm)


Acquired Ecosian (an environmental consulting & engineering firm)



Affiliate Companies

Business Areas

Landscape Architecture Water Resources Survey & Mapping Architecture Planning & Urban Design Master Planning & Land Development Construction & Project Management Infrastructure & Utilities Transit Environmental Sciences Railroad & Bridge

Otak, Incorporated is an award-winning planning, design, and engineering firm with over 30 years’ experience serving publicand private-sector clients. Otak have nearly 225 professionals in eight locations in Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Colorado, and the United Arab Emirates, and Otak are an established leader in planning; public works; transit and transportation; commercial, industrial and mixed-use developments; and civic, institutional, and recreational projects. In June 2011, HanmiGlobal Co., Ltd. and Otak finalized a merger agreement, which created a global partnership with a shared commitment to sustainability and allows to offer global resources and a wider range of services to clients. Otak draws upon the diversity of in-house talents to find solutions that are innovative, cost-effective, and practical, as well as a commitment to strengthen communities. Otak employ experts in architecture, civil engineering, bridge design, construction management, public works, growth-management planning, GIS, landscape architecture, planning, surveying and mapping, urban design, visualization, and water and natural resources. Otak’s energetic and passionate staff is committed to collaboration to ensure that clients’ needs are met.



Affiliate Companies

Business Areas

Energy and Environmental Consulting Services Climate change adaptation strategies Consulting services to comply with GHG target management system Carbon credit trading Sustainable management Energy and Environmental management Carbon management Product environment analysis Product certification strategies

ICT System Establishment

Ecosian located in South Korea is an environmental consulting company offering consulting services on energy, environmental and sustainability management as well as climate change strategies. Since the establishment in 2001, Ecosian have made restless efforts to build a strong corporate foundation in the field of GHG and energy management consulting. At this moment Ecosian is the leading environmental and energy management consulting company in Korea.

Energy Solution Building certification Building Energy simulation Smart building management system Green IT Consulting Establishment of Low-Carbon Green Transportation System Security Solution Airlift Simulator Control System for Antisubmarine Warfare

Energy & Engineering Energy Audit ESCO (Energy Service Company)

Ecosian provides customized services on energy & engineering, consulting services and ICT system establishment in the fields of energy and environment. By conducting energy audit, Ecosian identifies sources of energy loss of industrial facilities and buildings, and proposes best solutions to reduce energy consumption to clients. Ecosian provides technological and financial means to clients to implement energy saving projects and recover the investment cost from the reduced energy consumption. Clearly identifying the strengths and weaknesses of clients, Ecosian provides strategic consulting advices in the field of climate change adaptation and compliance which actually work. Professionals present the blueprint of sustainable management and clean production process to our clients. Built upon expert’s extensive field experiences and knowledge, Ecosian IT services including building energy and energy certifications increase client's corporate values.



Affiliate Companies

Business Areas

Cost Management Contract Management Procure Management Risk Management Claim Management Lifecycle Costing Program Management Clients

Serving Korean businesses within and around Korea Turner & Townsend Korea delivers professional cost and contract management services to Korean and foreign investors in the Korean natural resources, infrastructure and property markets and to Korean clients seeking to invest and develop overseas.

GALE International Shell Government of Singapore Investment Homeplus Serveone Hotel Shilla Nissan Motor USKR Asset Management Chanel YH KEPCO Google McDonald Barclays Capital Bank of America Corporation

There are many risks and unknowns involved in the development process in both Korea and for Korean companies working abroad. Turner & Townsend Korea approach focuses on guiding clients through the process and helping to secure project success. This is supported by use of global tools and processes, a comprehensive Korean cost database, expert contract knowledge and commercial awareness that ensures accuracy and confidence in project outcomes. The Turner & Townsend Korea joint venture was formed to combine the Korean cost and construction knowledge and expertise of HanmiGlobal, one of the largest Construction Managers in Korea, with the worldwide best practice service delivery approach of Turner & Townsend. With over 2,700 staff available in 33 countries, the joint venture is able to provide a wide range of value added services anywhere in the world. In Asia, we are able to call upon 1,000 resources in 14 offices, making one of the largest and varied service delivery companies in the region.



Strategic Alliance & Partners

HanmiGlobal grew out of an original start up company, known as HanmiParsons Limited of which Parsons were a shareholder. Whilst the business has evolved to suit market conditions and the partnership is no longer in place, HanmiGlobal and Parsons retain strong ties and cooperate in selected Projects where the combination of the skill sets an knowledge of both companies combine to add value to our Clients.

Mitsubishi jisho Sekkei Inc. Japanese urban planning, architectural design, administration and general consulting firm

Business Field Project & Construction Management Construction Supervision CM at Risk Environmental & Energy Consulting and Engineering Specialized Services

China State Construction Engineering Corporation Construction and real estate conglomerate and contractor of building works

ERM Environmental resources management consulting company

Panchshil Realty Premier real estate developer

Shimizu Corporation Building, civil engineering, and construction (general contractor)

Rosenwasser-Grossman New York-based structural consulting engineering firm developed 2-Day Cycle System

Ove Arup

U.K.-based structural and civil engineering consulting firm

Daum Space. I 22


Program Management

Project & Construction Management

Your precious capital program requires our professional Program Management Services The new paradigm in construction industry is more complex, specialized, and enlarged. In order to adopt into this new paradigm, HanmiGlobal offers program management service for your precious project. Program management is applied when the project is composed of multiple projects and requires comprehensive management to accomplish the project objectives as a whole. We plan, standardize, organize, and manage overall work process to assure that all project units are efficiently integrated and carried out in accordance with the Client’s expectation.

We perform comprehensive Project and Construction Management through reflecting the Client’s perspective, our service always leads to enhancement of Client’s profitability As the first Korean company to adopt advanced PM and CM techniques, HanmiGlobal has been a consistent leader in the industry by combining systematic Project Management methods with advanced technology and construction methods. We have been making history with outstanding results in quality, time, cost, safety, and more. PM and CM services manage the entire project on behalf of the Client through involvement in every stage of the construction process: from planning to design, ordering, construction and maintenance. Our specialists offer comprehensive management to produce the finest construction within budget and time. In addition, as a project coordinator and mediator, we promote smooth communication flow between all project participants and help them to resolve any disputes.

Owner’s Inception

Feasibility Study


Program Management Project Management






Construction Management

Construction Supervision

Post-Construction Narional Institute of Nakdong Basin Biological Resources 24


Construction Supervision

CM at Risk

We supervise your site to make sure every component is in compliance with the requirements Construction supervision undertakes the responsibilities of a site manager, including overall specification review, quality control, testing, design and construction review, approvals, and more. HanmiGlobal performs CS to fulfill legally determined supervisory duties, helping to prevent poor construction and assure quality, safety, time, and cost of the project.

Experience a new level of satisfaction with a new CM strategy HanmiGlobal pro-actively pursues CM diversification strategies to lead changes in the field. During 2005, we introduced CMat-Risk, which assimilates conventional domestic CM methodology with advanced International CM methods. We differentiated our services by providing CM service during Pre-Construction stage and undertaking role of a contractor during Construction stage. This project delivery method enables open book policy 1), GMP 2), and Fast Track method 3) which lead to reduced cost and construction time, improved quality and transparency.

Pre-Construction Phase

Construction Phase




* Pre-construction CM

* At-Risk Contractor Sub-contractor

Designer by field


Designer by field


Designer by field


1) Open Book Policy : Agreement to view financial information relating to costs incurred in any part of the construction 2) GMP (Guaranteed Maximum Price) : Amount beyond which a client is not obligated to compensated the contractor 3) Fast Track Method : A method of project delivery in which the sequencing of construction activities enables some portions of the project to begin before the design in completed on other portions of the project.



Environmental & Energy Consulting and Engineering

HanmiGlobal provides environmental & energy consulting and engineering services in planning, design, construction, and maintenance stage. In the green building sector, we provide LEED certification & green building certification consulting, building energy optimization design, and energy remodeling design series based on energy simulation & optimization technology.

Specialized Services

We provide professional services that are customized to our Client’s requirements through allocation of best specialists to come up with the best solutions.

In the field of sustainable water resource management, we consult minimization of environmental impact and energy resource development with waste water treatment technology. We also provide low carbon-sustainable urban design services for green city developments. We have the best performance records and knowledge for environmental & energy consulting projects in Korea.

Feasibility study

Cost Management

The feasibility study uncovers and addresses risk factors and problems in relation to projects and closely examines conditions and targets necessary for the project to proceed.

HanmiGlobal eliminates

Quality Inspection Team (QIT)

By undertaking a project feasibility

QIT is a modern quality

study, the project guidelines

and safety management

are set and the chance

program that HanmiGlobal has

risk factors by carrying out cost projections from commencement

of success is increased.

through end of projects and protects

developed in cooperation with advanced foreign construction firms in

and secures clients' interests and

the wake of devastating construction

high investment profits.

accidents in Korea during mid-1990's. It prevents accidents by identifying problems in advance that may trigger the accidents, and devising preventive measures.

Specialized Services

HanmiGlobal, which has provided Due Diligence

LTA service enables lenders to identify,

services in a variety of projects, swiftly inspects,

understand and mitigate risks in projects,

investigates and evaluates all types of projects

and to make informed decisions that enhance the

including building structures and factory

value of their investments in projects.

facilities in the areas of civil, architectural,

HanmiGlobal provides lenders with a wide

structural, mechanical and electrical disciplines.

range of LTA services throughout the HanmiGlobal

whole project life cycle.

manages progress

Due Diligence

schedules in the construction phase purchase and procurement and decision-making schedules for the whole including project

Schedule Management

NHN Datacenter GAK which awarded "the worlds first" platinum grade on LEED 28


Lenders' Technical Advisory service (LTA)

Projects High-Rise / Residential Building Office / Research Building Housing / Residential Complex Commercial Building Public Facility Resort / Hotel Industrial Facility Infrastructure Power Plant Urban Development Medical / Religious Building

Southcape Owners Club 31

High-Rise Building / Residential Building

High-Rise / Residential Building

Haeundae Doosan Weve the Zenith

Haeundae I-Park

- Client : Doosan E&C - Location : Busan, Korea - Total Floor Area : 572,534 m² - Size : B5 - 80F

- Client : Hyundai Development - Location : Busan, Korea - Total Floor Area : 511,805 m² - Size : B6 - 72F

W - Client : IS Dongseo - Location : Busan, Korea - Total Floor Area : 489,800 m² - Size : B6 - 69F

Parc 1 - Client : Y22 Project Finance Investment Ltd. - Location : Seoul, Korea - Total Gross Floor Area : 627,637 m² - Size : B7 - 69F

Lotte Super Tower

- Client : Lotte Corporation - Location : Seoul, Korea - Total Floor Area : 726,524 m² - Size : B5 - 123F 32


Office / Research Building

Seocho Samsung Town

Office / Research Building

- Client : Samsung Electronics - Location : Seoul, Korea - Total Floor Area : 197,527 m² - Size : B8 - 43F 34

Seoul Square

SK-T Tower

- Client : K-R1 - Location : Seoul, Korea - Total Floor Area : 132,806 m² - Size : B2 - 23F

- Client : SK Telecom - Location : Seoul, Korea - Total Floor Area : 90,748 m² - Size : B6 - 33F

Center 1

Ferrum Tower

- Client : Glostar - Location : Seoul, Korea - Total Floor Area : 168,050 m² - Size : B8 - 32F

- Client : Dongkuk Steel Mill Co., Ltd. - Location : Seoul, Korea - Total Floor Area : 55,692 m² - Size : B6 - 28F 35

Housing / Residential Complex

Housing / Residential Complex

Libya Housing - Client : Housing & Infrastructure Board (HIB) - Location : Benghazi, Libya - Total Area : 8,000,000 m²

Central Star - Client : POSCO E&C - Location : Busan, Korea - Total Floor Area : 434,091 m² - Size : B5~58F

Tower Palace I, II, III - Client : Samsung Electronics (I), Heavy Industries (II), Life Insurance (III) - Location : Seoul, Korea - Total Floor Area : 457,995 m² (I), 296,641 m² (II), 227,449 m² (III) - Size : B5/B6 - 66F, 55F, 69F (3 units)

Songdo Central Park I, II - Client : Posco (I), Songdo international development (II) - Location : Incheon, Korea - Total Floor Area : 204,913 m² (I), 184,587 m² (II) - Size : B2~47F (I), 49F (II)

Songdo International Business District Development

- Client : Gale International Korea - Location : Incheon, Korea - Total Area : 5,520,661 m² 36


Commercial Building

Shinsegae Centum City UEC

Commercial Building

- Client : Shinsegae - Location : Busan, Korea - Total Floor Area : 288,843 m² - Size : B5 - 14F 38

D-Cube City

Songdo Canal Walk

- Client : Daesung Industry - Location : Seoul, Korea - Total Floor Area : 350,062 m² - Size : B8 - 51F

- Client : Gale International Korea - Location : Incheon, Korea - Total Floor Area : 54,725 m² - Size : B2 - 4F

Shinsegae HQ & Department Store

Alphadom City

- Client : Shinsegae - Location : Seoul, Korea - Total Floor Area : 117,229 m² - Size : B7 - 19F

- Client : Alphadom city - Location : Pangyo, Korea - Total Floor Area : 1,214,000 m² - Size : B4 - 20F 39

Public Facility

Public Facility

Jeju Aerospace Museum - Client : Jeju Free International City Development Center - Location : Jeju, Korea - Total Floor Area : 26,800 m² - Size : B1 - 3F

2010 Shanghai Expo Korea pavilion - Client : KOTRA - Location : Shanghai, China - Total Floor Area : 7,000 m² - Size : 3F

National Science Museum - Client : Ministry of Education and Science Technology - Location : Gwacheon, Korea - Total Floor Area : 45,925 m² - Size : B1 - 3F

Ecoplex - Client : Ministry of Environment - Location : Seocheon, Korea - Total Floor Area : 43,252 m² - Size : B1 - 4F

Seoul World Cup Stadium

- Client : Seoul Metropolitan government - Location : Seoul, Korea - Total Floor Area : 126,843 m² - Size : B1 - 6F 40


Resort / Hotel

Resort / Hotel

Marina Bay Sands Hotel - Client : Las Vegas Sands - Location : Singapore - Total Floor Area : 581,400 m² - Size : B5 - 57F (2,635 Hotel rooms)

Song Gia Complex Resort (Vietnam) - Client : AMB VINA Co., Ltd. - Location : Hai Pong, Vietnam - Total Area : 5,321,000 m² - Size : B1F - 7F (200 Condo rooms, 86 Villa)

Alpensia - Client : GDCO (Gangwondo Development Corporation) - Location : Pyungchang, Korea - Total Area : 4,919,568 m² - Usage : Golf Course & Villa, Resort Area, Winter Olympic & Ski Area

Venetian Macau - Client : Goldman Sachs - Location : Cotai, Macau - Total Floor Area : 963,690 m² - Size : B1 - 38F

Philippines Manila Bay Resort

- Client : Tiger Resort, Leisure and Entertainment - Location : Manila, Philippines - Total Floor Area : 1,333,200 m² 42


Industrial Facility

Industrial Facility

Hynix Semiconductor A Project - Client : Hynix Semiconductor Inc. - Location : Cheongju, Korea - Total Floor Area : 331,867 m²

Vietnam SEVT Factory - Client : Samsung Electronics Vietnam Thai Nguyen (SEVT) - Location : Thai Nguyen, Vietnam - Total Floor Area : 541,000 m²

Shenzhen SEG Samsung Glass Factory

- Client : Shenzhen SEG Samsung Glass Co., Ltd. - Location : Shenzhen, China - Total Floor Area : 359,913 m²

AmorePacific Skincare - Client : AmorePacific - Location : Osan, Korea - Total Floor Area : 157,087 m²

Exxon Mobile Gumi Factory - Client : Exxon Mobile - Location : Gumi, Korea - Total Floor Area : 228,493 m²

Tianjin Samsung Electronics Factory

- Client : Tianjin Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. - Location : Tianjin, China - Total Floor Area : 315,525 m² 44




Busan New Port Phase 1 - Client : Busan New Port Company (PNC) - Size : 9 berths, 39 buildings, dock 3,200 m Quay Crane, RMGC Phase 2-3 - Client : Busan Newport Container Terminal Company (BNCT) - Size : 4 berths, 12 buildings, dock 1,400 m Quay Crane, ARMGC

Hanjin TTI Grain Export Terminal - Client : Hanjin Shipping Co., Ltd. - Location : California, U.S.A - Size : Silo=Max 12,771 ton storage Transloading Lane=4 Lanes Transloading Capacity=2.2 million ton/year

MMHE Yard Optimization - Client : Malaysia Marine and Heavy Engineering - Location : Johor Bahru, Malaysia - Size : Dry Dock 385m x 80m, East Finger Pier Expansion

Geoga Bridge - Client : Daewoo Construction - Location : Busan, Korea - Size : 8.2 km/4 Lanes (Immersed tube tunnel L=3.7 km, Two pylons & Three pylons Cable Stayed Bridges L=3.5 km)

Oman Dry Dock

- Client : Oman Dry Dock Co., Ltd. - Location : Duqm, Oman - Total Floor Area : 1,156,000 m² - Size : Dry Dock 410 x 95 m, 410 x 80 m Dock 2,800 m, 36 Buildings (96,000 m²) 12 Cranes (100 tons, 80 tons, 40 tons) 46


Power Plant

Urban Development Dongducheon Combined Cycle Power Plant - Client : Kookmin Bank - Location : Dongducheon, Korea - Size : 1,880 MW (940 MW × 2)

Philippines Tarlac Biomass Power Plant - Client : JT Biovis - Location : Tarlac, Philippines - Size : 30 MW

Saudi Information Technology & Communication Complex (ITCC)

Jabal Omar Development Project Makkah Al Mukarramah

- Client : Public Pension Agency (PPA) - Location : Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Total Area : 1,136,369 m² - Usage : Hotel, Apartment, Office, Cultural Center, etc

- Client : Al Rajihi Capital (ARC) - Location : Makkah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Total Area : 1.98 Million m²

Medical / Religious Buildings Bukpyung Coal-Fired Power Plant - Client : STX Electric Power Co., Ltd. - Location : Bukpyung, Korea - Size : 500 MW × 2

Gimcheon Solar Power Plant - Client : Samsung Everland - Location : Gimcheon, Korea - Size : 20 MW


KFMC (King Fahad Medical City)

Oryun Church

- Client : KFMC (King Fahad Medical City) - Location : Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - Total Floor Area : 234,102 m² - Size : B2 - 11F

- Client : PCK Oryun Church - Location : Seoul, Korea - Total Floor Area : 14,452 m² - Size : B4 - 10F 49



HanmiGlobal Co., Ltd.

Affiliate Companies

9 th FL., City Air Tower Building, 36, Teheran-ro 87-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-973, Korea

- OTAK Inc.


- T & T Korea

808, SW 3rd Ave, Portland, OR 97204-2400, U.S. T +1-503-635-3618 F +1-503-635-5395

8th FL., Baeksang startower 1st, 65 Digitalro 9-gil, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea T +82-2-2621-9800 F +82-2-6111-7226

23th FL., City Air Tower Building, 36, Teheran-ro 87-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-973, Korea T +82-70-7118-2800 F +82-2-511-2150

T +82-2-3429-6300 F +82-2-3429-6363/4

JVs & Branches

[ China ] - HanmiGlobal Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Room 2602, Tower B, City Center of Shanghai No.100, Zunyi Road,Shanghai 200051, China T +86-21-6385-8713 F +86-21-6385-5907

[ Saudi Arabia ] - HanmiGlobal Saudi (LLC)

[ Vietnam ] - HanmiGlobal Vietnam Co., Ltd.

P.O.Box 230942, Riyadh 11321, Office No.11, Bldg No. 496, Takassusi Rahmanya District, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia T +966-1-293-8267 F +966-1-293-8265

173/36/12D 1 Duong Quang Ham, ward 5, Dist. Go Vap, HCMC, Vietnam T +84-98-996-4460

[ India ] - HanmiGlobal India Private Limited

- HanmiGlobal Beijing Office Room 1623, No.16, Guang Shun Nan Avenue, Chao Yang, Beijing 100102 T +86-10-847-4304

Tech Park 1. Tower "E", Yerwada, Pune 411006, Mahashutra state, India T +91-83-0841-7257

[ Libya ] - HanmiGlobal Co., Ltd (Tripoli Branch) The Villa in front of the Military Academy, Al Hadba Al Khadra, Tripoli, Libya T +218-91-466-6482