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Devon & Cornwall Police Record 1 Freedom of Information Act Request No: 004323/13 Please can you provide me with a list of ALL civilian roles (includ...
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Devon & Cornwall Police Record 1

Freedom of Information Act Request No: 004323/13 Please can you provide me with a list of ALL civilian roles (including the current Job Title) in the Devon & Cornwall Police with the salary grade and banding included.

The Finance Department have provided the following information: Job Title Abnormal Loads Clerk Accounting Technician Admin Assistant - PHU Admin. Asst/Typist/WP Admin. Asst/Typist/WP/Data Inputter Administration Assistant Administration Services Manager Administration Services Officer (Comms & N. Devon) Administration Services Specialist Support Manager Administrative Officers Administrator Administrator Air Support Manager Aircraft Engineer Airwave Development Manager Airwave Development Officer Airwave Service Support Officer Airwaves Technical Analyst Alarms Installer Alcohol Licensing Administrator Alcohol Licensing Officer Analyst

Grade SC5 SC6 S1/2 S1/2 S1/2 SC3 M1 SC5 SO2 SC3 S1/2 SC3 PSM3 SO1/2 M1/2 SO1/2 S5/6 SO1 SC4 S1/2 SC4 SO1/2 Page 1 of 16

Analyst (West) Analyst Manager Analytical Support Officer ANPR Technician Anti-Corruption Intelligence Support Anti-Social Behaviour Architectural Liaison Officer Architectural Liaison Team Leader Armourer Assessment Officer Assistant Assessment Officer Assistant Chief Executive Assistant Data Protection Officer Assistant Explosives Liaison Officer Assistant Firearms Licensing Officer (Operations)

M1 M1 S4/5 S3/4 SC5 SC6 SC5 SO1 SC6/SO1 SO1 SC5 PSM3 S4/5 S3/4 SC3

Assistant Freedom of Information Officer Assistant Project Manager Briefing Officer - IIMU Building Services Engineer Buildings Surveyor - Development Buildings Surveyor - Projects Business Advisor Business Change and Benefits Realisation Manager Business Manager Call Handler Call Handler (CDIB) Call Handler Supervisor Canine Development Officer Caretaker Case Consultant Case Finalisation Administrator Case Handler Case Owner Case Resulter Case Supervisor Case Supervisor Category Buyer Category Manager CDIB Supervisor Central Design Team Police Staff

S4/5 SO2 S2/3 M1 M1 M1 SO2 SO2 M3 S1/3 S1/3 SC5 SO1 SC1 SO2 SC3 S2/3 S2/3 SC3 SC5 SC6 SC6/SO1 M2/3 SC5 S4/5 Page 2 of 16

Central Referral Unit Central Submissions Officer Change Solutions Analyst Chargehand Mechanic Chief Constable EA Chief Executive Chief Officer Driver/Logistics Officer Chief Pilot Civil Contingency & Emergency Planning Officer Civil Contingency & Emergency Planning Manager Cleaner Clerk/Typist Client Services Manager Financial CMCU Trainer East CME Specialist Support Officer Collisions & CTU Manager Committee & Meetings Services Officer Communications Manager Communications Officer (BCU) Community Messaging Officer Community Placement Co-ordinator Community Speedwatch Co-ordinator Consultation Manager Contact Centre Manager Geographic ( East) Contact Services Manager

SC4 S3/5 SC SC6 SC6/SO1 Director SC3 PSM2 S5/6 SO1/2 SC1 S1/2 M1 S5/6 SO2 SC6/SO1 SO1 M3 SO1 SC3 SC4 SC4 M1 M1 M1

Contingency Planning Administrator Contracts & Procurement Manager Contracts Officer Contracts Support Co-ordinator Independent Custody Visiting Scheme Copy Bureau Operator/Receptionist Coroners Officer Corporate Systems Support Manager Covert Administration Officer Covert Systems/CIS Officer Crime & Incident Compliance Officer

SC4 M1/2 S6/SO1 S2/3 SC5 SC3 S5/6 M1/2 S4/5 S4/5 SC4

Crime Beat Co-ordinator Crime Investigator - Child Protection PIP1 Crime Prevention Officer

SC5 S5/6 SC5 Page 3 of 16

Crime Reduction Team Leader Crime Scene Co-ordinator Crime Scene Manager (Co-ordinator) Crime Scene Technician Crime Standards Officer Crime Standards Officer Criminal Cases Review Criminal Justice, Partnership and Commissioning Manager Criminal Records Officer Crown Court Information Officer Dangerous Offenders Officer Data Network CJX Officer Data Network Comms Officer Data Network Systems Officer Data Protection Auditor Data Protection Clerk Data Protection Officer Database Reporter DBS Disclosure Officer DBS Barring Officer DBS Disclosure Unit Manager DBS Team Leader DBS Vetting Officer Delivery & Liaison Manager (West) Deputy Chief Constable EA Deputy Force Crime & Incident Registrar Detention Officer Development Manager Digital Evidence Investigator (CIV) Digital Evidence Technician Digital Evidence Technician Director of Equality & Diversity Director of Finance & Resources Director of Legal Services Director of People & Leadership Director Scientific Services Disclosure / Exhibits Officer (Civil 2008) Disclosure Clerk Disclosure Manager Disclosure Officer

SO1 M1 M1 S3/4 S4/5 SC4 SO1 PSM1 SC4 SC3 SC5 SO2/M1 SO2/M1 SO2/M1 SC5 SC2 SO1/2 SC6 SC6 SC4 SO1/2 SC4 SC3 M1 SC6/SO1 SO1 S3/4 PSM1 SC6/SO1 S3/4 SC6 55% of ACC Director Director Director PSM1/2 SC6 SC3 SO1/2 SC3 Page 4 of 16

Disclosure Officer Disclosure Officer (Intelligence) Diversity Officer Dog Training Instructor Dog Unit Manager Dog Unit Trainer Domestic Abuse Support Investigation Officer Driver Trainer & Firearms Training Co-ordinator Drug & Alcohol Pushpins Support Officer Drug Store Administrator Drug Store Officer DSU Researcher Employee Relations Manager Employee Relations Specialist Employee Relations Specialist JE Energy Officer Engagement and Volunteer Manager Engagement and Volunteer Officer Engineering Administrator/Receptionist e-Procurement Systems Administrator e-Procurement Systems Administrators Assistant Equal Opportunities & Diversity Officer ERP Systems Administrator ERP Systems Manager ERP Systems Specialist Estate Programme Manager Estates Facilities Manager Evaluator Events Planning Officer Events Planning Officer Evidence Enhancement Technician Exchequer Administrator Exchequer Advisor Exchequer Team Leader Executive Assistant Exercise Facilities Manager Explosives Liaison Officer Extended Police Family Support Officer External Communications Manager External Communications Support Officer

SC4 SC5 SC5 SO1 SO1/2 S6/SO1 S5/6 SC5 SC6 SC3 SC3 S3/4 M3 M1 M1 SO2 PSM1 SO2 S3/4 SO1/2 S4/5 SO2 SC5 M3 SO2 PSM1 M1 SO1/2 SC4 SC5 SC5/SO1 SC3 SC4 SC5 SC5 SO2 S5/6 SC6 PSM1 SC6 Page 5 of 16

Facilities Officer Facilities Supervisor (HQ) FCC Call Handler FCC Supervisor FIB Desk Officer FIC Intelligence Officer File Handler Film Processing Technician Film/Video Technician Film/Viewer & Data Input Finance Advisor Finance Manager (Policy) Finance Support Officer Financial Investigation Officer Financial Investigator Intell Fingerprint Expert Firearms Enquiry Officer Firearms Explosives Licensing Manager Firearms Licensing Administrator Firearms Licensing Officer (Admin and IT) Firearms Licensing Officer (Operations) Firearms Licensing Officer Admin, IT & Operations FNCB Operator Force Visor Co-ordinator Force CICA Liaison Officer Force Contact Centre Performance Manager Force Co-ordinator - Specials Force Crime Registrar Force Data Manager Force Information Assurance Manager and Accreditor Force Learning and Development Manager Force Legal Advisor Force Media Manager Force Network Manager Force Nursing Adviser Force Performance Analyst Force Recovery Scheme Administrator Force Tasking Co-ordinator Force Vetting Manager Forensic Examination Manager (MTC)

SO1 SC5 S1/3 SC5 SC5 SC5 S1/2 SC3 S2/3 SC3 SC4 M1 SC4 SC6/SO1 SO1 SO1 S5/6 SO1/2 S1/2 S4/5 S4/5 S4/5 SC4 SC5 S1/2 SC5 SO1 M1/2 SO1/2 M2 PSM1 M1/2 M1 M2 Nursing Bands SO1/2 SC4 SC4 PSM1 M1 Page 6 of 16

Forensic Vehicle Examiner Forms Design & Publications Officer FSG Diving Maintenance Officer Generic Trainer Generic Training Supervisor Geographic Officer Safety Trainer (East) Geographic Trainer (East) GI Assistant GI Team Leader GMB Union Representative Graphic Assistant Graphic Designer GRS System Administrator Head of Business Accounting Head of Corporate Communications Head of Estates Head of Finance & Business Support Services Head of ICT Service Management Head of Information Management Head of Leadership & Organisation Development (OD) Head of People Management and Learning Head of Performance & Analysis Head of Regional Procurement Head of Scientific Services Head of Technical Accounting Health & Safety Advisor Health & Safety Manager HMIC Liaison and Database Officer Holmes 2 Indexer HR Administrator (Operations) HR Administrator (Resourcing) HR Advisor - Organisational Development HR Advisor (Operations) HR Business Partner HR Operations Team Leader Human Resources Operations Manager ID Approved Person Identification Co-ordinator Indexer (Civ) Information Assurance Accreditation and Standards Officer

SO1/2 S3/4 SC5 SC6 SO2 S5/6 S5/6 S1/3 SC4 S5/6 S3/4 SC4 SO1 PSM1 PSM3 PSM3 Extended Pay Points M3/PSM1 M3 PSM1 Extended Pay Points PSM2 PSM3 M3 PSM1 SC6 M2 SC6 SC5 SC3 SC3 SC4 SC5 M3 SO2 M3 SC6 SC3 SC5 SC5 Page 7 of 16

Information Assurance Compliance and Assurance Officer Information Assurance Systems Officer Information Reviewer Integrated Offender Management Officer Intelligence Management Officer Intelligence Officer Intelligence Officer Intelligence Officer Supvsr Intelligence Standards Officer Internal Audit Manager Internal Communications Manager Internal Communications Support Officer Investigative Researcher JIC Investigative Support Officer Investigator (Accredited Financial) (MTC) IT & Office Manager- Special Branch IT Liaison Officer IT Services Liaison Manager ITIL Service Delivery Manager Job Evaluation & Equal Pay Manager Job Evaluation Administrator Job Evaluation Manager Joint National Police/DoH Project Board Advisor Kennel Person Key Worker L&D Advisor L&D Team Leader LCJB Manager Leadership Facilitator Learning & Development Administrator Legal Administrator Legal Services Practice Manager Licensing Clerk Licensing Support Officer Line Pilot Local Resilience Forum Secretariat Co-Ordinator Maintenance Surveyor Major Crime Typist Major Incident Room Manager (Civ) Management Accountant

SC5 SC5 S3/4 SC5 SC5 S4/5 SC5 SC6 S3/4 M2 M2 SC6 S3/4 SC6 SC6/SO1 SO2 SC5 SC6 M1 M3 SC5 M3 M3 SC1 SC3 SC4 SO1 M1/2 SO2 SC3 SC3 SO1 S1/2 SC6 PSM1 SO1/2 SO2 S1/2 SO1 M1 Page 8 of 16

MAPPA Administrator Mapping/GIS and Digitisation Administrator Media Services Officer Mental Health and Welfare Advisor Mental Health Public Protection MIR Office Manager CIV Misconduct Administration Officer Misconduct Case Progression Officer Misconduct Investigator MIST Advisor MIST Graphics Police Staff Off MIST Manager MO Coder Museum Curator Network Services Support Officer Notifiable Occupations Co-ordinator Office Clerk Office Manager Officer Safety Trainer Officer Safety/First Aid Operational Analyst Operational Intelligence Analyst Operational Intelligence Analyst (CT) Operational Intelligence Analyst Manager Ops System Support Administrator Ops System Support Analyst Organisational Development Manager Paralegal Pay and Reward Manager Payroll & Pensions Manager Payroll Administrator Payroll Advisor Payroll Supervisor Payroll Team Leader (Payroll Control & Claims) Payroll Team Leader (Variations & Pensions for Officers and Staff) People Services Centre Manager Performance Analysis Manager Performance Analyst Performance Management and Customer Service Manager Performance Manager

SC4 SC3 SO1/2 SO1 SC6/SO1 SO1 SC5 SC6 SO1 SC6 SC5 M1 S2/3 SC6/SO1 SC5 SC4 S1/2 M1 S5/6 S5/6 SO1/2 SO1/2 SO1/2 M1 S3/4 SO2/M1 M3 SC5 M1 M1 SC3 SC4 SO1 SC6 SC6 PSM1 M2 SO1/2 PSM1 SO2 Page 9 of 16

Performance Monitor Officer Performance Officer Personal Assistant to Chief Executive Personal Assistant to the PCC Personal Assistant to the Treasurer Personal Safety Trainer Photographic Librarian Photographic Officer Pilot - (DAAT) Planning and Performance Manager PNC - Warrants - IIMU (E) PNC Manager Police Community Support Officer Police Enquiry Officer Police Enquiry Officer Supervisor Policy & Working Practices Officer Policy Officer Postal Clerk PPO Researcher PPO Researcher PPU Information Reviewer & Researcher PPU Intelligence Officer PR & Campaigns Officer Practice Manager Principal Investigating Officer - Collisions Unit Printroom Assistant (LITHO) Printroom Assistant Finishing Printroom Supervisor Prisoner Imaging Administrator Prisoner Imaging Officer (MTC) Process & Technology Consultant Procurement Administrator Procurement Assistant Programme Delivery Manager Programme Officer Project Administrator UNIFI Project Manager Project Support Office Manager Project Support Officer Project Support Officer (Unifi)

SC6 SO2 SO1/2 SC5 SC6 SC6 SC4 SC3/SO1 PSM1 M1 S2/3 SO2/M1 SC4 SC3 SC4 S4/5 M1 S1/2 S1/2 S3/4 SC5 SC5 SO2 M2 M3 S3/4 S1/2 S5/6 SC3 SC5 SO2 SC3 SC3 PSM3 SC5 SC3 M1/2 SO2 S3/4 S3/4 Page 10 of 16

Prolific & Priority Scheme Development Officer Prolific Offenders Unit Researcher Property Manager Property Officer Property Store Team Leader (East) Purchasing and Exchequer Manager Purchasing Hub Team Leader QA & Development Officer QA & Development Officer - Facilities QA & Development Support Advisor Quality Assurance Advisor Quality Officer Radio Supervisor Range Warden Record Management Administrator Records Manager Red Box Administrator Regional Analyst Regional Support Analyst Source & Covert Repairs Desk Advisor Repairs Desk Team Leader Reprographics Manager Researcher Researcher - IIMU Researcher - PREVENT Resource Deployment Officer Resourcing Advisor Resourcing Manager Resourcing Team Leader RIPA Field Officer Risk Assessment Officer RMU Officer RMU Planner ROTI Assistant Supervisor Safety Camera Unit Manager Scanning Op/Bureau Supervisor Scenes of Crime Administrator Scenes of Crime Officer Scheduling Officer Scientific Support Performance Manager

S4/5 S3/4 M3 SC3 SC4 SO1 SC4 SO2 SC6 SC4 SO2 SC3 SC5 SC3 SC3 SO1 SC3 SO1/2 SO2 SC3 SC5 M1 S3/4 S3/4 S3/4 S3/4 SC4 M2 SO1 SO1 SC5 SO1 SC3 SC4 SO1/2 SC6 SC4 SC5/SO1 SC3 S4/5 Page 11 of 16

Security Systems Officer Senior Category Buyer Senior Contracts Officer Senior Coroners Officer Senior Detention Officer Senior Firearms Enquiry Officer Senior Firearms Licensing Administrator Senior Force Legal Advisor Senior Force Medical Advisor Senior Fraud Investigator Senior Information Assurance Officer Senior Printroom Assistant (LITHO) Senior Records Management Administrator Senior Scanning/Mapping Assistant Senior SOCO Senior SOCO Senior Tenprint Officer Sensitive Video Edit Officer Service Delivery Manager Service Manager Single Point of Contact Manager Single Point of Contact Officer Solutions Analyst Manager Specialist Driving Instructor Speed Detection Officer SSU Admin Officer Storekeeper Stores Manager Stores Team Leader Strategic Analyst Strategic Harm Reduction Analyst Strategic Meeting Administrator Strategic Support Manager Strategic Support Officer Strategy and Planning Manager Strategy and Policy Support Officer Supervisor (FNCB) Support Officer Special Branch System Admin - NSPIS Case Prep System Admin - NSPIS Custody

SC5 M1 SO2/M1 SO1 S4/5 SO1 S2/3 M3 Vacant SO1/2 M1 S3/4 SC4 SC5 SC5/SO1 SO2 SC5 SC5 M2 SO1 SO1 SC5 M1/2 SO1 SC4 SC3 S3/4 SO2 SC5 SO1/2 SO1/2 SC5 SO2 S4/5 PSM1 SC6 SC6 SC4 SC6 SC6 Page 12 of 16

TAG Diving Maintenance Officer Tailor Tape Summariser Team Leader Team Leader Team Leader Nat ID Database Team Leader Identification Development Team Leader Identification SOC Team Leader Imaging Technical Analyst Technical Support/Analyst Technical Web Developer Telecoms Network Manager Telecoms Network Officer Telephone Survey & Consultant Assistant Telephone Survey Supervisor Temporary Administrator COG Support Tenprint Officer Tenprint Technician Training & Development Co-ordinator Transport Impairment Officer Transport Manager Transport Services Administration Officer Trauma Risk Management Co-ordinator Treasurer Tripartite Trade Union Representative TSU Engineer TSU Officer TSU Team Leader Unison Branch Chair Unison Branch Secretary Unit Co-ordinator Unit Supervisor Vehicle Investigation Officer Vehicle Technician Vetting Officer Vetting Officer VPU Supervisor Warrants/PNC Clerk WARSOU - Supervisor

SC5 SC3 SC3 SC3 SC4 SO2 SO2 SO2 SO2 M1 SO1/2 SO1/2 M1/2 SC6 SC3 SC6 SC3 S2/3 S3/4 SO1 SO1/2 M3 S4/5 M1 Extended Pay Points SC4 S4/5 SC5/SO1 SO2 SC3 SC3 SO2 SC6 SC3 S4/5 SC6 SC6 S5/6 SC3 SO1 Page 13 of 16

Web Design & Digital Media Officer Web Designer Wellness Manager Witness Care & Courts Manager Witness Care Manager Witness Care Officer Witness Care Supervisor Word Processing Keyworker Workforce Planning Specialist Workshop Assistant WP & ROTI Manager Youth Issues Strategic Support Officer Zephyr Serious & Organised Crime Surveillance Officer Zephyr Serious and Organised Crime Investigation Officer

SC4/5 SO1/2 M1 SO1 SC6/SO1 SC3 SC4 SC3 M1 SC1 SC6/SO1 S4/5 SC6 SC6

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Devon and Cornwall Police - Staff Annual Salary Bands (01 September 2012) Scale 1 SC P 7 7a 8 8a 9 10

01-Sep-12 Deleted Deleted Deleted Ä 14,779 Ä 15,163

Scale 4 SC P 18 19 20 21

Ä 15,595

11 12 13

01-Sep-12 Ä 16,024 Ä 16,414 Ä 16,801

14 15 16

01-Sep-12 Ä 17,188 Ä 17,566 Ä 17,953

01-Sep-12 Ä 28,947 Ä 29,784 Ä 30,633

Scale 5 SC P 22 23 24 25

Scale 3 SC P

01-Sep-12 Ä 26,394 Ä 27,267 Ä 28,107 SO2

SC P 32 33 34

Scale 2 SC P

01-Sep-12 Ä 18,721 Ä 19,378 Ä 20,020 Ä 20,734

SO1 SC P 29 30 31

01-Sep-12 Ä 21,099 Ä 21,747 Ä 22,392 Ä 23,046

M1 SC P 34 35 36 37 38 39

01-Sep-12 Ä 30,633 Ä 31,437 Ä 32,226 Ä 33,033 Ä 34,005 Ä 35,076

Scale 6 SC P 26 27 28

01-Sep-12 Ä 23,799 Ä 24,606 Ä 25,449

SC P 40 41

M3 SC P 45 46 47 48 49

01-Sep-12 Ä 40,755 Ä 41,697 Ä 42,639 Ä 43,581 Ä 44,526


Ä 45,507

Nursing Bands 5 Ä 21,176 5 Ä 21,798 5

Ä 22,676

5 5 5,6 5,6 5,6 6 6 6,7

Ä 23,589 Ä 24,554 Ä 25,528 Ä 26,556 Ä 27,625 Ä 28,470 Ä 29,464 Ä 30,460

PSM 1 SC P 46 47 48 49 50

01-Sep-12 Ä 41,697 Ä 42,639 Ä 43,581 Ä 44,526 Ä 45,507

51 52 53

Ä 47,364 Ä 48,873 Ä 50,418 PSM 2

PSM 4 SC P 58 59 60 61 62

01-Sep-12 Ä 58,941 Ä 60,819 Ä 62,454 Ä 64,395 Ä 66,345

Extended Pay Points a Ä 68,335 b Ä 70,385




Ä 74,166

52 53 54 55 56

Ä 48,774 Ä 50,418 Ä 52,011 Ä 53,676 Ä 55,368

d e f g h i

Ä 74,685 Ä 76,925 Ä 79,232 Ä 81,609 Ä 82,263 Ä 84,730




Ä 31,454


01-Sep-12 Ä 36,030 Ä 36,963

6,7 6,7 7

Ä 32,573 Ä 34,189 Ä 35,184

55 56 57




Ä 86,190

Ä 53,676 Ä 55,368 Ä 57,129

2 3 4

Ä 89,064 Ä 91,941 Ä 94,809

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Ä 18,343

42 43 44 45

Ä 37,908 Ä 38,862 Ä 39,807 Ä 40,755

7 7 7 7

Ä 36,303 Ä 37,545 Ä 38,851 Ä 40,157

58 59

Ä 58,941 Ä 60,819

5 6

Ä 97,686 Ä 100,557

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