Decidedly Green Seasonal Spring 2015 Menu ASU Catering

Our Commitment to the Environment Decidedly Green catering is committed to making environmentally and socially responsible decisions in all aspects of our special event and catering services. We are pleased to offer a seasonal menu and continually strive to source locally, reduce waste, and minimize our impact on the earth, while upholding quality food and service. Our Executive Chef would be glad to meet with you to customize a sustainable menu that caters to your event.

Menu Icons Vegetarian: Contains no meat, poultry, or seafood, but may contain other animal derived products such as eggs and dairy. Vegan: Contains no animal derived products such as meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, eggs or honey.

Does not contain gluten. Rosie’s Bakery: Homemade items made fresh daily by Pastry Chef Rosie and our in-house bakery.

ASU Catering works with a variety of Arizona growers in an effort to support our local economy and bring food fresh from the farm to your fork. We are proud to work with the following growers and producers. Campus Harvest (ASU Campus) Duncan Family Farms (Goodyear AZ) EuroFresh (Wilcox AZ) Queen Creek Olive Mill (Queen Creek AZ) Rosie’s Bakery (ASU Campus) Rousseau Farms (Tolleson AZ)

Policies  Advanced Notice: To ensure the availability of your seasonal ingredients, we recommend that you place your order at least seven days prior to your event. If local or organic ingredients are not available, our culinary team will work with you and recommend other sustainable options.  Minimum Order: The minimum order is 10 guests per buffet order.  China: To reduce waste at your next event, discuss china options with our sales coordinators.  Please refer to our policy guide online at  Prices effective until August 1, 2015

Taylor Farms (Yuma AZ) Shamrock Farms (Phoenix AZ) Sun Orchard (Tempe AZ) United Dairymen of Arizona (Tempe AZ) Wilcox Greenhouse (Wilcox AZ)

Bread Selection (Choose 1): Rosie’s Bakery cheddar corn muffins Rosie’s Bakery biscuits with local honey & jam Rosie’s Bakery sunflower agave bread with flax seed, wheat germ & local olive oil


Rosie’s Bakery fruit and nut bread

All breakfast options are served with cage-free eggs, option of egg whites or tofu scramble, local Sun Orchard orange juice and Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance certified coffee and hot tea.


Morning Glory Hot Breakfast $13.29 per person

Customize your own breakfast from the options below: EntrÉE selections (choose 2):

$9.99 per person Seasonal or organic sliced fruit Organic yogurt Rosie’s Bakery granola Rosie’s Bakery assorted pastries and muffins

Cage-free scrambled eggs Local jack cheese & cage-free scrambled eggs Tofu scramble with balsamic roasted tomato & seasonal vegetables Organic spinach portobello, roasted tomato, local pepper jack cheese cage-free egg quiche

A la Carte Organic yogurt Soy milk

$1.99 each

Nine grain Campus Harvest orange cinnamon French toast with mixed berry compote & jalapeño prickly pear syrup

Shamrock Farms 2% Milk

Cage-free egg breakfast quesadilla w/local pepper jack cheese

Seasonal fruit organic yogurt parfait

Mesquite buckwheat pancakes w/prickly pear syrup Chorizo tofu and roasted seasonal vegetables burrito in a spinach tortilla with pico de gallo Starch selections (choose 1): Sweet potato hash Roasted fingerling hash Seasonal vegetable hash Country potato hash w/spring onions Protein selections (choose 1): Vegan tempeh bacon Organic vegan vegetable sausage patty Natural bacon Chicken apple sausage

$1.99 per person

Assorted seasonal berries

$3.09 per person $4.99per person

Seasonal whole fruit Seasonal fruit salad

$1.99 each

$1.09 each $1.99 per person

Sustainable Seafood


Sustainably harvested grilled teriyaki salmon fillet, sesame lemon asparagus & roasted fingerling potatoes

All-Natural Poultry


Natural chicken breast roulade with feta, organic spinach, mushrooms and roasted local tomatoes served with braised swiss chard and cumin couscous pilaf Natural fennel sausage stuffed chicken breast w/ rosemary jus, roasted spring squash and red pepper, smoked gouda pignoli quinoa pilaf

Farmers Buffet Includes: Artisan rolls, local Queen Creek olive oil, organic iced tea and fruit infused ice water. Customize your own Farmers Buffet from the options below: Prices are listed per person depending on entrée choice.

Salad Selections (Choose 1)

Grilled natural Campus Harvest orange and local honey glazed chicken breast w/ braised baby bok choy, and Portobello butternut barley pilaf Chicken fajitas with seasonal vegetables

DESSERT SELECTION (Choose 1) (All made in-house from Rosie’s Bakery)

Avocado, tomato, butter lettuce, organic arugula salad with Campus Harvest champagne shallot vinaigrette

Individual sweet potato cheesecake

Campus Harvest orange balsamic eggplant, mixed organic field greens salad w/herb dressing

Vegan brownie

Maroon & Gold beet salad with organic arugula, feta and local basil vinaigrette Organic mixed field greens, blackened Portobello, white bean salad w/tomato balsamic vinaigrette


Additional vegan/vegetarian option: $4.09 per person Additional poultry or seafood option: $10.19 per person

Vegan & Vegetarian


Eggplant Involtini with sundried tomatoes, onions, olives and local basil Pepper stuffed with barley pilaf, Portobello mushroom, and butternut squash Seasonal vegetable fajitas Campus Harvest orange tofu vegetable stir fry Chipotle organic spinach and black bean quesadilla w/spanish rice and winter squash sauté Black bean, corn and brown rice Southwestern stuffed sweet potato

Campus Harvest orange Whoopie pie Strawberry rhubarb pie

Signature Sandwich

All Natural Poultry

The minimum is 10 guests per buffet order. Prices are listed per person depending on the entrée choice.

Grilled Chicken Breast and Hummus Ciabatta: Chicken breast with Montreal seasoning, marinated local tomato, baby spinach, fresh made hummus, and balsamic–basil pesto and parmesan spread


$15.49 Choice of: 2 side salads, 3 sandwiches, 1 dessert, organic iced tea and fruit/vegetable infused ice water. Gluten free bread available upon request.

Turkey Feta Spinach Ciabatta: Turkey breast, local tomato, spinach and feta with sun dried tomato aioli Turkey natural bacon avocado club on ciabatta

Boxed Lunch $12.39 Choice of: Whole seasonal fruit, 1 side salad, 3 sandwiches, 1 dessert and choice of 1 bottled organic tea, Very Veggie juice or a bottled water.

Decidedly Green Club: Natural Chicken breast, natural bacon, local tomato, organic romaine on nine grain bread


Smoked Turkey Arugula Focaccia: Smoked turkey, organic arugula, English cucumber, provolone with roasted red pepper aioli on foccaccia

Reduce waste at your next event with our reusable to-go containers. Containers are included in the cost of lunch and will be delivered and picked up from a designated location. $5 charge for each container not returned.

Side Salad Selections Quinoa salad w/ black bean & corn Maroon & Golden beets, kale, brown rice, chickpeas, cherries and raisins Vegetable lentil salad with local olives and feta Green bean, white bean, potato, garlic salad Asparagus, mushroom, onion, tomato salad

Natural Campus Harvest orange herbed garlic chicken breast, ham, natural swiss, and jalapeno slaw on baguette

Sustainable Seafood Grilled salmon cilantro slaw whole grain ciabatta: Wild Alaska salmon, cilantro slaw, local cucumber and spicy caper aioli on whole grain ciabatta Sustainably harvested shrimp po boy sandwich w/remoulade on ciabatta Sustainably harvested tuna, cage free egg salad on Rosie’s Bakery croissant

Israeli couscous, tomato, cucumber Greek salad

SANDWICH SELECTIONS Gluten free bread, lettuce,wraps, vegan soy cheese and vegan deli meats available upon request.

Vegan & Vegetarian Vegetable Lavosh Wrap: Avocado, cucumber, local carrot, local tomato and spinach with grilled red pepper, walnut, agave & sriracha spread


Whole Wheat Greek Salad Pita: Green leaf lettuce, local tomato, local cucumber, green pepper, red onion, kalamata olives, feta with Greek vinaigrette

Seasonal whole fruit

Char-Grilled Vegetable Hummus Wrap: Eggplant, zucchini, local tomato, organic arugula, red onion and balsamic tepary bean hummus Fresh mozzarella, local tomato and basil caprese w/ balsamic vinaigrette served on whole grain ciabatta

Seasonal fruit salad with local mint

Rosie’s Bakery Vegan Brownies

Campus Harvest orange mesquite bars (based on seasonal availability) Rosie’s Bakery vegan Carrot Cake

Hors d’Oeuvres

Prickly pear lemonade


Local basil lemonade


Priced per 50 pieces 100% of our seafood is caught or farmed sustainably, according to the Monterey Bay Sustainable Seafood Watch

Sangria organic iced green tea


Soy milk

$1.99 / each

Cold Hors d’Oeuvres

2% milk from Shamrock Farms

$1.99 / each

Grilled whole wheat flat bread with artichokes, kalamata olives, cream cheese, local basil pesto, balsamic drizzle & Queen Creek olive oil $41.79

Campus Harvest “Devilade” (while supplies lasts) $12.19

Agua de tamarindo (Tamarind infused water)

Campus Harvest orange organic iced tea Prickly pear lemonade organic iced tea


$19.39 $19.39

Rice paper vegetable roll with shiitake mushroom, red pepper, local English cucumber, shredded local carrot, cilantro and local $52.99 mint with sweet curry ginger sauce Red tepary bean tortilla with roasted red bell peppers, Navajo fry bread with local Arizona honey


caramelized Spanish onions and piri-piri sauce


Roasted beet & organic carrot hummus crostini


Hot Hors d’Oeuvres

Desserts Rosie’s Bakery vegan brownies

$18.69 per dozen

Campus Harvest orange mesquite bars (limited time offer) $18.39 per dozen Everything Bars

$18.69 per dozen

$17.29 per dozen

Vegan Snickerdoodle Cookies

All-natural chicken skewers with local pistachio, sundried tomatoes and apricot glaze


Falafel dippers with choice of roasted red pepper aioli, toasted cumin aioli or sun dried tomato pesto aioli

Vegan Carrot Cake

$4.29 per person


Orange Panna cotta

$3.29 per person

Roasted miniature napoleons with eggplant crème


Sweet Potato cheesecake

Stuffed Jalapeno peppers wrapped in bacon


Seasonal local squash bites with heirloom cherry tomato & $25.49 Roquefort with local extra virgin olive oil

Beverages Serves 12 guests per gallon Local Sun Orchard orange juice


Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance certified coffee $20.29 Organic hot tea


Iced organic green tea


Sweet Potato Tartlets

$18.29 per dozen

$4.79 per person

Platters & Trays Small serves up to 20 guests

Medium serves up to 40 guests

Large serves up to 50 guests

MEDITERRANEAN TRAY Feta cheese, rolled prosciutto, local olives, seasonal roasted sweet red peppers, baba ghanoush with pita chips and marinated grilled asparagus Small $61.19 Medium $81.59 Large $101.99

ARTISAN CHEESE BOARD Baby brie, boursin, white sharp cheddar, smoked gouda, blue cheese wedge, local cheese curds, grapes, Dijon mustard, local date butter, baguettes & water crackers Small $66.99 Medium $80.99 Large $112.99

VEGETARIAN PLATTER Goat cheese, roasted tomato bruschetta, spicy roasted gold and red beets with roasted garlic aioli and spinach chipotle Portobello quesadilla Small $53.99 Medium $74.39 Large $94.79

SEASONAL FRUIT & NUT PLATTER Dried and fresh sliced fruits and local nuts, varieties dependent on seasonal availability Small $45.89 Medium $66.29 Large $86.69

VEGAN PLATTER Super protein hummus, grilled tofu with peanut sauce, garlic edamame, local lettuce wraps, kale chips & vegetable chips Small $53.99 Medium $74.39 Large $94.79

LOCAL GELATO BAR Seasonal flavors dependent upon availability. Rosie’s homemade almond biscotti and granola, chocolate sauce & whipped cream Per 25 pp $85.69

Sustainable Catering We look forward to hosting your next green event. Through these menu offerings, our goal is to support a more sustainable food system - one that benefits our health, our communities and our environment.

Sustainable Practices We are committed to sustainable practices throughout our catering services.  Baked items made daily by Pastry Chef Rosie and our in-house bakery

 Unbleached, 100% recycled-content napkins

 Commingled recycling

 Reduce waste through reusable containers and china options

 Plates, cups and cutlery made from recycled and rapidly renewable content

 Dedicated Green Captain leads sustainable catering practices in our kitchens

 100% fryer oil recycling

 Our Green Captain team can help out at your next event, ask for more details

 Bulk dispensers to reduce packaging

 Educational signage for recycling and local grower profiles

Green Glossary Local Food Whenever possible, we source produce from within a 250 mile radius in an effort to support local communities and bring food from farms to your fork. Because we have developed seasonal menus, some items may be subject to local availability. If an ingredient is out of season, we will make every effort to substitute the items with another sustainable option.

Fairly Traded Third-party certifications such as Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance guarantee that economic, social and environmental criteria were met in the production and trade of the agricultural product.

USDA Certified Organic USDA organic items indicate that food was grown without the use of most synthetic fertilizers and pesticides Organic items are free of genetic modification and irradiation.

Contact Information Tempe campus 480.965.6508 •

West campus 602.543.3662

[email protected]

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Decidedly Green Seasonal Spring 2015 Menu ASU Catering


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