Developing young leaders Supporting new thinking Creating a shared future

Developing young leaders Supporting new thinking Creating a shared future Annual Report 2012 Washington Ireland Program / Annual Report 2012 / 1 Co...
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Developing young leaders Supporting new thinking Creating a shared future Annual Report 2012

Washington Ireland Program / Annual Report 2012 / 1


Letter from the Chairperson Executive Summary An Appreciation: Hillary Rodham Clinton Chapter 1 WIP Organization & Governance Chapter 2 The WIP Class of 2012

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Chapter 3 15 Host Families Chapter 4 WIP Alumni Community 16 Chapter 5 Key WIP Activities & Events in 2012 18

2 / Washington Ireland Program / Annual Report 2012

Kevin J. Sullivan Letter from the Chairperson

For over 18 years, the Washington Ireland Program (WIP) has offered an outstanding and diverse group of university students the first stepping-stone to becoming part of a rising generation of Irish and Northern Irish leaders. We have asked them to look past the sectarian divides that have held Northern Ireland back for too long and to imagine an Ireland and Northern Ireland in a new, modern cross border context. This is not an easy task. The Republic continues to face difficult economic challenges and Northern Ireland is still struggling to find a way to talk about its past and indeed, to have a conversation about its future. The recent Loyalist flag protests and riots in Belfast and the release of the McAleese report on the Magdalene laundries remind Ireland of its difficulties in coming to terms with its past. Finding solutions to these challenges is becoming more complex with a new generation of young Irish people required to emigrate to find work.  It is with this context that we challenge each new class to consider the future of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Equally important, we seek to support our 475 alumni who represent a rising generation of leaders. Their ascendency comes at a critical moment in the history of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The demand to be part of WIP remains overwhelming with 346 students applying to be part of the Class of 2012. Our summer program in Washington, D.C. is gaining prestige and popularity. We offered a wide variety of internships in Congressional offices, federal agencies, newsrooms, nonprofits and businesses. This gave the Class of 2012 the opportunity to develop the skills it needs to address the urgent challenges of a post-conflict Ireland, from its economic woes to its ongoing sectarian divides. The Class of 2012 produced the second annual WIP papers exploring some of the most significant issues facing their communities. Focusing on the areas of Irish Constitutional reform, the shared future of Northern Ireland and how third level education facilitates social and economic renewal, the classes’ executive summaries were presented to members of both the Irish government and the Northern Irish Executive. Alumni engagement is expanding with regular events hosted in Dublin and Belfast.

WIP could not do the work it does without our network of partners: government, university, nonprofit, and corporate friends who support us in so many ways. This network has expanded steadily over the years. In particular, I would like to welcome the Institutes of Technology, Ireland and the University of Liverpool, who joined our University Partnership program this year. The future of WIP lies in the hands of our supporters and friends. You provide internships, homes for our students and financial support. In all these roles, your help allows WIP’s young emerging leaders take on leadership roles in diverse fields, from public policy and journalism to business and advocacy. To all our supporters, partners, host families, volunteers and friends, thank you. We hope you will stay with us into the future as we continue to support Ireland and Northern Ireland’s leaders of tomorrow. Kevin J. Sullivan Chairman of the Board

Washington Ireland Program / Annual Report 2012 / 1

Executive Summary

WIP is a unique nonprofit organization that fosters the next generation of emerging leaders in Northern Ireland and Ireland. For nearly two decades, WIP has helped prepare an outstanding and diverse group of university students to become a new generation of leaders dedicated to public service and peace on the island of Ireland. University students selected to participate in WIP, travel from Ireland and Northern Ireland to face a unique and challenging two-month leadership course in Washington, D.C. The leadership curriculum includes professional development training from Accenture, master classes with leaders from Academia, Business, Diplomacy and the Sciences, and policy development on important issues relating to the issues facing Ireland and Northern Ireland. As part of the experience, students undertake a demanding internship in various roles that will help train them for roles as leaders of a peaceful

and prosperous Northern Ireland and Ireland. Past students have interned with then Senator Hillary Clinton, Senator John McCain, then Senator Barack Obama, the Library of Congress, the Environmental Protection Agency, the American Chemistry Council, Habitat for Humanity, the Vietnam Veterans of America, the World Bank, the Embassy of Ireland, the Northern Ireland Bureau, ABC, CNN and C-SPAN.

Professional development courses, networking opportunities, leadership dinners, fundraising and social events and a mentoring scheme are some of the activities WIP Alumni engage in. Our 475 alumni now represent a rising generation of leaders committed to service, peace and prosperity in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

As part of WIP’s commitment to service and leadership, each student also completes a thirty-hour public service placement in their local community before departing for D.C. The students also participate in projects while in D.C., giving back to the local community. The WIP program culminates with the Graduation ceremony in September. Upon graduation, WIP students join the WIP Alumni Community – an active and vibrant network of young professionals based in Ireland, Northern Ireland and across the globe.

2 / Washington Ireland Program / Annual Report 2012

Pictured above: The graduates of 2012 gather on the steps of Capitol Hill in Washington.

An Appreciation: Hillary Rodham Clinton

Over the course of a decade eleven WIP interns had the exceptional opportunity to work for Hillary Rodham Clinton in her capacity as First Lady and U.S. Senator for New York. The relationship first began in 1998 when two WIP interns worked at the White House and the internships continued throughout the years. Her former WIP interns have also had the opportunity to meet her when she returned to Belfast in 2010 and 2012. WIP would very much like to extend its deep appreciation to the former Secretary for her long standing commitment to the people of Northern Ireland and Ireland and for her enduring support for WIP. The then Secretary made a special point on her last visit to Belfast to meet with her former interns and to recognize Sharon Haughey (2003), who is now the Lord Mayor of Armagh, Northern Ireland.

“Many of WIP’s four hundred alumni are now emerging as a new generation of leaders committed to peace, stability and prosperity in both Northern Ireland and the Republic.” Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Pictured above: Noel Rock, Caroline McNeill, Secretary Clinton, Sharon Haughey, Aoibhin O’Hare, Bryan Patten.

Washington Ireland Program / Annual Report 2012 / 3

Chapter 1 WIP Organization & Governance

1.1 / WIP Board & Executive


2012 marked a substantial transition in Board membership as seven long time members completed their terms of office and seven new members joined. WIP owes a great deal of thanks to Claudia Corcoran, Shane Carmichael, Timothy Curry, Joyce Flynn, Breidge Gadd, Holly Hassett and Terry O’Sullivan. Joyce and Terry were very strong links to the American Labor movement, Claudia was and remains a substantial funder and helped to launch the Celtic Cup. Holly Hassett along with Breidge Gadd helped in the WIP class selection process and Timothy was a link to our younger generation of supporters. For many years Shane has been the voice of our Alumni on the Board. A special thanks is owed to Breidge Gadd who chaired our Ireland Committee for many years. WIP also welcomed seven new board members, including two WIP alumni: John Buscher Senior Vice President, Forbes & Tate. John has been a senior lobbyist on Capitol Hill, focusing on IT and transport

issues, for the past 20 years. From his time as Director of Government Relations for United Airlines, he was an early and active supporter for President Obama’s first Senate campaign. Jim Carroll, Senior Director of Government Relations, Accenture. Jim has led Accenture’s Government Relations work in DC for the past 10 years. A long-time supporter of WIP, he has been instrumental in securing Accenture’s internal training for WIP students and Alumni. Professor Roger Downer, Ret. President of University of Limerick. Roger is a respected academic and educator, having led both the Asian Institute of Technology and the University of Limerick. A Trustee of the All Ireland Scholarships, he has helped WIP in identifying talented students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Kevin Moran, American Chemistry Council Kevin is the Executive Director of the ACC’s Rare Earth Minerals Consortium. Previous to his work at the ACC, Kevin was the Director of Programs

4 / Washington Ireland Program / Annual Report 2012

for the Bipartisan Policy Center and Executive Director of the Western Governor’s Association. Dr. Duncan Morrow, University of Ulster Duncan recently joined the University of Ulster to lead their community outreach. Duncan previously led Northern Ireland’s Community Relations Council as their CEO for 12 years, providing a strong voice on the issues around a ‘Shared Future’. Heather McCormick, WIP Class of 2008: Heather is a graduate of the University of Edinburgh, and has worked in Stormont for Chris Lyttle MLA (Alliance) and in Westminster for Alistair Burt MP (Conservative). She is currently a Global Proposal Writer for Accenture in their Belfast Office. Chris Bollard, WIP Class of 2005: Chris is an Associate Solicitor at Arthur Cox, Dublin. He has previously worked for the University of Malawi and the Irish Government’s Department of Communications. He currently acts as a mentor for new technology companies in Dublin through “Startupbootcamp”.

WIP’S Board of Directors

Ellen Motley, Director of Operations:

WIP Patron’s Committee Carol Wheeler, Founder and Co-Chair of the Patrons’ Committee, Susan Davis, Co-Chair, Oakley Brooks, Manus Conney, Jerry Easom, Jerry Hogan, Joe & Lynne Horning, Jim Kennedy, Ambassador James C. Kenny, Peggy O’Beirne, Ron & Patti Rosenfeld, Ali and Mark Russell, Mary Anne Sullivan, Mark Tuohey

WIP Ireland Committee

1.2 / University and

Government Partners

Founder Carol Wheeler, Kevin J. Sullivan - Chairman, Frank Cantrel, Jr.- Vice Chair, B.R.McConnon III - Treasurer, Jim Boland, Chris Bollard, John Buscher, Jim Carroll, Prof. Roger Downer, Kristen Leary, Patrick McDermott, Heather McCormick, Kevin Moran, Paul Quinn, Anne Shields, Jim Walsh.

Ellen has been with the program for four years and has primary responsibility for the Celtic Chef event, Celtic Cup event and the daily administrative operations of the program.

WIP is delighted to announce two new Partners, the University of Liverpool and the Institutes of Technology, Ireland.   Liverpool has a strong association with the island of Ireland, and the University hosts a leading Institute of Irish Studies.  The IOTI is the representative body for 13 of Ireland’s Institutes of Technology, based from Donegal to Kerry.  These two new partnerships significantly increase WIP’s reach to students studying in Great Britain and those taking technical degrees across Ireland.

WIP welcomes new Leadership Director

Breidge Gadd, Chair, Patrick McDermott, Sheila Davidson, Kathryn Walls, Frank Kennedy, Nuala O’Neill, Maria O’Loan, Shane Carmichael, Denis Wilson, Wilson Matthews, Gary Mills and Bill Nolan

The Staff of the Washington Ireland Program Bryan Patten: Executive Director:

A graduate of Trinity College in Dublin, Bryan was one of the co-founders of Suas, an educational non-profit supporting education in India and Kenya. This is Bryan’s third year as the Executive Director of the program. Bryan has significant roots in Mayo and is based in Dublin.

The Program is pleased to appoint Michael Duvall as its new Director of the Leadership Development in our D.C. Office. Mike has a B.A. in Religious Studies from the College of Wooster and a Masters of Philosophy from Trinity College’s in Dublin with a focus on Philosophy, Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation. Mike has spent 10 years working for various education and peace building programs.

1.3 / Corporate and

Non-Profit Sponsors

Pictured opposite: Kristin Leary, Ambassador Collins, Holly Hassett & Tim Curry.

Washington Ireland Program / Annual Report 2012 / 5

1.4 / External Evaluation of WIP

In August 2012 WIP contracted Pamela Montgomery, the former head of Atlantic Philanthropies Northern Ireland office, to do a comprehensive evaluation of the program. Among the highlights: • WIP is delivering on its objectives of facilitating the development of the leadership, professional and networking skill base of young leaders in Northern Ireland and Ireland and deepening understanding of relations between both parts of the island of Ireland • There is evidence that young leaders leave the WIP program with new perspectives on old issues, international, cross-border and cross-community frames of reference, which in turn broadens horizons and the confidence and selfawareness to make a difference in their communities

• WIP employs a leadership curriculum which incorporates elements of good practice in leadership development including mentoring, action learning and networking • The program design would benefit from and should be informed by a more clearly articulated vision of what societal outcomes and impact WIP is seeking to achieve • The 475 program alumni represent a significant resource of individuals many of whom will now be in senior leadership roles across a range of sectors.

• There is evidence that the skill and personal development outcomes of the program are sustained over the longer term

6 / Washington Ireland Program / Annual Report 2012

Pictured above: Minister for Education and Skills, Ruairi Quinn, TD at the WIP papers launch. Pictured opposite: The graduates of 2012 pictured with Cody Keenan, Deputy Director of Speechwriting for the President of the United States.

Chapter 2 The WIP Class of 2012

2.1 / Recruitment & Selection The 30 students from the WIP Class of 2012 represented 9 institutions from Ireland, Northern Ireland and Great Britain. They were selected from a competitive process that saw 346 students applying and 70 interviews completed. The interview process was reviewed by a leading Northern Irish employment law firm and was assessed to meet best practice. In 2012, WIP looked for a diverse and dynamic team of 30 students who we believed have the potential to make a difference and help write a better future for Ireland and Northern Ireland. We looked for individuals who would make great ambassadors for their communities, and who showed potential and promise to make a difference both now and in the future. Each student is valued from their unique perspective and potential, and while there is no ideal applicant, we look for a range of characteristics and competencies as follows: • Demonstrated leadership potential. Students may have taken a formal leadership role through their college

work or extra curricular activities, or an informal role when leadership was needed amongst their friends, family or community • Long-standing commitment to service. Students may have shown their commitment to others through sports, volunteer work, or have played an active role in a community project or service project • Experience of working collaboratively in a team • Willingness to face challenges and work through them with perseverance and commitment • Respect for diversity and a desire to learn from the experiences of peers from different backgrounds • Dedication to personal and professional excellence. We look for people who will bring a responsible attitude to the program, and couple it with a good sense of humor, which will help carry the team through challenges • Goal and results driven. We look for individuals who have demonstrated

achievements in either their personal or professional life, and who work hard to make positive results happen • Born in Ireland or Northern Ireland, or a citizen of Ireland or Northern Ireland, or regard Ireland or Northern Ireland as your home WIP particularly welcomed applicants from:

• Students on full grant from university or having all their fees based upon the income of their parents • Students who are first in their family (excluding siblings) to attend university or college • Students who received Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) during the last two years of their secondary school education (Northern Ireland) • Students who graduated from post-primary schools supported through the Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools (DEIS) Program (Republic of Ireland) • Students who are from a single parent family.

Washington Ireland Program / Annual Report 2012 / 7


Alumni 2012 Annita Brady National University of Ireland Galway, Postgraduate Diploma in Education

Christopher Day University College Dublin, General Nursing

Annita’s research thesis was on the impact and role of women during the ‘Troubles.’ Annita played an active role in The Friends of Raphael’s Society as Chairperson for two years.

Christopher is a past Auditor of The UCD Nursing Society. During his first year at university he was involved with UCD Volunteers Overseas and travelled to Delhi, India.

Jessica Caldwell Queen’s University Belfast, Law and Politics

Conall Devlin University College Dublin, Business and Law

Jessica is an active member of Queen’s Radio and during her time at university has been both a presenter and the Events Co-ordinator.

Conall is interested in Journalism and is Sports Co-Editor in the UCD College Tribune. He was a founding member on the Northern Ireland Youth Panel that constructed a Northern Ireland Youth Assembly.

John Campion National University of Ireland Galway, Medicine. John is on clinical placement in Montpellier, France.

Rebecca Dwyer University College Dublin, Chemical & Bioprocess Engineering

He is Founding President of NUIG Friends of Médecins Sans Frontières and last year participated in the Rotaract Italy for Cultural Understanding. Sheila Cassidy Queen’s University Belfast, MSc in Management Sheila is an active member of SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise) and recently won a Belfast City Council business challenge that raised £2500 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation

Benjamin Clarke University of Liverpool, Philosophy and Politics

Rebecca sits on the UCD Engineering Program Board and Staff Student Committee. As Deputy Head Girl, Rebecca fundraised extensively for her school charity, The Children’s Sunshine Home. Jonathan Elliott Queen’s University Belfast, Public Health Jonny is passionate about social justice issues, reflected in his volunteering with Tearfund and International Justice Mission and his co-founding of an anti-trafficking collective in Belfast

Ben English University College Cork, Government

Benjamin is an accredited Victim Support volunteer and has worked with victims of crime in Liverpool for two years. Benjamin is currently setting up a cross-community youth

Ben’s main passion is youth participation and has served as a youth advisor to the Ombudsman for Children. An alumnus of the Rotary Youth Leadership Competition, Ben is Chair of the Government and Politics Society.

Michaela Crawley University of Liverpool, History and Irish Studies

Aisling Fitzgerald Dublin City University, Economics, Politics, and Law

Michaela is Editor of two Departmental Newsletters and a founding member of the University’s Irish Studies Society.

Aisling was elected Equality Officer on the Students Union Executive Committee. She spent a year abroad in the University of Gothenburg where she studied International Conflict Resolution.

8 / Washington Ireland Program / Annual Report 2012

Seán Gill Trinity College Dublin, Mathematics & Economics Seán is a co-founder and coordinator of Ireland’s first undergraduate economics forum, The Trinity Economic Forum, which was held in February 2012.

Ruth Herlihy University College Cork, Law Ruth is an active member of UCC’s largest society the “Entrepreneurial and Social Society”.  She also takes part in Suas programs and last summer volunteered in India teaching.

Kirsty McClay Queen’s University Belfast, Law & Politics Kirsty is currently a volunteer for the Spirit of Enniskillen Trust and Vice- Chairperson of Future Voices; a youth led organization that is part of the SOE Trust.

Lewis Mooney Trinity College Dublin, Law and Political Science Lewis is currently studying at IEP Sciences Po Paris, where he is a class representative. Lewis is an active leader with School Aid Romania and also serves as Secretary of his university’s Amnesty International group.

Victoria Kiely University of Limerick History, Politics, Sociology and Social Studies

Sarah Mulcahy Trinity College Dublin, History and Political Science

Victoria is an active fundraiser for Our Lady’s Hospital for Sick Children in Crumlin, Dublin and the Irish Cancer Society. To date, Victoria has raised in excess of €6,500 for Crumlin children’s hospital.

Sarah is chairperson of The Parlour, a cultural center in Trinity College which received formal recognition from Mental Health Ireland. Sarah was a core strategist on the TellUsWhy nonprofit campaign.

Maria Kinsella Dublin City University, Accounting & Finance

Philip Murray Queen’s University Belfast, Psychology

Maria is heavily involved in Ladies Gaelic Football at club, county and college level. Maria was Treasurer of the DCU Ladies G.A.A and is currently Secretary of the Club Life Committee in DCU.

Philip is President of Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE), developing projects to create more environmental, social and sustainable communities both locally and internationally through the positive power of business.

Louise Mackey University of Limerick, Law and Accounting

Philip O’Callaghan National University of Ireland Maynooth, Education

Louise completed an eight month internship in the tax department of Matheson Ormsby Prentice and this year completed a thesis on the efficacy of Contingent Convertible bonds as a regulatory tool in global banking.

Philip is completing his Professional Diploma in Education. For this course Philip teaches Music and Geography in a Post Primary School.

Ben Mallon Queen’s University Belfast, MA in Politics

Eoin O’Liathain Trinity College Dublin, English Studies

Ben has been involved in youth participation and democracy and is currently Chairman of the Northern Ireland Youth Forum and a Trustee of the British Youth Council.

Eoin is involved in the University Philosophical Society, Trinity’s oldest and largest society where he organized guest speakers such as Sir Christopher Lee, Courtney Love and US Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Washington Ireland Program / Annual Report 2012 / 9

Alumni 2012 Leanne Peacock University of Ulster at McGee, Irish History and Politics Leanne is an active member of Sinn Féin and is the chairperson of her local branch in Co. Antrim. She was a candidate in the recent council election in the Bann Valley electoral area although narrowly missed out on a seat. Fintan Phelan Dublin City University, Economics, Politics and Law Fintan is an active member of the Community Games and Fianna Fáil. He held the position of Secretary in Askea Community Games, Carlow Fianna Fáil and DCU Ógra Fianna Fáil.

Ben Quinn Queen’s University Belfast, MSc Management Ben is also a graduate of University College, Dublin. He participates in work for the Belfast Health Trust and is involved in a wide variety of projects including numeracy and literacy initiatives.

Ciaran Roddy University of Ulster, Magee, Law Ciaran currently holds the position of First Team Coach of the Men’s Northern Ireland Universities’ soccer team that will compete at the BUCS 2012 Home Nations Tournament.

Olwen Sheedy Dublin City University, Business Studies Olwen recently completed a twelve-month internship in Boston with The American Ireland Fund. She is currently Public Relations Officer with her local Comhaltas branch.

Wilmé Verwoerd Trinity College Dublin, Philosophy, Political Science, Economics and Sociology Wilmé is an active member of Amnesty International in TCD having recently completed training to become a school speaker for the organization.

10 / Washington Ireland Program / Annual Report 2012


2.3 / Summer Leadership Program The Class of 2012 participated in an extensive leadership program, new aspects to this program included:

• A focus on the theme of ‘Dealing with Difference’, for which WIP hired Dr Wilhelm Verwoerd, Alistair Little, Louise Little and Gerry Forster to frame discussions on the leadership lessons available from those involved in the conflict and reconciliation process in Northern Ireland. This was a constant theme throughout the 2012 Program • An expansion of the focus on cultural and academic aspects of the curriculum, with sessions held at the Brookings Institute, George Washington University Law Center, Columbia University’s International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution, Georgetown School of Foreign Service, New York University’s Ireland House, Irish American Historical Society and the Washington Performing Arts Society and more • A further focus on business leaders and networks, with a one week

program in New York including time in the New York Stock Exchange, with Managing Directors of Goldman Sachs and Northern Irish business leader and the philanthropist George Moore. 2.4 / Student Work Placements WIP continued its track record of providing a wide range of excellent internship opportunities:

2012 Work Placements (in alphabetical order)

Irish Embassy

Law Library of Congress

LiUNA (Laborers International Union of North America) Lombardi Cancer Care Center, Georgetown University National Institute for Health Northern Ireland Bureau

Rep. Joseph Crowley (D-NY) Rep. Peter King (R –NY)

Achieve –National Education Advocacy Organization

Rep. Tim Murphy (R-PA)

Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY)

American Chemistry Council

Department of Education, Office of Non-Public Education

Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the Secretary

Federal Network (FedNet) – Political Media Broadcaster International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Department of Government Affairs

International Union of Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers

Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IO)

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)

Susan Davis International

The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence The Concord Coalition The Impact Center

U.S. Holocaust Museum

International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children

US Representative Mike Kelly (R-PA)

Washington Society of Performing Arts

Washington Ireland Program / Annual Report 2012 / 11


2.5 / Summer Speakers

Each summer, WIP brings leaders from a wide variety of sectors to give master classes to our young leaders from Ireland and Northern Ireland. In 2012, those speakers included: (in alphabetical order) Aileen Leonard Dibra National Coordinator at Coalition of Irish Immigration Centers B.R. McConnon CEO, DDC Advocacy Cathy Feingold International Department Director, AFL-CIO Chris Milligan Burma Mission Director, USAID Christine Quinn Speaker of the New York City Council (& front runner for NYC Mayoral elections) Claudia Cohen Associate Director, International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution, Columbia University

Cody Keenan Deputy Director of Speechwriting for the President of the United States

Frank Wolf Ret. Dean of School of General Studies, Columbia University

Craig Gordon Chief Deputy Managing Editor,

George Moore Founder TargusInfo & Member, Ireland-US Economic Advisory Board

David Azerrad Ass. Director, Center for Principles & Politics, Heritage Foundation

Greg Londe Ass. Professor, Irish Studies, NYU

David Frank Communications Director, AARP Deirdre O’Connor Managing Director, Goldman Sachs Dotty Lynch Professor of Public Communication, American University EJ Dionne Columnist, Washington Post Elizabeth Pugh General Counsel, Library of Congress Frank Cantrel Jr Vice President of Government Relations, Verizon

12 / Washington Ireland Program / Annual Report 2012

Hans von Spakovsky Manager, Civil Justice Reform, Heritage Foundation Jake Sullivan Director of Policy Planning, U.S. State Department Jeanette Thomas Communications Director, CGAP (Int. Development Policy Research) Jim Boland President, International Union of Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers Jim Carroll Senior Director, Global Government Relations, Accenture Jim Walsh Ret. Congressman & former Chair of Friends of Ireland Caucus


John Elliff Outreach Chairman, Lincoln Group of the District of Columbia

Maria Luise Wagner Visiting Assistant Professor, Georgetown School of Foreign Service

Patrick Wilson Director of Government Affairs, Semiconductor Industry Association

John Hart CEO, The Impact Center

Mark Shields Syndicated Columnist & Commentator on PBS Newshour

Peter Fenn Owner, Fenn Communications Group

Josephine Egan Chief, Diabetes Section, National Institute of Health

Mark Strand President, Congressional Institute

Judy Heumann Special Advisor for International Disability Rights, State Department

Michael Collins Ireland’s Ambassador to the United States

Kevin Laudano Global Managing Director of Accenture’s Defense group

Mike Curtin CEO, DC Central Kitchens

Kevin Moran Director, Technology Division, American Chemistry Council Kurt Moses VP of Education Systems for FHI360 (International Development) Linda Dowling Almeida Ass. Professor, Irish Studies, NYU Maire Doyle Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins Medical School

Robert McDowell Commissioner, Federal Communications Commission Robert Moffitt Senior Fellow, Heritage Foundation Samantha Pollack Director of Programming, Washington Performing Arts Society

Mike Franc Vice President, Government Studies, Heritage Foundation Nell Henderson DC Economics Editor, Wall Street Journal Niall O’Dowd Publisher of Irish Voice &

Sean Sweeney Former Chief of Staff to Rahm Emanuel, White House & co-founder of Super-PAC Priorities USA Shawna Bader-Blau Executive Director, AFL-CIO Solidarity Center

Norman Houston Director, Northern Ireland Bureau Pat Burke Assistant Chief of Police, Washington DC

Susan Brophy Managing Director, Glover Park Group Tamara Luzzatto Managing Director of Government Relations, PEW Trusts

Washington Ireland Program / Annual Report 2012 / 13


Terry O’Sullivan President, Laborers International Union of North America Tom Wheeler Managing Director, Core Capital Venture Capital Tom Wright Fellow at Managing Global Order, Brookings Institute Walter McCormick CEO, USTelecom Warren Ilchman Director Emeritus, PD Soros Foundation William Eimicke Director, Picker Center for Executive Education, Columbia University William Treanor Dean, Georgetown University Law Center 2.6/ WIP Papers

The Class concluded the summer leadership program with the launch of three WIP Papers by Irish Minister of Education Ruairi Quinn, T.D. with other speakers including DCU President Brian MacCraith and Professor Patrick Geoghegan of Trinity College Dublin. The

three papers focused on Constitutional Reform in Ireland with a focus on human and minority rights, Third Level Education’s contribution to social and economic reform and how to create A Shared Future for Northern Ireland. 2.7 / Graduation

The Class of 2012 graduation took place on September 8th and concluded with the annual valedictorian speech by Philip O’Callaghan.

Claire Sugden

2.8 / Class of 2012

Management Team Claire Sugden (WIP Class of 2010) Claire is a Research and Communications Officer for David McClarty MLA. Claire recently graduated from Queen’s University Belfast with an MA in Irish Politics Colm Murphy Colm is the Deputy President & Campaigns Officer of the Union of Students in Ireland (USI). He is a graduate of the Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT).

14 / Washington Ireland Program / Annual Report 2012

Colm Murphy

Ronan Lynagh

Chapter 3 Host Families

Ronan Lynagh Ronan is a secondary school teacher from Dublin. He teaches History, Irish, and Civic Social and Political Education in St. Mary’s College, Rathmines. 3.1 / Host Family Testimonials WIP has grown from strength to strength over the past 19 years. A huge factor in the success of WIP has been the incredible generosity and hospitality of host families who open up their homes to WIP interns. This gives the interns the opportunity to immerse themselves in American culture and to create close bonds that last long after their WIP Summer is over. Here are testimonials from two host families:

Kevin & Marie Moran: “We love interacting with the WIP students & staff and with the other host families. It has been such a blessing to us that we are thrilled to introduce our friends to the program and get them involved. We want to share our good fortune with them so they can enjoy it as much as we have.

They become more than just guests staying with us for a couple of months. They become members of our family – hopefully for life. We like WIP’s long-term vision. Rome was not built in a day and WIP’s leadership has a long-term vision for the program and plans to engage these emerging leaders long after their summer internships in DC are distant memories. It takes years to develop effective leaders and to nurture the kind of interpersonal relationships that can have a positive impact on a nation’s future. “

daughter, who is six, I love that we have an extended ‘family’ all over Ireland and Northern Ireland. I am passionate about the WIP’s mission because I appreciate that by helping, I am contributing to the peace process by fostering the education and life experiences of the next generation of leaders in Ireland and Northern Ireland.”

Megan Donnelly: “I have been a host mom every summer since 2001 and this year’s intern is my 17th. I enjoy being a host family because I love to experience DC through the interns’ eyes. They are so excited to be here, so eager, and so impressed with the energy and grandeur of our Nation’s Capitol. All of my interns have been wonderful additions to my little family.  I adore every one of them and now that I have a

Pictured above: Host Families & Washington Ireland Program Students at the Irish Ambassadors Residence. Previous pages: 1. Rebecca Dwyer shares her view at one of the regular Class debates. 2/3. Washington Ireland Program students & esteemed guests discuss the topic of ‘A Shared Future’ at luncheon hosted by the Northern Ireland Bureau. 4. Wilme Verwoerd and family at the Class graduation in Dublin.

Washington Ireland Program / Annual Report 2012 / 15

Chapter 4 WIP Alumni Community

4.1/ Alumni Initiatives 2012 has seen a significant increase in the level of Alumni participation with WIP. This participation has included:

• Ongoing professional development with Accenture providing practical training on issues such as CV and interview skills for recent graduates and project management for early career Alumni • Leadership master classes with discussions held in Dublin with speakers including Paul Quinn (senior Democratic Party advisor), Terry O’Sullivan (President, Laborers International Union of North America) and Ciaran O’Cuinn (former special advisor to Irish Government Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dermot Ahern) • Political discussion on Northern Ireland held with senior US State Department officials and visitors from the American Council of Young Political Leaders on the state of politics in Northern Ireland.

We will be working to build on this moment in 2013 by launching a series of new Alumni initiatives including: • A WIP Alumni Mentoring Scheme and a series of leadership skills lesson plans that will help WIP Alumni share the skills they have learnt in DC in their own communities • A series of leadership dinners that provide an opportunity for Alumni to learn, connect and socialize with a fantastic network of professional peers and leaders. • Supporting WIP Alumni to create their own discussion papers – particularly focused on the North/South or East/ West relations – and aim to have them shared in local and national media. 4.2/ Alumni Ball

Nearly 20 members of the Class of 2002 met for their 10 year reunion at the annual Alumni Ball which was held at the Wellington Hotel in Belfast.

16 / Washington Ireland Program / Annual Report 2012

4.3/ Alumni Profiles

Sharon Haughey

Ronan Lyons

Orla De Burca

Daithí de Buitléir

Sharon Haughey, WIP 2003 – Lord Mayor of Armagh is a member of the SDLP and has been a member of the City Council since 2005. In 2012, Sharon was appointed the first Lord Mayor in the history of the city in honor of Queen Elizabeth’s 60th Jubilee. In December 2012, the Irish Times did an extensive profile of Sharon’s unique and long history with Bill and Hillary Clinton. Ronan Lyons, WIP 2002 – is a wellrespected economist currently completing his doctorate in urban economics at Balliol College, Oxford University. He is the co-founder of Identify Consulting and a leader of the Public Policy Advisors Network, the first, full service, public policy network in Ireland. Ronan is also the co-editor along with Edmund Burke of Next Generation Ireland - which tackles the essential challenges confronting Irish politics and society, the economy, the environment, and Ireland’s relationship with the rest of the world. It brings together ten young Irish men and women to answer the fundamental question, ‘What now?’ -

Orla De Burca, WIP 2007 is a communications and public affairs consultant based in Dublin who has offered public relations and media advice to a range of clients including WIP, Women for Election, UCD School of Politics and International Relations and Alex White TD, Minister of State at the Department of Health. In 2011, Orla worked as the Communications Director of ‘We the Citizens’, a national initiative, which tested new forms of public decision making in Ireland, culminating in a National Citizens’ Assembly: Orla has also worked as a policy and media officer for the ‘Ireland for Europe’ referendum campaign. As a television researcher in London, Orla worked for numerous media organisations including the BBC. Orla holds a BA in History and Political Science from Trinity College Dublin and an MSc. in Global Governance and Diplomacy from Oxford University.

Daithí de Buitléir, WIP 2010 is the founder and CEO of Raising and Giving Ireland, one of the fastest growing student non-profits organizations in Ireland. A 2011 graduate of Dublin City University, Daithí was named an Arthur Guinness Fund Awardee 2012 for his success in creating RAGS. Daithi and his team went on to win Ireland’s inaugural Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) competition and represented Ireland at the recent SIFE World Cup competition in Washington, D.C. Daithí recently published an op-ed in the Irish Times on how to engage young people to create a new and prosperous Ireland.

Pictured above: Members of the WIP Class of 2002 at the Alumni Ball, Belfast. Pictured opposite: Acting US Consul General for Northern Ireland Sandy Kaiser with WIP Alumni and guests from the American Council for Young Political Leaders at the Bar Library, Belfast.

Washington Ireland Program / Annual Report 2012 / 17

Chapter 5 Key WIP Activities & Events in 2012 5.1/ Overview An Overview of Key WIP Activities in 2012 January

Recruitment for Class of 2012 – 346 Applications Received. Board By-Laws and Organizational Policies (Finance, HR, Board) passed.


Selection of Management Team for Class of 2012. Applications reviewed, 70 candidates called for interview.


Selection of WIP Class. Formal launch of WIP Class in DC with Chris Lyttle MLA.


Orientation of WIP Class at FARSET cross community center, Belfast. Reception at US Consulate, Belfast for WIP Class.


Alumni leadership master classes with Ciaran O’Cuinn & Terry O’Sullivan (Dublin). Discussion at the Bar Library (Belfast) with visiting delegation of the American Council of Young Political Leaders. US Celtic Chefs event, with 7 Congressmen and HHS Secretary Kathleen Sibelius were among the senior leaders participating.


“Dealing with Difference” Weekend at Kippure, Wicklow for Class of 2012. Launch of the WIP Class in DC, including Northern Ireland Bureau discussion on the meaning of a ‘Shared Future’.


Summer program continues with one-week session in New York. US Celtic Cup Golf Tournament.


Northern Irish Celtic Cup Golf Tournament (not completed due to weather). Launch of External Evaluation.


Launch of WIP Papers & Graduation of Class of 2012. Dail reception for Alumni from Notre Dame and Navy Academy. WIP Alumni briefing on N/S issues with new State Department Deputy Assistant Secretary at the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs.


Launch of recruitment process for WIP Class of 2013. Retreat for WIP Alumni on new mentoring & advocacy initiatives. Alumni Ball in Belfast.


Close of applications for Class of 2013. Discussion in US Embassy on University Financing (WIP Papers 2012) with students of Boston College & Notre Dame in Dublin. New Board Members appointed. Alumni leadership master class with Paul Quinn.


Joint WIP/US Embassy reception on priorities for President Obama’s 2nd term. Candidates called for interview for Class of 2013.

18 / Washington Ireland Program / Annual Report 2012

Chefs de Cuisine Benefactors

Celtic Chefs

Carol and Tom Wheeler

JM Zell Partners

More than three hundred guests enjoyed sumptuous hors d’oeuvres, delightful desserts and savory signature dishes served up by some of Washington’s best Irish American chefs at the Washington Court hotel. Distinguished chefs ranged from Cathal Armstrong of the Restaurant Eve Food Group to Tracy O’ Grady of Willow Restaurant to name but a few.

The Corcoran Family Foundation

Kerrygold Cheeses and Butters from Ireland

5.2 / An Evening with

To add to the savory sensations, our supporters – Members of Congress, media personalities and dignitaries served as sous chefs. Hosted by Brendan Doyle and Kitty Higgins, sous chefs included Ambassador Michael Collins, Ambassador Elizabeth Frawley Bagley, well know political commentators Mark Shields and E.J. Dionne, award winning novelist Alice McDermott, Rep. Mike Doyle and Rep. Tim Murphy among others. A particular word of thanks to our supporters:

Washington Court Hotel

Kevin and Marie Moran Anne and Mark Shields

Executive Chefs Patrons

Northern Ireland Bureau

Frank and Anne Cantrel

The Marco Company

DDC Advocacy

Mark  H. Touhey

Susan Davis International Jerry and Donna Easom

Max Wheeler

Holly Hassett

5.3 / Welcome Reception hosted by

the Northern Ireland Bureau

Landon Butler & Company, LP Terry O’Sullivan, President LiUNA Kevin Sullivan and Nell Henderson Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America Chefs d’ Partie Sponsors

American Foundation for Irish Heritage Ambassador Elizabeth Frawley Bagley Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Diageo

The program is supported by the Northern Ireland Executive with a grant to ensure increased access and diversity of students who join the program. Each year, the Northern Ireland Bureau hosts the official start of the summer program in Washington, D.C. with a lunch to welcome the Class. Pictured above: Claudia Corcoran, Marie Collins, Ambassador Collins, Kitty Higgins, Brendan Doyle, Lorainne Corcoran.

Washington Ireland Program / Annual Report 2012 / 19

5.4/ Celtic Cup

Led by Frank Cantrel Jr. and his committee, the Celtic Cup returned to Lake Presidential raising over $55,000 dollars. Supporters included Verizon, Accenture, AT&T and Bombardier to name a few. This event allowed sponsors and supporters to meet each other and discuss the program, enjoy the beautiful course and cater to their competitive side. In between holes, our supporters had a chance to meet with students and attend a silent auction in the evening. 5.5/ New York Trip

In 2012 the Class took an extended trip to New York City. Highlights of the trip included a visit to the New York Stock Exchange, a visit to the Irish American Historical Society, meeting senior managers at Goldman Sachs, meeting Christine Quinn, Speaker of the New York City Council and held discussions with the leaders of the Irish Immigration Center and Niall O’Dowd, founder of Irish

5.6/ Washington D.C. Embassy of

Ireland Farewell Reception

Irish Ambassador Michael Collins welcomed the Class of 2012 to his residence for the annual Farewell reception. Chris Day, Fintan Phelan and Maria Kinsella spoke about their summer experiences. Louise Little who helped to lead the summer “Dealing with Differences” initiative, also spoke with passion about creating a shared future for the people of Northern Ireland. WIP was honored to have several Board members and distinguished guests in attendance including the new President of Dublin City University Brian MacCraith. 5.7/ Notre Dame/Navy Football

Game in Dublin

In September, WIP was delighted to host some of our American friends during the Notre Dame v Navy game in Dublin. Hosted by the Speaker of the Irish Parliament, Mr. Seán Barrett TD, our guests were treated of a tour of the Irish Parliament. We were delighted to host Congressman Mike Kelly, Cmd

20 / Washington Ireland Program / Annual Report 2012

Skid Heyworth (Rtd), Secretary of the USNA Alumni, and Angela Flood, former President of the Notre Dame DC Club. 5.8/“Politico” Speaking Tour –

Obama’s Next Four Years

In December WIP organized a speaking tour for Craig Gordon, the Managing Editor of the political newspaper and website Craig has been a member of the WIP Media panel for the last four years. Craig made presentations at a U.S. Embassy, Stormont, Trinity College, met with journalism students at Dublin City University, journalists from Irish Times and throughout the week touched base with WIP alumni.

Washington Ireland Program / Annual Report 2012 / 21

620 F Street, NW Suite 747 Washington DC 20004; USA C/O The Office of Student Life The Hub Dublin City University Dublin 9 Ireland C/O Research and Enterprise Lanyon North Queen’s University Belfast University Road Belfast BT7 1NN Northern Ireland

22 / Washington Ireland Program / Annual Report 2012