Decorate your backyard with style

style Decorate your backyard with style. W W W. K A F KO . C O M Multi-Flex® Polymer Pool Systems Designs without Limits Multi-Flex® Polymer Pool...
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Decorate your backyard with style.

W W W. K A F KO . C O M

Multi-Flex® Polymer Pool Systems Designs without Limits

Multi-Flex® Polymer Pools For the past 40 years, Kafko™ has been manufacturing award winning pools. The Multi-Flex ® Polymer Wall Pool is the most versatile, most accommodating pool for your needs. The Multi-Flex ® Polymer Wall Pool allows you to customize your backyard into a luxurious resort that is always ready for your visit. No matter if you are having a fully catered dinner party, or just a refreshing swim with friends or family, the Multi-Flex ® Polymer Wall Pool is right for you. Designed for exercise, entertaining, and hours of fun-filled memories, your private get-away will be waiting for you in your own backyard. With your Professional Kafko™ Dealer, you can choose one of many exciting Kafko™ shapes, or you can design your own personalized swimming pool.

Image shown: Custom



Your Own Private Resor t

Multi-Flex® Polymer Pools Trying to get away from today’s high paced lifestyle can be a task in itself. With a Kafko™ pool in the backyard, your own private resort is just a step away. When the relaxing is finished, your resort is easily transformed into a healthy exercise area in which the whole family can be involved.

Image shown: Custom



Multi-Flex® Polymer Pools Whether it’s a backyard wedding or a quiet get-together with friends and family, the tranquil setting of a swimming pool gives you an out-door entertainment center that is great for any occasion. With the help of your dealer, you can design a backyard resort to suit your every need and at the same time increase the value of your property.

Ever yday as a Weekend Image shown: Oregon



Multi-Flex® Polymer Pools Custom Design the

Perfect Shape for Your Backyard

With the versatility of Kafko’s patented Multi-Flex® Pool Wall, you can choose from a variety of pre-designed pools or, with the help of your dealer, create your own unique design. Kafko’s experienced dealers can help you design the pool of your dreams. Whether you envision a small adjustment to one of our standard designs, or a completely original one, we will be there every step of the way to help you turn your yard into your own private resort.

13’ x 28’ 17’ x 32’ 17’ x 40’ 21’ x 42’


12’ x 24’ 14’ x 28’ 16’ x 32’ 16’ x 36’ 18’ x 36’ 20’ x 40’

18' 20' 22' 24'



12’ x 24’ 14’ x 28’ 16’ x 32’ 16’ x 34’ 18’ x 36’ 20’ x 40’


14’ x 28’ x 24’ 16’ x 32’ x 26’ 18’ x 38’ x 28’ 20’ x 42’ x 30’


14’ x 28’ x 24’ 16’ x 32’ x 26’ 18’ x 38’ x 28’ 20’ x 42’ x 30’


14’ x 28’ 16’ x 32’ 18’ x 36’ 22’ x 40’

11’ x 28’ 13’ x 32’ 13’ x 36’ 17’ x 40’



13’ x 28’ 17’ x 32’ 17’ x 39’ 21’ x 41’



16' x 28' 18' x 31' 20' x 35' 22' x 39'

17' x 35'




14'6" x 28'6" 16'6" x 32'6" 18' x 36' 20' x 40




14’ x 26’ 16’ x 28’ 19’ x 31’ 25’ x 38’

14’ x 28’ 16’ x 32’ 18’ x 36’ 20’ x 40’

16' x 38' 18' x 40' 20' x 40'


14’ x 29’ 15’ x 30’ 16’ x 32’ 18’ x 36’ 20’ x 40’



10’ x 40’ 10’ x 50’ 10’ x 60’ 12’ x 40’ 12’ x 50’ 12’ x 60’

14’ x 28’ 16’ x 32’ 18’ x 36’ 20’ x 40’



New Jersey


24’ x 24’ 24’ x 38’ 26’ x 42’ 28’ x 44’ 28’ x 47’ 30’ x 53’ 36’ x 47’ 38’ x 49’


11’ x 28’ 13’ x 32’ 14’ x 36’ 16’ x 40’

14’ x 24’ 14’ x 28’ 16’ x 32’ 18’ x 36’ 20’ x 40’

14’ x 28’ 16’ x 32’ 18’ x 36’ 20’ x 40’


12’ x 24’ 14’ x 28’ 16’ x 32’ 16’ x 36’ 18’ x 36’ 20’ x 40’

14’ x 28’ 16’ x 32’ 18’ x 40’ 20’ x 42’


15' 17' 19' 22'


12’ x 24’ 14’ x 28’ 16’ x 32’ 16’ x 36’ 18’ x 36’ 20’ x 40’


24' x 24'



14’ x 28’ 16’ x 32’ 16’ x 36’ 18’ x 40’

13’ x 28’ 17’ x 32’ 17’ x 36’ 21’ x 40’


14’ x 28’ 16’ x 32’ 18’ x 35’ 20’ x 40’

14’ x 32’ 16’ x 41’ 18’ x 43’ 21’ x 50’


10’ x 24’ 12’ x 28’ 13’ x 32’ 13’ x 34’ 14’ x 36’ 16’ x 40’


14’ x 28’ 16’ x 32’ 18’ x 36’ 20’ x 40’


14’ x 28’ 16’ x 32’ 18’ x 40’ 20’ x 42’



Innovative products Multi-Flex® Polymer Pools Innovative Products

Kafko™ Exclusive Liners

Kafko™ Liners are available in a wide variety of printed, plain and border patterns, which can be custom designed for special shapes.

Circulation Package by The most complete water circulation package Super-Skim® Circulation components are molded out of durable, non-corrosive

For up-to-date liner selection, please request a complete brochure from your dealer or visit our web site at:

ABS. They are designed for residential or commercial liner pool installations and contain a Wide Mouth fully automatic skimmer, 2 easily adjustable return fittings, and two VGB Compliant main drains if specified for your pool. The Super-Skim® return fitting is devised for easy directional adjustment of the water flow returning to the pool from the filter, improving water circulation.

Computer Controlled Vinyl Cutting

• Custom Designed and Manufactured.

and locks the directional eyeball into the desired position. Every Kafko™ pool

Kafko™ strives to stay on top of leading technologies in the

• 100% Virgin Vinyl.

has a minimum of two return fittings.

swimming pool industry. With our computer aided automatic

• Equipped with algae inhibitors, which aid normal sanitizers to protect Kafko™ liners for a long life.

Also added to the return fitting is a beauty cover that conceals the screw heads

cutting machine, we have once again broken new ground. State-of-the-art, computer driven technology, in conjunction

Patented Coping


with an experienced, skilled design staff, ensures you, the


Kafko™ Consumer, a True•Fit ® liner. All Kafko™ prints are The patented Snap-Lock ® coping design ensures the liner is locked in the coping

copyright and industrial patent design protected.


track around the pool. This feature eliminates dealer call backs. The Snap-Lock ®

• Cold Crack Temperature Protection to -40°F.

coping is available in several profiles to accommodate the finished look you



choose for your pool. I.E. concrete receptor for concrete decks, front mount

Computer Designed Liners

and top mount track for brick coping, light track coping for fiber optic light sys-


tems, double track cover lock designed to hold a winter cover, also available in gray. Ask your dealer for complete details.

• Manufactured with bleach resistant inks and UV inhibitors toprotect against fading and sun damage.

• New or replacement liners are available; restyle your backyard!

Our heavy duty vinyl liners are computer controlled and manufactured

Cross section of Snap-Lock® coping

in our own facilities, ensuring an accurate fit. Kafko™ liners are made of pure virgin vinyl and are algae and “UV” sunlight resistant. Kafko™ liners are available in beautifully printed, plain and border patterns,

Design Patented Wide Mouth Skimmer



and can be custom designed for special shapes.


Super-Skim® Patented Wide Mouth Through the Wall Mount Skimmer eliminates any water contact with the polymer wall panel. This exclusive WaterLock® feature, not found on other pools, ensures long life and trouble free


operation of your pool. The skimmer is also sealed with gaskets on both sides of the pool wall, sealing out any possible seepage of soil or water into the pool. A skimmer beauty cover has been added, concealing the visible screw heads around the opening of the Wide Mouth Skimmer. The Super-Skim® Skimmer System comes complete.





Countless accessories Kafko™ Product Lines and Accessories

Countless Options and Pool Deck Finishes Pool Decks

Underwater Lighting Underwater pool illumination has a breathtaking effect; an ever-changing waterscape of lights is produced by the shimmering glow, creating dazzling dancing patterns all around your pool.



Bring your pool to life with the soothing sound of falling water. Whether you are building a new pool or updating your backyard, waterfalls are a simple, elegant way to beautify your pool.

You are only steps away from your beautiful pool. Whether you’re looking for simple steps or additional features like hydrotherapy jets or lounging steps, Kafko™ has it all. Our wide selection of step sizes and types will ensure you find the perfect fit for your pool. Ask about our new coordinated colors now available.

Filters, Heaters and Pumps

There are countless number of options available in pool deck finishes. With the guidance of your dealer you can achieve the look you desire.

Inter-Lock (Pavers)

Maintain crystal clear water and extend your swimming season for half the energy cost with newly developed high efficiency pumps, heaters, and filters.

Stamped Concrete


Spill-Over Spas

Add some fun for the whole family by introducing a slide to your poolscape. Choose from several models to blend with your décor. From standard to cascading water features, all are guaranteed to add excitement to your swimming experience!

Relax in one of Kafko’s spill-over spas with the help of massage jets and the sounds of the waterfall. With several models and colors to choose from, you’ll be sure to add a touch of luxury to your backyard. Ask about our new coordinated colors now available. Concrete


Diving Boards

Rails & Ladders

Take the plunge! Enhance your inground swimming pool with a quality diving board and enjoy seasons of excitement. Remember safety comes first – be sure to follow proper guidelines for safe diving.

Getting in and out of a pool has never been so easy. Choose from a variety of rails and ladders or opt for an In-Wall ladder to avoid interference with automatic pool cleaners and covers.



Countless accessories Kafko™ Product Lines and Accessories WHEN YOU DON’T WANT YOUR POOL LOOKING LIKE THIS...

Kafko™ Safety Covers

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WE BELIEVE IN OPTIONS! Choose the color that best blends with your backyard!

Opt for a Kafko Safety Cover and you get no more:

The choice is yours. REALLY. We have several colors to offer as well as different types of materials. Don’t need the maximum shade coverage? That’s ok, you can opt for a lighter weight cover and still be covered with our limited 20-year warranty.

• Standing Water • Mosquitoes/Insects • Leaves, Branches & Odors


• Hard to handle Waterbags/Tarps


Available in green only. US Patent 6,886,187-98

Available in green and blue.


Not only does this allow for a good looking, clean outline of your pool, but more importantly, when properly installed, the Kafko Safety Cover will help prevent accidental intrusion by children and pets.

DuraWeave® solid safety covers will block out all of the sun’s rays, yet the new lightweight material allows for easy installation and removal. Comes standard with single-coil springs.

A customized engineered mesh designed to inhibit the growth of algae in your pool. Durable long lasting polypropylene mesh material. No more standing water in the springtime for insects to breed, our mesh material allows water and snow to drain right through. Built-in durability and strength will protect your family and your investment. Available in gray, tan, blue and green.



At Kafko, we take safety seriously. Our pool covers are manufactured to your specific pool size and shape, using only the highest quality raw materials and our state-ofthe-art production methods.

The Supreme-Mesh® safety cover material is manufactured with a light and tight woven material. Supreme-Mesh® safety covers are designed to allow water through for drainage and safety but keep sunlight and debris out for ease of maintenance and peace of mind.


The Kafko Safety Cover is designed to protect both your pool and your family.

Lightweight DuraWeave® safety covers are about half the weight of our standard solid cover.


We call it “Safety Cover”  for a reason...

Feather Weight

The benefits of a solid cover, with the ease and handling of a mesh.

FULL WEIGHT Heavy-duty solid safety covers stand up to whatever mother nature can dish out.

The full-weight solid safety cover material will completely block out all the sun’s rays. One of the industry’s most durable covers comes standard with the EASE-A-DRAIN™ system, keeping all the debris and sun’s rays out, allowing only water to pass into your pool. Available in green and blue.


Countless accessories Kafko™ Product Lines and Accessories

Kafko™ and Coverstar™Automatic Covers Of all the things we protect, the most important are families.

Kafko™ and Coverstar™ offer an Automatic Cover System to fit almost any pool shape. The fabric used for the cover is

That’s why Kafko™ Automatic Safety Pool Covers are made by Coverstar™.

a specially formulated heavy-duty vinyl fabric with a polyester weave and an extruded coating process to give you superior

Reliability and quality are built-in because Kafko™


and Coverstar™ specify components with the highest

Your automatic pool cover mechanisms are made of anodized

quality and technical design in the industry.

marine grade aluminum, stainless steel, and all stainless steel hardware. These industry-leading components have been chosen for their superb quality and reliability, and because these metals are impervious to the harsh environment of a pool. Reliability and quality is built into your automatic pool cover by Kafko™ and Coverstar™.




Kafko™ In-Wall Pool Steps

Step Collection

With Kafko’s wide collection of in-wall swimming pool steps, you can be sure to find the perfect entry way into Wall

your beautiful pool.

(Used for illustrative purposes only.)

High Impact Thermoplastic In-wall Swimming Pool Steps Developed to combine strength and beauty. The unique integral design of the Thermoplastic In-Wall Steps offers a strong, advanced step design. Kafko’s High Impact Thermoplastic Steps are molded from a solid sheet of coextruded Luran® S resulting in a strong surface that will never delaminate, splinter, corrode or puncture. Our steps and spas are now available in white, blue granite and gray granite. Compliment your backyard poolscape by color coordinating your step, liner and spa. These steps come with a Lifetime, One-Time Transfer-

Fiberglass / Acrylic Steps Kafko’s Roman End step with double seat and recessed areas for spa jets, add beauty and appeal to any pool. These steps are available in regular, straight, curved or cantilever design. Our steps and spas are now available in white, blue granite and gray granite. Compliment your backyard poolscape by color coordinating your step, liner and spa.


Brace Supports

Molded Shell

The Kafko Steel Step is more than just a swimming pool step. It’s a beautiful part of the pool structure. The vinyl (180º Straight Step used for cutaway shown above)

Wedding Cake Step

liner literally covers the entire surface of the pool up to the decking, including the steel step, creating a finished, custom look. This versatile step will quickly become

• Each step is equipped for Hydrotherapy Jets

the favorite area of your pool. Steel steps come with

• Raised tread pattern for slip resistant finish

• Offered in regular and cantilever models

a Lifetime, One-Time Transferable warranty.

• Revolutionary clip system to secure liner to step for snug fit

Limitless Options

• Two tiered seating, perfect for lounging • 25-year warranty


• Easy to install, no need for concrete forms and messy concrete

The Kafko Steel Step is available in many standard styles

• Molded shell makes for consistent liner installation and fit

Kafko Steel Step with a bench or sunledge for a customized

• Totally non-corrosive, non-abrasive and non-stressful

your poolscape by choosing a liner pattern from our large

• Fits all vinyl liner pools – polymer, steel, wood, concrete and fiberglass Thermoplastic 6' Swim ‘N Lounge White

Steel Steps - The perfect entry way into your backyard paradise

• Adds pizzazz to old and new pools

able warranty. Ask to see our brochure for a complete list of models available in our Thermoplastic Steps collection.

Vinyl Liner


Blue Granite

Gray Granite

and can be installed in a variety of positions. Combine the poolscape that suits your style. Put the finishing touch on selection. It’s your place to sit, relax, and cool off on a hot summer day. It’s the perfect entry way into your backyard

• Comes with a 25-year warranty


Available in 8 models:


• 180˚ Straight

Pools and the materials used to build them are not equal.

• 90˚ Square Corner

We use only the best materials, top-notch engineering,

• 6" Radius Corner

and innovative manufacturing technology to create pool

• 2' Radius Corner

components of outstanding strength and durability.

• 8'-6" Radius Thermoplastic 8' Sit ‘N Step Blue Granite

• 9' Radius • 10' Radius • 11' Radius Acrylic/Fiberglass 8' French Curved Step Gray Granite


Luran® S is a registered trademark of BASF.


Vinyl Over Steps Kafko’s Unique Modular Polymer Step

Spa Collection

Innovative. The Modular Polymer Step is more than just a swimming pool step. Combine it with a bench or sunledge for a customized poolscape that suits your style. It’s your place to sit, relax and cool off on a hot summer day. It’s a great spot to keep an eye on the kids. It’s the perfect entry way into your backyard paradise.

Durability. Pools and the materials used to build them are not equal. We use only the best materials, top-notch engineering and innovative manufacturing technology to create pool components of outstanding strength and durability. The modular polymer step prevents corrosion and assures a structure that is stable, strong and durable.

Non-Corrosive Versatility at Last! • Modular Step System • Vinyl over-step application • Totally non-corrosive • Works with both polymer and steel pools

For a solution to life’s hectic pace, the answer is in your own backyard. With a pool side spill-over spa from Kafko™, you can add tranquillity and luxury to your backyard escape.

Spill-Over Spas With the pace of day to day life always on the increase, our spas are the perfect way to find some release. The soothing sounds of a waterfall create a tranquil effect as you let the massage jets work away your stress and aches. In just moments, you can go from relaxing in the spa to swimming in your pool. Our steps and spas are now available in white, blue granite and gray granite. Compliment your backyard poolscape by color coordinating your step, liner and spa.

Round Spill-Over Spa


• Available in straight tread designs for pools 90°, 6” and 2’ radius corners in tread length from 4’ up • Available for radius pools with an 8’6”, 9’ or 10’ radius wall


Blue Granite

Gray Granite

• Offers integrated step and benches • Utilizes the PVC Step Bead Receiver • Patent Pending

Scalloped Inground Spa NOTE: Colors and product availability may vary depending on location. Ask your local sales representative to verify availability.

Scalloped Spill-Over Spa



Polymer Wall System

Kafko’s Unique Multi-Flex® Polymer Wall System After years of research and development, Kafko™ has introduced a new generation of unique polymer inground pools on the market. This new concept of flexible panels (patented) allows the creation of endless shapes to better meet today’s consumer tastes. Our award winning polymer panels are strong and durable. Made of stable, non-biodegradable polymer foams, greatly increases the longevity of the pool. In addition, the cellular structure acts as a thermal screen holding heat in the pool and blocking the penetrating cold from surrounding soils. Comes with a Lifetime, One-Time Transferable warranty.

Kafko’s patented MULTI-FLEX® panel is made from 100% virgin, polypropylene non-corrosive material. This panel has a 4” top and bottom rail with a vertical rib running the height of the panel every 4”. Double resin strapping secures your MULTI-FLEX® panel into place, maintaining a true radius and added support. Although polymer pools have been available for many years, the one thing they have lacked is the ability to create new shapes. The MULTIFLEX® panel features patented live hinges which enable you, along with the help of your dealer, to choose from one of Kafko’s many shapes or create your own shape. Panel allows for wall/deck brace support every 3’.

Kafko’s straight panel is made from 100% virgin, high impact, polystyrene resin. The top, bottom and side rails of the panel is 4” wide, each panel is rigidized with vertical and horizontal ribs. Three vertical ribs run the height of the panel and two of the ribs are doubled up for the superior strength. The center vertical rib in the 6’ panel allows for a wall/deck support every 3’.

The 6’ straight panels are engineered with 2 designated cutouts for return fittings. This area is reinforced with a box rib support and premarked for drilling. This ensures all return fittings align at the same level, improving water circulation.

The panel is premolded for the Super-Skim ® Skimmer with skimmer support locator. This system relieves pressure from the plumbing. The Super-Skim® Skimmer is the only skimmer sold with its own skimmer support.


Straight Polymer panels can be fitted with a large 500 watt light using the premarked area. This light area is also reinforced and accurately positions the light to the recommended distance from the water line.

Top and bottom alignment tabs help align the wall panels correctly, which also helps maintain a level wall during construction.

Available in the industry standard panel height of 42” which gives you 3’ water depth in the shallow end of the pool. This pool is also available in 48” high panels allowing for 6” more water depth in the shallow end of the pool (3’6” water depth). The extra water depth is ideal for flat bottom pool designs which have become more popular in recent years, and 6” of extra water depth in hopper design pools will increase the comfort level for adults using the shallow end of the pool.

The Kafko™ heavy duty wall brace system is designed to hold the pool walls in place, giving maximum support. The convenient ground stakes secure the panels from any movement before the pouring of concrete. This guarantees a properly squared pool wall. The brace also allows for the attachment of our U-Tube, a concrete form which will help carry the deck load and add strength to the overall pool structure.


Multi-Flex® Polymer Pools Superior Installation Methods

Relax and Enjoy! Imagine shedding off the workday with a leisurely

Kafko™ has been building relationships with many of North America’s top dealers for years. From start to finish, you can count on these talented and experienced people to build your pool right.

swim to unwind. Entertaining friends and family will take on a whole new dimension in your backyard resort carefully designed to meet all of your individual lifestyle pleasures.



Pool Safety Awareness and understanding of water safety practices can reduce the risk of serious injury. Following safe water tips are essential for you and your family to have years of enjoying your pool. Playing it smart makes sense. IMPORTANT: A number of very important items that are essential for the safe use of your pool may not be visible in many of the photographs, either because of perspective or camera angle, or because they were removed for photographic purposes. These devices include: • Safety ropes, which should remain in place at all times • “ No Diving” signs which are provided with all Kafko™ pools and which should be installed in accordance with Kafko™ instructions, on the coping or liner, where they can be clearly visible

Smart pool owners always think safety first. They take specific steps to ensure that their family, friends and guests are knowledgeable about the safe and sensible use of their pool. They also: • E nsure that their pool is never used unless there is adequate supervision • T  hat their pool is kept in good repair and is not used when there is a missing or broken drain cover or other component • E nsure that ALL CHILDREN using their pool are supervised constantly

• A  n area sign which is provided with all Kafko™ pools and must be permanently and conspicuously affixed in the pool area where all users can see it

• T  hat anyone under the influence of alcohol, drugs or stimulants that would impair their abilities or judgement does not use the pool

• Necessary means of exit and entry into the pool

• T  hat their pool is protected by appropriate barriers to unsupervised entry including fencing with self latching gates, covers, alarms, etc.

• Fencing with a self latching gate, and other barriers that can assist parents in preventing unsupervised access to the pool by children • A  pproved drain covers and other devices to protect against suction entrapment

To assist you, a number of very important items of safety literature are included with each pool. We must insist that you read each item carefully and follow its instructions. These are:

• Minimum required inlets and returns to ensure proper water circulation

• Pool Owners Safety Handbook

• A  ppropriate in-pool lighting if the pool will be used after dark

• “Notice” Card

All of these devices should be installed in accordance with Kafko™ instructions, ANSI/NSPI or ANSI/APSP standards, as well as State and local statutes and codes.

• APSP “Sensible Way” Book

Diving boards and slides require minimum depths and distances and must only be installed and used in strict compliance with the equipment manufacturer’s specifications and ANSI/NSPI or ANSI/ APSP standards. If the pool is labelled by us as NON-DIVING, then diving equipment may not be installed and any such equipment must be removed before the pool is used.

• Plaque

• Vinyl Swimming Pool Liner-Warranty

• “Children Aren’t Waterproof” Book

• “No Diving” Labels

Make sure your builder supplies you with all of the safety information that accompanies your pool and installs the enclosed warning stickers and area sign where they can be clearly visible to all who use the pool. For more information with regard to the ANSI/ NSPI or ANSI/APSP standards or for other general information contact:

Your Pool. Image shown: Boston



specialist Your Pool Specialist Since 1971 W W W. K A F KO. C O M

Replacement Liners | Pools | Ladders | Rails | Steps | Lights | Heaters | Pumps | Filters Notice: The manufacturer, makes only those representations which are stated in its written warranty. Any other representations, statements, or contracts made by the dealer and/or the contractor to the customer regarding any materials produced by the manufacturer are attributable to the dealer and/or contractor only. The dealer or contractor who sells or installs your pool is an independent contractor and not an agent or employee of the manufacturer. The specifications and design are subject to change without notice. The manufacturer maintains a policy of continuous improvement and therefore reserves the right to change specifications without notice. Not all features shown and/or described are standard. Be sure features and equipment required are listed in the Dealer’s contract.

KAFKO POLYMER WALL POOLS are ICC-ES compliant when installed with the corresponding Latham International polymer (#2450) certified pool kit.

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