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Wattawa Heights Public School Leaders in learning, innovation and opportunity Bulletin

The Avenue, Bankstown NSW 2200 Tel: 9790-3948 Fax: 9790-0985 Email: [email protected] Website: 5th August 2015

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PRINCIPALS MESSAGE Dear Parents, STUDENT OF THE WEEK Last night Mrs Hotton, our Administration Officer, received her Advance Diploma in Business Administration from Bankstown TAFE. Congratulations and well done.

TEACHING THE TRUTH I have been teaching since I was 20 years old and I have not met the perfect child yet and this includes my own children. Primary aged children do not always tell the truth or tell the whole truth. While this is a normal part of their development it needs to be strongly discouraged. They do this for a whole range of reasons including to avoid getting into trouble for something they have done and to get the attention of adults. At Wattawa we impress on children the importance of telling the whole truth and spend time talking to all children involved until we get agreement. This is why we may have a slightly different story about an

We are safe, respectful learners.

incident than you do. We need to be open to the whole truth if we want our children to be valued citizens. CHOCOLATE TIME AGAIN This is the major fundraiser for the P&C and they use this money to benefit your children. Please support our school and the P&C by buying or selling the chocolates. The eldest child in each family will receive a box of 50 chocolate frogs at $1 each. All money is to be returned to the class teacher by Wednesday 19 August. Families will then receive a raffle ticket for a prize (to be announced). The more boxes you sell the more chances you have of winning. If you do not wish to buy or sell the chocolates, please return them immediately with a $25 donation. No chocolates can be returned after Wednesday 12 August. SAVING TREES SAVING MONEY This is the last time we will be giving a printed copy of the Bulletin to all families. If you still want a printed copy, make sure you fill in the form attached to this Bulletin. Judy Smith Principal TEACHERS’ MESSAGES RESPECTFUL STUDENT OF THE WEEK In Term 3 Week 2 Ali Mhanna received Respectful Student of the week for being respectful in the library. He borrows and returns his library books each week. Ali often asks for recommendations about the type of book he might read next and makes suggestions for new books that may be purchased. He provides thoughtful responses to the story being read and is engaged in reading. In Term 3 Week 3 Nicholas Costandi received the Respectful Student of the week for showing respect in his Science lesson with Mrs Kalatzis. Congratulations to these boys.

STAGE 3 EXCURSION It was an early wake up time for the students going to Bathurst. We headed over the Blue Mountains to look at the Three Sisters and experience the freezing air. With the icy wind whipping at our faces, we looked over the railing to see a floor of fog. It was an extraordinary sight but it ended all too soon however as we boarded the bus to drive to Bathurst.

We are safe, respectful learners.

That trip took ages. Bless the people who bought the movies! Pulling up at the entrance to the goldfields we were met by Merv our guide. He showed us a way to get gold in small ponds. He called this method ‘gold Panning’. Guess what I found? Practically nothing! The only thing that ended up in my pan was water and on the rare occasion, some sand. Moving on, he showed us a museum, a re-creation of the gold mines back in the 1850’s and how to make mud bricks…I sure don’t want to be making anymore of those anytime soon! We had a boys against girls competition which would show which gender was better at making tents. We learnt that Tug-O-War existed back in the 19th century and we played horseshoes. Merv’s wife showed us how to make this doughy food called damper and I’ll tell you it wasn’t the finest food in the world but thankfully our next stop was McDonalds! The trip to the fast food restaurant was dull and I became so hungry I was ready to eat my bag, but luck was with us and I didn’t envy the burger that came my way. Afterwards I just wanted to get back home, and after about 30 minutes we were on our way. Overall it was an exhausting trip but it was sure worth it. We learnt so much but I daresay some people wished they had not drunk so much before hopping on the bus! I rate this excursion 9/10 and would go again. By Ali Mhanna

We are safe, respectful learners.

LIBRARY NEWS SCHOLASTIC BOOK CLUB Book Club orders are due by next week Tuesday 11th August. As we are not holding a Book Fair this year, this will be the only opportunity to purchase books through the school this term. BOOK WEEK Save the date! Week 7 Wednesday 26th August. Start thinking about what you are going to wear for our character parade! Mrs Steinfurth


SOCCER The boys soccer team had their best result of the season with the junior boys drawing 1 -1 against Condell Park. It was a thrilling game and the boys worked together to achieve a great result. Mr Muller

We are safe, respectful learners.

We are safe, respectful learners.






Ameena Abdulwahab

Fatima El Kazwini

Raja Merkbawi

Amal Abdulwahab

Lili El –Chami

Aya Refayieh

Shaneece Alameddine

Rabab Hamed

Dijah Chafic

Khadijah Habbouche

Yasmin Yaghi

Isabella Risteski

Zainab Hamed

Zade Akdemir

Issac Ahmad

Auslee Pamintuan

Ridho Bahri

Felicia Johnson-Sue

Taher El-Chami

Mohammed-Ali Zreika

Rosemary Samaan

Richie Taki

Jana Mougarbel

Jamal Ghazzawi

Aymen Zreika

Sebastian CostaClements

Dylan Tran Noor Al- Attraqchi

Cassidy Johnson-Sue

Ali El Haddam

Hamidah Mohamed

Omar Eldaboboussi

Zaskiya Bahri

Hassan Swady

Mary Mouzayek

Benny Ho

Layla Assoum

Hassan Ahmad

Barbara Samaan

Noah Akdemir

Fatmah Kurdi

Enrique Magalogo

Sienna Motti

Amra Kanawati

Nourhan Rifaie

Omar Merkbawi

Adam Elayoubi

Greta Alama Princess Tiglao Ahmad Baylouneh Khaled Moussa Noah Safi Nancy Abouelhamd Liana Elhashem Jihad Masri




Grace Mouzayek

Leane Elyaseri

Ibrahim Alhalaby

Mary Mouzayek

Mohamed Attar

Mohammed Abughazleh

We are safe, respectful learners.

Izhak Maarbani

Bilal Bouobeid



Yasmin Hakim

Khadijah Habbouche

Mohamed Omeis

Michael Mhanna Layla Assoum Omar Merkbawi Richie Taki

3 /4 M


Ali El Haddam

Ismat jamal

Zakariah Cheikho

Khaled Moussa

Benny Ho

Raihan Sutris

Mohamed Nasrallah

Faye Jawad



Miled Saboune

Hashem Alkhair

Ba Cao

Nicholas Costandi

Mohammed Dandan

Ali Mhanna

Jalal Hajar

Nourhan Rifaie


NUTRITION NEWS The simplest way to make healthy chicken nuggets and chips Who said fast food can’t be made a little healthier and tastier? Most kids love this fast food favourite. Here is a healthy version that will satisfy even the fussiest eaters. Ingredients ½ kilo chicken breast, breadcrumbs, 1 egg- lightly beaten, ½ pumpkin, 1/2kg potatoes and 1 tablespoon olive oil Method     

Peel and chop pumpkin and potato into wedges Coat the wedges in olive oil, place onto a tray and bake at 180 degrees for 60 minutes Meanwhile, cut the chicken into bite size pieces Dip the chicken pieces into the egg, then coat with breadcrumbs Place chicken nuggets onto a tray and bake in the oven at 180 degrees for the remaining 20 minutes

We are safe, respectful learners.

 

Serve wedges with nuggets and a garden salad Giving your kids fruit and vegetables every day will them stay healthy and strong.


Hey Mums and Dads Our school Jump Rope for Heart Jump off day will be held on Tuesday 11th August. The Jump off is a great way to showcase our school’s commitment to being active and to show our support for the lifesaving work of the Heart Foundation. This is a day where students will enjoy showing off the skills they have learnt and be acknowledged for their fundraising efforts. This day will be a mufti day. Students are encouraged to wear something red. I would like to thank all the families who have donated so far. Please note that donations will still be accepted up until this day for those students who have not yet donated.

OFFICE NEWS ENROLLING FOR 2016 KINDERGARTEN If your child or if you know of a child who is turning 5 before the 31st July 2016, are eligible to commence school then application forms can be picked up from the front office. LOST AND FOUND A pair of sunglasses were found on the school grounds. Please come to the office to claim them. P & C NEWS SCHOOL BANKING School banking is every Wednesday at 8.45 am -9.00am. UNIFORM SHOP We would like to remind people that the school polo tops are now $20. There are limited sizes and quantities, so for that reason we will not be putting any on hold, it will be first in first served. We also have had to make some changes to the days the uniform shop opens. The uniform shop now will only open on Monday and Wednesday from 8.45 am to 9am sharp. If on any day you want to buy, you can make an order at the office and we will have it for you the next day that we are open. Abby Yaghi President

We are safe, respectful learners.


53 place, long day care centre providing the best quality of care for children aged 6 weeks to 6 years of age  5 meals per day and nappies provided. Located just 2 mins drive from Wattawa Heights Public School. For further information Please Contact Daniela on 97437896. 5 Cantrell Street Yagoona.

We are safe, respectful learners.


Phone : 0432 947 447 • Personal Training • Strength & Conditioning • Stamina & Endurance • Weight Loss Programs • Personalised Packages • Kids Fitness • Nutritional Advice . Hypotrophy (Muscle Mass) Web: Bodies Under Construction PT

We are safe, respectful learners.

WATTAWA HEIGHTS PUBLIC SCHOOL The Avenue Bankstown NSW 2200 Tel: 9790-3948 9796-8431 Fax: 9790-0985

Dear Parents, Over the last few years our fortnightly newsletter is getting longer, more colourful and more expensive. We are now putting the newsletter on the website and sending it out via the school APP. We would like to redirect the money spent on printing the newsletter to other areas that would benefit your children. Please fill in the form below if you still wish to receive a printed copy. For those families who do not use the APP, it is available free of charge for both Apple and Android devices by searching 'Wattawa ' on your APP store. Yours sincerely,

Judy Smith Principal 20 July 2015


I still wish to receive a printed copy of fortnightly newsletter.



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