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Launch of AMPi, the Airport Engineering subsidiary 23 April 2015


Marseille Provence Airport officially launches AMPi, its subsidiary dedicated to airport consultancy, management and engineering activities. 30 years' experience in airport engineering Marseille Provence Airport (AMP) has been active in the fields of airport consultancy, engineering and management since 1988, making it the French regional airport with the most - and the broadest - expertise and experience in this field. Over the space of 30 years, AMP has carried out numerous engineering missions in France and abroad, particularly with the Sofréavia Group - now known as EGIS Airport Operation, a leading player in the sector on a worldwide scale. After becoming a limited company in June 2014, AMP decided to continue developing its engineering activities by creating a dedicated subsidiary, called AMPi (the "i" standing for the French word for engineering "ingénierie"). The CEO of the new company is Mr Patrice Escorihuela, who is also Administrative and Financial Director of AMP. Mr Denis Corsetti, Director of Operations at AMP, is General Manager of AMPi. "The know-how and the technical skills of teams at Marseille Provence Airport," explains Mr Pierre Régis, Chairman of AMP's Management Board, "have been recognised and exported to airports all over the globe - from Guadeloupe to Tahiti via Brazil and French-speaking Africa - for the past three decades. As a company that is still on a very human scale, we can offer our clientele tailor-made services at very short notice. Every solution that we provide is optimised to create maximum value for our clients, whilst catering for their operational and budgetary constraints. Our areas of expertise extend from basic airport company management to more complex issues of airport industry maintenance and IT processes."


Range of services AMPi offers the following services: 1. Auditing the processes and organisation of jobs at an airport (safety, runway security, quality, airport marketing, etc.) 2. Advice on optimising revenue and services offered to clients (financial and analytical management, "market economy investor" test, etc.) 3. On-site missions where applicable, Training on site or at AMP for airport employees (management, supervisors, 4. operators). Find out more about our services in Annex I.

NEW SERVICE IN 2015 Assistance with the implementation of European regulations pertaining to aviation safety As the pilot airport for the South-East of France, AMP worked for an entire year with the country's Department of Civil Aviation Safety (DSAC) on the question of certification by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). The project group featured 11 of AMP's experts in the following fields: • Airport regulations • European law • Airport infrastructures • Airport security • Aeronautical operations • Runway lighting • Human resources On the strength of this experience, AMPi can offer its clients a multi-skilled team to help compile EASA compliance applications and to put corrective actions in place.


Examples of international missions


Guadeloupe Airport

Belgium Airport

Pointe Noire Airport

Audit of Runway and Roads Department

Marketing survey of potential markets

Setting up a system for managing computer-assisted maintenance Wildlife hazard prevention

PRM audit Audit of Cleaning Department & drawing up documents for call for tenders from cleaning companies Hosting and training managers at Marseille Provence Airport (AMP)

Haiti Airport Airport concession study

Brazil Airport Hosting and training managers at Marseille Provence Airport (AMP)

Carcassonne Airport PAPI compliance study

Mission to help organise a congress on Liquefied Natural Gas Casablanca Airport Accounting audit

Assistance with opening a new terminal

Bamako Airport

Libreville Airport

Airport concession proposal

Operational assistance

Abidjan Airport

Hosting and training trainees at AMP

Quality audit Setting up ISO quality strategy

Tahiti Airport

Setting up dashboard

Audit of operating processes in management information system

Marseille Provence Cruise Terminal Audit of fleet of vehicles

Oran Airport

Information system audit Brazzaville Airport Wildlife hazard prevention

Hosting and training managers at AMP


Annex I – Description of Services 1 – Consultancy and assistance The range of consultancy and assistance services that we have provided since 2008 aims to cover all organisational and strategic aspects of running an airport: - Optimising control over operations, putting in place quality processes, and certification by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA): audits; advice on running activities, on sizing infrastructures and on setting up new services and products; assistance with the management of major events; guidance in obtaining ICAO and EASA certification and in introducing a quality policy. - Developing infrastructures, optimising the maintenance thereof, and upgrading facilities: assistance with contracting and "studies and works" processes; auditing technical facilities; deploying maintenance management tools; security studies and audits; consultancy in fire hazard prevention and in aircraft rescue and fire fighting (ARFF). - Advice on managing information systems - from telecommunications networks to all airport functions (check-in, boarding, information screens, etc.): audit of existing systems; analysis of operational needs; suggesting improvements; system architecture and security; helping to define specifications; deploying IT projects; etc. - Increasing traffic, attracting airlines, and optimising load factors on existing routes: analysing strengths and weaknesses; regional and international market intelligence; developing marketing strategies to increase the range of destinations with airlines and tour operators; marketing plans and media plans; analysing return on investment; diversifying non-aeronautical revenue; etc. - Optimising administrative and financial management and compliance with regulations: advice on organising management departments; accounting that complies with airport regulations; setting up management dashboards and indicators; creating advisory bodies for aeronautical fees; etc.

2 – Training for professionals in the airport business A catalogue of training courses has been compiled, covering most airport management positions, in order to complement the various missions described above. Many professionals wishing to perfect their training (from Brazil, Congo, Tahiti, Guadeloupe, etc.) have been hosted and supervised by colleagues at AMP.


Annex II – Biographies of AMPi Directors

Patrice Escorihuela - CEO of AMPi Administrative and Financial Director, Marseille Provence Airport Patrice Escorihuela joined AMP as Administrative and Financial Director in 2008. He has also headed the airport engineering consultancy company, AMPi, since it was founded in April 2015. Patrice Escorihuela has a total of 23 years' experience in Administration and Finance, firstly with Assystem from 1996 to 2001 and then with Onyx EST, a subsidiary of Veolia Environnement, where he was Administrative and Financial Director in Metz then Director of Operations in Rheims between 2006 and 2008. He is on the board of SEGAP (Société d’Exploitation et de Gestion Aéroportuaire) and lectures on airport pricing policies, cost control and cash flow management at IFURTA (Institut de Formation Universitaire et de Recherche du Transport Aérien). Patrice Escorihuela is a graduate of ESSEC and the Ecole Centrale de Lyon. He also has a post-graduate diploma (a DEA) in Materials Engineering. He speaks fluent French, English and Spanish.

Denis Corsetti - General Manager of AMPi Director of Operations, Marseille Provence Airport Denis Corsetti has been Director of Operations at Marseille Provence Airport since end 2000 and General Manager of Marseille Provence Airport's engineering subsidiary, AMPi, since April 2015. He began his career with Airbus Helicopters and SNCF, before joining Marseille Provence Airport in 1994 as Head of the Logistics Department. After shouldering various responsibilities in the Technical Department he moved on to the Operations Department, which he took over in 2000. Denis Corsetti runs courses on Airport Management at ENAC (Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile), at IFURTA (Institut de Formation Universitaire et de Recherche du Transport Aérien), and at the Toulouse Business School. He chaired the Facilitation-Safety Commission at ALFA-ACI (Association des Aéroports de Langue Française Associés within Airports Council International). He is currently on the board of 5 African airports. An engineer by training (ENSMM), Denis Corsetti also holds a Master's degree in management from ESSEC. Press contact: Audrey LE BLANC +33 (0)4 42 14 26 09 [email protected]