Demystifying Promotions: Associate to Professor

Demystifying Promotions: Associate to Professor Monday, March 12, 2012 12:00 – 1:30 PM Resources and Support  HMS OFA Website for Faculty Promotio...
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Demystifying Promotions: Associate to Professor Monday, March 12, 2012 12:00 – 1:30 PM

Resources and Support 

HMS OFA Website for Faculty Promotions General Info: CV Resources:

BWH Departmental mentors, chiefs, members of the P&R Committees

Center for Faculty Development & Diversity

CFDD CV Consultations for faculty within 6 months of submitting promotions materials

Seminar Presenters Mary Walsh, PhD Assistant Dean for Faculty Affairs Office for Faculty Affairs, HMS

Joseph Loscalzo, MD, PhD Chair, Department of Medicine , BWH Hersey Professor of the Theory and Practice of Physic, HMS

Dennis Orgill, MD, PhD Department of Surgery, BWH Professor of Surgery, HMS

Demystifying the Promotion  Process: Promotion to Professor Mary C. Walsh, PhD Assistant Dean for Faculty Affairs Brigham and Women’s Hospital 03/12/12

Rank of Full Time Faculty 

11, 212 faculty members* 

8681 full time

2531 part time

Professor 11%

Associate Professor 15%

Instructor 52%

HMS promotions in 2010‐11 

96 Professors

176 Associate Professors

342 Assistant Professors

*As of 7/1/11

Assistant Professor 22%

Demystifying the Promotion Process: Promotion to Professor

Characteristics of HMS Faculty

20 00 20 01 20 02 20 0 20 3 04 20 05 20 06 20 07 20 08

19 95

19 90


19 85


# FT Professors % Professors


600 70%

500 60%

400 50%


300 30%





100 10%

0 0%

Demystifying the Promotion Process: Promotion to Professor

200 Percent of Faculty

19 80

Number of Professors

Full‐time Professors at HMS

• Instructor: “Promise” • Assistant Professor: “Demonstrated Promise” • Reputation may be “within the walls” of HMS and the local community  only

• Associate Professor: “Promise Realized” • Broader reputation outside the local area (usually national) • Significant accomplishments since promotion to Assistant Professor

• Professor: “Extraordinary Accomplishment” • True distinction as a scientist, teacher and/or clinician  • National, and often international, reputation • Distinguished service as an Associate Professor

Demystifying the Promotion Process: Promotion to Professor

Faculty Ranks at HMS

Demystifying the Promotion Process: Promotion to Professor

   

  

How do I spend my time currently? What is the basis of my reputation? What is the focus of my scholarship? When I am invited to speak, what is the topic that I am asked to address? How do I see my role? What is the part of my work that makes me tick? How does Department leadership see my role?

Demystifying the Promotion Process: Promotion to Professor

Questions to Consider in Selecting  Criteria for Promotion

Demystifying the Promotion Process: Promotion to Professor

Creating a Promotion Profile

Demystifying the Promotion Process: Promotion to Professor

Demystifying the Promotion Process: Promotion to Professor

Demystifying the Promotion Process: Promotion to Professor

Streamlined Professorial Appointment Process

• • • • • • • •

Complete entire process in one year or less  Sustain rigorous standards for promotion Make process transparent to key stakeholders Include input of department leaders throughout  Assure confidentiality to letter writers  Ensure independent process for ad hoc committees  Measure and report outcomes  If the new process does not decrease time to promotion, it  should be re‐engineered

Demystifying the Promotion Process: Promotion to Professor

General Principles

Step 1: 

Department head proposes candidate to Dept Exec Comm/PCC/SSC for approval

Step 2:  external 

Department head and Executive Committee develop lists of comparands, internal and  evaluators, & suggestions for potential ad hoc committee members Following submission to HMS:  Dean’s office contacts candidate

Step 3: 

HMS reviews and finalizes lists of comparands and letter writers

Step 4: 

Dean’s office solicits letters; assembles dossier

Step 5: 

Department leadership reviews dossier and advises regarding ad hoc committee members

Step 6: 

PCC/SSC/senior appointments committee reviews dossier and advises whether to advance to  ad hoc committee

Step 7:

If decision to go forward, HMS appoints ad hoc committee to review evidence 

Step 8: 

Department provides lists of individual(s) to testify; confidential senior faculty input invited 

Step 9: 

Report to SOP, Dean, Provost 

Demystifying the Promotion Process: Promotion to Professor

Streamlined Professorial Appointment Process

• • • • • • •

Scholarship National reputation Role in teaching and training Evidence of leadership Citizenship Character Letters of evaluation

Demystifying the Promotion Process: Promotion to Professor

Key Components of the Evaluation Essential Elements of the Professorial Dossier

  Please use the following checklist to be sure that a complete set of the following materials have been  received in the Office for Faculty Affairs electronically at [email protected] (and,  as applicable, a set is also submitted to your institutional academic dean’s office):       a) Approval letter from the PCC/SSC OR Executive Committee of the candidate’s department    b) Nominating letter from the department head    c) A list of potential ad hoc committee members, comparands (individuals to whom the candidate  would be compared), and internal and external letter writers ‐ approved by PCC/SSC OR  Executive Committee of the candidate’s department    d) The candidate’s CV in the Harvard format‐vitae‐cv‐for‐academic‐achievement/    e) An annotated bibliography of the candidate’s ten most important scholarly works df      f) PDF’s of (or links to) the candidates ten most significant scholarly works submitted to the OFA.   If selected scholarship is in a form not easily converted into a PDF/electronic format, please  contact the OFA (please see your OFA Dean’s office representative for senior appointments at on.pdf  and we will help determine the best method for delivering the materials).    g) A set of items a) through e) above have been submitted to the institutional academic dean (if  applicable) 

Demystifying the Promotion Process: Promotion to Professor


Demystifying the Promotion Process: Promotion to Professor

Demystifying the Promotion Process: Promotion to Professor

Candidates can choose scholarship that span their entire academic career, but   recommend that a significant portion of the scholarship chosen reflects their   current work (e.g. since their last promotion)

Summaries of each piece should be 2‐5 sentences explaining the impact and  significance of the work as well as their contribution to the publication

Expectation that the majority of scholarship is first or senior author, and if  middle author that their intellectual contribution is well defined in the  summary of the work

To be selected as one of the 10‐best scholarship, the materials need to be  accessible to the whole community (can not use materials that are only  accessible to HMS faculty)

Electronic copies of materials are preferred, but in cases where this is not  possible we need 3 copies of each hard copy material (such as a textbook or a  CD)

Demystifying the Promotion Process: Promotion to Professor

Tips for Candidates Selecting ‘10‐best’ Scholarship for Annotated Bibliography

Demystifying the Promotion Process: Promotion to Professor

Demystifying the Promotion Process: Promotion to Professor

HMS Faculty Affairs Professorial Promotions and Appointments  Team Maureen T. Connelly, M.D., M.P.H. Dean for Faculty Affairs

Bethany Westlund, Ph.D.


Mahnaz El‐Kouedi, Ph.D.

Program Director for Faculty  Appointments 617‐432‐1107 [email protected]

Mary C. Walsh Ph.D.– Assistant Dean 617‐432‐6889 [email protected]

Program Director for Faculty  Appointments 617‐432‐7487 mahnaz_el‐[email protected]

Faculty Promotions Coordinator:  Veronica Leo 617‐432‐7438 [email protected]

Faculty Promotions Coordinator:  D. Lydia Alvita 617‐432‐0857 [email protected]

Faculty Promotions Coordinator:  Jill Singkhonket 617‐432‐6888 [email protected]

Medicine  (BWH) Microbiology and   Molecular Genetics Neurobiology Neurology Obstetrics, Gynecology     and  Reproductive Biology Ophthalmology Orthopedic Surgery Otology and Laryngology

Anaesthesia Cell Biology Dermatology Genetics Health Care Policy Medicine (MGH) Psychiatry Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Population Medicine Surgery Systems Biology

Biological Chemistry and Molecular  Pharmacology HSDM (all departments) Health Sciences and Technology (HST) Global Health and Social Medicine Medicine (BIDMC) Pathology Pediatrics Radiology Radiation Oncology

Demystifying the Promotion Process: Promotion to Professor

Mary C. Walsh, Ph.D.  Assistant Dean for Faculty Affairs

HMS Resources  

The Office for Faculty Affairs at Harvard Medical School Resources across Harvard community linked through OFA website

   

Professorial Milestones site

Overview of all ‘Area(s) of Excellence’ Format the CV using templates and detailed instruction guide 

Dedicated e-mail and phone line for questions  

E-mail: [email protected] Phone: 617-432-7112

Demystifying the Promotion Process: Promotion to Professor

Maureen Connelly, MD, MPH, Dean for Faculty Affairs

Mary Walsh, PhD, Assistant Dean for Faculty Affairs Carol Bates, MD, Assistant Dean for Faculty Affairs

  

Program Directors: Mahnaz El-Kouedi, PhD Bethany Westlund, PhD

OFA photo summer 2011

HMS/HSDM CV - 2011

Office for Faculty Affairs

Demystifying the Promotion Process: Promotion to Professor

John Enders (1897‐1985) • Joined the HMS faculty in 1930 as an  instructor • In 1954, he won the Nobel Prize in  Physiology or Medicine for his  discovery that polio virus could be  grown in a variety of tissues, laying  the groundwork for development of  the polio vaccine • In 1956, he was promoted to  Professor at Harvard Medical School

BWH 04/11/11

Demystifying the Promotion Process: Promotion to Professor

One man’s story….. 

Demystifying Promotions: From Associate Professor to Professor at HMS Joseph Loscalzo, M.D., Ph.D. Chair, Department of Medicine

Preparation • Annual meeting with Division Chief • Regular CV update • Extramural contacts, advisors, collaborators, and co-authors • Productivity • Recognition (National & International) • Teaching/Mentoring

The Process • • • • • • • • • •

Discussion between Division Chief and Chair Letter to Chair from Division Chief Departmental Promotions Committee DOM Executive Committee President’s Council (BWH) PCSA (PHS) Council of Academic Deans (HMS) Ad Hoc Committee (HMS) Subcommittee of Professors (HMS) Provost (HU)

Specific Issues • Pathway selection • Productivity – Volume – Citation frequency, h-index – Immediacy

• Consistency of contribution and scholarly theme(s) • Independent (inter)national recogition and investigative partnerships • Comparands and letter writers


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